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By April

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All right, well then we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts Episode 370. It's the pre Christmas episode where I for some reason sound like a wrestling announcer I'm not sure what's going on there. nones juggling whatever. We are solidly cruising into the holidays, apparently. While Bradley gets the things up and running in the background and take care of all the tech stuff so that we can continue doing this. When I say hi to the guys will give a quick introduction. We got some announcements we need to get through. And then we will be on to answering your question. So I'm going to start with Mr. reclining today. Chris, how you doing?

Doing good. Anybody talking about steaks?

No, but now I kind of want one. What was that? Well, I don't know. Like I had a pretty good dinner here like quite a bit. Nice. T bones so can't complain here. Nice. Nice. Damn, I just had a smoothie. Now I really want to stay.

How about you? How you doing? Good, man. The difference is that crit for Christmas like 11pm for us like 8am in the morning, man. So yes, they get that time. I'm good. I'm good. So for me 6pm because we're worldwide. We're broadcasting worldwide. It's good man. Things. days are getting hotter, actually. incarnate human typical born Cyrus, but it's good. Excited to be here. Nice. All right, Marco. How about you? How's the weather? it's downright chilly in Costa Rica, man. It was it was 65 this morning. Oh, man. Did you had to get a sheet man? It was ridiculous. But I'm sorry, you can't you can't see that when I should change the camera over again. You see, they'll feel that sun up getting about 10 inches of sun today with more sun for tomorrow and the next four months or so. Not that you haven't seen any sun for the last What? Eight months. So

It is what it is man. As I always say you gotta pay the price for the life you lead. So that's the price I'm paying. I got to get that audio clip from I got you babe that they played in Groundhog Day.

The movie every single time you woke up?

Yeah, right. Every time we do Hump Day Hangouts and Marco gets introduced, we should play that at the same time. You know what I mean? Like the same, same position of that song. So the thing over and over here, sort of like, hit the audio buttons and stuff.

Just have one I'll have a soundboard and pray just be like, yeah, that's all I would do. Before. Before I forget my charity webinar series is starting on December 28. I'm gonna wait until the end of the year to kick it off, it's going to be for six weeks thereafter. Some of those will probably take place from the beach because I'm thinking about going to going back to the beach for a while this time. I don't know exactly when it might take place during those webinars. We'll see. But I will do them. I mean once it starts I'll definitely do them but we'll definitely get going through this. I'm going to have guests this year. So you guys know you saw Jordans presentation you saw what he did. He is definitely going to be part of this a Mike Pierce from nfg is going to be kind enough to show up and give us a presentation on what he's doing and the things that he's up to. So it's gonna be fun. It's gonna be a lot of fun this year. It's not gonna be just Robin me or just me. Like it was the first year we can continue continue to improve and evolve. And we'll have lots of Giveaways this year, like always, uh, so it should be just a lot of fun, man. Looking forward to it.
Nice. Nice, Bradley. How you doing on the East Coast today?

Good. It's cold here. So it's getting warmer, Hernan. It's getting colder here. And kind of sucks. But no, that's good, man. Everything's good, been steady working on a bunch of stuff that we're gonna be launching in next year. And it's just been a lot of work. But I like these kind of days. Because you blink in the days over, you know what I mean? Yeah, you get get really involved in a project. So it's good. Good deal. Well, just want to say real quick. If you are new to Semantic Mastery, if you're new to MGYB, if you've been somebody told you about coming to check it out Hump Day Hangouts, one of the first questions we always get is like, Hey, where should I start? The answer is you're in the right place. Keep watching Hump Day Hangouts. But beyond that, go and check out be seoshield.com. All right, that will show you how you can shield your site and never really have to worry about algorithm updates again, and again, that's free training. It's at the SEOshield.com. Beyond that, we've got several things depending on what you want to do. And we're working on honestly, better communicating what it is you can expect and get out of Semantic Mastery out of MGYB. But those are the two main paths if you're maybe a business owner or you're already got your agency and you want it done for you services that you could white label, head over to mgyb.co. You can find out everything there about syndication networks, the SEO, he'll press releases link building, what have you. And then if you're wanting more of the community, you want the support, you want a path forward on how to grow either your business or your agency. Then come join us in the mastermind. And you can find out more about that mastermind.semanticmastery.com. And just real quick, Marco mentioned, Jordan Fowler is a mastermind member. And he also was a speaker guest speaker at POFU Live. And if you haven't read much about POFU Live, you can go to POFUlive.com. We also have the recordings available. Unfortunately, Jordan's not included. For our agreement with him that was only for people who are live. But there is a ton of great content from everyone else, both here at Semantic Mastery as well as the guest speakers, we covered some serious ground this year in 2020 for third year of POFU Live. So anyways, head over to pofulive.com.

I just wanted to mention to real quickly, we've got some fun holiday stuff coming out starting very shortly with both MGYB and semanticmastery.com if you're not on the email newsletters, head over to either one of those sites, and I strongly, highly encourage you to sign up. All right, there might be some good holiday deals, there might be some other good stuff. Good stuff coming but only for subscribers. So make sure you hop on those email new newsletter lists so that you get notified. Yeah, I guess you know how we always say membership has its privileges? I don't I don't want people to think that we're just omitting Jordan for no reason at all. First of all, it was his request. And what he said to us was that attending live should be it should have a benefit. One of those benefits, and it's up to him because he did the presentation was to make his presentation available only to people who attended live. So I suggested from Iran, and I mean it and if I had missed that, I'd be kicking myself, right? It was that good. I just got done training a VA to write content his way. I mean, it's fantastic. We're testing tuned content. So So entity centric content, is how we're doing I just got done training via a VA and it just it worse, I don't know.

It's the web breadcrumbs are supposed to work. So you give the bot these breadcrumbs to follow and it follows through the content, reinforcing the entity all along, then you get the cut the schema done correctly, which is the code that gets done in the proper manner. And in the proper sequence, everything calling to each other. And you're just setting the right sequence of breadcrumbs for the bot to follow. So that you lead it wherever it is that you want it to go, which is of course to recognize your entity, as the trusted authoritative entity in the name. So it's just fantastic. And and it was at his request, because we weren't going to include it. But then he said no. Attending live should have some sort of privileged some sort of bonus. So that's why it was done that way. Definitely. Good, good reminder of that. And I also want to say, speaking of the mastermind, on top of having several members join new members in the last week. I know Bradley, you're going to be I don't want to spill the beans, but I believe you're going to be working with a mastermind member over the coming months and stuff, right? Yeah, one, only one. But I'm developing a new project. And I was asking in the mastermind, if anybody wanted to join me so that we could develop it faster, more heads or more heads are better than one. And I had somebody take me up on it. And I think we're gonna start meeting weekly, twice a week, actually just very brief meetings, just to discuss, like timeline and the to do list type stuff, but we're going to be meeting twice a week for the next probably three months or so.

