Why Do You Like Power Suggest Pro As A Keyword Tool?

By April

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In episode 201 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked why Power Suggest Pro is Bradley’s preferred keyword tool.

The exact question was:

Why is Power Suggest Pro your favorite keyword tool? Can you explain a little bit about how you use it to get the most out of it? I've heard Bradley say he loves it, but does anyone else use it? Do you use it in conjunction with any workflows or other tools? Thanks!

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 201

By April

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Bradley: We're live.

Adam: All right welcome everybody to Hump Day Hang Out's gone mobile here for episode 201. I'm broadcasting from my car somewhere in the hills of Pennsylvania, but we got almost the rest of the team, it looks like Hernan maybe was busy today but let's do our thing and go through and say hello to everybody. So Chris how are doing?

Chris: Doing good, excited to be here.

Adam: Awesome, Bradley how you doing man? This is weird, usually you're the last person on my screen but today you're in the middle so how you doing?

Bradley: Must be because of the mobile device, I'm doing well. Busy, been working hard on content for Pofu Live as well as a product that we're launching on October 1st so kind of like neck deep in content production again which is really cool because I like that kind of stuff so I'm excited about the few weeks.

Adam: Nice, nice. Marco last but not least, how you doing man?

Marco: Hey what's up man? Just had a really bad rainstorm. Not as bad as some of you guys are going to get on the east coast, right? Down south. My prayers go out to all you guys. Hope you're all safe. Get the hell out if you're in one of those zones. Don't say, “Oh, this is going to pass me by.” Get the fuck out. [crosstalk 00:01:16].

Bradley: My sister Hilton Head, South Carolina which is an island.

Marco: Yes.

Bradley: And she's … even though the governor of South Carolina said evacuate the coastline, so to evacuate. She said, “No. I'm staying.” She's got two kids, I keep telling her she's stupid. She says she's going to ride it out.

Marco: Ed [Gelba's 00:01:37] in South Carolina talking about [crosstalk 00:01:39].

Bradley: Yeah. He's in Bluffton, that's right. That's adjacent to Hilton Head.

Marco: Yeah. Well, anyway guys. We'll be thinking about you. Sending prayers your way. Lots of good energy. Hopefully this'll just pass by, it won't be as it's looking. But anyway, having said that, busy as you know, mgyb.co. We're getting that together. Putting the shop together, done for you services of course. And just a lot of stuff. We keep adding products and services in there just to make everyone's life easier. And then of course, I'm on my next gen stuff that I've been working on. It's been two years. Two arduous years of just trying to work it out. Anytime you try to automate it and Chris will back me up on this. API changes and then everything goes all to shit. And then you have to go in …

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Bradley: Got to tweak it.

Marco: … right. You got tweak it. You got to fix it. Comply with whatever the APIs requesting or how you're supposed to do the call or whatever. And then it'll happen again until you get into that sweet spot or you get trusted enough where sometimes you can bypass some of the smaller shit that happens. At any rate with there, we hit the sweet spot. We're really getting some really good results with what we're doing and it's something that we'll be talking about. I was hoping for Pofu live, not going to happen. But I think we're going to have a very merry Christmas.

Bradley: All right. We hit the sweet spot of the G spot. The Google spot, is that it?

Chris: [inaudible 00:03:24].

Marco: Actually, we did one better because we did away with the me to hit the G spot. No [inaudible 00:03:35].

Bradley: There'll be men lined up for that.

Adam: Pulling this conversation back [crosstalk 00:03:44]. Back down. I wanted to circle back to Pofu live and let everyone know. We'll put the links up there if one of you guys can do that for me since I'll probably … you try to do this on my phone and then end up hanging up or something, but Pofu Live tickets are going. We are limiting it to 25. We do have some opening left. Now is a great time to grab your tickets. If you have any questions just fire off an email to support it's semanticmastery.com, but we're really looking forward to that.

We're starting to lay down the schedules. Those of you who have already bought your tickets, we're going to be having some information going out to you in the next week or two with some of the details. And then moving along as well on that, those who are new today and watching us. First of all, thanks for listening to some weirdo in his car that you haven't watched yet. Thank you for watching us, Semantic Mastery and checking out Hump Day Hangouts. We do appreciate it. Come here, ask us questions. Digital marketing, SEO, whatever it is. If we can't answer it, we'll always point you in the best direction that we can. And if you are new, go check out the battle plan. That's the best place to get started, and if you've been listening to us for a while and you're thinking about it, come join our MasterMind. There's a multitude of reasons. I'm not going to go into them right here.

Bradley, I think you were going to talk a little bit about some stuff maybe that was going on in the MasterMind, but we've got a lot of people doing a lot of really exciting stuff and we're looking forward to some of them coming to Pofu live and helping them take their stuff up a notch whether they're going from starting an agency or starting their own business or growing what's existing. This stuff is getting pretty exciting and we've had a lot of members had a lot of real growth this year, especially in 2018.

Bradley: Yeah. Yup. Okay. So, do we have anything else to announce or can we get into it?

Adam: Good on my end. You guys good?

Chris: Yeah.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: I was going to just elaborate slightly on the Pofu live stuff and the MasterMind as well. So, yeah guys Pofu live is going to be a great event. It's going to be our first one, but we've got a lot that we're going to be sharing. We've got a very specific format on what we're going to be doing, which is a simple process for how to grow your business like how to first prospect and get clients. Number two, how to fulfill. Number three, how to scale so that you can literally become a business owner instead of self-employed, right?

Self-employed is what most of us are including myself even to this point. And self-employed is certainly better than being an employee of … working for somebody else, but when we do most of the work ourselves, we're just basically working a job. It's a job where we're our own boss and that is, again, so much better than working for somebody else I get that, but we still have to trade hours for dollars. In other words, we still have to do the actual work most of the time in order to get paid. And we're trying to develop our businesses into a point where we can remove ourselves to where we have automations in place and keep personnel in place to be able to still run the business to generate revenue without us having to be there on a day-to-day basis, right?

And that's essentially what Pofu live is about is how to get to that position with your businesses and that's why we're trying to keep it to 25 people or less because we want to actually give a lot of individualized attention to our attendees. In part, when you sign up to attend Pofu live, you're going to go through a survey which is going to get you thinking about your business ahead of time. It's got to be completed when you come to the event. And it gets you thinking about your business and developing a business plan if you don't already have one. And I bet most of you probably don't have an articulated business plan, right? Most of you probably have not done that.

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It's something I've struggled with throughout my career as well. I always have some vague idea of what I want, and I think, “Oh, no. I know what I want. So there's no sense in me writing it down, right?” Defining it. But in all reality when you don't have something very concrete like a road map, which is what an executive summary or a business plan really is. It's like a road map, which helps to kind of keep you focused and working towards what your goal is. But when you don't have that to reference or refer to often, then it's easy to get blown around by whatever winds are in the industry at the moment. If that makes sense?

Meaning, I know we're marketers, we always get opportunities presented to us via email and social media groups, all kind of stuff where, “Hey, this is the next big thing. You can make a million dollars doing this, and you can crush it doing this and doing that.” So, we always go chasing these freaking shining objects or these new methods because we're opportunity seekers. And we never actually fully commit to one particular method that makes us money. And that's where I think a lot of us have, including myself, have allowed my business to fail or not succeed as quickly as I would like it to because I've chased other opportunities instead of really zeroing in, focusing in on one particular method until I get it to work and produce revenue consistently and to the point where I can remove myself from that day to day operations and have it produced, right?

So, I mean, even if you have something that's working for you and you're making money, if it's you doing it all the time, the next logical step is for you to automate it or outsource it or a combination of both so that you can still generate revenue from that, but not have to do it yourself. Then if you want to learn something else, you certainly can and you'll have the ability to do that because your other method is making you money because you got a process in place, right? And so that's essentially what Pofu live is all about.

And speaking of that specifically, I'm developing a process right now. I'm been working on it for two day straight now again, two full days for a very specific method for building your own lead generation assets as well as your own agency. It's kind of a unique way of approaching it. I'm developing that out right now and there's going to be two versions of the training. The full training with all the process docs, everything that I'm training my own virtual assistants to do right now so that I can do exactly what I just said, which was remove myself from this process and still have it generate revenue. That's going to be revealed at Pofu live, but there's going to be kind of a watered down version of it, or kind of like a condensed version, or a more simplified version that's going to require a lot more manual work. It's for a solopreneur. Essentially that's going to be the same method, but for somebody that wants to do the work themselves, which I don't recommend, but if you're just getting started it's a good way to get started.

That's going to be coming available in a product we're launching called Local Lease Pro, which will be included in a bundle that we're … it's going to be included in a Side Hustle Toolbox is what it's called. That's launching on October 1st. Don't have a lot of details for you guys just yet. We will in about another week or so, we're going to start mailing out that. We'll have more information about it, but for those of you that want a glimpse into the method that I'm talking about without coming to Pofu Live, that's where you're going to be able to get it.

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And I would highly recommend that you all mark your calendar for October 1st when the Side Hustle Toolbox comes out, it's going to be a great product. We're going to sell it outside of the bundle, $299 if you're a MasterMind member you're going to get it for free. If you're not a MasterMind member you'd have to pay $299 or if you buy it as part of the bundle, which is the Side Hustle Toolbox, it's going to be like $100. Don't quote me on that. I don't know what the final price is yet, but it's somewhere around $100 and there's a reason why we're doing that. So, we're going to promote that around October 1st. We'd highly recommend that you guys pick that up. It's going to be inexpensive.

I can't speak about everyone else's product that's going to be part of the toolbox because I have reviewed them all, but I can tell you ours alone is worth the price of admission. And so anyways, I'd encourage you guys to come check out Pofu Live and also mark your calendars for that. You guys want to add to that at all before I move on. And by the way Hernan snuck in. What's up buddy?

Hernan: Sorry about that. I truly sorry, but I'm truly excited and I hope to see you guys in Pofu Live. We have some really good stuff coming up. I'm really excited. I'm really looking forward to listening to each of you guys because you have some really good stuff to share. I'm actually … I have the privilege of getting to know firsthand what you guys are going to be talking about. It's going to be pretty amazing.

Bradley: That's awesome. All right. I think we're good. We can wrap it up.

Adam: Yeah. Let's do it. Let's get into it.

Clarification On Poking Rank And Rent Video Campaigns

Bradley: All right. Yup. Okay. Tom's up, what's up Tom? He says, “Hey guys. Bradley on episode 200 last week.” I know, now hard to believe we're at 201 already. He said, “You answered a question on the rant and rent video model and you mentioned running the same poking campaign every month. I want to make sure I understand you correctly. When you run the same campaign every month, do you use the same videos or create new ones every month?” No. Use the same one's Tom. Here's the thing. It's a turn and burn strategy, okay?

So, a lot of the rank and rent models are about ranking a video or a couple of videos, a handful of videos and in maintaining those rankings. And that's certainly possible. I've been doing it for years. I've got some videos that are still producing revenue for me because they're rented out or leased out or I'm doing SEO services for a clients video. So, I'm not renting it, but I'm actually … they're paying me to maintain the rankings for those videos. And I've been doing those for years. I've still got some of them … some of them that have been earning revenue for years.

However, there's always an issue with that, right? The problem with that can be that the video can be … it can slip in the rankings, Google could decide that that particular keyword, it doesn't like having videos on page one anymore. We all know that that happens from time to time, and it'll push it to page two and it'll make it virtually impossible to get it to stick on page one. There's a number of things that could happen, right? And if all of your revenue is tied into one video, right? Or a couple of videos, a handful of videos, and you lose that one video or it drops in rankings and then the client is calling you and asking you what's up? Or if it's a lead gen video, it stops producing leads, whatever the case. In your case, you're saying rank and rent. So, you would be leasing the videos out. Well, somebody's not going to want to rent or pay a monthly lease fee for a video that's not ranking and producing leads, right?

