Should You Rename A GMB Listing Named After Its Domain To A Proper Business Name?

By April


In the 245th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if should you rename a GMB listing named after its domain to a proper business name.

The exact question was:

I have a client, let's call him John Smith. He has recently launched a local coaching business and he is marketing it on his new website https://www.johnsmith,com. He asked me to do his SEO with press releases only. He also has created a GMB listing where he has named his business as “”””. So his NAP looks something like this: 123 Street Name City Name, AB 12345 Phone (123) 456-7890 My question is this: Will Google recognize his GMB business name,, when I am doing citations in the press releases? Or should I ask the client to rename the business to John Smith Coaching or something like that?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 245

By April

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Adam: Alright, we're live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangout, Episode 245. Today's the 17th of July 29. Then, we got several good announcements, the real quick and before we say hello to everyone just want to say, you know, if you're new to Semantic Mastery and you're watching the replay, you're checking us out live, you're in the right place, we're going to get into your questions and get those answered points in the right directions. get you what you need to know. If you ever want or need to be asking some questions, head over to https://semanticmastery com./HDquestions, and that'll take you to keep the URL the same. And just update the page so that you can always come back and ask questions ahead of time. So with that said, just go down the row here, Chris, how are you doing today?

Chris: Doing good, super excited, like super cool things coming up like POFU private event and stuff. So I can't hold it back.

Adam: Cool. Yeah. But if you haven't gotten your tickets, yet, now's a good time. any stage of planning, we're locking down the VIP event, in terms of what all it's going to entail. details to be released later, but you get your tickets at It's basically going to be a half-day or more event before, people who live so that on the 11th everyone gets to get together, it's got a VIP ticket, meet each other, hang out, get to know each other, have some fun, and then go into the event. Kind of with that already out of the way. So you're ready to hit the ground running so. Hernan How you doing?

Hernan: I'm doing awesome. also super excited for a POFU Live 2019. 2018 was really good. So they say, so yeah, I'm really excited for you to know, to get to meet you guys hang out with all of you guys. So just be there will be square.

Adam: Outstanding. Yeah, and we've already heard from somebody who's coming who lives in Denver, which is awesome. So we got a local coming in there. And if anyone else is around there and give a shout out, you know, we're going to be in the area can't guarantee anything, but look forward to meeting people and you know, enjoying the area as well. So, Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: I already have my speaking topic for POFU Live and write your own fucking book. Tell your own fucking story. And I'm going to go from there. I'm just gonna flow. So I'm looking forward to it. I'm also knee-deep into our new What do we call it VIP coaching. I'm really into it really did digging in and looking around and seeing where I can get a foothold and, and make some quick money. So I'm doing all kinds of stuff plus all the other stuff that we talked about yesterday that I can't really say, yeah, that's, that's coming down the line, but it'll be four years for RYS Academy. On August, right? getting released in August, I believe is August 29th of 2015. And so four years, four years, and it's still there, it's still going. And regardless of what anybody says, the shit works. And so there you go, we're still in it. We're still in the lab, we're still in the Facebook group. Right? So for something that doesn't work, we have all of these questions all the time, about how to make it even better. And I'm there answering questions. So there you go.

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Adam: That's true, man that yeah, that has been an active group for numbers of RYS always reloaded for Yeah, for years. So that was a good point. Good share with people that Yeah, there's a great community behind that. And just going strong.

Bradley: Marco, you're saying that after four years. And really, we started implementing it before we launched the product to make sure that it was working and repeatable and duplicatable. But you're saying after four years that it still works, and it's still providing results, just like we intended or did from four years ago? Is that what you're telling me?

Marco: Yeah, it's not as quick, of course, as it used to be because of the algorithm change. But if you give it the 21 days, the Google dance, it kicks in. And then it's unstoppable. It's that simple. You do it all the time. It's part of your foundation. It's part of my foundation. Everyone in RYS that's applying it's part of their foundation. They do nothing without a drive stack plus Gsite. Why? Because that's the SEO firewall. That that that's, you know, I'm thinking, John Goodman, right. That's your base, your Fortress of Solitude, right that nobody can touch you once you're there. And so that's what I think of when we're doing this. Oh, yeah. Not only four years, but May have of 2015. Right. When you did yours, your test, your crappy test, that's still ranking To this day, the ranking number one, I just, we were talking.

Bradley: And well, the reason why I was asking if it still worked was because, you know, for four years now we've been hearing Well, I'm afraid to use drive stacks, because what happens when Google closes that loophole, and it just shuts everything down? Well, for four fucking years, it's been working. So that looks like a missed opportunity for the last four years for everyone that had that we've heard that from, and we've heard that quite a few times. So anyway, I just thought it was funny. You're right, the algorithm is changed, it does still have an effect, but you know, it acts or reacts in a different manner. But it still works. And it is still absolutely foundational. The new business that I started, which Marco alluded to earlier, when he said that we're in a, we're an accountability group that started last Monday or excuse me, this Monday this week, for the new business that I'm in, which is real estate business. And all I've done is a drive stack, and I think five or maybe six press releases, and I'm ranked in the top three for my primary term for the state of Virginia. So again, if anybody says it doesn't work? Well, you know, keep thinking that that's fine. We'll keep using them. So

Marco: Yeah, I mean, less competition, because the guys in RYS Academy Reloaded love it when people say it doesn't work because it means fewer people come in more money for them. Right.

Adam: Very true. Very true. And Bradley, you alluded to it, but yeah, that's what you've been up to, right. Been working with a small group, from the mastermind on real estate stuff.

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Bradley: Yeah, it's been, it's cool. We just started on Monday. It's a very small group, I think we've got maybe besides members of, you know, my partners, so board members of Semantic Mastery and stuff there, I think we've got about seven or eight people in the group. But it's cool, because it's, it's a new business model where we can apply digital marketing and SEO techniques to that is, I think, completely untouched, honestly. And I think there's a ton of opportunity in it, I've been very fortunate to have great success in just the past three months since I started. And it's, in my opinion, way better than just a digital marketing business model. Because instead of making incremental growth in my revenue, like I have, for the last 10 years, as a digital marketer, I'm making exponential jumps in revenue right now from, you know, being able to find properties through digital marketing, as well as some traditional marketing, get them under contract for dirt cheap, and then turn around and sell them for it at a at a significant discount. But because of again, being able to apply digital marketing techniques to it, I'm able to get them sold rather quickly. So it's, it's really cool to get these great big paychecks. And I'm fortunate to have a few people that decided to join me within the mastermind to apply their digital marketing expertise to this new business model. And I can't wait to see the results that they're going to be able to achieve to during this next 10 weeks. So that's what's going on for us, as well as honestly, obviously, we continue to do what we do in the mastermind Marco and I just had a really good mastermind webinar last Thursday, again, we're after we talked about some other things for a little bit, we spent at least a good hour talking about silo structure, and some really important discoveries that Marco has made, that we kind of reinforced with, with my beautiful snag at diagrams and everything else through the last hour of the webinar, that I've already instructed my blogging vas to go back and start implementing the new silo methodology that Marco really revealed to us last week. And it's amazing to see what kind of results we're going to have come from that. So really cool stuff going on, as usual.

Adam: Outstanding. But before we get into the questions, just want to let everyone know, like I said, thanks for watching, for the first time here. Feel free, you can always ask questions beforehand. And we encourage that, especially if you're not able to make it live, whether you got a client call, you're out traveling, you got a job, whatever it is, you can ask those generally we have things ready to go by the next day. So you can come in, you know, a day or two after Hump Day Hangouts and ask your question, then come back and check out the replay on YouTube. And if you're watching on YouTube, go ahead and hit subscribe, if you want to share it with people, by all means, do that we're trying to grow our YouTube channel and love helping other people out. So if you come across some of our clips or things like that, feel free to share those and help us out and help someone else out. If you'd like to get easy and better repeatable results, and you're wondering where to start with us besides Hump Day Hangouts, grab the Battle Plan, just head over to if you're ready to grow or start your digital marketing business, or if you have your own business and you want to get better results online, then come join our experienced community at and head over there, find out a lot more about that hit us up if you got questions. But we're looking for more people, that would be a good fit for that, again, whether you're looking to grow your own agency or you got your own business and you're wanting to take things up a notch. But that is the next place you want to head to. And then, of course, save time and money for this store that wants to use the done for you services. And like we were talking about the RYS Reloaded. If you want to get that stuff done for you, you can go to MGYB. It's not just drives to action, get syndication networks, press releases, links, embeds all sorts of good stuff, so head over there for that stuff. With that said, Guys,

Marco: Before we go on, I just like to add that the perks are in the mastermind, the really good shit, but when we get deep into what works and why it works, and where we show people, how they can get extra power, how they can take advantage of what's going on with Google, because we stay on the cutting edge. We try to stay ahead of the algorithm and people say you are you can't do that. Well, yeah, yeah, you can. And and and you can plan ahead for Google is going to be if you know where Google's going, and meet them when they get there. And then start planning ahead for the next one. How many updates have we had in the last year since RYS Academy Reloaded, and RYS Academy was released, and we don't worry about Google updating shit, we don't give a shit. Because we're prepared at but this happens, guys in the mastermind. The perks are in there. And you have like-minded people that you can talk to in the Facebook group, it's active, you can post your questions a lot of people are going to chime in, you're going to get different opinions, of course. But we're going to come to a consensus of what works or we're going to tell you to try it out. Come back to us and let us know-how, how it works out. We'll help you along the way. Of course. That's what our mastermind webinars for. We have the Facebook group, they get access to all five of us. We're all in there answering questions. We're all active in there. That's where the magic happens. Right? So if you guys are really looking to take your business, whatever it is local, global, affiliate, e-commerce, it whatever it is real estate, it's real estate. Yeah, it's the mastermind, guys, that's where it happened.