So I'll have kind of an accountability partner. And it goes both ways, right? He can hold me accountable, I can hold him accountable and will help us to test and that kind of stuff. And at the same time, I'm also doing a mini mastermind, in the mini mastermind group for people that are in the mastermind that are either marketing for or in the real estate industry, whether it's for their own like investment business, or if they're doing client work for real estate investors or realtors, real estate agents or that kind of stuff. And, and that's, that's pretty cool, too. We've only had three meetings for that. But um, that's pretty cool, too. So there are definitely benefits. Membership does have its benefits. Outstanding. Yeah, we got a lot of stuff going on. But yeah, I know. Bradley, gets in there and gets a hands on and getting to work with the mastermind members is definitely a good thing to do. And I like I had several questions about artificial intelligence tools and so I recently did a webinar on that a week or two ago, that's been a lot of fun diving into those tools and kind of sharing that with people. I know some guys in there. I've gotten to check that out. So anyways, just wanted to cover that real quick. Before we go in, guys, is there anything else we need to touch base on are good to go? Yeah, there is. What's up? Google had a massive snowstorm. And apparently the sky is falling, or is it?

Well, I don't know. Like, didn't you read about the updates and like, screaming about things and like losing the nerves? allegedly, there was an update? Yeah. Yeah, I was about to say, every time there's an update, that's what we should do. Maybe if you're watching, give us some feedback. Maybe we should just do a YouTube video each time there's an update. And we'll just refer people over to the SEO shield as a solution. And then we can just have a cannon ready to go for every update. That's actually a really good idea, man. Every time a new update is named. We do a video titled after the name of it and in fucking SEO the shit out of it.

We get a lot of traffic that way. That's not a bad idea, man. Put that on the notes for next week's meeting. There we go. All right. Why don't we Why don't we give everybody else the idea publicly so that they do?

Why don't we do that? All right, we have some authority built to Semantic Mastery, which would help so

all right, I'm gonna grab the screen. You guys ready? Let's do this. I can do it.

Is It Possible To Add Google Tag Manager Code To Google Sites?

Cool. Looks like the first question is from Timothy. He says, Is it possible to add Google Tag Manager code code to Google Sites? Not that I'm aware of? I haven't figured it out. If anybody would know it would be Marco. Marco, is there any way to do that? Not Tag Manager. But analytics, you can just add your your D site to analytics. We do that all the time analytics and search console. As a matter of fact, with Search Console, you have to add it with the account that owns the G site correct? Or else you can't validate it correct? Well, no, you have to validate it first, but then you could share it with a manager, which is what we always recommend. Yeah, but it was recommended. We recommend never did link with account ever again. So you go in you do everything that you're supposed to do analytics Search Console, get everything in place, the never go back, always go in through a manager.

Yeah, yeah. And as far as adding Tag Manager code now, because you can't get into the HTML header, or into the HTML section like the body, I guess you probably could put the code, I don't know if it would strip it out or not for the body section. But you can't get into the HTML header which the container code, you have two sections, right one goes in the HTML header, right after the opening head tag. And then the other one goes in the body section of the page right after the opening body tag, while you're supposed to try to get it as high up there as possible anyways. So yeah, it's just we're unable to do that. But as Marco said, you can add your Analytics tracking code, the Universal Analytics, I don't know about the g4 code.

Yet, but I know you can add the Universal Analytics code to it.

Were you going to comment, Marco? Marco?

This Stuff Works
No, no, no, no, that's perfect. Okay.

Is there such a thing as addons for G sites like Chrome addons? I don't know, I haven't. I haven't played around. I mean, I've been messing around in the new g sites a lot. But I haven't looked into see like what kind of apps and things you can add to the sites I don't, I don't really stick to much of the design, because we have all the sites, g sites that I have are built by MGYB. So whatever design they give, to me, that's what I stick with. And I just model that as I'm doing expansions and things like that. So I haven't played with it. Get in there and look around, see what you can find. That's all I can see. That's what I always recommend to people as what we do is enough to get as much benefit as possible.

So let me rephrase that we do as little work as we have to, for as much benefit as possible. So rather, we know that we can get results with just the G site, the way that we get it whether we we could get better results. Well, guys, I'm always telling you, you can't get better than number one. Once you're at number one, like how much better can you get? Zero we can get here, right position zero. So we're already at number one. Like why would we go searching for anything else? And if we did it, if we need additional power, we can hammer it the way that we always do rather than look to see if a widget or an extension or an add on or whatever is going to benefit the G site apparently would if it's a Google property, or if it's from something that has a lot of trust and authority, but probably doesn't cut it from you guys know, I don't like to speculate. I would have to test it all. I don't have the time. What we're doing right now works fantastically well. This latest core algorithm update I was looking on Monday because I was telling people I'm seeing between fat I told you guys to on Tuesday between five and 25% across the board, it goes up every quarter update the show goes up, I got hit on one website had nothing to do with the core update, we know exactly what it was we fixed it. And it's starting to come back, except that all of the traffic doesn't come back all at once. But that's that's the only thing. So if I'm seeing between five and 25, after every core algorithm update, why would I do anything different?

I'd be stupid to go and experiment, or subject, what am I going to try to get that maybe 30% instead of between five and 25, between five and 30? And then risk, everything that I'm doing what we're doing, which is entity? Is entity based? Is what we do is it's entity based, worry less SEO? Why is it worry less? Because? Okay, so there's another bit fucking do we work on the entity so that we don't worry about the update? That's what we don't? Maybe it's too simple. Yeah, we're talking about this is maybe too simple for people. So you think it can't be that simple, it can't work. making it simple doesn't mean it's easy. hours and hours and years of development have gone into this so that it's simple for you guys. Have you guys tried to do it manually? Good luck.

Anyway, that's just to say, No, I'm not gonna test it. I'm not gonna waste my time. I have better ways to make money than to go test these, these knickknacks and things that can be added to the to the G site.

Yeah, I can imagine that. Perhaps some apps could add some functionality that would be desirable, if using the G site is like the main site. But that's just kind of more of a, a kind of a luxury to have additional things if Yeah, that aren't aren't really needed. But yeah, I mean, play around with it and see, see what kind of apps are there? And that's that's what I would suggest.

Do You Still Use CTR Tools Like CrowdSearch?

