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By April

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Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is March 16, and this is episode number 71. I've got almost everybody here. I think Chris is goofing off on the beach or something, although word on the street is Bradley is about to go join him. We'll go down the bro here. Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey, guys. Hey, everyone. Take it easy, you two, by traveling and doing stuff, okay? Just kidding.

Adam: Watch your mic. I think you got it turned up about 10 times. It's too loud.

Hernan: Okay, okay.

Bradley: It's hot. It's a hot mic.

Hernan: Hot mic, hot mic.

Adam: Hey, Marco. What's up?

Marco: Warm and sunny, man.

Bradley: It's getting that way here too, man.

Adam: Awesome. Last but not least, Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: 71 degrees sunny. Actually we're supposed to get thunderstorms today, but I'll be on a plane, and hopefully I'll be above that.

Adam: Man, I hope so. [inaudible 00:00:54] just a couple of hours make a big difference. I'm up here and it's probably … It's not cold but, man, it's just nasty out, dark clouds, wind blowing, probably about 45, 50 degrees.

Marco: Did you say 71?

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I was at the beach this weekend, and the water wasn't even that cold.

Bradley: You fucker.

Adam: Let's see, let's get through the announcements. The reason I'm pushing things today is we're going to cut things off at 45 after. We got to end early, Bradley's got a flight to catch. We're going to make this quick. I remind everybody, IFTTT 2.0, that's going to be 9:00am on the March 28 is launching.

Hernan: Woohoo.

Adam: We're going to be posting again the prices things like that pretty soon, but we are going to tell you now that on launch here, we're going to get the chance for a very special pricing. More on that later, we'll pop a link in if you want to be notified here in a sec. Also Serp Space if you're already a subscriber, you know it's a free account over there, and you could sign up. Once you sign up, you'll get discounts that other people don't get. If you haven't signed up, I highly suggest you do that. We've had a lot of updates to the system and we got a lot more coming down the pipeline, and then I wanted to see because we talked about it last week. I hadn't had a chance to talk to Bradley, so I wanted to see what was going on with MasteryPR.

Bradley: Good question. Yeah, we're working on it, I mean everyday we meet. Sometimes I don't get to make it because of everything else, but Zane is spearheading that up, Zane Miller. We have what we call a bullpen everyday at 3:00pm Eastern. We get together and work on the various projects. We've got several big affiliate products, campaigns that we've been working on, and promotions, which is cool because we're trying to develop the system, and in process, systematize it, create a procedure that can be documented and duplicated, so that parts, if not all of it, at least parts of it can be outsourced because obviously setting up a full-on affiliate campaign is a lot of work especially for the bigger products that would require more content, more effort, that kind of stuff. It's not something that I particularly wanted to do a 100% of the work on my own every time because it's a lot of work.

Once we have a nice procedure in place that's repeatable then we'll document and that's what's going to be available to where we can start outsourcing parts of it which will make it a scalable model, but at the same time, we're also finding because we've done a couple of promotions so far, and we're currently working on a couple of other big ones, that the original idea was to go after just the high ticket items because you don't have to sell near as many products. You don't sell volume, but you get large commissions. We're going after the $2,000 products to pay out a $1,000 commissions and that kind of stuff, but we're starting cold like MasteryPR. We're not mailing these offers to our list that we have developed for Semantic Mastery. We're starting cold so that we're on the same level playing field as the members of MasteryPR that are going along this journey with us.

This Stuff Works

It's interesting because I'm seeing that it's difficult to send cold traffic to a $2,000 offer and have it convert. No matter how good our campaigns are set up, it's hard to send cold traffic to a $2,000 offering convert. We actually just talked about it today just in the last hour during the bullpen where we're going to start promoting the lower ticket items to get traffic in the door that will get people opted into an e-mail list particularly a buyer's list, and then the follow-up sequence, the e-mail sequence is where the higher ticket sales will come. It's absolutely evolving as we go which is interesting because, I think, that's the best way to do it. The people that are part of this with us, there's about 20 people in there, less than that maybe 12 to 15 people that are really active in the group.

Out of all of us, we're developing together, and it's a process that we're working on together to create, which is interesting, because instead of us just having something done and then saying, “Here, this is how you do it,” we're developing it together. It's interesting because it gives us that level of interaction between us and/or members that we hadn't had before so it's fun.

Adam: Cool, cool. I didn't know if we were going to share, but I'm going to ask you and you can say no if not. What exactly are you and Chris up to over the next few days?

