SEO Power Shield Or RYS Drive Stacks

By April

In episode 290 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked which is better: SEO power shield or RYS drive stack.

The exact question was:

To add to my other question should I buy multiple SEO Power Shield or RYS Drive Stacks. I'm excited I just want to make sure my client and I for upcoming cost.

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What Are The First Steps In Powering Up An SEO Power Shield?

By April


In episode 284 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the first steps in powering up an SEO power shield.

The exact question was:

Planning on ordering the SEO Power Shield, but after its delivered what are the first next steps to powering it up? Content for google, links, etc…

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Would An SEO Power Shield Be Better For A YouTube Channel?

By April

In episode 284 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if an SEO Power Shield is better for a YouTube channel.

The exact question was:

Hey guys, I was about to buy a multi-tier syndication network for a YouTube channel (with no money site or anything, just the channel), but I saw your SEO Shield sale. Would a Shield be better for a YT channel? I'm leaning towards yes because of the entity building

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Can You Upgrade A Single Tier Network Into Multi Tier Syndication Network When You Order The SEO Power Shield In MGYB?

By April

In episode 283 of Semantic Mastery's Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if you can upgrade a single-tier network into a multi-tier syndication network when you order the SEO power shield in MGYB.

The exact question was:

Hey there, I had a few questions from last week which unfortunately you were not able to get to. Here they are: 1. SEO PowerShield Syndication Network – If you order an SEO PowerShield, it comes with a Syndication Network. However, I am assuming it's a single tiered syndication network. But lets say I want a multi-tiered syndication network. Is there an upgrade option, rather than purchasing a full syndication network since a single tiered network already exists?

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How Do You Exclude The SEO Powershield G-Site From Google SERPs?

By April


In episode 283 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how to exclude the SEO Powershield GSite from Google SERPs.

The exact question was:

thanks for answering my question last week guys, appreciate it. One last question before I order the shield (just so I'm completely clear). Can I make sure that only my site appears in the SERPS and the G-site doesn't appear in the results pages? Cheers, Alex

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How Should You Use The SEO Power Shield To Beat The Competitors?

By April


In episode 281 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how to use the SEO power shield to beat the competitors.

The exact question was:

I got the concept of the shield. I understand now that it is for me not having to deal the google updates and we should care about google. But what about the Competition? what if someone else is using it? How will someone beat the competition and who will be first?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 284

By April

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All right, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts today is Episode 284. Today's the 22nd of April 2020. So we're still going strong here, we got the whole team and we are going to jump into questions. But real quick, I wanted to say if you're watching us live, I'm going to have a link down below the battle plan version 4.0 is getting ready to hit the streets as of next week. But if you're watching this in time, you're going to have a chance to get in on the pre-launch and get special access, along with some extra goodies and possibly a discount. But there's definitely a deadline on this, you've got to hop on before Monday, which would be let me look at my calendar real quick. That would be the fourth. So you've only got a few days to hopefully you're watching this live or you're catching up this week. But you can find that link below and hop on that. So with that said, we've got a couple of other things to cover, but I want to say hi to everybody, real quick.

So let's start at the bottom work our way up, Chris. How are you doing there?

Yeah I'm doing excellent. The weather is good. Corona is like disappearing so like things open and stuff so quite happy here

Nice. Good stuff. Marco, how about you the weather?

It looks nice. It looks maybe sunny. A little bit heavy hitter, man. This is heavy hitter weather so you when you get with the plan, this type of shit that you could get otherwise you got to go with what you got and what can I say?

Very nice. I have myself muted while I was doing some typing. Everyone watching live but just put the link for the Battle Plan for the early access list. Just click on that and get access when it comes out. We're not gonna roll over to you next. How are you doing today?

Doing great. I'm wearing my Semantic Mastery schwag and do good man good. Good. Business is booming. Everything is moving on the right direction. Happy to be here. So good.

Cool. All right, Bradley, how you doing? How come your shirts not as worn as mine?

Mine's got when wear been worn enough to where it's fading so it's all in the secret and how you wash it, man? No, it's just because I worked so hard at my computer. It just wears hard on the desk again. Things are good, man. The weather's nice here and well. They're as good as they can be considered but yeah, I'm still happy and healthy. So that's good enough for me.

Good deal. Well, good deal. I'm glad to hear that. We are going to get into it. We got a bunch of questions today. But real quick wanted to cover a few other areas. Of course, we've talked about the battle plan but also if you're an agency owner and consultant, you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue and you want to scale your team, then you need to be checking out if you haven't already joined or if you're a mastermind member, of course, you get access to that for free. If you're mastermind member and you want to access just hit up [email protected] And we will get you in there. And then last but not least, if you haven't yet, is the place to get your done for you services, whether it's press releases, RYS drive stacks, syndication networks, link building all sorts of good stuff, as well as some great training over there. So we've done training with Rob, there's a bunch of webinars, best practices, just some really good stuff over there. mg y And then last, but not least, of course, subscribe to us on YouTube because we like knowing that you've got access to our good information, and it makes us feel good. I'm not gonna lie, we look at the numbers. Sometimes we're like, ooh, the subscriber counts going up. So help us out in that way. And we'll do the same for you and keep putting out great information. I was just looking before you and I was just looking at the analytics on YouTube, and our viewers are 5050 Subscribe them and nuts. Subscribe. So you guys who are not subscribing, my question to you, and please drop it in.

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A video productive comment, drop the comment and hit Why aren't you Subscribing to our Channel, to all of that good information. That's what keeps us going right? Without you guys supporting us Subscribing to our channel, getting notifications when the videos are coming on when we're coming on live, then this would all be pointless. So come on, it's half of you that have that are watching this video that have not subscribed to our channel. So please do so.

Good stuff. And I've got one last thing and then I'm going to turn it over, see if anyone else has some wrap-up comments. But you guys probably saw the post on Facebook or I believe I've had two of them already and then a couple of emails. But we released the video a short while it's not a short video is about say a video series but a video-based training for people who are looking to start their agencies or consulting businesses. You know, I know there's a lot of obstacles to it and a lot of us you know, get stuck some analysis paralysis or you think that the obstacles bigger than you are bigger than it is and you're not sure

How to get around that. So we've just recently put that out as of this Monday. And there's a cool add on you can get for that. Which is it just a real to the point additional video that talks, each of us talking about what our single biggest mistake is, as we've done consulting, or agencies, and what we would do differently in order to avoid that, because that's some real blood, sweat and tears material right there. So I'll put the link down below. If you're that's something you're wanting to do. Maybe right now with the way the world is, and you're looking at, hey, I'd like to start my agency, or I'd like to be doing some consulting on the side to be generating some revenue. I highly suggest checking this out today, and seeing how you can do that and basically shortcut you know, save yourself some time, money and potentially some pain points there.

Great, I guess Other than that, anything else before we dive into questions?

Oh, I think that's just it's just real quick on my end, guys, every time we upload the battle plan, it's a big ripple. And the reason why it's because the stuff there isn't a better plan will allow you to get the fastest results as fast as possible with the least amount of steps and work in mobile, you're on your end. That's the main goal of the battle plan. So go ahead and subscribe for the early notifications because we're going to be launching really, really soon and every time we do so we get a lot of people in you know, in the queue, and it's going to be pretty inexpensive as well, because we're going to give you the help that you guys need to succeed with your, with your projects right now. So go ahead and get on the pre launch list so we can get you a lot of good stuff a lot of bonuses. Yeah, real quick about that the battle plan, this version, the for 2020, or whatever we're calling it, v3 or whatever.

It's different from our previous additions in that it's more streamlined because of how we've kind of developed the SEO shield and the components and such. So it's a lot easier to implement our methods, no matter what type of project you're doing local, regional, national global affiliate Econ, it doesn't matter what it is, it applies to this the same way to each and every type of business now, or online project. And so our battle plan is definitely a lot more streamlined now. Also, we, you'll see when you get it, but we've also, you know, really made it a lot more simplified to where we're pointing, you know, to additional training when needed, but mainly to mg y b for done for you services and or two other training videos that are just free on our YouTube channel. So there are no links pointing to, you know, external places now that we don't recommend anymore. It's been completely updated. And I think it's a lot. It's a simplified version of it, but it's every bit as effective if not more effective now than ever before.

So with that said, we can get into questions, guys. Let's do it. By the way, we're almost at a million or 40,000 views away from a million views on our YouTube channel, which is good. We get like some balloons dropping. I don't know but it's pretty cool I was looking at lifetime analytics for YouTube today and we're 40,000 views away from a million views so I thought that was pretty cool.

all right here we go You guys should be seeing my screen correct

yeah all right we're gonna start with Mohammed's from seven days ago because I know I didn't get a chance to answer this we'll start right there

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Would An SEO Power Shield Be Better For A YouTube Channel?

so Mohammed asked Hey guys I was about to buy a multi-tiered syndication network for YouTube channel with no money site or anything just the channel but I saw your SEO shield sale with a she'll be better for a YouTube channel I'm leaning towards yes because of the entity building. You know, that's a really good question Mohammed as part of the reason I wanted to answer this because I don't know I've never ordered an SEO shield specifically just for YouTube channel. I've never tested that. Um, you know, the multi-tiered syndication networks work great for sending for YouTube, SEO because it helps to provide all you know all the really good stuff.

knows that it needs for a new video, especially when they're seasoned, that the networks and the multi-tiered syndication network are seasoned. And they, you know, aged a little bit and have relevant content on them. And then obviously, if you link below to them. They do a lot most of the heavy lifting as far as SEO is concerned for YouTube stuff, but I've never done an actual SEO show specifically to YouTube channel. And here's why. Because usually, the YouTube channel is part of an overall entity, right? So it's just part so the YouTube channel gets included in the SEO build-out because it's part of an overall entity, but I've never actually just had us SEO shield built specifically to a YouTube channel. So I haven't tested that, to be honest with you. I'm curious as to what Marco thinks about whether that would work or not or what his opinion of it is, but I would say try it. I know the multi-tiered syndication networks work but I can only assume that the SEO shields would work but I haven't tested and I just have to be really clear about that. But it's a good question. What do you think, Marco?

It's not something that I've tested but it shouldn't be any different than anything else that we build. And let's call it an entity around but it's actually an entity validator that you're looking for is to validate your channel. So let's say that instead of your blogging point or your point of syndication being your money site or a free one of the free blogs, right the Tumblr the blog, or wherever it is that you choose to blog from or in this case, Vila vlog from YouTube. building up your entity shouldn't be any different. Now, the whole thing around this is how do you approach it because when you're building schema, you can't build it on the YouTube channel. The YouTube channel is it's pre-done for you Everything is done that you could add your other profiles and still interlink everything through the syndication network.

In your second-tier syndication and build it up that way, but there would have to be a focal point somewhere else for that entity. And they did this with an old page though, right? Yeah, I mean, you could build the @ID page but the ad this is this is where we get we go to Okay, so where's the ad Id gone? This is the YouTube channel then going to be also the @ID and how to how do we get the schema worked into the YouTube channel.

I mean, this is a test in the making. One of the things, why we went with the heavy hitter club, is because we want to test these types of things. So this is a great test in the making. And as a matter of fact, I already wrote it down on my notes, of things to do for the heavy hitter club is to start a YouTube video. See how we can work the entity around it. I mean, there's no reason why it can't be an s3 and why we can't tag it. From there, right use the @ID, and now I have to kind of figure out, and I'm not going to do this in a free forum, figure out how I'm going to build this entity around this YouTube channel.

When it's something that Google controls, and I can't get into the schema, maybe we can force schema. Somehow I don't know. It involves a whole lot of things. But Mohammed, definitely heavy hitter. If you're not in there already, you should be. And, you know, it's a test in the making, and I'll make sure to set it up. Yeah, and think about that, just and I'm kind of thinking through this too, but because I think it'd be a great test to use YouTube channel as the primary entity asset, and then try to build that out, see what we could do with it. But one thing I know that you could do with it with the ID page, for example, is like, you know, YouTube silos and you embed the playlist that could really help to for, you know, pushing power into the YouTube channel through the ID page to so there, that would be

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A really good test. That's something that's the heavy hitter club was, was made for, you know, so that's awesome. Mohammed will, will, hopefully, you're going to join them the heavy hitter club anyways, and then you can see that test when it gets set up. But I think that that's certainly worth a good test. And if you happen to do so, Mohammed, let us know how it goes. Okay. Aaron's up, he says, I'm really fuzzy about using Google Maps, does it help to create a mind maps with points of interest in the area? Then creating lines to my business location to indicate travel distance in a relationship with that location? Yes, that works really well. Now if you have a storefront business, right, so a business where customers come to your place of business, then yes, you would do it that way where essentially you would have you know, your address because it's not hidden, right? And then you would go from points of interest that and then create driving directions to your location. Alternatively, if it's a service area business, you can do it the other way around, which is to create driving directions from your business to points of interest right within the service area. However, if you're not publishing your address, which if it's a service area business, in 95% of the cases there, you're not supposed to have your physical location published. For service area businesses, then you could just use something like a city center or as like from, you know, city center from where your business is located. and use that as kind of the central point with the driving directions going out to the points of interest.

The idea here is also to create geo posts on your main money site too, as well. So blog posts that talk about those areas where those points of interest are, right. So you create basically optimized posts, blog posts that are optimized for that particular location, and publish them and you can actually create location-based silos on your site. You can do it that way too. By the way, these can be like hidden blog posts, in other words, they don't have to be public. They're just used for SEO purposes.

And it does work well because we've done that in the past, or I've done that in the past for Google Maps listings that had been pigeon filtered, which means Google, Google Maps was kind of hiding them, even though there wasn't really a penalty. They were being hidden because they were considered too closely related to a similar business. And Google for whatever reason chose another business and would kind of ghost a GMB listing. It's called it was a pigeon filter. And one of the ways to get around that was doing similar to what you're asking about Aaron, which is doing these geo posts, and that that works fairly well. So that's a good question. Anybody want to comment on that on my map as a standalone product in another, I'm not sure how much power you can get from that I would recommend starting out with a drive second G site and the mind map that we build out and either building out the mind map or building out additional mind maps, which you would then embed on the money site, then you could carry all of that relevance through since everything is tied together. But as a standalone, we had a similar question in the mastermind, by the way. And my answer is going to stand firm that I don't recommend that as a standalone, you could push just so much more power and relevance when you relate everything inside a drive second, and the companion G site, and then inner pages on the G site that target the inner pages on the money site.

Yeah, and to be clear, Aaron, when I say, create blog posts, what you do is you would create a blog post about the one particular area that like for example, if you've got, you know if you've got five areas that you service, or that you want to target specifically, each blog post would have its own mind map with driving directions from your point of or from the point of interest back to your business, if you're a storefront business or vice versa, if it's a service area business, that so that you would have literally like five different mind maps in this example, right? So each one would have its own. And then you can have one mind map that has kind of all of them together. But what I'm saying is for the individual posts that are optimized for one particular location, you would just have that mind map on there. And then like Marco said, but you're better off also including those mirroring those onto the G site. Because again, you can mirror the blog posts onto the G site, embed the blog post in there along with the mind map, and then those become link building targets. So but yes, you can do that kind of stuff and it does add relevancy.

Is It Okay To Only Use Service Types Keywords In The Main Menu Of A Website?

Mike's up mic says, Hey, guys, I want to create a strong main menu for a local service site. I have seven top main keywords, is it okay to use only keywords for the main menu so you're talking about like the main navigation menu instead of creating one drop-down or link of services that contain all of the keywords (service types), I want to create the main menu using only service types of keywords, other links like about us, and come tag us can be in the footer. What do you think about that? Thanks, honestly, it really makes no difference in that I'm, that I'm aware of.

