What Is The Best Combination Of Serp Space Link Packages To Get The Best Juice?

By April

In episode 199 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best combination of Serp Space link packages that would provide the best juice, and the price points for them.

The exact question was:

Hey Guys!How has everyone been, its been awhile. Life just gets in the way you know….Wanted to ask about Serp Space's tiered link building for local clients. I'm thinking of adding in, on month 3 of a campaign, SS tiered link building to as many as possible of the clients Tier 1 links they've accumulated over the years. I see about 4 options for web2 contextual and 4 more options for non contextual's plus this can all be done for 4 tiers. That is a lot of different combinations and price points.What would be the best combination or lack of combination to provide the most juice at the cheapest price, a middle price, and higher price (but not high as in “”””just max everything out””””)?Thanks!

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 199

By April


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Adam: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 199. It is the 29th of August, 2018. We are here with the full crew as we inch closer to Episode 200, so we're going to say hello to everyone real quick, and then we're going to make some good announcements today. We got some cool limited time stuff coming up as well as some things we want to share with you all before we dive into the questions. So real quick, Chris. How are you doing today?

Chris: Doing good. Glad to be here. How are you doing?

Adam: Can't complain. I'm trying out this fancy, new screen in the background. That's not a green screen. I bought one of those. It's like a folding shoji screen thing so you guys don't have to look at my office futon and white boards, and so I did it for you guys, not for me. Hernan, how are you doing?

Hernan: Hey, what's up? I'm traveling, so connection is not the best, but I'm excited to be here. Yeah. I'm excited for POFU Live. Right now, I'm writing a message on the event, so I'm going to just drop the link over there. If you guys want to join, that's going to be epic.

Adam: Nice. Yeah, so if you're watching live, you can check it out, if not, we'll include that in the show notes, and tickets are selling, so if you're thinking about going or you want to know more, now is a very good time to go check that out. We are capping it at 25 max. I think we're halfway there and so grab you a ticket while you can. Marco, how are you doing?

Marco: Working on POFU, man. You guys saw it. You guys saw it. You know what I'm working on. It never stops. It never stops. Manipulation never stops. Those of you who are not manipulating, what the fuck is wrong with you, man?

Adam: Oops, sorry. I was muted. I was like, “Man, strong start to Hump Day Hangouts today, but for real.” That's also the theme of … That's why we're calling it POFU Live. Right? That's our live event and talking about ourselves, as well as the people who are attending how we can help each other get to that point where you get to choose what you want to do, either with your time, your projects, your clients. Bradley, how are you doing, man?

Bradley: Great, man. Happy to be here. Got a lot of exciting stuff cooking up right now. Gearing up for POFU Live. I got a couple of things that I'm actually developing specifically for that, and some stuff that I've been developing. I started talking about in the Mastermind a couple of weeks ago, and actually did the newsletter entry for the newsletter that gets mailed out in a week or so specifically addressing that, and then we had the Mastermind webinar last, or excuse me, Thursday, and I went into a little bit more detail, and I've just been like neck deep in this new process that I'm developing. It's just absolutely crushing it for sniping Maps pack rankings, like within 24 hours. It's crazy. I'm three for three in the last month, and I actually just ordered another verified GMB profile now to see if I can be four for four.

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If that's the case, which, again, I'm working on a process right now to be able to scale this. Client work is great, but if you can develop your own assets, that's even better, and so that's something I'm working on inside of the Mastermind, and really excited about it, and looking forward to sharing that at POFU Live.

Adam: Nice. Nice. Well, if you're just watching this, and this is the first time watching or maybe you've just been to a few, first of all, thanks for checking us out on the Hump Day Hangouts. We're here every Wednesday and if you haven't grabbed it, yet, the battle plan is the best place to start. We get asked a lot. “Hey, I'm new to Semantic Mastery. I just started watching you guys' videos or I came across this or that. What should I do first?” The battle plan is the place to start. There will be a link below where you can check that out. If you're ready to kick things up a notch, we do have the Mastermind and, again, the link is there for you to take a look at that. I'm not going to go into the details here, but it's the place to be if you're into local digital marketing and you want to take things up a few notches.

Now, one thing we did want to talk about briefly today. This is actually a service of ours that I've used because we haven't actually offered this outside of testing and getting the process set up, and this is keyword research that Marco spearheaded in getting this set up. Marco, do you want to talk about this real quick and let people know what we're going to be sharing?

Marco: Yeah, sure. How this started out is, of course, it was in RYS Academy because we needed to give people an opportunity to have keyword research. You have to know your market. You have to know your niche. You have to know what you're getting into. We started doing it Semantic Mastery style. We would do Google Trends, as Bradley recommends, and then we would do AdWords, of course, the keyword tool, and then we would do Power Suggest Pro. We would just come up with thousands of keywords to target. We could have left it at that because that's fabulous, but then we said, “That's not enough. If we're going to offer something that's keyword research, it needs to be more comprehensive.” So we added Ubersuggest, which that wasn't enough, so we went into Answer the Public, and that wasn't enough.

We started using the methods taught in Jeffrey Smith's SEO Bootcamp and, by the way, Jeffery Smith is the best. If you guys don't have SEO Bootcamp, you're missing out. Ultimate SEO Bootcamp it is like the ultimate when it comes to going into and exploring your competition, your niche, but the keyword research is still a little bit short. It's fabulous, but it doesn't include everything that we've talked about. Not only that, we incorporated some of the stuff that's taught in Network Empires. What is it? Ultimate Keyword Research Tool, and I said, “We could have left it at that.” Right? But we actually go and we classify the keywords, and then we set them up in silos.

Then all you have to do is go in and start plugging in the keywords, and using them, and developing content. The only thing that we will not do is content, of course, because nobody knows the niche better than the person that's working in it. Right? We don't know every niche, but we can research every niche, and dig up the keywords, and I'm looking at a tab. We ended up, I don't know, like 10 tabs at the class. Well, we call it the classification tab, and I scrolled down thousands and thousands of keywords. It's just ridiculous the amount of keywords that you get. I haven't seen anything that's as comprehensive, and all encompassing, as our keyword research, so that's what you get when you order keyword research from us. Right? We either do things, we go all the way. We kill it or we just don't do it. We don't do shit half-assed, man.

Adam: I've just got to say this real quick. This is something we're going to start offering through MGYB. That's you, which is a store where you can … We're going to talk about a little bit more briefly because we got a few things we want to share with everyone, but this is something. Like I said, we haven't offered before. I meant it. I've used it. We're using it for an internal site we're putting together, as well as some other projects, and we wanted to start offering it. We're going to just offer this to three people. It's going to be $97, and Marco, roughly, what's the turnaround time so we can give people kind of a time range, do you think?

Marco: It'll be anywhere from three to five days.

Adam: Okay. So done by next week. I would say safely done by next week sometime.

Marco: Yeah.

Adam: This is going to be killer for a bunch of applications, so this is definitely a deal. Obviously, we're offering it for 97 bucks right now to three people, so I'm going to put that on the page, and when it's gone, it's gone, and then, eventually, it'll be in the store available for purchase.

Marco: That's about half price of what it's actually going to cost.

Adam: Around there? All right, and then the other awesome thing we wanted to share with everybody was for the GMB verifications. So we're offering 25 bucks off of these and I've got a coupon code I'm going to post, and I've used the keyword research. I haven't used the GMB verifications. Marco or Bradley, do you guys want to tell them anything about this?

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Bradley: Yeah. It's funny, but I just ordered my first one today, believe it or not, because I was testing the sniping method that I've been developing just using P.O. boxes, like I always have and it's just because old habits die hard, but I actually just placed my first order for GMB Verified today in part because it prevents me or now I don't have to spend the time to go drive to a P.O. or, excuse me, a post office and fill out the paperwork, pick up the keys, and then drive back a week later after I've requested the verification card to pick it up, which sometimes, probably about 30 or 40% of the time, the card isn't there when I drive back the second time, so I got to drive back a third time, and that uses a lot of time, and that's okay.

I mean, it's not so bad when it's somewhat local, but when you got an hour drive in one direction to go pick something up and it's not there, that's shitty. Not only that, but what's your time worth, right? So we have to verify GMB services now where you can buy them, basically, and we'll create it, and verify it for you. It's guaranteed for 60 days. Marco and I were talking a couple of days ago about this new method that I've been developing and he was like, “Dude, just use ours.” I was like, “Yeah. I guess I could.” I ordered my first one today. I'm really anxious to see how soon it comes back.

Marco: It'll take two to five days to come back. It depends on just how difficult the niche is to get verified. If it's easy, sometimes it's overnight. I mean, we do have the express service at an additional cost. You get it back in 24 hours. I've ordered them. I mean, I have. I don't know. I don't keep track, but I know that it's over 10, and they're all sticking. They're all working really well. We're actually doing some super secret squirrel stuff to them that we're not ready to share right now until all of the data comes back, until we have proof of concept, of course, and until we can replicate. That's why all of this POFU, this ultimate POFU that I've been talking about, I can't really say, “Guys, it's working really well.”

We've already tested it. It's in beta testing and it's just going to get developed out from there. Once we have all the data and we can show you just how much money you can make, I said it before. Right? With RYS Academy, RYS Academy Reloaded we said we were going to turn the SEO world on its ear. We said it would Google My Business Pro. No rankings. No SEO, but you get leads. Now, let me do it again. We're going to turn the SEO world on its fucking ear, and what I love about this and what keeps me going, guys, because I'm 55. I just turned 55, so every day that I get up it's like, “Why are you doing this? Why do you keep doing?” It's just I have, I don't know, a magnificent obsession with getting over on Google.

That's mine. That's my thing. I love what I do. I enjoy what I do and I get up every morning with that mindset. “Today, I'm going to do something more to get over on Google,” and then every day I work on that and more, and more. Of course, that often equates into money. Oftentimes, it equates into nothing. It goes in the crapper, but that's what testing is all about. Why am I still doing it at my age after 15 years? Because I love this shit. This is what keeps me going, man. I live for this, man. I live for getting over.

Adam: Awesome. I can't top that, so all I'm going to say is go check out this stuff. If you want the GMB verification, that's an awesome service, and then the keyword stuff is going to get rolling, and if you got any projects coming up or anything you're even thinking about, I highly suggest it. It's awesome. It is so complete and you get that, and then you just start putting stuff together. You can lay out a site like that once you get this stuff back, and all sorts of good stuff with it. I love it. I think it's a big time saver, but enough of that. Do you guys got anything else or are we ready to jump into questions?

Bradley: I think I'm ready. Are you guys ready?

Hernan: Let's do it.

Adam: All right.

Chris: Let's do it.

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Bradley: All right. Now, I got to tease this just a little bit more, guys, because I'm telling you. You got to come join the Mastermind. Guys, I just want to point out something. Again, this Maps Sniping Method that I'm kind of working out, now, and developing a process for scaling it. I kind of disclosed on a very high level our conceptual overview of what it is that I'm planning on building to our Mastermind members last week and, like I said, I mentioned it three for three in the last month for getting into three pack with brand-new verified GMB listings in under 24 hours. Well, one of them took about three days, so three for three in under three days, and I've just again, like I said, I'm attempting a fourth and I just picked up a fifth with using our verification service today that I'm going to be testing. I just want to point this one out.

This is just a screenshot from my phone earlier today because I set up a call center for my tree service leads, and that's what I've been testing this method out with for this Maps Pack Sniping, and this is one that I sniped on Thursday, so essentially I registered a P.O. box which, again, I'm not even going to do that anymore because we have a verification service now where I can buy them and it saves me all that time from having to go drive and pick up the keys, and then drive back and pick up the verification card, and all that kind of stuff. It's way better. It's going to save me a ton of time. Costs a little bit of money out of pocket, but my time is worth more than that. Right?

This is one that I had rented a P.O. box for and, yet, on Thursday the day of the Mastermind webinar last week, I verified it and by the time we had the Mastermind webinar, which is at 3:00 p.m., it was already ranking. I verified it that morning. It was already ranking. Well, we got a call came through today already because everything goes through my call center, at least for the tree service leads it does. This is the lead email that came in today from that one, which is in Orange County, Virginia. It just goes to show you guys. I was able to rank a Maps listing in under 24 hours and, literally, just a couple of hours from the time that it was verified to the time that it made it into the three pack, and within four days, I guess, yeah. Four or five days it's already generating calls, now. Right?

These are money-making calls. I get 10% of any closed contracts from this particular contractor. So think about that, guys. I mean, that's just incredible. It cost me a few bucks and a little bit of time, and there you go. I'm already making money. One of the other ones that I had just set up was the first one that I had attempted this on. It's in a very small area, so it's not a whole lot of traffic or anything as far as website traffic clicks and calls, but I've already made money on that one because, again, that particular contractor he pays me 10% of any closed jobs, and he let me know because I told him I got him another area, and he let me know that we had already closed our first job, and I got paid off of that. I'm already profitable on that one. Just think about that, guys.

If you're not in the Mastermind, you probably right now would be a really good time. If you're doing local or lead gen, or a combination or a hybrid of both, I highly recommend you come check it out in the Mastermind because there's a lot of really good stuff going on in there. Okay? Enough pitching anyways. Sorry, guys.

Do You Know An Alternative Plugin To Video Traffic X That Auto Creates Video Based On A Page Or Post Content?