Bradley: Oh, I'm going to Marketing Mayhem. Partner Chris is he's already there in Orlando, I think. I'm going down there for just to go, rub elbows with other affiliates and people in our space, try to develop some relationships for various reasons, and also Lead Gadget crew is down there. They invited me down, and that's in part I'm going down there for that as well. It's going to be fun. I've never been to Marketing Mayhem. I hear it's like an internet marketing frat party.

Adam: Oh, boy.

Bradley: I think I should fit right in.

Adam: Good deal and then we'll be meeting up at the end of the month in San Diego for the ClickFunnels conference.

Bradley: That's correct.

Adam: That should be interesting. I've never been to one of those either, so we'll-

Bradley: I hear that is cool.

Adam: Get a chance to check that out and hopefully learn a lot as well as be able to hopefully help some people.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: All right, let's get rolling.

Bradley: Yeah, we got about 40 minutes, so I'm going to go ahead and grab the screen. You lock it one. Can you guys see everything all right?

Adam: Yup.

Hernan: Yes.

Ideal Number of Keyword in a Video Title

Bradley: Okay, let me resize this a little bit. Okay, here we go. We'll get into these questions. We're going to roll through what we can today, guys. I have to wrap it up in about 40 minutes or so to go catch a flight. Okay, Mark says, “Hey, guys. I know you go after one keyword per video with your video title. Do you put the brand name in there too?” Yes, Mark, I do. Most of the time, yes. Your example Plumbers in Dallas and then separator Bob's Plumbing, that's typically what I do, yes, because I like that whole branding thing. I think it adds … It makes it look more legit. I usually put the company name in there.

“Just one quick yes or no question, sorry, when you have multiple personas attached to one YouTube channel, do you use the same Tier 2 for all or does each Tier 1 gets its own content sources, or can you do both, say, one brand and two personas, all three is the same Tier 2, but also have other related content sources? Thanks.” Mark, when you're dealing with Tier 2 networks for YouTube, you don't need additional content sources. You can have them if you want, but you don't need them. The additional content sources that you use has triggers at Tier 2 are only required for the blog syndication networks. With the RSS recipes, you don't need that for YouTube because YouTube you don't have to hide the footprint. Especially if you use the recipes the way that we show them, the way that we share them, which is just the embed, the link to the video, and then the link to the channel. If that's all you're adding in the recipes then you don't need to worry about additional content sources to mask or minimize a footprint, it doesn't matter. We've never had any footprint issues.

For that, I would recommend that you just don't bother with adding content sources in. You certainly can if you want, but it's additional work that, I think, is completely unnecessary, it's not needed. I always like to do the bare minimum to get results, but if you want to do multiple persona … Personally, what I do is I always have new full two Tier networks. If I'm going to create for YouTube syndication, guys, if I'm going to create a Tier 1 ring that's a persona-based or brand regardless, every time I've created a Tier 1 ring, I end up creating the three Tier 2 rings as well. It's just like I do a full two Tier network which is four rings in total, one Tier 1, three Tier 2s, do that no matter what. If I'm just starting with a brand new YouTube channel, and I'm going to create one full two Tier network, great. If I want to go add another Tier 1 ring then I'll go ahead and add that Tier 1 ring, but then I'll have the three Tier 2 rings completed and added as well even if I do it in stages.

This Stuff Works

I just send the work to my VAs and they do it all for me, but if you were going to do it on your own, you could purchase … If you were going to build it yourself, which I don't recommend, then you could just build the Tier 1 ring, and then build out the three Tier 2 rings, and add them at a later date. If you were going to buy it, and you just wanted to buy one Tier, rent one ring now, and then the three Tier 2 rings later, that's fine, whatever you want to do. I personally like using the full two Tier networks for YouTube syndication better than just a single Tier 1 rings as supplemental rings. If I have some spare networks laying around, or networks that were part of a project that I'm no longer working on, or something like that, then I'll sometimes just add those an independent Tier 1 rings to the channel without adding the Tier 2 stuff to it, but even then I use to end up going back and adding a Tier 2 rings at a later date. Hopefully, that makes sense.

Let's see, Jack, Zacky? I'm not sure if I'm saying that right, but I saw that you joined recently, and I know that she said later up near the top earlier that she had sorted out her-

Adam: Yeah, she's going to cover it, yeah.