So it looks like Jerry berry says, Do you still use CTR tools like CrowdSearch? When he says CTR is click through rate tools, guys, I've called that CTR, spam, or click through rate spam. And no, I don't use those anymore, because at least there might be some better apps now. But the one that I had used a lot, which was crowd search. They were using commercial proxies. And that ended up basically just being disregarded entirely by Google. It worked like gangbusters for shit damn near two years. I mean, it was it was it worked incredibly well for a couple of years. But then it started to just basically not work. And there were some ways that you could manipulate it you you're kind of you brought that up in your your question, he says, would it still be effective if pointed to tiered sites like wordpress.com, or the G site. And there was a period of time where that it stopped working well for driving traffic directly to our click through rates directly to the website, but it was still working quite well. If you set it up for referral traffic. In other words, you would send it to like, say, for example, an indexed tweet URL, and then it would click through to the tweet URL, and then it would click the URL in the tweet right, the link in the tweet that would go to the money page. And that worked quite well for a while. But then that stopped really working is also. Now I haven't tested any CTR, bots, and at least two years. The reason why is because we we've talked about this many times here on Hump Day Hangouts. But you can buy traffic real genuine traffic from Google for very, very inexpensive if you're using display ads. So the Google Display Network, YouTube.

I've been doing a lot of testing the last almost three weeks now with YouTube for generating leads for local businesses using YouTube ads. And when you get your targeting, right, your audience targeting right, you can get really inexpensive clicks, not just views. I've always talked about using YouTube ads for views, it was more every time I've ever talked about YouTube ads, I was talking about it more, being more for local stuff being more about branding, right, getting that brand name in front of people over and over again, as an indirect lead generation method. What I mean by that is, in the past, I was never really successful at getting a lot of clicks from the videos to a landing page that would convert or calls directly from the like. So in other words like calls to request an estimate or whatever, directly from the YouTube video. So my conversion rates from the videos themselves were very, very low, if not, are almost non existent. And so clicks, the cost per click was rather high cost per view could be dirt cheap, which is why I'd always set them up with the intent of them being branding campaigns as an indirect lead generation model, which means if somebody sees your brand name over and over, it's just like TV advertising, right? You see the ad over and over and over again, for like, let's say a tree service company. And then when that person finally is ready to have tree trees trimmed, or they got a tree that needs to be removed from your yard or whatever, they think, Oh, yeah, I keep seeing this ad from this tree company. I'm going to call them and they go to Google and stuff. Searched that name, and then click through and make and go to the landing page and submit the form or make the phone call. And that's great, that works really well. And that's what I've been doing for several years with YouTube ads now. But when you get the audience targeting, right, you can actually generate very inexpensive clicks, and it's in conversions as well. And that's what I've been really refining, I'm going to be doing some potentially a training on that, that will launch under Semantic Mastery.

This Stuff Works
At some point in the next few months. I'm really, really pushing on that hard. To get back to your question. Now, you can buy very inexpensive traffic, that's genuine users from identified audiences, right? It's either stock audiences or audiences that are already available in Google and the display network and YouTube. It's also a new type of ad out, or it's new words called discovery ads, haven't started testing that yet, but it's on my to do list. And again, you can use audiences that are already available predefined audiences inside of Google ads, right? There's in market audiences, which are great, those are for people that are actively engaged in seeking out information about products or services. That's why it's called an in market audience, because those people are likely in the market for those products or services. That's what I've been using for several years now is in market audiences, which by the way, they keep adding more and more in market audiences life event audiences are also similar to that. But I've more recently been testing what's called custom audiences where you can set your own criteria, and tell Google to start filling a bucket with people that meet this criteria. And then you can advertise to people in those buckets. And so especially when you're dealing with like local stuff, guys, you can buy traffic from YouTube, or from the Google Display Network. For a very, very inexpensive, I mean, very inexpensive, probably about the same cost that you would be paying for a click through spam bot, right, a monthly subscription. So I don't know what the monthly subscriptions go for those anymore because I haven't used them in several years. But I've got YouTube ads campaigns or display network ads campaigns that I run for a while some YouTube ads campaigns, I run for as little as 50 cents per day, that's $15 a month Display Network. I tend to run try to run around $3 a day minimum, if it's for a client, I run $10 a day. But for my own stuff, like a lot of times, I run $3 a day, so it's 90 bucks a month. So if you have between Display Network, and YouTube $5 a day is 150 bucks a month, and you've got genuine traffic from none from Google users with real profiles, real search histories, real interests. And if you set your geographic targeting, now, they're going to be clicking through in the exact areas that you want. Whereas CT spam bots, don't really give you that option, at least not as granular as to set it like with ads, you can set it all the way down to a zip code level.

So again, I know that was a long winded answer, but I think it's a good question. And I don't think it's necessary to use those tools anymore, when you can buy real traffic from real users that are likely to convert because you're targeting the proper audience, your message is relevant to them. And well, and and when they click through there, you know, there's a chance that they could convert, but it's the signal that you're buying for SEO purposes as well. So just to be clear, like what I'm doing with YouTube ads for Local Lead Generation, right now I'm driving to a landing page, that's not even the subdomain of my primary website. So I'm not doing it for the SEO benefit. I'm doing it specifically because I'm trying to refine the methods so that I can start using YouTube ads to generate leads for local.

But if you're running traffic to like the main money site, then that's really really good traffic signals that you're buying because it's from relevant audience, they're likely to dwell on the page or click through to another page or even convert. And that's a hell of a lot better than some spam bot. That's going to visit your page with no search history, no interest history and all. Some a whole bunch of random searches and all that kind of stuff. It's it's not it's not weighted as heavily if that makes any sense. And again, as you can probably buy traffic I don't know what CT spam bots cost anymore. I haven't looked into it a while. But you can probably buy traffic from Google directly for about the same cost that you would be paying for CT spam bots. And you're buying real genuine traffic.

The comments on that, guys? Yeah, we're looking for ART, right? Activity, Relevance, Trust and Authority. Unfortunately, the CTR bought that click through rate bought. It establishes some activity, some relevance, but that trust and authority is missing the trust and authority element because they're not going to convert. Nobody, nobody is ever going to convert unless you get the buck really good at going through or filling out your contact form. And I think someone is working on that currently, which is still not going to make you any fucking money. So you're going to do spend money. However, the signals that that would send when that person is finishing whatever goal you set for that person to finish on your website is when it would work. Now, right, right now as we speak, the Ctr doesn't complete it, those bots don't complete it. The ones who do are people who you send to your website, whether it's through organic traffic, or through paid traffic, like you're talking about. And we limit ourselves to just Google and and YouTube, because their Google properties in the works. So well, Google is sending us their people. But you could have the same effect them and you could create even more variety. If you were to, for example, run ads in Pinterest for pennies on the dollar. Also Facebook for Now does that all the time, pennies on the dollar.

