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Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 305. As Bradley just pointed out, brother, I can't do the math while I'm talking. Are we six away? Did you say? Seven away? How many? Are we away from six years?

Anybody here because I had a muted?

Just like crap, did I just go mute? Anyways, how many episodes? Did you say we're away from six years? Seven, I think. All right, cool. So that's awesome. So that's going to be coming up. Let's see. So that's almost two months away. So that'll be towards the middle of November. So that will be interesting. Just to pique everyone's curiosity. Maybe we should do something special for that.

Well, I'm sure we will.

Stay tuned. That may be the kickoff to some good Black Friday type stuff. So everyone, keep your eyes and ears open for that. We've got a few questions to go through today. If you're watching and you got a question, go ahead. pop it on there. We're gonna say hi to everyone real quick. And then I've got a couple of announcements before we do that. So, Bradley, start with you, man, how are you doing today?

Doing great. I've been working on my POFU Live presentation and what I'm working on for that. And, you know, it's crazy because I'd put in days and days of work with a previous setup for what I'm going to be training about, which is setting up you know, some automated prospecting systems. And then I recently discovered or rediscovered another app that pretty much does everything that I needed it to do and I don't know why the hell I didn't think about it, but I'm working my way through that now. But it's pretty awesome. I've already landed several Tree Service lead buyers from the process that I'd set up over the last few weeks and so it's working really, really well. So I'm anxious to get started with the poke through the live group to share that with them. And then we'll carry that over to the mastermind within about a month or so a few weeks after the POFU Live event but um it's really good for those of you that need prospects for either your agency or for lead buyers, it's a really really good system. I would encourage you to join POFU live so that you can get the details on it there will come to join the mastermind and you'll get there eventually within a couple of months. So

definitely sounds good. All right. Well, Hernan How are you doing?

Other than muted I'm good, man. I'm excited about POFU Live. And that since we're going through, you know what everyone else is going to be covering on brandishes did just want to give you guys like a little bit of a peek, or a tease rather what I'm going to be talking about Lately, I've been closing some deals where not only you get a part, you know, you get your retainer, you get potentially a revenue share, but also you get part of the company. So as a client, so that, you know is something that I'm going to be talking about how you can get equity positions in the company, how you can get partnerships and all of that good stuff so that you're building assets and believe me is really lucrative. And it's also, there's also the possibility that you can change, you're probably changing people's businesses and lives right now. So why not, you can go ahead and take a deeper part of that. So that's what I'm going to be talking about. And it's going to be pretty awesome. So I'm excited about that.

Awesome. Yeah, I'm super pumped to hear this. I'm curious. I haven't even talked to you about this in detail. So I'll be for several years, so I'll be watching yours along with everyone else's. Just kidding. We're gonna have everyone here except for yours. truly be speaking. I'll be emceeing for POFU Live. So, Chris, how are you doing today?

Well, greetings from the Austrian forest series.

I'm not sure if it was also popular in the States, but apparently, everybody lives in the forest in Austria, according to Trump.

All right, I missed your look at the latest and greatest.

And we actually managed to not have any fires in the forest.

That's good. We could use Some of that, you know, the smoke around the West Coast.

Yeah, but good time to move over and run in the woods here.

Fair enough. Well, business wise now everything's going.

Yeah. Can't complain like,

I don't know, we're kind of on the red list for many countries.

So things are kind of shutting down again while we're not completely shut down. But

Corona bullshit is definitely happening here.

And personal business sites can't complain like I'm heavily relying on the US economy. So as long as the US is a float, I'm good.

Fair enough. Fair enough. All right, Marco. Last but not least, how you doing today?

Go towards the light. It's raining. It's raining. It's darker than usual.

Yeah, right. Groundhog Day, man. bright, sunny, warm, beautiful. Or it's raining and beautiful. It's Costa Rica. Guys. I keep saying it. I can't help it. I get I pay the price for the life I live. What kind of price Are you willing to pay for the life you want? Because that's what this is about. This is about tofu, right? Po foo, one of the pillars of POFU, is that we do what we choose to do what we want when we want. In order to get there, though, you have to put in the work. It's it. I always say it's not difficult. But it's not easy, right? It's simple. It's simple, but it's not easy. You have to put in the work. Fortunately, we set up the system. We've set up the things that people need to do and the process of how to do it so that you can take whatever you put with Don't let me define public domain anybody. Just like you shouldn't let anyone else define your impossible because it's only Impossible if you say it is, otherwise you're searching for a way to get it done, regardless of what it is, right? So one of the things that I like to talk about, as you guys know, and from the last two posts was his mindset. Because what we're talking about here is how we approach life, how we approach things, how we approach problems, how we approach failure, how we look at failure, and whether failure then becomes a total abject failure, or whether it's a stepping stone, which was part of my presentation, a stepping, stepping stone to success. And you'll find that most if not all, successful people view failure because everyone failed, but they view failure as the process to as the path as the stepping stone to success. If you don't, then you've already failed. Is it that isn't that simple, Marco? Yes, it is. But it's not easy. There you go. So My presentation I'm going to continue with that for peripheral life. Here I am, I'm where I want to be doing what I want to do, and nobody anywhere can tell me what to do or how to do it. Because I set the rules, I set the expectations, and I do what I want to get this there are things that I have to do, there are must dues POFU doesn't mean that there are things that you have to do. But since they're part of your portfolio, it's things that you enjoy doing no matter how much you have on have to or must do them So guys, post who's coming up hopefully attended. It's a stepping stone to success, and it's a big one. Its part of your path to POFU Live we named a POFU Live for a reason. So come on, join me and let us help you on your way to success because that's what we're here for.