Bradley: We'll skip over this. Okay, for this, you said, “Should I wait until I get the IFTTT videos?” No, don't wait, Jack. Just go through it, just go through the training and start setting up because the new training is still very much … A lot of it is still similar. It's just the way that the accounts are set up that's been updated, it makes them stronger and more powerful, and also there are some new recipes, there are some new properties added, and some properties that we've taken away, but don't let that stop you, that's coming out in 12 days. Just go ahead and get started with what you have, and then when the new training comes out, you'll find some additional things that you can do additionally. I wouldn't wait though, just go with what you got, okay?

Let's see, and by the way, you asked about people are getting site audit and stuff, we do that in the Master class, and I know that you joined that. In the Mastermind, we also do it in the Mastermind, but the Master class is where we typically do site audits, or put you in the hot seat if you want. The next one's scheduled next Wednesday, March 23, at 5:00pm Eastern. If you want to be on that, just post on that event page which you can find the link inside the members' area. On the Welcome tab, there's a link that will take you to the most current even page, and you can just post your request there, and we'll bring you on to that webinar, and if you want to sit on the hot seat. We'll also audit any property you want us to look at.

How to Resolve 2 Existing Google Plus Page for a Company?

Greg says, “I ended up with two Google Plus business pages for the same brand domain. The first was created as I went step by step through the IFTTT videos and created the YouTube channel for the brand. This one has the brand logo. The second business Google Plus page was created automatically when I later created the Google My Business page. This one has the NAP website info under the generic avatar area and the message to verify, both are connected to the profile I created that owns the brand. I had to profile, add my personal G Plus profile as manager, and the second G Plus page location with the NAP info is what shows up for me to manage. What is the best way to resolve this?

Well, you can add yourself to both pages. You can add yourself as a manager to both the Google … Look, what you're talking about is you had a Google brand page or Google Plus brand page, and a Google Plus local page, that's what you're talking about. You have two business pages, one's a brand page that has a links section, but it doesn't have an NAP, name, address, and phone number. The other one is a Google local page that has NAP, name, address and phone number, but it doesn't have a links section, that's perfectly fine. You can have two, and what you can do is you can make yourself a manager of both pages, your main profile, I mean, a manager of both pages, so that you can manage both. For example, we have the same thing with Semantic Mastery. We have a local page and we have our brand page, and it's perfectly okay to have both. We use our brand page more than our local page.

If you're doing stuff for a local business, you can still have both pages, but I would recommend what you're syndicating content to as part of your IFTTT networks, which is, remember, it's IFTTT to buffer, and buffer posts to the Google Plus page, I would recommend that you connect buffer to the Google Plus local page because that's going to help you to rank in maps. If you're doing local work, guys, and you have a local maps page then I recommend that you use that Google Plus page as your page in your network, or you can always set up a secondary IFTTT account, and a secondary buffer account, and connect to both, your brand page and your local page, and syndicate to both. You can definitely do that too. Like I said, if I were to come over here, and take a look, if you look at my pages here … Let me just scroll down a little bit.

If you guys can see this, we've got right here, there's two Semantic Mastery listings right here. Semantic Mastery, this is our brand page, and this is Semantic Mastery, our local page. The way that I differentiated the two was I added Gainesville, VA which is where our office is located, underneath that icon there, so that I can tell just by looking at my pages which one is which because this one has that little piece of text underneath that icon, so that's the difference. If we open this one up and we open this one up, you're going to see that these are two different … This needs to be updated, this stupid image.

This is our local page, and you can see it's got the NAP here, and it's got that little icon, text underneath the icon. I did that specifically just so I can identify which one it was in my menu. This is our brand page. This is the one that you can see we syndicate content to because do I really care whether my local page ranks or not? No, because we're not providing SEO services to businesses; however, it does rank in maps. It's probably just because our brand has got some authority now.

We syndicate to our brand page; however, like I said, if you're doing local like for all the local work that I do, guys, I syndicate to my local page because that's going to help it to rank in maps because, trust me, your competitors aren't doing that. Their maps listing or their Google Plus pages or their local pages, they're probably not getting updated with content regularly. If you're doing that through publishing content to your blogger or YouTube channel, that's going to be keyword-rich stuff that you're posting that's going to help your page to rank or your listing to rank. Hopefully, that makes sense. Do note delete, just keep both of them. Just decide on which one you're going to use. I recommend using the maps one. You can actually use both if you set up a secondary IFTTT account and a secondary buffer account, and just connect. You can actually syndicate to both, and there's nothing wrong with that.

YouTube Video Ranking and Google Dance

Nate says, “I posted a YouTube video with no IFTTT. I need your 2.0 course. I went to page one and number six in two days. I sent my client a bill, and then the ranking disappeared off the face of the Earth. I do not want to make this site public in this forum. I sent it to you in an e-mail.” Yeah, I know. I got it, Nate. “Do you know what the hell happened? I am miffed.” Yeah, it's called the Google dance, Nate, it's normal.