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And so again, you can go that route. It's certainly possible. I've done it for many years, but what I found is that it's easier when you have the process in place. If you got a good industrial strength video marketing tool, and they're a dime a dozen now guys. They really are. There's a couple that we suggest. My favorite tools are Peter Drew's tools for like software stuff. I don't run most software guys, I hire that stuff out because I don't enjoy playing with software. It's just too much of a learning curve and too time consuming, but that's part of the reason I like Peter Drew's tools and I do run … a matter of fact, I got one running in the background right now as you can see.

I've got one right here running in the background. One of Peter Drew's tools and it's because I use his tools because they're simple, right? So, for video poking, I would use something like Live Rank Sniper. If I was going to be doing a bunch of spam videos targeting a bunch of keywords and having actual videos there instead of just place holders, to Live Rank Snipers like place holders, it creates scheduled live events, but there's not an actual video there. It will rank, it will rank a video thumbnail, but it won't have an actual video there. So, when someone clicks on it, it just is the live events, or events starting soon screen. If that makes sense.

So those are good for identifying keyword opportunities, but something like Hangout Millionaire is much better for actually uploading videos, right? So, actually upload videos to YouTube. So, that's a good tool. If I was going to run it myself, I would run Live Rank Sniper or Hangout Millionaire. However, there's also another really good tool by Abs Rabie called Video Marketing Blitz. And there's a tool inside that suite of tools called the The Video Keyword Prospector. That's what I've trained … excuse me, one of my Vas to run. He runs it damn near full-time. He works for me full-time, but it's one of his primary job functions. And so he runs that tool all the time.

I'm telling you about that because that tool is great, but it has a learning curve, quite a learning curve. Once you get the hang of it, it's super powerful because you could add … for example, we have at any given time 50 YouTube channels connected to that tool, so that when we take a video … and this is now getting to the heart of your question here Tom. We use the same video over and over and over again because it's getting uploaded to 50 channels. So, in other words, if we're going to take a keyword or a set of keywords and we're going to target an area, right? Like a radius. So we're going to cover all the cities or town names within a specific radius from the business location and there's a handful of keywords, let's say two or three keywords.

Let's say we got 30 locations we want to target and we've got two keywords that we want to target. So, that gives us a total of 60 combinations. So, what we would do is take one video, would optimize it, and then we would upload it and you can see in the background I still got tools popping up. We would optimize it and then use the Video Marketing Blitz tool to upload it, that same video to a whole bunch of different channels. And guys these are channels without syndication networks. I'm not trying to shoot myself in the foot here and tell you guys you don't need syndication networks. If you're building a channel that's going to be like a money channel or something like that, you absolutely want that. But what I'm talking about now is a specific turn and burn strategy.

So these are just channels that we buy, phone verified accounts, we buy, and then we add them to the tool and it's all done via API, so you have to create API tokens. That's why I said it's a bitch. It's time consuming to set up, it's a bit of a learning curve, but once you've got it down pact, and I don't recommend that you do it Tom. I would recommend, I would recommend that you hire it out. Hire a VA and train them how to do it. But then that same video will get uploaded to, let's say 50 channels. And 50 channels that don't have syndication networks. They're just orphaned accounts, right? They're just double phone verified YouTube accounts. They don't have connections to anything else out on the web. Well, a lot of those videos will rank. So like I said the example I was using, two keywords, 30 locations, that's 60 keyword combinations, right?

This Stuff Works
So, out of the 60, my VA will run the campaign and he'll come back and there's an option to run the rank checker to have it pull back all of the URLs on page one only or page one and page two of Google for each individual keyword. I always select just on page one only. I don't care about what's on page two. Some people say, “Okay, well it's on page two with a little push I can get it to page one,” maybe so, but I'm not worried about that. Out of 60 keywords that I would test, my VA would run the campaign and he would test them for me. We'd come back with say … and it varies guys obviously depending on where you're targeting and such, what keywords you're targeting, but on average for a normal campaign I would come back with 15 to 20 keywords. So, almost a third of whatever my overall initial attempt was will come back as ranked keywords on page one. Somewhere in that range, like 25 to 30, 25% to a third to 33%. Somewhere in that range, right?

Don't quote me on that, that's not always the case, but the vast majority of the time that's what we get back. So, now we got 15 or 20 keywords that we could contact that prospect and say, “Hey, look. We could rent you the one video for one keyword, and it's going to cost you,” whatever your rental fees are. As I've mentioned many times in the past, when I did this, a lot of wholesale SEO services for a video production company locally I would charge $100 a month per video or per keyword essentially. And they would charge the customer $250 a month to maintain those rankings. So I was making $100.

You could charge that, or you could say to … do the same campaign, right? Without having to worry about really maintaining rankings because now you've just run 60 keywords. Let's say you got 15 of them back ranked on page one. You contact that same prospect say, “Hey listen, I've got 15 keywords videos for,” … 15 keywords that are ranked, “right now on page one. It's likely that they're not going to stick, but they will stick for at least a few weeks. What I propose is I rent you all of these videos, every one of them for say, $200 a month.” And guys I'm just pulling a number out of the air. You should price accordingly. Price by what you think you can get for them and all of that.

This Stuff Works
But my point is say, “I'll give you all 15 of these videos for $200 this month. Then next month you pay me another $200 and I'm going to run the campaign again,” because some of those videos when that first month are going to drop. Some of them are going to be … some of the channels might get terminated, that happens. Some of the videos are going to get pushed way, way down. So for maybe page one they might drop out of the top 10 pages. That certainly happens, but out of those 15 videos there will likely be a handful of them, a few of them that are still ranked at the end of the first month. And now the second month comes you redo the campaign again, the same video, it's going to be uploaded to a bunch of different channels again, right? Maybe even sometimes the same channel, but there's a way to [uniquify 00:20:56] the videos, the tool does all that stuff.

And so the next month you charge the same price again, you hit the same 60 keywords again, or you could even switch it up and do another … let's say you did 30 locations times two keywords before, now you do those same 30 locations times a different two keywords, right? So now you've got a another roughly 15 to 20 or so videos that are ranked for this client for this month. And at the end of that month, a lot of them will have slipped out off of page one, but you'll still have a few left. And then in month three you do it again for another set of keywords or the same set all over again.

So, my point is what happens over time is you start to accumulate more and more of the rankings that stick and it helps you identify … remember I always use video SEO as a foot in the door strategy to upsell clients on more … on a whole suite of digital marketing services. So, local maps SEO, GMB stuff, PPC, content marketing, all the other stuff. And so my point is if you can provide on a turn and burn basis something like this, which is a reoccurring campaign. It's not one campaign that you maintain over and over and over again. It's a reoccurring campaign. You run the campaign over and over again once per month, right? And so now you can … I found that it's a great way to show the client that you can get them results from other keywords, a lot of times stuff that maybe they didn't even think would produce results. It also will teach you about where the opportunities lie because you'll be able to track which keywords are producing more results if you set up tracking properly. If that makes sense.

So, then you know what to optimize for with more traditional assets such as publishing web pages or web twos or whatever it maybe be. So again, it's the same video. That's why I like this strategy or this method because it's simple and it's something that you can … as far as maintaining … there's a lot of variables guys you know that can affect the ranking of any one particular page or property, in this case a video, right? So, instead just do a lot more in volume. Now, if you guys been watching Hump Day Hangouts for anytime at all, you know I don't typically promote turn and burn strategies, but for videos I think it's a good idea. I wouldn't do it … I'm not crazy about the mass page generator sites and all that stuff because it's a lot of work and they take forever to index, but videos is different, right? Videos index rather quickly. They typically rank rather quickly, and unless they have syndication networks and a bunch of back links and engagement signals to them, they start to slip.

This Stuff Works
So, that's why you just redo the campaign every month, right? Because they have a limited time shelf life. A limited shelf life so to speak, but to just do it over and over and over again every month. And it's a great strategy. But this is again, Tom, I don't recommend that you do it other than maybe perhaps to really develop the process out for your own business and then hire the shit out, don't do it yourself, right? You can train … RVA, we pay them $150 a week, so $600 a month, and he runs … he works 40 hours a week and anytime I need, what we call a video carpet mom campaign done, I just contact him and I give him the details and he runs it. I send him a video file … and by the way you can get an idea of kind of what our campaigns look like at mgyb.co, our store front, make Google your bitch dot C-O, mgyb.co. We have video carpet bomb campaigns in there. And that's essentially … that's exactly what I just told you to do is what we have in there.

So, here's something you can think about Tom, instead of buying the tool yourself and learning how to do it and then teaching a VA how to do it and hiring a VA and all that. You could technically have us do it at MGYB, right? You go order a video carpet bomb campaign, cost you $100, and you could sell that for $200 or $250 to a client. Does that make sense? So, in other words, you could literally go out and just sell this method and if you price it accordingly … let's say you charged a client $250 a month to rerun this campaign for them every month and you hired out from us for … what's the price on that Marco? I think it's $97, right? For the Video Carpet Bomb?

Marco: It depends on the radius. 10 miles is only $25. If it's 20 miles then it's $99.

Bradley: There you go, $99. So, that's my point. You could literally hire us to do it and it cost you $100 and sell it for $250, make $150 a month profit and not even have to do the work. All you have to do at that point is data entry, right? Which is submit details for us to do the work for you. So, again, totally however you want to do it. If you want to make a business out of this, Tom, then I would recommend that you hire a VA and buy the tool, and then train the VA or have the VA learn how to use the tool because then, again, for $150 you have somebody, per week, working for 40 hours per week essentially running the tool for you nonstop. Think about that, if you're selling these campaigns at $250 a month, instead of paying us $100, which is a great strategy if you don't want to go through the process of learning the tool, go through all that time, that effort, all that stuff.

You could certainly hire us to do it, or if you're going to make a business out of it like I said, in order to keep costs down, you hire an in-house video marketer, right? You could train them to do it yourself. Right? And now they're going to work full-time just running campaigns for you that you can go out and monetize. So, there's a lot of potential there. That was a good question by the way.

Do You Use The Same Videos When Running Similar Rank And Rent Video Campaign Every Month?

Let's see. It says, “You've mentioned you could end up with several videos ranked for the same keyword, which confused me a little since I can't see Google ranking the same video twice?” No. What I mean by that is the same video targeting … it's the same video. but you're targeting multiple variations of the keyword. So, I'll Tree Services for an example guys. There are five main keywords in the Tree Service industry. There's more than five keywords, but there's five keywords that produce consistent traffic. My top rated five keywords are, and in this order of priorities, tree service, tree removal, tree trimming, tree cutting, and arborist services, right? Or arborist service. So, there's the top five keywords. So, my point is, is if I've got 20 locations, and I've got five keywords that I want to target, I literally have 100 combinations there. And it's the same video that I'm going to use for all 100 keyword combinations, right?

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So, the same video could rank for multiple keywords. It's the same video, it's not the same video URL guys, don't let me confuse you. It's the same video file, but uploaded to multiple channels.

So, each individual keyword has its own individual unique YouTube URL, okay? And so what happens is, there are … for example, there are variations to tree service, tree removal, and tree trimming, tree cutting, right? So, some variations would be tree removal service, tree trimming service, tree cutting service. So, if you target some longer tail keywords like that then you'll end up … sometimes the video will rank for multiple keywords. The same URL can rank for multiple keywords because of the longer variation, right? So, it'll rank for combinations, shorter combinations of the overall targeted keywords set, or keyword phrase, excuse me. Okay?

All right. Plus, if this is an ongoing marketing campaign I imagine if you use the same video, your YouTube channel would be full of the same video listed … yeah. But that's why you don't use the same channel. Use multiple channels. That's the key to that particular strategy, right? I don't recommend ever using the same video over and over and over and over again on one channel. I know there are some products that do that, one of the products we've promoted in the past is Bill Cousin's rocket video ranker and it does that. And it works too, but that's also a turn and burn strategy. So, it basically takes the same video and uploads it to one channel, but you can target 30 keywords at a time, but it's the same video to the same channel. And so what I found is it definitely works and it works quickly, but I found a lot of the times those channels end up getting terminated or kind of like sand boxed.