This Stuff Works

I definitely couldn't put it better myself, although I am going to share something here. So I like these, I want to share what some other people have said. So Mike, here on the left, he's coming back this year. And I love this just personally made me laugh when he wrote it, but I love this. You guys are the unicorns of Internet Marketing Training. And I don't know, maybe we need to get some graphics made around that. But, you know, I really appreciate Mike saying that. And then Brian, this is really cool, because Brian is speaking this year. So last year, we got to meet Brian, in Colorado, and he attended as an attendee of poker live. And you know, I said, it's a pleasure to meet you. POFU Live was without a doubt one of the most immediately actionable and valuable conferences I've ever been to. So first of all, Brian, thank you very much for that. And then too, I want to say that, you know, that's something I appreciate and what we have all tried to do is to include as much actionable content you know, whether it is a mindset like Marco said that you can put into use and start seeing changes internally and then externally Whether it's process related stuff, whether it's here how to get clients, it's not theory. It's put this to work, you'll get clients because we've all been to the conference. Oh, sorry. Go ahead, Marco.

I'm sorry. But do you know why I don't give people actionable items at Popa live? Because all our actionable shit is MGYB. It's there. Yeah. The keys to the kingdom are there. The training is in Semantic Mastery. It's in the mastermind is in the heavy hitter club. If you want the theory, well, not sorry. Not that not the theory. But how we got to the process that we set up at MGYB. You're welcome to it. You want us to help build your business? You're welcome to it, we will do all that. But the first step is you have to do something. What is it that you're going to do? Because you get so scattered? Do you have so many people pulling at you? Yes, so many different things and ideas and concepts and theories. And most people get lost in the process. Because of all the bullshit that's in the middle. We want to cut out the shit. All right, and we want It set you on the right path. Whether you stay on the path is your problem, not mine, because I'm giving it to you. I'm telling you, right, I'm giving you what we have, what 50 years probably, of business expertise in front of you during this hump day Hangout. Over 30 years on the web, probably near nearly 14, I have 17 years myself. So yeah, people don't survive on the internet. almost two decades without making money. Come on, man. Think about it. How many people come and go, I mean, and this is on a daily basis. So guys, action, it requires action. It requires you to commit commitment. It requires consistency, but not a foolish consistency. Does that just mean spinning your wheels right? Just means doing the thing over the same thing over and over again, and you never get anywhere. As I said last fall. I keep thinking to this. You can be busy as fuck doing nothing. You can be busy sitting, you're not doing a fucking thing. And that pisses me off so much. Because all that time, energy, and money should be going to something that's going to make you even more. Nothing, nothing on the internet. And I can tell you're probably in business makes us as much ROI as this SEO and marketing thing. Think about it. Because on the market and this was mentioned yesterday, during the presentation that I did with the other crew 20% on anything in the market, and you're the guru, your God 20%. And yet we can get people three, four or five, I posted an image where I'm getting someone to x three x in three months, in three months. What are the business you know, that can get you that in three months? What other investment Can you make that can get you that much? Think about it. Please Guys, please do yourself. Don't do me any favors. I don't need your money. Do yourself a favor.

All right, and if you're going to do that, then hop down, grab your ticket, go to pofulive.com, we still got a few tickets left in the main ticket category, which you can read head over there and check it out. Or I need to change this actually, we've only got one of this left. So there's one VIP plus ticket left, somebody just snapped up the second one, and then we are gone way as far as the VIP ticket. So we've got, I believe, eight days, just over eight days left where you can grab your ticket. So don't put it off for too long. Come join us. And other than that, I'm going to call it good, and let's get into the questions. Do it. Let's do it. Let me grab the screen.

All right, hold on. I'm getting there. I promise.

A little bit of music for Bradley. Right on. Well, good. We should by now we're almost six years of episodes. We should have some laugh tracks and applaud tracks and crickets and all kinds of stuff when we

Yeah. Can't find one.

Oh, that would be a good job for her not to just sit there and hit audio tracks whenever. Please, please don't give Hernan ideas now Not now, Doug. Doug you manpower? I mean, do it. Wow, he is gonna ruin the episode. So.

Can We Do The RYS Strategy On Dropbox or Microsoft Folder And Files?

All right, cool. We're gonna start with BB it looks like BB is the only one that's been posting questions today, which is very rare. Well, it's not rare for BB to post questions. That's not what I mean. It's rare for it. There only be one person posting questions. So maybe this is one time where I'm not going to get mad at you or give you a hard time for posting this many questions since you're the only one that's posted today. So let's get started. He says Hey guys, can we do RYS on Dropbox folders and files or Microsoft folders and files? The answer is yes. You can. I don't know how much benefit there would be there certainly should be some I started testing it with Microsoft OneDrive. I don't know about a couple of months ago, but I actually have not really followed through with that. Finishing that test because I just got sidetracked on other stuff. But I know Marco when Marco In, Dr. Gary originally created the first version of ROI s, they had tested some of those other services and didn't see the benefit, which is why we just stuck to Google. But you know, again, I don't know, there's probably is some benefit to be had from it. But if we can get all that we need, just from using Google, why bother is my question. So But Mark, do you want to comment on that?

