Best Practices of Setting SEO Title and Other On Page Practices for Beginners

By April

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In the 69th episode of Semantic Mastery weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one of the questions asked was about the best ON PAGE SEO practices for beginners.

The exact question was:

Burning Question for anyone with some experience with Keyword Research and utilization via Local SEO particularly +Bradley Benner. I'm a follower of the Humpdays Hangouts which has been sometimes like listening to alien conversations but very helpful and product purchaser based off your recommendations. I haven't gotten into the S Mastery club yet as this is new for me, still in the learning curve but if I can get this remake done on this one site up and ranked for my first client, I would have the money to do join SM as the local competition is sleeping.

I understand most everything with the research process and discovery aspect related to competition analysis of the Keywords though one of your courses (+1) but see that your now using the process of starting at Trends then to KeywordSuggestPro, to RankSpy to GKWP. What threw me off here is that I've been told that getting the site to rank in the 3 pack (local Intent) and using KWs based on mybuisness categories and relevant KWs triggering the 3 pack is the most important aspect of the keywords and the Titles of the site silo structure.

In addition with the recent purchase on your reco for Project Supremacy plug in, I'm learning Keyword Mapping for Content creation with correct Keyword density. For some reason the local is throwing me off and going a little crazy when it comes to the keyword selection and the content creation based on KW relevancy and KW density. What I'm trying to grasp is in Local is where does the Geomodifer/Town Name for my Keywords go into the mapping process. That is, will the Geomodifyer (town name) be actually a part of the mapped keyword written content that I'm trying to rank for or is that more in the page title aspects with the setup of the site silo structure or both? So for example I wanted to have a site for Town Name Medical Spa (+ 3 pack) the Silo Titles would be Laser Hair Removal (+ 3 pack), Skin Care (+3 pack) Botox and Fillers (+ 3 pack) and so on. So where would the town name(s) go in the keyword maps that I'm creating content for on these pages. In addition if I'm placing just one town name in the Titles and or into the keyword density content of some of these pages wouldn't I be pigeonholing myself for just this town and not really pick up any surrounding towns? Solve that and I would have a big question solved project near completion and on my way to joining Semantic Mastery. Thanks hop that make sense. ?

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