Is It Okay To Add The RSS Feed Of A Money Site To The General Spliced Feed And Syndicate It To Directories?

By April


In the 290th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it is okay to add the RSS feed of a money site to the general spliced feed and syndicate it to directories.

The exact question was:

Hi guys: 1) Should you risk adding the money site rss feed to the general spliced feed (feeds that contain all the branded properties & money site & some authority site rss) and syndicate it to huge amount of rss directories (which some of them could be spammy)? (This comes from the guideline of the no links to money site besides press releases and the shield)

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Why Should We Use rel=nofollow On Attributed Link In RSS Items?

By April


In episode 283 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked why should we use rel=nofollow on attributed link in RSS items.

The exact question was:

2) Is there a reason why we should have a REL Nofollow on attributed link on rss items?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 221

By April

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 221

Click on the video above to watch Episode 221 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Adam: Hump Day! Alright what's up? We're live everybody. Welcome to Hump day Hangouts with Semantic Mastery. I'm Adam Moody and I am pumped up for today because today is episode 221. Not only that, we've got some great stuff coming, but real quick want to go down the line and say hello to everybody.

And I'm going to mix it up this time because I realized we go in the same way every time, so randomly starting, Marco, how are you doing today? WHat's the weather like?

Marco: It's a whole lot better than it is for you guys, I'll tell you that.

Adam: I take it you're not freezing to death as badly.

Marco: Well listen, it's a 100 degree difference.

Adam: Oh my god.

Marco: Between you guys. Between 100 and 120 between what you guys are going through and what I have here because we're getting cold from you guys. It was only 75 today.

Adam: Tough, tough.

Awesome, well Bradley let's bring you in for the opposing viewpoint here.

Bradley: Well it's not too bad right but it was fucking nine degrees this morning and tomorrow morning it will be three degrees. And that's the air temperature, not the will chill. But I know in here in Virginia, it's not nearly as bad as it is in a lot of parts of the Midwest, man. I heart Minneapolis was like negative 55 degrees or something. Holy crap.

Adam: I'm going to pass on that. Yeah, wherever you guys are at, whoever is listening, pop on the page what the temperature was this morning. I'm curious. I know Wayne Clayton was saying it was going to be something crazy like 40 below or something, so.

Bradley: Yeah, it's ridiculous man.

Adam: Well, how about our man on the ground in the southern hemisphere, Hernan how you doing?

Hernan: Good. Yesterday I think it was 115 Fahrenheit down here.

Adam: Are you serious?

Hernan: No, no I'm serious. Dead serious. But not only that, listen to this, it was 85 percent humidity. So it was like, you know …

Bradley: Felt like 130.

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Just like a blow dryer and someone is throwing water at you at the same time?

Hernan: Yeah, something like that. So it was nasty, it was disgusting so don't come. If you guys are planning to come to here to Argentina, don't come in summer. Don't do it.

Adam: Oh my god, that's awful.

Hernan: Yeah, don't do it.

Adam: Well we'll go from hot and humid to cold and more mountainous. Chris, how you doing?

Chris: Like we only have 28 degrees, here.

Adam: Good.

Chris: Nothing to stress. The good thing is it doesn't matter how cold it is, doesn't matter if it's a tsunami or whatever, hump day is still happening, you know?

Adam: Yeah, there we go.

Chris: That's the thing that I'm really excited about.

Adam: Yeah we're going live from somewhere. Somehow it's going to happen.

Well speaking of, if you're new, thanks for watching, thanks for listening to us talk about he weather for a couple minutes. Before we get into it, I just want to say, again thanks for watching and checking us out. You can always watch it live on the vent pages. You can go to and you can also check out the replays on youtube. I know we have a lot of subscribers who do it that way and you can always ask your questions, and then if you're working, you've got client calls, whatever, you can't make it, you can check out the answers afterwards.

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But being here has its benefits because we do some fun stuff from time to time. We have giveaways and all sorts of good stuff. Also, if you're wondering where to start with semantic mastery, head to battle, grab the battle plan and then if you're looking to take things up a notch, you're wanting to join a real MasterMind group and you're wanting to start or grow your local digital marketing agency, then come join our MasterMind. You can find out more at

Real quick, we have a couple more announcement I want to talk about but I want to bounce us over to Marco because we sent out a email about the charity we support and the one Marco is really helping to grow and we're facing a little bit of a countdown here. So Marco, do you want to explain?

Marco: Yeah, well good and bad. The great thing is that the school year won't start until February 11th. So that gives us this week to finish it. It should've been finished already but we're able to extend it until Friday since we can go next week and shop for all the supplies and the uniforms, the books, the shoes, and whatever the kids are going to need to get themselves through school for the year.

The bad part is that they start school late, right? But I mean, what can you do? So, the deal is, which is also good news, is, and I mentioned it last week, the rotary club of Snow Qualmy Valley, Washington has been just so cool and so gracious and so kind in that they're matching every donation that's 50 dollars or above.

And just this morning by the way, we received a 500 dollar donation from one of our MasterMind members. I'm not going to say who but you're awesome, you rock because that's five kids. Just 500 dollars, 500 from the rotary club so it's 1000 dollars.

Adam: Oh, nice.

Marco: Oh, it's awesome because that's five kids that go to school that wouldn't otherwise have had the ability to go. And so it is extended right now guys. They're matching dollar for dollar anything above 50. If you donate 500, what happens is, since they donate 500, right? Dollar for dollar, you get two hours with me. So you get a consultation. And anyone, as I've sad before, if you can dig deep in your pockets and you got that and you can donate 5000 dollars, what I'll do is, I'll help you set up your local business, whatever it is that you want to do. We'll take it and we'll work it from the ground up. We'll apply all of the methods that we've been teaching. I just met with our group last night and they're all getting calls, right? And we're working now towards how do you monetize that you're already getting. We talked about it. I want them to get even more assets and start pumping them up and start getting more calls. And so we have a few ways that we can monetize.

The whole thing is, guys whatever it is that we're doing in that mini MasterMind group is what we'll apply to whatever it is that you want to do and we'll get your business going. Whether it's getting calls to your clients, whether it's getting your own leads, however it is that you want to set it up, donate that 5000 dollars and I'll be more than happy to work it through from beginning to end.

So that's how that works.

Adam: That's awesome. And Marco, can you pop the link on the page so people can donate?

Marco: I'll pop it in there. And by the way, just so you know, we have 3620 dollars of donations that are 50 or more. So that's 3620 that the Snow Qualmy Valley Rotary Club will be donating. So it becomes six something, right? So, come on guys. I need you. Kids needs you. It's more kids that can go to school, more kids that can get an education. It's a worthwhile cost. You guys can even go that gallery. I'll post the link to the gallery. I don't want to talk anymore, I don't want to take up more time because I want to answer questions. But guys, this is a great cause and we need you. Go dig in your pockets, 50 bucks. Come on, 10 cups of coffee. 50 bucks. That's all it is.

Adam: But yeah guys if you could do that and push. I know we would love to get that up to a total of 10,000. If we could get the matching from the rotary club, that would be amazing. And thank you to anyone who's already donated any amount, definitely helps these kids.

And speaking of talking, I've got a couple more but these are good announcements for you guys. So I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Coming up this Monday we've got Lisa Allen coming on and we're going to be talking to her this Monday at 9 pm eastern about the update to RSS Authority Sniper. I know it's a tool that a lot of you know about, a lot of you use. And those of you who don't, regardless if you use it or not, you're going to want to find out about her updates which is a good reason to check that out. Because she's got some GPS targeting stuff she's going that we're going to dive into and she's going to show us how she's been using that along with just going over how obviously RSS authority sniper can be used for maximum effectiveness.

Bradley: Just to chime in on that for a minute, I haven't had a chance to go through any of it yet. I'm planning on scheduling some time on Friday for that to prepare for Monday. And I can tell you guys the RSS authority sniper, that was a tool to help find RSS feeds relevant to whatever topic you're looking for content for. And that's been updated too so it's probably better. I didn't really use the RSS authority sniper much. I would go manually search or have a VA manually search for RSS feeds. I found that typically I was able to find better results for what I was looking for if we just manually searched.

However, the add on service is called Rank Feeder. And it's monthly subscription, but that's the tool she created to create feeds. It's like a feed splicer and it does all these really really cool things and that is super super powerful. And it was powerful two years ago when she … it might've even been two and half, three years ago now, but when she first launched it because it creates co-citation, which is like link building without links. It's very very very powerful. It's a way to associate a webpage with authority content through co citation and it's very powerful. And you could splice feeds and insert specific URLs into an RSS feed and make them sticky so that they were always present in the feed so that as dynamic RSS feeds would update with their content, there would always be those specific items that you wanted, like webpages or URLs that you wanted to associate with that authority content. So, the feed would update dynamically, right? But those sticky items would stay there. So they were constantly being associated with authority content that authority content sources were publishing. It's not something we had to do, we just had to go find the feeds.

So anyways, it's very very powerful. And whatever she's got cooked up into it now is specifically for local. It's adding GPS targeting and such to it. And again, I haven't been through it yet, but guys that's primarily like 99 percent of what we're doing is local, so I expect it to be very very powerful because it was powerful before. So I'm going to go in and dig into that on Friday a bit guys so I can prepare for the webinar on Monday.

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However, that said, one other thing real quick is I'm doing an off page SEO test for DMB assets. And I'm testing several different methods. It started with six and now I'm at eight. Eight different methods and I'm testing isolation. Hers is going to be one of them using rank feeder and the GPS targeting or whatever that she built into it. So that's all being revealed in the MasterMind as I have data roll in from those tests and case studies and such.

So again, when I have more data for that, I'll be sharing that in the MasterMind as well.

Adam: Outstanding.

Yeah, get signed up you guys. Check out that webinar. We had someone who shall remain unnamed but might be owner of a press release company distribution service asking about some ideas for integrating his company using this stuff. So, anyone can use this stuff, whether you're doing this for clients, doing it for yourself, doing it for your own freaking business, this is good stuff, so definitely want to be there.

Bradley you, speaking of the MasterMind, this is the last announcement you guys, but we want to make sure you have a chance to do this, Bradley you did a webinar on, what was it Thursday? With the google ads?

Bradley: Yeah, we just announced on Wednesday last week. So a week ago today. It was just very short notice but I developed a … It's a method I've been using for years but for ranking YouTube videos, local YouTube videos, for lead generation or for clients. And that's setting up youtube ads or Google ads for YouTube to drive traffic. Very very relevant and geo-targeted traffic. And it works like crazy. It is by far, the number one ranking factor for ranking videos. I mean I've got videos that are ranking on page one for keywords that I've done no back link building to or anything other than just set up YouTube campaigns for.

And it's funny, and I talked about this in the webinar last week and I showed the live example too, there was another video that I did for the video production company that I provide wholesale SEO services to. And for whatever reason I was limited on time the day that I set up that campaign. Which, essentially all I do is take the video that they create for their client, they send it to me and then I stream it through OBS to my YouTube channel that's connected to a bunch of syndication networks. And that's always the first step in ranking a video. But typically, right after uploading or live streaming to my channel, it syndicates through all the networks, I usually set up a Google ad for that immediately. I just use a dollar a day budget, guys. So it costs 30 bucks. And it's really only 30 bucks … It's a dollar a day for the first two weeks because then I actually start backing my daily budget down to where I even get it down to 50 cents per day. So it's 15 dollars per month.