Yeah, but we've answered this before, right. And I always answer it the same way. Yes. That has always been on the table. It's on my list of things to do. It's on my list for the heavy hitter club. We will eventually get to it. We will explore other cloud apps and see how much power we can push. We know we can get power from s3. We know that that's not a question. We know we can get it. power from Google Drive. We know that the question is it If it's for testing fine, but if you're already pushing enough power to be the best, and I suggest that you go look at that image, Hey, can you scroll down and see if the image posted badly and open that for a sec? No, it didn't. It didn't come up. Why didn't it come up?

We'll try again.

Still not seeing it.

All right, you want to post it in slack. There you go, refresh.

So look at those numbers. 30 days, I should be not actually 60 days since I took the project. We're in the last 30 days of the project. Look, look at the numbers. Look at the total clicks three x right almost impressions, almost two x average CTR, almost two X, and average position and improved by seven. On average, that's the one that I showed with over 500 keywords in the top and it just improved to 7.9 500 at 7.9 or better. In 60 days so if we can do that in 60 days with what we do, why do I need more power if I can just keep pushing power through this and making everything better making it getting all these numbers better and I'm gonna go work during the next 90-day cycle on the page because I haven't done anything on the website man think about it, wow the website is garbage no on-site SEO except for schema so that I consider that on-site SEO. And those are the results and no-no like no proper siloing no proper categories No, no proper links the way that I do you know how to do that. And I'm not gonna I'm not gonna give it away here. Know how to do it. So think about this with everything comes into play the right way how this is going to bounce and so if I can do that, why am I going to go and look for other things when I'm already pushing all I can't like you can only be number one. You can't be like better than one. Well, you can have fun Zero but I mean, look at it. The results and the numbers speak for themselves. Yeah, that was done, but nine hours ago. Wow. So look at the results speak for themselves, man. This is what's available. This is why I'm telling you guys we give you the keys to the kingdom man, I'm doing the same thing that I make available to you that nothing different, same thing to come on, man.

Anyway, yes, you can. But why? Always ask yourself why and whether it's worth spending all that time learning all of these different properties when you can just get as much as you can from the one that you're working in and leave that for a rainy day.

This Stuff Works

Does Creating A Single GDoc Or GSheet With 1000 Keywords Pointing To A Single Page On The Money Site Helps Boost Rank?

So the next question is does creating a single GDoc or Gsheet with the 1000 keywords pointing with an anchor link to a single page on the money site, not the G site will make or give it a push that page will make that page appear on those cases. words in the SERPs or give it a push I guess is what he's saying. Um I don't know that I've ever tested that one single GC I mean no I know I've never tested that but I don't know that that would do anything you know we talked about this the last time BB is that at least with regular backlinks Marco can probably have a better answer for than I can on this but with regular backlinks, there is a point of diminishing returns right if you get so many backlinks from one particular location it does it eventually stops really counting at all it's you start getting any benefit to stop getting any benefit from it. With Google I know it's different that's why we do the drive stacks and everything but I don't know that I've ever tried that. Margot, what do you think that seems pretty straightforward, but I don't know if that will affect we aren't we said people are talking shit about the drive. We aren't doing the test. We are doing the G docs and then and other documents to see how much power or whether there is power. Here's so here's the proper test. We're not out to show that it doesn't happen. power went out to show that it does pass power. We're out to show whether that this is the proper question. Does a deep dive in and of itself push power to the destination? That's the question that we're trying to answer. I have dedhia. And you showed buying candles picture for people like I'm having him. Also tests along with because I've already seen part of my testing and part of everything I do have already shown that they index and that they push power. And so that but here's it here's the thing, though, we set this up to work in an ecosystem, the drive stack works to power up everything within the drive segment to deliver the power to the T side, the T side back into the drive second that then that goes over to the destination, whatever that destination might be. And what we've seen is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Yeah, you can create a T dot but why do that? When you can create the whole system, that whole ecosystem that we call a drive stack, stack it properly, I frame it and then deliver the power over to the homepage or to an extended an inner page right through the DRI stack extension, and G site extension. So I don't understand, yeah, you can do all these similar things. If you're testing, by all means, test. But there has to be why you're doing this. It can't just be and I said this to Mohammed. Yeah, we have all of these different things available to us. Correct. But why? Why are we doing? Why don't you just save some of this stuff for a rainy day when you really need the power or when you have some free time to test and see for your knowledge, and for you to understand how all of these concepts work. But in the meantime, when you're just trying to make money. When you're on in the middle of the hustle, go make that money go go go hustle, man, don't waste time. on things that aren't going to make you any money.

Do You Have Any Tool For Indexing Non-Owned Property URLs?

