Podcast Episode 66 – How To Use Semantic Mastery’s Done For You Service To Rank Higher On Google

By April


On this episode we talk about how you can use the power of Semantic Mastery's Done For You Services to rank higher on Google.

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What Semantic Mastery Products Should I Prioritize If I Want To Grow My Company?

By April

In episode 118 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about what Semantic Mastery product to prioritize to grow a company.

The exact question was:

My goal is to grow my local business from 5k to 50k month. I have purchased Outsource Kingpin and IFTTT B2. I just bought Mega-Ray. I know I need Local and Content Kingpin, but also RYS. You're killing me. I try to consume all you sell. What do I do too much? What is priority? I want to be the best I can be. Help

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Will Semantic Mastery Offer A Press Release Service Soon?

By April

In the 87th episode of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if Semantic Mastery will be offering press release services soon.

The exact question was:

Will you guys be offering your press release service soon??

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Which To Choose Between RYS Academy And MasterMind?

By April

One of the viewers of episode 83 of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts asked if which to choose between RYS Academy and MasterMind.

The exact question was:

Your Roadmap doesn't include RYS. For people who are already monetized and have some industry knowledge but want to go to “ninja school” to seriously up their game, but you can only pay for either RYS or MasterMind, can you walk through why you might choose one versus the other??

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What are Income Streams of Semantic Mastery Senior Partners?

By April

Someone was asking about the income streams of Semantic Mastery Senior Partners (Bradley, Hernan, Adam, Marco, Chris) during the episode 64 of Hump Day Hangouts.

The exact question was:

If you exclude all the income you get from Semantic Mastery, what are the main stream of revenue of each of you? Client? PPL ? Rank and Rent? Affiliate? Video? Partnership? With the % of each of your income stream 😉 Most of us know Bradley's and Hernan's income streams, but Marco, Adam and Chris are more “mysterious” about that?

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Syndwire Alternative

By April

Free Syndwire Alternative With Unlimited Network Size



Syndwire offers syndication to many web 2.0 and social services – but did you know that you can do much of the same thing for free? It's all about knowing where and how to go about doing this by utilizing the content syndication capability of IFTTT (see ifttt.com). There are recipes that have been created and their free service tied together with RSS feeds. Download the free IFTTT PDF guide by clicking on the image above.

How is it that you can grow this into an unlimited sized network? The reason is that you can configure IFTTT to syndicate (…synd…) out to many different properties from a variety of sources. Not only can you use the set properties that show up in the IFTTT Channel dashboard, but did you notice that there is also a “RSS” channel? This means that you can input ANY valid RSS feed (website, web 2.0, YouTube, etc) and syndicate that information out to any of the properties listed – or create different recipes via sending by email (another supported method in IFTTT).

What does this mean for you? This means that you can do content marketing and video marketing on a much larger scale, and more easily than every before while still including social media accounts and social networking, but without much of the time consuming manual posting. Just like content marketing, social media marketing is a great way to get “more eyeballs” on your website and to gather high quality backlinks over time. And even better, this can be used with websites, posts, pages, social networking, and video marketing!

Automation (done easily, and correctly) really is the ultimate content syndication tool! When you syndicate content you're providing the right signals including social signals that get your results like ranking videos and posts that go higher in the SERPs.

Free Syndwire alternative with unlimited content

Once you have realized the multitude of ways that these can be connected, you are starting to see how powerful this can be for setting up high Domain Authority backlinks, content syndication, and social signals. Does that mean Syndwire is obsolete? No! It's a good tool that we use in our own businesses for powering our IFTTT properties and can be used for many other purposes – but we have found much better results using IFTTT to automate the processes and get results.

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Semantic Mastery Training Overview

By April

Semantic Mastery Training Overviewhttps://semanticmastery.com

1. What is Semantic Mastery all about?

As an SEO professional servicing clients or even maintaining your own web properties, it's difficult to test all of the theories, software, and services available. It's difficult because:

One — It's time consuming and we're usually busy working on client properties or managing our own sites.

Two — It's risky to try new ideas and services without knowing for certain if they're safe. In other words, you don't want to test something on a site that is already doing well because it could end up causing more harm than good.

So that leaves us in a catch 22 situation. We want to test new ideas and strategies but usually don't have the time to properly setup test environments for each of these.

That's where Semantic Mastery comes in. We are a team of web professionals that have come together to provide real world case studies where we test all of these things and document the entire process.

2. What are we going to be sharing with our members to help them be better SEO agents?

Well our case studies are huge in that we provide all of the testing on our own web properties.

Let's put it like this, we all get marketed to all the time with new training offers, magic button software, and services promising that they're the last you'll ever need.

They all claim to be must haves and have very convincing pitches.

So what we do is, select the most promising of all of these and put them to the test.

For example, we may be testing a backlinking strategy, software, or service. In this case, we would setup several web properties and try to make them relatively identical. Then we test each of these methods on separate sites and document the process so that we can share the results and let our members decide for themselves which products and/or services they want to use based on those test results.

This way we are doing the testing and taking the chances, not you. We will be conducting these tests for both local and national terms so that no matter what line of business you're in, we'll have case studies that apply to you and your clients.

3. Tell me some of the high end products we will be testing and reviewing?

Our goal is to test most of the higher end training products. You know, the ones that require an investment. This is a priority for us because we know how expensive these courses can be and it would be nice to see some third party neutral reviews prior to shelling out hundreds and or thousands of dollars.

We won't be testing all of the WSO's and Forum Special Offers that come out. There are just too many. However when some of them come around that are promoted heavily and get a lot of attention, we will test those.

And we will also be conducting regular surveys of our members to see which training products they would like to see tested and reviewed.

The same goes for software and outsourcing services. We will be testing most of the major software and services and anything new that comes along that gets a lot of hype. And again, we will be testing additional stuff that our member's want to see tested when the demand is high enough.

In addition to the regular case studies we conduct, we will also be holding bi-weekly group coaching webinars for our members. These will consist of many things including:

– Additional training that we feel is important
– Q&A with our members
– Cover changes in SEO as they happen
– Live site analysis, etc…

And as if that wasn't enough, we'll also be adding training modules to the member's area as we develop new methods that produce positive results.

4. If someone wants to find out more, what do they need to do?

Go to our website and opt-in to be notified of our launch date. We will be offering a special launch price at first so you don't want to miss out on that. We're looking to go live in a month so be sure to get on our notification list.