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By April

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All right, everybody. Welcome. Welcome. We are switching things up a little bit today. So it's kind of fun. We got, as always some fun technical stuff going on in the background. But we are going to kick things off while the guys get that sorted out. And this is the last Hump Day hangouts of 2020. So if you hate it, 2020 That's great. It's on its way out. If you have an okay time, that's great time to celebrate. good year. And regardless, like I said, this can be the last one. This is Episode 320. It is the 30th of December 2020. And we are going to get to your guys's questions, we've got a few announcements. I don't know about you, if you're watching or the guys here today, I had a pretty good Christmas is nice. I'm tired of being stuck inside, but I'm happy to at least the world didn't end and we've got 48 hours. So hopefully I didn't Jinx myself here. 24 hours. But we're gonna get into it and say hi to everyone real quick. And then we'll dive into it. So I'm just gonna go clockwise here, Marco. You're first on the list here. How you doing?

Good. Costa Rica. Costa Rica, it's still Sunny, still warm? I can't help it. What's up, man? And I just realized, I don't say this enough.

Fuck Google.

Happy New Year. I need to say that more often, is the type type of results we're getting are ridiculous. They're ridiculous. And they're being shared.

I'm sharing in our free groups on Facebook, check us out guys. I'm sharing images. The how to is only shared in every hit or club. or using all of our methods, all of Semantic Mastery methods put together whatever is available in mg y b.co. That's how we're doing it. That's how we're getting results. That's how we're killing it. That's how we're taking a brand new GMB or a brand new SEO shield, G site drive stack and getting results within 30 days. That's how with our method is that simple. And I know it's simplistic and you guys want something that's more complex. Yeah. spread over. It's not sexy enough, man. I mean, let me let me take Oh, no.

That's not sexy enough, either. Man. I don't know. I don't know what else to say. Anyway, the charity webinars are coming up getting it all set up getting getting everything finalized, I'll put the donations page on the on the chat guys and on the page, so that it's available you have to do is donate, then send a copy of your donation to the email address that's posted.

And we will take care of you you will get an invitation to that webinar and all of the following webinars. For the donation, you can have access to the prior recordings. And so you can see everything how everything that we've been telling you for the past, what three, four years has come to pass how everything we've been saying, this is what's going on. This is what's going to be happening. And this is what's this is what's going on from here. You can see it here and Hump Day hangouts like every week, we're telling you entities, entity based, worry less SEO, we don't worry about Google of this. We don't care about Google, we just go and apply our methods. I don't know some sexy, it's not difficult. It's not complex, that doesn't require much thinking at all it requires is for you to go and buy. Imagine that. But here's the thing, when they're working with complexity, and getting you into that mode where you don't really understand it, but it sounds so good that you have to buy it. But guess what he just bought anyway, he probably bought something that's not going to work. So you'll be buying something else and something else and something else. Rather than do that. Go and buy the shit that's working. It's all I gotta say.

This Stuff Works
Fair enough. All right, and I'm just gonna hop down Marco. I think we'll come back and remind people what they need to do for the charity webinars, but we'll circle back around to that Bradley, how you doing today? why don't why aren't we seeing your face. Um, I'm at my favorite campground in trailhead. with some friends we're bringing in the New Year riding ATVs for the next three days. And so I'm unlimited bandwidth because I'm tethered through my mobile phone so that's why I'm not running my video cuz I don't want to make audio choppy, but so like ready to give 2020 the middle finger on the way out.

So So Marco said fuck Google. I say fuck 2020 but well, hey, did you have a good holidays? I did. I did. I had a really good time. My my daughter she's, in fact, it's crazy. My daughter's 15 and a half. And on Monday, which was the 28th she took her learner's permit test for her driver's license, and so the next time I have her, which is next weekend, we're gonna go start driving. So I'm gonna start teaching my daughter how to drive. So that's a pretty big milestone. Yeah, that's nuts. I think when we started doing this, your daughter was like nine. And I think like she was in the background or something. You know? Yeah, like, That's nuts to hear that stuff, man. She's a young woman now. Yeah.

Well, Chris, how are things going in Austria?

bingos ate too much bacon here.

But yeah, I guess everybody had too much food or Christmas salad. And that was pretty good. With a bit of a bigger storm yesterday. I think 140 kilometers per hour. Not sure how many miles that is. But like, was quite a night.

Other than that, doing pretty good here, but it's good. Now again, and yeah, only thing that I'm missing is like the slopes.

We'll see. We'll see how long it takes that the the letters out there.

Last but not least are nine How you doing, man?

And man, I'm excited to be here. I'm excited for 2021 we have some good stuff coming up. Definitely, you know, excited for that. 2020 was pretty good. Like, honestly, you know, despite all the craziness, we were able to keep going with Semantic Mastery, we were able to keep serving you guys. That was a big win, at least in my opinion. You know, a lot of people were struggling and a lot of people were were trying to figure it out stuff. But you know, and we weren't short of obstacles and challenges and everything else. But I think it was a pretty good, pretty good year. And I'm really looking forward to for 2021. So thank you guys for supporting us throughout this entire year. For all of you guys watching for all of you guys subscribing, you know going to the to the sites sharing and all of that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And yeah, see guys in 2021 really excited for that?

Well, before we get into it, like I said, we got a couple short announcements, just put it on the page. If you're watching the replay, it may not still be in effect. But you can always go to semanticmastery.com/HDquestions to find out what I'm talking about here. And what I did was drop the links to both Semantic Mastery and MGYB. We got some awesome holiday deals going on. I'm not going to sit here and run down the list. But there are a lot of really good deals. Let me pull this up, I think Yeah, we've got up to 40% discounts going on. limited time this is going to be over in two to three days. So if you're interested in checking that out, again, both for Semantic Mastery and MGYB. Check that out. And then you can always head over to heavy hitters club dot club to find out more about heavy hitters club.