And what happens is those views come in from geo-targeted traffic and from a relevant audience. If you can find the correct audience, which it's very broad now. There's a lot of categories. So it's likely you can find a relevant audience. And that's very highly weighted views. In other words, those views are weighted by Google a lot higher than views from, if it's a Virginia business, from a view in California, from somebody that's not interested in windshield repair or whatever the hell it may be.

So my point is, I usually set up the ad right after syndicating the video through my networks, but I didn't have time the day that I did this. And this was three weeks ago now. And so two weeks went by and I went to go check on the video and it was on page two and it was bouncing and I looked at my pro ranked tracker report for it and once it had done its initial Google dance, it had stayed on page two and it was bouncing between 12 and 15, position 12 and 15 but it'd never gone on page one within those two weeks.

So on Thursday, two weeks ago now, I set up the YouTube ad or the Google Ad for YouTube with a dollar a day budget, and on Monday, so three days later essentially because it takes about 24 hours to get approved, but three days later it was on page one. And it's been on page one ever since guys. And again, that just has to do with those Google Ads. So, long story short, I did a two and a half hour Webinar last week where I show over the shoulder training, how to go in and set up these ads, how to find your relevant audiences, how to do geo-targeting, all that and set that up.

And the I also showed how to do a branding campaign and use re-marketing for that which is very very powerful for client work and for lead gen assets because YouTube traffic is so inexpensive guys, but it works. And I also shared some tips about how to use that for boosting Google my business profiles. I'm certainly not going to reveal that here, but 50 bucks guys or 55 dollars now because of the replay to get access to that webinar, that otherwise you'd have to pay 300 dollars to be a member of the MasterMind to get.

And the only reason that I opened it up for everybody is because we talk about it a lot here on hump day hangouts and I wanted to make sure … you know, I've always talked about it conceptually but I've never actually showed people how to do it and I felt like it was time. So if you're interested in that guys, it's only 55 dollars. I think this is going to be the last time we announce this, so take advantage of it while you can.

Adam: Awesome, alright let's get into it.

Bradley: Okay, you guys all ready?

I'm going to grab the screen. Here we go. By the way, the plus one button stopped working. Have you guys gotten the notice via email yet that Google Plus is terminating all their APIs and everything too?

Adam: No.

Bradley: Just so you know, Google Plus, I'm pretty sure it's going to be 100 percent completely removed from all Google products in 2019. I know their APIs are being killed. Some of them have already started to fail, but they just sent out notification of that which is, you know ….

Finally, I remember when Google Plus was launched, there were social media pundits that were predicting the demise of it right off the bat. Google plus is dead or is dying. And here it is, essentially ten years later and it's still around but they are finally killing it. So I just thought that was interesting.

Is There Any Way To Sort Applets In IFTTT?

Justin says, “Is there anyway to sort my applets in IFTTT? They are all just kind of lumped together in my applets page. I have looked at IFTTT support, FAQ pages and couldn't find anything and don't see to get any access or response to any real person from them so I figured I'd try here. I love that it's free of course but would gladly pay them for an easier to manage system.”

Well, as far as I remember, I haven't contacted IFTTT support in at least four years, no kidding. But the last time that I did, or every time that I had contacted support, when I had contacted support, was always via twitter. And I'm not even a Twitter user so that was kind of a pain in the ass. But you may want to try contacting them there. I don't know if it's changed since then but they do have paid options, Justin. So I would contact them and ask them or look at their paid options and see if that's a feature that is available with paid option. I have not paid IFTTT a dime since its inception, since I discovered it. And I don't really plan on it, but that might be something if you're a heavy user of it where you've got many many many applets, then yeah I would suggest contacting their support. I don't know if they have options for that stuff or not. Okay.

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Typically our networks, we have a IFTTT account per syndication network and so usually there's not more than between 15 to 25 applets in an account. But if you are using it for multiple stuff, you might have way way more than that.

How To Get Started With GMB If You're A Beginner?

Shaun says “Can you go over GMB basics? I'm interested in getting started with one local GMB to see how its done, so I think I could start with MGYB [inaudible 00:18:54] for getting it verified right? But after that what should I get? I know there's no courses on this but I'd like to start with the basics and test the water to see how its done before moving forward.

Okay, well Shaun, yes. GMB basics. Yeah. What I can tell you is yes, first of all MGYB, you can go get a GMB verification there which is what I recommend guys. Otherwise you can do it manually but it takes a lot of time, and your time is better spent developing the creatives and all that stuff, the keyword research and all that for whatever project you're about to pursue, right? So what I would suggest is going to, ordering a done for you GMB verification. You'll get it back in a few weeks and while you're waiting for it to be delivered to you, you can start developing your creatives and getting the content together, your keyword research. You know, all that kind of stuff, right? So that's what I would recommend. And yes, there is a course for that. We've got actually several courses starting with local lease pro that teaches exactly how to, first of all, research locations to find where the easiest opportunity is or at least where there is opportunity to snipe or get into the maps 3 pack with as little work as possible.

Some assets or attempts are going to take you more work than others guys, there's just no question about that. Now that I'm way over … I think we're approaching 60 GMBs. I can tell you my percentage rate of getting into the three pack with little to no work has gone way way down because I'm targeting many more locations now within a particular cluster.

Anyways, Shaun, not to confuse you, go check out local lease pro. If you want, that's a great starting point. We have an advance training for more competitive GMB assets. It's called local GMB pro, that's really the logical upgrade from local lease pro, okay. And then we have Local PR Pro which is really about how to push maps, or GMB assets into the map pack using press releases. So the three of those compliment each other incredibly well. And the finally, the mac daddy of all, when you really need the additional push, when you absolutely got to kill every motherfucker in the room … excuse me that was a Samuel L. Jackson reference from Jackie Brown. Anyways, when you absolutely have to push it, RYS academy reloaded is our final course for that kind of stuff.

Hernan: It's AK-47 [inaudible 00:21:25]

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:21:24] AK-47 reference?

Hernan: Yeah.

Bradley: AK-47. I'm going to have to pull that clip up man.

Anyways, Shaun but good news for you is we've got our battle plan version 3.0 is coming out next month. We're launching that next month and that really is the user's guide for how to get results and this year, our version three is going to have a lot of stuff in there or a section dedicated specifically to GMB assets since we're all really pushing on that right now. And that's going to be probably your best bet if you want to ease into this thing is just start or wait for the battle plan to come out and then if you … you know, local lease pro and the battle plan together are really the starting points for any type of GMB asset business.

Does anyone want to comment on that?

Chris: Yeah I just want to comment on one thing because you mentioned the success rate of getting them into the three pack or whatever. A lot of times, you start getting calls and you don't even know where it is that they're coming from. They might be verified and they'll start working on them. So already the phone number is there and you start getting calls. How in the world are you getting calls when it's barely verified.

So success rate and the calls that you get and everything else is relative. And what I would like to add is you did a 15 with an 80 percent success rate. And now we're doing hundreds, we'll end up with thousands. I'd rather have 50, 60 percent of 1000 than 80 percent of 15 any day of the week.

Bradley: Right on Greg AK-47. If anyone wants to watch this clip, that shit is funny. I hope that's the right one. Anyways, I'm going to keep moving but that's funny.

When we first launched link building services after what used to be called IFTTT SEO Academy, now it's syndication academy. Daddy, our link building manager, he builds links to networks and we had set up a click funnels landing page for that and I had created a video where I spliced that clip in. It was awesome. I've got to pull that up somewhere, that video, that was funny.

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What Are Some Best Practices To Optimize A Franchise Business That Wants To Expand To Nearby Locations?

Pete. What's up Pete? He's the MasterMind. He says “Hey guys my client is a service area business and wants to expand in a nearby location and they want their own GMB listings branded in their business name. My questions are, would you use the business name on every GMB listing? I only ask because I've seen some franchise companies use brand name with local modifiers at the end for each location and then use a virtual telephone number with different address.”

Yes Pete. Well, first of all I wouldn't append the location to the name because if it's for a brand, that's kind of a spam signal in my opinion. So if it's for a brand, I would just use the brand name, Okay? But you want a unique physical location when you verify the GMB, which if you're doing it yourself, you're going to have to get your own separate, unique addresses for each location, right? If you're ordering it from us, don't worry about it. They'll be unique when we verify them. But you're going to want a unique physical address, a unique phone number and a unique landing page or website URL, right? So remember if you're building this for a brand and if the company says well I want you to just put our homepage URL as the website for all of the listings, don't do that. Don't do that. Especially if they're maps expansions. Right? Maps expansions listings. In other words, if they don't physically have a real office in the location that you're setting up a maps listing then do not link directly from the GMB to their website. Don't do it because that could create a problem down the road because you don't actually have a physical location in that area right?

So what I would recommend at that point is just use the GMB website at which point you can link to from within the content of the GMB website to the corporate website if you'd like but I wouldn't link to it from the GMB listing. In other words from the website or the appointment URL or any of that. I would not do that. If you are adamant, or the client is adamant about linking to their site, then I would recommend that you create landing pages on sub domains of the root domain and use the sub domain URL that's unique to each location as the website URL because sub domains aren't the same as a root domain or a inner page of a root domain in that it's less of a footprint. I mean, it's still a footprint, they're all connecting back to the same domain. But the difference is if you catch a penalty on the root domain or any of its inner pages, it's going to apply the penalty domain wide. Including all sub domains if there are any. Right?

So it can actually hurt the entire domain. But if you catch a penalty on any one of the sub domain sites, or pages in this case, I mean you can install WordPress if you'd like but I would just create an HTML landing page. A nice one that's set up for conversions like a lead capture, all that kind of stuff. And I would just install them on sub domains. Duplicate those pages, just change the NAP info on those pages. You could just duplicate them. It'd be really really easy to do.

If you've got something like click funnels, you could build a landing page in click funnels and then export it as an HTML file and upload those or just direct sub domains to a click funnels page.

My point is, there's a million ways to do it but I would have a sub domains landing page as opposed to an inner page because that way it would reduce potential penalties against the entire domain. If a sub domain page or site were to get slapped, it would only affect that sub domain, not the root or any of the other sibling sub domains. Does that make sense? So, absolutely make sure all three … You know the name can be the same but the other three data points, address, phone number, and URL should all be unique. Okay?

What would you recommend the best ways to link GMBs back to the central business website? For example with service area pages, they're just a page. Again, just like I mentioned, I would not link directly to the main website other than perhaps in a contextual link from within the GMB website. And you can also link to it from GMB posts once the GMB assets are set up. But I would not link to them directly from the info tab in GMB to the website unless you're doing it on sub domains. Each sub domain being unique to that particular location. It's a good question. It's not letting me plus one though, dammit. Oh, that time it worked.

Does Uploading Photos To A GMB Site Strip Out The Geotag and EXIF Data?

Michael, what's up Michael. He says, “Hey guys I have a GMB related question. I was uploading photos to a GMB site, strip out the geo-data and exit data. I recently uploaded photos to GMB site and it stripped the titles and renamed them untitled. Why did it do that? Got me wondering if it strips the title .. “

No, I mean it might strip it but when you upload it, Google reads it. Right? So it's preset when you upload it and that's all that matters. When you upload the file, Google sees all that data. That's what matters. In fact, I like the fact that they are stripping it out because that way if some other SEO tries to analyze images, they're not going to see all that stuff, right? Of course if they knew what they were doing, they'd know what to look for anyways. You know what I'm saying? So I don't think it matters.

Marco, what do you say?

