How Does Google Treat A Site That Contains 20 Press Releases Linking To Different Anchor Texts But Same Links?

By April

In episode 313 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how Google treats a site that contains 20 press releases linking to different anchor texts with the same link.

The exact question was:

Hi guys: 1) I know that it is not the proper way to do press releases (like the pr stacking) but how do you think Google treats a site that has 20 press releases linking to it with different text but each pr has 2 links with different anchor texts but with the same hrefs. Meaning 20 PR's with 2 links with the same hrefs but all the text and anchors texts are different.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 244

By April

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Adam: Alright, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is one where I get all hopped up on a bunch of cold drugs and pills and pretend like I'm not sick for a little bit. But this is Episode 244. We're glad you're here. This is your first time joining us. Thanks for being here, you're in the right place. If you are on Youtube, you're kind of in the right place. But you should come over to https://semanticmastery com./HDquestions and that's where you can actually ask the questions and interact. But real quick before we get into stuff, we got some really good announcements, some fun stuff coming up. Just want to say hello to everyone real quick. I'll start on my left. Chris, how you doing?

Chris: Doing excellent as always.

Adam: There's always a good deal. Good deal with your situation. Back to normal in Australia.

Chris: Yeah, it's pretty good. Like, many people think it's chilly because we are like, I don't know, between 18 to 20 degrees right now, which is like 20 degrees less three in Celsius, obviously. But yeah, I like it that way for me to be better. I can work. I can do my projects. I can hit the gym and stuff. I don't have to sweat all day and actually can go out and stuff as well. So I'm super happy. I can't complain. How are you doing?

Adam: Good, good. Except for the cold. It's, it's nice. I'm one of those people man when I get a cold I just turned into like a hibernating bear. I don't want to go outside. off that it's sunny and nice outside. I just want to sit here be pissed off. But yeah, that's me. I'm happy. I'm here though. today. We got like I said some good stuff. But Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: Dude, edibles have great medication. It won't cure the cold, but you'll feel a whole lot better as a cure. what ails you, it'll, it'll make you feel better.

Bradley: We're going to Denver in October, man.

Chris: It's leaving Air France to them in Europe.

Marco: There you go. You guys, you guys are incorrigible.

Adam: POFU Live is going to take on some new weird meaning. So

Bradley: we're going to have the hump day hang out while we're there. And we'll all be big.

Adam: Bradley, how you doing?

Bradley: Good. I'm happy to be here. Excited about a lot of stuff going on with my business and some new stuff we got going on next week in the mastermind. Well, for a small group. Things are good. I started a new business, it's really kicking ass. Somebody's got a question about it. So I'll get to that here in a minute when we get to questions, but it's been really fun. Applying digital marketing to a new business model that's not specifically a marketing business, there's a lot of marketing to it. All businesses require marketing. That's what we do as marketing consultants, right, we help businesses grow by improving their marketing. But it's you know, as a marketing professional, we typically are working on other companies marketing, not so much our own, you know what I mean? Like to grow our own businesses, even as a, as an agency, a lot of the marketing that I've done for my own agency, which really hasn't been a lot has come from word of mouth. And, you know, a lot of outbound marketing, not so much inbound marketing, and it but as soon as we get a new client or several clients, whatever, we end up working on those businesses, right, so we help other businesses grow. Instead of a lot of time growing around, of course, the more clients we get, the more we grow. But it's just interesting to start another business where I'm generating leads for my own business. And it's an in applying all that I've learned, and kind of perfected over the years to my own business. And watching it grow rapidly, which I've done for others, but not so much myself. And it's just really interesting to see the different dynamic, to be in different shoes, so to speak. I'm still a marketing professional. But now I'm applying it to my own business. And I'm watching that really take off. And it's, it's been a pretty cool experience. And so that's something that we're, you know, I'm really excited about and we've got some pretty cool things going on in the mastermind in a smaller group within the mastermind, specifically around that kind of stuff. So nice. Excited to be here.

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Adam: Yeah, yeah. And I wanted to kind of touch on that. Just real quick. If you're, like I said, new. Thanks for watching. You know, you're in the right place. You can show up every week, same time. You know, I think was this episode 244. We've been doing this for a little while. We're going to keep doing it for a while longer, but be here 4pm Eastern every week on Wednesdays. If you're looking for the next step, you know, that is a question we get you to know what, what should I do? You know, I've been watching your videos, what's the next step grab the battle plan, check it out at After that, the place you're going to want to be is what Bradley was just talking about was our mastermind, you can find out more about that at And then for those of you who are, you know, either doing client work, you've grown your own agency or you know the value of your time. If you want to get premium done for you SEO Services, head over to Real quick to I wanted to say we sent out an email. Or you know what all on this one, I sent out an email with a little bit of a spelling error. Turns out it's POFO, not POFU. fo if you want to come to poke who live in Denver, it's October 11, 12th and 13th. The 11th is going to be the VIP day. Wrapping that up right now it is going to be kick ass until I confirm it. That's all I'm going to say. But that's going to be a great way to get to know everybody. You know, just do the networking, meet up with people, and then roll into the event on the 12th and 13th. And have a great time a lot of actionable content and kick ass guest speakers along with ourselves. But literally tomorrow, the early bird pricing is going away. So if you've been on the fence, you've been thinking about it, now is the great time to buy your ticket after that prices are going up. And that's where they're going to stay until the event. So grab those today. I'll put the link on the page for everyone to go and grab their tickets. Let's see. We talked about Oh, Bradley, do you want to mention what's coming on next week, you talked about the training for the new business. But I believe there's another webinar for everyone next week, right?

Bradley: Yeah, next Thursday, we're doing at 4pm Eastern, an MGYB kind of Syndication Academy update webinar, where we're going to be talking about how to get the most I guess the most bang for from press releases, how to get the best SEO effect and for driving traffic. And we're going to talk a little bit about PR stacking and how to how to do that the PR stacking method, and also how to get just how to even add more power to the press releases into the PR stacking method. And so it's again, that's going to be kind of an mg ye webinar, as well as the Syndication Academy update webinar, because there's a way that you can apply the PR method to a syndication network to and use that as another way to amplify the PR the press releases. So I would highly encourage you guys to go check that out, it's going to be cool, we're going to talk about, you know, again, you can get press releases from MGYB, which is the same service that we all use. And they're very, very powerful if you know how to how to do it correctly. So we're going to be talking a lot about that a lot of the stuff that will be talking about has actually really ever only been explained fully before in Local PR Pro. So we're going to touch on some of those concepts in the webinar next week.

Adam: Very cool. Awesome. Yeah. So everyone, stay tuned, you'll be getting if you're on the email list, you will be getting an update about that and some information about where that's going to be at and how you can get there. If you are not, and you're watching us today, you can just head down on the page and get signed up below. If you're watching this at https://semanticmastery com./HDquestions, you can just sign up right there. And that's how you get notified of all this stuff along with flash sales. Lot of the content we put out as well. So I think that'll do it you guys anything else before we dive in?

Chris: Yeah, I highly recommend to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Adam: Agreed, you should definitely subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Bradley: Okay, good. So I set up a YouTube ads campaign to help them prove our subscriber increase our subscribers and are like 90% up from the last 28 days with just a very small ad spend. So it's pretty cool guys, you can use YouTube to do that kind of stuff, you know, buy ads to increase subscriber rates and it's very inexpensive.

Chris: Be sure to subscribe to get easter eggs. We have a surprise coming on our YouTube channel. So make sure you don't miss it.

Bradley: Awesome. Let me grab upsets the wrong button. All right, let's get into questions. We have quite a few already, which is good. See, I guess we start with Justin T. Let me actually blow this up a little bit, guys.

How Would You Brand A Lead Generation Asset In A Photography Niche?

Alright, hey guys, thanks for everything. I'm in the process of setting up my first lead generation asset I'm going after the photography niche. Should I brand the site like any other photographer? example, shutterbug photography, or should I go with something like Edmonton No. Go with a branded name, or branded domain if that's what you're talking about because you're much better off with brand guys. With a brand, excuse me a branded domain and a branded like a brand name than trying to use exact match keywords or exact match keyword domains. Those are all. Like, you know, we don't recommend that for many reasons, because it's it looks spammy, it sounds spammy. For GMB assets. Specifically, you want to try to get away from doing anything spamming, including the name itself. And also exact match domains typically will trigger penalties a lot easier or quicker with a lot less, it takes a lot less, in other words, to trigger a penalty, because even a soft penalty, because again, it's already optimized right off the bat. And so everything that you do has that additional layer of optimization. And so I don't recommend that at all. If you're new to the SEO game, then I completely understand why you would think that that might be something to go after, you know using exact match keyword domain and perhaps, you know, an exact match or even partial match keyword for the brand name itself. But I recommend that you go with something that's branded Instead, it will allow you to get away with a lot more SEO stuff without actually triggering a penalty. Any comments, guys?

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Marco: It's also pigeonholing yourself if you go Edmonton photographer, right? What if you don't want to just what if you want to start ranking for something else besides Edmonton, or in the surrounding areas of Edmonton, if you just go, but if you go with branded and your look, and then you have a locations page, Edmonton and whatever else, God I'm sorry, I'm not that familiar with Canadian geography. But you go with photographer, let's just say, but it should be a brand. And then you're going to have a locations page. And then you're going to have Edmonton and whatever other cities, and then you can offer services or you can have services plus whichever way you set up your silo, you have a lot more flexibility than if you start off with Edmonton photographer. And you're going to offer a wedding photographer. And so you have to be really careful with how often you use the word photographer. So that you don't get filtered for all these things. And you have all these bad things that can happen with a TLD, when you go with an exact match domain, you have to be really careful with the keywords and how you use them.

Bradley: Yeah. And so the next question is from him as well. And he says, and so it clarifies this first question. He says, I'm confused how I branded this thing, especially when it comes to the GMB. Is it a photography company branded like a regular business? Or is it something like wedding photography, location name, if it is set up as a business, then when someone calls once they be confused when another business that they are sent to? Yeah, and so, you know, there's, and I've talked about this a lot and Local Lease Pro on how to resolve that kind of an issue. So typically, what, what I've done in the past is I would set up kind of a generic type name. But again, it would still be a brand name, not a, an exact match keyword because, or even for that, for that matter, a partial match keyword. So for example, I use tone prose a lot like I would use the city name home Pros for like remodeling or general contractors and things like that because it's, it's, you know, it's a related type term. But it's not something that is a keyword that people typically search for people don't search for Remodeling Contractors by typing in, you know, home pros, but it makes sense because it's related, right. And then once the assets would rank and start producing, when I would find a service provider that wanted to purchase the leads from me or lease the asset from me, however, however, we you know, whatever agreement we came to, then after a few months, if they had proven themselves to be good service providers, and it looks like they were going to be long term, then I would rebrand it. Okay.

And that's part of the reason why we've talked about not building citations. There's a number of reasons why you don't want to build citations for lead generation asset. One would be if you plan on rebranding it because then you have to go back and update all of the existing published citations. But the other thing is if it's a spam GMB, in other words, if it's a Google My Business address, that you use to verify or excuse me, a listing that you've got verified, that you don't have access to the actual address where it was verified to, then you don't want to build citations, because that once you start building citations, naturally, that physical location will start receiving mail, as solicitation offers from marketing companies, and directories and other all kinds of things. And it will be addressed to that business name. So if you purchased a GMBs that it was verified by somebody else, then you don't want to do citations. Because next thing, you know, you're going to start getting business mail sent to that location. And it could very well very easily be reported by whoever's at that location, right, whether it's a business or a residential address, somebody is going to be getting mail that's addressed to a business that doesn't actually exist there. And so that's one reason I said, don't build citations. But another is if you are going to rebrand it, for the service provider that you end up ultimately, you know, securing for that location or for purchasing that lead those leads or whatever, then you also don't want to be you don't want to build citations, right? So that's why I said if you're gonna if you're going to do one of the things that I've done, as far as how do you resolve that? Well, we would I use a call center for all of my lead generation assets, where the calls go directly to you know, what I use? It's called AnswerConnect, and I set up a script where they answered the phone. And so let's say that it's, you know, shutterbug photography is the name of your business, right, your lead generation asset. And let's say it's going to Joe Smith photography is the actual photographer that's going to be handling it, then I, the way that I would set it up is that the call center would answer it as shutterbug photography, part of the Joe Smith photography group, or something like that. And so it's just a way to inject the actual business name, that the leads are going to be serviced by into the introduction or the greeting that the when the caller answers the phone. So again, you know, I've said this many times, if you're going to be building lead generation assets, you're better off using a call center, if you're going to be directing leads, or you know, the field having calls coming in. Because another reason why you want to do that, and I talked about this, I think in the last week, last month, Hump Day Hangouts is because when you start getting calls, if you direct the for forward the phone number directly to the business, unless they have a full-time receptionist in a photography photographer might, unless they have a full-time receptionist, they're going to get hammered with a bunch of solicitation calls. It's funny how when you rank a Google asset or rank on the first page, but primarily in maps, when you rank in maps, all of a sudden, you start getting a bunch of calls from marketing, and advertising agencies, like Yelp, is one of them. Again, I use contractors a lot as examples. But home advisor will absolutely start hammering contractor lead generation assets, with phone calls, trying to sell them leads. And so and it's funny that that only happens once you're ranked on page one, when you're ranked on page two, when you really need those types of lead, like in other words, I would you know, as I would think as a marketing and advertising agency, they would be targeting page two, but they're always targeting the page one people. So anyway, my point is, is that the business will get inundated will get hammered with solicitation calls. And so that could actually piss a business off. And I know it because I've been doing this for years. So that's why I always recommend setting up a lead or excuse me a call center, because the call center will screen the calls and filter out the solicitation calls, those won't ever go those messages won't get to the business, it's going to be purchasing leads from your leasing asset, or however you work it out. Now, if they got a full-time receptionist, the reception, that's the receptionist job, you can still forward it to them. But in that case, I would have a whisper on the line. Right? If you if you're directing the phone calls directly to the business and the business has a receptionist or somebody that answers the phone regularly, then I would put a whisper on the line that states that the call is coming from your lead generation asset. So for example, if again, if you're if you named it shutterbug photography, I would have the winner per se shutter call from shutterbug photography or call from shutterbug, or something like that, so that when they answer the phone, they're going to hear that, right as soon as they pick up the phone.

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And they're going to know that they should greet it as a shutter shutterbug photography, part of the Joe Smith photography group or something like that. Does that make sense? However, you word the greeting. But it's just a way to inject the actual service, whoever's servicing that lead into that actual greeting so that it doesn't confuse people. And I've always told this to people in the past, like a lot of Tree Service contractors wouldn't know, when I was caught what like how to how to respond to a customer when they would go out to the customers' location to give them an estimate for a Tree Service job. When you know, the caller called in and it was a different Tree Service Company Name because it was a lead generation asset, I've always told them, You just tell them that smart our lead generation website, and it just hasn't been updated with our brand name that's all about that's all you have to say. So my point is Don't lie. Just try to work it into coming up with a creative way to work it into there, to where you say, you know, the service providers name in the greeting as well as whatever. And if anybody if the question ever came up why called Soderbergh photography? Why is Joe Smith photographer, answer, you know, answering line, so Well, that's because that's a lead generation website that we've had on the web that just hasn't been updated yet or something like that. And that's I've always been able to get around it that way and never had any issues. So that's, that's how I would recommend that, again, you build it with kind of a generic brand name, as shutterbug photography would work? Well, I know, don't know if that's really what you're planning on using. But use that as your brand name until you get a service provider that's going to be in place for what you hope to be long term, don't do it right away. Don't switch the brand right away. Because what happens if you find out that they're not, you know, they're not going to pay you on time, or they're a pain in the ass to deal with. You don't want to start switching the brand name of a champion that said, just so you guys know, a lot of stuff that you're doing in GMB right now is a bit, you know, I would caution you make any sort of significant changes in the Google My Business assets except for perhaps when you first set it up, because Google is certainly on a rampage right now with triggering suspensions for like the slightest kind of changes. And it's, there's no rhyme or reason to it. So I don't know that change. I've gotten away with changing the location name of GMB assets, I mean, many times in the past, even changing the location address without being triggering a suspension or re-verification. But right now, Google's got like what I call an itchy trigger finger, they're looking to suspend with some of the slightest changes if it's a brand new list, and you might be able to get away with some immediate changes. But once it's been established or aged for any period of time, it seems like any sort of significant change can trigger a suspension. Now that all might change again, and a few weeks or a few months, I don't know. Right now, it's a bit hairy. I would rather and staying away from any sort of big changes, but that's, that's why I said guys, you know, there was a period of time of almost an entire year now that we could get away with murder. And now they're really cracking down on it. And this is a fluid type of business guys, you have to evolve with what's going on in the current state, or you know what I mean? And so that's why I don't recommend going after building a bunch of lead generation assets right now. In fact, we kind of more or less, I think Marco would agree with me. I have kind of switch back to building like a real GMB asset that you can have access to verifying the address that kind of stuff and then building that out Local GMB Pro style, instead of building a bunch of additional assets that could potentially get terminated or suspended right now. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, I hate doing a whole bunch of work for you know, when it's possible that you're going to get shut down. Think about this. And I mentioned this in another group that I was talking to, so has an Uzi right now. And they're just blasting anything that moves. Why in the fuck would you stick your head out right now? It's really that simple. Think about it. So that's happening. Someone's got the Uzi out there shooting anything that moves, you don't stick your head up, you turn around and get and get the fuck out the way. So right now just leave it alone. And the way to do it is you go to local GMB Pro, which is totally you can work in somebody else's asset, right, a real company with a real GMB. And if anything happens, you can go and ask for it to ask for the suspension to be removed. So a whole lot simpler, you can still apply all of the principles that are taught to this area except that controlling the asset has become just almost impossible, I'm not gonna say impossible because nothing's impossible, somebody will figure something out. Another way to get around Google and it'll go wide open again, Wild West. But in the meantime, it's almost impossible for you to control the asset. It means that if it gets suspended, there's no way for you to recover the asset, you just have to let it go. And now you lost whatever however much time you invested in it. That's another one of the reasons why, you know, all this time, time is always is so valuable, that I had to come up with a way instead of rebranding these assets I didn't for somebody else come up with to come up with it with a simple solution. So that I wouldn't my staff or I wouldn't have to go through all the work of rebranding with it. And that's just giving the person that answers the phone. A simple line couple of seconds. Yeah. And that takes care of everything. Think about how much time you just save. If you do it that way, then if you do a brand and you try to rebrand. So it's time Don't waste all that time on shit that might not pay off and it might you might get away with it. And I mean, if you are willing to take the risk, then go ahead and gamble on and I'd rather go on work on something that I know is going to be around for a while and especially if it's a client or something that's really important. That's making me money. I don't want to lose it. Agreed.

Do You Have Any Case Studies That RYS Stacks Benefit Authority Sites In Broad Niches?