That's it. So the next question was, do you have any tool for indexing non owned property URLs? So I guess what you're asking is because if you own the property and you have it in Search Console, you can submit URLs for indexing there. So my, my guess is you're asking about indexing properties that you can't connect to the search console. Or remember, we do have an indexing service here. And MGYB unless it's been taken down, there it is right there. Now there is a little bit of a drawback currently with this and but it's being worked on. In a future update, we will be able to take through MGYB as many URLs as you want to submit or as you have credits for, you can still do that now with the mgyb.co indexing service, which is link builder dedhia runs it through multiple indexing services, a couple of which I'll share with you here in just a moment. Because I asked him a similar question. But he does it through multiple services so that he can get like a 60% indexing rate, even from spam links, which is absolutely insane. So that you can get the same kind of results by purchasing indexing credits from here and submitting the drawback that it currently exists. And it's just because of the platform we're using for the store, which is, again, we're It's the new platforms in development. But you can only submit 300 URLs at a time, which is a bit of a drawback if you're trying to submit a bunch of link building orders, you know, from MGYB. But if you've got like a smaller amount of links that you want to be submitting, that you've maybe manually created or whatever, then this is a great option, excuse me a great option for you because it works incredibly well. It goes through multiple indexing services, through daddy as link building company basically. So it works really, really well. So if you're doing small volume, I would highly recommend You just purchased indexing credits from mgyb.co. Now in the future, I don't know when exactly but in the future, we're going to have the ability to, for you to upload, you know, as many URLs as you want, either by copy and paste or via CSV file or whatever, or even through the Google Sheets, it'll probably integrate directly through the Google sheets that we provide as reporting for link building, right. So when we send you the reports, for a link building gag order that has been completed, it's in a G doc. So that should integrate directly with the indexing service once that is fully developed. It's not done yet though. However, there are a couple of others that I know work really well. They're a bit expensive. This one works really well. It's called omegaindexer.com, but it's super, super expensive, like super expensive. This would only I would only recommend you use this if you have, you know, you know, URLs that are highly valuable to you that you want to index because it's very, very expensive. Another option is a bit expensive. Also is this one but it's more reasonable. It's called index inject. This is one that I've actually got my own subscription for right now, because I have been doing a lot of link building stuff or a lot of projects, essentially. And I've been wanting to submit my own through my own URLs to without having to do it 300 at a time, because even though I have direct and dead even offered to me, for me to just send him the links that I want to be indexed, and he'll do it for me, but I don't want to slow him down and be a burden on him. So I went ahead and got my own subscription here for now, until we get the service built out in MGYB because I use MGYB just like you guys do, I didn't I used to have, you know, builders that would, that would build stuff and MGYB that would also work for me on the side or, or whatever, and I don't I order everything's your MGYB just like you guys do now. So I'm anxiously awaiting the link building service to be updated. But in the meantime, there are a couple of different services That you could use again, this one's rather expensive. This one is too but it's not as bad. But remember, these are only each service. Whereas if you purchased indexing credits through here, they'll get put through those services as well as many others is what I'm saying to search through multiple services. So consider that. Any comments on that guys?

How Do You Find Your SEO Methods?

Moving on number four, how do you find the methods? Do you see a direction someone took and you enhance it or just get an idea in the head aka firing a lightning bolt out of your ass? Is it hard to get results based on assumptions here in the SEO world results to come over after weeks or months? Yeah, that's all right. So originally, you know, I, I studied through teachers and you know, just like Semantic Mastery. I studied under several people. The most influential person in my career as a local SEO was Ivan budimir. He used to be part of maps magic, he with Michael Taggart, or Michael X's people know him, they had a program way back in like 2010 through I think 2013 called maps magic. So I got a lot of my experience through them, and then network Empire. And, you know, I became a student of network Empire, and a student of all the best SEOs out there that were teaching stuff, I became a student of all of them. And I pretty much developed my own flavor, right. And that's why I always call it my own flavor of SEO because I would mix and match bits and pieces of what I had learned, and I would test things. And that's the key Baby, you know, and that's part of what we do at Semantic Mastery is we test stuff all the time Marco and Rob, especially, even more so than I do now. They test stuff all the time, whatever, they come up with an idea, they test it and test it and test it and once they were able to achieve a result and duplicate the results so that it's and they know that it's repeatable, then that's when we develop training around it. And that's essentially what I've done over my career to as I started learning from others and you Then I would, you know, come up with my own ideas or figure out ways to mix and match things that I learned from others. And in the test, I would always test theories. And once I was able to achieve results and repeat those results, so that they were duplicatable results, then I would start incorporating that into client work, for example. And ultimately, we would create training products from it. And that's where Semantic Mastery came from is because all of us have our own marketing agencies or marketing businesses outside of Semantic Mastery. So we all have to produce and perform for our clients. And therefore everything that we do has to be tried and true and tested. And so we test things first. Once we figure out that they do work and that they're repeatable, then we start applying them to our own clients, and we are our own projects and clients' projects. And then we also eventually, for most everything that we do, we end up teaching you guys via you know, forums like this or through our training programs. So that's how I do it. Marco, you want to comment on that?

Yeah, I mean, when I started out, I just read everything I could about SEO, no matter what it was good, bad, indifferent. And then I went and tested it. And I had my first test was actually a client. That is how I got into SEO. I didn't know what SEO was. I didn't know what it stood for. Seo as a matter when I first heard it was SEO. And then I heard that it was pronounced SEO and that it stood for search engine optimization. So what is this I didn't know what an anchor text was. I didn't know what a hyperlink was. Well, yeah, did from having a coding background. But a lot of the things were just I didn't know. So I just learned as much as I could and then I just started applying the methods discarded the ones that didn't work, the ones that worked. I always wanted to see if there was something better, which is how I came across. Dr. Gary and I how we got into Dr. stacks and G sites and pushing the power from That are ranking shit Academy reloaded, or rank your shit Academy, the original one, it was just, it was developed from a conversation I had with someone in right before Thanksgiving 2014. And here we are almost six years later after that compensation. And it's still alive and well. So Foundation, they have to work with foundational principles of the web, whatever it is that you're doing. And then you develop on those four foundational principles. You look at where Google is going, and you try to catch Google at the passes, I say, me Google at the pass, cut them off, and then try to get ahead again, try to get ahead of the curve. That's how I do my brand of SEO nowadays is I try to develop our own ship and our own systems and our own processes. But it's not something that we've developed everything ourselves. I can't say that because it's a syndication Academy. It's the ad ID value. entity-based SEO, it's it we employ Jeffrey Smith siloing method and his market research strategy. So there's a lot of things involved in this. It's not just one thing. Yeah, you catch that lightning bolt where you say, Aha, I got this. But there are other times where you just have to develop things that other people have put out there and you just have to wonder, can this be improved? Can this be made better? Can it be made stronger? Can I push more power, and you test and you figure it out, but you don't start doing that until you're making money, man, I keep telling make some money First, make that money, make that scratch then go?

