Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 105

By April

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Bradley: We're live.

Adam: Are we live?

Bradley: We are.

Adam: Well cheers, first of all.

Hernan: Cheers.

Bradley: Hey everyone.

Bradley: Cheers.

Adam: Cheers to you guys.

Bradley: From semantic mastery in Panama, we're hanging out on the beach with palm trees in the beach and like music going on and bars and beers. Although they look like apple juice in cups. Take a look, we'll look around, and we just made a friend from Toronto.

Marco: How are you?

Bradley: There's one of the beach side bars. It's really cool, this is a great place for us to meet, so, there we go. We'll try to answer a couple questions today guys, but we're just going to have some fun.

Adam: In case you don't know where you're at, this is episode 105-

Bradley: Episode 105.

Adam: This is Semantic Mastery, so if you're not supposed to be here, you should probably take a hike.

Bradley: Make sure you grab a drink and come hang out, have some fun.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: We got some things we wanted to share and talk about. This is the first time that we've all got to meet in person, we've been in business for about 3 years. We've known each other 4 years, but we've always met virtually via webcast like this, and last year when we met in Miami, it was 4 of us, Marco couldn't make it last year, so, this is the first we've actually been able to meet in person all of us together. We've been able to grow the business without having to meet in person, which is pretty incredible in my opinion.

Getting together and meeting though, it's amazing, yesterday was kind of a strategy session, planning out the next 3, 6, and 12 months. It's amazing how much more creativity occurs when people are joined together in person, then it is via webcast. I mean, obviously because of logistics, we have to meet via webcast on a regular basis, but getting together at least once a year and I think we're going to start doing it twice a year now, gives us much more clarity and vision, you know what I mean?

It has been very, very productive so far, and we still have a whole other 2 days, so, it's been a lot of fun.

Speaker 4: Yeah. Dude.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: Got something to say?

Adam: No, just let's bring it back, we've told people before … What's the most important for me was like coming together, how we met. We've told people briefly like, “Oh, we met online,” and that's what I tell people. My family's like, “What, how did you start a business? That's crazy. How do you know these people aren't going to steal your money.” Yeah, it's like well, you have to have some sort of stress and you've got to be willing … Everyone's got to take the first step. Which is nice and meeting everybody, we came from a mastermind ourselves, those of you who didn't know that.

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Bradley: Yeah, and that's the story. It was funny, Marco had a friend from Manhattan named Jill come down, she was in Panama this week anyways. She came out to the resort and had lunch with us today and really interesting lady. She was asking us about how we all met, and so we were just talking about the story with her earlier today, and we were in a separate SEO Mastermind, Marketing Mastermind 3 years ago … 4 years ago, right?

Speaker 4: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: It was 2012? We were at a Mastermind group and the webinars were once a month and then there was a forum, and it was interesting because the webinars were only once a month, but the forum was pretty active, and at the time I was just running my lead gen business and I had just started my SEO agency and I had just started a Mastermind, an accountability meeting. That's what it was, an accountability group, where we meet on a weekly basis to apply the methods that we were learning through the Mastermind and also to set goals and hold each other accountable.

Share what was working, what wasn't working and try to grow each other's businesses that way and just help each other. We ended up about 25 members or so, but the Mastermind we were in, the training start of the decline, the support started to decline, yet our weekly meetings continued. That value ended up shifting from the Mastermind we all joined, to our group and after several months of us meeting on a weekly basis, it ended up being that we were … I was sharing a lot of training and these guys here were also contributing regularly and so, once the other members of the group started to apply some of the stuff that we were sharing, they were starting to see the same kind of results we did.

Eventually, it dawned on this, wait a minute. We've got something on here that we can run with, that we can monetize this and turn this into a business. Because if our small group of 25 is experiencing these kind of results, imagine what … This could be applied to a broader audience, in other words. That's really what happened, that's where Semantic Mastery was born and we kept it very, very private for our … It was very small and private about the first year, and then in January of 2014 is when we actually went public with it and opened it up to other people to join.

Here we are today, it's been just an amazing journey, and we've got so much more in store, so much more planned. THat's part of the reason we met was to strategize to what's going on going forward. We've got a hell of a lot planned in the future guys, we're not going anywhere, I'll tell you that. More to come, you know.

Adam: Yeah, I wanted to check something out and see … I know we got some questions but I wanted to see if anybody at least got questions on any of that?

Marco: What I wanted to share is that all of the productivity that we were able to get out of the Monday riot as it took 4 hours to get here, because of the traffic. Then, Tuesday and today, today's is Wednesday, and we got just so much accomplished. We get a lot accomplished week to week, but that's more of maintenance, right? A weekly maintenance of everything that our business takes up and what we have to do, but this is actually strategy. 3, 6 months, a year down the line, which is what every business should be doing.

If you guys have your own business, you should be strategizing, you shouldn't just be thinking about the buck that you can make next week, think about the money that you can make a year, and maybe 5 years down the line. Strategize, lay down a plan, and then go for it, but you can't say, “This is what I think I'm going to do,” you have to lay it step by step and then just start tackling at it, get at it, get at it.