Okay, next is I am building out an authority site and health niche. It seems that our wise stacks are geared towards local GMB assets. Do you have any case studies that are wise tax benefit authority sites and broad niches? Well, they most certainly do. You know, Marco always says local is relative. Right? So it really, you know, we have been pushing because there was a wide-open loophole guys, for the last year, really, because it was July of last year that the loophole opened up for GMB stuff that is now being shut, which is what we've been talking about today. But you know, for a year, that's why we really shifted our focus because there was a wide-open opportunity, and we will want to exploit it. And that's what we did. But now that loophole is closing, but RYS was actually built the that was developed that that that strategy, that method was developed not strictly for local at all. Ok. So again, probably because we had been touting GMB stuff for the last year. That's why it may seem that way. But that's that is absolutely not the case. Like in other words, RYS drive stacks can push authority into national global sites, national sites, you know, regional sites, whatever you want. Your local is relative. And that's what Marco always says. So Marco, how would you best explain to him?

Marco: Yeah. I can't go into that I'm not going to reveal anything that I'm working on, you know how difficult it is, especially if it's making money because people will try to go and tear it down, spam it, reverse engineer it and then say they did it. So I don't like revealing any particulars of what I'm doing. As Bradley said, your local is relative. And the only difference between a local niche and something national, global, regional, whatever it is, is the way that you approach it. It's the way that you approach the entity. We teach all that RYS Academy Reloaded or if you order a done for you are is that you will get the done for you user's guide that tells you what to do. We've also died also done countless webinars on entities and iframes and entity stacking iframe stacking. I did the webinar for the charity right when I was holding the charity drive where I did a series of three webinars where we went over the entire thing and highlight get the most out of a drive stack kit. Think about it just local, are you going to miss the point of what drive stack and G site can actually doing? How it pushes power to the destination and to everything that's attached to it? It misses the bot if you only think of it as local, then that's the only way that is going to work for you. Because you're not thinking outside the box on how you can push that power to whatever it is that you're looking to do.

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Bradley: Yeah, yeah. And again, that's, you know, I certainly understand the reason why somebody might assume that it's only for local in this because that's what we have been talking about how to apply it to local since the local strategy was what we were really pushing for the last year. However, as I said, we have all with what the current statuses, right that whatever the current situation is the environment. And right now, again, I'm not pushing hyperlocal stuff. In fact, I'm working on, you know, my new business model and just maintaining my existing client base right now and looking at different ways to produce results without having to have to rely specifically on hyperlocal stuff as we have been for the last year. So I'm you know, my point is that RYS drive stacks are still absolutely foundational because they're so damn powerful. And what's great about it is they become an SEO firewall, like, we use that as a foundational method, because from there, we can do all of the additional nasty SEO stuff that we want to externally to the actual drive stack and protect our money sites are our primary assets within the drive stack, right. So it's almost like building up a shield around it that then we can do everything nasty we want to to that shield, and it's not going to hurt otherwise, all it does is end up helping it to rank. And we have countless examples of that. My new business model, specifically, I created a new business, like I said, new website, which is actually just Click Funnels page, it's a single landing page. And I'm ranked in the top three for my state now for my primary keyword. And all I've done is I think four or five press releases and a drive stack. And I haven't even built links to the drive stack yet. And so it just goes to show you that it's very, very powerful. And that's why you know, we always suggest that a standard operating procedure, if you haven't gotten a battle plan, go pick up the battle plan, there's the the the banner to go buy it right there. And that explains how and when to use them. Whether it's a local site or national site, it doesn't matter. Okay.

Bradley: Scott's

Marco: By the way, before you go on for the new mastermind project that we have, we will be building an authority site, and it's going to be national. I don't know if that's ever going to get out of that specific group. But it'll be available for anyone who is lucky enough to get in there. At one point or another. We're still working out the details. But we are going to be building a National Authority site to take down the top guy in the niche.

Bradley: I know we will do.

Do You Offer Affiliate Programs Of Your SEO Courses?

The next one is Scott, I think is Scott Walker. He says I belong to a number of groups and get a lot of questions about how to I feel these people really need your courses. How can I become an affiliate? A reach call just contact Support, [email protected]. If you're looking I don't think we have an affiliate program for me. Why be yet but we probably should at some point? We don't?

Marco: I think we do. It's really simple to set up a failure, right to both [email protected] and [email protected], Scott and we'll take care of you Well, we'll figure out how to give you affiliate links so so that you can push our stuff. We don't mind you pushing our stuff.

Bradley: Yeah. And I know we've got affiliate stuff Semantic Mastery training, as far as the done for you products. I wasn't sure but yeah, you know, I'm sure we can get you that too. So absolutely. He says I don't plan on making this a full-time career, but would like a bit of financial incentive for serious referrals. Your courses are still the best bang for the buck. Thanks. Yeah, I thank you. I appreciate that. Scott.

How To Have Access To Bradley's Real Estate Group?

Ernest is up. He says, Hey, Bradley, how do I find out more about the Real Estate Group you have? I'm new to this page and don't know how to access it. Thanks for all the great information. Well, Ernest. That's a great question. So, unfortunately, the accountability group that started as a very small accountability group, it's only available to mastermind members that have expressed an interest in and that's only because it's, it's the first time I'm going to run the accountability group. So I wanted to keep it very small, very exclusive. And part of being in our mastermind is that our mastermind members always get the first opportunity at these sort of things. Beta testing, for example, they get the first opportunity for new training that we release, or new small groups like this, like the one that I'm talking about. So, unfortunately, it's not something I can share with the greater public right now. Or the broader public, I should say, we at some point, it may be something that we present outside of the mastermind, but I can't guarantee that I can't tell you when that's going to happen or even if it will happen. So, unfortunately, if you want more x, more information specifically about my accountability group, you have to be in the mastermind. However, that said, I do feel strongly enough about my new business model that I am willing to share where you can learn about the actual business, you won't have the account access to the accountability group with me, and my partners, and all this cool stuff that we're doing to help our members get very profitable very quickly. I've been very fortunate with this new business in the last three months and done very, very well very quickly. And it's because of our I think it's because of our ability, like our knowledge. And I'm not saying me specifically, but just like us as a group, like we know, and you included, you're on this hump day hangout webinars, so you have access to a wealth of knowledge just from us in our Semantic Mastery YouTube Channel, as well as probably other groups and things like that. And the new business model that I'm in is primarily being as being like the competition is primarily using traditional marketing methods like direct mail and stuff, and don't get me wrong, I'm doing that too. And it works. But knowing what we know about digital marketing, and being able to apply that to this business that is virtually uncompetitive, compared, you know, relative to digital marketing, it's giving me like an unfair advantage, a competitive edge over most of the other people competing in this space. And it's not an overcrowded business space anyways. And so again, I think that I feel strongly enough about this. And I've done so well, so quickly with this, that I don't mind sharing this URL with you guys to go check it out. Because I learned from this guy, he's got a great course.

And I'm going to post the link here, and the course is called, there's a webinar for it specifically if you want to, and I posted the link to the webinar, so you guys can get an idea anybody that's interested in what the new business model is, I'm flipping vacant land. So it's kind of like flipping houses, but I'm flipping vacant land, it's kicking ass. It's a relatively uncompetitive business, especially if you know digital marketing, and you know how to apply digital marketing principles to the business, you can absolutely crush it. You know, I can't, I can't tell you that you're going to repeat my results. But I pretty much I feel very strongly that most people, especially in our group could, because of like, I guess said how, how quickly, I've been able to get, like, make serious, serious money with this business, and just a few months. So again, the course is fantastic guys go to webinar, that's LPG dash webinar that stands for land profit generator webinar, the guys from Austria or Germany, excuse me, his name's Jack Bosch, it's he's kind of a goofy guy, but he's great. He's a great teacher and instructor, he's got a great course, if you go to the webinar, it's obviously going to pitch you the course at the end. But it's exactly what I took and went through. And it took me one month to go through the course and set up my will because we know, we know marketing guys, right? You know, everybody on this webinar knows how to set up a landing page. So I spent a month going through the prop product there the training, and then I set up a landing page and kind of developed out my SEO plan. And my ads plan because I'm using paid traffic to. And within my first month, you know, a month later I started my marketing. And within my first month, I landed my first deal and make $15,000. Again, I cannot say that you guys are going to make that kind of money. But it's very, very possible. And since then I've closed several other deals and made many 10s of thousands of dollars on top of that. So it's a great, great course, this is not an affiliate webinar or guys, and I'm not trying to pitch you on this for any other reason other than I think there's a lot of opportunity in this business for digital marketers, that a lot of the people actually competing in that space, really have no clue how to implement what we do you know what I mean. And so I think there's a lot of opportunities there. So again, if you ever wanted to come to join the accountability group that I'm hosting, where we have a small group, and where we've got like a slack, slack group, you know, Slack channel, where we can communicate in real time, we're holding weekly accountability meetings where we discuss current events within the business and like current deals that are pending, and that kind of stuff, you have to be part of the mastermind to get that.

So, anyway, it's pretty exciting guys, I'm really, really, really excited about this business, something I haven't been this excited about a long time, because it's not the typical cat and mouse game with Google that I've been playing for 10 years now. You know, it's, in fact, it's a breath of fresh air because it's, you know, I can very, very quickly have been able to generate a lot of leads for my own business, my own real estate business now, using the principles that we know. And it's almost like I said, the competition is almost nonexistent my SEO, I'm already in the top three for my primary keywords for the state of Virginia, which is I'm into, I'm targeting the entire state of Virginia. And I'm in the top three for with within what, two, two and a half months, with just a handful of press releases in a DR stack, and a single page landing page. It's It's incredible. And I'm getting leads every single week, eight to 10 leads every week just from Google and a couple from Facebook, actually. And then I'm doing some direct mail. So it's crazy. But you know, I get 25 to 30 leads per week and about a third of them come from Google and Facebook. Just from our you know, organic stuff, really, and some paid traffic to. So it's a great business model, go check it out, you'll get to see what it's all about. And if you really want to get in on the accountability group, then come join the mastermind and you have an opportunity there. All right. Great question, though. Ernest, thank you for asking.

What Are Your Thoughts On Google Site Kit?

Next one says, ran across a WordPress plugin called Google Site kit made by Google, really a WordPress plugin made by Google No shit. Okay to connect all Google functions like AdWords analytics to site any thoughts on using a plugin like that? I'm now because I haven't seen it.

Um, I don't see why it would be an issue. I mean, I know some people don't like, like, they think that they want to keep Google out of their site. But trust me, Google knows everything about your site. Well, regardless. It's funny because I remember a few years ago, people would say that they wouldn't put analytics on the site or, or submit the site to search console. What used to be Google Webmaster Tools, because they didn't want Google knowing what was going on with their site. Yet they'd have a WordPress site with Google Fonts installed. Or, you know what I mean, it would they'd access it from Chrome, you know, so it didn't make any sense to me. But, uh, you know, I don't see anything wrong with it. Marco, do you have any thoughts on that?

This Stuff Works
Ah, you know, me, I hate giving Google more information than they need. I don't know if I'm going to be putting all that together. Although Yeah, if you already have analytics and search console, by all means. If you're using AdWords and YouTube might as well because they're already on your website anyway. But if you don't, and you don't want to get it. There are websites that I simply refuse to let Google into, then they are you going to have to make that choice? Do you let them in? Or do you not?

That's interesting. I might actually play with that. I might even put that on my new. No, that's just a minute. Well, I've got a blog set up on a subdomain for my new business, I might put this on that. So I can play around with this plugin a little bit. I've never cared guys, I'm not gonna lie. I've never given a shit about it. Because I always submit everything to search console so that it can get indexed quicker and everything anyway, so I know everybody teaches their own, but I've never had any issues with that. I like to use analytics. I'm not an analytics nerd, but I do like the data that it provides. So you know, honestly, and I and I put, I put the Google Tag Manager and the remarketing tag on everything now because if you're not using remarketing, and the Google Display Network for remarketing, you're out of your mind, you're missing out on a lot of additional traffic, because it's and it's very inexpensive. So to run remarketing and retargeting, it's remarketing on Google retargeting on Facebook, but I run a lot of remarketing ads for clients as well as lead gen assets. And my new business as well, just because once people land on the side if they haven't converted, why not continue to market to them until they do convert? Or until they get annoyed? Which I don't care. So anyway, but that's pretty cool. I'm going to actually install that.

Chris: There is also one more thing that many people never think about. So if the site before you has like Google tools installed into the site after you as Google tools installed, Google knows exactly like when the past it's going, you know, like users going. So you can hardly like to eliminate Google at all. If you want to hide.

Bradley: Yeah, it's very difficult. Because Google owns the internet, or a big, big part of it anyways.

Would It Be Difficult To Rank A GMB Listing Organically If You Don't Set Up A Related Listing?

Anyway, next is Gordon, what's up, Gordon? He says, Hey, guys, thanks again for helping us, customers. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gordon. He says last week, someone asked a question about whether or not it was more difficult to rank a new site for local business niche and location if you didn't want to set up a related GMB listing but your answer was about local organic rankings in general and did not address the GMB question. If you want to rank a new site for a local business niche location, if you didn't want to set up a related can be listed but your answer was about local organic rankings in general and did not address the GMB question. Okay. I'm not sure how those are two separate things. But could you please comment on whether it's more difficult or the same difficulty to organically rank a new site locally without setting up a related gym be listening? I think you misunderstood my explanation. So I'm going to try to explain it again. But it's going to be the same explanation. So I may, maybe, maybe Marco can chime in here in just a moment and rewarded or convey what I'm trying to convey in a different way that makes more sense to you. But it's the same answer that I'm going to give you before the problem with ranking a local site, or a site for local keywords is that in the organic section, instead of in maps, is that you're competing with a lot of directory style sites now, which are highly authoritative, highly or, you know, very aged domain, typically, which carry a lot of inherent authority. And it's very difficult to outrank them, depending on the locations, you know, obviously, if it's more of a smaller area, then you can typically get much better results because they're not, if you're targeting like neighborhoods or suburbs, those kinds of things, you're you can usually get much, much faster results similarly to what you could within maps, but I'm talking about in the organic section, because a lot of times the directory sites are not optimized for any of those smaller areas, right, that they're optimized for the greater metropolitan area, right, which is an all-encompassing type of keyword, location, keyword, location modifier, so to speak. But when you're talking about trying to rank organically for like, again, I'm going to use Fairfax, Virginia, because that's a big area. very competitive SEO area for SEO in Virginia. So Fairfax, Virginia, if you're trying to rank for like plumber or plumbing contractor, Fairfax, Virginia, again, and I'll just approve it, you know, we'll go just do a quick search if I said, you know, plumbing contractor, and I always use contractors, guys, but that's because that's primarily what I've done for the last 10 years. If I say, Fairfax, plumbing, Fairfax County plumbing contractor, excuse me, Fairfax VA, what do you see here? Yelp, home advisor, branding.

Go ahead. Even before you get to the organic tea, scroll back Oh, look, right. You got Well, this. It depends on the industry, but Google guarantee. No, but yes, yeah. Then ads, then.

Yeah. And then what do you get, then you get three directories in a row, then you get a company that's been around for a long damn time, John C Floods a big contractor up in that area, then you get another director directory, then another really aged authority if type site that company has been around, then another directory, you see what I'm saying about this? out of the top 10, it looks like seven of them. And the organic section which is already buried by Google guarantee. ads and maps. It looks like seven out of the top 10. organic rankings are of other directories. So again, I'm not talking about GMB stuff. I'm talking about organic rankings. Can you rank a local a site for local terms in the organic section? Yes, but it's a dogfight is what I'm telling you. Yes, you can. And it depends on the location modifier the that you're trying to rank for. Right? If you're Fairfax is a broad that cut because Look, listen, like in this example. Fairfax is a county, Fairfax as a county, but it's also there's the city of Fairfax, too. But there are 23 locations within Fairfax County like Vienna and oak 10 in Tysons Corner. And so trying to rank for those would be much easier, it's still relatively hard or difficult. But trying to rank for a plumbing contractor, Vienna, Virginia is going to be easier than trying to rank for plumbing contractor Fairfax because that's essentially targeting the whole county or the city. But either way, it's basically one and the same, they're synonymous. Right. So my point is, it's very, very difficult to do that. And that's because Google is for whatever reason, they're promoting index pages of other directories on their primary index page, page one, which remember, Google is nothing other than an index of listings. And so all and when what happens when you click through to this, it's an index page on Yelp, for plumbers in Fairfax, which I think is stupid. Like you go from one index to another. I think that's dumb, but it is what it is. And so again, like I said, That's why I have I've shifted years ago, I shifted away from ranking, trying to rank organically through just sticking to maps, because again, look at it like that, that always came up first, it tended to be a lot easier to rank for maps than it did for organic. But yet, can it be done? Yes. But you're in for a dogfight. That's all I'm saying. So I don't know if I explained that any differently than I did last week. Marco, do you want to take a stab at it?

Marco: No, that was perfect. That's all I added to what you said was the amount of power that you'd have to push. I mean, how do you explain the amount of power to take down Yelp? And the amount of work that you have to do? And is it going to be worthwhile going for that? It could be for your contractor, but you may not be getting paid enough to get you paid back for the work that you have to do to get there. I know that you have to push massive amounts of power. We have ways where you can push massive amounts of power, but it's going to require more money than most local people are willing to pay.

Bradley: That's correct. That's the point with the right budget, then yeah, you could do it. There's no question. But a lot of times trying to, you know, like, because of these like the plumbers here that I'm talking about, like John C Flood and FH for their well, big established companies, that they've got a lot big. They've got deep marketing budgets, like deep pockets, you know what I mean? So, you know, if you're trying to get your foot in the door with a smaller company, a newer company, whatever, that's got a smaller marketing budget, there's really no way to compete with that. I mean, you can, but it's going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort. And it's not going to again, Marcos correct, absolutely correct. They're likely, it's weird how they turned to blackmail, but they're likely not going to have, you know, pay you enough for the amount of effort that you're putting in. So it makes sense. And if they give you a small, if you have a smaller budget to work with, then it could possibly still be done. But it's going to require more time because you're going to have to stretch, you know, do a little bit at a time because that's all the budget allows. And chances are you're going to lose the client before you ever get them to reach because it's taking too long. But it's hard to explain. I know because especially again, I don't know that you're dealing with contractors, but I've dealt with a lot of smaller contractors, in fact, that was my primary client base for the last 10 years is smaller contractors. And so it's difficult to, you know, explain to a contractor, and it's like banging your head against the wall when you say, Listen, if you want to get results really, really quickly, I'm going to need more money. They say I don't, I don't have any more money. But I want you to give me results right away. If you got me results, I'd have more money. Well, I can't get your results without more money. And it's like, you know who's on first, you know what I mean? It's that whole chicken and the egg type thing cart before the horse and that kind of stuff. So, again, I don't know if I explained anything different. But um, there you go.

What Do You Think Are The Niches That Have A Lot Of Spam Listings That Trigger Google's Suspension?

