How To Strategize A Press Release For An Affiliate Site?

By April

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In episode 281 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to strategize a press release for an affiliate site.

The exact question was:

Hey guys, I'm trying to rank an affiliate site, and I'm about to order a Press Release for it. The problem is, I don't know how to approach a PR for something I don't own. Wouldn't it be weird if I ran a PR on behalf of this item, only for it to lead to my site? In the end I just let MGYB write my PRs, but in this case I wonder what the “”news”” would be

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 281

By April

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Adam: All right, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day hangouts Episode 281. Today is April Fool's. But it's actually Episode 281. There's no joke. I guess I'll go with what do Wednesday's and Top Gun have in common? You're both in the danger zone with Hump Day Hangout!. That's the best I can do. And Yep. All right. Chris is expressing his love of my horrible jokes. So anyway, let's say hi to everybody real quick. And then we got some short announcements and we're gonna kick it off and get into your question. So I'll start with Chris since he loved my job so much. How you are doing?

Chris: Doing good here. How are you doing?

Adam: Not too bad. Yeah, things are getting a little interesting around here. They're kind of tightening up the going outside restrictions right as the sun starts shining, so but, you know, do what you got to do and keep moving forward kind of same in life in business. So anyway, I'm doing real

Chris: as long as you're allowed to go out with masks, you're fine.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. And luckily people have been not too crazy around here. So anyway, you know, just the new normal going on in the day-to-day. So Marco, how about yourself?

Marco: I'm good, man. Actually, the rainy season started although it doesn't look like it does it, it's kind of cloudy today we had a few raindrops not much, but just enough to know that in the next couple of weeks at this time especially, you're not going to be able to hear me talk probably from from from the noise of the rain falling on the roof or so. So it'll be fun.

Adam: And I mean, this is we always get in these weird little weather discussions at the Hump Day Hangouts, but is that kind of I'm used to places up in that are kind of tropical-like that is it like an afternoon type of thing where it showers pretty intensely, but then it kind of goes away?

Marco: Seven and a half months of that. But we will have periods especially during hurricane season, where it might rain three, four, five days straight. When my son was born in October of 2011, we had 11 days straight, where it did not stop bringing man. It was just horrible. But other than that, no, I mean, it's like this. it'll rain and then it'll go away and it'll be nice in the evening. So yeah, it's a nice change from just so much sun. Because too much sun isn't good for you.

Adam: That's good. You gotta you know, you gotta have both so you can appreciate the sunshine. Right, right. That's good. Oh, hey, Hernan, how are you doing? You're moving into? Let's see. wintertime rises. A cooling winter?

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we're Winner Winner right now. So we're moving into the cooler season, but it's good, man. It's good. Like that's good. Like honestly, I don't feel the quarantine and quarantine for 24/7 anyway so I've been preparing for this all my life for this moment, so nobody but life's good man now. We're safe. We got what we need to have and you know, the stores are you know full of stuff like you know we just went out to do some shopping we're good so you know everything's good.

Adam: Good deal and Bradley, How about yourself?

Bradley: I'm glad to be back here. Last week I was planning on being here but I took a week away to my favorite campground and trailhead where I ride ATVs and such on purpose to get away from this, you know, pandemic mess and everything. I thought was just good excuse to get away too. So I took it and I planned it from Monday through Sunday. And on Friday before I left to go the governor had issued in order to shut down you know, Visitor Center and such and so that's why I plan on working last week and it shut down. It was shut down for any like, other than, you know, employees. It was shut down. So I was unable to work. I had a very piss poor internet service that I was tethering through my phone, which was kind of spotty. Anyways, so I was unable to be here. And I apologize for that. But it looks like you guys all handled it for me. I had never had any doubt. But I appreciate you all taking care of that. And it was actually nice to unplug for the most part for the entire week other than, you know, a few emails on my phone. I literally unplugged for the entire week, which is very rare even on vacation, I usually bring my laptop and work a little bit you know, and this was almost an entire work-free week. And it was much much needed. I came back this week and had been working you know, with renewed enthusiasm, if that makes sense. And I think that's important for everybody to unplug.

So use this time, I think guys right now for in two ways, one, work on stuff that you've been putting off, and two take some time for relaxation, because I think that gets our creativity kind of flowing again. If that makes sense. If you're overwhelmed with work, like all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, that kind of thing. I think that kind of stifles our creativity. When I say creativity, you don't have to be in the creative. You know, like a graphic designer and stuff to be creative I'm talking about creative problem solving and things like that. I think we're better if we have some sort of a balance if that makes sense. And I think as entrepreneurs a lot of times we don't adhere to that advice we just work, work, work, work, work all the damn time. But I think when you can get away and you see the benefits that it can produce, it kind of makes you realize that it's something that you should probably work into your routine, you know what I mean?

Adam: Definitely, yeah, and I hundred percent agree with that, you know, whatever it is just kind of following either what's fun for you or if you got a side passion, and talking to other people just about what they do because man those ideas, you just start cross, you know, kind of interspersing it you can get those connections and you'll come up with ideas that you never would have otherwise.

Cool. Before we get into it, just wanted to say real quick. We've been updating some training Bradley just closed week 11 of 2xyouragency training and if you're an agency owner or you're a consultant, if you want to get more clients, if you want to grow your revenue if you want to scale your team if any of those things sound kind of remotely good to you and the things you want to do, then you should head over to got the training almost completely wrapped up. But if you hop in, there's no drip, there's no waiting you get in, you get all the training right away. We know some people can really power through it and set aside the time other people you know, you might want to go on a weekly schedule, but whatever works for you, we got it there for you.

Bradley: If I can interject for a minute, I just added the, you know, the videos from today for week 11. We got one week left guys, it would be a special week next week too. I'm looking forward to it. But anyway, so when I added it to the list of all the other training videos for the course so far, we're at 77 videos. So I would recommend that you power through it but kind of on a weekly schedule so that you could. Because otherwise, you're going to be sitting around. Well, you've probably got the time now so there's a lot of damn training in there, guys, so don't let the price for you.