Bradley: Yeah, and that's to expand on Marco's point, that's important … I don't know where everybody is with their business obviously, but I know in the early stages of my business, all I was thinking about was today or tomorrow. How could I get that next dollar because I was trying to survive. It's difficult to plan ahead when you're living like that, it really is, but if you don't have that larger goal, then you really don't know where you're going, you know what I mean? You have to have a target that you're working towards or else you're flapping around in the wind, if that makes sense.

You'll go wherever the wind blows you, so to speak, and that's not really … You need to have focus, and that's something we wanted to bring up today was even us as a company, we get easily distracted. There's a lot of opportunities that come our way. It's difficult to say no to opportunity. You guys as IM'ers know, that's what makes you a marketer. The fact that you respond to marketing messages and that's probably why so many of us have shiny object syndrome and I'm 100% guilty of that myself. It's difficult to stay focused because we don't … Perry Marshall calls it F-O-M-O, FOMO, Fear of missing out. Every time something else comes out, you know, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence right?

You always see new software, new training, whatever, and you're always like, “Damn, I'm going to miss out if I don't buy it, especially on this launch pricing,” blah, blah, blah, thing is, if you've already got … You probably have enough tools in your toolbox already to be able to produce a real business, a real money making business if you focus, cut the distractions out. Even we struggle with that. That's part of the reason why we have our weekly meetings and now our meetings where we come together like this, is to really reaffirm where we are and where are goals are to keep us focused. I think that's really important from a business building standpoint, that you have to stay focused and motivated on a singular goal, does that make sense?

Marco: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Adam: I was going to say something about meeting in person real quick, because this was interesting for me. Well, shout out one to Jenny, my fiance. I was talking to her last night about this, the first day here, paid for a [inaudible 00:08:03], because there's very real cost for us. This is business, we have to pay to get down here, it's fun, it's great, but after the first day, I was talking to Jenny I said, “The first day paid for the trip.” For me, becoming somebody who gets out more and does events more and that's not who I was 5 years ago.

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Going from trying to do everything yourself to reaching out to people, if you joined one of our groups, if you joined our Mastermind, that's great. It's going to help you, but whatever you do, get out and start networking. I actually had a call with a potential client a couple of weeks ago, guy wants his own business and one of his complaints was, “I'm not sure what to do with my business, I don't talk to other people who own businesses.”

I said, “Well, there's an easy solution to this. Go talk to other people who own businesses.” He said, “Yeah, I really should do that.” I was like, “No, you absolutely need to.” Sadly, I didn't hear back from him, maybe that was the … I talk to people and no just get out there, you really do need to talk to the people who are your peers or who you want to be your peers.

Bradley: Honestly, we didn't even discuss, but that's a perfect opportunity for us to pitch the Mastermind a bit, and the reason I say that is because, guys, we meet on the Hump Day Hangouts every week, and that's kind of like a mini Mastermind on it's own, right? Because a lot of you come join and participate, a lot of you just watch, that's fine, and so that really is a Mastermind in it's own right. There's something about joining a group of peers that are serious about their business and having that support structure, that support system around you and the ability to post questions or concerns or problems you may be having, or for successes that you're having to help others.

You know what I mean? Having that ability to communicate with peers and other professionals at varying levels in their careers, or their businesses. That's like what we have with our Semantic Mastery Mastermind, we're very, very proud of it and we've kept it small and it's not because we haven't tried to grow it, but it's been somewhat small because there is a cost barrier and I get that. We charge 297 a month to join a Mastermind but there's a reason for that. We want to keep people out that aren't serious about the business, number 1, number 2, if you're willing to commit 300 dollars a month to your business, it means you're serious about your business and it would make you more likely to participate and be engaged within that community.

If we were just charging 50 bucks a month, 47 bucks a month or IM World 27 dollars a month for some shit like that for some Mastermind, first of all, there's very little value there, number 2, it doesn't give you a reason to participate, if that makes sense. We have a lot of people in our Mastermind that are just there to absorb information, and that's fine, but to get the full value out of it, it's a matter of interacting, like a lot of you guys do on our Hump Day Hangouts, some of you are regulars that interact and engage with us on a weekly basis and several of you have sent us testimonials via support or whatever telling us how you apply just what you learn from Hump Day Hangouts and been able to grow your business.

That's amazing to us. This wasn't intended, but honestly, you should check out our Mastermind. If a lot of you that are attending now, if you can come up with 300 dollars a month. Here's the thing, if you don't come up … Even if you don't have the money, if you had … You think, “Well, I can't afford that, that's an expense that I can't afford.” If you're thinking about that as an expense, then that's the wrong mindset anyways, because it should be investment, right? Think about it as investing in yourself and your business and it will come back multiple times over in a very short period of time as long as you take action, right? That's the key, you gotta take action, and participate, engage, I mean that's what we're there for.

Again, I didn't want to turn this into a pitch fest guys but, that's how we met. We've built a business based upon that singular principle right there. We wanted to bring that back and provide that opportunity to our Mastermind members and again, these Hump Day Hangouts are kind of like mini Masterminds in their own right. We love the Mastermind, we've got a lot of members that have had very, very good success with just applying the stuff that they've learned and also having the ability to communicate with peers, like minded people.

Adam: Well, that, the master class, and V2 [inaudible 00:12:02], there's some people just killing it. It's really cool hearing those stories come out of there.