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There's, you know, drop-down menus aren't the best thing in the world for SEO. But they're also they're logical for user experience because it would make sense to not clutter up your, if you got seven different services, and you're going to try to push them all into the main navigation bar, but then you don't have things like contact and about, you know, contact us and about us pages and stuff like that up there, and maybe a link to your blog, blog index page and that kind of stuff.
First of all, the menu could get rather busy that way, you know what I mean? Like rather crowded. So, you know, and also, I think it's important to kind of keep in what people are used to, which would be having those other links at the top of the navigation menu instead of having to go search for them. Not that many, many people ever go to the About Us page or whatever, but you know, I would prefer to keep that. Like what people are typically used to and just use a drop-down? That's what I would suggest. But I don't, you know, I haven't tested to see if one way is better than another. So I couldn't tell you I just like I said, for user experience, I think your menu could be rather cluttered that way. And it could also cause people to search for links with that they're looking for, you know if they were looking to contact us about us, that kind of stuff. So my advice would be to not worry about that. I don't see where the SEO benefit would come from, from trying to structure it the way that you are. But honestly, I don't have any definitive answer to that. Does anybody else? No, and I don't see it right. I don't see what the difference would be. And this would be kind of difficult to test because you would need two sites, two sites that are the same, targeting the same thing, one with this type of menu that he's proposing and one with a traditional menu and see which one performs the best. Now that that kind of testing can get can take a whole lot of time and then it turns out that

It makes no difference you just wasted all that time. It's not a waste. It's a test. And it's a perfectly good test. But don't do that until you have time to do the testing right now go with what's working. And by, you know, traditional menus work just fine. You rank just fine. It doesn't matter. Even the, you know, some people have questions about the domains, right, whether using a traditional TLD or a nontraditional to do one of that vanity TLD. And you can rank them both just the same. You can rank anything, just about the same. It's all about power. It's all about the art, right? activity, relevance, trust, and authority. That's what it's all about. Everything else becomes obsolete doesn't matter. It doesn't make a difference when you pushing enough art into whatever it is that you're doing.

What Are The First Steps In Powering Up An SEO Power Shield?

Next question I'm planning on ordering. Yeah, okay, sorry. I just want to make sure I didn't skip on planning on ordering the SEO power shield. But after it's delivered, what are the first next steps to powering up content for Google? Links etc. Yeah, link building and embed, embed, and or link building packages from MGYB is one of the best next steps. Also, if you once you get the branded stack mirroring your and I know there's a question further down the page today about explaining what theme mirroring is, but themed mirroring your money site into the G stack, the drive stack, as well as the G site, that's really, really powerful too. Now, I'll be 100% you know, clear, most of the mirroring that I do is on the G site. And I don't typically always mirror the drive stack like add additional folders that are so for example, you know, if you've got three silos on your, on your, your money site, you would clone each one of your primary drive stack folders and then create them as subfolders one mirrored for each silo, right. And then from there, you would take all the files in the folder are all the files within the silo folder now and optimize them for your particular keywords.

For that silo, and then up and then all the links from inside that would link over to the corresponding pages and posts within that silo on your money site as well as what you Mir on to the G site, which is the same structure. Now, again, I don't always do that and the drive stack, because what I found for a lot of, you know, all I do is local. And so for most local projects, I'm able to mirror onto the G site and accomplish without having to drive do all the additional work in the drive stack. But in some cases, it does require it because I need the additional push. And so as I always talk about and we usually recommend, don't, you know, try to get the best results with the least amount of effort, right? So what I do is I mirror my money site onto the G site, and I do that very thoroughly. And then I use my G site as my link, building target embeds and link building targets and just smash the shit out of it with links and embeds all the time. And if I need an additional push, then I will mirror into the drive stack and do it but right now it's still open manual process on the mirroring work. We're so close guys to be able to offer the drive stack expansion service, inside MGB, but it's not available just yet. So that's why I kind of reserve that for only when absolutely needed, because of the manual component. But, you know, again, once that once we have the ability to do that in mg y, b, there's no reason why I wouldn't smear the shit anyway, you know what I'm saying? So, uh, so yeah, I think first of all theme mirroring is, the first thing you can do is to start building links to your drive stack and your G site. When you get it back. That's hands down. One of the first things I always do, but then while the links are being built, you can start to mirror you know, set up the theme mirroring on the site, as well as Dr. Stack if needed. And then once that's done, now you have additional link building targets for your next batch of links. Does that make sense? Comments?

Nobody, okay.

How Would You Create An Ad Content As A Replacement For A Discontinued Affiliate Program?


Cows up next to break the SEO questioning for a second. I have a sales copy. Question for one of you, this is probably going to be one for Adam. And or Hernan, then if you had the opportunity to place an ad right on the sales page of one of your competitors with no limitations to what it could say or how long it could be, what would you say? I'm an affiliate marketer and I plan on creating my own digital products similar to a competitor. Fortunately, I'm already ranking in spots 1234 some of my competitor's product keywords via review blog posts, they dropped their affiliate program, so I'm planning to just create my own product and cross-promote on those review posts. How should I word my own sales message to convert as many of my competitor's prospects as possible? Thanks, guys.

That's a really good question. I would add that one over to Hernan and Adam so Hernan. Yeah, so I'm ruining the question. Sorry. It's okay. I actually don't get the technical back part of this. Like, I mean, you did draw a diagram or can you guys explain Okay, yeah. So he's got affiliate review pages ranked for in positions one, two, and three.

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For a product that he was promoting as an affiliate, yeah, and that product developer has now discontinued their affiliate program. So he's still ranking with those review posts for that product. And since it's his pages, he wants to now link to a similar product that he can get an affiliate commission from that review. So how would you word your How would you push people from that page over to the page that you want them to buy a similar product from? Without? You know, how would you do that? That's what he's saying. What would you How would you write it? What would the copy say?

Right? So there's a couple of options here. And maybe you want to test this, but the first thing that comes to mind is to just be honest, we have had that happen in our in the past. In our end, you know, we were offering a service or a product as an affiliate, and we were using that product, and then for some reason, the service stop working, and then we just went ahead and said hey, This product is no longer available. But if you're looking to achieve the same results, go here and check this out, right? So as long as the product delivers the same result or as long as the frame minutes the same, don't be afraid to be upfront and honest, because, at the end of the day, people are searching for a solution, right? So if the secondary product that you're now offering, whether it's yours or an affiliate is it's providing that solution, then it's just a matter of, you know, reframing it from a perspective of, hey, this offer and unfortunately, this offer is discontinued. But we have found an alternative to this, which is this one, right? So if you want to get x with a why, if you want to, you know, if you're looking to get x results, then click here, and then you're sending them to the next. What would you say in this case?

Yeah, I think it's an interesting one because we're dealing though too, with the organic side. So like if you really did a heavy overhaul like there's, you know, it might change what you're appearing for. So I might keep the contents long as it makes sense in right, like a more alternative to the type of introduction, and be like, Hey, are you looking to learn about this product? Here's a lot of information about it. But this might be a better alternative for you and do that. I mean, I realize that would be the lead-in, and then maybe you could keep the content. Yeah, that I was gonna say one of two things. While you guys were talking, I was thinking about it. One is a purely SEO tactic, which probably isn't allowed or is probably not recommended. Marco would know the answer to this but do like a three-second meta refresh so that when somebody lands on the page with your competitors, your product or that you used to after about three seconds, it redirects to a new page through a meta refresh that talks all about your product or service that could be considered cloaking. Marco, is that yes or no?

That's in that gray area. Yeah.

That's right. So I saw you that the user is going with the intent of seeing one but you're serving the user something else. But then again, he put a pause on that meta refresh, right? You put a timer five seconds so that the user knows you're going somewhere else, man. Yeah, you might overcome that. I don't know. I don't know what legalities on that. Yeah, I neither did I, but it doesn't sound cool. Well, they also have layover plugins that are, you know, again, it's kind of blackhat stuff. I mean, we don't typically care about that stuff. But I'm just letting you know that they have layover plugins where you could literally display one page with the underlying page still like it's still there. But the viewer sees a different page. And again, some of these things aren't 100% kosher, but I know people do it and get away with it all the time. So the other option is like what Adam just said, I like what he said, which is you could add just a new, you know, opening or section to the top of the page that talks about

This Stuff Works
Hey, I know you came here to find out about, you know, XYZ product, which there's a thorough, you know, review of it below, however, and then do what Adam or excuse me, Hernan said, which is kind of explain why the new product, which is one that either you develop or another affiliate product and other products that you're promoting is comparable and you know, similarly good and why you recommend that now over the other one or something like that, if that makes sense, because then as Adam said, You're keeping the content that was ranking anyways. And all you're doing now is adding a new section up above that, which shouldn't affect the ranking of that existing page much at all. Because if it's already ranking really, really well, you're just updating that page really, without it as long as you're not changing that page considerably. As the structure of the page, I think you'd be fine. So those are a couple. Does anybody else now? Yeah, I just wanted to say that from an SEO perspective, you can still use that page, and you know how you have this long-form articles that they rank for a bunch of keywords, and you know, 2000 3000 4000 word articles. And they are living breathing things right like that you can add content to them, you can like, on some cases, you might visit the same article like a year later, and it will have like, I don't know, like pieces of content added to it and whatnot and then you know, boxes that will take you to different places, because of course, we're in the digital marketing space, everything changes so fast. So don't be afraid to do those slight changes to the content, and then follow what Adam just said is that, you know, just add a box on top and say, hey, these programs would allow you to achieve the same results that you were looking for. Click here, you know, yeah, I like this, just so people, I mean, just so that they're 100% informed. an overlay is another word for cloaking.

Cloaking will get you in trouble just because others get away with it doesn't mean that you can get by a manual if you get a manual review, and you're cloaking. That's it, you lose everything it goes by. So just so everyone's aware, and we're clear on what you're doing by overlaying or by cloaking anything. Yep. And I'm, I thought I was clear about that, but thank you for reiterating it. So, before we get people contacting us saying, You told me to do it, because that's not what I said, I said, You know, I know that it can be done, whether you choose to do it or not, it's up to you. And it's probably not a good idea. But I know, I know a lot of people that do that kind of stuff. You know, in the past, I've done local lead gen sites that way where I'd rank my own site and then use an overlay plugin to show you know, whoever was buying the leads from me show their site on top of mine. Mine was the one ranking, not theirs, but you know, those, those were quite popular A few years ago, those type of plugins, but, you know, fortunately, I don't have to, I don't really worry about that anymore.

Is There A Difference In Results With Unique And Spun Content In The Drive Stack?

The next question was from Olaf. He says, Is there a difference in results with unique spun content in the drive stacks compared to just the same text with different titles and keywords? It's a good question. Marco. Sorry about that I was muted. No, we haven't seen any difference. That's why we just go with anything we can grab because it doesn't matter. Perfect. Do you see Seo? Hey, guys, when the shield is in place, generally speaking, how does it take? How long does it take to see effects? Do I simply throw links at it afterward? And can I update the NAP when I moved to another office in a different part of the city? Yeah, uh, how long does it take to start showing effects? It varies. It varies, like, at least my experience is it varies rather wildly between projects. Sometimes I'll see results like in a matter of days. Other times, it will be weeks and it really just depends. I honestly don't know what causes that maybe Marco can shed some light on that, but I know that I always see results. But it's a matter of sometimes, you know, sometimes it's quick. Other times, more often than not for me the drive stacks take several weeks before I see considerable movement from them. But as far as do, we already talked about the best practice which is next links mirroring your G site mirroring your drive stack, link building, and embeds those are hands down the best things that you can do.

This Stuff Works
Last question and I'll answer and I'll let Marco chime in is can I update the nav when I moved to another office in different parts of the city? Yes, you can. Just keep in mind that there's going to be a lot of, you know, when you make that move, you have an existing G site and this is outside of the drive stack. Yes, you can go in and update your nav on all your drives, files, right all the files within your drive stack as well as on the G site. Make sure you're updating your structured data on your money site, all that kind of stuff. So it's all congruent. But you also remember you got to clean up any citations and part of the remember when you're pushing content on the web to like through syndication and everything else if you have any PII mentioned in those, those now are all going to be causing NAP issues when you do make that change. So just be aware of that. If you are if you're anticipating a move for the business location, then consider that when you're publishing content and things like that to not include any PII, I'm not saying that you do. But I'm just for other people. Like for example, if you have an NAP and press releases and such, they get published out on the web hundreds at a time. And now all of a sudden, you change when now you've got those press releases to count as citations, because name address and phone numbers published and you can't go update those, right, you can update your organization perhaps, and any new press releases will be show the new nav, but the old ones are still going to be out there. And those are things that you can't update once they're published. So you just got to really keep that in mind when you're doing it. But yes, you can go in and just change your nav within the drive stack the G site and everywhere else that you have editor access. Do you want to comment on that, Marco?

Yeah, on the first part of that how long it takes, again, it depends. different niches react differently. And even within the same niche, I've seen fluctuations where, you know, a week, two weeks, and then other times, it's like, four or five weeks out. And it's still nothing happening. And it doesn't happen until you run some press releases and some link building when you start doing some other stuff to power up. It's an independent, it depends on game and Google. I don't know how else to say Google's broken. And it's so crazily broken, that would that works one day, may work differently The next day, or you'll see that it doesn't work. I was just doing testing that this is what this is where this is coming from. And I ran the tests about six weeks ago. And I got one set of results and I just ran it again today because a mastermind member asked a question about it, and I got different data.

And so if the data isn't consistent, if Google isn't consistent about the results that it produces, then what are we to rely on to say, yeah, it takes this long, or it'll take maybe longer. And in this niche, it'll take this on, we can't do that, because we're not in control of whatever it is that Google is doing in their servers, right and that relational database, and how it relates your entity to the rest of the entities in that relational database to give the user the best results. All we can do is like submit our stuff for indexing, build links, press releases, syndicate the content, power up our tier-one property, look for other link building ready called link building websites, things that are powerful websites with trust and authority for those things so so that we could power up our project the best way possible.

Other than that, I mean, there's no way to say yeah, you can get it number one tomorrow. If that were the case, I'd be a billionaire right now. If I could predict with any certainty that I could rank within a day, and anyone who's saying that I'd call them out on it now I'm one of those people. You got to show me You say you can rank the 24 hours for a real keyword now, no bullshit, no longtail 10-word longtail that anybody could rank for my daughter could probably rank for it right now. I'm not talking about that. I'm just saying it's again, it goes back to it depends. And that's where I'm gonna stay on that.

sounds like that was a dig against your daughter man. She's 18 months but oh god.

Austin's up. He says I just wanted to say what I've seen so far with the SEO shield being built for me is literally mind-blowing. Guys. That's one for the testimony folder. I've built a lot of this stuff by hand before and know the time involved signing up for a heavy hitter, heavy hitter club paid club today should be enrolled by the time this goes live. Thanks again, to all of you. Thanks, Austin. Dawn, that was a great testimonial. Thank you very much for that we did not pay him for that, I swear. So, but thanks, Don. And we appreciate that. And yeah, man, if you've been watching, and I know you have because you've been participating a lot, and I know you're in the real estate business as well.

It works incredibly well for at least the land business, I can imagine it works just as well for the house business, although that is certainly more competitive than the land business. But it will give you an edge over your competitors. Just remember what we talked about several times today already about how to power that thing up. Don't forget to try to mirror at very minimum mirror G site to match what your money site structure is and then embed your G site or excuse me your money website pages into your G site. And when you're ready, come join the mastermind because I've been doing training on how I do a lot of really cool things with the G site including tag silo. Well, that's money site stuff, but really cool stuff. And I'm so close now to have in my next kind of really big project live that I'm sharing with the silo structure, build out the in how I've seen mirrored everything in the mastermind and my next mastermind webinars next Thursday, and the site should be live by then it's taken me almost six weeks to build it. But anyway, you should definitely come to check it out. It will help your business I promise.

This Stuff Works

Is There An Update To Twitter's RSS?