Adam: Yeah, I was gonna say to their you know, we've done an improvement that we've listened to people and we have the video training, but we also have the executive summaries that go with it because we know some people, you know, you may already feel up to speed on some area or you just need a quick reference after you've gone through it. Whatever it is that you need that for we built these in for each lesson so that you've got that. So very helpful material there. And if you're into more of the SEO side as for getting results instead of kind of building your agency, then you're going to want to grab the Battle Plan, whether it's, you know, working with new websites, age domains, YouTube channels, whatever it is, keyword research, all that sort of good stuff, head over to battle plan.semantic and grab that.

Bradley: Ah, can we use the new one? No, but yeah, Carry on, carry on it.

Adam: We're gonna have some good updates coming, you guys. We'll be talking more about that in the future. In the meantime, head over to POFU Live head over to We'll have some updates about POFU Live, but we're waiting on figuring out some alternatives to that just in case. You know, things ended up going on for a long time. And we'll tell you more about that in the future. But what I meant to say was head over to Done for you services, syndication networks, RYS drive stacks, the SEO shield, link building, embeds, all sorts of good stuff. And if you haven't signed up at, yet head over there. You can opt-in or you can create your account there and subscribers definitely get access to some really good stuff. Not only do we have some free training available to you, but we also send out specials and some subscriber-only sales that go on from time to time over there.

Marco: For people who need proof. Yeah, people who need to see it. I mean, we just have to have it. I just went live for the second time. Monday was the first time showing the last solutions case study which we were which I was only sharing in the charity webinar series, but now you know, I'm getting such great results that I want to show people what's going on. I want to update the most. I want them to see as this goes on as this moves on how well this shit works. And as a matter of fact, go watch the video on Facebook, it's all of our groups. If you're a paid member, it's there. If you're a member of the free group, it's in there. And if you're not a member, then go in there join, it's free to join. And you can see the video and I've given people a 20% off coupon for the SEO shield, which is a month right? The SEO power shield is a must right now if you want to create your entity like right off the bat. Do you want to start off right you want the foundation to be like just spot on solid, as good as you can get it it's an SEO power shield, and you go from there because it incorporates everything that we teach in RYS.

Yeah, I'm thinking of our Battle Plan. Sorry. It incorporates everything in a Battle Plan up to when you're supposed to start the press releases and the link building. So the SEO Power Shield is the foundation to get then all that heavy push that lets you smack it in the ass and then it goes. It's incredible what happened.

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Adam: Outstanding! Well, I think that's it on our end, guys. Anything else before we have any questions?

I don't think so. So we're good. Yeah, let's do this. Yep, do it.

Bradley: I feel like I missed out because I wasn't here last week. I was looking at some of the questions from last week. And I feel obligated that I have to answer them and I don't.

So anyway, alright, cool. So it looks like we're starting with Mohammed today. You guys are seeing my screen, right? Yep.

How To Strategize A Press Release For An Affiliate Site?

All right. What's up Mohammed? He says, Hey, guys, I'm trying to rank an affiliate site. I'm about to order a press release for it. The problem is I don't know how to approach a PR for something I don't own. Would it be weird if I ran a PR on behalf of this item only for it to lead to my site now? Because of that, in my opinion, no, not at all. Because I mean, that's natural for people to talk about products or services that they like, or, you know, like trust, whatever that they use to. It's an endorsement, basically. So that's, there's no problem with that at all, Mohammed.

And remember, you're not writing the press release, it's up to the press release writers to determine a news angle, not you. So all you got to do like literally, they're good at that. Like, that's why their press release writers, right? So all I would do is just submit a guideline, like say, Hey, this is the product I want to promote. Here's the page, put the link in the description when you order the press release, but the link into the page, and then tell them to go glean some information from that product page that they can use to write about and that's all you have to do. That's what I love about the press release writers is you don't have to give them very much for them to be able to write some sort of news angle to make it PR worthy and that's their job. So I wouldn't bang your head against the wall to try to come up with ideas for that. Let them do it. That's their job. Just give them the product, the page and ask them to write something that promotes that. And they'll handle that for you. Anybody else?

Nope. Okay.

What Should You Do When Certain Web Properties From Branded Networks Are Shut Down?

Looks like Bibi has got a bunch of questions. Okay, cool. Well, we didn't have a lot so we can run through them. Usually, if we had more, we would say don't do that. But you've been coming often. So that's perfectly fine. What happens when properties get shut down (mostly relevant to branded networks?). Should someone invest in building again? Should we change links in add to other social networks? Yeah, I mean, you know, if it's done correctly, and I don't know, maybe you were the one that was talking about doing a shit ton of blog posts, and they, you know or doing them too soon. And the WordPress was getting shut down. I vaguely remember a conversation like that a few weeks ago.

If you're having it happen often, there's something wrong. It could be with the content you're publishing. It could be too many outbound links could be the volume or frequency of publishing. But if you're having a bunch of sites terminated,  there's an issue because I've got and I was just telling Rob about it. I don't know about two weeks ago, I was looking at some old cliffs in you know, like, six, eight folders deep. So I didn't even know that they were there. And I found some old syndication networks that were built in 2012, a rack of them like seriously, like, I don't know, 20 some network syndication networks. And I started just out of curiosity, looking at the properties, and many of them are still active in life today, which is unbelievable to me that they've been around for eight freakin years. It's just insane. So the reason I'm telling you that is because they shouldn't be terminated unless there's a problem. So I would try to identify what the problem is first because otherwise, it's going to be an ongoing problem.