Hernan: I just wanted to say real quick that pretty much, yeah I would say 100% of the products that we have developed or the training's that we have develops are based on the needs that we have had as the business owners or as an entrepreneurs. [inaudible 00:12:21] for example, he started, I remember Adam was starting to wanting to know where the IFTTT networks will work or not. He developed a tool and then became a whole marketplace, et cetera. I think that's … If you're really searching for opportunities of developing products or services, you really need to ask yourself what kind of challenges and difficulties I'm running through on my business right now, because that's potentially an answer right now.

The Mastermind, VS, [inaudible 00:12:53], all of those were solutions that we were asking and we were looking at to implement in our business in Semantic Mastery and we couldn't find, so we had to develop our own. That's how we started getting people that, “Hey, that would really help me out too, so I want to implement that for my business,” and you [inaudible 00:13:11] just like that, you know?

Marco: Do we have questions?

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:13:16]

Adam: I think we got something to say about that stuff over there though.

Bradley: We saw that, we saw the swag, we saw the swag.

Adam: No, no, the hat.

Speaker 1: Swag.

Adam: Hey, just to keep everybody … Hey, if you want to participate, that's great, well if you don't, that's cool too. If you participate, we got some stuff we picked up here-

Bradley: Show the back too-

Adam: Yeah, and we're going to be making some more. We've got some good ideas for some tee shirts, maybe something along the lines of what would Bradley [inaudible 00:13:42] do, but we'll see what happens there.

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Bradley: Yeah, and for those of you … By the way, if you haven't already figured this out, if you're easily offended just … Uh, we should've said this earlier, then don't subscribe and all that because occasionally we get a little rowdy. That image that we posted on event pages is kind of a joke, the P-O-F-U, position of fuck you, it is. I posted the link to the video too, it's a clip from The Gambler with Mark Wahlburg and John Goodman, it's really, really funny, but in my opinion, it's a good attitude to have and try to get your business to that position, like the position of fuck you. I don't need you because I, and I don't mean to be arrogant but if you get your business to a point where you know you're good and you're able to provide service and solutions to people and to other businesses, then you can be very selective in who your clients are, who your customer base is.

You can fire those clients that are a pain in the ass, we talked about this with your friend Joe earlier today. Fire your clients that are unproductive or they've dragged your business down or the cost stress and that kind of stuff. We kinda made the what's your position? It's kind of a play off of the position of FEW, P-O-F-U, our motto. That's why we have it, what's your position? Yeah, what's your position? We're not trying to be offensive when we say, and that was just kind of a joke, the funny way to reinforce what our own motto is.

You guys as our subscribers and customer base and that kind of stuff, our audience, we don't want to come across as sounding arrogant, that's not it. It's about having confidence in your own abilities and your business and being able to provide results and knowing because you can do that that you can be very selective in who you work with and what type of work that you do. You can be the best

Marco: You can be the best, and know that you're the best but at the same time-

Bradley: Become humble.

Marco: Don't [inaudible 00:15:32] it over people that you're the best. Just having the confidence in knowing, when you approach a client, and I always tell people, sales 101. You approach a client and you have to be able to say, “It's going to cost you 15, 20 K,” the same way that you say 500 dollars. IT's the same thing, it's your mindset, that's all that matters. The only change that happens is what you do here, the way that you see it and the way that you approach it. If you can't make that change here, then you're never going to be able to approach that 15K client and close them. If you go and you know what you can do, you have everything behind you, you have people that you can reach out too and say, “Look guys, this is what we need to do,” and then you're confident that you can do it.

You're going to go in and you're going to close higher and better, you've got to be more productive. It's just mushrooms. When you approach it from that position, but if you approach it from a position where, “I don't know where the fuck I'm-” Excuse me. “I don't know what they hey I'm doing,” then you'll set your self destructed them instead of building. I hope that makes sense, I hope you guys get to a position where you can charge at people whatever you feel like charging them, and they'll say, “Oh yeah, yeah, of course.”

Bradley: Because as long as you provide results, that's all that matters anyway.

Marco: Well, the bottom line is all that matters anyway.

Bradley: Yeah. Do we want to get the questions and then are we going to do a swag giveaway or what are we doing?

Adam: Yeah, no, I just … I'm leaving people on the hook for that. We've got one hat that's going to somebody and I'm not saying who it is, but there is somebody …

Marco: We already chose someone.

Adam: First name starts with a D and that guy sent in an awesome support ticket, and I swear to god if everybody sends in a support ticket … It was awesome and so that … It's a support ticket and it was a request, he needed something, but he's getting a hat for that, it was awesome. Anyways, real quick to … I don't know, do we want to talk about 2017 at all? What do we want to share?

Marco: Video powerhouse.

Adam: Video powerhouse.

Marco: Video powerhouse, guys. Video powerhouse, it's going to be an amazing product. We're going to knock this sucker to where it's going to be without a doubt the best and [inaudible 00:17:48] network that there is. [crosstalk 00:17:51]

Bradley: Yeah, we've been saying it for months but we hadn't really made the decisions as to like go full speed ahead with it for various reasons-

Adam: Well, just to clarify in the sense that it's good enough in size and all that for what we're using it for and the number of clients we have, but do we want to have make it public.