Marco, let's kind of loop back to you if people are interested in either donating or the charity webinars which they have to donate go to anyways, yeah, what do they need to do?

Well, I've posted the link to the donation page. Just scroll down or just look for it. I posted it also last week, you go there and you donate. And I'm going to say it again, your heart is going to tell you whether you donate if your move to donate, then your wallet is going to dictate how much I never set an amount. I never say you must donate this much. I just do whatever you can find pucks as a cup of coffee guys. Buy five bucks is a cup of coffee, how many cups of coffee? Do you drink a week that you don't really have to you just don't have something better to so you go grab a cup of coffee, right? You can't do that I can't go to the local Starbucks like you used to. But I mean, think of the things that were you spent five bucks on 10 bucks on where you know, that can make a really big difference towards like taking a kid off the streets, away from drugs away from prostitution, away from the fucking pimps and the drug dealers analogy and get them on their road to pull focus, we can put them we can play some if they get through the whole program at a good paying job a good paying tech job, right? Not managers, because they're overloaded with managers, but they need the people who can actually do the work and that the system is put everything together actually connect the wire. Like you can have 10 mabhida Stadium out there there are watching that one guy up there. Look, that looks really good. But somebody has to get up there and do it. And the manager sure is fucking not going to get up there and do it. And so they get paid really well. These are good paying jobs that we get them into great training. Some have started even their own companies from this doing this right for small businesses. So it kind of it mushrooms, and then the people who are successful, we bring them back to the community so that so that the community leaders so that the young children can see them they can see Oh, fuck, there's another way to do this. I don't have to follow the pimp or the drug dealer. I don't have to do that. I don't have to live that lifestyle. There's something else that I have that I can look forward to. And yes, we do lose a lot of them right.

I'm not gonna say we don't like nine out of 10. But I'm not focusing on the losses because I like we did everything that we could, for that focusing on that one that we can save. And then hopefully, like next time, it can be two out of 10. And then next time maybe can be three out of 10. So the struggle is real, if people have absolutely nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing, literally choosing. I said that before between buying soap so they can wash their hands and maintain their hygiene or buying rice to have something to eat, if you had that fucking choice. I mean, think about this. Christmas just passed, I said this. Also, there are people who won't tell their children that Christmas just asked or that it was Christmas, because they have nothing to give their children. So you're left with that with the choice of not being able to tell your child again, it's Christmas. And, and other people are getting presents and other people are eating and having fun. But we don't have shit. So we can't celebrate it.

This Stuff Works

It's real, man. It's real. It's fucking rough. And so if it's in your heart to donate, please go donate. And the way that we give back is we not only give these these great webinars where we tell you exactly what's working right now and what will be working. We give away great prizes. You guys volunteered your time you guys are going to give a what do you call it? An hour of your time, for whatever the people need. I know that I know that you personally, Adam donated your time to help someone set up the email series and I'm getting all that together. Bradley volunteered, I know Hernan volunteered and so did Chris and I'll volunteer my time. And all of the other people who are coming on will also volunteer so there is that they think if you do it just for the chance to win one of those prizes that the more power to do it for that reason and that reason only but donate.

sounds good. Yeah. And if you're not watching this live again, just come over to semanticmastery.com/HDquestions and get the links there. Everything there in case you can't find it. And worst case scenario, you know, shoot an email to [email protected] hit us up, ask what you need know, and we will get you hooked up. So I'm not sure who's driving the questions today. But I'm gonna hand this off, we're gonna dive into the questions and have a drink delivered to me on the side here. So cheers to everyone on the call as well as watching. Hope the rest of the remainder of your year goes well turned on, I'm going to ask for you to share the screen and scroll through questions if you don't mind.

For sure, let me close a lot of all of the stuff that I had an appropriate stuff. Okay. So safer work stuff. Yeah, the Yeah, we need to add an R for a chart that stuff on. Okay, so I need to prove I'm not a robot.

I can also just share a browser tab with like a separate browser. Yeah, that was that, you know, yeah, no, no, that's not gonna let you see the comments because of minute chat. Is that what you mean? Yeah, so Okay, so I think it's all right. Yeah. So let me share my screen now.

Hi, can you make it bigger? Yes.

Sweet. All right. That's where we at. Okay, back down just slightly. I think we're close right there.

Do You Need To Add Another SEO Shield For A New Location With A new Verified GMB?

Okay, so he says, Hey, guys, I purchased an SEO shield from you guys and did some citation voting along with a GMB and website. We just added a new location with a new verified GMB for the new location in a different city. Do I need to add to the current SEO shield or purchase one for the new location? Great question.

Use the RYS expansion. Right. So if you go to MGYB.co to go to the store, and you'll see the RYS expansion. That's what you want to use. Because for multi location businesses, there's there's a couple of different ways to do it. I'm going to tell you how I prefer and and I would love to hear Marcos commentary about what what he what he thinks. But the way that I do it is the SEO shield should be like when you ordered an SEO shield, I always ordered an SEO power shield for a new project for the brand itself, right? So that's gonna establish the entity and the the the Google stack, the G site, all of that for the main brand itself. And then for every top level silo, right, so whatever silos your sites have, so again, for service area businesses, typically you're going to have silos for whatever your services are.