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Bradley: By the way, before we get started, I've got a really bad thunderstorm had come in this way. And I can see the power flickering already. So if I get knocked offline, you guys are gonna have to handle it until I get back. Well, then, let's do this. Let's hop into the questions and you go, all right, let's do it. It's been like ridiculously hot here. And thunderstorms pop up pretty rapidly lately.

How Do You Let Google Crawl and Index Your Google Doc?

Bradley: So. Alright, so the first question came from Brett says, other than publishing to the web posting the link to your Google Doc page? How can you get Google to crawl and index your Google Doc? Okay. So you're talking about you're drive stack files, I'm sure. So public files from within a drive stack? Um, you know, I'm going to give you my answer. And then I know Marco is going to answer is, I don't really care if they index or not. If know what I mean, I really don't care if they index because that's not in my opinion. That's not the point. I'm not trying to rank the Google Drive files themselves or the folders it's nice if they do but I don't I'm not that's not my goal with them. My goal is to use it, as Marco says, our Fortress of Solitude, as John Goodman say, right, that's the our SEO firewall, it's to do all the external stuff that we're going to do to, you know, SEO stuff to the actual drive stack, which then launderers it and passes it safely off to our whatever asset it is, we're trying to push, typically a money site. So I don't really care if it indexes. But one of the things that you can do is, uh, you know, if you've got a valid Twitter account, this is something that we did originally a long time ago, I'm sure it still works, although I don't use Twitter would be to tweet the link out because you'll see bots come crawl it. In fact, if you're actually looking at the dock, where you can see those like anonymous icons in the top right corner that show that somebody's viewing your doc, when you tweet it out, if it's on a valid Twitter account, you'll see the box come crawl it, and it'll light up like a Christmas tree with a bunch of those icons that will show up as like anonymous users or whatever. And I think a lot of that's bots, I don't know if that's really valid, like real traffic, or if it's the bots, but something else you could do is send traffic to it. Right? If you send traffic to a link right now, Google's algorithm is highly dependent upon activity, relevancy, trust and authority or ART, as Marco calls it. And activity is the first part of that. So if you can send traffic to that link, a number of ways that you can do that, right, you can set up a YouTube ad and just send some traffic to it that way, there's a number of things that you could do to get real valid clicks to that link. And that can also help it to index. Marco would say you?

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Marco: we Dadea., hire an indexing gig, and he'll take care of you.

Bradley: Short and sweet. Love it.

How Much Should You Charge For Running An Adwords Campaign Of A Crossfit Company?

Okay, next one is any suggestions on how much to charge or this is a good one, how much to charge at CrossFit company to manage an AdWords campaign for them? I was in your mastermind when you use CrossFit for a case study and have a local gym, CrossFit gym owner interested in finding out more about doing this for him? Is there a minimum ad spend, you would suggest as well as the minimum amount you would charge him to manage his PPC, I was looking at charging him $500 a month as a minimum to make it worth my time. Okay, I'm going to give you a couple different sides to this answer because most CrossFit gyms aren't going to have much money for marketing, at least what I found unless they're already very successful, and they've got you to know, a fairly good user, you know, membership level, right. But the CrossFit gym that I actually became a part equity owner of a saga became a 35% owner. In part, he offered me that ownership for two reasons, one to help coach people number two, so that I could do the marketing for him as a principal in the business as opposed to like him hiring me because he did not have a marketing budget. So in all reality, I was doing the marketing, on sweat equity. In other words, I was doing the work managing the PPC campaigns, the SEO and everything for free because I was a principal in the business hoping that it would grow to a point to where I can start extracting money from the business. But it really never got profitable in this little town that I'm in. We were never able to grow it consistently enough to where it was profitable consistently. And so eventually, I said, I'm not going to continue to put time into this business. So I gave up my ownership. And I also quit that gym, because he was pissed off when I decided that it wasn't worth my time anymore. I had to invest my time in the stuff that was going to generate revenue. And that wasn't doing it. It was a passion project for me for about nine months. But I had to let it go. So that said $500 a month would ….

Adam: All right, well, let's fill some air time here, guys. Well, Bradley gets online. I didn't have anything spooled up that I wanted to talk about. And I know where Bradley's going with this, but I don't want to steal his thunder. Do you guys want to hop into it? Or you guys got something you want to go over? Well, not his what why don't we go to the next one. And then when he comes in, he can pick up where he left off. And let me scroll up here if you've already got it. Go ahead, Marco.

Should You Rename A GMB Listing Named After Its Domain To A Proper Business Name?

Marco: Well, the next one is amor, I'm here. He says he has a client Let's call him john smith. He's recently launched local coaching business. And he's marketing it on his new website. john smith. com. Yes, we to do is SEO with press releases. Press Releases only. He also has created GMB listing where he has named his business as So as NAP looks something like john 123 mo, nap whatever. My question is, is, well, Google recognizes GMB business name when I am doing citations and press releases, or should I ask the client to rename the business to John Smith Coaching Or something like that? If you guys want to take a stab, I mean, I have my answer for this. Would you guys like to take a stab at this?

Adam: No, my only one. I'm gonna I'm curious what you have to say here. I think the follow on question. I'm kind of curious why he only wants to do press releases only for SEO? And then why not? But Marco wants to go ahead with your response with NAP stuff.

Marco: Yeah, first of all, you get your client shouldn't dictate how you do you, the shit you do, you do the way that you do, you can't allow your client, everyone hiring you as an expert. And in telling you what to do. If you go to the doctor, you need an operation, you're going to be under sedation, you can't ask the doctor, alright me off sedation so I can tell you what the fuck to do. Know, you tell the guy this is what you need to do. Now as far as this brand new get john smith is? Or is perfectly fine. As long as it's consistent throughout the web, that's going to be your entity, right john smith. Now, what you can do is you can relate the entity to coaching, how do we start that? Well, we do a branded drive stack, where we take it and we associate the brand, with all the keywords associated with the brand, right. And coaching, of course, would be the, what I call the market level of the top market level keyword. That is after, if you do a good job with your schema, of course, on-site siloing. And everything else that you're supposed to do according to the Battle Plan, the body is going to know exactly what this is about. This is about john smith, who is a coach. Now, here's where it gets tricky. What kind of coach because it's, it's what kind of coach that can create an ambiguity. Because there are all sorts of coaches, just like coaches, there's personal training coach, all kinds of coaching. So the one thing that you do have to be careful about is, is when you start talking about the coaching to the bot, which you do that with schema, you have to make sure that it's not ambiguous that the but cannot interpret it another way. Because when you do that, when you ambiguous, it's gonna it's going to cost you or it's going to take you 10 times the effort to get everything back the way it was. And oh the way it should be, then if you do it correctly, the first time, it's perfectly fine. But again, never ever let your client dictate how you do your job. You're not telling him how to be a coach. Why is he telling you how to be an SEO? Be that would be my answer to that anybody else got more?

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Adam: I know I do. Yeah. And the only thing I could think of would be the switch was that maybe he offered him press release services and so he misspoke in which case? Yeah, I guess a merger. Yeah, just that's kind of interesting. If you're here live, you know, let us know a little bit more and maybe we can get to that if we have time. But Bradley, you back with us. I hear me. Yep.

Bradley: All right. I'm trying to do this from my phone because of my powers out now.

Adam: Gotcha. Um, yeah, you're covering? Okay, you're a little scratchy. But I think that might just be if you're moving around. But yeah, we went heaven kind of stopped where you left off, we jump to the next question. So if you want to go back and finish talking about the CrossFit, you cut off when you were talking about I think you're about to say something about 500 a month. I don't know if that was going to be you know, too much too little what you were going to say? Okay,

Bradley: Yeah. So what I was talking about was when, you know, I was doing everything basically for free because I was a principal in the business. As far as if I'm going to manage an AdWords campaign for somebody, I wouldn't do it for any less than 500. If he has enough budget, hold on a minute, guys. I gotta shut this one. Alright, sorry about that and trying to do this from my phone. If he has enough budget to be able to cover the management fee and still provide you with a… Did you guys lose me?

Bradley: Okay, sorry about that. If he has enough money to provide you with a management fee and have enough, you know, money for ad spend, then absolutely, I would do it for $500 a month to start with. But again, I don't know many CrossFit gyms at least if you're in a major metropolitan area. There's a lot of members and stuff like that. It may very well be but the ones that I've run into are typically struggling so they're not going to have a lot of money and

….. HDHO cut off short due to power outage

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How To Keep The Domain Authority (DA) Of Previous Citations Without Confusing Google With Different NAP Data Of A New Citation?

