Is SEOCentro’s Keyword Density Tool Accurate?

By April

In episode 194 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if SEO Centro's keyword density tool is accurate.

The exact question was:

1. Had a question about using SEOCetnro to do our keyword density checks. I notice that it takes into account all tabs also for keyword density. It also is pulling additional keywords that I can't find anywhere, so wanting to know if it is accurate and if your still using this service for keyword density.

Here is an example. SeoCentro shows 9 instances of “”concrete grinding”” and I for the life of me, can only find 6 instances including in the tabs, but it is saying there are 9. is the url in question. Any clarification would be great.

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Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 13

By April


Streamed Live: Jan 28 2015 –



3:00 – How do you get paid with a syndication network? How do you get paid for video SEO?

7:00 – Best practices for combining PBN links and IFTTT network tier links?

10:00 – Are there ways to pump the Page Authority of the IFTTT properties?

12:00 – Are you using high DA for buffers for any of this?

14:00 – Looking to rank a couple local pages for my company, what else can I do to optimize?

21:00 – Does SEO Centro look at metadata of images too?

22:00 – Does SKYFALL update affect the IFTTT SEO training and use?

25:00 – What happens if you no longer have a proxy past 30 days and need to log in to an account?

28:00 – Can you abbreviate the website name / title to lower the overall optimization?

31:00 – Can you do a one time payment for proxies or do you have to pay month to month?

32:00 – Is there a way to create trigger for other video sharing sites (besides YouTube) like DailyMotion, Vimeo?

36:00 – Does Pro Vimeo account allow you to target commercial terms with videos?


35:00 – Info about Hydravid, new product being tested. At the time it was not working well (may be fixed in the future)