And that's the type of businesses that I deal with. But there's also location there can be location silos depending on how you structure your site, but for every one of whatever silos that it

I'm doing I always use an RYS expansion, because that becomes a sub folder of the primary drive stack branded folder. Right. So again, it's we talked about this Semantic Mastery all the time fi mirroring, right? The mirroring was a term coined by network Empire originally. But what that means is whatever the structure is of your primary website, you want to mirror that with your drive, stack your G site and everything else that you do, right, we talked about that with blog posts, GMB posts, press releases all of that, but just getting back to the drive stack itself. So for every topical silo or service based silo, if it's a service area business, you're going to want an RYS expansion. Right. And then also, for every location, the same thing. So when you order, like if you have a multi location business, and I have several that I work with, and so what I do is set up the brand, the original RYS stack for the brand. And, and to be honest, I don't even worry about an association with a single keyword on the front end anymore for for multi location businesses, I just set up the branded stack originally. And then I go in and set up or order additional RYS expansion stacks for every topical silo or location silo, or both. As I do it for both, let's put it let's be clear. So in other words, for service based silos, which would be like, again, for tree services, I talked about tree removal, tree trimming, those are the two primary silos for a tree service business. So I have an RYS expansion, one targeting the tree removal keyword set, and one targeting tree trimming keyword set. And then if I have multiple locations, so let's say I've got five locations, every location will have an additional rfis expansion stack targeted for that particular location. And when you place that order, it gives you the opportunity to enter your NAP details, right name, address and phone number, so location details for that. And that becomes a sub folder of the primary brand, that's the way that you want to do it. There's also the location shield, I think that's slightly different, I don't typically use that for multi location businesses, because that creates a separate g site for the location. And what we have, and again, I'm Marco is going to come up and give his uh, his input on this as well. But what I've learned from Marco and Rob, is to use the primary branded asset, the G site, and the RYS stack as the main source, right, like the the primary source of power, and everything else that you build within that stack should be a sub folder, right? So essentially connected to that. So Marco, what do you say?

Ah, looking through that, Okay, so here's what we've always recommended.

Your local is relative. So let's remember that, because then once once you're going once you're focusing on that you no longer focus it focused on location, you no longer you no longer have one thing in mind, when you're doing that we do it is focusing on your city, so that you could then branch out to multilocation because what most people do is they automatically like plumber in DC. That was a case study that we did if you go and look, it's probably still number number one in in maps, but we had to push so much power to that, that it became the entity for the keyword DC plumber and plumber in DC. Right so in order to avoid that and and in order to be able to expand outside of the DC area, what we said is well wait a minute, if we do a better job of branding and if we do a better job of entity validation I creation validation, verification and validation, then we should be able to just create a brand, whatever and this is thinking about brands like Google and Yahoo, and Sony and Samsung and whatever it is that you want to think about the big big big companies Amazon, where it started out as a bookstore and now it's like your neighborhood grocery store you can go pick up anything in Amazon and I mean anything and so they did such a good job of branding that the Amazon is no longer a rain forest and it's no longer a river Amazon is a place where you go and buy shit you buy good shit right or you can go buy cheap Chinese shit that if that's what you're cheap shit from all over the world. But think about that. So focusing on that and focusing on brand focusing on entity then it allows you to set up whatever name XYZ and you will probably use the part of the cube because it just fits especially in the Home Services niche. You use your your tree pros right Bradley in in whatever is that you do. But that just makes sense. DC plumber, we use the plumber row in the Home Services niche, think of roto rooter.

This Stuff Works
It's related to the niche offers, but not necessarily that and they just do a really good job of branding. So that's what we have to look at when you when you focus on that, what you can do in that branded stack is create that brand plus keyword relationship.

So that it leaves you free to create an inner stack, which then focuses on location. That's the location stack. Now you can you can request the location stack without an additional g site, where we just expand the existing branded stack. I mean, we're willing to accommodate you in many different ways. Or you can just order an expansion stack. That's location and keyword drip. Right? So if you're in DC, and then you want to go into Alexandria, you come and ask us, for Alexandria plumber, for example, if that's your focus and everything that's that's related to plumber in Alexandria, whatever it is that we can find if we're doing the keyword research. So that's the way that we've been teaching to do it, then the next city becomes a target for that, but always within the same branded t site and drive stack. Because we want to add power to that you don't see Amazon and and Google. But you do sometimes. But what they first did is they accrued so much power in the route that now they're able to create something like like, like they're busy, Google My Business website, in something separate from them, but it's always linking to Google.

So what we want is we want that, that relationship and that relevance within that JSON and drive stack. And you should be doing the same thing with with your money site, if you have a TLD domain, right? I top whatever, whatever the top level, I'm sorry, I forget. But it's just the.com, the dot net the.org. Right, if you have a TLD. It could be even be a doc club, we're ranking realty would write ranking, just all kinds of stuff, it doesn't have to be dot com dot net or dot org anymore. At anyway, the point behind all this is that you focus all of your power in one place, and you keep adding power to that place. That's what we do with the additional drive stacks. With the the extensions, we add pages to that that are they can focus on a city, or they can focus on services, and city or city and services. It's how we do it and how I've been teaching it since we first started, which is what now we're working on six years man, that that we've been doing that. But that's the way to do it focus all of your power within one ecosystem, the same way that Google does it the same way, or has done it. Same way that Amazon does it and everybody else in the space, you don't see them going and building so long as it's related different websites for different things. Not if it's one parent company, look at Apple and how they do it. That is a fantastic case study to look at, on how they branded the hell out of out of their website, and their company, how branding is all out there, and how they set up their website so that they focus all of the power and all of the energy with it within one ecosystem, instead of having a goal all Helter Skelter all over the place. And then you have to work out your schema on how this all fits together. How you have one parent and all of these children who are separate websites yet part of the same brand, it becomes just mind boggling how you have to do that, rather than if you just focus on this one thing. One dry stack, one g site, and you build power on that and you keep building on it. You don't just stop you keep building on it. Yeah, simplify, right? Yeah, move that addition to all that complexity. We're trying to add different web assets and all that it's much better. That's so just to clarify, that's what I was getting back to was.