It's interesting, but they don't get completely terminated by Google, but the videos just don't show in search in the index at all. It's kind of weird, but I've seen that happen several times. Again, it's another turn and burn strategy. It just depends on how you want to do it. The particular turn and burn strategy for video marketing that I like is what we're calling The Video Carpet Bomb, and that's what we're talking about here. And by the way, that was Randy James came up with that name. I'm totally giving him credit for that Video Carpet Bomb name because he was the one that came up with it. But anyways.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Times You Can Use The Same Video And Keyword For The Rank And Rent Campaign?

Lastly, “Is there a limited number of times you do this to a point where Google simply refuses to rank your video for the same keyword?” Well no because again, you're using different channels all the time. If you try to do it the same … try to target the same keyword from the same channel over and over and over again, yeah there's … I mean, it's possible that that could happen. But since you're using different channels it's not like Google's going to black list any video from appearing for a particular keyword, right? They might not want to show it on page one, but they're not going to say, “Okay, this keyword … we're no longer going to show videos for this keyword.” At least I don't think they do that. That's a great question, Tom.

This Stuff Works

Why Do You Like The Power Suggest Pro As Your Keyword Tool?

Anyways, Dan's up. He says, “Why is Power Suggest Pro your favorite keyword tool?” Because it's simple, Dan. It's a very, very simple tool and that's what I like about it. I like easy. “Can you explain a little bit about how you use it to get the most out of it? I've heard Bradley say he loves it, but does anyone else use it? Do you use it in conjunction with any work flows or other tools? Thanks.” Okay. So, yeah. The process that I've always kind of … well, not always, but for the last several years now. I always do a very simple process for keyword research, and it starts with Google trends. I go to Google trends and search. I adjust the settings in Google trends depending on what kind of data it returns. So, for example, by default it's usually, I think, the last 12 months. Let's just go take a look real quick.

Sorry. I think by default it's the previous 12 months. So, let's just use tree service as an example guys, since we were just talking about that. Yeah, okay. So, 12 months, and obviously it's set based upon my IP location for United States. It'll be different for people in other countries, but what I'll do is … what I like about trends is I can go in and determine based upon geography. So, for example, we have … United States was in here. Let's see, US. But if I wanted to go to specifically to Virginia, I could just start typing in Virginia, and I could say, “Okay look, I want to look at what are the top search phrases or search activity that are related to this seed term of tree service in Virginia over the past 12 months.” And sometimes you won't end up with a lot of results because we've narrowed the geography and we only have a short timeframe. We're looking at the past 12 months.

So, in that case, for example, this is showing rise. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on trends because that wasn't your question, but I just want to give you guys a quick overview so that you understand kind of my thought process or work flow on how I do keyword research. So, if we come over and take at top, rising is showing significant increase in search interest for that particular phrase within recent history. I don't know what recent history is, I don't know what the specific parameters are for that. I don't know if it was the last 30 days or last 90 days or what. I just know that it means in the recent history it's had a significant increase in search interest. Okay? But top is showing the keywords that are historically related to the seed term, okay? So for the past 12 months in this case, these are the keywords that are most closely related to the seed term of tree service in Virginia. Does that make sense?

So, these are the search habits of people in Virginia that are looking for tree service related keywords and these are the keywords that come up typically. Okay, you'll see a lot of brand terms in here. If I would've done something like tree removal, in fact, you can compare terms by the way. If I do something like tree removal, you'll see less brand terms there, right? So if we come down and say look at top, or excuse me, top, you'll see now look there's not a whole lot of data here. I was just talking about this earlier guys, tree removal and then tree removal service, right? So those are similar type keywords. So you'll see that there's not a whole lot showing up here. So what I could do is I could extend my timeframe. So if I go from past 12 months to let's say past five years. Now all of a sudden we've got a lot more data, right? So now we can come back over here and look at top and you'll see that now there's actually eight keywords, which still isn't a whole lot considering that's going back five years, right?

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On this one it's showing 10 keywords. And that's … hold on. That's rising. If we go to top, it's 11 keywords. Okay? So, the last things that you could do is back it all the way out to all time, 2004 when they started Google trends to present, and then you'll have even more data. So, if we come back and take a look at this again. Now, remember this is still … okay, so not much more, just one more. But you can see that this is still only Virginia. And so what happens … and by the way guys, I was targeting the entire state. If I wanted to get hyper local, I could.

For example, if want to target … you could see it here, Charlottesville. If I wanted to tarted Charlottesville specifically I could, but what I found is when you narrow geographic targeting that much you end up with a lot less results. So, I always recommend … first, I usually don't go … I try to keep it to past five years as my timeframe and I usually go to state level right off the bat because I found that city levels … now obviously if you're in a big metropolitan city like New York City you should have a lot of data, but for me I usually start at a state level tree service don't have a whole lot of keywords associated with that industry.

So anyways, I'd go to Virginia, but if you end up finding out by increasing the timeframe and that you're still not getting the amount of keywords that your … you're not getting a lot of good results back from this tool, then I would recommend that you start broadening your area too, right? And you could even go to the United States level, right? Because there's still going to be similar search queries no matter where you are in the United States. If you see now there's a full 25 queries there, right? So, I would probably … that's past five years. If I wanted to … and guys, that's why I said I play around with these even when I'm doing keyword research just to see how things change based upon time and geography. Okay?

So, that's step one. I don't want to spend too much more time on this, but step two is I always like to take these keywords and then … oh, by the way I just copy the keywords or put them in a text file or a spreadsheet, typically I use spreadsheets. And those become my seed terms that then I use to go search using Power Suggest Pro. Power Suggest Pro, one of my favorite tools of all time. I don't know what happened there, but who cares? Let me move this off to the side guys, standby. So, Power Suggest Pro should be opening up here in a second. And let's just say we wanted to … let's go back to Virginia.

It's a big question though. All right. So we'll just use tree removal service. So, in this case now, this type of a keyword is … because it's local. It's a local intent keyword, you're going to see that all its going to return is whole bunch of localized type search queries, but if I said tree removal service VA or something like that, and I click search. You're going to see it's going to start pulling back all these returns now for tree removal service. These are coming out of auto suggest. So, these are Google suggested phrases for tree removal service A, tree removal service B, or tree removal service VA, and it's essentially like a wild card in there and that's why because it's basically saying return all the suggested phrases that are associated with tree removal service in Virginia. And if you take a look at that you see that very quickly it spit out all these different keywords that are showing up in search Google suggest that are localized or local search intent keywords. Right?

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So, now I know that these are all keywords that are very … these are traffic producing keywords. Why are they traffic producing keywords? Because they're in Google suggest. Think about that guys. When you go to Google and you start to search on a desktop, which by the way, about 70% of all traffic now comes from … or all search traffic originates on mobile devices guys. So, desktop search is becoming dinosaur, but regardless, let's just say I … say tree removal service, and if I could just spell for a minute. Here's all these suggested phrases, okay? You see that? By the way, near me keywords guys, those are huge. They're absolutely huge right now because of what I just said, 70% of all mobile searches are originating on mobile devices. Near me keywords pop up in suggest, instantly they're almost the first thing that come up in suggest.

Well, remember on a mobile device guys, when you start to use Google you all know what happens on a smartphone, which is what 99% of the population has now, right? When you start to do a search on a mobile device, half the screen is taken up by the keyboard, and the other half the screen as soon as you start typing the search query in, Google suggest takes up the other half of the screen and suggest the search queries, right? Recommended search queries. And because it's on a mobile device, it's so much easier to tap a closely related recommended search query than it is to finish typing out your search query, right? On that little shitty keyboard.

And so my point is, there's a ton of traffic to be had from mobile devices because of suggest. And all of the phrases that pop up in Google's … excuse me, Power Suggest Pro are phrases directly pulled from Google auto suggest. So, they are traffic producing keywords. Don't worry about whether the Google keyword AdWord planner or long-tail pro or any of those other stupid keyword tools out there that have a million bells and whistles that give you all these competitive metrics, don't worry about whether they say they're search volume or not because if it shows up in suggest, there's search volume, period, end of story. Period. And remember the keyword tools rely on the Google keyword planner for search volume metrics. Search volume metrics from the Google keyword planner are AdWords, or Google ads keywords, they're for pay-per-click. They're not the same as SEO based keywords guys.

So, even though the search … the Google keyword planner may show … if you spit out all the keywords that you wanted from here, let's say that you wanted all these, again, just for example sake, if you spit all these out and you entered them into the Google keyword planner to look at search volume data, many of these keywords are going to say, “No search volume at all.” But that's bullshit because if they're in suggest you will get traffic on them, especially from mobile devices, period. So that's why I love this tool guys because again, look it's real simple, it doesn't give me a bunch of … it doesn't give me any competitive metrics. I don't need all that stuff. All I need to know is which keywords produce traffic, and these keywords produce traffic. And it does it really quickly.

There's not learning curve with this tool at all guys. I mean, you can play around with some of the settings and stuff, you'll get different results whether you use suffix A to Z or suffix AA to ZZ or if you do recursive yes or no. There's different search engines that will scrape all of these, produce suggested results so you can select if you're doing YouTube marketing, if you're specifically targeting Yahoo or Bing, I don't know who does that, but if you did you could find additional keywords from them. There's Amazon, Ebay, there's all kinds of stuff, right? I typically just use it for Google and YouTube.

But it's a great tool guys and for years now … I stopped paying for all those really … there were keyword tools that we've used at semantic mastery that literally cost us $800 a month. No shit. $800 a month to use a keyword tool. And I stopped using those tools for this one. I think it's $77 one time fee. I think we have a link somewhere that allows you to get for $57 if you want to drop that on the page somewhere Adam or anybody.

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Anyways, sorry I went so long on these two questions, but they were two really good questions that I really wanted to get out to you guys. So, this one here, like I said guys, it's a simple tool I use all that. Finally, what I will do though … even though I mentioned the keyword planner is an AdWords tool, I do still like sometimes to try to determine if there are search volume data for some of the keywords even though I know there's traffic on them, whether the keyword planner says it or not. Why do I want to know? Because if there's search volume data in the keyword planner it's likely that people are bidding on those keywords.

So, by taking my list that I accumulate or that I generate from my research from first using trends, second using Power Suggest Pro, then I can go enter my finalized list of keywords into the Google keyword planner and look at search volume data so that I can determine which keywords that people are bidding on for AdWords or Google Ads now because I now I know that those are the ones that are likely the most profitable keywords, right? Because if people are bidding on them there must be money there, or else if people aren't bidding on them it's typically because there's not … they don't produce any revenue, if that makes sense. Okay?

Also, you could find some additional keyword suggested ideas through the keyword planner after you've done this initial research. That's a great question. To bad we're not giving shit away.

Marco: What I have for this is that when you start broader, right? You can get just so many keyword ideas from Power Suggest Pro, but by digging into each category … if you want to consider it a category. You won't get categories, but you'll know. If you've done keyword research long enough, you'll know what's a category keyword and what's a supporting keyword. And so you could just dig and dig and dig and what I've found is that you come up with just thousands of keyword ideas and then from those you can cherry pick the long tails so that you can start ranking right away and you can start producing traffic to the website and it's likely to become people who convert. I mean, it's really, really powerful to use that way. It's one of the ways that we use it in our keyword research. I mean, we dig down into whatever people give us as the niche and use Power Suggest Pro and then just keep digging and digging and digging and digging. Sometimes you end up with thousands and thousands of keywords man.

Bradley: Yeah. I want to … that's why I just started to demonstrate this as you were talking because for example, I just put “how to cut down a tree,” right? Guys, I don't even have recursive on. Recursive means after it searches and it pulls back all of the results, it goes back and then searches each one of the results again plus the suffix A to Z, if you have suffix added. So, it's like what Marco just said, sometimes this thing will spit out 3,000 keywords, it's ridiculous. And the thing is, especially when you have recursive on, which I don't because it could run for several minutes if that's the case. But when I have recursive on you'll see like for example, how does a … how much does it cost to just cut down a tree? How much does it cost to cut down a queen palm tree, look at how specific some of these search phrases are coming out, right?