By April

In episode 237 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to keep the domain authority (DA) of previous citations without confusing Google with different NAP data of a new citation.

The exact question was:

Hi guys thanks for your time. If I register a domain and when I go to do the citations see that it already has citations from the previous owner. What is quickest way to keep the DA and build new citations without confusing google with different NAP data?

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Does Using Call Rail Phone Tracking For A Client’s GMB Account Create Problems With NAP Consistency?

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In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 215, one viewer asked whether using Call Rail phone tracking for a client's GMB account creates a problem with NAP consistency.

The exact question was:

How do you use Call Rail phone tracking for a client's GMB account or on other properties, because won't that create a NAP consistency problem? I need to track results for this client especially on GMB listing, so how do I do that? thanks!

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 188

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 188 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: 188. Oh, and we're live while I'm sitting here mumbling.

All right, welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is the episode where I forget where I'm at, but actually it's Episode 188. I'm glad everybody's here. Let's go down the … Run through real quick and say hi to everybody.

Chris, how you doing today?

Chris: Doing good, glad to be here.

Adam: Good deal. Hernan, how you doing?

Hernan: I'm doing really well actually. I'm super excited for what's coming, looking forward, too, for the announcements for today, but it's going to be super fun.

Adam: Yes, yes. All right, Marco, how about yourself, how are you doing, man?

Marco: Today's secret words are Youtube views, and Google My Business Auto Poster.

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Adam: It's almost like it's a clue to something, hmm. We'll circle back around to that.

Bradley, how you doing, man?

Bradley: What's up, man? I'm happy to be here. We've got only a handful of questions on today so I guess we'll spend extra time answering them, unless you guys want to post more questions so it's a [crosstalk 00:01:02].

Adam: Good deal. I was about to say, yeah, it's like, we can have one more where we get to dive in more. The last few have been right up to the limit so we're going to do some quick announcements, everybody, but first off if you're new to Semantic Mastery, first of all, thanks for watching. If you're watching this live, that's awesome. If you're catching the replay, that's cool, too. If you're not sure where to go or what the next step is, we generally advise people to go to, it's a great place to get started and then just keep coming to these Hump Day Hangouts, show up, ask questions.

If you can't attend them live, you can always ask questions early. Come check out the replay, put it to use and that's what we've got a lot of really good feedback over the past several years that we've been doing this. People just consistently coming and asking questions and it's SEO, digital marketing, anything to do with your business, it's fair game and if we don't have the answer for you, we'll certainly point you in the right direction.

What Hernan was hinting at, I think we'll start there. We wanted to let you guys know that Semantic Mastery is going to be having a small gathering. We're going to be having our first live event in October of this year in the Washington, DC area. That's the factual stuff. We're going to have more details to come but, one, it's going to be awesome and then, two, we want to let people who listen and subscribe to us to have the first chance to know about this.

This Stuff Works
Like I said, we're going to have a lot more details coming out with some of the secret guest speakers, what we're going to be covering ourselves and what people can expect to get out of it, but I don't know, that's my spiel for it. I'm excited. I think it's going to be pretty awesome.

Hernan: Yeah, I think so, too, and I'm really looking forward to it because the experiences that we have had at live events have been amazing. Meeting, getting to know new people and getting to know a lot of Mastermind members that we have come together in live events. We have been thinking of doing this for quite a while and now, we have decided to go ahead and do it.

I think that we're going to have some more information for you guys soon in terms of the actual speakers, as Adam was saying. We're still finding the venue and a bunch of other things, but initially, if you want to get a really, really super specific, super special early bird discount, go ahead and contact [email protected]. Just put on the subject, put “Live Event.” The Live Event has a name already, I don't know if I can disclose it.

Bradley: Yeah, can we say.

Adam: Yeah, let's do it.

Hernan: Okay, so Bradley, you want to say it?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: I'll let Marco do it. It's his, it's him. Let him do it. It's his favorite.

Marco: It's PoFu, man, what else could it be?

Bradley: PoFu Live.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, the event name is PoFu Live 2018. If you want to attend, just write to [email protected] with the subject “PoFu Live 2018” and we give you something really, really special so there's going to be a lot of more information coming it.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. It's going to be October. The main days are October 20, 21st, but the reason we're bringing this up now, one, we want to let everyone know about it. We know it takes some planning to attend these events, but we mean it. If you take advantage of this, like this week that we're announcing it, we're going to give you a special, very, very, truly special never seen again discount, if you're willing to grab it and go so looking forward to that. It's going to be a small group, we're capping this …

Bradley: It's only going to be 25 slots.

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Adam: No, yeah, so we're capping it at 25. I think live event, in my mind, that I may be the only one so maybe that's my bias, but I think lots of laser shows and big stuff and huge crowds. It's more, almost like a Mastermind type of get together. It's 25 people. It's enough people there. You're going to have a lot of viewpoints. We're going to have seven or eight speakers and there's enough though, you can break down into small groups and you can still stay in touch with everyone and do a lot of networking and get a lot of good idea generation going.

Bradley: Yeah, and it's not going to be super expensive either, guys, 'cause this is our first live event, so we're going to keep it smaller. It'd be a ton of content and also the networking is really where the true value comes from anyways, but we're going to keep it small and affordable, 'cause we want to … We kind of want to test this for ourselves for the first time as well and we're going to have some VIP stuff for potentially, a VIP upgrade which will be really cool.

I went to an event last year, the SEO Rock Stars event that was really good and went to a … I guess they host like a VIP event the day before the actual training and normal meet up days. It was fabulous and it was really good just to network with those other people that also upgraded to the VIP tickets and talk and just develop those business relationships. That's really where the true value comes from these type of events, so we hope that some of you will come join us.

Adam: Definitely, good deal.

A couple other quick announcements on the tails of that, that's the big one. Check it out. If you're interested, please send us a support ticket. We're pumped to have people. We've met a few people at small gatherings we've done. The last one in Portland and it's just amazing to meet people, to be able to help out and then just that idea generation that you just don't get unless you're in person.

Anyways, July 4th, we're going to have some cool specials. We're working on an awesome bundle for people. We'll be coming out with that. It's going to put together some of our best training, some of our … I can't even say enough to like, ah. Anyways, stay tuned, it's going to be really good. Then we're working on the Done For You services. We got some additional Done For You services coming out around …

Have we already said what it's based around? I don't want to give away too much here.

Bradley: The GMB Pro Training.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, we got some stuff coming out with that. We're working on that, you guys, and as soon as we have a date, we'll be sharing that information. If you haven't yet, check out Local GMB Pro, this is already changing how a lot of people are offering some services to their clients and it's … Bradley, I'll let you … I see you nodding your head, so you know what I'm talking about.

Bradley: Yeah, we just had a post in the Facebook group. I don't know if it was this morning or maybe last night but somebody was like, “I just started applying this method to one of my …” I don't know if it's a Lead Gen or a client guy or it's a client of theirs or what but he was like, “You can call me,” and said, “Son, you're going to have to slow these calls down.” That's a really good problem to have, man. When you get called by your clients that you serve and they're saying, “Hey, you're going to have to slow this shit down, I can't handle the calls,” that's a good problem to have.

Adam: Definitely.

Chris: That's like, it's actually like one of the most common complaints that are quite recurring on Local GMB Pro members.

Bradley: Yeah.

Chris: Too many calls.

Adam: Which we're not making this up, you guys. Seriously, this sounds like one of those like, “Well, my client just pissed off too many calls…” Legitimately, people are like, “Yeah, we need to figure out, can you help me with … We need to hire someone to deal with calls.” It's crazy, we've actually had people saying that, so …

Bradley: That's crazy.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Yeah, no BS.

Marco: I'm glad that there's actually people backing up what I've been saying about the attorney that I've been doing … in New York, where she has had to hire two people to take the phone calls and a third one part-time. I mean that's the volume of calls that she's getting. She actually told me, “Look, we need to find a way to cut this down. We need …” I said, “No, hire more people.” You don't slow the calls down, you hire more people and make more money.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Yup, awesome, which I don't know … This is good. This wasn't a question but, man, if that's a service you can offer on top of this. The people who are doing this and using the Local GMB Pro methods, if you've got the processes in place or not, and you should, to help somebody grow their business like that, hey, I can show you how to deal with these calls. I can provide the Done For You service to deal with these calls. I can do a script.

There are so many additional things you can do and it's not just upselling. It's providing a lot of value to your clients and they may actually be worried, like, “God, what do I do?” Marco was saying, “How do I deal with … How do I lower calls?” No, don't do that. Here's how you deal with all these calls and turn it into more revenue for your business.

Marco: That's right, you have to …

Adam: Lots of opportunities.

Marco: You act as a business consultant and not just a marketing person.

Adam: Yeah, and then talk about a trusted adviser role, I mean that's golden.

Marco: Yeah.

Adam: In so many ways and not just to get … It's not all about the money. It's easier to work with clients, anyways, win-win.

All right, before we jump into … Any more announcements from anybody or are we ready to get rolling?