What I do with the branded stacks now, like whenever I'm starting a new project is I don't even when I order the original SEO power shield, I don't like what I just I even put this in the instructions. When I place the orders, I just want it branded like I'm not trying to create that keyword association with the original stack in some projects that may be feasible. But in a lot of my projects, what I do is just now create the branded stack for like originally the G site in the in the drive stack, or just optimized for the brand itself, because I'm going to build the site structure with all of the top level keywords as their own separate silos. So then I just go in and order arise expansions for each top level silo or location. Because the way that I build location silos are, again, they're kind of the same thing. So so that's what I'm getting at it, what Marco was saying was, it's about building that brand, right? Google rewards the brand and you build the authority into the brand. And then you can build out the expansion stacks, which become sub folders and sub pages, essentially, or inner pages of the G site and sub folders of the drive stack. And so again, you mirror that same kind of structure that you have on your primary website, within your entity assets. And that's really what works. It works incredibly well. So that's a really good question. All right, so we're gonna move on next rocket blaster comes up. He says, No, hang on. We miss. We miss one. Yes, we did. Okay.

I can't locate it. Oh, yeah. The GMB listing question from Roger glass.

Yeah, that's what I was getting at. That was the next one.

Okay, go ahead. Sorry. Well done with the previous question, correct. No, we never.

No, no, go up. Sorry, scroll up. Because he added that he added that question before Gfall. Does a question. No. Now you don't see it, because I'm seeing it right after. Oh, sorry. Because one more up.

He reposted it from last week. Go ahead and scroll up above Wayne, though. Yeah, that one. rockin black cuz he added it from last week. He added it again. So it's there twice. For me.

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How To Dominate In Multiple Cities With GMB Listings And Free Website From Google?

I have plenty of GMB listings. Do you see it? We didn't answer that. Yeah, I see it. But that was from seven days ago. But go ahead, answer it.

Well, he says I plan the GMB listings for towing services all in a 100 mile radius with no websites just using free the free website from Google that the business site that they give you. What should I do to dominate each city my Google listings are in, I want to rank all the GM B's that are in prime cities, what MGYB products should I purchase? and in what order? Thank you.

Well, that's I mean, that's as simple as that we've set up the ordering process for your order, the SEO shield, I mean, we just discuss it. So this guy kind of went backwards for default, because what you would do is if it's already branded as a single towing service, right, so your company is, I don't know, tours, whatever we call, however it is that you've branded it, you would then go in order, the SEO power shield, which gets you that g set and that drive stack that's focused on your brand. And then you would order an expansion for each one of the cities that you're looking to go into the MGYB process, the SEO shield, and in fact that if you can, if you can put in there, the the SEO shield.com, which is free training, and it tells you how the how the process works. And at the end of that, as a matter of fact, we give you a coupon, you go through the process, we give you a coupon so that you can order your SEO shield from mg IV, but we just talked about it in detail for g4, I just want to get back to that because he posted it twice, or I see it twice on my screen. That's what you would do. That's the I mean, we set up the order. It's not as if you order the SEO shield, and you get it all back at once. No, you'll get the syndication network, you'll get the drive second D site and you get the ad ID. Each time something is built, it gets delivered to you and you get notified about it.

Very cool. All right. So now we're on to rocket buses. First question.

Can You Host Multiple Websites In One Google Account?

It says, Can you have multiple websites all being hosted under one account? So I guess one hosting how maybe, example, if I had 20 domains under one account? Would that be a problem in the eyes of Google? No dependent? Well? I mean, it depends. It always depends, right? It depends on what it is that you're doing with them. So for example, if you had 20 domains all hosted on one, you know, IP address from one hosting account, you were using them as like a private blog network or link network to boost the, you know, to build links to one of the sites within that same hosting account, then yeah, that's a huge footprint, that can cause a problem. But if you've got separate 20 sites that are like separate entities all you know, in and of themselves, then there's there shouldn't be a problem with that. Like it. Honestly, it just depends on what you're doing with that. If you're trying to use multiple domains to manipulate your SEO or your search positioning, then yes, that's a problem. But if you have separate 20 separate websites that are really unrelated, or doesn't matter whether they're related or unrelated, but you're not using them in a way to try to manipulate search positioning, then that shouldn't be a problem at all. I don't know maybe I'm not interpreting the question correctly. What do you say?

You can have a VPS and assign an IP to each one of those. Yeah, 20 domains. But I mean, you have to go through so much trouble for hiding the damn footprint.

Not how we do it, if those like, like Bradley said, have their separate domains for separately? Well, I have a little several client VPS. And I have several clients on one VPS. And that's never been a problem because that'd be that that's what hosting is shared hosting is a bunch of domains on one server, the server just gets divided, right? It gets divisions and it gets files installed in the server. So I've never seen a problem with that. The problem becomes when you start interlinking those and start trying to manipulate, manipulate Google, and Google catches the PBN, because then that gets the index. And as a matter of fact, it doesn't even like nowadays, your your links just get devalued to the point where they become almost useless.