Marco: No, it doesn't matter. They have it. They have the info. They know. Especially if you're doing it locally, the phone is the tell in this. And if you're doing it through what we teach in local GMB pro, then google has the information and that's all you care about. As to why Google stripped out your title, it's probably a glitch. We can't answer why Google does the shit that it does. Because everything in GMB, in Google my Business is in a state of constant flux. It's very fluid. They're constantly changing, adding, they're constantly giving us stuff to play with.

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We had a problem the other day where some images weren't showing, right? Or they were showing differently. They weren't showing the way they were supposed to. Why? We don't know. They were changing something and it happened.

Glitches, it happens on the web. So sorry we can't answer as to why. But what we can tell you is that the shit works because what you're creating is your entity's relationship to the location, whatever you location is, whatever your local is. You're giving Google that relationship and that's all you care about. Whether it stays or not is irrelevant.

Bradley: Yep.

Is It Okay To Use A Instead Of An RSS As A Trigger Point To A Syndication Network?

Alright, Jason is up. Jason says, “Working with a local contractor who has another host, his site is built on click funnels and he has no native RSS feed. Without tipping the other host to a potential takeover of the site, the client doesn't want to ask the current host to add an RSS function. I get it, so I have some spare syndication networks in and I'm looking to use one for his property and thinking of using web 2.0 as the syndication point or trigger point. [inaudible 00:30:55] real issues with that before I press submit?”

No that's fine Jason, absolutely. Anything with an RSS feed you can use to trigger. In fact, it doesn't even have to have an RSS feed. For example, you could connect WordPress as the trigger source. So if this, click WordPress, then host to Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, whatever the case may be. So you can have WordPress actually connect via API as opposed to RSS. In other words, IFTTT can connect to WordPress API and then it will trigger whenever you publish to Does that make sense?

Or you can do it via RSS. In fact, you may want to test those. I remember years ago when I was developing the whole syndication network strategy, I tested that and there was some funky stuff that would happen when you would use the native app as the trigger point as opposed to the RSS feed from the app.

In other words, if I was to use WordPress's trigger or Blogger's trigger or Tumblr's trigger as opposed to using the RSS feeds, sometimes it would cause some funky stuff to happen. So, that was years ago. Because RSS always worked. I quit testing that shit and said, you know RSS works, let's just use that. Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right?

So my point is, you may want to test that. But also, Jason, think about this, and I'm pretty sure that you have rank feeder, Jason, so you may want to think about just taking their click funnels page, creating a rank feeder feed, which is what we're going to be talking about on Monday guys with Lisa Allen. And then use other authority content feeds to create that co-citation and feed your network that way, right? I mean you could do that. Because, especially if you have a sticky item in that feed, you could be using that to constantly co-citation whatever your sticky item is. In this case, maybe the click funnels page, right?

That's just a thought. You might want to think about using that too. But yes, you can use WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger or anything with an RSS feed. I like to use any type of blog account, obviously, because you've got more WYSIWYG editors and you can edit the elements of the page and all that kind of stuff. Okay?

Plus there's probably RSS feed creators online other than rank feeder that will allow you to create feeds from HTML pages and that kind of stuff. I know there use to be services like that, so I can't imagine that they don't have those still.

Are There Any Significant Impact If The @id Of A Multisite Property Is Changed?

Alright he says on the next one, “Hopefully not asking too much for the free forum but for @id, if I have a multi-site property and I want to add it to the ad ID page with geo-relevance, could I search google maps for brand geo-modifiers and put multiple locations in the page that way?”

This Stuff Works
Yeah, Jason. That's more of a MasterMind question anyways. I really don't want to answer that here. That's getting a little bit too far into the weeds. What I would suggest thought is that you go into MasterMind archives and take a look at where I talked or just create a post in the Facebook group and I'll share it in that group with you about how to go organization markup. You can do that with an ad ID page guys, it's perfectly fine. You can set up an HTML page and create organization markup.

The way that I do it for multi-location businesses is a combination of Jason, LD and micro data as well as just flat out HTML. And so, that would work perfect for an HTML page or an ad ID page. Like hosted on an Amazon S3 bucket, right? And that's a combination of Jason LD, organization markup, local business markup for each individual location plus just HTML where you can embed the map and AP, that kind of stuff.

So again, post in the MasterMind Facebook group about that Jason, we can start a discussion in there and I can put you to the training that I've already covered MasterMind webinars for that, okay?

I'm going to keep on moving.

Hey guys, oh he's back again with some more YouTube questions. He's here every week so [inaudible 00:34:45] I know I'm probably mispronouncing your name, I apologize for that but glad to have you back.

Is Still Effective For Ranking YouTube Videos, Local And National Sites?

He says. “Hey guys I'm with another set of questions and as Bradley said in the last hangout, I plan to use all the free information you guys are giving to build up my business so that I can join the MasterMind then. Everybody plus one this comment for me.” Question is, “Is still effective for ranking YouTube videos, local, national sites?”

For YouTube, I don't know if it is or not. To be honest, I wouldn't use it for money site stuff anymore at all, guys. I stopped using it, shit a year and a half ago now maybe? YouTube videos I doubt it will even move the needle on that anymore, [Mike 00:35:22] And the reason I say that is because a lot of those services, they use commercial IPS, right? Commercial proxies. And the problem is, so many commercial IP blocks now ranges, what do they call them, subnets or whatever have been blocked or marked by Google. Flagged as irrelevant traffic, right? And that killed a lot of those search and click or what I call CT or click through spam, spam bots.

That killed a lot of their effectiveness because the IP blocks they have been … Google understands that they're commercial IP blocks. For example, storm proxies, right. So you have a range of proxies or IPS that they go through and that Google is aware of what they are so they're disregarded or given less weight. Does that make sense?

So, again, I just talked about, at the beginning of this webinar how I did a two and a half hour training last week specifically on how to use Google ads. Guys, for pennies per view from real traffic. You're buying traffic from Google. And literally, you can use YouTube traffic to rank videos, especially because you're getting views. You don't get a flood of clicks unless the really video is really compelling or the offer is really compelling.

I find that the type of captains that I set up in the webinar last week, which you can get access to for 55 dollars guys, I'm telling you it's a slam dunk. I mean, it's just a no brainer. It's a great great strategy guys and you can get targeted traffic from Google to your videos. Targeted views, anyways, right, to your videos from specific geographic areas that you set from specific audiences that you set which is the recommended method. And those views are weighted heavily because they're coming from real Google users, guys. From people that are signed in to their Google accounts, have Android devices or whatever. It doesn't matter whether it's Apple or Android but they got Google accounts, right?

Google knows these people. They're valid, true Google users, instead of trying to spoof traffic, you can buy real traffic guys. And it's literally pennies per view, right? Again, I don't get a flood of clicks. So using that strategy for driving traffic isn't necessarily going to get you a flood of traffic, but it will get you a bunch of views which is great for the video itself and the traffic that you do get is going to be really heavily weighted traffic because it's highly relevant if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works
So it's much more valuable than buying spam traffic anyways. And it's not against Google's terms of service, right? Spam traffic is. So, as far as using or any type of spam bot, I wouldn't recommend it because, especially to money sites guys, I wouldn't put that stuff anywhere near a money site. YouTube videos, you could test it but I'm telling you I don't feel like that's effective anymore. Because again, I just buy the traffic direct from Google now and it works so much better, right?

Guys it's so easy to set up a campaign. I mean, I'm telling you, once you get the hang of it, you can set up a YouTube ads campaign for a video in ten minutes flat. Okay?

Chris: [crosstalk 00:38:38] Yeah, he can also get an embed gig. Video embeds, which will move the needle … I don't because crowd search, I stopped using them a while ago. But [inaudible 00:38:51] embeds it in a niche, relevant network and we're moving … I don't if … No we didn't announce it.

We're moving MGYB into Woo Commerce so that it makes it easier to add products. So this week and next week, we'll be busy adding products. One of those will be video embeds. We'll be adding [inaudible 00:39:15] link building, indexing, just a whole bunch of things that we haven't been able to do because of the limitations that we had with Sam Cart, we'll be able to do now.

So I think you might want to look into a video embed gig. They're not really all that expensive and they do move the needle. Or, just get out training and get it moved the right way with the right signals.

Bradley: Yeah.

Okay so, the only thing I would suggest though is, guys, you've got to think about this logically. Just flat out embeds and/or back links do not work as well as they used to without traffic included. Think about it guys, it's very logical. Why would a video or anything get hundreds or thousands of embeds, or tens of thousands of back links if it's not being viewed? Right? It doesn't make sense.

So yes, it can move the needle but we know for a fact that we can rank videos with engagement signals alone guys. No back links, no embeds whatsoever. If you combined the two, it's so much more effective. But it's less effective to just do a bunch of back links and/or embeds without engagement signals because that is clearly a spam signal, right? That's clearly somebody trying to manipulate search position of a video. Because it's not natural for a video to be embedded, picked up and shared if it's not getting viewed.

Who embeds a video without viewing it, right? Only SEOs. And Google knows that, the algorithm knows that. It's not like manual reviewers, that's built, baked right into the algorithm now.

So my point is, if you're going to do embed blast guys, that's perfectly fine. Back links are perfectly fine. But make sure that you're adding traffic to the whole mix. Views, in other words, to the whole mix because that's going to increase your effectiveness so much more.

If you start getting a bunch of embeds and/or back links, and a bunch of views all at the same time, that's mimicking a viral nature of a video, and that shit will rank, no question. But if you just do a bunch of back links and/or embeds and there's not any views and engagement signals, that's clearly a spam signal. I wouldn't recommend doing it. Yes, I know there's some brute force SEOs out there that still do that guys, but I don't recommend it for longevity and everything else. Just set up some simple YouTube ads for pennies per view and get the results that you need, okay?

How Does GMB Pro And Local Lease Pro Different From Each Other?

“Would appreciate it if you could give a brief overview of how GMB pro, Local Lease Pro and Local PR Pro compare against each other”.

Well I mentioned that earlier I the webinar, but just so you know he says, “I'm completely new to local marketing so if I want to get started, which way would you recommend?”

This Stuff Works
Local lease pro right now. Hands down, that's the starter course in my opinion because that's going to show you to how to … The tip of the iceberg or tip of the spear is the location research and we go into that extensively and we did an update webinar about a month ago now that it's the training course in the updates module where I go into much more granular detail on how to do location research.

So local lease pro is the best starting point, [Mike 00:42:24] and then from there, the upgrade would be local GMB pro. And that's only for assets that need an additional push or if you're in a really competitive market, that kind of stuff. And then local PR pro is something that we just add into the mix throughout that whole process. That's just strategy for using press releases and PR stacking for getting results with local maps listings. Okay?

“Is the rank [inaudible 00:42:49] websites model still effective?”

Yes, but here's the thing; Don't build websites. Just build GMB websites. They're free, you don't need hosting, you don't need to go through all the SEO bullshit. Just set up GMB assets, use the GMB website and you're off to the races. Guys, I make jokes about this all the time but I'm half serious too, more than half serious. I hope to god I never have to build another Word Press site. I mean I know that's not going to happen but for all the stuff I'm doing, I'm trying to avoid building WordPress websites as much as possible because you don't need them. We're able to get results without them now. That may change, but for now it's a nice break.

Would It Work If You Post Regular Blog Posts From All 5 Websites That Are In The Same Niche As Duplicate Content To A Network Of 100 Web 2.0 Sites?

[inaudible 00:43:30] says “Hey there, got a question, would it work if I post my regular blog post from all five websites that are in the same niche as duplicate content to a network of 100 web 2.0 sites? The 100 web 2.0s have a ton of public back links just like IFTTT greetings.”