Instagram is another one. I mean, the thing about LinkedIn, you can run ads. And you could be running these ads and people into your landing page, where some of these people are bound to bounce convert, give them an email opt in form, so that they can go into into your email marketing campaign so that you can then hit them up with offers for whatever it is that they were interested in. They were interested enough to give you the email address. So then you hit them up through them and get them back. So that's going to be seen as people coming back on your website that adds another layer. Don't forget your remarketing list too. You're adding a remarketing list you're you're adding all of these different things so that so that you can then show Google Hey, I got people they're trusting me. I'm getting them back. And that's a much better signal than just getting a bot in there that never finishes never accomplishes what you set out for the bot to do.

Yeah, and to expand on what Marco just said that in itself to me is worth buying real traffic is because if you've got to remarketing and Facebook, it's retargeting, but in Google, it's remarketing. And if you have remarketing tags on your site, then you can build a remarketing list. So now you can remarket to those visitors, their real genuine visitors. If you are trying to do remarketing and you're running spam traffic like CTR spam traffic to a site, you're going to be filling your remarketing list with people that are with with basically bots and stuff like that. So to me like that, that would be. I don't know that you're doing remarketing. But if you're not, why not? To me, remarketing is like an absolute, it's a must. It's required now, in my opinion. And so even if somebody the traffic that you're buying isn't ready to purchase now, or become a lead or whatever your conversion goal is, they may very well be in the future. And if you've got them on a remarketing list, you're going to keep that brand name in front of them. And that's the other thing is remember repeat traffic return visitors is also a great SEO signal. So by remarketing to real genuine people instead of to bots, then it's likely that they're going to come back and they will have already been cooking anyway. So Google is going to know that now you're getting return visitors. Right? So again, it's just a lot of benefits of using paid traffic, especially from Google audiences there. I mean, it's incredible what you can do with Google Ads Now guys, it's gotten I mean, even just from just six months ago, it's gotten a lot better, um, the audience targeting and such as is just really, really good. Now it's, it's, it's becoming incredibly good. So

What Is The Best Way To Use RYS Stack To Power Up An Amazon Listing?

Alright, so Ben was up, he says, uh, hi, Bradley. And guys, I have a product I'm selling on Amazon and the competitive wellness niche, getting the listing page ranking on page one for the main search terms is going is going the only way to be is going to be the only way to be profitable, given the high CPC on Google ads, thinking RYS stack and the kitchen sink behind it. A couple of questions. Do you think using an RYS stack for an Amazon listing is a good idea? That's a great question.

Do we have any?

I don't do any e commerce. So I don't know. But I know that we've talked about this my partners and I and we that we might be doing an ecom case study here with our methods over the next couple of months because we had an opportunity to kind of fall in our lap thanks to one of our a couple of our partners. So but do we have any marker? Do we have anything that you can mention about that?

You're muted. Sorry, not with Amazon, I don't do Amazon, we do have some ecommerce case studies coming up. However, ranking your page with an Amazon offer is what most people are doing. And for that drive stack is it's perfect. Because right now everything is entity.

So I'm studying, because I'm thinking two different things. Are you trying to rank inside Amazon? If so then that's the Amazon algorithm algorithm. And I have no idea. If you're outside Amazon, I know Google and I can tell you how to rank in Google, which is throw an SEO shield around a powered up, get your content going. So that you're ranking your product pages.

This Stuff Works
Other than that, I mean to tell him, let me just read the question again.

He's trying to get number one listing and Amazon listing page. So where is the listing on a website trying to get on the Google Marco because he's saying ranking on page one for the main search term. So I'm assuming he's talking about getting on on a Google for the main search term, I doubt, like right away, that takes a lot of power, you're going to have to silo you're gonna have to do it correctly, you don't have to, let me get the get the SEO Power Suite. Go to the seopowersuite.com. So you get an idea what it's all about, and how it can help you get our battle plan, right, the SEO Battle Plan. So you have an idea on how this is all structured, and put together the different things that are available to you so that you can get go to MGYB.co become familiar with all of our products and services. And I know that someone recently said that we're constantly upselling our stuff, that's not what we're doing. We're giving you the keys to the kingdom, we're telling you, this is what we do. This is what we use, when we're ranking, and we have to pay for it. We don't get it for fucking free man, we have to train all these days, we had to get older, we had to get service, we had to get all of these things going. So that we could make use of all of the seats is not free to us. So I don't know how someone gets while you guys are doing whatever it's upselling. For now, what we're doing is is we make it available at such a price that it becomes is the word again, simple for you to go and order what we do, because we go in and we order by the I see you're going through all the time, because I get I get the email, I see everyone's stuff, coming through orders and talking back and forth and what they need, maybe it's a client, whatever the fuck it is. So no guys is that upsells it's the path that we paid for you. So you can get on your fucking way to people. Whether you use it is not our problem we've done as well as we can.

We've done whatever we can to set the path for you. Whether you walk the fucking path, it's up to you. It's not on us, we had to pay for our shit. So how can you expect not to come to our sit and not have to pay this is this is the only free time and maybe the free Facebook group test some questions. But the rest of that come on guys. It costs us money knowledge, how much do you have to pay if the doctor has to operate? Yeah, he's just gonna cut you up and do what he has to do. You're paying for that knowledge you're not just paying for for the operation, you're not just paying for the service, you're paying for years and years of knowledge? Well, that's what's gone into all of this. Right? So all that to say yes, if you want to rank, and I can't say for the top term in Google. But if you want results, the way to do it, the way that we do it, as a start is to solidify the entity with an SEO Power Suite.

And that's bare bones. Because of course there's content solid, proper silo structure, according to SEO Ultimate Boot Camp, their schema at this all of these things that have gone into place that might be needed after you've taken care of solidifying the entity. So I hope my answer is or you the answer that you're looking for somewhere in there. If not, then I don't have another way to answer this. I'm sorry. Adam, you were gonna say something? No, no, I think that's good. Just to say that, yeah, we've got some stuff coming up on early 2021. And maybe Amazon is something we should wrap into that. So it's food for thought, Hernan?