And it's the the distance graph takes over. And and it just, you see diminishing return. So you have to go back and you have to keep working on those websites to keep them active activity, relevance, trust, and authority. If any of those things are missing from those 20 domains where you're trying to manipulate, then you get diminishing return. That's how it works. It's really simple. The way that Google Google set that up.

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How Does Dynamic Content Work?

Okay, so we'll is up well, What's up, buddy? He says, How does dynamic content work? I have a client that ranks for multiple locations using content from a dotnet database to feed the respective location fields and the page content dynamically. pages are all dot ASP x. At the bottom of the home page, they have listed about 60 locations. When you click on the city, the database fills out the appropriate content. Every single page looks like its content except the for the location content. So probably the location modifier itself, or specific content for that location. However, this website is not getting penalized with duplicate content, and ranking for a lot of locations. Why?

Well, Marco, that sounds like a really good question for you. Because that is touching upon the duplicate content myth or fallacy. You're off? Yeah. Yeah, it's it's so crazy. Well, people are still believing that there's such a thing as duplicate content. And there's idiot, excuse me. There are experts and gurus and ninjas out there teaching that there's such a thing as duplicate content, and that duplicate content can harm it.

I tell you what I did on Thanksgiving Day, a little bit before actually. We started working on that. And we decided we're going to we're going to tackle a really competitive niche. So what did I do, I went and got together fiber I can remember was five or six articles, literally copy pasted from the number one site and from the the most authoritative site in the niche. So the number one site may not be the most authoritative, by the way. So I went and got the content and put it all together, slapped it on the D site, took content from that, put it in a in a in posts in the GMB and you guys saw the results I'm sharing it in in the free groups, or free groups and in Facebook, because I want to do away with the fallacy with the myth that there's such a thing as duplicate content, and duplicate content can harm you, you can rank better than the people who originally posted the content. By the way, whether it's ethical is what that's the question altogether. I did it for the express purpose of proving that there's no such thing as duplicate content, and that you can rank just as well or even better with so called duplicate content, the content will be rewritten at some point. So that it's original. So the question is original content, and then copies of that content, and how well that works. What works really well. And and mass page, creating websites would not work. If there was such a thing as duplicate content, and press releases would not work if there was such a thing as duplicate content, and places that aggregate content being nothing but MSN, Yahoo, Huffington Post, all of these places, all they do is they aggregate content. They take content all over the web, and they rank with it. So how in the hell can there be duplicate content that can be one and two, in this case, where you're delivering content dynamically, all you're doing is working with you tokenizing. So you can do this even with with a WordPress plugin, where you have the same template, and all you're doing is flipping out the place names. And you can do perfectly what would that would that's called a mass page creator. Also, that's all it does is tokenizing certain parts of the content and replacing it with the dynamic content dynamic, meaning that that's the part of the content that changes. You have the static, right which is what you're what you're seeing us are you considering duplicate, and then you have that the dynamic that's delivered through a call, according to maybe the person's IP, I mean, you make, there are so many choices that you can make, or so many options on how to deliver that dynamic content. We're doing that with with schema, we built the plugin for to deliver schema dynamically according to the products that aren't paid. So we just pull the information through through the token. So through the variables, actually, why is it ranking because Google is considering that it's authoritative? Google if it has activity, relevance, just a trusted authority. And I've always said and this is a perfect example, the art of art beat anything that there is an overcomes any sort of penalty or negativity that you can think of from Google, the art of art activity, relevance, trust and authority.

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What Are Tiered Social Signals?

Split sweet and we have the real BB is up next, he is asking his multiple questions as we would expect.

Hi, guys, number one, what is tiered social signals? Is that just tiered IFTTT rings now and in fact, tiered IFTTT rings aren't really tiered social signals anyways. And we never claimed that they were tiered social signals would be like, for example, if you published a blog post and somebody worked to share that blog post URL to their Facebook profile or page or whatever. And then multiple people would start commenting on that Facebook share, or sharing that Facebook post, which was just a share of a blog post URL to begin with. That would be tiered. Right. So I mean, again, think about what tier it is tiered link building, for example, would be like, if you have a piece of content, you build links to it. That's tier one links. If you build links to those tier one links, that's tier two links, right? That make sense? So again, tiered social signals is it's the same concept as tiered link building. It's just with social signals. And IFTTT rings or syndication networks, essentially, they can kind of produce like a, like an initial mimicking of tiered social signals. But it's the actual social engagement that makes tiered social signals effective, if that makes sense.

Can The SEO Shield Compete With WebMD?

So number two, can the SEO Shield compete with WebMD? Excuse me? Can the shield so he's talking about can the SEO Shield compete with WebMD, have only ever succeeded with that. So that's a good question for you, Marco.

Yeah, no. I said it. No, it. All right. Come on, man. If you want to go take on Amazon, then you better have the budget to take on Amazon. You want to take on Google, you better have the budget to take on Google. I'm sorry, but the question is ridiculous. No, the fuck you cannot compete with me? How long have they been around? They're the trusted, authoritative source on the web. So right off the bat is that this this goes back to the Toronto DUI attorney to post. I didn't write my two posts for Toronto DUI attorney. What the fuck you do? Of course, you didn't have the fucking you're expected to you don't have you haven't established the relevance. The trust the authority or the activity to compete with WebMD and WebMD didn't start out competing with whoever it was that they were competing with. Amazon. If you think back on Amazon, when they started up, Jeff Bezos lost money, and millions and millions and millions of dollars.