Well, and that's how I got started in SEO was I I started setting up you know, test projects. And it was for local stuff because I was trying to learn how to generate leads for my own electrical company, my electrical contracting business, way back in, you know, 2010 and, but I needed I was trying to test different methods from learning from different you know, teachers And so I've set up multiple projects. In the first three, I set up my own website for my for electrical work. And then I set up a carpet cleaning site and a locksmith site in you know, it was carpet cleaning Alexandria VA, I use exact match domains and everything else. And anyway, long story short is I just started testing on different projects that were set up with and I wasn't making money at the time from it, I was just learning but once the project started like I started to get results from them and I started ranking and I got all three of them ranked to number one and at the time Google Maps was seven-pack it was a long time ago, but I got all three my own business plus the other two that I just set up like dummy accounts were set up, they all started, they all got right to number one, I started receiving a shit ton of phone calls. And that's where I went out to monetize them by contacting carpet cleaning contractors in Alexandria, Virginia, and just started pitching you know, Hey, I got this asset that's generating you know, 30 calls a week on average, and you know, I'll rent it to you for $250 like flat fee per month, you know, it was ridiculous how low I would sell stuff back then.

But my point was that's where I learned how to like start experimenting on things. And as Marco said, you know, don't do a bunch of experimenting till you're making money? Well, I had I mean, when you start out you, you really don't have any choice, right? You just got to keep at it until you start making money. But what I'm saying is now, even now, to this day, I'll set up assets. If I want to test something, I'll set up an asset that I'll have the intention of monetizing, if it's successful if the test is successful, meaning like, there's no sense if you're going to spend the time setting up a test for you know, a project for a test, then make sure it's something that's going to be monetizable. If it's successful, whether it's for affiliate stuff or for local or whatever. And that's, you know, kind of what to follow up with what Marco was saying was, you know, there we come up with our own original ideas, but a lot of the times they are a blend of ideas that were seated, seated from other People right so for example right now like I, I don't want to do any more client work. If I don't have to, if I get an A BB one of your follows up questions here is about Virginia SEO. And if it's not a Tree Service contractor, do I take them? No, actually, right now, if anybody comes to me, that's not a Tree Service contractor, looking for the traditional, you know, client relation, I won't work with them, period, I just flat out won't do it. If it is a Tree Service contractor, and they're coming to me, and they want me to work on their presence, so again, a client-agency relationship, I will still quote them, but I quote them on a higher-end than I would have, you know, even a year ago, because I don't want to do any more client work I want to stick to just lead generation and why is that? Well, because a couple of months ago, I happen to I'm on network empires emailing list because I use their digital marketer's toolbox for keyword research sometimes. And anyway, I had gotten an invitation from you know, just on their mailing list for a webinar from Mike Martin, when Mike Martin teaches lead generation and what he calls a hybrid lead generation model. And I went through his webinar, and he's got this really cool app called lead simplify. For those of you doing lead generation business, it's a great app. It's very inexpensive. It's called a lead, lead, simplify. And it's really, really, really good for being able to route leads to multiple contractors and all that kind of stuff. It's a really cool system. It's very inexpensive. And so when I went through his webinar like it sparked the idea, I mean, that's I got my start in this business doing lead generation. And I have moved into doing consulting, consulting, and agency type work. Over the years, I've always kept my lead generation business, but I gotta be honest with you, working with clients is a pain in the ass. It's almost like having a boss you know what I mean? Like because you're, you're, you're you have to answer to clients all the time. And as we talked about, throughout all of our training, you know, it's better to cherry-pick clients, if you're going to work with clients, get the higher-end ones, the ones that aren't going to be, you know, annoying, like bugging you all the time. Every time they see they're there. Their site or their maps, ranking drop one look, you know, one spot they call you up like What the hell's going on? Those are those real types of needy clients that will drain you those suck the soul right out of you trust me. So I've just gotten I've got a handful of clients that I've kept for many years now I very rarely take on any new clients because right now I'm working on developing, I lead my lead generation business out. And so again, that was just from an idea that I got from Mike Martin, that like it was the seeded that idea. In other words, he planted the seed. And it made me think over the course of a few weeks, it just grew that idea grew in my head as to what I wanted to do for my own lead generation business. And in again, so it's just a matter of, you know, keeping your eyes open, being plugged into the industry, and then, you know, trying to consume be a consumer of information, and then you have to just kind of mix and match whatever you think works or As best for your own type of business model, and then just start testing and whenever you eventually sometimes you'll just figure things out. That's what we've always done. You just find something that just, boom it works. And it's like okay, wow, that was amazing. Let me try that again. And if you can do it again and do it again and do it again then now you have something that is a repeatable process. So, by the way, a Hernan or Adam are you guys want to talk about? I mean, I thought that was a fantastic question. What do you guys do because you guys aren't necessarily SEO? People you guys do more like I know Hernan does a bunch of ad stuff or not. If you're still listening, can you jump in and comment on what you do to figure out well, how you do things for your business?