Based on your experience, what are the niches in addition to pest control that you believe Google thinks has a lot of spam listings, and that Google may have a trigger finger for regarding their suspension tirade for just editing, listening? Thanks, again. You know, Marco, and I actually talked about this just briefly right before the Hangout today. And it's hard to say I mean, there are certainly that some that are more known to be spammy than others. pest control is definitely one of them. I know that for a fact, garage, like overhead garage doors is another one that's incredibly spammy. And so you know, that I know that one would be one that I'd stay away from locksmiths, I believe is another one. So there's a number of them that are there. But as far as you know, I don't know because right now, Gordon, a lot of the, like Google's on a tirade period. And as Marco said, it's like somebody firing an Uzi. Why would you ever want to stick your head up? And it's almost like, I think anything's a target right now. I don't know that to be sure. Because I've stayed out of intentionally I've stayed out of a lot of the GMB listings recently, for even my clients other than just doing GMB posts, specifically for that reason, because I don't want to stick my head up. That makes sense. But so, you know, again, we don't work for Google. So I can tell us specifically which niches are worse than others. I do know some that have historically been spammy and pest control is one of them. So I probably should have kept my ass out of my clients' pest control. But it's such an established site. We've never done you know, business and we like free for seven years. I've never done anything spammy. All I did was change, deleted an image of a photo, uploaded a couple of new photos and published the GMB website because, for whatever reason, it had been created, but was never published. And I click the Publish button and boom, suspended. And that was two over two weeks ago now is about Yeah, it was just like, I don't know, 1718 days ago now 17 1717 or 18 days ago now and it's still suspended. So again, I don't recommend really doing a whole lot in GMB. If you can get away with it. Marco made a good point last week where he said if you if you're just got a new listing verified, you can make all your changes right away that does make sense as likely won't get suspended because it's new, you've got to you got it up, you know, kind of updated that kind of stuff. But if it's been established, I'd keep your ass out of it for right now. Honestly.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, and I'm trying to do and to clear that up. Once you get it back, I think maybe the I didn't communicate that correctly. Get all of your edits and all of your work done before you send for the pin, get as much information in there as possible images, videos, however much of the information what we teach it in Local GMB Programs, I'm not going to go through everything that you can do for the listing. But once it comes back to the there should be no reason for you to touch it, because everything is then correct already. And then you can just concentrate on the next part of local GMB Pro, which is post images post posting in a certain way. Your images, your images have to be done, right. They have to be done correctly, we show how to get images we show it all. But the whole point is, once you've sent for that pin, and you verify it, don't touch the fucking thing. Don't do anything, leave it because now you're taking a tense at at at at getting suspended. And that's that said this for now. It might change. Yeah, we don't know when we don't know how long we don't know which niches and which ones are going are still going to have that hair trigger. We just don't know. Yeah, sometimes I wish I were a fly on the wall of Google GMB to know what the hell is going on because there's no rhyme or reason to what they're doing.

What DYF Schema Markup Creation Do You Recommend?

Correct. Next one's from Scott again. He says a few weeks ago, you mentioned service for done for you schema markup creation. I have a multi-location client and my schema markup needs some major help. Would you please give us the name and the URL again? Thanks. Yeah, it was Ryan Rodan, he was a mastermind member for quite some time. And he got really, really geek out on schema. And he really did. And so like he created a certain he ended up because he got so good at it. And he had so many people asked, I'm all the time like for help with their schema, he decided to create this. And I'm assuming he still does it. I haven't talked to him in probably two years now. But it's And it's spelled instead of the way that schema is really spelled he spells it's So just go to Skeema Pro. And you can check out a schema code order structured data overhaul, he's got several he's got, you know, the guy knows what he's doing, at least he did two years ago. And as long as he's still staying up to date with what's going on, which is geek out as he was about schema back then I'm assuming that he is still up to date, or he's staying on top of that stuff. But just reach out to him. Tell him that we sent you. We don't get any affiliate referral or anything for that. But it's always good too, you know, give credit to people that refer business. So check it out, and that's spelled, SKEEMA Pro. Right.

How Would You Setup A Schema Page For An Industry With Lots Of Q&As?

Fitz is up. He says Good afternoon, gents. Thanks for allowing this forum to continue. It is greatly appreciated. My question today is Google loves QA should we add a single question and answer to one-page post? For the website? I asked because the new schema requirement is to only have one q&a per page, but in an industry with a good number of Q and A's. Do you put only one page for 10 or more pages? Do you think that is valuable? Okay.

Bradley: I'm not I had always lumped similar questions together. And q&a post guys are great content for blog posts, and then you could break them out as individual like GMB posts. You can create a syndicate, you know, blog posts with them, that kind of stuff. But my point is, q&a posts are great. And a lot of times and I've talked about this in syndication Academy, I can go over it just now we don't have enough time. I was gonna say I can go over briefly. But we only got five minutes, I show you some ideas on how to do that. But I had always lumped similar questions together on the same page. However, if the new schema requirement is to only have one q amp a per page, then yeah, I mean, I don't see why not. I would just do it as blog posts. Right, I would do short blog posts and mark each blog posts. So no, I wouldn't dedicate a whole page to it. If you're going to have a page, I would have q amp a, you know, grouped in similar questions into groups and separate and different headings sections, right header sections within the page. And then even then you can create a table of contents with jump links. And again, can't get into that, because Margot, kill me. But you can do things for that page to make them more powerful too. But what I would do is for the blog posts, yeah, I would mark up blog posts with individual Q&A markup, right, that's what I would do. And in fact, you could even probably link from the page where you group them together with within certain headings and that kind of stuff, then you could probably link the individual Q and A's to blog posts. And again, fits in fewer in the mastermind, which I think you're trying to get back in Actually, I heard something about that. We can go much more into depth on how you can get the most power out of that same setup that I was just mentioning, and specifically how to structure the linking the internal linking from within that site because you got to do it a very specific way. Now, Marco just revealed in the mastermind recently about certain things that have changed recently that pertain to internal linking that we'd have to cover in the mastermind. So all right, I think we're just about out of questions. And we're almost out of time.

Should You Include The Geolocation Of The Photo For A New GMB Listing?

Justin says for new GMB, would you include geolocation information in the photo files? Or do you think that's spamming? No, I would absolutely include that. Because here's the thing, if you're taking photos, like if, if the business owner, so to speak, was taking photos from a mobile device, with GPS enabled, which almost all of them are, that's going to have that embedded information by default anyway. And if they're uploading it to their own GMB listing, then it would see that if customers are uploading photos, remember, like for stores and places, as you know, I'm a Google local guy, you know, I do a review, I don't do it all the time. But when I think about it, if I'm at a restaurant, or if I'm in a hotel or something, and I and I think about reviewing it, then I'll take a photo and upload that with my review. And guess what, it's got my GPS, my access data, right? My geolocation, geo metadata is it is embedded in that file. And that then gets uploaded to that GMB listing by as a customer photo, right. So, by the way, that's if you're going to be doing a lot of uploads to a GMB right now, I wouldn't do it as an owner, I would do it as a customer. So you could do that through persona, email, persona Gmail accounts, guys, you know, persona profiles, Google profiles that you set up, so that you're you don't trigger a suspension from uploading photos, I haven't heard of anybody actually will actually Marco had one that was triggered from uploading a photo. But if you upload as a, if you upload a photo to a GMB listing as a customer, then Google can't suspend the listing as far as I know. Now, you know, as far as I know, I haven't heard of that happening. But I have heard of uploading a photo as the business owner, so from within the GMB dashboard, and it causing a suspension. I haven't experienced that myself yet, yet. But a customer photo wouldn't do that. So again, think about that. It's not spammy at all. Now, if it's an image that Google knows is on the web, which Google's image recognition is incredibly good, and all you did was change the metadata, then that could perhaps look spammy. And that might be something that triggers trouble in the future, I haven't seen it trigger anything right now. But a quick way to determine that guys, as you can always go to 10, nine, calm is one of them.

There are probably other ones at Google, I think even has its own image recognition engine that you can play with, I think Marco shared that in RYS or something. But tonight, calm is free. And you can just actually go grab the image and drop it in here. You can even take them if it's already on the web, you can take the URL and drop it in here. Or you can just actually take the photo from your country from your, you know, your file system on your computer and upload it. And it'll tell you if that image has already been indexed on the web. And I will show you where if it has been. Right. And again, 10 is not as good as Google with that, but it's, it still will give it So again, if you're just taking an image that's already been used on the web and changing the exit data, then you know, that may cause an issue in the future. I haven't seen it cause any issues currently. Although it's not as effective either, though, just keep that in mind. And we've proven that. Alright.

Want to keep that tab open. So I want to check that out. All right.

Let's see. Thanks for your answers before thanks so much for the information off topic, but I'm in Richmond VA today from a totally familiar those areas mentioned. Okay, so he's talking about like Fairfax and all that. Yep. Alright, guys. Well, we appreciate y'all being here. mastermind webinar is tomorrow. For those of you that are in the mastermind, and thanks, everybody for sticking around. You guys. All hung out. Thanks.

Whoo, you all right, man.

See you guys tomorrow. Then.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 212

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Adam: All right. Welcome, everybody. Whoa, got some feedback there on someone.

All right. Welcome, everybody, to Episode 212; the episode where Hernan tries to make me pull my ears off of my head from the feedback loop. But, no. Welcome, everybody. Today's the 28th. We just wrapped up Thanksgiving last week and a bunch of kick ass sales. I'm happy to say that ours was pretty awesome. We had a lot of people really taking advantage of a lot of the Done-For-You-Services. We had some Local Lease Pro people who hopped in and joined, or rather joined Local Lease Pro. And then, just as always, it's fun to check out how people are positioning offers, what they're being offered. So I'm just curious, if anyone's watching right now, just pop on the page what you bought for kind of the Black Friday weekend; any awesome deals that you came across.

Let's see. Before we go any deeper, I do want to stop and say hello to everybody who's here real quick. We got almost the full team here, so I'm going to go left to right on my screen and start with Mr. Feedback himself, Hernan. How you doing, man?

Hernan: I changed the mic, man, so you don't complain. I'm doing great. I'm doing amazingly well. I'm super excited for today. Thank you guys for the support. It's been awesome. Thank you. Thank you so much for the support that you have been giving to Semantic Mastery and MGYB. They'll go throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so yeah. I just wanted to thank you guys for all that.

Adam: Cool. So I'm curious, you've got some crazy-looking glasses going on. What's up with those?

Hernan: This is a blue-blocking glasses, blue light-blocking glasses. And then, I have my Oura Ring, right now, so I'm full-on biohacking, baby.

Adam: Yeah, you're going to be a Cyborg in like two years.

Hernan: Yeah, in two years, I'm going to have a mechanical arm and stuff like that.

Bradley: Hey. I've got some cool glasses, too.

Hernan: Yeah, they are.

Adam: Oh, my god.

Bradley: I still have those from Halloween.

Hernan: Yeah, that's awesome.

Adam: That's how you hop on consultation calls and put those on.

Bradley: Well, just so you guys know. When I'm not on a webinar, these are my standard glasses. I only wear these glasses when I'm on camera, okay?

Adam: Oh, my god. Moving right along. Marco, how you doing, man?

Marco: Good, man. Let me start it off by saying that, and Hernan I'm going to put you on the spot because Hernan made an awesome donation to the charity. I'm not going to say how much because it should be kept … It's what he did. It's what came out of his heart. But it was extremely generous and it's going to go a long way towards getting a lot of kids into school, getting them uniforms, and books and supplies and shoes and everything they need. So, dude, thanks a ton. That's going to be my intro for today. Just thank you very much and thank … A lot of other people donated, also, so thank you. I'm going to go ahead and post the donation. We'll talk about it in a little bit, but I'll post the link. If you guys want to donate, you're more than welcome.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah, and there's going to be some good stuff with that. We'll circle back on that in a minute, Marco. Bradley, how you doing? Besides your fabulous glasses, what else is going on with you?

Bradley: I'm good, man. Been really, really busy, got a lot of cool stuff going on with the Local GMB Pro stuff that we're doing; or excuse me, Local GMB stuff; kind of incorporates Local Lease Pro and Local GMB Pro and just everything, Local PR Pro. But got all the processes updated and developed for some of the changes that have occurred over the last couple of weeks and I got my VA just kicking ass, now. He's still in training, but he starts actually training another VA on Monday next week and we conversing about it today in Slack and he was talking about how he expects to be able to complete one GMB asset from start to finish. He can do it in about three hours minus the last two processes, which can actually be outsourced to another VA. Because it's tedious, it can be done by a lower paid VA; something that's just repetitive.

This Stuff Works
But that's amazing because my original goal for him was to have him develop or complete, optimize, soup to nuts, complete one GMB asset in an eight-hour day and he's already told me that he, essentially, can get it done in three. If those last two processes are included, it'll take him five. So, I'm going to pull those last two processes off of him and assign them to another VA; that will be their only job function is to do those two things; and that way he can complete two assets in an eight-hour period, the main VA that's doing this right now. So, he's going to start training somebody next week.

Anyways, it's awesome because we're going to be able to start cranking these things out really quickly. Then, once she's trained, our next VA who's starting next Monday; she's been with me for three years, but she's going to start this new process; then, we're going to start training another one and then another one. And if we can get our VAs producing two assets a day, that's 10 a week. Man, that's amazing. Imagine what we can do with that. And we're going to be providing this as a done-for-you service inside of MGYB once we get a few more VAs trained.

Right now, the VAs are going to be developing or just building out assets for us, for our agency. But once we get a couple more, then we're going to be able to provide that as a service for you guys.

Last thing I want to mention about that is we got Local Lease Pro update webinar. We talked about it on Tuesday, guys. I don't remember. I don't see it in the calendar, though. I don't remember what day it was.

Adam: No, I think I we're going to say the 17th, though. Was that … Let me look.

Bradley: That sounds right, but I looked for it in the calendar and I didn't see it so.

Adam: Yeah, and let's just say it's coming up and it'll be in mid to … It'll be before in the second half of the month.

Bradley: Yeah, so it's going to be somewhere in the middle of December. But it'll be a … Even though some of you might not have Local Lease Pro, I'm going to make that update webinar public. Everybody can attend and I would highly recommend that you do because I'm going to be sharing some information about our updated location research process where we're finding just absolutely an incredible amount of opportunity, right now.

So, I'm going to be covering that. I'm also going to be covering some of the updates on how to do service area businesses inside of GMB and I'm going to make, like I said guys, it'll be 100% public. It'll only be public for like 24 hours, maybe 48 hours, and then we're going to … the only people that'll be able to access it are those that are inside the Local Lease Pro course or that are in the MasterMIND, so I would highly recommend that you make the public webinar if you don't have the course.

And then, lastly, one other thing is I'm going to finally do an update webinar for Syndication Academy. I want to apologize that we haven't had a webinar in three months, now. I was unaware … I knew that Rob was going to take over that; Rob Beale was for me to free me up to work on developing these processes and stuff out for the local lead gen building, asset building; but he's got a shit ton on his plate, too. Plus, he still has a job, so he got over on with it and it really kind of fell through the cracks and so we haven't had a webinar in three months.

I apologize for that, guys. By the time we actually have the next one, it will have been four months. I've got that scheduled one, now, for December 12th. Those of you that are in Syndication Academy, be there because I feel bad and I want to kind of redeem Semantic Mastery for dropping the ball on that. I'm going to host a really, really powerful webinar. I'm not even going to tell Marco what it's about yet because I don't want to get in trouble, but just make sure you're there on the 12th. Okay?

Adam: I was going to say, too, with that, everyone, we're going to be switching that over to more of a on-demand type of updates where as things come up because, right now, there's so much in there that it's not always, hey, every month, there's something we have to add. So we're going to be moving towards, hey, as updates are needed, we can get in there and update processes and whatnot.

Bradley: Yeah, I think what we'll probably do is have scheduled quarterly updates, so every three months. But if something comes up, obviously, that needs to be addressed, we'll have an additional webinar.

Adam: Cool. Well, real quick I wanted to touch on a few basis, before. We got two major topics we want to tell everyone about and that has to do with … Well, we'll get to that. I'll just tease it in a horribly poor manner.

But if you're new to Semantic Mastery, first of all, thanks for watching. If you're wondering where to start, this is the place to start. Come to Hump Day Hangouts, ask us questions, get to get your answers; it could be digital marketing, it can be anything. If we don't know the answer, we'll do our damnedest to point you in the right direction. And while you're at it, pick up the Battleplan. All right? It's All right?

It's our processes. What we use when we need to do something, here's the process that we use. All right? And if you feel like you're beyond that and you're ready to take things up several notches, come join our MasterMIND. Right? You've already heard Bradley talking about that and I'm going to kind of segue into something we wanted to share with you guys.

We might have mentioned it before, but the way to do a small group MasterMIND, some MasterMINDs a lot of people, but within that, every quarter, we group people up if they want to and get them into groups of roughly four to six people. We group it by kind of what your interests are, are you doing more … Obviously, local digital marketing is our strong point, but there's some people doing … maybe they do that, but then they have affiliate marketing, so we group people up.

And this is really powerful because not only do we participate in them from time to time … I haven't this quarter. But, Marco, I believe you're in a group this quarter. Right?

Marco: We got an awesome group, man. We cover a bunch of things that aren't generally covered in the MasterMIND simply because you just can't.

Adam: Yeah.

Marco: Right? You can't focus on the needs of three or four people when you're really talking to a whole group of people. But in these small MasterMINDs, the great thing is that I got a couple of people who went to POFU Live and one person, I mean, who is really eager to get going, to get crushing, and he's just doing a whole lot of things.

As a matter of fact, I think he's the one who shared the Ghost Browser video, today, in the MasterMIND.

Bradley: John.

Marco: Yeah. He's contributing and this is what happens, so you give. And I don't know if people are aware or not, I think I've said it before; we charge a whole lot of money for a consultation. I mean, just a whole lot. So imagine, we're doing four hours a month, five if it's a month with five Mondays, which is … excuse me, Tuesdays, which is when we meet.

This Stuff Works
I would charge $6,000, right, for those five hours. But as a benefit of being members of the MasterMIND, they get five hours with me that they don't pay for. It comes because they're members of our MasterMIND and it's just great; we go back and forth, it's accountability, it's things that you have to do. And, really, we come back, “These are the problems that I run into,” and everyone pitches in and they give advice and they say, “Hey, try this. Try that.”

So it's been a really good experience even for me because I'm thinking, “Okay, I'm going to have to go and do everything.” No, it's not like that at all. Although, I do give a lot and I give a lot of advice; consultation, of course; but, really, it helps me because it helps me see what other people are struggling with, where they're being successful, what's happening, and it's been really enjoyable. It really has been.

Bradley: Yeah, and I just want to add to that real quickly because I'm not in one of those small group MasterMINDs right now because I'm hosting a weekly webinar with the POFU Live attendees for 12 weeks, which is essentially a quarter. It's very much like a small MasterMIND, except this one's got about nine members. But, yeah, same thing.

We host … I just did our weekly meeting just an hour ago; right before Hump Day Hangouts, I had a meeting with those guys and it's great because … We set up a separate Slack channel for it. The guys in there, some of them are contributing.

Grant. Grant, I can't thank you enough, dude. He created a process for how to take the location research for GMB assets for identifying potential opportunities and he did something really cool, which shows how to import the data into My Maps, which then shows you … it plots all the map pins for each location. It's just amazing. It's going to save so much time determining which assets to secure.