Next are questions from BB who always post multiple questions every week. I keep telling you not to post multiple questions. They're getting shorter though. So you are making progress maybe. But this time, it's only three short questions as opposed to 18 really long ones. Anyways, I'm just giving you a hard time man. He says one is there an update to the Twitter RSS Twitter widgets is a thing of the past. So what do I do? I honestly haven't touched Twitter since the last time I developed content about Twitter, which was probably four years ago, so I can't answer that anybody. I haven't gotten into look at the Twitter RSS feed lately, so I can't say I mean either. I just don't I just hate Twitter to be honest with you. I know it's got some SEO benefits. There's no question it does. I just I've never, ever gave a damn about good Ah, you know how they have their life platform called Periscope. You know, for periscope is the light platform Twitter. And there's a lot of people in periscope apparently. Yeah, and I didn't know and I started going live with restroom because will allow you to go live on Facebook, YouTube, and whatnot. And then I started adding networks because you know, why not? They're free. And they have absolutely zero viewers on like twitch for instance, but periscope I got like 50 viewers are a number. I don't know if they're bots if you know is people that are real but I got some use so there might be some benefit over there. Yeah. Oh I'm not saying you can't squeeze benefit from Twitter I know you can I just never had a desire to do anything with Twitter. It's been years since I've even logged into Twitter I think so. I think he can he can always go third party right that this there's something called up RSS app. And you can get a Twitter feed right from there. I just use that about a month ago.

Cool. Man, you know what? Oh, I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about updates.

Adam, what are you talking about? Well, because we're going to be updating something here soon that RSS I might want to play with this as part of the update for the new. Oh, yeah. There's Wow. We could maybe think a little bit. A little bit maybe. Yeah. Syndication Academy.

What we're going to be completely updating it and relaunching that more news to come but this Thank you, Marco, for pointing this out. This is something I would definitely dig into for when I start the development of the syndication Academy 2020 or version, whatever we're gonna call it. So that's coming guys can't say when but it's coming

This Stuff Works

Can You Submit English-Based RSS Directories As Non-English RSS Channels?

The next question from BB. Can I submit to English based RSS directories and non-English RSS channels? Yes. Yeah. Because honestly, I don't know that RSS directories that people actually go to RSS directories but there's a little bit of SEO benefit. They used to be more powerful than they probably are now. But yeah, and by the way, if you're going to submit to RSS guys unless you have a tool that does it, just go to Fiverr and, and go get RSS to submit gigs and literally just go to Fiverr and stuff for RSS submit and pay somebody five bucks plus the $2 charge there's like seven bucks an hour or whatever the hell it is to have them do it for you like I will submit your RSS feed to over 100 RSS feed directories for five bucks guys so honestly just pay somebody five bucks give them your RSS feeds, in fact, you can you know I would recommend even creating a super feed or a spliced feed using something like Damon Nelson's RSS masher and then submit that feed and you know, just pay five to whatever it is seven bucks I think with the service fee now and have somebody else do it because it's tedious as hell to submit them on your own and just you know, let somebody else do it.

RankerX VS FCS Networker In Terms Of Linking Campaign

Okay, last question. I think RankerX versus FCS networker which is better for linking campaign understand that GSA is good for third-tier and up an FCS is good for second-tier whereas RankerX comes into play. I couldn't answer that BB. If you want to ask a question about link building tools, I would post that in a free Facebook group and you know, and you know, ask daddy are late builder kills he'll come in and comment on that and he's the one that can give you the best advice on that I don't run link building tools I haven't for at least five or six years. And I don't ever plan on running them again. So I can't answer that. Anybody else has any recommendations?

Yeah, Dadea runs rank correct. Okay. I that that's I believe that says go-to tool. I don't think he uses FCS.

No, he is using FCS because it became cost-prohibitive. They kept raising the rates on it, everything else so, and then he uses GSA but I what I say is, if you're building contextual on at tier two, it would be tier two. Why not build contextual to the contextual?

Yeah, agreed. So yeah, again, just asking the free Facebook group, you know, the audio will can and can help you out with that.

This Stuff Works

What Is Theme Mirroring?

Next question was, can you explain what is the mirroring? I think we did that. I'll kind of run through it again briefly. But whatever your primary money site is that the architecture, right, so the structure of the site, hopefully using silos, because they work, what you do is on the G site, you mirror that same structure. So in other words, you create a one to one ratio of pages on the G site for pages on your money site, right? You don't necessarily have to do that for all the posts. Because if you're content marketing as part of your SEO strategy, so you're blogging, right, that you don't necessarily have to create a new page every time you create a blog post. There are ways around that I talked about that again in the mastermind very specifically how to utilize the G site and benefit from all the blog posts without having to create a separate G site page for each blog post. Okay, so I do talk about that in a mastermind can't talk about that right here but on a conceptual level you for all of like your top of silo pages, for example. So your product, main product pages or service pages, or whatever you create pages on the G site that so that mirror, same keyword, you know, optimized for the same keyword, everything else, then you can add content to the page. But all I do is just iframe in my money site pages. So remember, it's a one to one ratio, right? One G site page for every page on the money site. For that, I'm trying that has SEO value, right. And so I just iframe that into there.

Now, there are some other things that you can add into those G site pages too. For example, if you mirror the same structure in your drive stack, which means when you buy a drive stack from us right now, it's for brand plus primary keyword Association. It's about building the entity. Once you get that you can clone that main folder, which clones everything within the folder, and then make that a subfolder of the main folder and then optimize all of the files within that subfolder now title that subfolder for one of your silos, right? So it's optimized for the same keyword. It's mirrored just like your site structure, then all the files within that particular folder can be edited and optimized for the same keyword set is that silo with all of the internal links, the links from the G site or the drive stack files, pointing back to your money site, the same corresponding silo pages and posts within that silo on the money site, and also to your G site that has now been mirrored. Does that make sense? That's when you can also embed your folders. So like again, top of the silo page on your money site has a mirrored top of the silo page on your G site. And now if you have a subfolder from your main drive stack that has been optimized for that particular silo, now you can actually embed that folder and the files in that G site page that make sense. So that becomes your link building target, the G stack or the G site, the drive stack, and the files and folders and files. All of those become your link building targets, not your money site because your money site is being all the links are being built to your money site through the G site and the drive stack.

So all you do is you hammer away at the G site and their drive stack files and folders. And you push all that relevance through to your money site without an actual physical HTML link pointing directly to your money site. That makes sense. So that's, that's the mirroring on a conceptual level. Again, we get into the nitty-gritty of this stuff, and either our bias Academy reloaded the mastermind or now even have a heavy hitter club. Is that correct? Marco?

Yep. Anything you want to add to that? No, I thought that was perfect. It's just a copy. That's all it is. you're copying open, you're copying over. That's what's called a mirror. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the same thing?

That's it. And you know, credit for that theme mirroring, you know, I guess, the term was from network empire for many years ago. And it's great. It just works really, really well. And I love the fact that we like Marco has caused it. We're in the belly of the beast. And that's what we're doing like with we're using Google to insulate the money site and then we push ever thing into the Google properties which funnels down to the money site without ever physically touching if that's that makes sense. And it works incredibly well. So

This Stuff Works
Alright, hopefully, that helped. Karen says no question. Just cheers for doing great work. Thank you, Karen.

And let's see next. Show shut up and take my money.

We need more people like you, buddy.

Mohammed says, Hey guys ended up buying the show to report the results as they come in. Yeah, that'd be awesome. Mohammed, let us know, please. And I still think that would be a good test for the heavy-hitter club. Since Marco wrote it down. It probably gets done.

Alright Bibi's back for another set of questions this time there's five

Would It Okay To Use A Simplified Slug To Avoid Keyword Stuffing In Breadcrumb Links?

All right, so BB I'll let you slide with three earlier I'm not going to answer all five right now. Okay, I will answer one, and if there's any time left I'll come back.

Let's say there is a silo Okay, is it okay to make the slug of dog food post as simplified form domain slash dog food instead of the subdirectory. Yes, yes, that's the difference between a virtual silo and a physical silo. Right. And, again, if you just go to our YouTube channel and search for silo structure, just go to semantic map or slash semantic mastery then use the channel search feature and search for silo structure. That's it. The videos that come up the first two videos are simple silo structure and complex silo structure. If you watch those, those are showing how to set up what's called a physical silo which is showing the silo structure in the permalink. Right, so it's this category slash post name permalink structure, that that's how I used to do it because I used to like to see it in the URL, but we test it I haven't tested it recently on me personally, I haven't tested it recently, but years ago, I tested it but the when you're just using the post name permalink structure, as long as your internal linking is done correctly within your silos, so your internal silo linking is done correctly.

This Stuff Works
It makes no difference. At least it didn't years ago. And I'm pretty sure Marco will confirm this, that it doesn't make any difference whatsoever, a virtual silo versus a physical silo, all the internal linking everything, the hierarchy of your categories, and your subcategories and posts. If it's complex, all of that stays the same. The only difference is what is displayed in the URL. And so there is no difference in SEO, whether you use virtual silo or physical silo. And in fact, I recommend using virtual silo now, because it makes the URLs less optimized, right. So it's less likely to trigger an over-optimization penalty for a URL that is hyper optimized with too many occurrences of the same keyword, which is what basically you were asking for here. So yes, virtual silo. Post name. permalink structure is absolutely effective for silos. Does anybody want to comment? Ah, that was perfect. Okay, beautiful. Moving on.

What Should You With A GMB That Is Sharing A Map Pin With Other GMB?

Mohammed says, Hey, guys, one of my real estate clients is moving to a new city and enlisted me to create the GMB in his old city. His realtor GMB shared a map pin with the brokerage I believe this may have affected our GMB impressions. But I don't have proof What should I do with the new one? Do I keep the address shared with his new brokerage or persuade him to move the pin to a new location? That's a good question. Now, I haven't done Local SEO For realtors in probably four years.

But when I did that was, that was pretty common practice. I'm pretty sure it still is where a brokerage has can have, you know, the brokerage itself has its own GMB listing but then individual realtors from within that brokerage can also create their own listing map listing.

It's okay, you can do that Mohammed remembers as long as the name, address, phone number, and URL. So we talked about NAP but URL was part of that right? So there are four data points, their name, address, phone number URL, as long as three of those four data points are you

Make then you can get away with it. So in this case, the business name would be unique, the address would be the same, but then the phone number would be unique and the URL would be unique as long as you can achieve that so the address would be the same, but the business names are different. So for example, let's just use REMAX That's the last time I did a local SEO for realtors, It was for a REMAX brokerage so REMAX Warrington okay would be the name of the primary brokerage but then each individual realtor would have their name, slap, comma, REMAX, right or something like that. That's how you would do it that the business names are different, the addresses the same phone numbers were different. And the URLs were different because each one of the realtors had their own, you know, landing page or website or whatever. And that makes no problem. It's whenever you start to mix up two or more data points, that that causes ambiguous NAP issues. So hopefully that makes sense. Does anybody want to comment on that? Okay

This Stuff Works

Do You White Label Your Services?

Nigel is up. Nigel, It's been a while somebody says hey guys thanks for all your help appreciate all you do or appreciate you all excuse me do you currently white label at all? If not, is there an opportunity to white label with you guys my problem is that I have been offered a bunch of services to white label but none that I really know or trust and I'm naturally skeptical and there is the ethics issue specifically I'm getting requests for services but I need fulfillment to be a bit more packaged up and customized for different niches not sure that is making sense but I will say this and I'm certainly willing to do all the work to write up all the copy for such an endeavor like for example creating done for you bundle descriptions based on what can work for the average customer when people trust you. You want to give them something you believe in but it has to be bundled so you don't confuse it yeah which I completely agree with you Nigel which is why we created the SEO shield, which is just a bundle of all the different components because we've been touting use all these different components for years really, and it was you know,

We kept getting the same questions and people would buy one service but not the other. And then they would say, well, well, it doesn't work. And it's whenever we looked into it, it's because they didn't put all the components together as we tell. So that's why we sell the SEO shield now as a bundled service because it just makes it so much easier for everybody. So I know what Marco is going to say I'm gonna say it for him first and then let him say the SEO shield works no matter what industry you're in what business vertical what type of project is local, regional, national, global affiliate e-commerce doesn't matter. Right. So yes, you can white-label because basically, you can just create your own landing page with services or products, but product bundles are whatever that you want to call it, that you can sell to your clients, customers, whatever. And then we can fulfill and you can, you know, bundle them or title them and put descriptions in any way you want. But the SEO shield will work doesn't matter what kind of project it is. So it's just about how you package it right? That's so that's what you're asking. Will we do it?

Well, that's what MGYBis we don't put branding on any of the delivered services. So you can absolutely white-label, you just need to come up with copy and packaging them how you see fit, which will speak best to your desired customer. Does that make sense? Do you want to comment on that Marco? So basically what he's asking for is MGYB. That his comment is, okay, well, I want someone that I know that I can trust. We've priced everything so that people can mark it up. And they can mark it up as much as they want. We've had people charge What was it? $2,000 for a syndication network. And that was a few years back. Remember that? Yeah. Yeah. He had the check. He had the check. Yeah, look, I just sold it. It was about two K. And it's $67. Back then I think it was sick 4760. So I forget what it was, but it was ridiculous. The market but it's what the market will bear. At any rate. What we've done at MGB is set up all of our products and services, what we use in

This Stuff Works
Our own projects with our own clients with whatever it is that we do, what we'll be using in the heavy hitter club.

And everything was placed in the store. And it's made available to the general public so that they can go and repeat what we're able to do. We don't just talk about the shit that we do. We don't just, you know, we don't go after these keywords that as I said, my eighth my 18 months old can rank for, we're going aftermarkets, right? We're going after the top. We're not shy about who we go after when you decide to go after Amazon. You're not shy about who you're going after he has yet to get after it. Point is whatever he's looking for. So whatever niche makes a difference, because it's once he orders it, and he tells us the niche is going to be tailored to that niche. That's right. We go in and we detail it we detail we add all of the information, all the necessary information, images, whatever it is that we need to do to package it for that client.

And in that niche, and you know, if I was just looking at our deep keyword research, and we've done the research, I can't remember how many, but it's across a bunch of niches. And I will continue doing more and more and more drive stacks. I mean, we've done drives from CBD oil all the way I think, to art supply.

So a couple of dancing classes hold number, yellow. So it does matter, Nigel, the niche makes no difference. What you have to do is, as Benny said, set up your own land, your own store, I said, Are your own way of selling them so that you write it up any way you want. But then also, you're going to just mark it up and then go buy it from MGYB. That's right. And maybe if you produce enough volume talk, I know one of the owners, By the way, Nigel in case you didn't know, so I can talk to him. And if you produce enough, right

If you're ordering enough, then your volume discount, yeah, I could talk to some of the owners and ask them for a coupon or a volume discount, or something that would make it even better for you to go out and sell it. I know the owners, they're a bunch of bricks, though. So the point is that whatever it is that you're looking to do, it's already set up for you to do it. Now I don't, I don't typically do this unless somebody is in the mastermind. But if you, I'm assuming you're on Facebook, pm me, private message me in Facebook, and I'll shoot you a link to schedule a brief consultation call with me for free, so that I can kind of guide you along kind of get a better idea of what it is that you're trying to do. Because if it's going to help us sell more stuff, and MGYBand helps you at the same time then I'm all about giving you know a consultation call to kind of help you think through this and develop a little bit of a plan for it. So message private message me in Facebook and I'll shoot you a link to my calendly link that you can schedule a call with

With me in the next week or two and I'd be happy to jump on a call with you for a few minutes. Okay.

last but not least, this is just a comment and it's right at the five o'clock mark. So thank you for this Nigel he says you bros you guys are just awesome because you answer everything I just got to drop some kudos so many marketers are just going for the money grab and I'm super happy. I found you guys before this gold rush madness and maybe living in a bubble, but it's like the Wild Wild West. Thanks, guys. Yeah, well, we certainly appreciate that. You know, this being Episode 284 we've been around the block for many years, and we're still here. So you know, it's not just about the money grab for us. We're very, very passionate about this. So thank you. Thank you, buddy. Thanks, everybody. We'll see you guys.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 281

By April

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Adam: All right, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day hangouts Episode 281. Today is April Fool's. But it's actually Episode 281. There's no joke. I guess I'll go with what do Wednesday's and Top Gun have in common? You're both in the danger zone with Hump Day Hangout!. That's the best I can do. And Yep. All right. Chris is expressing his love of my horrible jokes. So anyway, let's say hi to everybody real quick. And then we got some short announcements and we're gonna kick it off and get into your question. So I'll start with Chris since he loved my job so much. How you are doing?