Hernan: Yeah, it's normal when you have a brand new video whether you are or you're not syndicating now. You should be waiting at least, I would say, anywhere between a week and 15 days, so that the results are consistent. You wake up one day and the video didn't disappear. It's normal, it can go back to spot number one, and then disappear again. Do not rush the field, that will be my advice.

Bradley: Yeah, well, a couple of things. With brand new channels, you'll see that a lot. You'll see that more with brand new channels than with channels that have been seasoned a bit. Even seasoned channels, sometimes you'll rank a video instantly or within minutes, and then it just drops and it's not in the Top 100, it's gone, and then come back a few days later. Sometimes I've had videos that will disappear out of Google universal search, but they'll be number one in video search, which is the vertical search if you go to Google and you click Videos at the top. It's funny because it'll be number one in video search, but it won't be on universal search although other videos, other people's videos might be in universal search. It just takes time and oftentimes once it reappears back in universal search, it ends because it was number on in video search, it ends up ranking above the other people's videos too. It just takes times, like Hernan said, it can take a few days to several weeks.

Hernan: Yeah, and don't forget also that … I'm sorry, Brad. Don't forget also that when optimizing, when doing SEO for videos, you're also optimizing for YouTube because YouTube is number two search engine in the world. Even if you have a lower position on Google, you can still do a client base on your YouTube rankings, so have that in mind as well.

Bradley: Yeah, and that works better for some types of businesses than others, but yeah, that's true. Nate, don't freak out, that's normal, man, that's called the Google dance. It's absolutely normal. In fact if your videos weren't dancing, that would be abnormal, okay?

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How to Protect Your Website from Linking to a Website with Spam PBN Pages?

Sky says, “I was offered some cash to have a link placed on my blog. I should've been smarter, but shortly after,” that's why I gave up. “I should've been smarter, but shortly after I assumed the same person built about 15 PBN pages with spun articles and linked to my blog, I don't see any negative effective effects at the moment, but how can I protect my site before paying when a G spam team comes around? From my understanding that disavow tool does nothing.” Well, that's incorrect, Sky. The disavow tool does work. I've recovered, penalized sites by doing nothing other than just submitting links to the disavow file using the disavow tool, so that absolutely does work.

“Should I be proactive in 301, the blog page, back to this guy's site or would that be effective with bad links too?” Yeah, you can do a 301 or you could do a 408, which just means “Page Gone.” You can do anything you want, that's what I would do whether it be a 301 redirect it away from your site, or put a 408 code in the header which says basically “Page Gone,” it doesn't exist anymore. It's not a 404, it's different, it's a 408. It's basically telling Google, “This page is gone. Do not count anything pointing to it.”

“By the way, the guy that created the PBN links has been mentioned in this group, and some of you may be using his services and offered the same deal.” No, when people offer, all the damn sites that I manage, especially a lot of them are just PBN sites or network sites, I get that those kind of spammy e-mails all the time with people saying, “Hey, we'd like to place a guest post on your blog. We'll pay you to do so.” I always immediately hit Delete on the e-mail because it's a bunch of bullshit.

Unless you got an authority net or site or something that people want to be guest posters on then I wouldn't do it because that's what you're going to do is to get some jackass SEO that's going to spam the hell out of your post or your site. This About tool works. I would still recommend though again, if you're wanting that page away or doing a 408, and then it wouldn't even be an issue. You wouldn't have to use this About, all right?

What is the Best Way to Minimize Posting Multiple Contents from Different IFTTT Properties in Branded Network?

Kevin says, “Hey, guys. I had 250 Tier two web 2.0s created with the service, and I ended up creating roughly four articles on each 2.0. The thing is they added one of my links to each article, so now each word W2 has four outbound links going to my different IFTTT Tier 1s. I am concerned that my money site could be in trouble because it sure looks fishy having four articles on a Web 2 with each article having only one outbound link, and they're all going to different properties of the same branded network. Is this okay, or would your suggestion be to best make use of the web 2s or what would your suggestion be?” No, that's fine. As long as you're not pointing directly to your money site, that's not really an issue. That's not an issue at all. If you've got four articles in each web 2, and each article has one outbound link, and it's all pointing to different IFTTT properties in your network, your Tier 1 network, there's not an issue with that.

