Will Changing The Address From A UPS Store To A PO Box In Minneapolis Affect Current Local Rankings?

By April

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In the 165th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked whether changing the address from a UPS store to a PO box in Minneapolis would affect current local rankings.

The exact question was:

Okay back to the PO box question. I recently took over SEO on a client's Website. They are ranking well for certain keywords using a Minneapolis address, however, the address used is a UPS Store. (I didn't realize this until I looked at the photos) I thought is was a PO Box from the US Postal Service but it is not.

So what should I do? Move it over to a USPS PO Box?

If I change the address from the UPS Store to a PO box in Minneapolis will that affect our rankings?
Will I be able to move the reviews along with the address?

Some of this may be rookie questions but hey I am thankful for your weekly Hump Day Hangouts! I sincerely appreciate what you guys are doing! (You guys ROCK)

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