How to Protect Your Website from Linking to a Website with Spam PBN Pages?

By April

YouTube video

One of the questions asked during episode 71 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts was about the ways on how to protect your website from linking to other websites with spammy backlink profiles.

The exact question was:

I was offered some cash to have a link placed on my blog. I should have been smarter but shortly after I assume the same person build about 15 PBN pages with spun articles and linked to my blog. I don't see any negative effects at the moment but how can I protect my site before penguin or G spam team comes around. From my understanding the disavow tool does nothing. Should I be proactive and 301 the blog page back to this guy's site and would that be effective with bad link juice. FYI, the guy that created the PBN links has been mentioned in this group and some of you may be using his services and offered the same deal.

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