Christoper, I answered your question a little bit further up. I don't know if it's going to be the exact same thing that you're looking for, but there is a really good video program that creates content rather easily. I've used it. I used it like two years ago, and it might have even been three years ago, now, when it was first launched. It's called Content Samurai.

It's by the same makers of … What was that? You have to be an old school SEO to know what I'm talking about. It was Keyword Samurai.

Adam: I thought it was Keyword Samurai. Yeah.

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Bradley: Yeah. I thought it was Keyword Samurai, too, or something like that. That was an old tool. When I first got started in SEO, that was the go-to tool for figuring out competitive metrics, and all that. The same developers behind that developed Content Samurai, which is their video platform. Again, it might have even been three years ago when it was first launched. I got in and played with it for a bit, and they have continued to develop it, and develop it. I know several of our Mastermind members. That's their preferred video tool, and so that's the reason why I posted that. Again, I don't know that it's going to do exactly what you're asking, but I would check that one out because just like what you've mentioned here about video traffic X, that was a WordPress plugin and, obviously, the developer went out of business.

That's what happens, guys, with a lot of these JVZoo offers. A lot of them are they're fly-by-night product developers that don't … They don't withstand the test of time. Right? There's not a whole lot of product developers out there that five years down the road are still in business, especially WordPress plugin developers. Unless they're an established developer, it's likely that the support is going to … Like, eventually, they're going to stop supporting it because the company just goes out of business. Right? Again, that's why I recommend something like Content Samurai that has a strong development platform behind it and they've been around for years, and they continue to develop the tools, so I don't think that's going anywhere anytime soon.

Adam: Yeah, real quick, too. I just went over to check it out and it's got a seven-day free trial, so no loss there. Go check it out.

Bradley: There you go. Last thing guys, just think about it, man. I know how tempting it is, guys. I used to be a JVZoo and what they were called Warriors Special Offers, WSOs, back in the day, but I used to be a junkie. I used to always buy all the new WordPress plugins, and all the new tools because they were all push button like you're going to get rich overnight, and all that kind of stuff. I'm a sucker for good marketing. That's why I'm in the marketing industry. I would read a sales page, and I always had my credit card in hand by the time I got to the bottom of the sales page. I would buy all these damn tools and, first of all, that's one way to quickly destroy your business because, well, first of all, you're spending money. You're spending revenue. Instead of generating revenue, you're spending revenue.

Also, you end up spending a lot of time playing with a bunch of these stupid, shitty tools that aren't going to move your business forward at all. Honestly, you don't need most of the stuff. I guarantee probably everybody watching this webinar or listening to this webinar right now has enough tools in their toolbox that they can build a business. They don't need anymore shiny objects. Right? You should be looking for ways to improve or streamline processes. You should be looking for things that might help make your job a little bit easier, such as automation, stuff for automating, and things like that, but you don't need to go out and buy a shit-ton of tools, guys. Trust me. It will only slow your business down or prevent growth.

If you are going to buy tools, and that's what I was getting at; sorry. I lost my train of thought for a moment, but if you are going to buy tools, try to buy tools from established developers. Even though they might be a bit more expensive, there's a reason. Because what happens if you go out and buy one of these shitty JVZoo or Warrior Form or whatever offers that are $27 and you spend a lot of time implementing that into your business, depending processes for it? You become familiar with the tool, and now you rely on that tool to perform some specific function in your business, and now that tool goes out of business or it's not supported. Right? Like they stop supporting it or stop development.

What happens then? Now you've got to go back. Go search for another tool. Buy it. Go through the learning curve. Implement it into your business. Develop processes. You have to reorganize all your shit because of a crappy tool that you bought. Right? Instead of just spending a little bit more money and getting something from an established developer, and the only reason why I'm saying this is because it's very similar, guys, to hosting. Right? Everybody wants to go out and get … What is it? HostGator or, God forbid HostGator or GoDaddy or any of these really crappy budget hosts because it's cheap, and they think they're saving money. They're being smart, but then your sites don't rank, and they go down all the time.

There's all kinds of issues with that. Right? You're better off spending money on good hosting. The same thing goes with tools and training. Don't buy shitty training, either. You guys have any comments on that before I move on?

This Stuff Works
Adam: No. I think that's 100% what you need to say and I feel the same way. I would only follow up and say that, like you're saying, “Don't do it.” Because everyone does it. It's just you got to, over time, wean yourself off of that and realize, “Oh, hey. This monthly recurring fee I'm paying means that they're probably going to support it. It doesn't mean it's going to be a good product. You still got to find a good product, but looking at it from the point of view of, “I want a developer who's invested and making money because I want them to continue making sure that the product works and works well.”

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: Take it from people who have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on shiny, new objects, and on crappy training. You don't need to go through all that. Just find something that works and stick to it, and then just keep getting up every day, and doing it, and just creates a process that you can repeat, and you're going to make money.

Did You Ever Hear About Legal Problems When Using The Address Of Virtual Box & Or Local Person You Know To Receive The GMB Letter?

Bradley: That's it. Okay. This is Dustin just because she signed it. “Hey, Semantic boars.” Maybe that's supposed to be boys. “Got a business-related question. Did you ever hear about legal problems when using the address, a virtual box, or a local person you know to receive the GMB letter? I was wondering because aren't you registering the location for a real business?” Well, no. I mean, if you were to … All right. I'm not an attorney, guys, so I would highly recommend that you consult an attorney if you're concerned about any of this, but the way I look at it is you're not. When you register a business in Google, it's not like registering a company with the state corporation commission or anything. It's not like registering a company with the IRS, right? It's not an official agency.

It's Google. Right? It's a search engine, so you can register anything you want there. Now, there are times. I've had this happen. I had to have one of my clients, actually. The case study for the local GMB Pro Course. It's a taxi service. We had to contact Google to have an existing, verified listing deleted or taken down because the business owner didn't have access to it. We created the new listing, which was also at a new address, a new physical location. We created a new Google My Business listing, and then contacted Google Support or Google My Business Support to tell them what the situation was, that there was an ex-employee that had created and verified the old or the existing GMB profile, and they didn't work for the company anymore, and we didn't have access to it.

Also, the company had moved to a different physical location. The same city, but different location so we needed to update all that. The reason I'm saying all this is because in order for them to, because it was a verified listing that we were asking to have removed and update to a new one, they required corporate documents, so we had to literally submit corporate documents to Google to show that the business indeed exists, and that it's a valid business. It had an LLC. What do they call it? Articles of Organization or an operating agreement. They also needed to see the updated physical address. So, in other words, they had to see corporate documents with the new updated mailing address. Right?

So just consider that. It's not a legal issue to register a business in Google. Google might require legal documentation, and if that's the case, then you won't be able to do it unless you have that legal documentation, but when registering your company or business with local agency, state agencies, or federal agencies then yes. You're going to have to have a real, valid business. If you're doing lead gen, guys, here's one of the ways to get around that if you need to.

If you're doing lead gen and you're establishing “fake businesses” or pseudo businesses, is another term for it, generic brands, if you're setting up lead-gen properties where you're creating a pseudo brand, then what you can do is if you have a legal entity, a corporate entity, so if you're an LLC or incorporated, whether it's an S corp, a C corp, or whatever, then you can actually register that pseudo entity as a DBA or doing business as. So that, essentially, it's your corporation. For example, my corporation is Big Bamboo Marketing, LLC. So I have DBAs for several of my lead-gen properties because that way even if Google asked for corporate documents for a lead-gen property, I can produce the doing business as certificate from the county.

It costs me, I think, 13 bucks or $14 to register a DBA. That's all. You just go down to your local courthouse and ask for a DBA form. Wherever your business is registered, you go to that courthouse wherever your product … Like my agency it's registered in Culpeper, so I go to the Culpeper County Courthouse. I tell them, “Hey, I need a” … or clerk of the circuit court or whatever, and I tell them that I need a DBA form. I fill it out with the lead-gen pseudo business or pseudo brand that I'm saying is a business, so that now is Big Bamboo Marketing doing business as, and so that way if Google ever requires me to verify that corporate document, all I have to do is submit the DBA and in my operating agreement for my LLC. Does that make sense?

So it's not an issue. So that's what I would recommend that you guys do. You don't have to do that all the time, guys. For example, I've got a ton of lead-gen properties out there I don't have DBAs for. I'm not going to lie, but if in case there was a time where I needed one, like Google required it, then I could always go down and get a DBA, and then submit it. Any comments guys or should I move on?

Adam: Good to go.

Does The Local PR Pro Course Includes A Demo On Getting 3 Pack Map Rankings In Surrounding Cities/Towns Using The Press Release Methods Without Getting A New Verified GMB Listing?

Bradley: Okay. That was a great question, by the way, Dustin; a really good question. Okay, support question from Ed Ryan. “I purchased GMB Pro the day it came out, and I love it.” Thank you, Ed. I appreciate that. He says, “In Local PR Pro does Bradley show us specifically how to get three pack map rankings in surrounding cities/towns using the press release method without getting a new verified GMB listing for the business for the surrounding town?” Not specifically, but I talk a lot. We've talked about that many times in the Mastermind. I don't think it's specifically a local PR Pro, but there's a couple of things that you could do that I can reveal here. If you wanted to try to rank in the adjacent areas, it's not always going to be possible, guys, but there are things that you can do to kind of help facilitate that.

It requires on page. It requires having, basically, categories or silo structures or geo posts for the areas that you're trying to get ranked in. I would also recommend that within your GMB profile, since you're doing GMB Pro, that you start using the GMB posts just the way that we teach in the training with images, with meta tag or geo tags for the areas that you're trying to rank in, all that kind of stuff. Try to use those keywords in those posts. Right? Then for using press releases, specifically, then you could target those locations that you want to rank in in your press releases as part of the title is incredibly important for press releases, so target the locations that you want to rank in, as long as they're adjacent, and the title.

Make sure that you're linking to the content that is also optimized for that location, whether it's on your website or on your GMB profile or wherever it may be. So those are some of the things that you can do. Now, again, if you want some more in-depth training on that Ed, you got to come back to the Mastermind. Specifically in Local PR Pro I don't talk about that because Local PR Pro the way that I've found. I'm talking about getting three pack rankings using press releases for the city that the business is located in. Obviously, because of the GMB Pro stuff that we're doing, personally, I'd prefer to just get more GMB listings now than trying to rank one listing in multiple locations.

It's so easy now, guys. Whether you're doing P.O. boxes, which is what I've always done or now, which is even better using our verified GMB service. You don't even need to leave your damn house. You can just order it online. It gets done and now you can set up as many GMB profiles as you want, and just literally target an entire region if you want. I think that's easier. It takes less work than trying to rank one GMB for a wide service area or geographic area, if that makes sense. Guys, I like easy and the thing about it is if you develop a process, Ed, or excuse me. Yeah, Ed. If you develop a process for buying, and that's what I'm doing, guys. I'm developing a process for scaling this method, so that I can outsource 90 to 95% of it.

This Stuff Works
It will require very little effort from me once the process is developed, and when I say it's going to be automated, it's going to be automated to me because I'm going to have virtual assistants doing most of the work. Does that make sense? That's why I said it would be better, less work for you, to develop a process for building out additional GMBs even for one specific business so that you can expand their service area, and what they're generating leads from. Develop out a process for that and that way you can outsource. Even if you don't outsource it, it's repeatable. If you develop like a checklist and a flowchart on what to do, then it becomes almost second nature.

You can do it like it becomes routine and it'll become a lot easier than trying to rank one listing for a really wide geographic area or at least in my opinion it is.

Marco: One last thing. Ed, go to the Facebook group and just say you'd like a webinar on how to extend the business center, and we can get into that.

Bradley: Yep. Yeah, especially if you're in the GMB Pro Course, because I know that question has come up a couple of times, and I think Marc. Yeah, Marco when you did the Unlimited Local Images and Videos Webinar, you touched on that briefly.

Marco: Yeah. We talked it, but we can expand on it because it's not that difficult.

What Is The Best Combination Of Serp Space Link Packages That Provide The Best Juice At Specific Price Ranges?

Bradley: Yeah. So there you go, guys. We'll do a follow-up webinar on GMB Pro for that. What's up, Kevin? I haven't seen you here in a while, man. It's been quite some time since I've seen Kevin post a question. He's been around for a long time. “Hey, guys. How has everyone been? It's been a while. Life gets in the way. You know.” Yes. I do. It's good to have you back, buddy. He says, “Wanted to ask about service space tiered link building for local clients. I'm thinking of adding in on month three of a campaign. Service space tiered link building to as many as possible of the clients tier ones; links they've accumulated over the years. I see about four options for Web 2.0 contextual, and four more options for non-contextuals, plus this can be all done for four tiers. That is a lot of different combinations and price points.”

“What would be the best combination or lack of combination to provide the most use at the cheapest price, a middle price, and a higher price, but not as high as the just max everything out?” Okay. I'm not the spam guy anymore, guys. I actually rarely even use it anymore.

Marco: Shame on you.

Bradley: Yeah. Well, I don't. It's just I don't use a lot of spam links anymore because I don't need to. We're able to get results now using RYS, Local GMB Pro, Local PR Pro, and syndication networks. It seems silly to do that. Now, there are certainly times when spam can help and I can certainly power up drive stacks, and press releases, and syndication networks, all of that, with spam, but I've been getting results recently without doing it, so I'm not really the big spam guy anymore that I used to be. I would recommend that you … I can give you a little bit of advice here, but what I would recommend, Kevin, is to repost this question in the SEO Tutorials and Case Studies Semantic Mastery Facebook Group, which is the free group, and then tag. You could tag me on it if you want, and I'll tag Daddio, which is our link-building guy.