Bradley: We're going to scale it, and we're going to make it incredibly big and Marco's spearheading that campaign. He took it off my shoulders, I just can't do it with all the training that I do for Semantic Mastery PR, I just can't do it. That's in part why we haven't been able to [inaudible 00:18:24] at the speed that I wanted to originally. Because, I was actually managing that project and Marco took over that and he's working on the processes right now. We've got a whole time right now together, with our other partners for Subspace, the [inaudible 00:18:37] and his crew.

We're really going to start pushing on that hard. We're going to do a smaller, internal launch to our own list, which means you guys, our own subscriber base, our audience.

Marco: Make sure they know, it's at a lower price. The price is going up because it's worth a whole lot more than what we're charging right not, but as always, as members, as people who are always with us, even if you're not a member, you get the entry price. Now, as you know, we don't play around. When we say it's going up, it's going up.

Bradley: It's going up, that's right.

Marco: Because it's worth it. The value is there.

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Bradley: In January is when we're going to launch it publicly, I mean like, that's when we're actually go on some webinars, [inaudible 00:19:16] and stuff like that and get some big affiliate names, to help push and that kind of stuff, that's when the price is going to be higher. Right now, it's already powerful, but we're going to be growing out the several categories, different categories, or different themed categories, to a total of 5 to start with.

Marco: We're going to start with 5. There's going to be around 600 websites.

Bradley: Yeah, but to start, at the very minimum, it'll be 50 sites per category, oh that's tier 1 sites, but then remember, there's every single tier 1 site.

Adam: I gotta keep the like [inaudible 00:19:48] draped like …

Bradley: I mean the tier 2 sites is where the additional power comes from, those are IFTTT rings around everyone of our embed sites in other words. It's going to be a lot more diversity available for you for themed networks.

Marco: We're actually going to do, it's T1, T1 branded … There's more to come. Drop the mic.

Speaker 4: Yeah, drop the mic, let it be.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Okay, so yeah, quick funnel scores coming out. You guys know we're totally in with the quick funnels, if you want to use other landing page builder, stuff like that, that's great. We've had enough people interested in quick funnels then we're going to go ahead, so me and Hernan are going to be working on quick funnel scores along with Facebook advertising.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, traffic course.

Adam: Yeah, so we're learning to generate some more traffic. Adding on to what Bradley did, but going specifically into Facebook, that's going to tie in real well with the quick funnel scores.

Bradley: My man Hernan, is doing that because I am certainly not the Facebook user.

Marco: He's the Facebook guy.

Hernan: Right, yeah.

Marco: He's on the dollar.

Hernan: Yeah, ideally, what we want to do is to have a full on Facebook course so that you know exactly A to Z, top to bottom, left to right, how to operate the entire platform and how to gain real, true understanding of your metrics. Meaning, that every dollar that you're putting in, you're getting 2 dollars, 1 dollar 50, 2 dollars, 10 dollars out. That's one thing, the other thing that we're going to be working hard is Facebook for local businesses. [inaudible 00:21:17], but exactly, so that you can leverage the power of Facebook which is, I think one of the best investments that you can do right now in your business, so that you can get leads combining local AdWords with local Facebook with the funnels, you can literally go up a business local.

Bradley: Serious business, now, speaking of that, just a quick note because you brought up Local Kingpin, the updates are going to start rolling out. I've already started updating last week, this week obviously I'm not updating because we are in Panama, but yeah, where's our beer guy.

Speaker 1: Yeah man.

Bradley: Sorry. Priorities, right? Next week, when we're back, I've got several updates planned already, so anybody that's purchased the Kingpin guys, updates are going to be coming literally from the next 8 to 10 weeks, seriously. I've got a lot that I'm still learning that I want to convey to you guys, because I'm still doing a lot of testing. I mean, I've setup about half a dozen funnels, AdWords campaigns, different funnels, I'm only sharing 2 of them. That's the original case study is part of Local Kingpin, and then I setup a second case study, which is going to be basically built out in real time, in front of you, all Local Kingpin buyers or members.

Then, I've got multiple other funnels setup that I'm testing various campaign types and ad types and stuff like that, so as I continue to refine the process. Remember, it is somewhat newer to me, and I'm going to be sharing that with you guys. That's interesting, because it's a one off purchase, but if you haven't jumped on it yet, guys, you can't get the launch price anymore, but get on it. Because, it's going to continue to be developed out and it's … I tell Tom and these guys about how I'm actually transitioning my own lead gen business away from the SEO model and more towards the paid traffic model, because it's so much more scalable.

Don't get us wrong, here at Semantic Mastery, we're still going to be providing SEO training and everything else, but literally for my own business, the maintenance required and the amount of work that goes into ranking sites to generate leads whether for my own lead gen business or for customers and clients, it's so much more work. You know how the increase in complexity in SEO, to me, the paid traffic is a much more scalable way that you can initially generate leads with, while you work on SEO if that makes sense. That you can get leads up and get profitable, start generating revenue for your business and your customers very quickly, and then you can improve the profitability of those campaigns by using SEO, if that makes sense.

Okay, cool.


Bradley: All right.

Marco: I'm not going to [inaudible 00:24:04] here, but JavaScript guys, JavaScript is the way to go. A lot of power in JavaScript's, nobody's doing it, we're going to do it. Excuse me, beer time.