This Stuff Works
And it looks like he's not about you, Adam.

Yeah, I'm gonna plead the fifth here. I was busy typing something so I've got no good answer, so I'm not gonna waste time trying to do it on the fly.

No worries. I just thought it was a really good question. So anyway, we're gonna keep moving. Do you accidentally Okay, we already covered that. Good to know the way you will start a lead gen business from scratch. Well, I mean, I can tell you what I'm doing now. But if you're not, if you're not, you have to be really, really, really you have to know a lot about the industry. Like, again, I only stick a Tree Service contractor, no, I don't want to work with anybody else. And I've been touting that for years. You know, niching down. I know some of my partners even Marco has a different opinion than I do on this. But for me, all I want to work with this tree service contractors because I know that industry, so damn, well, I've done all the keyword research I could ever need to do. I've developed all the creatives I could ever so it's less work for me to be able to scale my Tree Service lead gen business than it is to do anything else. And so for me what I'm working on right now, and I'm going to be teaching about this at POFU Live so I'll just give you kind of a conceptual idea of what it is that I'm doing but right now what I'm doing as I'm, I've got AdWords, Google Ads campaigns that I can you know, I've got that really dialed in. Really, really well. And right now even with a couple of the test cities that I've plugged this system into, to start with, I might end up with like an average cost per conversion of something around maybe 85 or $90, which seems high. But if I can take a, a Click Funnels landing page that I've set up, that I've optimized really, really well through other Google Ads campaigns for Tree Service contractors, so I've got a template, right? A duplicatable template that I know works that I know converts, well, I've got AdWords or Google Ads campaigns that I've set up for search campaigns that I know what is called what I call Bullseye keywords. So alpha campaign structure their exact match campaign, exact match type keywords that I know absolutely produce traffic and will, you know, relevant, relevant traffic that will ultimately, you know, a percentage of them will convert into leads. And so I can go into a city and drop, start, you know, start a Google Ads campaign with a new landing page that has just been slightly modified and optimal for that particular location with basically a dummy company, I can set up a Google Ads campaign for Tree Service contractors in a new city. And I can spend $1,000, I can put $1,000 of my own money in ad spend and generate leads in that city. And now I have leads available for that particular location. And I can go prospect for Tree Service contractors as lead buyers, right, I can prospect to them say like, hey, I've got leads for sale right now. I can plug them into my lead simplify a system that I got from Mike Martin, I just talked about that. And I can turn around and start selling those leads. So the investment, you're going to invest on any sort of project upfront anyway, so right now what I'm doing is I'm investing using an ad Google ad spend, and do a city to get the initial leads in and then I can prospect to three contractors in that particular city. And once I get three or so lead buyers into the system, and what I'm doing HomeAdvisor model in that I generate the lead and then turn around and sell it three times. So if I'm selling a tree removal lead for, say, $40. And I can generate that lead for, say, $90, then I'm making 120. Right? So a $30 profit, that's not a lot of money to make on a lead, I understand that. But it's profitable right off the bat. And then once I have established a good working relationship with a cup, a few of those lead buyers in that area, then I can start investing in, you know, traditional SEO assets so that I can start reducing my ad spend, but my lead my purchase lead amount for, you know, $120, right, for a tree removal lead, for example, that's going to always remain at that level, right, I'm still going to always be able to sell that same lead to three contractors at $40 each, so $120. So once I've established a good relationship, where I've got three contractors that are paying me on a regular basis, you know, then then I can invest some time and effort and money into developing traditional SEO based assets so that I can start lowering my ad spend and increasing my return on investment for every lead generated. Does that make sense? And so again, for me, there's no reason for me to go outside of any other industry right now. Because there are 30,000 cities in the United States. And if I do this, you know, one per month, for example, at the end, and then at the end of a year, I'm going to have another 12 cities locked up for my lead gen business. So that's, that's what I do like now, in the past, it's always just been SEO, but because I switched my model around slightly, and again, Mike Martin planted the seed for me to start selling leads like HomeAdvisor, I've always sold leads with exclusivity. In other words, I would just sell the lead to one person and then it wasn't or one contractor and it wasn't cost-effective for me to generate that lead through Google ads, and then resell it, because most of the time, what I would sell the lead for wouldn't cover the cost per conversion or cost per acquisition to generate that lead from Google ads from search ads. So you know, it was just I will always do SEO stuff. But there are too many companies out there that sell like HomeAdvisor And thumbtack. And these other types of lead type companies that do that will sell leads to three, four or five contractors and they have a shitty quality of leads, the quality of leads that I generate now is so much better. And there, you know, pre-screen that go through my call center and everything else. And so I can sell them for a good price to three contractors and make very good money on leads. And there's no reason for me to go start with SEO stuff that takes months for me to get it, you know, six weeks, eight weeks, whatever it takes to get it towards producing where I can go in and in two weeks time, I can set up a Google Ads campaign and generate leads with $1,000 in ad spend. And in about two weeks, I can have multiple leads in my pipeline that I will then use for prospecting purposes, and then get new lead buyers into my business. And so that's currently what I'm working on. And that's precisely what I'm going to be teaching about at POFU Live and how all of this works. So maybe that's another good reason for you to get into POFU Live.