Chris: Doing good here. How are you doing?

Adam: Not too bad. Yeah, things are getting a little interesting around here. They're kind of tightening up the going outside restrictions right as the sun starts shining, so but, you know, do what you got to do and keep moving forward kind of same in life in business. So anyway, I'm doing real

Chris: as long as you're allowed to go out with masks, you're fine.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. And luckily people have been not too crazy around here. So anyway, you know, just the new normal going on in the day-to-day. So Marco, how about yourself?

Marco: I'm good, man. Actually, the rainy season started although it doesn't look like it does it, it's kind of cloudy today we had a few raindrops not much, but just enough to know that in the next couple of weeks at this time especially, you're not going to be able to hear me talk probably from from from the noise of the rain falling on the roof or so. So it'll be fun.

Adam: And I mean, this is we always get in these weird little weather discussions at the Hump Day Hangouts, but is that kind of I'm used to places up in that are kind of tropical-like that is it like an afternoon type of thing where it showers pretty intensely, but then it kind of goes away?

Marco: Seven and a half months of that. But we will have periods especially during hurricane season, where it might rain three, four, five days straight. When my son was born in October of 2011, we had 11 days straight, where it did not stop bringing man. It was just horrible. But other than that, no, I mean, it's like this. it'll rain and then it'll go away and it'll be nice in the evening. So yeah, it's a nice change from just so much sun. Because too much sun isn't good for you.

Adam: That's good. You gotta you know, you gotta have both so you can appreciate the sunshine. Right, right. That's good. Oh, hey, Hernan, how are you doing? You're moving into? Let's see. wintertime rises. A cooling winter?

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we're Winner Winner right now. So we're moving into the cooler season, but it's good, man. It's good. Like that's good. Like honestly, I don't feel the quarantine and quarantine for 24/7 anyway so I've been preparing for this all my life for this moment, so nobody but life's good man now. We're safe. We got what we need to have and you know, the stores are you know full of stuff like you know we just went out to do some shopping we're good so you know everything's good.

Adam: Good deal and Bradley, How about yourself?

Bradley: I'm glad to be back here. Last week I was planning on being here but I took a week away to my favorite campground and trailhead where I ride ATVs and such on purpose to get away from this, you know, pandemic mess and everything. I thought was just good excuse to get away too. So I took it and I planned it from Monday through Sunday. And on Friday before I left to go the governor had issued in order to shut down you know, Visitor Center and such and so that's why I plan on working last week and it shut down. It was shut down for any like, other than, you know, employees. It was shut down. So I was unable to work. I had a very piss poor internet service that I was tethering through my phone, which was kind of spotty. Anyways, so I was unable to be here. And I apologize for that. But it looks like you guys all handled it for me. I had never had any doubt. But I appreciate you all taking care of that. And it was actually nice to unplug for the most part for the entire week other than, you know, a few emails on my phone. I literally unplugged for the entire week, which is very rare even on vacation, I usually bring my laptop and work a little bit you know, and this was almost an entire work-free week. And it was much much needed. I came back this week and had been working you know, with renewed enthusiasm, if that makes sense. And I think that's important for everybody to unplug.

So use this time, I think guys right now for in two ways, one, work on stuff that you've been putting off, and two take some time for relaxation, because I think that gets our creativity kind of flowing again. If that makes sense. If you're overwhelmed with work, like all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, that kind of thing. I think that kind of stifles our creativity. When I say creativity, you don't have to be in the creative. You know, like a graphic designer and stuff to be creative I'm talking about creative problem solving and things like that. I think we're better if we have some sort of a balance if that makes sense. And I think as entrepreneurs a lot of times we don't adhere to that advice we just work, work, work, work, work all the damn time. But I think when you can get away and you see the benefits that it can produce, it kind of makes you realize that it's something that you should probably work into your routine, you know what I mean?

Adam: Definitely, yeah, and I hundred percent agree with that, you know, whatever it is just kind of following either what's fun for you or if you got a side passion, and talking to other people just about what they do because man those ideas, you just start cross, you know, kind of interspersing it you can get those connections and you'll come up with ideas that you never would have otherwise.

Cool. Before we get into it, just wanted to say real quick. We've been updating some training Bradley just closed week 11 of 2xyouragency training and if you're an agency owner or you're a consultant, if you want to get more clients, if you want to grow your revenue if you want to scale your team if any of those things sound kind of remotely good to you and the things you want to do, then you should head over to got the training almost completely wrapped up. But if you hop in, there's no drip, there's no waiting you get in, you get all the training right away. We know some people can really power through it and set aside the time other people you know, you might want to go on a weekly schedule, but whatever works for you, we got it there for you.

Bradley: If I can interject for a minute, I just added the, you know, the videos from today for week 11. We got one week left guys, it would be a special week next week too. I'm looking forward to it. But anyway, so when I added it to the list of all the other training videos for the course so far, we're at 77 videos. So I would recommend that you power through it but kind of on a weekly schedule so that you could. Because otherwise, you're going to be sitting around. Well, you've probably got the time now so there's a lot of damn training in there, guys, so don't let the price for you.

Adam: Yeah, I was gonna say to their you know, we've done an improvement that we've listened to people and we have the video training, but we also have the executive summaries that go with it because we know some people, you know, you may already feel up to speed on some area or you just need a quick reference after you've gone through it. Whatever it is that you need that for we built these in for each lesson so that you've got that. So very helpful material there. And if you're into more of the SEO side as for getting results instead of kind of building your agency, then you're going to want to grab the Battle Plan, whether it's, you know, working with new websites, age domains, YouTube channels, whatever it is, keyword research, all that sort of good stuff, head over to battle plan.semantic and grab that.

Bradley: Ah, can we use the new one? No, but yeah, Carry on, carry on it.

Adam: We're gonna have some good updates coming, you guys. We'll be talking more about that in the future. In the meantime, head over to POFU Live head over to We'll have some updates about POFU Live, but we're waiting on figuring out some alternatives to that just in case. You know, things ended up going on for a long time. And we'll tell you more about that in the future. But what I meant to say was head over to Done for you services, syndication networks, RYS drive stacks, the SEO shield, link building, embeds, all sorts of good stuff. And if you haven't signed up at, yet head over there. You can opt-in or you can create your account there and subscribers definitely get access to some really good stuff. Not only do we have some free training available to you, but we also send out specials and some subscriber-only sales that go on from time to time over there.

Marco: For people who need proof. Yeah, people who need to see it. I mean, we just have to have it. I just went live for the second time. Monday was the first time showing the last solutions case study which we were which I was only sharing in the charity webinar series, but now you know, I'm getting such great results that I want to show people what's going on. I want to update the most. I want them to see as this goes on as this moves on how well this shit works. And as a matter of fact, go watch the video on Facebook, it's all of our groups. If you're a paid member, it's there. If you're a member of the free group, it's in there. And if you're not a member, then go in there join, it's free to join. And you can see the video and I've given people a 20% off coupon for the SEO shield, which is a month right? The SEO power shield is a must right now if you want to create your entity like right off the bat. Do you want to start off right you want the foundation to be like just spot on solid, as good as you can get it it's an SEO power shield, and you go from there because it incorporates everything that we teach in RYS.

Yeah, I'm thinking of our Battle Plan. Sorry. It incorporates everything in a Battle Plan up to when you're supposed to start the press releases and the link building. So the SEO Power Shield is the foundation to get then all that heavy push that lets you smack it in the ass and then it goes. It's incredible what happened.

This Stuff Works
Adam: Outstanding! Well, I think that's it on our end, guys. Anything else before we have any questions?

I don't think so. So we're good. Yeah, let's do this. Yep, do it.

Bradley: I feel like I missed out because I wasn't here last week. I was looking at some of the questions from last week. And I feel obligated that I have to answer them and I don't.

So anyway, alright, cool. So it looks like we're starting with Mohammed today. You guys are seeing my screen, right? Yep.

How To Strategize A Press Release For An Affiliate Site?

All right. What's up Mohammed? He says, Hey, guys, I'm trying to rank an affiliate site. I'm about to order a press release for it. The problem is I don't know how to approach a PR for something I don't own. Would it be weird if I ran a PR on behalf of this item only for it to lead to my site now? Because of that, in my opinion, no, not at all. Because I mean, that's natural for people to talk about products or services that they like, or, you know, like trust, whatever that they use to. It's an endorsement, basically. So that's, there's no problem with that at all, Mohammed.

And remember, you're not writing the press release, it's up to the press release writers to determine a news angle, not you. So all you got to do like literally, they're good at that. Like, that's why their press release writers, right? So all I would do is just submit a guideline, like say, Hey, this is the product I want to promote. Here's the page, put the link in the description when you order the press release, but the link into the page, and then tell them to go glean some information from that product page that they can use to write about and that's all you have to do. That's what I love about the press release writers is you don't have to give them very much for them to be able to write some sort of news angle to make it PR worthy and that's their job. So I wouldn't bang your head against the wall to try to come up with ideas for that. Let them do it. That's their job. Just give them the product, the page and ask them to write something that promotes that. And they'll handle that for you. Anybody else?

Nope. Okay.

What Should You Do When Certain Web Properties From Branded Networks Are Shut Down?

Looks like Bibi has got a bunch of questions. Okay, cool. Well, we didn't have a lot so we can run through them. Usually, if we had more, we would say don't do that. But you've been coming often. So that's perfectly fine. What happens when properties get shut down (mostly relevant to branded networks?). Should someone invest in building again? Should we change links in add to other social networks? Yeah, I mean, you know, if it's done correctly, and I don't know, maybe you were the one that was talking about doing a shit ton of blog posts, and they, you know or doing them too soon. And the WordPress was getting shut down. I vaguely remember a conversation like that a few weeks ago.

If you're having it happen often, there's something wrong. It could be with the content you're publishing. It could be too many outbound links could be the volume or frequency of publishing. But if you're having a bunch of sites terminated,  there's an issue because I've got and I was just telling Rob about it. I don't know about two weeks ago, I was looking at some old cliffs in you know, like, six, eight folders deep. So I didn't even know that they were there. And I found some old syndication networks that were built in 2012, a rack of them like seriously, like, I don't know, 20 some network syndication networks. And I started just out of curiosity, looking at the properties, and many of them are still active in life today, which is unbelievable to me that they've been around for eight freakin years. It's just insane. So the reason I'm telling you that is because they shouldn't be terminated unless there's a problem. So I would try to identify what the problem is first because otherwise, it's going to be an ongoing problem.

However, that said, once you've identified that problem and resolved it, then as far as what do you do with terminated properties? Yeah, I would just build new one or I would just buy a new network is what I would do. So you don't waste your time building them or hire a VA that you can train into rebuilding in, you know, individual web to dados that get terminated. That might be something that you want to have somebody in-house for if that's going to be an ongoing problem with you, but I would recommend first identifying what's causing that issue and resolving that before rebuilding, does that make sense? Anybody else got anything?

Marco: If you've done the work, right, which includes doing the same after doing the structured data, then it's totally worth going in and replacing that right replacing that WordPress is touching, Blogger sometimes or anything else, because then it's you played that as part of your entity. And I think that it should be replaced. But that's something very specific that you really need to take a look at to keep your entity as strong and really throughout. So that would be one caveat that I would put into this.

Bradley: Should we change links and add other social networks? Well, I don't know what you mean entirely by that question. One of the things that we teach in Syndication Academy is to constantly be looking for additional properties that you can claim a claim of presence on, you know so that you have a branded profile doesn't necessarily mean that you can syndicate to them. As a matter of fact, most of the additional properties that you would add aren't actually part of the syndication network, they're part of your entity. Right? So your branded footprint, but, you know, we recommend doing that. There's, there's a lot of really good ones out there that you can add, as additional, you know, have an additional profile on and that's something that you should absolutely continually be doing for your networks too. And we talked about maybe adding that as an additional service and MGB so maybe in the future that'll be available.

Are Forum Comments Okay When Building Links For RYS And Syndication Properties?

The next question is forum comments, okay, for link building for non-money site properties, like RYS syndication properties? As far as I know, yeah. That'd be like GSA does that. I would never use that directly to money property. But yeah, that kind of stuff can be done. Typically, I think that Dadea recommends and maybe Marco can comment on this because I don't stay up to date with the link building stuff because we have Dadea. So I don't need to he does it all. But I think typically those type of links will usually be like tier three. So not something that he would recommend building to your tier one assets. They can be I don't think it's going to hurt but they're just not as effective as they would be at like tier three, right, which would be building links to the links that are built to your tier one. Does that make sense?

So it's usually contextual web 2.0 links as tier one to your branded tier one. I don't want to get confusing, but that's actually tiered two. But those are tier one links to your brand, your tier one branded entity assets. And then you could follow that up with either a second round of web 2.0 which is what he recommends and then the third tier of GSA style links which will include profile links and such. But I know that you can go web 2.0 contextual links. And then like essentially GSA style links behind that, but Dadea recommends two tiers of contextual links. And then you could always back that up with GSA style links, which would include forum comments. So, you know, I would just follow his advice. Marco, do you want to comment on that at all?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, absolutely. Because, I mean, the question is, is it okay, yeah, it's okay. Is it necessary? No, not general. Especially not now. We were just talking about it on Monday. We're bringing on the extension tool, right here in the next two weeks. It's gonna be available gonna let people expand their stacks. And I'll tell you right now, that from our testing, you get so much more power when you expand the stack. Add that keyword stack, instead of just the brand, but focusing on on on that market-level keyword and then link building to that. But then all that GSA spam, that you would have had to do it at tier three is totally unnecessary. Because you get such a great push from the tiered link building, right tier one and tier two of link building links, that it just makes everything unnecessary. Now, as you expand your drive stack, more folders, more keywords more, maybe sub categories, maybe you find another market-level category, just however it is that you decide to do it. You're going to be powering up not only that drive stack but the previous drive stacks just from the association. So guys, yes, can you? Yes. Should you? I don't see why you would unless you absolutely have to unless you're not getting the push that you're supposed to be getting or there's just so much competition in there that you're having a hard time hitting that apply. Where you need that extra again, that should kick in the can to get it to go where you want it to be not generally necessary. I didn't see it necessary, nor did Dadea when he took on time and again when he took on Amazon and one.

Bradley: Yep. All right. Thanks, Marco.

Is It Okay To Build A Link To One Of THe Branded Properties In The Press Release?

The next question is, is it okay to include a link to one of the branded properties in the press release? I opened up this Excel file just for visual representation? Good. I just want to point out Yes, it's absolutely fine. And what all of my bloggers do my content marketers who handle all of the content marketing for all my clients and such, and they order the press releases and all that is we always, you know, you can have up to three links in a press release. I use either two or three consistently in the press releases, and I just pulled up the spreadsheet because if I would have had a chance earlier, I would have opened up an actual client workbook and just taken a screenshot and blurred some out so you could see what I'm talking about, like how my format is, but each one of my clients has a separate Google workbook or Google Sheet. There's an NAP tab or sheet on the in the workbook that has the name, address, and phone number and contact information and, you know, email address and all that stuff. That's like the NAP info. And then underneath that, I've got a section that is target URLs, right. So it'll say target URLs here. And it's got all the branded entity URLs in there. And what my VA is or my bloggers are instructed to do is just every single time they create or order a press release is usually work press releases used to promote a blog post. That's what we do. It's the PR stacking method. If you have, it looks like you did watch that because I saw it in your question down here.

