Is It Ok To Use A Drive Stack In The Same Drive Account That’s Running The Network For A Branded IFTTT Property?

By April

In the 121th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it's okay to use one Google account containing a drive stack that runs a branded IFTTT network of a client.

The exact question was:

1. I have a branded ifttt network for a company, is it ok to use a drive stack in the same drive account that's running the network, But in a separate folder, as a ligitimate company would have this kept all in one drive anyway?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 121

By April

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Bradley: Okay. We're live. Hey, everybody this is Bradley Benner with Semantic Mastery. This is Hump Day Hangouts for March 1st, 2017. I believe this is episode 121. Wow. We've got Marco and Chris on right now. Adam is having some power issues, plus he's going to be muted when he joins today anyways because of construction going on in his house. You're stuck with me today guys. What's up Marco and Chris? How are you guys doing?

Marco: What's up guys?

Chris: I'm good.

Bradley: Good. Marco, I think you had a few announcements correct?

Marco: Yeah. Well, number on Video Powerhouse is live. After all this work all this time it's up. It's running. Everything is running really smooth. We had a few hiccups here and there which is why we didn't want to let everyone in all at once. We wanted to take care of all of these little issues that usually pop up. If you guys haven't been in there already, if you're on the list, if you didn't get the email or whatever, there were internet issues yesterday that were beyond our control. It's fixed for the most part. Go in there. Check it out. The power of iframes which is all of video embed is an iframe provided by YouTube. Why not take advantage of it? Along those lines I will be doing a webinar on …

I don't have the time yet, but it will be Monday March 13th. It will be open to anyone. It will be a public webinar. It'll be a especially useful for people who are in Video Powerhouse. Maps Powerhouse should be … All of the little techno things that we're tweaking should be done by then. I did a webinar last year and this is like building on that foundation. It's just explaining why it's so powerful, explaining what Google is seeing through iframes. It's just things that other people will not talk about, that other people charge thousands for dollars for also. I'm going to give it to you for free. Come in. As soon as it goes live, check it out. It's always limited. We can have 2,000 people on the webinar.

When it goes, make sure you go in and you register and you get ready for something that's going to be what I feel is some really powerful information that you can put to use right now. Another thing that I wanted to mention is as I mentioned to you guys yesterday, I'll be going in for back surgery in the next couple of months. Sitting around too long. I'm not supposed to do that. I have to go get that taken care of so I'll be away for awhile. I don't know how active I'll be. Even along those lines I don't know how much activity I'm going to be having on the internet coming up. I'm 53 years old dude. It's getting about time to put Marco out to pasture.

Bradley: She ain't what she used to be, huh?

Marco: Oh, dude no, not anymore. The body doesn't do what the mind says do anymore. Mind is still great. The body isn't so good. I'm thinking of putting a group together, a group of people where I'm just going to give them what's inside my head. I'm going to be sharing my knowledge. I don't know how it's going to be done. I'm just putting it out there. I don't know. We'll figure it out. Anyone that wants to learn what's in my head and how I do the shit that I do, how I come up with all of this crap that's inside my head, I am going to be willing to share it. Before I go on, I don't want to go with all of this stuff that I have inside my head because it'll be a waste, right? It's just a way to …

Let's get some people who really know their stuff, who want to know more and who want to just knock the shit out of Google because you know what I say man. I love saying it, but I'll keep it to myself. You know how I feel about that. I think that's what I have.

Bradley: Are we going to try to do that webinar on Monday the 13th I think you said it was?

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Marco: Yes, I don't know the time yet.

Bradley: Okay. We'll have the time and everything set up for next week Wednesday guys and we'll make sure that we post the link during next Hump Day Hangouts for people to sign up. Plus you will probably email it out and shoot it out through social media and all that kind of stuff as well.

Marco: Yeah, absolutely.

Bradley: When Marco says he's willing to give away the farm, that means be there. Clear your schedule. With that said, what other announcements do we have? Anything?

Chris: Something about the course that you can pick up if you pick up Video Powerhouse?

Bradley: Oh, yeah. There's a video prospecting or Vmail prospecting, video email prospecting course. Guys, we've talked about this on Hump Day Hangouts on several different occasions and I had an old course that I had put together years ago like literally I think back in 2012. It's five years ago. That was dated and it was for another company when I was doing branding services with two ladies for realtors. Anyways, I updated it recently for the Video Powerhouse launch and you can purchase that inside of Video Powerhouse right now at a discount. It's been updated like I said just I think two weeks ago. Yeah, two weeks ago is when I recorded it and updated it.

I think after the launch I'm actually going to go back into the course and beef it up a little bit more and even give some real world examples instead of like just being training. I'm going to do some case study essentially type training videos after the launch is over because we'll probably raise the price on that Vmail prospecting course as well. It's a really good course. We've had a lot of good comments on it already. You guys can get the free version that is dated if you go to, but again the updated version which has some new things in there that weren't in the original, that you can get through Video Powerhouse currently.

Then again once the launch is over, within the few weeks I'm probably going to go back in and add some additional training to it to show some examples of like what a prospecting video would look like and that kind of stuff. I highly recommend that you check it out because any of you that are doing client work, I know the worst part for me for client work was to initiate the conversation. I hated cold contacting. I absolutely hated cold contacting. I found a way to use video based emails to get through to the business owners in a unique way and that usually would generate or at least initiate a conversation. I would get as much as three or four out of every 10 emails that I would send out. I would get a response back from three or four of the people that I would send it to.

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I typically tend up closing about 60 to 80% of them. I would get between two to three closes out of four. If four people responded, I would get two or three people closed into some sort of job whether it was SEO or social media or an IFTTT network or whatever. I highly recommended that you check it out if you're doing client work. If you hate cold contacting which is what I hated more than anything, then that's a good course for you. Do we have anything else or can we get into questions?

Marco: Let's get to it.

Bradley: Adam is muted, but Adam showed up. Hey, Adam. All right guys. I'm going to take the screen and we've got some good questions already. Give me one moment. You guys tell me when you can hear me again. Hello? Can you guys hear me?

Marco: Yup.

Best Approach For Ranking Videos And Links In A Campaign

Bradley: There is some odd delay with this jam session room whatever when we take the screen. All right. Wayne and all his memes. Thanks, Wayne. We certainly appreciate it. Love laughing at these, but we had a question. I guess for whatever reason the comments were closed on the event page for a couple of days. Jay Mystery was wise enough to post a comment on the photo. He found a way. Where there's a will, there's a way. Here's the question from Jay. He says, “Hi, guys. I have a question about ranking videos and links. I've seen a strategy where you can create say 300 unique videos, optimize them and create a playlist. In the description of each video there is a link to the previous video and unique Google shortened link.” G+ link has 404. I don't know what you're talking about Chris.

Sorry. That should be the link. I'll click on it and see what happens. Works for me. Not sure what you're talking about Chris. Anyways, all right. “Optimize them and create a playlist and in the description of each video there is a link to the previous video and unique Google shortened link all pointing to a Google Doc. In the Doc there is one anchor text link pointing to a website. Five videos are uploaded each day until the end of the campaign. In your opinion, would this be a good strategy to increase the rankings for a website and also could this be used to point the link in the Doc to a video playlist to rank videos?” I'm going to let Marco answer that, but it sounds like a sound strategy. What do you got to say about it Marco?

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Marco: We're using something very similar to this or I've used it. If you can create 300 unique videos, good luck. It's a massive undertaking especially … If you're going to do it, make sure that you do videos that are going to convert, not just spam videos.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Make this worth your while if you're going to put in this much time, thought and energy into something. Because the real benefit is going to come from all the traffic and everything … All of the benefits are from YouTube because you're doing everything in there. The description in each video is a siloing method that we teach in the YouTube Silo Academy, isn't it?

Bradley: Yup.

Marco: I forget which one.

Bradley: That's it.

Marco: It's exactly what we teach. You put a link to the next one in the description and then yeah. Using Drive guys, that's what RYS Academy is all about. That's the foundation. That's where we do all our dirty work. You're going in there in the belly of the beast. You're protecting yourself and then you're feeding off of Google's narcism where Google of course is going to give preference to its videos, to its files and folders and to its users. They say they don't, but that's bullshit. We know they do. Whether it ends up increasing the ranking of the website, I'm not sure. You'll have to test. Maybe the pages where the videos … If you embed the videos in individual pages, if you decide to embed the … I'm not going to go there.

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I'm not going to give away everything. Of course, these become perfect spam points. These become perfect spam points back towards a video channel, video playlist and the videos themselves. This looks really, really good. Anytime you use Drive, it's a sound strategy.

Bradley: I want to agree or cosign what Marco just said about videos that convert guys. The days of just using pure spam videos for traffic generation or for conversions especially are pretty much gone. You can still spam to kind of test things, but they don't convert or the conversion rates are terrible compared to videos that are done correctly. It's because people become conditioned to not react to spam, right? To ignore spam. You got to think about typical internet users. Not us. We're marketers, right? We're so called experts. The typical internet user, they're becoming more sophisticated or more savvy. The kind of stuff that we could do three years ago and still generate good results with is not working so much anymore.

I'm not talking about like SEO tactics. They still may work just as well or better or whatever. I'm talking about what your intended goal is. Whatever your conversion goal is, unless you've got a compelling message now with a decent quality video, then a lot of the times people are going to ignore that shit and go right to the next video. The next link in mind which could be a video, another Google listing, whatever, my point is is a lot of people will immediately ignore spam. Now of course, that's not always the case. It's a lot more common now for that to happen. I take the time now to really make sure that I work on creating videos that are much higher quality.

In fact, we've got a Masterclass webinar following today, the Hump Day Hangouts, to make up for last week since we didn't have Masterclass last week. Adam and I were in Dallas for the Click Funnels event. I'm doing a YouTube case study. That's what I'm going to be showing today and announcing that. I'm creating and it's using the YouTube silo method and SERP Space in Video Powerhouse. It's pretty much the two primary methods I'm going to be using for ranking these videos in this case study. Every single one of the videos in the silos that I'm creating are going to be like high production value videos. In other words, videos that I've actually … They're not spam. It's not like taking one video and just changing the file type.

I'm actually recording different videos for all these different keywords in the silo that I'm building out. Yes, it takes more time, but my point is I would rather do it right the first time and have it not only get the videos ranked, but have them convert so that my work is done unless you're doing it specifically for testing purpose. I'm not even testing this niche because it's a niche that I'm in already for one of my projects that I'm working on. I'm not even testing it. I'm just going out and it's pretty competitive for some of the … I mean it's very competitive for some of the keywords I'm going after, but that's why I'm using the silo method.

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I'm recording all these good videos and it's going to take me several weeks to complete this project because everyone of those videos are going to be genuine videos, like original unique videos. Not just like file type or encoding unique, I'm talking about like a new script for every video. That kind of stuff. It's going to take a lot of time, but it's going to … Provided that I can rank it which I'm quite sure … Rank many of the keywords which I'm quite sure that I can. They should convert well. They should produce a lot of traffic to the project that I'm pursuing right now. My point is guys, take your time. Go through.

If you want to test with spam, that's great. Do it, because then you can identify the low hanging fruit that you can rank for quickly and easily, but then go out and create or have videos created that are going to convert with a more compelling message and also just aren't spammy, right? Then go back and target those keywords that you've already identified through testing. That's my point is that you'll get a lot more … I don't like rework and I don't know who does. I guess the [inaudible 00:16:11] guys do, but I particularly don't like to do stuff just to find out that they're not converting and I have to redo it or that I get my channel terminated because it was spam. Does that make sense? All right. Cool. That was a great question Jay and thanks for helping Marco.

First Page Domination Technique

We're going to move on to the next one. Scott's up. This is his question. “There was a first page domination technique where you point lots of GSA links to a high domain authority social media property like Facebook or FourSquare, et cetera, to rank for a targeted keyword. Does this technique still work? If no, what can I do to achieve this result? Thanks, Scott.” Well, Scott, I mean it depends. Sometimes you can still do that. It's not as easy as it used to be. Two, three years ago yeah, you could do that. I mean it was like clockwork. You could just take a high domain authority.

It varies by the way guys for keywords. What I would suggest that you do is whatever kind of keyword it is that you're trying to rank for is go search in Google for that keyword and related or very, very similar, closely related, what Google would call close variants, and just do a survey of the top two pages. Page one and two of Google results and take a look and see what kind of Web 2 or citation type properties are ranking. You should see a few of them that are common across all the search terms that you're looking at, right? Those are going to be the ones that you're going to have the best or most likely be able to rank using a method like that.

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Now I haven't done any pure spam ranking on anything like that in probably a year or a year and a half, so I'm not 100% sure if that still works. I can assume that it doesn't work as well as it used to, but I guess … Marco, you've been testing with a lot of different link types right now. What are your experience with that right now?

Marco: Let's see. Just last week we hammered something with a million GSA links. Just a couple. It shot it to number one. We're talking about a very competitive term in a very competitive niche in a metropolitan area with … I think it's over a million people in that area. I'm not going to say where because I don't want anyone going out looking and trying to reverse engineering what I'm doing and then taking credit for it. I have a master chemist. I have the mad doctor Gary Kerwin and then I have someone else that's just an awesome spammer. We're all getting together Wednesdays and Saturdays and this is why my back is the way it is because I'm spending just way too much time in the lab trying to just mess with Google, but it works if you set it up the right way.

Bradley: That was my question. That was kind of what I was getting at. Now I know what we're doing with Google properties, but what about other Web 2 properties? Have you tested any of those recently?

Marco: Yes, we are. In fact, we're in many where you get a no follow link by default. Well, we can get do follow links out of them. That's coming guys. I told you. I'm in the lab. Look for it August of this year. The way that I'm going to celebrate the two year anniversary of the original release of RYS Academy is by coming up with something better if that's possible. I went in the lab with that in mind, making something better than RYS which is by far the best ranking course there is right now. You can go in. If you go in and you follow the trending to the letter and you apply it, you will rank period. Anyone who doesn't feel like putting in the time, don't bother giving me your money.

I'll gladly take your money, but then you're going to be angry that you spent all that money and didn't get results and then it turns out that you didn't what you were supposed to do.

Bradley: Yeah, like the Facebook group comments is, “I'm not getting results.” Then we go look at it and well, that's why. You didn't follow the instructions. Scott says, “Where you point lots of GSA links.” Scott, there's your answer. Yes, it works as long as lots equals 1 million or some ungodly amount of links like that. Very cool. Again I do recommend those Scott. Seriously go look at … You just listed Facebook or FourSquare. I understand those are just examples, but take a look at the keywords that you're actually … The niche that you're playing. Look in the neighborhood that you're playing in and take a look at what the properties. You should be able to determine a handful of properties that consistently appear on page one or two for close variant keywords in that particular industry.

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Using A Drive Stack In The Same Drive Account That's Running The Network For A Branded IFTTT Property

Those are going to be your best bets, okay? Martin's up. He says, “Howdy guys. First up, keep up the good work. Loving this stuff.” I'll plus one that. “A few questions if you don't mind. Number one, I have a branded IFTTT network.” Guys, I think we're going to start calling them syndication networks. If you didn't notice, we rebranded everything and there was a reason for that. I'm going to read it to cover our ass. “I have a branded syndication network for a company. Is it okay to use a Drive stack in the same account Drive account that's running the network, but in a separate folder as a legitimate company would have this kept all in one Drive anyways?” Yeah, you could. Martin, you certainly can.

Here's the only reason why I recommend against doing that because if at some point Google decides that what the nasty stuff we do with Drive is … They don't like it anymore, then they could potentially levy a penalty against the company or the account owner, right? I don't know that that's the case, but I always try to reduce my exposure or eliminate my risk all together if possible. That's why I recommend … It doesn't take a lot to set up another Gmail account. You can create the Drive stack under the new Gmail account and then add your client, the business, the company, as a page manager or Drive manager or share the Drive folders with the original Gmail account.

Then that way they can still access those Drive folders and files from their account, but it's owned by a persona account. I recommend doing that because it covers your ass. In other words, if something were to happen down the road and Google says, “Anybody that's spamming Drives or using Drive for SEO purposes or whatever is now going to get smacked or slapped or whatever,” then it wouldn't affect the actual company account. It would affect the persona account because that's the Drive folder owner if that makes sense. That's what I recommend is always try to mitigate your risk as much as possible Martin. You certainly can do it the other way, but just know that there's a risk involved there if potentially Google decides that that's going to be an issue.

Additional Personas With IFTTT Networks That Share Content From A Branded T1

All right? “Number two, can staff members for the business essentially become additional personas for their own IFTTT network that shares the content from the branded tier 1 with other content from RSS mashing? The status contribute as the tier 1 branded network when the interlink process is done.” You can Martin. That's something that you actually can do because … In my opinion it would have to be a clear association between the other tier 1 networks with the company. In other words, it would have to be listed on all of the interlink properties and such. It would have to make a clear connection to the actual company. I certainly would recommend what you mentioned you would already do, adding additional content to those persona networks.

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I say persona networks because they're not actually branded networks, but they could be real people networks. They don't have to be fake persona networks. Yeah, that makes sense. As long as there's a clear connection to the actual business entity from the branded network and if you're what I recommend as absolutely publishing additional content to that, I don't recommend publishing other content to your tier 1 branded network. We advise against that because we want to keep that as like the golden frame, right? We want all of the content on the branded network to becoming specifically and directly from the money site and the money site alone, right? You can use curated content on the money site, but it's still being published from the money site.

On any sort of like person based supplementary networks or supplemental networks, then I would absolutely have additional content because that would be logical and natural. Think about it guys. Most people don't just share content from one source over and over and over again, right? Brands do it, yes, but people don't because people generally have interest in things other than just one company. They'll share content across their social media properties from various companies, various topics for that matter. It's content from other sources. That's what I recommend that you do. You seem like you've got a good handle on things already Martin, but yes, I can say that that's a good strategy. Okay? Just keep those things in mind.

Ranking A Video Optimized For A Single Keyword Branded Term

He says, “Cheers guys. P.S. going to be using your RSS masher affiliate link just to share some love.” I'd plus one it again, but I can't. Thanks Martin. Damon's up. Damon says, “So I have a single keyword branded term for a video used to rank for. A single keyword branded term a video used … Used to rank for. For years it completely dropped off, but the video still ranks for the branded term plus location or the branded plus apartments, et cetera. I added some video SEO mojo and the two plus word terms ranked higher. Added five high authority safe links and those keywords ranked even higher. Still not ranking for the single word term.” Single word terms. I don't think I've ever even tried to do that. That's got to be tough Damon.

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“Just purchased 20 expired high DA Tumblrs and daily I'm adding either embeds or images and anchor texts for the branded phrase. I also bought 22 SERP Space links in the real estate niche. Still not ranking for the main term. For years the main term was ranking and I need to get it to rank again. I am baffled as to what happened. My next steps are update the content, hasn't been updated in years, add a hashtag and the NAP and run a press release with the NAP in it and modify the video date.” I remember Chris I think noticed that old rankings of websites of the embeds were capturing old dates and tanking the rankings. Yeah, what Damon's talking about was doctor … I thought it was Gary. Yeah, I think it was Gary that …

Dr. Gary that actually was talking about that in the Mastermind. He did some testing on that. It wasn't until he and others reembeded the video with a new embed code or change the date that the rankings resumed. Testing everything. So far no bueno. Any recommendations? Hell no. Don't do that. The channel is well aged with plenty of videos too. No, I mean it sounds like everything you got going on Damon is sound.

My first go to thing now is if I've tried every SEO trick up my sleeve and I can't get a video to rank where I want it to, then the next thing that I always do and I know you're aware of this Damon is I set up ads, YouTube ads, and start driving traffic through there especially if it's a local keyword that you're targeting because you can set the geographic radius or targeting, right? Geotargeting. You can get clicks from local IPs and that has a huge effect on local video is getting clicks from local IPs. Here's the thing, if it's local which it sounds like it is, maybe it's not, but if it is local, then usually with YouTube ads you can go really broad with your targeting as far as topical or interest targeting.

I don't even use keyword targeting. I would just use interest based targeting, right? I do that specifically because I want more clicks from local IPs. That's all I'm really caring about. I don't care if the clicks are coming from relevant traffic sources or not at that point. I'm looking for clicks from local IPs. I'll set my interest target … I generally won't even use keyword targeting. I would just set radius targeting and then use interest targeting. You can use something like afinity audience targeting, but that's really, really broad and you'll get a shit ton of clicks very, very quickly so you'd have to set your budget fairly low for that. You can get more specific with interest based targeting.

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It ends up that it's somewhat relevant traffic as well as just locally relevant, geographically relevant which should help.

Marco: I'd like to ask him a question. I'd like to ask when he says that he bought 22 SERP Space links in the real estate niche, does he mean that he went into our Video Powerhouse embed network?

Bradley: He probably bought domains. I'm not sure, but he might have bought domains.

Marco: Because nowhere in here do I see that he's even tried the embed root.

Bradley: Well, he should.

Marco: Yeah. If he does go with … Sorry. While I'm thinking about this, if he does go with the press release which I saw that it's in his plans, try a press release service that will allow you to embed a video. You might have to pay a little bit more. You could use the term that you're looking for in the press release and you can mitigate the branded anchor text with everything else that you're doing to cushion it. I don't know if that make sense. Well, besides RYS Academy of course, I don't see how if it's local and you're not doing the map and the iframe stacking and all that stuff that you can do in RYS Academy, I don't see why not.

Bradley: That's the other thing Damon. Definitely again I said after all SEO tricks were used up. That includes definitely do a Drive stack for the video too because that's very, very powerful as well. Then you've got all those Drive files that you can just hammer and just push all the juice that you want to that one video through the Google files. Cool. Let's see. I think I get you Adam.

SSL Certificates For Websites

Justin's up. “Hey, guys. Justin here. Let's get right into this shit. Justin. SSL certificates. Should I always use one of my site?” I would say now if you're building a new site, yes.

For all sites going forward, I don't recommend going back and swapping or adding SSL certificates to sites that are already existing unless you're collecting sensitive data on the site in which case it's pretty much a requirement or a necessity now. For standard just opt-in or contact forms and that kind of stuff, I don't think it's necessary. I know they've been pushing it and it's becoming more and more. I'll be honest with you. It's a real pain in the ass switching old sites over to SSL. It can cause a whole bunch of problems and I always just end hiring somebody off of Upwork to handle all that shit for me because I don't want to do it. I've tried to do in the past and it's just a nightmare. It's a headache and I don't like dealing with it.

This Stuff Works
All sites going forward guys, there is a lot of hosting providers now that will … As kind of like an incentive for you to come sign up will give you free SSL certificates. One of them that I'm using for one of the affiliate projects that I'm doing a lot of work on right now is WPX Hosting which was formerly Traffic Planet Hosting. Terry Kyle. It's his hosting service. It's more expensive than your average hosting service, but the servers are way better. He doesn't overload the IP blocks and you get free SSL certificates and at least there was a promotion. I don't know if it's still available. You get free Mac CND, content delivery network setup. Again I don't know. That was a promotion going on a couple months ago.

I don't know if that's still available, but he does offer free SSL certificates which is awesome and their support over there at WPX Hosting is amazing. Now typically I recommend using Liquid Web, but you have to have a VPS or a dedicated server. Now with Liquid Web they don't have shared hosting anymore. If you can afford it and if you're going to be doing a lot of client work, I recommend getting your own VPS because then you can charge your clients for hosting, right? You can make money off the hosting literally and have everything on a dedicated server or a VPS with your own dedicated IP and that kind of stuff. That I recommend doing if you're going to be doing a lot of it.

If you're looking just for like shared hosting and tried to keep your cost down, I still recommend going with a better host such as WPX Hosting. Again Terry Kyle's hosting solution. It's very, very good. I'm using it for one of my bigger projects that I'm working on right now and I'm really happy with their support and everything. You guys have any comments on that before I move to the second question?

Marco: No, I think that's perfect.

Best Starter Package For GSA/FCS Link Package From Serp Space If You Have Two Full 2-Tier Networks

Bradley: “Number two, If I have two full 2 tier networks, what would be the best starter packaged GSA, FCA or I guess it means FCS link package from SERP Space? I'd like to start with the smallest package, but I'm not sure which network ring or properties I submit to you guys.” I would go with a branded tier 1 network. That's always the standard operating procedure, right? That's what I would do. Once the networks are built and I get some seed content published, what I call seasoning the network, right? Two or three posts out from the money site or videos from the YouTube Channel, then I will go back and send it over to get links built.

If you're doing it all at once, like if you order the network and then … Apparently you've already got them, but if you're ordering a network and the upgrade for the link package, that's fine. What I recommend that you do is have some content ready so that when you get the delivered network, that you can go ahead and publish a few posts right away. That just helps in my opinion. I like to try to get a couple posts on the network before I have a bunch of links built to it, but again it just depends on what the timing is for you. Always start off with your branded network guys for that because that's ground zero in my opinion, right? The tier 2 networks is great if you have the money or the time or the resources to build links to the tier 2 networks.

This Stuff Works
Go ahead. I always start with just the tier 1 networks and see what kind of results I can get from that. I don't generally have my tier 2 networks like links built to them unless I need it. I always start with a branded network first, see what kind of results I can achieve. If I need addition power, then that's when I'll go back and have the links built to the second tier as well.

Protecting Yourself From SEO Clients Who Chose Not To Continue To Pay

“Number three, protecting yourself.” Guys, by the way just a reminder, we don't generally like people posting this many questions in one post guys. It's only because it's not fair to other people. We'll go ahead and run through these very quickly. “Protecting yourself from clients who chose not to continue to pay. I've read that this is unethical and some SEOs are against it.