Marco: No, just a couple, just a couple. We can get Real Youtube views to your videos. That will be rolling out very shortly, as soon as we have ordering ready, the ordering platform and the different tiers, the different number of views that they can order. We have that ready and the GMB Pro, the Auto posting service, that's ready to go, but that's going to be rolled … It's likely that both services will be rolled out to our Mastermind members and the Local GMB Pro members first.

We'll offer them special pricing just because we always take care of our membership. We always say, “Membership has its privileges,” and we like to show our members love by just giving them, just special ways to order to lower their cost so that they can pass it on to their clients or, again, as I was saying, just make more money, just figure out ways that you can make more money with all of the ways that we find to give you things at a lower cost.

Those two are coming. Guys, be on the lookout. If you're already in Local GMB Pro or in our Mastermind, then you will be contacted first. If you're not in those groups, I'm still wondering, why the fuck you're not in. I'll leave it at that.

Bradley: All right, that's good.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Well said.

Bradley: Sorry, guys, I was peeking at my email while I was waiting. Are we good on … Can we go ahead and get in questions?

Adam: Yeah, let's do this.

Marco: Yup.

Bradley: Yeah, guys, it's funny, 'cause I just started testing our new Youtube Views platform today actually. I haven't had time 'cause I've been dealing with developing content and so I'm actually anxious to see how good it's doing. We've got a lot of the beta testers that are coming back with just crazy results for the Youtube stuff, too, which is great because it just makes it so much easier.

I mean I've been using Youtube ads to drive traffic to … for local videos, to help local videos rank for, well, probably over a year now, but this makes it easier because it's just a real quick easy interface to go in and set up the campaign. It just makes it super simple and it's a lot less time than it takes to set up a Youtube ad. I'm anxious to see how well this works and, again, we've got a lot of people that have already been talking about how good it's been working for them so I'm super excited to see how well that works.

First question up, David Kennedy. He says, “I received an email for a Facebook Group for webinar Local GMB Pro but when I clicked the link to join for the webinar, the error I get says, ‘Content not available.'”

Okay, David, first of all, for these types of stuff, just use support, please. That's what support is for, [email protected] Again, [email protected], just submit a support ticket. We'll make sure we get you sorted.

Next, the webinar's not going to be … The link for the webinar's not available yet. We don't give that out until like right before the webinar and there's a reason for that, but again, just contact support. We'll get you set up, okay.

How Do You Make Use Of A Driving Directions Map For SEO?

Mike is next. He says, “How do you actually use Driving Directions Map for SEO?” There are ways to … It's just to add local relevancy, right. I mean think about it. If typically for a point of sale business, which is a storefront business, a business where customers come to the business location, then it would make sense if you were trying to rank in the local maps back to three pack four like very close in proximity areas or locations. Like adjacent towns, for example, then let's say you're the only … You have a business that's the only business in three or four towns, in surrounding towns.

Even if it's not the only business, if you want to try to get your listing, your maps listing to rank when somebody's searching for like an adjacent town, so whatever your keyword, service keyword is plus the location modifier and it's an adjacent town. One of the ways that you can try to get ranked in there is to have, add that local relevancy from that area to the location where you're physically located. In that case, the driving directions map would be good to create posts or pages on the site or just content that talks about the area that you want to rank in with a driving direction from there to your store location, right.

Because, again, it's just about, it's Google code. Google's going to come read the page and it's going to see driving directions map. It's going to see content on the page about that particular location, right, the location that you'd like to rank in and then it's going to see a driving directions map from that location to your business address, right. There's a reason, it's just a way to feed additional relevancy into Google is to like … Location relevancy, excuse me.

Now the opposite would be for service area businesses, right. For service area businesses, you'd go from the bus- Like the business goes to the customer location and that's typically how most of my projects are set up because I deal with contractors primarily. On those, even if you have the physical location hidden, you would still just go grab the city center and do driving directions from the city center where the business is physically located. The driving direction would be from that location to the customer locations which would be just city centers of the locations that you'd like to rank in.

That's pretty much the easy over level or, excuse me, high-level overview of how you can use it. Now, there's a lot more that can be done than just that, but we can't certainly get into all of that and here on Hump Day Hangouts but that's a good question. Again, for driving directions, driving directions are really just a great way to add additional location relevancy to pages and/or posts, okay.

This Stuff Works
Marco: It's something that we get into … and I did a webinar, a separate webinar just to show people how to take advantage of driving directions and that's in RYS Reloaded. It's one of the webinars where we cover this on how to use it for SEO.

Bradley: Yeah.

How Do You Choose Between Simple And Complex Silo Structure?

Okay, Sam Bailey's up. He says, “In a video, you once said that simple silo structure would be sufficient for most sites. What determines whether you opt for simple silo structure versus complex? Thanks as always.”

Hey, Sam, how are you doing? By the way, we met Sam in Portland. He said … As far as simple silo structure, I always recommend using that, if possible, because complex silo structure, I mean just as the name implies, it can be very complex. If you're using just the virtual silo method as opposed to a visible silo method, which means you're leaving your permalink structure to just post name inside of WordPress instead of category/post name then you can get away with using complex silo structure without it is quite as difficult to reconcile like some funky URL things that happen with complex silos.

However, again, for most local sites that I deal with because of I … If you guys are aware, I typically do very hyperlocal sites, like on subdomains to where that site, the whole site is optimized for pretty much one city, right, one area. Then if I want to expand into another area or if the contractor covers another area then we build another location base site for that additional area or each additional area, if that makes sense. We don't have to really worry about having a complex silo structure.

A complex silo structure would be the type of site that I would build if I was building a site that covers a large geographic area or if it covered a … and guys, I'm speaking in local business terms, right. A complex silo would … I would apply a complex silo to a website if it covered a large service area or if it had a lot of different products and/or services, right, or a combination of both, okay.

For most sites, because like I said, I try to keep them hyper-local, focused on for just one particular area, there's no need for that. I recommend doing a simple sized structure, just 'cause it's easier to build. There's less stuff. There's less internal linking that needs to be done. You can still, again, for a lot of local sites, you don't need that kind of stuff. You don't need a site to be that complicated, okay.

Now, again, there are times where that's going to be necessary and some clients don't want a bunch of separate maps listings and subdomain sites and things like that or maybe the site's already been built out and they've got different locations but they're based on pages and things like that. Those are times that maybe a complex silo would be better.

Again, I just recommend, if you can get away with just using simple silo, do that, because it's easier to set up, it's easier to maintain, it's easier to understand. Complex silo structure, though, if it's necessary, then you absolutely can use that. I'm not saying don't do it. I'm just saying, just keep in mind that it does require a bit more planning to properly design the site, okay, and like stacking keywords and creating your silos with the hierarchies. Remember, with the complex silo structure, you've got top-level categories and then sub-categories and then posts.

You're going three levels deep within a silo and a top-level silo and in subcategories, you can add as many sub categories as you want so that's what you call width to a silo, right. Depth would be adding additional content and any particular subcategory, so continuing to boost, add relevant content in any one category or subcategory, that's what you would call adding depth to the site. Adding width would be adding additional silos or additional sub-categories in one silo.

Anyways, again, that's why I said it can … As you can tell, even the explanation can become complicated so go back through, Sam, and look at the two videos that I did several years ago. I recorded several videos about simple silo structure and complex silo structure. You can find them on our Youtube channel and then just determine what you think is going to be best for your specific situation based upon what you learn from those videos, okay.

How Do You Correct NAP/Citation On A Local WordPress Website If You Have A GMB Listing?

Next, Peter from Poland. He says, “What is the best way to have the correct NAP citation on a local WordPress website and all other sites if I had a GMB listing?”

If you have the GMB listing, just … He says, “Do I just copy and paste the text directly from the GMB listing exactly and paste it in my WordPress site?” Okay, Peter from Poland, if you're doing stuff in the US, then I recommend going to the, which is the United States Postal and go over here to look up a ZIP code and then you go find by address or cities … Yeah, I think it's found by address and then you put in the actual address of your, the GMB listing. Just copy it, street address, paste it in, city, state, ZIP code, postal code, paste it in and then click Find.

This Stuff Works
What happens is it's going to show you the standardized formatting, the correct formatting based upon the USPS standardization, address standardization, right. That should be the way that you should have it listed in Google My Business. At least, that's the way I do it, guys. I'm sure there's going to be some other people out there that say they do it differently, but that's how I've always done it. I learned this trick many years ago, I think from Ivan Budameer and I've been doing it this way ever since, okay.

A lot of times, even if I take over a client like if I've got a client that had an existing GMB, but they had displayed incorrectly or they post … They added their … They didn't have the correct standardized address format, I'll go in and update it in Google My Business. Then I'll even do, sometimes … It's not sometimes … I'll do a citation clean up a campaign to go have all the existing citations on the web updated to the correct standardized format. It's only because that's the way that the addresses are supposed to be listed.

I would recommend, first making sure you have the standardized address format, then I would go in and update the GMB. If it's not correct, I would update it in GMB and then I would … Your Google My Business Profile and then I would go and start a post, using that exact same format for all of your citations. If you have existing citations that are incorrect, I would recommend that you update those before building new citations. That's always the better thing to do, instead of diluting bad data, fix the bad data, right.

