What Does The Target Location Mean In MGYB’s Deep Keyword Research?

By April

In episode 287 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked what the target location means in MGYB's deep keyword research.

The exact question was:

Hello all, I just signed up for a deep keyword research. When filling out the information its asking for “”target location”” and “”niche””. can you explain further what the target location means?

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Can You Upgrade A Single Tier Network Into Multi Tier Syndication Network When You Order The SEO Power Shield In MGYB?

By April

In episode 283 of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if you can upgrade a single-tier network into a multi-tier syndication network when you order the SEO power shield in MGYB.

The exact question was:

Hey there, I had a few questions from last week which unfortunately you were not able to get to. Here they are: 1. SEO PowerShield Syndication Network – If you order an SEO PowerShield, it comes with a Syndication Network. However, I am assuming it's a single tiered syndication network. But lets say I want a multi-tiered syndication network. Is there an upgrade option, rather than purchasing a full syndication network since a single tiered network already exists?

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What Is The Best MGYB Done For You Link Package For Podcasts?

By April


In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 282, one viewer asked about the best MGYB done for you link package for podcasts.

The exact question was:

Hope you guys and you families are all doing well. BLESSINGS & THANKS GUYS!! What is the best DFY Package specifically for Podcasts and in your opinion(s) what are three (3) MUST DO things for podcast specifically?

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What Data Should You Provide When Ordering The SEO Shield?

By April


In episode 278 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked what data one should provide when ordering the SEO shield.

The exact question was:

I ordered my first SEO Shield this morning but wanted to make sure I'm filling out the requirements correctly. Is their a video that goes over supplying the correct data? Do I supply KW's with “”geo-modifiers”” and things like that. (or just tell me to fill the darn thing out cause I'm over complicating it..:)

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How Long Do The Links From Press Releases Last?

By April


In episode 278 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how long the links from press releases last.

The exact question was:

how long do the links from press releases last?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 282

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 282 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the eighth of April 2020. And this is Episode 282. I actually can't remember this. Do you guys know if there's a word for like numbers that are the same backward as forwards? Because I know there's a word for it. But I just thought I'd get awkward right off the bat and get this. Get this out of the way. All right, nobody. All right. Well, let's keep rolling on. We got some good stuff for you coming out. We do have a few announcements. I'm gonna say hi to the guys real quick. So let's get started with that. I'm going to switch things up today. We'll start at the bottom of my screen. Chris, how you doing today? Doing good. Have you noticed quarantine humped is special?

It is I think everyone's a little loopy or this is definitely a little bit more energy good or bad. It's still to be decided. But yeah, I don't know. We'll see. How about you You used to arrive in there? Yeah, like you actually good. Like we got the curve. I think we have had like, I don't know like 250 cases or so.

As at least below 300 new cases a day so we on the good pass. They're already talking about like opening things up again and stuff so can't complain like I'm looking forward to.

Adam: Cool. Marco, how about you? How you doing today? It looks relatively sunny.

Marco: relatively. ah the West has decided that it's not going to show its face yet so we're still waiting unfortunately. You guys it's still warm and sunny in Costa Rica. I don't know about the rest of the world but at least here this is what I get every day. It'll turn soon you'll you guys will see you won't be able to hear me speak from from the sound of the rain hitting the the roof. Other than that, things are good. Still in quarantine. I don't mind can always find positives and in all the negatives I've been really productive. I know that putting out a whole bunch of software improving our WordPress plugin. It's available only to mastermind members who donate to Marco's charity. Other than that, things are great now. I'm not really a complainer. I only complain about Google giving people misinformation. That's when I get upset.

Adam: Fair enough. All right, not about you. It looks like it's already the dead of winter for you like you're gonna friend. It's

Yeah, it's a hoodie season starting the hoodie season. That means I get my ass get to freeze my ass for the next couple months. Other than that, man, it's good. It's good. We're healthy. We're good. We're safe. So this is good. So let's get that's cool. So I've been seeing you know, like everybody, you know, you click on someone's stuff, like, I know my mother-in-law, who maybe is watching have to hang out. She watches this sometimes. And she's clicked on her stuff. She's like, Adam, I see your ads all over the place. And I'm like, well, like take credit for that. But that's mostly her not but yeah. Yeah, I saw you were you were having a course about ads. Were or what are you running right now? I'm just so busy. Yeah, so basically, you know, like I'm trying to help so there's a couple things that I think that they're going to be like super in demand over the next couple of months.

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One of them being SEO, you know, because a lot of businesses are pivoting from offline stuff to online stuff. So one of the things being SEO so you know, you're in the right place, if you're watching this and you want to repair another thing is going to be copywriting and other things is going to be email marketing, which is what you're doing. Another thing is going to be definitely media buying. I'd be trying to help as much people as possible and then yeah, creating a little bit of offline presence as well for the brand mostly because ads are so cheap right now. And it's a good opportunity to invest in building your brand. So that's basic definitely.

Well, that's awesome. I know no one's got training in Bradley's got local training especially. I mean, it applies beyond local but if you are part of 2xyouragency to 2xyouragency.com. You can get access. There is a limited offer or a one time offer if you join 2xyouragency to get some of that additional training at a Real Steal we made it really cool price for people took action and joined to 2xyouragency with that said since I've talked about them but haven't introduced them. How you doing today brother doing great man is to kind of back back up with Hernan said even Google ads are a lot cheaper right now. I set up a cold traffic campaign yesterday with for you for with the YouTube video. I'm running the test in the mastermind trying to rank a local landing page with nothing other than the SEO location shield, not even the full shield and then relevant traffic using Google ads. And that's it so no other SEO work done to it. And so I set up a cold traffic campaign with four YouTube ads yesterday and or I guess it was two days ago. And it's already you know, received close to 1000 views on a $5 per day budget in the view the average cost per view is two cents, which is crazy for cold traffic. Usually it's around somewhere around 18 to 20 cents ish in that neighborhood for these type of campaigns, and it's two cents. So that's incredibly inexpensive guys, I encourage you to do what Hernan said. And that is run some ads right now while it's cheap.

So if you're not good at ads, right, now's a really good time to start playing with them so that you can get better at them while they're very, very inexpensive. Yeah, to add to what Brad just said real quick is that there's there's two things. Number one for everyone that watches a YouTube video, you can build an audience, right? You can build an audience of people that watch a YouTube video, you can do the same with Facebook. So basically, what you're doing is you're building audiences at a discount right now, and have in mind that this is an elections here in the US, right? So and, you know, big companies and political parties, they have a budget, and they're going to spend it they're gonna spend it either in like 12 months, so they're gonna spend in six months, so November, September, October, November, December provided that you know, everything gets back to normal, we're good.

October, November is going to be like super, super like there's going there, there's, we're building, we're seeing how a lot of pressure like budget pressures being built, because a lot of people are not able to spend right now. So they're going to double the budgets in over the next six months. So this is the time to advertise. This is time to get good at it, because everything's so expensive. So I just I've seen cpms, which is what the network's charged us to advertise dropped by 50%. So that means that if we add our hundred dollars a day budget, that means that that doubled you know, as of now you're getting a $200 day budget. So it's pretty cool. I'm really excited about that. We're definitely you know, on the offensive when everyone else is kind of retreating or trying to you know, grab that market share. So recommend you do it too. Nice. Nice and we talked about to your agency a little bit nice definitely for people. In general, you can come in if you don't have clients, but we highly recommend if you have a client or you've had a client for you understand at least the basics that you can then take it and scale up from there. You know, if you want to get more clients who want to grow your revenue, scale your team, then 2xyouragency is the place to go. We are going to be having a webinar coming up, hopefully next week, if not by next week. It'll be out the week after that, for people who are more interested on Hey, how do I get this started? You know, there's a lot of hurdles. And I know that there's a lot of training out there, you know, that's like, Hey, you can come watch this webinar most tell you the one weird trick to you know, to getting clients like, Well, guess what, it's not one weird trick, we know that there's more than one hurdle for everybody. And we're going to cover a lot of this, the common issues, as well as some other ones that come up, especially in our industry and digital marketing. To help you get started, whether you want to have an agency or you just want to start consulting, maybe you know, you've realized, hey, maybe I need to do this on the side, or you're kind of dipping your toes in as you're starting to transition away or you want to transition away from a job. So that will be coming out soon. We'll definitely let everybody know about that. In the meantime, of course if you want to get step by step processes, with everything for new websites age domains YouTube channels so much more you can check out the Battle Plan and battleplan.semanticmastery.com. And for all of your done for you services whether it's syndication networks link building press releases our west drives tax everything else head over to mg y b.co. That's it guys. I think that's about it unless we got last minute announcements looks like we got a ton of questions today. Yeah, I imagine is because everybody's home with little to do but think about, you know what they can ask you. So that's good, though. That's what that's what these are for. So yeah, let's go ahead and get into it, guys. I'm gonna get one. One last thing.

Actually, seriously, everybody here like who has little to do with us?

I'm sorry. Does anyone of us have little to do right now? got more to do right now to me, like literally like you're working like crazy. Yep. Yeah. There's no you know, like that, like

Hernan said last week I guess he was I've been preparing for this my entire life.

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Alright, let's get into this guys and forgive the hump day hangouts means that we got going on over here anyways.

What Is The Best Way To Syndicate Main Target Pages Through The IFTTT Network?

All right starting with Justin. What's the best way to get our main target pages syndicating through our IFTTT network since the RSS feed only triggers or feed trigger only has posts? A WordPress plugin? Yeah, there's one called RSS includes pages. I haven't used that plugin in a long time, though. But yeah, you can check it out and see, I don't know. I don't know if it's still there it is right there.

So RSS includes pages. It was just updated a month ago. So it's probably it probably still works. I haven't tested it in a long time, but that's how I used to use it. And look, there's a pro version for 10 bucks. By the way, this is the same developer as the republish old posts, right, which I've talked about that a lot. Let me pull that one up too.

Because that's the same developer. I just noticed that and what's cool about these is, and the reason I'm telling you about both about this one to republish old posts because you can use this to automate republishing stuff that's already been published on your on your site. So if you're using the RSS includes pages plugin, I'm sure it integrates with this so that you can also republish old pages in the pages RSS feed, if that makes sense. You see what I'm saying. So if you connect already public like an RSS feed with already published post to a network, it's not going to syndicate to that network, it only will syndicate for new posts detected in that feed. So the same would go for an RSS include or a pages feed and RSS pages feed right. So if you connect the install the RSS includes pages plug in and then connected to your syndication network. It's just it's not going to automatically syndicate all your pages. It's not it doesn't work like that. So that's why I would also install this one republish old posts, because then you can set parameters as to, you know how often you want them to republish like so for example, you could have something republish every six months, or just once or whatever the case is. And what's cool about the republish Old Post plugin guys is they've got a pro version, it's less than $10. And it looks like which is worth it because it gives you a hell of a lot more functionality, by the way, for less than 10 bucks. And the same thing it looks like for RSS includes pages, same thing, they've got a pro version. So I would check that out, if that's something that you want to do.

And that makes sense for older sites, maybe if you didn't, weren't thinking about syndicating when you were building the site, that kind of stuff then it makes sense to maybe do something like that. He has no post. That's the whole point behind this because I remember this from dealing with this in Facebook. He has no posts or he has pages and he wants to syndicate pages. But how many pages does he have to syndicate? Is it even worth the time to go through all that to syndicate? I don't know, four or five pages, if you have hundreds of pages, where you're going to silo and support categories, and with other pages and all of that? I then totally but I don't see what if you have a five or 10 page website, how much that's going to help because no point behind the syndication network is to publish content on a regular basis.