Yeah, I thought, yeah, I've seen some people also doing because if he wants to get ranked on Google, right, not on Amazon, because Amazon, you can hire some services that they will like, launch you in a way that they'll send you a bunch of traffic and then Amazon based off of traffic and purchases, you will it will lift you higher on the Amazon search engine, right. But I've also seen some people doing some sort of landing page and then running Facebook ads to that. So landing page with a coupon, so you send traffic to the landing page with a coupon, then you optimize your ads for leads, because you cannot track right, you cannot install a pixel on Amazon. So you send your traffic to a landing page with a coupon. And then the thank you page, you can do a meta refresh or redirect or something to the Amazon listing so that people can end up buying there. So those are the things that I've seen, and that can help you that can help you when it comes to getting higher rankings in Amazon, because now you're sending a lot of traffic into into Amazon that can actually help you run higher on Amazon. And in the meantime, or at the same time, I will put together some sort of, either landing page or small websites so that you can do the SEO and all that stuff to get drunk on Google as well. So yeah, I joined over the black call Black Friday holiday, you know, Cyber Monday, that whole sale period, we do it too.

Guys, so, but I bought into several YouTube training programs for YouTube ads. And some of it is for affiliate stuff and I don't even do affiliate stuff. But I wanted to get as much training as possible about YouTube ads because I'm determined to make YouTube ads for Local Lead Generation work. And so I've been studying a lot and one of the things I've come across through the YouTube ads trainings that I've been going through is, you know that people are crushing ecom with YouTube ads right now. It's like, and again, I would I would consider looking at YouTube ads is another way to generate traffic to a landing page where you talk about the product, you give away a coupon or something like that, that then as Hernan says would redirect people to the Amazon page where then they can redeem the coupon, that I would really look into that if I were you because that's, that's a great source of according again, I don't do any of this stuff. But according to some of the groups that I'm in right now about it, some people are just crushing it with YouTube ads for ecom stores.

Alright, uh, the next part of that was, what would be the best way to use an RYS stack to power up the Amazon listing page, I think Marco already answered that. Can the RYS stack link directly to the Amazon page? Or should there be a tier one network between the Amazon page and the RYS stack as with a regular money site? Would it be clear there is not a tier one network between the money site and nice and drive stack links directly to the money site and to the social, the tier one properties. So the syndication network and such but the drive stack can link directly to and it should directly to your money site. So as far as like, again, I don't I can't answer whether linking directly to an Amazon page is going to help but linking to a landing page where you're showcasing an Amazon product that I know what you know, you would want to link directly to the landing page from the stack. So you know, the the tier one syndication network, or entity properties are included in the drive stack build, but they're not the target. They're not like the sole target URLs for the drive stack. The drive stack also links to your money site or money pages, depending on what it is that you're doing. So in this case, I would say, you know, I, again, I don't do anything on Amazon. So I don't know how to optimize for Amazon. But I do not optimize for Google's all of us here do. And that would be ranking or linking to a landing page where you would showcase the product and perhaps provide some incentive for people to submit their information. And then you could redirect them. And in that case, yeah, I would link directly to that landing page or money site from the RYS stack. Marco, do you want to add to that? bar? No, no, I totally agree. Okay. That was a great question.

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What Are Some Safe Automated Link Building You Can Apply To Money Sites Aside From The IFTTT Rings?

By the way, we're gonna keep moving sorry that you've been kind of kind of long, but we'll keep moving. Adam says what are some safe automated link building, we can apply to money sites aside from the IFTTT rings, I don't know, because I don't I mean, I don't do any automated stuff. I do a ton of press releases and such and that that's semi automated, because we don't have to write it, all we have to do is order the press releases, you know, submit the details that we want written about, but you can. So you know, it's it's semi automated in that we don't really, you know, we don't have to do much except submit the order and then press releases are published. And that's an integral part of my strategy. Something else that we are going to be doing more of over the coming weeks and months is testing. We're testing right now. And I have I'm behind on it. But Jeremy from press advantage, one of the CO owners and co developers of press advantage is got a product on beta right now that we are testing that helps to build like auto blog sites.

It's really, really powerful like industrial strength, auto blog stuff, and then that provides an RSS masher. Damon Nelson's RSS masher can do something similar, but where you can create like auto blogs, and automatically have content that you publish from your money sites, be published on auto blogs right alongside of a lot of other relevant related content, so that it's not a huge footprint, but that's something else that can be done. Again, we haven't been doing that although we are testing, starting to test with some of that stuff now. But other than that, I don't really do any automated link building stuff. Everything I do is done manually and it's mainly through content marketing, that I have VAs and such handle.

And that includes link building through GMB through blog posts, the syndication network press releases. And then like I said, we're starting to test some of that auto blog stuff using Jeremy's new app, which is again, it's in beta guys, so it's not available yet. You want to comment on that? Absolutely. Unless you really know what you're doing, stay away from the money site with any kind of automation. I agree, just do it, just do it. That's what your your SEO shield is for. That's why we developed it. That's why we call it entity based, worry less SEO, you start hitting the money site, then you have to worry about other factors in the algorithm that you don't have to worry about. If you're out at the SEO shield level, with your drive stack and G site in place, shielding you from the updates, and powering up your your link building and everything else that you're doing your embed, your embed, runs, your press releases, everything that you're doing gets amplified through the SEO shield. So why do anything else unless you really know what you're doing, and you're really proficient with those. In fact, Daddy, I will tell you don't build links straight to the money site, and he's our master spammer. So he says don't then don't

I agree. And I'm typing this in just because this is one thing. It's Lisa Allen's product. And I'm just typing this out, guys. Yes, I'm going to give you the affiliate link for this. But this is called RSS authority sniper is a product, it's the front end product for what I think her product is that is valuable for something that we're talking about is called m rank feeder. Rank feeder FBA Dr. Right, so anyways, RSS authority sniper is the front end product, but the upsell or whatever is the EZ Rank feeder, which is a monthly subscription, but it's very inexpensive. And you can create these what she calls co citation feeds. And that can be really powerful too. And that's automated in that you can create feeds. co citation feeds where you can embed or have your content associate through your own RSS feeds through GMB, through your syndication network properties that have RSS feeds through your money site through press advantage organization feed, all of those different things you can create these spliced super feeds with topically and geographically relevant content from other feed sources. And you can even put sticky items and things like that meaning like you can put like, pages from your site in as part of the feed that will always appear in the feed output. So that it starts to create this co citation this and build relevance through Association, right. And that can be really powerful. And I've talked about in some of our paid groups about how you can take an RSS authority sniper feed or excuse me a rank feeder feed and burn a Feedburner feed out of it and then use what's called the buzz boost embed code and actually go do like embed gigs and stuff like that with that code that buzz boost embed code, that is this co citation feed. Essentially, it's an iframe feed output, but it's co citation feed. You build authority and relevancy through Association. And then you can take that code and you can play, put that in places like the G site, that kind of stuff, or you could do in bed gigs. And again, that's not fully automated, but it's semi automated, its automated in the fact that you get the feed is updated by other people's content. And it starts to create that association, that topical relevancy as well as, like I said, even geographical relevancy, if you are if you add local feeds into the spliced feed. And all of that is automated because it's other people's published content that helps you to build some authority. But then what you do with that feed is what you can do to improve their improve the results, get get better results from it. And so again, that's something else I would recommend you go check out is the rank feeder. Lee sounds rank feeder.