Yeah, I have a different approach. Right. And I like how Jordan put it, how he pitches to his clients because he does. He has an agency and he just produces results. And what is he does is, I know Google, I don't need to know your niche. I know Google. And if I know Google, I can get your results. That's always been my approach. I could care less about the niche. I want to know how much money it can make, to see if it's worth my time. That's how I approach it from that standpoint because I know, especially now that we've developed the keyword training that the D keyword research and everything that we do, like everything is handed off, I don't have to know the niche. Go and study it. Go get me the keywords. I go into Search Console, I go into analytics that's going to give me what pages I'm going to need to work on that's going to tell me that the keywords that are getting impressions, the pages that are going to it's going to get all of the information that I need is there I'm targeting Google. And I just feel that doing that, like you can pick and choose. And really the revenue that you can make off of this and the clients are available, are more, it's a higher-end client. And there's just a lot more money available. And as long as you're willing to invest in getting that client results, it has to be results-based, SEO, of course, but as long as you're getting results that clients gonna pay you and you eventually get to the point where you can name your price, and the person pays it, or I don't need you. You need me.

Yeah. Yeah.

And again, it's all your own personal preference. I prefer to just stick with the one type of contract and now because, you know, for 10 years, I've been working in that well since 2012. So eight years, I've been working in the tree service industry. And you know, I've worked with multiple other types of contractors over the years, and to be honest, the service is just really lucrative especially for lead gen. And for me, It's uh, you know, I don't I just don't want to do client work anymore. I honestly don't because it's to me I'd rather I love the fact that there are my own assets that I'm building. And that if anybody, you know, I don't have to worry about if the assets if something Google changes something and my assets stopped producing as well, I don't have to answer to a client, right. It's just if a lead buyer calls today, there are no leads coming out. Yeah, I know. I'm working on it. I'll get you some more leads here soon. Don't worry about it. That's it. That's the only thing that has to be said. No, when it comes to a client though, you know, then there's, there are often issues dealing with that. So that's just my own personal preference. I just really I but I just took a new client on about two and a half weeks ago because I quoted them we sent them a proposal way back in February of this year. And it was a really long sales cycle, but they finally took me up on my proposal about two and a half weeks ago. It's a Tree Service contractor and landscaping contractor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So, you know, I do still take on clients if they meet the right you know, criteria. But it's very, very rare that I do that anymore. And I'd really don't look I'm not looking to take on more clients because I'd rather just scale my lead gen business. That's mine. I own it. And it's and I like doing that better. So the last question from BB if you get a lead from the Virginia SEO site that is not a Tree Service niche then you don't take the client, no I don't I just flat out now if I get a lead from that I just I reply back and I just tell them flat out unless your trees you know, I tell ask them what their industry is and because I tell them I only work with Tree Service contractors now so I really just don't I won't take them alright,

How Much Money And Time Were Spent To Get SEO Results?

Burt says how much money in time was spent to get results like this? I'm assuming he's talking about your photo. Yeah, I can't say cuz then you know, the budget, but I'm trying I charge a whole lot of money for what I do. But then again, the first few months, I spend a whole lot of money on what I got them I'm running 12 press releases, those are averaged 150 TNR store. Yeah. So, right there, you know, you can start doing the math, I ran a million links, which is over. And the cost of that is over $1,000. I mean, even if I were to get a good price, it'd be around 500 to $750 because I have to pay for his server use and the people that help him I'm doing it someone is doing GMB. So I have to pay someone to do the posts in Google My Business because I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna do that scheme. I have Rob helping me with the schema on that. And he's not free. I want him to make money if I'm making money. So all of these things are like, they go into the price that I charge the person. And I can tell you that I don't take anything on for less than 7500 bucks a month. So start that Yeah. I don't want I don't need it, it's too much trouble for me. You come with a budget upward so that we can start talking. But it has to be at least that and don't ask me to like redo the website, the SEO, and everything else that needs to be done. Because that all gets tacked on Don't you know, I have to redo the website. And it's a mess. It's a $30,000 job. We can start talking at 25 K. I'm not doing it friendless. So those are the prices that we're talking about.

Yeah, so you and I are working two totally different ball fields, man. We play ball and two totally different fields because I deal with you know, mainly mom and pop type contractors. And so my, my traditional rates for Tree Service contractors for one location, so essentially if their service area is one county, then I'll charge you know 3000 to 30 $500 setup on the front end and then 1500 dollars a month and that includes but that means That doesn't include ad spend, if they're going to be spending Google ads, they have a budget for their own. But that's my average is about 1500 a month retainer for clients, but and 30, you know, 3030 $500 on the setup. And, but again, that's for me, I would rather spend my time developing out my own assets that can produce relatively the same because remember, I spend, it's out of the 1500 dollar budget, I can usually assume that I'm going to take about 440 percent of that, and spend that on a monthly basis to get results. That's just that that's not I don't always throw 40% of that towards whatever. But what I'm saying is, that's like, the numbers that I've always used was I can assume that I'm going to spend about 40% of that. Right, every single month in fulfillment, you know, it could be higher could be lower, but that's just what I always, you know, had kind of planned out for it for Tree Service contractors. Obviously, if they have a great bigger service area, then it goes up from there. But if I can generate similar types of revenue For my own assets without the headache of dealing with clients, then why wouldn't I just do that? And so that's why I really shifted my business model to that.