Now, if I have tree service site and I'm in an area that has palm trees, then it's likely that there's search queries … remember, this is a suggested search queries guys, how much does it cost to cut down a queen palm tree? That means when somebody starts to type in queen palm tree or cut down a queen palm tree, in fact let's just go take a look at it. We'll say cut down a queen palm tree. Cutting down a queen palm tree, all that, you can see those type of keywords come up and suggest and before somebody even finishes typing it out, they're going to say, “Oh, well there you go, that's close enough.” Right? And so that's what I'm saying. There's traffic on those keywords and look at how long some of those are. And then if I have recursive on, some of them come back even longer. It's crazy.

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I have seen full on sentences as search suggested search queries that have come back in here, and those are absolutely great topics guys or keywords search queries, right? To target with blog posts or Q&A posts and things like that because there's so few people targeting such long-tail stuff like this. You can start to generate a lot of traffic over time by just building up. I mean, very, very simple stuff guys like how much does it cost to cut down a queen palm tree? Put that question on a blog post and answer it with a little bit of schema markup and next thing you know you end up in position zero or in on of these areas right here. Right? And you can get a shit ton of traffic from that. Okay?

So, anyways. It's a great tool guys. I absolutely love it, as Marco said. I've learned over the last couple years that I don't … I used to always just go straight to SEO stuff and I would do a ton of keyword research and I would generate literally thousands of keywords for a project before I would … and then I would just start doing SEO. Now I've really gotten to the point where I always start with Google Ads so that I can really pinpoint where the money keywords are, the lead generating keywords are, and then I'd start basing my SEO campaign right … I'd develop my SEO campaign based around the keywords that I know produce traffic that converts because of AdWords, or Google Ads I should say now. And then I will use this type of stuff now for content marketing to start building up the SEO presence and start generating traffic from the longer tail stuff that will trickle in little bits and pieces at a time.

So, you start to accumulate little traffic streams from these longer tail keywords, but the bulk of your traffic is going to come from just a handful of keywords, and it always does, at least in local marketing it does. The 80/20 principle absolutely applies and if any of you guys do AdWords or Google Ads now, you know that to be 100% true. Sometimes it's 80/20, where 80% of your results come from 20% of your keywords. Sometimes it's 90/10, sometimes it's 95/5. And again, if any of you guys that are doing any Google Ads, you know that to be true. And so why spend a shit ton of time on a lot of long-tail keywords when the bulk … there's a reason to do that, right? Building up silo structure and all of that so that you can rank organically for those short-tail keywords, you need to have the long-tail keywords.

What I'm talking about is initially starting off, getting your silo structure in place, using the keywords as the top of silo that you know produce traffic and results, which is what you can determine with AdWords rather quickly, which is a couple … few hundred dollars in Ads spent you can determine that. And then you can develop your SEO campaign based around those results or that data, right? And you can develop a much stronger SEO campaign right off the bat. You can map it all out ahead of time. It'll make you're job so much easier as in SEO. And by the way if you want to learn how to really stack keywords and everything properly, SEO bootcamp by Jeffrey Smith, by the way he's going to be a guest speaker at Pofu Live, so another reason to come join us.

Do You Have Any Recommendations On A Good Magento Developer?

That was a long question too. Damn we're almost out of time. Dan and Tom are the winners today. Rich is up. He says, “I have taken a job with a drop shipping firm along with other stuff and the magento developers have gone silent. Do have you have a couple you could recommend?” I do not. If anybody knows, can help Richard [Harman 00:48:34] with a magento developer please post on the event page. I don't do any e-com stuff at all guys, so I can't really recommend anything. Any of you all on the call, can you recommend it?

Marco: The people that I know, you'd have to have really deep pockets because magento development can into the thousands and thousands of dollars. It's not something simple to work with, but I would suggest Upwork, you might be able to find someone in another country that would do it for a lower price if you're on a budget for the budget that you're looking to spend on it.

Hernan:Yeah. I do agree with Marco. Magento is like the Rolls-Royce of the eCommerce, but it's like if you get a flat tire on a Rolls-Royce. So, it's that type of stuff. So, yeah, I do agree with Marco and other stuff that you could do Richard is to go and ask on both the Semantic Master, Mastery Mind Facebook group if you're a part of it. If not, you can go on the free … the Facebook group, the SEO tutorials and case study, we're a Facebook groups or maybe in a couple of eCommerce Facebook groups, that usually helps as well. But yeah, I do agree with Marco. I tried once with Magento and it's like meth.

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Bradley: You ran away with a tail tucked between your legs, right?

Hernan:Not even once. Yeah. Not even once.

When Will You Release The CORA Reports On MYGB?

Bradley: Yeah. I don't do e-com guys, so I can't be of any assistance. I've got nothing. Jordan, “I peeked CORA reports,” what's up Jordan, “peeked CORA reports on MGYB, that is deliciousness like a plate of tacos,” that's awesome, “when are those rolling out?” Aren't they available now?

Marco: Yeah. You should be able to order now. It's not very descriptive since we haven't added the description in SamCart, but I think you can order them since you already know what they are, you don't need to know what they do [crosstalk 00:50:36].

Bradley: You probably should also … probably link to a example report on the page so that people can what they're going to get from a CORA report, you know what I mean?

Marco: Yeah. That's all coming, but I mean, we've been busy just adding a whole bunch of other stuff there we're developing our own process with one of the services, which took priority and that's being worked on. And so yeah. It's a work in progress guys. MGYB is a work in progress. We got it out in record time and we're just going to keep adding to it.

Bradley: Yup. Awesome. Scott says, “For Richard,” he's got a comment for you Richard, but basically he's saying that yeah Magento is going to cost you a shit ton of money. That's basically what he's saying. So, thanks Scott for your input on that.

Do You Recommend Accessing A GMB Verified Account Using Proxies?

Scott says, “Just received my first GMP verified account from MGYB, are you recommending accessing these via proxies or does it matter? Thank.” It's your call, Scott.

Marco: Yeah. But it's not something that we want to discuss in a free form. This isn't a question here. Scott, ask us in Facebook. You know where to go.

How To Make A Lead Gen Site Authoritative?

Bradley: There you go. Okay. Good enough. Herovic says, “Hey guys, can you share a few strategies you can use to make a lead gen site more authoritative?” Well, RYS drive stacks are going to help. If it's a lead gen site, it's a verified GMB profile then that should help. If it's a lead gen thing it likely does, but I would say in RYS, drive stack would help. Obviously a syndication network because all of those are like … every single tier one branded profile that you create is like another … it's another validator, another entity validator, right? So, syndication networks, even if you're not syndicating to them, it's still powerful for that reason. It helps to validate the entity. Pass authority, especially if you interlink them the way that we teach in syndication academy or if you just purchase the done for you network, which is the much easier route to go anyways, right?

Again, RYS drive stacks, that's going to pass authority. Doing a local PR pro method, local press release, using press releases, that absolutely helps. So, there's just a combination of those three … obviously the local GMB pro method doesn't really … I don't know if local GMB pro method helps gain authority for normal like organic ranking or not because we don't care. We're not worried about rankings with the local GMB pro method. We're worried about activity that generates leads. It generate engagement from primarily mobile devices, which is what the local GMB pro method is about, it's not about ranking. It's about producing engagement from Google, which produces results, leads. So, again, the combination of all of those things, I know they're all our products but we have those products for a reason, they work. Want to comment on that?

This Stuff Works
Hernan:Yeah. Having a verified entity gives you trust and authority, especially when you're verifying the entity with the very entity that's looking for these signals, right? That's what you're looking to trigger, so why not? Why wouldn't you have a transparent entity that's you, it's your company or if you're name is your business. Why wouldn't you go and say, “Here I am. I'm transparent. I'm billing my company. This is my …” Whatever information it is that you can provide and we go through all of that in great detail in our training in local GMB pro and RYS academy reloaded in the black book. I mean, this is what you're looking for, to be more trusted and authoritative and [crosstalk 00:54:17]. Go ahead.

Bradley: I got a simple one form too that probably a lot don't know about and Marcus probably going to be mad. But set up a G Suite account for the domain for that lead gen property. And you got to pay Google $5 a month, it might even be $10 a month now. But you're going to pay Google $5 or $10 a month for that G Suite account, but you're going to have a Google account on your domain, essentially you'll have a Gmail account using your domain email in all of that, and that right off the bat is a huge authority, or entity, validator for Google. Having a verified Google on my business profile is great, there's no doubt. But also having a G Suite account tied to the same domain that's associated with your lead gen property is going to also help, okay? So, definitely check that out.

Guys, I use G Suite for everything now. I freaking love it because it does, it really just adds authority to the overall entity and it's like instant authority by just paying Google. Google likes to see that guys because now they know they've got … they can bill you, right? There's a billing source so they that you're a valid entity, or a real person behind it instead of somebody that's just spamming shit to death. If you're willing to pay Google, so even for a lot of … my newer lead gen sites guys, I set up $5 a month G Suite accounts. And yeah, it costs me $5 a month, who cares? It's an instant credibility. It's instant credibility to Google. Okay?

How Do You Download A Video From A Site?

Quit This House, “How do you download a video from a site to upload video to GMB?” Just use one of … just go to Fire Fox, I've got a couple of them over here. Let's see, one of them is called Video Download Helper, that's an extension there. There's another one that … just go to Fire Fox and search for Video Download Extension or plugins or something like that, and download and install one of them and then just go visit the web page, and depending on the app, it's going to have different functionalities for how to download the video, but pretty much in Fire Fox you can download just about any video [crosstalk 00:56:15].

Hernan:Yeah. I have two desktop apps that I use. I use YouTube downloader because I mean, it's really fast. And I use any video converter because I can convert the video file into anything I want. So either one of those and they're totally free and they totally rock.

Who Do You Recommend For A Residential Proxy Supplier?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. Wood Wine Boxes, “Do you have a recommendation for residential proxy supply or smaller number?” The only one that I know of for residential proxies is one that I'm actually using right now. If you are familiar with Browsio, it's a service that it's not Browsio's service. It's a vendor that they been promoting or whatever, but there's a … it's called netnut.io and they have a residential proxy service that you can buy and you pay based on bandwidth usage. I think I get 10 gigabytes a month usage for $75 because I just use the … it's a pool of IPs that are residential IPs and every time … it's an HTTP request proxy service.

In other words, every time you refresh a new page, it'll pull back a new proxy from the same general location, but it's interesting because you can refresh the page on like whoer.net and see the actual IP change. And so it's pretty cool, but again, it'll stay within a very targeted or very close area so that it won't trigger reverification and stuff. I've been using in now for several weeks for all my BrowSEO profiles. I mean, I got shit open here, right? Bunches of stuff open right now, and I'm using that same thing. And it works really good because they're not commercial proxies like most proxy providers, they're actual residential.

Again, I would just go to the BrowSEO's Facebook group … in fact, I don't think they're doing anything on Facebook anymore. I think they've got a Skype group. Try to find the access to the Skype group and then you can request … and you might be able to find some information on their Facebook group. I just think that they've moved the conversation to Skype, and see about that offer. That's the only one I would recommend currently at the moment for this kind of stuff. Okay?

We're almost out of time guys. I'm going to have to wrap it up here in a minute. I love that meme, that's awesome. Thanks Greg. Jay says, “Marco, going to do my first SERPbased link package to a clients RYS local iframe loop and tier one's. Do you recommend going an extra mile in providing to SERPspace G shorten links? Or SERPspace link package, or would you recommend interposting a redirect icontrols so that I can redirect them in the future?”

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Marco: Yeah. Depends on how much control you want over this. If you supply your own G shorten links then video will of course, build to those. If you want to have that … switch box right? [inaudible 00:59:02]. If you want to have that switch box in place then yes, by all means. I mean, talk to [Dediya 00:59:07]. Dediya knows exactly what to do when it comes to link building. He's been with us for three years. We started out with Bradley, but he's been with Semantic Mastery since the beginning providing link building services in East [inaudible 00:59:21], he's the best. He knows what [crosstalk 00:59:23].

