How Do You Rank A Website For A Negative Keyword On First Page?

By April

YouTube video


In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 251, one viewer asked how to rank a website for a negative keyword on the first page.

The exact question was:

Would you guys rank any keyword for a customer. ie. I have an international bank that a customer wants me to rank on page 1 for name of the bank to give public notice how they are not to be trusted…. curious your thoughts on this.. I already have live events on page 1 and am working to rank website also which is just a one page site. Was thinking the RYS Google Drive Setup (smallest package) may make this very easy. It is a 1 page wordpress website. Also, google is not showing the description supposedly because of the robots.txt file although all that is on that is your basic;

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