I mean, every year he report a loss and a loss because he started out with just a bookstore. I remember seeing him and I never Yeah, we lost money. I think it was 100 million or 75 million. And yet, people were gobbling up the shares of the company. I don't know if you guys remember that people just gobbling up up the shares that Amazon was offering. Now, they didn't become the go to place in the ecom. Right niche until Well, after they dumped millions and millions of dollars into this endeavor. Google didn't start out beating Yahoo and whoever and Netscape and whoever else was around. At that time, Google came out trying to compete, but they had millions in budget they did the IPO and and millions more to reinvest into the company. So if you're thinking, I'm going to order at 300 and I think it's three, I don't know $250-$300 product and take over where WebMD is. You know, do, don't stop stop it. You started your celebration early.

What you can do is you can do what we're doing in the econ in our ecommerce a case study, and Rob is doing HVAC. By the way, what we're sharing in the heavy hitter club which is you go after a sector in the niche, we did it with with

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Fuck, I don't want to say the niche. We did it with an ecommerce case study as a matter of fact dedhia. Yeah. And his client, where instead of taking on Amazon directly, he went after a vertical in Amazon. And I think he took it he took the client from, I don't know 10-12 million to almost 30 million.

But the client had the money to invest. It wasn't just Okay, let's do an SEO show. Let me how many millions I'm going to make, it doesn't happen that way. We tell you, you do as little work as you have to do for maximum return. But that sometimes means we have to do press releases. That sometimes means that we have to look like link building expansions, and everything else that we have to do to compete. If you want to go after WebMD, that's a billion dollar company and it's going to require that kind of investment. What you need to focus on is a vertical in WebMD and see how you can start ranking in that and making money in that and then reinvesting it so that you can then challenge within the for that vertical before you go to the next one. And the next one.

I don't think it's logical to think that one SEO shield is going to allow you to take over from where WebMD is are aware with MDF.

What Is Going With The New eCommerce Stuff You Do?

Right on Okay, so what is the next question? Because I am not seeing it. Standby? Oh, that go back up there? I'm sorry. So BB is asking thanks for none, by the way. Baby is asking what is going on with the new ecommerce stuff you do before? How long do you had to shoot? We're still working on that. BB River. None of us have been ecommerce guys. You know, I think all of us have done various like contributions to e commerce projects over the years. But none of us have specialized in any of that or done any of that as like a you know, any of our major projects. So, but recently, Hernan and Adam went in partnership together with an e commerce site. So we are looking at doing a case study with our methods applied to that. And so that's something that can't even give you an estimate on when that, you know, case study will be available, because it's new to us. So give us some time, we'll share details when we have it. Anybody want to comment on that? Yeah, we've got we're gonna potentially start during the beginning, like early January, we're going to start applying stuff and documenting, we're already documenting the paid side of things, and the email side of things. And then we will start documenting the SEO and everything like that in early January.

Okay, Marco, anything. Yeah, as I said, we're sharing it in the heavy hitter club. And you guys have seen the results of it. And it's a lot easier to rank than it is to monetize. Because I mean, we needed a you need a bank account to start monetizing. So we had to create the company to create the bank account, to create the bank account to be able to get in, for example, Amazon, or whatever, to be able to make money from it. But you guys see me, baby, just go to the free group, the images are there, I'm sharing the results in there, you don't even have to pay for them. You can see those the results are there. And you can't argue with the data that Google gives you now monetizing that once we have the bank account in place that we can get all of these into all of these different affiliate offers and see where we start making money. Or maybe we get so much traffic, that it makes sense to run either media dotnet or AdSense, add them and monetize it that way or monetize it with a combination of, of ads by display ads and affiliate offers. But the first thing is, of course you have to rank in, you have to get in there. And we're already seeing that. So now the next thing is just adding some nice buttons to get people to take action, and we will be sharing those. But that will be shared in the paid groups. It will not be available for free. Yeah, because it's not free to us to do all of these things. If you require money to start a company, you're required money to fund the bank account. And all of the different things that we're doing the SEO shields are not free to us. Because even though it's a lower cost, we have to invest our time into it and my time is expensive. And so I would say that for the first year. I don't expect to net a penny from this effort, but after after the first year, so I'm willing to make to make the long term commitment to this. I see this as as really, it's a billion dollar niche that we're in. And I'm already seeing good results. And we're and we're 30 days into the case study, I would put that in, in the wind column any day of the week, twice on Sunday.

Right on so that the follow up question was, how much traffic? What was the profit was what was the actual investment? Again, maybe we'll share more details when we have details to share about that particular project, which right now, we don't have details to share.

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How Long Do You Think The SEO Shield Will Hold On?

So next was how long do you think the SEO shield will hold on? That's a good question. Ah, well, it's going on six years now.

So Marco, what do you think? Like, we don't know, we don't control Google, when they take away G sites and dry stacks. We'll focus on something else right now. It's working really well, it's been working really well. And I mean, the whole foundation of G sites and dry stacks are not fat, the content is that the images, it's whether you guys know, it's the iframe. So when Google takes away YouTube, and the ability to embed, then we might lose whatever it is that we're doing until then, we could just go somewhere else, Google takes me t sites, and Dr. sec, will just go somewhere else and build them. And and it's that simple. We can drive power from other places, other people are already doing it.

And so it's not as if it's a what he call, it's a great big secret. What you can that you can do these things that you can iframe that you can embed, and that you can link build, as long as everything works through links. Guys, let me tell you, quantum is a long way away. Okay. They're making progress in leaps and bounds, but it's still a long way away.