However, that said, once you've identified that problem and resolved it, then as far as what do you do with terminated properties? Yeah, I would just build new one or I would just buy a new network is what I would do. So you don't waste your time building them or hire a VA that you can train into rebuilding in, you know, individual web to dados that get terminated. That might be something that you want to have somebody in-house for if that's going to be an ongoing problem with you, but I would recommend first identifying what's causing that issue and resolving that before rebuilding, does that make sense? Anybody else got anything?

Marco: If you've done the work, right, which includes doing the same after doing the structured data, then it's totally worth going in and replacing that right replacing that WordPress is touching, Blogger sometimes or anything else, because then it's you played that as part of your entity. And I think that it should be replaced. But that's something very specific that you really need to take a look at to keep your entity as strong and really throughout. So that would be one caveat that I would put into this.

Bradley: Should we change links and add other social networks? Well, I don't know what you mean entirely by that question. One of the things that we teach in Syndication Academy is to constantly be looking for additional properties that you can claim a claim of presence on, you know so that you have a branded profile doesn't necessarily mean that you can syndicate to them. As a matter of fact, most of the additional properties that you would add aren't actually part of the syndication network, they're part of your entity. Right? So your branded footprint, but, you know, we recommend doing that. There's, there's a lot of really good ones out there that you can add, as additional, you know, have an additional profile on and that's something that you should absolutely continually be doing for your networks too. And we talked about maybe adding that as an additional service and MGB so maybe in the future that'll be available.

Are Forum Comments Okay When Building Links For RYS And Syndication Properties?

The next question is forum comments, okay, for link building for non-money site properties, like RYS syndication properties? As far as I know, yeah. That'd be like GSA does that. I would never use that directly to money property. But yeah, that kind of stuff can be done. Typically, I think that Dadea recommends and maybe Marco can comment on this because I don't stay up to date with the link building stuff because we have Dadea. So I don't need to he does it all. But I think typically those type of links will usually be like tier three. So not something that he would recommend building to your tier one assets. They can be I don't think it's going to hurt but they're just not as effective as they would be at like tier three, right, which would be building links to the links that are built to your tier one. Does that make sense?

So it's usually contextual web 2.0 links as tier one to your branded tier one. I don't want to get confusing, but that's actually tiered two. But those are tier one links to your brand, your tier one branded entity assets. And then you could follow that up with either a second round of web 2.0 which is what he recommends and then the third tier of GSA style links which will include profile links and such. But I know that you can go web 2.0 contextual links. And then like essentially GSA style links behind that, but Dadea recommends two tiers of contextual links. And then you could always back that up with GSA style links, which would include forum comments. So, you know, I would just follow his advice. Marco, do you want to comment on that at all?

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Marco: Yeah, absolutely. Because, I mean, the question is, is it okay, yeah, it's okay. Is it necessary? No, not general. Especially not now. We were just talking about it on Monday. We're bringing on the extension tool, right here in the next two weeks. It's gonna be available gonna let people expand their stacks. And I'll tell you right now, that from our testing, you get so much more power when you expand the stack. Add that keyword stack, instead of just the brand, but focusing on on on that market-level keyword and then link building to that. But then all that GSA spam, that you would have had to do it at tier three is totally unnecessary. Because you get such a great push from the tiered link building, right tier one and tier two of link building links, that it just makes everything unnecessary. Now, as you expand your drive stack, more folders, more keywords more, maybe sub categories, maybe you find another market-level category, just however it is that you decide to do it. You're going to be powering up not only that drive stack but the previous drive stacks just from the association. So guys, yes, can you? Yes. Should you? I don't see why you would unless you absolutely have to unless you're not getting the push that you're supposed to be getting or there's just so much competition in there that you're having a hard time hitting that apply. Where you need that extra again, that should kick in the can to get it to go where you want it to be not generally necessary. I didn't see it necessary, nor did Dadea when he took on time and again when he took on Amazon and one.

Bradley: Yep. All right. Thanks, Marco.

Is It Okay To Build A Link To One Of THe Branded Properties In The Press Release?

The next question is, is it okay to include a link to one of the branded properties in the press release? I opened up this Excel file just for visual representation? Good. I just want to point out Yes, it's absolutely fine. And what all of my bloggers do my content marketers who handle all of the content marketing for all my clients and such, and they order the press releases and all that is we always, you know, you can have up to three links in a press release. I use either two or three consistently in the press releases, and I just pulled up the spreadsheet because if I would have had a chance earlier, I would have opened up an actual client workbook and just taken a screenshot and blurred some out so you could see what I'm talking about, like how my format is, but each one of my clients has a separate Google workbook or Google Sheet. There's an NAP tab or sheet on the in the workbook that has the name, address, and phone number and contact information and, you know, email address and all that stuff. That's like the NAP info. And then underneath that, I've got a section that is target URLs, right. So it'll say target URLs here. And it's got all the branded entity URLs in there. And what my VA is or my bloggers are instructed to do is just every single time they create or order a press release is usually work press releases used to promote a blog post. That's what we do. It's the PR stacking method. If you have, it looks like you did watch that because I saw it in your question down here.

Press release stacking or PR silo stacking is what we typically do is we publish a blog post for within whatever silo it is that we're trying to push. And then we publish a GMB post. You don't have to have a GMB entity if it's not for local but if you do, we publish a GMB post that is linking to the blog post. Then, we publish a press release that is linking to either the GMB posts or the blog posts and the press releases to promote the blog post, essentially, and then we link to either anyone of the other tier one entity assets could be the money site. If we're linking directly to the blog post as opposed to the GMB posts that's linking to the blog post, then we usually won't link also to the website because we'll choose another asset to link to GMB map. Not the share URL but the actual cid URL from the GMB map GMB web business site website you know, the GMB website, the G site, the Google site, ID page, anything right and any sort. So again, my VA just has a list of target URLs on the sheet, and they're told to every time they publish a blog post, either link to the blog post, or the GMB, the corresponding GMB post, and then just randomly select or cycle through the target URL list that's there. So that we're always building a link back to one of our branded entity assets at all times, and we're constantly cycling through so that we're kind of diversifying the links across all of our entity assets. And it works incredibly well guys. So that's what I recommend doing. Is it okay? Yes, absolutely. Any other comments on that guys?