Yeah, but just make sure that you're posting an attribution link right? Just make sure you're citing the source. I mean you can post it without an attribution link if you'd like. I wouldn't recommend it. Guys, it's not duplicate content because it's on different websites. It's only duplicate content when it's on the same domain. But what I would recommend is, if you're going to republish, that you would cite the source just like we teach in syndication academy which is where you would say, this post or this article or whatever was published first on … and then you link to that and the source where it was published which would be your money site anyways. THat's what you want. That's the back link back to your money site, right? Through the attribution link. So that's what I would do. But yes, you can do that.

By the way, I would recommend … here's the catcher on that though, guys. If you're doing this across branded properties, the that's natural. But if you're taking the same content and republishing it across hundreds of web 2.0s that are not branded, then that's clearly for SEO manipulation and that's a footprint that you're leaving. So I wouldn't recommend it unless you have branded profiles. Does that make sense? Or unless those 100 web 2.0s, if you've got a lot of other content being pushed into those web 2.0s on a regular basis, like from other RSS feeds or other content sources to where you're burying your article among many many others that are relevant, then that's okay too. It's still a footprint though, but it's a lot less of one than just if you just have, say you got 300 web 2.0s out there and all of a sudden you push the same article to all 300 and there's no other content coming behind them. In other words, than that's a big footprint in other words. So I would recommend that you don't do that unless you have other content sources that are feeding those web 2.0s so that it's not such a big blatant footprint. But yeah, you can do that.

Because here's the thing guys; you can't prevent other people from taking your RSS feed, for example, and using it to populate their auto blogs, you know what I mean? So my point is, it's okay to do it. Somebody can come scrape your RSS feed right now and have it feeding one of their syndication networks because you have relevant content to whatever they're trying to promote. And so you have no control over that. You see what I'm saying?

So, again, if you go out and just … all your web 2.0s don't have content being published to them regularly and all of a sudden, they all get a post and it's all the same post, that's clearly what you're doing. But if you have content constantly updating those networks or those web 2s, excuse me, on a regular basis and you just inject one of your post or articles into that stream of content, than that's not nearly as big of a footprint, if that makes sense. It's a lot more natural looking anyways.

Is It Okay To Use Similar Content For Multiple GMBs For Each Press Release?

Okay Dennis is up. He says “Hey guys if you're using PRs and the company has many GMBs, is it okay to duplicate the content changing under the GO and NAP for each PR?”

No, Dennis. It's likely that the distribution networks will not publish. So again, here's something that you could do. Take the PR that's your original and just hire one of the content farms for rewriting services., that's one of the ones that I use., I think that's another one. Just hire the rewrite service. It's a lot cheaper than having an original article written or a original press release written. It's just a rewrite. It's a lot cheaper. So take that PR and have it re written as many times as you need. But don't just use the same one, it's likely going to be rejected by the distribution network, okay?

Do You Know A Resource That Helps In Generating A Q&A Schema Markup?

Ivan. Hi Ivan, long time buddy, no doubt. He says “Posting question here but still watching live or replays every week. Two questions for you. Do you know a resource that will help me generate Q and A schema markup?”

This Stuff Works
Schema Pro. That's Ryan [Ryden 00:47:44]. I'm pretty sure he can do it for you. [Jeffrey 00:47:48] Smith's Ultimate SEO Plus version two or 2.0 plugin will do that when it's launched as far as I'm aware but that's not launched yet. Although I know it's in beta right now so it's very likely going to be coming out in the next few weeks. And that's a WordPress plugin that will do all that kind of markup for you. But Schema Pro, again, Ryan [Ryden 00:48:10] I know he does a lot of Schema markup or structure data stuff for people. He's got a little side business where he just generates code for people so he can help you with that.

Is There An IFTTT Recipe That Automatically Transfer GMB Posts To A Google Sheet?

“Number two, is there an IFTTT recipe or applet that automatically transfers GMB posts to a google sheet?” That's a good question. I don't know if there's a good IFTTT applet. I don't think it integrates with GMB directly, IFFTP does, I don't think. But if you're using our GMB auto poster or briefcase, then you can get an RSS feed from GMB posts which then you can use an RSS 2 Google sheets applet in IFTT, if that makes sense.

So in other other words, yo have to check IFTTP, click on the services menu. I can't believe I haven't checked yet. That's funny I'm going to go check now to see if it integrates with GMB. I doubt that it does, and so if it doesn't which, again it's like that it doesn't, then if you're using our auto poster or GMB briefcase, you can get an RSS feed, which is working now by the way guys. I'm still working with [inaudible 00:49:16] our developer to work out some additional bugs and stuff but it's working now. I've been testing it.

So, you can get an RSS feed from your GMB posts and use that to trigger an IFTTT applet to push your posts into a google sheet or wherever you want, really. Good question though, good to have you back Ivan.

Walt says, “Windchill is for wimps.”

Okay, negative 40 Wayne I feel for you buddy.

Negative 52 windchill, wow Jim. Ouch.

Okay, are we almost out of questions? It looks like it. Looks like all of you guys are real chatty.

Is There A Way To Claim Unverified GMBs?

“Is there any way to claim unverified GMBs?”

I don't know. I tried a method that was revealed to me during the [Pofu 00:50:07] live event. And I tried it eight or ten times and I couldn't get it to work. And I think that the way that I was told got killed anyways, so I don't know. And I certainly wouldn't reveal it here on a free hump day hangout if that was the case. Sorry but that would definitely be inside information if I did know.

Fred says, “Marco could this work for an online service based companies selling similar to Geico, free car insurance quotes online? The online service we offer is similar to Geico but in a different industry and we would like to rank in different states using your training. I'm trying to wrap my head around how my team could use the semantic mastery courses to accomplish something like that.”

Fred, if it's a question specifically something like that that may be a little more complex, I would recommend just hitting us up at support. And it'll get routed to the appropriate person, either Marco or me or whatever where we could guide you. We obviously need more details than just this very brief, vague description of what it is that you're trying to do in order for us to point you in the right direction. So just contact [email protected] and we'll figure something out.

Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, just on a higher level you can't wrap your head around it because you're confining your local and you're mixing up your local and your national. As I've said before, and I've said it plenty of times, your local is just a matter of how you view it. And how you take it down is just the way that you set up your entity. Your entity has to be related to whatever it is that you're doing.

In our case, it's related locally. In your case, it all has to be done a different way. Look at what your competition is doing. I always tell people you have to become a master mimic. So that's a place where you can start. If you want a deeper answer than that, as Bradley said, just [email protected] Ask to talk to me and we'll see what we can do.

Bradley: There you go. Awesome.

Sam Jackson, that's so funny.

Should You Create Another Branded Network If A Closes?

Okay, “Good days guys and thank you very much for this forum, if on a branded network, was closed, should we create another with a persona account and brand it?”

This Stuff Works
Yeah, you can do that. Here's the thing; if you got a recovery email for that account anyways, just do that. For example, when we set up syndication networks, if you guys purchase them from us, when we deliver them you got the main Google account and there's always a recovery email account. It's typically Outlook or Yahoo. And so whenever an account gets terminated, like in this example. It was probably created with the Gmail account, right? Because that's what our VAs do, that's what we trained our builders to do. So, you still have the recovery email account from that same syndication network that you could go setup another account under that recovery email account if that makes sense. And then just brand it again.

Your username, which becomes the sub domain is going to have to be changed slightly, obviously because the other one is not going to be available for the terminated account, but yes, you can do that. Or, if you have to, just create another email account and set it up that way. There's nothing wrong with that. It happens guys, accounts get terminated from time to time, there's nothing you can do about it. Just replace it. Not a big deal.

“What would be the benefit of GMBR assessed to Google sheets?”

I don't know. I don't know what his point was for asking that question, however I know that we have done some testing in the past with auto feeding into a G sheet and then making the G sheet public and hammering it with links. So kind of like an RYS type thing. So that's something that you could potentially do.

“Is anyone still using RSS master software from [inaudible 00:54:06]”

I am not. Actually I haven't even been using rank feeder but I'm looking forward to testing on Friday with the new GPS features to see how we can incorporate that into our local strategy as well as the press release stuff because of the fact that I think there's an opportunity there to squeeze that into some press release stacking stuff, too.

But as far as RSS Masher, I really liked that because that was like a feed splicer that you could add HTML elements to the actual feed itself and add links and things like that, which was was pretty powerful. But I thought of RSS masher more as a marketing took than an SEO tool. And I said that before because people used to ask, what's the difference between RSS masher and rank feeder? And I used to say, RSS masher is more like a marketing tool. It's good for creating very nice looking RSS feeds that you can use for content syndication. So it's great for splicing authority feeds and to feed second tier syndication networks for blog syndication and that kind of stuff, Greg. But as far as pure SEO power, rank feeder killed it hands down. It was hands down the better product for just SEO.

And again, I haven't looked at it since she's developed the GPS stuff, but it didn't create a real pretty visual feed like RSS masher did but it created a very powerful SEO feed. Again it was two different things. People would say, well which one should I get? Well it depends on what you're trying to do. In fact, it may be many cases where you need both. But again, purely for SEO purposes, Rank Feeder was so much better in my opinion than RSS Masher. But RSS Masher was better as a marketing tool on a content syndication tool if that makes sense.

Ivan is saying that's it for what? What was the reference? Okay, I think that's it.

Alright guys, it looks like we're actually done just a minute early, or four minutes early really. I'm going to leave you with this since it's a Sam Jackson kind of day.

This is our link shortener, I'm not supposed to be in there. Let's go back to the main page. There you go. Sam Jackson, keep scrolling motherfucker.

Alright, any parting words guys?

Adam: Thanks for being here.

Hernan: Yeah, thanks everyone.

Adam: Appreciate it. See you all next week.

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Where Can I Find A List Of Web Properties That Support Syndication Of Posts Or Pictures Through RSS?

By April

In episode 119 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to find web properties that support syndication of posts or photos via RSS feed.

The exact question was:

Can you point me to the place that shows all the networks that i could syndicate posts or pictures through RSS to them.

like blogger, tumbler, 500px.
and i have the training of the academy and there are no new networks to post my RSS post or pictures to them for a while.

i can point you to 5 that i have a wordpress plugin that posts in to them.

plz help me to stay a member of the academy it is the best SEO PRODUCT i have ever purchase

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 97

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 97 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is episode number 97. Today is the 14th of September until midnight and we got almost full crew here today so let's go down the list and say hello. Hernan, starting with you. How's it going, man?

Hernan: Hello, Adam. Hey, everybody. It's really, really good to be here 97 episodes.

Adam: Why no webcam? I got to ask. Because when we talk, I see you got your cool clothes on and got a nice background so why not today?

Hernan: Well, I'm kind of shy.

Adam: I'm not buying that.

Hernan: [I got it in play 00:00:36]. I'll plug it and show my face in a bit.

Adam: Got you. All right, cool. Hey, Marco. What's going on, man?

Marco: Hey, man. What's up? No camera here either, man. I can't show you guys how beautiful Costa Rica is.

Adam: You'd like Marco's weather webcam feed.

Marco: You have to come and see it for yourself or I might just do my own [rant 00:00:57] mastery over there by the pool, take a few minutes everyday and just say, “Hey, this is Costa Rica man.”

Adam: Outstanding, outstanding. I bet. Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: Good man, happy to be here. Kind of excited about … Well, Hump Day Hangouts as always but the 104th episode that's coming up, I know you're going to mention something about that and then also, we got the IFTTT v2 update webinar for the month of September. It's immediately following this webinar, Hump Day Hangouts, today and we're going to go through a ton of really cool updates guys. Don't miss it if you're in the Academy. If you're not, well, go join and it's not too late.