Is It A Good Practice To Build Tiered Links From MGYB To Press Advantage Releases And Org Pages?

Okay, moving on. Next one is: isn't good practice to build tiered links from MGYB. to press advantage releases in organization pages? Yes, of course it is. If so, what are some other properties it would be safe to build links to any one of your tier one entity assets, your SEO shield assets syndication network, press advantage, organization page, press advantage, press releases that I've talked about this many times as well, but extracting the post URLs from your syndication network, right. So in other words, every time you publish a post on your money site, and it syndicates out to your network properties, they each get their own. So like blogger, whatever your blogger site, it's going to have its own post URL for that, that post, right, so go extract those and then you can build links to those GMB posts. Again, all of that stuff can just we just we don't build links directly to the money site. Using these methods, we build them to the tier one entity assets. So just again, think about all the URLs that you can extract from your tier one entity assets that then you can power up and you can do that very strategically. So for example, if you create a silo on your site, you're trying to rank your top level term for that silo, but you got 10s supporting articles to add depth to that silo. And all of that has been published out when now you can go to your syndication network properties and let's say you got press releases and GMB posts, all of those that are associated with that particular silo, you can put into one file. And then by link building gigs and or embed gigs, or both, to hammer away at that one set of target URLs that are all thematically relevant because they're all part of one silo. Right? So again, you can get really, really strategic with your link building, and embed gigs and such, when you when you when you do it that way, it's not just about hammering the profile URLs, like the home, the homepage of the profile URLs, like your blogger, Tumblr, WordPress when all the other properties that helps that works, that's what I do as well. But if you want to get targeted and get special, you know, certain push certain keywords and things like that, then think about it on a silo level, and how you can how you can power up specific silos using all those tier one entity assets that we just talked about.

That's a good question. Any comments on that? Anything except the money site? Exactly.

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What Are The Steps In Setting Up A New GMB Account?

Alright, moving on. Uh, okay. Cliff says what are the steps to setting up a new GMB? Cliff, I saw that you asked this in one of the groups. He says what are the steps to setting up a new GMB account? Can I have more than one business to attach to my Gmail email account? Want to set up GMB up for a client and then one or more for me? Thank you. Okay. And he asked about this in local GMB Pro. He's a new member of local GMB Pro. And he asked if we had a checklist or process No, I can't recall a checklist.

And it's been a long time since I've been in the in the actual training area. Because it's been it's been a couple of years. That's something we could produce. I know, with some of the stuff that I'm doing right now for YouTube ads and such that I've talked about it earlier in this in today's Hump Day Hangout. We are going to be doing some updates Marco and I just talked about this yesterday, in fact about doing some updates and local GMB Pro is one of them. So that might be something we can add. It won't be anytime within the next couple of weeks though Cliff just let you know. But yeah, that's something we could probably add as a checklist, or process map or something. But setting up GMB is is rather easy. I say that the process is simple. Just go to business google.com. Search for the name of the business. If it's an existing business, and there's an unclaimed listing out there, it'll pull it up when you search for the name or the phone number or whatever. If it doesn't exist, and you want to create it as new, it prompts you to create a new business. So then you just walk through the wizard, right, it's a very simple process, it couldn't be easier to go add all the business details. And then from what I understand you, I haven't seen any phone verifications. Maybe I'm wrong, but I haven't seen any phone verifications and in quite some time. So it'll get to a point where it'll ask you to verify the information and verify the business. And the way that it does is will trigger a postcard delivery, where they'll send you essentially a postcard in the mail to the business address the address that you submitted when you created the listing. And once that postcard is usually there within about five to 10 days.

And once you get that card, you go back and you it's got a pin number like a code a verification number inside the card, and you enter that code. In order to verify the listing once you enter that code, and you click, verify or confirm or whatever the button says, and it's confirmed, then it will publish the listing. But it's again, clip I didn't I didn't post all this in the Facebook group, when you asked that and Local GMB Pro Facebook group because I wanted to just kind of talk through it. It's a very simple process that sometimes especially right now, with all this craziness is going on with Google My Business, you might request the postcard and it doesn't show it does just doesn't come. And if that's the case, you can go in and request it again, I would wait at least 10 days but and because if you request it again, like let's say that you waited five days and you're impatient and you haven't received the card yet, or the business that you're sending it to hasn't received the card yet, and you go in and request another one, then it invalidates the first one if it was sent out and it just was delayed in the mail and say you get it two days later that first code will be invalidated, it won't work. Because you have to wait now for the second card to show up. So what I'm saying is Be patient, wait about 10 days or so and if it hasn't shown up and by the way, I don't know if this is still the case because it's been a while since I've manually created a GMB profile. But they oftentimes GMB will email you to tell you that the card has been sent in the mail. Like it's in the mail and usually two to three days later, it's there. I don't know that that's still the case. But I know in the past I've gotten notifications from Google that the card has been sent. So then obviously you go look for it, you get it, you verify it, you're done. If it does not like I said, if you don't get the card, then you can request to have it sent again. And that's really you're at that at Google's mercy at that point.

But I have seen that it's sometimes it just it's a pain in the ass to get them to send it for whatever reason, I don't know why. But it's very simple process use Google to help. Remember you can go to Google My Business help files so business.google.com click on the Help files and search how to create a GMB listing or Google My Business listing. Right and Google will walk you through that step. So we could create a checklist for you inside of local GMB Pro. But pretty much I'm sure Google already has one and it's going to tell you to go in and fill out all your business details. There's going to tell you about each one of the sections that are available inside of the GMB dashboard. And some features are only available to certain industries, but most of them are common to all industries. So again, I would I would highly recommend you just go through some of Google's help files. If you have any questions about that. And obviously use the Facebook group, we will probably get a checklist Cliff because we're going to be updating local GMB Pro. But it's, uh, it's not it's not going to happen in the next couple of weeks. I can tell you that. Marco, you want to comment on that?

Man, the only thing that I can add to this on on as far as that GMB, before you send for get as much of it done as you can. Yes. So you don't think it with it that much after try to tinker with it as little as possible? Because that's when Google gets you. Especially in those troublesome category. Man, if you're able to get one right now.

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You get as much as you can done and then you just go posting. I mean, it's what we do the way that we teach and local GMB Pro. But everything should be set, you should never go back and touch that. Because if you do, then you're asking it to get suspended, you have to understand that if you go back, and you mess around with any of that information, and anything literally can and will get you suspended. Not that it's going to happen to you exactly. But you'll raise enough flags, and it's going to happen, period. And then if it's spammed, how can you get it back? If it's fake? How can you get it back? You can't go complain to anybody? Yeah.

