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How Would You Approach Selling Syndication Networks To Bloggers And YouTubers?

In episode 161 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how one should approach selling syndication networks to bloggers and YouTubers. The exact question was: For sales practice (and some extra money), I’m trying to sell syndication networks to bloggers and YouTubers. How would I best approach this? I’ve bought BB’s recommended book on cold email (Quickmail guy) and used his practices, but I must be doing something wrong because I haven’t seen much interest.

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 126

Click on the video above to watch Episode 126 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts. Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above. The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.     Announcement Bradley: Yeah. Adam: Hey. All right. Bradley: There we go. Adam: We’re finally live after like a minute. All right. Everybody, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. Today is the 5th of April. This is episode 126, and we got, almost, the whole crew here, so we’ll do our thing, and go around and do ... Read more