Hernan: Yeah, they are too. Well, we always suggest, Kevin, is that you take it easy on the links that you are pointing to your IFTTT networks. From the sound of it, you are pointing just a handful of those links, so you should be fine.

Bradley: What you an do is take those 250 Tier 2s now that are Web 2.0s and you can kitchen sink those.

Hernan: Yup.

Bradley: You can spam those because now you've got two layers of Web 2 links between your money site and the spam, and so you'd be okay to do that. Kevin, you're all right with that, man. I wouldn't sweat it too much. I wouldn't go out and seek that intentionally like to do that intentionally, but it's done and thank God, you didn't point them all to your money site because then that would definitely be a bad thing, but this is going in your Tier 1 properties, you'll be fine.

What is the Potential Impact of Copying Images with EXIF Tag to a Google and YouTube Page?

Bacon, I love your name, “I bought the Project Supremacy plug-in and had been experimenting with it. I was wondering if I copy images that have the XF tagging to the Google Plus page associated with YouTube page that I posted related videos to or would this … I was wondering if I copy images that have XF tagging to the Google Plus page associated with the YouTube page that I posted related videos to or would this create any issues?” If you're copying images that already have XF data on them, I would strip it out and put your own. Is that what you're talking about, Bacon? I don't understand the question a hundred percent. It sounds like you're saying you're copying images that already had XF tagging. What I would do is strip that tagging out, all metadata, to where it's fresh. One of the ways you can do that is by taking a screenshot of the image instead of downloading … Downloading an image, you can take a screenshot of it, save it as a JPEG, and then you can add your own data to it.

Hernan: Yeah, Project Supremacy will allow you to curate “some images” and it will pool those images from the search engines. The problem with that is that they come with pre-existing metadata. The best way to do that, what we usually do when searching for images, even if you're using a Stock Free Image because, again, it's tagged for the Stock Free website, you can take a screenshot, download it, the screenshot, on your PC and then you can work on the metadata just like that. It will be a new image. Of course, Google can recognize [inaudible 00:24:37], but you're tagging that image to your own purposes.

Bradley: Yeah, and then like I said, save it as a JPEG because if you save it as a PNG, you won't be able to edit metadata, that's what I would do, that's what typically I'll do is I'll just take a screenshot of the image, and then put my own metadata because if you're downloading it or importing images from the web, they'll probably already going to have their own metadata and they won't be as effective. In fact they can actually counteract some of the stuff that you do.

Hernan: I've also heard … I think somebody mentioned it here on one of the past of the Hangouts source, that if you mirror, you use a vertical mirror for the image, Google cannot recognize it anymore, so that's more black hat when you're trying to fake an image and make it appear as brand new. I haven't tested it, that's something I wouldn't mind to test.

Adding 2 Extra Persona Rings to a Full Tier 2 Video Syndication Network

Bradley: Yeah. Ed Ryan, hey, Ed. He says, “Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well. Bradley, I have two extra persona rings I built and was wondering where they would most beneficial to add them to my current full Tier 2 video syndication network. I was considering Tier 3 as I have none there right now. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.” I probably wouldn't do Tier 3. To me, you can. You can play with that if you want, Ed, that's not a problem. I just would recommend just adding additional two Tier 2 networks.

Remember, let's say that you've got your branded Tier 1 ring, and your blogger from your Tier 1 ring is triggering your Tier 2A network, so that's your second, your Tier 2 network that's being triggered by a blogger. You can add another Tier 2 ring especially for YouTube because there's no footprint issues. You can take another Tier 2 network and have it triggered by the same blogger or SS feed from Tier 1. It would just be like Tier 2A.A or .B because the first one was Tier 2A.A, and then the second one would be Tier 2A.B or Tier 2.1, Tier 2A.2, however you want to label, that's up to you, but that's what I would do.

If you've got two extras, I don't know, put one on Blogger, and put on Tumblr, or one on Blogger and one on WordPress, or one on Tumblr and on WordPress. Do you know what I mean? Because that's fine, and also you could also just use them as additional Tier 1 rings too, you can certainly do that, and that's fine. For example, you could use your YouTube channel as the trigger for your normal Tier 1 ring which would be most likely your branded ring or whatever, but you can add supplemental persona rings to YouTube. There's no footprint issues, so you can trigger those additional networks by just adding the YouTube channel.

Remember, you can add one YouTube channel to multiple or activate that channel in multiple IFTTT networks, guys, and multiple IFTTT accounts. All you got to do is just make sure that you're logged in to that YouTube account in your browser when you set up a new IFTTT accounts, and then go activate YouTube as the channel. It's not limited, your YouTube channel is not limited to being only activated in one IFTTT account. It can be in multiple IFTTT accounts, so you can put literally as many Tier 1 rings on a YouTube channel as you want.