Then as far as your website, really, the only thing you need to do on your website if it's a service area business where the … and I just talked about this … where the business goes to the customers, there's really no reason for you to display the address on your website. You can still post it using structured data, right, so that would be going to the HTML header of the site, if you're using JSON-LD, structured data mark up and we've got a structured data generator in Serve Space if you want to use that to generate the code that goes in the HTML header.

If you do have a point of sale business or a storefront then you could take … You could still add the JSON-LD, local business markup which I highly recommend that you do, regardless of what type of business you have. Then you could also just use a little footer widget or sidebar widget where it lists your name, address, and phone number as well. Right there, that can just be flat out plain text, it doesn't have to be formatted any particular way, because all the correct …

The location relevancy is in the JSON-LD and the header of the site. Google's going to come read that via the code and it will be fine. It doesn't need to be displayed on your site unless, like I said, you have a storefront and you want your customers to be able to see it. In which case, you just put it in the sidebar, the widget, or on the contact page or whatever. Also, I would recommend that you would then also take your map, your GMB map and get the embed code for that and embed that into your sidebar or footer of your website as well, so you have your actual GMB map embedded on your site, too. Okay?

Good question, though.

How Important Is Data Consistency In Terms Of Ranking To Google Maps?

Any tips about not having to correct NAP or no NAP on a website can have an effect?

Yeah, if it's incorrect. Incorrect data will kill maps ranking, guys. Inconsistent data, right. Actually, if it's incorrect, but it's consistently incorrect everywhere, you'll rank better than just having … than having correct but inconsistent data. Does that make sense?

Let me repeat that. If you have incorrect data but it's consistently incorrect everywhere it's published on the web, you'll rank better in maps than if you have correct data but it's inconsistent on the web. Figure that on out, but it's true. Again, data consistency is absolutely paramount to ranking in maps. Okay.

Is there a plugin that helps? I wouldn't recommend any. I just add the JSON-LD code manually to your header. You can do that via WordPress. You can do, use plugins to inject it in your site header. You can edit the theme file in that, add it there. You can also use Google Tag Manager, which is my preferred method and there's training for Google Tag Manager if you go to Julian has some free Google Tag Manager training on his site there. It's really, really good. It's the same training I went through to learn how to use Google Tag Manager. That's

Any comments on that, guys?

Marco: Nope, that was perfect.

Bradley: All right.

Why Is It Important To Optimize Images If One Can't See The Result?

Ivan Lech. What's up, buddy? He says, “Hey, guys, question about photos. I optimize an image with title tags, subscription geo tag on my computer and saved it, then added it to my GMB photo album. When I looked at the details of the picture, my GMB dashboard, I don't see optimization that I put in my image. All I see is the size of the image, so I go to search Google for my map listing, go to photos, and click that optimized image, there are no details. My question is why is important to take the time to optimize images if I can't see the results? Thanks.”

It's a good question, Ivan.

This Stuff Works
Now I know for the longest time, I've always been told that when you optimize the images and add metadata and you upload them, Google reads that data. They may strip it out before it's published in their index, but they read that data as it was being uploaded, right. That's where, that's why it makes a difference and I've tested this in the past, both with images but more so with MP4, with video files, when uploading to Youtube.

I take this … and I mean I've literally set up tests for this and where I've take … ‘Cause you can, by the way, you can optimize an MP4 video, guys, the metadata, just like you can an image. You can add geo data and comments and copyright URLs and things like that, NAP data and all that stuff. You can add metadata to an MP4, right. I've taken the same video, basically, the same file and optimized for the same term and used two different channels that were both brand new and have one … and I've done this on more than one occasion. It's been a few years since I've tested this but when I did test it, it absolutely made a difference.

You optimize one of the MP4 files with the metadata, excuse me, optimize the metadata and then the other I just left blank, no optimization, uploaded those two and guess which one outranked every time? It was always the one that had the optimized metadata. Again, it's been years since I've conducted that specific test, probably, shit, four years now at least, but I've always assumed that that's still the case.

Now, Marco, you could probably shed some light into this, right?

Marco: Yeah, it's one of the things that we'll be covering on Monday's webinar and Ivan is in Local GMB Pro.

Bradley: Perfect.

Marco: I just let him in the group today, I think it was and so anything regarding this images, how to manipulate them, why, we'll cover that on the webinar very thoroughly. See you on Monday, Ivan. We'll answer you then.

Bradley: That's awesome. I mean it's a great question, Ivan, but there is a reason for optimizing the images, guys, with the metadata. Because even if it's stripped out, like for example, with my MP4 example that I was just talking about, you upload it to Youtube but then you don't see that metadata anywhere else, right. I mean it's not like you can go view page source and then see the data that you added to the file before you upload it to Youtube.

However, like I said, several years ago, when I did this test on multiple occasions, every time, it outranked the video that wasn't optimized with the metadata, all things being equal, right? It's difficult to get all things to be equal but I tried to keep it as equal as possible, other than the metadata and every single time, it outranked. Okay.

There's also, like a lot of the other things … and I know that I'm talking about videos now but like something else I haven't tested in years that used to work like crazy and Hernan was telling me about a little hack he saw the other day with Youtube, about being able to upload the transcriptions or for the captions and such. What was the hack you were telling me about the other day?

Hernan: You know that you have those captions, that are automatically generated by Youtube, right, that they are automatically … so that's why it's advisable to actually spell out your keyword a couple of times because Youtube will automatically detect the speech, right. It will have speech recognition so it will go and then create captions, like subtitles out of that. That's one thing and that's automatically created by Youtube, but here's the thing, we are, every week, we're transcribing the episodes from the Hangouts.

Every week, if you go through our website, you will see the transcriptions and that's how we add, we also add timestamps to all of the videos, so they really optimize it. Now, here's the thing, if you upload a video and you're transcribing it, like using something like, for example, you can upload that chunk of text, that transcription into Youtube, in the caption section, and there's an option that says, I think it's “Paste and Sync,” or something like that. What it would do is that you paste those … I don't know … 10,000, 12,000, 9,000 words and Youtube automatically will sync that text-

Bradley: That's crazy.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: To, yeah, to the audio that's happening. At the end of the day, you're adding captions without having to add captions but they're not the automatically generated captions on Youtube. Does that make sense? They have more SEO value because they're generated by the user, but, yeah, it's crazy. It will automatically sync all of that chuck of text that you're adding with paragraphs and everything, it will automatically sync to the audio that's on the video so you have subtitles. That's what I'm saying.

Bradley: That's awesome.

Hernan: Yeah, Google can read the keywords and whatnot so that adds a lot of more weight and we're doing that on every video from now on. Every time the Hangout …

Bradley: Yeah and see that … Years ago, that was one of the things around the same time I was doing a lot of the metadata testing, that was something I tested a lot, too, was at the time, there was no ability to auto sync … That didn't exist, that technology at that time, but there was the ability to upload captions files.

I would spam that, like in other words, I would just add keywords and like calls to action and stuff like that as caption files …

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: Then upload it and that absolutely helped rank the videos, too.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: It was like one of those tricks up the sleeves that we would do. yeah, the fact that if you transcribe a video anyways or even like what we do and then you can add that as an actual transcribed caption file and it auto syncs, that's got to be much more valuable …

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Than letting the auto-captions.

Hernan: Yeah, the auto-captions, and then if you think about the auto-captions are not always correct.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: The transcription is like … I would say if the caption are like … They're really good, like they're good. They will be 75% correct. The transcription would be 95% correct, because also the people on or whatever service you're using, they will make mistakes even for … With technical language and whatnot, but it will be like way …

Bradley: Way better.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: It will be, yeah, way better. Like way more accurate and then you can still add a lot of key words, because, again, we keep on saying that if you actually spell out and if you're actually saying the key word on your video, it will increase the ranking power that video has for that specific key word.

Bradley: Yup, very cool.

What Is The Easy Way To See If Your Site Is Gaining Proper Traffic?

Nigel's up. What's up, Nigel? He says, “Good day, gents, can you review how to properly check to see if you are gaining proper traffic? I've heard numerous ways of ranking factors … Numerous ways and ranking factors,” excuse me, “But can you talk through quick and easy check so I don't waste time going down a rabbit hole? Thanks.”

See, to check to see if you're gaining proper traffic, the only thing I would say there would be like analytics. Check Google Insights, call volume, those are like … I mean and web form submits, if that's what you're doing, right. If it's contact forms and things like that. Those would be indications that you're properly gaining traffic or gaining proper traffic, I should say. If you're getting traffic that's converting into leads and/or sales, whatever your conversion goals are, then I would say, that's how you know that you're gaining proper traffic.

As far as how can you get better search results, there are shit ton of ranking factors so you've got to pick your poison. We always try to focus on what's going to move the needle the most with the least amount of effort, right. I mean, 'cause there … I mean, for example, there's CORA. CORA's a great software by Ted Kubaitis, Kubaitis … I can't … I'm sorry if I'm screwing up his last name. Smart guy, dude's super sharp and he built this software called CORA that does like it will search, it will scan all top 100 results in Google and document everything about the websites into this great, this one Excel spreadsheet that's got like a 100 websites worth of data.