Something like that was invaluable because it's not something I even thought about doing, so I was doing it a lot more of a manual way, which was very, very tedious. Then, Grant came in and was like, “Oh, yeah. Check this out.” Boom and he sent this … and dropped a screencast video in there. It was just like, “Wow, man! That's just going to save me a ton of time.”

I've said this before, we learn as much from our MasterMIND members as they learn from us and that's no lie, guys. So, again, if you're … We highly recommend you come check out the MasterMIND, guys. It's so much more than just marketing training or SEO, so much more than that.

Adam: Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Yeah, please come join and we've got some awesome stuff in the works for our MasterMIND members. Obviously, that's kind of a continual thing, that's where we're able to focus a lot of our time and attention. But for current members and people who are thinking about joining, we got some really good stuff coming up real soon, so stay tuned for that.

Before we hop into questions, Marco, I believe … Well, you mentioned the donations. If you want to mention the charity and then tell people … They can give from the goodness of their hearts and we hope people do, but I think that if they donate in the near future, there's kind of a reward. Right?

Marco: Yeah. I mean, I'm planning to do a webinar and it's going to be awesome. I'm going to give some stuff away. If you're a buyer of Drive Stacks, I recommend that you go. We've done one, already. It's in the can and you can have access to that and all you have to do is donate. I'm not asking for a specific amount. Whatever comes from your heart, I mean, that's good enough.

If you donate, then I'll put on the list and you will be invited to that webinar. It's to going to be a public webinar. Sorry. It's going to be just for people who donate to the charity. I've added the URL where you can go and you can donate. If you've already donated, of course, I will take you into account and invite you to the webinar.

It's going to take place on December 10th, so you have until December 10th to donate and get invited. So there you go.

Adam: Outstanding. All right, guys. I think that wraps up. Did I miss anything?

Bradley: No. I think we can get into questions, so I'm going to grab the screen.

Marco: Let's do it.

Bradley: Let's do it. Shit.

Does It Trigger Duplicate Content Issues If The Google Site Have The Same Content As The Main Site?

All right. First up, Greg Jordan. He says, “My RYS done for you was just completed on 11/13,” so that was 15 days ago. “The Google site appears to be a copy and paste for my client's main website. Won't this be duplicate content, problem, or cause some problems with the main site?”

This Stuff Works
No, Greg, duplicate content is a myth. Duplicate content is only an issue when it's on the same domain. Okay? It's only an issue when it's on the same domain. The reason I say that is because consider anytime when brands publish blog posts. What do they do? They go share their blog posts across social media. They republish them on other locations. That's perfectly normal. In fact, it's expected.

Something else, press releases; incredibly powerful. I absolutely love press releases. I use them all the time. It's my favorite off-page method for link building. So, again, press releases are exact duplicates of the original press release. One press release gets published in One Cable or News Wire or whatever you want to call it and then, it gets picked up and republished by dozens or hundreds, often times many hundreds, of other publications. Right? And it's the exact same content. Press releases are incredibly good for SEO. I mean, again, it's my favorite off-page link-building tactic.

So if duplicate content was an issue, how come that doesn't occur in those. So, again, just to school you and I'm not trying to pick on you, Greg, but just be aware that the only time duplicate content is … the only time it's duplicate content is when it's on your same domain. So if you were to republish the same article multiple times on your domain, your money site, that could cause Panda problems; duplicate content issues, but you're not going to have that problem if you are republishing in other locations. Especially, if you give attribution or site the source, which is what you're doing with the Drive Stack. Right? The Google site and all of the files and folders and all of the stuff that we add content to are going to be linking back to the money site, the source. So, no, it's not an issue.

How Long Does A Google Site Rank For Its Main Keyword In SERPs And Local 3 Pack?

Number two, “After several SERP pages, eight and counting, I still cannot find the client's website for the main keyword. I realize this is not much time, but when can I expect to see them start appearing in the search results for that keyword. Also, not seeing a local 3-Pack box appear; local real estate niche. Why would that be?”

Okay, so the first part of your question is, yes, it's only been 15 days. Drive Stacks have a tendency to not show results for a period. It varies depending on the keyword, depending on the competition level. I've had some Drive Stacks that really showed no improvement in SEO for five or six weeks and then all of a sudden, boom, to number one.

I am not in any way suggesting that that's what you should expect. Okay? But the first Drive Stack I ever built was for Virginia SEO, right? It was to promote my own agency and it was a test. It took about six weeks. I didn't see any results at all. I saw a bunch of dancing, but nothing significantly positive for five or six weeks and I actually just stopped looking. I stopped checking after a few weeks, like three or four weeks or two or three weeks or whatever, because I wasn't seeing significant improvement.

Then, after, like I said, six weeks or so, I was like, “Huh, I wonder how this thing's doing?” I went and I searched it and, boom, it's been number one since May of 2015 for Virginia SEO and Virginia SEO agency and SEO agency Virginia and SEO Virginia; all these different types of keywords and it's number one in Google Organic ever since May of 2015. Right? Again, it was like six weeks of nothing. And then, boom, it shot to number one and it hasn't moved since.

Again, results are not typical. I'm not telling you that that's going to happen for you. Especially, because you're targeting real estate keywords, which I'm going to let Marco talk about that here in just a moment, but real estate keywords are incredibly competitive. That's one of the reasons I don't like working in SEO in that industry. It's incredibly competitive.

So, it's only been 15 days. That's not near enough time to expect results, number one. Number two, real estate is an incredibly difficult keyword. Any type of real estate is tough. The SEO competition is tough because you're dealing with extremely aged and high-authority type websites, such as Redfin and Weichert and Long & Foster and Century 21 and Zillow and all these great big … Oh, I think Trulia is another one. These are all these big sites that are really authoritative and they're very, very difficult overcome in Organic. Okay?

The last part of that question, when you say about the local 3-Pack not appearing, I'm not sure why that is. Depending on what you're location is, sometimes a 3-Pack will not appear for certain queries. However, I know I've done this multiple times, sometimes just publishing a press release promoting the business with the NAP; the net name, address, and phone number; can get a 3-Pack to appear.

I've proven that multiple times with several of my own clients who are lead gen sites where I've been able to force a Maps Pack to appear or a knowledge panel, which is even better. Right?

A knowledge panel is when a Maps Pack doesn't appear, but the big knowledge panel on the right side of the search engine results page shows for that particular company. When I've used queries with local intent that should force or should call a 3-Pack but it didn't, then I published a press release; again, we've got a course called Local PR Pro that teaches you how to do that or you can just buy a press release and promote your company and often … I'm not saying one is going to do it, but I know that a lot of the times I've been able to force the 3-Pack to appear or a knowledge panel from just one press release. Sometimes it takes two or three, but most of the time I've been able to accomplish that with just a press release.

Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah. This is one of those questions that kind of gets you and it's not great. This is one we get time and time again. Hyper-competitive, real estate; hyper-competitive. Doesn't matter if it's local. It's hyper-competitive.

This Stuff Works
It reminds me of that guy in Toronto. I did two posts in my IFTTT for a DUI attorney in Toronto and I'm not appearing at number one. Why?

Bradley: Yeah, he said, “This stuff doesn't work.”

Marco: Well, yeah. “Your stuff doesn't work.” First of all, Greg, did you get the Done-For-You user's guide? And I hope you're live, so that you can answer my question, because I really need to know if you got the guide. If you got the guide and you read it, then you know that there's a 21-day period where your stuff is going to dance all over the place before it starts settling and Google starts figuring out where all of the relevance that you're feeding both to your money site, to your maps, and everything else is going to go.

I specifically talk about that in the user's guide because once that happens and according to what happens after that time is what you're supposed to do. There's a ton of things that I recommend in that user's guide. Everyone who has a Done-For-You, an RYS Done-For-You Stack, should get the user's guide. It's standard operating procedure and if you don't get it, then I'm going to track down the VA who did that and I'm going to jump on his or her ass for not doing the shit the way that I require it, the way that I demand, the way that it's supposed to be done, so you guys are served correctly, so that you know what you can expect from these Stacks.

One Stack in real estate may not be enough. It may be that you have to add … Well, I'm not going to get into what you have to add. By the way, donate to the charity and you'll know what it is that you have to add to your Drive Stacks to make them even more powerful, to start targeting more keywords, how to target them, and how to get it to power up. But I really need to know if you got the user's guide and if you did get it, then my question is going to be why didn't you read it thoroughly so that you understand everything that's going to happen and that you're still within the 21 period where sometimes you'll pop to number one, then you'll see it disappear. It'll come back and it'll disappear.

If you SERP watch during those 21 days, you're going to need to drink a whole lot because you're going to drive yourself crazy. You're going to go bananas. Ask Daryl Dressel, one of our most successful people with Drive Stacks. This is where he was, just watching SERPS and until, “Oh, my god. It's nowhere to be found. Oh, it came back. Oh, it's nowhere to be found. Oh, I lost traffic. Oh, I gained traffic.”

And I said, “Dude, you got to stop.” You got to stop watching SERPs. Let it marinate. Once it hits, watch where it hits, go from there. It's all in the Done-For-You user's guide, dude, so check that out.

Do You Need Add Regular Content To A Google Site?

Bradley: The last part of that is, “Do I need to feed the system with regular content?”

No, what we recommend is that you're blogging from your money site through a syndication network. That's a really good way to add content and to, excuse me, build relevancy, start getting more impressions from more keywords, all that kind of stuff. But, Marco, do you suggest adding additional content to a Drive Stack after it's done. What do you suggest for that?

Marco: Well, that's one of the things that we're going to get into during the webinar, during the webinar that we're going to do for the people who donate. We're going to show them exactly what you need to do to power them up so that they become … they're just ranking machines.

It's not just one thing. Okay, you get a Drive Stack hyper-competitive and you expect it to rank. There are other things that you have to do. It's in the user's guide, also.

Adam: Sometimes.

Bradley: It depends. There are variables, Greg. That's what we're getting at because I never did anything else to the Drive Stack for the SEO Virginia and that's the truth, guys. When I first set it up, I did one PBN blast from my … a PBN that I had that I wouldn't … I would've never linked from that PBN direct to a money site because it was after penguin and after a lot of PBN stuff had happened. They were PBNs that were not set up without a footprint. In other words, they were … Basically, I was using them for video syndication stuff and that was it.

This Stuff Works
But I did a blast. I think I did 18 links to a PBN that was toxic. No shit. It was okay for videos, but I would've never linked to a money site with links from that PBN because of the footprint issues. Yet, that was all I did and I think I did a SyndWire blast, which was a bunch of Web 2.0 auto stuff, and that was it. And it still, to this day … Watch it make a liar out of me. Right there, Google Sites. And, look. Because it's picking up my local IP, it's actually picking my agency up and putting a knowledge panel.

But, I mean, again, all different types of keywords around SEO Virginia, SEO agency Virginia, all that and it's been number one since May of 2015. Go look at Backlink Analysis on this Google site, guys. You'll see that I'm not building links to this damned thing, right? And I haven't. It's just been number one ever since and so, again, sometimes a Drive Stack will give you incredible results with no additional work.

Results aren't typical, but many times you're going to have to do additional things. You can do things like build links to the Drive Stack, publish content. There's a ton of other things that you can do that obviously is beyond the scope of a Hump Day Hangout. Okay?

Good question though, Greg.

R. Bacon is up. He says-

Marco: By the way, before you go on, Greg is on. He has not read the Done-For-You user's guide, but he said he's going to read it and try to understand the terms.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: So, yes, please. By all means.

Bradley: Greg, remember, you have … Every Wednesday, you can come back and ask us additional questions here. If it's something that is too specific that we can't answer in a public setting, we'll direct you to the proper paid group. But, otherwise, we've got a lot of people that have come here and started building their business by just asking questions in this public forum here on Hump Day Hangouts.

Then, once they've reached a certain level, they've come joined some of our paid groups. You're welcome to come here and ask questions, Greg.

Marco: I'm getting messages that people have donated. I've added my email, my personal email, [email protected]. Drop me a line and I'll add you to the list so that you can be invited to the webinar.

What Is The Proper Way To Manage Multiple GMB Locations?

Bradley: Awesome. Okay. Randy says … I think it's Randy. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's Randy. But anyway, “A week ago,” or, “A week or so ago,” excuse me, “You mentioned something about not using some function of Google pertaining to GMB management or connecting other accounts to your management account. I did not quite understand. Is this the same area if I am managing a client's GMB page? What is the proper way to manage multiple GMB locations?”

This Stuff Works
Okay, great question. I'm glad that you asked this because if it was unclear or fuzzy to you, it was likely unclear to others, as well, so I'm glad you asked this question.

Okay. What I was talking about specifically was mainly if you're building lead gen assets, guys. Remember, if you're building lead gen assets, they're spammed. They're black-hat locations, assets, right? I mean, let's just be real clear about this, guys. I know people think spam is a bad word and all that, whatever. It is what it is and that's exactly what we're doing.

When you're building lead gen assets that aren't for a real, bonafide, genuine business, you're spamming. Right? Period. Okay? So that's number one.

When you're doing that, when you're spamming, you got to be real careful about footprint issues because if Google finds out you're spamming in one property, one location, and then can connect the dots between other locations, you could lose them all. We talk about mitigating risk or reducing exposure. All the time I talk about that, guys.

I have gone over and above, way beyond the normal protocol for trying to hide footprints when it comes to my business because I have lost a lot of stuff over the years from not being adamant or vigilant about hiding footprints. And because of that … Guys, I hate rework. I can't stand it.

I like building assets that produce for me long term. I don't turn and burn. I don't like short-term assets because I've learned over the years to take extra precautions to eliminate or reduce exposure.

What I'm talking about is when you're dealing with lead gen assets, guys, I almost recommend just only logging in and managing the GMB asset from the original owner account. In other words, when you set up a new GMB or, if you're smart, you buy it from us or from another provider, whatever, you're going to get a new Google account. Or it could be an aged account, whatever. It's going to be new to you. A new Google account that is the primary owner of that GMB asset.

What I recommend you do is that you use a browser keeper app, like Ghost Browser or Browseo; I use Browseo, personally; but use a browser keeper app and open a new project, like a new browsing instance for that particular Google account. Log into it, even if you bind it to your own IP; you don't even need proxies for this, guys. I'm telling you, you don't even need proxies for this. Just log into it through a browser keeper app like Ghost Browser or Browseo and now, that browsing session will remain logged in no matter what. Even when you shut down the application or the software, either one, that Google account will still remained logged in.

It's like that device is always turned on, right? That browser's always on and so now, you just constantly do all of your updates, your optimization, everything through that account. And the reason I say don't manage … I'm recommending not to manage through a manager account for lead gen assets is because the manager account creates a connection between one account and other accounts.

Does that make sense? And so I'm saying … Now, just to be 100% transparent, I still am using a manager account for location clusters. In other words, if I go to a particular metro area and I find 10 locations that I secured, so I set up 10 different GMB assets for that metro area, which is like a city. Right? And the suburbs, the surrounding suburbs. If I set up 10 locations, right now, I am still testing with being able to manage those through a manager account because I've had manager accounts terminated in the past and it didn't affect the individual GMB accounts because they were owned, I'm using air quotes, but their primary owner was a separate Google account.

But what I'm saying is if you're … Just to be clear, Randy, if you're dealing with real, bonafide businesses, none of this matters. You can just connect to those GMBs through your profile, or through any profile really, as a manager and you're perfectly fine because those are all legit businesses.

Google's not going to punish you or those businesses for managing real live Google My Business stuff, unless you're doing something stupid spamming. Right? And then, if you as a manager gets punished, it's not going to affect that GMB asset because it's owned by somebody else or a different profile, right?

This Stuff Works
A manager account can be terminated if an owner account … Well, excuse me. A manager account can be terminated and it won't affect that GMB. It just basically means that manager can no longer access it because the account was terminated, but the GMB is still live and the primary owner account can still access and make edits and blah, blah, blah. Right?

The point is you don't ever want to get an owner account terminated. However, when you're dealing with lead gen assets, which are black-hatted assets, guys. They're spammed addresses. Then, I recommend not even using a manager account, even though as I just fully disclaimed I am still using a manager account. But, guys, let us do the testing.

If I come back in three months and say, “By the way, we've got assets that we're managing through a manager account. They're black-hat assets that we're managing through a manager account, we've been dealing with them for months now, and they're producing well and we haven't had any termination issues,” then, I'll let you guys know. But for right now, I'm telling you you're probably better off just using a browser keeper app; Ghost Browser, Browseo, one of those, or any one that you choose; and just logging in and always doing your optimization work through that primary owner account.

It's a little bit of an inconvenience, guys. But what's more of an inconvenience? Having to go into each individual asset account when you're doing any work in it? Or losing all of your assets because you left a footprint? Which is more inconvenient? Right?

You all know the answer to that, so my point is if it's black-hatted stuff, I would recommend that you stay within the individual, primary owner Google account anytime you're doing any work.

If you're doing work for clients, which are bonafide businesses, then absolutely you're not going to … I don't ever recommend that you ask the client to get their Google account login details. That's silly. Don't do that. That opens you up for liability if something happens to their Google account.

What you would do in those cases for clients is tell the, “Here's my email account,” give them a tutorial that shows them how to go into Google My Business and click on users, and add you as a manager. Does that make sense? Then, that makes it easy for you to be able to access their locations through your account, make edits to them, and do whatever else you need to do. And since they're bonafide businesses, as long as you're not … even if you do something really spammy, since you're just a manager, it would affect you and not them.

Well, I mean, it might affect their listing. But what I'm saying is if your account got terminated, God forbid … I couldn't imagine my Google account, like my primary account, being terminated. But if it did, it wouldn't affect my client's businesses. Right? It would just remove me, prohibit me from being able to access them. Anyways, I hope that was clear.

The last part of that that I want to mention is one thing you don't ever want to do, and I know this because I lost a cluster of locations for Atlanta for tree service stuff just two weeks ago, and that is do not, guys, I'm telling you do not use GMB location groups. That's something you'll see where you can actually group locations together in Google My Business.

If you go to manage locations, you'll see that there's a location group dropdown and you can create location groups. Don't do that because I started to test that and I lost a whole cluster of sites in Atlanta that were 100% fully optimized, so don't do that.

This Stuff Works
So, great question and again, guys, that's what we're here for. I'm not telling you guys don't test stuff on your own. I'm just telling you we do a shit ton of testing here and then, we always share the results with you guys to prevent you from losing a bunch of stuff. Right? Great question, though. I really like that question because I'm glad that … Again, if it was unclear to you, it was probably unclear to others and hopefully, I clarified it.

Is Local Lease Pro An Updated Version Of Local GMB Pro?

Larry says, “Hello. I'm stumbled onto your video from May, Local GMB Pro Revealed: Generate Leads from Google Without SEO and watched most of the video. I went to find the video to finish watching it and now, I found Local Lease Pro: The Side Hustle Toolbox that was released. Does this newer one replace the one from May? How long does the training take to begin using?”

Great question, Larry. No, Local Lease Pro is the … Yeah, that's the more current course. In other word … Let me rephrase that. That is the newer course. They're both current. The difference is Local Lease Pro is how to build, go out and find easy opportunities for securing local GMB or Google My Business assets to build your own lead generation business that then you lease those assets out to local businesses. Right?