But you know, it's something that he could do going forward is published posts on a regular basis to that site. But in the meantime, syndicate existing pages if, if that's what you desire to do, Justin, so check it out.

Do You Only Need To Add The Money Site URL On The First PR?

Nathan's up, he says in Local PR Pro, you suggest including a link to money site URL, either brand anchor or naked URL? Do you only link to money site URL on the first PR then after that you don't link to money site anymore? I can't imagine it's helpful to link to the same money site. You're on every PR Yeah.

Why I don't remember ever saying link to the same money site URL, the same site URL, I said link to the money site, which if you're publishing content on a regular basis, why not link to new content? Right? Isn't that an excuse to publish a press release when you publish a blog post, you could use publish a press release, announcing are highlighting showcasing the blog post. Right and that's exactly what I talked about in the update webinar. Which again, you can find it on the at the MG y v.co. Store. If you click on webinars, you can go to our YouTube channel, you can search for PR press release SEO or PR silo stacking, whatever, you'll see that update webinar that we just did a few months ago. And it talks about using it was the update for local PR pro but we made it public which was for press release stacking. We do it in silo format now. And the way that I do it is the same like all my bloggers handle it now but what they do as they publish a blog post, then they publish a corresponding GMB post that links to the blog post, right. And it's basically promoting the blog post, then they publish a press release that is promoting the blog post either by linking directly to the blog post or linking to the GMB post and then linking to the previous press release in the same silo. And then linking to if we want, we link to any other branded tier one entity URL, if that makes sense. So again, it's not linking to the same money site URL. It's linking to the money site, but it's linking to different blog posts or it could be different landing pages, anything at all. I didn't say link to the same page. I said link to the same money site. So there you go.


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How Do You Make A GMB Page Visible From Page 3 To Page 1?

Okay, moving on. DC SEO says Hi Guys, can you tell me exactly what I need from you to give me my site to push it needs to make it to take it from top of page three to page one. It's four local service and I'm looking to dominate my local market. I was looking at the shield is that right? Same question for my GMB page which you recommend to make it more visible. Yeah, the SEO power shield set which includes the syndication network, drive stack, g site, and Id page, impressive Vantage organization page, everything gets all tied together. And then from there, it's just a matter of link building embeds and link building to your tier one entity assets which include basically your SEO shield, but you want to include all your GMB assets in that as well which when you order the SEO power shield. There's an entire section for all your GMB info.

So that's basically it and then you know, publish content regularly and consistently both to the money site if you have a blog and to the GMB which is exactly what I just talked about my bloggers. Kill three birds with one stone one blog post, creates a blog post GMB and a press release, so GMB posts in a press release.

So all three of those get done with one blog post, they draft, one blog post and in from there, they create the GMB post with just a snippet from the blog post, then they go into, well, I have my impressive Vantage account, but if you if they were ordering through mg y b, it'd be the same thing. They go to MGYB and order a press release, and just link put, put in the order description, please write a press release to promote this blog post and then put a link to the blog post. And that's primarily it if and then from there, it gets the you know, the press release riders takeover. So it's very easy to do that way.

And that's an irrelevant traffic to but on a purely SEO basis, just the SEO power shield and then publishing content consistently, regularly is what I should say and then link building and embed gigs to your SEO shield your entity assets, which includes your GMB stuff. Comments, guys, I would add to that make sure that the structured data is right. And that the homepage is right. Yeah, and that your entity is not ambiguous.

This will help all of that as well. That's a good question. Oh, excuse me.

Would It Be Okay To Syndicate The Same Blog Content To GMB Then Back To IFTTT Via GMB To Zapier?

Fitz is up. What's up, Fitz? He says Good day, gents. Thanks for this platform where you give real world actual answers if you syndicate your blog through IFTTT then send a snippet of the same blog through your GMB. Then back to IFTTT via GMB to zap to Zapier is that bad idea? Would you recommend to write city pages?

Thanks and Marco's charity link please. Okay, so Marco, he wants to charity link again.

It's already on the page. Okay. And then back to IFTTT via GMB to Zapier is that bad idea? Well, not necessarily. I mean, you know, here's the thing, my curators, my bloggers curate blog posts on the money site. So they're curated posts. Well, GMB posts have a 1500 character limit, unless that's been lifted recently, which I'm not sure if it has or hasn't. But that means, you know, typically for blog for GMB posts, my my bloggers would just grab a snippet of, you know, like the opening paragraph, for example from the curated blog posts that they're going to create a GMB post from. They'll use the same featured image which if you're going to be creating GMB posts, you might want to have a different image because otherwise the same featured image gets posted. You will see that that's very apparent when you look at it. You'll see you know, two posts with the same image on the web 2.0 sites. But yeah, the post itself isn't an exact duplicate on GMB as it was on the blog post because of the the character limit restrictions. Right. So it's really like a snippet in the GMB post that just says, you know, here's the idea of the post, read more and it links to the blog post, right. So in that respect, it's still unique, and if you use a different image in the GMB post than you do as the featured images and blog posts, then it It shouldn't be any problem. That would be my recommendation.


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Who Would You Recommend To Write City Pages?

Who would you recommend to write city pages? Well, I mean, I don't write city pages anymore. I do everything through blog posts now, because of the way that I do locations based silos, which I can't talk about here. But I use tags to create location based silos, not your typical or traditional category, silo structure, category posts, silo structure, I do everything with tags now for location. And so those become posts. So all location pages now are actually posts and they're just curated posts. My VA just curates just like she does any other blog posts, but they're optimized for specific location plus a specific service.

So I don't recommend anybody for writing city pages other than just find a good writer and you should have a good writer on your team fits for as long as you've been doing this and coming here and asking questions. So I would just find a good writer.

By the way, just so you guys know this is a source that I've been using recently for some articles outside of curated stuff. It's called crowd content com. They've got a really good platform. A little bit pricier, but I found the articles from here are so much better. In fact, I'm not going to give you my writers name in here, but I hooked up with a guy in here that I send all of my articles to now directly to this guy. Because he's really really good. For example, when I'm writing, getting in depth articles written for landing pages, so top of silo stuff, I'm getting between 1500 and 2000 word articles now, for top of silo stuff, and I'm paying 12 cents per word. So you know, 240 bucks for a 2000 word article, but it becomes, you know, the top of the silo which is the most important thing and so I think it's worth it. So they and again, that's, he's, he's considered an excellent writer or whatever, inside there. There are different levels and things But anyways, check it out and they've got some automation.

Like you can you can actually you know, hire a writer to write a blog post a week or something like that and there's a, it connects to WordPress, all kinds of stuff. It's a really cool system, Crowd Content. Check it out. Anybody want to comment on that?


How Do You Get A Knowledge Panel For A Real Estate Business?

All right. Um, Omar, thank you for the value to provide on Hump Day Hangouts. My question is What did Bradley do to get a knowledge panel for keyword related to his real estate business? I strengthen the entity, structured data, SEO shield. And then I ran relevant traffic to my entity, right to my basically to the landing page or any of my entity assets. That's all I did. 100%. I swear, that is all I've done. And you can do the same thing in pretty much any industry if you strengthen the entity enough, and then run enough relevant traffic to it. It was that's what remember no, Marco can explain his way better than I can. But that's what the original RYS drive stack is for. It's about creating that brand association with your primary keyword. That's what we do when you buy drive stacks from us. Like an SEO power shield for example, it's for us to create that keyword association with for your primary keyword with the brand. Then if you want to theme mirror and silo your drive stack, then that's where like the location shield would come in because that would be for like individual locations or you could mirror folders inside and then like, you know, create the silo structure mirror the silo structure do you have on your site, but the primary drive stack is to create that association between the brand name and the keywords. So that's step one.

And then step two is relevant traffic that engages with the entity. So what what does that mean? It means land on the page and interact with the site or complete the conversion goal, which in my case for the real estate business is people either clicking the tap to call button, which is registered through Tag Manager and Google Analytics and Google conversion tracking. So Google is aware of the conversion goal being completed or completing the property assessment worksheet, which is basically a contact form and submitting that. And all of those things are really strong signals that will cause that brand Association for the primary keyword. Marco take over please. Yeah, I mean on a knowledge panel is drawn from from several different things.

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Google goes out and tries to find anything you can about you. You being your let's call it your entity, your whatever it is that you're doing on the web, your thing on the web, so Google will go out and pull all of the information that I can from all of these different sources. There's some that are more important than others. And getting all of this information together is also really important. Getting all getting these mentions, which is what we do. I mean, we do it through our T1 branded, where we're in the more important web 2.0 and social media platforms that there are. So there we associated through our through our structured data. We feed the bot the information, we loop the bot and organizational information then we reinforce the information with something like Press Advantage and that media center where all the organization information is there. And that Google starts recognizing the trust and the authority and all of the relations. Above all, of course, it's a semantic web, all of the semantic relationships that you've created for your thing on the web. So it's not just about Wikipedia, although you could do it with just Wikipedia, but it's very difficult. Alright, so I call it like this. It's almost impossible for Joe to get into Wikipedia, because there's nothing to back up joe the plumber. But Larry, the cable guy can get into Wikipedia. Because you and I were talking about comedian, actor, the guy who wrote those stupid Christmas songs? All this stuff coming together is what creates this not as panel. So yeah, branded searches will, of course, influence all of this, but get giving Google as much information as possible about your entity is what actually brings us all together. So you can have a knowledge panel about your thing. You're trying to become the best answer for the entity. For example, with Bradley, it's in the sell or buy land or in real estate. So he's looking to become the best entity in that niche. And one of those stages you pull up a knowledge panel when you do enough of it.

Yeah, that's it. And so I just pulled this up just to show it And guys, that's what I'm saying. Like if we actually go take a look at the actual brand search, you'll see. I mean, I'm not hiding anything here guys. I've been real open about this project with you guys since day one, especially in the mastermind, but even in publicly, which I don't typically do, and you can see like, I'm not building citations at all, not structured citations, like, I've done a few press releases. But all that has ever been done is what you can see through the brand search, you can see what's been built. And then like I said, it's a single page landing page, but I have structured data, right with the same as attributes, very The, the most powerful of them, which by the way, guys get something really, really powerful. If you don't already right there. crunchbase One of the things that because crunchbase feeds the Semantic Web, like it's a semantic database, right?

So my point is crunchbase is one of the most powerful citations you can possibly have for the Semantic Web. So get on crunchbase and create a profile for your corporation or organization or whatever. And then fill it out as much as possible. And as you can see, you can put website like your social media, you can actually scroll down and take a look at you can add basically, like, for example, press releases down here. So you can see that this is just one I can go, I shouldn't have a VA going in here and adding press releases as they're published. But this one's about a year old. And it's still in there. So my point is crunchbase is one of the most powerful citations that you can possibly create. And it's going to really help. I'm not I'm not saying it's going to make a knowledge panel pop, but it's one of the things that can do that, right, that can that can cause that. And so that's that. And you can see how powerful it is for my entity because with a brand search, it shows up as number four, just below the main entity website, right? So the the primary domain, Facebook sites, Google, the Google site, right, which is the drive stack, and then the crunchbase. So you can see how powerful that is for Google to put that in number four position, right? And so that's all I did. And again, if you just take a look at the page source for alpha land, real alpha land Realty, you can see these are the most powerful same as links for my entity. Which is why I included them and that ended up causing my knowledge panel to be associated with my primary keywords sell land fast Virginia there. There's my brand name for sell land fast Virginia, it's also showing and related searches. So it makes sense. So can you do a quick brand search for land solutions network because I think that's starting to pop up knowledge panel also is one of the things that I need to update.