I am not and would like a brief description of how to set it up. Let's say your client's domain is Is it easy as setting and using a redirect plugin to point to their site? All links will be built to the .info. Do you use Pretty Links WordPress plugin to accomplish this? Which plugin do you prefer for redirects? Does this have any negative SEO consequences?” I don't think it's unethical at all. I really don't. I find there's nothing unethical about it. Because first of all if you're doing client work on their domain to begin with like for example citation building, content marketing to a syndication network, all of those links are going to be built directly to the client's domain.

In my opinion, they're getting all the stuff that they're paying for. What I like to do is set up my own redirect domain for all external links that I build. What I mean is separate and apart from citations, press releases and content marketing distributed via the syndication network. All third party or external links that I would be building I like to build through my own domain because it protects me guys. Here's the thing, again if you don't … If your client decides that they need you anymore because somebody from India called them and said that they can do the same thing for $99 a month, well, first of all, good luck. Second of all, let's say that they drop you for that. You can remove the redirects and now you have a domain that at least has some inherent authority.

It's got some links built to it. Why not? It's your work, right? it's your work. You're still providing them with what they paid for as far as building links direct to their domain through the other methods that I just mentioned. For all external link stuff that you've gone out and put your hard time, your effort into finding the link placements, purchasing them, whatever, getting the links, why not have it go through your domain? That's all. It's very, very simple and I don't think it's unethical at all. What I think is unethical is when a client decides that they don't need you anymore after you've got them ranked. That's what I think is unethical. That said, yeah, you can just use a redirect plugin. It's very, very simple.

You could do a htaccess. You could also setup … If you're comfortable. I don't. Typically I end up contacting the host if I need to do a bunch of stuff in htaccess or I'll contact one of my partners that's better with that stuff like Chris P. I leaned on him a couple weeks ago for some of that stuff as well. You can do it also in cPanel. The easiest way is just set up a WordPress site on your .info domain in this case and just do a one-to-one ratio. For every page on the money site, you make a similar page on your site. In fact, what I've done in the past is clone the client's site. Then install the clone on my domain and then set up a page by page redirect. You can do that with Simple 301 Redirects. That's the plugin name. Simple 301 Redirects.

They have a bulk 301 redirect add-on. It's just an extension or a plugin add-on that you can … It's free. You can add that on in WordPress. By the way when you do Simple 301 Redirects, just search for that in the plugin repository, it will come up right next to it from your WordPress dashboard I mean. It will come up right next to it. You can click on that and then you can use a spreadsheet which makes it super simple. All you have to do is … You can go to the site map of the money site and extract all the URLs from the money site, from the site map I mean, put them in column A and then put in column B all the … Excuse me, put them column B which would be your destination URL.

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Then in column A you would put the slugs from your .info domain. It's very, very simple to do. It's pretty self-explanatory. It sounds like you know enough that you probably don't need anymore explanation than that.

Marco: If I can add something to that.

Bradley: Please.

Marco: He's new, right? I can understand where he's reluctant in negotiations. He's not that skilled. As he goes into this, he's going to have to learn to try to control the YouTube Channel. Try to rank his own videos and add the client's phone number on the YouTube so that the phone rings through to the client, but the video is yours. This way if anything happens, you just swap out the phone number to the competitor, right? Control the channel if you can. Control the phone number because you need to check what's ringing through, what's being said, what's going on especially if you're doing lead gen. It all depends on how you end up negotiating the deal.

This is where you have to become skilled also as a salesman and try to leverage your power and what you can do so that you can maintain as much control as possible. You never want to give up control to the client completely because then you're at the client's mercy.

Bradley: Yeah. Here's the other thing guys, if you happen to use your own channels to rank other people's videos which is fine and I recommend doing that, don't … If somebody contacts you and says that they or whatever. You're out prospecting and a client has a video and they want you to rank it, tell them fine. You're going to rank it on your channel. You download the video and you upload it to your channel. Your networks, your syndication networks, all the link building, everything is going to benefit your channel. If the client boxed it out or you catch any resistance from that, then say, “Fine. I'll absolutely rank your video on your YouTube Channel, but it's going to cost this much more.” Have two pricing structures.

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One which should be your normal pricing structure for requiring the video to be ranked on your channel. That way all the SEO work you do benefits your channel, right? They still get the benefit of the traffic and the rankings. Most clients don't give a shit about that, about whether it's on their channel or not. All they want is the results that it can produce. Sometimes occasionally you will get somebody that will question why you want it on your channel. By the way the answer to that is because I have a channel that I have SEO to the hill that has a lot of inherent authority and I'm able to rank videos very, very quickly.

If I have to try to rank on your channel which has little or no SEO done to it, it's going to be an enormous amount of work relative to what I've already done. It's going to be a huge amount of work. Sure, Mr. Client, Mr. Business Owner, Mrs. Business Owner, whatever, I can still do it your channel, but it's going to cost triple or whatever it is that you decide. Make it to where once you spit that number at them, they freak out and say, “Oh, no. We'll just go with your channel. We'll go with option A.” That's the way you get around it. I've never had a client say or prospect say, “Okay, nevermind. We'll go somewhere else.” Never once has that ever happened to me.

Building Subdomains Or Use Silos To Optimize A Website Locally

It's an absolute requirement to be on my channel or else I'm going to charge them double or triple what I would charge normally. All right? Guys, man, this questions a lot Justin. I'm going to try to run through very, very quickly. I'm going to keep these very short. “Just acquired my first client. Would like to be able to expand his site surrounding in a town, cities. Should I accomplish this by building on subdomains like Masterclass teaches or would this be better to silo a city service post as he is just one brand name?” That's going to be up to you Justin. I prefer the subdomain method. It is more work because you have to set you separate WordPress sites for each. I prefer that method myself. You can do it on one site.

You can use just categories and pages and posts. Basically you can silo the site out and accomplish the same thing. The reason why I like to use subdomains though is because a lot of the times we black hat our dresses. We do stuff that's not inline with the terms of service. If one of my sites were to get penalized, it only will affect the one location, the subdomain that got penalized as opposed to if you do it on the root domain and something happens, then your entire site will be penalized. You end up losing the traffic from all of those various locations. Again just like I mentioned earlier to Martin, I try to mitigate my risk as much as possible. That's why I'm willing to put in the additional work and set up separate subdomains for each location.

Link Building For Lead Gen & Client Sites

Again it's up to you how much risk tolerance do you have. That was the word I was looking for. Tolerance. “Number five, what would you do differently with client sites first lead gen of properties as far as link building? You said that you were very aggressive with lead gen sites, so what would be some of the things you do differently?” Well, with lead gen sites because they're mine, I'm not as worried. I certainly don't want to catch penalties on my lead gen sites. Like I mentioned, I hate rework, but I am certainly more aggressive. I haven't done it in awhile now, but I used to use SAPE links all the time to my own lead gen sites.

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I would run them through a 301 redirect or to a 301 redirect and then to a buffer property like one of the syndication network properties or something like that. That's all I'm saying. I will do more external link building outside of the methods that we teach for safety which is pretty much all the methods we teach are generally for long-term effect and for safety reasons. A lot of the stuff that we don't teach because it's more risky and we don't want anybody coming back and saying, “Well, you told us to do this,” no. That's why we don't talk about that stuff that much other than in Mastermind and we disclaim right off the bat that this is stuff that could get you into trouble, right? With lead gen sites, I'll do a lot of the stuff that could get me into trouble.

I still try to reduce risk as much as possible. I just use additional third party link sources if that makes sense. I'm faster. As far as link velocity, I'll increase link velocity which means I'll build links faster, that kind of stuff. I'm just more aggressive with my lead gen properties because they're mine and because if it goes down, I can build another one very, very quickly, but I don't like rework so I try to prevent that from happening. Yes, the coolest guy in coal pepper. That's funny.

Indexing An Expired Domain

Jonathan says, “I set up an expired domain over a month ago and posted some articles from …” This question, I read through this already earlier. He's having indexing issues.

Jonathan, what I would recommend doing is first of all, you can do a few things like and I mentioned this before, but if you have a Twitter account that is active, tweeting … A genuine real Twitter account or if you know somebody that does, tweeting a link will bring the bots come crawling very, very quickly. That can sometimes help things to get indexed, as well as Google Drive files, right? Put a link a Drive file. Set it to public and a lot of times that will help it to index as well. Keep in mind because you already submitted it to the search console submit URL feature, that's … A lot of the times it just … Let me explain guys. The project I'm working on for the Masterclass case study which kind of like … That's an ongoing project for me now.

Anyways, the domain that I'm using caught a manual spam action penalty over a year ago because I was spamming the hell out of it with ATM lead gadget style … Mass page generators type sites. I caught a manual spam action penalty. Cherry Domain though. When I revived this project a few months ago which became the Masterclass case study that I've been working on for the last few months, I wanted to use that domain because it was an awesome, awesome domain. I went ahead and had a whole new site built. I actually hired a third party company to build the site and everything. It had original content and all that. Then I went back to search console and submitted a reconsideration request and I got it approved.

I got it accepted, but it took like four or five weeks before it indexed which was a pain in the ass. I just did the same things that I just mentioned to you. I submitted via URL, excuse me, the URL submitter search console. I submitted the site maps. I tweeted it. Obviously I was posting content and it has a syndication network around it so that helps a lot as well. I also had a Drive stack created and that usually helps. It took like I said I think it was four or five weeks before the first link indexed at all from the site. It was really, really slow to start indexing. I just checked it yesterday and I think there's 11 or 12 index links now.

If it's a site that just for whatever reason isn't indexing, you can do the things that I said and just be a little bit patient and see what happens. If it still hasn't indexed after doing some of the things that I just mentioned and just being patient and I know you said it's been two and a half weeks, then I'm not sure what you can do there except for replace the domain which kind of sucks I know. Any comments on that Marco? We only got like five minutes left and we got a lot of questions left.

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Marco: No. No. No. No. I totally agree. Let's just push on.

Bradley: All right. Cool. Another meme from Wayne. Van says, “Hey, Bradley. I have two questions I want to ask today. What is the name of the microphone you are using?” This one is the Blue Snowball. Blue Microphones. It's the Snowball. I love them. This is the second one I've had. The only problem is occasionally the connection in the back gets loose and when it does, it will create popping sounds while you're recording audio and it sucks especially if you don't know that it's doing that until after you've recorded a one hour video or have done a webinar and then you listen to the replay and it's popping and it's like, “Oh.” That's the only, only drawback, but I really do like the mics.

Driving Traffic To Your Affiliate Link Using Youtube Ads As Affiliate Link Is Prohibited To Use As Landing Page

“How do you drive traffic to your affiliate link using YouTube ads if an affiliate link is prohibited to use as a landing page?” Set up a bridge page. Set up your own landing page Van on your own domain. Put all the Google AdWords compliance stuff that you need like an about tab, contact information, privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of service. Put all those links on there. Primarily make sure that you have the business name, the contact information right on the landing page. You can do it small at the bottom. You want to set up your own landing page that you drive traffic to. From the landing page, you can send people to an affiliate offer, but you have to be careful about that too. You have to provide value on the landing page.

It can't just be literally like a landing page and a video and affiliate link. You might be able to get away with that. In fact, you can get away with that, but AdWords campaigns will be manually reviewed from time to time. If a reviewer determines that they don't like that, then they'll suspend your site down the road. It's happened to me many, many times now. My sites get suspended all the time in AdWords guys, but it's usually something very, very small. We had a question about this. I don't remember. One of our groups. We had a question about this recently. I always recommend just calling AdWords. Every time I get a site suspended that's the first thing I do. I just call AdWords up, AdWords support and I ask them.

Can you tell me what it is because they'll send you an email, but it's so vague as to what it is that … Most of the time it's so vague that you don't know what to do to fix it. I just call and I have somebody literally talk me through it over the phone and take a look at it. Most of the times it ends up getting sent up to the higher level. Then they end up reinstating the site or they'll send me more information. Sometimes even with screenshots and say, “This needs to be corrected blah blah blah,” and I'll correct it and then I'll resubmit it for reconsideration and I always end up getting them approved again. There's only one site, funny enough,

That's the only site that I have not been able to get unsuspended from AdWords yet and that's because I was doing like a lot of like just shitty affiliate offers on that which was for testing purposes which I shouldn't have done on my own domain, like my own name domain, but I did. Anyways, yes, set up a bridge page.

Optimizing Images In Instagram & Imgur

Next, Edward says, “Bradley, should I optimize input of properties? All photos that will go into Instagram and Imgur.” Imgur I would say yeah. Instagram I have no idea. I've never done a damn thing on Instagram, Edward, so I really don't know if that makes any difference at all or not.

Essentially for optimizing you mean adding metadata and stuff like that? Typically if I'm going to be uploading image files to anywhere, I optimize the metadata. Any comments on that guys? Yeah, Adam, I saw the warning.

Marco: No, let's move on.

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Bradley: Tom says, “Hey, guys. Since there is no way to add info to the video and reupload it without changing the URL, do you suggest not ever adding a phone number directly in the video?” Tom, I recommend using a virtual phone number. I know you mentioned that that you weren't ready to do that yet, but I recommend that you do because you keep 100% control that way. Okay Adam, I see your message. However, what you could do is you could use an annotation in the video itself. That's what I would do. Honestly, I always just set up my own virtual phone number. It's only a couple bucks a month guys.

If you put in the work to rank a video and it's got a client's phone number on it and Marco said earlier the client decides that they don't want to pay you anymore, you can go in and … You're not able to swap the number if it's actually in the video itself. I'm not talking about the title or the description. You can swap that out. I'm talking about if the video is displayed in … Excuse me. The phone number is displayed in the actual video itself, right? By the way guys if that happens, if you have a phone number in a video and all of a sudden you lose that client or whatever, don't delete the video. Turn it to unlisted.

Because if you've already done a bunch of SEO work to it, you've got juice flowing into the video. If you delete that video, you just literally cut it off just like that. It's gone. All that work that you've done will not benefit your channel at all anymore because that video's no more. It's nonexistent. Don't every delete the video. Just turn it to unlisted. It will fall out of Google's index immediately and you'll still benefit from all the inbound link juice that's flowing through that video that flows back up through your silo if you're using playlist which you should be and to your channel. Anyways, that's it. If you use a virtual phone number, then all you got to do is redirect where the phone number goes. That's what I recommend.

Last part of it is you can use annotations and remembers there's end screens now and all that. You can go in and add an annotation and swap out numbers in the annotation because that's just text that you input. You can also change the end screen, edit the end screen and cards too. You can use cards too. We have to wrap up guys. I got to get ready for Masterclass in less than five minutes. Adam said that somebody was asking … I guess is it Jeff? Something about SERP Space. Guys, if there's problems with SERP Space or anything, just go to SERP Space support. Click on support in there. That's all we can do guys. They're two separate support entities. You have to go through SERP Space support for SERP Space questions or help.

Guys, thanks for being here. Sorry we couldn't get to all the questions. It was a lot. Next week we will … Tell me when you guys can hear me again. Can you guys hear me now? Hello?

Marco: Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup.

Bradley: Okay. All right. Guys, just please do me a favor, next week try not to post five questions in one post because that makes it very, very difficult for us to get to other people's questions. It's okay to post more than one question, but just break them up a little bit please. Thanks for everybody being here. We'll be seeing you in Masterclass in a few minutes if you're part of that. If not, you should be. See you all later. Thanks.

Marco: Bye everyone.

Chris: Bye guys.

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How To Use RYS To Rank Sites Without Google Verified Business Pages

By April

In episode 113 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked about how to use RYS to rank websites that do not have Google verified business pages.

The exact question was:

Hi guys
I'm back from my trip to the Philippines and have alot to catch up on.
First I want to comment on the RSS Masher. I got the program and put it into action and its working great on all of my T2 networks. I like it, and time will tell how it performs producing traffic and ranking.

My question is on RYS again, I have had the best success with the service with my clients, and now I want to use it on my own sites. I am building out “”near to me”” sites. I have one site that will pay $141 per click when I get ti ranked.
Without the Google verified business pages for each one, without NAP, ect., How can I use and incorporate RYS to help get these sites ranked?
And a follow up question is; After I get the stacks back, what can I do with the stacks to increase the rankings and visibility?

Happy New Year to everyone, This is going to be the Year!!!!

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 114

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 114 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: All right. We are live. I'm slightly confused by the new layout. I feel like I'm on the Brady Bunch or something, I don't know if everyone is seeing this. Anyways welcome to Hump Day Hangouts episode 114, we got everybody here, and we're happy to see everybody, so man, I just pick at random, I guess, I'll go backwards. Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey, guys. Hey, everyone. It's really good to be here. I have no idea how to turn on the mic, off the mic, so I apologize if I'm a bit loud, we'll get use to it.

Adam: all right. Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. You said Brady Bunch, I had to do it.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: I'm good, man. I'm excited about using the new Webinar Jam platform I hope it works well for us guys, to prevent some of the issues we've had with just flat out Hangouts before, so we're going to test it out and see what I guess after one or two Hump Day Hangout sessions, you guys will be the judge and let us know what you prefer.

Adam: Yeah. Definitely. Helpful feedback is appreciated.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: All right. Chris, how's it going?

Chris: Doing good. Finally snowy in Austria, enough to go snowboarding, so-

Adam: Nice.

Chris: We'll be off next week a couple days.

Adam: Awesome. That sounds like a good time. Speaking of not snow, Marco how are you doing?

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Marco: Hey, man. What's up?

Adam: How's the weather?

Marco: I cannot complain, man. It's about 85 today. Dip in the pool before Hump Day Hangouts it's always good.

Adam: Not bad.

Bradley: I'm going swimming before Hump Day Hangouts, that's-

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: [crosstalk 00:01:38].

Adam: Somebody's got an open mic, if you guys can check real quick, while I'm doing the announcements, and see if that goes away. Anyways.

Bradley: What's an open mic mean?

Adam: I can hear an echo. Might just be me, but since we're using a new setup. Anyways, real quick, wanted to let everybody know we've had some updates, we've had some other things going on with Outsource Kingpin, and Content Kingpin which is obviously the Mastery PR products, via kind of Semantic Mastery. On Monday, there's going to be some price increases associated with that, so we wanted to let everybody know today that you've got the opportunity if you aren't in either of those products now's a great time to go check them out. All right. There's some awesome training.

The Outsource Kingpin, if you're not using VA's you should be, I mean, I'll let everyone else expand on that, but that's the bottom line. Then, Content Kingpin is awesome. Great ways for creating really high quality content, but for a really low price. I'm going to put the links up there, if you guys want to say something more about those, I mean, that's obviously not the sales page in Word, but if you want to go in depth real quick, I'm just going to pop the links up, so people can check them out.

Marco: Yeah, man, you mentioned products, I'm surprised you didn't mention that I'm going back into the lab.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: Good one. I got to watch it, right? I'm not sure, so I'll let you guys do some talking about that.

Marco: No. We just decided that it was time to shove more, put the children away, shove more shit down Googles throat, and we've been kind of going back and forth, of course, co-creator of RYS Academy, Doctor Gary Kirwan, and then another master spammer that we got hold of, and we're getting together for the next six to seven months, or however long it takes. Just figuring out how to shove more shit down Googles throat, and making them like it. That's what we're into, that's what we're going for, and I think we're going to put RYS Academy on steroids, if not on steroids already. It's going to be, so I'm looking forward to what comes out after we're done.

Bradley: Yeah. That ones going to be a big one, because the first version is so freaking powerful still, and they're going in and adding a bunch of new shit to it already, so it's going to be incredibly powerful, I'm excited to see it. I just want to reinforce what Adam said about Outsource Kingpin, and Content Kingpin, guys, we're tripling the price on Monday, tripling it, so just so you know, there will be not be any whining, or support tickets that come in that get special privileges, unless you're a Mastermind member, but other than that it's going to be triple the price, so if you haven't got them, pick them up now, because we are not going to be selling any cheap products anymore, inexpensive products anymore. They're too damn good. It is what it is.

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With that said, I saw somebody, Jay you asked where do you submit questions ahead of time? On the thank you page, after you register there is a, and I even have a video that I recorded specifically pointing down and saying submit your question, here. You can submit a question there. I'm assuming if you have pre-questions before the next webinar, now that you're registered, you just have to register again, I don't know. We haven't tested that. I don't know if it will give you an error code if you try to preregister.

Also, on the thank you page, guys, there will be a link I point to it in the thank you page video that says that you can auto subscribe to the rest of this Hump Day Hangouts series, so that the notifications will come to you every week without you having to register every week, unless you want to submit a pre-webinar question. In which case just go through the registration process one more time, it's very simple. Okay?

With that said, the questions can be posted here in chat once they're live, and if for whatever reason that doesn't work, posting your questions through the thank you page, like for example if, and again we haven't tested it, but if Webinar Jams says no you're already registered or whatever, then we'll have to set up a Google Forum where you guys can submit questions a head of time, and we might do HD questions, or, or something like that, so that you guys can always go to a Google forum, and submit your questions. We'll test it out, again, just bare with us, we're on episode 114 now, and we've done it all 113 episodes on just Hangout platform, so I'm sure they'll be a little bit of kinks and bugs, but we'll work through it. Okay? With that said, can we get into what we got?

Adam: Yeah. Let's do this.

Bradley: Okay. I'm going to grab the screen, and we're going to look at the pre-posted questions that we did receive, and then from there we'll just jump into questions that come through chat, so let me figure out how to share a screen again. Here we go. Are you seeing it?

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay.

Chris: Yeah.

Should You Set Category Pages of An Affiliate Blog To NoIndex To Avoid Duplicate Content Issues?

Bradley: All right, so here's the questions that were submitted the first one was Mark O'Connell, he's a regular, he's the winner of today for the first question. He says, “Semantic Mastery crew, I hope all is well. I have a followup question, I asked this a while back, and what I asked was should I now index my blog category page as it has a summary of the blog posts, and I didn't want any duplicate content issues on my site, and you advised to no index it, so I did and that works well for my lead gen sites, because I don't care about ranking the blog, but I'm about to setup a affiliate site and would like the blog to rank. Should I no index it and forget about ranking my blog, or is there something that can be done? Cheers.”

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What I was saying category pages don't have to be no indexed. Unless, you only have one post in that category. Okay? Because, here's the thing. It depends on your theme, too, because a lot of the times the themes, and I think you said that it shows a summary of the blog post is what you said. Typically a category page, if your theme only shows a summary and the read more link or button, or whatever. To go expand to go to the full post, then that's not going to be duplicate content anyways, unless, again you only have one post in that category, in which case there could be a slight issue with that, but typically with a summary showing instead of the full text of the post, it's not going to create an issue. Okay?

I think, what you're mixing up, Mark, with what I was talking about was tag pages. Not necessarily category pages. Now, category pages, if you're going to be siloing out a site a lot of the times the category pages are going to be the category page URL will be redirected to the actual page URL that you setup, because remember you match slugs, when you're siloing out a site you create a page, and then you go create a category with the same slug. Then, what you can do is redirect the category page URL to the page URL, because remember even though they share the same slug, a category page is going to have, so it's going to insert category in the middle of that link. If that makes sense?

Typically with a silo site, there's really no reason, unless it's a blog style site, there's really no reason for you to leave the category pages for visitors to visit, because a lot of the times that's not, you want the top of the silo to be an actual page, and not just an index page, which is what a category page is, is an index page. Does that make sense? What I would suggest is you don't have to no index them, I think you're confusing what I was talking about for tag pages, but for category pages you're usually going to have more than one post in the category, anyway, so you shouldn't have to worry about it. It only becomes and issue if the category page shows the full text post, in which case I would no index it. Does that make sense? Anybody want to add to that?

Hernan: No. I think that was perfect.

Bradley: Okay. All right. We're going to move on. Guys, the reason why I tag pages, I recommend no indexing tag pages, unless you know what you're doing, because a lot of times people when they create a tag, for a post, they use unique keywords, or unique tags for that post. For every single post, for every single tag that you add to a post, WordPress automatically creates a tag page from that tag itself. If you have a unique tag that's only been added to one post, then that tag page that's created automatically by WordPress will be an exact duplicate of your post. Right?

The only difference is in the URL, because just like I mentioned before, a tag page is Right? Which would be their post slug, in this case. What happens is you end up with a duplicate page, if you only have one post with that tag, if that makes sense? If you have two posts, with the same tag then that's going to be a tag index page just like a blog, or a category index page, so it's going to list both posts on that tag page for that tag.

Both posts that share that tag will be shown on that tag index page, so that prevents it from being duplicate content, but you can also use canonicals, which you go into your advanced settings, go to tags and in advanced, or click on the tab, and go to advanced, especially if you're using something like Yoast, plug in WordPress SEO, by Yoast, then you can go in and actually set canonicals from unique tags back over to the post, which is something pretty ninja, because then you can build links to the tag page itself. It will be harder for competitors to trace back what it is you're doing. Okay?

It just gives you another, basically another link building point, too. All right. That's probably what you were confusing, but category pages are usually left to index. I mean, there's no reason to not index them unless you're only going to have one post in a category page, but usually your going to end up having them 301'ed to a actual page that's going to be the top of your silo, anyways. Great question, though.

Would You NoFollow Authority Sites To Keep Its Link Juice?

Next one. This one's from Chris, he says, “An on page SEO question, I'm building out an authority site, and I want to sculpt PR authority on my site, via the internal linking instructions and keep as much link use as possible. However, I also want to link out to authority sites, too. Would it be wise to now follow those links, or not? What are your thoughts?”

This Stuff Works
I always, no follow outbound links unless I'm specifically trying to push link equity somewhere. For all money sites, I usually just install a no follow external links plugin, that will automatically add the no follow and target equals blank, which means open a new tab for any external links. I usually do that, because if somebody lands on my site, if they click an external link, I don't want that to load in that same tab, because then they go off site. I'd rather open in another tab, so that even if they click over into the other tab, my site is still showing in their browser window, it's a better engagement signal for analytics, for example.