Press release stacking or PR silo stacking is what we typically do is we publish a blog post for within whatever silo it is that we're trying to push. And then we publish a GMB post. You don't have to have a GMB entity if it's not for local but if you do, we publish a GMB post that is linking to the blog post. Then, we publish a press release that is linking to either the GMB posts or the blog posts and the press releases to promote the blog post, essentially, and then we link to either anyone of the other tier one entity assets could be the money site. If we're linking directly to the blog post as opposed to the GMB posts that's linking to the blog post, then we usually won't link also to the website because we'll choose another asset to link to GMB map. Not the share URL but the actual cid URL from the GMB map GMB web business site website you know, the GMB website, the G site, the Google site, ID page, anything right and any sort. So again, my VA just has a list of target URLs on the sheet, and they're told to every time they publish a blog post, either link to the blog post, or the GMB, the corresponding GMB post, and then just randomly select or cycle through the target URL list that's there. So that we're always building a link back to one of our branded entity assets at all times, and we're constantly cycling through so that we're kind of diversifying the links across all of our entity assets. And it works incredibly well guys. So that's what I recommend doing. Is it okay? Yes, absolutely. Any other comments on that guys?

Marco: No, no. Okay.

How Many Links Should You Include In A Press Release And Money Post Site?

How many links to the press release include? I just answered that. Two or three, just remember, I mean, you 123 in our in the press advantage service, which you can purchase from MGYB we recommend 1 to 3. However, as you know, Marco can talk about this a little bit more. Remember, you're diluting any link equity. If you know if you've got one link, all of the link equity is going to that one link. If you've got three, you're dividing it into a 30 each, if that makes sense. So just keep that in mind. If you're trying to push more power to something specifically, you may want to only include one link, but as I just mentioned, we typically include on almost every single press release two or three links, always promoting the blog post either direct or through a GMB post and then one to another branded entity asset. And then if we're PR stacking will link back to a previous PR, the previous PR on that same silo, if that makes sense. So that would be three links. Okay. Any comments on that one?

This Stuff Works
Marco: No, no, I mean that that's fine. The math is available online. So if you start breaking it up, then you're just dividing the power that you can push, and the more links that you add the more power than you're dividing, and so you're not going to get as big a push as you otherwise would. Unless, unless then you maximize the Lincoln, you would have to do a greater amount of link building. But then again, that this comes, this comes from the fact that it that is exponential, right. If you want to get the power to where you want it to go, and you're splitting that up for ways it will eventually get there. But it'll be whittled down because of how it's being divided. And so you just do greater link building and that's available. I mean data is available and also, what's the text to links ratio on press releases and money site posts? I don't know. I mean, honestly, I think in press releases, I think the rule of thumb was like one at one link, for every 200 words, is what is rec is no more than one link every 200 words, but I can't swear to that. As I said, the press releases that we use are usually around 750 words 600 to 750 in that range, and we recommend, or they, you know, it's recommended not to include more than three links. So that works out to about one every 200 to 250 words. Okay. As far as, go ahead. No, to me, the content ratio is that doesn't matter. What one or two links, period, one or two, that's it. Forget about ratios. Forget about all that other shit. If you want to get the maximum power to wherever it is that you're trying to deliver it.

If you start going down three, four, then you're going to have to increase the liquid. The link building has to be greater but and I'm not going to go into factors, so and how much link building you should do, because that's what you avoid by not splitting it up that much.


How Should You Use The SEO Power Shield To Beat The Competitors?

Alright, so the next one is I got the concept of the shield. I understand now that it is for me not having to deal with the Google updates, and we should care about Google. But what about the competition? What if someone else is using it? What if baby I'm going to give you a hard time here, buddy? I'm not picking on you. I am picking on you specifically actually. But this is for everyone else's benefit too. What you can What if yourself into inaction? And that's exactly what it sounds like you're doing. Maybe I'm wrong and forgive me if I am. But guys, you can What if yourself to death into not taking any action period? What if it is nothing other than negative imagination. So instead, like seriously, that's all…

What if in situations you're worried about potential situations that are imaginary, right, you're imagining potential situations that haven't occurred. And you're just trying to circumvent, you're trying to find solutions for problems that don't exist. So don't do that. Instead, use your imagination on trying to imagine how it will work. And how if that makes sense. Think to flip it. It's imagination, regardless of worry. And what if the thing is negative imagination, and you can have positive imagination where you try to think about, you know, how to how to make it successful? And in my opinion, that's the way to go about it. Because if you try to what if every scenario, you'll never take any action period, and you're much better off what we just said this saying yesterday. It's better to take imperfect action than perfect inaction. And that's exactly what it sounds like from that type of a question. I hate what if questions because and again, I don't mean to pick on you, but I'm just saying, I hate what if questions because you can What if any sort of scenario that you can imagine.

In my opinion, just go out and do the damn thing. And then if you know as things occur, you resolve them right if any issues were to occur. Now, that all said, I also had seen a similar question and maybe I don't know if it was from you, but even from just last week, as I was scrolling through the questions during the opening of this hump day hangout today, I was looking at last week's questions and I saw somebody say, Well, what if Google catches on to RYS and syndication networks? What if Google catches on and we've heard that over the years, go to Google right now in search, SEO, Virginia, tell me what you see is the number one position? It's my Google site from a drive stack that I built, that's not even a complete drive stack in May of 2015. Think about that, guys. That was five years ago. It's still ranked number one for SEO Virginia, SEO agency, Virginia, Virginia SEO, number of keywords. It's an incomplete drive stack. And syndication networks we're just talking about I've got syndication networks that are still valid for from 2012 when I started building them. And so what if Google catches on to them? Well, that was eight damn years ago, and they're still working today. And in fact, they're working better today than they ever were in a different light because now they're an entity validator and solidified before they were just a method of link building. Okay.

And RYS, the same thing. What if Google catches on, there was another SEO guru out there that had a whole entire video about why he thought drive stacks were stupid and to not use them? Good. I like those kinds of people. Because then we're going to continue using them and we're going to continue benefiting from them. While those dummies don't. Do you know what I mean? And don't get me wrong. There are other ways to do things, too. I get those guys and I'm not knocking other methods. I'm just saying, for somebody to have such a closed mind and say, Oh, why I have determined it. Marco can comment on this, I have determined that this won't work. That's such small-minded thinking, in my opinion. And again, those are the kind of people that find that's great.

This Stuff Works
Continuing thinking that we'll continue using them and benefiting from them. So to wrap it up, BB, don't worry about that. Use them, especially if you use them the way that we build them or the way that we teach you to build them. Unless somebody else is using our exact same methods, you don't have anything to worry about. And it's very unlikely that they're going to be using our exact same methods. And even if they are using our exact same methods, you come in here and engaging with us on a weekly basis will give you an edge because we can tell you how to power up over and above whatever your competitors are doing, which is really just comes down to link building at that point. So, Marco, I know you've got some things.

Marco: I'm going to go to August of 2015. end of August when we released the original RYS Academy and the guy. Well what if Google closes the loophole? Remember that? Yeah, what if Google closed the loophole in 2015 and we had a ton of people buy in 2015 and a ton of people who didn't one of those people who didn't is the guy who said, What if? What he's still wondering what if? Because it's still working. But what if, what if? What if? What if tomorrow? What if? What if the fucking world ends tomorrow? Nothing is promised, right? All we have is right now and what we're doing right now, man if you're doing to do right now, that tomorrow doesn't make a difference because tomorrow you can just do more of it. Okay? And so then you happen to be in a niche. And think of the possibilities of you being in a niche where there's another person that's using the exact same methods, the exact same way as you're doing it. As you've learned it as you've approached it, that's nearly impossible. Because once you have it, I mean it's just doing more of it. But in the unlikelihood that that happens, think about thinking about the possibilities. Think about what we're talking about, what are the chances? Can this actually has a word this. I practice entity-based worryless SEO. That includes my competition because I don't care. Literally. I don't care who the competition is. I even stopped doing competition analysis because it makes no difference anymore. It doesn't matter. Once I go after a niche that niche is mine. Or once I'm working with someone to go after a niche, that niche is ours. It makes no difference competition. I don't care when I come on, they better start worrying about me. Now they be they better be doing what if Marco comes out after this niche, that's what you should be worried about. Other than that, dude, go do the do and do more of it and then do more of a build your system. Get that system in place so that you can systematize it and it's repeatable. And then you just do it again, and again. And again and again and again. You just do more of it. So what if someone comes in then you expand your stack, they expand that you expanded more, they do link building you do more. That's it! And as a matter of fact, it's competition's healty because it keeps you on your toes, it keeps you from slipping.

Bradley: It is. And so I just pulled this up just to I mean, again, just to example, guys, it's pulling my map and it might just be because that's, you know, sees my IP and, you know, local, but there's it is number one, and it has been for five years and for whatever reason the maps not showing here, so I have to investigate that. That should be my GMB map. But my point is, guys, and look, it's incomplete. This is a very poorly done Gsite that only this is all of the stacks right here. That's the entire stack right there. You can see it. It's all embedded right here. And it's not anything like what we do now. And yet there it is. Five years later, it's still number one guys, and I've never done anything to this period, other than that's it like I mean, I built it and built some links to it. Way back when and that was it. I've never touched it since. And it's still number one today so for those of you that say you know what if that was five years ago guys and it's it's you know you can What if yourself into taking an action is what I meant and I mean that guys don't do that so anyways and that's why.

Marco: for BB if you'll pick up you are at but then again you're not you're getting game you're getting shit for free that you shouldn't be getting you're getting schooled into how to the do that we do and just again systems and more of it that's it.

Bradley: and take the criticism constructively you know what I mean? Like we understand you're here to gain a better understanding and to be able to beat your competition and so if we're a bit harsh we mean it with all due respect for real that and I mean that guy. So anyways, BB, I'm not picking on you hope you understand that.

Should You Link Back To Previous Press Release Even If It's From A Different Domain?

He says, I saw the press release stacking videos still trying to figure it out. Should we be linking back to previous press release even though the previous piece whereas on a different domain? it doesn't matter.

What I suggest, though, is that you make sure that you're linking back to PRs that don't purge. There are a few of them through MGYB or Press Advantage. For example, the press advantage domain obviously, the USA Today, Digital Journal, Street Insider, all of those rank really, really well anyways, so why not just use those as the ones that you link back to in a PR silo? Does that make sense? Okay.

How Should You Use The SEO Shield For National Keywords?

Brad says how would you use a shield specifically a drive stack for national keywords build out every major city or is there an easier way? No, I wouldn't do that for national Marco you're the one that can comment on this much better than me.

Marco: on the national in real estate I did or we did that has that's targeting every state and every city and it just had some good shit baked in there. But that's not necessary. I think brand plus keyword association at the national level that's it. Brand gets associated with the keywords what you're trying to do is you're trying to become Google in your space. You're trying to become the entity. So when people say if I say if I say jello, you know exactly what I'm talking about generally. Gelatin is what it actually is, if I say Bandaid, you know you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the keyword for adhesive bandage. And I could go on and on guys Zipper was originally trademarked. It was stripped. Windbreaker was originally trademarked, but it became the word for that niche. That's what we're trying to do. And I've said this plenty of times before.

Most of us are not going to get there. If you do that, just think of of the money that Tinder when you become the keyword for the for the niche. But in the meantime, what you're doing is you're creating that brand plus keyword association, so that the bot understands you that you your entity, should be the one that's going considered for that keyword set, the best match right for anything under that keyword set and imagine the kind of traffic, the kind of money that you're going to produce when you get there. So we're not talking about being the keyword for the brand where people consider it. The word for the niche, but where the bot understands that it's that it's the keyword for the niche that your brand is the same as the keyword for the niche when you force the bot into that association, the man look, you write your own check, relax, it's a done deal. Just watch the bank account grow. I mean, I can tell you, I'm not gonna show you I'm not gonna go open my Stripe and I'm not gonna open my account, but I wish I could show you just what's going on. I'm not the kind of person to do that.

This Stuff Works
I'm not the kind of person to show the checks the kind of stuff that comes threw my hands but you have to see it. Like when you hit that sweet spot for that client at the calls start coming in. And an example DC plumber, where the plumber has to take a phone off the hook because he was getting too many calls. Seriously, think about it. Think about it getting too many damn calls. You take a phone up though, the personal injury attorney in New York City who had to hire multiple people to answer phones. That's the kind of traffic and it I'll be totally transparent. It has slowed down, but not to the point where she's had to really close up shop in New York is complicated right now. Right? But she's getting contacts. So she's still going through it. And she's continuing to pay. We've made an arrangement, of course. And then what I explained to her is, listen, when this is all over, soon as people are allowed just back out on the street willy nilly. Think of accidents that are gonna happen. I know. It may be morbid. But it's true, people are going to be just crazy about getting out, they're not going to be careful. We're gonna have a ton of a ton of accidents happening. And it's a ton of people that are going to call her. So she's gonna make all the money back. So let's relax and let's go and you pay me again. And it's going to be more than what it was. So these are all the kinds of things that can happen when they know that you're this person who can produce these kinds of results. And they understand that they let you go, you're going to the competition to offer your services. So think about all that when you are approaching national keywords are there for you. You don't have to approach it every major city because something like real estate is kind of location based, even on a national level, but maybe what you're doing isn't location basis, totally keyword based. So it depends on how people are searching for that niche. So I hope I hope that made sense. If not go watch the videos, contribute to the to my charity, you're gonna get access to the charity videos where we've talked about all these different things, all the different scenarios, we make scripts available. I mean, it's incredible the amount of information that's in there. So think about that. I'll leave it at that.

Bradley: Yeah. And because we got time, because we only had two more questions as of right now. We'll come back to those in a minute. But I want to point out because you were asking about whether it was two questions in the past few minutes. One was RYS again, will that what if they catch on number two was how would you approach it nationally, and so Marco has been sharing even in the free Facebook group this week, this week alone, he's shared about the Land Solutions Network, which is his National Land buying site that him and Rob have been working on while my mind I'm just focusing on Virginia my real estate business, my land buying business. And in both instances, both cases, the Land Solutions Network, they used a mass page builder, but basically they just solidified the entity and built the drive stack. That's it. I mean other than what a couple of press releases for my so and it's ranking nationally for in many different states and such for his primary keyword sell land fast. Well, I've only targeted Virginia but same thing is a if I were to do so, land fast Virginia, this is what Marco was talking about, as you see how it pulls my knowledge panel for that keyword. Right, that makes sense. So the brand has been associated with that keyword. I'm targeting only Virginia. But you can see that it's pulled that this is a full on brand association with my keyword for it to bring that up here. Does that make sense? And you can also see in that search field now with sell land fast right there is Alpha Land Realty, I didn't even type in alpha land or start to type in the brand name and it's popping my brand name into a keyword search suggests. Does that make sense? So think about that. I swear to God. This is my word. Only thing I've done to this. It's a single page. I'll show it to you. It's a single page, Click Funnels page. This is just a landing page. Guys. That's it. There's no, there's no content marketing going on here. There's no silo structure here. It's a single page landing page, Click Funnels, which you can't even optimize the SEO elements of a Click Funnels page. I do have structured data embedded in this, but that's it. And then I've solidified the entity with an SEO power shield, the same thing that we teach you guys. That's what I did with this. And I've done nothing else but one link building gig from MGYB to the drive stack in the syndication network last summer. I created this business a year ago, so probably about nine months ago. I did a link building gig, one link building gig to the drive stack and listen to the SEO power shield basically. And I've done and I've just driven traffic to it through direct mail. And now obviously, your organic track traffic it's getting on its own as well as I run ads for for lead generation Google ads. And that's it. So I've done the SEO power shield, one link building gig and then I've driven relevant traffic to it, which is exactly what we teach with our Google branding, Google Ads branding course or our YouTube local traffic course. It's about how to drive relevant traffic into your entity to get the push and to create that brand and keyword association, which I've proven right here beyond a shadow of a doubt. And that's it, guys. I've done nothing else. I have published some press releases, primarily for properties that I'm selling, but that's a different domain. It's the same entity, but it's a different domain because I use Alpha Land Realty dot sale as my selling site. So anyways, my point is I just want to point out how you know exactly what Mark is talking about is using a drive stack to create that association, it didn't happen overnight. But I didn't even have to keep pushing links into this for it to work.