Like great, like there's … I don't know. What is it? 350 data points or something that it … or is it more? It's probably like 500 data points now that this … He pools back on the top 100 sites. It's crazy. It's this massive amount of data but what it does is it gives you the ability … The law of corre … It uses correlations to determine how all those top 100 sites are, what all their ranking factors are and, again, it's something silly like 500 data points.

Think about if you had to go in and tune all that, but because that could be overwhelming, he specifically programmed into the CORA reports, the things that have the biggest correlation, the biggest … The most common correlating factors for that particular search phrase. It basically highlights the things that are the most important or that seem to have the most significant impact on ranking for that particular search term.

Those would be the things that you would start with first, right, 'cause those have the greatest chance of moving the needle the most, if that makes sense, okay. Again, it just really depends and as a Mastermind member, Nigel, and as many … Being a member of many of our products, that's what we try to teach is the stuff that's going to move the needle the most with the least amount of effort. Stick to what we're sharing with you and we're teaching you and you should be fine.

I mean, again, you can go down any rabbit hole you want, that's kind of what Marco and Rob do is go down these rabbit holes and then get stuck down there for months at a time, but then they come out with stuff like Local GMB Pro and RYS Academy. That can be you if you want it to be or you can just apply what you're learning and keep focusing on the big stuff. Let us do the testing. You just go out and produce the results for your clients.

You want to comment on that, Marco?

Marco: Yeah, the only thing that I would add to the Search Console in clicks. If you keep an eye on the clicks in Search Console, like right now, or earlier today, I was looking at one where the guy has nearly 100 top 10s and his click-through rate sucks. I mean it's horrible. It was at 01.3 and how can you be, have nearly a 100 top 10s and multiple number one's with great impressions and you're clicks suck. I mean a 103 and no clicks. How do you fix that?

This Stuff Works
You have to work on your copies, right, on your titles and descriptions. The meta, title meta description, 'cause that's the only way that you can fix that, that you can get people to click when it gets an impression. If you don't work on that, then those clicks are or those impressions are useless to you, 'cause you're not getting the clicks. If you increase the clicks, then automatically your traffic will increase, then your own page takes over because they have to be delivered to the proper page so that they convert.

That's what I would add to everything that you said.

Bradley: Yup, and Nigel, as being part of the Mastermind, we did a webinar with Ted a long … It was sometime last year, I believe, about CORA. It might be something you want to check out, if you're interested in that kind of stuff, because again, what's cool about it is you can subscribe for a month and run all the reports for all the sites that you manage and then cancel your subscription. Because it is rather expensive, but it's … Ted is totally cool.

I mean he even said it on the webinar. He's like, “I get it. It's expensive, so subscribe for a month, run all your reports, cancel your subscription. Do all your tuning based upon the reports and when you're ready to run reports again, subscribe again. Run all your reports again.” He was real cool about that. I wouldn't say that unless he did, unless he did. Anyways, you might want to check that out. If you have trouble locating it in the Mastermind members area, just reach out in the Facebook group and one of us will locate it for you and ping you in the group with the replay.

How Do You Properly Embed Images And Videos In Twitter?

“Can you discuss a consistent way to post platforms to Twitter, so I get images, videos to embed properly, large size? I've done it but it kind of happenstance I have found that if I go from Google Plus to Twitter manually, using naked URL, I get a large image but I re-Tweet, using short and link, only get URL. LinkedIn on short links gets a smaller version.”

I can't tell you a damn thing about Twitter. Can anybody on here tell him anything about Twitter?

Marco: No, not regarding that.

Hernan: Yeah, not regarding that, unfortunately. I honestly don't know why he's getting that. He's shortening, so he's shortening that and he is getting the small image, right, and then I think … I don't know because YOST used to have that option that will show either the big or the small image. I don't even think that's relevant anymore, that's why they took it out. You know what I'm saying?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, unfortunately, I'm just not a Twitter user and I really have no desire to use Twitter either. I know there's some real SEO value, guys, and possibly traffic and all that. I just never got into Twitter, don't care. Anyways, sorry, Nigel.

How Do You Properly Embed Images And Videos In GMB?

The last thing is also, “What about GMB? Any method for us manual posters?” Yeah, Nigel, stop manually posting. Our GMB poster is ready for Mastermind members at Local GMB Pro members. We're going to be giving you guys a special offer on that here. When's it available? Is it available now? Marco?

Marco: It's available right now. I think they've gotten into our Slack Chat.

Bradley: It's available now.

Marco: Yes, it's available.

Bradley: Yeah, can you post that in the Mastermind community, too?

Marco: I will. I'm going to drop both in the Local GMB Pro and the Mastermind.

Bradley: Okay, so Nigel, yeah, stop posting manually. It's dirt cheap, man. Use the scheduled post, the GMB poster so you can schedule a post, you can do it in bulk, all that stuff. It's going to make your life a lot easier. It's worth it for … It's not expensive at all. We'll save you a shit ton of time. It's worth it. Your time's worth more than it'll cost you to pay for this, which will make you much more efficient, right. Your time is worth more than that, so …

All right. Yeah, guys, stop doing $5 an hour work. Think about it, guys, you should be doing $100 an hour work, instead of $5 an hour work. Manually posting in GMB is $5 an hour work. How do I know that? Because I've got VAs that I pay to do it. $5 an hour or excuse me, $5 per post. Actually, for $5 per post, you can make a shit ton of money doing GMB posts or you can make a shit ton of money in an hour. The reason I say that is because my … The VA that I trained how to do that, she's been blogging or curating for me for several years now and when I hired her and trained …

This Stuff Works
I didn't … She was already hired but when I trained her to do the GMB posts, the way that I taught how to do them and I told her I was going to pay her $5 per post, she basically said … She's like, “Just keep them coming, but like I don't want to do regular curated posts anymore.” Why would she want to spend 30 minutes curating a post for $15 bucks when she could do 10 Google My Business posts and make $50 in that same 30 minutes. You know what I mean?

Think about that guys. There's no reason why you should be doing this kind of stuff when you can pay somebody to do it.

Hernan: Yeah, and also have in mind that if you could be actually closing a new client or talking with a client and that will bring you a 100, 200, 500 bucks an hour, and if you're doing $5 an hour task, you're not saving $5. You're actually losing $495, right …

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: For each hour that you're doing that. It's not that you're saving money, you're not saving those $5 an hour. You're actually losing all of the opportunity cost that you are not taking action on, so have that in mind.

Bradley: That's right. Opportunity cost, there you go.

How Do You Optimize A Local Italian Deli In A Little Town In The UK?

All right, next, Ramola says, “I just started with a local Italian deli in a little town in the UK. What's your advice as to what my best move is, bearing in mind that this is a very local business at the moment?”

I would say Local GMB Pro is probably your best bet at the moment right now. If you're just getting started and that's out of your price point or whatever, I would say, like, honestly, the best thing that we could suggest that you would do would be to start posting in the Google My Business dashboard regularly. That's going to help to start getting activity and getting some leads coming in for that business and then at which point, you can start developing or adding more traditional stuff that we would recommend.

Like working on ranking and maps, building citations, doing an RYS drive stack, right. Press releases, syndication networks, setting up the WordPress site, or whatever, whatever their money side is in a blog with a syndication network to help validate the entity, all this stuff that we teach.

Just starting out new right now, guys, I'm telling you the best thing that you can possibly do for local businesses, right now, especially as you're learning all the stuff that you need to learn as a digital marketing consultant, would be to just get active in the GMB dashboard, for your client, right. Make sure there's activity in there and that's going to start to generate some exposure for that business while you're learning all the … or setting up all the other stuff that needs to be done, which I still recommend you do, guys.

I'm not telling you just stop at GMB stuff. I'm saying start with that because that's going to get you the quickest results while you are developing out the rest of the assets for the business.

Okay, would anybody have anything different to say about that.

Hernan: No, I totally …

Marco: No, not different. Go ahead.

Hernan: Yeah, sorry. Go ahead, Marco.

Marco: Okay, the only thing that I would add to that is that Local GMB Pro doesn't require any SEO knowledge.

Bradley: That's right.

This Stuff Works
Marco: It was specifically formulated in a way and set up in a way that all you have to do is the step by step method. It doesn't matter if you know how to silo or … Everything is shown, how it's done. This is what you need to do, not, “Okay, so this is a silo. It's a simple silo. It's a complex silo.” That doesn't matter. The image, you're taught what to do with images, how to do the posts, what to do with the post, what to do with posting images, what to do with the business site. It's just, it's a step by step. You don't need to … Absolutely no SEO knowledge to start getting results.

Bradley: That's right and there are … Don't get me wrong or don't get it wrong, guys, we do … I'm doing a lot of the … Well, most of the training inside the course right now for the case study. Marco and Rob are going to be doing the webinars and so there is SEO training in there but it's not an SEO course, so it's like limited. It's just basically like how we can use some SEO tactics to improve what we're doing inside of GMB but it's not an SEO course, if that makes sense. ‘Cause it doesn't need to be.