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Boom. Look at that. Sweet side google.com

Yeah, that's right. That one was strictly done. And you guys know because I've also been very transparent about this to press releases. It took the pop that knowledge panel. This is just there you're you're actually above me for the general term now. So land fast look, I think don't work that doesn't work. Drive stacks, don't work.

Google could catch on at any minute. So I did it. I did it differently than you did, because I haven't run any brands or any ads for branding right now I've done it. People know if you've been in the charity webinars that you know exactly how this was done, if you've been keeping up with with the updates that I've been giving people in Facebook and the different groups, I've been doing live streaming, I'll go on later this afternoon, because this is what this is one of the things that I wanted to update is, yeah, I mean, it just goes to show that there's different ways to do this.

There isn't just 111 certain way, there's different ways that you can get the same results. But I'll tell you, the key in all of this is that structured data and getting that @ID page, looping the bot, and I think I even included a link in one of the press release to the s3 page if I'm not mistaken.

And I'm mapping my domains for the most part, through Amazon through CloudFlare. So that I use a subdomain for my primary domain for my ID page. It's not necessary, but I like to do that too.

I didn't do that my mind stayed in s3. And then in the G site when embedded into decided different ways, man, it's different ways. But they work. It's basically the same concept. It's branding, guys, brands. I've been saying this for years, and people are just not catching on. And they're like, you know, this is like, the next high level. We've been telling you for years to do this because it's the semantic but it's only logical for this to happen brand plus keyword location, brand plus location, plus keyword association. We've been telling you this since seems like forever, and people are just now catching on if you had paid attention from the beginning, how far ahead would you be on the competition? So get to it do this shit, right. And we're showing you live the kind of results that you can get. There you go.

How Do You Reduce The Impact Of Negative SEO On Your Website?

Big Billy's got several questions we don't typically allow that we do got a ton of questions. So we'll try to get through at least one or two of these and then we'll come back if we can. Billy says Hey guys, I'm getting some negative SEO to my ecomm stores, categories and product pages. Someone is doing really sloppy SEO intentionally to over optimize me and sending links from bad neighborhoods other than disavowing them. What else can I do? Or what services can I do? Or can I buy from you guys? That would enter reduce the effect it's having on my site? I was thinking to create a hub page with all the product page URLs, naked links and a Google Sheet and have Dadia embed that across his two daughters and in pummel, pummel it with the strongest linking packages thoughts?

Yeah, I mean, I'm gonna turn this one over to Marco entirely, but typically for like I've done that disavowing stuff, but I haven't done that in quite a while actually. And really, I would just strengthen the entity as much as possible with like an SEO power shield. And then yeah, just start, you know, slamming all of those entity assets to power them up as much as possible. So that will dilute or eliminate, like, the effect of the negative SEO. But Marco, you have more experience with this what what what do you suggest?

Marco: I never disavow the link in my life and nor do I plan to ever disavow link, I just do more of the good stuff to counteract the bad stuff. I mean, it's just a matter of getting the again, go back to brand. If your brand is strong, if you've done entity work correctly, all of this negative shit that people do will just turn into good shape.

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We saw that DC plumber, we hit our own stuff with just stupid crazy links, porn, and all kinds of crap and it's still ranking number one to this day. And so you, moral of the story is if you have the seat we call it the SEO shield the SEO power shield for a reason we call it worry less SEO for a reason we call it entity based worry less SEO for a reason I mean all of this shit negative SEO and disavow man it that would drive me crazy trying to do all that and giving Google all of that information i don't i don't care for them to know all the action be disavow next is clearly an SEO working in the space. Why wait? Why else would you even know that you're getting negative SEO and that you have all of these crappy links coming at you get a whole bunch of really good links to dilute any of the negative or maybe turn the negative into a positive get that power shield in place get all of those good links flowing get that entity get that structured data right guys get this work? Go work on your straight to data. Go right click on semanticmastery.com and look at the source code, and look at look at the structured data work that we've done. Look at looking last solutions if you want. I told you that that's open to you guys to inspect, and and tear down in any way you want to do anything you want with it. I welcome it, because it's gonna help me. And anything that you tried, I don't worry about it. I just don't see why we haven't worried about an update and how long five five will always knock on me five years. Yep. To the release of our waiting. Yeah, of course, knock on wood because Google can change things at any time. I'm not expecting it right now. But at some point, at some point, but I'll worry about that. When that time comes not right now.

Can You Embed A Knowledge Graph?

So the next question also technical question on embeds the Knowledge Graph. Can that be embedded to make it stronger? I don't know. I've never tried to embed a knowledge graph. I don't know that you can Marco do you know if you can the knowledge. I know that you cannot embed the knowledge panel. The panel that's what I meant. Yeah. No. So there is this though. Okay, so you see right here, like my company, big bamboo marketing as well as me personally, because years ago when we still had access to what was it called Freebase. Freebase was a semantic web entity, or excuse me, semantic database that we used to be able to add details to add entities to.

But they Google bought it, and they stopped allowing. So this is an actual knowledge panel or for an entity, a semantic entity. Right? Does that make sense? It looks different. So for example, big bamboo marketing. If you see underneath my normal knowledge panel, you see this right here, which would be considered an entity panel, I guess. I don't know what the actual name of it is. But if we click through to that, you'll see that it creates this different kind of search. It's still the same search phrase, but it's got this and I don't know why it's only got one profile in there because on me personally, you can see, it's got all of my profiles. But this, if you click the Share button, let's go back to the company instead of a personal, we click the Share button, it gives you this, this URL here. And that right? There is something that if we were to go look at it in where it goes.

For example, you'll see that that's a 302. So it's not a great URL. But if you take the final version of it, see if where it goes is working today, there it is. So it's a 302 redirect to a meta refresh to this final target URL here. So if I copy that, and I go view that, again, that's just going to bring up that same searches before. But my point is, is that these types of URLs right here are what I would consider, you know, entity type targets, if that makes sense because that's what MREID. That's what those are. These right here are called MREIDs, which is machine readable entity IDs. That make sense. But for like alpha land Realty. On the other hand, that I don't have an actual semantic entity. And for that, if that makes sense. So it's a little bit different. Now I've done some link built. So you can see it doesn't have that separate box down here. That because it doesn't have an MREID machine readable entity ID, the older stuff that I was able to add as a semantic entity into the Freebase at the time, you know, they do have them. So you can do some pretty cool things with those, for example, you can build links to this. You could also drive traffic to it, which can also help to cause that knowledge panel association with the keyword. So there's different things that you can do with that if that's available, but for your standard knowledge panel, if it doesn't have that entity Id also, then I don't know that you can do anything with that other than what Marco just said. So I just thought I'd share that little lesson there because they are different. When you look at these, this type of thing that has that little Share button right there. That means it has a semantic entity or it is a semantic entity. Does that make sense?

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Okay, anyways, moving on the last part of this and I'm just gonna glance over this really quickly, we'll come back to this if we have time belly, but for your G sites, mirror, take your G site and just iframe in your e commerce site pages so that people can still buy directly from the G site. That's what I would suggest. But I'm going to keep moving guys because we've already answered two questions for him. We'll come back if we can that belly.

Does The Backlinks And Press Release Packages Order In MGYB Have To Be In English?

Next is number one. Does the backlinks and press release package order have to be in English? Yes. Correct me if I'm wrong. So these Definitely, yeah. Can someone give you non English keywords for those packages? No, because all the content is in English. Yeah. For the for the link building. I don't know. Dadea. We'd have to talk to. But we can't do one of those right? Not one. It's one of a kind. And so it wouldn't make sense. Yeah. Yeah, I agree.

How Do You Build Links Exponentially Rather Than Liniary?

Number two is how do you how do you build links exponentially rather than linearly? That's hard to say. So I imagine it's also hard to spell but linearly. So yeah. How do you build things exponentially instead of in a linear fashion? Right, that's something I'm giving away for free. Now, that has to do with iframes, right? No. Yeah. Not not. Not necessarily. That could that could be one. There's other ways, but I'm not sharing it. Free. Yeah. And I certainly wouldn't share the technique either. But think of an ID page with the iframe stacking. That's kind of an exponential link building method. Right. That's one of them.

Yeah, well, the iframe, the iframe is what it doesn't have. It has a similar, but it's not the same. Yeah, but it's not the same.

What Exactly Is Going Inside The Backlinks Packages In MGYB?

What  exactly as going inside the backlinks packages. Well, if you buy contextual web to their contextual web 2.0s, if you buy GSA, then it's all the different link types that GSA can provide. So we do contextual web 2.0 is what we recommend for tier one and tier two links. So when I say tier one link building, that's actually tier two links, because it's building links to your tier one. Right? So it's the first tier of link building like spam links to your tier one entity assets. So in all reality is second tier links, but it's the first tier of link building. Anyways, that said, we recommend on for the first tier and second tier of link building, you do contextual web 2.0s. That's per Dadea's recommendations and all the testing that we've done over the years, and then we you can back it up with a third tier of GSA or a fourth tier, as many as you want. And GSA is going to include whatever link targets are in GSA, okay?

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Does Having The SEO Shield Mean That Guest Blogging And Other Hard Backlinks Methods Become Ineffective?

Just for clearing, guest blogging and other hard backlink methods basically dead by using the shield, no more money site links? Yeah, I mean, it's unnecessary, you don't need to, um, you know, guest post guest blogging and stuff like that can, if it's done correctly can be extremely powerful and generate relevant traffic from a, you know, relevant audience that could be interested in your product or service. So I'm not saying don't do it, you know, if that's part of your overall strategy for drive driving traffic and lead generation and sales and that kind of stuff, but it's not necessary, right? It's not something that you have to do because we've proven over and over and over again, that we can get results using the SEO shield and spam links and just in content marketing, right. You know, that's about it.

So there are so many target URLs within the SU your parachute that you'd have to do that to the money site, you can actually do a guest posting and you and put a push a link to your GMB posts to a GMB post the GMB website to the drive stack to an inner page on the G site which they all connect to the money site, but you're not hitting it directly. That's why we moved like one tear out to leave the money site alone Erica, like links on its own and natural and then then the rest will come from the power in the SEO power shield and everything associated with the SEO portion. Right. So there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not saying whether worse than that, like I don't get blocked. And I don't use other hard but what he's calling hard backlinking methods. I just don't because I don't need to. If I ever needed to I'd probably go and test it out.

A heavy hitter in the membership site is ready. We're getting everything together to go live that project. And that's one of the things that we probably test in the heavy hitter club to see how much more we can get. But wait, like when you got enough to go to number one? I mean, how much better number one can you get when you're already in number one? Yeah, right. Except for the fact that like I said, guest blog or you know, guest posts done correctly. On the right sites for the right audience can generate a shit ton of relevant traffic and generate leads and or sales to if it's done correctly. The problem is a lot of there's a lot of SEO services out there that will sell guest posts strictly for the SEO like the backlink. And that's, in my opinion, that's useless. I mean, because of the methods that we have developed that work just fine. I'm not you know, again, to each their own. I'm not saying don't you know, somebody else if that's your strategy, so be it. For our strategy. It doesn't make sense to build guest post links just for the link itself and let but for the traffic and exposure and relevant audience, potentially leads and sales, then it does make sense to do that. If you can do so, by the way, so who can do that well? I've only found one service that is really good at that I've used which is Loganix. And we've talked about them in the past but Loganix, go to semanticmastery.com/loganix, and it will take you to their site. And they've got a really good service for that now. In fact, the owner of Loganix, Adam Steele has created a really good service around that, in fact, it's one of their best services now, take a look at it. They have the link building right here and they've got some really good traffic to sites there. It's expensive, but it's worth it. It's worth it if that's part of your overall strategy. So I just I would suggest them if you're going to look for that kind of stuff.

