Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 95

By April

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Adam: Hey everybody welcome to do Hump Day Hangouts, this is episode number 95. Today is the last day of August, the 31st, 2016. We got almost everybody here, but we'll go down the short list. I believe we're missing Chris right now, he might pop in later, but Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey guys, hey everyone. How's everyone doing? It's really good to be here.

Adam: Good, good. Marco what's up?

Marco: What's up man? Warm, but it's raining. It's raining again man. Two days in a row.

Adam: Into every life a little rain must fall.

Marco: Yeah, that's how it goes.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: It's going well man, I'm happy to be hear. I'm excited about our Content Kingpin launch. It's ongoing right now, so I'm sure we'll talk a little bit about that, but happy to get started.

Adam: Definitely, definitely. Well I wonder mine people, obviously everybody hear … Let me rephrase that. Everybody watching should be able to count. So we're at episode 95. Instead we might do something on episode 100. We were just talking about this, we're definitely going to do something special for episode 104. That's going to be … You know, 52 weeks in a year, so episode 104 will be the big mark for us. That's going to be two years. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Stay tuned for that. We'll obviously be putting out some information on what's going on there. Then, if you've opened your e-mails, hopefully you've seen them and you check them out. If you're interested to add all in content. I'm going to have Bradley talk about Content Kingpin real quick. Also, we wanted to let people know too, that this isn't just written content. There's also a video component to this. Bradley if you want to talk about that real quick.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: I'm posting on the event page right now, the Content Kingpin Q & A webinar that we did yesterday. I'm posting an event page so that you can see the posted questions as well. You're more than welcome to go check that out if you want to. It wasn't a pitch webinar, it was just basically here's what the course is, this is what it's about, this is the origins of it, how I developed it, why I developed it, and what's inside. We walk through the members area to show the training. Then we brought Zane on to talk about the Tube Kingpin, which is the up-sell. It's an offer that talks about … Content Kingpin is focused around blog content. So creating content for either your own sites, money sites, client sites, and always for link building. Content cu-ration for, and content creation for link building. That's what that cover.

Then there's Tube Kingpin, which is the up sell. Zane Miller put that together, and that's about curating videos on YouTube, and being able to use those to drive massive amounts of traffic to wherever you want. Very, very powerful method. Both of those are covered in detail in a webinar that we did yesterday. Again, it's not a pitch webinar. Literally the link is on the webinar page if you want to buy it. Just go check it out, hopefully it will get some questions answered. We certainly encourage you guys to pick it up right now while it's dirt cheap, because the price rises I think tomorrow doesn't it?

Adam: Yes sir. Tomorrow morning.

Bradley: Okay, so the price goes up tomorrow for, I think, 4 days. Then it lands on it's final resting price which is-

Adam: Yeah, once the 7 day launch is over we'll have it at a evergreen price beyond that.

Bradley: It will be the evergreen price, that's right. If you're on the fence I'd get it today, because tomorrow the price goes up another twenty bucks, and then it goes up another thirty dollars about a few days later. Get it now while it's cheap. It's stupid cheap right now guys. Anyways, that said, anything else we need to cover?

Adam: I think we're good. Marco or Hernan, you got anything?[crosstalk 00:03:33]

Marco: Yeah I'm good.

Adam: All right, let's do this.

Bradley: Okay, I'm going to go ahead and grab the screen and we'll get right into questions. I see quite a few good questions already. I'm going to zoom in a little bit this time guys, because I think it will make it easier for everybody else.

Starting right at the bottom. Let's see.

Google Penalty & NoIndexing Subdomains In IFTTT

“Hello Bradley, I hope you are doing great. I have a question regarding IFTTT in Syndwire. First of all, Syndwire, some blogs that can embed video on, but does not integrate with IFTTT like LiveJournal, SOS blogs, and Jimdo. So I was thinking create three sub-domains on my self hosted WordPress site and using IFTTT to syndicate my video to these three sub-domains. Then use these three sub-domains RSS as a trigger for Syndwire, so Syndwire can auto post my video to LiveJournal, SOS blogs, and Jimdo. It's like having additional three properties to syndicate my video automatically. I plan to no index these three sub-domains, but I know Google may crawl it, but it won't index it.” Yeah, that's correct. “So my question is if I noindex uses three sub-domains will Google tie these three properties with my three sub-domains and trigger a penalty? Or am I over thinking stuff?

This Stuff Works

You're over thinking stuff. No indexing the sub-domain and then syndicating content to the web 2, doesn't mean that the web 2 post won't index. Okay. It really makes no difference. It will be … The attribution link will point back to a link that's set to no index, but that's not a problem. That's not an issue. You're just telling Google not to index it. You're over thinking. Don't worry about that, you'd be find to do that. Okay.

Video Titles As Anchor Texts

“Assume the above scenario is possible. Is it safe to use the title of my video as the anchor text if I have a three tier two networks, is there a specific ratio that you follow for all of your IFTTT due follow properties?

Is it for a video network, or a blog syndication network? Let's see, I'm looking through it again. He's talking about embedding video. It sounds like it's a video embed network that you're doing, but you're using some blogs for additional syndication. In that case I would say it'd be fine, because you're trying to rank the videos, not necessarily the blog post itself correct? That's just my assumption based on the rest of your question. I just hammer … Whenever I'm doing, for example with video recipes, you can edit the video recipes that we provide, to either link with the raw URL, or naked URL. Or, you can use the title … You can use tokens within IFTTT to do that. Right? The tokens are what they call the ingredients. You can select “Enter URL”, or “Entry Title” so you can actually code your attribution links or, excuse me, the link in the description of the recipe. If you know what I'm talking about. Typically we do the embed code, and then we link to the actual video, Which again, could either be naked URL, it could be anchor text you want, you just code it into the recipe, or you use the video title. Then we always link back to the channel.