Issues with LiveStream & Some Other Alternative

“Also having an issue trying to live stream. I have excellent upload speeds. Compressed the raw file to WMV format, it's only running 10.6 meg in size. I saved the file as 480P quality in format. In fact I shut down all unnecessary programs, startup. I have not tried disabling my Windows Firewall as I have never met, never had to before because I don't like the security risks. When the stream is going on Wirecast, it shows me only using six to eight percent of my total available RAM and 32 percent of my CPU. The stream ends are very choppy and delayed. This has never happened before and I was wondering if you had any ideas.” I had issues with them before and I would just re-code them as WMV files and that would fix, that fixed it for me, but actually I haven't used Wirecast in a while because I'm using either Hangout Millionaire.

There's a new, I guess it's new to me, but it's called XSplit. It's another live streaming software that's like Wirecast but it's a hell of a lot cheaper. I started playing with that a little bit. Adam, you played with that too? What do you think of it?

This Stuff Works

Adam: I like it so far. I don't like that it's a little bit manual. I still like Wirecast, but I figured out how to use it in 15 minutes. It's not like I'm an idiot with a computer, thankfully. Maybe we can put together a quick tutorial if enough people are interested. We can put something out there.

Bradley: Yeah, I think probably it would be worth doing because-

Adam: Maybe after we launch IFTTT 2.0, we can put something together for people. It's just another option, I like it, it's pretty slick.

Bradley: They have a free version and then they have a paid version. The paid version is a hell of a lot cheaper than Wirecast, I'll tell you that.

Hernan: Hey, Bradley?

Bradley: Yup.

Hernan: If I can answer it for a second, he needs to do a PING test just to make sure he doesn't have packet loss. Yes, he can have all the speed he wants, but if he's losing packets, and that's why the video could be choppy so he needs to do a PING test. There's actually a website like Speedtest, I'll drop the link in there.

Adam: Yeah, and also talking about the Windows Defender, make sure there's nothing screwing around with your program. If you're using Wirecast, it could be doing something, so I would just check that disallowing, not disallowing, but I've seen some weird stuff happened with Windows Defender.

Bradley: And in also handbrake.fr, I know a lot of people will take their videos and they'll run them through Handbrake and it compresses them a little bit more, and that makes it work better for Wirecast. Again, I haven't had that issue so I don't know, but I know, I've read in some of the other groups and stuff that people use Handbrake when they have issues. They just re-encode it using Handbrake and it compresses the file a bit better, and it makes it stream better. Just give it a shot, it's free to download.

Paul Clifford's Kudani Curation Tool

Okay, next is Mike Simmons. He says, “Hey guys, if you get to this, what do you think of Paul Clifford's Kudani curation tool?” It's okay, Mike. I purchased just about every curation tool out there for my VAs because my VAs I curate for clients and everything for me. To be honest with you, they now when I train new VAs, I just train them to do it manually. I know Adam can speak on this as well. Personally all my VAs, they just curate on each WordPress blog manually. They use Feedly to keep track of all the content sources, and then they just log directly into the client sites or my PBNs or whatever, and then just post, curate manually within the WordPress editor, that's just how my VAs do it. I've got Kudani as well, it's just something that … It's not a bad tool, and if you want to use a tool, it's probably one of the good ones. I know Adam's probably got something to say too though.

Adam: Yeah, I think it depends on your use case. If you're doing something where you're running a publishing house like let's say, you're doing a lot of curation for a bunch of different clients then that may be the way to do it. I prefer Curation Suite. I don't have anything against Kudani, but I thought that the interface was a little funky. For me, I'm not running hundreds of sites or anything like that so I'm able to use something like Curation Suite which is just a plug-in, and then I appreciate the way it finds information better. If you've got Curation Master, you can see a quick review of all those, I'm not sure if you do or not. If you're part of the Mastermind, you have access. If not, if you bought it, you can see it. We go through Kudani, Curation Suite, manual curation, and a couple of others, I think. You can see what they look like and use in some cases.

Hernan: Yeah, I think we mentioned briefly some of them on the podcast. I don't remember if it was this week or last week podcast, but I think, yeah, that was the case. I was using it manually, also because I do not have a ton of content to curate, so I prefer the manual route, but yeah, I think we mentioned the same tools.