This Stuff Works
It just took time and actually relevant traffic, which will bring me to the next question here in a minute about somebody saying our links still relevant. They are but this case right here, and it's and they always in my I'm not going to never say never, never say always either, right? I'm going to say they're always going to remain relevant. But this particular project here that I'm showing, as an example, proves that it doesn't necessarily take links, just sending relevant traffic and then having that traffic convert on the page, which means, you know, complete a conversion goal, in this case, submitting the OPT, you know, the property assessment worksheet that can access that's a that's a conversion. And that's a huge signal for SEO, and that's caused the brand association with my primary keyword. And it wasn't link based, really, it was mainly entity based exactly what we've been teaching and relevant traffic activity, ART — Activity, Relevance, trust, and authority. So those two things alone have caused me to be the number one position not just for that keyword, but for others as well that I wasn't even really pushing on. Take a look. Now, in fact, it didn't pop my knowledge panel here, but it still puts me as number one. Does that make sense? So I just want to point out like how really powerful this stuff is guys. You know, we're practicing what we preach here. Do you want to comment on that, Marco?

Marco: Sorry, it's raining right now and it's loud

Bradley: by the way, it didn't pop a knowledge panel for we buy land Virginia, but look at that, guys see that? That's keyboard association. And it's pulling my that's a keyword search. And it's brought my brand into suggesting that's pretty powerful. For the first several months I as soon as I would start to type in alpha land, it would pop up. So but it was it you know, it wasn't coming with a generic keyword, but you can see it, it's definitely coming up now. And then if you take a look. Get my Google Site guys, my drive stack. I have not done anything mirroring at all because there's no theme to mirror-like, in other words, I don't have a site, I've got a single page landing page as my website. So there's no silo structure, nothing else. So the drive stack is a flat drive stack. In other words, there's no structure, there's no silo structure to it. And, and all and that's all I've ever done, guys. And you can see, it's just, it's just ranking incredibly well. And I've got I've been able to get that brand association with that keyword by just doing exactly what we teach. I'm sorry, Marco, go ahead.

Marco: No, no, I mean, this totally. It just reaffirms what we teach over and over and over again, despite the people who say it doesn't work. I mean, seriously, we show it on video. We're gonna believe, like the experts, and then the gurus, the professionals or you're lying eyes. It's up to you.

Do You Think Links Are Getting Less Important?

Yeah. So that's the next question is do you think links are getting less important? If so, what would you recommend placing them? They're still important, there's no question. Like I said, Never say never, never say always. But I'm going to say, as you know, I think links will always have its place. Google's entire algorithm is built on, you know, the backbone of it, the underlying foundation is about links. So I'm not going to say that it will never change, but it's likely that it won't anytime soon. So that said, but are links becoming less important? Yeah, they are to a degree because again, as I just proved, activity, relevance, trust, and authority. So activity is very, very important. Those types of engagement signals can trigger what only links used to be able to do, does that make sense? And we, you know, again, like YouTube videos, you can rank YouTube videos on engagement alone with zero SEO signals. And when you have a lot of engagement, it's going to naturally accrue links and stuff anyways, right? Because people will link to it and things like that. But what I'm saying is without any proactive intentional SEO, link building work being done to YouTube videos, you can rank them all day long with purely on engagement signals.

And we're starting to see that more and more with web assets and entities, as long as the proper engagement signals are triggered, such as visitation, dwell time, scroll depth, you know, clicking through to different links. So navigating through the site, conversion goals are incredibly powerful, because that's showing that you satisfied the searchers query, because they they clicked through to the site, and then they converted, which is another especially if you've got Analytics on your site, or if it's submitted to any any sort of Google Code on the site will recognize that a conversion has occurred, if that makes sense. I like to have Google Ads remarketing tag and conversion tag on every site that I set up specifically for that even if I'm not running Google ads, which I run Google ads for everything now. Not necessarily search ads, but remarketing and display and YouTube. But what I'm saying is I always set up a conversion tracking in Google ads, so that Google is always aware of every time somebody submits an opt in form or makes a phone call, or clicks the tap to call button on my site. Does that make sense? And all of those things act as SEO signals that make links less important, although I think they're an underlying foundation, that's not going to go away.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Um, okay, so links, and ART. The only way that art can be measured is through links. The only way that Google can track anything from one place to the other, and then from there to the other places, so that they can see exactly what's going on with that entity is links. There's no other way. It's not magic. I mean, this isn't lucky charms. It's not magically delicious. Google doesn't disappear. I got out of smoke somewhere. And say, Oh, look, look what I found. Look at all this activity, relevance, trust and authority that doesn't have it. Links, not only foundation, I mean, the essence of what the fuck Google is doing. AI doesn't magically happen. Hear, it has to go wherever it is, and it has to it. It looks at all of these different things. But it's done through links. As long as that happens until Google can teleport, which is why they want quantum. It's been their whole idea since the beginning to get rid of search to do away with search, because they can make so much fun.

Knowing quantum, you can teleport from one site to another without actually going through a link. But and until that happens, and we're really far from that theory to actually happening and then having it be applied to search to do away with search. Right now, everything that we do everything that happens, as far as Google as far as anything else, as far as I know, is linked. Why? Because that's everything that the whole group of everything is links. PageRank and ranking. So that's what we're building. I mean that that's why when you hammer things with with links, especially if you do follow links, it works so well and it pushes things so well. That's why a stacking works so well. That's why it's stacking iframes works so well. That's why link pushing link building through mapping bits through everything. That's why it works so well. That's why when Dadea takes something out, once you have the foundation, you got art going in there, you got all of these different things, you've done your entity, right, you got your own page, right? When you hit that link, that's when the magic really happens. And if they were not important, or if they were just an underlying factor, we would not get the results that we that we get. I mean this shit. And as a matter of fact, I'm about to do a link building test where I'm going to show just how important link building is but again, we go back to they have to be the right panel next they have to be well they have to have activity relevance. Trust enough.

Already, Google will measure the destination, it will measure the link origin and everything that's linking to the link origin and the link destination in order to see everything that's related to that entity. But the only way that it can do it right now, and the only way that it does is it has to get that through late. And it's measuring, it's building up your PageRank. It's building up your ranking score. And then it gets weighted, right? And then it gets compared to all of the other entities in that niche to see which one answers the query the best, but a whole bunch of other things happen before that actually happens, right? And then, as you said, the what senses at all, is when you do all of these things that young people come and take action on your website, and they actually finish whatever it is that they started. I mean that that's that that's what closes the loop for everything. Because then Google sees people trusting whatever it is that you're doing, by giving you information by making a call Oh, by getting a satisfying their query. Exactly.

Bradley: Yeah, that's exact because guys, I've talked about this before, way back years ago, I think it was 2014 when we talked about CT spam, click through spam and how effective that was. And, you know, the, the completing the conversion goal is incredibly important because it proves. I remember I watched I think it was a TED talk, but it was Larry Page, right, which is one of the founders of Google. And he's talking about how, and this was, I think, in 2010, when I saw this. So way back when I first got started, and Google was kind of, you know, wasn't even the big get on the block at the time it was becoming it but it wasn't yet. Well, it might have been in 2010, but it was still anyways, my point is I saw an early. I think it was a TED talk, but it was talking on stage about what their kind of vision for Google was going to going to be. And he said it was very simple to end search.

And at the time, it didn't make any sense to me, but it does now and it has for many years but essentially what he was saying was that what they wanted to do with Google was that when somebody would put a search in that their query would be answered in that first page like that first 10 results. The solution to their problem was would be found right there. And that that's the end search. But so that's the whole point. Like if you understand that, and you're able to satisfy that searchers query and prove that to Google, which means allowing them to peek into your site, basically and see it happen, then you're you're you're providing them the exact same signals that they aspire to have, you know, that they that's really what they wanted to begin with. So, to answer your to follow up with what Marco said, I agree, like, you know, links are the foundation of everything, which is what I said, would you say what would you recommend in place of them? Well, not I wouldn't recommend this in place, but on top of, which would be, like I said, running relevant traffic in which you can buy very inexpensively from YouTube, although that's more about views than clicks, but the clicks are highly weighted  when they come from YouTube videos from ads especially, but display ads, and remarketing are very, very inexpensive traffic, remarketing is less expensive than cold traffic display ads. So that's number one. But number two, again, make sure that you have some sort of conversion action on your site that's going to trigger that. And like Marco said, kind of solidified, it kind of underpins that, it completes the loop closes the loop. And there's a number of ways you can do it. If you're running ads, I would set up conversion tracking in Google ads. But you don't have to even if you're not running Google ads, you could do it with Google Analytics, right? You can put Analytics on the site and set up a conversion goal there. And again, it's just a trigger to notify Google that the visitor that's coming from Google or from anywhere else for that matter is converting which means you're satisfying their queries, you're providing value. It's very, very powerful. So it's a great question, by the way.

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Will Continue To Set Up Verified GMBs?

Aaron says, Is continuing to set up your verified GMBs? no not right now. Specifically for Why you said that? Or for what you stated here Google has stopped displaying reviews making changes in GMB could trigger suspension or verification. So we've, we've had to suspend that service again. So for now, no, we're not verifying GMB and we're not recovering suspended GMB is either. Okay, maybe once all this stuff settles down, it'll come back but for now, no.

last one is BB come. He says, Hey, guys tune in late 1010 X or 10 times, I guess, mix of what I think and understanding and hypothetically speaking stuff. Yeah. And that's what I was saying, Man, hopefully you understand I wasn't trying to be malicious. It's for everybody else's benefit to too many times in any business or any endeavor in life. You hear people that are, you know, what if, what if, what if, and I've seen it too many times, people not take action because they think that they have to understand every solution to every possible scenario before they take the first step. And that's just not it's not done.

Not even reasonable, right? It's good that you ask those questions may be as far as like, well, what if somebody record you know, Google recognizes our wives and stuff cuz it gives us an opportunity to show the staying power of what we've been teaching. But we don't work for Google. And we don't know tomorrow, it could all come to a, you know, crashing, halt a fiery death. But we don't know that. And it's been working for many, many years. And as long as it is still working, we're going to continue to exploit it. You know what I mean? So, comments on that? Anybody? Yeah. Damn, right. Damn right. Do the do until you can't do no more, but then by then, we will have figured out another way to try and do. That's it.

It's the cat mouse game that we play, you know, and that's it. And we learned that I mean, we've seen it, we've seen it. I've seen it all. 2002 2003 beginning 2004. I've seen it all. And it's just a matter of keeping up keeping up keeping up. Okay, this is what Google's doing. This is what Google's going, I'm gonna go there, I'm not gonna wait here and be changes while Google is making changes. I'm off to the races, because I can see what Google's doing. And then when they get to whatever it is that they know, we're off to the races again, and to meet them at the next at the next one. And you know, that's just anyone who isn't doing it. Anyone who isn't trying to play the game that way, then what you're doing is you're playing a catch up game, instead of playing. I'm gonna wait for Google at the pass game. And I'm gonna shoot him from high high up where I can just pick them off.

First offense is what you're saying. Right, right. What do you want to do with me? I love to attack I'm gonna go and I'm gonna just figure out how to get into everything so that I can get the best results possible. I could care less about, you know, that. colors or whatever. I don't even think about that. I just go and get results period.

Do You Prefer Push Notifications Or Email Subs?

So last question. And this is perfect timing. So we're about to wrap up anyways, he says, if there's time, push notifications or email subs, okay. I'm going to tell you what my preference is, but I have no data to back it up. So I'm gonna make that disclaimer right now. I prefer email subs over push notifications any day of the week. Why? Because I hate push notifications. Personally, I turned them off, I decline any sort of browser notification when it asked me if I want browser notifications, I turn off my phone, push notifications. I hate it. I hate push notifications. And but I'm also in my 40s. So the younger generation may very well prefer push notifications over email. So I have no data to back that up. I just would rather have an email list than a push notification list Well, for the type of markets that I, you know, compete in, but if I was dealing with a younger crowd, and there's data to show that push notifications are more effective than I would absolutely use those. But personally, I hate push notifications and for the industry trees that I work in with mainly contracting type stuff. Email subs, in my opinion, are much more valuable. Yeah, yes or no I agree. I agree with that and in fact that we could say that a lot of the revenue that we generate in our various industries are based off of email we haven't tried we push a lot I know that on some specific affiliate niches, push notifications work really really well. Maybe you can get both but honestly we try with bush we try with many chat we'll try with a bunch of different stuff and we always come back to email because it's so you know, this is proven tested and you know, it's still the highest ROI marketing strategy that you can deploy for your brand I think a second close to that Hernan and correct me if I'm wrong would be remarketing right now building. Yeah, yeah. 100%. Yep.

Remarketing, in my opinion, guys is better than well. I'm not gonna say better than email, but it's a very close second because you don't have to get anybody to opt in right to be up to all somebody has to do is visit a page where your remarketing tag is to get put on a remarketing list. So it's non confrontational non obtrusive. In other words like you don't have to get them to complete a conversion goal to get put on a remarketing list. So I think remarketing is so powerful.

Anybody else before we wrap it up at five o'clock? Cool. Sweet, good. No, perfect timing. Thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see you guys next week. Hey, guys.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 280

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 280 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Hernan: Oh man, we're laughing I never no one will ever know. What's up, everybody? Welcome to Hump Day hangout Episode 280 for the 25th of March 2020 Welcome everybody that you guys are having an amazing day. And before we go into what we have in store for you guys today. I want to say hello to everyone and I want to go in order so Adam. What's up, man?

Adam: Hey, not much. Thanks for Hernan's taking over and doing the heavy lifting here to get us started while I tried to take over for Bradley. It's actually more complicated than you think to get this stuff going. So it's like oh my god, there are three screens. This is all gonna fall apart but it looks like we're live. We're working. So anyway, I can't complain. Things are going pretty well here for me in the Bay Area. I was about to say going well, but you know, with everything that's going on. I know there are some people around here who are having a tough time and you know, it's interesting. I feel like I've actually been busier over the last couple of weeks than over like the last three months. So anyway, just a little personal insight but overall. I can't complain, man things are good. Thanks for asking.

Hernan: Awesome and you know, Bradley does it with one screen. You know, he does it with one monitor. What's up Marco? How are you doing, man?

Marco: You can see what's going on. You can see how I'm doing right? It doesn't change. It doesn't. It's Groundhog Day. It's bright. It's sunny. It's beautiful in Costa Rica. Yes, we're inside, but I can still take a step outside. And it's sunny and it's more beautiful. And I can go and play with the kids like, everything's good, man. Everything's good.

By the way, 280 trivia the US had had a cannon in the 50s that shoot like, like 20 miles. It had an effect on rain. It was a 280-millimeter cannon called the atomic cannon atomic. And by the way, just I don't know why 280 just brought that up some of the stuff that we learned in the friggin military. It sticks with you.

Hernan: That's awesome. That's it.. What's up, Chris?

Chris: yo groundhogs are back in the cave, unfortunately here. We are back at freezing temperatures, but I'm fine and it's sunny outside, usually during the day. And yeah, I'm still praying for a better internet connection. Like, everybody's fucking watching Netflix here apparently. How are you doing?

Hernan: I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Actually, that's global. You know, I have a couple of friends that they work in a couple of mainframes around the world and you know, managing connections switches and all that stuff. And you know, the servers are definitely you know, overloaded around the world. So it's not, you know, it's like everywhere. So anyway, I'm doing great, we're healthy, we're good. We're inside but you know, doing to do and try to help people with the Hangout, which by the way, if you're new to Hump Day Hangout, welcome. If you've been around for a while, welcome as well the main point of this forum this space is to help you guys as many questions as possible when it comes to a digital agency and growing your digital agency SEO, pretty much whatever you need to grow your digital agency if you really want to take it to the next level we have a program for that. It's called 2xyouragency or double your agency. The promise of that program is that we will help you get more clients and getting more free time so go

If you want a step by step methodology to rank your website, whether it's a new website or a niche website or a YouTube video, why not you need to get a copy of the Battle Plan it's really inexpensive right now. So go to We also have a slew of done for you services in case that you're a business owner that needs more free time so that you can focus on building your agency and not trying to do everything yourself. So go to to actually get that fulfill. And last but not least, if you want to come to hang out on a really high-level mastermind of people, digital agency owners that are trying to make it better. And we'll try to help them as much as possible. You know, you should consider joining the mastermind by going to So did I do it right?

