Should You Create A New Website For Keywords That Have A Large Potential Audience Or Would You Rather Include To An Existing Brand?

By April


In episode 270 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if one should create a new website for keywords that have a large potential audience or is it better to include them to an existing brand.

The exact question was:

I have a niche website in a hobby education space which has been around for years and gets good (~130k/month) organic traffic. I'm looking at some projects for this year where it seems like there might be some advantages in terms of branding and SEO to spinning up new, separate websites. One is to target broader keywords and reach a larger potential audience than our current website does. Another is to publish summaries of interviews from the existing website, as early promotion for a book that will be based on those summaries. In both cases I can make an argument that it “”should”” be its own brand and dedicated website, and perhaps that would be good in terms of interlinking with the main site and having more presences in the SERPs (e.g. might get multiple of our sites ranking alongside each other). But I can also see that it might be better to focus on our main site rather than spreading it all across multiple sites. How would you approach making this decision? What matters and what doesn't, what are the pros and cons of each approach (separate sites vs. all in one)? Any input appreciated, thanks in advance!

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