It's about finding easy or low-hanging fruit opportunities, right? That are going to take little to no optimization work to start producing results. Okay? So what we're looking for is low competition stuff and Local Lease Pro teaches how to do all of that. The location research part of it is really important and that's what we're going to be updating in two weeks when I do the update webinar and that, again, as I mentioned at the beginning of this webinar, guys, is going to be 100% public. Everybody can come see it, so you can learn about the location research there, or at least the updated process. It will only be public for about 24, maybe 48 hours, and then you have to be a member of the MasterMIND or in the Local Lease Pro course to be able to see that once we turn it from public to private.

Anyways, the local Lease Pro business is about that. Local GMB Pro, that's about how to take GMB assets that are maybe in more competitive areas and how … It's like the advanced GMB or Google My Business training, so if you want to break it, boil it down into the REader's Digest version, Local Lease Pro is the beginner, is for people that are looking to get started in the lead gen business. Local GMB Pro is the advanced training. That's for when you have GMB assets that aren't producing as well as you would like them to do. You apply Local GMB Pro methods and they will start producing. It's for those uber competitive areas that you're having trouble getting results for maps listings or, yeah, Google My Business listings and by applying the GMB Pro training, you'll be able to get … or the methods, excuse me. By applying the methods, you'll be able to start getting better results from them. Okay?

So, again, Local Lease Pro's the front end. Local GMB Pro is like the advanced training for more competitive stuff. Okay?

Marco: I would add that sometimes in Local Lease Pro, you're going to get something stubborn that refuses to move. You'll apply Local GMB methods and the sucker just moves. If it doesn't, you hit it with Local PR Pro.

Adam: Local PR Pro.

Marco: This stuff goes hand in hand because you hit it with Local PR Pro. If that doesn't do it, then you hit it with the-

Adam: With the normal [crosstalk 00:38:57] Stack.

Marco: Right, the Drive Stack. And behind that, the Local PR Pro, so that you stack the press releases into the Drive Stack, which is going into the Local PR Pro … excuse me, the Local GMB Pro methods, which is going to the Local Lease Pro method and it just becomes just this awesome … I don't know. It's a nuclear missile aimed at whatever it is that you're trying to rank for and I know people that are ranking in hyper-competitive stuff. You guys met Gary, right?

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Marco: And he's taking on and I'm not going to mention his metro area, but he's taking on a metro area and dominating the websites that you were just mentioned. What was it? Trulia?

Bradley: Trulia and, yeah, all that.

Marco: Excuse me, Trulia and RE/MAX and Century 21. You name it and he's dominating them because, I mean, he's driving so much power. What we're talking about here, for lack of a better word, because I don't want to use anybody else's … whatever they call it, whatever they call power. I call it power. It's power that we're generating, guys, and we just show you how.

Bradley: Yeah, and last thing I want to mention about that is it's funny because when we talked about … It's kind of weird, but for years, the first step was always build a WordPress site. Whether it was a lead gen asset or for a client, either one, I would always build a WordPress site and then, the very first thing I would do would set up a syndication network. Well, now it's funny because now I'm not building WordPress websites at all unless it's for a client and they want it. But for all my lead gen stuff, I'm not building any WordPress websites.

Why? Why go through all that trouble and hassle buying domains, setting up posting, building it out, content, silos, all that shit. Don't need all that stuff, man. We can get results using the Google My Business assets, the tools that they give you and they're free and they're easy to set up. Right?

So what's funny is I used to always build syndication networks. It was like first step out of the gate after the website was built. Well, now, syndication networks are the last thing that I add to a lead gen asset from starting with the Local Lease Pro method, start there. Then, if I have an asset that needs the additional push, I apply Local GMB Pro methods and then if it still needs an additional push, we do Local PR Pro. Well, to be 100% transparent, standard operating procedure is I use press releases for everything I do anyways, so I'm already implying a press release to the asset to begin with.

If it still needs additional push, then we'll do a Drive Stack. And if I still need a push after that, I'll set up a syndication network for it and then, set up through our GMB auto poster, we get an RSS feed from the GMB posts, which then I can start syndicating my GMB posts out to a branded network for that lead gen asset, which will absolutely get results. So that's like the final nail in the coffin if I need it. You know what I'm saying?

So it's kind of funny because it's transposed. I used to always do the syndication networks first and now it's the last damn thing that I add, which is funny. It's not because they don't work. It's just because it's a lot of additional work to set them up and it's not something that's needed for the lead gen assets unless it's uber-competitive. Right? So, it's funny how things change.

How Does A Single Tier Syndication Network Help In Ranking YouTube Videos?

Chris is up. Excuse me, but he posted a support question from Herman. Herman says, “Please verify what I get with a single tier syndication network and how will it help YouTube video rankings.”

All right. Well, the single-tier syndication network, typically, those … I wouldn't recommend a single-tier network for YouTube syndication. I would recommend a full two-tier network because with YouTube syndication, guys. There are no footprint issues if your using the networks the way that we set them up or if you're building them yourself, if you're using the applets the way that we recommend them, okay? There's no footprint issues with that.

All you're doing is you're acting as a publisher for Google when you republish YouTube videos in other locations, so you can get as crazy as you want, stack as many networks as you want on a YouTube channel, and the only thing it's going to do is add power. Right? It's not going to harm your video. I've never had a single video hit from syndicating a video through syndication networks. I've never had a penalty or sandbox or anything. Okay?

Now, I have when I've had videos syndicated with the full description from the YouTube video because you know how we like to spam YouTube descriptions, guys? Come on. We all do it, right? Well, if you syndicate the video with the full YouTube description, that can cause problems and I've had Web 2.0 accounts shut down for that. I've had money sites terminated for that. I've had all kinds of shit happen from that.

But with YouTube, like I said, because you don't have any footprint issues if you're using the networks the way we set them up or the applets the way we have developed them, right? Then, you can stack as many networks as you want.

This Stuff Works
One single-tier network is typically what I recommend for blog syndication and that's because we create a branded network. Everything is themed and branded for that company, the business. Right? And that makes sense because if you're syndicating content from your blog out to your branded profiles, you're telling the world, you're claiming your footprint. Right? It's like you're putting a great big red flag right down in the middle; your money site being the middle; and saying, “Hey, this is me and this is me everywhere and here's … or, “This is us. This is us everywhere. This is our content in as many places as we can,” on your branded profiles, why wouldn't you announce or republish your content on your branded profiles?

But for YouTube, yeah, if you have a YouTube channel, I would make the first syndication ring or network branded for your YouTube channel. Right? Your YouTube channel can be a brand, so make it a branded network. But then, you can start adding second-tier networks, which are persona-based networks that are non-branded networks. You could add additional first-tier networks that are triggered directly from YouTube, right? That are persona-based networks. Perfectly fine to do that.

You can even go out and add third tiers and fourth tiers. I don't recommend that because there's a lot of chaining that goes together that could break down and then you lose the power of anything down stream if that makes sense. That's why I always stuck with just two-tier networks because they were easier to maintain. But, again, Larry, what's powerful about it is … Oh, I'm sorry. Not Larry, Herman. What's powerful about these are that whenever you're publishing the YouTube video and syndicating them out, that axis embeds and those are kind of like … It's almost like a back link, right? For a YouTube video. It's not quite the same. It's different than a backlink, but it's similar. It's like a vote, right? It's saying hey.

There's things that you can do to improve the power of your syndication networks, like build links to them, have themed, relevant content on them. There's a whole bunch of other stuff that you can do with those, too. But, again, guys, there's no better way … Well, the best thing for YouTube videos for ranking right now is engagement, period. There's no doubt about that. Traffic and engagement to videos can absolutely rank a video, but syndicating videos and embedding them still helps a lot. Right? And that's something that syndication networks 100% automates.

He says, the last part of that is, “I have several Web 2.0 sites and social media properties that I also post to manually.” Well, a lot of those sites, again, if they're Web 2.0s that can be triggered by IFTTT, then you can set syndication network applets up to also syndicate directly to those, so that you don't have to do it manually anymore, Herman. I would recommend that, plus there are some other services and plugins, WordPress Plugins and things like that that will also syndicate to some of the things that IFTTT doesn't connect to. So, you may want to look into some of those apps, too, if needed. If you already have a bunch that are built out, I mean. Okay, it was a good question.


Marco: Yeah. Before you go on, I'm just glad that you mentioned branding because what I use in and for now … Yeah, I'm like you. I stopped using WordPress and now, what I do with the networks, I use them to validate and solidify the entity. I'm all after the entity and that's what it helps. I don't really care if I push my content anywhere because Google is going to take it anyway, right? From the way we do Local GMB Pro, so Google's going to see it. Google's going to see it and act on it, but I do want all of my entity everywhere so that it helps to validate and solidify the fact that this is, A, a real entity on the web and that there's something solid behind this entity.

Adam: Yep.

Bradley: Yeah, and that's true. I mean, even if you're not syndicating content to it, just having a syndication network can help to validate an entity, which it's a great signal for Google.

What Should You Consider When Changing The Address Of A GMB Listing?

Ken's up. Ken, wow. I haven't seen Ken in a while and I think he mentions that. He says, “I need to change a client's a GMB address. They are moving to a new location as of January 6. I don't want to mess up their GMB listing. Is there anything I should do besides simply changing the address? I'm guessing it will trigger reverification.”

Okay. Well, there's a couple things going on with that, Ken. Number one, if it's a service area business where the customers do not come to the business location, you can click to clear the address now from GMB. In fact, that's the recommended procedure from Google.

In other words, if your business, and I don't know this, but if your business is a service area business where the business goes to the customer's location; so, for example, contractors typically and that's primarily what I work with is contractors, so most all the things that I work on are service area businesses; and this just changed within the last three weeks. Now, if you have a service area business, you go in and clear the address.

If you have a verified profile, all you have to do is go into the info tab, you click on the address section, and then there's literally a link in there that says clear address. You click that button and it will wipe it clean. And then, you click okay or apply or save or whatever it is and it will literally remove the address from the listing entirely. And that's fine because you've already verified the profile and then you set your service area by zip code or city name or county name or however you want to do it. You can set your service area, which is how you're supposed to do it.

Now, if it's a point-of-sale business or a storefront business, which means customers come to the business's location, then absolutely you're going to want to display your address. But what I have found, I'm not going to tell you that it's not going to trigger reverification for sure because I don't know. But I can tell you that I have changed … I've got a client, literally, that on Monday, I just changed his physical address. He's a painting contractor and he moved locations. He moved from one side of the city to the other, so his zip code changed, his street address changed. Phone number stayed the same, web address stayed the same, and obviously, company name stayed the same, but the street address changed and the zip code.

I just changed it and it didn't trigger reverification, okay? Because it's a verified address or a verified entity business, a Google My Business profile and because of that, Google didn't … Now, if it's a new listing and you do it, it's more likely to trigger reverification. I'm not saying that it's not going to re-trigger or trigger a reverification, but I have changed the address for established listings on many different occasions. Not the same business changed it multiple times, but I've changed many different businesses one time because they were established businesses and they moved locations and it didn't trigger reverification, if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works
And a lot of the times, if it's an established business and it does trigger reverification, it's just a phone verification and it's not an actual postcard thing. So I would not worry about it, Ken. If it's a service area business, you can remove the address entirely and it's not going to hurt anything. You don't even need to put the new address in in the GMB dashboard. It's not even going to ask for it. But if it's a storefront, then, yes, you're going to want the address, obviously. But I would just go in and change it, period. Just go in and do it through your manager account.

I'm assuming you're connected through a manager account. Just do it through your manager account and if it triggers reverification, then do whatever it takes to reverify it. It should come back immediately once it's re-verified because it's an established business. Okay?

“Should I make the change before the 6th or wait to the move?” I'd wait to the move. Don't do it until … The day that they move, change it. All right?

“By the way, Bradley, glad to be back. Been away for about a year and a half.” I thought I hadn't seen you in a while, Ken. “Wasn't sure if I would ever be able to do this, again.” Well, I'm glad you're back, Ken. You've always been here and ask lots of good questions, so we appreciate you coming back.

Is One Branded Network Enough To Power Up A Business Loan Niche Site?

Israel says, “Hi, I'm in the business loan niche, which is pretty competitive. I have two questions. I learned network syndication from Peter Garety,” that's funny. Yeah, Peter Garety was a mentor of mine many years ago. That's interesting. “Back then, we built one branded network and then a network for each primary keyword.” Yeah, they called those TGNs, traffic generation networks. Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about, Israel. “The primary keyword network got very SEO optimized stuff. The branded network just got normal content that was not overly optimized. Is this still relevant or can you get away with just one branded network?”

Yeah, I just do one branded network now, Israel. And, again, it's just because … The stuff that Peter taught back then, it absolutely worked and some of what Peter taught went into the development of what I came up with, which was originally called IFTTT SEO Academy, but for various reasons, we had to change the name to Syndication Academy. Yeah, that was one of the ingredients that I mixed in to make my recipe of Syndication Academy and that was some of the stuff that Peter Garety taught and it worked.

I don't recommend doing that kind of stuff now, though. And the reason why is because of footprint issues, right? The footprint issues are much more … Google's much more aware of footprint issues, now. It's much easier to identify footprint stuff and Google doesn't like that. Where back, several years ago, I mean, we're talking like 2012 and '13 timeframe that Peter Garety was teaching a lot of this stuff, it wasn't as much of an issue then. Okay? So that's why I say … Not only that, but you know, obviously, if you've done it, how much work goes into setting up all those networks and then connecting everything all together.

I know he's got some tools that help to facilitate some of that stuff, but I found it to be overly complicated to set all that stuff up. I know because I did it for a long time and that's why I developed my flavor or my version, which became Syndication Academy because it was much more efficient. It was a lot less work. Does that make sense? That's the only reason … Also, I like the fact that it didn't require a paid software or application on it. You could just use the IFTTT, which was free. It wasn't resource heavy like some of the plugins that Peter Garety would use to force the syndication.

IFTTT runs off RSS feeds, so it was not taxing at all to the server, your website servers or hosting company. So, there's a number of reasons why I developed Syndication Academy to replace that kind of a method. Is it still relevant? I wouldn't do that kind of stuff now just because of footprint issues. Are syndication networks still relevant? Yes, absolutely. And if you're developing decent content for your site and syndicating it out, it's going to help.

I don't overly optimize … I don't write content, anyways. I have a team that does it, but none of the content that we produce is overly optimized ever, ever. It's more about the activity and just building up an overall relevancy factor for the website, so we don't have to uber optimize or hyper optimize any particular piece of content. It's not necessary because we're painting an overall picture about what the site is about, right? And through multiple posts, so it's not necessary to uber optimize one particular piece of content, which we can accomplish over a series of pieces of content within a silo or whatever, however you want to do it.

So, again, a syndication network, one branded syndication network, guys, I'm telling you. That is all I do for my clients and for my own assets. YouTube, I use multiple syndication networks. But for all the stuff that I manage, guys, one branded syndication network per asset, period. And it's so much easier to manage, guys. I'm telling you, it's so much easier to manage.

If you guys want to go through all that additional work, please do. But I like to get results with the least amount of effort possible and the least amount of resources and a one branded syndication network is all I do for all my clients now and have for the last several years, now. Okay?

You can power up … By the way, Israel, you can do a lot of things to power up that branded network, right? And there's other stuff that I recommend now that are going to help. Local PR Pro would help you a lot, the Local PR Pro method. Using press releases consistently would help you, I promise you that because they're very, very powerful if you know what you're doing. Okay? A Drive Stack would help you there, too, by the way. There's a lot of stuff you could do.

Should You Use Multiple Local Sites To Rank A Business Loan Site Or Should You Stick With One Main Site??

“We lend nationally, but also locally. Should I set up a separate site and optimize it specifically for local or should I just use one site for everything?” I'll tell you what you should do, Israel. What you should do is the Local Lease Pro method and go out and start securing as many GMB assets, Google My Business assets, across the country as you can because you're in one industry, which is what I recommend anyways, because you already have all the content. Right? You already know your industry. You know the keywords. You know the vocabulary. You know the pain points, right? So you can duplicate a GMB asset over and over and over again because you already know the industry.

This Stuff Works
So I would recommend you get Local Lease Pro and start applying that method to your business right now, today, because I don't know how long that method is going to work. Google is going to close that loophole, guys. I don't know when, but it's going to be closed so take advantage of it now while you can. Okay? Good questions, though.

Does A GMB Badge Only Available For Mobile?

Try that one more time. All right. Jordan says, “Have a client who is veteran owned. The veteran-owned badge is showing in GMB mobile, but not GMB desktop. Is that just a thing on desktop?” Probably, Jordan. There's a lot of updates going on in GMB right now. A lot of new stuff is rolling out. It's constantly evolving because it's new, so I wouldn't sweat it.

What Are YouTube Silo Diagrams And How It Help Rank YouTube Videos?

Tik Tok's Bruh, I like that. “What is YouTube Silo Diagrams?” We have a course called YouTube Silo Academy that has diagrams in it if that's what you're talking about. I don't know what YouTube Silo Diagrams are, though. “How can I rank my YouTube videos and how do I embed them to get massive amounts of views?” Okay. Well, Syndication Academy would be great for how to syndicate videos. We just talked about that with Herman, right there.

So, Syndication Academy would help you. YouTube Silo Academy, it's seven bucks, seven dollars. Go search YouTube Silo Academy and go pick it up; seven bucks, that will help. Add some syndication networks in, which you can purchase from … I mean, you can join Syndication Academy and learn how to do it yourself. Don't recommend that. You're better off just ordering Done-For-You Syndication Networks, so you can work on creating videos. Right? And building a business instead of building the networks and all that. Honestly, you're much better off just doing that, but that's what I would recommend. Get YouTube Silo Academy, so you can learn how to silo your channel. It's really, really powerful, guys. And then, start buying syndication networks and stacking them on your YouTube channel. Okay?

Why Is Firefox Not A Good Idea TO Use To Keep Live Profiles?

Ken said, “I heard you mention that we need to keep our browser sessions versus cleaning them out and I understand why. You mentioned using Ghost or Browseo. Could I use Firefox in isolated containers?” Yes, I don't know how to do that, Ken, but you can absolutely do that as far as I know. Does anybody else here have anything to say different to Ken?

Marco: Yeah, I mentioned this before. Sometimes in those profiles what happens is you lose your cookies. I don't know why and I don't know how to fix it, but we tried it. We tried it because we were working on automating some of our Syndication Academy so that we could go in and do the profiles and it was just a mess using isolated containers. But, I mean, try it. Try it and see if it works for you.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, I've never used those, but I've heard other people have talked about using them and I'm assuming they do something similar. But, yeah, I would just test it, Ken. I prefer using … I bought Browseo when it was … you could buy a lifetime license, so it doesn't cost me. I think it's monthly now, but that's why I use it. Other people, I know, so they like Ghost Browser. Whatever, just find one and use it. That's what you need to do, Ken. I'm telling you. You don't even need to worry about proxies anymore.