Yeah, if you're manually creating them, though, that means you're going to have to have a real valid address to have the card ship to which means if it were to get suspended just for making edits, it's more likely that you can get it reinstated. But I can't guarantee that we're promised that to you. Because Google's been real, it's been a real pain in the ass. And I agree with Marco if you, if you go to set up a new listing, try to optimize as much of it as possible before verifying it. In other words, before getting that card and then entering the code and clicking confirm or verify or whatever. Because once you're at once it's been verified, sometimes just making simple edits that are normal valid edits, can cause suspension. It's interesting enough, I had two GMB's that I had purchased to spam to GMB's delivered within the last few weeks. And I had ordered them back in July. And they just finally got delivered. And I went into one to remove the service area because or excuse me the physical address because it was a Sir, it's a tree service business. And there's a service area. For service area businesses, you're supposed to remove the physical address so that it doesn't show. And that's part of Google's Terms of Service. And so I went in just to remove the physical address because it was delivered to me with the physical address show showing which it shouldn't have. And as soon as I click save it, suspended it just like that, well, recovering that it's a spam listing. But the other listing, I got in and I've changed the name, I've changed the phone number, I changed the website URL, and it's it's and there's no rhyme or reason is another Tree Service listing and a different area. But one of them all I did was do what Google says as per our terms of service, and it instantly suspended. The other one I went in and changed all the things we tell you guys not to do. I did all of it. And it didn't suspend it. So it's live right now. So I you know, I there's no rhyme or reason that I can figure out. That's why what Marco says absolutely true. Optimize as much as you can before verifying a listing, if you're going to do it the manual route, and then don't touch the damn thing other than GMB posts. So, another good question. We've got a lot of questions. We're gonna run out of time to try to roll through a few more. Um, so cliff, yeah, again, use the group. We're happy to answer questions in there, hopefully.

Hopefully, we'll get get local GMB pro updated within the next maybe two months or so. Because there's a lot of stuff that we can add to it coming up for sure. Maybe we can ask Rob to set up a mind map. Yeah, for the local GMB Pro, like he did for the SEO show. And the SEO shield. Yeah, he's really good with that shit. Yeah, he is. Alright.

Is It Okay To Order A Fiverr Gig For A Million GSA Links Directing To MGYB Map Embeds And Contextuals?

Pavlos up. He says, Hey, guys, I have a list of links from MGYB map embed and link building gigs. Can I order a Fiverr gig for a 1 million GSA links that will be directed to those embeds and contextualize? If not, please tell the best target for kitchen sink spam. Thank you. Yeah, you can.

I don't see why you can't. I wouldn't order a bunch of fiber links directly. I mean, you can do it Marco's done it, I wouldn't order a bunch of fiber links directly to my tier one entity assets. But you're talking about building links to your links that were linked that were that you purchased to build links to your tier one, so that you're talking like tier three, tier four, that kind of stuff. Yeah, my opinion, that's fine Marco, if you don't, all right. So if you're going to into fiber, and you're buying a million fiber, GSA legs from fiber, please understand that the list is not going to be cleaned up for you, that takes too much time, please understand that they're going to go find anything to link to you. So a lot of those links will be irrelevant, but they will be relevant if you push them through the SEO power. So now my question here is why? Why do you want to do just to test? That's fine. But if you're expecting people to go looking, understand that you will have porn in there, and that those coordinates, some of them will index? Do you want that in your link profile?

So if you don't mind that way, we didn't know when we were testing for DC plumbers opening. And we didn't know, we didn't know what was going to come on the other end. And here comes Google going out to tier four and five, and looking in there and indexing shit at Tier four and five, which is just garbage.

Garbage, shit, you don't want to look at all right. So that got index and it went into the link profile. Do you want that as your link profile? Or with your link profile? Otherwise, I mean, have had that if you don't mind? If you don't care? How about it? million 510 million Have at it. Because what happens is if you tear them, it will help all of those map map embeds and the link building links to to index just don't hit that it doesn't take that much. I mean, I'm not gonna tell you ratios or anything like that, because that's Daddy, and we got to keep something under our hat. But you don't need all that many to get them especially if they're tiered to get shit to index at tier one and two. Yeah.

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What Is The Best Way To Dominate The SERPs If The Brand Name Has Multiple Variations?

Alright, so the next question is kind of a long one Marco looks like it's directed at you says, Hey, guys question for Marco what's the best way to dominate brand SERPs when the brand name has multiple variations? example with a national name and spacing between all profiles are mostly using the preferred name. And then through the organization schema, I have specified the brand variations. But still rankings are fragmented for other variations with some search results completely irrelevant to the brand's industry. Any advice on the best approach, tried tiered links PRs with minimal success so far. So Marco, that's going to be for you.

Yeah, there's not much that I'm going to give away for free because I charge a whole lot of money to do this guy's to validate and then solidify the entity in such a way that what you're talking about, which is some ambiguity in the term, so that all of it is cleaned up is going to take schema is going to take brand plus keyword Association. And it's going to take most of the things that he's mentioned, I think you mentioned, there is one link building js. Didn't I see that? Yeah, tiered links and PRs. Yeah, that's not enough.

Did the PRs have to be done in a certain way. And you have to include your entity in the PR, and you have to include what it is that you're trying to clean up what you're trying? You're trying to bring it together you're trying to create? And I'll give you this? Because we've mentioned that a live before and public, you're trying to create the parent child relationship. Yes. But you're trying to make sure that the parent is never confused with the child. So think of a George bush and and G dub. They're both George bush. So if you don't create that parent child relationship, you just say George Bush, which George Bush, are you talking about? Are you talking about the father? Are you talking about the son? Well, g dub, or a George Herbert Walker Bush? Right?

We have to know and we have to specify to the button. Which thing it is that we're talking about which thing our main thing is and what everything that's related to that thing.

What everything is and how it relates to the main thing and how does that main thing men relate also to its church, of course, their children, but how do you call to them? How do you call to one another? That's part of it. schema is only going to take you partway there. It's branding. And it's it's entity work and I can tell you that I did want to clean one up and in 90 days, where it was just totally fucked up. And then another one that I did by mistake. It took me nearly a year to clean it up. And so with that much work, it's not something that I'm willing to just give you a consultation on with, like, on a free forum, right? Yeah, I was gonna say, because this next question is similar in that he says also what types of schema? Can we nest inside organization just getting into this and it seems like a fascinating branch of SEO. And so what I would suggest that you go join the heavy hitter club.

