What URL Should You Input To Get The PR Schema In TechnicalSEO.com?

By April

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In episode 264 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked what URL to input to get the PR schema in technicalseo.com.

The exact question was:

thanks for helping answer my question last week about PR specific schema. Im still stuck on what URL to enter into the generator. On technicalseo.com if i select article schema then leave the url property field blank, the schema reports a warning when tested..im worried about causing ambiguation in the data so just dont want to put the wrong info here. i read that “”For a Schema.org Thing (like an Article), the url property should always point to the same URL, because every Thing has exactly one preferred, or canonical, URL.”” this makes it sound like the URL i enter into the generator should be the URL of the PR itself, which does not yet exist, since PA has not yet published it. so do we publish the PR with schema that contains the warning? or do we enter a different url into the generator? just to add quickly the schema markup generator is also asking for Image URL. So far all the images embedded in my PR's have been hosted by Press Advantage, so Im not sure how that PA image url would get added into the PR schema either since the hosted image url does not yet exist, and schema code has to be submitted to PA before they publish the PR. I see PA just released a feature to allow external image urls to be added, so is that the only way?

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