Once we're in quantum, it's going to take a while until you can teleport yet, you can actually teleport in quantum from one server to the other. And until then, what we're going to have is a connection from one server to the other. All Google is is a server that has to connect to another server. And that's done through links, the way that you collect connect to nodes on the web, and especially the way that Google works, the PageRank. And ranking score algorithm is you can make two nodes through an HTML hyperlink. And you measure the distance from one authoritative source to the other, and how close you are to that authoritative, trusted source on the web. That's how you develop a PageRank. And rankings for until that changes is money. It's money. And it doesn't matter whether the Oh shield and the FPL shield, the way that is conceptualized now, whether Google changes, something that might change the SEO shield will just change and adapt them and go right along, I don't see anything hurting what we're doing, which is entity based. So if you're focusing on the SEO shield, you're already focused incorrectly, because I'm talking about entity based, worry less SEO.

There you go.

What Are The Biggest SEO Opportunities For 2021?

Okay, so the next question, sorry, I lost the screen again. Alright, so baby was asking about the SEO 2021 forecasts. And I think Iowa SEO was also asking about that. And a question further down. So in, you know, Marco is the SEO guru of our group, I would love to hear what his thoughts are about SEO for 2021. But I can tell you what my thoughts are, as kind of somebody that straddles both SEO and paid traffic now, because of you know, arts right activity, relevance, trust and authority. And so much of that can be accomplished with paid traffic now, and I'm all in on paid traffic, because of what I've been able to achieve recently, in the last, you know, month or two with YouTube ads, especially they but Google Ads period that the audience targeting is like it is just the the amount of improvement that has occurred within Google Ads with audience targeting, intent based targeting and that kind of stuff is it's just incredible. And it has opened up a lot of doors for my own business, my own agency. In fact, I'm working on the biggest project, digital marketing project that I've ever worked on in my entire career right now, which I can't disclose any of those details right now. But it is the biggest project I've ever worked on, and I'm trying to systematize it so that it will be a major, you know, cornerstone of Semantic Mastery in our training, at least for the mastermind anyways, so and what I see as a huge opportunity in 2021 is utilizing the opportunities that Google gives us with both SEO but also with paid traffic to really manipulate ART, right? Our activity, relevance, trust and authority. And it's like they're giving us the keys of the kingdom. And with YouTube and display network ads, especially you can buy very, very inexpensive traffic engagement signals, essentially, from highly targeted, highly relevant audiences. These are Google users that Google has placed in buckets that you know, defined audiences. Or you can define your own audiences using custom audiences. And, you know, we've been experimenting me particularly I've been experimenting with using paid traffic to augment SEO efforts for the last couple of years. And within the last few months, especially I've seen significant progress because of the audience targeting improvements the Google Ads is made. So for me, I'm going more and more into paid ads for 2021 as a to complement my SEO efforts, I'm not minimizing or reducing any of this stuff that we're doing with semantic mastery methods as far as entity based SEO, what Margo and Rob are discovering and you know, developing for entity based SEO is absolutely critical for 2021. But using paid traffic to to augment all of that, I think is really that that's kind of the direction that I'm going in for 2021. more of that will come out reveal more of that, and that in the coming months. Marco, what do you say?

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I mean, as far as SEO is concerned, AI is going to continue playing a bigger and bigger role, but it's nothing to be scared of. All it is is code. It's code looking for variable, we can feed it the variables we want, which is what we do. That's what heavy heavy the heavy hitter club is focused on. And and as a matter of fact, the SEO shield our ys Academy, our academy reloaded has always focused on the fact that I understood as soon as Google said, We want the bot to learn we're coding the bot to learn the bot is coded to learn, well, I understood well, fuck if it if it if it's coded to learn, then it's going to need variables and I can feed it the variables that I want to have it understand what I wanted to understand that this is the big problem with AI is that it has human coders who cannot predict how that code is going to be used. So understanding that and understanding how Google is coding the AI to learn and how the AI is then set loose.

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To fill in the variables for everything, especially the the entities, and how we can then form this entity ourselves and and create what's part of that entity? And what's a valid part of the entity More importantly, then it's just I don't know, it's a done deal. It's a slam dunk, because then we can create our own entities the way that we see it. And we can fit the mold better because we're creating the entity are we adding to the entity and the variables that Google will be looking for and where others are missing it? And we're not is where we'll be able to really make a dent in the space we'll be really be able to make a difference in those spaces where people are just not filling in the blanks like we are filling in the variable and giving Google the variables that it's looking for.

Beautiful, thank you. Okay, so the next question.

Is The GMB Service Coming Back On MGYB?

Scroll down a little bit. Hernan please. Is the GMB service coming back to MGYB? I don't know. I can't answer that. Maybe Marco has a better answer. But Marco, what do you think we're working on it? Yeah. It's difficult guys, because of you know, all the changes Google's making and sometimes they're on a you know, Warpath or rampage. And so it's just it's difficult. They're trying to combat spam, which I don't blame them. So Jim does those damn spammers. Yeah. Jim says, Hey, gang, I have a really quick question. probably obvious question, should the branded drive stack use a company's primary Gmail address? Does this put the account at risk? Thanks, I hope everyone is having a safe holiday season. No, it's not necessary, you know, again, so if you order a drive stack, or, you know, SEO Power Suite, or whatever, from us, we'll go out and create it with a brand new Gmail account that we set up. And that's perfectly fine. What we suggest is, and typically, like, for example, every for every project now that I set up, I always set up a G Suite account or now it's called Google workspace, right used to be G Suite, but now it's workspace. Anyways, I always set up a paid Google account for every new project, period, end of story, okay. And but that doesn't mean that I have the drive stack built underneath that G Suite or workspace account.