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Adam: Yeah, definitely. If you are in IFTTT SEO Academy v2, you can go into the Facebook group, either one. New world, I know we're doing the transition and you can find the link there for the update webinar and so, I just want to say too tomorrow, if you're not in IFTTT SEO or you're not in the MasterClass of MasterMind, tomorrow we're going to have a webinar at 3:30 for people who are interested, who maybe have heard us talking about IFTTT and are interested about what it can do for your SEO, for your marketing, for content syndication. We're going to put the link in here so you can sign up for that. It's going to be a short webinar tomorrow. We've had request from people overtime and I think it's [crosstalk 00:02:10].

Bradley: In an hour.

Adam: Yeah, in an hour. To let you know more about it and what this is all about, what it can do, all that stuff. On top of that, like Bradley said, episode 104 is approaching so for us, that's the big one. 100 is awesome, we're not going to ignore that but for us, 52 weeks in a year so two years would be up so episode 104. We're definitely going to have some special stuff going on then so stay tuned, we'll announce that but that's a few … What do we have? I think this is 97 so we got about seven weeks. Let's see, other than that, what else did you guys have? I think we had some other announcements unless I'm mistaken but I wasn't sure exactly what they were.

Bradley: Well, that's because we didn't have enough pre-planning time.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I don't have any other announcements so …

Adam: Okay, cool.

Bradley: Anybody else?

Hernan: I think we're good.

Bradley: Okay. Yeah, I think that'll be mentioned in the update webinar Adam.

Adam: Outstanding.

Bradley: For you, okay. All right, guys. I'm going to grab the screen, lock it on. Make sure that we're good on the events page. It looks like we are and I'll try to blow it up guys, it should be locked on my screen now and … See, why is that not? A wrong button that's why. All right, that should be there. All right, we're going to start at the bottom. Not too many questions as of yet but we know stragglers like to come in. Let's see, the first one is from an unpronounceable name and … At least, for us dumb Americans.

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RSS Syndication For PBNs With Different Themes

It says, “Hi, I'm running 20 PBNs. All of theme different … ” Okay, maybe all in the same theme or all themed likely maybe, I'm not sure. “Hi, I'm running 20 PBNs of all theme in all aspects, no footprints. I would like to know if RSS syndication for those PBNs is possible.” Yeah, of course. I mean, if you got PBNs, you should have no footprints. I mean, you should strive to have no footprints anyways but there's no reason you can't. Even if you have footprints, you can still syndicate.

I mean, my point is is that yeah, you can syndicate for PBNs because you just use the RSS as the trigger if it has a feed. If it doesn't have a feed, then not really. You'd have to install WordPress on a subdomain or something like that in order for it to work but yes, absolutely. Every time you make a post, it can syndicate out to a branded network for that PBN which is what I recommend that you guys do if you're building PBNs is to … A brand can be a persona, a persona can be a brand is what I'm saying.

Either way, even if you have PBNs that are pseudo companies like fake businesses so to speak or fake blogs, they could be fake company blogs or fake persona blogs, it doesn't matter. What you want to do is just build an IFTTT ring around that's branded for that site whether it's a blog, a persona or a company website, it doesn't matter. Yes, a tier one branded network is perfect for PBNs. It's very, very powerful. It also gives Google a lot of the signals. Well, it injects a lot of the signals that it's looking for into the PBN to make it look more legitimate guys.

Remember, it's not just about the links and the social signals either. It's about validating the entity or the profile, the persona, all of the above. Having those social rings about it … I mean, again, think about it. If you guys go out and purchase an expired domain and then, you rebuild content on it and put a couple of articles on it with an outbound link pointing to your money sites and then you have never touch the damn thing again and there's no connection to that site to anything else on the web other than its outbound links, then it's kind of suspicious looking.

I mean, all of you that are on this webinar right now or smart enough to be able to detect a PBN when you see it if it's built poorly which most of them are so having an IFTTT ring around it, by itself, isn't going to just make it safe but if you set it up properly and you put an IFTTT ring around it and you publish content to it regularly or consistently, then it's going to kind of hide the fact that it's a PBN somewhat, as long as it's built correctly as well if that makes sense. Because you're kind of validating the site through the semantic properties, the social properties that we connect to it but that was a good question.

Tool That Checks Top Ranking Keywords Of A Domain

Dean says, “Hey guys, a quick one. I'm looking for a rank checking tool that I type a domain into and have it tell me everything the domain ranks for with positions, etc. without me having to put keywords into it to see where they rank. Does a tool like this exist? Don't mind paying if it does.” Yeah, SEMRush does that, Dean. You can do that with SEMRush.

This Stuff Works

Adam: Don't forget too, does SpyFu still provides some of that too?

Bradley: I never used SpyFu for that.

Adam: While I know they did paid but I think … Anyway, it's worth checking out. I know it did at one point.

Bradley: Yeah. SpyFu was more of an AdWords tool, wasn't it? I think it's more of an AdWords tool.

Adam: Yeah, but they did have some organic stuff. Anyway, it's just something to check out.

Bradley: Definitely, SEMRush does that so that's what I would recommend that you do. There's another one that … What's the guy from SEOPressor? Daniel Tan, I think. The guy behind SEOPressor, the plugin, Daniel Tan. I think he's got a Cloud-based service that does that. It's got a monthly-based fee or whatever but all I think that he does is tie into the SEMRush API and so, it's just basically a different interface but it's the same data. I don't remember the name of that program.

Jay says, “Hey guys, I want to know if there's been a date scheduled for the second update webinar for people who bought VMB through the SM link.”

No, not yet Jay. It's going to be several more weeks. I've got a VA that is in training but he was actually working for me doing something else and I had to [inaudible 00:08:00] that operation down or that project down so he's still in training and it's going to be several weeks before we have the systems and the processes in place. If you were on the first webinar, I mentioned that I was going to have it to where it was … Basically, a completely outsourced process to using video marketing blitz and I don't want to rush the webinar and give you guys incomplete information.

Minimize Keyword Density Of A Curated Content

If you have to wait a little bit longer, I think it'll be worth the wait. Greg says, “Hi, when using curated content and post. The curated parts have high keyword density.” Okay. “Keywords appear in quoted section title four to five times in the content, one time in the attribution link and again, in the URL image credit. Using three pieces of curated post ends up with a keyword density of 25 and 900 words. Is there any solution to this?” Yeah, Greg. Stop using over optimized content. I mean, maybe I'm not understanding the question but where are you pulling content in that's stuffed like that?

Remember, if you're curating content, you're pulling content in from other sources so if you're pulling content from sources that is stuffed with keywords like that, they're probably not good sources to pull content from. That's all I can say. I mean, I don't understand where that level of density is coming from. Let's see, keyword appears in quoted section title four to five times in the content. Yeah, that doesn't seemed right to me Greg. I'm not sure how you're coming across content that that's stuffed. One time in attribution link and again, in the URL image credit.

Why? I'm not sure if you are creating the attribution link to credit the image, don't you have control over that so why put the keyword in it? I'm saying whatever you have control over, Greg, if you've got that many occurrences with the keywords, you certainly want to edit it and reduce that. Remember, with curated content guys, you can truncate what you curate. Does that make sense? You don't want to copy a whole article and paste it in as a curated post, that's against the DMCA. You don't want to do that, what you want to do is just grab a snippet.

This Stuff Works

If you read the DMCA, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, it says there are certain parameters that are allowable. You don't want to grab like three or four paragraphs out of an article and curate that, you want to grab like essentially one paragraph or a few sentences and maybe two paragraphs if they're short paragraphs or just a few sentences out of a paragraph if it's a long one if that makes sense. All it is is just to reinforce whatever point it is that you're trying to make.

That's where your commentary comes in and then, you reinforce your commentary, your opinion or the statement that you've made in your commentary with the curated article or the piece of content from the article that you're curating that reinforces that point. That's all you need so you could use the title and then just one sentence out of the curated article and that's all you need. If it makes sense to your post to include more than just one or two sentences then that's fine but you got to think about it logically and you don't want to use too much content.

The reason I'm saying this is because if you're using content that is way over optimized which I don't know why you'd be using that content anyways but if you were, then I would suggest just selecting one key sentence to make your point and use that only, that way you're not editing the curated content because you don't want to do that either. If that makes sense. You're just grabbing one sentence or a couple of sentences and it's going to be less likely to be stuffed if it's only one or two sentences versus a paragraph or two.Again, anything you have control over like your attribution links, image credits, anything like that, you control that so just don't optimize them then.

All right, “Post or syndicating entire post at OneNote as one large block of text and it drops all credit links to the curated content. Will this be a problem? Do we need to add those links back in to the notes in OneNote? Thanks.” No, if it requires you to log back in to OneNote and add links to every single piece of content that gets added to OneNote by IFTTT, then there's no automation there whatsoever so absolutely not but if you're using the OneNote, you should be using the recipe for OneNote that creates a page from a link and it all does is take a screenshot of the actual note.

I mean, at least that's the way I think I had it setup. It's been awhile since I've been in there. Let me just go take a look at that real quick because I have the … Here we go, the account template. There's a couple of recipes for OneNote so let's look at them. Okay, OneNote. This is [Youtube DualNote 00:12:49] and then, RSS to OneNote page from link. That's what you should be using is the page from link and what happens from the page from link is it should be like a screenshot image of the post and it's just a link that links over to the actual post.

It's like the whole file is just a link that links over to your actual post that got syndicated because the post itself doesn't get syndicated, it should just be … At least, if I remember correctly, it should just be like a screenshot of the blog post of like the whole webpage. Anyways, trust me. If you had to go in to OneNote and actually add in the links after every blog post, it wouldn't even be an IFTTT SEO Academy because that's not how I do things. Not sure where the issue is, you might have an earlier version. We used to have a different OneNote recipe, excuse me, that would actually syndicate the blog post but I remove that specifically from the second version of IFTTT SEO Academy because this was the better method.

This Stuff Works

I don't know, maybe double-check your recipe Greg, maybe that's the problem and if not and if you can clarify, we could take a look at it maybe.

Track Results Of PPC Campaigns For Lead Gen Business

Jenia Sirotin says, “Bradley, in a previous Hump Day Hangout, you mentioned that you started using PPC for your lead gen business.” Yes. “Can you talk about how you track results? If I already have tracking number, would it be beneficial to get another Google provided number to track if PPC is working? Any tips or things to avoid? Content Kingpin rocks by the way, would recommend it IFTTT SEO to my mother if she had any clients.” That's awesome.

Marco: I'll +1'ed it.

Bradley: Yeah, that's awesome. I just +1'ed it. Okay yeah, absolutely. I'm doing a lot of PPC stuff and that's what the whole local Kingpin training, that launches next month, is about and I'm actually having really good results with it. Yeah but the way that I track results is I use conversion tracking on the landing pages so that if anybody submits the web form like the contact request form from the landing page and then they get redirected to the thank you page, I got the conversion, that counts as a conversion.

Then also, I'm tracking phone calls though the tracking phone number if they land on the landing page because on the landing page is the tracking phone number and I just use CallFire and all my calls get routed into a call center. I use AnswerConnect, is my call center so all my calls route into a call center and then, they get dispatched out to the proper contractor. I end up having a record of it in CallFire as well as a record of it from the AnswerConnect service, the answering service.