Robin Marco going, like, I mean, balls deep into real technical SEO stuff schema being a big part of that now. So I would recommend you check out the heavy hitter club because these types of questions they, they they cut, I mean, that's what they live for in there. It's that kind of stuff. So, um, and just like I've mentioned before, when you're talking about nested schema, it can get very, very complicated quick, unless you know what you're doing. And it's not that you can nest different things inside the organization, it's just that you reference certain things. And so I've been using schema app.com, to be able to write that kind of schema because I have, I don't have the patience or the desire to learn how to kind of code that shit out by hand, like what Rob does. So I've been using scheme app, and it got some good training in there, but it's training specific to their app, just so you know, but there's some good training in there. But if you want to learn the concepts, really well that I recommend absolutely go to heavy hitter club. That's, that's what it's for. So, we're just about out of time. We are out of time.

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What's A Good Way To Price An SEO Package Power Up A GMB Page?

Reggie says normally offer SEO packages to website but a client recently asked if I can do SEO just for his GMB as he doesn't have a website, what would be a good way to price such package? I'm thinking about one PR and a batch of embeds each month from MGYB. But I don't want to be too expensive as they are small and only targeting handful of areas any tips would be greatly appreciated. Yeah, one PR just depends on the competition level, I can't I don't know, how competitive is that the keywords or the area?

The location is that you're targeting one PR a month is like, to me that's almost not worth doing. Um, I'm not saying it can't help. But I recommend at least two per month and if that's cost prohibitive for that company, first of all, it's likely that you need to just get better clients or better. You know, some people want and I know you're trying to probably help I get that that's admirable, I totally understand that. But business owners have to be realistic about what they're gonna they're willing to spend in order to bring customers into their business. And if they can't afford a very minimal SEO plan, then it's likely that it's going to be a pain in the ass to work with that said, just one press release in some embeds. I don't I again, I can't say that that's going to help much. It may it may not. And what I would suggest is doing a lot of GMB posts. The way that we teach in local GMB posts specifically, and then link building if especially if you learn out a silo and all that stuff, which is what we talked about a net local GMB Pro, which is specifically for ranking and GMB assets, Google My Business assets, even if there's no money site involved, right, it could be just the Google My Business website. And that's what local GMB Pro is all about. And that's about siloing and link building and embeds press releases can and should be a part of that. But again, on a budget. I don't know how far you're gonna get with that. But you want to comment on that anybody who results that I showed yesterday, from that project that I'm doing, that's strictly from GMB. Right. That's strictly applying local. The profile 100%. Right, so so completely optimized, I've never, I usually leave it at 85. This one that that 85 disappeared, the number disappeared, so it went 100 and then disappeared. And then just doing the to the way that we teach inside local GMB Pro, because nothing else is happening in that GMB. Other than that the the first silo isn't ready for press releases, and link building and embeds and all of that it's it's not even ready. And I showed how much action is getting already with with limited time and with the limited things that have been done to it. The way to get result is doing that steady content. Right. You have to be active in there. Yes, content images.

So maybe you could you could tell that but how much like if it's someone that's really hyper local and his mom and pop, and the lead isn't even worth it like because you could go on on a per lead basis. With a you would have to see how you price this out. What's a lead worth to them, I guess

Worth 50 bucks, how many leads? Are you going to be able to provide? 50 per month? At at 50? At 50 bucks?

Well, there you go. There's your pricing. Now you have a way to talk to these people in real numbers that you can produce. That's how I would price it out rather than going to them with with a with a set. Seo budget. Hey, what if I get you calls? Yeah, I can get you calls that at so many calls at so many dollars per call?

Something like that, that could that kind of model might be better.

All right, one more, I just want to answer this one because I read it earlier. And I for whatever reason, I just want to answer guys, and we got to wrap it up. So sorry for everybody else that we didn't get to. You guys know how it goes. Getting your post early. There's there's a reason.

Do You Suggest Purchasing A WordPress Theme Instead Of Using A Predefined Theme Like Twenty Seventeen?

Anyway, Pablo says, excuse me, lane. lanner says if I'm building a WordPress website from scratch, do you suggest that I purchase a theme? Or use one of the WordPress themes like examples? 2017? My reason for asking is that in your video on building silos, you made mention of using plugins that can customize the widget for posts etc. With these plugins work on a theme a bot? Or is it better to use one for the standard WordPress themes to build my site, I always go with paid themes, premium themes. And for a couple reasons, a lot of those free themes, well, like the WordPress themes, they, they would be good, but they're hard to make look good. In my opinion, I don't know maybe with the Gutenberg, the block editor, it's different. I don't even use that. So I don't know. I prefer a better looking site. So I go with paid themes. And the reason I like paid themes is because that means that there's developers behind them, because they're receiving income from their their product, that they will continue to support those. In the past when I've tried to use free themes for like building PBNs and things like that, or buying themes from like jvzoo and things like that. Two years down the road, half those damn themes don't get supported. And after a few WordPress updates, they just flat out don't work anymore. So I try to buy themes from premium developers. So that I know that the support is always going to be there, they're going to continue to develop them fix bugs, add improvements, things like that. So I don't recommend using the free. I mean, you can but I don't recommend using the free themes. I always recommend using finding a developer, I prefer to stick with one or two type of theme developers so that I can get everything developer creates themes that have different functionalities. And you have, they all have learning curves, especially now because they're their page builders and all this other stuff. And they all might have similarities, but they all have their own nuances as well. And so I try to stick with just one or two types of theme developers, so that I can learn their theme framework very, very well. And it makes it much more efficient for me to work in, I don't recommend 18 different theme developers because then you have to learn the ins and the outs of all of those. So I prefer a premium theme developer. For that reason, as far as the SEO plugins, SEO ultimate pro that has a deep silo builder module in it that will do everything that I talked about in the training.

It does that automatically. The only drawback I don't like about that is it uses the physical silo structure, which is category slash post name, I prefer the virtual silo structure now, but you can do that manually with some other plugins but it's a real pain in the ass. Network Empire has a video silo builder plugin that you can use. I think you can get that for free. Actually, I don't quote me on that. But I think you can get that for free. And you can do that you can use that to help build silos as well. Or you can even use like I said, do it manually with things like widget context, or widget logic. But then you can also use like certain plugins like post by tag or catalyst category posts, things like that, that you can really do some cool things with. But again, that's all more manual. If you want something easy. Seo ultimate pro or network empires video solid builder plugin are the two that I would recommend. And again, go with a premium theme though.

Alright, anybody else? I'm gonna wrap it up.

Good to go. Okay, thanks, everybody for sticking around a few extra minutes. Appreciate that, guys.

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