Marco: No, no. Okay.

How Many Links Should You Include In A Press Release And Money Post Site?

How many links to the press release include? I just answered that. Two or three, just remember, I mean, you 123 in our in the press advantage service, which you can purchase from MGYB we recommend 1 to 3. However, as you know, Marco can talk about this a little bit more. Remember, you're diluting any link equity. If you know if you've got one link, all of the link equity is going to that one link. If you've got three, you're dividing it into a 30 each, if that makes sense. So just keep that in mind. If you're trying to push more power to something specifically, you may want to only include one link, but as I just mentioned, we typically include on almost every single press release two or three links, always promoting the blog post either direct or through a GMB post and then one to another branded entity asset. And then if we're PR stacking will link back to a previous PR, the previous PR on that same silo, if that makes sense. So that would be three links. Okay. Any comments on that one?

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Marco: No, no, I mean that that's fine. The math is available online. So if you start breaking it up, then you're just dividing the power that you can push, and the more links that you add the more power than you're dividing, and so you're not going to get as big a push as you otherwise would. Unless, unless then you maximize the Lincoln, you would have to do a greater amount of link building. But then again, that this comes, this comes from the fact that it that is exponential, right. If you want to get the power to where you want it to go, and you're splitting that up for ways it will eventually get there. But it'll be whittled down because of how it's being divided. And so you just do greater link building and that's available. I mean data is available and also, what's the text to links ratio on press releases and money site posts? I don't know. I mean, honestly, I think in press releases, I think the rule of thumb was like one at one link, for every 200 words, is what is rec is no more than one link every 200 words, but I can't swear to that. As I said, the press releases that we use are usually around 750 words 600 to 750 in that range, and we recommend, or they, you know, it's recommended not to include more than three links. So that works out to about one every 200 to 250 words. Okay. As far as, go ahead. No, to me, the content ratio is that doesn't matter. What one or two links, period, one or two, that's it. Forget about ratios. Forget about all that other shit. If you want to get the maximum power to wherever it is that you're trying to deliver it.

If you start going down three, four, then you're going to have to increase the liquid. The link building has to be greater but and I'm not going to go into factors, so and how much link building you should do, because that's what you avoid by not splitting it up that much.


How Should You Use The SEO Power Shield To Beat The Competitors?

Alright, so the next one is I got the concept of the shield. I understand now that it is for me not having to deal with the Google updates, and we should care about Google. But what about the competition? What if someone else is using it? What if baby I'm going to give you a hard time here, buddy? I'm not picking on you. I am picking on you specifically actually. But this is for everyone else's benefit too. What you can What if yourself into inaction? And that's exactly what it sounds like you're doing. Maybe I'm wrong and forgive me if I am. But guys, you can What if yourself to death into not taking any action period? What if it is nothing other than negative imagination. So instead, like seriously, that's all…

What if in situations you're worried about potential situations that are imaginary, right, you're imagining potential situations that haven't occurred. And you're just trying to circumvent, you're trying to find solutions for problems that don't exist. So don't do that. Instead, use your imagination on trying to imagine how it will work. And how if that makes sense. Think to flip it. It's imagination, regardless of worry. And what if the thing is negative imagination, and you can have positive imagination where you try to think about, you know, how to how to make it successful? And in my opinion, that's the way to go about it. Because if you try to what if every scenario, you'll never take any action period, and you're much better off what we just said this saying yesterday. It's better to take imperfect action than perfect inaction. And that's exactly what it sounds like from that type of a question. I hate what if questions because and again, I don't mean to pick on you, but I'm just saying, I hate what if questions because you can What if any sort of scenario that you can imagine.

In my opinion, just go out and do the damn thing. And then if you know as things occur, you resolve them right if any issues were to occur. Now, that all said, I also had seen a similar question and maybe I don't know if it was from you, but even from just last week, as I was scrolling through the questions during the opening of this hump day hangout today, I was looking at last week's questions and I saw somebody say, Well, what if Google catches on to RYS and syndication networks? What if Google catches on and we've heard that over the years, go to Google right now in search, SEO, Virginia, tell me what you see is the number one position? It's my Google site from a drive stack that I built, that's not even a complete drive stack in May of 2015. Think about that, guys. That was five years ago. It's still ranked number one for SEO Virginia, SEO agency, Virginia, Virginia SEO, number of keywords. It's an incomplete drive stack. And syndication networks we're just talking about I've got syndication networks that are still valid for from 2012 when I started building them. And so what if Google catches on to them? Well, that was eight damn years ago, and they're still working today. And in fact, they're working better today than they ever were in a different light because now they're an entity validator and solidified before they were just a method of link building. Okay.

And RYS, the same thing. What if Google catches on, there was another SEO guru out there that had a whole entire video about why he thought drive stacks were stupid and to not use them? Good. I like those kinds of people. Because then we're going to continue using them and we're going to continue benefiting from them. While those dummies don't. Do you know what I mean? And don't get me wrong. There are other ways to do things, too. I get those guys and I'm not knocking other methods. I'm just saying, for somebody to have such a closed mind and say, Oh, why I have determined it. Marco can comment on this, I have determined that this won't work. That's such small-minded thinking, in my opinion. And again, those are the kind of people that find that's great.

This Stuff Works
Continuing thinking that we'll continue using them and benefiting from them. So to wrap it up, BB, don't worry about that. Use them, especially if you use them the way that we build them or the way that we teach you to build them. Unless somebody else is using our exact same methods, you don't have anything to worry about. And it's very unlikely that they're going to be using our exact same methods. And even if they are using our exact same methods, you come in here and engaging with us on a weekly basis will give you an edge because we can tell you how to power up over and above whatever your competitors are doing, which is really just comes down to link building at that point. So, Marco, I know you've got some things.