Okay, but again, you don't need if you got the SEO shield. You can throw spam links at it all day long.

What Is The Best MGYB Done For You Package For Podcasts?

All right, Nigel's up he says what's up now Joey says Hope you guys are your families are all doing well blessings and thanks. You're welcome. What is the best done for you package specifically for podcasts? And in your opinion and what are the three must do things for podcast specifically? Okay, so I'm not sure which, like you're talking about for getting on podcasts or for promoting your own podcast? I don't really know. I'm gonna answer one thing that I first of all, maybe you can clarify it.

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But as far as talking about how to promote a podcast, Bradley, that's the way I would read it. That's how you read it. Okay. Yeah. Okay, well, then, I'll just point this out for anybody else's benefit very quickly. But interview valet is a company that we used. It's a concierge service to get booked like so in other words, they we hired them to pitch Semantic well pitch me representing Semantic Mastery and MGB to a bunch of money. Podcasts that have relevant audiences. And super powerful guys, you can drive drive a lot of traffic, you know, relevant traffic generate leads and everything using this. It's a great, great service had a really good experience with them. So I would point that out for those of you that are looking to get exposure on other people's podcasts, we'll talk about that and to extra agency and we talked about it a lot of kofu live. So I would I would check that out. But as far as promoting that, I don't know because I don't have a podcast. What do you guys think, though on Marco? So yeah, there's there's a couple of options here.

So the first one is, the first one is pretty easy, you would treat a pocket so let's say that you have a podcast and you're uploading that to something like Lipson or something similar like SoundCloud, which are you know, the podcast hosting services and then they will have first of those will have an RSS feed right. And live Lipson when they're posting because Lipson will syndicate to iTunes, to stitcher to a bunch of other places. And those are live links back to your website. Right? That is number one, but also number two. Lipson has a WordPress plugin that will allow you to automatically publish your podcast episodes in your website. So if you think about it, you have the RSS feed from Lipson and you also have the RSS feed from your website, you can definitely do the SEO shield make sure that each podcast episode, both the description and the title of the podcast are keyword rich, so that you can actually get ranked so you can you will treat each podcast episode a as a blog post, you would interlink them, you will do whatever you have to do, you know, proper SEO.

There's even schema markup for podcasts. So you would have either a website or a category on your own website that you can have those podcast episodes posted every time you upload a podcast episode. It will you know, post get posted on your website, we'll get syndicated out, you can burn through Feedburner your Lipson feed. And then you know, the rest is game over like you would use the exact same methodology that you would with a regular blog post. Because at that point, the podcast and the podcast, the podcast description, and even if you want the transcription of the podcasts they become, they become blog posts on your website. So you can get your podcast pages ranked on Google and that will also increase as because the podcast also becomes an entity that will become the that will increase the entity validation on iTunes, Stitcher and everything, you know everything else. So yeah, and don't forget your remarketing tags on those pages so that you can remark the shit out of them. Oh, yeah, yeah. 100% 100%. So anybody else have any suggestions for that?

Do You Have Niche-Specific Link Building Packages?

Okay, the next question is also Do you guys have any packages that are more specifically niche like IE packages for real estate, plumbers, podcasts, etc. I'm getting a lot of requests for more specifically tailored solutions from prospects, anything you can offer beyond general SEO power shield solution or Is that it? Well, that's it because you create all the relevancy through the keywords and the you know, the entity links that you're adding into SEO power shield. So that's, I mean, it doesn't, it doesn't make sense that we create from scratch, an SEO Power Shield, which includes the drive stack, and G site and everything based upon the niche that you provide and the keywords, right, and they'll go out, we go out and find relevant images, add the images, find relevant content, add the content. So we create a unique, niche specific drive stack, or SEO power shield for each and every order that submitted. So when you say Do we have any more special specifically niche, like every drive stack we build is specifically niche like to that specific customers order. Does that make sense? So there's no there's no reason to create templated products because every product that we created for the SEO shoot is 100% niche specific to that particular project that particular entity or corporation or organization, whatever you want to call it on that niche specific but also brand location and keyword specific. And we we get we get that. So every Yeah, every one is different. There's nothing that needs to be done at that level.

And yeah, Rob just, uh, just jumped into the tenant that we need to do some more SEO partial education for people. Yes, we absolutely do. We need to tell people what it actually is what it does people think is something general because we call that SEO power shield, but it works on any net it works at any level. It works local. It works for and that's why that's why I took on the national correct in sell amp as you were doing local. So why do another local I took on the national that's why we went with Deadia and did the e commerce case study that we're only sharing and a mastermind and that's done for a reason, because we don't want anyone spamming a client that's making millions. Okay? I mean, it's really that simple. We need to protect that client's asset. But the guy is making millions on this. We're not going pennies. We're talking an e commerce website that draws millions per month, and it's still doing so right now. Right as we speak, during the crisis, there's some and selling and selling and selling and they have not slow down. So let's think about that. Think about the power that's there for anything and I said it before but yeah, I guess we need more education on this. Anything that you take on on the web, whatever project it is, whether you want to do a YouTube video, whatever it is that you want to do, throw a power shield around that sucker and away you go. That's when the fun really starts.

You go and then he says, Thanks so much, guys. Stay safe. Thank you, Nigel. Appreciate that.

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For those of us who already have the brand and gamers you're missing one that after Nigel. Yeah, I have. I'm sorry, I didn't miss that one. Thank you.

How Does The SEO Juice Pass To The Money Site From The SEO Shield?

Ed says most of the examples shown in your videos don't end up pointing to a money site DC plumber is a G site. That's because the G site is the money site for that project. Land solutions is a Click Funnels page and G Suite is ranking notice last solutions is WordPress. Yes. I'm still failing understand that juice is ultimately passed to the money site since we won't be linking the products and categories directly from the stack yet you Yes, you can. This question is you are misinformed. So why don't we start with this one?

Is it the ID the page of solves this? So you know, I don't understand where the confusion is other than maybe some of the public stuff that we've shared because we're certainly not sharing all of our private campaigns, but the ones that we do share, they have different scenarios. And we did that intentionally because there's always going to be different scenarios with different projects, right. So some projects don't have a money site, they might just be using the G site as the money site. Other projects might just use the GMB website. Right. So the Google My Business website as the primary money site, but then the G site often will take over as well, and in the drive stack, but for any sort of project whatsoever, whether it's a single page landing, Click Funnels landing page, which can become a money site, like alpha land Realty, for example. That's a single page, click font.

Well, it's got a thank you page, but it's a it's a clickfunnels landing page. That's the money site. So I've got the drive stack and the G site and everything links back to the money site, which is just a Click Funnels landing page. So I think your terminology, maybe you might be confusing your terminology because a money site can be whatever you make it it doesn't have to be a self hosted WordPress site to be a money site. So it makes sense. Yeah.

Yeah, let me just add before you go on that juice is passed from the SEO power shield. To the money site. That's, that's where our linking is done. Because there's so much trust and authority in that power shield that whatever link building we do to it, it becomes, you know, we call it a link, lumbering machine, it launders the link, so that power only power, good power is transferred over to the money site, instead of instead of garbage that can get you a hit in some kind of way where it's algorithmic in nature, you don't want that. And we try to avoid that at all cost. That's why we do it this way. So understanding how juice is transferred, is it's transferred through the power shield. The power shield has two purposes. It's to protect your site and to transfer clean power over to the money site. So I think that that's where the disconnect might be. Yeah. And so the idea is it says, you know, you don't link to your category pages and product pages. Yes, you can.

In fact, you can link to them from within the G site. And or embed the pages, which is what I do. A lot of times, I don't even have an actual physical link from like a traditional HTML link from a G site page to the corresponding page on the money site, I just have the money site embedded either a page or a post, right? So it's either page or post embedded in the G site. And a lot of times I don't even link directly from that in strategic places I do like top up silo pages on the G site will link over to the silo page on the money site. So the same thing for e commerce, right? I don't do e commerce, but it's the same sort of structure, right? It's still built the same. And so your category pages could be like top of silo pages, essentially. So why not embed that into the theme era g site page, you want to create a physical link to it, that's fine. I just like the embeds better, because I I try to silo my G sites. So I do internal linking and my G sites to match the type of entity

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On a linking structure, I have all my money site, but I do everything from my money site is embeds in the G site, if that makes sense. So there's a number of ways to do it like that. But as far as like, that's how you're passing the juice, right? You're passing relevancy, you're passing authority, and your link laundering, right? You're cleaning any potential negative negatives through the the Google domains, the Google assets, so it makes sense. So anyways, we have we've been getting a lot of e commerce questions lately about how to apply this stuff to e commerce. So that is definitely something we just talked about this yesterday, my partners and I, during our corporate meeting, that is something we're going to do. In fact, Marco and Rob are going to be fleshing out more of the e commerce stuff that Dadea has been doing to provide more training about how to apply to ecommerce, and we'll have a PDF available and all that kind of stuff, guys, so it's coming. Please be patient. Okay, that's a good question.

One last thing. It's no different. I mean that's why we don't go specifically into ecom. I've already said that the only difference is how you target whether it's target location, which would be that would then be local, or you don't target location, which would then be anything else. That's not local. And it's the exact thing, you take the top level category in your e commerce site widgets. And you move that to an once you get the SEO power shield delivered with the market level category, you put that on on an interface, and you create that intersect that only deals with widgets, not the brand, but the widget, because you've already created the branded site that the widget company has, when I went all the all of the keyword research and what all the actions everything that you did on the homepage, you do it on the inner page, except this is keyword specific, rather than brand plus keyword specific. You can start talking about the products you can start talking about just whatever it is that you have iside that widget, top market level category and even break it down into subcategories, and add other inner pages. So you start siloing that inner page, but it works. It doesn't work any different than it does for local. It requires a little bit more work than it would for local. But that's because you have probably more categories, more market level categories and subcategories that you need to target and silo that would be the only difference. But yeah, we're gonna do a little bit whatever we can reveal about Deadia we will. I'm not saying how much but we will.

Okay, guys, I'm going to answer Santiago's and Brian's really quickly and then we're going to wrap it up because it's five o'clock and I've got a real estate I got to go get some documents notarized for a closing that occurred today.

Is The Hyper Targeted, Geo Targeted Traffic Module In 2xYourAgency Be Available For Purchase?

So, I 40 $800 profit I'll take Santiago says For those of us who already have the branding courses, the hyper targeted geo targeted traffic module mentioned 2xyouragency available to purchase by itself. Yes, Santiago, just contact [email protected] mastery.com and ask, I know Adam said that that is available to purchase separately, but just contact support, we'll get you a link. It's a good course for driving local traffic like low targeted local traffic via YouTube, it's a really good course for that. And in fact, I've got a case study that I just set up I spent a day and a half setting it up this week, Monday and half of yesterday setting it up. But specifically, I've got a landing page, single page landing page, just like we were just talking about with Ed's question, single page landing page on a subdomain, it's a Click Funnels landing page on a subdomain and all and I bought a location shield, which doesn't include a syndication network. So it's the location shield, which is just an RYS stack and a Google site. And @id page, specifically optimized for that one landing page for one and then I'm driving nothing but traffic relevant traffic. That's it though. So all the SEO work I'm going to do to it and then I'm gonna drive relevant traffic to it from Google ads from YouTube and from cold traffic display ads and then remarketing once that accrues enough to start remarketing, and see if I can rank it with just that alone. And so I just set that up. I finished setting that up yesterday, the ads are running, my ads are approved. So right now I'm just tracking it and I'm going to be covering that in the mastermind. So come check it out.