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So we're talking I mean, ballpark about around 5k in costs, the first couple of months. But then after that once it really starts producing costs go down, because it just requires maintenance, right? Oh, yeah. And so like the first 90 days, I tell people, I don't see as much as people think. As much as I'm charging. I should, I should see more in my pocket, but I don't because I'm investing. And I'm investing in the client and I'm investing in a long term relationship. I want to show the results. I want to knock his fucking socks off just like this. Right? So when I do that, and we go to the table good. Remember, I don't sign contracts. It's 90 days we're going to talk after 90 days I'm going to show you results so after you see this, I want you to say yeah, Fuck yes me up for however long. Not literally sign Sign me up. But yeah, let's keep working. You keep producing results, and I'm going to keep paying. That's how I do it.

That's it. So Ricky's question is the first one is what products, what product has your schema training and we don't have any schema training specifically. I know Mark and Marco and Rob talked about that in a heavy hitter club. And in the mastermind, we talked about it as well. But what I was going to post here was SEO Bootcamp. Right? That's probably something that we can point him to. Am I right?

schema training? Yes. The heavy hitter club. Okay, so heavy hitter club, heavy hitter club. I mean, we did some really in the in-depth stuff in there, man. I mean, really, really good. And what you're seeing in that image is the product of CES we only did the only on-page the schema. Right? Everything else is off-page. But just from that work, you have seen those results. So schema, regardless of what Google says that it doesn't affect rankings. It's bullshit I call bullshit and I can show ya look at the image I can show it.

Yeah. And then SEO Bootcamp. I know, Jeffrey Smith does touch on the schema in there. He talks about semantic tags and all kinds of stuff. And part of, you know, SEO Bootcamp with our offer. Now, he didn't change the price. Originally, it was $1,000. And you guys could get it through our link for 500. Now, it's 500. And you can still get it. It's still 500 through our link, but you get the SEO ultimate Pro Plugin with, I think, 20 licenses or 2010. I don't know 10. It's for us, they go through our link, instead of 10 licenses, they'll get 20. Okay, and that's it. That's, I believe, is a 297 value. And it's just for us. He's kicking those in man. Thanks, Jeffrey. If you're watching this, I don't know you are. Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

Yeah. And so I was gonna say between heavy hitter club and those, those are probably the two best resources.

So SEO Bootcamp. That should be correct.

Yes, that's it.

We had the master, come and do our first entity webinar in the heavy hitter club. We had Jeffrey, come on man. And he does he killed it. It's so good.

Yeah. And this is great on-page course guys, wherever it is, it's a great on-page score.

So All right, next question is okay, Ricky was making more of a comment. Well, I guess the question and comment to BB Can we get a report of anything BB has actually implemented I don't mind the questions, but it doesn't seem like much has been actually implemented been a few months now. And the same sort of questions not hating. And, uh, you know, that's, that's part of what the mastermind is for, and we have these mini accountability groups is, you know, we, and that's why I said holding, holding our members accountable, are you? You know, I think that's a great idea. And I think having an accountability partner or an accountability group that you can be a member of, and I'm not talking to you, Ricky, but just anybody in general. It's a good idea. Yeah, right, because sometimes it's easy to make a commitment to yourself, it's easier to break a commitment to yourself than it is to break it to others. Right? And so if you tell other people, you're going to do something and you don't do it, it makes you look like a fool. So I think that's having an accountability partner and accountability group to be a member of is, is certainly beneficial.

Are you going to say something, Marco? No, no, no, no, no, I just found something to be funny. Okay. Sorry. Sorry.

Okay, so the last, I guess more of a comment than a question, Miss from Ricky. And then we're going to wrap it up because we're about out of time. Anyways, he says, imagine, imagine having a place like MGYB, when you all started, I can let you guys do the work and just sell it and get out of my business and start working on my business from day one, not from day 2031. But from day one, but you guys are here. Yeah, and I, you know, I totally agree. It would have been nice, but it didn't, you know, something like that didn't exist at the time. So yeah, I mean, that's what we talked about. It's the Semantic Mastery way guys, like, you can learn how to do all of these things if you'd like. But you don't really need to learn how to do them if you know where to get them. And you know how to put the pieces together in the proper order, and in the right way that is going to get you results, then why bother learning how to do all this stuff, unless, unless it's just because you're curious and you're interested in it. You know, that's, that's the point. Like, if you know, you have a process that will absolutely get you results that you have confidence in, right, then you can go out and sell that process over and over and over again, and make money from it, instead of actually being the x, you know, executing the process being the fulfillment provider yourself. You can hire somebody else to do it, as long as you have confidence in that process, that it will produce results. That's the point. And so, you know, again, it's I think it's you're much better off trying to outsource or find third or third party providers to be able to do fulfillment and learn how to sell and learn how to prospect and sell and manage projects, essentially. So that you can really scale your agency because that's where we hear most of the trouble from a lot of, you know, members that come into mastermind and things like that is that there are too many people in this business that try to be the fulfillment providers from start to finish of every project, you know, and that's, that's what slows everybody down. And I've been guilty of that over the years in many, many respects, but, you know, trying to do everything yourself. And the problem is, it's hard to find services that are, you know, that are good, that are decent, they can produce results, you know, reliable reliably and repeatedly. And that's part of what we, you know, try to we try to do with our project our products is, you know, in our methods is something that can be used over and over again, regardless of industry. Right, it works, it just works and if you do it correctly, then it will produce results and then you should have the confidence to be able to Go out and sell that over and over and over again and really scale your business. So

Alright, any follow up comments guys?

Not for me.

Wrap it up then. Thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys

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