Dealing with the Impact of Changing URL Path on Rankings

By April


One of the questions asked in Hump Day Hangout Episode 62 was about the impact of changing URL paths of certain pages on the rankings of the website. Also discussed is the use of redirection as well as more tips on how to deal with the consequences.

The exact question was:

I have a 7 month old site that has only 4 pages ranking (on page 2 for each) but I may be forced to give those pages a parent page which would change the URL path of all the ranking pages. I did a test and it looks like wordpress 301d the old URL path to the new URL path after giving the ranking pages a parent page, but now I am confused as to what will happen to the my rankings, would the old path continue to rank or when will the old loose its rankings and the new paths take over the ranking?

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