How Would You Handle A Competitor Email Threatening Legal Action For A Rank And Rent Website?

By April


In Hump Day Hangouts episode 222, one participant asked how one should handle a competitor email threatening legal action for a rank and rent towing website.

The exact question was:

Hey guys some help please, having a rather big problem, I have a rank and rent towing website for 2-3 years now. Today a competitor is contacting me and said (I have only changed the location details of his email:

“”[CITY] County and City of [CITY] Laws prohibit an operation such as yours to operate unlicensed. We will take legal action as well as communicate to [CITY] County Towing Regulations of your unlawful internet practices as well as the City of [CITY] and City of [CITY]. We are a legitimate business and pay for licenses, insurance and taxes. You are a fly by night website with nothing except selling leads. You have been warned!””

Is any of this true? Has anyone dealt with something like this? Should I be worried or is all this BS?

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