Would It Be Beneficial To Make A Subdomain To Target A Product Subtopic?

By April


In episode 328 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it is beneficial to make a subdomain to target a product subtopic.

The exact question was:

Hey guys, thanks for answering my question last week. I have another and not hypothetical. I'm building out a site atm. The subject/main KW is like ‘Google' and I'm targeting a product subtopic, but a very original specific name given to a certain product line that is related to the brand. For the sake of this question, I'll call it ‘F-google'. My question is in regards to sub-domains, would it be beneficial to make a subdomain, for example: google.branddomain.com/F-google/. I know I can make a sub-folder for ‘google', but I'm thinking of keeping the hops to a minimal, and from what I've been told in Jeffery Smith's SEO Bootcamp course, google reads and takes KWs furthest left priority per say. BTW, a great course you guys have recommended for the last few years.

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