He's been with me for, shit, at least five years, and he's our manager. The guy's a ninja. He's got a full staff that all they do is build links, and so he can answer that question and direct you to specifically what you need. Now, the slight advice that I'll give you and, again, I don't even know if it's accurate. I would still repost this question in that group and get his advice because his advice is going to be a hell of a lot more current than mine, but what I would say is I always go with contextual links. Anything non-contextual is like kitchen sink spam, and that's the kind of stuff that I would keep way, way far away from my money site, like four or five hops away if I'm going to use it at all.

I would stick with Web 2.0 contextual links for at least three tiers before I would do GSA kitchen sink spam or anything like that. Again, that's just because that's kind of evolved, too, because it used to be that we would just do to tier one links. We would do contextual links, so your tier two links would be contextual Web 2.0s, and then we would push spam behind that. Your tier three links would just be kitchen sink spam, but that's changed because Google is looking further, and Marco can comment on this, but this is about distance graph and all that stuff. So it's really important, at least in my opinion, to keep kitchen sink spam further and further away, and so I believe Daddio's recommendation, now, is for tier two and tier three that you use contextual Web 2.0. Marco, you want to comment on that a little bit?

Marco: Yeah. I mean, Daddio has all the answers for you. The guy's been at it for years. He knows exactly what to do, and how to do it. He can give you the best recommendation.

Bradley: Yep.

This Stuff Works
Marco: One thing that I would tell you. Since Google is looking out further and further, make sure you put a drive stack in there so that all of your link building goes through the drive stack, and it'll come out the other end just pristine, no matter what it is. Even if a set of links turns bad for whatever reason, it won't hurt.

Bradley: There you go.

Marco: That's how good drive stacks are at cleaning up spam.

Are You Still Using RSS Feed Directory Submission And Other RSS Tactics?

Bradley: That's good advice. Thank you. Second question, now. “One more question if that's okay. Are you still using RSS feed directory submissions and other RSS tactics that have been mentioned before? Tactics seem to come and go so quick. It's hard to know if something that was done eight-plus month ago is still valid and worth the time and money to implement today.” Yeah. Actually, believe it or not, I still think RSS feeds are one of the most underutilized things in SEO. There is a lot of things you can do with RSS feeds that are really powerful. I mean, obviously, syndication networks they're RSS feed driven the way that we've always set up the triggers that way, but there is still a lot of other things that you can do.

Now, I don't spend a shit-ton of time on that stuff anymore, but if you're in a competitive niche where every little push helps or you need every little push, then absolutely RSS stuff is still valid. The easiest way to do it, guys, is just collect your money side RSS feed or your Web 2.0 feeds or all of them. If you want, you can combine them together with the feed splicer, and then submit that one super feed to just go to Fiverr and search for RSS feed submits, and you can get a Fiverr gig that will do the work for you that will submit to 70 directories and aggregators for you, and they'll send you tips. A lot of times they'll send you back a report, and it'll cost you five or 10 bucks, or something like that.

So what? It's easy. It'll only take you a few seconds, and let them do the work for you. Okay? Yeah. It still works, guys. There is no doubt. It's funny because I think RSS stuff it's an old technology, and so a lot of people don't think that it's still valuable, but it certainly is. There is no doubt it is. Okay. Good question. Good to have you back, Kevin. All right. Let's see.

Is It Enough To Only Build Money Channel Or Brand Ring To Stick The Videos On SERPs?

It says, “Hi. First, thanks for answering my question. This SEO shit keeps me never run out of question.” Isn't that the truth? “The more you get into it the more questions come.” That's correct. “About IFTTT networks, is building only one ring that is the money channel brand ring reason for sticking the videos on SIR?”

Well, it can be. I mean, there is a lot of variables there. Typically for video stuff, though, guys I don't even start syndication networks for videos for YouTube channels unless I'm going to use at least one full two-tier ring. Right? So you're going to have a branded ring or a tier-one ring. It doesn't have to be branded, but I recommend that you do. A branded tier-one ring, and then you have three tier-two rings, which is the full two-tier networks. If I'm going to start a new channel and a syndication network broadcast. I call it a broadcast network for videos, but a broadcast network for a new YouTube channel or a new project. I always start with at least one full two-tier network.

That's just I guess because I have the resources to do that, guys. If you have the resources, I recommend you do that as well. Typically, I end up with usually anywhere between two to five full two-tier networks stacked on one YouTube channel if I'm serious about that particular project or campaign, so it depends. If you can get results, and the only reason I say that, guys, is because I don't do so much of it anymore, but for a period, for many years there, actually, I did a lot of video broadcasting work for local video production companies, and so I developed out several themed syndication networks that I had themed YouTube channels. One was for Virginia businesses.

One was specifically for contractors. I had one for health and wellness stuff, and they're just big syndication networks that I created for YouTube. The idea is with blog syndication I always recommend, and I've been recommending this for years, to just stick with a branded syndication network and don't go multi tiers because it can create issues, and it kind of creates a little bit of a maintenance nightmare. Right? It's a pain in the ass to maintain, but for videos there is no footprint issues. It's still to this day, guys, there is no footprint issues with broad. As long as you're using the applets the way that we teach or you buy the syndication networks from us with the applets already built, then they're going to work fine.

This Stuff Works
I've never had any issues with YouTube videos getting slapped or sand boxed, or anything going through syndication networks, but blog content can if you're doing multi tiers, so just to bring it back to what you're asking. I would recommend. You can try. Certainly try it with just one, but if you're not getting the results that you want, then start stacking tier two networks on to the tier one network, or you can also stack additional tier one networks, persona-based networks. That's perfectly fine as well. That was a good question, though.

How Do You Determine If A Social Website Is Good To Have In A Network Ring Or Not?

“How do you determine if a social website is good to have in a network ring or not? There are over 200 popular social webs.” They're all good. If you can get a branded profile on the network or on any one of those social sites, just do it because you're increasing. You're validating your entity more every time you add another branded profile, especially if you can interlink. Even if all you can do is link to one other property that's branded, that's good enough. Guys, that's why in Syndication Academy we do the update webinars, and we add. Not every month, but almost every month, we add at least one new property. Again, it's not every month, but almost every month we add at least one new property, whether it can be syndicated to or not is irrelevant. It doesn't matter whether we can syndicate to or not. It still acts as a citation.

If it's a real business, it acts as an entity validator. Guys, the more places you can get your brand out on the Web, the more authority you'll accrue. Let's see. “I would have thought Stumble Upon would be a good social website to include, but you seem to neglect it.” No. We've done Stumble Upon, but didn't Stumble Upon go out of business, recently or something?

Marco: No. They moved to something called Mix.com-

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: … but you could still use Mix.com. I haven't tried it, but I'm pretty sure that it's the same way. You can curate content from around the Web.

Bradley: Yep. Okay, cool. What's up, Nigel? He's always active. He says, “You are appreciated for the value you bring. G Hypnosis was awesome. Thanks to you guys and Eric.” Yeah. That was a great webinar. Did we ever get a replay available, yet? Adam, if Adam is still on. Hello?

Adam: Sorry.

Bradley: Yeah. Adam must be-

Adam: Technical issues hitting the mute button. I'm still working on that, but we'll have some info shortly, I believe.

Bradley: Okay, good. All right. Yeah. Hopefully, we'll get the replay out here in a minute or soon, guys, because that was a great webinar. There was obviously an offer at the end of that webinar for … It was funny because the webinar was for a particular method and a information product, but the first hour of the webinar was not about the product at all. It was about how to prospect and sell to clients. It was fabulous. It was really, really good. Eric has really created a great business. I respect him highly anyways because I've known him since the start of my career, so I already respected the guy, but he's built a really good business and he's developed his own sales process that it works, and it's funny, but we were talking.

My salesman that's working for my agency and I have been trial and error developing sales processes for months now, and we haven't been very successful, but what we've found with Roberto because he's the one primarily doing it. He's the one talking to the contractors and everything. What he's found over the last several months is essentially he's kind of, through trial and error, come to the same conclusion that Eric uses for his sales process that he revealed on this webinar in this first hour of the webinar. It was funny because I was like, “Damn it! I wish I could have had this webinar with you, Eric, like four months ago, five months ago. It could have saved us four or five months of trial and error, and I probably closed a lot of these contractors that have now gone cold because we screwed up the sales process.”

Any Decent Spammy Fiverr Traffic For Testing?

At least it was good validation to know that we have, even though it took us a bunch of trial and error to figure it out. At least it was good validation to know that we're on the right track. Thanks for mentioning that, Nigel. It was good to bring that up. Okay. Coming up on four years of goodness, yes. We are. He says, “Any decent spammy Fiverr traffic for testing or is that a myth that it works with RYS, although likely not recommended at first option?” Well, I mean, I've used the fiber traffic gigs for getting press releases to stick. I haven't really tested them with drive stacks or anything. Have you, Marco?

This Stuff Works
Marco: No.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: No. I haven't.

Bradley: Okay. Yeah. I mean, I can log into Fire real quick and just give you one lady that I ordered a whole lot of them she … Well, who knows if it's a lady. The profile picture was a lady, but that one I think that gig got taken down or something. I'm not sure. Just give me one second. I think that's one of them. Yeah. See? That one's no longer available. All right. This one is. I've used this guy, too. You guys can see. This is it's niche targeted. 2,000 daily visitors for 15 days for five bucks. This one right here I'll just grab the URL. Whoops! And drop it on the page for you, Nigel. Again, I haven't tried any of these with drive stacks. I have used these types of gigs for getting press releases to stick longer in the search.

For example, if you get a press release, guys, to rank on page one. You guys probably know that a lot of times press releases they rank really well for a short period of time, and then they start to slip in the search. I've used these types of gigs to be able to drive traffic to them to get them to stick in the search longer, and it absolutely works. I don't know about drive stack stuff, but I can't imagine it would probably hurt, especially since it's drive stack stuff. Good question, though. Damn, guys. You've posted a whole shit-ton of questions all of a sudden because there wasn't much before.

Are You Using Rotator Link For Landing Pages?

Anyone using Rotator Link for landing pages and, if so, any recommendations? You mean for split testing landing pages? There's a rotator inside click funnels, and that's all I use for landing pages. If anybody has any recommendations for doing split testing landing pages or link rotators and stuff like that, plugins or anything like that, let Nigel know, please. Just post on the page here.

What Strategies Are You Using With Alignable And LinkedIn To Get Leads Business?

“What strategies are you using with Alignable and LinkedIn to get business leads?” Well, I started playing with Alignable, and every now and then I'll take an hour, an hour and a half and go in and become really active for an hour, but it's not something I do consistently. It's one of those things I've always had intentions to do consistently, but I never do it consistently.

Every now and then, like I said, I'll go in and spend an hour in there and I'll be like, “Wow! There's a lot of opportunity here, and all that,” and I'll get all excited, and then three weeks goes by before I do it again. I'm not really doing a lot of in there. I think there's opportunity, but I haven't had enough time to. I haven't spent enough time in there to really figure out a process for getting repeatable results. LinkedIn we spent a lot of time. Well, Roberto, my salesman, spent a lot of time in LinkedIn trying to develop a process for tree service contractors. We realize now that was probably a really, really shitty industry to try to approach in LinkedIn just because there's not a lot of contractors in LinkedIn, tree service contractors, and when they are, again, it's not really a platform made for that type of a contractor.

We're actually doing started prospecting just in the last two weeks again for general contractors and remodeling contractors, so we're going to take what he started to develop for tree service contractors on LinkedIn and apply that to that industry, and see if we can get better results. I believe we will because, again, I know I'm painting with a broad brush here, but those type of contractors seem to be a bit more digitally savvy or a bit more sophisticated. There is more of them on LinkedIn and they seem to be a bit more engaged on LinkedIn. In the coming weeks, Nigel, especially I don't know if you're still in the Mastermind or not, but in the coming weeks as we have more data from that or more results, or experience, good, bad, or ugly, I'll be sharing that about the LinkedIn stuff.

Do You Have Any Creative SEO Strategies For A Business That Sells Psychiatric Services To Skillled Nursing Care Facilities?

Jordan, okay. “A new client coming onboard that sells psychiatric services to skilled nursing care facilities, and then expanding. Obviously, the search volume is incredibly low and there aren't that many decision makers. Less than a thousand, but each enlistment is worth about 70,000 per year to them.” Wow. “Doing everything digital for them: site, social, SEO, content, marketing conferences, collateral, et cetera. Any creative SEO strategies for this type of highly niched B2B client?” That's a tough one, Jordan.

Adam: Actually, yeah. This is cool. Jordan, I'll have to send you … I listened to a podcast recently and I can't remember the guy's name. Sorry. I'll have to look it up, but basically the guy did this, and he did it in one region. I can't remember. It wasn't where you're at, but talking about this, and going into the specifics of obviously you're generally not, and I'm sure you already understand this, but you're not marketing to consumer. You're marketing. This is like a family member would be looking for this, so words like mom, dad, and all the associated words like that, and then going into it, and potentially can you offer other than I'm looking at what you're saying? Can you do any sort of remarketing?

