Semantic Mastery October 30th Outsourcer Training Webinar

By Semantic Mastery

Semantic Mastery is releasing access to it's outsourcer training system which allows you and your assistants to build and maintain complex SEO ranking networks easily.

The training includes over the shoulder videos showing the entire process and access to Trello boards that identify and list every single step of the process along with links to any and all resources.

After joining, you can make use a copy of the Trello system (which we provide) and share it with your assistants. This allows them to communicate via Trello where they are in the process and if they need any assistance – this saves hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars.

Additionally in this webinar, Bradley discussed some points on video and YouTube channel optimization, however this took place after the cutoff for members only. To see the full video, visit our site.