Guys, if you're a tinfoil hat kind of guy, you can worry about proxies, but you don't even need proxies because it's absolutely normal for multiple devices to be connected to an IP; sometimes hundreds or even thousands of devices connected to a single IP because of public wifi. It's no longer it's an IP issue. It's a device now and by logging in through a browser keeper app, and that's just what I'm calling them, then you're logging in through a specific device that remains logged in. It doesn't matter what the IP is because it's the device that matters. Does that make sense? And it matters to accrue a history and that's what you're doing with those kind of apps. If you can accomplish the same thing with Firefox, Firefox profiles or whatever they're called, I think, yeah, that it should work.

We're out of time. God damn, we … Pardon my language, but we got a lot of stuff that we didn't get to today, guys. Holy crap. I can stick around for about nine more minutes. I got to cut it out at 5:10, so if you want to hang out with me, Marco, I'll answer a few more.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Let's do it.

Can You Maintain Rankings If You Keep The Content, URL Structures And Navigation After Redesigning The Site?

Bradley: All right. Jordan says, “The second question, we have a client who's coming to us already ranking number one for dry eye plus major city and a lot of derivatives. She wants us to redesign the look of the site. If we only mess with the look and not the content or the URL structures or nav with the exact same site up, site ranking should hold fine. Correct?”

Jordan, I'm going to say no and the reason why is because I have done that in the past where all I've changed was a theme and then, obviously, the design elements had to be changed, but none of the content and none of the URL structures got changed at all and I've still seen dancing. Usually, it's just a very short, temporary dance because the structure of the site … what I mean the coding has changed. Even if the structure remains the same, the CSS, the way that the theme was coded, all that is different, so it takes Google a little while, kind of like Google goes, “Ah, what do I do with this?”

And then, it takes a few days or couple of weeks, maybe even the 21 day period that we typically see, but then it settles right back in to where it was originally. So if you're number one, you're going to end up number one. But what you see dancing, I'm going to say yes because I've seen dancing from just changing themes even though nothing else was changed.

Marco, what do you say?

Marco: I totally agree because I've redesigned and only the look. Right? No structure, no URL, no nothing, links, whatever. And, yes, because the CSS has links, right? You're linking to the CSS, so it communicates back and forth on what the website is supposed to look like and it's going to be different. That's what throws Google-

Bradley: The code is different [crosstalk 01:02:39].

Marco: Like you said, yeah. Yeah, it throws Google for a loop and then it comes back.

Do You Know Anything About Sha256 Data?

Bradley: That's it. Brian. What's up, Brian? He says, “Do you guys know anything about SHA-256 data where you record data where it tracks buyer behavior? If so, where can I buy that data?” I have no idea. I've never heard of it, Brian. I'm curious now, though. Maybe I'll look into that a little bit later.

Larry's up again. He says, “I just finished the two hour webinar.” Yes, it did, Larry. Unfortunately, it did. But if you join MasterMIND, which is 300 bucks; 300 bucks a month; but if you join MasterMIND, Local Lease Pro is the first course you get. If you're … I don't know if we've talked about pathways, yet. I don't know if we talked about the POFU pathways yet, but if you're just starting your business and you don't have any digital marketing income coming in yet, we're going to suggest a one-path and Local Lease Pro is the first thing you get and it's 300 bucks as part of the MasterMIND membership.

By the way, you get a whole lot more than just Local Lease Pro for $300 as part of the MasterMIND. Or you can buy it for $1,000. Unfortunately, by the way, we did just have a Black Friday sale for that for 500 bucks, but that sale's over.

Yeah, I apologize for that, Larry. The reason it went up so much is because, I'm telling you, I have not seen an opportunity in local digital marketing like I … The Local Lease Pro method is by far the biggest, best opportunity I've seen in local marketing since I started in 2010 and that is no bullshit, guys. I'm telling you, the Google … In July, when the mobile-first algorithm took affect, when Google switched to mobile index first, right? It opened up this opportunity, which is what Local Lease Pro is developed around, that opportunity.

And, again, I don't know how long it's going to last, but it is hands down the biggest opportunity I've seen in local digital marketing since I started in 2010 and so the value is there, man, regardless. Okay?

Hey, we sold it for a ridiculous price originally for that Side Hustle Toolbox because it was a collaborative thing and, honestly, it was a mistake to have done that. But we wanted to get it into as many hands as possible; of our audience, especially; so that's why we did it. Okay.

Jeff's up. He says, “Hey, guys. I'm looking at giving myself the gift of the SM MasterMIND for Christmas.” Oh, wow. Can I write Santa and tell him to bring it to you? That's awesome, man. He says, “I figure it will be a gift that keeps on giving long after Google's next algo update.” That's right, Jeff. Because whatever happens, we're going to figure out what to do next. We always do.

“Is there a waiting list that I need to get on or can I simply sign up and start participating?” No, you can just sign up. That's great, Jeff. We would certainly love to have you, man, so please come join us. That's awesome.

Ray's up. I got five more minutes. Ray says at Jordan, “I am not a pro, but a redesign.” Okay, thanks. Ray is answering for Jordan talking about moving … changing themes or design.

What Email List Service Do You Recommend?

Jim says, “Howdy, SM gang. Just a quickie if there's time. What's everybody using for email lists these days? It seems like a new service pops up every week. I'm using Aweber, but don't mind changing if there's something better with better delivery rates and reasonable features.” Okay, I'm going to just … I'm only going to speak about local marketing, using auto responders for local marketing for prospecting, to find clients, as well as for local businesses that have newsletters that … for stuff that I … I do very little email management for local businesses, guys.

This Stuff Works
But the ones that I do, I always recommend Drip,, which is Leadpages auto responder and email automation tool. I absolutely love it. It does incredible things. Their automations are fabulous; they call them workflows; and you can do amazing things with it and it integrates with so many other applications out there, it's unbelievable. I absolutely love Drip and I tested four or five different auto responders when I was doing … I mean, I was heavy prospecting for almost a year. We're still prospecting now because we got … But, anyways.

Long story short, I tested a whole bunch of different auto responders and Drip was the one that was inboxing into the primary tab in Gmail. And it was the only one out of the ones that I tested that the emails would automatically go directly to the primary tab in Gmail. A lot of the other ones would get put to the promotions tab or some issues would go through to spam folders and stuff like that depending on your domain; if you're sending from a domain and that kind of stuff. Drip was the one that always inboxed.

Now, that's just my preference. I know we as a company, Semantic Mastery, for our stuff, we use ActiveCampaign I think as our primary one, now. But we've also done a ton of other different kinds. I am not a huge email marketer. So, like I said, I found Drip. It works for me. I've been using Drip ever since, so about a year now; maybe a little over year, I've been using Drip and I absolutely think it's fabulous. Okay? But I know ActiveCampaign is I think our primary email service or auto responder for Semantic Mastery, so that might tell you something, too. And I don't think anybody else is on that can talk about it. No, because Marco doesn't do the email stuff either.

Jordan says, “ConvertKit,” so check into that, too. I've heard good things about ConvertKit, too. I think we tried it for a company for Semantic Mastery, but I don't … For some reason, I know we ended up with ActiveCampaign.

Okay. I'm going to answer this last one for Ralph and then we're going to wrap it up, guys. I apologize for anybody above us, but that's why it pays to get your questions in early. All right?

Suspended GMB

Ralph says, “I recently set up GMB listings with different Gmail accounts, but the same business name. The only difference was that I added the city name to the business name. Example would be Fun and Play Orlando or Fun and Play Winter Garden. My accounts were suspended immediately after verification. Could the similar names trigger the suspension or something else? Thanks for the help, guys.”

Ralph, I don't know. It could be that. I don't know, but it could be that because we had one of our MasterMIND members was talking about, and one of our new members, John; the one that is in Marco's small group MasterMIND. We were just talking about him earlier.

Anyways. He had something similar happen with some GMB assets and he was keeping … He had somewhat of kind of a spammy name with the city name and stuff in it, too. I don't know if that's entirely it. I know that that can trigger. Names can be spammy, right? And if they are spammy, that can be a red flag, which means anything else that could be an indication of spam could cause it to terminate. In other words, just having a spammy name might not be enough to terminate the account. But having a spammy name and then having some other thing that is an indication of spam could be enough to cause it to terminate. Right?

So what I'm saying is when you say you recently set up GMB listings with different Gmail accounts, which Gmail accounts did you use? Did you buy them? Did you create them? Because if you created them, did you create a footprint when you created them? Or did you buy them and if you bought them, the Gmail accounts that you used to create the GMB assets, were there footprints for those?

We know because we've been using email service providers … or excuse me, email account providers to buy email accounts and we found that Google is getting way better at determining spam accounts. As soon as you start trying to build assets on a spammed Gmail address; like in other words, a Gmail address that was created with a footprint; then, they get terminated.

This Stuff Works
They're find as long as you don't do anything with them. But as soon as you start doing YouTube stuff or GMB stuff or Google site stuff, they get terminated. Right? And so, that's why I'm saying it's really important that you either find a good provider for your email accounts or you know how to set them up on your own if you're creating them yourself.

So that could be an issue. It could be the name. I don't know what else to tell you. It could be, also … You said separate Gmail accounts, but depending on are you clearing your browser? Are you using a browser and then you clear all the cache and cookies and then, log into the next Gmail account and the next GMB asset and start optimizing? Because if so, that's another footprint. Right?

The footprint is clearing the browser and starting with a fresh, virgin browsing session every time you log into the next Google account and you're doing it from the same IP unless you're using proxies, which that, again, I just said you don't need to use proxies anymore. But if you're clearing your cache and your cookies between every browsing session and logging into a new account, you should have proxies because, otherwise, everything is being tied back to your one account and all of the activities … oh, excuse me, your one IP; all of the activities are spammy-looking activities because who besides spammers and SEOers clears their cache and cookies after every browsing session? Nobody, guys. Nobody does that.

That's why I'm saying … Ralph, I'm not saying you're doing any of these things. I'm just giving you some common things that I see that people do that causes problems and those are all things that you can look at. So best thing to do is find a good email provider or learn how to create your own emails without footprint issues. Use a browser keeper app. We just talked about Ghost Browser or Browseo. Use something like that, so that you always keep logged in to the session for each Google account. And then, I would also think about switching up your name a little bit.

You don't have to add the location name … the business in the … the location in the business name, guys. You don't have to do that, right? Come up. You can even use just this Fun and Play. Fun and Play could be it, period. Right? Fun and Play, you could use the same name for each asset. It doesn't matter. As long as the physical address is different, the phone number is different, and the URL is different, it doesn't matter if you have the same name. Okay?

Marco: And if there's no storefront and you're targeting the way that we teach to target, right? There's no need for Orlando because Google already knows that it's Orlando, that it's Winter Garden, that it's Miami, that it's whatever the freak it is in Florida. Google knows because you told Google because of the way that we set it up. I'm not going to say it here because it's in the training. It's in Local GMB Pro and it's in Local Lease Pro and that's just the way to do it. There's no need anymore, guys, for Orlando because Google is going to know what it's all about.

And then, you're going to reinforce it with the post. If you're posting, you're going to reinforce all that. Right? From the images that you add and the way that we teach to add the images, so that's just my two cents on that.

I think you're absolutely right. There's absolutely no need for a location anymore.

Bradley: That's awesome. Okay, cool. Guys, sorry I couldn't answer all the questions. We had a lot, today. A lot of engagement from you guys, today, so we appreciate that for sure. We love it when you guys come and ask us a ton of questions. It gives us something to do. All right, guys. Thanks, everybody, for being here.

We do have a MasterMIND webinar this Thursday, excuse me, tomorrow. And we got a new member, Dave, who has just been incredibly engaged in our MasterMIND asking a shit ton of questions. A lot of those will be answered tomorrow on the MasterMIND webinar.

Anyways. Come join us over there, guys. Otherwise, we will see you next week on the next Hump Day Hangouts, so thanks. Thanks, Marco.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 164

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 164 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: [crosstalk 00:00:00]

Bradley: We're live, by the way.

Adam: Hey, all right. It's good to know [inaudible 00:00:08]. Welcome, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode 164. It is two days past Christmas, and we are going strong. I got my beanie on. I'm trying not to freeze to death, but I also wanted to model the new Semantic Mastery shirts that literally just came in. I think we're going to have a little giveaway cooked up here in a minute for you, but we'll get back to that after we say hi to everybody real quick. Starting on the left, well he just disappeared, so we're not going to say hi to Chris. We're going to go to Hernan. How's it going, man?

Hernan: Hey guys. Hey everyone. I hope you had a really good Christmas. Happy holidays, and really excited to be here.

Adam: Awesome. Marco, how you doing?

Marco: What's up man? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. For those who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful time anyway, or just as well how everyone take it, I mean it in the best way. By the way, it's warm and sunny in Costa Rica, and I'm loving the weather.

Adam: Outstanding. I'll have to post a picture, I just came back from the mountains. We got like four feet of snow in the last 48 hours. It was nuts, but lots of fun. Bradley, how you doing?

Bradley: I'm good, man, happy to be here. I had a quiet Christmas because my daughter's with her mother this year. We alternate holidays. It's not a big deal, I had her last Christmas and I'll have her for New Years, but it was rather quiet. I ended up working. I worked on Christmas Eve for like five or six hours, and I worked on Christmas Day for like four hours. Got caught up on some stuff, though, but not near as much as I hoped to. This week is uber crazy for me, trying to get a shit ton of stuff done. Preparing for 2018, we got a lot coming up in 2018, especially for the master … Well, for just all our companies, to be honest with you, but Mastermind especially. That's really what I'm trying to do is a race to get prepared to start all that stuff.

Glad to be here. We got only an hour today, instead of the two-hour marathon we had last week. Looking forward to answering some questions.

Adam: Cool. Good deal. Chris hopped back on. Chris, how are you doing?

Chris: Yeah. Doing good, glad to be here as well, like everybody else. I'm back in Vietnam for like two weeks. Then it's back to the slopes.

Adam: Awesome, sounds good. Real quick, I wanted to say too, if you waited to try out the Mastermind, the one dollar trial we had going on, there was a one dollar, seven day trial, and on top of that you get to talk to one of the co-founders of Semantic Mastery, have a 30 minute consulting session. That is gone. Sorry about that if you didn't make it, but that was up for almost a week, so we ran out. All the spots have been filled. We might do it again in the future. This was just something we wanted to do over the holidays and see how it works out for people and give you some one on one time. I guess stay tuned is the best we can say for now. Then we're looking forward to working with the new Mastermind members, like Bradley said, with all the stuff coming up in 2018.

Hernan: Yeah, if I may add, I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing response that we had. It was amazing. We have been having for the past week, with Christmas and everything in between and with the upcoming new year, but we have been managing to have amazing conversations with people. I'm really looking forward to working with all of you guys on the Mastermind. I think that was one of the best … I think we had a great response, honestly, and we had to cut it short because otherwise we would be overflown with calls and what not. I think that we have been having amazing conversations. I, personally, have been and I know Bradley too, and it just proves the point of the quality of people that's getting into the Mastermind, which is mind-blowing. They're super talented people, people that are moving forward super quick. I am really pumped, actually, for what's coming on 2018 for the Mastermind.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: I'm sorry, real quick, Adam. However, some of you guys I've reached out to on multiple occasions now to schedule your 30-minute call and have not received a reply. After I've sent out two or three emails, I'm done. I don't do it anymore. Either check your email box if you signed up for the Mastermind trial, check your email because I have been emailing people trying to get set up. I've had multiple calls that have been really good. I just got off one literally 15 minutes ago with Kelly, which by the way, Kelly, if you're watching, it was a great call. I really appreciated your time today.

That said, I've had some really good calls. As Hernan said, it's interesting to hear some of the very unique business models that some of you guys have. I'm anxious to hear how you apply what we teach if you stay in the Mastermind to your own businesses, and whether it was effective or not, and if so, how? You know what I mean? I think that's really interesting. It can make us better as teachers, as instructors, or whatever, mentors I guess you can call us. If we know how to apply our methods to all different types business models instead of just the standard or typical business models that we are normally exposed to in this industry.

This Stuff Works
Anyways, I just wanted to say, some of the calls I've had have been amazing. Some of you guys have been ignoring my emails, or maybe they're going to spam or something, but go check it because if I've sent out two or three, I'm not going to send out another. All right? Adam, are you going to say something? I'm sorry.

Adam: Yeah, no worries. I just wanted to say before I hand things over to Marco, he's got some information we definitely want to share with people. We talked about it last week. I know we got new people watching every week. I just want to say if you're new to Semantic Mastery, check out the battle plan, the SEO blueprint. I'm going to pop a link on the page. We've got a coupon code for you, so you can grab that dirt cheap, some killer information in there. If you haven't yet, go to, and sign up. Get your free account there for [inaudible 00:05:48] services, got some free tools as well.

Then, the is a very important place where we put questions we get asked a lot. We love it if you ask questions on here, even if it's a repeat that's fine. We're going to answer it. If you don't want to wait, and you're not sure if maybe it's been asked before, you can go to, check it out, and we got a database full of answers that we pop in there that are maybe lengthy or that come up a lot, and we have charts and diagrams, things like that, to help you.

Marco, if you want to fill people in a little bit, I know we posted about what we're doing and what you've been working, setting up, and we talked about it, but do you want to fill people in again just in case they haven't heard?

Marco: Yeah. I posted on Facebook. If you go to my page Marco [Benevetiz 00:06:35] unfiltered, the post is there and the link is there. Basically, it's just simply our initiative. We were calling it subs, and it's supplies, uniforms, and books for kids. For every $50 that's donated, one kid gets to go to school for the entire 2018 school year with full supplies, books, uniforms, and everything that they need. We're not asking everyone to donate 100 bucks. We're asking you to donate whatever you can. I know Semantic Mastery has pledged $1,000. One of our partners has already donated $1,000. I'm matching the $1,000 donation.

Our goal is 10K. I'm hoping we beat the 10K, so that we can send the 100 kids. If we go over $1,000, whatever it needs to take us to 15, I will make it up. If we exceed 15, whatever it needs to take it up to 20, I will make up the difference. I don't mind. I love giving to these causes. I'm going to pop in the link so that people can go and watch the video and decide whether they want to donate. It's a great cause. We're making sure that over 90 cents of every dollar go to the children. Of course, we have to pay fees and a whole bunch of other things, but anything that's left after fees or whatever, which is over 90 cents of every dollar, it goes to kids. It doesn't go to anybody else because we have a ton of volunteers that are doing the work. They're doing it for free. They're just giving their time. Go, watch the video because it explains it in more detail what it's all about and why we decided to do it. I'm going to pop in the link at the top for people who want to go.

By the way, anyone donating $1,000 will get … I changed it. I was going to give them an hour of my time. I'm going to give them two hours of my time. Anybody that donates $1,000, that matches Semantic Mastery, what we're pledging, will get two hours of my time, and we can discuss whatever it is that you want, whatever problems you're having. You're going to get my consultation call for your donation.

Should you decide to donate $5,000, what I'm going to do is, I'm going to give you 10 hours of my time. We're going to take one of your projects from start to finish. We're going to rank it. We're going to get everything going, so that you can go ahead and whether it's a client that you just need to rank and you haven't been able to, or some project it is that you've been meaning to get off the ground but haven't been able to, whatever it is, I will give you 10 hours of my time. We'll schedule it. Anyone who has done a consultation with me will tell you whether it's worth it or not. If any of you guys listening who have gotten a consultation from me, please chime in and let everyone know whether it's worth it or not.

