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What Are Your Thoughts On Hosting PBN In One VPS?

In episode 124 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked for the team’s opinon on using one VPS to host PBNs. The exact question was: Hi all I was watching your explanations about pbn’s and ip hosting, if I need an a class ip for each pbn, why shouldn’t I host all my pbn’s in one VSP (a strong one) and use services of cloudflare like with 100 unique ip’s and nameservers? It would b nice if you will tell me if it’s any good [ninja-popup ID=2607][/ninja-popup]

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 124

Click on the video above to watch Episode 124 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts. Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above. The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.     Announcement Bradley: I’m sure we’re live, already. Adam: Well, we are now. Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This episode 124, on the 22nd of March 2017. We got almost everybody here, I think Hernan is out doing something amazing or I don’t know. Actually, he’s just not here. Anyways, let’s go around and ... Read more