Unless you have some advanced tracking scripts through analytics that show when a cursor, or somebody is off the actual browser tab, but the universal analytics tag, the generic universal analytics tag isn't that sophisticated, you have to go in and actually add scripts and stuff to analytics in order for it to recognize that your mouse is not within the browser, or that somebodies not actually viewing that tab.

When somebody clicks on an external link, and it opens in another tab, then you're still getting under most normal analytics conditions, you're still being shown as time on site, that visitor is still being shown as time on site. Does that make sense? I just learned that in the last week, guys, because I'm brushing up, I'm actually learning a lot about analytics stuff right now, so I didn't know that before, but I still didn't want people to be taken off my site, if they clicked an external link, because they may never come back.

At least when you click a external link it opens in a new tab, and your site is still available for them in another tab, so they can always come back to the site without having to click a back button or whatever. But, to get back to your original question, should you now follow them? I do. There might be some conflicting opinions out there, I'd like to hear Marco, and Hernan's opinion as well, but I usually always no follow out bound links on money sites, unless I'm specifically trying to push equity somewhere.

This Stuff Works
Hernan: Yeah. I wanted to say real quick, I'm sorry, again about mic volume I tried to lower it, but I cannot. Sorry. Now, yeah, I don't do follow, I leave them as they are. That's just the way it is. That's just the way I do it, so I think at the end of the day, I think you'll need to test which ones give you more equity, because I understand Bradley's position of no following them to keep the links use, but I also try to keep the [inaudible 00:14:26] flowing, or keep the do not try to stop [inaudible 00:14:29], you know? That has given me good results.

At the end of the day, again, when you for example when you are embedding that tweed, when you're embedding Google Plus post, et cetera, those are usually do follow links. You know? I just want to keep that exact same logic when doing outbound links. In any case, use them, because we have proven time and time again that do follow, no follow it doesn't really matter, because we were getting good [inaudible 00:14:57] from no follow properties, social properties, so at the end of the day it's just a matter of testing, I think.

Bradley: Yeah. Before we get Marco's opinion on that, I want to explain that I totally agree with Hernan, in that don't sweat so much, like for example, when you're trying to get links, inbound links to your site, don't worry so much about them being do follow, no follow. I think there's way too much emphasis put on that now, it used to be a couple of years ago it was so much more important, but now link profiles are so heavily weighted with no follow links, because that's pretty much how most sites are going for external links.

They are doing very similar to what I'm mentioning, which is just no following all external links. It's just an automatic thing. So, because of that it's not necessarily that trying to push link juice, or link equity as it is about pushing relevancy, guys. You don't need to push PR to validate relevancy. Does that make sense? That's why I typically, and again, it's like what Hernan said, I totally agree you should test, you should test for your own specific situation. My logic behind always no following is a lot of the biggest sites do that, most sites do that, now. Where there are no follow links for any external links, number one.

Number two, I don't care about losing link juice, but I no follow them because I don't want to lose the link juice, but it's not necessarily, to me, I don't care whether I'm losing link juice or not, I just want to make sure that the link, no follow or not is linking to something that reinforces the content on the page that I'm linking from. If that makes sense? The bots are still going to crawl that link, there's just not going to pass juice through that link, but if they crawl that link, and they land on the destination page, and it reinforces the content that they just came from, that's a positive signal, regardless. Anyways, Marco, your turn, please.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. Link juice will still bleed. No matter, even if it's no follow. They tell you that it's not passing any link equity, but it will, and it will flow back, but what we do on a money site is exactly what you said, no follow everything, and then we go outside to other properties that we own to push do follow back to the money site, I mean we select places like Twitter, YouTube, and Google, of course, because it's Google to get the do follow links, that we want to power up whatever it is that we're doing, that's why we went into RYS Academy. We're going to show people how to get do follow links from Twitter. I different way than what we showed in the original Twitter SEO Academy, which it turned into Twitter SEO Academy, we can actually get a really good do follow thing out of Twitter.

Those are really powerful, because you have to remember your link profile is going to be mostly no follow. Then, you go into these powerful sites and you get a do follow, Google pays special attention. It becomes really powerful and it's within whatever it is that you're doing, that relevant, niche relevant of course, and [inaudible 00:18:14] I mean, it hits and it'll push everything up, it's unbelievable what happens when everything is sculpted right.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: When you do everything right onsite, offsite, and you get hit with a do follow. It just pushes everything up. That's how we're doing it.

What Are Some Best Practices In Keeping The Backlinks And Link Juice From An Old Site To The New One?

Bradley: Thanks, guys. Next one. Let's see. Andy, says, “Hi, all. One of my clients has a website ranking well, however we are building another new site for them, and copying their old site content and articles over. We plan to give the old articles a face lift, making sure it's optimized well, and updated with new images that are more relevant for the market today. Those sites are now live, but the old site will soon be closed. We currently link from the old site to the new one, and eventually will 301 to the old site to the new. Can you give us any tips on this kind of processing work? What's the best way to do this, and make sure that all the back links copy over, and we maximize link juice, et cetera?

This Stuff Works
I think while the old site is up, if you have both pages live on the web, like the old page, and the new page, linking from the old page to the new page really isn't the best way to do it, in my opinion. You're better of pointing a canonical to the new page, because it's the same content, it's called a cross domain canonical, and again you can do that with pretty much all of the SEO plugins, now. You just go down to the advanced section within the page editor, itself, go down to the widget area, where your SEO plugin is underneath the WYSIWYG Editor, and click on the advanced settings for whichever SEO plugin you're using, and there's typically a canonical field there, that you can paste the link to the new post. Right? The new page with the content on it on the new website. All right? Because it's the same content, and across domain canonical is how Google actually tells us how we're supposed to handle that.

Once you are done building out the new site, and you're ready to make the permanent switch, then you make the 301. Okay? What I would also do is take an inventory of inbound links to the pages and posts on the old site, take a closer look, this is what I've always done, but take a closer look at the individual pages and posts, unless it's a massive site, but I don't know whether it is or not, but most of the sites that I've dealt with aren't that big, so I'm able to go through and take a look at all the various pages of posts that have inbound links. You'll be surprised a lot of pages and posts won't have any links at all, or they might have a couple spammy links, and stuff like that, in which case I wouldn't 301.

All I'm saying is take a survey of the inbound link profile to individual pages and posts, if it's not a massive, massive site. Find, if you can identify pages, or posts that didn't, that have kind of a poorer link profile built to them or some spammy links, some links from bad neighborhoods, that kind of stuff, then I would not 301 those, I would just take the whole page down, if that makes sense? You're going to copy the content over to the new site, and you're going to have a new page URL, anyway, but then you're not pushing, the way I look at it is if you're going through this process it's a good time to try to clean up some questionable links within you inbound link profile.

This Stuff Works
Now, if you notice, here's the thing, if you notice a significant drop, you're going to see a lot of dancing anyways, because you're changing domains, it's just the way it is, but if you after some time has passed, and it should start to settle in, if you're noticing that some of the pages and posts aren't ranking as well as they used to, or whatever, and they happen to be the ones that you did not redirect, because what you deemed were spammy links, then you might want to go back and selectively start re-enabling those 301's, if that makes sense?

Again, I like to try to, if I have to go through that process, anyway, I like to take the time to try to clean up the link profile, and you might not even have that issue, but if it's an older site chances are you probably have some spammy links in that profile, that could be cleaned up. You guys want to comment on that, as well?

Hernan: I agree with you Bradley. Whatever you can do to clean that up and then wait. Give it 15 to 20 days maybe to get that going, but I think that should help.

Bradley: Very good. Jeff's up, “New member of 2.0,” so he's talking about IFTTT, and moving along, “Loving your training and taking action.” Awesome, Jeff, I would plus one you, but I cannot, which by the way, guys do you think, I just was thinking about this while I was listening to Hernan or Marco, but because this chat box is awfully small, maybe what we should do is still set up an event page, and at the start of every webinar, I'll just post the event page link, the Google event page link at the top here, as a sticky comment. Then, that way I can just pull open the browser with that window, and we can see everybody's questions, and that way Wayne can still submit memes, because I'm really going to miss those.

I don't know maybe we'll do that, like I said, this is a work in progress, guys, we're going to work out a system that works well, but what do you guys think about that, comment in the box, let me know if you think having a Google event page available for each one of the Hump Day Hangouts, so that we can see each others questions better? That might be a better way to go. Let me know what you think. We're going to keep moving.

What Are Your Insights On YEXT?

All right. Jeff says, “Any insight on Yext, good, bad or indifferent?” Okay. Yext is okay, it's expensive. It works fairly well, I'm not going to lie, I've used it. The thing that sucks about Yext is when you decide to stop paying them, they go in and basically remove all the listings that they were managing before. It's an absolute nightmare, it's like once you get on the hook with them, you're stuck. You're stuck on the hook, because if you get results, if part of the reason you rank in the maps section is because of the Yext citations that they're managing, which they manage a lot, then you go and you remove that eventually because you decide you don't want to pay them $500.00 a year, or whatever it is $350.00 a year per listing, or whatever it is.

This Stuff Works
Then, they're going to go in and basically pull all those down, it's a real pain in the ass, and it can end up really tanking your rankings, because they manage a lot of the higher end citation links. I've made that mistake, I avoided Yext for several years, and I let a salesperson from Yext talk me into testing them, so I've got a few clients in there, and a couple lead gen sites in there that I'm now stuck every single year, I got to pay that bill to Yext for each one of those sites that they manage, because otherwise my rankings can tank. It just sucks because now I'm stuck, my hands are tied. You know what I mean?

I would recommend avoiding them. There's some benefits to them, but I think overall you can still accomplish the same thing without using them, and then you're not, they're not going to pull the rug out from underneath you if you decide, if you build it up on your own, then you don't have to worry about that is what I'm saying. Hopefully, that makes sense.

“How negative is the outcome when cancelling a contract in regards to citations in any paid damage?” I just explained that. “Also it seems like some of their sites have do follow links except, especially to Facebook and Twitter, is it just worth it for a company to keep their monthly subscription or dump it? Any recommendations? Happy new year.” Yeah. Again, you know I think once your on it, you're stuck. Honestly, I've never, I tried to, attempted to pull one down, it was ranking well before, and cancelled it, and I ended up losing my rankings and there was like, I just remember it being a freaking, it's about a year and a half ago, but I just remember it being a nightmare trying to recover those citations that Yext pulled down, because it was like a lot of the directories were saying that I couldn't register that site, the business because of Yext. It was just a pain in the ass, so the way I look at it is if you're already using it, keep using it. If you're not using it, don't use it. You guys have an experience with Yext?

Hernan: No. Unfortunately I haven't Bradley, you're the citation expert, here. With that said, there's a [inaudible 00:26:21] that we start offering that service as well, so-

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: I will just tease it, but I won't say anything else, but there's a big probability that we come to an agreement with one big company, so we can start offering that to you guys as well with the quality that comes with Semantic Mastery products. You know?

Is It Safe To Blast The With SAPE Backlink?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. The next one, I'm not even going to attempt to pronounce that, let's see, “Is it safe to blast the site with safe back links?” I'm going to give you my answer, and then I'm anxious to hear the answers to the other guys, too, but I blast the shit out of any Google property with any type of link. I don't care about spamming Google links, usually I try, the first tier links to the Google property, I try to make them somewhat higher quality, but didn't throw kitchen sink spam behind that, but for, yeah, site back links my suggestion is to try to get somewhat topically, well at least categorically relevant links from [inaudible 00:27:25]. I know if you're buying links yourself from the site network, but if you're buying them from, like a black-hat forum provider, you can usually request. If you are buying them from a reseller that doesn't bulk a lot of the times you're not going to be able to specify which type of category it's coming from, but it's an effective strategy, there's no doubt. What do you guys have to say?

This Stuff Works
Marco: He's talking RYS Academy, here, and you're talking to the unrepentant spammer. I've tried [inaudible 00:27:54]. I've tried to break it, literally. Throwing anything, and everything at it, at not only the sites, but at the folders, files everything that's involved with creating that, and it's still holding. I mean, most of the stuff that we did ranks like crazy still. Anything new that we throw up, now ranks even without back linking.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I mean, it's crazy. It's crazy what's going on. The more that they try to shut things down, the more that they open up for some backdoor goodies, so that's what we're after. Every time they close door, another one opens, so we go in there, and see how much trouble we can get into. Yeah. Totally. Throw a [inaudible 00:28:38] throw the kitchen sink, if a dog gets in the way kick him in there, too.

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah. I wanted to say real quick that it's like those commercials where you see the guys, the stuntmen, and say, do not try this at home. Marco, knows his stuff, and he knows what he's doing, and we're having great results. My point is that whatever you deem worthy, I guess, the keyword here is that the same way we treat our IFTTT properties, like Google Plus, or whatever you're doing for a client, or whatever site you deem worthy, you may want to go with [inaudible 00:29:18], a tier two, maybe a tier one, and then blast them with spam whatever, but keep it safe, but then again, if you want to test with for your own projects, or whatever you do not have, we always say this, do not test on your clients website, by any means, do not test on whatever you deem worthy. Okay? That's really important. I think that's a big caveat, but yeah go to town. I mean, go to town, if you have your own projects that you want to test, or you want to just go totally full black-hat and rank, turn and burn, whatever you are trying to do, go ahead and go nuts.

Bradley: Very good.

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: Sorry. Go ahead, Marco.

Marco: I'm going to agree, and disagree with Hernan, and that you totally protect the client. You totally protect your money, but if we're doing RYS methods, it all depends on how he's building his G-site, because if he's doing a traditional site then you don't want to spam that site. You do want the next layer of protection, which he should then be building an IFTTT network around it, and spam the crap out of that, going into the Google site. The way that we do it, as you know is we stack Iframes

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: The power goes through the Iframe to the source, which is inside Google for extra protection and from there it goes out to wherever it is that we want to direct it. That's why it works so well. It's just extra layers of protection.

Bradley: That's a great point, Marco.

Marco: It's Google doing it.

Bradley: Yeah. That's a great point.

Marco: It all depends.

Bradley: Because within the site it's with the way we set them up in stacks, you're right. We don't link usually direct from the site to the money site, it's all the links to the money site are within the Iframes. That's a good point. That separates what I was saying earlier, and what Hernan was saying, is if you were building this site, the Google sites, specifically to link over to your money site, then I would still put that first tier layer of links that were higher quality and then through spam behind that.

As Marco was just saying he's a 100% correct, if you're using the drive stacking method that we do inside of the RYS training, and the RYS stacks that you can purchase, then yeah you can spam directly to the Google site because there's not a direct link to the money site, it's all going through Iframes, and that's a great point. Thanks, Marco. I forgot about that.

This Stuff Works

How Does The Video Syndication Using PBNs Work?

Okay. Next one is Justin, he says, “Hey, please go in depth on video syndication PBN's,” I thought we did this a few weeks ago, but we can do it again. Themes, domain name choices, hosting options. Domain name choices, I typically don't give a shit what the name is, because if I'm looking at domains that are themed for particular topics, that's all I care about, I don't care what the name is. Hosting opts, again, usually for, and for video syndication posts, I'm going to let Marco talk a little bit more about this, because he's heading up the Video Powerhouse builds right now, it's something that he took over, but when I was building on a lot of the video syndication sites for my own networks and stuff, I would just get domains based upon metrics. Relevancy wasn't as important a year ago for video syndication sites. I don't know what the impact is now, but I know before it was more about metrics, just like it was for buying domains for SEO. Right? Now, I believe it's going more about topical relevancy. What do you say Marco?

Marco: Yeah. We're theming everything. We want that topical relevancy. If we have a health category, we want it to be in some way related to health we don't want to add something that was carpentry in a health category. We're not even looking at metrics. We don't care of it's zero, whatever because it's third party and they have their own algorithm and they're only guessing at what is doing. From our testing we know that Google wants relevant. Right? Unique relevant content that's updated on a regular basis that's what they want. They tell us exactly what they want, so we're after that. Metrics, if we can get an [inaudible 00:33:35] domain which you cannot. Right? It's clean and it's pristine, yeah, it can be about anything, and you can change it because of the power that it has, other than that then just forget the metrics, look for it to be relevant, look for it to be on point, in your niche, and that's how we're building out Video Powerhouse, and that's how we're building out the secondary embed networks.

We have the primary embeds with roots and we're going to have IFTTT around it, and then from that we're going into the secondary, which is also going to be themed web 2.0's, so we're getting double power. We're getting everything niched, so it's just going to carry, it's going to be the best embed network out there. Period. I don't know how much more I can say, and getting back to his question, that's what you should be doing. Domain names don't matter. Hosting options, hide the footprint as much as you can.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Maintenance involved, there's tons of maintenance, because you have to keep track, they go down all the time, and you have to go in, and you have to fix it, you have to update, I mean, we have a couple of programmers that look over everything, each and every day. Right? That's how much maintenance is involved.

Bradley: For smaller networks you can, syndication networks, you can use Main WP to help you manage all that, and Main WP has extensions such as uptime monitors, and stuff like that, which can notify you when your sites go down. That is a ranking factor, so it does actually matter, to make sure you got a somewhat decent host that your sites aren't going down all the time, I know that, that can kind of suck if you're doing video syndication sites, because you don't want to spend a lot of money on hosting those, because they are just syndication sites, I get that.

You might want to think about maybe getting a better shared hosting account from somewhere like WPX hosting, which is Terry Kyle's hosting, I'm actually testing that right now, one of my newest sites I just bought a hosting package from him. Something like that, that has good managed services, and using various DNS services, third party DNS services, like CloudFlare, Amazon Root S3, and there's other ones as well. That way even if you only have one IP, with video syndication networks, I found that it's not as important to hide the footprint as it is for PBN's.

At some point that may change, though, it's likely to change. You're better off masking, or hiding as much footprint as possible, up front, so that you don't have to do it later. What I'm saying is, for smaller networks you can get away with using one hosting account, one IP. Make sure it's a decent host, though. Then, try to basically split up your sites using different DNS services. Okay? That's another way to kind of minimize your hosting cost, because on of the things that's shitty about using PBN hosts, and stuff, a lot of times those host accounts are so overrun with just shitty sites, and they slam way too many sites on those IP's that the uptime is terrible.

The pages load slow, because of the bandwidth is being hogged by the hundreds of sites on those single IP's. It's ridiculous, so a lot of the times the SEO hosting isn't good. I'd rather spend more money for a better host than try to diversify my IP's, change your SOA records, and things like that to be able to hide the footprint, if that makes sense. Okay? Again, with video stuff it's a little bit more forgiving, guys, certainly than it is for blog networks for websites. All right.

Marco: Yeah.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Sorry. Go ahead.

Marco: The way we went after building Video Powerhouse is just set it up from the get go to hide anything and everything we could, so that we wouldn't have to do it later on.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: It's just better. It's preparation. Right?

Bradley: Yeah. I agree with that, because again, even if you can get away with it now, let's say a year from now all of a sudden IP's and footprints effect even video syndication. Video ranking, as it does, and it can become a negative factor like it would for a website. Using blog networks for websites. If that's the case, then you'd have to go back through and rework all of your networks, and that's a real pain in the ass. You're better off setting it up now, the correct way.

Would The Same Image With Different File Names Result To Low Quality Signal Or Not?

All right. The next one is, “If you use a copy of the exact same image on multiple pages and use different file names, is this a low quality signal, or is this a good way to improve relevance?” No. It's a low quality signal Sky, because Google knows, Google can read that image, they're image recognition, algorithm is hell of a lot better than it used to be. Even changing the file names and stuff isn't going to be good enough, I guess if you skew the images and that kind of stuff enough, you could probably get away with it, but it's better to use unique images on every page. Just so you guys know, there's been a lot of testing done. Eric Lancheres, he does a lot of testing on stuff like this. He's done some tests, and case studies where he's proven that using original images over stock images is a ranking factor.

Even if you have a stock image with the licensing and all that kind of stuff, it's the fact that it's not unique, Google knows that image is a stock image, because it's used on other websites. Don't get me wrong, I still use stock images, today, I'm not going to always have unique images for sites, but if you have, if there's anyway you can get unique original images, that's actually a ranking factor. Using the same image on multiple pages that's kind of a negative factor, because Google can recognize that image, unless you're doing something to skew the image to make it unrecognizable. You can do something like go to TinEye and drop the file in there, and see where else it is on the web.

You guys familiar with TinEye? If not, go check it out. You can drop images in there, and it will tell you where else that image is on the web. All right. Let's go take a look at that real quick. Reverse image search, there you go, You can drag and drop an image in here, you can paste URL in here, you can do whatever you want, and it will go out and show you where that image is on the web. Where TinEye has it indexed, anyways. Okay? I recommend-

Marco: Yeah. Can you guys see me right now?

How Does RankBrain Impact The Indexing And Ranking Of Website Assets Like Articles?

Bradley: Trying to stay unique if possible. All right. Last one on this sheet, then we're going to get into what's in here, which I know we didn't get very far. It is what it is. David's up, he says, “What impact do you guys think that RankBrain is having on the indexing and ranking of website assets, such as articles, et cetera?” All right. My understanding is that RankBrain is an algorithm layer that was added. That brings Google search more further into the semantic web, because it understands more what the semantic relationships are between words and entities. More about entities than anything.

I'm going to let Marco talk about this, because I know he's the patent geek out of all of us. As far as indexing and ranking of website assets and articles, again, I don't think it's so much about indexing and ranking. It does have an effect on indexing and ranking, because RankBrain is looking to validate the entity, the publishing entity. Right? The publisher of the content, it's looking at its other relationships to other entities on the web. Who is this entity, and how does it relate, and how does it fit into this topic, this category? Is it an authority site, or is it an orphaned site? Does it have semantic relationships, or does it not? That's going to effect indexing and ranking. Marco, can you share your expertise with this?

Marco: You hit the nail on the head. Entity validation. I mean, as we go deeper and deeper into the semantic web, and we're already pretty deep in the shit, it is what it is all about. You are either a validated entity that's trusted, and authoritative, or you're somewhere in the middle, or your out there at nowhere, and nobody is paying attention to whatever it is that you're doing. You either have to become a seed site, or part of a seed set, or get as close to a seed site, or seed set as possible, so that you feed RankBrain. Right? You feed that artificial intelligence, and get the bot to see you as that validated, trusted entity that's authoritative in it's niche. I hope that makes sense.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: That's how it works.

Bradley: This graphic, right here.

Marco: That one. Exactly.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Circle of trust. You. If you're not in the circle of trust, and that's what RankBrain does. RankBrain determines whether you are here, or here. That's a funny movie. I haven't seen that in a while, The Fockers.

Marco: I'm going to tease a little bit more in that we're actually after the three pack, and the knowledge graph with RYS Academy revisited. I still don't know what we're calling it. We're still going to call it Rank Your Shit, whatever, because you can rank your shit with it. What we're after is exactly what you're showing. It's showing you how to get into that circle of trust by using Google.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I'm hoping it turns out the way that I see it turning out.

Bradley: All right. We got a few minutes to … let's see, and guys I'll go through the questions later on, and see. I heard you Marco, I don't know who wasn't hearing you, but anyways I'll go through later and see what your responses was to my question about setting up an event page for these. We'll see how that works. Adam, has anybody been paying attention to questions? Nevermind I see-

Adam: Yeah. We've been interacting a little bit.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: I just start at the bottom and work my way up.

Bradley: Okay.

Adam: [crosstalk 00:43:35] five minutes.

Marco: Greg has the first question.

Bradley: Okay. “I want to make my page,” is that the one?

Marco: Yeah, or the one below that, Wayne, I think we answered that.

Adam: Yeah. Let's do Greg's question.

Can We Add A Static Page Linking To An Authority Site To Multiple RSS Feeds In Lisa's RankFeeder?

Bradley: Okay. “I want to make a page on my site a static or sticky page,” let me see guys, I'll grab this screen. No, because it will look like that mirror, mirror thing, so nevermind. Okay. “I want to make a page on my site a static or sticky page and co-citation with one particular outside authority site in Lisa's Rank Feeder. Can we add that same page to multiple RSS feeds and have a different page from the outside authority site, to each of the different creative feeds?” Have a different page from the outside authority site to each of the different creative feeds. Yeah. Greg, of course you can. That's actually really powerful.

With Rank Feeder, okay, you guys know those of you that purchased it, if not, it's a very powerful SEO tool for creating co-citation. Yeah. Greg, you can absolutely take one post or page and make it sticky across multiple Rank Feeder feeds, and use different content sources for each feed. That if they're topically relevant, each time they, the third party content sources post new content, or publish new content the feed up dates, the bots come crawling and associates that type of content with your sticky post, your sticky page. Whatever. Yes.

That's a very, very powerful strategy, Greg, and as far as I know, I haven't tested it, but as far as I know, you could probably stack just about unlimited feeds on that, create unlimited feeds with that posted sticky and all it would do is help the relevancy. Again, I haven't tested it, I recommend that you do that, prior to implementing it to a money site, or if it's lead gen site or something that you're willing to test on, that's fine.

What Will You Expect From In-Stream Video Ads?

I wouldn't do it for a client site until you've tested it. That's a very powerful strategy, indeed. Okay. Next, Ethan, “Hey, guys. What are the expectations with In-Stream video ads? I ran a test campaign with placements that were topically relevant, although many of these placement videos didn't have intent, unfortunately the results were disappointing. I've received about 350 views, and only one phone call. My ads are,” is that what happens it just cuts it off?

