Do Service Areas And NAP Address Set In GMB Cause Negative SEO From Google?

By April

In the 229th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if service areas and NAP address set in GMB causes negative SEO from Google.

The exact question was:

GMB- will having both service areas set and business NAP address set in GMB cause a filter or negative SEO from Google? If service area only, then use one single city point or surrounding city points for maps listing?

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What Should You Do When The Previous Business Shows Up When You Google Your Client’s New Business Address?

By April

In episode 125 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked how you should prevent the old NAP affecting your citations when dealing with a client’s new business address.

The exact question was:

Client just got a new location brick & mortar shop, wants me to build citations but when I google the address the old business that occupied the spot shows up. How do I go about getting this done without the old NAP affecting my citations?

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Best Practices For Local SEO NAP Issues

By Semantic Mastery


During Episode 44 of our weekly SEO Q&A Humpday Hangouts we had a good question about how to deal with a client that has Name, Address, Phone (NAP) inconsistencies.

This can be a HUGE problem that can take a long time to get straightened out – how would you deal with this? Check out the video to see what we recommend in this particular situation.

The exact question asked by the viewer about the NAP issues was:

Question regarding Best Practices for a local client who services at customers' location (i.e. roofing), with inconsistent NAP.

He started with Address A, which was his home far from the city center and is showing up on his citations. He then moved to a rental home near the city center and changed the address in his Google My Business to that address (Address B) and got it verified there (address B is showing in his Google+ Page). Within the next 12-18 months he plans to buy a new house, so he'll be at Address C…

Getting these issues dealt with is very important as you will continue to have problems with client properties if you do not resolve NAP inconsistencies quickly.