Marco: Following up on that my ask Marco anything webinar is tomorrow afternoon at the usual time 330 Eastern. So if you're not in the mastermind, you should come to ask me anything I'll answer whatever I can if I can't answer that, if one of my other partners can ask for it. They each have their own webinars that they do. So we're offering five times the value because you get a webinar from each one of us now, instead of just one every other week. One, two, if you are in the mastermind, go to the Facebook group. On the event page, you're going to see everyone's mastermind webinar listed in there. Just follow the instructions for whoever's doing the webinar. I'm doing it differently than my other partners. I always like to be different tests, different stuff. So with that, see you all tomorrow and let's get to questions.

Sounds good. Go. What's driving? Who's sharing the screen?

Yeah, I didn't even think about it, man. We're totally lost without Bradley. Just kidding. Yeah, let's do this. I'll share my screen. All right,

Marco: I'm gonna stop my video because as you know, too much sun is bad for you guys. There we go.

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How Would You Rebrand A GMB Page With The Same Address And Phone Number As The Old One?

Adam: Let's see, it looks like the first question for today was Fitz. So let's say my clients switched real estate brands. Should they kill the old GMB or ask Google to change the name? They created another GMB for the new brand name. They are still at the same address, same phone number. The other GMB was not optimized. Okay, so, switch brands. Still at the same address and created a new GMB. So I'll let you guys handle this one man, GMB is outside of my area of expertise.

Marco: That's an entity fuckup in the making. Plain and simple, plain and simple. You have two different brands at the same address, right? The same address. Probably sharing the same entity information. He's saying the same address and same phone number. So two out of the three data points are the same. Definitely entities. Just kill one or the other or just, you know, call, you can call the Google rep and have them help you on this. This is legitimate. There's an orphan system in the same place. They just changed the name. Because when you start messing with stuff as I know, Bradley has had some success, changing stuff. I just tried to do something the other day, very simple, and it got suspended. Fortunately, we have a suspension reversal service in, which works really well because I was the original person who tried it out.

So at any rate, just so you avoid all of those issues, you can just call Google and have the Google rep help you through. Some of this is what I did. I'm an idiot, that's your client, of course. I mean, idiot, I was trying to see if I could change the name and I just didn't know what to do.  Act really ignorant. I didn't know what to do. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Flogged me with 10 wet noodles, but please help me out. And that usually gets you a lot of assistance. Because you know, business, especially now, right with, with all of the stuff that's going on. I think they're going to go out of their way to be really helpful, except that with GMB, like, they're really cutting back on the stuff that they're allowing. They're really cutting back on it. That could be one of the reasons why I got an algorithmic suspension, the other day gamma, I'm almost 100% positive that it's algorithmic, they don't have enough people to keep up with the GMB demand.

So I mean, that's what I would recommend, totally. If you want to try eliminating one and optimizing the other. Please remember that any changes that you make can get your suspension right now. And as a matter of fact, we were just talking in chat with Rob with the guy who does the suspension lifting. And they're on hold, even though they aren't lifted in the GMB sits on pending, until they'll come back full strength and we don't know when that's going to be guys. This is a really touchy moment to be fucking around with things that are really really important to the business. But what you have right now Fits that that that is totally totally entity ambiguity. And I can't tell you how bad that is and how difficult it is to then go and get rid of the ambiguity because I've had to do it.

Does YouTube Count A View If Someone Is Watching An Embedded Video On A Website?

Cool. All right. Well, good stuff. Next question. I'm going to go if it looks like Mike. So Mike Hello, superstars. Thanks, Mike. I want to embed a video from my youtube channel on my website. Okay, sounds good so far. Does every time someone watching the video on my site, YouTube countered that view, even if I set it to autoplay inside my website, and if you can please share a few tips about the website embedded general. Thanks a lot.

So yeah, I mean, you can see this. I mean, I'll start this off and let you guys chime in. But Mike, you can see this in your Analytics, right? If you go into YouTube, you see that they even break it down by you know, YouTube views. I forget the exact terminology, but I think they even have an embed view. Don't they? Or am I mixing that up?

Hernan: Yeah, embedded views. Yep.

Adam: Yep. So yeah, every time someone's watching from your site that's going to show up or if it's embedded in other places, you know, that which Yeah, actually more. If you want to talk a little bit about embeds, I mean, I can tie this directly back to MGYB services, but there may be something else here we want to, we want to tell them about.

Marco: Yeah, I mean, we have an embed service right in MGYB where you can get your video. And what it does and how we compare it is that you become a publisher for YouTube instead of just being a consumer or a user. And then you go out and you publish a video via video into the networks. So it really helps now the other part of this. Can you share tips about the website embed in general that I mean, there are no tips you take the iframe code, and you iframe it into your website, that's what an embedded and there are tons of YouTube tutorials on how to do that. I mean, do you just go into how to embed a YouTube video on a website and hundreds if not thousands are going to pop up. So that's the simplest thing. But it does count as a view. I agree totally.

Adam: cool. All right. Anybody else wants to chime in?

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Hernan: I do something similar to Facebook video as well. I know that whenever you embed a video on a page, you will also get those views counted toward that video. So I think that they're operating under the same logic. And the benefits of that is that then if you create, let's say, an audience of people that view your video, because you want to run ads to them, they also count towards and it will be put in those audiences as well, whether on Facebook or YouTube, so I think that counts towards that.

Marco: Well, it's the code right, what you're doing through an iframe is that you're displaying the YouTube page, where that video sits on your page. That's all it is. So what you're doing is, it's de facto YouTube on your page. So anything that happens on that page, of course, it gets counted in YouTube because it's part of YouTube to stop party will have your website that's why it's iframe on your website. The same thing with with with Facebook, it's iframe code and so it works on the same principle.

How Do You Best Utilize SEO Power Shields?

Adam: all right well next question dark biz I kind of want to say that's like a Darth business like something out of Star Wars But anyways, maybe it's something else. Question is I recently had a few SEO power shields from MGYB delivered and hopefully we'll need to order another four to five in the coming weeks great. Is there some material that shows me how to best utilize all of this is a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure how to make this work like you guys do. Many of my clients are local, so naturally, they want to rank in multiple cities would be great to know how to use the shield to accomplish this. I can think of a lot of the training that's available at If you go there and check out the webinars that are available for free. But Marco, what else do you think?

We should be pointing to when he said he recently had it just updated Sorry, I lost it. He recently had a few SEO power shield delivered. And so how to best utilize it? Well, we tell you what did your link building with that because that's what you're going to need. If that's not enough to push your client where you want your client to be, then the next step is you order press releases you do a press release back that that's in a press release. Local PR Pro, excuse me how to stack press releases. And if that's not enough, then you link build into your press release stacks, and you continue your link building shouldn't stop it should be part of your monthly maintenance. It should be something that you build your client for. I call it the link building cycle. So you order the stack or the SEO shield with link building, and then Dadea knows exactly what to do. Then you start. Okay, so where do I go now? Well, you're gonna have to start looking at your Analytics and at your Search Console, start looking at where the traffic is coming from the start looking at where other opportunities are to do these juicy keywords that you might be ranking for a second, third page. You might need to expand the drive stack right with inner politics that that's part of my charity webinar series that we've discussed it. I mean, often so. Our YouTube channel is, use the channel search function. Bradley showed how to use it last week or the week before and you search for everything there. You start using the free resources. The Battle Plan is also a great place to get ideas on what to do, as you said, the webinars in and we've just done tons of public webinars. But if you want the real deal, I mean, it's the mastermind. The mastermind is the place where you can take you and guide you step by step on what you should be doing and how and why. Because there is a method to the badness that there is a reason why this all gets done, that there's something that we're trying to accomplish and all of this, and that's building the best entity in the niche because that's what's winning the fight right now. That's what winning the SEO fight is whoever has the best entity and the best entity and keyword relationship.

Adam: All right, with the follow up with that, Marco, is there something we can tell him he's saying to you know, his clients are local, and they want to rank in multiple cities would be great to know how to use a shield to accomplish this. I'm not sure how.

Marco: Again, you'd go by it by expanding the website into location. Now, it's not going to rank in the three-pack. This is Local, so there's probably a three-pack involved. You're not going to reckon in the three-pack. Because then what you're going to have to do is you need a three-pack in these multiple, it'd be a GMB in these multiple locations, or you're going to have to push so much power from that one GMB that you associate the new location with what's called the business central, simply meaning where that business sits geographically, and then where Google displays it in a radius. Right? So you're gonna need to extend that radius somehow and how you create that association with all of these different locations. I mean, it's not something that that you just do. It's something simple that you need to do it is as a matter of fact as part of Local GMB Pro. Another one of our courses, which you get a great discount if you join our mastermind. I mean, I can't emphasize enough then when you get to this point.

When you have clients, multiple, multiple clients, and you're gonna need multiple power shield. So you need, you need to know how to put all of this together, you need to be in the mastermind because that's where you can ask us questions. That's where you can talk to me directly and say, Okay, now what do I do? And we take you, we take you through a webinar, and you come and ask the question in my ask Marco anything webinar tomorrow, and I'm going to guide you right through it. And I'm gonna tell you exactly what it is that you need to do, and why. We can't do it in a free forum like this. I mean, this is a very complicated question. That seems simple, but it's very complicated. And yes, it seems overwhelming. But that's why we tell you to come with us so that we can guide you through the process. So that we can take you through we will hold you by the hand that we have to and carry you all the way through.

How Long Will The SEO Shield Get You Out Of The Sandbox On A New Domain?

Good stuff. All right, the next question, this one is going to get complicated and all I got to comment on at first but let's dive in. So first of all, appreciate this. Hi, guys just want to tell you that you are the go-to for making sense of the SEO expletive say shit. Oh, yeah, sorry, let me go ahead and reshare it. I'm trying to split it up. So we're not just focused on the questions. All right, so question first, how long will the shield I assume means that SEO shield gets you out of the sandbox for general? global national, local on an entirely new domain? I'm not sure I understand the question. I feel like the intent here is how quickly would the shield get you out of the sandbox to which I guess mine would be I wouldn't. I wouldn't know particularly and be something that I don't think you could say it would just be the normal amount of time Marco. Is there something I'm missing there?

This Stuff Works

Yeah, he wants to know how long it takes to get out of the sandbox. He wants to know general, global, national, local each one on. It's all we don't know. I mean, Google is Google. They're the ones who know. What we do know is that once we start doing everything that we do, which includes running ads, right, ads for branding, which is again, another course that we have available, like I'm gonna have to say it again, available in our mastermind, to our mastermind members, right? So ads for the brand, this all comes together so that when Google sees this all they come crawling, and yes, you usually get 10 bucks. But if you do it right, the way that we tell you from the start, your onpage is tight. Your entity is right when you start pushing through the SEO shield, doing your press releases, running your ads, doing everything the way that we say do. It all comes together so that there is no sandbox, so to speak. When that happens, we can't tell you. I've seen it happened in a matter of a week 10 days. I've also seen it happen in a matter of six weeks. Land Solutions that work as a matter of fact was never sandboxed. Woods one of our cases that it was never sample, I started ranking for different terms almost right away. So that there's really no rhyme or reason to what Google does. Other than they're the ones who know. We know how to force things through and how long it takes. It's going to depend on how much you do to force it through and to force Google to recognize your entity as the best entity in the space.

Adam: Make sense. All right, let's hop into the second part. So he's asking next.

How Would You Use Three More Tier Rings To An Existing YouTube Syndication Network?

So let's say that you have a YouTube syndication so I assume starting with a YouTube channel with a single branded tier one syndication network, and then you have three rings and tier two to attach to that, so multi-tier syndication network. And let's say you were given the ability to add three more rings to where would you prefer adding these? Would you put another three rings on tier two, so that instead of having three rings and a tier two, you'd have six? Or would you put another three rings on tier three or another three rings on tier three syndicated from each single? Okay, I can condense this now. So would you just add them as additional tier twos? Would you attach one to one to tier two? Or would you stack them all on one, tier two and keep building that way? I guess is their preferred way of doing this. I personally haven't built out anything to be beyond tier two. I'm just using a multi-tier syndication network. So does anyone else have an input on this?

Marco: Daisy chain the tier twos. A very simple answer that I mean, there's no need to go into anything out No. All of the other things. I'd have to speculate on how and why. And you know, I don't like to do that I hate theory. I only know things that I've tried and the way that we've tried it, and the way that we've had success, and I know it's the way that Bradley's done it also is you just daisy chain a whole bunch of tier twos with the different syndication points right WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. I call them fanboys. Right at tier two, they're all fanboys of the brand. The brand stays the brand. It's a single brand, you wouldn't want to daisy chain anything on that branded network unless it's another property, another tier one property. Once you're a tier two, you just daisy chain them and you can do as many as you want, especially for YouTube, where as far as we know, and Bradley says there's a lot there are no footprint issues.

Sounds good. All right.

How Would You Silo A Business With one Primary Service & 5 Sub-services?

Let's go into the next one. Next one's from Marty. Marty says, Hey, I'm a local small business owner right on. I'm currently doing my own SEO because I'm tired of spending thousands of dollars and not seeing any results. And for now, I'm enjoying the challenge that is Seo cool. My website is currently structured with a service silo and a location silo. I offer one primary service and five sub-services. Should I be building out pages on my location pages for each sub-service? Or can I link them back to the sub-service page in the service silo? I'm not concerned about the amount of work to build out the pages but curious if the amount of work would be equal to the benefit I could potentially see in rankings. And then we got a good follow up question here for you after that, Marco.

Marco: Ah, yes, I see it. Good stuff, man. This is like riding in Bradley's wheelhouse because I'm not really a local guy. Yeah, unless it's GMB, right? I bet you're setting up your one primary service and five sub-services related to that service. Building locator pages for each sub-service? But wouldn't you be offering the primary service and then the sub-services in each location? Why would you split that up? Either I'm not understanding the question, or I don't see the logic.

Adam: Yeah, you can clear that up. Yeah. Marty, if you're listening, if you're live, if you can offer us a little because I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like you know, are you going to basically duplicate but just kind of doing it two different ways. But if we're misunderstanding that, by all means, give us clarification and we can pass this along to Bradley when he gets back so we can see what he would have to say about this as well.

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Marco: as far as my drink of choice. If we're talking about alcohol, I love rum. But it has to be really good rum. I have a bottle of 30-year-old age rum. It's Costa Rican. As a matter of fact, it's in Costa Rica maker. But there's another one in Nicaragua. That makes some just some excellent rum. Now it gets pricey when you start drinking that good stuff. And it's not meant to you don't throw that back. that's meant to be sipped. And you don't mix that with Coca Cola, or any other couple you guys do it. Coffee, which is my next favorite drink right? You guys should have coffee with garbage and it tastes like nothing like coffee tastes like. Coffee is delicious. You just black you need to add a little bit sugar, add a little bit of sugar and enjoy it, man. It's nothing like a good cup of coffee. But as far as does drink, man, rum. I'll drink a half an ounce and a half every five or six months. I'm not a drinker, but when I do, that's it. The 30-year-old rum.

Adam: Nice. Solid. All right, well. Let's uh, we're got this a reminder to get your questions and we got it just a couple of more, but I'm going to expand this. Let's go around real quick. I know. You don't drink much, but what's your favorite drink?