Adam: I guess we're going to have to figure that out. I don't see a way to expand it, or anything.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. I think we're going to have to set up an event page for the next one, guys. That's cool, then I can lock the screen on the event page, and you guys can all see what I'm looking at as well. That's probably the way to go, guys. For next week, we'll do that, just so you know. I'll create a Google event page, and I'll post the link as a sticky link at the top of the chat box, here, so once you join the webinar you can just click on that and take us over. By the way, what I might do is create the event page like we have been, and then send an email out notifying you guys that the new event page is up prior to the webinar, so that you can post your questions early. How about that? Let's do that, because that way you guys can still post all your questions on the event page prior to the webinar. I think that's the best way to go. We'll test that for next week, guys, sorry.

Ethan, as far as In-Stream, I have really, really good results with In-Stream ads. It's not all campaigns, there's no doubt. For list building purposes, when I'm driving people from an In-Stream ad to an opt in page, I'm having incredible results with In-Stream ads. In fact, some of my In-Stream ads are actually producing cheaper cost per acquisition, or cost per conversions then a lot of the other types of ads that I'm using, which is incredible.

We have Master class starting in about 10 minutes, so we got to wrap this up in about five. We got Master class starting in 10 minutes, and we're going through a case study there where I'm doing an affiliate case study with nothing but paid traffic, and I'm getting really good results with In-Stream ads, as well. Let me go into that in granular detail on a biweekly basis. If your not in the Master class you should probably join, Ethan, for real, because if you're doing any sort of paid traffic, like I am literally net deep in that right now in the case study, and it's getting more and more advanced, and it's awesome. I'm seeing killer, killer results. Okay? Yeah.

If you structure your campaign properly guys, you should be able to get really good results, it's all about targeting though. You have to make sure, like you said that the videos may not have intent, they may be topically relevant, but you got to try to put yourself in the viewers position and what their intent is at that time. If they're just trying to gain some general knowledge about a particular topic, then they might not be in the position to take action. You know what I mean? They're unlikely to convert, because they're not at that part of the sales cycle, where they want to make a purchase decision, or a take action. Whatever your conversion goal is, you know what I mean? It's a matter of trying to figure out and target specifically the types of videos that they may be watching when their further along in that process, closer to that conversion goal, if that makes sense? You've just got to spend some more time refining your targeting, building your placement list, and maybe test some other targeting types. Okay? [crosstalk 00:48:37].

Adam: All right. I think we got to wrap it up and get ready for Master class.

Bradley: Yeah. Okay. We'll do that, and I got about five minutes, right, or no? Do I have to do it, now? Yeah. Actually because we're starting with-

Adam: Yeah. We should cut it off.

Bradley: Webinar Jam, I probably do need to cut it off. All right, guys. This was our first attempt. We appreciate everybody being patient with this. Next week, like I said, I'll set up an event page, and then I'll email it out to everybody on the list, so you can post your questions early. When we get into the webinar next week I'll post the link to the top of the chat, and everybody can go chat on that event page and hopefully that will work. Thanks everybody for being here. We'll see you guys in Master class in a few minutes.

Hernan: Bye-bye.

Bradley: Bye.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 113

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 113 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, this is episode 113, the episode where my mic goes crazy, so I'm going to pass things off real quick to Bradley, everybody can go down and say hi. Bradley, if you don't [inaudible 00:00:13]

Bradley: Yeah, I will takeover, because Adam's mic is not cooperating today.

Hey everybody, this is Bradley Benner with Semantic Mastery, this is the Hump Day Hangouts episode 113, It's January 4, 2017, we've got a full house on. Adam who can't speak, we've got Chris. Hey Chris, how are you?

Chris: Doing good, happy to be here in the new year. We're going to have a strong year.

Bradley: That's right.

Chris: Good to have everybody on board.

Bradley: Hernan how are you?

Hernan: Hey guys, hey everyone. It's really, really good to be here. Again, super excited for 2017, we have a lot of stuff going on in January, February, it's going to be a hell of a year man, so I'm excited.

Bradley: And last but not least, our mad scientists Marco. What's up Marco?

Marco: Hey man, what's going on? Trying to deal with this stinking volcano.

Bradley: Oh yeah, it's acting up?

Marco: It's been acting since I got here, but the wind is blowing this way, so I have ash all over.

Bradley: Nice. Volcanic ash, people pay money to like take baths in that shit, you know that?

Marco: Yeah I'm going to start packaging it man. If anybody wants some volcanic ash let me know. I'll mail it to you.

Bradley: You sell it by the kilo.

Marco: Yeah right, Kilos! Doing Kilos ma.

Bradley: Bricks of volcanic ash.

This Stuff Works
All right guys, the only announcement we have today is at least because Adam can't speak and he usually does all our announcements, is we got a webinar next Monday for a really cool video marketing suite, or software, it's an online application. It's kind of like Syndwire, but on steroids. It's like an enterprise level version of Syndwire. The developers have been working on it for months and asked for feedback and stuff like that from us. We're going to have a webinar next Monday. We're going to send out the registration e-mail probably tomorrow. I think Adam said we're going to do that tomorrow. I just want to give everybody a heads up. If you don't have a powerful video marketing suite yet, or software, or tool, it might be something you want to check out.

If you've already purchased Video Marketing Blitz, which is Abs product. We did a promotion with that a few months ago, then you probably don't need to attend this upcoming webinar, because you've got pretty much everything already. For those of you who that maybe missed out on that, this is a comparable solution, and it's quite powerful.

In fact, I think this application that we're going to be hosting the webinar about on Monday has less of a learning curve then Video Marketing Blitz. It doesn't have all the features that that did, but it has less of a learning curve, and it's really, really powerful. Anyways, just wanted to give everyone a heads up on that.

Is there anything else we need to announce guys before we get moving?

Hernan: I think we're good.

Bradley: Okay, cool.

All right, let me grab the screen and we'll get into it.

Okay cool. We got a lot of questions on the page already so let's try to roll through these. Also, just a quick update guys, anybody that's in IFTTT SEO academy, the update webinar number 8 is immediately following Hump Day Hangout, so be there or be square. If you don't know how to get to it, go to the facebook group and click on the events tab and there will be a link that will take you over to the Google event page for the update webinar.

Random Search & CrowdSearch Campaigns

So Michael's up first, he says, “Happy news years guys. I have started using crowd search and wanted your opinion on a few ways I am using it. Number one, I like random browsing on some of the searches, but with random browsing on I get a lot of instances of 15-30 seconds of time on any one page. Example, seven eight page views in four minutes. Do you use it?”

Yeah, sometimes just to switch up, Michael. The search activity, or the browsing activity of the bot, or whatever it is. I switch it up just so there's some randomization there. Okay. I wouldn't worry so much about that. Just turn it on sometimes, and sometimes don't. That's all.

“Number two, I have a couple campaigns that start at WP or Tumblr that go to the Google+ post page and then click on a post going to my website. I vary what post is clicked. Good idea?”

Yes, absolutely Michael, that's social referral traffic. That's a great idea. That's one of the more powerful ways of using CrowdSearch in my opinion. All right?

“Number three is when I see a link show up in Google search console, I add that to CrowdSearch. Example last month I had 5 visits from an unknown Pinterest board show in analytics. I checked it and is a good board themed for my industry, so I added a campaign for a few searches a month coming from that Pinterest board. Is this a good type of things to do?”

Again, yes Michael. That's a great idea, and that's actually a really great idea, is to go into search console guys, and take a look at … If any of you that are using CrowdSearch, if you're not you probably should be, but go into the search console and take a look at your search queries report, and take a look at some of the keywords, the search phrases that have given your site impressions for that maybe you didn't get many clicks for. If you highlight in search console, the click through rate it will show impressions, click through rate, clicks and position, search position. Highlight all of those, or check all of those boxes, and then you can go through and take a look at search queries that are giving your site impressions but maybe your rank position is such that you're not getting any clicks. In other words, maybe you're position like say 14 for example, and so you're not getting any clicks right? Because whoever goes to page two of Google. It's rare right?

Those would be good terms to actually set up some CrowdSearch campaigns. Be very, very conservative on that stuff though guys. Because if your site's been given impressions for a certain keyword search phrase, and it doesn't have any clicks, and there's a history of no clicks, and then all of a sudden you have it doing click throughs, exact match keyword plus click through, and you have a significant number of that, that's going to look unnatural. I would do it really, really conservatively, and then you can kind of ramp it up. But you should see a little bit of movement from that if you set it up correctly.

This Stuff Works
You can also do some of the social stuff like what you're talking about, Michael, here. Some social referral traffic to that page. To the page in the example that I'm talking about because that will help too, and that will be a little bit safer than doing direct click throughs from search, if that makes sense. I'd mix it up and kind of add some diversification to that.

Good questions though Micheal.

Getting Off Twitter SandBox With Twitter SEO Academy

Greg's up. I read this one earlier. I'm going to actually let Marco handle this. Guys, I can't give anybody any advice on Twitter for anything. I just don't use it very often at all. I can't give you any advice on Twitter, Greg, but Marco can probably answer this. The only thing I know is that the few times that I've … Not the few times, actually every time I create a new Twitter account for an IFTTT ring or something, or I get one back from our builders, it's a branded ring, then I will go in and manually tweet and re-tweet a few times and do some direct messaging and stuff like that on the account to get it out of the sandbox. I've never had any issues with Greg, but I know that other people have, so Marco, can you comment on this question please?

Marco: Yeah, I was just taking a look at it. I'm just wondering if he went into the update section and if he tried the 10 tweet out of the sandbox method that Dr. Gary updated in there. Because it works, I haven't had any problems. You can get sandboxed again if there isn't enough activity, if you don't do anything with the trader profile and it's just sitting there, you can get sandboxed again, and every time that I've gone in and done the 10 tweet, some people do three or four and their out of the sandbox. Sometimes it takes 10, but I haven't had to take any more than that.

So Greg, go into the advance section, and take a look at the 10 tweets out of the sandbox method.

Bradley: Very good, thank you.

Like you said Marco, generally probably 9 out of 10 of the twitter accounts that I'll get back from our builders for branded networks, I'll go in and I'll spend 15 or 20 minutes tops on just interacting on engaging with other tweeters or Twitter members, or whatever you call them, and it gets me out of the sandbox. I've never had it take more than 15 or 20 minutes, and that's it.

Building Stronger SEO With IFTTT

Okay, Asi's up. Asi says, “I was just wondering if there is a way to make stronger SEO with IFTTT besides the tier one ring for a website, I am looking for something stronger. I was doing RSS feed, mixing it to three tiers. Is that okay?”

Sure that's fine Asi, as long as you're minimizing your footprint on tier two and three. You certainly can do that, that's not a problem, it's just a matter of making sure that you're hiding your footprint I believe you're in a foreign market, so you can probably get away with a hell of a lot more than we can here in the US. As far as spammyness, but I would still try to minimize your footprint in tier two and tier three as much as possible. If you follow the training we talk about how to do that.

This Stuff Works
Besides that, we also did a webinar with Damon Nelson, and he has that new application called RSS Masher, and I've got the link to that here. I'm actually going to drop this on the top of the page. This is the webinar that I did Damon about, I don't know, two weeks ago or something like that where we go through how to use RSS Masher. Why I advocate or encourage the use of it now for tier two log syndication networks, or second tier blog syndication networks, which before, for the last year and a half, close to two years I've been preaching against doing that, but with RSS Masher, it's something that can be done in my opinion now, safely, and it's manageable using this application. Whereas before, you could still do it using related content feeds at tier two, but it was pain in the ass.

It was a lot of additional work to set up and it was hard to maintain. Difficult to maintain so it just was too cumbersome and so that's why I had recommended against doing it for so long. But this makes it a hell of a lot more manageable. There's still more work involved. You still have to be careful with what you're doing, but this makes it a lot more manageable. If you're using this, then you can certainly go out to tier two or tier three and reduce or minimize footprint issues. You should be able to get quite a bit of traction using that.

The other thing that you can do is make sure … Let me just put this real quick on the page webinar. Even if you guys aren't interested in picking up RSS Masher, I'd still go watch that because it's pretty powerful what you can do with some of the feeds and stuff.

By the way, obviously there's a button that will pop up when you start watching that webinar with the option to go purchase RSS Masher. Damon's left the R backdoor special offer pre-launch offer open for us only, or as far as I know. He's leaving it open for us, let's put it that way, until the end of this month. The end of January, so I would recommend if you're even considering you should do it sometime soon before that offer closes.

The other thing that you can do is power up your tier one ring. You can boost that, build links to it. That's something that we recommend at all times, is to always to power up that tier one ring, and continually publish content, because that's what's going to help to theme that network and make it stronger and build more authority.

The last line of his comment is pretty cool. It's says, “By the way, the website I did it with him got to the first and second spot in a very high competition keyword and stuck there like glue.” That's awesome, from an IFTTT ring. That's great.

Hernan: Just to add to what you were saying Bradley, if you're looking for something stronger you can always try vodka. I'm just kidding. The realities is that IFTTT … Any project that we're starting right now has an IFTTT attached to it, no matter what, because it will equalize your link profile and make it so much natural. You can actually start building some other kind of links. I like to go with links that will actually bring you traffic. That's why we're doing IFTTT, but you can with PDF links, Web 2.0s, PBNs if that's something you want to do. Those will actually bring you results and you will be more protected, and you will also have several link targets to point to, because you're using IFTTTT.

The truth of the matter is that depending on your niche sometimes IFTTTT is always enough, sometime it isn't. To be completely honest, on super competitive niches, they do not exclude themselves. It's not like we are saying you do IFTTT and don't do anything else. No by any means whatsoever, this is an addition to whatever any other thing that you are doing. It's a smart addition it will actually leverage whatever other thing any other link building you're doing. PBNs, Web 2.0s whatever. It will actually help you with that to run better and faster. You know?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, IFTTT SEO is the foundation. It's the starting point. It's rarely the be all end all. I wish it would be, I wish it was that easy. But if it were that easy, we'd all be out of work, because everybody would be doing it. But it is definitely the foundation. I always build upon an IFTTT network. I start with that and just blogging, content marketing and see what kind of results I can get from that and I assess it and determine what else has to be done from there and then add to it going forward.

Double 301 Redirect / Link Laundering

Mark's up next, he says, “Hey guys, happy New Year, hope you had a wonderful Christmas period! Got a 301 question for you and would love some advice. I don't know if you have heard or used SERP drive but it basically does an expired domain crawl for you, like a blue chip back links style crawl, and one search is just 12 bucks so I'm considering doing one maybe two 301 redirects to a lead gen site, or any advice or best practices would be awesome. I know this may be more mastermind stuff but even a sly hint would be great, ya don't have to give the farm away although I suppose we would let you give it away just this once if you must.”

I'm assuming what you're trying to do is like a double 301 redirect or what we used to call “link laundering”. You know, I don't do nearly as much of that as I used to because it's become less effective, which is normally what happens in SEO. Right? You find something that works and you exploit the shit out of it and everybody else does it too and then it becomes less and less effective over time. That's generally what happens. About a year and a half ago, about probably between two years ago and a year ago, all of last year basically, not 2016 but 2015, we were doing a lot of that, the double 301 redirect stuff and it was working really, really well. I noticed it started to not work as well.

You can still do it, but what I would recommend doing is if you're going to be doing like redirects to boost properties, I would still boost a buffer site prior to … Instead of doing a double redirect direct to the money site, I would do maybe a double redirect to a buffer page with a DoFollow Link with a keyword anchor back to your site. That's typically how I found to get better results because, again, it became less effective over time and one of the ways I was able to increase its effectiveness again was to instead of going direct to the money site, I would go through a buffer property. I don't know if that makes sense, Mark, because I'm not 100% sure that that's what you're asking about, but does anybody else read this a different way than I do?

Marco: Yeah, no I just want to tell them that the reason why it lost effectiveness is because of the distance graph. Right? Most of the sites that we were buying were garbage domains that weren't linking to any authority or weren't receiving any links from any authority. They boosted subdomains with garbage. Right?

Bradley: And they were not relevant most of the time.

Marco: Correct. That's why they stopped working, but if you can find a really good domain with a good link, now you don't have to 301 that because it's clean. It would still work, but you don't have to 301 a good website. You're buying spammy Chinese domains that with high trust flow, high domain authority. We don't even look at those metrics anymore, and we would just double 301 n launder them and they were working really well until Google came up with the distance graph. Once that started being applied, then it lost effectiveness of course because of the link quality that was coming into those websites and out. It wasn't related to anything that was trusted or authoritative or that was in any way related to the niche that we were working in, which is what we're looking for now. If you can do those three things, if you can find something that has good quality links from at least one trusted source, then it's a really good domain to apply, but you don't have to double 301 that, again, because it's clean.

Bradley: Yeah, and the other thing is, and that's in part why I started going to a buffer site instead, because you can inject relevancy into that stream, into that link stream through the buffer site. In other words, you could still use, I haven't done this in probably eight months at least, since the last time I set one of these up, but you could still use some of those Chinese spammy domains that just had a shit ton of juice coming into them, a bunch of link juice coming in because they had thousands or hundreds of thousands of backlinks built to them, but totally spammy, you could still use those in a link laundering stream.

But instead of going direct to the money site, which we used to do, or to a subdomain, now I go to a buffer site because a buffer site I could out a relevant article, so content is relevant, and then use an anchor text link so that can inject relevancy at that point into that link stream. But again, I would shy away from doing that now, because really all we're looking for now is relevancy more so than metrics or anything else. It's more about relevancy. I would rather buy a domain, an expired domain that has relevancy but only a couple links and maybe not even the greatest metrics, but the relevant backlinks to that domain relevant to the topic in which I'm going to be using to link to, if that makes sense. I'd rather buy those domains than go out and buy a domain that's got incredibly good metrics or high metrics but is non-relevant, unless they're incredibly good metrics. If that makes sense. Even so, I would still push that to a buffer site where I can inject relevancy.

This Stuff Works
That's kind of more like MasterMind stuff, Mark. We can get into it a hell of a lot deeper if you want to join us there.

Google Doc Description Function

Virginia says, “I saw in RYS Speed that you were adding a description to each Google Doc. But G has changed the look of that site again. I searched online for an hour to find out how. It looks like G removed this feature. Am I wrong again? Thanks Toby.”

As far as I know Toby, you can still add information to G Docs. He's talking about metadata, Marco.

Marco: Yeah, and I just checked, I dropped a whole Wikipedia page in the description. It's still spammylicious.

Bradley: Yep. Still spammylicious. In fact, I can probably find … It's just the info button on the file itself, correct? I don't have it here so I'd have to actually look at a doc.

Marco: That's all it is.

Bradley: Yep.

Marco: It's a nice big icon on the top right.

Bradley: It's just an “I” icon for info. You click on that you'll open … It pops out from the right side, like the sidebar area and then you can paste in metadata.

Marco: You have two options. You have details and activity. You want to click on details instead of activity.

Bradley: And spam the ever living hell out of it.

Marco: Yeah, do some lovely stuff to that.

Bradley: It's like a spam bucket, it's awesome.

Using RYS To Rank Sites Without Google Verified Business Pages

Paul says, “Hi guys. I'm back from my trip to the Philippines and have a lot to catch up on.”

Glad to have you back, Paul.

He says, “First I want to comment on the RSS Masher. I got the program, put it into action and its working great on all of my tier two networks. I like it, and time will tell how it performs producing traffic and ranking.”

That's great Paul, that's awesome. I'm glad it's working for you.

“My question is on RYS again, I have had the best success with the service with my clients, and now I want to use it on my own sites. I am building out “near to me” sites. I have one site that will pay $141 per click when I get it ranked without the Google verified business pages for each one, without NAP, et cetera. How can I use and incorporate RYS to help get these sites ranked? And a follow up question; after I get the stacks back, what can I do with the stacks to increase the rankings and visibility? Happy New Year to everyone.”

Paul, yeah, well first of all, obviously I've been using RYS or drive stacks for local mainly, but we've got … We actually did another test recently, within the last couple of weeks Marco and I, that yesterday in ranking on page one for a “near me” term that gets like 8,800 searches per month. Guys, this is a drive file with zero backlinks and it's ranked on page one, I think position six for 8,800 search term, it's a “near me” term, a “near me” search phrase. It gets 8,800 searches per month on average and we're number six with zero backlinks for a drive file, it's freaking awesome.

Marco: With zero nothing because we did-

Bradley: Didn't do anything, yeah. That's what I'm saying, it's just a drive file that was created to the same specifications that we teach in RYS Academy. Anyways, yeah, you can use it for local, that's typically how I've been using it because a majority of the work that I do is local, but you can boost anything with drive stacks, guys. Anything, a video, a press release, a website, organic or local, national or local, it doesn't matter what you're trying to rank in the maps pack organically. You build links back to your website, inner pages, silo pages, using the drive stack and then obviously the sites, site as well.

How do you boost the power of those or you can build links to them. Remember, those are all drive, they're Google domains essentially. Everything's on the Google domain so you can use that to your advantage and build links to the drive stacks. Because you're letting Google's domain actually filter all that spam out, you're basically just boosting it and it doesn't take much really, to get some pretty good results with the drive files just by throwing some links at them. Marco, what else would you suggest?

Marco: I think that from what we've seen for “near me” it's so simple that you just throw it up and it's going to pretty much rank and then just by adding our own link building service. Go through us and order when you order the stack, order the link building. It's get dripped out anyway right? It doesn't get hammered all at once and that should be enough. But I mean, there's other things that he could do with it.

Bradley: He could crowdsearch.

Marco: Yeah, crowdsearch, PBNs, there's a bunch of things that you could do if it doesn't wok. You could buy a couple of domains with Bluechip Backlinks maybe push them into the stack and out to wherever you want it to go. But the stuff inside the stack rank anyway.

Bradley: That's right. That's the thing, think about this Paul, you can take a GOO.GL short URL and a link from inside a drive file to your money site and then set up, like crowdsearch for example, some search CT spam, click through spam campaigns to search for the drive files. Put a hashtag or something in the file and use that as part of the search phrase so that crowdsearch will quickly identify the file and click on it and then click your GOO.GL short URL that goes back to your landing page or your website, if that makes sense, because what you're doing is you're … With the GOO.GL short URL, you're injecting Google analytics into the link, like right into the link stream so you're allowing Google to see where traffic is coming from and activity.

This Stuff Works
You can do that with the drive files so that you're basically telling Google, “Hey, I found this drive file in search results and clicked on it through to the money site or to this website over here,” and those are strong ranking signals. That's something that you can do as well, very powerful, and that will help your drive files to rank too by the way.

Giving Opinion On Non-English Site In Local Language And English Attribution

All right, this person's next. “Hi guys. I have a question about content curation: is it okay to give opinion on non-English site in local language and English attribution?”

I imagine so. I'll let Marco and Hernan comment on that, but I can't imagine why that would be a problem.

Marco: I defer to Hernan on this one because I don't know.

Hernan: That's actually a good question. Let me check it out because I-

Bradley: Wow, this guy's the winner, we got to give him a prize for stumping us.

Hernan: Yeah, right. It hasn't happened before. A non-English siting local language and English attribution … I'm not fully understanding the question. Hold on.

Marco: He wants to give his opinion but it's a non-English site in whatever his local language it. He wants to add English attribution, is that okay?

Hernan: Oh, yeah. Okay, yeah. I get it now. Okay, so what you would doing would be to grab English news and put your opinion and then back to the English site. Is that what he's saying? Back to the English-

Marco: I think so.

Hernan: Well, to be honest I haven't done it, like I haven't done it before because I think that you should have plenty of information in news on your native language, you know? That's my opinion anyways.

Bradley: If it's the same topic though, I can't imagine … I don't know, maybe, I've never tested it either so this is purely based on assumption, or this is purely speculation, as long as it's the same topic, I imagine Google understands that it's topically relevant, even if it's different languages. Right?

Hernan: Well, yes and no because what I found out is that even if you are … The reality is that that's why doing a CO in other languages is so easy, because the grammar and the syntax and everything that has to do with language recognition in English is so advanced that when you are a company, like Google for example, and you need to invest your resources and your people, of course you will invest it in English. You will need like grammar people and language whatever … That's why I do in Spanish or French or German, whatever is so much easier because Google hasn't catch up to that point of what he can easily recognize those kind of patterns. But again, I wouldn't know why would you want to put some …

The reality with curation is like copy and pasting some sort of the article, some part of the article like a paragraph. If you're doing that, that would have to be in English for example. Let's say that you where building a website in Spanish, you will have pieces of English content. It's kind of weird for the tier one or it's even kind of weird for the visitor. You know what I mean? If I land you into a Spanish website and it has like little snippets of English, I'm just thinking, “This guy is translating poorly,” or whatever. It's kind of weird from the visitor point of view so if you cannot find any kind of news, maybe you're in a really specific niche, I don't know, I haven't done it so I cannot advise. I can only advise on the perspective of somebody that lands on a website and happens to find content in various languages. That would be my only advise.

Bradley: I would just assume he's having trouble finding whatever particular topic he's curating about, finding content in his native language and that's why he's asking about that. From a strictly SEO standpoint, again this is based purely on speculation, but I would imagine that it would still work, but from what Hernan's saying, I would totally agree, it would look weird for any visitor. You know what I mean? I was talking on a purely technical basis, it may still work. You'd have to test it to be honest with you. But from a user, a visitor standpoint it just really wouldn't make sense. I agree with you. I would just test it. I mean guys, we don't have all the answers all the time unfortunately. Generally if we don't have an answer, what we do is go set up a test, which is something that you can do as well. If we have the answer, we'll share it but if we don't then we generally will set up a test and that's something that you guys can do as well and we encourage that.

This Stuff Works
Marco: That advice that I would give him is that if you're not doing English, it's not really that complicated because as Hernan said, Google will invest resources in where most of the money is, which is English language, and then where it's really highly spam. I don't know what language he's working in or what niche or whatever, but I would say, “Man, don't even sweat it.”