Bradley: Gracias, thank you. Cheers.

Marco: All right.

Bradley: All right, do we have any questions that we're going to tackle?

Adam: Yeah, we got [crosstalk 00:24:27], I've got my phone, let me uh …

Marco: Yeah, do it before I have another beer and can't answer.

Bradley: Oh, I gotta have several more.

Adam: Here you go.

Bradley: By the way, just so you guys know, this is not all … We're not just talking business here, we work for a few hours a day, various meetings throughout the day, we discuss the time. The rest of the time, we're having fun man, we are, we're having a great time. We're eating well, we're drinking well, we're having a good time, there's a gym where we worked out together today, Marco and I did. Adam, he's a crazy runner. All right, user questions?

Adam: Yeah, let's just take 1 or 2, then I think we'll wrap it up and get out of the sun before we might … Well, the shade is [crosstalk 00:25:05].

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Boost Maps Ranking For City Specific Keywords

Bradley: Okay cool, there's only 3 questions, that's good. All right cool, well, thanks to everybody for not like [inaudible 00:25:09] us with questions today, appreciate that. All right, so, we'll go with Carol's first, she says, “Hi guys, hope you're having fun, question about ranking maps. I'm in Tampa Bay with 3 large cities in a 25 mile radius, a local client is showing in the maps were a few keywords, but only for the keyword … What just happened? There must be another … Oh wow, there's a lot …

Oh, holy crap, never mind. Just realized that there's a ton of questions, your phone just updated.

Adam: There's mostly comments, so.

Bradley: Okay, cool, sorry, I just kind of freaking out, I was like, whoa, we've got a lot of work to do. Let's get back to Carol's question, let's see. Okay, a local client is showing in the maps for a few keywords but only for the keyword not with a city modifier. What do I need to focus on to get him in the maps for the keyword city, even if it's just for Tampa? All right, well, first of all before we answer this question-

Marco: She's in [inaudible 00:25:59] academy.

Bradley: Yeah, she is.

Marco: I haven't been in the Facebook [inaudible 00:26:02] academy, I'm sorry, ask your question there Carol, you know I always take care of you, no matter what. You're a member, and membership has it's privileges, so I will take care of you. I'll answer this, it's really simple. We've been through this before and we did a webinar on this and I can show you [inaudible 00:26:22] that stuff. For those of you guys, you should know. RYS academy, is like ranking Google, using Google and it's working, it was working 18 months ago. 2 years ago, still works.

Bradley: If you don't want to do all the work [crosstalk 00:26:42]. Anyways, let me answer her question, because there's something I want to talk about. Hey, Carol, what you should do just to confirm, if you're … Well, I'm … Go to the Google keyword … I'm sorry, Google AdWords interface and open up the ad preview and diagnosis tool. Then start doing some keyword searches, set your location to Tampa, you may be in Tampa, that's fine. What I would do is take a look … I've got a lot of clients in various locations and if I do a search for my local IP with a local modifier and I look for …

For example, tree service, Fredericksburg. I'll use that as an example, tree service, Fredericksburg, for my local IP and I'm not in Fredericksburg, the listings that I optimize don't show in the Maps pack, for me, because I'm searching from a new IP. This is a newer phenomenon that I've noticed, and it's only because I'm being in AdWords that I found this out, but if I go into the ad preview and diagnosis tool and set my IP to Fredericksburg and then I do a search with just the general keyword, or the general keyword plus the local modifier, it shows up.

It's almost as if Google is localizing the results to where, if you're searching from a foreign IP or an IP not located in that city, that they're going to show you differing results. Now, I don't know if that's your case, I'm just saying you might want to investigate that a bit. Because it may be that you are listed, I don't know that, I'm just saying it might be that you are listed but you're just not seeing it. That's just one thing that you could check. The other thing Marco said for real is doing drive stacks and I know she's RYS so, but doing drive stacks, that should help.

Also, make sure that you're doing the IFTTT model, you should be, I know, because you're a Mastermind member as well and continue publishing posts. Make sure that you're mentioning the various cities, I just read the rest of your question, that your service area covers 3 cities. You're not physically located or the business is not physically located in Tampa. What I would do is make sure that your site, the customer site, the client site is siloed out, have location categories, make sure that you publish posts within those location categories.

For example, Tampa, and then mention Tampa within the content itself, and have it published within that category and make sure that's going out to the IFTTT network and being published to the Google local page, if that makes sense. Because what that's going to do, it's going to start to reinforce that Google local listing with content with the mentions of those keywords, and those locations as well. It's not something that's going to drive stacks can help, very, very quickly. IFTTT model is going to take some time, obviously, the more you publish, the more frequently you publish, the faster the results should be, does that make sense?

Marco: I'm also thinking that crowd search, some click from-

Bradley: Yup, that's another one, crowd search would help.

Marco: Well, I'm not going to say how but in RYS [crosstalk 00:29:29]. Yeah.

Speaker 1: Let me see your event page again.

Marco: Some crowd search with some modifiers and then it should be good to go.

Bradley: Yeah, crowd search has that local map search function now, and it works well but you don't want to crazy with that because it can raise a red flag if you go heavy on click through's. 2 things, do the Maps click through, which is … If you need some more training on this Carol, we can do this in the Mastermind next week. We'll be back next week, we have a Mastermind schedule next week, we can cover this more in depth. By the way, speaking of that, just post this question, we will get more in depth with this for you in Mastermind next week, so post it on the Mastermind events page.