Adam: Mike, I think you got the right idea. There is a 30-day of money back. Do you know what? The only you're going to find out is by using it, so grab it, give it a shot, and let other people know. I'm curious. I honestly don't know anyone who uses Kudani a lot. I know, I think Bradley used to. Not to say it's a bad tool, so if I was you, I'd grab it. It's pretty easy to figure out and take a couple of hours with it. You'll know whether it's what you need or not.

Bradley: Yeah, like I said, it just ended up because I've got so many different VAs that it worked out to where it's just better for me to train them to do it manually, and they just run everything through Feedly as their content reader, and then they just find stuff to curate, and they just curate manually within WordPress. Yeah, Kudani's okay. I've got a licence for it and I had trained some VAs on it. Now just going forward, I just use manual. There's nothing wrong with it though, pick it up and try it if you'd like. It could make you more efficient. I prefer the manual route.

Adam: I was going to say while we haven't given it a glowing review, there's certainly nothing as far as I can say that we would say, “Do not use it.” I highly suggest checking it out. It may be what you need. Just for us, it hasn't been the tool.

Connecting PBN Sites in Google Search Console

Bradley: All right, let's keep rolling. Cesar says, “I know it's probably not advised but is there any real harm to hooking up your PBN to Search Console?” No, I don't. Look, Cesar, as long as you are using separate Google accounts for each PBN, so it's like a one to one ratio, it's okay to do that, just don't hook your PBNs up to your Google account. What you can do is you can hook PBNs, so create a personal Gmail account and then hook it up to Search Console there then you can add your account as a user, but you won't be the owner. Your persona will be the owner, and I'm doing air quotes, that's fine. In fact, I do that with a lot of the lead gadget sites that I build like surf shaker sites. I connect those to Search Consoles and everybody says, “Oh, why would you do that? Don't do that.” I do it and it works fine.

I like it because it helps me to get them indexed, and it also shows me the data that I'm looking for that you can't get anywhere else which is what kind of impressions, keyword phrases, and search queries I'm getting impressions for and that kind of stuff but I just limit my risk. I don't put all of my sites under my own main account. I just use a separate Google account for each site.

Hernan: It's a good thing, it's a sign of trust. If you're using analytics and webmaster tools on a PBN, as long as you're using a persona account, a third-party persona account, it's a sign of trust. I think, use them, use them, Cesar. At some point, if you get hit or whatever for whatever reason and your PBN site gets the index first off having them on webmaster and analytics, and making everything the way we're advising you to do that drastically lowers the risk of having you [peeving 00:35:51] the index. In any case that should happen, you can send out reconsideration requests and they usually respond back to you, so you do not lose that domain. Do you know what I mean?

Bradley: You can just send them something sane that your site was hacked and blah-blah-blah, that's usually when we get some of them back when we submit a reconsideration request. Yeah, if you're buying PBN expired domains, personally, that's another good thing to do. Once you buy the expired domain, it's connected to Search Console because it will tell you if there's any sort of manual action against it, it'll tell you in Search Console within 24 hours. If there was a manual spam action at some point. If you just purchased the domain, you can submit a reconsideration request, say I just picked his [brain up 00:36:45] with new content on it, and say, “I just picked this domain up. If it would have been de-indexed at some point, would you please reconsider it now since I just picked it up?” Do that through the persona account that you connected. You act as if you're that persona. Don't act as yourself. Does that make sense?

Hernan: Yeah, that's a great way to get the index domain. On the other hand, I always … One of my checklist points right now to purchase a PBN domain is that it's indexed. I'd rather go for an indexed website that has a tiny less matrix but it's still indexed because, again, you can find domains that are beautiful, that they have great matrix and you can register and use what Bradley just told you, but most of the cases, if you find those domains, it's because they belonged to a PBN at some point. People just dropped them because they were in the index and hit at some point because belonging to a PBN number.

Bradley: If you're buying domains like what we've talked about a lot recently which is Bluetooth backlinks, sometimes those domains don't show as being indexed but they were perfectly great, good domains.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can get a domain, the index just because of inactivity.

Bradley: Exactly.

Hernan: The truth is that you do not know, you just know after the fact, after you have purchased and plugged in into webmaster tools, that's the only way to know. Yeah, usually if you go the Bluetooth backlinks route, it's rare that you will find a penalized domain.

