Should The Nitro Link Packs Hit The Client Target All At Once?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 255 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if the Nitro Link packs hit the client target all at once.

The exact question was:

ok boys i just bought 4 nitro link packs from mgyb and am super pumped to see what these puppies can do. couple questions. i plan to use 1 pack/mo for the next 4 mo to boost my clients site.1st question is, should the link pack hit the clients targets all at once? i.e. month 1 the link pack would hit all the synd network, gsite, and pr advantage page links? or is it better to blast the whole link pack at a single main target and change the target each month? i.e month 1 hit only the synd network, month 2 hit only the PA page, etc.. if its better to hit only 1 main target per mo with the whole link pack, does it matter which order to hit them? like is it better to hit the synd network before the gsite? or vice versa? I also want to buy the maps and id page embeds. should i wait till these 4 months of link packs are done? the site is a couple years old with a few decent rankings but competition is fierce. im hoping mgyb will help me show them whos boss, so I can buy more links, thanks!

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