Is There A Way To Separate Multiple Tumblr Accounts So They Don’t Immediately Get Banned?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 179 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if there is a way to separate multiple Tumblr accounts so they don't get immediately banned.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys. I have a question regarding web 2's. I recently bought 50 Tumblr accounts from a gig on Fiverr but they didn't come as separate accounts. There was a main account and several accounts under that which isn't really any good i don't think for linking to a money site to boost rankings. Is there a way to separate these accounts so they don't immediately get banned? I also read somewhere that you were able to log in to numerous Tumblr accounts to add content and personas using Browseo and didn't need any proxies, is this correct? Thanks guys keep up the good work. Adrian

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