Using Press Release as Citation to Strengthen Backlinks

Bradley: Okay, Greg says, “To strengthen backlinks, can a press release be used to link to a citation like Yelp or to one of the properties in an IFTTT network like Blogger or WordPress?” Yes, Greg, of course you can. “If so, is it smart to link to both Yelp and Blogger in the same press release?” I don't see why not because usually the press release is going to be about your business or the business that you're providing the service to. It makes sense to link to a couple different spots. For example, usually you can have up to three links, it's about three links per press release, and so a lot of times, I'll link to the homepage using the brand name or their naked URL, and then I'll link to the Google Plus local page if it's on maps or I'll link to the Facebook page, and possibly to an internal page like a silo heading or a service page or whatever on the website.

You can also link to citations or you can link to other press releases that you've done. You could link to guest posts that maybe have been done whatever. It's all linking to stuff that's basically pointing ultimately back to your money site, right? It's perfectly fine to do, it's natural to do that.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: Yeah. I wanted to add that these supplies to every kind of backlink that you're doing. If you're doing a PBN backlink, just have in mind that having several backlinks, for example, if you're doing a totally legit guest post, usually you will get a backlink back to your website but also you will get a backlink, I don't know, to the authors through their profile, and that's completely natural because you're trying to promote yourself, your website or whatever, so that's completely natural. When you're making a PBN link or another feeder site or whatever you're trying to do, that's usually advisable that you do not only link to the homepage or to an internal page but also to a branded property, that's why they are there. You know how to protect your website and to increase because you risked. You can get them ranked which is a good thing, it's additional real estate.

How to Use Twitter in IFTTT When the Keyword Search and Hashtags + -RT Option is Disabled?

Bradley: Okay, next question is Kevin says, “What's the plan for Twitter Now and Twitter band recipes for searching keywords and hashtags, the re-tweet option?” Kevin, we talked about that in RYS Academy. There's some, I know Adam found a new method that works pretty well with using some sort of e-mail recipe, but there's also other options like Zapier, I believe. Doesn't Zapier do that or do they not allow re-tweet recipes now too?

Adam: They do but it's a rate limited.

Bradley: It's rate limited, okay.

Adam: Volumes, but it's got a hard limit.

Bradley: We're working on it. Marco, are you still on? Because I know you're working on a hack too.

Marco: Yeah, I'm working on a bot and running it through Google Scripts actually. You guys have to know everything that you do, all of these automated re-tweet recipes and others, it's against the terms of service. We just found creative way to get around the TOS but not really. Twitter didn't like what IFTTT was doing, and so they just cut that off. You can't Twitter to Twitter anymore. Adam found a recipe, and we actually have a script that would do the re-tweet recipes according to search, according to whatever, but you just have to know that it violates the terms of service. You have to be really careful when you're doing this. It's not going to be like IFTTT where you just hammer away day and night, 15,000 posts in three days. You're not going to be able to do that anymore.

Bradley: All right, we got one more question from Walt then we're done. Guys, those of you that's saying that the audio is breaking up, when you watch the replay, the audio will be fine. If that ever happens, guys, just go ahead and jump out of the webinar, and just come back and watch the replay and the audio should be fine. It usually always records fine. I don't know, it's probably a bug with Google that the live stream version of it has audio issues sometimes.

How to Track YouTube Video Ranking Metrics?

Walt says, “What is your favorite way to track your YouTube video metrics, rankings, keywords, et cetera that allows you to export data and spreadsheet wall. I use proranktracker.com for all my video tracking, it's prorankertracker.com. I use them for my video tracking. I use a desktop app for my website tracking. It's called Inspyder Rank Reporter, that's what I use for tracking websites, but for all video stuff, I use proranktracker.com. I like it and you can export PNG files. You can actually create reports and shared reports that have a URL and a log-in, password, and all that kind stuff, so it works really well.

Okay, that's it, we're done. Okay, guys, everybody, thanks for being here. We will see you, guys, next week and next week is not the launch, it's the following week, right?

Hernan: Yes.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay, cool.

Hernan: Next week is the pre-launch when we will have to again be nervous and stuff.

Bradley: All right, guys, thanks for everybody being here.

Hernan: All right, bye bye.

Adam: All right, [inaudible 00:43:38].

Marco: Bye, everyone.

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Connecting PBN Sites in Google Search Console

By April

During episode 71 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about connecting PBN sites in Google Search Console.

The exact question was:

I know it's probably not advised but is there any real harm to hooking up your PBN to search console? The reason I ask is because I recently purchased some expired domains to use as a PBN for a client and I don't fully trust metrics tools such as ahref and majestic to see what back links are pointing to it. I know there are plugins that cloak links so wouldn't search console be the only way of making sure the site doesn't have spammy links and also check for blocked robots?

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