Also, what I'm doing is I'm using ad extensions and I'm using the call extension in AdWords and that will allow a phone number to show up in the actual ad especially for mobile devices and it's tap to call. With that, I choose to use a Google Voice number … Google just arbitrarily assigns a Google Voice number that forwards to whatever number you tell it to. In this case, my CallFire tracking number, and that's just in the event that a mobile searcher searches and taps the tap to call button from the ad itself without actually going to the landing page.

Because if they go to the landing page, they're going to call the number on the landing page which is the CallFire number. If they call directly from the search results by using the tap to call button from the call extension, then it will track as a conversion in Google AdWords. Now, there are some call tracking and conversion tracking software for calling or for phones that integrate with Google AdWords. One of them is, I think, what's it called? I think it's, let's see. No, that's not it. Oops, I typed [CailRail 00:16:51] that's why. Let me try that again.

Yeah, this is one of them. There are several of these, basically, phone conversion tracking systems that integrate with AdWords and that's probably the better way to go. As I scale my lead gen business using AdWords … Remember, I just recently got in to doing this but as I scale it up, I'll probably end up investing in one of these services as well but for the time being, I'm just using CallFire, my answering service … Well, everything just gets routed to there anyways.

Then, if anybody does the top to call from the actual search results, it's typically only going to be on mobile that that happens and then it registers the conversion because I'm using the Google Voice number that AdWords will assign for that. If you're using call extensions, it's an ad extension. Hopefully, that makes sense. I don't want that to confuse anybody but let's see. “If I already have a tracking number, would it be beneficial to get another Google provided number to track if PPC is working?” Yeah, if you have it setup the way that I do.

Again, if somebody lands on your landing page and they call your number that's already a tracking number, whether it's CallFire, Twilio, it doesn't matter, then you're going to track that anyways although it won't register as a conversion inside of AdWords because AdWords has no way of knowing if somebody picked up the phone and called. Now, I know that you can use these types of programs like CallRail which will have like dynamic inserted … Yeah, dynamic number insertion.

You can actually have different phone numbers for different ads or all the different kinds of things. This is the advance way to track and as I get better with AdWords, I'm sure I'll be integrating something like this. It doesn't have to be this particular service, it's just the one that I remembered. You might want to look into that if you're going to be scaling up your business, excuse me.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Yeah, I like CallRail because it actually records the call [crosstalk 00:18:49] I don't know about CallFire, I haven't used that in a long time. If I like to know what conversation took place, this way when I go for my check and the person can't say, “No, that wasn't the conversion,” or “That was sales call or whatever, that was spam,” because it's actually recorded. They can't get around it.

RSS Feed From A Linkwheel Property With Syndwire To Automate Another Level Of Link Building

Bradley: Yeah, CallFire does that. Okay, so the next one is Jamie. Jamie says, “Hey guys, I have some link wheels setup and running and was wondering if it would be wise or problematic to automate T1 links to the link wheels. In other words, could I use the RSS feed from each of the link of properties with Syndwire to automate another level of link coding or should I make a blended RSS to automate via Syndwire?” Yeah, you can. Absolutely, Jamie because that's essentially what you're doing is building second tier links.

The second tier links to your target URL, whatever you're trying to rank but in this case, they would be first tier links to your IFTTT properties but yeah, absolutely. I mean, that's the concept behind tiered networks. You're asking about using Syndwire. Sure, if you got Syndwire, that's where I would use Syndwire as a second tire link system or a second tier link builder because I don't use Syndwire to link directly to my money sites. For Youtube videos, it's not bad, that's fine but I don't use Syndwire to link to money sites. I just don't do it.

With that, you could absolutely use Syndwire to build links to your first tier properties. That's a good strategy for that and if you have it, then yeah, you can absolutely do that and each one of your IFTTT properties, tier one properties that have an RSS feed and output feed, that would work. You could essentially setup a different campaign for each one of those, each one of the ones that have an RSS feed. Some of them though, like Delicious and Diigo, those are just bookmark feeds so there's really no content there.

You could do it, I'm just saying that just be aware that you don't want to spam your web tools and Syndwire with a bunch of just like bookmark links and that's it because you can get your accounts terminated that way. Just keep that in mind.

Ivan says, “Google My Business page and map questions.” By the way, I wanted to mention, we're going to talk about this in the IFTTT update webinar that's immediately following Hump Day Hangouts for you guys that are Academy members but I did want to mention that right now, third party log-ins has disappeared.

The ability to create a third party log-in for Google Plus pages and Youtube channels is, at least as of today, is missing. It's coming and going. It comes and then it goes and the process has changed from what was in the IFTTT SEO Academy training. We're going to cover that today but currently it's temporarily, at least I hope it's temporary, it's disappeared. It's not available and so, we're going to talk about that a little bit today, guys. I'm hoping it comes back soon. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the Google Plus interface changing and like they're about ready to force everybody to the new version. I think that's what's kind of causing the problem.

Google Maps Results

All right, so to get back to Ivan. Sorry, Ivan. “Is it possible to have a map that I created to show in place of the one provided by Google on the map's result for my business? If yes, what do I have to do to implement this?” To have a map that I created to show in place of the one provided by Google on the map's results for my business, no Ivan, I don't think so buddy. The most that you can do for that is go to Google Map Maker and in Map Maker, you can edit the Google Maps or suggest edits.

They're going to be moderated but if you have some stuff that you want to update, like using Google My Maps. It's a map that you create. You will not be able to replace the Google local search results with your map, it won't work but you can edit or suggest edits to the Google local maps by going to Google Map Maker. I mentioned this before on Hump Day Hangouts but let's just go through it real quick. Go to Google Map Maker, guys. Everyone of you should create or log-in through your main profile. Anybody doing local, you should log-in as your main profile.

This Stuff Works

Connect it to your main primary Google account and start suggesting edits around your own town. If you do any sort of local stuff for clients or for lead gen, you should start building up your Map Maker profile and the way you do that is by contributing, by suggesting edits, that kind of stuff. Be helpful. Find map markers for businesses that are misplaced and then re-position them and suggest that as an edit, suggest NAP updates for businesses that have outdated information, that kind of stuff.

As you start to build up a reputation in Map Maker as providing valuable edits and valuable suggestions, then you can end up being able to force changes very, very quickly inside of Maps and I've been able to, over the years, been able to fix some pretty heinous Maps issues fairly quickly, within just a matter of … Well now, it's within 24 to 72 hours, my edits usually are approved and that's great because if there is NAP issues or Maps issues, sometimes that are really tricky, this is the only way to get it fixed.

The more you have built up a reputation as providing valuable suggestions, then the quicker your edits will get approved, will moderated if that makes sense. I highly recommend that you guys do it and just do it on your main profile. You don't want to hide anything, you don't want to do this under personas because you'd have to build up multiple personas. Just do it on your main profile.

Placing Google Map Embed Codes

All right, “Where in my website should I embed the Google Map? Main page, sidebar, contact page?” That's a good question.

I usually just put the map … It depends on the theme that I'm using but if I have like a footer widget area then I'll oftentimes will put a map in the footer widget. Sidebar is fine as well. There are some times I think it clutters up the sidebar. Just depends on like how narrow your sidebar is, that kind of stuff but almost always I put it on the contact page. If I didn't have it in a footer or a sidebar, then I would definitely put it on the contact page. Any suggestions on that Marco, Hernan, anybody?

Marco: No, that's exactly what I would do.

Hernan: I was muted. Yeah, the contact page usually works. I like to [inaudible 00:25:39] anyway, something like if you have a kind of widget rotator. I can't remember the … Let me look for the plug-in for the widget rotator which will give you exactly which kind of CTR is tighter, conversion is tighter on that end. I'll try to find it out and post it on the events page.

Submitting Manual Review To Google

Bradley: Okay, cool. Thank you. Paul says, “Hey guys, I have a client that is just out of the Maps, [pack 4 00:26:10].” Don't you hate that, Paul? I hate that. It's like pussyfooting around with the 3-pack. “His competition is then the number one and two spot of the map pack. He obviously has someone doing SEO because they have him on two different GMB pages and the only difference is they reversed the name, first name, last name, last name, first.” Okay. “Everything else is exactly the same. I want to knock them off naturally with me doing the RYS but with the new Google change to the 2-pack, is there a way to get Google to do a manual review on this guy's listing? Just trying to take care of my client. Thanks.”

Paul, there is and it's funny that you say that because Wayne Clayton … I'll be damned and look, I didn't even know that he posted on this page. Wayne's in our Mastermind as well. He just said something very similar, I saw it in the Master Class Facebook group and it's kind of funny. You guys have pretty much the same question here. That's funny, are you guys working for the same client? Because it's pretty much the same damn question. To be honest with you, I have never reported anybody to Google. Honest to God, I've never done it and the reason why is I've just always felt like karma is a bitch and she'll catch up to me if I do.

I've been known to spam some stuff myself, you know what I mean? Because of that, I have just never, ever, ever done it. I know that you can, you can submit that kind of stuff to Google and they will do a review on it because I've had it done to me by tree service businesses but I've always ended up circumventing it and getting my listing back anyway even if I had to build a whole new one but I've never done it myself. I know there is a way to do it, I just can't point you to it. I'm sure if you do some Google searches, you'll be able to find out how to submit a spam complaint to Google.

This Stuff Works

I just personally don't do that, guys. Like I said, it's just, to me, I've never done a negative SEO in my life. I've never done a spam complaint. I know you're just trying to take care of your client, I get that Paul but I would still … Personally, I'm not knocking you for submitting a spam complaint either. That's not what I'm saying. It's up to you guys to decide what you want to do but personally, I would just try to take them out doing positive SEO stuff for … Not that submitting a spam complaint is negative SEO, I'm not saying that but I would still just try to outrank them. Personally, that's how I would do it but yeah, I know you can report it. I just don't know how to do it. I don't know the process, guys, sorry.

Marco: Yeah, I don't know the process either because I've never done it. I always go after them. They just piss me off enough so I just take them down. That's how you got to do it, man. You just have to do enough to take … You have everything in your arsenal, Paul, that you need to take this guy down a spot or two. I mean, whether it's citations, whether it's link building or some press releases or whatever else you have to do. Another RYS stack won't hurt when you invert the business name like they did and push relevancy up to them. You know how to do it, man. Just reach to us and we'll take care of it, man.

Bradley: In fact, I think I misread. I just assumed because I saw the 2-pack in Wayne's comment here. This is not the same questions as what Wayne posted in via MasterClass so I apologize Wayne, I didn't read that.

Hernan: [crosstalk 00:29:29] 2-pack, yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, yeah because this is what Wayne said, he had asked if I knew about how to knock out spammer competitors in the niche by doing spam reporting to Google and I said actually I've never done that, not even once. I was always worried that bitch karma would catch up to me if I did and he says, “Well, it's not like you're doing something wrong.” No, I totally understand and I just want to clarify that that's not what Wayne was posting here, that was my mistake because I didn't actually read the question but just as a point, some reference, point of reference that this is what I was talking about, was this thread here.

Wayne, just for your sake. I know, it's not that you're doing something wrong for reporting spam, I just don't do it because I feel like I have spammed the web plenty. I don't want people reporting me so I just don't do it. That's all, that's all I'm saying. Again, to each their own. I'm not knocking anybody that wants to do it, I'm just telling you what my stance is on it. Now, we can get to Wayne's question properly.