I created that on Monday, that said, for everyone else, using the Maps ranking feature in crowd search, that's going to help for keywords. Also, you want to improve site weight. In order to improve site weight, you want to setup some navigational search CT spam, click through spam. That's basically searching for the brand name, reinforcing that. Plus, you can send some referral traffic through some of your IFTTT properties, that end up clicking through to the site. That's going to help too, because that increases site authority if that makes sense.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: All right, what's next?

Adam: All right, what you do you think we'll do, we'll do like 1 or 2 more questions.

Bradley: We've got time right? What time is it? It's only 4:30.

Adam: Oh, never mind, Dean's got the next one, I'll let you read it. I was going to grab the short one.

Build Links For HTTPS Website That Is Being Redirected From HTTP

Bradley: Excuse me guys. Okay, Dean says, if a site was originally HTTP version with the back links, then redirected to HTTPS version and built on the HTTPS version, would it better to still build IFTTT SEO links to the non-SSL version so you can kill the redirect if something happened? Or would you just build links? Now, why would … I don't know why you would over remove SSL from the domain once you've set it up. Once you've set it up, I would never remove it. No, I would just build … Going forward, any new links, just let them resolve to the SSL version.

Marco: Canonical. That's all you need to do. Canonicalize and then you set.

Bradley: Okay.

This Stuff Works

Marco: That's it.

Bradley: All right, if you don't mind, I'm going to keep going for a couple of minutes. We've got beer.

Adam: I'm looking around, I don't see a …

Registering Expired Domains

Bradley: They're not cutting into my drinking time, the questions are not cutting into my drinking time. All right guys, so Carol's up again. She says, when you buy expired domains, how do you register them? Use a persona for the register? No, I never do. I know, other people out there will tell you to use fake, who is data, all that stuff. I never do it, I never do it, I just use [inaudible 00:32:04] private, who is, and that's it.

Adam: I'm just curious, do you use Google at all to register stuff?

Bradley: I do everything through Namecheap. Namecheap, GoDaddy and DomainCheapters.com, I have a few registers, but pretty much everything now goes through Namecheap, just about.

Hernan: They'll give you one year for free with who is, and then it's like super cheap, too.

Bradley: Remember, I don't build a whole lot of PBN's and private link network sites, I really don't, because we don't need to. Produce results without it.

Marco: Because guys, PBN's are dying. Unless, you're creating an entity and it's a valid entity and it's connected to other places that are entities, but if not, if it's just PBN that provides a link … Yeah. It's called the distance [inaudible 00:32:50].

Adam: We're getting closer and closer.

Bradley: The beers are over here.

Marco: I wrote about it, read about it.

Bradley: You're not drinking that are you?

Hernan: No.

Bradley: Cool.

Marco: Go look at the blog, I critiqued in it when, about a year ago, right?

Hernan: Yeah.

Marco: [crosstalk 00:33:03] now.

Hernan: Right.

Marco: I predicted it a year ago, so go look it up, and go see it, so you that you can understand why you need to drop some kind of entity around your PBN.

Bradley: Yeah, validate the entity guys. In our Mastermind, last week, we shared something that's been around for years. It hasn't even been updated since 2014, I think? The linked over diagram, if you look that up, Google it, sorry guys, I'm not able to be on the computer right now but I think it's called Linked Open Beta or Link-

Marco: Help in Beta, something like that.

Bradley: Maybe I'll share it next week, if you got somebody reminds me during Mastermind. Excuse me, during Hump Day Hangouts next week, I'll share that because it proves the whole point of just trying to have a presence on multiple platforms. Seriously, just getting your name or the brand name across as many properties on the web as you possibly can, don't worry about the metrics. Metrics mean nothing guys, it's about having a presence. Seriously. [inaudible 00:33:59] too, but absolutely relevancy. I'm saying, just having a presence on multiple properties is going to reinforce… It's going to add weight to the site, site weight, right?

Hernan: Right.

Bradley: It's going to build the site authority, and we're having some pretty good success with that as well. Dammit, I just lost it again. I don't know why you're …

Adam: Keeping Bradley out of my phone, got security on here. Let's see, so we had, Dean was last, Carol. All right. Also, real quick, who has the best guns? Put it between these 2 guys, these guys are the one's who are going to the gym and lifting, I'm just running, so.

Bradley: Marco's definitely stronger but I don't know. We're catching up. We're catching up. I was noticing some of the comments, somebody said, “Cheers,” I want to say “Cheers,” back, thank you. Carol said it's time for a drink, yes it is. We've invited everybody to have drinks from yesterday.

Adam: Jordan's got a couple here. First one's a little long, so I'll let you read it.

Bradley: All right, but before I do that, I just want to give a shout out to Andrew Walker. I know that you just posted a question.

Marco: Andrew.

Bradley: Andrew's a friend of mine, he's a guy local to me and I'm helping him. He's got an IT business everybody, he's a PC repair guy, he does information technology, networking, that kind of stuff. Guy's a real sharp guy, I like him a lot and I'm actually helping him trying to get an online presence now, I'm doing it out of the kindness of my heart because he's a good guy.

