How Did You Use David Spraques’ REP Videos To Get More Clients?

By April

In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 203, one viewer asked how the team used David Spraques' REP videos to get more clients.

The exact question was:

You mentioned in one of your training's that you used David Spraques rep videos to get your foot in the door with a lot of clients. He currently has a very similar product just much more updated version of that involving 30 Second High Converting AD commercials.

Can you please describe how you used REP videos to get your foot in the door with clients before as I can probably use that same information with this new product that essentially does the same thing just better.

I feel offering a free ranking is plaid out now a days as people have abused that and most of the time business owners are more tied into results. I'd love to get your feedback on your prior experience to get your foot in the door w some clients. Thanks!

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