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Yahoo Pipes Alternatives – Service Ending Soon

    It was announced a little while back, but in case you missed it – Yahoo Pipes will be shutting down, beginning with stopping the ability to create new Pipes in late August, and completely shutting down the service in September:   This service was a great way to aggregate information in many ways and we were avid fans of the ability to combine RSS feeds that could then be syndicated for various uses. However, this wasn’t all that Pipes could do: Parse XML Parse HTML Output CSV These are just a few of the cool things that Pipes ... Read more

Update PBNs and Blogs With Curated Content

Download the Resources of the post here: 1:40 Hungry Feed Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/hungryfeed/ 3:45 Feed types: http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?author=CHANNEL-NAME-HERE&start-index=1&max-results=50&orderby=published&v=2 3:50 YT RSS Query: http://www.youtube.com/rss/search/KEYWORD-HERE.rss 4:46 Yahoo Search Query: http://news.search.yahoo.com/rss?p=KEYWORD-HERE 7:20 RSS Widgets: http://news.google.com/news?output=rss&q=KEYWORD-HERE If you are interested in finding out more about Content Curation and are interested in creating high quality content, hiring GOOD VA’s, and what other tools are available, then you should check out our recent Curation Mastery Course. If you like the content, SHARE IT!

Autopilot Fresh Content for PBNs and Money Sites

  Want the RSS feeds mentioned in the video? Unlock them below and get started right now! [sociallocker]Thanks for sharing! Download all the resources by clicking here![/sociallocker]