Marco: I'm going to go to August of 2015. end of August when we released the original RYS Academy and the guy. Well what if Google closes the loophole? Remember that? Yeah, what if Google closed the loophole in 2015 and we had a ton of people buy in 2015 and a ton of people who didn't one of those people who didn't is the guy who said, What if? What he's still wondering what if? Because it's still working. But what if, what if? What if? What if tomorrow? What if? What if the fucking world ends tomorrow? Nothing is promised, right? All we have is right now and what we're doing right now, man if you're doing to do right now, that tomorrow doesn't make a difference because tomorrow you can just do more of it. Okay? And so then you happen to be in a niche. And think of the possibilities of you being in a niche where there's another person that's using the exact same methods, the exact same way as you're doing it. As you've learned it as you've approached it, that's nearly impossible. Because once you have it, I mean it's just doing more of it. But in the unlikelihood that that happens, think about thinking about the possibilities. Think about what we're talking about, what are the chances? Can this actually has a word this. I practice entity-based worryless SEO. That includes my competition because I don't care. Literally. I don't care who the competition is. I even stopped doing competition analysis because it makes no difference anymore. It doesn't matter. Once I go after a niche that niche is mine. Or once I'm working with someone to go after a niche, that niche is ours. It makes no difference competition. I don't care when I come on, they better start worrying about me. Now they be they better be doing what if Marco comes out after this niche, that's what you should be worried about. Other than that, dude, go do the do and do more of it and then do more of a build your system. Get that system in place so that you can systematize it and it's repeatable. And then you just do it again, and again. And again and again and again. You just do more of it. So what if someone comes in then you expand your stack, they expand that you expanded more, they do link building you do more. That's it! And as a matter of fact, it's competition's healty because it keeps you on your toes, it keeps you from slipping.

Bradley: It is. And so I just pulled this up just to I mean, again, just to example, guys, it's pulling my map and it might just be because that's, you know, sees my IP and, you know, local, but there's it is number one, and it has been for five years and for whatever reason the maps not showing here, so I have to investigate that. That should be my GMB map. But my point is, guys, and look, it's incomplete. This is a very poorly done Gsite that only this is all of the stacks right here. That's the entire stack right there. You can see it. It's all embedded right here. And it's not anything like what we do now. And yet there it is. Five years later, it's still number one guys, and I've never done anything to this period, other than that's it like I mean, I built it and built some links to it. Way back when and that was it. I've never touched it since. And it's still number one today so for those of you that say you know what if that was five years ago guys and it's it's you know you can What if yourself into taking an action is what I meant and I mean that guys don't do that so anyways and that's why.

Marco: for BB if you'll pick up you are at but then again you're not you're getting game you're getting shit for free that you shouldn't be getting you're getting schooled into how to the do that we do and just again systems and more of it that's it.

Bradley: and take the criticism constructively you know what I mean? Like we understand you're here to gain a better understanding and to be able to beat your competition and so if we're a bit harsh we mean it with all due respect for real that and I mean that guy. So anyways, BB, I'm not picking on you hope you understand that.

Should You Link Back To Previous Press Release Even If It's From A Different Domain?

He says, I saw the press release stacking videos still trying to figure it out. Should we be linking back to previous press release even though the previous piece whereas on a different domain? it doesn't matter.

What I suggest, though, is that you make sure that you're linking back to PRs that don't purge. There are a few of them through MGYB or Press Advantage. For example, the press advantage domain obviously, the USA Today, Digital Journal, Street Insider, all of those rank really, really well anyways, so why not just use those as the ones that you link back to in a PR silo? Does that make sense? Okay.

How Should You Use The SEO Shield For National Keywords?

Brad says how would you use a shield specifically a drive stack for national keywords build out every major city or is there an easier way? No, I wouldn't do that for national Marco you're the one that can comment on this much better than me.

Marco: on the national in real estate I did or we did that has that's targeting every state and every city and it just had some good shit baked in there. But that's not necessary. I think brand plus keyword association at the national level that's it. Brand gets associated with the keywords what you're trying to do is you're trying to become Google in your space. You're trying to become the entity. So when people say if I say if I say jello, you know exactly what I'm talking about generally. Gelatin is what it actually is, if I say Bandaid, you know you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the keyword for adhesive bandage. And I could go on and on guys Zipper was originally trademarked. It was stripped. Windbreaker was originally trademarked, but it became the word for that niche. That's what we're trying to do. And I've said this plenty of times before.

Most of us are not going to get there. If you do that, just think of of the money that Tinder when you become the keyword for the for the niche. But in the meantime, what you're doing is you're creating that brand plus keyword association, so that the bot understands you that you your entity, should be the one that's going considered for that keyword set, the best match right for anything under that keyword set and imagine the kind of traffic, the kind of money that you're going to produce when you get there. So we're not talking about being the keyword for the brand where people consider it. The word for the niche, but where the bot understands that it's that it's the keyword for the niche that your brand is the same as the keyword for the niche when you force the bot into that association, the man look, you write your own check, relax, it's a done deal. Just watch the bank account grow. I mean, I can tell you, I'm not gonna show you I'm not gonna go open my Stripe and I'm not gonna open my account, but I wish I could show you just what's going on. I'm not the kind of person to do that.