Bradley: He's been with me since 2012, I think. 2012 or … it might've been '13. Anyways, he's been with me for a long damn time. No shit. And that was … who was that that asked that question, Jay? Yeah, Jay, in fact, if you just pink or tag Dediya in one of the groups, whichever group you're in just one of our Facebook groups. I'm sure he'd be happy to answer some questions for you. Again, anytime we have any questions about spam link packages, we just ask him because he always is up-to-date with the most effective strategy currently. Okay? I don't keep up with that shit because I have Dediya. All right. All right.

Do We Need To Supply A Video File If We Order Video Carpebomb From You?

Last question, Look Within, he says, “If we order a Video Carpet Bomb through you guys, do we supply the video file?” Yes. You need to supply the video file, the thumbnail image if you have a specific thumbnail image, which I recommend you do because remember? That's like a little mini ad, like a banner ad. I would also … you're going to have to give us the keywords, the zip code of the central location, which we do a radius of. And then the NAP and the target URL if you have a … so name, address, phone number, and target URL of the business if you're promoting a local business, which is really what this campaign type is designed for, okay?

So, but that's it. That's all you got to do is provide us those few things, right? So, video file, thumbnail, main keywords, there's a couple of keywords I think depending on the package level, the primary location, and then the NAP, name, address, phone number with the target URL. That's it. That's all you got to provide. Should take you a couple minutes to get that together. Okay? All right guys. We only went one minute over. That's pretty impressive. Thanks for sticking around guys.

Hernan:That's not bad.

Bradley: Cool. Everybody good?

Marco: Pofu Live.

Bradley: That's it.

Hernan:Come join us.

Marco: That's all I'm going to say. Bye everyone.

Bradley: What's your position, right?

Marco: Right.

Bradley: All right guys. See you all later. Thanks.

Marco: All right. Bye.

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How Is PowerSuggestPro Better Than ScrapeBox’s Keyword Scrapper?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 119 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how PowerSuggestPro is better than the Keyword Scrapper tool by Scrapebox.

The exact question was:

I saw you mentioning PowerSuggestPro multiple times in these hangouts, I'm curious how's it better than the ScrapeBox's “”Keyword Scrapper””? It seems to me like it does similar job, has wildcard options, scrapes the Google Suggest, yahoo, ebay, amazon, etc, though I'm only interested in Google now. I would assume you own a ScrapeBox copy, or at least Marco does, there's no “”unapologetic spammer”” that doesn't own ScrapeBox 🙂

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 119

By April

YouTube video

Click on the video above to watch Episode 119 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.




Adam: Now, we're live. All right everybody. Welcome Hump Day hangouts, today is the 15th of February 2017. This is Hump Day Hangouts 119. We got almost the whole Brady Bunch crew, here, today. I'll go as I see it. This unfortunate, I think you guys all see a different thing, but for me, over here is Bradley, so how's it going Bradley?

Bradley: You are like down like in the corner, for me. Down there. I'm sure nobody else is seeing it that, but I am. Anyways, I'm good. High.

Adam: Good deal. Hernan, how are you doing?

Hernan: Hey, guys. What's up? It's really, really good to be here. Yeah. I see Bradley down here, your Marco. Hey, Marco. What's up?

Adam: Hey, good you got Marco, so how's it going, man?

Marco: What's up man? Doing good. Really excited about all this stuff that's coming down the pipeline for Semantic Mastery. I don't want to get a head of myself, but I'm just, man, I cannot wait. I look forward to Saturdays, now to work. That's where I'm at, right now. My mindset is totally just shoving stuff down Google's throat.

Adam: Awesome. I'm going to jump right in to it. We've got a lot of questions, today, so I'm going to go over some quick announcements. Hopefully, you guys have seen the email. We're going to have some really cool stuff coming out with Video Powerhouse. Hernan, has recorded some great videos right now. We've got some additional training, too. There's been some stuff done by Bradley. Like I said, Hernan's got some stuff coming out, I don't want to say too much, because I want you to sign up and check it out, it's some really cool videos put together, and just talking, and showing how big video is right now, and what it's going to look like into the future.

Then, as well one of the videos Hernan is showing you kind of the inside way to deal with some of this stuff. I just sat down and watched that video, today, since I have access. It was pretty cool. I'll put that link up. Get in there and sign up, it's a free video series we put together and then Video Powerhouse is going to be launching shortly after. By all means you want to be involved in that even if you're remotely interested, I highly suggest you sign up. There's going to be some really cool stuff going on with that. Then, Hernan, I think you've got a couple things you were going to mention. Right?

Hernan: Yeah. Basically, what we are trying to put together over the next couple of months, it's a service that we can provide either a students, or people that are not entirely based, or they're not our students, yet, but they want to get traffic. Basically, if any of you guys watching need some sort of traffic like PPC, they can be Facebook advertising in any way, shape, or form, like for lead gen, for info products, for physical products, whatever you have in mind, talk to us then we can also do YouTube advertising, as well.

That's going to be Bradley's turf, but basically what we're trying to do is just start offering services, so since we haven't actually launched that there's some window of opportunity right now for you to join us to get traffic at a cost, or a really, really low budget, if you would, or investment. Maybe give us a testimonial and those kinds of things, which come with a window of opportunity, right now. We're going to be launching on the upcoming weeks, that's going to be a full blown service from Semantic Mastery, so just a heads up. If you're interested in getting traffic, PPC Facebook, or YouTube traffic, YouTube PPC, it's just contact tests, support at semanticmastery.com, we'll do something special for you.

Bradley: Yeah. In other words guys, we're kind of looking for some beta testers while we get this agency up off the ground and running. There is an opportunity, right now to get in for almost cost, basically, for us, so they can kind of iron out some details and that kind of stuff. If anybody's interested, right now, we're going to start off with Facebook and YouTube traffic. We'll do some PPC, like Google Search pay per click stuff at a later date. I've got to get some people trained with those, and that's going to take some time, but YouTube and Facebook stuff we can get set up fairly quickly, so just contact us via support.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Yeah. Definitely. It's beta in the sense that you're going to help us definitely be ironing out some processes and get things down, but this is obviously by people who know how to do this, so it's not beta in that sense. Good thing to take advantage of if you want to try to do for yourself or clients, right now, that would be pretty cool.

Bradley: All right.

Adam: Yeah. I think that's it. You guys got anything else?

Bradley: No. I'm good, man. I've got a lot of questions, already, so [crosstalk 00:04:38].

Adam: Let's do this.

Bradley: All right. I'm going to take the whole …

Adam: All right. We've got your whole screen.

List Of Web Properties That Support Syndication Of Posts Or Pictures Through RSS

Bradley: Okay. Cool. First, I want to make sure that I recognize this photo before, this meme before we scroll down, because we might not get to it. I can plus one that way. All right. Cool. Let's get on to it. We got a lot. “Hi, all. Can you point me to the place that shows all the networks that I can syndicate posts or pictures through RSS to them, like Blogger, Tumblr, 500px, and I have the training for the academy and there are no new networks to post my RSS post or pictures to for a while.” Well, that's not true, because we, you have to check the update videos. We are always adding new, or excuse me, the update webinars, check that. Check the update section of the training area, because all the update webinars for the last, I'd say five months, at least, we've been adding new properties every single time.

Now, they're not necessarily IFTTT dependent, meaning that some of the properties that we add don't actually integrate with IFTTT, but that's not the point. The point is to create additional, to put, to have a presence on more properties online, in other words. Some of the properties that we've been adding on a monthly basis, they act like live stream sites, where they'll pull content in from RSS feeds or you can connect via [inaudible 00:06:08] and it will pull in social feeds, or whatever. You just have to check the update webinars, that's what the update webinars are for, and we add new properties every single month. Okay?

“If I can point you to five that I've worked with plug in post into them,” I'm not sure what that means. The ones that are covered inside, like the core training, those are the core syndication properties that we've been using for years, but the newer sites we've been adding, again, they're added in during the update webinars, and we've go an update webinar scheduled for today at five p.m. immediately following Hump Day Hangouts, and we've got another three properties that we're adding to the networks, today. Okay. Let's see. “Besides ProRank Tracker, okay, who are the best besides them?” Okay.

Marco: Right.

Sending Video Email To Clients

Bradley: Cool. All right Carson's up next. He says, “Hey, guys. Awesome content. Loving it. In regards to getting clients, it was mentioned in a YouTube video about sending video email. Would love to touch more on specifics of that. Sales process followup, closing, and client, et cetera. Cannot wait for the webinar.” Carson, I would recommend that you go sign up for, well, let me ask first, well go sign up for Video Powerhouse, anyways, or SERP Space, go create a free account at SERP Space. Adam, is the vmail training, that's only for Video Powerhouse subscribers, now, correct?

Adam: Correct. There is some older shorter stuff, but the complete stuff is going to be offered to Video Powerhouse people.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: There may be some additional options down the road, but yeah that's how it's going to roll, for now.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: There's an old PDF, that I created with, well, I had two female partners in a previous business, and they created the PDF, I created the process for video email, and there's a PDF that you can go download it was created in like 2012, so it's several years old. The principles are still intact. I completely redid the training for video email, though this week for Video Powerhouse, which can be accessed if you're a Video Powerhouse subscriber, but if you want the old version of it, again the principles are the same. Some stuff has changed, obviously, but the principles are still the same, then let me just double check to see if this is the correct link, but it should be bradleybenner.com/vmail. I think you can opt in and get the PDF there. Yeah. That's it. Just go to bradleybenner.com/vmail and opt in and you'll get the PDF version and there might be some training videos, again, they're at least five years old, but the principles are still the same. If you want the updated training join Video Powerhouse and you'll get it for free in there, it's part of your membership. Okay.

Adam: Not true, but it will be much cheaper.

Bradley: The vmail training?

Adam: Yeah. That's going to be kind of a side product, because it doesn't really fall inline with exactly what's-

Bradley: Okay.

Adam: It's going to be [crosstalk 00:09:03] discount.

Bradley: My bad.

Adam: No worries. I'm going to put a link up here, if you're really into it, you can buy it, now, but you'll get a discount if you buy it when you, if you buy it with Video Powerhouse, so just putting that out there.

(great vmail training: http://youtube.semanticmastery.com/vmail-prospecting)

Using Sape Links To Rank YouTube Videos

Bradley: Yeah. Again, I just updated it earlier this week, so that's the new version of it. It's much more in depth. “Hi, guys. Thanks for the great answer last week. Awesome.” This is from Ben, “I have been wondering about sape links ever since I watched the link building video in the IFTTT SEO training. A few questions. Are they still buyable links to use for YouTube?” Yes, Ben. Absolutely. Absolutely, they are. “Where's the best place to get them?” Well, the best place to get them is to do it yourself.

It's to go join the SAPE Network, yourself. It's a pain in the ass. I didn't like doing it. I did it by myself a few times, but it is just time consuming. I know Hernan got really good at that, so he was able to sniff out really good back links very quickly in SAPE, because he played into it a lot more than I did, I just didn't like it. I would always go to a bulk, sape link provider and just purchase them in bulk. I was spending a lot of money on sape links for quite some time. Not, so much anymore. Yeah. I mean, you can go to the SAPE Network, and do it yourself. There used to be a product, it was like kind of like a desktop software that would run and it made it a lot easier, it was called, [inaudible 00:10:24], I think it was called [inaudible 00:10:25].

Hernan: Yeah. [inaudible 00:10:27] something like that. Yeah.

Bradley: Something like that. [inaudible 00:10:29] that made it a lot easier still a bit weird. One of the easiest ways is the way that I preferred before I started buying them in bulk, was just to go to a Blackhat forum and find a provider, but, Hernan, if you want to mention the best, you always have really good providers for that, too.