What Are Your Thoughts On Having A Different RYS Stack For Every Money Page Or Silo?

Last question is Brian says what are your thoughts on multiple stacks per site say different RYS stack for every major every money page or silo thoughts on multiple ri stacks per site? Is there a point where it's too many too many become counterproductive? Yeah, it's unnecessary. You don't need to do that because you build the primary stack, right, the primary stack which is brand, plus primary keyword Association, and then you build everything else inside of that stack.

So for example, for every money page or silo, so essentially for every, every product or service, which should have its own silo, right? The each one of those would have its own folder inside the branded stack. And then inside that folder would be all of the different files that are optimized for that keyword set, whatever that silo is, right, it's going to have a keyword set that specifically for that silo, so all of the files inside of that keyword optimized folder, so it's essentially a silo folder are going to be optimized with those keywords, sets and all linking to any to the top of silo page, as well as any supporting pages or posts within that silo. So essentially, you're linking from everything in that folder is only going to be linking to pages or posts within that particular silo on the money site. So there's no reason to continue buying different drive stacks. You want to expand your existing drive stacks.

Which, within about a week or so, we're going to have that drive stack expansion available as an add on service in MGYB. Is that correct? Marco?

Yes. As soon as we add the expansion, the ability to add order expansions on the website that now depends on how long that takes. I don't know. It's coming soon. But yeah, it's, it's coming. We're already in beta. We are building with it. It's creating awesome, guys like it is creating our way. Right. Which has been it's been a pain. It's been about a year in the making, guys. It's not easy.

Yeah, it's a lot of work. Anyways, guys, I got to run. So thanks, everybody, for being here. We'll see you guys next week. Bye, everyone.

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Do You Have A Video That Shows How To Submit Order Info In MGYB?

By April

In episode 276 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if there is a video that shows how to submit order info in MGYB.

The exact question was:

I ordered your Link Building – starter package for a new business domain. I'm new to link building, I just ordered it following the battle plan. Is there a video that shows us how to submit our info for our order? I seen your video that says not to include money site, so can you give me examples of all the links I should be giving you? Also, do I wait until the SEO Power Shield is finished?

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Can You Add A Tracking Code In The Header Section Of The Press Release In MGYB?

By April

In the 275th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if one can add a tracking code in the header section of the press release in MGYB.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys, . . . just a quick question . . . . When using our 3rd party Press Release provider through MGYB, is there a way to have any type of html code, like a tracking code or other type of html code, inserted in between the html “”Header Tags”” of the Press Releases? . . . . Thank you VERY much again for your help

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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 276

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 276 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Adam: Let's do this. We are live. Welcome to Episode 276 of Hump Day Hangouts. Got the whole Semantic Mastery team here. We're going to do some introductions, let everybody know how it's going, who everyone is, in case you're new to Hump Day Hangouts. And for some reason, you haven't been watching us for the previous 275 episode. So we'll get into that and then we'll get some quick announcements for you. And then we're going to jump in and start answering questions. So start at the top of my screen and work my way down. So Bradley, how are you doing today?

Bradley: I'm well happy to be here. I'm having issues with my Google Drive though. It's not sinking with my computer like it's supposed to. And it's driving me nuts. But other than that, things are good. How are you?

Adam: Yeah, not bad. Just enjoying some warmer weather something in 70s. So looking forward to getting outside and enjoying that after this. Good. What was that? Anyways? Hernan How's it going? I like your shirt by the way.

Hernan: Doing great. Look at this. And then good, really good. Really excited to be here.

Excited to for the questions today so good and that we were totally not sending gifts before hopping live so that's not what's happening on the Slack channel for some of you know,

Adam: so when Bradley shares his screen that was not us posting all those gifts on us. Marco How you doing today?

Marco: I am muted and now I'm not. Look for yourself. Let me know how I'm doing man. Bright, sunny. I told you coasteering it's Groundhog Day, man. You guys go back to the other episodes where I've been on cam and a hump day Hangout. It's always like this. during the dry season. Of course. When the rain comes at this time, we'll get an electrical storm that will get a nice rain shower, but then it'll go away about 6pm and then wake up and it's bright and sunny and beautiful and get to POFU motherfucking. So you can be the same shit. That's it. And we paved the way and we help you every step of the way. I mean, what could be better than that? You guys are doing it. And I said it before. If you're not, if you're failing, if you're not taking action, don't push it off on us. Because you're the one who has to take that first step and say, Okay, let me get going. And that first step will take you to the next one, and the next one will get you to where you're going. But I'm good, man, I'm living the life, man.

Adam: Outstanding! Well, I gotta ask you you know and I'm not joking around. Do you ever get tired of the same weather like day? I mean, I know it changes between the seasons but like Does that ever get here? Are you just happy with it being nice like that?

Marco: This is what I want. If I wanted something up like I go somewhere else, but But why? Like I've lived in Argentina. I went with my wife a couple of times. And I just don't want to live the cold again. I don't like it and so I know what I like I know what I want. This is what I want.

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The next step is a beach house you know that has to be like on the side of a mountain so we can overlook the ocean. You guys will be getting pictures from there too. Yeah. Or video. Yeah, that's in the work. So

Adam: Very good. Very good. All right. And last but not least, Chris. How are you doing? Man? I'm glad you're hanging in there that you haven't been quarantined yet. I know things in Europe. Some parts of Europe are getting a little scary with the coronavirus.

Chris: Yeah, like I'm doing good. Let's go that way. No sore throats or anything no cold Yeah, like I'm still alive, kicking, things are good.

Adam: Cool. Cool. All right. Well, we got a few things we wanted to mention. One of those. We've got a really cool special going on. We had a webinar with Jeffrey Smith on Monday and that coincided with a great special we have grown. We've got a Mardi Gras special going right now for SEO shield, which combines the power of several of the components not only of our training but of the done for you components that are available at MGYB. I'm going to post the details on the page. If you're watching live, you can definitely still grab that it's 20% off, you can save a bundle but that's not all we got going on. And Marco had an update with some cool stuff that has just come out. So, Marco, do you mind tell me about that.

Marco: Yeah, and I mean, it This isn't scarcity or anything like that. We don't play that game. Right. And we don't play that we will be raising prices in 30 minutes and there are only this many lefts. The problem with what we're doing is that Google will eventually catch on and kill it. But we're currently verifying GMBs for those of you who are interested. And not only that they come with a 30-month guarantee of replacement. If something happens if it gets suspended. After those 30 days, what you can do is buy insurance, which means that if it does get suspended, we'll go and lift the suspension and so we put this package in this package together, which allows you to do both. It allows you to get your GMB's, and then get some insurance in case it gets suspended. And I will post the links on the page, so you guys can head on over there and get it while it's hot. And if you wait too long and it gets closed off. Again, don't blame it on us. It's you. You didn't take action. We get a ton of those emails. As a matter of fact, don't you because you're the email guy, Adam, and I see them coming through. I'm sorry, I missed the special. Can you guys do it? No. No, we can't. We had the launch. That was the price. Then it goes up because it's worth that much anymore. And that's it. So don't come whining later. Oh, look, I missed it. I couldn't watch whatever, your granny died, you shut your door. Whatever happened. We don't care. You gotta go get it while it's hot. And I'm gonna go drop the mic. Thank you.

Adam: All right. And real quick. I wanted Hernan. You released some training for double your agency. I believe you had that last week. Bradley. I know you just dropped a new update for double your agency, right?

Bradley: Yeah, today was week six. I just completed the training for week six. Today was about the content or this week's training about content marketing. So yeah,

Adam: Outstanding! So if you're an agency owner or a consultant, if you want to get more clients, if you want to grow your revenue, you want to scale your team, so that you can literally work less and earn more, right? That's it's kind of a tagline. It sounds like the four-hour workweek or something. I mean, you got to do work. Nobody said, you know, yeah, there was no work. But there are ways to do it so that you work less and earn more and that's what this is about. Okay, I said it before, but I'll say it again, get more clients, grow your revenue scale your team. You want to go check this out, just head over to 2xyouragency.com. I'll put the link on the page as well and then for those of you who are looking for more repeatable results with SEO, you know we've updated Battle Plan it's been going for years we update it yearly and you can still get it it's a battleplan.semantic mastery.com and we've been talking as well about MGYB. You know if you're just watching us for the first time if you want done for you services, like syndication networks, RYS drive stacks, link building, press releases, what Marco was just talking about with the GMBs, all sorts of good stuff head over there. It's MGYB.co. And last but certainly not least, we've been talking about I think some emails went out. Being the email guy I should certainly know when they went out but it was either last week or the week before and talking about POFU Live. This year, it's going to be it's our third year in a row. We're going to be in Boston, Massachusetts. It's the last weekend in September. We're cooking up something fun for the VIP day. And I just wanted to speak on that real quick if you go and get tickets, we've priced this competitively so that you can get the VIP ticket. That's where we really want people to go. We want to have a good time we want to spend the time getting to know you and for everyone else to get to know each other before we dive into the main event, you know it's not it is about having fun, but also getting to know each other so that when you show up, you get the most value out of it. So when you see the pricing on that you can see that reflected we really, you know, we don't want to charge you thousands of dollars to come to the VIP event. We just want to cover the cost you could show up have a great time last year we went go-karting. It was a blast, one of the guest speakers at the event kicked all of our butts and walked away with first place and then went on and gave a great presentation. So anyway, looking forward to seeing as many of you is can fit into the 25 person limit event that we have. And I believe actually we're down to 21. So right now if you want to grab your ticket, it's a great time. It's the lowest price you're going to see it and that's in September, so now's a good time to snag it start planning for it.

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So what did Dadea name his racing persona. God, what's that banner? Yeah, yeah, he's right. It showed up on the screen up there. So yeah, that was awesome. I forgot about that. Awesome. So we'll have some more information about that. Of course, as we get closer, we're locking in some stuff about the VIP event, exact locations, but it's going to be in Boston's gonna be last weekend in September. So now is the time to do that. Other than that, guys, we've got anything else we need to cover before we jump into it.

Marco: Yeah, I'm gonna turn off my camera because too much sun isn't good for you.

Bradley: It's not good for us. You mean.

Marco: Good for you guys. So too much sun for us is not good. Yeah.

Adam: Real quick. I see Mohammed asking you did battle plan version four released No. But maybe keep your eyes and ears peeled for that. We do update it yearly. So that's all I'll say for now. It's coming.

Bradley: Coming. Okay, can we get any questions? Do it? Let's go. You guys should be seeing this correctly.

How To Rank A Long Tail Keyword?

Great. Yes. Where were we? a great first one is hi how to rank a keyword and longtail version of it. Which time we have guys? Um, I would like to do it with long-form content, but it doesn't help. Even though it's supposed to be in the same post. I'm not sure maybe does it help even though it's in this? I'm not sure I'm understanding the question. Hold on a minute do a branded syndication network and RYS stack will rank videos okay. Or is it better to do tiered syndication?