In channel you can link to various pages on the channel. For example, you could link to just the main channel URL. You can link to the about page. You can link to the playlist page. You can link to the videos page. It really doesn't matter. There are several pages you can use to link to, and again, the anchor text can be changed out for the channel link as well, right? You can have a naked URL, or you could use anchor text or the channel name. The channel name is anchor text, or keywords. Whatever you want to do. All I recommend is, if it's a video network, if you've got three different sub-domains, what I would do is kind of interchange the recipes slightly. Just bury them a little bit.

For example, on the first sub-domain site, maybe you use recipes that are all title anchor. Then for the second sub-domain, you use just naked URL link or text. For the third one you could use generics or whatever. All I'm saying is switch it up a little bit, add some diversity.

If it's blog properties it's different guys. If you're doing blog syndication, first of all, I don't recommend doing the two tier networks. We've talked about that a thousand times. Unless you're minimizing your footprint of it with … Reducing your footprint by using tier two related content triggers. In which case, you're typically going to be linking back with the anchor text is going to be the actual link … the title of the post that you're syndicating is going to be the attribution link. If you've got an internal link in blog post itself, remember this is if you're syndicating blog post. If you're using the blog post itself to create an internal link to a page on your site, which is what we teach, then you just got to be aware of your anchor text.

If you're using a tier two network you got to be a bit more careful, because you have to recognize that your anchor text is going to be syndicated to not only three blog properties on tier one, but then an additional nine blog properties on tier two. Because each tier two ring has an additional three blog properties. If you're doing the full text post feed, if you're syndicating a full text post, then that anchor text will get syndicated as well.

It's okay to still use a tier two network for blog syndication, I don't recommend it, but if you want to do it, you just have to be aware of that. In that case, I typically like to just use naked URLs, or generics, or very broad terms. I'm always cognizant of that when my virtual assistants, whoever, whose doing the posting, is always aware of that so that they vary the anchor text from post to post, so that we're not always hammering away on the same keyboards, because then you can get over-optimized anchor text. If that makes sense. Okay.

“Reason I was asking because of above strategy work that can use SyndWire to auto-syndicate blog content to six more PDF sites, one more blog site that IFTTT doesn't integrate with. Now I'm in doing video, but would love to know about doing blog syndication”

Okay, well I hope I answered both of those in that long scpheel. So we'll get to number three. “If the strategy works, I will have an additional seven more properties to syndicate to, If I were to interlink an additional seven of them is I going to look spammy? I've interlinked every IFTTT site, and live stream site. Should I know the seven additional properties, of should I just leave them?”

IF they're branded properties, yeah go ahead and enter … Let me rephrase that. On tier one, you'd brand them. Right? On tier two they would each be branded for the persona or the profile. Or whatever the brand is for your tier two networks. Yes, I would interlink them, because once again, what we're trying to do is establish and validate an entity. The more properties out there on the web that you can associate with a profile, or a persona, or a brand, the better. Okay.

This Stuff Works

By the way, there's a couple of announcements I did forget to mention. Number one we're going to do the IFTTT update webinar for the V2, the multi update webinar. It's probably going to be scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon. We usually do it immediately following Hump Day Hangouts, but next Wednesday, we have master class, so it would be two weeks before we could get to the update webinar. We're due, so I'm thinking I'm going to schedule it for Tuesday, but I'm not 100% sure. If it's not Tuesday, it will be the following Wednesday guys.

One other thing I wanted to mention, was next week we're doing a special webinar from 4:30pm to 6:00pm eastern. So Hump Day Hangouts will still be on next week guys, but we're going to push it thirty minutes early. I didn't even tell my partners this. So, guys just so you know were doing Hump Day Hangouts 30 minutes early next week.

Hernan: Thank you Bradley.

Bradley: We got a special webinar, we're probably going to make it public. I'm not 100% sure yet. We're going to do a special webinar for master class next week, and it will be a 90 minute webinar starting at 4:30pm and running until 6:00pm eastern. Just so you guys know.

Hernan: You never talk to us man.

Bradley: Yeah, I know I made an executive decision.

Hernan: Okay.

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Bradley: Ron, I would just go ahead I would absolutely recommend you interlink the properties. You interlink them network specific. In other words your tier two networks, all the properties for tier two A is going to be interlinked. All network properties for tier two B will be interlinked. Right? You don't want to cross link between tier two A and tier two B, and the same goes for tier two C. You don't want to do any cross linking between any of those. You do want to interlink all of the properties within the same network. Okay? That helps to just build more authority, and validate the properties for the entity, the persona, the profile, whatever.

Crowd Social Signals

Another one from Adam says “Hey guys, good day. Quick question, have you come across crowd social signals it claims drip fed by real people and does it help to improve the trust level of domain, thanks”

I saw you're question earlier Adam, and I went ahead and clicked on it, or pulled it up. This looks totally like a Dan Antone service. I'm almost 100% sure it is, because it's got an interface very similar to what crowd search has. I'm pretty sure this is one of his new services. We're going to reach out to him and get a little bit more information on. I have not tested this or anything yet, but I should be in the beta testing group because we do a lot of stuff with crowd search as it is. I'm assuming this is a similar service to crowd search, except it's a social signal service, a crowd sourced social signal.