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: IFTTT, oh crap. I don't know if I should give this away. I'm getting 40 to 50,000 visitors a month on a website where all I do is copy/paste a Wikipedia page but I push it through Google translate because if Google says that this is the proper translation, then it should work regardless whether it's legible to a human being. I'll take the page and I'll translate it to the foreign language that I'm targeting and I'll just use the Wikipedia translation and it works like gangbusters. I'm at about 40,000 visitors a month just from that, literally copy/paste into Google translate. That's how easy it is in foreign language.

Bradley: I see an application in the works, a software app. Google translate plugin or something that just automatically copies in foreign languages, niches. That would work well.

Video Spinner

Brian's up next, he says,“Do you do any video spinning? Any recommendations on a good spinner. Saw a webinar where someone had 30 new videos on one channel and it helped ranked videos in Google.”

I'm not sure what that last part means Brian, but video spinning is typically something that is included if you have a video marketing suite of tools. Like for example, we just mentioned Video Marketing Blitz at the beginning of this webinar, which is Abs product, there's a spinner in there. You can buy standalone spinners. Basically video spinning, the way that I understand it, is just taking a single video file and making multiple variations of that file. It doesn't really change the actual content of the video much. It just changes the file type or maybe it will swap still frames at the beginning and at the end out and change the duration and change the file type and that kind of stuff so that it gives to YouTube unique versions of the video.

It's a way to where you can take the same video and create dozens of copies of that video and upload them to the same channel without YouTube algorithmically detecting that they're duplicates. However, any type of spam tactic like that or spam strategy, which is what that is, if a manual reviewer were to come look at it, they're going to terminate the channel for spam, there's just no question. That's why I'll do that kind of stuff, spin videos and spam and stuff like that, but only with specific channels that are designated for that. I don't ever do any kind of spun videos crap on money channels anymore because I've had channels terminated for that stuff. It's crazy because it's hit or miss. I mean I've got channels out there that … I've got a channel that's got like 968 videos on it that are all basically spun video. They're all shitty videos, all complete spam and that channel is still up and still generating leads now, which is unbelievable because it's been up for like three years. I don't know why it hasn't been terminated yet.

This Stuff Works
Anyways, most video marketing suites are going to have a spinner in them. You can buy standalone spinners, I don't recommend any of them because … The only ones that I would recommend are the ones that come with another suite of tools already. For example, Video Marketing Blitz, Mega-Ray, the product that we're going to be doing a webinar on on Monday, I believe it has a spinner in there as well. Most of the more advanced tools will have that included already. I've tested some of the standalone video spinners in the past, like years ago, and I wasn't real happy with any of them. The quality of the videos usually came out pretty poor. They're probably better now, I'm sure they are, but again, I don't really do a whole lot of spam stuff in YouTube anymore because it's just less and less effective.

Two years ago, you could get aways with a bunch, even a year ago, you could still create a business basically out of spamming YouTube all the time. What I found now is that people are becoming more used to ignoring spam videos and just skipping over them and so they don't convert. If you're doing spam stuff in YouTube specifically for SEO purposes, then fine, spam away. Spam until your heart's content, but I wouldn't recommend doing spam stuff in YouTube anymore for like traffic generation or for actual conversions. To me, it's just based on my own campaigns, it really has plummeted the effectiveness. Conversions just suck whenever you do spam stuff. For SEO purposes, it works fine.

Usually spun videos guys, like for example, if you have a nice quality video and you want to target 20 different keywords with the same video, you would use a spinner for something like that, but I wouldn't put all those spun videos so that you target 20 different keywords on the same channel or if you are going to put them on the same channel, don't ever do that on your money channel. Do it on a separate channel that specifically used for spam purposes only so that you protect your money channel.

Adding Websites With Embedded IFrame In Google Search Console For Faster Crawl Rate

All right, Ivan's up. He says, “Happy New Year guys, last week I created and published a one page Google site with the new interface with a Google map, Google presentation, Youtube, okay.” He says, “Now I want to create another Google site with the old Google site but the same content but using IFrames. I watched the videos from RYS Academy. These two sites are companion sites for my main site. Two questions: Is it a good idea to add these two sites in my search console for them to be crawled faster? What about duplicate content?

This Stuff Works
Okay, first of all, I wouldn't add both of them in the search console and not in the same account. I would add them into two different accounts, so like create a persona account, which you probably already have anyways and put one in one search console account, one in the other that way they're both not the same site, sitting in the same search console account. If that makes sense. That's what I would do. You can probably get away with it, it probably wouldn't cause you any problems, but I would still separate them.

About duplicate content, duplicate content only exists on the same domain. If you have two pages on the same domain on a site, on your site that have the exact same content, that's duplicate content. Two pages with the same content on different domains is not duplicate content. Okay? That's a myth that has gone through our industry for years now guys, and if that were the case, press releases would tank everybody's site every time someone used a press release. Social media posts would tank people's sites, so don't worry about the duplicate content issue unless it's on the same domain.

Increasing Site Authority By Using RSS Feeds From Authoritative Sites

Ethan, “Hey guys, is utilizing RSS feeds from high authority sites, aka industry leaders, to populate your money sites with syndicated content on a regular basis an effective way to raise the authority of it?”

I wouldn't do that Ethan, not automatically. I don't like publishing other people's content on a money site period, unless it's been in a curated post because then we're siting other people's content but the post still originates from our blog, if that makes sense, from the money site blog. I wouldn't automatically post content to a money site from RSS feeds, from even authority feeds. I would do it because … Unless you're monitoring it on a daily basis, there could be some stuff that comes through that you don't want on your site number one, also … I just wouldn't do it. I've never done that. We use other people's content all the time on money sites but we do it based upon curation, the strategies that we teach in Content Kingpin and that's the proper way to do it so that we're following the DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act guidelines as far as when we're referencing or siting other people's content. We follow all those rules so that the content comes out the way that Google likes it. Would you guys have any comment on that? Hernan, you do a lot of that stuff for PBNs, but what about money sites?

This Stuff Works
Hernan: No, money sites hardly ever to be completely honest. Anything and everything that I do for money sites is completely manual. You know? I try not to risk it. For PBNs, you can if you do it on a, how would you call it, on a sidebar for example. You can even have these feeds that update themselves, not RSS feeds but for example, Twitter feeds based on a hashtag or Pinterest boards based on whatever category, if you want to put those on your money site that's probably better because those are, I would say, officially released by, for example, Google or Twitter. If you have a finance website you want to, I don't know, show all the tweets from finance blogs, whatever, that could work. But in terms of [inaudible 00:40:30] et cetera, I only do it for PBNs but not for money sites.

Bradley: Yeah, and there's plugins that you can use Ethan, that will, like so example you can add RSS feeds and it will give like a little news widget that you can add to the sidebar or footer of your site that will update with the headlines of that RSS feed but it won't be actually populating your blog with content. In other words, you can set it up so that it's dynamically updated and you can set it up with filters and things like that or go hand-select the feeds so that it's related content, but the only thing that shows is the headline and it's a clickable link that will go off site over to the content source. But that's what I would do and I've done that. I've done that on money sites.

Typically, that's stuff that I would do for PBNs and not so much for money sites, but you can still do that for money sites. That's something that I would say is okay because then you're not actually publishing content to your blog that's from other sources. You're just showing headlines in a widget, like a sidebar or a footer widget. Which again, that activity is dynamically updated. It will still keep the bots crawl in your site, but it won't be republished content that's just straight copied content from somebody else's site, if that makes sense. With curation, you want to add commentary because then …

Guys, remember with a curated piece of content, it becomes an original piece of content because you're curating multiple sources of content into one piece of content and you're adding commentary, you're injecting opinion. That in itself makes a unique piece of content, does that make sense? But when you're just taking a straight 100% republished post from somebody else's site and pasting it on your money site, then it's zero original content. It's copied content that you're just republishing and so I just wouldn't do it, not for money sites. Okay?

This Stuff Works
I agree with you on some of this stuff, but that's why, Ethan, my suggestion is to hire a virtual assistant. If you haven't gone through Content Kingpin, our course, it's specifically set up for how to train a virtual assistant to do curating for you. A curator can curate posts on a money site. I'll pay curators, a good curator for money sites, it just depends, anywhere between 5 to $15 per post, it really just depends on what it is that they're doing and what the money site's about. But $5 to $15 per post for money site curating, they're top quality posts guys, top quality posts. Okay? By the way, if you hire somebody and pay them on an hourly basis, I like to pay on a per post basis, but like an hourly basis, you can hire a good curator from the Philippines and pay him $5 an hour and you can get three good curated posts out of about an hour and 20 minutes, a hour and a half, let's say an hour and a half. For $7.50 you can get three really good curated post. If that makes sense.

For PBN curated posts, you can get posts done three per hour and you can pay 4 to $5 an hour for VAs to do that. That ends up being like $2 per post, $1.50-$2 per post and that content's a hell of a lot better than buying that shit content from content farms that's just spun garbage. Okay?

URL Structure For Faster Ranking

All right, Ethan's up next, “Hey again, I have another question, this time about on-page optimization. For years, I was told that the best strategy is to try to rank for a topic rather than just a few keywords. However, I am frequently seeing high ranking pages in the SERPs that are VERY targeted for just a few keywords, especially in the URL structure. More specifically, I am noticing sites with the exact match of the main keyword in the URL structure ranking very well. For example, when searching the keyword “small business loans” sites with the URL structure, How do you guys structure URLs? Do you only put the main keyword you're targeting in there, or do you add in additional relevant keywords?”

We've talked about this a lot on Hump Day Hangouts and all the other webinars that we do but the way that it has been for the last few years has been the four main things that the bots look at when they come to crawl the page, Google bot especially is the SEO title, the URL, the page title, which is the H1 tag, and then the meta description. Those are the first four things, they're in the header guys. Google looks at those first and so typically I will only put the exact match keyword in the SEO title. That's the meta title that shows in the search results, that's where I put it. That is the most effective place to put an exact match keyword.

One of our members, Dr. Gary, one of the co-founders of RYS Academy, he recently did some tests on that to prove that as well, that the SEO title was still the most important place to have the exact match keyword. I don't typically put the exact match keyword in any more than one location out of those four. Right? I will use variations for the URL, the H1, and the meta description. I'll use, you know, related keyword phases, co-occurring keyword phrases, but I typically will only put the exact match keyword in the SEO title. The URL will usually be a truncated or succinct version of it unless it's an exact match domain in which case it would already be in the URL, but I typically don't use exact match domains anymore either. Okay?

Again, I think it's better … Guys, you don't have to hit Google over the head with keywords anymore because of RankBrain. It understands, and Hummingbird, it understands semantic relationships between words a hell of a lot better. If you add the SEO title, the exact match keyword and the SEO title, you're telling Google, “Hey, that's what this page is about.” Then you can basically sprinkle throughout the rest of the content or in those other three locations, the URL, page title or H1 title, and in the meta description, variations of that keyword to kind of reinforce it. That's how I do it Ethan, and the reason I say that is because it's been working for me for about the last two and a half years really well and I don't see how any … If you're only putting the exact match keyword in one of those four locations, how could you ever get penalized for on page SEO, for over optimization, if that makes sense. You can still get penalized for off page shit, no doubt. But how could your page ever be penalized with a [Panda 00:46:52] penalty if you only put the exact match keyword in one location, out of those four I mean. You'd still have it in the content, but you don't need to hit Google over the head with … Keyword doesn't need to be near as high as it used to be either. Right?

Wow, we've had a ton of questions and we still have a lot to go through so we're going to keep rolling. You guys, anybody want to comment on that? Or was that good enough?

This Stuff Works
Hernan: I think you nailed it, Bradley. Whatever I would say is just repeating what you were saying.

Ranking A Video In First Page For A Fairly Competitive Niche

Bradley: Jamie's up, hey Jamie. She says, “Hi, I have a video in a fairly competitive niche that I can't seem to push onto page one. It bounces between 11 and 14 and seems like the last push is the toughest. I have my link wheel, I've ordered embeds and links on SerpSpace, I've created some YouTube link wheels with about 300 YouTube links to the video. I've run some PBNs and web twos to the video. By the way I have keyword optimized both the video and the channel. I have crowdsearch running seven views per month to it. Any thoughts on what else I can do to push it over the top? Thanks.”

Okay, number one for videos, you can go a lot more aggressive with views if you're using CrowdSearch. Second of all, I would set up some referral traffic campaigns using crowdsearch to the video, particularly through a GOO.GL short link so that you can inject analytics into that link stream, which is what I talked about earlier in this Hump Day Hangout. Okay, the other thing is remember Jamie, there are just some keyword phrases that Google will damn near refuse to rank a video for on page one. That is the case guys, it didn't used to be but it is the case now. There are categories of searches now and there are certain search phrases that are just not friendly to videos because it doesn't make sense. Now, I don't know that that's the case with you, Jamie, but it sounds like it because … Usually when you have a video that you can get, that bounces between like 11 and 14, and I've seen that happen myself many, many times, it's because it's one of those keyword phrases that Google just doesn't want to put a video on page one.

A lot of times, for example real estate terms, a lot of real estate lead gen terms, not for house listings but for like realtors in cities and stuff like that, or real estate agent plus city name and stuff like that, those are really tough terms to rank videos for and I've fought tooth and nail to get them to rank on page one before and typically once I get them to page one, they don't stick anyways. They'll bounce right back after just a few days to page two, no matter what. I've learned to just not target those types of keywords when I have that much of a difficulty ranking it, then I look for other variations of the keyword that I can rank. Okay?

Marco: I would also ask her, has she ever just left it alone? Has she ever just let it sit, because it seems like she's been doing a whole bunch of stuff to it. Has she ever just let it sit for, I don't know, six, eight weeks and see what happens?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: [inaudible 00:49:45] search views and the other thing, Jamie, you can do is set up some YouTube ads. Set up an AdWords campaign, give it a dollar a day budget, that's 30 bucks a month. Or $2 a day, 60 bucks a month, right? Set up a video ad campaign because that oftentimes will give that last push that it needs to get to page one. I've experience that many, many times over the last two years. That's kind of like one of the tricks I keep up my sleeve for whenever SEO just isn't working for a particular video, is you set up, and I talked about this I think last Hump Day Hangout, because Brian Lichtig, I remember he had the question specifically about that.

If it's local, I don't know that it's local, but if it is local, you can set up targeting with the geographic location targeting to where you don't even have to get keyword specific on it because all you're looking to do is get clicks to the video from local IPs. You can set up a very broad targeting campaign that's just mainly targeted by geographic location. For example, you can use affinity audience targeting or topic targeting, you don't even need to use keyword targeting. Just use topic or affinity audience targeting and set up a local campaign, set the geographic location, if it's a local video, which I'm assuming it is but maybe it's not. If it's a national thing, well then I would still set by country. Target US but then I would go a little bit more narrow in my other targeting options. But for local, go broad in your audience targeting, but specific in your geographic targeting and just start getting local IP clicks to that video. It's going to make a huge difference.

That's something that you can't really do with CrowdSearch. You can to a point, but not like you can when you're paying Google. Remember, when you're paying AdWords, when you're using YouTube ads, you're paying Google for engagement. Right? You're paying Google for engagement signals and they'll provide them to you. We got one more and then we'll have to wrap it up.

Hernan: [inaudible 00:51:44] real quick, I don't know if you have even tested Video Powerhouse, Jamie, for your video? If you haven't and you're interested in testing it, just write us a support ticket because maybe we can make a case study of sorts and we can get you sorted out with Video Powerhouse. This would actually be a good case study so just write us to support.[inaudible 00:52:11].com. Just hit us up and maybe we can help you with Video Powerhouse and turning this into a potential case study if that's something that you wanted to do.

Issues Connecting Google Plus Pages In Buffer

Bradley: Yeah. Okay, Lori's up and then we got to wrap it up guys. The IFTTT SEO update webinar starts in about eight minutes so this will be the last one. Lori says, “Happy New Year to everyone! I'm creating a tier one branded ring for a new client. When I set up the YouTube Channel, it let me choose ‘Use Business or Other Name' to create a G+ Page. However, when I set up a Buffer account and tried to connect that page, it said there wasn't one, but ‘Click Here to Create One'. I did that but now when I click ‘My Accounts', it shows that I have two branded pages. Any thoughts? Is it bad to have two branded pages? If so, which one should I link other accounts to? I'm using a persona name behind the accounts, but using the business brand for logo, cover pics, et cetera.”

Well Lori, what I would do, I'm not sure why Buffer gave you an issue. Sometimes when that kind of stuff happens it can be like a cache issue with your browser. I know that sounds weird but oftentimes some weird shit can happen with that. In that case, maybe I would have tried to close that browser down, run CCleaner, clear cache and cookies, all of that and then open the browser, log back in to Buffer and that Google account and try a second time. I know that's past where you're at now anyways, but what I'm saying is that's what I would have done initially instead of creating and new page when you had already created a page. Right? Because now you've got two pages.

This Stuff Works
Yeah, I would delete one of those pages, which you can do as the page owner. You can go into the settings and if you scroll all the way down to the bottom it'll say, “Delete page,” and I would delete the duplicate page. Keep the one that is connected to Buffer already, unless you've already got your IFTTT network built in and the other page has already been connected throughout a lot of those properties, in which case I would delete the one that Buffer created and then I would try again because I just connected a Google+ page to a Buffer account today in fact, because I was preparing for the IFTTT SEO update webinar.

I don't know why, it was probably just some weird browser cache issue. I would have closed out, cleared cache and cookies, and tried again and then like I said, I would delete the page that was created through that process and keep the one that you had already created that should probably already be interlinked to all the other properties. Otherwise, you're going to have to go back and edit all those other properties. But again, just go through, find which one is the duplicate and then go to the settings as the page owner, go to the settings, scroll all the way down to the bottom and there'll be a “Delete page” button. Okay?

Okay guys, sorry we didn't get to all the questions. Look at that, awesome. Sorry guys, apparently we had a lot of questions today. Everybody's looking to get busy in 2017 apparently. I'm glad everybody's here. IFTTT SEO update webinar starts in about five minutes. We will see you guys then, otherwise we'll see you next week. Thanks everyone.

Hernan: Bye bye guys.

Marco: Bye everybody.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 102

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 102 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Adam: All right. Welcome, everybody to Humpday Hangouts, episode 102. Today, is the nineteenth of October, 2016. We're happy to be here. Today we are going to keep the announcements pretty short, so we can get started getting to the questions. Real quick, we'll say hi to everybody. Chris, how's it going, man?

Chris: Good. Glad to be here.

Adam: Yeah. Hernan, how you doing?

Hernan: Hey, guys. What's up? It's really, really good to be here. I'm excited for what's coming, actually. I am really, really excited. [inaudible 00:00:29].

Adam: We get to see you, win, win.

Hernan: Definitely. You guys should get a coupon after the Hangouts.

Bradley: I don't know if I'd put that in the win column.

Adam: Marco, how's the weather, man?

Marco: Hey, man. What's up? Rain. We've been getting lots of rain. It's nice and warm, though, cannot complain. Excited. I'm really excited, today, man.

Adam: Would you say that your pumped?

Marco: I would say that I'm really, really pumped, man.

Adam: Outstanding. Hey, Bradley. Let's say hi to Bradley, and then we'll circle back around, here. How's it going Bradley?

Bradley: Hi.

Adam: I figured everybody doesn't get to hear you talk enough, after this, so we got to stop and say hi to you, real quick.

Bradley: Yeah.

Adam: To make sure you're there. All right. Marco, why don't you tell us what your pumped about.

Marco: Okay. I'm really, really pumped to announce that we have this major social media machine coming to meet with Semantic Mastery men. The guys name is CT Fletcher, for those of you who don't know who he is, former power lifter, I mean, serious power lifter, champion. Right? Record setter. Just everything. Then, he had a problem with his heart, and he actually died on the operating table, not once, three times the guy dies, and he comes back. Now, he has to think things through again and start all over.

One of the things that he's done, is he's targeted social media, and just in the last three years he's grown, if you guys have seen my post, just his YouTube subscribers are over one million in three years, so imagine. This is all organically. It's not as if he's paying for ads, or running all this other stuff, this is just him doing videos, his message, connecting with people, going into Twitter, going into Instagram, going into Facebook, going into everything. What he has graciously agreed to do is to give some Semantic Mastery ninety minutes of his time, you can imagine how busy he is. Right?

I spoke to him. I spoke to his business manager, we connected. I got him to give us ninety minutes, to come and tell us how he did it, of course, share his story, but tell everyone how it was that he managed to grow his social media empire, because it's now an empire. The guy is a social media machine. You can see why I'm so geeked to have this guy come to us, and not just do the usual thing he does, also social media, but to actually come and share with us what it is he is doing behind the scenes to make his business grow. Because whatever he is doing applies across the board to whatever anyone wants to do. He has a message, and he delivers it to his audience in a way that his audience just eats it up. I'm geeked. Sorry, for taking so much time. I could take an hour to talk about this, but let me stop.

Adam: It sounds good. No. This is going to be awesome. I think we're all looking forward to it. I know I am. We were talking about it earlier. I think everybody is pretty pumped. Sorry, to keep using that, but everyone is pretty excited to do this. Right on.

Bradley: The guy is a beast, man. He's big. He's just …

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: He's not just big, he's f'ing big.

Adam: Definitely. Speaking, we'll do a beast mode segway, here. Obviously, we got local kingpin coming up next week. Basically, I would have talked to Bradley about this, and why he kind of went into AdWords, and that's kind of a dirty word, sometimes with SEO's. People here are like, AdWords, you're working with the enemy, but I think this is important, and I asked you this question, earlier, Bradley, so I just want to ask it, like somebody asking you on the street, or maybe one of the students, but why did you go into AdWords for your legion business. Why did you go into AdWords for your legion business?

Bradley: Great question. Because a big portion of my business is lead generation, and I do client consulting, too, and what do I do for my clients? Well, I generate leads. That's my business. Right? Using online marketing methods. We found from my own lead gen properties as well as my clients properties that any of the clients that were ranking in maps in my own lead gen properties that were ranking in maps, didn't really get effected much by the new search engine results pages layouts. It really didn't change much as far as call volume, and most of my business is generated through phone calls, not so much web submissions, but mostly calls.

This Stuff Works

For anything that was just organic based, call volume dropped significantly, as much as sixty percent. That's because the new search engine results page is ISA, but it's newer, a lot of local queries now will have four ads at the top, above the three pack, and then there's the three pack. You go to go buy a seven listing just to get to the first organic listing. Because of that, any of my lead gen properties that weren't ranking in maps, my call volume dropped significantly and then the same thing started to happen to my clients, too.

It was just a matter of me wanting to maintain the level of income that I had been used to, and saying, okay, look, there's four ads above the maps pack, and now maps packs are showing ads. Not all of them, but a lot of map packs, or you're starting to see it more often, now, is the first position in the three pack is an ad, and then if you click on, expand to show more results, at the bottom of the three pack, you open it up, and the first listing in Google Maps is an ad.

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: I said, you know, it's basically, I have to evolve with the times in order to maintain that level. You're right. AdWords has been kind of like the dark side for SEO's. To be honest with you, I never did AdWords for a couple of reasons. One, I didn't need to, because I was able to generate leads with SEO, a lot of leads with SEO, alone. Number two, because it was intimidating. I was intimidated by AdWords, there's just no doubt. I avoided using it as long as possible, but now I think it's an absolute necessity, if you're in the lead generation business to at least have a look at it, and try it. Again, if your income drops because your not able to generate as many leads, then who are you hurting by not doing AdWords?

Adam: Yeah.

Bradley: Yourself. I started getting into it. I've learned so much in the last few months. I've got the local kingpin training, the tagline is on demand lead generation, because what I've found is with the AdWords funnels, you can set them up, and set up an AdWords campaign and within forty-eight hours you start generating leads. Whereas SEO could take you, if you're really good, it could take you a month to start generating leads, or more likely it's going to take you three to six months to really start generating leads from SEO.

Whereas this is something you can literally set up a full AdWords funnel, local funnel, or lead gen funnel, and within forty-eight hours have that setup, your notifications, everything, and turn the traffic on, and just like that start receiving traffic. The funnel that I set up for the actual training, and I'm going to do a second one as part of an ongoing case study.

All though the local kingpin training is going to be a one time purchase, it's not a monthly, there's going to be updates for about three months. We're going to do several update webinars, because I want to do an ongoing case study, kind of like a live in real time case study for that, as well. The funnel that I set up for the training, I turned on the ads fourteen days ago, it's actually thirteen days ago, because it was Thursday, so it was thirteen days ago, and we've got thirteen leads in thirteen days. That's amazing. I mean …

Adam: That's awesome.

Bradley: Yeah. If it was SEO it would take every bit of a month or two before we would start generating those types of leads. I'm really super impressed with it. I've been fortunate enough to be able to develop, I started building out my multiple funnels for my lead gen business, and so I've got a lot of practice over the last several weeks. Maybe four to six weeks. I got a process in place. It takes some time to learn the process, but once you learn the process, you can turn these things out, very, very quickly, and the other part of is you can hire a virtual assistant for about eighty percent of the entire process can be outsourced.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: That's it.

This Stuff Works

Adam: Outstanding. Cool. Everybody, you are going to get to hear more about this next week. I wanted to answer that, we have had questions about it, and I think it's important that you hear about why Bradley started doing this. Some pretty important stuff. Also, real quick on Marco's notes on CT, we will be sending out some more information about that, but Marco posted some of his social stuff, his YouTube channel, by all means, go check it out. You'll be hearing from us with some information about where we'll be doing the interview, or the discussion, and you'll be able to show up and join. I think that's about it.

Marco: One last thing, before I forget.

Adam: Yeah.