Certainly, we can apply some SEO methods, right, to get better results and so that's some of the stuff that I started sharing inside of there already and I've got … Marco and Rob have been doing some tests and I'm doing some testing on my own and so we're just going to keep adding to the course. Highly recommend you get in there Ramola.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Efficacy Of IFTTT Syndication in 2018?

All right, “‘Cause I know I do video. Do the video about IFTT and spam entry points still effective and what's your nugget … about IFTT's indication? Still effective nowadays, considered as duplicate content or not?”

No, it's not. That's a common question that's actually come up again recently a lot and I don't see it as being duplicate content because, remember, if you're only using a branded syndication network for blog syndication. It's a branded syndication network. All you're doing is republishing your content on your branded social media web 2.0 platforms. That is perfectly normal and legit.

Every major blog out there, website, author, writer, contributor does the same thing, right. They publish an article and then they go share it across their social media channels, whether it's a brand or an author or a celebrity or an influencer. That's what they do, so why is what we teach or what we do with syndication networks for local businesses any different? How is that any different? It's not. It's absolutely what Google expects now, right. It's not a duplicate content issue.

Lenoy, I'm not picking on you. That question comes up often, so please don't take that as me being short with you at all. Just think about it logically, why would it be duplicate content? Now, if you start stacking multiple syndication networks, persona based networks, non-branded stuff, that you're syndicating the same content to over and over and over again, that's not a duplicate content issue, but it is an issue. It's a footprint issue. There's a difference, guys.

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: Okay, duplicate content only exists when it's duplicate content on the same domain. It doesn't exist on separate domains, okay. There's a footprint issues, yes, but not duplicate content issues.

Sorry, Hernan, were you going to add to that?

Hernan: Yeah, no, no, yeah, I totally agree with you, Bradley, and the reality is that you need to treat your tier one networks and … Your tier one, like your branded network as part of your entity, as part of your brand, meaning that you want people to go ahead and convert on those networks if they can … or those profiles if they can take action, but then, you can use those profiles to actually build links. That will be your SEO firewall, as Bradley says, will be as your firewall, and, yeah, it's still super effective and we use attribution links, press releases.

Those websites get only … If we think about duplicate content, those websites get a 100% duplicate content …

Bradley: That's right.

Hernan: Nonetheless, they are big publications, big outlets, Fox News, CNN, all this and that, they're ranking in Google and they are 100% base because you cannot change a comma out of a press release, right. If you think about it, you think it logically, they are all linking back to the source and that's why Google doesn't penalize them because you're not actually stealing content.

The main problem with duplicate content, it's stealing and that's not what we're doing here.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Right, and so I'm just going to demonstrate this here, because, again, that's press releases are so incredibly effective for ranking local stuff now. It's ridiculous. That's what our whole course, Local PR Pro is about, which works hand in hand with Local GMB Pro, by the way, guys.

I mean it's like a per match made in heaven those two. Anyways-

Hernan: Yeah, in fact, we might end up going out there and making a bundle. I don't know. That could actually be a good idea.

Bradley: Oh, yeah, yeah. Sounds like, might be a good idea for a holiday promo or something.

Hernan: Oh, yeah. Who knows?

Bradley: If you see for … and like Hernan just said, this was a PR that's being … That was published for the case study that I'm working on for Local GMB Pro and I published this May 22nd and if I click this, you'll see that it's showing about 99 results. That's 99 versions of the exact … or 99 copies of the exact same article, okay. Is that duplicate content? No, we already know, we've proven for a fact, a 100% certain that we can rank stuff with just using press releases and no other link sources.

I've done it many, many, many times. Again, the Local PR Pro course was entirely built around this principle and it's nothing but duplicate content. You produce one press release. It gets picked up and published, republished by hundreds of media sites, as many as 400, 500 media sites, depending on your distribution service and that's four or 500 instances of the exact same article and it doesn't … and it ranks you. It's about, it's all about your linking and like what we call the PR stack and stuff like that.

Again, it's not a duplicate content issue, right. There's a footprint issue when you start syndicating the same content to non-branded properties. That can … Because then that's clearly what … You're doing that clearly to manipulate search engine rankings. For Youtube, it doesn't affect Youtube at all.

By the way. You're asking about the IFTT and spam entry points. Guys, for those that don't understand what Lenoy's asking about, the spam entry point, that means like where can you inject linked spam into the system. If you're talking about like the diagrams that I've drawn for Youtube Silo Academy, you can spam those pretty much anywhere you want, those networks. Anyone, the properties in the networks, anywhere you want, you can inject spam anywhere really, 'cause it doesn't make a difference.

There's no footprint issues with Youtube syndication. The footprint issues come in with blog syndication, because Google will slap your money site if it thinks that you're republishing content to manipulate search, but Google will not slap your Youtube channel if you're republishing Google code, if you're acting as a publisher for Google, which is what you're doing when you syndicate Youtube videos, right, so there's a big difference, guys. Just keep that in mind, Lenoy.

Absolutely, they still work. It's still standard operating procedure. I think it's basically the … It's still a foundation of everything that we do as syndication networks, okay.

It was a great question, by the way. It's good to review this stuff, guys, for new people and even for people that seem to forget why we use them. You know what I mean?

How Do You Remove Spam Domains That Link To Your Site?

Next, Israel says, “I had a new domain get hit with Japanese spam and hacked. There are about 12,000 backlinks to the site that happened because of this plus a bunch of 404 errors because I got rid of all the pages that were created. Should I bail on this domain or is there a way to salvage it?”

That's a good question. “It is a branded domain but I have another one I could use. If I send a redirect from the spam domain to the new domain, will this hurt the new domain?” Yeah, it could. It would if it was just a straight 301 redirect. There are some things that you could do to link what we call link laundering, where you could do like double 301 redirects and such.

As far as like the 404s, that's an easy fix, right, because you can use just a plugin or something like that… Like 404 redirect or something like that that redirects all 404s to a specific page that you set, which can be the home page or whatever. You could do something like that, so you can eliminate the 404 errors rather quickly. That's not a problem.

The inbound 12,000 backlinks are the problem. What you can do … Here's the thing, if you got hit with Japanese spam, why were you a target? Like first of all. Because the thing is even if you were able to clean up those 12,000 backlinks which the only way I would do it … and I know Marco will probably disagree with me on this but would be through disavowed, disavowing those backlinks. I've done it successfully on multiple occasions, recovered sites with penguin penalties using the disavow tool, Google's disavow tool.

I've done it, so I know it works, however, if you were a target for Japanese spam before, who's to say you're not going to get spammed … That domain's not just going to continually get spammed. That would be an ongoing battle, in which case, it might make sense to just replace the domain. I'm not sure that I would want to redirect the old domain to the new one at all because then that's a very simple way to still run spam back to the new domain.

Find out, if it's an ongoing issue, then that would change what I would say, as my recommendation, but if you have another branded or another domain that you could use, sometimes it's better just to start fresh because a cleanup job could be a real bitch. You never know for sure until the penalty gets lifted if you got penalized because of it. You don't really know for sure if you're making progress really, right.

You could work on it for months and that's why I got out of, by the way, the penalty recovery business. I did that for a while but sometimes you work on stuff for months and not recover it and it's just a lot of wasted effort and time, so I got out of doing that.

This Stuff Works
Does anybody want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, I've never disavowed links and I'm not about to. I'd rather have a fingernail pulled with pliers than disavow links. What I would do is, first of all, ask yourself, “Is this worth the time that it's going to take to recover it?” Right? “Is it worth the time to test?” If it's not making you money and you just want to recover it because of the domain, why bother? Even if it's branded, I mean, why bother? It would have to be worth my time and effort, right. The money would have to be there.

I would say, that you could take that, push it through a drive stack, a G site to the new domain and your links should come out fine and then you'll actually benefit from those 12K backlinks that they send at you to try to spam you, but it would have to actually be worth it. Because you're either going to have to spend time building a drive stack or if you want it done properly, you're going to have to get one from us.

There's a lot of haters out there. “Often imitated, never duplicated,” is what Wayne said in one of his memes, but I mean it's true. You can get it for a lot cheaper than what we do our drive stacks for but you get what you pay for.

Bradley: Yup, and what Marco said, that's one thing that you can do. Something else would be that I've done that works fairly well, too, when you've got the spam domain with 12,000 inbound links that are shitty links, right, is redirect the … Like set up a HTML page that you host on Amazon and an S3 bucket that has a link to your money site with just one singular link on that page to your money site. I mean it's got content and all that and then what you do is redirect the spam domain to that HTML page. Right, that's something you can do and that's another way to clean it because the Amazon domain can take the abuse, just like the drive stack can, right.

Hernan: Yup.

Bradley: I'm saying that's … The drive stack could be more effective but a quick hit, if you need it until like a drive stack order was complete or something could be just an HTML page. Remember, those HTML pages are great, too, because they're great to use as spam targets for other stuff, too.

Go ahead, Hernan, you want to say something.