This Stuff Works
I'm not the kind of person to show the checks the kind of stuff that comes threw my hands but you have to see it. Like when you hit that sweet spot for that client at the calls start coming in. And an example DC plumber, where the plumber has to take a phone off the hook because he was getting too many calls. Seriously, think about it. Think about it getting too many damn calls. You take a phone up though, the personal injury attorney in New York City who had to hire multiple people to answer phones. That's the kind of traffic and it I'll be totally transparent. It has slowed down, but not to the point where she's had to really close up shop in New York is complicated right now. Right? But she's getting contacts. So she's still going through it. And she's continuing to pay. We've made an arrangement, of course. And then what I explained to her is, listen, when this is all over, soon as people are allowed just back out on the street willy nilly. Think of accidents that are gonna happen. I know. It may be morbid. But it's true, people are going to be just crazy about getting out, they're not going to be careful. We're gonna have a ton of a ton of accidents happening. And it's a ton of people that are going to call her. So she's gonna make all the money back. So let's relax and let's go and you pay me again. And it's going to be more than what it was. So these are all the kinds of things that can happen when they know that you're this person who can produce these kinds of results. And they understand that they let you go, you're going to the competition to offer your services. So think about all that when you are approaching national keywords are there for you. You don't have to approach it every major city because something like real estate is kind of location based, even on a national level, but maybe what you're doing isn't location basis, totally keyword based. So it depends on how people are searching for that niche. So I hope I hope that made sense. If not go watch the videos, contribute to the to my charity, you're gonna get access to the charity videos where we've talked about all these different things, all the different scenarios, we make scripts available. I mean, it's incredible the amount of information that's in there. So think about that. I'll leave it at that.

Bradley: Yeah. And because we got time, because we only had two more questions as of right now. We'll come back to those in a minute. But I want to point out because you were asking about whether it was two questions in the past few minutes. One was RYS again, will that what if they catch on number two was how would you approach it nationally, and so Marco has been sharing even in the free Facebook group this week, this week alone, he's shared about the Land Solutions Network, which is his National Land buying site that him and Rob have been working on while my mind I'm just focusing on Virginia my real estate business, my land buying business. And in both instances, both cases, the Land Solutions Network, they used a mass page builder, but basically they just solidified the entity and built the drive stack. That's it. I mean other than what a couple of press releases for my so and it's ranking nationally for in many different states and such for his primary keyword sell land fast. Well, I've only targeted Virginia but same thing is a if I were to do so, land fast Virginia, this is what Marco was talking about, as you see how it pulls my knowledge panel for that keyword. Right, that makes sense. So the brand has been associated with that keyword. I'm targeting only Virginia. But you can see that it's pulled that this is a full on brand association with my keyword for it to bring that up here. Does that make sense? And you can also see in that search field now with sell land fast right there is Alpha Land Realty, I didn't even type in alpha land or start to type in the brand name and it's popping my brand name into a keyword search suggests. Does that make sense? So think about that. I swear to God. This is my word. Only thing I've done to this. It's a single page. I'll show it to you. It's a single page, Click Funnels page. This is just a landing page. Guys. That's it. There's no, there's no content marketing going on here. There's no silo structure here. It's a single page landing page, Click Funnels, which you can't even optimize the SEO elements of a Click Funnels page. I do have structured data embedded in this, but that's it. And then I've solidified the entity with an SEO power shield, the same thing that we teach you guys. That's what I did with this. And I've done nothing else but one link building gig from MGYB to the drive stack in the syndication network last summer. I created this business a year ago, so probably about nine months ago. I did a link building gig, one link building gig to the drive stack and listen to the SEO power shield basically. And I've done and I've just driven traffic to it through direct mail. And now obviously, your organic track traffic it's getting on its own as well as I run ads for for lead generation Google ads. And that's it. So I've done the SEO power shield, one link building gig and then I've driven relevant traffic to it, which is exactly what we teach with our Google branding, Google Ads branding course or our YouTube local traffic course. It's about how to drive relevant traffic into your entity to get the push and to create that brand and keyword association, which I've proven right here beyond a shadow of a doubt. And that's it, guys. I've done nothing else. I have published some press releases, primarily for properties that I'm selling, but that's a different domain. It's the same entity, but it's a different domain because I use Alpha Land Realty dot sale as my selling site. So anyways, my point is I just want to point out how you know exactly what Mark is talking about is using a drive stack to create that association, it didn't happen overnight. But I didn't even have to keep pushing links into this for it to work.

This Stuff Works
It just took time and actually relevant traffic, which will bring me to the next question here in a minute about somebody saying our links still relevant. They are but this case right here, and it's and they always in my I'm not going to never say never, never say always either, right? I'm going to say they're always going to remain relevant. But this particular project here that I'm showing, as an example, proves that it doesn't necessarily take links, just sending relevant traffic and then having that traffic convert on the page, which means, you know, complete a conversion goal, in this case, submitting the OPT, you know, the property assessment worksheet that can access that's a that's a conversion. And that's a huge signal for SEO, and that's caused the brand association with my primary keyword. And it wasn't link based, really, it was mainly entity based exactly what we've been teaching and relevant traffic activity, ART — Activity, Relevance, trust, and authority. So those two things alone have caused me to be the number one position not just for that keyword, but for others as well that I wasn't even really pushing on. Take a look. Now, in fact, it didn't pop my knowledge panel here, but it still puts me as number one. Does that make sense? So I just want to point out like how really powerful this stuff is guys. You know, we're practicing what we preach here. Do you want to comment on that, Marco?

Marco: Sorry, it's raining right now and it's loud

Bradley: by the way, it didn't pop a knowledge panel for we buy land Virginia, but look at that, guys see that? That's keyboard association. And it's pulling my that's a keyword search. And it's brought my brand into suggesting that's pretty powerful. For the first several months I as soon as I would start to type in alpha land, it would pop up. So but it was it you know, it wasn't coming with a generic keyword, but you can see it, it's definitely coming up now. And then if you take a look. Get my Google Site guys, my drive stack. I have not done anything mirroring at all because there's no theme to mirror-like, in other words, I don't have a site, I've got a single page landing page as my website. So there's no silo structure, nothing else. So the drive stack is a flat drive stack. In other words, there's no structure, there's no silo structure to it. And, and all and that's all I've ever done, guys. And you can see, it's just, it's just ranking incredibly well. And I've got I've been able to get that brand association with that keyword by just doing exactly what we teach. I'm sorry, Marco, go ahead.