From my initial impression without testing it or anything else, if it's a Dan Antone service, it's a solid service. It looks something that we definitely would want to test and give our honest review about. We're going to be reaching out to Dan to find out more about it. Unfortunately I don't have any more information at the moment, but maybe by next Wednesday we'll have a little bit of data for you … an opinion. I can tell you just from first look that Dan Antone services are usually really solid services so I would say it's probably a good service. All right.

Outlook Account Suspended

Bob's question. He says “I just finished building my first IFTTT syndication network,” everyone go plus 1 Bob's, because that's a milestone. “Most of it went smoothly, but when I went to put links in my One note account I got a message saying my Outlook account has been temporarily suspended. Other than the initial setup there has been no activity on that account. I'm not sure why it was suspended. Any thoughts on why this would happen? I may not be able to make the Hump Day Hangout live, but please answer so I can check it on the replay.”

Okay Bob. I haven't actually seen that specifically from adding links. I know Outlook, those accounts can get locked fairly easy, because of IP issues. If you've got … For example, and I don't that this is the case, but I'm saying if you created the account with a proxy, and then you logged into the account without a proxy, sometime it will trigger … It will lock the account, and it will trigger a re-verification, and their a bitch to re-verify. Outlook accounts are. That may have been an issue. I don't know that that's what you did, I'm just saying if your IP's had changed from logging in one time, to logging in another, that may have been an issue. As far as actually adding links and having it saying temporarily suspended, I have not seen that. I really can't trouble shoot it without … Or give you any suggestions. My first guess would be it's most likely an IP issue. You were on a dirty IP or something like that. If you were using a proxy, it could have been a proxy that's been blacklisted or flagged, or something like that.

If you were using your own IP, maybe they're just cracking down on stuff. If we start getting more reports of that, we'll have to dig into it a lot deeper and figure out what's going in. All right.

This Stuff Works

No. Of IFTTT Networks For Business With Multiple Locations

Clark says, “I have a new client that has three locations. Each location has a verified, but not optimized Google my business listing. I will be creating a new website and want to use IFTTT network to best advantage this. Should I use one network, or do I need one for each location?”

All right, Clark, this is definitely a good question. We get this asked a lot. I recommend that if you've got one network and it's for the same client, the same brand, in other words the same business, but they just got three different locations, then it's perfectly fine to use one network for all three locations. Okay? There's a couple ways that you can do that. You can have each one of the locations, if they each have … You say each location has it's own Google my business listing, I don't know whether you have one website, or three websites. If you have one website, it makes it easy, because you'd just would syndicate to the one network from one website. Right? You might have three separate landing pages on that domain, for the three different locations. That's perfectly fine.

Now, if you have three separate websites, there's a couple things you can do which is typically how I build stuff out. I usually build a corporate website on the root domain. Which is essentially just a billboard. It's just “this is the company, this is what we do, here's our contact information.” Then there's a locations page, or a directory right on the website. They can click through to go to the individual location websites, which are usually on sub-domains. That's just how I build my structure whenever I'm building a multi location site. I'm just going to give you both versions of it here. If it's one website with three separate landing pages, yes one network is fine. If you've got three separate websites, what you can do is is still use one network, but what you do is you create three sets of recipes. Each separate website can have its own RSS feed. Right? You could have essentially three sets of recipes triggering the same IFTTT network because you're using three separate RSS feeds as triggers. One for each location.

Alternatively, you could choose one location to be the main blog, and just blog from that. Again, this is if you have three separate websites. You could choose just one website to be the blog, or put a blog on a sub-domain, or something like that, and just use that as a content distribution engine. Then syndicate all your content from one website, but still use that blog to build links to all three locations, or all three separate site. If that makes sense.

The point is, yes you can get away with one network depending on how you built the structure of the site. I recommend posting from one location because it's just easier. I don't know if you do that yourself, or if you outsource the content, the blogging part of it, which I highly recommend that you do. For my virtual assistant, my curators and bloggers, they typically will log into root domain and then build links into all of the sub-domain sites from that root domain, by blogging from the root domain. We just have the root domain set up with categories, each location has it's own category. That way we're actually silo-ing the content within the specific category. The category links over to the corresponding sub-domain site. If that makes sense. There's a few different ways to do, but one network is definitely suitable for all three locations if it's the same brand. All right?

No. Of Pins & Videos For Maps Listing In RYS

Next one, “You show how to add additional locations on Google my maps listing in the RYS case study. My question, is there a best practice limit to the number of pins and videos that can be added? I have a customer that has a service area that includes over 80 individual cities and named neighborhoods. Can I add them all? If yes, should I add them all at once, or edit my maps listing over time? Thanks.”

Clark, I'm going to let Marco respond to this one, but I can tell you yes you can add all of them. Marco was there any issue on the timing of that? I don't think there is?

Marco: Nope. He says 80 individual … We have run into a limit. I forget what our VA said it was. It's somewhere around 500. You have to remember the more iFrames, and that would be videos that you add to that map, the more it's going to slow it down when it scripts it over. That's the only real issue is how much of a burden you're putting on the resources. No, you can add as many pins as you want and as many cities. You're going to have to layer them, you get to a point where it will only accept so many pins, but you just add a layer and then you'll add more pins, then you'll add another layer and add more pins until you get to the limit. I forget, I can check it and put it in later. We ran across this already.

Also depends, because sometimes a My Map will rank. Not in the map pack, but the map URL. It all depends an how spammy you want it to look, It can look really bad. Trust me. Redundant, right man? I think I showed you a case study with the SEO plus city thing. We just went everywhere.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: That's why I knew 80 cities could be added, because there was hundreds of pin on that map.