Alright, so for the first question, how to rank a keyword and a longtail version of it. Go look at silo architecture that's pretty much industry standard for how to rank a keyword. And a longtail version of it would be, you know, so one of the things go look for Google at Bruce clay silo architecture website silo architecture, read through that article. And that's will teach you how to set up silo structure we also have on our YouTube channel, youtube.com/semanticmastery, use the channel search feature and look up silo structure complex or simple silo structure, you'll be able to find videos where we talk about how to set up silos, your broad keywords would be like a top of a silo and then having adding supporting keywords or supporting articles for long that are optimized for long-tail versions of the keyword is a great way to rank for a keyword. Now that's not the only thing that you need to do, but that is one of many, but that's typically where we would start is creating some sort of silo for the broadest or most competitive of keywords and then adding depth to that side low using supporting keywords and that's how you build topical relevance for that particular keyword, which creates buoyancy throughout the entire silo. What I mean by that, I mean, if you have a silo structure set up properly, and your internal linking done correctly, and your keyword theme is, is tight. In other words, it's you have very similar and related type keywords right all within the same theme. Then anywhere that you inject link building or adding content, adding depth to that silo is going to create buoyancy throughout the entire silo, meaning all of the keywords that the silo has been optimized for will start to surface higher in the search engine results pages. Now that's, that's in theory, how it's all supposed to work, but there's also off-page issues and everything else. So that's a loaded question. There's way too much to cover and a hump day hangout on how to rank a keyword. It's way too broad. But that's where I would start is developing a content strategy for how you're going to attack those particular keywords. They may want to comment on that before I go to part two.

Yeah, the SEO shield, right? Must have if he wants to really push I mean once he has his siloing together and then and the on-page is tight, you push with the SEO shield and that's going to start pushing, even more, ranking power into all of the silos that he's working with. Then he starts the isolation process we have everything covered. I mean, we've done it all for free. Go to our YouTube channel and search for these things go to our free Facebook group and do a group search for many of these things have already been covered silo-like Bradley said we have two videos on there on simple silos and complex silo structure. Jeffrey did an awesome job on Monday on covering some of these things and how he approaches it my approaches is a bit different because I like to work top-down rather than bottom-up, but it all has the same effect. It gets your stuff moving ranking it brings in people traffic is what you want at the end of everything.

This Stuff Works
Alright, so hopefully you are watching what I was just dead I just went to semantic or youtube.com/semanticmastery, use the channel search feature. And typed in the silo structure. There's a complex silo, there's simple silo structure. I would just click through watch those start with simple silo structure and then develop your content strategy. And as Marco said, Yeah, I mean, I was talking about strictly on-page, that's where I would start. But absolutely, there's no doubt, our off-page methods or how we push power into everything that we do. So when I talked about creating a silo and in creating buoyancy throughout that entire silo that's perfect for what the SEO shield does because it's basically pushing relevancy into that silo as well as all the so that entire category, that entire silo would get powered up. So absolutely, I agree with that. All right, we're going to keep moving as soon as I can.

Come on, get back to the tab. There we go. All right.

Does Having A Branded Syndication Network & RYS Stack Help In Ranking Videos?

Next question was does a branded syndication network without second-tier and RYS stack? Will it rank videos? Yes, it will. I mean, that's again, it's one of many things that can be done. But that is certainly something that can help a branded syndication network with YouTube though, I would recommend multiple syndication networks. So tier two syndication networks are great. You can also add additional for tier-one syndication networks not branded persona-based or topically like themed but not branded. Right. So there's you can add as many syndication networks to YouTube channels you as you want, there's there are no footprint issues as long as you keep the applets the way that we set them up, there are no footprint issues whatsoever, so you can stack as many as you want. I always prefer for YouTube SEO but an RYS always have two-tier networks built that I attached to the channel.

But you know, again, you can do several tier one, you can do multiple tier twos, whatever you want. I just recommend with YouTube videos add more syndication networks to the channel. Okay. As far as RYS, yeah, because you can. For example, if you have a branded syndication network, for your channel, and then you have a drive stack built and a G site that's going to power up your syndication network, which will ultimately power up every video that you ups upload or live stream to your channel that gets that syndicates out. So absolutely, it will help.

Again, I recommend a tiered syndication network for YouTube's SEO, but RYS stack. Absolutely. That's without question. It's going to power up your syndication network or your two-tier network if you have one of those. That makes sense. Okay. Any other comments on that guys?

Marco: Yep. embedsm link buildingm and trickle some traffic in there. Yeah. paid you traffic, just trickle it in it. You don't have to pay a whole lot of money to give it a boost to get Google. And then what you have is an audience, right? You have to have a targeted audience for your videos, which can convert so you're accomplishing several things all at once.

Bradley: Yeah, I mean, I didn't mention the traffic side of it. But there's no question that I don't do YouTube SEO without buying relevant traffic directly from Google ads for the video. I mean, that it there. I don't do SEO for YouTube videos anymore without traffic. And in fact, the only thing I do to SEO YouTube videos anymore is just uploads them or live stream them to a channel that's connected to syndication networks, syndication networks have all been powered up via link building. But that's it. That's the only thing I do SEO wise is I upload them to the YouTube channel that goes out through my syndication networks that are aged and they've been powered up with link building. And then I set up a traffic campaign through Google ads to buy cheap views directly from Google, which is perfectly legit. It's encouraged, in fact, from a relevant audience, if it's for local then I buy it within a specific geographic area. So they're all local IP clicks or views, but also from a relevant targeted audience. So using stuff like in-market audiences, or life event audiences, those types of things that Google knows that those views are weighted views, because or Google weights those views more because they're from my relevant audience and audience that is interested in that. And we know they're interested because we're buying that interest from Google if that makes sense. So there's, again, I do not do any YouTube SEO campaigns anymore without that being part of it. They're two sides of the same coin. If that makes sense. There's the SEO and you can push some of that with embeds and link building as well, as Marco mentioned from MGYB. But setting up the engagement campaign using Google Ads is absolutely critical and that's how I maintain it. Once the video has been ranked that's all I do is just that I have a YouTube ads set up for it that continually drives relevant views to that video, which keeps it ranked. And that's it and I've got videos have been ranked for years and that's the only thing that I do to them is just keep I've got campaigns I've shown them in the mastermind and in some other training too. I've got campaigns that I literally run on 40 cents a day for in YouTube ads, that's $12 a month in ad spend. And it keeps those videos ranked because of the relevant traffic. That makes sense. So it's a very, very powerful way to boost any SEO effort is to buy relevant traffic.

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What Are Your Thoughts On Magic PR?

Okay, next question is from Dustin he says, hey all great shows always I wanted to ask if you heard of Magic PR. I've heard good things in Facebook groups and some of the Skype groups I just wanted to hear your opinion of their service and if you have used them I have not but I know that Marco had. I know the guy, MAG is his name. I know the guy that I've chatted with the guy that runs it I know Marcos had some communication with the two but I've actually never tested it what do you market. Do you remember talking with MAG?

Marco: I've been meaning to get back to him because it because I've been wanting to run a test with his press release service and with some of the GMBs that I have to see how it works right as he says that he can get a local push or, or greater so I really want to test it out. I can't say what it does other than what Mag and the people that he's around with what they have to say and I have heard really good things about having said that our press release or the one that we use press advantage works really really well. I mean when you combine it with our methods right with that SEO shield, and pushing all of that relevance and pushing traffic and those links into that SEO shield and then link building behind that and then you running the embed gigs doing

Everything that we recommend. It has, I mean, it's just fantastic for what we do. And we can show I mean, people say, well press releases that they're they get, they fall off the index and whatever, we don't care, we don't care. They don't drive traffic. That's not true. We can show where they do drive relevant traffic, we can show it. And especially if you get into them because there's a premium that you can pay and get into Yahoo Finance and I forget what other Sir, I don't want to say anything other than I know that we can get into Yahoo. It really, really has a great effect, especially on the traffic that you get its relevant traffic into whatever it is that you're doing. And it's all of those signals that we're looking for. So we have that I'll talk to Matt and as sometimes as you and if you're listening to me Mag sorry that I haven't gotten back to you, because I've been snowed under with a hope. Excuse me, under just stuff and I will get to you.

Yeah, it's interesting but it'd be nice if I'm if I pause my screen I could do it I could show you that Press Advantage you know does produce quite a lot of referral traffic my real estate business I get a lot of referral traffic from Press Advantage so it's you know if I and I guess it shows it as a referral source and analytics, so it's there's absolutely good traffic there.

Do You Have A Video That Shows How To Submit Order Info In MGYB?

Anyways, we're going to keep on moving. Next is, I ordered your link building starter package for the new business domain. I'm new to link building I just ordered it following the battle plan is every video that shows us how to submit our info for our order. I've seen your video that says not to include money sites so can you give examples of all the links I should be giving you also do I wait until the SEO Power Shield was finished? Yeah. Okay, so our link building service. Anything I can point you to but um, as far as like training but you know one of the things that are on our list to do is to add a simple video for each page like order page that essentially will walk you through what you need in order to place the order that will get done eventually guys I don't know when it's on the to-do list I promise. But in the meantime it's very very simple, don't we none of our link building campaigns are designed for direct to money sites, they're all built all of the link building campaigns are developed specifically for powering up tier one entity assets or you know anything beyond your money site essentially. So we use them for powering up the power shield, the SEO shields, syndication networks, Id pages, press advantage organization pages can be used for citations, social media, web 2.0s, all of that. Anything that's really tiered one, branded type assets can be powered up with our link building packages. So with that said, when it comes to ordering everything that you can collect to add to your link building order, I think it's up to 100 URLs that you can submit with your order, you want to add to your target URL list because you want to power up all of those tier one assets, right, all of your branded assets everywhere that you can get your new business, your new projects, your new company, new brand name published online. And with a branded profile, you want to try to get as many of those as you possibly can and add those into your list. Now that said, the ones that should you wait for the power the SEO shield to be complete? Yes, because those can be added into your link building order. And essentially, you can take all the files and folder URLs and put them into that text file that you upload when you order links, which will do will power up all of the files and folders within your RYS stack in your G site.

So if you have a senate if you got a power shield then I'm assuming I can't remember which different levels they are but a syndication network to against adding your syndication network profile URLs into the link building order. If you have a GMB map, add the map URL, Google My Business website adds that it just not a money site. Right, because it's not designed our link building campaigns are developed for that. But that's pretty much all you need to do. It should be fairly simple. Just gather up your tier one entity as is branded profile URLs, add them to a text file, save it and then upload that as your target URL list. As far as keywords you want to add market-level keywords, not  keywords with location modifiers. What are market-level keywords or top-level keywords product and or service keywords without location? modifiers Okay, and when you're ordering link building, you should try to submit a minimum of 200 keywords, more is better, but 200 is the minimum and just submit those via text file as well. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Hernan: Yeah, that's our training for link building right there. We're gonna cut it and then we're going to put it on the sales page for MGYB.

Marco: Just so people know, we develop the package is the link building packages with the idea that people would already have the syndication network, right the tier one branded, the are the drive second t site and the @ID page and their media page, which is in the @ID. So our thought is always the people will go and complete these other steps before ordering our link building package. Because our link building packages are meant to power all that up. It's not intended for the money site is intended to hit everything that's protecting the money site so that the power transfers over without or I'm not gonna say without the chance of a penalty, but with minimized risk, because of the way that we're doing. If you were to hit the money site directly, then that there are other parts of the algorithm that you might trigger that you don't want to get into. And so I would recommend if you haven't done those steps that you go back and you do those steps first so they can gather up all of the URLs that we target for link building and submit those.

Bradley: There you go. Can you still hear me? I had stopped share. So we here okayLet me see if I can bring that back up now. Alright, so here's a pulled open, you can see that this is just referral traffic sources for Alpha Land Realty. I'm just bringing back up the previous question about press advantage. Look at that. So besides Facebook, the second most referral traffic that I've had in the last 30 days from my real estate businesses from Press Advantage, so there's no doubt and that's just the last 30 days. So you can see this no doubt that there's traffic coming from Press Advantage. I want to point that out.