I order it through MGYB just like you guys, do, I swear to God, I don't have any of our network builders or drive stack builders or anybody work for me outside MGYB anymore, like I literally put on orders to MGYB. So I do it just the way that you guys do. But I don't get a G Suite account, like I don't provide them with those details. When I ordered the drive stack, they build it under a new gmail account that they create. And when they deliver the finished product to me, then I can go in and add I log into that Gmail address that was created for the drive stack order. I log into bind it to my IP, which is what we instruct you. Like when we send delivery email, we instruct we provide you with instructions to do that, bind it to your IP, so I log into that account. And then I add the G Suite account, right? So the main entity, Google account as a manager, or I share it, for in the case of drive stacks, share it give permissions to that G Suite account, so that I can manage it through the G Suite account, but it's technically owned by the original Gmail account. That's perfectly fine. That won't cause any problems. And that's, in fact, how we suggest that you do it. Any comments, guys? No, that's exactly how the email goes out. Don't ever go back in as the owner is the manager. Yeah. And the same thing goes with the Google Sites, guys, you can go to sites google.com. And you can share it with your G Suite or Google your main your primary branded Google account. You know, again, I highly recommend using G Suite or Google Now it's called Google workspaces for all your primary entities. But again, you just share it, give permissions, and then you can edit the G site from that account as well.

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Okay, so iOS CEO asked what the biggest SEO opportunities for 2021 where we just answered that wall, asked for just goofing around with DC plumber and found the Twitter account was suspended. Just FYI. Okay. I didn't affect Google rankings, because I just checked, but yeah, okay, cool. Thanks.

rocketbox. You said, Okay, that was I guess we didn't answer the question. I think Marco resolve that.

Did You Took Over The Entire Tree Services In The U.S. Or There Are More Places Left?

So BB says, did you? Did you take over the entire tree services in the US? Are there more places left? So I'm sure that's a question for me. No, baby. Trust me. I haven't even scratched the surface. Okay. That's what I'm saying. Do you guys realize how much opportunity there is out there? Like there is a big blue ocean of money slopping around out there. And, you know, I've been in the tree service industry generating leads and doing SEO for Tree Service contractors since 2012. And I haven't even scratched the surface. Are you kidding me? There's there are I mean, it's funny, but the big the huge project, I'm not going to disclose what the project is. But I'm trying to scale my agency for Tree Service stuff, like considerably in 2021. And I just did a huge search for the prospecting for building a prospecting list the Tree Service contractors in Virginia. And all I did was target the top 20 cities in Virginia, and did a scrape, search for you know, a prospecting list essentially. And I came again, it resulted with over 950, it was like 958, or something Tree Service contractors. And after I cleaned the prospecting list, for again, this was just the top 20 cities by population size in the state of Virginia, I had over 950 Tree Service contractors. And after D duping the list, cleaning it, getting rid of non relevant, you know, contacts within the list and all that kind of stuff, I ended up with over 700 contacts in the state of Virginia alone. So think about that. If I were to prospect aggressive, which I'm going to prospect aggressively to all 700 contacts in the state of Virginia alone, just Tree Service contractors, and just get 1% of them. Right as clients, that would be seven new clients for one state. Right, do that times 50 states. Think about that? That's 350 clients. I mean, so my point is just think about the opportunity out there anybody that thinks a market I mean, there are certain markets that are saturated. But my point is, there are a lot the United States is a great big area. So, you know, 50 states if I were to get be able to just develop a prospecting contact list of 700 Tree Service contractors times 50 states that's 3500 Excuse me, is that 35,030 500 my math is off at the moment, but that's a huge opportunity nonetheless. So no, did it have I taken over that niche? Absolutely not. There is plenty of room in there for others to join that same industry or enter that same market. Any comments on that?

Nah, man, cuz it goes back to the WebMD question.

And then whatever, to go out to the entire tree services market in the US, you need the budget for it.

I mean, that's that's I don't know Bradley about you. But it's not something that I want to invest all that money. Yeah, put all your eggs in one basket.

And a lot of if you drop that basket, you're in trouble. I focus on more different revenue streams. And I'm not interested in owning any one specific market. I'm after a certain income level where I can just give away most of the money. That's what I'm focused on.

All right. Well, guys, thank you for everybody being here. This was the last Hump Day hangouts of 2020. By the way, a big F you to 2020 middle finger. Let's put this shit in the rearview mirror and look forward to 2021. I hope it can, I would say can only get better, but I'm not going to hold my breath. So God bless everybody. Happy holidays. Happy New Year. We hope you all will join us next week for the first Hump Day hangouts of 2021. Let's kick next year's ass. Sounds good. Oh, yeah. Bye, everybody.

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What MGYB SEO Services Are Good For Local Lead Generation Websites And GMB?

By April

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In the 297th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked what MGYB SEO services are good for local lead generation websites and GMB.

The exact question was:

Hi, I was hoping you could help me figure out which of your service(s) would be the best fit for my websites. I'm building lead generation websites for local service area businesses, such as Carpet Cleaners in Caldwell, Idaho and Roofers in Manhattan, New York. These will be small sites targeting specific niches and areas. I was thinking perhaps the original RYS Drive Stack would be most appropriate? I plan on putting up quite a bit of these sites soon, I was just looking for a general idea where to start. I'm looking to rank in the top 3 for both GMB and organic. Funds are somewhat limited, so I'd like to not be redundant in my spending. Thanks.

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