There is a lot of stuff you can do because it's worth so much to them which, obviously, you just listed but, also, you could maybe open their eyes and maybe, again, you've already done this. Once they reach a certain amount of let's say like it takes 75% booking or rooms filled for them to be profitable that you become highly profitable to them once you bring them past that point, so that maybe you can get more funds in order to expand some of these activities. Just some ideas off the top of my head.

What's The Best Way To Handle WordPress Security Issues?

Bradley: That's great. Thanks, Adam. If you can tag him on it and find it, that'd be great. All right, cool. What's up, Dan? KD, there we go. “Hey, guys. What's the best way to handle WordPress security issues and not mess up SEO? I have a client ranked on page one. It is now under heavy brute force attack. I cranked up the settings on iTheme security.” Now, guys. Personally, there is a couple of things I would recommend. Number one, get a really good host. Liquid Web is fantastic for this kind of stuff, guys. They have their own firewall and all this other stuff. They're really, really good at security over at Liquid Web. Guys, we talk about this. I just mentioned hosting earlier on this webinar. My two go-to resources, Liquid Web is hands down my favorite. I also have been recently using WPX hosting for a lot of one-off WordPress sites.

This Stuff Works
For testing purposes or for lead gen sites and stuff, I've been using WPX, which seems to be good. Their support is really, really good, too, but there are some drawbacks to that where I think Liquid Web is even better, but Liquid Web has some really, really good security features; however, I see that you mentioned down here about security. I've got two of my clients on security, actually, and they have the security firewall, and they have the malware removal programs, and all that stuff, and I got two of my … One of my clients is a pest control company. Actually, it's a tick and mosquito control company. So it'd be like outdoor pest control, and they have been hacked like at least eight times in the last five years since they've been working with me.

Even after we put their site on Sucuri, they still have been hacked a couple of times, but Sucuri always goes in. All you got to do is submit a request to Sucuri and they'll go in, and find the problem. Unhack the site. Restore the site and they'll take care of everything for you. All you have to do is submit a ticket. Again, it's worth it. I think it's like 300 bucks a year or something like that but, in my opinion, it's totally worth it or get a really good host like Liquid Web and let them do it. As far as changing the DNS, would that affect rankings? No, not at all. That shouldn't affect rankings at all. In fact, actually, changing DNS from a shitty host through something like Sucuri will likely improve the site.

Marco: Yes. What I would like to say is, depending on her needs, we have a really neat way where we trap these rouge bots that do these attacks, and if you want to talk about that, I mean, it's not cheap, just so you know, but you can always find me in Facebook, Katie, and we can talk, and then we could set up and then all of these rogue bots you can just eliminate. You can trap them and eliminate them, and it's over and done with.

Bradley: Yep. Bob Lowe, I love that comment. “Master manipulation makes your palms hairy.” That's funny, Bob. All right. We're almost done, guys. I got to wrap up in just a couple of minutes, anyways. I get to take my daughter to dinner tonight. Let's see. R. Banking says, “If using a set number of credits and maps powerhouse, is it better to use all of them on the embed or split them up between embeds and secondary posts?” That's a good question. I prefer doing a split between embeds and secondary posts just because I was mentioning.

I was talking about YouTube networks earlier, syndication networks, and I mentioned that I like to use two-tier networks for YouTube syndication; however, you can stack multiple tier-one rings onto a channel to where they're all being triggered directly from the channel instead of being secondary triggers from a blog in your first-tiered network. The reason why I like the second two-tiered networks is because I've found that the effect lasts longer through two-tiered networks. In other words, if I were to take a channel and stack 10 tier-one networks on the channel, the video is likely going to rank really quickly, but it typically will start, and I haven't tested this, now, in probably two years, but about two to three years ago I did a lot of testing on this, guys.

I found that multiple tier-one networks the video would rank really quickly, but it would start to slip in the rankings a lot sooner, whereas, if I used multiple tier-two networks or multi-tiered networks, then it might not rank as quickly, but it would indeed rank eventually, and it would end up sticking a lot longer. I've always applied that same methodology to video Powerhouse and Maps Powerhouse to where I prefer doing like the tiers and secondary embeds and or back links as well instead of just doing all tier-one stuff. So that's going to be my answer, but I haven't tested specifically to see if one is going to perform better than the others. Does anybody here have any insight on that?

Marco: No. I do the same exact thing simply because it adds relevance at the other tiers coming back to your tier one.

Bradley: There you go. Bob Lowe, he said he ordered his Verified GMB and can't wait to get it back. “I'm ready with the website content and PR.” Boom! There you go, Bob. Perfect. That's perfect. Thank you. “Bradley, will this process improve the position and the pack if you're already there?” No. Well, Dan. If you're talking about the GMB Sniping, the Map Sniping that I've been talking about, no because that's talking about finding locations that you can register a GMB or verify a GMB, and get into the three pack within … So far, like I said, I've been able. I'm three for three in under 72 hours. The method I'm talking about is getting into a three pack with a brand-new listing.

If it's an existing listing, then I would recommend local GMB Pro and Local PR Pro. Those are the two things that I'm using specifically now. Local PR Pro for getting into the three pack. Local GMB Pro for generating leads regardless of three pack. Does that make sense? The two combined are absolutely brutal, guys. There is no way that you can't get results with those two, and you add a drive stack on top of it. Forget about it. Right? Market Samurai, there you go, Walt. Thank you. Thank you, Walt. Yeah, Market Samurai. That was the keyword research tool that was like the go-to. It was industry standard for several years. You guys remember that? Like, the pink and the green lines, and all that, and the chart. It would create like a spreadsheet and it would show in-bound back links, and keyword rank. It was crazy.

I used to use that thing like daily. That's awesome. Thanks, Walt. We're almost done, guys. Let's see. He's doing Pinterest stuff, too. Is that what he's doing? That's Pinterest stats, right?

Marco: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay.

Marco: That's good. I posted my stats on there. I just want people to see what you could do. I mean, the type of traffic that you can actually generate with this thing, which is ridiculous. I know Dan is doing really well, but this one, the one that I posted, is in the millions, now.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Clint. “GoDaddy bought Sucuri.” No shit? Yeah. “Plan on that sucking soon.” Okay. Well, I'm glad I know that now because I won't recommend it going forward, Clint. Thank you. I appreciate that because yeah, guys. GoDaddy hosting sucks, by the way, so if they bought Sucuri, it's probably going to suck, too. Clint is right. No doubt. Scott says, “Still wrestling with a client attempting to get them onboard with GMB verification. He already has a verified listing for the suburb, and has no traction in the much larger city. He is afraid he will lose the verified listing he already has with Google. Without giving away your processes, would he have a new Google listing for the larger city or will his current GMB be impacted in any way?”

Okay, Scott. What I'm going to tell you is look. I can't reveal too much, guys. Actually, let me just say this. What I would do in that case if you have a client is already a client, and you're trying to talk them into getting a second GMB for another area that they want to generate leads from because, again, it's more difficult to get one listing to rank in multiple areas, a wide geographic region. It's harder to do that, in my opinion, than it is to just create a new damn listing for the areas that you want. What I would recommend is if he's already a client and you're already making money, just go register the GMB yourself. Get it. Do it yourself, right? Build it with a generic brand, a pseudo brand, and then once the damn thing is ranked, then show them. “Look what I did.”

Because look. You can monetize that property, whether it's for that client or another client. It doesn't matter. My point is: Why not build that asset? If he's already a client and you know he wants the leads in that area, but he's scared, just go create a GMB listing with a pseudo brand. It's in the same category, all that shit. Get it set up. Get it ranked, and then approach him with it and say, “Look. I've already got this asset. It's already ranked in the area that you want these leads from.” Now, you can sign him up for like an increase on a monthly retainer or you can just sell him the damn leads. In any way, you own that asset, now. You can rebrand it for him or he can turn it down and you can say, “That's fine. I'll sell the leads to another person in the same industry in the same area.” Does that make sense?

My point is don't try to pull the client's teeth. If he's giving you resistance, just go register it yourself. Rank the damn thing. Now, you've got another asset in your portfolio that you can use to entice him to increase his services with you, his commitment with you. If he doesn't, who cares. You've got an asset now that you can monetize with another company. Let's see. Local host publish fee FTP to server. I don't know what that means, Mike. I'm sorry. “Will premium domain solve the link equity described in a previous discussion instead of using Alley like Marco mentioned? What do you mean by premium domain, Mike?” I don't follow that one, either. I don't know what you mean by that Mike. I apologize, but we're out of time anyways, so if you want to post this question again in the SEO tutorials group, maybe we can comment in on that.

Hey, Clint still has Market Samurai installed. I didn't even know if they still … Apparently, they do. I think that's what he was saying earlier. I didn't know that that tool was still being supported and all that. I haven't seen it in years. “Thanks for the GMB, very helpful. All set up.” Yep. There you go. Scott remember. You can buy it now, and you don't even have to leave your damn house. Scott you're in the Mastermind. Follow the training that I talked about in the newsletter as well. You'll get that in about a week, as well as the last two Mastermind webinars I've touched on. It's just is very specifically how to research the areas to find the best opportunity. Right? All right. Thanks everybody for being here. I appreciate every for sticking around.

Adam: Awesome.

Bradley: Thanks, guys.

Adam: Bye, everybody.

Marco: Bye, everyone.

Bradley: See y'all next week.

This Stuff Works

Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 121

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 121 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Bradley: Okay. We're live. Hey, everybody this is Bradley Benner with Semantic Mastery. This is Hump Day Hangouts for March 1st, 2017. I believe this is episode 121. Wow. We've got Marco and Chris on right now. Adam is having some power issues, plus he's going to be muted when he joins today anyways because of construction going on in his house. You're stuck with me today guys. What's up Marco and Chris? How are you guys doing?

Marco: What's up guys?

Chris: I'm good.

Bradley: Good. Marco, I think you had a few announcements correct?

Marco: Yeah. Well, number on Video Powerhouse is live. After all this work all this time it's up. It's running. Everything is running really smooth. We had a few hiccups here and there which is why we didn't want to let everyone in all at once. We wanted to take care of all of these little issues that usually pop up. If you guys haven't been in there already, if you're on the list, if you didn't get the email or whatever, there were internet issues yesterday that were beyond our control. It's fixed for the most part. Go in there. Check it out. The power of iframes which is all of video embed is an iframe provided by YouTube. Why not take advantage of it? Along those lines I will be doing a webinar on …

I don't have the time yet, but it will be Monday March 13th. It will be open to anyone. It will be a public webinar. It'll be a especially useful for people who are in Video Powerhouse. Maps Powerhouse should be … All of the little techno things that we're tweaking should be done by then. I did a webinar last year and this is like building on that foundation. It's just explaining why it's so powerful, explaining what Google is seeing through iframes. It's just things that other people will not talk about, that other people charge thousands for dollars for also. I'm going to give it to you for free. Come in. As soon as it goes live, check it out. It's always limited. We can have 2,000 people on the webinar.

When it goes, make sure you go in and you register and you get ready for something that's going to be what I feel is some really powerful information that you can put to use right now. Another thing that I wanted to mention is as I mentioned to you guys yesterday, I'll be going in for back surgery in the next couple of months. Sitting around too long. I'm not supposed to do that. I have to go get that taken care of so I'll be away for awhile. I don't know how active I'll be. Even along those lines I don't know how much activity I'm going to be having on the internet coming up. I'm 53 years old dude. It's getting about time to put Marco out to pasture.

Bradley: She ain't what she used to be, huh?

Marco: Oh, dude no, not anymore. The body doesn't do what the mind says do anymore. Mind is still great. The body isn't so good. I'm thinking of putting a group together, a group of people where I'm just going to give them what's inside my head. I'm going to be sharing my knowledge. I don't know how it's going to be done. I'm just putting it out there. I don't know. We'll figure it out. Anyone that wants to learn what's in my head and how I do the shit that I do, how I come up with all of this crap that's inside my head, I am going to be willing to share it. Before I go on, I don't want to go with all of this stuff that I have inside my head because it'll be a waste, right? It's just a way to …

Let's get some people who really know their stuff, who want to know more and who want to just knock the shit out of Google because you know what I say man. I love saying it, but I'll keep it to myself. You know how I feel about that. I think that's what I have.

Bradley: Are we going to try to do that webinar on Monday the 13th I think you said it was?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yes, I don't know the time yet.

Bradley: Okay. We'll have the time and everything set up for next week Wednesday guys and we'll make sure that we post the link during next Hump Day Hangouts for people to sign up. Plus you will probably email it out and shoot it out through social media and all that kind of stuff as well.

Marco: Yeah, absolutely.

Bradley: When Marco says he's willing to give away the farm, that means be there. Clear your schedule. With that said, what other announcements do we have? Anything?

Chris: Something about the course that you can pick up if you pick up Video Powerhouse?

Bradley: Oh, yeah. There's a video prospecting or Vmail prospecting, video email prospecting course. Guys, we've talked about this on Hump Day Hangouts on several different occasions and I had an old course that I had put together years ago like literally I think back in 2012. It's five years ago. That was dated and it was for another company when I was doing branding services with two ladies for realtors. Anyways, I updated it recently for the Video Powerhouse launch and you can purchase that inside of Video Powerhouse right now at a discount. It's been updated like I said just I think two weeks ago. Yeah, two weeks ago is when I recorded it and updated it.