Marco: He could do it, split it up by areas. North, south, east, west, or however it is that the cities divided. Whatever it is that he's targeting … I'm giving away to much. But he could divide it up right? Reach out to me in RYS Academy man, and ask me this question and I could give you more guidance. The quick answer is yes. On the previous question, I would say that for each location you do an RYS stack, a separate RYS stack for each location, so that you carry relevancy over to the location.

Bradley: Yeah. Very good, thank you. Okay, a milestone, we hit 3000 subscribers today on our YouTube channel Semantic Mastery. We want to thank everybody for that, that's really incredible. We were … I think I remember we were doing Hump Day Hangouts and I think we were around, I don't know, episode 15 or 20 when we passed the thousand mark. We were on the Hang Outs and I think we were at 996 subscribers, and I was like “Go subscribe to our channel right now, we're going to give something to the thousandth subscriber.” We've come a long way since then, it's pretty cool to see us hit that 3,000 mark guys, so we really appreciate that. I wanted to share that with y'all.

Okay Scott Says, “Hey Bradley, I was going to ask this question the last class, but the link said that the next webinar is Wednesday is September 7th which is too long of a wait. Question, where exactly is the master class training,” Excuse me “where exactly in the master class training does it show how to build an optimized website step-by-step? Not able to find it. Thanks.”

Scott, I would suggest, most likely you're talking about if it's a local site, that's what I can assume. There's two case studies that I went through where I built the site basically step-by-step. Because the master class trains only an hour each time, I don't go through in real time and build it, but what I would do, is every single week I would plan … At the end of the master class webinar, I would say what the plan was, the to-do list, for the next week. The following week, I would immediately go in and show the work that was done that was proposed the previous week. Then walk through what was done, how it was done, and why it was done. Then we would go through and set-up for the next week and do it like that.

There's two case studies. There's a local case study, and then there's a launch jack … Well actually three case studies. A launch jack, and affiliate case study. All three of them were set up with the same sort of format.

Adam: I think he's probably going want to start with the local case study. One, that's first in the series. Two, I know that you definitely went in to detail what the website said up there. Not that you didn't in the others, but I think that's going to be the one he should probably go through. That's about six, or seven. I'm looking at it right now.

Bradley: Yeah, six, seven or even eight classes.

Adam: I think it's seven with a Q & A.

Bradley: We went into great detail in that guys. That local case study is still just ranking like crazy. I think four out of the five keywords are in the maps three pack that I had originally optimized for. I haven't touched that since I think July of last year. It's definitely a solid way if you just go through the training.

Adam: Yeah, I'm going to say it now too. Anybody listening right now is in IFTTT SEO Academy and this is sounding like good stuff to you, you should hop into the master class. I'll put the link up there, but you get access to all this stuff, and you get access to the IFTTT SEO Academy stuff.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Just so they understand that, if they subscribe to master class, then we cancel your IFTTT payments guys, because master class includes IFTTT SEO academy. Also, there use to be a drip schedule on archive content, but that's all been removed. When you sign up now you get literally a content dump of a year and a half worth of content. It's all up to you, you go at your own pace. Take as little or as much as you want.

Marco: IF I can just throw in my two cents worth. Our shit works. Period.

Bradley: Enough said.

Optimizing Attribution Page In IFTTT

All right, Chik's up next, “Hey guys is there a poster example of your recommended way to optimize a post for IFTTT network? Specifically for giving attributions to the page I want to link? Thank you.”

I believe it's in the best practices training Chik, if you go into the IFTTT members area, the academy members area, if you go look at the advanced training, there should be some training in there for that. Really it's very simple guys, when you're blogging from your main money site, which is what you should be doing. Syndicating you're network. You want to use contextual links from within the post to link to the pages on the site that you're trying to rank. Typically you're not trying to rank the blog post. That's not always the case. Sometimes you want to rank the blog post. Sometimes you just rank the blog post without even really doing it intentionally, and that's fantastic. Most of the time you're trying to use the blog to rank the pages. That's kind of the point. Right?

There's three different ways, and I talk about this often. Maybe we'll make an FAQ out of this Adam, if you want to mark this right now. There's three different ways to create a link to your page from within the blog post. Okay? Number one is a traditional contextual link. Which just means within the content of the post, you link typically with keyword anchor text to the page that you want to rank. That anchor text link is going to get syndicated out to your branded network. If you have a two tier network, it goes out to tier two as well. I really don't recommend doing that guys, you can if you want. Anyways. That's the typical, traditional way, that's option number one. That's just using a contextual length within the body of the post.

Number two, is to curate content from one of your pages. Especially if you're using content cu-ration for your blog. Which is what we highly recommend. Shameless plug once again for Content Kingpin. If you don't have that training, go pick it up right now before the price goes up. Curating content, if you're curating content already for your blog, which means you're citing content sources, high authority. Hopefully content that has a lot of social engagement as well. You're grabbing snippets of other peoples content, and you're adding that to the post, and then you're citing the source. Well you can cite your own content as the source. When you go to create a curated style link, you will typically use the page title as the anchor text, and link to that page. Okay?

That's not always the case. You can switch it up, you can use a generic, you can say “read more,” or “learn more,” or “continue reading,” or something like that, and use that as the actual link. That's fine too. Option number one, remember contextual link. Option number two, would be to curate some content from the page that you're trying to rank and then link to that page with the page title itself, or with a generic or something like that.