Speaker 1: You're doing a case study on that?

This Stuff Works

Bradley: No, I'm not, I'm just helping him out.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:35:18] saying, if you're in the Virginia, you should use him.

Bradley: Absolutely, contact him even if you're not in Virginia, he can help you remotely with any area of work. He posted right on the event page, Andrew Walker, check him out if you guys have any IT issues, anything like that, reach out to him, pay him, reach out to him and he'll give you a hand. Andrew's a good dude, shout out to you. [inaudible 00:35:37] says, who is the best [inaudible 00:35:38], we already asked that. Love the hats and the rowdy guys wearing the awesome [inaudible 00:35:43], thank you.

Checking Indexed Network Properties

Jordan's up, he says, how does one check to make sure the network properties are getting indexed? I ain't seeing them in monitorbacklinks.com. Jordan, don't worry about that, don't worry about that. Because Google's seeing your links, most likely you're going to see them in search console if your sites are registered in search console. If you go … Now look, Terry Kyle just did a blog post, yesterday about this. Even Google was starting to restrict what they show in search console.

Majestic and AA [inaudible 00:36:09] aren't going to show them either, very rarely. The only time [inaudible 00:36:13], well [inaudible 00:36:14] shows more links than Majestic. Majestic will only show links if they're particularly powerful, so a lot of your web 2 links are never going to show, don't worry about it.

Adam: I forget which one, but it's 90 days for the first index.

Bradley: Yeah, the first index, that's right.

Hernan: I would say that Jordan, do not focus that much on indexation, because although other than searching them with a site operator or with an info operator and excluding your own domain so that you can see what kind of ambiguity. You have online, searching your brand, et cetera. That will help you out.

Bradley: He said ambiguity, good word man. Word of the day. Points for Hernan.

Hernan: That would give you an idea, with that said, focus on traffic and focus on … If you want to focus on rankings, by all means, you can use SEM rush to see what kind of exposure you're getting, but focus on traffic and focus on rankings mostly instead of indexing. Because, as the guys who are saying, not even Google will show you and relying on a third party tool is pushing it.

Marco: We've proven this before and we've shown it time and again in RYS academy, I know I keep coming back to it. I don't want to plug it, but we've shown that you can rank whatever. A URL, a doc, any type of drive doc, without it being indexed. We've been able to rank it on first page. Indexing doesn't mean that Google doesn't recognize it.

Bradley: You mean that the page that has the link be indexed, right?

Marco: Right.

Hernan: Right, yeah, yeah.

Marco: Google has it on in it's whatever, in it's database. It's there and Google knows.

Bradley: Google will crawl it, even if they don't index it guys, they'll crawl it and they'll know the link's there. Hernan has done testing with PBN's that are set to no index.

Hernan: No index PBN and they'll work. [crosstalk 00:37:58].

Bradley: I didn't do the testing but he did and if he says that it's working it's law, in my opinion. All right, hold on, the follow up to that Jordan says, sorry, let's get back to it because it keeps updating. He was talking about back links index, or excuse me, the plug in, back link commando. No, they stopped supporting it. Sucks, because it was good, it worked, but they stopped supporting it. We talked about potentially developing our own plug in to do that, because it really could be just a simple plug in.

Marco: Too much to do, it's just so much.

Bradley: We've got too much to do. One of our Mastermind members are [inaudible 00:38:30].

Marco: [inaudible 00:38:32].

Bradley: I don't know if I'm butchering his name, sorry.

Marco: Get it done, man.

Bradley: He's talked about doing that, and if he does that, I'm sure he'll reach out to us to help promote that, and we'll certainly let you guys know.

Adam: We've got at least like 1 or 2 questions a month.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: If it's people asking, then there's a ton of people [crosstalk 00:38:50].

Marco: It's paying itself, somebody's gotta solve it.

This Stuff Works

Keeping The Local Ranking And Local Presence of A Business That Is About To Relocate

Bradley: Okay, so we got a few more. We've got a few minutes guys, so we'll just keep going. Jordan's got the next one again, I have a client who's moving his rank super high, it's a church, moving to a new campus, same city. We want to ensure as smooth a process as possible, tips? My suggestion, go to Loganix and hire their citation cleanup service, tell them exactly what's happening, hand them the 500 bucks and have them take care of it for you. That's exactly what I would do, because that's a nightmare. It really is, it's a nightmare at works. Let them do it, they're professionals at it, Jordan, I think you're in the US, they're incredibly good at the US market.

Other market's, not so much.

Adam: Jordan, we're going to see you in February man, we're going down to Texas, so we're going to meetup.

Bradley: Definitely dude, so check out Loganix and their service for that. We even have an affiliate link, Semanticmastery.com/loganix if you want to send us some credit for that, but honestly, it's a great service guys, I highly recommend it. That's who I use.

IFTTT Update

Logan, that's an interesting name, sorry if I pronounce that wrong. He says, IFTTT has updated their system to Appleton, it seems to not have a watch later functionality for YouTube, is this true?

I don't know yet, because I haven't explore this yet, we've been really wrapped up with this meeting guys, and everything, but our next update webinar, I just scheduled it, for not next Wednesday, but the following Wednesday. Our next update webinar, I will have gone through and worked out the process for that guys. We'll make sure we take care of all that by the next update webinar which is November 23rd.