I think after the launch I'm actually going to go back into the course and beef it up a little bit more and even give some real world examples instead of like just being training. I'm going to do some case study essentially type training videos after the launch is over because we'll probably raise the price on that Vmail prospecting course as well. It's a really good course. We've had a lot of good comments on it already. You guys can get the free version that is dated if you go to BradleyBenner.com/Vmail, but again the updated version which has some new things in there that weren't in the original, that you can get through Video Powerhouse currently.

Then again once the launch is over, within the few weeks I'm probably going to go back in and add some additional training to it to show some examples of like what a prospecting video would look like and that kind of stuff. I highly recommend that you check it out because any of you that are doing client work, I know the worst part for me for client work was to initiate the conversation. I hated cold contacting. I absolutely hated cold contacting. I found a way to use video based emails to get through to the business owners in a unique way and that usually would generate or at least initiate a conversation. I would get as much as three or four out of every 10 emails that I would send out. I would get a response back from three or four of the people that I would send it to.

This Stuff Works
I typically tend up closing about 60 to 80% of them. I would get between two to three closes out of four. If four people responded, I would get two or three people closed into some sort of job whether it was SEO or social media or an IFTTT network or whatever. I highly recommended that you check it out if you're doing client work. If you hate cold contacting which is what I hated more than anything, then that's a good course for you. Do we have anything else or can we get into questions?

Marco: Let's get to it.

Bradley: Adam is muted, but Adam showed up. Hey, Adam. All right guys. I'm going to take the screen and we've got some good questions already. Give me one moment. You guys tell me when you can hear me again. Hello? Can you guys hear me?

Marco: Yup.

Best Approach For Ranking Videos And Links In A Campaign

Bradley: There is some odd delay with this jam session room whatever when we take the screen. All right. Wayne and all his memes. Thanks, Wayne. We certainly appreciate it. Love laughing at these, but we had a question. I guess for whatever reason the comments were closed on the event page for a couple of days. Jay Mystery was wise enough to post a comment on the photo. He found a way. Where there's a will, there's a way. Here's the question from Jay. He says, “Hi, guys. I have a question about ranking videos and links. I've seen a strategy where you can create say 300 unique videos, optimize them and create a playlist. In the description of each video there is a link to the previous video and unique Google shortened link.” G+ link has 404. I don't know what you're talking about Chris.

Sorry. That should be the link. I'll click on it and see what happens. Works for me. Not sure what you're talking about Chris. Anyways, all right. “Optimize them and create a playlist and in the description of each video there is a link to the previous video and unique Google shortened link all pointing to a Google Doc. In the Doc there is one anchor text link pointing to a website. Five videos are uploaded each day until the end of the campaign. In your opinion, would this be a good strategy to increase the rankings for a website and also could this be used to point the link in the Doc to a video playlist to rank videos?” I'm going to let Marco answer that, but it sounds like a sound strategy. What do you got to say about it Marco?

This Stuff Works
Marco: We're using something very similar to this or I've used it. If you can create 300 unique videos, good luck. It's a massive undertaking especially … If you're going to do it, make sure that you do videos that are going to convert, not just spam videos.

Bradley: Yeah.

Marco: Make this worth your while if you're going to put in this much time, thought and energy into something. Because the real benefit is going to come from all the traffic and everything … All of the benefits are from YouTube because you're doing everything in there. The description in each video is a siloing method that we teach in the YouTube Silo Academy, isn't it?

Bradley: Yup.

Marco: I forget which one.

Bradley: That's it.

Marco: It's exactly what we teach. You put a link to the next one in the description and then yeah. Using Drive guys, that's what RYS Academy is all about. That's the foundation. That's where we do all our dirty work. You're going in there in the belly of the beast. You're protecting yourself and then you're feeding off of Google's narcism where Google of course is going to give preference to its videos, to its files and folders and to its users. They say they don't, but that's bullshit. We know they do. Whether it ends up increasing the ranking of the website, I'm not sure. You'll have to test. Maybe the pages where the videos … If you embed the videos in individual pages, if you decide to embed the … I'm not going to go there.

This Stuff Works
I'm not going to give away everything. Of course, these become perfect spam points. These become perfect spam points back towards a video channel, video playlist and the videos themselves. This looks really, really good. Anytime you use Drive, it's a sound strategy.

Bradley: I want to agree or cosign what Marco just said about videos that convert guys. The days of just using pure spam videos for traffic generation or for conversions especially are pretty much gone. You can still spam to kind of test things, but they don't convert or the conversion rates are terrible compared to videos that are done correctly. It's because people become conditioned to not react to spam, right? To ignore spam. You got to think about typical internet users. Not us. We're marketers, right? We're so called experts. The typical internet user, they're becoming more sophisticated or more savvy. The kind of stuff that we could do three years ago and still generate good results with is not working so much anymore.

I'm not talking about like SEO tactics. They still may work just as well or better or whatever. I'm talking about what your intended goal is. Whatever your conversion goal is, unless you've got a compelling message now with a decent quality video, then a lot of the times people are going to ignore that shit and go right to the next video. The next link in mind which could be a video, another Google listing, whatever, my point is is a lot of people will immediately ignore spam. Now of course, that's not always the case. It's a lot more common now for that to happen. I take the time now to really make sure that I work on creating videos that are much higher quality.

In fact, we've got a Masterclass webinar following today, the Hump Day Hangouts, to make up for last week since we didn't have Masterclass last week. Adam and I were in Dallas for the Click Funnels event. I'm doing a YouTube case study. That's what I'm going to be showing today and announcing that. I'm creating and it's using the YouTube silo method and SERP Space in Video Powerhouse. It's pretty much the two primary methods I'm going to be using for ranking these videos in this case study. Every single one of the videos in the silos that I'm creating are going to be like high production value videos. In other words, videos that I've actually … They're not spam. It's not like taking one video and just changing the file type.

I'm actually recording different videos for all these different keywords in the silo that I'm building out. Yes, it takes more time, but my point is I would rather do it right the first time and have it not only get the videos ranked, but have them convert so that my work is done unless you're doing it specifically for testing purpose. I'm not even testing this niche because it's a niche that I'm in already for one of my projects that I'm working on. I'm not even testing it. I'm just going out and it's pretty competitive for some of the … I mean it's very competitive for some of the keywords I'm going after, but that's why I'm using the silo method.

This Stuff Works
I'm recording all these good videos and it's going to take me several weeks to complete this project because everyone of those videos are going to be genuine videos, like original unique videos. Not just like file type or encoding unique, I'm talking about like a new script for every video. That kind of stuff. It's going to take a lot of time, but it's going to … Provided that I can rank it which I'm quite sure … Rank many of the keywords which I'm quite sure that I can. They should convert well. They should produce a lot of traffic to the project that I'm pursuing right now. My point is guys, take your time. Go through.

If you want to test with spam, that's great. Do it, because then you can identify the low hanging fruit that you can rank for quickly and easily, but then go out and create or have videos created that are going to convert with a more compelling message and also just aren't spammy, right? Then go back and target those keywords that you've already identified through testing. That's my point is that you'll get a lot more … I don't like rework and I don't know who does. I guess the [inaudible 00:16:11] guys do, but I particularly don't like to do stuff just to find out that they're not converting and I have to redo it or that I get my channel terminated because it was spam. Does that make sense? All right. Cool. That was a great question Jay and thanks for helping Marco.

First Page Domination Technique

We're going to move on to the next one. Scott's up. This is his question. “There was a first page domination technique where you point lots of GSA links to a high domain authority social media property like Facebook or FourSquare, et cetera, to rank for a targeted keyword. Does this technique still work? If no, what can I do to achieve this result? Thanks, Scott.” Well, Scott, I mean it depends. Sometimes you can still do that. It's not as easy as it used to be. Two, three years ago yeah, you could do that. I mean it was like clockwork. You could just take a high domain authority.

It varies by the way guys for keywords. What I would suggest that you do is whatever kind of keyword it is that you're trying to rank for is go search in Google for that keyword and related or very, very similar, closely related, what Google would call close variants, and just do a survey of the top two pages. Page one and two of Google results and take a look and see what kind of Web 2 or citation type properties are ranking. You should see a few of them that are common across all the search terms that you're looking at, right? Those are going to be the ones that you're going to have the best or most likely be able to rank using a method like that.

This Stuff Works
Now I haven't done any pure spam ranking on anything like that in probably a year or a year and a half, so I'm not 100% sure if that still works. I can assume that it doesn't work as well as it used to, but I guess … Marco, you've been testing with a lot of different link types right now. What are your experience with that right now?

Marco: Let's see. Just last week we hammered something with a million GSA links. Just a couple. It shot it to number one. We're talking about a very competitive term in a very competitive niche in a metropolitan area with … I think it's over a million people in that area. I'm not going to say where because I don't want anyone going out looking and trying to reverse engineering what I'm doing and then taking credit for it. I have a master chemist. I have the mad doctor Gary Kerwin and then I have someone else that's just an awesome spammer. We're all getting together Wednesdays and Saturdays and this is why my back is the way it is because I'm spending just way too much time in the lab trying to just mess with Google, but it works if you set it up the right way.

Bradley: That was my question. That was kind of what I was getting at. Now I know what we're doing with Google properties, but what about other Web 2 properties? Have you tested any of those recently?

Marco: Yes, we are. In fact, we're in many where you get a no follow link by default. Well, we can get do follow links out of them. That's coming guys. I told you. I'm in the lab. Look for it August of this year. The way that I'm going to celebrate the two year anniversary of the original release of RYS Academy is by coming up with something better if that's possible. I went in the lab with that in mind, making something better than RYS which is by far the best ranking course there is right now. You can go in. If you go in and you follow the trending to the letter and you apply it, you will rank period. Anyone who doesn't feel like putting in the time, don't bother giving me your money.

I'll gladly take your money, but then you're going to be angry that you spent all that money and didn't get results and then it turns out that you didn't what you were supposed to do.

Bradley: Yeah, like the Facebook group comments is, “I'm not getting results.” Then we go look at it and well, that's why. You didn't follow the instructions. Scott says, “Where you point lots of GSA links.” Scott, there's your answer. Yes, it works as long as lots equals 1 million or some ungodly amount of links like that. Very cool. Again I do recommend those Scott. Seriously go look at … You just listed Facebook or FourSquare. I understand those are just examples, but take a look at the keywords that you're actually … The niche that you're playing. Look in the neighborhood that you're playing in and take a look at what the properties. You should be able to determine a handful of properties that consistently appear on page one or two for close variant keywords in that particular industry.

This Stuff Works

Using A Drive Stack In The Same Drive Account That's Running The Network For A Branded IFTTT Property

Those are going to be your best bets, okay? Martin's up. He says, “Howdy guys. First up, keep up the good work. Loving this stuff.” I'll plus one that. “A few questions if you don't mind. Number one, I have a branded IFTTT network.” Guys, I think we're going to start calling them syndication networks. If you didn't notice, we rebranded everything and there was a reason for that. I'm going to read it to cover our ass. “I have a branded syndication network for a company. Is it okay to use a Drive stack in the same account Drive account that's running the network, but in a separate folder as a legitimate company would have this kept all in one Drive anyways?” Yeah, you could. Martin, you certainly can.

Here's the only reason why I recommend against doing that because if at some point Google decides that what the nasty stuff we do with Drive is … They don't like it anymore, then they could potentially levy a penalty against the company or the account owner, right? I don't know that that's the case, but I always try to reduce my exposure or eliminate my risk all together if possible. That's why I recommend … It doesn't take a lot to set up another Gmail account. You can create the Drive stack under the new Gmail account and then add your client, the business, the company, as a page manager or Drive manager or share the Drive folders with the original Gmail account.

Then that way they can still access those Drive folders and files from their account, but it's owned by a persona account. I recommend doing that because it covers your ass. In other words, if something were to happen down the road and Google says, “Anybody that's spamming Drives or using Drive for SEO purposes or whatever is now going to get smacked or slapped or whatever,” then it wouldn't affect the actual company account. It would affect the persona account because that's the Drive folder owner if that makes sense. That's what I recommend is always try to mitigate your risk as much as possible Martin. You certainly can do it the other way, but just know that there's a risk involved there if potentially Google decides that that's going to be an issue.

Additional Personas With IFTTT Networks That Share Content From A Branded T1

All right? “Number two, can staff members for the business essentially become additional personas for their own IFTTT network that shares the content from the branded tier 1 with other content from RSS mashing? The status contribute as the tier 1 branded network when the interlink process is done.” You can Martin. That's something that you actually can do because … In my opinion it would have to be a clear association between the other tier 1 networks with the company. In other words, it would have to be listed on all of the interlink properties and such. It would have to make a clear connection to the actual company. I certainly would recommend what you mentioned you would already do, adding additional content to those persona networks.

This Stuff Works
I say persona networks because they're not actually branded networks, but they could be real people networks. They don't have to be fake persona networks. Yeah, that makes sense. As long as there's a clear connection to the actual business entity from the branded network and if you're what I recommend as absolutely publishing additional content to that, I don't recommend publishing other content to your tier 1 branded network. We advise against that because we want to keep that as like the golden frame, right? We want all of the content on the branded network to becoming specifically and directly from the money site and the money site alone, right? You can use curated content on the money site, but it's still being published from the money site.