The third option is a recommended resources, or additional reading, or related content, or whatever. Something like that. Which is essentially most curated type blogs have at the bottom guys, some of the biggest blogs on the web have this, and you guys will recognize this. At the bottom it says related content, or recommended reading, additional content, whatever, whatever you want to call it. Then it's a bullet list of three, four, five, six, whatever articles and links pointing to other articles that reinforce the overall theme or topic of the post. Continued reading type stuff. You can always add a link to your page within that as well. Again, all of that is very … In the IFTTT training itself, there should be some training for that. Also on Content Kingpin, most recently, we go into that extensively. Hopefully that's helpful though.

So there's three different ways that you can use to actually link up to your page. Just remember you don't want to hammer the same keywords over and over again. That's why it's good to even vary the type of links. From contextual to citation link, or curated type link, to recommend reading style link. That varies the link type, as well as the anchor text, and everything else. That's what you kind of want is some diversity. Right?

Curation Suite For Content Kingpin

Shannon says, “I know Content Kingpin is out, but I have no received it yet, so I was considering picking up Curation Suite. Would that work with Kingpin or is it not needed?”

Yes, Content Kingpin teaches you how to curate and why, which I think is key. Yes, there are tools like Curation Sweep which we recommend in the actual training that can help you to be a hell of a lot more efficient with it. You can totally do it manually with free tools. That's how all of my content marketing team does. They do it 100% manually using free tools.

Adam: Use Curation Sweep, it is awesome.

Bradley: Yeah it is. I mentioned this in the webinar that we did yesterday, if I had to train my team over again, I would have trained them on Curation Suite, and they'd be using that. It would make them even more efficient. They're running like a well-oiled machine right now anyways. If I had to do it over again, I would use Curation Suite. Okay?

Also guys, MasterMind members, you guys all will be getting Content Kingpin. It will be … We haven't made that post yet have we?

Adam: No we needed get over the launch, make sure everything was smooth and then later this week we'll set-up.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: I just wanted everybody, just be patient you guys will get it.

Adam: I'll have to check, Chris might have posted in there. Regardless if not, it's going to happen this week.

Bradley: Oh, Chris posted right here. Yeah right there. Sorry, that was just above. Anybody that's a master mind member, or purchased Curation Mastery, which was the old version of the course, just contact us at support semanticmastery.com and we'll be happy to hook you up with the updated version.

RSS Data

Earl says, “RSS authority sniper question. Confused as to what type of information I should be putting into the rank feeder authority feed details page 3 B. Feed title, should it be keyword rich, attract viewers, or what?”

Both, Earl. I mean if you can squeeze a keyword in there, make it a compelling type title. That's what you should be doing. Keyword specific titles aren't really the best way to … That's not really good for marketing. You know what I mean? It's good for SEO, but you want a compelling title. If you can squeeze a keyword in there, with a call to action or something that's a headline, like a hook, that peaks interests, or curiosity, then that's something that you'd want to do.

“From the feed tag, it allows 10, should I just be filling this in with the keywords?” Yeah, you can put keywords in. That's typically what you'll do, but you don't have to put ten in every time just so you guys know that. Just because there's ten slots doesn't mean that you have to put ten in. Typically I'll just pick out two or three, of the main keywords and stick them in. You can fill out with ten if you want, just use a good variety of co-occuring keywords, LSI's that kind of thing.

“Advice on static first, top, random etc. Ping on Publish, vs Drip Ping, and comments on how often and why?”

I don't think that really matters so much personally. I just usually have it set up at static at first. That's it. That's just the way I set them up. I haven't set up a whole lot of them though, so I don't really think it matters. I got to think that Lisa Allen has a Facebook group or something for rank feeder in RSS authority sniper. I would say probably want to ask in one of the groups from some of the heavy users that have a lot more testing behind it than I do. Hernan or Marco have you guys used it much?

Hernan: Yeah, not in reality like. I'm trying to think of an example that I've used that … The only way that I've used it was for foreign Youtube videos, but that's pretty much it. Not for anything else. Not for a foreign website, not yet at least. We will definitely need to try. My guessing is that being much easier, you could over optimize a little bit and it will be fine.

Bradley: Yeah, it's not the same. These are RSS feeds, if you're just submitting aggregators and directories. It's not the same as like over optimizing links that are pointing to your sites. It's not the same. You can be a little heavy on the optimization, that's fine. I always say, just try to use common sense. If you're hammering away at the same keyword across every field that you can enter text, and it's the same keyword, I just would assume it wouldn't work all that well.

Earl, again, I mentioned if I had more experience with it, I would give you some better data. I would recommend, number one reaching out to … I've got to assume that she's got some sort of Facebook group or something. Some of these questions could be answered by people that are real heavy users of it. The other thing is, just test. Test it and see. Even other people, when they give advice, it's still worthy of a test on your part. Right? My point is, go ahead and set up a feed one way, for one post. Then set up a feed another way for another post and track your results. Put it in a rank tracker and see which ones are giving you better results. Which configuration gives you the best results. Then if one configuration outperforms another, then you need set up another test to verify or confirm that that data is consistent. That that's a repeatable event, or repeatable results.

Adam: Thanks to Greg, he just posted the Facebook group. Anyone who's looking for that, it's the top comment up there. Thanks Greg.

Marco: Just if I can add to this. My take on this is that you should really be concerned about hammering away with keywords on this. What you're looking for is your siphoning that authority, and that topical trust, right, for the topical trust algorithm.

Bradley: And co-citation.