Marco: Because I did say it in the announcement that I put out, today, for our one hundred and fourth episode, since we're going to be giving away prizes, one of the prizes that we will be giving away is we're going to give someone an opportunity to ask CT Fletcher a question. They will be invited, not as the webinar attendee, but actually into the group, to come in, and ask CT Fletcher a question, whatever question, just directly in person. Not only will we be handing the questions that come on, in the chat, but whoever we select can go ahead. They can start planning for it, looking forward to it. You have to attend the one hundred and fourth episode, live to be illegible to win the prize, that's the condition. There you go.

Bradley: Beautiful.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Okay. Question time. You guys ready?

Marco: Yes.

Serp Shaker For Lead Gen Properties

Bradley: Let's do it. Ben is first. He says, “Hey, Bradley, I'm using Serp Shaker, still a viable approach to creating lead gen properties to rent out? It would seem if I can deal with making each page somewhat unique, and having some quality incoming links to a few of the category pages, and I would have a valued properties going to hang around for a while. What are your thoughts about this?” Yeah. It is Ben. Any sort of those mass page generator builders, there's several of them now. Yeah. If you want to use them to generate lead gen properties, or to build lead gen properties, you certainly can. I

Recommend using an overlay or plugin though, or something like that to where you can make them look pretty, because the default, I guess you can install a theme, or whatever like that, but typically what I'll do with those types of sites is build a landing page that's on a different domain, or a sub-domain, or something like that, or even within Click Funnels, and just use the click funnels URL, for the landing page, and use that as an overlay, because those sites by themselves typically they look like crap. It's because there's junk content on them too, that kind of stuff. If you're using a piece of content that you added, Spintax so it can be used across hundreds, or even thousands of pages, then it's pretty much crappy content. I recommend that if you're going to use it to rank that's great, but use an overlay plugin.

Do not by all means, do not overlay your money site page on top of one of those sites, because that's cloaking, and it can get your site the indexed. Both the underlying site, and the overlay site. I know, because I've had it happen. That's why i say always build a landing page on a sub-domain, or another domain entirely, like a throw away domain, or use something like Click Funnels, or something like that, lead pages, or something. Yeah. You could still do it.

This Stuff Works

I've found that for a lot of local stuff, depending on the keywords, where I find the most success with those kind of sites, for local stuff, is if you build out the sites using a long list of long tail keywords. That you are generating a page for each long tail keyword, plus a local modifier, for all the municipalities, townships, cities, all of that around the entire service area of the business. If that makes sense. You can generate, like let's say you had a list of a hundred long tail keywords, and you had five cities, or townships, or municipalities, whatever you want to call them, that you wanted to target, then you would end up building the site, it would target all five cities times one hundred keywords for each city. It would end up being a five hundred page site. If that makes sense. That's where I found it to be the most effective. Because a lot of the short tailed stuff, they don't seem to rank as well, because local has becoming more competitive, at least in organic it is. If that makes sense. Anybody want to comment on that?

Hernan: I've taken the same route when it comes to some other plugins, like, well Lead Gadget for example or Master space creator, which would be playing a HTML sites, the reality is, whatever change that you need to do with [inaudible 00:13:58] is really cool, because it's [inaudible 00:14:01] do not need to handle databases, and those kind of things. What ever change you need to do, you need to do the website all over again. You know?

Bradley: Yeah.

Hernan: The reality is that I've gone through not the entirely lead gen property, or renting out but rather the Amazon slash affiliate way and for me it was a complete waste of time. Because you have to be dealing with the indexing, and you need to be dealing with, I don't know, Amazon, accounts [inaudible 00:14:35], and those kinds of things which is a completely waste of time. In my opinion. If you keep it, I think if you keep it like really high quality, and again, you follow Bradley's advice, you use Serp Shaker or Lead Gadget to create the whole structure, or skeleton of the website, which will save you a ton of time, but then you go and add somebody, change the content, and et cetera, that will be much more viable approach, because each website will be much more viable to rent out, and you can actually ask more money for it, because it's not just foreign garbage over and over again. You know what I mean.

Bradley: Right.

Hernan: If you go for, I don't know, three hundred pages, you know, five hundred pages, that's fine. I was doing, I don't know, thirty thousand even two, five hundred thousand pages which was really pushing it. If you keep it short and to the point, and to admin quality, I think would be fine.

Bradley: Yeah. Also, and I've done this, you can use, for example a Yelp listing, for the business, you can use that as an overlay. Right? I mean, it's better to have a landing page, because a landing page has no distractions on it, and it's got a clear call to action that literally is for local businesses, typically either make a phone call or submit a contact request form, or both. You can, if you don't have a landing page built, or whatever, and I've done it just for testing purposes, where I've gone out and built a bunch of pages with long tail keywords, trying to target areas, just to see if it would work, and in the meantime slap the Yelp listing for the business on it.

The overlay, like literally is hundreds of pages out there that when the visitor visits, it will show the Yelp page. That's just kind of a short cut, and instead of going out and building a landing page, and taking the time to do that, just try to rank the site first, and use an overlay for something like Yelp, or the Google My Business listing, or something like that. I haven't tried it with that, but why not, give it a shot, and if you start to see some results then you can always go back through and create an actual landing page to overlay instead.

Hernan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Bradley: All right?

Hernan: Yeah. Just another thing that I wanted to add, Bradley, that I've seen a lot of people doing this, is that they will put out big soft shaker kind of sites, and they will link back to, or use some sort of call to action, or banners, or whatever, at some point they will even do 301's, for example, when the website is ranking, I would advice against that, but if you have several feeder sites, like Serp Shaker decides that they will feed traffic into a main website …

Bradley: Yeah.

This Stuff Works

Hernan: That main website could be very well the one that's turning visitors into leads. You know? You do not need, I mean, the main website, the main money maker, will not be, you want to be worrying about getting at the index, or whatever, because it's not …

Bradley: Because you are sending people from a banner or something instead of a direct overlay.

Hernan: Yes.

Bradley: Is what you are saying. Right?

Hernan: Yes. That is what I mean. Yeah.

Bradley: All right. He said, “Building links to category pages,” I've never built any links to any of those types of sites, because I always look at those as short-term sites, like I don't expect any of those sites to last for any significant amount of time, so I never do any off page site, SEO to those sites, guys. You can if you want, and I know that some people do, and that's fine, but to me I hate doing rework. I hate doing stuff that I end up losing later on, so I just never built any links. I did strictly on page stuff, and that was it. It's up to you if you want to try it, Ben, by all means, test. Okay?

Serp Space Link Building Package For Tier 1

Just to clarify, he says, “The link packages on Serp Space link to tier one properties, only?” Correct, Ben. We will not except any money site links, but you can send on the IFTTT network properties, press releases, citations, anything you want, PBN's, whatever you want, and we'll build links to those, just not your money sites.

Project Supremacy Plugin

[inaudible 00:18:25] Marketing, says, “Project Supremacy plugin, and yes, or no, or why?” Your call. I've only used it for the scheme of dot org, the structure data markup, and that's it. That's the only thing I've ever used it for. It was, honestly, I don't use it on most of my sites, I did it for one specific site, in particular because we were trying to force the review stars to show, and I've had nothing but trouble with that one particular site. I always add my own, Jason, I'll decode to my sites, manually, I just injected into the header, myself. I don't use it for anything else, other than that. I know a lot of people loved the plugin. I'm not saying anything bad about it, I just personally haven't used it myself, other than for that one specific purpose. I know it's kind of like a Swiss Army plugin that it does a whole bunch of stuff. Many of those features I haven't even touched. I don't know. I'll let one of you guys comment on that, if you've used it, and do you suggest it, yes or no?

Hernan: Yeah. I do. I've used it and I really like it. It's kind of like as you were saying Bradley, it's kind of like a Swiss Army knife. The reality is that for many of us that are working with, for example [inaudible 00:19:36] SEO, besides the stars rating on the [inaudible 00:19:42] data that you could put images, and all of the markup, most of the other kind of things that [inaudible 00:19:50] on that regard, but I think it's a really cool plugin. I mean, you could have your, pretty much all of your, I wouldn't say all of it, but maybe eighty or ninety percent of your SEO needs covered with that plugin. It has also a keyword research, and a keyword difficulty [inaudible 00:20:10]. I haven't used that, as much as I would like, but I think it's a really powerful [inaudible 00:20:16] they did a really good job developing it. It's a solid plugin, that's what I mean. It's not like those kind of plugins that they try to do everything, but there [inaudible 00:20:27] is not the case. This is a really solid plugin, Todd is a really good developer, and they have taken their time to do that. Yeah. I would recommend it.

Bradley: Yeah. It's your call. One of the things, guys, is I've over the years. I've gotten to the point where I'm a minimalist when it comes to WordPress, now, I try to the absolute bare minimum of plugins, because of all the issues that occur with plugins, and conflicts, and updates, and hacks, and all of that kind of shit, and slowing down of the page load, page speed, and everything else, so I really have gone, I used to buy plugins, I used to buy every damn plugin that was ever launched.

It was such a waste of time, and eighty percent of the plugins that you purchase, especially in the IM world are junk, and they don't end up being supported for any length of time. I know projects supremacy plugin is contrary to that. In other words, there's good developers behind it, and support, and they're constantly updating and improving it, but personally I'm a minimalist when comes to WordPress, now, and I try to use the absolute bare minimum of plugins, so it's just not something that I've used much of. That's a good question. I know a lot of people who are really happy with it. I know it's suppose to be a really, really great plugin.

Approaching Potential Lead Gen Clients

Mark, says, “SM crew, I hope all is well. I would like some advice, please, I had my first lead gen site on first page, for one of my main keywords, plus one that. I'm literally number eleven for my main keyword, so I'm going to start contacting people, now, I'm very excited, but I'm also nervous. It's my first one, and couldn't have done it without you guys, especially IFTTT, SEO Academy. It's been very powerful for my site. I believe not the only thing, but huge. I don't like the idea of people ringing one company the lead gen one, and getting another, the lead fulfiller.” Like, the service provider. What you're asking, what Mark is asking about guys is if you have a generic lead gen property, and you're selling the leads to another company, and the other company ends up calling the customer that submitted the contact request, and they're calling from a different company, now, and they announce themselves as a different company. That seems a little bit weird. Yeah. That can be.

This Stuff Works

What would be your advice? I'm thinking of saying the lead gen company has teamed up with who's getting the leads. For example, saying something like plumber pro Dallas teamed up with Bob's Plumbing. Sorry, for the long question, but it's my first time, and I would like some advice from you guys, trust me, I'm a big skeptic online, as I know most internet marketing is full of slime. Thanks you, guys for any input will help.” Okay.

Yeah. You can do that, you can say for example, there's a couple of things you can do, you can do what you just mentioned, that is certainly valid, in fact, the lead gen funnel that I set up for the local kingpin training is exactly the scenario that you're talking about, here. It's a generic name that I made, a suto brand, as I call it, and I've got the tree service contractor that is servicing those leads. He asked me the exact same question. He said, “It's kind of weird because they say, we called, and I call and say, hey, this is blah, blah, blah, what he does, now, is when he returns the call from the lead that comes in, as he says, hey, this is my name from blah, blah, blah, you submitted your details for blah, and here I'm coming out to give you an estimate, or whatever. That is my marketing website. That's what he says to cover.

I'm only doing that because I'm sharing that lead gen funnel in the local kingpin training, in other words, it will be shared with you guys. I didn't want to actually use the contractors name on that, but for a lot of my lead gen clients, guys, what I'll do is I'll build out the sites and get them ranked, or whatever with my own suto brand, and then I'll go in, and just swap out the graphics of the logo graphics and put the company, whoever the service provider ends up being, I make it their branding on the site. Does that make sense? When somebody lands on the landing page, they see the company's name. It's usually like in an image.

I won't put the company's name in text on the page, or in the SEO title, and stuff like that, because that could effect my SEO that I've done for that lead gen site, with the suto brand. What I'll do is I'll put their graphics on there. I could put a notification bar, like you can use a plugin for that, for example, a notification bar that comes up at the top of the WordPress, the webpage that has scrolling text, that says, we've changed our name, or we've partnered with, or whatever. Just put their branding on it. Does that make sense? I like to do that, because that way I still keep my site ranked, my digital assets with my suto brand kind of like underlying, but I put their branding on that site, so that when anybody lands on the site, they know that when the service provider calls the customer they're going to be familiar with that brand, already. That's just another way that you could do it.

You can do that literally with just graphics guys. You can even put a popup plug in, like an exit popup plugin, for example, on the site, that will make a big banner square popup on the page, and say, hey, all service provided by, and then the contractors name, and their logo, something like that. Okay? I totally understand. Some people, some companies are going to complain about that, so find another service provider. My point is there's plenty of contractors, especially guys, because that's the niche I work in is contracting niche. Right? There's plenty of contractors out there that are hurting for leads, and could care less what the site looks like, as long as they're getting the leads. Okay? All right.

Changes Made Before It Does The 3-Week Google Dance

Brandon is next.“How much can be rewritten in change, as far as content sidebar, outbound links of an existing page, before it does the three week Google dance? Where changing most of a page caused only that page to jump around, or does it infect the entire site?” I don't know what the specific percentages are of the how much content can be changed, because usually if you edit or modify the SEO title, like the meta title, that's a pretty big change because that's the first thing, I think that's pretty much weighted the most for telling Google what the page is about, is the SEO title, it's one of the first things that the bots see. Changing the SEO title can make it dance. I know that for a fact.

Also, changing the URL slug, can make it dance, sometimes. Changing the H1 tag, which is important, that's the page opening title. Right? That can make it dance. Now, as far as changing the content, changing a few, adding, for example, a lot of the times I'll go back to old content, and add new paragraphs, because it kind of refreshes the page, and adds some new content to the page, gets it re-crawled, re-indexed, so that can actually have a positive effect. As far as, changing how much existing copies on the page, I don't really know. I don't have a number for that. Do any of you guys? Have a threshold?

Marco: No. I don't have a threshold, but I do know linked building, major changes on the page, and also no changes, it can start dancing for no reason, it's a number, it's a mousetrap. Google might assign a position to you, for whatever reason, and then all of a sudden it'll drop. It'll drop to see how you react. You cannot touch it for twenty-one days, once it does that. We've always seen this for no reason of a video, remember videos would drop and you commented a lot about this Bradley, and then all of a sudden you just left it alone, and it would come back often even stronger than before.

Bradley: Yes.

Marco: We were able to pinpoint that this is actually the Google Dance. We were able to give it a time frame [inaudible 00:28:14] look up, what is it? The Google Dance explained, just Google the Google Desk explained, you'll see my blog post, and you'll know what it's all about. It doesn't mean that you do have to make changes on the page, it just means that Google, for whatever reason will decide to get your stuff dancing to see how you react. Once it starts doing that you cannot do any link building or anything else other than what you normally do, or else you get sand boxed.

Bradley: Yeah. The other part of this is when changing most of a page cause only that page to jump, or does it effect the entire site? It depends, Brandon. Because it depends on how integral that page is to the rest of the site. If it's a page that has, for example, if it's one of the strongest pages on the site, that you are changing, it has a lot of inbound links, and that's where most of the sites authority comes through, or at least a large portion of the sites authority comes through that one page, then changing that page could certainly effect the entire site.

For the most part, typically it will just effect the one page, unless like I said, there is a lot of link equity flowing into that page for some particular reason, then is also feeding the rest of the other pages on the site. If that makes sense. If that's kind of like where a lot of inbound links are coming in, it just depends on how much of the overall strength of the domain is coming from that particular page. If it's a significant amount, then yes, it could effect the whole site. If it's a nominal amount, then most likely it's just going to effect that one page. Okay?

Also, like Marco said, it's usually structural changes that are going to cause any sort of structural change, so again, SEO title, URL, H1 tag, anything like that can cause the page to dance, quite a bit. As far as the actual content, the body of the content, if you were to swap out several paragraphs that could most likely change it, as well. If you're just editing a few lines, here, and there, it's probably not going to cause much change. Although it can, though, guys, it certainly can. All right. What you might want to do, Brandon, is test another page on the site, that might not be as important, and see what it does to that site. Okay?

This Stuff Works

Anchor Text For Child Category

Chris, says, “My site is a complex silo structure with an IFTTT brand network around it. My confusion is on what type of anchor text to use in the post linking back up to the child category pages? I thought it would suggest in the IFTTT training to use long phrases, and even an entire sentence to avoid, short exact matched keyword anchor text being syndicated out to the four blogs, and the network, but it also seems we should use strong important keywords to link up to the child pages to reinforce, to Google what the child page is about. I feel like I'm missing out on strong internal linking power, because out of fear I'm using long phrases instead of keywords with anchor text. What do you suggest for the links? Thanks.”

Chris, I understand your concern, but what I was talking about specifically with using the longer phrases and that kind of stuff, using sentences, that's if you're using a tiered network. Because if you're using a branded network, and you've only got three or four blogs in that network, which would be Blogger Tumbler, WordPress, and perhaps Medium, or Weebly, one of those, or for example. Any one of those you're only looking at three or four anchored text links. What I would do is, I would go ahead and use your exact match keyword, as your internal link, which will syndicate out to the network, but it's only three or four different blog properties.

Your only getting three or four external links with that exact match, and their webbed to links, so it's not quite the same as if you were building a real strong PBN link, if you were to build four or five really strong PBN links with the exact match anchors, that could tip you past the over, beyond the over optimization scale. For the blog sites, it's not really an issue. On a two tier network, you've got to be careful, because on a two tier network, now you're looking at twelve to sixteen, depending on whether you're using three or four blogs per network, you're looking at twelve to sixteen anchor text links.

When you're using tiered networks, which I don't suggest you'd ever do, anyways, you can, we always suggest you use a tier one network, only for blog syndication. Don't worry about it. Just make sure that if you're going to continue linking from blog post to those top level category pages, or child category pages, as you say here, that you don't just hammer the same keywords over and over again. If you're going to be continually linking from your blog to those category pages make sure you vary your anchor text, and your link types. Right?

Vary your anchor text, use naked URLs, generic terms, you could also use like I've mentioned before, three different link types, you could do contextual links, which is typical, that's what most people will do, but you could also curate content from your pages or your category pages, whatever into your blog post, then you end up using like a curation, or a citation style link, where you're citing, an attribution style link, where your attributing where the content came from. Right? The source, you are attributing the source. That's the other way, and then you can also link with recommended reading, or related resources box. Those are different link 0types as well. Again, I do recommend you use exact match anchors to link to your category pages, just make sure that if you're going to hammer away on those same category pages over and over again, that you vary your anchor text, your anchor text types, and your link types. Good question, though.

Identical Keyword Strings

Scott, says, “Doing keyword research on Uber suggest for an affiliate site, and there are several phrases with identical strings of words, except for the last word or two. The phrases are all related, and mean the same thing, IE, questions to ask a girl, questions to ask a girl over text, questions to ask a girl you like. Do you make one page with these additional keywords sprinkled throughout the article to hopefully rank for all of them, or do you make a separate page for each keyword?” Do not make a separate page for each keyword. You will trigger pan to penalty, for sure.

Around pan to four, which I think was around April or May of 2014, that changed, it used to be that you would want to a separate page or post on your site for everyone of those keywords. That's how we used to do it. Then, it ended up becoming a negative ranking factor, because they're two similar, those queries, or those terms are too similar, and so you end up with what Google determines. It's like duplicate content, because they're so similar that they really don't deserve their own pages of content. They could all be combined into one.

What you might want to do is create a page, and with this particular example, you might just want to create a page with questions to ask a girl, and then have literally a Q and A page, because then you can work all those keywords in there, and actually answer them, and that would be like an actual valuable piece of content based upon queries out there that people are searching for. Right? That would probably end up speaking to the hummingbird algorithm too, and mobile, as well. Because those are full text queries. Right? No. I would put them all on one page. Absolutely. You don't need to do that. Guys, just think about it, you got to think about, does it look spamy, and if you had multiple pages or posts on the site that are only slightly different, then, yeah, that certainly looks spamy. Just try to think about it logically. Does it look spamy, if so, if you think it would seem spamy, just don't do it. All right.

“Same question goes for ranking videos for these keywords,” videos are different, because now you are talking about using YouTube, which is a Google property. That's a bit different. Those rules are different, guys. A lot of difference between money sites, and YouTube. Videos are easier and cheaper to make for separate videos as far as you can just spin content and description, wherefore a site you would need unique content for each page, it would be far more expensive, but I totally agree Scott. Scott, yeah, you can spam with videos, a hell of a lot easier and get away with a hell of a lot more. I wouldn't do that to a money site, though. Okay.

SEO Strategy With Consistent Results

Pete, says, “Asked last week, and we ran out of time, so here it is, again,” yeah, sorry, Pete, it's got to get in early, buddy, “When discussing three pack optimization strategies everyone has a strategy, my question is, what are you doing to get consistent results that you can directly tie to your strategy? Keep in mind, I know that there are several factors that come into play, but somethings have a bigger bang, no silver bullets, just a strategy implementing, it seems you get the biggest returns.” RYS Academy, Pete.

Marco: You beat me to it.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: Yeah. I tried. I knew you were going to say it, Marco. Yeah. RYS Academy works really, really well for local. It's not a silver bullet, because it's not something that works a hundred percent at a time, every time. It's consistently, it's like our secret sauce for ranking and maps is to employ a drive stack. Right. That is something that we've talked about. Look, you can buy RYS Academy, or join RYS Academy, and learn how to do it yourself, or you can just buy done for you drive stacks from us and not even go through the whole trouble of learning how to do it yourself. It's up to you. If you're the do it yourself or you are going to want to join the academy, if you just want the results, without having to learn how to do it, and put the work in the do it, then just order them from us.

I mean, I don't build my own drive stacks, are you kidding? I only built a handful of drive stacks in my entire life, and it's only because I did it for training purposes, for others. We have a virtual assistant that builds our drive stacks, who is absolutely amazing. The guy is a machine, and the stacks that he builds are freaking beautiful. He does it quickly. For the cost that you guys can by drive stacks, man, it's hands down the way to go, in my opinion. Marco, you want to pitch that a little more, man? Because I think I did a pretty good job.

Marco: No, dude. Nine months of being inside there playing with files and folders, and everything that you can do, and moving it up and down and all around, I don't want to go in there, again, man.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: I don't do it. That's why we hire and trained our VA to do the best job possible. We found the best guy for the job, and now he does it, so we that we don't have to.

Bradley: He's amazing.

Marco: He's fabulous. The quality. Gsites, if you guys have seen Gsites they suck. Right? There's very little that he could do with them, but he does some awesome stuff with them, man. He actually makes them look really good.

Bradley: Yeah. He does. He just did one for the local kingpin training, the upgrade it's called Maps Kingpin, and so I implemented a drive stack for that, and had our guy build the stack for me, and he got it back to me like within twenty-four hours. Of course, I'm one of his bosses, but he got it back to me in about twenty-four hours and I posted it in our slack box, and I was like, wow, he's an artist. This is beautiful. I was really, really impressed. Definitely check it out. Rob is next, “With the blog on a sub-domain with an IFTTT syndication network that has internal links over to the main domain, any recommendations for linking best practice, since they are not actual internal links?” No. I wouldn't worry about it, Rob.

I mean, the way I look at it if you have a blog on a sub-domain, of a main money site, the way I look at it, is it's still isn't an internal link. I know it's technically not, but since it's part of the same domain, I still consider it as an internal link. I treat them as such. Now, I wouldn't hammer away, just like I mentioned to Scott, I guess it was, or Chris, or whoever I was just talking about with anchor text. You don't want to just keep hammering away with the same anchor text, over and over again. There's no doubt you want to vary your anchor text, your anchor text type, and your link type. I still treat blogs on sub-domains as part of the money site. That's just how I do it. If anyone of you guys have any other opinions, I'd like to hear them.

Hernan: Sorry. I was muted. Yeah. I do it the same way. I treat sub-domains as part of the main money site. Yeah. I just usually use the same IFTTT because you want to keep everything as branded as possible. The more content you're feeding to that, usually the better.

Bradley: Yeah. If I'm using a sub-domain as an entirely separate site, like different branding, and everything else, then of course, you wouldn't be linking to the root, anyways, unless there was a reason for it. In which case I would treat it as an external link. When the blog is branded like the root, then it's pretty apparent, it's pretty clear that it's just a blog on a sub-domain. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, or site on the root domain, and you want to put a WordPress blog on a sub-domain, and it's, then since it's the same branding, and I'm linking from the sub-domain blog post up to the root domain, I don't treat it as an external link, I treat it as an internal link, but if it was a separate site, entirely, like different branding, different category, topics, and all that kind of stuff, then I would treat it as an external link, then. That was a good question, too, Rob.

Drip Feeding Tier Links For 14 Days For A 6-Day-Old Stack

Kevin is next, “Hey, guys. I just have a quick question about back linking to a Google stack is fifty tier two contextual's to all of the stacks individual properties, plus one hundred tier threes to each tier two drip feed over fourteen days be too much for a six day old stack?” Love your approach, Kevin. No. You can basically drop an atom bomb on a drive stack, and I'll let Marco comment on this one, but I haven't seen any negative effect from it. Throw the kitchen sink at, as far as I'm concerned. What do you think Marco?

This Stuff Works

Marco: I always tell people test. My standard answer is this is something that you should test. We have abused them, I mean we've done [inaudible 00:42:09]. We've done [inaudible 00:42:11], just a whole bunch of crap to it, and nothings happened. That is not to say that tomorrow it won't change.

Bradley: That's true.

Marco: Take that with a grain of salt. Right now, hammer it. As a matter of fact jackhammer SEO.

Bradley: Yeah. I love Kevin's approach, though, man, that's awesome. He's not holding back. He's CT Fletchering it.

Adam: That's awesome.