On any sort of like person based supplementary networks or supplemental networks, then I would absolutely have additional content because that would be logical and natural. Think about it guys. Most people don't just share content from one source over and over and over again, right? Brands do it, yes, but people don't because people generally have interest in things other than just one company. They'll share content across their social media properties from various companies, various topics for that matter. It's content from other sources. That's what I recommend that you do. You seem like you've got a good handle on things already Martin, but yes, I can say that that's a good strategy. Okay? Just keep those things in mind.

Ranking A Video Optimized For A Single Keyword Branded Term

He says, “Cheers guys. P.S. going to be using your RSS masher affiliate link just to share some love.” I'd plus one it again, but I can't. Thanks Martin. Damon's up. Damon says, “So I have a single keyword branded term for a video used to rank for. A single keyword branded term a video used … Used to rank for. For years it completely dropped off, but the video still ranks for the branded term plus location or the branded plus apartments, et cetera. I added some video SEO mojo and the two plus word terms ranked higher. Added five high authority safe links and those keywords ranked even higher. Still not ranking for the single word term.” Single word terms. I don't think I've ever even tried to do that. That's got to be tough Damon.

This Stuff Works
“Just purchased 20 expired high DA Tumblrs and daily I'm adding either embeds or images and anchor texts for the branded phrase. I also bought 22 SERP Space links in the real estate niche. Still not ranking for the main term. For years the main term was ranking and I need to get it to rank again. I am baffled as to what happened. My next steps are update the content, hasn't been updated in years, add a hashtag and the NAP and run a press release with the NAP in it and modify the video date.” I remember Chris I think noticed that old rankings of websites of the embeds were capturing old dates and tanking the rankings. Yeah, what Damon's talking about was doctor … I thought it was Gary. Yeah, I think it was Gary that …

Dr. Gary that actually was talking about that in the Mastermind. He did some testing on that. It wasn't until he and others reembeded the video with a new embed code or change the date that the rankings resumed. Testing everything. So far no bueno. Any recommendations? Hell no. Don't do that. The channel is well aged with plenty of videos too. No, I mean it sounds like everything you got going on Damon is sound.

My first go to thing now is if I've tried every SEO trick up my sleeve and I can't get a video to rank where I want it to, then the next thing that I always do and I know you're aware of this Damon is I set up ads, YouTube ads, and start driving traffic through there especially if it's a local keyword that you're targeting because you can set the geographic radius or targeting, right? Geotargeting. You can get clicks from local IPs and that has a huge effect on local video is getting clicks from local IPs. Here's the thing, if it's local which it sounds like it is, maybe it's not, but if it is local, then usually with YouTube ads you can go really broad with your targeting as far as topical or interest targeting.

I don't even use keyword targeting. I would just use interest based targeting, right? I do that specifically because I want more clicks from local IPs. That's all I'm really caring about. I don't care if the clicks are coming from relevant traffic sources or not at that point. I'm looking for clicks from local IPs. I'll set my interest target … I generally won't even use keyword targeting. I would just set radius targeting and then use interest targeting. You can use something like afinity audience targeting, but that's really, really broad and you'll get a shit ton of clicks very, very quickly so you'd have to set your budget fairly low for that. You can get more specific with interest based targeting.

This Stuff Works
It ends up that it's somewhat relevant traffic as well as just locally relevant, geographically relevant which should help.

Marco: I'd like to ask him a question. I'd like to ask when he says that he bought 22 SERP Space links in the real estate niche, does he mean that he went into our Video Powerhouse embed network?

Bradley: He probably bought domains. I'm not sure, but he might have bought domains.

Marco: Because nowhere in here do I see that he's even tried the embed root.

Bradley: Well, he should.

Marco: Yeah. If he does go with … Sorry. While I'm thinking about this, if he does go with the press release which I saw that it's in his plans, try a press release service that will allow you to embed a video. You might have to pay a little bit more. You could use the term that you're looking for in the press release and you can mitigate the branded anchor text with everything else that you're doing to cushion it. I don't know if that make sense. Well, besides RYS Academy of course, I don't see how if it's local and you're not doing the map and the iframe stacking and all that stuff that you can do in RYS Academy, I don't see why not.

Bradley: That's the other thing Damon. Definitely again I said after all SEO tricks were used up. That includes definitely do a Drive stack for the video too because that's very, very powerful as well. Then you've got all those Drive files that you can just hammer and just push all the juice that you want to that one video through the Google files. Cool. Let's see. I think I get you Adam.

SSL Certificates For Websites

Justin's up. “Hey, guys. Justin here. Let's get right into this shit. Justin. SSL certificates. Should I always use one of my site?” I would say now if you're building a new site, yes.

For all sites going forward, I don't recommend going back and swapping or adding SSL certificates to sites that are already existing unless you're collecting sensitive data on the site in which case it's pretty much a requirement or a necessity now. For standard just opt-in or contact forms and that kind of stuff, I don't think it's necessary. I know they've been pushing it and it's becoming more and more. I'll be honest with you. It's a real pain in the ass switching old sites over to SSL. It can cause a whole bunch of problems and I always just end hiring somebody off of Upwork to handle all that shit for me because I don't want to do it. I've tried to do in the past and it's just a nightmare. It's a headache and I don't like dealing with it.

This Stuff Works
All sites going forward guys, there is a lot of hosting providers now that will … As kind of like an incentive for you to come sign up will give you free SSL certificates. One of them that I'm using for one of the affiliate projects that I'm doing a lot of work on right now is WPX Hosting which was formerly Traffic Planet Hosting. Terry Kyle. It's his hosting service. It's more expensive than your average hosting service, but the servers are way better. He doesn't overload the IP blocks and you get free SSL certificates and at least there was a promotion. I don't know if it's still available. You get free Mac CND, content delivery network setup. Again I don't know. That was a promotion going on a couple months ago.

I don't know if that's still available, but he does offer free SSL certificates which is awesome and their support over there at WPX Hosting is amazing. Now typically I recommend using Liquid Web, but you have to have a VPS or a dedicated server. Now with Liquid Web they don't have shared hosting anymore. If you can afford it and if you're going to be doing a lot of client work, I recommend getting your own VPS because then you can charge your clients for hosting, right? You can make money off the hosting literally and have everything on a dedicated server or a VPS with your own dedicated IP and that kind of stuff. That I recommend doing if you're going to be doing a lot of it.

If you're looking just for like shared hosting and tried to keep your cost down, I still recommend going with a better host such as WPX Hosting. Again Terry Kyle's hosting solution. It's very, very good. I'm using it for one of my bigger projects that I'm working on right now and I'm really happy with their support and everything. You guys have any comments on that before I move to the second question?

Marco: No, I think that's perfect.

Best Starter Package For GSA/FCS Link Package From Serp Space If You Have Two Full 2-Tier Networks

Bradley: “Number two, If I have two full 2 tier networks, what would be the best starter packaged GSA, FCA or I guess it means FCS link package from SERP Space? I'd like to start with the smallest package, but I'm not sure which network ring or properties I submit to you guys.” I would go with a branded tier 1 network. That's always the standard operating procedure, right? That's what I would do. Once the networks are built and I get some seed content published, what I call seasoning the network, right? Two or three posts out from the money site or videos from the YouTube Channel, then I will go back and send it over to get links built.

If you're doing it all at once, like if you order the network and then … Apparently you've already got them, but if you're ordering a network and the upgrade for the link package, that's fine. What I recommend that you do is have some content ready so that when you get the delivered network, that you can go ahead and publish a few posts right away. That just helps in my opinion. I like to try to get a couple posts on the network before I have a bunch of links built to it, but again it just depends on what the timing is for you. Always start off with your branded network guys for that because that's ground zero in my opinion, right? The tier 2 networks is great if you have the money or the time or the resources to build links to the tier 2 networks.

This Stuff Works
Go ahead. I always start with just the tier 1 networks and see what kind of results I can get from that. I don't generally have my tier 2 networks like links built to them unless I need it. I always start with a branded network first, see what kind of results I can achieve. If I need addition power, then that's when I'll go back and have the links built to the second tier as well.

Protecting Yourself From SEO Clients Who Chose Not To Continue To Pay

“Number three, protecting yourself.” Guys, by the way just a reminder, we don't generally like people posting this many questions in one post guys. It's only because it's not fair to other people. We'll go ahead and run through these very quickly. “Protecting yourself from clients who chose not to continue to pay. I've read that this is unethical and some SEOs are against it.

I am not and would like a brief description of how to set it up. Let's say your client's domain is XYZbuilding.com. Is it easy as setting XYZbuilding.info and using a redirect plugin to point to their site? All links will be built to the .info. Do you use Pretty Links WordPress plugin to accomplish this? Which plugin do you prefer for redirects? Does this have any negative SEO consequences?” I don't think it's unethical at all. I really don't. I find there's nothing unethical about it. Because first of all if you're doing client work on their domain to begin with like for example citation building, content marketing to a syndication network, all of those links are going to be built directly to the client's domain.

In my opinion, they're getting all the stuff that they're paying for. What I like to do is set up my own redirect domain for all external links that I build. What I mean is separate and apart from citations, press releases and content marketing distributed via the syndication network. All third party or external links that I would be building I like to build through my own domain because it protects me guys. Here's the thing, again if you don't … If your client decides that they need you anymore because somebody from India called them and said that they can do the same thing for $99 a month, well, first of all, good luck. Second of all, let's say that they drop you for that. You can remove the redirects and now you have a domain that at least has some inherent authority.

It's got some links built to it. Why not? It's your work, right? it's your work. You're still providing them with what they paid for as far as building links direct to their domain through the other methods that I just mentioned. For all external link stuff that you've gone out and put your hard time, your effort into finding the link placements, purchasing them, whatever, getting the links, why not have it go through your domain? That's all. It's very, very simple and I don't think it's unethical at all. What I think is unethical is when a client decides that they don't need you anymore after you've got them ranked. That's what I think is unethical. That said, yeah, you can just use a redirect plugin. It's very, very simple.

You could do a htaccess. You could also setup … If you're comfortable. I don't. Typically I end up contacting the host if I need to do a bunch of stuff in htaccess or I'll contact one of my partners that's better with that stuff like Chris P. I leaned on him a couple weeks ago for some of that stuff as well. You can do it also in cPanel. The easiest way is just set up a WordPress site on your .info domain in this case and just do a one-to-one ratio. For every page on the money site, you make a similar page on your site. In fact, what I've done in the past is clone the client's site. Then install the clone on my domain and then set up a page by page redirect. You can do that with Simple 301 Redirects. That's the plugin name. Simple 301 Redirects.

They have a bulk 301 redirect add-on. It's just an extension or a plugin add-on that you can … It's free. You can add that on in WordPress. By the way when you do Simple 301 Redirects, just search for that in the plugin repository, it will come up right next to it from your WordPress dashboard I mean. It will come up right next to it. You can click on that and then you can use a spreadsheet which makes it super simple. All you have to do is … You can go to the site map of the money site and extract all the URLs from the money site, from the site map I mean, put them in column A and then put in column B all the … Excuse me, put them column B which would be your destination URL.

This Stuff Works
Then in column A you would put the slugs from your .info domain. It's very, very simple to do. It's pretty self-explanatory. It sounds like you know enough that you probably don't need anymore explanation than that.

Marco: If I can add something to that.

Bradley: Please.

Marco: He's new, right? I can understand where he's reluctant in negotiations. He's not that skilled. As he goes into this, he's going to have to learn to try to control the YouTube Channel. Try to rank his own videos and add the client's phone number on the YouTube so that the phone rings through to the client, but the video is yours. This way if anything happens, you just swap out the phone number to the competitor, right? Control the channel if you can. Control the phone number because you need to check what's ringing through, what's being said, what's going on especially if you're doing lead gen. It all depends on how you end up negotiating the deal.

This is where you have to become skilled also as a salesman and try to leverage your power and what you can do so that you can maintain as much control as possible. You never want to give up control to the client completely because then you're at the client's mercy.

Bradley: Yeah. Here's the other thing guys, if you happen to use your own channels to rank other people's videos which is fine and I recommend doing that, don't … If somebody contacts you and says that they or whatever. You're out prospecting and a client has a video and they want you to rank it, tell them fine. You're going to rank it on your channel. You download the video and you upload it to your channel. Your networks, your syndication networks, all the link building, everything is going to benefit your channel. If the client boxed it out or you catch any resistance from that, then say, “Fine. I'll absolutely rank your video on your YouTube Channel, but it's going to cost this much more.” Have two pricing structures.

This Stuff Works
One which should be your normal pricing structure for requiring the video to be ranked on your channel. That way all the SEO work you do benefits your channel, right? They still get the benefit of the traffic and the rankings. Most clients don't give a shit about that, about whether it's on their channel or not. All they want is the results that it can produce. Sometimes occasionally you will get somebody that will question why you want it on your channel. By the way the answer to that is because I have a channel that I have SEO to the hill that has a lot of inherent authority and I'm able to rank videos very, very quickly.

If I have to try to rank on your channel which has little or no SEO done to it, it's going to be an enormous amount of work relative to what I've already done. It's going to be a huge amount of work. Sure, Mr. Client, Mr. Business Owner, Mrs. Business Owner, whatever, I can still do it your channel, but it's going to cost triple or whatever it is that you decide. Make it to where once you spit that number at them, they freak out and say, “Oh, no. We'll just go with your channel. We'll go with option A.” That's the way you get around it. I've never had a client say or prospect say, “Okay, nevermind. We'll go somewhere else.” Never once has that ever happened to me.