Hernan: Yeah, I was about to say that the same applies to if you want to resurrect your Tweet or to a WordPress website or to a … not a Facebook page, because it kind of Facebook and Google, they kind of hate each other, but a Tweet can work. If you are Tweeting out your new domain and you resurrect all of the spam over there, will be a double [inaudible 00:56:16] because you get and then your website.

There's a lot of stuff that you can do to launder that domain, but, yeah, I would strongly suggest that … Usually, it's less time consuming to start over and then maybe at some point if you still want to have that as a side project, maybe at some point it will come back and there you go, you have two powerful domains that you can use.

Bradley: Awesome and, Jordan, as offered for you, as we were able to hit them up about potentially content, content project.

Yeah, Adam's correct. A great asset is a hiring funnel, knowing how to set them up properly to get the best workers. Instead of a content writer, I recommend curating articles anyways. That's pretty much how we do all of our content generation for clients and such is through curation. We have a course that teaches exactly how to do that, which is called Content Kingpin, teaches how to curate, how to outsource that, what to pay when you're outsourcing, how long it should take outsourcers to produce money content, how long it should take them to produce link building content. All of that, best practices for curating, all of that is taught in Content Kingpin.

Outsource Kingpin teaches you how to set up hiring funnels, just hire, screen, train, and manage virtual assistants. It's basically, literally how we built out business with virtual assistants and I think between all of us now, we've got somewhere in the neighborhood of 35, maybe approaching 40 virtual assistants. It's ridiculous but …

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: That's what I'm saying-

Hernan: Yeah, not counting our individual businesses, because then, we will go out and use Outsource Campaign, the method, the Outsource Campaign Method to populate whatever we need. If you're looking for a PA, you can do it. Like without counting our own businesses, like individual businesses, yeah, I would say we're close to 40 VAs

Bradley: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
All right, we're almost out of time, guys. We'll try to run through the next couple really quickly and then we got to wrap it up. Sorry, unfortunately, guys, we're out of time but love this, James O'Rourke. Thanks, buddy.

Anyways, that beats picture of Marco. No offense, Marco, but … Anyways.

Does Pay Per Call (PPC) Works With Local GMB Pro?

Does Local GMB Pro work for PPC call affiliate offers? I imagine it … I don't know … You mean Pay Per Call Affiliate offers. I imagine it would if you spam a maps address, right, so you get them a GMB verified listing up and you just start posting. If it can generate calls, I don't see why you couldn't do that. In fact, I'm pretty sure Rob was actually monetizing some of his testing GMBs they use for testing purposes that way, if I remember correctly.

Marco: That's exactly right, as long as the affiliate offer is local.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: You should have no issues with this.

Bradley: There you go.

Does Uploading Photo To A GMB Account Carries The Same Effect As Taking Photo On The Spot?

Bob Lell, “I want to use GMB photos for the client website but just realized that when you add photos using the GMB App that you can't download the photos, so is it just as effective to take photos, location on and then upload?” Yes, that's the preferred method actually, Bob. Okay.

PoFu, trying to use equals Vixen. Oh, that's why he did that. That's awesome. Okay, so that just worked out then.

“What about the phone number consistency?” That should absolutely … Israel, the three data points that are the most important are name, address, and phone number, even more so than the URL. For citation consistency, name, address, and phone number, those are the most, the three most important things. Now URLs should also be consistent, but I know for a fact that that is the lesser of the two. Now, having URL consistent, wherever it's mentioned online will help with ranking organically, but for maps, it's mostly name, address, and phone number.

You want, make sure that the name, address, and phone number are consistent, even all the way down to the punctuation. Guys, that's really critical, okay.

All right, let's see, guys, we have to wrap it up. Oh, shit. Let me answer two more.

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Do You Use Rich Text Snippets For Non-Directory Sites That Don't Have Headers?

Jim says, “When doing citations on non-directory sites, WordPress blog or Weebly, if the header's unavailable, do you use rich text snippets, or simple use of plain text for the NAP?” The problem is rich text snippets, Jim, will typically get stripped out by any of those platforms. Like if you publish them, even if you go into the HTML editor and you add it and then you save it. As soon as you save or publish it, whichever, as soon as you publish it and you go back and look at it, all that data's been stripped out and it ends up just being straight HTML text. There's really no reason to do it.

My point is, now sometimes, like for example, with WordPress … I don't know about, but I know with Word … Self posted WordPress sites, you can use a plug in that's called Raw HTML and then you could actually inject JSON-LD right into the middle of a page and it will stay. I don't know about, though. I don't think I've tested that there. I don't know if …

Marco, you would probably know. JSON-LD in a post, would that remain or would strip it out?

Marco: I haven't tested so I wouldn't know.

Bradley: I'm pretty sure it strips it out, but you can test it, Jim. You can test adding JSON-LD into the post body of WordPress blog or in Weebly and see if it sticks. I don't think it does. I'm pretty sure we've tested that in the past, I just can't remember specifically. It really doesn't matter, just put it in as any straight text. It's fine. Okay.

It's still … I mentioned, guys … It's still a citation. A citation is just a mention. It doesn't even have to be hyperlinked, guys. It's just a mention and that counts.

These are always the best free webinars for … You could have lost that modifier, Jim, to just the Best Webinars for Local SEO. You didn't have to … I'm giving you a hard time, buddy. Thank you.

What about Master Pets Care?

Don, I'm not sure I understand your … What you're asking here. There's not 28,200,000 results for local pet stores. If that … Well, then it might be for pet stores local. That means there's 28 million results on the page or, excuse me, that have pet stores, local pet … the words pet stores and local somewhere on index page. Does that make sense?

I don't know what you're asking here, Don.

All right, guys, I think we have to wrap it … Oh, I'm sorry, so here, he's clarifying here. “I'm just posting this for the guy asking about maps. This is one of my websites that I'm rebuilding in [inaudible 01:03:02]. It's been down for about eight months total. This just shows the power it can have. It's ranking number one locally still while it's been down.”

You mean the site's been down but you still have … I guess you're saying this website's down but the maps listing is still up. Yeah, they're two different algorithms, right, so you can rank locally, without even having a website, guys. You can rank, absolutely, in maps without even having a website. Okay.

Thoughts On Google Not Recognizing Duplicate Info In Terms Of Citations

Okay, “Andrew Scherer with Marketers Center said that he found using duplicate info on all of your citations makes them not all recognized with Google, as well as changing up the content on each citation. The scripts, the description needs to be worded differently. Thoughts?”

This Stuff Works
Yeah, I mean Andrew does a lot of this stuff, so he may be correct. I haven't … Years ago, I tested that and didn't make a difference so it was wasted effort to do different descriptions for … and honestly, it's a speed thing for me. Like typically, the citation providers out there, if they … most of them will offer that as an add on, to have like different descriptions written and stuff. If you want to use it, use it.

Personally, I've been doing just basically the same description. I've never really had an issue because … Again, years ago, I tested that and it made no difference at the time. It may now, it very likely does make a difference now but I typically don't mess with that, but you certainly can, right. Test it, guys. If you test it on your own or if Andrew says it, I trust that what he says is right because he knows what he's talking about. If he says that having different descriptions for business, the citation business descriptions makes them more impactful, I'd trust that and try it and see.

All right, guys, I got to wrap it up. Sorry, we didn't get to everybody's question. I apologize for that.

Marco: Can you get to John's question before we go? ‘Cause he's asking about Local GMB Pro and Local PR Pro. He says, “They go so well together, is there a special price for current Google My Business members?” and it was offered.

Bradley: It was part of … Yeah, I mean it was part of the funnel during the initial sale, guys. That was like, I guess, the up sell or whatever, the OTO, which was a significant discount off what the product prices would be separately.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: That's what a one time offer is but, I don't know, can we work something out for them guys or are we just going to wait to …

Hernan: Yeah, probably. I mean just contact support and we will probably, like since you already invested in Local GMB Pro …

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: There's not going to be … Like that was a real OTO, like a one time offer, but we can potentially work something out for you and if you don't have Local PR Pro or Local GMB Pro, don't get it right now because we're going to launch something special for you guys real soon.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure we can do something for you, John, but again, we can't honor the same price that we had in the launch funnel because that would make it not a true OTO and we stand by our word.

Hernan: Yes, sir.

Bradley: Probably work something out for you, John. Just contact us, [email protected], we'll work something out for you.

All right, everybody. Thanks, guys. We appreciate it. We'll see everybody … Actually Mastermind tomorrow. We've got special guests coming on tomorrow. It's going to be quite interesting, so Mastermind members, make sure you're there, okay. Thanks, everybody for hanging out.

Hernan: Thanks, really good.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

Hernan: See you.

Bradley: See you.

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Does NAP Inconsistency Causes GMB Listing Ranking Issues?

By April

In episode 78 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the possible impact of NAP inconsistencies on the ranking of a GMB page.

The exact question was:

Hey Bradley, I'm starting work on a business that is not ranking well in maps. The owner signed up for Moz Local a couple months ago using his technically correct address which includes a “N” in the street address, but google displays this address without the “N”. The address used in GMB also does not contain the N. Now tons of citations have been updated with “N” added and Im wondering if this could be whats causing issues. Should I edit the GMB address to match all the citations that are being updated? Thanks!?

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