Hernan: Yeah. Basically there is, you can go to the source, and [inaudible 00:10:54] not the only network out there, it's just who you know guys. There's a bunch of others. [inaudible 00:10:59] is the biggest one, basically what you're buying is a placement of links that can be either hacked, or real links. There's a bunch of actual people offering their links that are not all hacked. [inaudible 00:11:14] really just one of them and you can go directly to the source, or you can have a vendor, like Bradley was saying, like [inaudible 00:11:21] for example, or [inaudible 00:11:24] which is a guy that will get you really, really good domains.

I really like [inaudible 00:11:29], because within the Mastermind, we have a process, I laid out the entire process that I use, which can take, I don't know, maybe 10 minutes initially, and then it gets so much easier. It includes ScrapeBox and Majestic. ScrapeBox and Majestic to kind of sift through them. I don't know [inaudible 00:11:53] or something crazy like that for a couple of cents for monthly cents, dollar cents, or whatever. That's the way that I do it, but if you want to again go through a source or a dealer, I can put some links on the event, too so that you can check them out. It would be more expensive, though. It can really add up. If you're doing a lot of sape links, if you're doing it on your own it doesn't add up that quickly, but if you use vendors it can add up, because you end up paying maybe 10, 15, 20 bucks a month per link. If you're doing it on your own you can pay one buck or maybe 50 cents of dollar per links.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Because it all works on, well I don't remember the currency of Russia, right now, but that's-

Bradley: Ruble.

Hernan: Yeah. Rubles.

Bradley: Right now, especially if you're in the US, the ruble compared to the dollar, the currency exchange is so, like there's such a big difference that you can buy a lot of rubles with a dollar in other words.

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah. I just want to point out that when I was buying, before I started buying them in bulk just for efficiency purposes. When I was buying them myself, I would get Trust Flow 50 plus sometimes, links for $2.00 per month, which was huge. Especially for YouTube stuff. I mean, like huge for YouTube stuff. I would, the next part of this is I assume the best use of them would be very last resort, after the videos and channel has be optimized every which way you finally want to save like a video just for raw ranking power. Is that the case? Yes. That's usually the case. Like I would do everything that I would teach.

I would syndicate a video, live stream it whatever, but it would go out across my network, then I'd set up a crowd search campaign and do all the stuff that I already have first, and if I wasn't able to rank it, if it was one of those stubborn videos that was like dancing at the bottom of page one, top of page two, that kind of stuff, or just stuck on page two, period, that's when I would get out and find a sape link, and for YouTube, it didn't matter, at least it didn't, I haven't done it in about a year, but it didn't matter so much really what the niche of the link was it was just the raw ranking power of the link, it would push it over the edge.

If you can niche it down or get topical relevancy out of the link as well, or at least somewhat ballpark, same neighborhood. If that makes sense. Then, I would certainly do that, but all I'm saying is just a raw like hardcore, high metrics link. Not something that I would want to point at a money site, but at a YouTube video, yeah, it will work. Okay. Yeah. You can point it directly to the video, I recommend that you're using YouTube silos, using playlists in other words, because if you point it at a properly interlinked video within a silo, then it can actually power up the whole silo. One link can do that. One really good link can do that if your internal linking within the silo is done correctly. We teach you how to do that inside of YouTube Silo Academy. All right.

This Stuff Works
Next, “Would you point a Sapelink in an individual video itself or at one of the tier property linking to the video, or something else?” You can point it directly to the video, but if you want to add some diversity you could also point to one of your web twos where it's embedded, that will also help. Okay. “Can you use Sapelinks,” just by the way, Ben, you can test with these, if you're going to get into buying Sapelinks, what I recommend you do is test different injection points. Right?

Test different points that you, places that you point the link to. Right? Directly to the video, maybe to an embed property, maybe to the playlist URL, try it with different things, so that you can figure out what seems to be working best, because it changes. I did a lot of [inaudible 00:15:33] about a year ago, it's been a year since I've done it, so I don't know what's the best strategy, right now. I'm assuming that not much has changed when it comes to YouTube, though. Again, I would recommend that you just test some of that stuff. But, that's a great strategy guys, if you need just some raw ranking power for YouTube, Sapelinks are a good place to get them for inexpensive price.

Sape Links For Branded Network 

“Can you use Sapelinks with [inaudible 00:15:55] network in any way, or are they only for videos?” Well, you can. You can point them to IFTTT network properties, I don't recommend doing it, though. I recommend going through, like if you were going to be doing that, that you be pointing them at a tier two, instead of tier one.

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: Right. You guys have any comment on that?

Hernan: I would use, if anything Ben, you can use the detachable link juice. That's something that I use, because once you place the order, it's hard to change the link, so just point it to a 301 and maybe do some Switchbox SEO, Saper are great for Switchbox and this also applies for videos, too. If you have a video that's ranking well, you can 301 the juice to another video that's not ranking that well, but anyways I've seen that site as a means of maybe powering up a tier one link, as a tier two, you know? Powering up an internal page for tier one works really well.

For example, if you make a post about a page that you want to rank, and then you syndicate it out and then you pick the WordPress.com URL for that post and then you point it to Sapelinks that usually makes a lot of damage. Usually with tweets, too, if you tweet a post and then you point to Sapelink. You can go crazy with this, but the main point, I think it should be some kind of, you need to start using Switchbox, because it's super important.

Bradley: Yeah. All that means is use one of your own domains that you can set up 301 redirects. You can just use a plugin, it's out of WordPress site to do that, and then point all your Sfelinks to 301 redirect URLs. Then, point to wherever you're ultimately going to point that link at. In other words, you want to set up a redirect first, and then when you order the Sapelink have it point to the redirect. That way if something happens, like some sort of negative effect, or anything like that, you can just remove the redirect and it will free up your final property, the destination property from potential damage from that link.

Remember guys, with the Sapelinks, there's always potential harm. Right? There always is. I know that, and I don't know it could be coincidence, but I suspect that there was some, it was a sape related, but I had several sites hacked that had Sapelinks pointed at them, so I don't know if that's an invitation for hacking or what, but just be aware of that. That's why I don't typically point direct to money sites. I'll do sape stuff to YouTube, for example, or to buffer sites. Typically, out of tier two or beyond, so that I don't put harm to any of my branded properties. If that makes sense?

Hernan: Point Sapelink at a drive stack and watch what happens.

Semantic Mastery Done-For-You-Services

Bradley: You can do that, too. Yeah. You can do that, too. Chris is up, “Hello. I signed up for IFTTT, so I can understand the process and workings, but then I got lost in the labyrinth of different programs and services within the Semantic Mastery arsenal. I have no desire to form any of the fulfillment, IE, building my own networks, and I'm very keen on using the done for you services. I want to start by having my own lead gen sites for my chosen niches, which of the done for you services are most appropriate for link building content syndication and link generation? Actually, I think I may have found it, is this it? I want to budget networks for you.” Yeah. That's correct, Chris you can go to serpspace.com as well, that's our marketplace, now, so serpspace.com you can go there and order networks there. In order to drive stacks, we have a separate URL for that. Right? You might want to drop that on the page somebody, and tag Chris on it.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: For the drive stacks.

Hernan: Yes. I'll do that.

Bradley: Do we have, I don't think we do, yet, I think we're going to wait until after the Video Powerhouse launch, but you guys correct me if I'm wrong, we don't have the affiliate and done for you sites, yet, do we?

Hernan: No. Not yet. Initially, I think that we'll do the same and we'll do externally, initially, because the guys at SERP Space are fully committed.

Bradley: Bogged down.

Hernan: Yeah. They're fully committed to get Video Powerhouses awesome as it could be. I think that we'll manage it like that, initially, but we will have another service that we want to do is to set up complete done for you affiliate and-

Bradley: Local sites.

Hernan: Yeah. Local sites. [inaudible 00:20:21] sites. Completely done for you with IFTTT attached to them. Drive stacks, if you want them. Powered up, the whole shebang.

Bradley: Yeah. We're really working, guys, to get these done for you services, just like what Chris just said, we get this kind of crap, and excuse me, I say crap, we get these kind of comments in SERP, excuse me, in support all the time, saying, “Man, your trainings great, but it's a lot of work. I don't want to do it. Where can I get you guys to do it for me? How can I get you guys to do it for me?” We get that a lot, so because of that we're going to hopefully be, not hopefully we will be launching that service soon, where it will be complete done for you site builds, affiliate sites, lead gen sites with IFTTT networks like the whole nine yards drive stacks, link building, citations, all that stuff can be done. We're working on that.

Setting Up And Build Links For An IFTTT Network That Is Purchased Via Serp Space

Jay's up next, “Hi, guys. I may have found my first SEO client,” we'll plus one that, “I put a proposal together for SEO with content marketing, he has on WordPress, I purchased Content Kingpin. I'm thinking of building a IFTTT ring for the website. I use Content Kingpin to curate to posts per week. Client to provide one additional original post per week.” That's great. That's great, Jay. “Confused with SERP Space and ordering the most powerful network setup for websites, should I just order one IFTTT network and power with back link package to first tier, or multiple tier network?” Jay, for blog syndication, I recommend just starting off with one tier one network to start with. Okay.

This Stuff Works
Then, start populating the network with new content, publishing to your blog, which you already sound like you got a good plan for that. Then, power up that tier one network with links, absolutely, which that's just standard operating procedure, for me, but then give it a little bit of time. Work on just producing good content and making sure that the content is getting syndicated properly and that kind of stuff for a few weeks. At two or three posts per week, within, you know four to six weeks, you should have a pretty good foundation built.

Then, you can always go into having some more advance stuff like multi tiered networks and things like that, I don't recommend that right out of the gate, though. Especially, since this is your first client. Stick, keep it simple, for now. You can add some complexity to it at a later date, if you desire, but you might be able to get the results just using a tier one network that's been powered up with proper content marketing, anyways. It sounds like, guys, one of the biggest factors on the results that you're going to get from the networks is frequency of publishing. The number of times that you post to your blog. Frequency and consistency. Right? That's really, really important.

That's why I recommend go start off with just a tier one branded network, obviously powered up with links, that's going to help everything, but then just focus on creating content and publishing regularly, consistently. Okay? Because then after a few weeks, you got to allow time, you got to be patient, and I know that's tough in our industry, especially it's tough to be patient, you got to be, because it will start to build its own authority and keyword relevancy like the theming the topical relevancy will become more and more apparent to Google, and it will make it a more authoritative property. Google will start giving the site more weight, in other words. Okay. That's what I recommend is just doing what you're doing, Jay, that's a great strategy. I would not worry about two tier networks for now, just stick with branded tier one. Okay?

“From SERP Space you give advice on the strongest setup for website?” Yes, that is what I would recommend just order tier one and then send it over to the link building team, or I think you can actually, yeah, you can add that as an add on when you order the network, so that's what I would do. That way it's all done, like your network will go from the builders directly over to the link building team. The building team will set up your campaign immediately and you'll get it back in a short order. Okay? “Also, what other monthly link building methods can you advise I do? Medium competition keywords. Non local.” I don't know, do you guys have any link building services that you use? I don't, anymore.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:24:32]. The way I do it, the drive stack and then hit that with link building, because you can order a drive stack with link building [inaudible 00:24:43] what to do. You get the power of the link building into the drive stack, but then the spiderweb silo takes care of pushing the link juice wherever you want it to flow and places where you didn't think it would flow it will just go because you have a link in there. That's another way that you can do the link building.

Hernan: Yeah. I agree with Marcus, Jay. What I would do, because either A, I would hire anything with Semantic Mastery right now, in fact, the marketplace, the stuff that we were using, that we were outsourcing. That's the main point of the marketplace, so we were outsourcing link building, so we decided to put it there, so more people can take advantage of that. What you could do, Jay, is to have the drive stack, or have the main IFTTT, the tier one network, powered up and wait for it a little bit. Let the dust settle. Then, if you did more link juice you should just order another round of link building within subspace. At the moment, I don't think we have the monthly gig ready, but that will be a good add on. Maybe we will need to talk to Danny about, that would be a good add on. The thing is that you can purchase a monthly package of links, but-

Bradley: It's usually not necessary.

