How Do You Convince A Client To Agree To Your Proposed SEO Consultation Fee?

By April

In episode 172 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to convince a client to agree to the proposed SEO consultation fee.

The exact question was:

Hey guys, I'm still working on my video email leads. Just one big nuanced question here. I'm talking to a realtor about $2K a month for general consulting (PPC, Maps, SEO, etc), and although things seemed to be going great, today he flipped the script by instead offering a revenue share model. His reasoning was, if I was so good at what I do (I gave him references), and I could measure every call and lead, there would be no good reason NOT to revenue share.

Now in theory he's right. I COULD theoretically make more than 2K a month with revenue share. But I wouldn't be able to focus on the SEO and Maps part, and I'm not in a financial position to handle the costs. Also, I wouldn't be able to ascertain which sales are mine because I can't use a call center. Plus, with something like real estate, is revenue share even possible? There isn't even a straight line to contact like in contracting. There's buyer research and all that.

And I guess this is more personal, but I came in offering what I did, and now to just totally flip-flop doesn't seem like the right choice.

I was about to write him off, but I'm talking to him again soon, so I have a chance to make things right. I guess the question is, how do I explain that the $2K is the best way to go? To him, it looks like I'm avoiding an answer, because in his eyes I could just do what I do and make more money. What do I do? Do I stand firm on my offer? Or acquiesce to his? The issue might come up in the future with someone else, so I need to have a defense.

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