Building Subdomains Or Use Silos To Optimize A Website Locally

It's an absolute requirement to be on my channel or else I'm going to charge them double or triple what I would charge normally. All right? Guys, man, this questions a lot Justin. I'm going to try to run through very, very quickly. I'm going to keep these very short. “Just acquired my first client. Would like to be able to expand his site surrounding in a town, cities. Should I accomplish this by building on subdomains like Masterclass teaches or would this be better to silo a city service post as he is just one brand name?” That's going to be up to you Justin. I prefer the subdomain method. It is more work because you have to set you separate WordPress sites for each. I prefer that method myself. You can do it on one site.

You can use just categories and pages and posts. Basically you can silo the site out and accomplish the same thing. The reason why I like to use subdomains though is because a lot of the times we black hat our dresses. We do stuff that's not inline with the terms of service. If one of my sites were to get penalized, it only will affect the one location, the subdomain that got penalized as opposed to if you do it on the root domain and something happens, then your entire site will be penalized. You end up losing the traffic from all of those various locations. Again just like I mentioned earlier to Martin, I try to mitigate my risk as much as possible. That's why I'm willing to put in the additional work and set up separate subdomains for each location.

Link Building For Lead Gen & Client Sites

Again it's up to you how much risk tolerance do you have. That was the word I was looking for. Tolerance. “Number five, what would you do differently with client sites first lead gen of properties as far as link building? You said that you were very aggressive with lead gen sites, so what would be some of the things you do differently?” Well, with lead gen sites because they're mine, I'm not as worried. I certainly don't want to catch penalties on my lead gen sites. Like I mentioned, I hate rework, but I am certainly more aggressive. I haven't done it in awhile now, but I used to use SAPE links all the time to my own lead gen sites.

This Stuff Works
I would run them through a 301 redirect or to a 301 redirect and then to a buffer property like one of the syndication network properties or something like that. That's all I'm saying. I will do more external link building outside of the methods that we teach for safety which is pretty much all the methods we teach are generally for long-term effect and for safety reasons. A lot of the stuff that we don't teach because it's more risky and we don't want anybody coming back and saying, “Well, you told us to do this,” no. That's why we don't talk about that stuff that much other than in Mastermind and we disclaim right off the bat that this is stuff that could get you into trouble, right? With lead gen sites, I'll do a lot of the stuff that could get me into trouble.

I still try to reduce risk as much as possible. I just use additional third party link sources if that makes sense. I'm faster. As far as link velocity, I'll increase link velocity which means I'll build links faster, that kind of stuff. I'm just more aggressive with my lead gen properties because they're mine and because if it goes down, I can build another one very, very quickly, but I don't like rework so I try to prevent that from happening. Yes, the coolest guy in coal pepper. That's funny.

Indexing An Expired Domain

Jonathan says, “I set up an expired domain over a month ago and posted some articles from …” This question, I read through this already earlier. He's having indexing issues.

Jonathan, what I would recommend doing is first of all, you can do a few things like and I mentioned this before, but if you have a Twitter account that is active, tweeting … A genuine real Twitter account or if you know somebody that does, tweeting a link will bring the bots come crawling very, very quickly. That can sometimes help things to get indexed, as well as Google Drive files, right? Put a link a Drive file. Set it to public and a lot of times that will help it to index as well. Keep in mind because you already submitted it to the search console submit URL feature, that's … A lot of the times it just … Let me explain guys. The project I'm working on for the Masterclass case study which kind of like … That's an ongoing project for me now.

Anyways, the domain that I'm using caught a manual spam action penalty over a year ago because I was spamming the hell out of it with ATM lead gadget style … Mass page generators type sites. I caught a manual spam action penalty. Cherry Domain though. When I revived this project a few months ago which became the Masterclass case study that I've been working on for the last few months, I wanted to use that domain because it was an awesome, awesome domain. I went ahead and had a whole new site built. I actually hired a third party company to build the site and everything. It had original content and all that. Then I went back to search console and submitted a reconsideration request and I got it approved.

I got it accepted, but it took like four or five weeks before it indexed which was a pain in the ass. I just did the same things that I just mentioned to you. I submitted via URL, excuse me, the URL submitter search console. I submitted the site maps. I tweeted it. Obviously I was posting content and it has a syndication network around it so that helps a lot as well. I also had a Drive stack created and that usually helps. It took like I said I think it was four or five weeks before the first link indexed at all from the site. It was really, really slow to start indexing. I just checked it yesterday and I think there's 11 or 12 index links now.

If it's a site that just for whatever reason isn't indexing, you can do the things that I said and just be a little bit patient and see what happens. If it still hasn't indexed after doing some of the things that I just mentioned and just being patient and I know you said it's been two and a half weeks, then I'm not sure what you can do there except for replace the domain which kind of sucks I know. Any comments on that Marco? We only got like five minutes left and we got a lot of questions left.

This Stuff Works
Marco: No. No. No. No. I totally agree. Let's just push on.

Bradley: All right. Cool. Another meme from Wayne. Van says, “Hey, Bradley. I have two questions I want to ask today. What is the name of the microphone you are using?” This one is the Blue Snowball. Blue Microphones. It's the Snowball. I love them. This is the second one I've had. The only problem is occasionally the connection in the back gets loose and when it does, it will create popping sounds while you're recording audio and it sucks especially if you don't know that it's doing that until after you've recorded a one hour video or have done a webinar and then you listen to the replay and it's popping and it's like, “Oh.” That's the only, only drawback, but I really do like the mics.

Driving Traffic To Your Affiliate Link Using Youtube Ads As Affiliate Link Is Prohibited To Use As Landing Page

“How do you drive traffic to your affiliate link using YouTube ads if an affiliate link is prohibited to use as a landing page?” Set up a bridge page. Set up your own landing page Van on your own domain. Put all the Google AdWords compliance stuff that you need like an about tab, contact information, privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of service. Put all those links on there. Primarily make sure that you have the business name, the contact information right on the landing page. You can do it small at the bottom. You want to set up your own landing page that you drive traffic to. From the landing page, you can send people to an affiliate offer, but you have to be careful about that too. You have to provide value on the landing page.

It can't just be literally like a landing page and a video and affiliate link. You might be able to get away with that. In fact, you can get away with that, but AdWords campaigns will be manually reviewed from time to time. If a reviewer determines that they don't like that, then they'll suspend your site down the road. It's happened to me many, many times now. My sites get suspended all the time in AdWords guys, but it's usually something very, very small. We had a question about this. I don't remember. One of our groups. We had a question about this recently. I always recommend just calling AdWords. Every time I get a site suspended that's the first thing I do. I just call AdWords up, AdWords support and I ask them.

Can you tell me what it is because they'll send you an email, but it's so vague as to what it is that … Most of the time it's so vague that you don't know what to do to fix it. I just call and I have somebody literally talk me through it over the phone and take a look at it. Most of the times it ends up getting sent up to the higher level. Then they end up reinstating the site or they'll send me more information. Sometimes even with screenshots and say, “This needs to be corrected blah blah blah,” and I'll correct it and then I'll resubmit it for reconsideration and I always end up getting them approved again. There's only one site, funny enough, BradleyBenner.com.

That's the only site that I have not been able to get unsuspended from AdWords yet and that's because I was doing like a lot of like just shitty affiliate offers on that which was for testing purposes which I shouldn't have done on my own domain, like my own name domain, but I did. Anyways, yes, set up a bridge page.

Optimizing Images In Instagram & Imgur

Next, Edward says, “Bradley, should I optimize input of properties? All photos that will go into Instagram and Imgur.” Imgur I would say yeah. Instagram I have no idea. I've never done a damn thing on Instagram, Edward, so I really don't know if that makes any difference at all or not.

Essentially for optimizing you mean adding metadata and stuff like that? Typically if I'm going to be uploading image files to anywhere, I optimize the metadata. Any comments on that guys? Yeah, Adam, I saw the warning.

Marco: No, let's move on.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Tom says, “Hey, guys. Since there is no way to add info to the video and reupload it without changing the URL, do you suggest not ever adding a phone number directly in the video?” Tom, I recommend using a virtual phone number. I know you mentioned that that you weren't ready to do that yet, but I recommend that you do because you keep 100% control that way. Okay Adam, I see your message. However, what you could do is you could use an annotation in the video itself. That's what I would do. Honestly, I always just set up my own virtual phone number. It's only a couple bucks a month guys.

If you put in the work to rank a video and it's got a client's phone number on it and Marco said earlier the client decides that they don't want to pay you anymore, you can go in and … You're not able to swap the number if it's actually in the video itself. I'm not talking about the title or the description. You can swap that out. I'm talking about if the video is displayed in … Excuse me. The phone number is displayed in the actual video itself, right? By the way guys if that happens, if you have a phone number in a video and all of a sudden you lose that client or whatever, don't delete the video. Turn it to unlisted.

Because if you've already done a bunch of SEO work to it, you've got juice flowing into the video. If you delete that video, you just literally cut it off just like that. It's gone. All that work that you've done will not benefit your channel at all anymore because that video's no more. It's nonexistent. Don't every delete the video. Just turn it to unlisted. It will fall out of Google's index immediately and you'll still benefit from all the inbound link juice that's flowing through that video that flows back up through your silo if you're using playlist which you should be and to your channel. Anyways, that's it. If you use a virtual phone number, then all you got to do is redirect where the phone number goes. That's what I recommend.

Last part of it is you can use annotations and remembers there's end screens now and all that. You can go in and add an annotation and swap out numbers in the annotation because that's just text that you input. You can also change the end screen, edit the end screen and cards too. You can use cards too. We have to wrap up guys. I got to get ready for Masterclass in less than five minutes. Adam said that somebody was asking … I guess is it Jeff? Something about SERP Space. Guys, if there's problems with SERP Space or anything, just go to SERP Space support. Click on support in there. That's all we can do guys. They're two separate support entities. You have to go through SERP Space support for SERP Space questions or help.

Guys, thanks for being here. Sorry we couldn't get to all the questions. It was a lot. Next week we will … Tell me when you guys can hear me again. Can you guys hear me now? Hello?

Marco: Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup.

Bradley: Okay. All right. Guys, just please do me a favor, next week try not to post five questions in one post because that makes it very, very difficult for us to get to other people's questions. It's okay to post more than one question, but just break them up a little bit please. Thanks for everybody being here. We'll be seeing you in Masterclass in a few minutes if you're part of that. If not, you should be. See you all later. Thanks.

Marco: Bye everyone.

Chris: Bye guys.

This Stuff Works

Where To Build Links For Serp Space Link Packages?

By April

In episode 103 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the best places to build links for Serp Space link packages.

The exact question was:

Hi. I have some questions regarding some URLs to include in a SerpSpace LB package order. Do you suggest we link to:
1) Google-owned stuff like blogspot and Google Plus?
2) Some rankfeedr feeds or is this too aggressive?
3) some of the individual docs in our IFTTT GDrive folder?
4) I have built some of the RYS stuff. Do we link to as many of those individual docs, sheets and forms as we can?
5) On the network properties, how many individual syndicated blog posts should we to link to?
Thanks guys.

This Stuff Works

Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 103

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 103 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.


Adam: Cody and welcome to Humpday Hangouts Episode 103, we're very close to 104. 1 week away. Let's say hi to everybody really quick, I'll start at the end on my screen who I see, and start with Chris, how's it going?

Chris: It's been good, how are you doing?

Adam: Can't complain. Well, I guess I can complain if I wanted to. It's actually kind of nice here, it's just cold. I'm just waiting to hear the weather report from Marco, winter has officially started here, so. Hernan, how's it going?

Hernan: Hey guys, hey everyone. It's really, really good to be here. I'm excited for today, 104, a lot of stuff going on, so this is going to be a great episode.

Adam: Awesome. Marco, let's get the weather update.

Marco: Man, I'm sorry to say that it's still warm in Costa Rica, sorry man. I can't help it, it's about 85 right now. Rain is rolling in though, so it'll go down to about 80. Once the rain goes away, I could go take a dip in the pool, you know how that goes.

Adam: That's okay, you got to suffer for a little bit so you can enjoy it, the good parts, huh?

Marco: It's such a tough life.

Adam: Bradley, how's it going?

Bradley: Good man, glad to be here.

Adam: Good deal, well hey, before we get started I wanted to go real quick, obviously Local Kingpin just launched, so that's going really well. I think a lot of people might not be aware that we're also going to have … For people who decide that the local lead gen and on demand traffic generation is for them, we're going to be doing update webinars as part of the course. You guys are obviously here watching Humpday Hangouts, so you know we like to webinars and we like to do training. Bradly, do you want to tell them just a little bit about what you're going to be doing with these update webinars and why they're there?

Bradley: Sure, well. I'm adding a second case study, I actually started setting it up today, so I will be adding additional videos to the training. Guys, it's a one time purchase but I'm going to be continuing to update the training over the next probably three months or so. Because, I'm still learning on how to improve the AdWords campaigns and so as I continue to learn, I'm going to share that with whoever, all Local Kingpin members because I'm not 100% satisfied with where it's at now.