Hernan: Yeah. That's the point, just if you need it, Jay. I mean, if you're going to, that's one of the reasons why I think we don't have one there, because we didn't have the need to go out there and purchase monthly links, so we should just blast a link, blast with links and let it sit.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: [crosstalk 00:26:23].

Hernan: Yeah. Then, if we need more power, we will do it again until that website ranked, then if you notice it is dropping down you can do it again, so do it on demand. That would be the idea.

Bradley: Yeah. Again, that's the point of it, part of the reason that we don't have the monthly service, is because like what he just said, most the time it's because we order, like I'll send my network over to the link building team, they build the links to it, and then it's just about publishing content, which I've already talked about, consistently. Then, you give it some time. Give it four to six weeks and check to see, by then you should start gaining some pretty damn good traction, but if you need, feel like you need an additional boost, then you order another link building package, then. The idea has to continue publishing content on a regular basis, because that's really what's going to help. Right?

PowerSuggest Pro Vs ScrapeBox Keyword Scraper

Okay. Next. Lillian. “Hey, Bradley and the entire SM team. I have a few questions, two for now, but I guess a few more will come tomorrow.” Okay. “I saw you mentioning Power Suggest Pro multiple times in these hangouts, I'm curious how it's better than the Scrapebox, just keyword scraper.” I honestly, I know this is going to sound like SEO blasphemy, but I was never a Scrapebox user. I purchased it, I just never learned how to use it. It may be comparable, I know Scrapebox is like an SEO, or excuse me a Swiss Army knife of SEO tools, but it's just one of the tools that I never learned how to use. I had no desire to. I don't know. If somebody else has used this keyword scraper, can you comment on the different [crosstalk 00:27:52].

Adam: It's been a long time. I just like it because Power Suggest Pro does what it does, it does it very well. It's very simple. You don't have to think about it.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:28:01].

Adam: I've used both. It's been a while since I used Scrapebox, but I used Scrapebox for a lot of different things, and I would still have both. It's just so awesome. With Scrapebox, unless they've updated it to the point where, a lot of times you had to load in things either reading text files or keep a notepad handy, what things to copy and paste in, it's not that it takes that much time, but when you want to just do something real quick Power Suggest Pro is just so easy.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: I think that's the main point. [inaudible 00:28:32] I think, that's the main point. You can still use Scrapebox maybe you are running it on a VPS, those kinds of things add up, but if you're using it on a daily basis, go ahead. I mean, the thing with Power Suggest Pro is that, I mean I use Scrapebox, I used to use it a lot more, but I use it still, because its handy, even if you're not spamming its handy. It's a handy tool to have. If you're using it on a daily basis, go ahead with it. I would like to compare, though, the results from one and the results for the other, but that's for another episode, maybe.

Thoughts On A Rumored Google Update That Downranks Websites Powered By PBN

Bradley: Okay. Next. “Not sure if you've seen the latest [inaudible 00:29:10] some of the Google updates, beginning February 7th, February 8th wasn't one of them Possum? That's their recent update, right? Google Possum. Anyways, “Especially down ranking sites that are mostly powered by PBN's or at least evaluating those links, hence the ranking drops. I know you don't use the typical PBN's much, but any similar ranking drops to the IFTTT power sites?” I haven't seen any. In fact, it's interesting, but I have one client in particular that we had focused for the last several years, mainly on organic, organic SEO because he covers a large area, large region, a large geographical area in the northern Virginia area as a roofing company, and we've been focusing on organic, mainly, because we didn't have locations, obviously, physical locations in all the cites that he covered in all the areas. Right?

However, within the last several months, now, I've been focusing on really trying to get his maps listing, which he has one location to rank for multiple cities. I've been doing that with just using the IFTTT networks, blogging with the content marketing like we were just talking about with Jay, here. Also, building a lot of additional citations. It's interesting, but that one site has actually surged within the last, probably, week or so into multiple maps, three pack positions in multiple cities, like locations that are kind of adjacent to the main city where he actually has a physical location. This is the first time I've seen that in years with this client, no kidding.

I'm hoping that, so my point in answering this is, no, because I didn't use PBN's on this client site, at least I haven't for about two years, maybe, two and a half years. That was an older strategy that I used to use, but I've gotten away from that, and I don't really use PBN's at all, anymore. Very rarely. I still do, sometimes, but very rarely. No. I haven't seen anything and interestingly I'd have to go back and look at the data more to see if there's a direct correlation between these updates and the ranking increases that I've seen with that one particular site.

I haven't noticed any drops on any of the lead gen sites, or client sites that I manage. In fact, like I said, I've seen a few of them with some recent positive changes. Maybe, if it has something to do with the PBN's, I didn't dig into this update much, because it's not something that has effected any of my own assets, because I got away from using PBN's about two years ago, maybe, two and a half, now. I don't really have much to say on that, at the moment. What about you guys? Have you seen anything different?

This Stuff Works
Marco: No. I haven't. He's talking one versus the other. PBN's, I told you guys about this December of 2015, you didn't listen, sorry, you should have. As far as IFTTT and the way that we power, and the way that we protect and the way that we identify ourselves as a seed with a seed site within a set, the way that we hit it with RYS Academy to solidify the entity and to further clarify to Google, yes, we are a sea within in a seed set. Here's what actually protects and powers us up even further than we have data coming in behind that with contextual and hitting that to just give Google the appearance that this is something that's real, it has a social presence, it has and address, it has a phone number, there's people behind it.

They're publishing content. Pictures. Videos. They're doing everything that they're supposed to be doing. It just protects us. We don't, guys, excuse the language, we don't give a shit about Google Updates. Why? Because we're not doing anything that would negatively trigger the algorithm. Everything that we do targets the things that we're supposed to target, which is the distance graphics, this freshness, which is everything that Google wants, that's what we push. At tier one, we do it one way, we do it the way we're supposed to do it, according to the terms of service. Then, at tier two, all bets are off. We just shove everything down Google's throat, again, but everything is protected. Whereas, with a traditional PBN you're out there, your nowhere you spammed the PBN to death to get it to where it had some juice. It's not linked to anything that could be considered trusted or authoritative, and therefore it cannot pass on anything, any type of trust or authority to the destination, whatever that might be.

Whatever your online project is. That's what it needs, now, it's based on trust and authority. If it's not trusted, if it's not authoritative and it's not connected to something that's trusted and authoritative you're in trouble. We're teaching you guys, man, we've been telling you, what is it about a year and a half, almost, away from the post that I did, and we were talking about his even before I did the blog post. I did the blog post, because we were talking so much about seed sites, and seed sets, and that the way the trust rank algorithm was going to come in and the distance graph. For you guys, I suggest go and read the distance graph, the death of the PBN, the post is called.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: People should pay more attention to the stuff we have to say. Is what I would recommend. I mean, it's that simple.

Megarray Near Me SEO Campaign Testimonial

Bradley: Awesome. Thanks, Marco. Paul is up. He says, “Hey, guys. I just wanted to share the update on my attorney near me site. I've been doing video campaigns through Megarray for the site and after only four or five campaigns, 50 cities each, the site is now on page four of the first page for attorney near me.” Wow. That's incredible. “I went into search console and it shows 357 back links from YouTube. Other than the branded social media network links there are no other back links. I have done nothing else, yet, not RYS, press releases, citations, or back links. I do plan on doing them, just haven't yet. This is not a fluke. I have other near me sites that are only weeks old and I'm having the same results. I owe all of this success to Semantic Mastery and all of your training and tools. I cannot thank you guys enough.” I plus one'd it already. I'd do it again if it let me.

Hernan: Great, stuff.

Bradley: By the way Marco, you told me a while back that I was working too cheap. He says the same thing to me, Paul. “I just raised my monthly consultant fee to 3,000 per month. I'm tired of dealing with people who want shit for free and have no gratification for your hard work and success.” That's the majority of client work, Paul. That's why it's better to have your own assets. Thanks, and keep up the great work, which you're building. All these near me sites are your own assets. That's beautiful, because you don't have the whole client relationship thing that you've got to deal with.

Marco: Yeah. I think that Paul is onto something, here. This is the beginning of something that could be really, really good, because once you start building your own assets you stop depending on clients as you were currently saying, that's a beginning of something greater, in my opinion.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: It's like a really amazing journey, when you start putting up your own stuff and ranking your own stuff.

Bradley: It's liberating.

Hernan: Yeah. It's liberating. It's challenging, but it's liberating. Congratulations, Paul.

Marco: If I can add. Paul. Paul is awesome, because all he does is get done for you services from us. He was in construction forever until housing to a crapper, right? It just left them flat out nothing. He gets into SEO, he finds us, he starts using our done for you services, he uses by the way done for you RYS a lot, he orders IFTTT network, he orders back linking, so the other guy, I cannot remember the name of the guy who wanted to know how to do it. Paul is a great example of a guy who, let me get all this stuff from you guys, I don't want to do it, I'll just go find clients, and you guys help me rank.

Bradley: Sure.

Marco: This is just an awesome story.

Buying Add On Top Of Maps Four Pack

Bradley: Earl is up. He says, “Google is rolling out an ad on the top of the now four pack in the Minneapolis area, it looks identical to the normal three pack listing except for a green ad label. My client would like to be advertising there, but I have not been able to find out how to do it, on how to buy the ad. Can anyone add some light?” You know, Earl, I would like a definitive answer on this, as well. I can give you some experience, like I can share some experience that I've had with that without any direct way to purchase that ad. For example, in Local Kingpin the case study that I had set up, my ad ended up in first place position for all the other advertisers.

That's just because I focused on, I raised my bid, first of all, but then I started focusing on raising my quality score and I got to position one with my ad and it stayed there and once I got to position one, and it was there for a few days, then what happened was the ad started to show in the maps pack, excuse me, when you would click on the more results, so at the bottom of the maps three pack you'd click on it, it would open up the expanded map page in a new tab and then my ad would be in the number one position, at the top. I wasn't able to get in the three pack, because I know that's being rolled out in select areas, first, but I'm assuming, because I didn't, there was no option for me to pay to be listed in the maps, expanded maps page.

There wasn't an option in AdWords for that, but because my ad was in position number one, it was automatically placed there, and there was only one ad in the maps, expanded maps page and it was my ad. I'm assuming because I was number one, top bidder and highest quality score, whatever, or a combination of those two, for those keywords that I was ranked for, or that I had been put in position number one in the ad section for. I'm assuming that it's probably just going to go to the highest bidder, or the highest placement, so the ads that are in the highest placement doesn't necessarily mean it's the highest bidder, because if your quality score is higher than somebody might have a lower quality score that's actually paying more, but doing a subordinate position. Right?

Marco: Right.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: That would be my guess, but if somebody else has a definitive answer on how to get in to the maps pack with Google AdWords, I would certainly like to know.

Hernan: Right. You know that Earl just updated his question and he's saying that, he got in touch with Google and they told him that he needed to set up a device that can phone only, that can only get phone calls.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:39:58], call only ad?

Hernan: Yeah. Call only ad with the advice that can only get, yeah, something like that.

Bradley: That's easy to do. If it's a call only ad thing, or something else you could do would be to have an ad that, use an ad extension, the call extension, because that way it will show, and remember call only ads, guys, will only show up on mobile devices, or devices that you could make a phone call from, so typically it's going to mobile devices. Like, you won't see a call only ad on the desktop and you won't usually see a call only ad on a tablet, either, but on a mobile device, a smart phone, you will.
What I recommend doing is setting up an actual regular ad, but use ad extensions and use the call extension, because then it adds that call option to the ad, so that it shows on the desktop as well as mobile devices. If you can call from the device then there's a tap to call button directly in the ad. Okay. That's what I would recommend, but that's actually really cool, Earl, I'm going to test that, because I'm not seeing any ads in the actual three pack, yet, in my area, at least in the areas that I've got funnel set up or AdWords campaigns setup for. I am seeing them in the expanded maps page. I'll be anxious to test on that one when I start seeing it in my area.