Marco: No, no, I mean, this totally. It just reaffirms what we teach over and over and over again, despite the people who say it doesn't work. I mean, seriously, we show it on video. We're gonna believe, like the experts, and then the gurus, the professionals or you're lying eyes. It's up to you.

Do You Think Links Are Getting Less Important?

Yeah. So that's the next question is do you think links are getting less important? If so, what would you recommend placing them? They're still important, there's no question. Like I said, Never say never, never say always. But I'm going to say, as you know, I think links will always have its place. Google's entire algorithm is built on, you know, the backbone of it, the underlying foundation is about links. So I'm not going to say that it will never change, but it's likely that it won't anytime soon. So that said, but are links becoming less important? Yeah, they are to a degree because again, as I just proved, activity, relevance, trust, and authority. So activity is very, very important. Those types of engagement signals can trigger what only links used to be able to do, does that make sense? And we, you know, again, like YouTube videos, you can rank YouTube videos on engagement alone with zero SEO signals. And when you have a lot of engagement, it's going to naturally accrue links and stuff anyways, right? Because people will link to it and things like that. But what I'm saying is without any proactive intentional SEO, link building work being done to YouTube videos, you can rank them all day long with purely on engagement signals.

And we're starting to see that more and more with web assets and entities, as long as the proper engagement signals are triggered, such as visitation, dwell time, scroll depth, you know, clicking through to different links. So navigating through the site, conversion goals are incredibly powerful, because that's showing that you satisfied the searchers query, because they they clicked through to the site, and then they converted, which is another especially if you've got Analytics on your site, or if it's submitted to any any sort of Google Code on the site will recognize that a conversion has occurred, if that makes sense. I like to have Google Ads remarketing tag and conversion tag on every site that I set up specifically for that even if I'm not running Google ads, which I run Google ads for everything now. Not necessarily search ads, but remarketing and display and YouTube. But what I'm saying is I always set up a conversion tracking in Google ads, so that Google is always aware of every time somebody submits an opt in form or makes a phone call, or clicks the tap to call button on my site. Does that make sense? And all of those things act as SEO signals that make links less important, although I think they're an underlying foundation, that's not going to go away.

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Marco: Um, okay, so links, and ART. The only way that art can be measured is through links. The only way that Google can track anything from one place to the other, and then from there to the other places, so that they can see exactly what's going on with that entity is links. There's no other way. It's not magic. I mean, this isn't lucky charms. It's not magically delicious. Google doesn't disappear. I got out of smoke somewhere. And say, Oh, look, look what I found. Look at all this activity, relevance, trust and authority that doesn't have it. Links, not only foundation, I mean, the essence of what the fuck Google is doing. AI doesn't magically happen. Hear, it has to go wherever it is, and it has to it. It looks at all of these different things. But it's done through links. As long as that happens until Google can teleport, which is why they want quantum. It's been their whole idea since the beginning to get rid of search to do away with search, because they can make so much fun.

Knowing quantum, you can teleport from one site to another without actually going through a link. But and until that happens, and we're really far from that theory to actually happening and then having it be applied to search to do away with search. Right now, everything that we do everything that happens, as far as Google as far as anything else, as far as I know, is linked. Why? Because that's everything that the whole group of everything is links. PageRank and ranking. So that's what we're building. I mean that that's why when you hammer things with with links, especially if you do follow links, it works so well and it pushes things so well. That's why a stacking works so well. That's why it's stacking iframes works so well. That's why link pushing link building through mapping bits through everything. That's why it works so well. That's why when Dadea takes something out, once you have the foundation, you got art going in there, you got all of these different things, you've done your entity, right, you got your own page, right? When you hit that link, that's when the magic really happens. And if they were not important, or if they were just an underlying factor, we would not get the results that we that we get. I mean this shit. And as a matter of fact, I'm about to do a link building test where I'm going to show just how important link building is but again, we go back to they have to be the right panel next they have to be well they have to have activity relevance. Trust enough.

Already, Google will measure the destination, it will measure the link origin and everything that's linking to the link origin and the link destination in order to see everything that's related to that entity. But the only way that it can do it right now, and the only way that it does is it has to get that through late. And it's measuring, it's building up your PageRank. It's building up your ranking score. And then it gets weighted, right? And then it gets compared to all of the other entities in that niche to see which one answers the query the best, but a whole bunch of other things happen before that actually happens, right? And then, as you said, the what senses at all, is when you do all of these things that young people come and take action on your website, and they actually finish whatever it is that they started. I mean that that's that that's what closes the loop for everything. Because then Google sees people trusting whatever it is that you're doing, by giving you information by making a call Oh, by getting a satisfying their query. Exactly.

Bradley: Yeah, that's exact because guys, I've talked about this before, way back years ago, I think it was 2014 when we talked about CT spam, click through spam and how effective that was. And, you know, the, the completing the conversion goal is incredibly important because it proves. I remember I watched I think it was a TED talk, but it was Larry Page, right, which is one of the founders of Google. And he's talking about how, and this was, I think, in 2010, when I saw this. So way back when I first got started, and Google was kind of, you know, wasn't even the big get on the block at the time it was becoming it but it wasn't yet. Well, it might have been in 2010, but it was still anyways, my point is I saw an early. I think it was a TED talk, but it was talking on stage about what their kind of vision for Google was going to going to be. And he said it was very simple to end search.

