Podcast Episode 94 – Eric “Erock” Christopher – Influence & Branding

By April


Eric “Erock” Christopher of BizFamous (bizfamous.com/) joins us on this episode to discuss influence and the future of digital marketing. Eric has a long history of nearly 20 years being an entrepreneur and working in and around the digital landscape.

We dove into his background and what he sees as the most important upcoming digital marketing areas and why ranking isn’t the only part of the process.

Podcast Episode 70 – Rant Mastery And P.O.F.U Explained

By April

On this episode we talk about Rant Mastery, what is it and how to join. Leave your questions here: rant.semanticmastery.com

Ask your next SEO question here: hdho.semanticmastery.com

Music: Gramatik – I Really Do Believe In
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