Publishing A Curated Content Into A Silo Or Post Them In A Blog Subdirectory

All right. Ben's up again. He says, “A question about content curation. If I am creating content for a money site, do you go to the trouble of creating silos and create the content to be relevant to the silos or just have a blog subdirector and create the content to be generally relevant to the money niche site?” Well, I kind of do both. Typically, what we'll do is, and this in the curation course, Curation Kingpin, or Content Kingpin course, Ben, but my curators they'll keep like Feedly, for example, a feed reader, or even just a spreadsheet with feeds that are niche related. Right? Then, they'll go in typically using a RSS feed reader, a feed reader, is the best because it makes it easy and you get to see all the posts that are new in like a magazine style, or a list view, or whatever.

So, Feedly is usually what we use. That is what I teach how to use. Anyways, don't just go in for the day when it's their day to publish a post, they'll go in and they'll just scan headlines. Right? They'll find something that pops out, that catches their attention and they'll note that or open it in another tab, and they'll go through and look for supporting other pieces of content that can help support the overall idea that they got for the other one. That's typically what they'll do is just go through and they'll find something that catches their attention and then try to find additional content to support that. When they publish it to the actual blog, if there's a silo, a category on the site already that it will support, then it will obviously be placed in that category. Right?

The internal linking will be such that it's linking up to a page or another post within that same silo, so it's going to benefit that silo. If it's a topic that is just related, whether topically related or geographically related, but then there might not be an actual category or a silo on the site yet, doesn't mean they're going to go build one. It just means that they're going to create a category and place that post within that category, and if at a later date we find that there's enough traffic potential in that particular category that had just been added for the blog post purpose, then we can go back and setup a proper silo with the silo landing page for the category and all that kind of stuff. Okay. Does that make sense? It's a matter of just doing, if content fits within a silo structure that's already present, then absolutely you want to add it to that silo, but if it doesn't that's okay to just put it in a more general blog for that site as long as it is relevant in some shape or fashion. Right? Either topically or geographically. If that makes sense? Okay.

“I just told you how we use it. Second, which would you prefer for creating leads and sales?” Honestly, the blogging itself, I don't ever really try to rank the blog posts, occasionally they rank and they'll generate traffic, but the majority of the time I'm using the blog post for ranking the pages on the site, that are set up to generate leads. I use the blog post to target long tail keywords to kind of reinforce an overall silo structure so that I can hopefully rank the short tail, or the very broad versions of the keyword where the majority of the traffic is going to come from anyways. A lot of the times as far as for creating leads and sales, I haven't tested one versus the other because my point in generating leads and sales is to get the pages to rank, and I use the blog post to do that. All right. It doesn't mean that you cannot optimize a post, guys, to rank. You certainly can. That's just not usually the strategy that I do.

YouTube Liked Recipe Issues

All right. Ed's up. “Hey, guys. I just wanted to know what Bradley found out from last week about the YouTube like recipe problem and errors that I've been getting since the middle of January. Thanks.” Ed, I've got the solution for you. I told you that I was going to have it for you this week, I'm not going to reveal it, here, on Hump Day Hangouts, that's the IFTTT SEO Academy update number nine, which starts in 15 minutes. I've got you covered, buddy. Make sure you login and watch the webinar in about 15 minutes, or just catch the replay it will be inside the member's area by Friday at the latest. Okay. I got you covered, though. They're all working beautifully. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but I got it. I'll share that with you in a few minutes and everybody else in IFTTT SEO Academy.

Moz's Update On Domain Authority (DA) Of Expired Domains With IFTTT Rings

Deans, up. “In a situation where one is using a spider domains built to look like business, and some with IFTTT ranks to point to money sites. Does it matter about the effect of this on the DA?” No, Dean. “As I'm seeing a pattern in the MOZ, DA on expired domains is sometimes one despite trust being 15 to 30 plus in Majestic and even if MOZ, DA is 10 to 15, I've seen expired domains do a drop in as little as one to two months to single digits on a money sites DA, it went from 30 to 25 in the last MOZ update using this tactic.” Dean, we talked about this before. Stop worrying so much about metrics, especially domain authority. Honestly, just stop worrying about it, man. I don't see, I don't care about any of those metrics at all. I don't even look at them anymore, honestly. I don't. I don't care. I still look at Majestic metrics and it's more or less because of old habits die hard. It's kind of like just a curiosity thing for me, what are the metrics of this thing that I'm looking at. It doesn't really have any influence on what I'm going to do with it, anymore.

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:46:40]. I agree with you, Bradley, because the reality is that and one of the reasons why we keep using Trust Flow and topical Trust Flow as a reference we never fully trust those metrics, but we use them as a metric and we have really clear that those are third party metrics. They're not related to Google at all. One of the reasons why we use that is that it gets updated every day. Sometimes in real time. If you check in the morning you will have one Trust Flow check in the afternoon you pull in some links and provided them in Majestic, crawl those links you will get another result. The problem that I see with DA and every MOZ metrics is that they have a database that they update, publicly, like Google used to do with Page Rank, remember?

Bradley: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Hernan: You will have a page rank, I don't know, a page rank number two and maybe the next update it will be a page rank number four, and vice versa, so that's a problem that I find with DA, that it's not updated and sometimes they will update once a month and then sometimes they will update it, I don't know, once every three months, whatever. Sometimes they will push back. It's a picture, so you're taking a picture, instead of recording a movie, you're taking a picture and that picture the other day it's obsolete, because you have blogs, back links [inaudible 00:48:14] as well as a bunch of other things. That's why I don't pay that much attention to DA, number one. Number two, it's because simply with spam you can really manipulate DA, we've done it with sub domains, we've done it with spam, thousands of back links. We have done it. You can easily manipulate DA, so with having those two things in mind, I don't think that domain authority pays authority and the new spam score, or whatever that's called, I don't think that's trustworthy. Just because the fact that it's not being updated fast enough and number two we have manipulated it real easily with spam.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: If I may, the problem is that only MOZ knows it's algorithm. Only [inaudible 00:48:58] knows it's algorithm. Majestic what have you. Nobody knows Googles algorithm, so they're all just guessing. It makes no difference. Absolutely no difference in what we're trying to do, because what we're trying to do is we're trying to target Googles algorithm, now from our tests, we know how to go into Googles algorithm and make it do basically whatever we want it to do. Why would we take third party metrics if we know that just by being consistent, for example, just by staying themed and relevant, all of these other things. We know if we do that we're going to trigger the right sections of the algorithm. Why would we bother with third party metrics, anymore? We know how it is, that we want to influence the algorithm in a positive way.

Scraping Product Prices From An Html On An Ecommerce Site For A Feed To Update Prices On Google Shopping Ads

Bradley: That's right. All right. We've got five minutes. I want to get through the four that I can see right here. I'm not going to scroll up anymore. Let's go through like a speed round, very quickly. Michael's question is, “Please, can someone shed some light on scrapping product prices from the HTML on an eCommerce site for a feed to update prices on Google shopping ads. As in when they change. The site has about 7,000 products, currently the company charges for the service, but we want to do it ourselves. Many thanks. SMT.”

What I would suggest, Michael, I'll let the other guys comment, but guys please keep your comments quick, because we're going to try to get through these other ones as well. What I would suggest is hiring somebody from Upwork to code out a simple program that would do that for you, so that you don't have to keep paying for it, you pay it once to get it coded and sure that can be done very quickly and for inexpensive. Then you can run that script over and over again whenever you needed to. It could probably even be done somehow within Google Sheets or something like that, but I'll let Marco comment on that, since that's more you wheelhouse. Marco?

Marco: Sorry. I was muted.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: I'm not sure.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:50:59]. Something could be coded that could scrape parse data from an HTML.

Marco: Yeah. I mean, of course, but I would have to talk, you know what I'd do I'd talk to Cesar.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Can we do this? When Cesar says, yeah, we can do it this way, and then we go and do it.

Bradley: Yeah. Of course.

Adam: Yeah. Wayne just recommended imacro. Yeah. There's a bunch of programs. If it's really simple you can do it in a spreadsheet. If it's more you could get someone to code this up in a day.

Bradley: Yeah. That's what I would do. I would poke around on Upwork and find somebody. Post a job. Ask a few people to take a look at your job and quote you a price. You could probably find something very, very cheap that could be a script that could run, or a simple app or something they could run for you and you wouldn't have to pay on a monthly basis for that.

Marco: For an imacro you can even go into Fiver.

Bradley: Yeah. Possibly. I've got a imacro guy on Upwork that's fabulous. If you want his information, Michael, just let me know and I can get you his name. His name is Marion Begic, B-E-G-I-C, M-A-R-I-O-N, Marion Begic. He's awesome. Imacro guy. All right.

How Do I Rank My Client In The 3 Pack? 

“Thank you for the info, being taught on IFTTT SEO, I believe it was one of my best decisions. Plus one. I'm also in the midst of deciding to get RYS Academy as well. My question is how do I rank my client in the three pack?” That's a very broad question. We cannot really answer it in three minutes, but this very webinar we talked a lot about how to do it.

Set up the site. Set up the IFTTT network, which it looks like you're going to be doing anyways, and then start populating the blog with content, which we'll syndicate and use that as starting point. Build citations. RYS drive stack. If you're going to buy the course, you can build it yourself, very time consuming. You can also hire us to build it for you, while you're going through the course. That would actually give you a completed drive stack to look at, once you are done with the course. In my opinion, that's the way to go, because then you actually get to see one done correctly that you can dissect and take apart, whatever, as you're building your own. That's what I would recommend.

Marco: He can also teach his own VA how to do it from that drive stack.

Bradley: From the training, that's correct.

Marco: Yeah.

Can You Rank And Rent A Google Site?

Bradley: Toby, says, “Can you rank and rent a Google site? My sites been out, sent to Siberia and the Google site is now in the first page with one article.” That's the power of Google's narcissism, Toby. Absolutely you can rank and rent a Google site.

Marco: Yes.

How To Fix “Blog URL Is Not A Valid Wordpress URL” Error In IFTTT??

Bradley: No, remember, absolutely you can, you don't own the Google site, Google's letting you use it, but you can control it and the thing I wouldn't sell a Google site to a client, but I would rank it as my own digital asset and then rent it out. I'd definitely do that. Last, this is the last thing and we've got to wrap it up, guys. Greg [inaudible 00:53:44] says, “What are the most common things to check for when you get the error message blog URL is not a valid WordPress URL when adding to an RSS app with an IFTTT?” Most likely, check the blog title, first to make sure that there is a title in the blog. Go to settings, general, and make sure that there is a title for the blog, so inside of WordPress go to settings, general, and make sure there's a title, that's number one.

Number two, check to make sure that there is content in the blog, if that feed is empty it will say not a valid feed, so you have to have one publish post, even if it's the hello world post, it doesn't matter. It has to have one published post in the feed. Number three, check plugin compatibility issues. If you're using like a Bot Blocker plugin like Spider Spanker or something like that, sometimes they will block IFTTT from accessing the RSS feed, so you need to disable plugins if you've tried the other two things I've mentioned, disable all plugins and check the feed again, if it's valid at that point then start enabling one plugin at a time and checking it after you've enabled each plugin.

Eventually you'll be able to identify which plugin is causing the error message or the incompatibility issue. Okay. Lastly, if you cannot get RSS feed, if all other things have been checked and they're correct then go burn a feed burner feed from your RSS feed and then use the feed burner feed in IFTTT and it will work. All right. I always do that as the last resort. Okay, guys. Wrapping it up. IFTTT SEO webinar update webinar number nine is next. By the way I just very, very quickly Adam mentioned-

Adam: What's up?

Bradley: The back link indexing thing. In the IFTTT update webinar we have a method now, since back link commando is no longer working to automate pulling your post URLs from your web two feeds and submitting, I mean, we have a way to automate extracting the URLs now, let's put it that way. That's going to be covered in the update webinar here in about four minutes. See you all over there. Thanks, guys.

Marco: Bye, everybody. Later.

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