301 Redirection of Domains with Unrelated Niche

By April

YouTube video

In episode 64 of Hump Day Hangout, one participant wanted to know the number of 301s that is allowed for redirecting domains with unrelated niche.

The exact question was:

I have four unused PBN's and now moving more towards TTF they don't really fit in with the target market I am going after. I want to double 301 these (existing unused PBN 301 to an expired related domain then 301 to a new highly related TTF PBN that I will build an IFTTT ring around as a Tier 2 property).

I know URL shorteners work well but I prefer to have it at least link to a related site before ending up at the target one.

I have tried to try to make it look slightly relevant ie. .co.uk domains all 301 to another .co.uk domain but the sites themselves are completely unrelated.

My question is, how many 301's into a single domain is safe and does the above setup sound ok or would you suggest a different strategy?

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