Marco: Yeah, Nuff said. There you go. If you can't believe your eyes and then I don't know what but believe.

Bradley: Don't believe your lying eyes.

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Do iFrames Count As Backlinks?

Alright, next one is do iframes count as backlinks? What's really the advantage and making use of iframes? Marco that is absolutely your question.

Marco: Yeah, it is. But I mean it. It took two days for me to or two webinars for me to cover iframes and entities during the charity webinars. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to post the charity webinar page, and I'm not there's no minimum to order the there's no max, I always say you, your heart will tell you whether to donate and your wallet will tell you how much. So I'm going to drop the URL so that you can go and donate and you're going to get access to not only this year's webinars or the past webinar series, but the one before that. So there's like 10 videos that talk all about the entity and how to power it up talks about RYS Academy, it talks about iframes. And what iframes are, what they do, and why they're so different from everything else. So I'll just leave it at that because it's too much to cover in. But what do we have in that? 31 minutes? I probably didn't get all up.

So there you go.

What SEO Strategy Do You Recommend Apart From Using Geotagged Phone Images And Reviews?

All right. Mohammad's got a couple of questions. What's up, buddy? He says, Hey, guys, my car dealer client has been encouraging me to make use of his staff to help me rank him. That's awesome. It's rare that you get real help from the staff from businesses, I find it really difficult to get people to cooperate with me. Anyways, he says I took him up on his offering got the staff to regularly send geotagged phone images for GMB posts and even have them uploading showroom pictures to GMB directly through the app. I make sure they send me responses to reviews they get to my question is what else can I have them do to help me rank whether in GMB or elsewhere?, I usually have trouble getting this kind of cooperation. So I want to make the most of it. Yeah, I mean, I don't know what else you could get them to do because that seems like they're doing a lot already as far as like, you know, more than most of my clients are willing to do, which is great. So, yeah, if you can get them to upload images directly to GMB through GMB map on there, or excuse me, GMB app on their phone, that's great. So that's uploading photos that are geotagged. Something else they can do is actually create posts from the GMB app if that's something that they're, you know, willing to do or if you're even comfortable with them doing it. The reason I say, I don't think it's any issue whatsoever. But if you were to have them actually create posts to a lot of them probably won't want to do that, because that would require them to add some tax call to action, all that kind of stuff. So it's likely that they're probably going to give you resistance and just want to upload photos, which is fine.

So the alternative would be also to have those images that the photos that they took also shared, added to a shared Google Photos album. That's how my team does it. So any of my clients that do provide photos, which isn't a lot of them, but the ones that do, all they do is they have their technicians in the field or whatever, actually, take photos, and then they get copied into a Google shared photos album, that my VA my bloggers have access to, so that they can go just pluck an image from that shared photos album, and use that as a GMB post. And it contains the same metadata from when it was uploaded. So you can still get the geo relevancy and my VA is doing the blogging, create the GMB posts essentially, so that the client doesn't have to do that all the client has to do is take photos, and they'll automatically be added to the Google Photos album. So that's, that's all I typically do. As far as what you've got them doing now, it seems like you're doing you know, quite a bit. So yeah, I mean, I would just do more posts if possible using geotagged images, targeting the keywords and or locations that you're trying to optimize for. As far as additional things that can be done while you already know the Muhamad, right, all the SEO shield stuff, link building, embeds and that kind of stuff. Marco, do you have any?

Marco: Yeah, I got a word of caution because if you ask them to do too much, they're going to start wondering why they need you and you don't want to get into that. They're doing everything you need for relevance, location relevance, and this would be a product relevance, right? Since it's an automobile is a product, it's not a service. This is cars and you're getting all the different makes and models and you can start, you know, you have Local GMB Pro. And so you know what to do with all of the all of these different categories that you're getting, you know exactly what you need to do, what the next steps are. And as Bradley said to them, post them, create posts with these automobiles you know how to relate everything one to the other, and then push power and that's Local GMB Pro. You have that, follow the training and you're gonna get great results.

Bradley: Yeah. I agree with that. That's one of them, you know, if a client of mine wanted to do GMB posts, I wouldn't mind them doing it. But typically, I actually one of my pest control company, they started having their technicians do that. But they very quickly decided they didn't want to do it, which was okay because they were shitty posts anyways, they weren't up to my standards. So, you know, through trial and error, we learned the best thing to do is just have them add photos to a shared Google Photos album and let my blogger handle the GMB posts because then they're set up their siloed, they're well worded, proper target linking, you know, target URL linking all of that, so.

Would It Cause A Ranking Problem If The Business Name Use Words And Symbols Interchangeably?

Fitz is up. He says good agents, thank you for this platform to give real-world answers that work. I have a client whose business name includes the word and some expressions of their name, then use the ampersand is this huge problem? Well, it's not as big of a problem as some of the other discrepancies I've seen. But it is still an issue, it can create NAP issues. I've got several clients that have done that in the past as well, where they'll have ampersand and some other brand names and others it will be and Andy, as all you know, it, is it a huge problem. Is it causing a huge problem that would be the question I have for you fits. If it's not really creating much of an issue, I wouldn't worry about it? If you are having a hard time, you know, getting your desired result for a particular you know, maps pack ranking. For example, let's just use that as an example. Then Yes, that would be something I would address would be a cleanup,  citation cleanup.

So I would either whatever it is, and the GMB, I would leave it that way, if that's the correct format, how is their name legally registered? That's how I would have it. Right, that makes sense. So in other words, however, they've incorporated their corporation or LLC or whatever it is that. However, it's registered with that with their state, is how I would list it in the GMB and then many discrepancies out there I would have edited, cleaned up, corrected to be the new the right the proper format. But that again, I wouldn't tell you to just do that just because if you're getting the results that you want, anyways, just leave it. It's what I'm saying. Don't do it just because it could create a problem in the future. If it's not creating a problem. Now, I wouldn't worry about it. But if you need that, if you're having trouble getting the desired result that you want, that is absolutely one thing that I would address, citation clean up.

And depending on how many there are out there, if it's a lot then I would recommend paying Loganix to do it because they have a really, really good successful citation cleanup service. If you go to semanticmastery.com/loganix, you can see their citation cleanup service. There are other services out there that are less expensive, but I found their success rate isn't as great or as high as Loganix's. And so even though Loganix is expensive when I whenever I have a new project that has a bunch of NAP errors on the web, that's who I use because they get the vast majority of them over the course of like, I think it's an eight or a 10-week process. So anybody wants to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, you probably know this already. But Pearl Trees has a problem with the ampersand. Right and pulling in the embeds or the iframe. It has a really big problem with an ampersand. And there are other times when it can cause an issue with some embeds and some other websites.

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It's just that ampersand so I prefer the end although I am percent in a business name is the recommended way to go. Yeah, so go figure, right.  I know it's code and so we don't know how pro-Jesus is doing and how it's pulling it in and why the ampersand creates conflict, but it does. So maybe it's not an IP issue but if he had it and he submitted it to us for us to go and create the @ID or if he were to submit it to Dadiea for an embed run, there might be issues


Would It Be Okay To Create Social Media Accounts That Are Not Necessarily Related To A Client's Industry?


Okay, Muhammad's up again he says Hey guys, I'm using no um to build social accounts for clients now has tons of sites covering a wide swath of the internet, is there any risk in getting all accounts for a particular client, even if a particular website isn't necessarily related to that client industry, I wouldn't put a cinema on Angie's list for example, am I mixing up citations with social accounts? Yes and no. I mean, remember, a lot of times just having a profile on on these web platforms, it's not necessarily something that you're going to be pasting or publishing content to. So even if it's not really relevant, it's about having an additional presence. It's another publishing point for your NAP.

You know, I don't think it's harmful. I don't know how helpful it is. Maybe Marco would have a better answer to be to even have a profile on like kind of an unrelated site, but the way I look at it is if you're just setting up a presence there, then I don't see there being any harm and having like, for example, I'm trying to think of there's there's some of these like art sites out there right there like web to auto blog platforms for people that are artsy. Like the art projects and stuff, yet I've used them quite a bit for another semantic cover social hub right as a way to kind of just build another presence and you can interlink sometimes to some of the other social media profiles and that kind of stuff. And even though none of the projects I work on have anything to do with art, it's still just another profile point. So I don't think that causes any problems. I don't know how beneficial they are. But I know that having an NAP published in more locations typically helps market and comments on that. I look at it from a standpoint of protecting the brand.

So it's totally acceptable, and I think very natural for you as you would, and I'm referring to the client, right, of course, for you to protect the brand. And to go to these websites and lock in that profile. You know, you just have to put the basic information then you don't have to go too far out, get that NAP in there. And that's what you need so that if Google comes crawling in there and it sees it, it's going to not I mean, it's just more places for your entity to exist more places for Google to pull up to pull in entity information, and all things being equal. They never on the web, we understand that but all things being equal when two entities are being compared against what's happening in Google's database and the relational database, the one that has the best entity, as far as things go right now, that's the winner. And if you've taken care of that, and if you've gone and locked in all of these profiles, and you're showing it as part of the entire brand, there I don't I see absolutely no problem with that.

Yeah, I mean, as I said, I've never been concerned with it is being an issue. We just build them out as we go. So and

What Is The Best Way To Make A Drive Stack For A Translated Website?

Alright, so moving on. The next one was, what is the best way to make a drive stack for a translated website. Do we make a syndication network for each language? I can't even answer that because I just don't do anything outside of the US English base us projects but any any any advice there I know Hernan and Marco both have done a lot of foreign language stuff over the years.

Marco: Yeah, I mean, we, we don't generally do it in another language, although we have, it's not something that we want to do because we want our builders to focus on whatever it is that they're doing. It requires a whole lot of information. We did one for gurgi, by the way, I think it was Hungarian. So we can do it but you have to supply all of the information, all of the content, the images and everything that you want it. You can write to [email protected], and say that you're looking to do a drive stack in a different language. As far as do you make a syndication network for each language? You could since each one it's either on a subdomain or in a folder inside the root domain. So each one of those will have its own feed. That's a whole lot of work, man. That's a whole lot of work. I mean, I could guide you a little bit more. The only thing that I tell you to go take a look at apple.com and how they handle their languages. So you're gonna have to look at the source code, but I think you're gonna get a really good idea on how to approach this and how Apple approaches it. And I mean, that's as far as I'm willing to go with this and in a free forum.

Bradley: Hernan, did you want to comment?

Hernan: No, I do agree with Marco. I was about to say what he said. Okay.

Bradley: Hernan's at a bar or something.

Hernan: I might or might not be early drinking. Yeah.

It's damn near five o'clock here too. So why

Does The RYS Require A GMB Listing?

Alright, cool. Alright, next is does the RYS must have a GMB listing? No, it doesn't have to what if the site is not local related? Again, it doesn't have to. Doesn't need an NAP name, address, phone number and a GMB listing type if it's not for a local business, but drive stacks can push relevancy into any type of project. So, can I give an address outside the USA and still ranked for a place inside the USA? Where are you trying to rank for a place or for a keyword? Because you're asking about not having a GMB listing? Do you need one or can you get away with not having one and then you're asking about ranking for a place in here which is typically location based ranking which is maps and a GMB type stuff. So I'm not sure  if I'm understanding the question, but as far as can you have an address outside of the US safe and use the GMB stack or excuse me in our iOS stack to rank for keywords in the USA? Yes, of course you can. And I'm not sure I'm fully interpreting or comprehending that question, Marco Do you have any?