Setting Up Syndwire To Send Some Social Signals To A Tier 1 YouTube Network

Bradley: [inaudible 00:42:37] says, “Hey, Bradley. [inaudible 00:42:39] team, Jeff, here,” okay, so it's Jeff, would like to ask the following, “If I have a YouTube channel with a persona based tier one IFTTT network attached and I want to send some tier two social signals to the tier one network with Syndwire, would I set Syndwire up with persona based profiles, or branded profiles?” I'd do persona based, Jeff. I'd do persona based. Because again, it makes sense, I wouldn't, if you've got a tier one network, and you want to send social signals to your tier one network, it really wouldn't make sense to those, at least in my opinion, it wouldn't make sense to be coming from branded, especially, branded properties that are branded the same as the IFTTT network, or the money site.

To me, it makes sense that you would be receiving signals from people. Random people, and followers, and customers, and fans, and that kind of stuff, which would be personas. Okay. That is just my take on it. I would set it up as personas. All right. “Now, the same, but different companion website to the YouTube channel has a branded tier one IFTTT network attached, and I want to use Syndwire to drive tier two social signals to my tier one branded network, persona or branded profiles for the companion website? Syndwire set up.” Persona or branded profiles for the companion website? Attach [inaudible 00:43:59] drives to a tier one branded network. Okay. You want to drive tier two social signals to your branded network, around your YouTube channel? Same thing. I would still do persona based. “For the companion website Syndwire setup.”

I'm not sure what that means. Because you asked about YouTube channels, as far as I can tell you're just asking, okay, money site, branded network, what type should you have branded or persona based, tier two? I say persona. YouTube, as your trigger. Branded tier one network, should you have persona or branded tier two? I say, persona. Okay. I mean, that's the bulk of them, anyways. If you want to mix some branded stuff in there, you certainly can, but, again, I would just stick with persona.

“Do you have any suggestions for gigs for single wire profiles setup to the semantics mastery level quality,” no, unfortunately I do not, Jeff, because I just took one of our network builders, that builds our IFTTT networks, and basically had them set up my Syndwire profile as the same way that we set up our IFTTT profiles. In other words, she would create a persona, and then register for all the accounts, that were available in Syndwire that I cared about, because there was a bunch of them in there that were really worthless in my opinion.

The ones that I cared about she would go out and create an account with that persona brand, or that persona profile for all of those accounts and then she would interlink all of them, and theme that network. Theme that persona around a particular category, like, construction, or health and wellness, or whatever, something like that. Then, I would group persona profiles together. Let's say she built twenty profile personas each with their own set of accounts, and they were all for the construction and home services industry. I would put all of them in a single Syndwire group, so that when I went to go make a post, I could just select that group, and I could push out to all twenty of those properties, those twenty profiles, which might have fifteen or twenty properties per profile. If that makes sense. They would all be themed.

I just had one of our IFTTT builders do it. I don't know of any [inaudible 00:46:14]. I never purchased a gig from anybody for Syndwire. I just had one of our own internal network builders do it. Personally, I couldn't suggest any. What I would recommend that you do is potentially hire your own virtual assistant, and train them the way that you want them to build it, because that's going to be your most cost effective, and if you're a heavy user of SyndWire, you're probably going to want somebody, essentially a virtual assistant on your payroll that can build them for you, because I know accounts do get shut down, and that kind of stuff. All right.

Yeah. I got the point with the big flashing warning, Adam.

Adam: I thought it would be a little bit more obvious this way.

Using Expired Domains Aside From Rebranding

Bradley: Brian, says, “What do you guys do to breath life into an expired domain you scraped, besides re-branding it, and giving it an IFTTT network?” Social signals. That helps. Also, Crowd Search, if you're using Crowd Search or some sort of CT spam, click through spam tool, driving traffic into that PBN will breath life into it. Social signals, and traffic will breath life into an expired domain. Again, you can spoof traffic with something like SyndWire, not SyndWire, excuse me Crowd Search.

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Possible Reasons Why A GMB Listing Is Not Saving The Updates You Made

Ethan, Ethan Rocker, says, “Hey. I keep on running into a frustrating problem when creating my Google My Business listing.” Okay. I read this earlier. I don't have any advice for you, Ethan, I'm sorry. That's something that I would reach out to Google My Business support for, and find out if they can help you. A lot of times they can, in fact, Wayne Clayton pointed me to a help file for Google My Business the other day, that I found to be really cool. I guess, Google stepped up their game. Let me see if I can find this, real quick. This one here, I believe. Yeah. This is it.

All right. I'm going to drop this link on the page. This is how you can contact Google My Business, and tell them you are having an issue, and explain to them what the hell the issue is, and they'll contact you via email, or whatever, or possibly by phone. You can tell them which one you want, and ask them what the problem is. Hopefully it's not a spam site. If it is, I didn't fill this out, because I was having issues getting a verification card for one of my lead gen properties, and I did not fill this out, because I didn't want some Google rep poking around, and investigating a little bit further, if you know what I mean. If it's a real business, then I would have no problem at all contacting their support. Okay. Just keep that in mind. I don't know of any other thing to tell you about that, Ethan, I apologize. This is G and B help.

We almost got all the questions, today. Almost. Okay. Regarding G and B listings it is recommended to check the box, is it recommended to check the box? I delivered goods and services to my customer at their location for all niches? No, Ethan. I have a few drug rehab sites and I'm not sure if that would be relevant. No, Ethan, if you, okay, think of it this way, if it's a service based business, where the business serves the customer at the customer location, then you would want to check that box, because that basically removes your street address from the maps. If you don't serve, if customers don't ever come to your location, then that is by Google's own terms of service, that's how you're suppose to set the listing up. In other words, if it's a plumber, and the plumber always goes to the customers house, or business, whatever, the customer location, there's probably never a time where the customer is going to come to the plumbing company's location. Right?

You would check that box and it would basically remove your street address from maps, but it would still show your city, your contact information, everything else. If you've got a point of sale. A business, where customers make a transaction at your location, or they come to your location to pick up stuff, or whatever, then you're going to not check that box, and leave your street address. Does that make sense?

That's why I like for my lead gen properties, again, I deal pretty much exclusively with contractors and they're pretty much all service based where they go to the customer location, so I never, I always check that box to where it removes my street address from the maps, because most of the time they're virtual mailboxes, anyways. I don't want that address shown in Google Maps, it doesn't make sense, nobody is going to click driving directions to go to a virtual mailbox for a plumber. Does that make sense? Again, just think about it, do you have a point of sale? If you have a point of sale, leave the address showing. If you don't have a point of sale, there's really no need. If the business goes to the customer location, then you can remove that, or check that box. Okay.

Greg, we got four more minutes, guys, right? We got four more minutes or am I suppose to wrap it up, now?

Adam: You should be wrapping it up, but yeah, let's just roll through these.

Bradley: Greg, says, “Based on your input last week, I removed two blogs from my IFTTT network, I had ten,” okay, “For the other three extra blogs, I could change them to syndicate only post snippets with a title linking to the blog, two paragraphs of content, and attribution link they would look like large bookmarks, or a blog archive page. Would these be good to continue to use in that manner, or would you still eliminate those completely, as well?” I don't know, Greg, I would test it.

Honestly, that's all I would do, is I would test it. I'm not sure. I mean, again, personally I've said this a thousand times, I'll say it one more time, now, and then I'll say it ten more times next week. I would just do a standard tier one blog syndication network, and that's it. That's all I do for my money sites, now, guys, is one, branded tier network. That's it. Okay. If you want to do other things, what you are talking about, here, Greg, again, you'd have to test it, because I just don't know.

Without me testing, I'm not going to give you some bullshit answer. You know what I mean? I would have to test that, and I'm not going to set up a test for that, because like I said, I always just use a branded tier one network, because it's the safest. It makes sense. Right. Again, if you want to continue using additional blogs, if that's your strategy then hey, great that's awesome, man. It's good to see you taking initiative to do your own thing. Just continue, I would test with maybe with another site. If it's a money site, that you're counting on ranking, or whatever. If it's important to you, then I would test it on a test site, first, and see what kind of results you get from that method. All right.

“If I keep them, should I leave the existing full posts that are already on them, or change those to two paragraph snippets? Thanks.” Again, I don't know. I cannot answer that, Greg. I am sorry. I wish I could, but honestly like I said, I can only give you the advice of what I do, and what I do is just a branded tier one rank for money sites. That's it. All right.

Recommended SEO Plugin

Damian, “Advice request. I'm starting a site from scratch. Can you recommend a good plugin or theme that is not loaded, and has all the SEO bells and whistles? I've done website SEO, I haven't done website SEO, for real, in three years. I'm building the video leads HQ brand, and that consists of a website, too, any recommendation from the experts?” Damian, I'm pretty particular with my themes that I've used. I like the Inkthemes. I've always used Inkthemes. I don't know if they're particularly SEO friendly or not, it's just that's the one, like you guys know every theme developer has their own functionality within their, and I just learned Inkthemes really, really well. I always stuck with those, or I'll use something like Optimized Press, or Click Funnels for everything, now. I use Click Funnels for just about everything, now.

This Stuff Works

What were you going to say?

Hernan: Yeah. I was about to say, you can go to Theme Forest, and order them for most popular, and you will find avatar, I think the X theme, or something like that, and then you will find, Thrive Themes, it's a good one.

Bradley: Yeah. Thrive is good. Yes. I agree with that.

Hernan: Thrive is good. Genesis. DV, is another good one. There you have a bunch to go about, and they're not that complex because the more beautiful the theme, the less it works for SEO, so have that in mind.

Bradley: Yeah. I mean, like I said, I'm more of a minimalist now, when it comes to WordPress guys, like I try to knock out a site as quickly as possible, using the least amount of plugins. I don't like spending a lot of time on WordPress, and now, I'm using Click Funnels for even my websites, basically. I mean other than if I have to have a blog and a syndication network, which I do for a lot of stuff, then I'm certainly using WordPress, but yeah, I mean, I agree with Hernan, and Thrive Themes are really good themes, too. I haven't used them a whole lot, I use more of their plugins, landing pages, and content builder plugins and stuff, but I know that they've got some pretty good stuff.

Okay. Cool. Four, fifty-five on the money. We got to all the questions. That was like a match made in heaven. All right, guys. Thanks for everybody, being here. We will see master class members in about five minutes.

Marco: Awesome.

Bradley: Don't forget Local Kingpin, next Tuesday.

Hernan: Bye-bye.

Bradley: See you.

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How To Get The Best Results From The RYS Service?

By April

In episode 94 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about getting the best results using the strategies given in the RYS Academy course. He wanted to know if PR should be done before the RYS service or vice versa.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys
My question is about how to get the best results from the RYS service.
I have a client that I want to rank in the Maps pack. He is already on the first page of Google with his website, but not ranking in the Maps pack.
I am going to do a Press Release.
My question;
Should I do the PR first and then do the RYS service?
Should I do the RYS service first and then the PR?
My objective is to get him ranked in the Maps pack!
As always guys, keep up the good work.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 94

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 94 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Adam: Well nobody's going to believe it but we're laughing about a flag. Anyways, welcome everybody to Humpday Hangouts, episode 94. Today is the 24th of August. We've got everybody here, so let's say hello. Chris, how's it going man?

Chris: Doing good. How are you doing?

Adam: Can't complain, it's good to be back. Hernon how are you doing?

Chris: Hey guys, hey everyone, it's really good to be here.

Adam: Good deal. Marco what's up with the weather today?

Marco: Oh man it's beautiful. It's been beautiful all day. Couldn't be better. Wish you guys were here.

Adam: Yeah, no kidding. Last but not least, Bradley, how are you doing?

Bradley: I'm good man. I don't have my curtain up because it's too damn hot here, so…

Adam: Yeah, I think we've got about the same weather. You're probably a couple degrees warmer, so.

Bradley: Yeah, it's too hot for that, man. Last week I tried to do it with the curtain up and by the end of the webinar I was sitting in a puddle and I was like, ugh, I'm not doing that again, so.

Adam: Good deal. Well we don't have a whole lot of announcements today for everybody so we're just going to roll through this. If you got the Humpday Hangout's announcement email you know that we've got via Mastery PR a pretty cool launch coming out next week, so [inaudible 00:01:09] Kingpin will be sending out some more information about that. If you're involved in content which as an SEO, a marketer, a freelancer, agency owner, this is something you want to keep your eye out for.

Bradley: If you're no the web you're dealing with content.

This Stuff Works

Adam: Yeah. If you want to speed it up, if you want to save money, if you want to free up your time to work on your business then this is definitely something you want to be checking out. Also, we wanted to mention we got a lot of responses about the announcement of Google hangouts and how they're changing that. While we appreciate everybody's responses I would ask if you want to post in our groups, that's fine, please don't message Bradley privately because when 200 people do that, that gets kind of tough. Like I said, we do appreciate when people send us stuff, but by all means, share it on our page, do something like that so, Bradley if you want to just mention to people what the deal is with that and how we're not going down in flames any time soon.

Bradley: The deal is Google hangouts, being able to initiate a hangout on air from Google, is being stopped. It's not going to be available to do that anymore. I've gotten dozens and dozens of private messages from all our little helper bees out there that wanted to relay the message to me, as if I didn't already know. So we do appreciate it but use the public groups to do that guys because it does become quite a bit annoying when I get 150 PMs from people saying, “Did you know?”, “No I hadn't heard before but thanks.”

That said, we always initiate everything through YouTube guys, we always have, ever since day one. So it shouldn't affect us at all. Until it actually rolls out we won't be 100% sure but it should not affect us at all. Google Plus is not going anywhere, and you guys all just come to the event page. Everything that we set up on our end for the webinars is done through YouTube so it shouldn't affect us at all, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up. We are aware of it, so please don't PM me. Other than that, yeah we're good to go.

Adam: Sounds good. Anybody else have anything we need to talk about?

Chris: I think we're good.

Adam: Al right let's get rolling.

Bradley: All right, cool, we got questions, so let me grab the screen. Oops, wrong button. Grab the whole screen and lock it. You guys confirm that we are good to go.

Adam: Looking good. Got your whole screen.

Bradley: I really like the gift that you put in there Adam.

Adam: Thank you. I found out slack has a bot, for anybody out there who's using slack. You just give it a keyword and it randomly pulls one in so you never know what you're going to get.

Bradley: So you put “Like a boss” in there and this is what it did?

Adam: Yeah, watch this. I'll do this again live because this is what people really want to see on Humpday Hangouts.

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Bradley: That's really nice.

Adam: There we go. There's number two.

How To Sell The Benefits Of IFTTT Networks To Local Business Owners?

Bradley: It can't be all business, you know what I mean? Okay, I kind of like the dancing dickhead better, this one. Anyways, all right, let's get into it. Mark O'Connell's got the first question.

Mark O’Connell: Hi guys, hope you are well, go at question for you Bradley.

Bradley: All right.

“I know you mentioned in the V2 training about selling networks to local business owners, but how do you sell them on the benefits and how were you prospecting when you were selling multiple networks a month? I know that might be too in depth to answer here but I can-” The old network's pretty damn fast now, well that's sweet Mark. -“and would like to be able to build up some cash by selling some networks, so any advice on prospecting and selling benefits would be much appreciated. Thanks.

That's actually a really good question Mark. You know we have, I thought I had training in the V2 course about reselling networks. If not, I know that we did it in the monetization webinar which was the bonus webinar after the launch was over. So you might want to go back and review that because we talk about monetizing it in there in depth, but we can cover it briefly here as well.

When I was selling a lot of networks it was basically because … well, first of all I had a pretty big client base so when I started selling networks I was able to, just basically what I call shake the bushes, and that's just go hit my existing client base and up sell them on additional services so that was pretty simple. Whenever I go to prospect or pitch for any new clients, which I do very little of now, if at all, but when I was pitching or prospecting clients, it's just part of an overall SEO strategy.

So, when I would, it wasn't necessarily that I was just selling them a network and that was it. It was an overall strategy for marketing services, right? Which would include SEO, local SEO if they were a local business and content marketing. It's all one in the same. When I provide marketing services it's not just SEO on page or off page. Very, very rarely did I ever have any clients where I was just providing link building services for example. Most of the time it was an all encompassing overall marketing strategy which included on page SEO, social media, content marketing, off page SEO so link building, that kind of thing, but all of that was pretty much accomplished through the IFTTT networks and content marketing, right? So that's pretty much the foundation that all of my SEO services were built upon and that's how I've been doing it for years.

As far as selling on the benefits, what I would do is I would ask questions of prospects. By the way, in case you guys aren't aware of that, that's the best way to pitch clients is to ask them questions about their marketing strategy because then you allow them to speak and uncover their weaknesses for you. Then you can craft their message based around their responses and you can actually lead them into coming … They come to the realization that the marketing sucks on their own without you having to point that out because you just get them talking about their marketing strategies.

So one of the things that I would do often is I would ask Mr Business Owner, are you doing any social media marketing? Invariably or 90% of the time, the answers were either no, or yeah, we post on our Facebook page occasionally but it's never done anything for us. And that's it. Those are pretty much the two standard responses that I would get was either no we don't do any social media marketing or yes I did this or that and it didn't work so I stopped.

So I would explain to them, look, I completely understand, if you only post on your Facebook page every now and then or send a Tweet out every now and then you can't really expect to get any results, and I understand because you're running your business that you don't have time to manage all these social media profiles and properties. However, yo would agree that if you were to have consistency in your social media marketing you'd probably see some fairly good results, am I right? Yes. Okay, well what were you doing whenever you tried to do any social media marketing? Tell me what your strategy was. Then I let them talk a little bit so that I'd get to hear about how bad it was. Then I would use some of their answer in part of what I would say about okay, well, this is what we can do. Would you agree?

You always want to ask leading questions where you can get that yes. You want to keep getting a yes answer out of your prospects because that puts them in that positive frame of mind later where they're more likely to say yes later on to your proposal, but again, ask a lot of questions.

This Stuff Works

Then what I would do is I would explain to them that if we had a way where we could just focus on updating content in one location, which would be their main website or blog, but you don't say blog to a prospect because they don't understand what that means most of the time. You just say if we were to update content in just one location on a regular basis your website, and then have that content automatically distributed across all of your social media profiles, plus all the main social media platforms. I would list them off, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube if you're using video, Pinterest if you wanted to, I would start naming off the main ones they would know about. I would say plus, in addition to that, about 15 other sites, social media and web 2.0 platforms and I would say other sites on the web where we could republish your content, all from one location, you only have to manage one location, don't you think that would be a lot easier to manage? Well, yeah of course it would. They would say, well yeah, of course it would.

All right, here, let me show you what, this is a service that I can provide and let me show you how it works. I would show them a graphic, the same graphic that you guys have access to, which would just show that wheel essentially, that network ring. I would say look this is the center point here, this is your website, all we need to do is make sure that I have this system, or this structure, set up properly. Everything's going to be branded, it's going to have a consistent theme, the graphics are going to be consistent across all of them so it'll be your branding, your logo, all of that. All we need to do is update content from your website. Published content regularly and consistently to your website and that's going to automatically update all of these properties which is going to help with your SEO, in other words it's going to help you rank better in Google and it's also going to help generate additional traffic outside of Google because on all of those platforms there's traffic as well.

That's how I would always frame it. I wouldn't' frame it as … Trust me, guys, I'm 100% guilty of using SEO terminology with prospects, and that's the quickest way to lose a prospect is to start using our industry terms with them.

Adam: Yeah, no techno babble. Tell them the results and walk them through what's going to happen.

Bradley: That's right.

Adam: Get them thinking about what they're going to have at the end of this.

Bradley: You want to simplify it. Dumb it down, so to speak, for the clients. You don't want to use the techno babble as Adam just said. You want to really, like I said, I had really good success with always asking a lot of questions, asking leading questions to where I'd get them to agree and say yes, yes, yes multiple times. Then I would use some of their responses to the questions that I ask in how I would frame my proposal. It was pretty much a no-brainer. I probably sold an 80% close ratio on … I don't have exact figures, but I would say probably 8/10 people that I would pitch a network to I'd be able to sell them on it.

Even clients that I didn't have ongoing SEO services with I could still sell IFTTT networks to if they were doing some sort of content regular publishing on their, even irregular. For example, I have an eye doctor client. She's one of the most low maintenance clients I've ever had. I've had her for four years. She was one of my first clients. I still do SEO services for her. You guys would puke if you found out how little I charged her per month, but sh was one of my first clients and she's just been grandfathered into that price ever since.

She does a blog post about once per quarter. Once per quarter a year, guys, that's like once every three months she'll do a blog post. But that was enough for me to be able to sell her on an IFTTT network, even though I don't do any content marketing for her, all I do is maintain her maps position and that's it. Because she posted once every quarter or so, so about three or four posts per year is really what she does, I told her, hey you would benefit from having this network. I explained it to her and so she purchased it. I was able to make $700 or $800 or whatever it was that I charged. Actually, at the time for her it was probably a lot less, but to charge her for that network and now every time she does a post it syndicates out across her network. THere's not nearly as much activity as she should have, but I was still able to sell her on that network.

So, hopefully that was helpful. Adam you'd know, what's the name of that, is it Ask? The name of the book.

This Stuff Works

Adam: Yeah, it's by Ryan Levesque, if I messed up his name I'm sorry, but it's Ask. Yes you can, yeah.

Bradley: That's a great book. There's another one. Shit I can't remember then name of it now. If I can think about it, there's another book that I read that was similar to that one and that's the one that taught me how to ask questions the correct way when prospecting. It's kind of a sales type book, but, if I can remember it after the webinars guys I'll come back and post it on this page, a link to that book, because it was a really, really good book.

How Many Tiers Are Allowed When Setting Up Non-Video RSS Networks?

Adam: The next one is Greg. He says, “How deep can I set up my RSS not video networks? Tier 3, tier 4. My tier 2 is well themed and all running independent RSS feeds slow drip or would it be better just to juice the tier 2 networks? Also about interlinking between networks if they are the same people where person would be on separate tier 2 network and the company on tier 1? Muchos gracias”

I don't understand the second part of the question about interlinking. “the same people where the person would be on separate tier 2 network and company-” I don't really follow that one.

But as far as how far out can you go? You can go out as far as you want with the automated networks, guys, although I don't recommend that for websites. For YouTube, fine. I really don't recommend doing that for websites, guys, as I've said 1,000 times, and this will be 1,001 I really recommend that you only do a tier 1 network for your websites.

You can, look Greg, if you're doing everything like you just mentioned, you've got it well themed and you're running independent RSS feeds, then that's great, that's perfect. I still wouldn't go beyond tier 2 myself personally because it's just so complicated if you start going out to tier 3 and tier 4.

There's so many different parts that can breakdown that the maintenance required to keep that running smoothly, to me, is there's just … What do they call it? The Law of Diminishing Returns. At some point it's going to be too cumbersome to maintain. In fact, I think tier 2 networks are too cumbersome to maintain for blog syndication. For YouTube it's a no brainer because it doesn't require any maintenance. But for blog syndication it does because you've always got to be monitoring feeds and things like that. You can use ServeSpace or network monitor to help ease that pain a bit, but it's still going to be a bit cumbersome to monitor all that stuff.

Anytime anybody else's feed goes down, now you've lost a content source you've gotta go in and update your networks and all that kind of stuff. To me, it's not worth it if you're only doing one or two or a handful of sites guys, then by all means do it, but when you start managing multiple sites, guys, it becomes too much of a pain in the ass. In my opinion I'd rather just stick with a tier 1 network and just really build that up and I'd get just as good of results out of that really.

This Stuff Works

But yeah, Greg, as far as I'm concerned. You can go out as long as you're setting it up correctly the way that we suggest and you're minimizing your footprint. You can't eliminate it, but you can minimize it, then you can go out as far as you want but I think your time is better spent somewhere else, though, really.

As far as the interlinking, if you're on the webinar now Greg, if you want to post a little bit more clarification about the second part, I'd be happy to answer that, I'm just not real clear on what you're asking here.

When Poking, What Is The Going Rate To The Client For A Page 1 Google Keyword That You Find?  

Nate's next. Hey Nate. He usually says, “Hey, Nate here.” Nate says, “When poking what is the going rate to the client for a page 1 Google keyword that you find? How do you protect it from someone else just coming in and using it?”

Well, the going rate, it depends. Every keyword is going to be different, at least that's the way I do it. I mentioned this before and I know a lot of people think I'm crazy but when I do wholesale SEO services to video production companies, my typical rate is $100 per month per video, that's it. Or $100 per month per keyword really. That's very, very low, but I don't have to do any of the sales, I don't have to do any of the client … I don't' have to deal with the client at all, the video production company handles all of that. They just send me the work order, I do the work, I get paid. So to me $100 a month per keyword is perfect because it's like hands free for me. All I gotta do is maintain my networks and do the SEO. You know, I'm the man be hind the curtain and pay no attention to me type thing.

As far as, it varies, if it's going to be something really competitive, you're going to want to charge a lot more. If it's something dead simple to rank then you don't' have to charge very much. In fact, if I'm doing a foot in the door strategy with video SEO, which is typically what I use video SEO for guys is a foot in the door strategy. Video SEO is not my main revenue-generating activity. It's not my main service. I love to use VIDEO SEO as a foot in the door because I can get results fairly quickly and I can prove that I know what I'm doing to a prospect, and then from that point I can up sell them on map services or organic services or now paper click services because I'm doing that now.

So I can up sell them on website redesign. I can up sell them on IFTTT networks and content marketing services. When it comes to just video SEO if I go to a client or like, for example, the video production company comes to me and says, Hey look we've got a client here and they're interested in these five keywords instead of just one, what can you do for me?