Hernan: I do like rum. I do run on Coke though. But, but so that's that. And then we have another thing called for men here in Argentina, which is like bitter type stuff. But that's basically what I have when it happens like once a year or something like that. So I gotcha. I'm not a drinker.

Adam: All right, Chris, how about you? Are you drinking these days in Austria and if so, what's your favorite?

Chris: No not drinking. Favorite drink is probably water or likes some nice tea. I know boring but it is what it is. But unlike me, my brother actually started home brewing. He's like cranking out like some good stuff from what I hear.

Adam: Cool. Yeah, my go-to would probably still be an IPA. So a really good IPA or double IPA. So, alright, now that we got the important information out of the way, we'll get back to the questions here. So Jordan says, Hey, everybody, keep your chin up. You got this keep throwing punches. Remember rocky Bell bow look like he was in trouble and see what happened there. Yeah, good. Good reminder, Jordan.

Should We Be Worried If Google Picks Up With IFTTT Syndication And RYS?

All right, so BB says should we be afraid if Google picks up to pick up with the IFTTT syndications and RYS? What about big competitors like Yelp or other big ones? What are the consequences of that timeframe? I'm not 100% sure what the exact question is here guys, do you? Do you know?

Chris: He probably hasn't understood like, the concept of syndication networks and RYS.

Marco: Exactly. That's exactly what I was going to go we practice entity-based, worry less SEO. If we were afraid of Google picking up any of our stuff, we wouldn't call it worry-less SEO. Dude, the last time I worried about a Google update was like when the first Panda came out when the first Penguin and all that. And not that I was afraid and just I saw it just messing with everybody and as SEO is over until it wasn't until we figured out what it was that we needed to do with that. Around the time when Brandi developed his IFTTT strategy and it started working really well. We developed other strategies, we started working with subdomains, those things who are worried about Google killing us with all that stuff, but the way we do things now, man, the whole point behind this, and then why we're calling it the SEO shield. And why we're calling it entity-based, worry less SEO is because we talk and code directly to the bot. And we fill the bot with so many variables regarding up our entity now.

I wish Robert here so that he gives you this, this explanation much better than I can. But Google is nothing but a relational database. And what it's doing is it's going out and collecting information first of all about the different niches. Let's call it a plumber, and I will go with the example of the DC plumber, and plumber in DC. Google goes out and finds all of the information it can first of all about plumbers, then if it's local, DC is, of course, a city. It's not just the capital of the US, lots of people there, lots of competition. And what it does, then it relates to information that it has about a plumber with the entities that are created, brands, right the brands and how well you've created the entity and how well you've structured your data in a way that it can compare with all of the other entities that it has in its database so that it can serve real business, real-time so that you can serve real-time that query.

This Stuff Works
So if you're looking for an emergency plumber in DC, they don't want you turning up someone who is 100 miles away. They want you to if there's someone around the corner, they want to turn that up for you. Because that's the guy that you want to come to your house, the guy who can help you at the time when you need it most. So that so what we try to do is we try to fill Google with the var and we do it in a loop so that it gets it over and over and over and over again. In the structured data, where there are no penalties for structured data. Not that we know how you can spam your JSON-LD on your website, but the way that we've structured it, it's just looping the bot so that whenever it comes across our entity information anywhere else, it just it goes to another place and another place and it's all our entity information. And so we become the entity for that space. This is why DC plumbers working the way it was the way it is. This is why the Land Solutions network is working the way it is. This is why everything that we work in and I wish I could show you guys some results like a personal injury attorney in New York City, personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, California. I wish I could show you some of that stuff tell you the lawyer. I'll tell you the niche. I wish I could tell you the lawyer and like the calls are ridiculous. As a matter of fact, you have some of those images for some of the clients and the ridiculous numbers that you can produce, working the way that we weren't. But again, it's all entity-based, worry less SEO, so that you go and you claim your footprint, of course through your structured data through your sameAs through branding, all of your different profiles, so that it's all part of the brand returning Google here I am. This is all for me. This is how I and I do it better than anybody else when I do it like this.

And then when you do that, it becomes, again, entity-based, worry less SEO. I can't tell you when the last time I worried about a penalty, I just don't worry about I just go and do what I'm supposed to do. Everything that we give people, right and MGYB all of the parts and services, they're the same ones that I use. As a matter of fact, I just used it yesterday to send out a press release. I linked up with Dadea use it.

The syndication that will mean the power shield is in the land solutions network. I mean, if it were not there if I were telling you guys, okay, you have to go this and you have to go do that. And you go look at the land solutions, a case study, and you don't find any of it and then you know that I'm for the shit and I'm feeding you just a line of crap. But you'll go and you find it and you can. You can go ahead and reverse engineer the Google site and the drive stack and the press releases. As a matter of fact, if you go and take a look at sell and fast, and you click on the new step, you'll probably find the first two results in Google News are my two press releases. And so one from yesterday and another press release service that I'm trying out. Our shit worked on me, and I don't know what else to tell you. Our shit work. And it works because we test and we test it ourselves. We test on everything that we do before we decide to give it to you. We test it ourselves, our clients, our projects, and then we go and give it to you. So there you go. I don't know if you guys have anything to add to that, but no, as far as I know, and as of right now, and for the last five years, absolutely no consequences except making a whole lot of money for myself and for my clients.

Adam: Nice. Does anybody want to add to that?

Hernan: No, I think Marco sums it up beautifully. The main point is that you are you're building a business right? If you're worried about an algorithmic penalty or whatever, then your business is shaking so you know the stuff it's like long term. You know, our approach has always been long term so that's actually helping me helping a lot of business owners of the past couple of years. So we'll keep on doing that.

Adam: Cool. All right. Well, it's not a question but Jordan apparently likes to use coffee to warm the creamer which is not my jam. I'm on Marco's side on that.

Marco: Oh, dude. Oh, kill coffee. Ever.

Adam: You're never asked you to send coffee from Costa Rica. Just send it to me. Don't waste it on.

Marco: Yeah, I was just about to say don't ever ask me to send you Costa Rican coffee. Because I'd hate to see it wasted on creamer.

This Stuff Works

Does Google Look At Referral Sites And URLs to Determine Backlinks?

All right. Well, let's get into this one. BBs got another question he was gonna save. But since we got the time we can get to this. It says Google look at referral or referring sites and URLs to determine if there is a link there once visited the link, just Google look at referring sites and URLs to determine if there is a link. Once visited the link to anyone else, like does it follow links is how I'm reading it, which would be yeah, I would imagine that's right.

Marco: Alright, so this goes with the distance graph algorithm. Google will go and look at a link on a referral site. It'll look at everything that the referral site is linking to. Also, and then on your website, since that website is linking to yours, it will not only look at your website, it will go out and look at all of the websites that your site is linking to, in an effort to determine whether your website deserves to be a seat site or a seed set or to see how far you are from a seed site or a seed set. And that simply referring to trusted and authoritative websites in the niche, not trust and authority like the third party, like these custom metrics, right? These vanity metrics, and Majestic and Moz, and whatever. Not that kind of trust, not that type of authority. What Google deems is trusted and authoritative in the niche. And once you get in there, which is, again, one of the things that we really go hard at making our project, a seat site, and everything attached to it part of a seat set. So yes, it looks but it looks at everything. And it looks both ways, both at the link source, at the link destination and everything that's attached to the link source and the link destination and everything that's happening to those. So when Google says we're getting away from links, links don't count or any other SEO that saying backlinks don't matter. They're full of shit.

Does Creating Backlink To A Citation Page Push SEO Value?

Adam: I'm not gonna follow up on that. I think he says all. All right, Marco. So second part with this though he says What does a backlink to a page with a citation do? Does it help push SEO value?

To what does a backlink to a page with a citation? Yes, it has SEO value. It's your citation. It's your name, address, and phone number. It doesn't matter in this case, it doesn't matter if it's nofollow or dofollow this is what citations are. This is places where your business your brand is named with the address and the phone number and enough of these. If you're local, especially in hyperlocal citation site, I mean they are magic. These are these are these are fabulous. So yes, they help with SEO value. But without getting too much into the weeds. It depends on what you mean by SEO value because there's a lot of ways to push SEO value.

Can You Promote Apps On The Google SERP Using Semantic Mastery Methods?

Gotcha. All right. And then as follow up, and this kind of an interesting question is can you promote apps on the Google results with our methods? And then how would you actually promote? Or rather, can you promote or get SEO results from the app stores themselves? So it sounds like you're just asking like if he has an app, could you use some of these methods to get results and maybe rank an app organically?

Marco: If there are people looking for your app organically? The Yes, absolutely. You can get results that our methods are it works with anything, we've tried it on anything and everything and they work and we have people it's not just us it's not just the Semantic Mastery team, right? We have everyone in Semantic Mastery in the mastermind and in our free Facebook group and in Syndication Academy.

Jordan is a member of syndication was a member. That's where he started. Then he came into our Semantic Mastery mastermind. He's also a member of my mini mastermind. But I mean that that's one of the things. That's why he started out. Right. And he's getting fantastic results. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to as far as the App Store itself. Like, I don't do apps. I should because they're in high demand right now. I just don't so I have no idea how the app stores themselves work. Other than that, I go to Google Play, and I look for the app that I eat, and I download it. So I have no idea or if anyone cares to chime in. If you know, I mean, please do but this is just way out of anything that I've ever done.

Adam: Yeah, well, I think it's an interesting question. And I'm willing to say hey, we're now past the point of where our Chris and Hernan chime in if they have the experience. I have no experience actually doing this. So we're saying we have not done this. But could you do something like using us to shield us in our white stack or do something else that you think would provide some results and point at basically at the app store? At sorry, at an app on the app store?

Hernan: Mmm, that's such a good question. I think that if you start to like the path as to how the clients are coming your way. It's kind of clear to everyone because your app is solving an issue, right? Your app is solving a problem. It's like going after a specific demographic. And all of that are keywords that you can run for, you know, and even if it's like that you cannot directly influence the app ranking on Google or the app store because it's a little bit of a different algorithm. You can play by the same rules.

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In terms of Hey, put together a WordPress blog, start blogging, do the SEO sheld. Do everything and the call to action on all of your pages will be just to download the app. And that will definitely help the on the App Store. Because the App Store is basically based off of downloads and reviews and comments and all of that. So the SEO aspect of things, if you think about like, for instance, apps like headspace, or apps like Spotify, they're, they're going after every possible source of traffic, including SEO. So if you're looking about if you're searching, you know, like different meditation techniques and all of that, then there's a high chance that you will come across a article, and they're running in an app, so you can download the app from the App Store. So that's the approach that I would take not necessarily to get the app rank on Google. I don't know if that's possible, but we know that articles rank so you can actually get that route so that you can get traffic downloading the app. And then you know retargeting to download the app and all of that.

Marco: Well, now this brings up something really interesting because like, how do you find an app? Aren't you usually on your mobile device and you're visiting something, and maybe you're looking at the mobile site, but they say, hey, download the app. And so it's a lot simpler to have the app than it is to keep going to the website or just whatever because you just have the app. Netflix and all of these different things, they've come up with them with an app, but how did they promote it in the first place? Well, they had it on their website for their visitors. They made it convenient for their visitors to say, if your mobile, here's something lighter, that will give you a lot of value. And so with that in mind, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to go into the mobile algorithm like mobile-first and totally rank it all for the app on your website. Have a link over to Playstore (android) and over to iOS store. So other than that, I think that's what you would do what you would need to do, right? The website with a mention of your app, whatever the app is because there has to be a niche for that thing, whatever that thing is, whatever that app is going to do it. First of all, it has to deal with a problem. It has to solve a problem. It can't just be because. If I'm bored, I might download a game but I'm gonna look for the game first. I don't generally go to the App Store to look for a game many people do, or if I want something, I just whatever, I'm gonna go to my phone look for it. And if there's an app, and then I'm going to go and download the app. I probably trust the website that I'm in. So that's how I'm seeing it. Although I'm gonna tell you again, what you're getting from me, which I don't generally do is just theory, because it's not something that I've tested. It's not something that I try. And it's not something that I have any kind of expert knowledge on. So don't take it as if I'm giving you this really cool expert advice because I'm not.

Chris: All right. Let me chime in on the whole thing because I actually have experience with those things.

This Stuff Works
Cool. So question number one, can you promote apps on the Google SERPs with your methods? Yes, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both have desktop links that you can pretty much rank and you can: number one, link them, link to them from your homepage or like to a website that you create. And number two, you can create, even like a drive stack, etc. and link to those things and use all kinds of other methods like press releases, etc. and use those things.

Personally, I would do the route that I create a dedicated website, we're actually showcasing the app and actually, maybe even do an info product or something like that as well. Obviously, it depends on what kind of app it is exactly. And promote my website and then move it over from that website to the Play Store or Apple App Store. That's throughout what I would go because like there are always changes in the App Store, etc. and you never know like one day they might change the URL and stuff. So yeah, good to be able to change those apps.

Number two: how to promote an app on the app store's themselves, number one, their advertisements. And number two, like you, can run Facebook advertisements, Google ads, etc. Those are all available also display advertisements, etc. Number two, the app stores themselves, how do you rank? so if you're a developer, number one, you have a tirely of description, you have keywords that you can put in there and the vehicles similar to how they work on a website. Basically optimized keywords like your titles and descriptions, etc. with your keywords.

Number two, the main ranking factor will be how often it's going to be viewed and actually even higher than that, how often it's downloaded. And they also track if you if a user downloads it and immediately uninstalls etc. So this the good old methods that we used to fake the App Store ranking that history.

Yeah, one more thing if you're going to promote the apps in the app stores and stuff themselves the methods any good coder can integrate the Facebook pixel or YouTube pixel, etc and also Analytics they recommended actually that you do that and you also get like the conversions and you can promote them with the purchase pixel for example in Facebook's and with YouTube, etc. I highly recommend going that route. I hope that helps.

Marco: You could just outline the course on how to promote apps and how to how to get them ranked. What are you waiting for? Go record it and sell it.

Chris: Yeah, well if there's more demand in our audience, um, let us know.

Adam: Sounds good guys. All right. Aaron's got he's just asking for MGYB sports a little bit behind them respond to. As far as we know, everything's up to speed. But I would say make sure you give at least 24 hours. If you submit, you know, help desk ticket to, you know, we can't guarantee that we're going to turn it around in an hour or two. And sometimes we get emails from people, you know, saying why you never responded. And it turns out, they submitted a question 30 minutes ago, so I'm not saying that to you. But please give us at least 24 hours if it hasn't been that by all means, you know, you can post something in the group and say, Hey, I need some help, you know, and we'll certainly respond. You know, occasionally, mistakes happen, although we try to minimize them. So just let us know if we can help you.

Other than that, we'll, it looks like that's the last question. I'm not seeing anything else. We did have one question for you guys, for everyone watching right now, as well as people watching down the line. If you can tell us what your single biggest issue is, for those of you who either haven't started an agency or who are looking now and saying, hey, I want to either start an agency or wants to start consulting want to start doing this, either, you know, some form digital marketing. What's your single biggest issue to getting started, or to start to grow, if you can just let us know, pop it on the page here, if you're watching the replay, put it on the YouTube comments. We'd really love to know, appreciate the feedback, and it helps us you know, develop better training as well as answering questions via Hump Day Hangouts and other avenues. So I think on our end, that will do it for days.

Marco: Hang on. Yeah, he's saying four days. No way. Yeah, I'm gonna say, if he can, what's the best way for him to get a hold of us? I was gonna support it at And I don't know if he's using his regular email. If he's using another email. Ah, but I should go look at the ticket. Just write to [email protected] and you should get a response.

Adam: Karen's got the direct line. So how about we'll hop into that right after this and make sure that it's not in the meantime, Karen if you can send in another ticket. Just say, Hey, it's me from Hump Day Hangouts, something like that so we can see make sure it's coming in. Yes, I can go look in the quality group and see what's going on. Awesome. All right, everybody. Well, thanks, guys for being here, and we'll see everybody next week. See ya. Cheers.

This Stuff Works