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How To Improve The Value Of PBN Sites?

In episode 81 of Semantic Mastery’s Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about the best ways on how to improve the value of PBN sites. The exact question was: Hey Guys. Love the IFTTT, love the MasterClass even more! Here’s my question: I have a pretty huge private link/Blog network that I’ve been very cautious with. And by “very cautious”, I typically mean one money site link per site, nothing else. I’m concerned, of course, that I might be wasting the link power of the private sites. My question is: what would you guys do to get better value out ... Read more

The Death of the PBN

PBN’s are a Dying Breed – Meet the Ranking Score Patent   Update: After much asking about this topic, we have decided to make an exclusive webinar/masterclass explaining a new way of building links. Click here to register for free. Or why you should build PRN’s to rank in 2016 and beyond: I recently wrote an article where I went into detail about “the Google Dance” (read the full article here) and how most of the information could be found in a couple of the patents the company had filed and was granted. In addition, I confessed in the article that ... Read more