It all goes to charity, so I don't mind giving my time if you guys are willing to give to this cause. There you go.

Adam: Awesome. That's awesome, Marco.

Bradley: Sweet.

Adam: Yeah. Nothing to say on top of that. That's a hell of a deal [crosstalk 00:10:10]

Bradley: How do you follow that?

Adam: Yeah. The only thing I would say if you're giving, if you want to give, or you know someone, please help us. If you can share it, pop it on Facebook or Twitter, or whatever your preferred method is. Like Marco said, this is truly something where the vast majority, this is going directly to the kids. There's not a lot of overhead. We'd like to really generate as much revenue for the charity as we can to really get this going. Please, share the word if you can.

Marco: Just so you know, the page, I removed all the cookies, all tracking, no one's being tracked, no one's going to get chased all over the web with the page. No, no. Everything's taken out. You go there, you watch the video, and you're not going to get followed throughout the web. Make sure that if you decide to share it, that everyone knows what's going on. Please spread the word, get people to donate, and these kids need it, man, they need it. I can't tell you anything more than that. They need it.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Cool. Sounds good. All right, you guys ready to get started? Does anybody else have anything we need to go over?

Bradley: Last thing. Go to and subscribe. I haven't done any videos in like two weeks, but I've got like five videos for the YouTube channel for the Mindset Mastery series that I need to record. I've got multiple topics that I'm want to record videos on, I just haven't had the time. I have been doing my daily emails every day, guys. The email list, I think I've got 32 emails in there, Monday through Friday, except on holidays, obviously, but I've been writing a new email every day. It's just stuff that I have been studying and learning. It's a way to really … It's like journaling. I'm journaling but in email format, so it can benefit others besides just me. Some of you may not find it beneficial at all, but some of you may. I've gotten some really, really good comments from some people. In fact, since the last week when we did the Hump Day Hangout, I had like 30 new subscribers, which is pretty good, because again, the only place that this is being presented is on basically Hump Day Hangouts when I announce it here, guys. I'm not driving traffic to an offer or anything like that.

Anyways, I would encourage you to go check it out. I'm putting a lot of work into it, guys. It's just something I'm doing, it's free, it's not going to cost you anything. It's just because I want to do it, and it's helping me. I hope that it can help some of you. Go check it out,, subscribe. If you don't like the emails, just unsubscribe. That's it.

All right, with that said, I'm going to grab the screen guys, and we'll get right into it.

Adam: Sounds good.

Bradley: All right. Marco, yeah, there's the link by the way. I think you posted it again, right?

Marco: Yup.

Bradley: We got it on here twice. Okay, cool.

Marco: I also [inaudible 00:13:02] posted it at the beginning.

Is It Better To Create Subdomains Instead Of Individual Domains When Managing A Huge SEO Project?

Bradley: All right. [Shivga 00:13:10], I'm so sorry, dude. One of these days I'm going to have to talk to you so you can help me learn how to pronounce your name. Hey guys, [crosstalk 00:13:18]-

Hernan: Sorry, we had a really good conversation with Shivga the other day, last week. Yeah. We've had a really, really good conversation about it, so I appreciate it.

Bradley: Awesome. Hey guys, I've potentially come across my first big, big account. Sweet. I'm going to plus one that. A prospect wants SEO for approximately 25 websites, which he wants to rank in the three pack for various cities, 155 mile radius around him. I sat down with a guy this morning, and getting addresses for mail verifications is not a problem for him. The options I presented to him are one, large website with 25 sub-domains, or two, separate word press websites.

This Stuff Works
I'm leaning towards number two because I'm a little afraid of future changes that could take down such a large account, but what are your thoughts? Thank you.

No, I would absolutely go with sub-domains. I would so that specifically because, look, I don't work for Google. None of us do. We really can't predict the future. For Google to come in and penalize … See, if you got your root domain penalized, it would absolutely affect the 25 sub-domains. If you got an individual sub-domain penalized, then it wouldn't affect the others.

The problem with 25 separate websites is, in my opinion, is, none of them are going to benefit from each other. Does that make sense? I mean, there are some ways you can hack into some benefits. I know I've got several Lead Gen stuff that I've got some of them with roughly 15 locations. I know you're not supposed to do this, but I've done it and it works. That's to link at random from one location site to another. I just use in footer links. I know people say don't use site links and footer links and that kind of stuff, but I've done it and it works. At least, it's worked on some of the projects that I've done. I always do them on sub-domains.

You can accomplish the same thing with doing separate word press websites, but the benefit of using sub-domains is that you are building the overall authority of the root domain with each subsequent sub-domain that you add. Each additional sub-domain or location that you add, you're going to end up building … You don't necessarily need a separate syndication network for each, but you are going to have separate citations for each. You are going to have separate Google my business verified listings for each. You are going to have potentially separate Google Drive stacks, or at least specific folders for each location. Likely, you're going to be doing separate press releases for each location.

My point is, that by doing all that work to each individual location/sub-domain site, you're going to end up building the overall authority of the rooted domain, which means that each new location that you add, is going to instantly be given a boost because it's basically benefiting from all the authority of the root domain, and you're going to get better results a lot quicker. The more that you add, the more authority that accumulates. Its accumulative effect that really starts to occur.

I found that to be the case with a lot of the Lead Gen stuff I've done where I've got multiple locations. The more and more sites I add, the easier it is to add the sites. Again, I would recommend that you go with the sub-domain route. The idea here is to keep your root domain incredibly clean, so don't use your root domain for anything spammy at all. You could use the root for the blog, and just make sure that you're doing the best practices that we teach, which would be a branded syndication network for the root. You can do all of your blogging from the root domain, and actually blog to your 25 sub-domains from the root. That's something else I would recommend doing. When you have multiple locations like that all under one brand if you have separate sub-domains, I don't recommend doing separate blogs and separate syndication networks for each location, unless it's required. What I mean by that is, what I try to do is do all my blogging from the root. Even if I got 10 sub-domain sites, I don't care. I try to do all of my blogging from the root domain and use the root domain RSS feed as my trigger point for the branded syndication network. It's just one syndication network.

Then what I do is, over the course of a few months as I am continuously publishing content to the blog, I start tracking the results of the individual location sites. Some sites are going to respond really well to the blog. Other sites, obviously in more competitive areas, or where the competition is higher, they're not going to respond quite as well from using the blog on the root like that.

In those cases, then it makes sense to create a branded location-specific network for that specific site. Then blogging directly from that location site to that location-specific syndication network. Then you get a little bit of the benefit from the root domain blogging about that location, as well as its own individual or specific location syndication network so that you end up with basically you can power it up from two different locations. That seems to be really, really effective.

Just keep that in mind, guys. One of the things that you can do, [Shidga 00:18:23], I'm sorry that's difficult for me to pronounce, is on your root domain is you create categories for each one of your location sites, so that when you're blogging from your root domain, you just place the posts in the appropriate category, which is essentially the location category. You can build up a ton of relevance that way and it makes your root domain incredibly strong so whenever you add a new sub-domain or new location, it's going to instantly benefit from all of that accumulative authority.

That's my take on it. I'd like to hear the opinions of some of you guys. What do you think?

Chris:Yeah. He's in RYS Academy, excuse me. RYS Reloaded, and he's a really active member. Just post in there because I have something that really kills for something like this. Especially you're going to have the 25 sub-domains and you're going to have separate maps for each one, or excuse me, separate GMBs. You could totally just crush this and your competition won't even know what happened. I mean, just three pack, and organic, organic and three pack, just whatever. It's going to be a mix and it's going to be a big, happy ranking party. Contact me in RYS Reloaded. If you don't want to give away your niche or URL, you can just give me a private message. All my guys in RYS Reloaded, they get a half hour with me whenever they feel that they're ready for it. This would be the perfect time for you to take advantage of your half hour, Shivga.

Bradley: Yup.

Adam: Real quick too. I forgot one thing. When we were doing announcements, best question today is going to get a free T-shirt. That's the thing today. Last chance to get a T-shirt in 2017. We'll ship one of these for you for free. Marco, can you pick the best question today and we'll announce it at the end?

Marco: Sounds good.

Adam: All right. Cool.

How Do You Determine Which Press Release (PR) Will Be Purged In 180 Days By Serp Space?

Bradley: Cool. Great question, by the way. Andy's up. He says BB and team, a question on press release stack technique. You mentioned in your video that to identify the PR that will not be purged after 180 days. Can you explain a bit in detail how we can determine which PR will not be purged?

This Stuff Works
Yeah, Andy. As far as I know, it's just a manual process. We have our distribution site list. I had one of my VAs go through and identify all the locations of each one of those distribution sites. In other words, where the site is located physically, at least as far as the company address, the corporate address. I did that specifically just so I could identify the local pickups whenever I do press releases for lead gen or local clients, I could try to identify … Just go look at the list and say okay, they're located in this city. What's the closest website, basically news affiliate site, to this location?

I talk about this a lot, but one of the distribution points in our Serp Space press release service is NBC 12, which NBC 12 is the Richmond, Virginia NBC affiliate. Richmond is the capital of the state of Virginia. The vast majority of my clients and my lead gen properties are all based in Virginia. When I do press releases submitted through our standard press release service, not the press release plus service but the standard press release service, NBC 12 being one of the distribution points, that ends up ranking really, really well because again, it makes sense because it's the Richmond, Virginia NBC affiliate and that's the capital of Virginia. It makes sense that those PRs rank really, really well.

Now, as far as purging, I know what I said. It's going to vary depending on site, Andy. It's not always 180 days. In fact, that NBC 12 site I was just talking about is more like 60 days, which sucks, because it's a great pickup and it works really well to rank, especially for Virginia terms, but within 60 days it's purged. I found out the hard way.

In fact, I mentioned this, I think, I don't know if I talked about it on Hump Day Hangouts or what, but the press release method, now that I've been doing that for five or six months and I've tested it across multiple properties, several different industries, and I've been able to achieve results damn near every time using the same method.

What happened was recently, within the last three or four weeks, I've noticed a lot of the stuff that I had started doing this method with had started to slip in the maps pack, their maps ranking started to slip. I started going back and researching, and that's exactly what happened is a lot of these PRs now that were originally published, that were all part of a stack, have now been purged.

The short answer is I don't know. Each platform is going to be different. NBC12 is, I think, 60 days. Digital Journal, I think that stays published, but I'm not 100% sure. Here's the workaround. Without having to go try to figure all that stuff out, which would be an enormous amount of work, number one. Number two, it would require you to have to go back in as part of the PR stacks and swap out target URLs. I talked about using a redirect in your press releases when you're doing a stack. When you're linking from one press release to another, use a redirect URL in the press release. Instead of linking directly to the press release that you're trying to boost, use a redirect URL, a domain that you have control over, just use the pretty links plugin, guys, or any sort of 301 redirect plugin. It doesn't matter. Create a redirect. That way, if the original PR that you're trying to boost ends up being purged, you can just swap the destination out in the PR number two, or any of them further down in the stack, further downline in the stack, if that makes sense, so that you can still recapture that juice, that link equity that's flowing through that PR. That's number one, one way to do it.

Keep in mind, that's still an enormous amount of work because you still have to go, especially if you're doing five, six PRs in a row, you've got to try to keep track of all that stuff. That's what I was doing, and I found that as become to cumbersome. If you're just doing it for one or two projects, it's fine. When you start to do this across multiple projects, then you end up … It becomes a management nightmare. I found that to be the case over the last several, since I've been doing so much of this over the last few months.

The work around, Andy, this is what I found to be the best. For instance, one of the sites that we … I'm going to be honest. Our distribution network for our press release service is Press Advantage. We use the Press Advantage distribution network as part of Serp Space. I love it. It's great. It only syndicates to between 200 to 250 sites. It's on the lower end of a number of pickups. However, the Press Advantage domain is really, really strong, and the press releases that get published, when it gets pushed through that distribution network, you get one of them is published on the Press Advantage domain. That domain is a powerful domain. Those don't purge, and the press releases are formatted really, really nice. They look nice, as opposed to most of the other news affiliate sites, the press releases look like garbage. They look shitty. There's a ton of ads on them. The pages load slow plus all that other crap. They purge, which sucks, because you end up doing work that you lose a few weeks, or excuse me, a few months down the road.

My point is, what I've been doing, and it's funny but one of our … Muhammad, who's got a question coming up here. He's been active every single week. I had a phone chat with him because he took us up on the one dollar trial. Anyways, in the Facebook group, he asked about that specifically. We just had a nice long thread about it. I recommended to him the same thing. For what I'm doing, Andy, for all of my first PRs, the tier one press release that is the start of the stack, the stack heading so to speak, I'm using the Press Advantage distribution network for that. Then I go get the press release published on that domain, and use that as my target URL as the stack. Does that make sense?

It's very, very powerful. It doesn't purge, and it looks nice, which means visitors are more likely to convert from that page than they are from one of those crappy looking press releases on the news affiliates sites. I know that was a long-winded answer, but it's a great question. It's something, like I said you guys, I've been real transparent about this is a method that I've been testing and developing over the last several months. It's just an experiment, just like everything we do, we experiment and then try to share the results.

I found that although effective doing the stack method, unless you know which PRs don't purge, and you use those as your stack points, then you end up creating a lot of additional work down the road. I don't like rework, guys. I like to try to be efficient. I like to try to set shit up one time and benefit from it for months or years to come. Does that make sense?

The short answer, after giving you that real long answer is, I recommend that you identify some of the distribution sites that don't purge, particularly ones that look good, like I mentioned, the Serp Space. Not the press release plus service, but the first one press releases. We use the Press Advantage distribution network. It's very powerful for exactly the reasons that I just mentioned. Then what I'll do is start using the press release plus service, which syndicates to 450 sites, has the maps embeds and video embeds. I use that as part of the stack, so down line. Then I'm also using Press Cable. I'm using Press Cable, quite a bit, to be honest with you.

All of those are really good distribution services, but you just got to select which ones you're going to use as your stack points, so that you don't create a shit ton of work down the road. Great question, though, Andy. I'm going to plus one that.

This Stuff Works
By the way, the video email course that I talked about last week, guys. I think we're going to try to get that ready and out to our list. We're not doing some big super launch. It's probably just going to be an internal thing to all you guys that are subscribed. We're going to try to get that done by the end of January, I hope.

Then I think I'm going to probably do the press release course, have that available sometime in February. Just keep that in mind, guys. I appreciate you guys. Andy, you got going out and trying to figure all this stuff out on your own, that's awesome. I love the initiative. You're ambitious. That's great. Keep it up, man. That's how we learn how to do shit, exactly what you're doing, just testing. Okay?

How Do You Rectify A Press Release That Has Already Been Submitted To Serp Space?

Next question from Andy again. He said just received notification from Service Space that my PR went live. Went to check and realized that the email and brand name has some typo. Yeah, you need to check on that when you submit the data. That's really critical. What can I do to rectify this? Should I order a new PR to cover the typo? Yeah, I mean unfortunately what's already been distributed, you can't do anything about. You can publish a new press release, but you have done … Let's see. The brand name has a typo. Yeah, see that's basically an NAP error now. Right? That can actually cause a little bit of issues, but there's not really anything you can do about it now that it's been distributed, unfortunately.

That's one of the problems with press releases. It's not really a problem, you just have to be aware of that ahead of time. You have to check, double check and triple check before approving a press release, or when you go to submit your data via the order form, just always double check and triple check before hitting the submission button to make sure everything's spelled correctly. You don't have any punctuation or spelling errors, or anything like that, because that can effect NAP. All right?

Okay. Also, checked with Google News and cannot find any of the PR. That's okay. Don't worry about it. For example, I just went through that diatribe about Press Advantage, it's not a Google News site. In other words, that domain does not get indexed in Google News. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all. I still use that as the starting point for stacks now because it remains published, and it's a powerful domain, and it ends up ranking really well too. Even though it's not in Google News, don't worry about it.

I mean, remember, for my use of press releases, I'm not really looking to target people that are searching Google News. I'm looking to target people that are searching universal Google search, just standard search. I don't really care whether it's in … I know originally when I started this method one of the things I mentioned always started the stack with one that is in Google News, but I've since changed that. My opinion has changed. That's not necessary. Okay? Another good question, though, Andy.

Is There Any Reasons An Optimized (Branded) Remodeling Contractor Video Wouldn't Lead To High SERPs?

David's up. He says, I may not make it to Hump Day Hangouts, but hopefully you'll answer the following. Are there indications that Google search doesn't or won't return page one results for certain keyword niches, in particular … Well, there's always a page one result for certain keywords. I mean, it doesn't start on page two, so I'm not sure what you mean.

In particular, is there any reason an optimized … Oh, you must be talking specifically about a video. Okay. In particular, is there any reason an optimized branded remodeling contractor video wouldn't lead to high SERPS? Based on cursory research, I don't see videos ranking for major US cities using common niche related keywords.

If the company's brand name, the company name, is a keyword, which happens, guys. I mean, when I first started doing lead gen stuff years ago, I would create all my pseudo, my pseudo businesses, and I'm doing air quotes, as the most obvious name period, like I would just say Colepepper Tree Service. I'll say that. I live in Colepepper. I would call it, or Colepepper Plumbers. You know what I mean? Think about that.

If that's the brand name, then yeah, because basically, your brand name is a keyword search, that means it's likely going to be difficult to rank, especially in major metropolitan areas. Broad type keywords are difficult to rank videos for where there's a lot of competition.

Now, a brand name search, if you're optimizing the video for the brand name of the company, and it's not some generic keyword brand name, then it should rank well. Again, it should rank well. You're talking about a YouTube video, so as far as, I found that when you optimize for the brand name of a company, you can typically rank for that, unless of course if your brand name is essentially a keyword, in which case then you're going to have trouble. Does that make sense? I'm not sure if … Does anybody else have another explanation for that?

Chris:No, it makes perfect sense. Google filters certain niches. We did a test for payday loan, and we ranked the video on the first page, and it disappeared within 30 seconds. That's how quick the filter is on that, the algorithm. That's how quickly it gets removed from searches. Although it got to the first page, it immediately disappeared. It was filtered out. There are some niches that you cannot get a video rank period.

Bradley: Yeah. We talked about, again, one of our members, I'm not going to mention who it is, but one of our members was talking about doing realtor marketing stuff, real estate marketing. I did that for, I don't know, six months or so, for … I targeted a bunch of realtors here in Virginia and I started doing marketing for them. I found that to be incredibly difficult to rank videos for keywords like real estate videos. That's what I started with was trying to rank videos. I eventually switched to doing more traditional websites and stuff because the videos, no matter … I would basically nuke it with everything we had, and I would be able to get the video to rank on page one for the keyword, for my desired keyword, it would last like a day or two, and it would always bounce back to page two. It's like Google was just … As soon as it got to page one, it might last 24 hours, and then it would always push back to position 11 or 12. It was always going back to page two.

That's when I realized that there are keywords out there that Google just won't show video for. I think it was Derrick Pierce that did a training a long time ago about this. It made a lot of sense. I don't know if this is valid, but I trust him, so I think that it probably is. If you do a search query, let's just say plumber Colepepper. You guys see my full screen, correct?

