Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 69

By April

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Adam: Hello, everybody. Welcome to a Hump Day Hangout. This is episode 69 where I echo a lot. All right, here we go. [Let's go 00:00:09] down the line and say hello. How's it going, Hernan?

Hernan: Hey, Adam. Hey, everyone. It's really good to be here.

Adam: Marco, what's up, man?

Marco: It's still sunny in Costa Rica.

Adam: It's not warm enough for me to be wearing my Semantic Mastery Mastery shirt yet. That's what makes me sad. Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: What's up everybody?

Adam: We'll keep the announcements short today. I just want to remind everybody, IFTTT 2.0 launching on March 28th. I'm going to pop the link in there if you want to sign up and be notified. For sure, you will be hearing about it. We have a couple of questions on it today so we'll be wrapping that in the part of the Hangout and if you haven't yet head over to SerpSpace.com and sign up for your free account. That is all I have got. What have you guys got today? Continue reading “Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 69” »

Duplicate Content Issues When Using Templates for Business Franchise

By April

In the 69th episode of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about the possible content duplication issues when using a template for optimizing a business franchise in different local listing sites. Moreover, he wanted to know if it's recommended to syndicate posts from each city domain to a branded network.

The exact question was:

Okay, so I've setup a branded service for local business on a root domain and I've created subdomains for regional cities. My intent is to lease out the map listings and subdomains. For example “Ann Arbor Premier Septic Systems”, “Lansing Premier Septic Systems”, etc. Couple questions;

1. Since I'm branding the service and treating each city like a franchise, I'm using the same template, graphics, and brand name for each website, changing only the content, city specific NAP, Json markup, etc. Am I going to get myself into trouble branding across subdomains like that?

2. Similarly, can I syndicate blog content from each city subdomain to my main branded IFTTT network, or should I create a separate branded IFTTT network for each? My thought here is it would look natural having a branded franchise service syndicating content from its franchisees. Yes? No??

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Multiple GMB Listings for a Store Front with One Physical Location

By April


In Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts episode 66, a viewer asked about creating multiple local listings to different cities within a metro for a storefront with only one physical address.

The exact question was:

I have a client with a store front that people can visit in one city – it's their one and only physical location. We want to get 3-pack listings in other cities in the metro area surrounding this location. We plan on using PO Boxes with street addressing so when we setup the GMB pages for these cities we would choose not to display the street address. We would also use different phone numbers for each GMB page. Does this make sense to do for a client? Are there any downsides to doing this??

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Can You Setup a Google Business Page without Physical Address & Contact Number?

By April

In the Christmas Edition (Episode 59) of Hump Day Hangout, one participant would like to know if it's possible to create a Google Business page without a physical address and contact number.


The exact question was:


Can i set up a Google My Business with out an address? or if I use my personal address will I get a bunch of business marketing flyers and crap in the mail, phone calls etc or does google keep my business address phone etct private from telemarketers?

Can I use a call tracking number or a google voice number as my business phone number in my GMB listing and citations i will create?

How many citations and how quickly can i build citations I see fiverr gigs offering like 50 in 3 days. Same thing for map citations how many and how quickly, plus then do you run them all through an indexer, drip fed or? *note my niche is truck finance with the biggest keyword gets 1k searches a month and the rest of $ keywords between 100 – 800 searches*

Should I suggest just hitting all my citations + map citations after they are created with GSA directly? I know probably should do FCS contextual first but I am broke and would be using a 5 – $15 seo clerk/fiverr gig to blast them. Also if i go this route will all that crappy CF pass down through the listings and give my site a really poor TF/CF ratio?

Multiple Subdomains for Multiple Cities

By April


At Episode 56 of Hump Day Hangout, one question was about creating multiple subdomains to integrate multiple keywords that also target cities and neighborhoods.


The exact question was:


Hope everyone had a great turkey day! I also hope I'm not drifting too deep into the weeds here. So here it is: If I am creating 50+ sub-domain local niche sites, each focused in different geographic locations for rank and rent, and all of which originate from one “parent” domain, do I treat each sub-domain as a complete, separate web site apart from the “parent” domain with its own “money site” curated content (Curation Mastery) and IFTTT Network, OR,  can I use the same “money site” curated content source and IFTTT Network used for the “parent” domain, and treat the sub-domains more like pages? I'm doing local niche + city + neighborhoods. There are 55 neighborhoods in this city, and each neighborhood is a sub-domain. I'm confused about how best to approach this.

Then there is PLAN B. Scrap all the above, and just rank and rent ONE website for the ENTIRE city! Not as much profit potential, but boat loads less time consuming and hassles. Ha!

How To Show Results Fast For Local SEO Client

By Semantic Mastery


While the title of this post is “how to show results fast for Local SEO Client”, the idea and execution can be applied to any client.

During Episode 47 of the Semantic Mastery weekly public SEO Q&A webinar Hump Day Hangouts a viewer had a question about how to get fast results for a client that had some previous issues with SEO activities.

The viewer wanted to generate a very fast result that could be shown to the client as an immediate result showing that quick video rankings were possible.

This is a great question, in that if you are able to generate these types of results you can have a much easier discussion with clients where you are able to present actual results and bring that to a second meeting – a big “win” for you.

The exact question asked was:

I’m going to pitch a plumbing company in my local area tomorrow. I want to offer them something that will bring some instant gratification because they’ve already told me that they’ve been burned by another SEO agency in the past.

My question is, how can I rank videos fast if I don’t have an authoritative YouTube channel?

Basically, I want to use video ranking services on google to get my foot in the door. Plumbing is a pretty competitive niche, so I feel I need to offer them something tangible upfront before I ask for $1k+ per month for SEO.

Check out the video to see how we would go about getting quick video rankings in order to help secure a client – whether it is plumbing, a different home improvement or repair niche, or any other area where we wanted to see quick results with a video.

For our recommended resources in making great videos – anything from Video Sales Letters to client focused niche videos, check out our recommend resources here.