IFTTT & RYS Academy To Rank A Business In Google Maps Three Packs

“I have a client that was in 2-pack with two businesses, two different names and phone numbers but same address. Since the recent G Algo changes to 3-pack, they were in for their city disappeared. The minor business of the two now seems to show up in the single pack listing called The Knowledge Panel. It shows only one business played to the right side versus a 3-pack.” Yes, I've seen that recently too a lot Wayne. It's probably not going to remain that way. It's probably temporary just so you know because I've seen that as well and then, the 3-pack will come back. I've seen a lot of shifting like that especially in the last couple of weeks.

“The main business now does not show in any 3-packs even for other surrounding cities but the major business listing does show in the other organic listings, just not the 3-pack. Question is what should we do for them using IFTTT? We actually had accomplished this without the IFTTT and was just starting IFTTT strategy when this happened or should we do an IFTTT first and then do RYS? My concern is showing too much activity in drawing attention. Sorry for the long worded question, appreciate the input.”

It's funny, it says show less like he typed it in. All right, so first of all, I highly recommend starting off … This is going probably shock some people but since you have RYS, Wayne and you know about the process … Even people that don't have RYS Academy which would be a good time for you to drop a link, Adam, if anybody wants to go through, we have a webinar series that's free, guys, that you can register for that goes through a lot of the stuff that RYS Academy, we teach inside of RYS Academy.

This Stuff Works

If Adam drops the link you guys, I highly recommend you go register. It's just a webinar series. You can register for it and just go through the webinars, they're all free. Of course, there is an offer at the end but you can go through the webinars and you'll learn some stuff. Since Wayne has that, I would recommend doing RYS for any sort of local stuff when you're trying to rank maps. RYS just crushes it. I would suggest starting with that but if you have an IFTTT network, I would still connect the local pages, both of them, to the IFTTT set of networks for syndication points and start blogging. The activity on those pages often helps those local listings to rank.

Now, keep in mind though what I'm saying, Wayne, is I've seen … Even for some of my own clients in some of my own lead gen stuff right now, a lot of shifting in the maps. Seeing what you're seeing. I'm seeing the 3-packs disappear and it just shows one knowledge graph listing on the right side which sucks, that really sucks and I'm also seeing my maps listings disappear from the 3-pack and then when you click the show more listings or show more whatever at the bottom of the 3-pack, it's not even showing in what's available. What I'm saying is I've got stuff that's been ranked in any one of the three positions in the 3-pack, A, B, or C that all of a sudden disappear and then, they don't even show up in the show more results.

What's interesting is the show more results where sometimes it used to have three different pages, now only have one page with only partial results. In other words, like the three pages might have had 34 listings and now, it only shows seven listings in the show more results part and there's no option to go to another page and my listing … I've seen it recently and I'm pretty sure that this has to do with the changes that Google is making to both Google Plus which affects Maps but also because they're going to be implementing, they're rolling it out already as we speak, paid maps listings. It's pay-per-click for maps listings. That's, in part, I think why we're seeing so much volatility in the whole Maps algorithm.

First of all, the Google Plus changes which is quite significant to the whole search engine, the whole search algorithm as a whole. Google Plus was ingrained so deeply into the Google Search and it looks like they're pulling it back out to some degree so that is having a big effect on it. Then also, I know for a fact that Google is rolling out paid search listings in Maps and in the 3-pack and because of that, I think, that's also causing a lot of weird stuff to happen to the maps listings right now.

Really, what I've told my clients is that they're just going to have to be patient. This is the problem with relying so heavily on one source of traffic, you know what I mean? That's part of the reason why I'm suggesting to all my clients to AdWords now and AdWords for video and eventually, I'll get them to doing Facebook Ads maybe or I'll just hire Hernan to do it. My point is relying on just that one source of traffic, and I'm not saying you are right now, I'm just saying that that's what I'm telling my clients is that basically, you're just going to have to be patient. Until Google is done with the roll outs, there's not a whole lot that we can do. Go ahead.

Marco: I'd like to just respond to his drawing Google's attention comment. When you do an RYS, you want to draw Google's attention. You don't want to draw Google's attention by triggering a Panda, Penguin and by triggering the sandbox during the Google [inaudible 00:35:52]. With RYS, you do want to trigger Google seeing you, seeing that seat side or seat set that you've created inside RYS Academy. That's the whole purpose of that. The Google tickle, Wayne. You know the Google tickle, man.

Bradley: He knows.

Marco: That's the point, you go and you trigger that, you do everything that you're supposed to do so that you draw attention to your listing the right way instead of drawing attention of the [inaudible 00:36:21] that you don't want any part of but it's entirely okay to draw Google's attention the right way.

Bradley: You got to tickle the G-spot, the Google spot. That's how it works.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:36:33].

Bradley: That's how you get results, guys. Ticket that G-spot. Google loves it. All right, “Through the IFTTT training, I was able to rank a live stream video from OBS to Youtube and rank number eight in the world for a big keyword with about 2,500 searches per month,” +1 that. “I just built out a Youtube channel, completely added five networks and blasted a few videos and of course, titled everything correctly. Thanks, guys.” Great results, Greg. Thank you for sharing, appreciate that man. Congratulations by the way.

Linking PBN Links With RYS Stack

[Mesur 00:37:06] says, “I have a few strong PBN links to use for my RYS stack. Is it best to link to the folder or to the My Map or maybe different properties in the stack? Have them all Spider'ed to pass the the juice around but was curious if you had any testing showing a best practice. Also when linking to the stack, do you link to the or the full naked URL? Thanks.”

This Stuff Works

It really doesn't matter if you have everything Spider'ed anyways. I'll let Marco comment on it but I mean, really if you have everything internally linked properly, it's really not going to matter although I know we've tested running links directly to the My Maps, it's pretty powerful but the same thing goes with even with presentations. Like I've had really good success using Google presentations and ranking those but also using them to embed links within the presentations slides and then just blasting the hell out of those. I don't think it really matters but Marco, can you comment on that?

Marco: No, it doesn't matter. I've seen people have success with all of the above with trying different things but yeah, my map is special, we all know that. I'm not going to get too deep into that but since we do all of the things that we do to it, then it's really special, so is the spreadsheet by the way, if you want to spread the love because everything will be in your spreadsheet. If you push juice into that, it's just going to push out everywhere that connected within that spreadsheet. Really, it's a spider web silo. That's the way to think about it so you'll be spreading the love everywhere anyway.

Changes in Rankings For Sites Snack Pack

Bradley: Yeah. As far as the or the full naked URL, again, it doesn't really matter. It's just a redirect and since it's all Google properties, I doubt there's much loss if any because it's all under the Google umbrella so it really doesn't matter. We just switch up the links for diversity's sake. That's all. Dean says, “Don't answer this if you've got no time because I've already posted a question. In sites, Snack Pack was third and then second after geo tagging images on a Snack Pack page and adding content, then did some embeds. It seems there was a Google update first week in September shown by [Mastertools 00:39:19]. Now, Snack Pack is fourth or fifth and gone for certain keywords. Any activity in this area with you guys? Thanks, peeps.”

Yeah, Dean. Refer to my answer to Wayne that I just gave to Wayne because that's what I'm seeing guys. A lot of volatility maps right now and I've been doing this long enough to know there's really not a whole lot we can do right now until the dust settles and that's just the nature of Google's algorithm. I mean, you can start … Dean, I'm not picking on you. I'm just saying for everybody else here that when this kind of stuff happens, you can jump through hoops trying to figure out what it is that's going on and trying to fix it but a lot of the times, it's just the algo. It's like freaking out and it's like a ripple effect, like when you drop a rock in a little pond, it creates ripples. Well, they make a change and it's just this ripple effect that's going through.

Until everything kind of settles and calms down, there's not a whole lot that we can do. I usually give it a few weeks because a lot of the times, there's collateral damage that Google didn't intend in almost every time they make an algo changes. Any sort of significant update, this happens and then what happens is they allow it to cause all this collateral damage for a few weeks until they fine tune it and then, they kind of dial it back a little bit and things will start to come back, like a lot of the times, listings if they were optimized properly which so far, our methods have consistently always come back.

We always try to do what we think is going to provide longevity, not short-term loophole ranking fixes. I mean we use those too, don't get me wrong but for the most part, we try to protect our money sites. You guys know the way we always talk about using IFTTT as SEO firewall and all that kind of stuff, we always try to do things to make sure that our properties will survive the updates although you will see some dancing and movement during algo updates. Pretty much 90% of the time whenever the algo update has settled and the dust settles, everything calms down, our listings come back to the same location that they were or even stronger. That's why I don't even sweat it anymore.

Like I get clients who call me and complain and I'm just telling them, “Guys, this is the nature of Google. Sometimes, we just got to wait 'till the dust settles, see what happens. If there's significant drop even after everything is kind of settled down or calmed down, then I'll go in and figure out what it is and we'll fix it but until then, there's not really a whole lot you can do because you could literally be chasing your own tail running around in circles, trying to fix something that really you have no control over.” That will send up that red flag that Marco talks about and you can actually sandbox your site.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Yeah, this is a really good example because he says it was third then second and then, he went and geo tagged images on the Snack Pack page and added content and then, he did some embeds and then, wham. It might not have been the update, it might have been that you triggered the Google dance and that you dropped to see what you were going to do next. If you did anything while it was dancing, then you sandbox yourself. You could be sandboxed up to 70 days or permanently depending on how you did while it was dancing. The best thing to do when this happens, especially when it went to third to second, is leave it alone. Especially when it went to fourth and fifth, leave it alone. You leave it alone for 21 days and see what happens. After 21 days, you take a look and see where it is, then you can do something but if you hit it while it's moving up, down, left, back, whatever, you're in trouble. Go read my blog post, The Google Dance Explained. It's really simple to figure out because Google tells you exactly what happens.

Keeping Test Accounts Alive In Video Marketing Blitz

Bradley: Yeah. Okay, Jays says, “Hi, just a follow question regarding Video Marketing Blitz. What is the best practice in your opinion to keep the testing accounts alive. I had 10 accounts and only tested 50 keywords, five videos in each account, once and seven of them got suspended. All accounts had individual private proxies and Firefox profiles, Google Plus accounts and some natural activity and I made sure WebRTC was disabled.”Well Jay, I can tell you that there was a footprint left somewhere.

I don't know if you've created accounts or if you had purchased them but there was a footprint left somewhere for that to have happened with only five videos for each account and you had seven out of 10 deleted. The reason I know that is because I've had issues with some phone verified account providers where they deliver my accounts and I go in and setup … Like for example, specifically with Video Marketing Blitz, the provider that was posted inside of the Video Marketing Blitz software.

There was a provider for buying phone verified Youtube accounts and there was also an option to purchase them with the API credentials and I purchased them and I purchased 50 of them and 37 of them got terminated within 24 hours. The guy, he and I have argued back and forth because he got … Long story short is I'll never buy another damn thing from that dude ever and I can't recommend him to anybody either. What I'm saying is then I went to the guy that I recommended, MetroBiz or whatever and I purchased 100 phone verified Youtube accounts without API credentials and then I had my VA create the API credentials and we had 60 dedicated proxies.

We only setup 60 of the accounts and all of those accounts are still alive and well. Some of the accounts that I setup that I've done heavy testing on … For example, I've got 10 test accounts and if you remember the first VMB bonus webinar that we did, I showed some results and I had been doing testing and I was loading as many as 15 videos per account per day which I don't recommend guys but I was trying to get enough data for that first … I was under a time crunch for that first webinar. I was trying to generate enough data for that first webinar so I even broke my own rule and started spamming the hell out of those test accounts and they are all still alive. I did like 800 and some odd videos over the course of seven days to those accounts.