Marco: Right, you're looking for, exactly, for that co-citation. All of that together, the bot is smart enough to take all of that relevancy and say that's what this is about. Without you needing to do all this other … Without you having to worry, okay, “should I hammer it with keywords? Should I add it here, should I add it there? What else should I do?” What you're trying to siphon is the authority from these other feeds, and again, the topical trust, and as Bradley mentioned, the co-citation. That's what you're looking to do. To push all this back to wherever your feed is originated. That's how I see the purpose of Rank Feeder.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah, and how many [burner-mind-ring 00:36:19] are both evolved enough, advanced enough, to be able to make that association too. That's the thing, you don't have to hammer away on the same keyword is my point. Just like Marco said.

Love that meme Wayne. It's awesome.

Difference Between Serp Shaker And Lead Gadget

Braulio says, “this might not be the right place for the question, but here it goes. What is the main difference between Serp Shaker and Lead Gadget? I've heard Bradley say that the ATM is the industrial version of Serp Shaker, but how so? If the answer is that Lead Gadget builds entire sites, and Serp Shaker is just a plug-in, Andres has released Serp Shaker control center which builds SS sites en mass. So does this bring SS to the same level of Lead Gadget?”

I'm not here to put down anybody's products or anything like that. All I can say is I stopped using Serp Shaker when I started Lead Gadget and the ATM very heavily. I'm not familiar with the evolution of Serp Shaker, so I really can't comment on that. Besides that, Andres is a friend of Semantic Mastery as well. You guys, you just have to make the decision. I can't tell you because I haven't used the Serp Shaker control center what the difference is. I know that the ATM has massive amounts of coding behind it now, in part, not just from Don, but also from Marco and our team, I know that we have a unique relationship with that. Again, I'm not here to put down Serp Shaker control center. I have no idea. I haven't used it. I know it's a good product. A lot of people liked it. A lot of people used it. I can't really answer that other than the fact that I use exclusively Lead Gadget and the ATM. Again, because we have kind of relationship with them that's beyond just us using the product. We've got a vested interest in it.

Does that make sense? Marco do you want to comment on that at all? We're kind of in a precarious position trying to comment on it.

Marco: Not really, because I haven't used the control center. I've only used the SerpShaker plug-in. That's the only thing I could speak on if I were to speak. As far as the SerpShaker control center, we'd have to have access to it. I can tell you from having a behind the scenes to what LeadGadget is. It's above and beyond anything you can possibly imagine the amounts of code and work that has gone into this. Both into lessening the footprint being able to grant you speed, being able to pull in content sources, I mean just everything. We're still working on it. We're adding [Skeemo 00:38:51]. We're adding just a whole bunch of different things that will allow people to make each site more unique, each site that they mass produce, even though it's mass produced. All I can say is what I've seen, and what I've worked on, rather than speak on what Andres is doing. Maybe we need to invite Andres over so that he can talk about his control center.

Anchor Text Generated In IFTTT Networks

Bradley: Okay, Ethan's up. He says “Hey I've purchased several full two tier IFTTT networks from Serp Space and I just want to confirm with you guys that I am safe that if the fault anchor text generated by all these properties.”

Well, okay Ethan. Again, when we deliver, as far as I know Adam, we are still sending out with delivery links to the best practices series, correct?

Adam: Sorry, I had myself muted. Yes we are, I'll double check on that though just to make sure something isn't broken or any of that. We should have a link in there. Couple of months ago I check every once in a while.

Bradley: That's in the done for you IFTTT funnel series if you need the links. As far as I know when we deliver the networks we send out the best practices. We totally recommend Ethan, that whenever you're two tier networks for blog syndication, that you make sure, and this is not something that we're going to do in Serp Space, we will not do this, this is something that you're going to have to do once we deliver the networks, and that's gathering your own related content feeds, and make sure that you set up the tier two triggers. So that you're reducing or minimizing your footprint for blog syndication. That can create an issue. Remember when you're syndicating content to a branded network, you don't care about a foot print, because you are just doing what you are expected to do, and that's sharing your own content to your own branded properties. They're just extensions of your brand. So there's no footprint issues.

When the footprint issues come in is with blog syndication, when you start stacking networks and doing tiered networks, because then you're doing it clearly to manipulate search results. That's against Goggle terms of service. That can get you in to trouble. You can minimize or reduce any footprint issues by injecting additional related content sources into the tier two triggers, so that you're second to your networks get populated with additional related content from other sources. Okay? We talk about that in the training. We talk about that in the IFTTT best practices series, and we've talked about it on Hump Day Hangouts probably 350 times. This makes 351. Just be careful with that. The default anchor text, the only anchor text that's generated is the anchor text that you create when your blogging from your distribution source. Which would be your blog. Right? The attribution links, which usually are going to use the title of the post as the anchor text to link back the original post.

Now, keep in mind the other part of this is, there's two types of attribution links. There's an attribution link type, or attribution link format that we use for single tier networks. Then there's the attribution link format that we use for two tier networks, and it's different. That's explained right here on this page as well, which is also explained in the training. Let's just go look it up RSS recipes. Let's see if I can find it. There it is. This is the page here guys, I'll drop it on the event page. Right here, the RSS recipes, there's training here for this, and we even talk about spin text to use RSS plug in when building a branded network only. So when doing a tiered network only, or excuse me, a tier one network only, then you'd want to use this type of spin tax, if you're using our plug-in. If you're not using our plug-in then you don't have the ability to spin the attribution text, but you can still create the attribution text.

If you're using tiered networks you want to omit the link back to the home page in the attribution text. Okay? In other words, when you're doing single tier network syndication, typically you're going to link to this post, and you use the title of the post as the anchor text to link to the post. Was originally published on, and then you link to the actual homepage of the blog. Right? Of the money site.