Adam: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Okay. If you do a search for a keyword, guys, and you look up here, the vertical search buttons, if you see a video tab up here, granted the video tab is under the more tab here, but if you do a search and you see the video tab not in the drop down but actually over here, it's my understanding and I've experienced that to be the case most of the time, if there's a video tab instead of in the drop down, that it's likely that a video can rank for that search query on page one. If the video tab is in the drop down, then it's likely that it's going to be much more difficult to rank a video on page one for that specific query. Does that make sense now?

I haven't confirmed whether that's 100% of the time, like that's a law, or if that's just something that's been more coincidental, but I've noticed that a lot. That's something I do. When I'm looking to see if I can rank a video for a particular keyword, obviously I use a ton of testing tools now like Live Rank Sniper, or something like that, but one of the things I always do is take a look, just do a quick manual search and just look. If it has video tab up here, then I think there's a greater chance. Again, I don't have any data to back it up other than just from what I've experienced. Does that make sense?

Do You Charge Additional Payment For A Client To Get Local Exclusivity?

Anyways, good question again, David. Muhammad's up. What's up buddy? I enjoyed our call last week. Hey guys, do you charge more for a client to get local exclusivity? Yes. Well, I don't charge more except that … I mean, in other words, I don't sell leads to more than one contractor, period. Yes, I charge more if I was to sell leads to multiple … Like the same lead to three different contractors, then I would absolutely charge less. Part of my pitch is that I provide exclusivity of leads. Does that make sense? I don't ever resell the same lead.

We do tangent market stuff. I've got a roofing client that I set up all his lead gen stuff for him. I should have never done that. I should have kept it for myself. He gets a shit ton of leads, by the way. Whenever he gets roofing leads, roof repair leads, that's what he's a roof repair contractor … What the hell was that?

Hernan: Sorry. That was my doorbell.

Bradley: Whenever he gets roof repair leads, he ends up taking that lead and sells it to a drywall and painting contractors, he sells it to carpet cleaners, and he sells it to water damage restoration companies, and so he ends up taking the lead that he gets for roof repair, which is what he does, and he ends up monetizing that lead to tangent markets, which are markets that are related but aren't in direct competition with him. It makes total sense because if someone's roof leaks, it's going to ruin their ceiling. It's going to ruin their floor, and they're probably going to have water damage that has to be repaired.

It's just a great way to make a lot of money from additional, but again it's exclusivity of leads. I don't charge more for that, but that's only because I don't sell leads to more than one contractor, if that makes sense.

Marco: Right.

Hernan: Looking at that from-

Marco: Sorry about that.

Hernan: Go ahead, Marco.

Marco: Looking at that just from another point of view, if you're going to rank someone, say on Maps, and you take three clients, there's only one number one spot on the map. Now you're in an ethical bind because whom do you choose to rank number one? I mean, if you're that good, who goes number two and who goes number three? Who are you going to … It puts you in a place where you have to compete against yourself, and you have to have them compete against one another, and they're all paying you for the same thing. To me, that's totally unethical.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, I agree.

Hernan: Yeah. I definitely agree with Marco. I love the vertical approach that you mentioned, Bradley. I think that's genius. That's actually how you grew a six figure to a seven figure to an eight figure business. That's how you actually do it, by developing additional verticals. Now with that said, I think that exclusivity needs to be paid. Right? For example, if you're charging more per lead, let's say that you own these parts, you're not ranking clients, but you're actually doing lead gen, I would say that you want these leads exclusively for you, you need to pay a little bit more because they're exclusive otherwise, or you can say I'll sell them to three other contractors, it's first come first serve. You know what I'm saying?

I think that exclusivity needs to be, even if you're not doing that, needs to be something that it's part of the pitching. It's part of the unique selling proposition that you're pitching.

What Tool Do You Use When Checking Website Speed?

Bradley: That's funny, Wayne. Sorry, Hernan, I was listening, but that's just funny. Cool. Thanks, guys. What do you use to check site speed? Is Google's tool okay? Apparently Clint Butler, he's a Mastermind Member and he does a ton of website speed stuff, and apparently their Google tool's worthless. I never used it much anyways. I use GT Metrics when I did a lot of website speed stuff. I still occasionally will go … I just go in and test stuff occasionally now, but there's another one called Pingdom, I think Ping Dom, D-O-M dot com, I think is another one that you can check site speed with. Any of you guys have any specific recommendations?

Hernan: I use those too, as well, Pingdom and GT Metrics.

Bradley: Yeah. I did some training, I think in 2013, it's on my YouTube channel on how to improve site speed. Then there was a followup video to that on how to use Amazon Cloud Front as your CDN content delivery network. It's using the W3 total cash plugin. It's a combination of the W3 total cash plugin, the settings for that as well as Amazon Cloud Front. That works amazingly well. It's geeky to set up, that's why I had to do a video on it and step by step working procedure, or standard operating procedure of how to do it. All that stuff is on my channel. You can do a search for it, and search my channel, you'd probably be able to find it. If not, you could probably search Google and find it.

However, I haven't updated that training since 2013, so some of the stuff for like Amazon Cloud Front may have changed. I'm not planning on going and updating it anytime soon. That, I've been able to take sites that were getting in the 30s, like what you're talking about, and boost them all the way up into the 90 plus range, as far as the scores from GT Metrics, just by doing exactly what I show in that video. It works amazingly well.

Again, it's a big geeky to set up. It's up to you, Muhammad, if it's something you want to tackle. I would recommend you maybe just find somebody that can do that for you that's really proficient in it, because it's something that it's going to take a while to learn how to do, to do it properly, unless somebody knows of some cheats or hacks. I know Clint Butler, again, he's always got some really good information on how to speed sites up. You're in the Mastermind right now, Muhammad, I would definitely get with him. Do a search on the Facebook posts. You might be able to find some info there that you can lean to.

Marco: I would recommend Doctor Gary, also. Either Clint or Doctor Gary Kerwin.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: They're both really good at pace speed, and as far as Pingdom goes, there's a problem usually with one of the servers, I forget which one it is. I prefer GT Metrics over Pingdom.

Is There Any Limit To How Many Questions One Can Ask When In A Free Trial Of MasterMind?

Bradley: Okay. Muhammad, last statement really, or question is, I took the free trial of Mastermind and it's cool, so I think I'm going to stay. I just want to make sure, is there any limit to how many questions I can ask? No, Muhammad, there's not, either in the webinars or the group. I don't want to seem spammy, if that makes sense. I appreciate that, but no, that's part of the point with the Mastermind is to have direct access to us and also to all the other members. We welcome the questions, okay? Feel free.

Is It Okay To Use Google My Maps Or Should We Stick To GMB Embeds?

Madeline's up, hey guys, with reference to Maps, map embeds, can we use Google my maps or only GMB embeds? Thanks for all you've done this year and keep rocking. You can do either, Madeline. You can do either. You should be doing both, really. Marco, you want to comment on that?

Marco: Absolutely. Just don't go crazy. Just don't go crazy. Slow and easy and if you need more, you can always do more. You can't take away if you bomb it and it starts dancing like crazy for months, there's nothing that you can do but wait. If you take it nice and easy, you do some embeds, see how it reacts, you do some more if it needs more, then yeah, absolutely, both.

Bradley: Yup. Just so you know, I think we talked about this last week or something, but with maps embeds, I usually do something really small, like what Marco just mentioned. I start off with maybe 25 or 30 embeds. Then I wait, and I wait for a few weeks, like literally two or three weeks to … I put them on drip too, so it's usually dripped out over two weeks. Then I wait an additional week or two beyond the time that … Usually it's three or four weeks from the date that I order, that I order the maps embeds, that I'll go monitor the results and say okay, I need some more embeds. I do it very, very slowly. It's not like a video … Even videos, guys, I do the embeds stuff, I drip it out. I just don't hammer it with … I don't throw everything that we have at it right out of the gate, because to me, that's ridiculous. It's overkill a lot of the times.

This Stuff Works
Second of all, if you throw everything you have, and I know that's not what you were asking, Madeline, but I'm just saying for the benefit of everybody else, if you throw all of your ammunition, your entire arsenal, at something right off the bat, and it doesn't get you the results you want, then what do you do? You don't have anything left. I always try to nudge it along with just as minimal amount of work as possible. I just keep adding to what I've already done until I start to see movement or results. That way, I still have a lot of stuff in reserve in case I need it down the road. Go slow, let them drip out, monitor your results.

Is It Okay To Use Spun Content For Tier 2 Or Tier 3 Links On A Google Site?

RL Sanders is up. I know it's been mentioned that we don't need unique content as part of a Google site. Can we use … Well, it depends, RL. Before I get on the rest of the question, it really depends, like if you were going to be trying to rank a Google site for like a money site, like a property to generate leads and things like that, I would recommend that you set up the site so that it will convert. Which means, don't use shitty content. Make sure it's good content, the layout looks nice, that kind of stuff. My SEO Virginia example, that was never set up really to generate leads. I do get leads from that, but it's really an atrocious looking site. I haven't ever wanted to go back in and update the site to make it look pretty and all that stuff because I'm afraid it's going to effect it's ranking, to be honest with you. I don't know if it will or not, I just don't want to mess with it. It was an experiment that's been holding strong since May of 2015. I didn't want to mess with it.

My point is, if I was going to use that same strategy to rank sites for leads for another industry or whatever, I would make sure that the site was built really well and set up for conversions. It would look nice. It would have good content. The new Google sites you can actually make look incredibly good. The old ones, you could only do so much with. That said, I would say if you're using Google sites as link building, like a public link network instead of a private blogging network because they're public, if you're going to be using them for link building, then I would say yes, you can get away with using pretty much any kind of content you want. Okay?

Can we use spun content for tier two links? Well, you can but it depends. I would recommend it depends on what your target URL's going to be on tier one. Your tier two links are building links to tier one properties. What are your tier one properties that you're linking to? If it's another Google site or something like that, yeah sure, it's fine. Drive stack, that's fine. There's some things that I would want to link to, like do follow links directly from a tier one property to my money site if I'm using spammy content and stuff like that, you just got to be careful. You got to know …

I know, Marco, I don't know how far out you saw, but Google is looking beyond two hops away from the money site now, correct?

Marco: Yeah, absolutely because we use IFrames. Google tunnels right through the IFrame. It goes each hop. It's able to determine each hop, however far out that IFrame resides.

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. That said, I would just recommend that if you're going to be using crappy spun content on Google sites as link building tools, then just make sure you're selecting properties on tier one that you're going to be linking to that are really, really powerful properties that can handle that sort of spam, like Yelp or Facebook or something like that. Does that make sense?

Marco: All of those documents and everything that you do in drive images and whatever, and the G site, they'll rank. Why put crappy content? The more quality you add, the better it is for your overall rankings and the better it'll convert. Hire someone, spend a little bit more time on CTAs. Place the phone number, if there's a phone number involved, or wherever it is that you want them to go. Make it look good so when it does rank and people see it, they'll click on it.

Bradley: Yeah. Are there any problems getting this content to index? No, except that sometimes Google sites are weird in that they index and then they fall out, then they come back. You just got to be patient with Google sites. I'm not sure why that is, but they do that a lot. Don't sweat it. What I would do is just once you've got content on there, go send them through an indexer. We've got an indexer in Serp Space where we guarantee, what 60% indexing rate. It's a guaranteed indexing rate, which is crazy. We've got an indexer there. There's so many indexing services. You can submit them manually using the URL submitter. I wouldn't do a whole bunch of them in one day, but you can do that as well.

Then just keep in mind, be patient with Google sites. A lot of the times they bounce in and out. I'm not sure why, but then eventually they come back and they pretty much stick after that. Good question, though.

Will Serp Space Be Offering A Traffic Program Similar To Crowdsearch Any Time Soon?

Scott says, will Serp Space be offering a traffic program similar to Crowd Search anytime soon? Yes, I'm not going to say when though because we've run into a lot of bugs with it. It's been an enormous amount of development, and that's why it has not been released sooner, Scott, to the Mastermind members. We're still working out bugs. It is certainly still in development.

By the way, there was a bunch of people I spoke with about this at the SEO Rockstars event. I haven't even reached out to them yet, only because it's not ready yet. It's not ready to bring testers in because we've identified issues that need to be resolved. That's what we're working on. Stand by, Scott. I know it sucks. We were hoping to have this out months ago. The reason why it's not out yet is because it's not to where we want it to be yet. When we do launch it, it's going to be the best out there, or we just won't launch it at all. That's what we're trying to figure out now. Okay, Scott? Appreciate you being patient, though.

Can You Achieve Similar Effect If You Create Top-Level Silo Pages And Redirect Them To Category Pages Instead Of Using A Post's Permalink Structure?

What's up, Sam? He was also in Portland, so Scott and Sam both were. Hey guys, happy New Year and thanks for the help in 2017. I have a site that's using post names for permalink structures, so I can't quite do the silo structure you teach. Yeah, you can, Sam. Yeah you can, because you can still create silos, do all of your category. You can do parent pages, child pages, top level categories, child categories, or subcategories I guess they're called, and posts. You can do all of that even though it doesn't show in the URL, doesn't matter.

You're talking about the category/post name permalink structure in Word Press. That's just so that you can see the silo structure in the URL. You can still build out a silo using just the post name permalink structure, and that's called a virtual silo, because all the internal linking is what actually creates the silo, and the way you stack pages, categories, and posts, makes the silo. It doesn't have to show in the URL. In fact, there's a case to be made in not showing it in the URL. You know what I mean? It makes the URLs cleaner and shorter.

Again, we've tested. I haven't done a specific test on this in over two years now, but I have done it in the past. As far as I know from other members and stuff, it's still absolutely valid. A virtual silo will rank just as well as a physical silo. The only reason why I've always used the physical silo where possible, is because I liked how logical the URLs looked when you can see the hierarchy in the actual URL itself. It's not necessary. You can still gain the same SEO benefit using just the post name permalink structure without it showing in the URL. Okay?

This Stuff Works
By the way, Bruce Clay had an article from years ago about silo structure that is still valid today. That's where it talks about … I wonder if that's it or not. Anyways, you could find it in here. It's probably one of these four, but it's an article about silo structure. This one. It's this one, it's the one right at the top., this one is an article that talks about how to do virtual silos and such. This is basically where I learned how to silo from, was this article here. I just implemented what I learned in this article and started testing, and it's a great article, great post. It's several years old now. I wonder if it has a date on here. Anyways, it's an old, old post. It's been around since, I think, 2012, or maybe even before that. I think I was introduced to it around 2012.

Marco: We also have two videos in our YouTube channel. [crosstalk 00:53:57]

Bradley: I think that's what Sam's talking about, Marco, because I show to use the category post name structure. I think that's where, Sam, you might be getting caught up. You can still do it without showing it in URL, is what I'm saying.

How Can You Tell If A Site Has Been Penalized By Google?

All right, guys, we're almost out of time. I'd like to get a couple more questions. Thanks, Wayne. Wayne, you can I can chat anytime you want, buddy. You don't need to take the one dollar trial for that. Ralph says, hey guys, how can I tell if a site has been penalized by Google?

Do a search. Do a search. Well, you should be able to know if it's indexed or not, because you can do info:, and then type … Say your domain is You would do Go to, and do The home page should show as indexed. If it doesn't, then you're de-indexed. Also, if your site is connected search consol, formally webmaster tools, you should be able to see under manual actions if there was a manual action taken. Doesn't mean that you can't be penalized without a manual action, because that can happen too, if it's algorithmic.

Something else you can do is just do a search without the info: operator, do a search on just the domain name. Go to, search the domain name, not the full URL, but just the domain name. It should be the first listing that shows up in the search results if it's not penalized. If you search for a domain name, and it's got a website on it, it should be the first things that shows in the search results, because you're searching specifically for that domain name. If there are other things between it, like in other words if there's other domains, other listings, above that domain when you search specifically for that domain, it means that there is an algorithmic penalty applied to it. Does that make sense? That's one way to check it.

First check that it's indexed. Once you verify that it's indexed, search the domain name. If it's not the first listing that comes up, it means that it has been penalized algorithmically, it could be manual too. Again, check search consol, it'll let you know. Anybody have a comment on that?

Marco: No, I think that those options are pretty much what's there.

Do You Think That Embedding Google Doc Via To Around 1000 Web 2.0 With Spammy Content Can Lead To Suspension Of Google Account?

Bradley: All right. Last question guys, then we're going to wrap it up. Yeah, Daniel says Bruce Clay has been advocating strict silo structure since the late 1990s. Yeah, Daniel, that article could even be that old. I don't even know. I just know when I first got introduced to it, I think it was 2012. That's still valid today, that article. Thank you for that. Man, we got all the damn questions. Last one then.

Vitali says, do you think that embedding Google doc via the Google short URL to around 1,000 web 2.0s spammy content can lead to suspension of a Google account? It happened and I'm trying to figure the reason. Did not do anything else with that account.

Yeah, that maybe it, Vitali. Marco, what's your thoughts on that?

Marco: Yeah, he didn't embed the Google Doc. He submitted the Google shortened URL to 1,000 web 2.0s. If he had just IFramed the document with the Google link, I don't think he would have had a problem, because we never had a problem. We've done some real garbage with this stuff. I'm thinking he's getting names mixed up. You don't embed the Google shortened URL. You can't. You can only submit. You can put it in those spammy web 2.0's, but if you had just IFramed the Google doc, I don't think he would have had any issues.

Bradley: Yeah, and here's the thing, real quick. I've used my Google short URLs for video SEO stuff where I've taken a YouTube URL and shortened it with Google, the Google shortener, and then went and bought a re-tweet gig, I'm sorry, then tweeted that Google short URL, which ends up showing the embed, the video embed in the tweet. Then you get re-tweet gig, like SEO clerks or fiver or something like that, and get like 25,000 re-tweet gig. Every single time that tweet is re-tweeted, it counts as a hit on that Google short URL.

If you create a Google short URL through your account, or through any profile account, you can go look at analytics for that short URL and see clicks, devices, locations, all that kind of stuff. I don't know if you guys knew that, but that's part of the reason why Google short URLs, Google URL shortener can be used very strategically because it basically injects Google analytics into any link stream that you shorten with it. If that makes sense.

What's interesting is if you go do that, shorten a YouTube URL, tweet it, it doesn't have to be YouTube, you can shorten any URL, but go tweet that URL, and then do a shit ton of re-tweets, you'll see that those all count as hits, just the re-tweet itself. Whether it was clicked on or not, it's the posting of that URL that counts as a hit. I used to do that a lot for video SEO stuff, haven't done it in quite some time, but I did an entire video about that very specifically. It should be on our Semantic Mastery channel if you'd like to take a look at it. I think it's social referral traffic, video SEO with social referral traffic, or something like that. If you search that on our channel, you guys should be able to see a video I did with Jason Johnson that was like an hour long about specifically that method. It should still be valid today. I haven't tested it in probably well over a year now, but it used to work really well.

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It's interesting because the Google short URLs didn't get … I did that with my own account, which was spammy as hell, and my account didn't get suspended, thank God, but I don't recommend doing that stuff with your main account. Use persona accounts for that. Okay?

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