What I'll do is I'll go poke those five keywords plus a whole bunch of others, once I do my keyword research and I figure out what other potential keywords there are that could be beneficial to their business. The ones that rise to the top or rise the highest are the ones that I'll go back to the client and say, okay, look, here's the deal. Especially if a lot of them are easy. If I test 10 keywords and they want five keywords and I can get three keywords to page 1 with no SEO work because I'm just poking it. I test them and I know I can get them to page 1 without even doing any SEO work, then all I'm doing is working on two keywords maybe that are going to require a little bit of SEO work.

So I might give them a deal and say it's not going to be $500 for five videos for the month, I might do a deal and say I'll give you five videos at $80 a month per video so it'll be $400 a month. What's interesting then is I'm really only working on two videos anyways and I'm getting $400 a month because the other three I've already proved by poking that I can rank those with no work.

So my point is I actually end up making more money by offering a package deal with more keywords, but many of those keywords don't require any work. So I end up getting more money on a volume basis. I get less money per video but more money because of the volume but I'm doing less work because I'm only working on a couple of the keywords. Sot hat's just something typically I'll do.

For example one of the more recent jobs that I did for that company was five videos. I charged the guy $450 a month for five videos. What I ended up doing was I poked 34 keywords and I ended up ranking 14 keywords, 14 videos for him and I charged him $450 a month. Well I wasn't going to go in and take all those other videos down. They were already up and generating traffic. So all Id id was way over deliver. When I said on the report you guys paid for five, here's 14, how do you like me now? That client's been paying me for like 14 months for various video SEO services and now we're probably going to end up doing some ad words for video campaigns for them as well which is great.

This Stuff Works

My point is that's kind of the beauty about poking Nate, is that when you get a client or a prospect even, and you can rank multiple keywords for them and then go back to them … And it doesn't require any work. Why not give that to them or charge them less money per video and do it as a package where you end up generating more revenue? My point is it's really simple to dot hat and you end up over-delivering and you really wow the customer at that point.

That's when it opens up the door for other services that can be even more lucrative like maps ranking or PPC management or whatever.

When you say, “How do you protect it from someone else just coming in and using it?” I don't' know what you mean with that because if it's on your channel nobody else can come in and take over your video. If you're worried about somebody else seeing that you ranked a video and then reverse engineering it and seeing that you did absolutely zero SEO work and were able to rank it and so they want to come rank against it, well that's the nature of SEO. It's competitive and so you've just got to be a little bit better than your competitor to beat them out. You're here on these webinars every week Nate, so trust me, you're better than your competitor.

Can I get a plus one from you guys on that?

Bradley: Yeah.

How Important It Is To Fully Optimize A Joomla Website?

Adam: Dan says, “If I'm setting up a website for a local business along with a tier 1 IFTTT network and then 301 redirecting to the customer website for my word press property, how important is it to fully optimize the customer's Joomla website? Will it rank solely by redirecting my site's page to it or is it still critical to fully optimize the Joomla site?”

Dan you have to optimize the Joomla site. You can't take a page, a web page, that is way over-optimized or not optimized at all and just point a well-optimized page to it with the 301 redirect and expect that page to rank. Remember, a 301 redirect essentially removes the content from that 301 redirect. The content is still there but Google doesn't read the content on that page because it sees the redirect and immediately redirects to the final destination, the target URL. So it doesn't even consider the content on the 301 redirect page. So, you have to optimize the destination. The final target URL that has to be optimized correctly or else you wont' get any results. Or you'll get poor results, for that matter.

So you still have to optimize the Joomla site regardless, and then, you know you're … In fact, your 301 site, guys, if you wanted to you could take your client's site and set up your own domain and just do straight 301 redirects with zero content or anything and just do all your link building to your own domain. You can do that. What I typically do is I will optimize the client's site and then make a clone of it.

In this case, since it's a Joomla site, I've never worked with Joomla so I don't know if you can clone [inaudible 00:24:25] and then turn it into a Word Pro site, you might have to do some manual work to make that happen, but what I would do is optimize the client's site, the [inaudible 00:24:33] site ,then I would create my own WordPress site with the same content and everything that's on the client's site and then 301 on a page by page basis from my domain to the client's site, build all my links, not citation links, guys, citation links are going to have to go directly to the client's site, but any off page link building I'm doing with like PBNs or anything that I'm doing outside of content syndication via IFTTT networks and citations and press releases where you're going to want to have the client's domain obviously in the press release, I would be building links to my own domain, which is then 301 redirected.

The reason why I like to do that guys, is make a clone of the site first before doing the 301 redirect, is so that in case the client and I end up parting ways, when I remove the 301 redirects I have an exact clone of that site. All I would do was swap out the critical details, like the company name and the company logo and stuff like that. I'll change some of the wording on the pages and stuff so that it's not 100% duplicate page. It'll be shifted up and changed up a little bit, but the bulk of the work is done because you already did that when you optimized the client's site.

So if I get a new client and that's what I'm going to do is build them like a brand new WordPress site, then I'll build the Word Press site for them, completely optimized to their site and everything, then I'll make a clone of it and install that on one of my own servers, or one of my own hosting accounts on my domain and just do a strictly page by page one to one ratio redirect and then I'll build links to my domain instead.

So if they decide they don't need me down the road, I remove those 301 redirects, make some changes to the pages so that it's not an exact duplicate to their site, but all the link building that I had been doing to my domain remains. It doesn't mean that their site's going to fall out of the index. It doesn't happen like that. If you were providing proper services to them, like content marketing and citation building and doing press releases and things like that, you still will have built up the SEO on their own domain, but all of the additional link building stuff that you do will be running through your own domain, so when you remove the redirects, you are in a good position to rank with little work. Wit ha lot less work than it took to initially rank the client's site because you already have built in SEO and backlinks into the domain that you had been redirecting, if that makes sense.

This Stuff Works

It's not like if you remove the redirect the client's site falls out of the index and yours appears magically where they did. It doesn't happen like that, but it still puts you in a much better position where you have a lot less work to do. Does that make sense?

Facebook Brand/Product Page VS Google My Business Page

All right question 2. “Can I get away with a product or brand for Facebook page or must I get an address and use the local business option for the Facebook page?”

No, I think I've probably only actually set up two local business Facebook pages before. Everything else I just use the product or brand page, so I don't, guys I'm not a huge Facebook guy. I don't do a whole lot of stuff on Facebook so I'm not sure. Maybe one of the other guys, like Hernan, could comment on this. I'm not sure how powerful the local business pages are for SEO. They might be, I just don't have a lot of experience with them.

Hernan: Well the problem with Facebook is that it's not clear … Let's talk about ranking in Facebook itself because ti has it's own search engine. It's not really clear about what are the rules of the game, you know, when it comes to ranking in Facebook. In terms of ranking in Google, it's definitely a good parasite as long as your page is public because otherwise if there is any kind of issues when crawling that page. For example, for private groups and those kind of things, Facebook gets kind of jealous when sharing with Google a lot of information.

I understand that Google cannot crawl like 95% of Facebook, maybe even more. So, I think that it's a good parasite. You should probably check on SEM rush because that will give you an idea of how many pages are ranking from Facebook, or local pages or general pages from Facebook on Google. That will give you an idea of the potential that can be a parasite, but I highly doubt that those local details will work the same as well Google Business, like validating or becoming a real citation when it comes to a local business. You know what I mean? So you can rank it but I don't think they will add up to your data because, again, Facebook gets kind of jealous when sharing formation with Google. So that would be my intake on it.

Bradley: Yeah, I mean, like I said I typically just set up a brand page and that's it. I don't usually dot he local page so I just don't know how much of a benefit that would have. I'd have to do some more testing on that. Like I said, I typically just set up a brand page and run with it. It's just easier to set up and that's all I usually ever do.

Do You Use VA When Doing Local Citations?

Bradley: All right Brian says, “When doing local citations do you use a VA outsource to someone like Fiverr market or do you use the Ax story company and let them handle citations?”

I use two services Brian. The same two service I've been using for a long time now and that's Marketer Center, we have a link for that somewhere, and also Loganix. Loganix is expensive but they're really, really good, especially if you're in the US. I can't speak for them outside of the US. We've had some Mastermind members that said the results weren't as good as what I had described for the US market from Loganix .

I usually use Marketer Center unless I've got a citation cleanup job to do or if I'm doing the ongoing monthly service which is a great service from Loganix by the way. They have an ongoing citation building service which is $150 a month but they build like 30 citations per month. I don't have the exact figures off the top of my head, but it's something like 20 actual business directory citations and then it's 10 multimedia citations per month so it might be image directories or video links or audio links or whatever every month. They do tiered link building to that, sot hey build links to the citations that they build. That's only $150 a month so I actually outsource a lot of my citation building now to Loganix just because it's so much easier. It's so much easier just to send them the job and let them do it and it gets done.

Marketer Center is great because Marketer Center is … It's Andrew Sharer is his name, the guy who runs that, and he's a good dude. He set up his whole entire service to be a white label service. So the pricing is really, really good in marketer Center. You can white label the reports. They generate the reports for you and everything. It's a really good service. If you're on an economy scale, I would definitely recommend going with Marketer Center. If you've got a bigger budget and you want higher quality work, not that Marketer Center is bad work, I'm just saying it's the difference between driving a Honda Accord and driving a Cadillac. The Cadillac is Loganix , the Honda Accord is Marketer Center. They're both really good services so it just really depends on your budget.

I never recommend using fiber for citation building, guys, just don't do it. C'mon, spend a little bit more money, get some better services. Hiring your own virtual assist is okay, but you've got to train them properly, because remember even a punctuation being out of place in citation causes data inconsistency and that can wreak havoc on your NAP and your ranking ability. So, you don't want to do that. I really don't like to use VAs for creating citations. The only time I like to use VAs for citation work is when they're cleaning up a bad or a messy citation situation, but even then now I just outsource that to Loginix. It's a $500 service but they do an outstanding job of citation clean up. tHey do a great job of it.

Video Marketing Blitz Webinar

Clark's next. He says, “Last week you talked about a webinar you were going to do about your experience using video marketing blitz. I purchased VMB from your webinar and I am current IFTTT 2.0 member so the subject would be of great interest. Was that open to the public or was that only for one of your groups?

Clark, we mailed out the invitation to the webinar to everybody that purchased. I'm sure we sent more than just one e-mail but the webinar did occur and yes you have access to it. You just need to, I guess, reach out to us via support and we'll make sure you get access to it. [email protected], just let us know that you purchased VMB, provide us with proof of purchase, we'll send you the link. If you're into Mastermind you can see it regardless of whether you purchased it or not. If you didn't, if you weren't in the Mastermind and you want to see it, just send us a proof of purchase and we'll send you the link.

We're going to do a followup webinar on that in about five or six weeks because I want to show … We got a virtual assistant now in place that's going to be running that software like full time and so we're going to really scale the campaigns up that we talked about in the first webinar for this and we're going to do a followup webinar in a few weeks so you guys can see what we can do with video marketing blitz when we've got somebody working the software full time.

Again guys, I don't recommend you guys do any of this stuff yourselves, man, outsource it if you can. Sot hat's really what I want to do is show you guys the potential of this software when you've got people doing the work for you. So the followup webinar will come out. Anybody that purchased will get a notification on that ahead of time as well.

Do You Use An Indexing Service To Post To Second Tier Blogs?

Earl says, “Do you use an indexing service to post the second tier blogger tumbler Word Press post for every new post you or your virtual assistant's make. If so, is there an easy way of capturing those post links to stuff into an indexing service or have you harvested, or do you assign harvesting into your VAs as you go?”

This Stuff Works

Earl we used to have an automated way to do that. Unfortunately it was the Backlink Commando plugin and it integrated with Backlinks Indexer and it was a 100% automated way to actually extract all your web 2 post URLs and submit them to an indexing service without you having to do a damn thing other than set the plug in up. Unfortunately, Sean Donahoe decided to stop selling that plug-in and even supporting it for that matter, so, unfortunately we do not have a way. I talked to Chris, our partner, we mentioned this before, I don't remember what … Chris if you're on maybe you can comment. I mentioned to you something about us building a service that would integrate with Backlink's Indexers API. What did we decide on that? Maybe Chris isn't paying attention.

Chris: Playing hard to get, all right I see.

Bradley: I couldn't remember what the conversation … I know we talked about it, I just don't remember. I think it was just we got too many projects to work on that right now. It is something that we would like … Unless somebody else beats us to market with it, which is fine, I don't care, I just want a solution Earl just like you're asking. Right now I'm not doing anything for that because the plug-in doesn't work anymore. So unfortunately there's not hing you can do other than have your virtual assistants … If they're creating the post, like for example, my content curators when they post the post, they can actually go extract … I'm not even having them do it right now because all of my clients are well-established existing clients so it's not so necessary anymore, I've gotten my clients to where they need to be, so it's just a matter of maintaining their rankings.

If you're starting a new project, yeah, it would probably be, unfortunately, I don't know of an automated way to do this anymore. So I would say a virtual assistant would be a good way to do that, would be to just extract all your post URLs from the IFTTT network and submit them once per week to an indexing service. Or at least when they create a new post they could … Like for example, let's say you've got a virtual assistant curating posts for you once per week. Let's say they did a post last week and now it's this week and they're about to publish another post, they could go extract all the post links from last week and submit them to an indexing service this week and just keep doing that. That would be an efficient way to handle that. At least as efficient as we can make it right now without an automated way.

Bradley: So I don't know guys, eventually we might have a solution. To me, I'm not a developer, so I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, but it seems to me like it would be fairly simple to create a plug-in that that's all it does is scrape the RSS feeds from a particular, like if we posted in all the RSS feeds from our web 2 network, the IFTTT network, I think there's like seven or eight properties that give us an RSS feed as an output. If we just posted those into a plug-in it would just extract the most recent items in the RSS feeds and then submit them via API to an indexing service. I can't imagine that being too difficult but I don't know.

What Is Your Take On Rapid Article Generators Like Article Forge, Articoolo, Content Professor & Article Builder?

All right Glenn's up, he says, “Since today's Hangout reminder e-mail spoke of quality content, what's you guys' take on the rapid article generator like Article Forge, Articoolo, Content Professor, Article Builder, etc? I've not heard of that one, content professor article builder, et cetera. I can't stand article writing outsourcing. I feel like I have to write an in depth article telling the writer what I want written to get anything usable back.”

Glenn I totally understand. That's what Content Kingpin is all about. It launches next Tuesday, so in six days. It's specifically how all of my virtual assistants, how I run my content marketing business. Those article creators are okay for link building, but never tier 1 link-building, guys, they should only be for tier 2 link-building or beyond, those automatic article generators because the quality of those articles is pretty poor. Hernon?

Bradley: Even if they are readable, like for example, Article Builder, they are super overused so they will not pass Copyscape in a million years. So article IV, article foundry, Essay Content machine, I've tested them all and as Bradley was saying, there's little to … I would say nothing beats content curation in the way that it's presented on Content Kingpin, plus it's going to be dirt c heap on the launch, you know? So it's an investment on your business and you can get a completely untrained VA on one end. If that's your problem, Glenn, you can train a VA using Content Kingpin alone. So you can plug a VA that's completely untrained on one end and you wile get a curator on the other end because that's the main idea of the program. That will pretty much solve your entire content needs forever.

Hernan: Yeah, and here's the thing. I talk about this at length inside Content Kingpin, guys. I'll give you a little preview of it right now. What I did was I taught virtual assistance. I learned how to curate on my own first. Obviously I was unable to scale pas at certain point so I had to start teaching virtual assistants to do it. So I've got two types of curators and curating is so much better than buying shitty content from an article farm, from a content farm, guys. First of all those writers aren't content subject matter experts, trust me, they're not. All they do is go scrape articles from the web and then spin them and then go through and sometimes, if you get a good content farm writer, which is rare, but if you do get a good content farm writer, they'll put it through a spinning software and then they'll go through and edit the syntax to make it more readable.

Even that, you're lucky if you find that. So those articles are all trash, they're garbage, they're worthless in my opinion. You're so much better curating content where you go find high authority subject matter experts on the topic in which you need to write about and get some content, collect some content, organize it in a logical way and then re-publish parts of it, snippets of it, to reinforce your overall idea for your blog post. Whatever idea you're trying to convey, you use other people's content to basically reinforce what it is that you're trying to say. You just inject your own commentary or your own opinion between the curated pieces of content. I've got curators that do curating for PBNs, they're Philippines VAs, so I basically pay them about $4.50 per hour to curate but they can curate three posts per hour. So that comes out to be about $1.50 per curated post. It's much higher quality that content farm articles, n umber one, n umber two, I get it for cheaper. Number three the curated posts are quality content from authority sources that know what the hell they're talking about when it comes to that subject.

The I have money site curators. I've got one in England, one in Africa, and one in America. So I've got three money site curators that publish posts for my client blogs and my client sites and things like that because they're native English speakers. My UK writer I pay her $30, but she'll publish two posts in an hour. So that's like, I pay $15 per curated post, so that's not a problem. Then I've got a curator in Africa, Ester, she's fantastic, and I pay her between $8 to $12 per curated post but I charge the client anywhere between $20 to $35 per curated post, it just depends on the client.

So there's a lot of money that can be made from content marketing. That's what the whole entire course of Content Kingpin's about. That'll answer all your questions, Glenn. It's launching next Tuesday for $47, you'd be crazy if you didn't pick it up.

There's Nate saying hi everybody, I knew we'd find it somewhere. “Ganti, what's up Ganti?” He says, “Don't PM me.”

How To Get The Best Results From RYS Service?

Paul says, “Hey guys, my question is about how to get the best results from the RYS service. I have a client that I want to rank in the mass pack. He is already in the first phase of Google with his website but not ranking the mash pack. I'm going to do press release. My question is should I do the PR first and then do the RYS service or should I do the RYS and then the PR? My objective is to get him ranked in the map spat. As always guys, keep up the good work.”

Um, there's probably going to be some differing opinions on this. I haven't tested one first over the other. Marco could comment on this too. The method I would probably go with would be to do the PR first because you're going to get a bunch of citations if you add the NAP to the press release, you're going to get a bunch of citations from that. The reason I would do that first is because you get the citations, but then you can also take the original press release, the one where it was distributed from, whichever service it is that you're using to distribute the press releases, wherever that's published first, you can take that and make that a PDF and put that inside your drive stack. So when you have the RYS stack or the drive stack created then you could also have your press release as a PDF inside there which would just help, especially if you start building links to your drive stack which is what we recommend what you do anyways.

This Stuff Works

Marco are you on?

Marco: Yeah, I'm on.

Adam: What's your opinion?

Marco: Well, let me do this in a couple of steps because we need to get this out anyway because a lot of people have been asking about what's include in our RYS because I think that's what Paul is going to get from us, he's going to get the FIROYS. What you get is exactly what we teach people to build inside the course. You get every file and folder and everything is optimized. Everything is optimized to carry relevancy wherever it is that you want to push it.

We do docs, we do PDFs, we do drawings. We even look at drive and see what it is. The one thing that you'll get is a money map. What happens with that money map is that we connect it to your Google verified listing, the map that comes with it.

The first thing that needs to be done is that business needs to be verified for this to have full effect on that map pack, which is what he's going to be doing, he needs that verified business. He needs to create that entity. Then he'll turn over that NAP information, he'll turn it over to our RYSVA and the guy Justin is, he just rocks, he's just so good at building everything, at carrying relevancy, at connecting the money map to the verified listing map which all pushes relevancy over to the website but it also hits that verified map up and sticks it in the three pack.

Now, you have the press release. You could perfectly just, once that RYS is built and connected, you could send that press release to the RYS folder, that drive stack that we created for more relevancy which is going to push it up to the verified map over to the website from the website since you're going to have an embedded map on the website, it's going to carry it back to the verified listing, back into the RYS folder and you're just going to create all kinds of crazy log going through and shooting everywhere, like the spider web silo that we talk about.

Adam: Nobody has to buy our RYS now, you just spilled all the beans.

Marco: I'm just giving them an overview of what it is. They're welcome to go and try to figure out how it is that we build everything. Good luck.

Adam: Actually that's a good idea, though. I mentioned doing the PR first but that's actually a good idea to have that My maps done first. In most PRs, guys, you can get away with about three links in a press release if you've got about 400 or 500 words of content. So actually that would be a good idea to use the press release to link to the My maps URL because then you'd be pushing like 250, 300 media-type style links to that My Maps URL which has do follow links in the description area that you can, it helps to validate the entity, like Marco just said, so that would actually be a pretty good way to go about it.

Marco: On the other hand, if what you want to do is push relevancy to the press release, then you would wait to do the press release and push relevancy from our drive stack over to whatever press release it is that you're trying to do because we do, when you go into the order form, there's a field in there that says which URL do you want to push relevancy to? It's clear and we ask for the NAP, right name, address and phone number that you want all of this … You need, as you said before, it needs to be exactly the same way that it is on your map as in the citations. It can't vary because we're going to push all of that NAP relevancy up. Becker came up with this, it's a slip stream. I think he's the one that coined the phrase. Slip stream, it just carries all of this over and back, over and back and all that love is what sticks that map number 1 in the three pack.

Adam: All right, we're going to stop at Nate's last comment here guys. We've got about five minutes left so we're going to get through these next couple questions. We'll probably stop at Nate.

How To Trigger Older Blog Posts To New Networks?

John says, “Hey guys, thanks again for doing these hangouts, you're awesome.” I'll plus on that. “Have built RSS tier 1, tier 2 networks for several clients and want to find a way to make use of the last six months of pre-IFTTT posts, just the old content. Is there a specific method or module talking about how to trigger RSS tier 1, tier 2 from the money site to the new networks using your SM plug-in with its spintax. Don't want to create a duplicate post on the same blog with new dates and annoy the Facebook and Due Plus fans a second time with last month's post but want to push it to network. Thanks in advance.”

Well, first of all John, I pretty much can guarantee you're not going to annoy Facebook and Duplex followers and fans because you have to think about every time you post … First of all, Google Plus, there's not a whole lot of people active on Google Plus outside of the marketing industry. So you can pretty much write that off. But Facebook, yeah, there's a ton of people that are active on Facebook. Pretty much daily, everybody's plugged into Facebook. The thing is Facebook only shows your post, anything published to your pages, to a very, very, very small fraction of the audience. We're talking like 3% to 5% of your audience if you're lucky. I guarantee you if you published a post and it syndicated out to your network and into your Facebook page, then a month later you do it again, chances are, nobody that saw it the month before is going to see it again the second month or it's going to be new people seeing it the second month that didn't see it … Or even if they did it's going to be a very, very small fraction of people. I doubt that it will annoy them.

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You can recycle old content, guys. There's no reason to have to always create new content. You can republish old content to Facebook and Google Plus and get new eyeballs to it every time you do it. So that's number one. I wouldn't worry about annoying people.

Number two, our premium version does have a re-publishable post function, but the free version that comes with IFTTT SEO Academy and stuff does not. However, there's a plug-in that you can use, it's called Republish Old Posts WP plug-in. It'll be the first link that comes up. Install that, go through the settings, I'm not going to teach you how to set it up because there's help files inside of there that will tell you how to set up the plug-in, but it will republish old posts and trigger the RSS re-syndication. Okay, so that's how you can do that if you want to republish old posts, that's a good way to do it. Just use that plug-in.

Again, don't worry about recycling content to Google Plus or Facebook. Nobodies going to see it again. IF they do it's going to be a small fraction. If they're annoyed with that, let them un-follow you. Good riddance. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, you know what I mean?

Multiple User Access For Tier 2 Networks

Greg says … Oh this is the followup, I know Adam's going to get mad at me so I'm going to try to hurry … “Joe owns company and he has two profiles,” This is a followup to the question I asked him to clarify. “okay so he has a company and has two profiles but the company has it's own tier 1, can Joe be on tier 2 as the owner profile and even better, can his staffer contractors be on tier 2 as well?”

Well you could Greg but personally I wouldn't do it. You can yes, sure you can do that. I wouldn't recommend it. The reason I don't recommend it is because there's a clear connection between the owner and the business, right? Or the contractors in the business, there's probably a connection to them, so if you end up syndicating content across all those networks where there's a clear connection between those profiles and the actual business, then remember guys, when you're syndicating blog content, you gotta be careful because Google is looking for footprint issues. Syndicating your content to your own branded network is not a footprint issue because you're claiming your footprint. You're doing what the big brands do, you're sharing your content to your branded properties.

When you go out to tier 2 networks, you're using profiles and personas, even if they're real profiles, like what you're mentioning here, you're doing it to manipulate search engine results. That's against Google's terms of service. If I was using tier 2 networks for blog syndication, I would want the personas to be 100% removed and separate from the actual business itself so that I could minimize or reduce my footprint even more. So Greg, I understand where you're going with that. It's a logical assumption to make that that might be more effective, but in my opinion, you're asking for trouble if you do that. You're better of just using personas.

All right last thing, Nate says to clarify, and this is why I wanted to finish on this one, guys. He was asking about poking and if somebody ever used that video if keyword had been poked and it showed up on page one. He says, “To clarify what if the client uses the same keyword I poked and put up their own videos, does that ever happen?”

Nate I've been providing SEO services for clients for four years. I've been doing SEO for about almost seven years now, at least six years, and I have never once ever, ever had a client come in behind me and try to rank their own videos after I've ranked something for them. Never once, not saying it won't ever happen ever in the world, I'm not saying that, but it's very, very rare. Don't worry about that. Besides that, if a client wants to come rank a video, you're the one that's taken all this SEO training. You'll spank the hell out of them if it comes to a competition between you and the client, who's going to do better SEO ? You'll win, you know what I mean, so don't worry about that.

Okay guys, MasterClass starts in about five minutes for everybody that is going to be on that. Otherwise, we'll see everyone else next week for the next episode of Hangouts. 95, episode 95 next week.

Marco: See ya everybody!

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