Marco: Nah man because I need to know whether whether it's local In which case, you need a GMB to local. Well, you don't. You can rank in organic. Right, you can still do an organic push, but if it's triggering a map path, then you're going to need a GMB lesson to go in there with the rest of the map and try to hit that top three. So this is very confusing. I don't know which way you're going because this is the one time where local doesn't matter. We need to know whether you're targeting location or whether you're targeting USA overall.

Bradley: Yeah. Yes, if you can clarify if we still have time we'll we'll try to answer with a better answer.

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How Do You Use The Bit.ly Account Included In The Single Tier Syndication Network From MGYB?

Okay, I guys I just received my first single-tier syndication network from your store. I have no idea what to do with the empty Bitly account suggestions gratefully accepted. Nothing whenever you syndicate content, whenever you publish content if it's whatever your publishing, whatever your content publishing engine is, right, whether it's your blog, if it was an RSS drive syndication network or YouTube channel, or both, whenever you publish content, it will automatically create a bit link. The only reason why we because bit link used to have public profile pages for Bitly. But they did away with that a couple of years ago, but you can still siphon some domain authority, not that we give a shit about domain authority metrics, because we don't, but you can still siphon some domain authority from Bitly just by auto shortening links, which that's all that does. The applet, whenever you publish content, will create a bit link just a bit the short link inside your Bitly account. That's all that that's for.

Does Having A Suspended GMB Page Affect Other Listings Within Same Account?

Alright, the next question is from Jay. He says after winning my service area business client of the consequences for two years one of his GMB was suspended for using a mailbox service the address. I highly doubt we can get the GMB back. My concern is with the suspended GMB and his Google account, or his other mailbox GMB's at higher risk for being in the same account as the suspended one. He is now motivated to handle this risk so far as to seek now to rent office space. So yeah, I can understand that. I'm concerned. In the meantime, though, his account will be hit very hard. Any suggestions? Yeah. Okay. Let me give you my experience with that because I don't know the answer. Jay, I don't know if it's going to be any more of a risk or not. I know that I have some accounts that have I've had a couple over the last maybe six months suspended. And, like some locations, one off locations. I've had a couple too. So I've had two locations suspended in the last six months or so that are were suspended within an account that has more than one location. And so far it hasn't affected any of the other locations. I'm a bit gun shy or nervous to go in and do any changes to any or make any edits or anything to any of the other listings in that same account. But one of the things I would suggest possibly doing to pot to perhaps avoid that issue would be to go in and maybe move add a different Gmail account for each location that you have. So go in and create new G or by Gmail accounts, preferably by some aged accounts if you can, and go in and add a user. So the new Gmail account per location, so each location gets a new Gmail account added as a user and then maybe transfer ownership to that new Gmail account.

So that and make everything standalone. If that makes sense. The reason I say that is because I know that one of the big things that happened in the last few weeks with another big GMB suspension, a, you know, a Google one on a raft and suspended a whole bunch of GMB's is that manager accounts were hit. We know because some big names got hit with some big manager accounts that were managers of, you know, dozens and dozens if not hundreds, and hundreds of GMBs, and all of them they all got taken down. So if a manager account got hit got caught up in this suspension nightmare, then all of the GMB's within that manager account got suspended and that's what can be huge. Imagine that right? Imagine if you lost all of them at one time, that could really suck. So that's why it makes sense to be safe right to play it safe and to have each GMB its own standalone Google account, without a common manager connecting all of them that way, especially if their spam accounts. That's my point, guys. They're all legit businesses, I don't see why there's any reason why you would have to worry about having a manager attached to all locations, that doesn't seem to be a problem. But if they're against the terms of service type listings, PO boxes, UPS stores, you know, that kind of stuff or just, you know, nonexistent addresses, then if you have a manager account connected to all of them, that's going to make all of them susceptible to being suspended, which is why it would be better to have each one of them in their own standalone Google account with no manager connecting them together, so that if one gets suspended, it's isolated to that. Does that make sense? So that's what I would do is I would start going through that process of, I would buy some aged Gmail accounts, go through adding the user, add a user, once the users accepted the invitation, then you can change them as opposed to the primary owner and didn't go back in and remove. And in fact, you can do that through the new Gmail account. Once the private mary owner has been named in the new Gmail account, you can use that account to actually remove the managers and owners or previous owners. And that way now you've got it compartmentalized into one Gmail account.

Also, we do have a listing suspension lifting service. I don't know that that would help. But you could always try that. And, of course, it would help it's suspended in the special can be lifted, doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how it got suspended. As long as they haven't gone through the process of notifying Google of the suspended trying to get it lifted that way, then total, we can totally get it back for you. And anything else that happens to that manager account world where this other stuff is we can lift the suspension and guarantee it for six months. So that if anything happens to it, during that time say get suspended again, for whatever reason, as long as you don't notify anybody of the suspension we go in there and lift the suspension again. So you get it so it's peace of mind for for for six months until you find an alternate. That's why this service was developed along with the GMB verification because we know what's going on. And by the way, I have a bunch of stuff and manager accounts, but I kept myself like I don't I didn't have hundreds in one manager account. Yeah, I spoke here how I was doing it. I was dividing it up and I was never putting like, let's say 150 plumber GMB in one account, that's the tell that to tell I wanted to I wanted it to look like an agency managing several accounts across different niches. And so far so good, man. I'm gonna knock on wood.


Mohammed, yeah, the next Battle Plan. We're working on that. It's coming out soon. We can't give you time yet. Um, alright, so it looks like he clarified some of the questions about the drive stack with the location. She said to ask for just in case you need an address. Now you don't need one if it's not a local project and you don't need an address at all, just your top-level keyword, the brand name, that's how you start to build that association. And then you know, add your keyword list and the primary target URL that you want to push relevancy to, which would be your website, you don't need an address then. Okay.

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Does Splitting A Keyword With Multiple Words As Chain Of Anchor Texts Add SEO Value?

If time left is splitting a keyword with multiple words as a chain of anchors as each anchor text is one of the words so I got a little bit of a headache from that question. This putting a keyword with multiple words as a chain of anchors. As each anchor text is one of the words that will add SEO values or just for hiding backlink voting.

Adam: I don't understand the question. I'm sorry. One is the same as taking something like this tree service company and making one anchor text best one tree one service, one company or you know, no, I, I was just for hiding backlink building. I don't know why you would do that at all period, honestly. Yeah, I mean, I understand what you're saying now because Adam did a good job of explaining what it is that you're asking. I can't imagine why you would do that. Especially if it's all going to the same link. And in fact, that that actually devalues the link, doesn't it  Marco? When you have multiple links to the same target URL from the same page?

Marco: Yeah, Yeah, it does.

Bradley: So no, I don't know why you would even do that. Yeah, I don't know why you do that. I don't know who gave you that advice, but I don't think that's good advice, but I haven't tested any of it. So to be honest with you, I can't really tell. I don't know why you would do that though.

What Is Tunneling?

So last part is he says Vasquez, I'm assuming he's talking about Hernan mentioned in one of the videos, something about tunneling. Can he explain what he meant about that? What is for and how to use it and how. He must be talking about iframe, what we call iframe,

Hernan: I did that. Yeah, I did that or sleep strange. Remember when we were pushing each other one of the two. So yeah.

Marco: He's getting the Latinos confused. We all look alike.

Hernan: Yeah, man. Come on now. Get your Latinos. Right.

Adam: Yeah, we can get some clarification on that. Maybe we can help them out. We got a couple of minutes here.

Bradley: But yeah, I think I think as far as there was a similar question up here about how to iframes pass power. Right? Do iframes counters backlinks? What's really the advantage of making use of these iframes? It seems to me like it's a very similar question to what this one is about tunneling. So the answer would be if you want to learn about all the all that Marco was talking about go make a donation to this charity right here. And you'll get access to all the webinars that Marco have done for two years now about iframes and you know, pushing power into the entity and all that kind of stuff.


Is It Okay To Use MGYB Link Shortener For Client's Use?

Lastly, Mohammed says, Hey guys, there's still time. Would it be weird to use the MGYB link shortener for clients use? I guess I'm thinking it would be odd to have mgyb.co around their properties, but I want to use it. Yeah. Okay. That's, that's huge. In case you guys aren't aware, mgyb.co now has a link shortener available, which is super powerful because we've been building it for two years authority to and I'm not talking about Moz's domain authority metrics I'm just talking about we've been building authority to the mgyb domain over the last two years because of all the drive stacks that we build for customers, and all the link building campaigns and everything. Although the shortened URLs have been coming to MGYB. So we've pushed a lot of damn power into probably still logged in. Anyways, let me click on upgrade and there are different plans. If you go to mgyb.co/s, for shortener, you can sign up and then there's a free plan and then there are paid plans. And you just saw the dashboard. Right? So this is the dashboard and it's super, super powerful. I get what you're saying though Muhamed on it because I just actually did content marketing training for the two extra agency. Today, I just finished it today. And I was talking about that because one of the things that I do or my team does for my clients is we silo GMB posts right? But we don't use the long ugly and we use when we silo GMB posts. We link to the previous GMB posts within the same silo. We do a text-based link in the GMB post Text body not the call to action button. The call to action button is usually read for either linking directly to a blog post URL, just called a deep link right, or linking to any tier one entity asset. But the way that we daisy chain the GMB post together is to link to the previous GMB post URL within the same silo but we do that as a text link within the text body of the post the GMB post. But because the URLs are stupid, ugly, a lot like stupid long and ugly for GMB posts and GMB post text-only allows up to 1500 characters, we don't post that really stupid, ugly long URL in there, it would be ugly. So what we do is shorten it. And I was just talking about this in the 2xyouragency training today I was saying MGYB is a great shortener for that because it's super powerful. However, for clients, I'll be 100% honest with you guys, for clients, I use the Pretty Link Pro plugin on their domain, and I shortened the URLs that we use in the GMB post with their own branded domain. And I do that because it's prettier that way, and it makes sense. So its third domain in the text of the post body as opposed to mgyb, although, like I said, probably wouldn't care.

Hernan:  Real quick. Can you do like a double thing where you shorten the MGYB shortner?

Bradley: Sure, you know what I'm saying? Good. Yeah, you could not a bad idea because there's a lot of cool things you can do with MGYB shortened to like, you can add retargeting pixels into the link so that when somebody clicks the link, they get added to the retargeting list. So there's just a lot of really cool things you can do with here. So yeah, as Hernando said, that's something that is possible. You could do an MGYB short URL and then shorten that or pretty it up with a domain redirect. You know, like Pretty Links redirect that makes sense.

Marco: I have a few things because there's really no problem using a link shortener that nobody had a problem using goo.gl. Nobody has a problem using Bitly or anything else that's out there for clients or for whomever. I mean, it's common practice to use a shortener, and most websites don't have their own URL shortener. And so they go and use a third-party URL shortener, which is what you'd be doing in the first place, Muhammad. However, having said that, we do have the capability of creating your own custom shortener inside the MGYB shortner, Muhammad. So I would suggest that you contact [email protected], and ask about having your own domain inside. You'd receive the same power, but you'd have your own domain inside the short nuts fucking awesome, then, I know the stuff that we could I mean, we have to test it out. It's an idea that Rob and I just just threw back and forth in Slack while this was going on. I'm pretty sure that it can be done. And you know, we just have to see what the cost would be and if it's financially feasible for you, Muhammad and if it isn't, then just use the MGYB shortner. Nothing wrong with that. It's a shortener among a bunch of other shorteners that are out there in a shortened URL land.

Very well. Alright guys, five o'clock. We're wrapping it up. Thanks, everybody, for being here. guys next week. Thanks, guys. Bye, everyone. Yep,

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