When you're doing a two tiered network, you want to omit the link to the home page, to where you're just building a link back to the actual post using the title as the anchor text. Okay? Again, that's covered right here, it's covered inside the training, and it should be covered in the best practices series that gets delivered with the done for you network. You're not in any trouble or anything Ethan if you haven't been doing that. I recommend that you immediately go find some related content sources, grab some feeds and set-up the additional triggers on the tier two networks so that you start populating those tier two networks with other peoples content as well. Okay?

Older Post In RSS Feed

Ethan's next question, “Also I've been curious to know how to bump an older post to the top of the RSS feed” wow this question. I'm not upset with you Ethan, this question has come up, I swear at least twice week for the last month. Do we not have a FAQ for this one?

Adam: I do, I'll get that if you want to go on to the next question. I'll grab it and post it up there for Ethan.

Bradley: All right, just really quickly I'm going to post in here. If you have our premium version of the plug-in, if you're a master mind member, our plug-in will do that for you. The RSS plug-in you have to be a mastermind member to get it. It's not for sale. If you want it you got to join the master mind. Otherwise if you use republish old posts, and I'll say WordPress, it's going to be the first link. This one right here. This is a plug-in that you can download, or install on your site, it's free. It's called Republish Old Posts. There's some settings, I'm not going to walk through how to set up, there's help files and everything else. You can actually use this to re-insert posts that have already been published back into your feed for re-syndication. Okay? So this is Republish Old Posts. Check it out, it's free.

Let's see. Paul Fussel. Link for the up-sell, did you give that to me?

This Stuff Works

Adam: I asked him to … Yeah he's going to get in contact with us.

Bradley: Just so you guys know, you don't want to buy the Tube Kingpin up-sell unless you have Content Kingpin. It's based on the principles taught in Content Kingpin, it really wouldn't make sense to buy that buy itself, just so you know.

Okay, Greg says, “RSS network works great and has measurable results each submission.” Yeah Greg that is very cool, so thank you for that by the way.

Semantic Mastery Course For Map Pack Ranking

Jordan Says, “is there any semantic mastery plan for a course of maps pack ranking?” Jordan Fowler. Well yeah, Jordan. First there's a few. Number one the master class training. In the master class training, we walk through the local case study. Which again, if you join the master class, we cancel your IFTTT SEO academy payments, because master class includes IFTTT SEO academy. Just like master mind includes master class and IFTTT SEO academy, and pretty much everything else that we do that's under 300 bucks. If it's over 300 bucks then you get a 30% discount. We have tiered products. Each time you step up, you get the products below it. Included with your subscription.

MasterClass has training on the local case study, which I mentioned at the beginning of this webinar. That site is still ranking today. I haven't done any work whatsoever since July of last year. It's still ranking today from four out of the five keywords. I've walked through step-by-step on exactly how to do that. Plus we also have … Well in the master mind we cover stuff every other week when we do our webinars that are two, and sometimes two and half hours long. There's a ton of stuff in there about that. Specifically we also our RYS academy. RYS academy and the speed ranking course was specifically for maps ranking, and it works like gang busters. Do we have a link for that we can drop for him? For the speed ranking courses. There's the four RYS academy course, then there's the speed ranking courses, which is specifically a case study that I did with the RYS methods for a local site that's ranked number one in maps right now, and all I did was RYS academy stuff methods. Nothing else.

Adam: We'll get that on there shortly.

Marco: If I can just add about RYS academy. We just had a fabulous testimonial dropped in there by Darrel on how he went from nowhere, to he just started ranking for dozens of keywords. As soon as that stack was built, we call it the dry stack, as soon as it was built, just a few days later the website just started jumping. The Google dance of course, because you're link building even though you're not really. You're just doing stuff to carry relevancy over to whatever it is you're doing. It just shows, he does the screenshot, there's a video in there on the latest that he did. Bradley's videos are in there on local map pack rankings. Everything that you need to rank in three pack is there.

Bradley: That's the thing. It's crazy, Darrel's post was great because he had first started the drive stack, and everything disappeared in search results and he was freaking out. He asked us what should I do. We said relax, take a breather. Take a few days let it settle in, because you just did a whole lot with building a drive stack. Sure enough he left it alone, and that's what he updated that post and shared some screenshots showing the jump in ranks and all that. He's got many many keywords ranking now and that's all he had done was the RYS drive stack. It definitely works great, it works really really good for local.

Semantic Mastery Course For  Using VPN & Proxies

Next, Jordan says, “Is there any semantic master” … Sorry that's one that I just answered. “I think there is a need for a course on how to use proxies, VPN's, how to go to stealth, best practices for marketers, and IFTTT members maybe?”

Well, the whole first module inside of my IFTTTSCO academy is about how to use proxies properly with Firefox. I also have an additional training on specifically how to use Browseo. We're going to be having a webinar with the Browseo developer Simon Dadia, next week, next Wednesday. He's about launch version three of it. It's a solid product. If you're doing a lot of building yourself, or if you have a lot of virtual systems that are building, I highly recommend that you get it. It's wroth the additional costs because the efficiency that it provides with being able to build.

I use Browseo for the video marketing blitz software which we promoted a couple weeks ago or whatever. That's a Abs product, which is a really good product. It requires having a bunch of … Each Youtube account has it's own dedicated proxy. You have to create the API credentials, and you always have to log back in using the same proxy, the same IP. Just set up Browseo and just install all of your … I have one of my virtual systems, he just added 60 Youtube accounts, with 60 dedicated proxies. One per account. He just added all of that to the video marketing blitz software over the last couple of days, because that's what we're doing.