And at the time, it didn't make any sense to me, but it does now and it has for many years but essentially what he was saying was that what they wanted to do with Google was that when somebody would put a search in that their query would be answered in that first page like that first 10 results. The solution to their problem was would be found right there. And that that's the end search. But so that's the whole point. Like if you understand that, and you're able to satisfy that searchers query and prove that to Google, which means allowing them to peek into your site, basically and see it happen, then you're you're you're providing them the exact same signals that they aspire to have, you know, that they that's really what they wanted to begin with. So, to answer your to follow up with what Marco said, I agree, like, you know, links are the foundation of everything, which is what I said, would you say what would you recommend in place of them? Well, not I wouldn't recommend this in place, but on top of, which would be, like I said, running relevant traffic in which you can buy very inexpensively from YouTube, although that's more about views than clicks, but the clicks are highly weighted  when they come from YouTube videos from ads especially, but display ads, and remarketing are very, very inexpensive traffic, remarketing is less expensive than cold traffic display ads. So that's number one. But number two, again, make sure that you have some sort of conversion action on your site that's going to trigger that. And like Marco said, kind of solidified, it kind of underpins that, it completes the loop closes the loop. And there's a number of ways you can do it. If you're running ads, I would set up conversion tracking in Google ads. But you don't have to even if you're not running Google ads, you could do it with Google Analytics, right? You can put Analytics on the site and set up a conversion goal there. And again, it's just a trigger to notify Google that the visitor that's coming from Google or from anywhere else for that matter is converting which means you're satisfying their queries, you're providing value. It's very, very powerful. So it's a great question, by the way.

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Will Continue To Set Up Verified GMBs?

Aaron says, Is continuing to set up your verified GMBs? no not right now. Specifically for Why you said that? Or for what you stated here Google has stopped displaying reviews making changes in GMB could trigger suspension or verification. So we've, we've had to suspend that service again. So for now, no, we're not verifying GMB and we're not recovering suspended GMB is either. Okay, maybe once all this stuff settles down, it'll come back but for now, no.

last one is BB come. He says, Hey, guys tune in late 1010 X or 10 times, I guess, mix of what I think and understanding and hypothetically speaking stuff. Yeah. And that's what I was saying, Man, hopefully you understand I wasn't trying to be malicious. It's for everybody else's benefit to too many times in any business or any endeavor in life. You hear people that are, you know, what if, what if, what if, and I've seen it too many times, people not take action because they think that they have to understand every solution to every possible scenario before they take the first step. And that's just not it's not done.

Not even reasonable, right? It's good that you ask those questions may be as far as like, well, what if somebody record you know, Google recognizes our wives and stuff cuz it gives us an opportunity to show the staying power of what we've been teaching. But we don't work for Google. And we don't know tomorrow, it could all come to a, you know, crashing, halt a fiery death. But we don't know that. And it's been working for many, many years. And as long as it is still working, we're going to continue to exploit it. You know what I mean? So, comments on that? Anybody? Yeah. Damn, right. Damn right. Do the do until you can't do no more, but then by then, we will have figured out another way to try and do. That's it.

It's the cat mouse game that we play, you know, and that's it. And we learned that I mean, we've seen it, we've seen it. I've seen it all. 2002 2003 beginning 2004. I've seen it all. And it's just a matter of keeping up keeping up keeping up. Okay, this is what Google's doing. This is what Google's going, I'm gonna go there, I'm not gonna wait here and be changes while Google is making changes. I'm off to the races, because I can see what Google's doing. And then when they get to whatever it is that they know, we're off to the races again, and to meet them at the next at the next one. And you know, that's just anyone who isn't doing it. Anyone who isn't trying to play the game that way, then what you're doing is you're playing a catch up game, instead of playing. I'm gonna wait for Google at the pass game. And I'm gonna shoot him from high high up where I can just pick them off.

First offense is what you're saying. Right, right. What do you want to do with me? I love to attack I'm gonna go and I'm gonna just figure out how to get into everything so that I can get the best results possible. I could care less about, you know, that. colors or whatever. I don't even think about that. I just go and get results period.

Do You Prefer Push Notifications Or Email Subs?

So last question. And this is perfect timing. So we're about to wrap up anyways, he says, if there's time, push notifications or email subs, okay. I'm going to tell you what my preference is, but I have no data to back it up. So I'm gonna make that disclaimer right now. I prefer email subs over push notifications any day of the week. Why? Because I hate push notifications. Personally, I turned them off, I decline any sort of browser notification when it asked me if I want browser notifications, I turn off my phone, push notifications. I hate it. I hate push notifications. And but I'm also in my 40s. So the younger generation may very well prefer push notifications over email. So I have no data to back that up. I just would rather have an email list than a push notification list Well, for the type of markets that I, you know, compete in, but if I was dealing with a younger crowd, and there's data to show that push notifications are more effective than I would absolutely use those. But personally, I hate push notifications and for the industry trees that I work in with mainly contracting type stuff. Email subs, in my opinion, are much more valuable. Yeah, yes or no I agree. I agree with that and in fact that we could say that a lot of the revenue that we generate in our various industries are based off of email we haven't tried we push a lot I know that on some specific affiliate niches, push notifications work really really well. Maybe you can get both but honestly we try with bush we try with many chat we'll try with a bunch of different stuff and we always come back to email because it's so you know, this is proven tested and you know, it's still the highest ROI marketing strategy that you can deploy for your brand I think a second close to that Hernan and correct me if I'm wrong would be remarketing right now building. Yeah, yeah. 100%. Yep.

Remarketing, in my opinion, guys is better than well. I'm not gonna say better than email, but it's a very close second because you don't have to get anybody to opt in right to be up to all somebody has to do is visit a page where your remarketing tag is to get put on a remarketing list. So it's non confrontational non obtrusive. In other words like you don't have to get them to complete a conversion goal to get put on a remarketing list. So I think remarketing is so powerful.

Anybody else before we wrap it up at five o'clock? Cool. Sweet, good. No, perfect timing. Thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys next week. Hey, guys.

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Would A Press Release Be An Effective Offpage Strategy For An Affiliate Site?

By April

YouTube video

In episode 181 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if using press releases would be an effective offpage strategy for an affiliate site.

The exact question was:

Would a press release be an effective off-page strategy for an affiliate site? Also, for the SERP space PR service they ask for keywords… if I'm targeting a lot of different keywords (we review lots of products), how do you suggest picking the appropriate keywords for a press release? Thank you!

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