Marco: That doesn't mean all of the videos and the training's are going to be redone, we're going to do an update.

Bradley: Right, we're going to an update, we'll make that … We'll also probably put that right up in the front and center of the update section about how the applets work. Also, some of our members, I think Jordan [inaudible 00:40:39] was one of them, maybe Greg [inaudible 00:40:41], some of you guys in the IFTTT Facebook group, have talked about even reaching out to support at IFTTT and complaining and they're saying that they're going to resolve some of these issues. Because apparently, a whole lot of people are pissed off about these changes.

Hernan: On the official IFTTT group that is.

Marco: Can you talk about why, or how it's actually improved? The functionality in IFTTT, what it is that they did?

Bradley: Multi steps and-

Adam: Yeah, well, I think I honestly have like a very surface understanding because I glazed through, read through real quick the changes, so I don't want to say anything with 100%. It looks like there might be multi stuff, which was something that was limited [inaudible 00:41:23] first. Yeah, premium. As far as doing like, okay, I'm going to look at something coming out of WordPress, I want to grab something and take it over to Twitter and then from that, I want to also send an email. They were doing that, and it looks like there may be a way to do that now with IFTTT.

Power Up Your Semantic Hubs Aside From PBN

Bradley: Okay, Dawn's up, he says, so, if you're not doing PBN so much, what are you using to power up your semantic hubs and other properties? I send my branded networks over to our link building services, the same one that's offered in [inaudible 00:41:56]space, so I send that over to that whenever I have branded network setup, which is for everything. He says if his dog sits still long enough, he get an IFTTT network around his neck. Seriously, that's what I do, I just power up the tier 1 network, and that's pretty much it. For some particularly difficult keywords, I will go out and buy some expired domains through [inaudible 00:42:18] backlinks, semanticmastery.com/bluechip or Blue Chip Backlinks, one of those, try them.

Or Blue Chip, just go direct to the site, doesn't matter.

Marco: Resources, go to our resources page.

Bradley: Terry Kyle's Blue Chip backlinks is a great way to pick up domains, but guys, the relevancy is absolutely key. Don't worry about the metrics so much, look for relevancy, and then when you're doing the analysis on the prospective domain, make sure that you have at least one inbound link from a seed site. Which means a trusted authority site in that pitch. Don't worry about the trust flow metrics, none of that guys, just looked for an aged domain that was 100% relevant to what you're going to be using to link from, to, does that make sense? Then make sure that there's at least one inbound link. Sometimes that's all you need.

I pick up a lot of domains from … Because I do a lot of home services construction stuff, I pick up a lot of domains that have [inaudible 00:43:09] links. Or, what is it, home and garden network, this old house, a lot of those types of things. All it needs is one backlink coming into that inbound domain, and then what I'll do is I'll rebuild the domain with the old content, and then I'll go hack my link and it's just HTML, it's real simple to do, you can upload it to Amazon as 3, you can upload it to any hosting account whatsoever. It's just an HTML file, its very simple to edit.

I'll hack my link into the page, and that's it, done. That's all I'm concerned about. Again, it's not the metrics that I'm worried about, it's about the relevancy.

Marco: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: I do still do that, but I only do that when I particularly need to, you know what I mean? For something difficult, other than that, it's about content marketing, and it's about drive stacks, you know what I mean? It really is, you just continue a new published post in the IFTTT networks, because over time, that relevancy will build and you're going to continue to reinforce that entity.

Hernan: With that said, we are in conversations because guys, the domains that were getting, Blue Chip Backlinks is a great tool, but we have our own domain service within service space. The domains that come from that service, they're crazy, we should be pricing them way higher but, my point is that you will get really relevant domains and really powerful domains. I cannot promise you this, but I made a test order because that's what we do when we are mystery shopping our own services, we do test services and I got a couple of domains with backlinks from Wikipedia, you know?

Again, I'm not promising that you will get that, but the quality is that good. We're in conversations also to get that for your PBN services, we're just ironing out the details in terms of hosting, whatever. That's coming as well in [inaudible 00:44:53] space, and it's going to be really good because we have found great builder that they will really not look like PBN's.

Bradley: They don't look like PBN's.

Hernan: Oh no, at all.

Bradley: They're full on, real websites, they put all tons of content on them, they look beautiful. I mean, it's really impressive.

Adam: That's good, because they're websites, they're no longer-

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so that's coming.

Bradley: Okay, so Andrew Walker says thanks Bradley, you're the man. By the way, advanced-pcs.com, that's Andrew Walker. Advanced-pcs.com, network, IT, anything like that, talk to PC repair, security, anything like that. Time Clark says you guys are the absolute best, thanks for phone and commitment, thanks for Tom. I'd plus one you but I … I guess I could from your phone. Lane says, creating my first e-commerce website for a client, any training tips that you can point to? I'm not the e-commerce guy.

Hernan: What are you using?

Bradley: Yeah, it depends, get more specific and we'll check that on the page, let us know-

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:45:53], whatever you're using, let us know because there's big difference. I like doing [inaudible 00:45:57] commerce because it's based on WordPress obviously. It will strongly depends on what you're using so.

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