Browseo makes it very very simple because you can have one window open with a whole bunch of different browser tabs, each tab has its own proxy. It's own IP. It's completely independent and separate from the other IP's. There's no cross-over, there's no bleed-over. No leakage, right? IP leakage, right? Browseo is a very very powerful software too, Greg, and we cover that inside the IFTTT SEO training. Again, we're going to have Simon Dadia on next week, which again we may make it public. It's going to be the master class webinar, but we may make it public. It's going to be from 4:30 to 6:00pm next Wednesday.

Now we're about of time guys, let's finish up these last couple ones. Jordan says “Also, as to my recent experience with SquareSpace site and IFTTTSCO network, run like a scalded dog. Finally convinced client to let us migrate to WordPress, if anyone has a client with SqaureSpace site, say “we migrate or no dice.” Unless you're feeling like Tony Romo day after day.” That's awesome Jordan, thank you for that.

This Stuff Works

Joining MasterMind

All right, last one. Jordan says “So can one join MasterMind at this point and not feel miles behind?” Yeah Jordan, and the reason why is because you can go through the archives, the library of past webinars, which is immense by this point. Remember we were doing the master mind I think six months before we even opened it to the public. Even longer than that really. When we were just a very small private group before we had even become Semantic Mastery, we had been doing webinars. Some of those are in the archives I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong Adam, don't we have two and a half years worth of content in there.

Adam: Yeah, there's a lot.

Bradley: Obviously I recommend that you would start off with the most recent webinars and work your way back, because at some point you're going to start seeing some information that's no longer outdated. Or that's no longer up to date because of how stuff evolves. I would just start with the most recent webinars and work your way back. Once you start seeing some information that had been contradicted on a more recent webinar, that's when I would stop.

There's still some evergreen stuff in there that doesn't change. That's the thing, if you have anything specifically that you want to find, you can always post in the master mind community and ask for some recommendations. Okay? We can point you in the right direction, or some of the master mind members … Again, I guarantee you if you're unclear about something and you post it in the master mind community, somebody else in the master mind had been unclear about it as well, and it got resolved so they can help you. That's part of the reason that it's called a master mind guys, and not just a group. It's not just about us teaching you guys stuff, it's about all of us collaborating together. We learn as much from our students as they learn from us. That's the truth. Because we have a lot of really savvy people in the master mind that contribute and post, and post content that they find and questions and case studies. It truly is a master mind community.

Adam: Not only that, talk about this as a power, it's even helped us and others. Like Bradley's saying, like SerpSpace that came about in patients because of a master mind member. That's how that happened. It's crazy, the power, that's how we started. Just my two cents.

Bradley: That's the truth. Semantic Mastery formed because of a previous master mind that we were all in. Yeah SerpSpace that's a collaboration between Semantic Mastery and Rank Us Now, whose a master mind member. Roman and his crew. There's a lot of really good connections that could be made guys.

Okay, last, Ganti says “Please make Browseo, I guess, by Dadia public, I really appreciate it.” Yeah Ganti, I think we're going to. Even If we don't make it public for the actual live webinar. We're probably going to push the replay out. I know he's going to a limited release on their version three. I think once he fills those slots he's going to close it down just to work out any bugs. Then it will re-open. Either way, I'm pretty sure we're going to make it public. I can't swear to it just yet, I got to get clarification from him as to what he wants us to do. All right.

Okay, “Would love to see live reviews of the tools that are on your resource page. I have several that I would like to leave.” “We would love to see live reviews of the tools that are on you're resource page, I have several I would like to leave.” I don't know what that really means Greg.

Adam: Probably just so he can pick the best. Right? We offer several, if we're using them, there's generally several options for lets say VSL tools, is one I'm thinking of. Be able to see that before we do that. That's good, we've thought about, it's tough just because of the vast amount of stuff out there. It's something we are thinking about. It's funny actually Greg, this may get us light the fire under our ass again. We talked about this recently. Anyways, that could be coming, we'll see what we can do.

Bradley: Okay, sweet. Well this was a good one guys. We got all the questions answered too, it was good timing. All right guys, everybody thanks for being here. What do we go tomorrow? Tomorrow is the Tube Kingpin webinar for anybody that purchased Content Kingpin and Tube Kingpin, we're doing the webinar tomorrow. Zane's going to be hosting that and talking about Tube Spinning, and curating Youtube videos and all that. Anybody that want's it check it out. Otherwise we'll see you all next week, and don't forget, next week the Hump Day Hangouts going to be thirty minutes. We're going to start at 3:30pm and go until 4:30pm.

Adam: Sounds good, so for anybody who hasn't bought into Content Kingpin, or whose maybe on the border why … I'm totally pimping ourselves, but why should they go buy so that they can go to this webinar. What's so cool about the webinar?

Bradley: I guess it's the introduction to Tube Spinning. Zane's hosting it, so I don't have the actual content in front of me as to what it's going to be teaching. It's going to be essentially laying out what Tube Spinning is all about, and how curating youtube videos, and building re-marketing lists and all that kind of stuff. Which is really the core of the Tube Kingpin training. The reply will be put inside the members area anyways, so even if you guys don't get it before the webinar tomorrow, you'll still be able to see the replay of the webinar. Again, the price goes up tomorrow. So if you're going to get it, get it now while it's cheaper.

Adam: Sounds good. All right, awesome.

Bradley: All right, thanks everybody. Thanks Hernan and Marco.

Hernan: Thanks Guy.

Marco: Bye everybody.

Bradley: Bye.

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