It's ridiculous and all of those accounts are still alive. There is a footprint left somewhere, Jay. I'm not sure where it was. It could have been from the provider. If it was MetroBiz, I can't imagine that's the case because I've never had an issue with his accounts but maybe it was somewhere in your process of setting it up. Guys, I can't recommend this enough. This is where Browseo comes in. Browseo is specifically developed to solve these footprint issues and when you're dealing with multiple accounts, multiple proxies, I'm telling that Simon and Browseo has … They've basically hacked the browsers to make sure there's no footprints whatsoever. They're custom Firefox and Chrome browsers inside of Browseo. It's just incredibly powerful, guys.

This Stuff Works

It's the Swiss Army Knife of SEO tools and you should absolutely be using it if you're going to be doing a whole bunch of stuff like this. I would highly recommend that you go check out the Browseo webinar that we did with Simon if you're going to be doing a lot of this because that's going to solve some problems there. Everything that we've setup for Video Marketing Blitz has been through the Browseo browsers and we haven't had any of our accounts terminated yet except for the batch that I bought from the provider recommended inside of Video Marketing Blitz and that was a footprint issue on his part. Anyway, we only got time for about another one or two questions guys because Adam's already on at me in Slack.

Let's see, SpyFu does do that. Okay, cool Glenn. Thank you. SpyFu … Okay and SEMRush, that's a +1. What else? Everyone should sign up as … “Bradley, everyone should sign up as a Google Local Guide.” Yes, Wayne is correct guys. You'll see the Google Local Guide come up on your mobile device where Google will ask you to review locations whenever you go places and stuff like that, Google will prompt you to answer questions about the location and all that kind of stuff. It's kind of fun actually. I look forward to that when it shows up.

Yeah, you should absolutely do that and try to work on … Even when you go to places and Google doesn't prompt you, just go to Maps on your phone, Google Maps and then hit the location button and it will pull up, it will prompt you then especially if you're signed up as a local guide and it will start asking you questions about the location. That's certainly going to help that along with Map Maker. It's very, very powerful indeed because you can build up your profile to be a trusted Google editor essentially.

Adam: Yeah, it's fun too seeing some of the insane impression some of that stuff gets. Like I add pictures and stuff and I was like, “Picture of sub shop.” It's got 50,000 impressions. That's pretty awesome.

Bradley: I took a picture of my daughter eating a big stack of pancakes at Bob Evans when we were traveling earlier this summer and that thing got something like 30,000 something views. It was ridiculous. Like I don't even know how Bob Evans is so popular that they'd get that many views. All right. Let's see, video seemed to be taking a backseat with search. What is your take on this water damage niche? Got hit hard.” Yeah [Pete 00:48:54], it just depends man. I mean, there are certain keywords that … Especially broader type keywords that just are almost damn near impossible to write videos for. That's why I'll typically go for several longer tail keywords instead.

I know sometimes clients don't like that but it is what it is. I understand that there are just some keywords that are just an absolute beast to try to rank for with videos. They're just not worth it and there's not really a whole lot you can do. All you can do is test. Each keyword is different. You can test but what I do is if I've spent 30 days working on trying to rank a video to page one and I don't get it to page one in 30 days? I typically abandon like that particular keyword and I will start working on other keywords. Most of the time before I ever start, I've already got an idea of which keywords I'm going actually go for because they're going to be easier to rank for anyway.

It's like I usually always do a poke test on a batch of keywords first and then determine which ones I know are going to be easier to rank and then those are the ones that will be my fall backs if the primary keyword I'm unable to rank in 30 days. I usually don't spend more than 30 days trying to rank a video, guys. If it doesn't rank in 30 days, then I give up and move on to something else. It's not because it's too hard and I don't want to put up the work but to be honest with you, it's not worth it. What is it, the risk versus reward type thing? It's not worth it like to spend that much time and energy to rank one video. Like it's just not worth it for me.

I'd rather go ahead and rank three or four videos for the same price for somebody else with [inaudible 00:50:25]. Some people would absolutely deny that. They'll say, “Unacceptable. I want this keyword and this keyword.” “Okay Mr. Customer, I can't help you then,” or I'll say stuff like, “Let's setup some PPC campaigns.” That's my fall back now really is just going straight to AdWords stuff, man, because there's just so much … It's traffic on demand. Okay let's see, for your recommended provider, sure, I'll be happy to. This guys loves it when I do this too by the way because he…

This Stuff Works

Adam: Real quick while you're doing that, I want to say anybody who's trying to get into the Facebook groups and who is a member of IFTTT SEO Academy v2, please log-in to the training area and there's instructions on how to do that there. You can't just go to the Facebook group and request access, you won't get approved. Make sure you go into the training area, follow those instructions, Hernan recorded a video for you and I typed out like step-by-step, it'll take you two minutes. Just make sure you do that.

Bradley: This dude loves it when I … It was funny because I didn't even know this guy, guys. This guy, I didn't even know him, I just found it in Google and posted it inside the IFTTT SEO Academy and I even said in the training videos, “I haven't used this guy yet but I'm going to.” Anyways, I just want to let you guys know it's funny because I ended up getting contacted on Skype by this dude and he was just like, “Holy crap! We've had so many orders come through,” and apparently, they're all coming from IFTTT SEO Academy. “What made you select me?” and I was just like, “Luck of the draw, buddy.” He ended up being a very good provider. He's the one I use for all our phone verified accounts now. All right, guys, that's it. We're going to wrap it up.

Marco: I just wanted to mention Rico Suave, his testimonial, finally got his lead gen site up and following our advice. He's number one in G Maps in one day.

Bradley: Nice.

Adam: That's pretty cool.

Bradley: “Hi, guys. Finally I had my lead gen site operational and it's setup with all of the advices from you guys, IFTTT silo. Wish me good luck. Already number one on G Maps in one day.” Fantastic. Awesome.

Hernan: Nice.

Bradley: Kick ass dude. All right, guys. We'll see those of you that are in IFTTT SEO Academy, the update webinar starts in about five minutes. Everyone else, we'll see you guys next week. Thanks for being here.

Adam: See you everybody.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

Bradley: Bye.

This Stuff Works

Adding Multiple URLs in RSS Feeds

By April

In the 55th episode of Hump Day Hangout, a question about adding multiple URLs in RSS feeds was raised.

The exact question was:

Would there be a easy way to put like 100 links into a RSS feed? Also how do you make a Twitter RSS feed? I used the google scripts and made one but from there I can not put it into IFTTT?

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 49

By Semantic Mastery


Click on the video above to watch Episode 49 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Hey everybody, welcome to this week's Hump Day Hangout. This is episode 49 and today is the 7th of October, so we're rolling into October. We're getting close to episode 52, but more on that later. How's it going Chris?

Chris: Hey, how you doing?

Adam: Good, good. Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hi everyone it's good to be here.

Adam: Sorry guys. You just made my day, I don't know that's almost as good as [Wayne's 00:00:32]. All right, hey Marco, how's it going?

Marco: I don't know yet.

Adam: Last but not least Bradley how you doing?

Bradley: What's up guys?

Adam: Man, we've got a few announcements to go over, hopefully Hernan has got his voice cleared up so he can do some more talking.

Hernan: Yeah, I am, sorry.

Adam: Just some real quick announcements then we'll get into the fun stuff. Our link building services that we were talking about last week we mentioned we were trying to get that back online we're going to be opening up very shortly. If you're on the waiting list we'll be getting to you and you'll be opening up and probably just taking I think about a hundred orders. It depends, we've got to take a look at it here shortly, but we'll be sending out some more information on that.

Let's see, we have the RYS contest. Before we get to that I just want to say when we get to episode 52 we decided we're also going to do some contest with that. Part of that is going to be for only live attendees. If you're watching later in the week or something, episode 52 is going to be one you definitely want to be there. We did do the drawings for the RYS contest. If I full this up it looks like we had Steven at is the winner of the RYS. He's getting free access to RYS academy, he's getting … Well done. [crosstalk 00:01:58]. Good job. What's that?

… Keep Reading

YouTube Syndication Problems And Solution With RSS

By Semantic Mastery


During Episode 48 of our weekly Hump Day Hangout SEO Q&A Webinars, a viewer had a question about YouTube and RSS syndication issues.

Syndicating via YouTube is a very powerful addition to a website for any reason: local business, bloggers, affiliates, and more. As with any platform, changes made to the feed outputs can wreak havoc on syndication strategies. However, there is a good solution for this, and additional information was given specific to FeedBlitz.

The specific question was:

I am having some trouble with the new YouTube channel RSS url working in Feedblitz. They are saying that the RSS feed created using is not valid?

For reference on this question see our Knowledge Base post here that explains the updated YouTube RSS URLs:


Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 46

By Semantic Mastery


Click on the video above to watch Episode 46 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at



Adam: Welcome to your HumpDay Hangouts. Today is the 16th of September. This is episode 46, so we're rolling right on towards 52 straight episodes here. We're going to keep our finger crossed. Everybody stays healthy and be able to make this so we can hit our year mark. Let's see. Almost everybody; Chris is not with us. He's out. I believe he's doing a marketing conference, but we do have Hernan, Marco, and Bradley. How's it going, guys.

Hernan: Hey, everyone. It's good to be here.

Marco: Hey, everybody. What's up?

Bradley: Hey, guys. It's me, Bradley. Adam, your video or camera is not working today. What's up with that?

Adam: Really?

Bradley: Yeah, it's just a black screen.

Adam: It's just awesome new webcam I got, I guess.

Bradley: I think it's probably operator error. It's most likely.

Male: That's too bad.

Bradley: Now I can see at least your image. That's better than nothing. Okay, guys. We don't have really any announcements other than, like Adam said, we're 6 weeks away from 52 weeks, which is our 1-year anniversary. We haven't missed a single week yet, so knock on wood, we'll make it another 6 weeks. If we do, we're going to be doing something special. We're gonna leave it at that, so just count on for our 1-year anniversary. We're going to be doing something special so, guys, be on the lookout for some more announcements as we get [closer 00:01:34] to it. There is Adam. Adam, say hi.

Adam: How's it going? Sorry about that. That was maybe user error but we'll never know.

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Yahoo Pipes Alternatives – Service Ending Soon

By Semantic Mastery



It was announced a little while back, but in case you missed it – Yahoo Pipes will be shutting down, beginning with stopping the ability to create new Pipes in late August, and completely shutting down the service in September:

pipes closing picture


This service was a great way to aggregate information in many ways and we were avid fans of the ability to combine RSS feeds that could then be syndicated for various uses.

However, this wasn't all that Pipes could do:

  • Parse XML
  • Parse HTML
  • Output CSV

These are just a few of the cool things that Pipes could do, but with the coming shutdown of the service, we need to look for alternatives.

Luckily, for those of us who are interested in continuing to use RSS feeds for SEO purposes, whether it's content review, content curation, RSS aggregation, or something else entirely, there are many services out there that you can use.

Alternatives to Yahoo Pipes

Here is a list of sites and services that you should check out as Yahoo Pipes replacements – some offer different specifics, but all of them will help you with your quest for a Yahoo Pipes RSS replacement!


Powerful RSS and Pipes Alternative

We also recently talked to Lisa Allen about RSS Authority Sniper and how you can use it with RankFeedr to do some incredible things like make your own RSS feeds with any content, mix with authority content, get full YouTube RSS feeds, and more.

In fact, you can watch the entire webinar where we talked about co-citations, RSS uses, and more with Lisa right here:

Do you have a favorite replacement for aggregating RSS feeds? Let us know about it!