Even though I've already gotten a lot of good responses for where it's at I still think it can be better and so I want to make it better, and so I'm going to be continuing to add training inside the members area. Then we're also going to have probably at least 3 update webinars, that are probably spaced out at least 3 or 4 weeks apart. Over the next 3 months, we're going to have an additional 3 webinars, which will be kind of like Q and A where members can ask questions about specific issues they're having, and that kind of stuff.

That goes for the Maps Kingpin upgrade too, which is kind of like the Maps SEO part of it, that's all going to be … All of that is going to be updated. The front end product and the up sell, if that makes sense.

Adam: Awesome, all right, and then on top of that too. We're also going to be giving people an additional custom click funnels template to be using for local lead generation. We're going to be adding that in there, and I think I'm going to talk Bradley to putting it into use, so he'll be able to give you guys back some analysis on it.

Bradley: Well shit, if you get it done quick enough I can use it on this next case study.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah, all right, should be done tomorrowish, so we'll see.

Bradley: I'll be setting up ads this weekend for that new case study, so if you have it done you can share it to my ClickFunnels account and we'll be good to go.

Adam: Awesome. Yeah, it's going to be done by some unnamed ClickFunnel certified partner, they're going to knock it out and we'll get it done.

Bradley: Weird out here.

Adam: Yeah, some weirdo. What we got? One more? Marco, you want to tell everybody about the event coming up next week?

This Stuff Works

Marco: Yes, I mentioned last week, we're going to have CT Fletcher on for an hour and a half, and he's going to be talking about how he built his business. How he went from nearly dead to right now, kind of social media just about, from what I see and everything that he's doing. If you guys want to come and join us and listen in, get some tips, some hacks from the guy who's doing and all … Everything has been done. He's not really paying for anything, it's all organic. It's all just him producing content and getting people to like his stuff, share his stuff.

I'm going to share … Oh, you shared the link already that's cool. I was going to share the link but, the press release is going out early tomorrow, I would suggest guys that you go and reserve your space because once it goes out … He wants us to be free, he wants us to be available to the general internet or online public. Not just our group, but we're holding off so that our people can go in and reserve their seats whoever IS going to attend before it goes. Once it goes on and the seats are locked, sorry, catch it on the replay.

We're planning to have lots of fun, asking tons of questions and just see what he has to say.

Adam: Awesome, that's going to be a great webinar.

Bradley: Awesome, really looking forward to that too.

Adam: Yup, anybody got anything else? I think that's about all I got?

Bradley: One more thing I want to mention is we've already started getting support tickets for people complaining about the coupon code expiring. Guys, we gave plenty of notice ahead of time for Local Kingpin that we're going to have a 24 hour coupon available, and also our top affiliates or the affiliates that actually send us real traffic, they got the ability to also send that 100 dollar coupon out.

If you missed it, I'm sorry, but there was plenty of notification ahead of time. One way to avoid that in the future, is to make sure you're on our notification list. Go to semanticmastery.com subscribe to our notification list and then that way you won't miss the coupon the next time. That said, that price will be jumping again what to 397 on tomorrow?

Adam: Friday morning?

Hernan: Friday, yeah.

Bradley: Then, eventually next week it's going to go to it's evergreen price at 497. If you're on the fence, and you still haven't purchased, I'd get it now. Because, there's no exception guys, if you've missed it you've missed it, okay. Didn't want to be a hardass but we've got to keep our word, and that's what we said we'd do. All right, so let's go ahead and get into some questions, I'm going to grab the screen.

Hopefully you guys can see me zoom in a little bit. Let me know if you're having an issues seeing guys?

This Stuff Works

Adam: We good?

Hernan: Can you zoom in a little bit more, because it's … If it's tiny for us, I bet that, ah, kay. There we go.

Bradley: That's about as big as it's going to get man.

Hernan: Yeah that works.

Influence Google Search Auto Complete

Bradley: When I read a question it's going to be like watching a tennis match, my head's going to go from one side to the other. All right, here we go Greg Dreebert says: What's the best way to influence auto complete in Google Search. Crowd Search, you could do that with any sort of those CT spam bots or applications and obviously Crowd Search is the one we use, but yeah, you could do that over … It takes time but you can influence auto complete or suggest by doing that. Okay?

Informing Google On Redirected Pages

That's why that's so effective with brand searches guys, or what do you call navigational searches. Because, over time it adds brand search signals to Google which is very, very strong for businesses, okay? Greg says: When redirecting a site, what about the privacy page about us disclosure table and library images at the old domain, redirect them over or just leave them? Yeah, why wouldn't you just redirect them Greg?

If you're moving all the content from one domain to another, just move those pages too. I don't know why you wouldn't is what I'm saying. Yeah, just move those and then you could redirect the old links and I don't know why you'd even need to redirect the old links because those aren't types of pages that typically, you have any back links going to so it really shouldn't effect SEO and any at all period, if that makes sense. There's really no need to redirect old pages to new pages if everybody's going to land on your new site anyways, if that makes sense?

There's no sense in redirecting old URLs from privacy policy pages unless for whatever reason you had back links built to that that you want to keep. After redirecting, I could not use the inform Google of address change function inside of search console as it needed the old homepage to exist and I have already redirected it. I instead use the fetch this Google and index the page button, is this is a good idea? Can I do that for all redirected pages? It would be only 10 pages, thanks.

Yeah sure, you can do that. There's no problem with that, just changing the site address isn't really that big of a deal inside of search console because you just add the new site once it's added, once you got it set up and it's just a new property, that's all. Okay? The fetch is Google works, it's the same thing as submitting the URL really, the only difference is when you use the fetch is Google, you can actually take a look at how the page renders to the Google bot. That's really the only difference. Okay? You can also tell Google if you want them to crawl just that page alone or the page and all of its direct links. You can tell it to do so. Usually with a new site, a good thing to do is if you have a page or like a categories page or something like that you can have it crawl all it's direct links, then that kind of helps to spider the site quicker. That's all.

Linkn Building For Serp Space Links

All right, Brandon says: Hi, I have some questions regarding URLs to include in the search space link boating package order, do you suggest we link to Google owned stuff, like blog spot and Google Plus, some Rank Feeder feeds? I wouldn't do Rank Feeder feeds. The reason I wouldn't do that is because if you have any of your own money site feeds or posts published in that Rank Feeder feed, then you'd be essentially injecting spam directly to your money site, so I don't recommend that. Google stuff is fine, some of the individual docs in your IFTTT G Drive folder, yeah you can do that, or you can just set the folder to public which it should be anyways.

Just select the folder URL, all right? Because if you're just building links to the folder URL then all of the contents within the folder will get the link juice as well. Okay? Just go with the folder there. You can go with individual drive files, that's fine, but you can do the folder itself. I have built out some of the RYS Stack, do we link to as many of those individual doc sheets and forms as we can. You can, or if you have everything, what we call Spider [inaudible 00:10:52], right? Then you could just link to either the folder or anyone of the docs or all them. It really doesn't matter, because everything is going to spread around no matter where you inject the link juice, it's going to spread around if you have it built right.

The network properties, how many individual syndicated blog posts should we link to, I don't like to individual blog posts on the network properties. I link to the homepage URL of all the network properties, because if you link just directly to the individual post URLs, which is fine if you have … For example, if you have a page on your website that you're trying to rank and so you've published a blog post with an internal link that's linking up to the page, just the way that we teach and you syndicate that post, then you can go collect those post URLs on the web 2 properties and specifically target those post URLs with additional links, because then you'll be pushing juice from that post up through that internal link, up to the main page of the site that you're trying to rank.

This Stuff Works

I only do that selectively when I need an extra boost for a particular page, but typically I just will build for efficiency reasons links to the homepage URLs of all the profiles, if that makes sense. That's because for example, with Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, if you're building things to the homepage URL, then every time a post is published, it's going to benefit from all of the juice that is basically sitting there on that homepage URL. Until it paginates, until the post paginates, which happens like, let's say it's 10 post on each page before it goes to page 2, so that means that you've got 9 more posts from the post that you published today, you got an additional 9 posts before that post paginates and pushes off the first page, if that makes sense.

You can … What I've found is most of the time you benefit from the link juice while it's still on that first page and it helps you to rank and then by the time it paginates, you typically should've seen results already. Then, by the way you could always build links to your … Once it starts to paginate, like page 2, page 3, you could actually build links to those too by the way. You don't have to just stop at the homepage URL. I try to get the most mileage out of those link building pages as I can and to me, unless I'm trying to specifically boost a particular post and therefore a page, then I just build directly to the home page URLs of all the network properties. That way, everything that gets published benefits from those links instead of just an individual post or page if that makes sense.

Any body else have any other suggestions for that?


Hernan: I think I've pointed this out in the past, what I've done at some point is in case you need a boost, you know, for those pages and those posts that are page two. Or, you know bottom of page 1, position number 9 and position number 15 for example. What you want to do is to set up a new post with a link back to that page that you want to boost, that way you wait until it syndicates out and then you grab the syndicated URLs. For example, if it syndicates into WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger, you will grab the individual post. They will also have the link to the page that you want to boost, and you can build links to them, you can do PBN to them, you can do FCS Networker to them, whatever you want to do to them, that way you can push an internal page or an internal article higher on Google, you know?

Bradley: Yeah, that's what I was saying. If you have a particular page on your site that you're trying to rank then when you publish the post on your blog, from your money site with an internal link to that page. Once it syndicates, collect the post URLs on the web 2's and that's only very specific targeting. If you have particular pages on your site that you need to boost for, that's a good way to do it, but like I said, for efficiency reasons, I like to just build the links to the homepage unless I'm selectively doing what we just discussed. If that makes sense, okay?

Marco: I had some really good results with the free WordPress blog, siloing it, mimicking the original site. Takes a lot of work and every time that you get a new post, of course, it has to be manually added to the silo. I mean, you get tons of traffic once it starts to ranking and it does rank really well, so.

Interlinking Syndicated Content in IFTTT

Bradley: Awesome, all right, Mark says: Hey guys all is well, I have a question about interlinking web 2 articles. I know it would be a bit manual, but with a VA and Browseo, would it be worth going through the web 2 bugs and interlinking posts within that platform. WordPress, for example. Can you do that with syndicated contents, using words or phrases within the syndicated content to link to another post? Thanks.

Yeah, you could. Again, I don't ever do that just because it requires too much manual work but I suppose you could. My question is, why don't you just link from one post to another from the main money site blog, so that the link are already present, when you syndicate the article, right?

This Stuff Works

My point is is if, that logging in into WordPress.com, Blogger and Tumblr for example and then adding manual links to additional posts on those same sites, which could probably be the post from your money site anyways. Why not just create internal links from your original blog posts over to the other posts so that when they syndicate, they're already interlinked, so that it doesn't require manual work. Does that make sense? Now, if your main money site is siloed and you don't want to cross link between posts from different silos.

You don't want to do that because you'll bleed the theme of the silo, but if it's for a flat site, and it's not siloed then I wouldn't worry about it. Or, if you're going to link to other posts within the same silo, then that's absolutely fine to do. My point is, if you can avoid having to have that second step and going in and actually manually adding links, if you can do that on the front end when you publish the first post, then I would knock it out there. Yes Mark, you can do that but I would recommend doing it from the money site blog itself, and you can interlink within the same silo to other posts in that silo or I wouldn't interlink between silos though.

IFTTT V2 & Local Kingpin Results & Profit Making

If you're going to do that, you can do that with no follow links. If that makes sense. That's more of a navigational thing, that's more of a link for a visitor than it is for SEO, okay? The no follow links I mean between silo's. All right, Dave is next. He says, Thank you for allowing me to ask a question. Forgive me, this is a little long as I'm just a little confused. Hi, I was going to invest in IFTTT 2.0, but I'm a little confused now. According to this above course on local lead generation, Local Kingpin, I'm guessing IFTTT 2.0 course is not that affective anymore, as Google has now altered its ranking system. That's not the case, Dave, that's not the case at all. It's a good question so, but that's not the case at all.

It's not that IFTTT is not effective, the whole point of the Local Kingpin training course is to generate traffic on demand without having to do a bunch of SEO work. SEO is still absolutely effective for generating leads. Now, organic SEO for local leads isn't nearly as effective as it used to be, because you have to pass by as many as 7 other listings before you ever get to the first organic listing. That was the whole reason why I started learning how to use AdWords, was because my organic call volume or excuse me, my call volume from my organic listings only, had dropped as much as 60%.

That took a serious hit in my revenue, so I decided I had to figure something else out. Not every lead gen property has a Maps address, right? There's a lot of lead gen properties that had been generating revenue for me that didn't have a physical Maps location, so I wasn't able to rank in the 3 pack, right? If you're going to focus just on SEO for generating leads, then I recommend that you focus on Maps SEO and that you try and rank in the 3 pack, because the organic rankings aren't generating leads for searches with local intent that show a map. They're not nearly as many.

This Stuff Works

You'll still get some leads but not nearly as many. I recommend, if you're going to be doing local lead gen that you foc … SEO is going to be your primary method, that you focus on Maps alone. Which IFTTTSEO Academy, will help you to rank in Maps, okay? In fact, the upgrade I should say for the Local Kingpin course which is about AdWords, is how to rank in Maps which is SEO. Maps SEO. That's because it's still very effective and the process that I use to rank in Maps includes an IFTTT network. Any sort of SEO work that we do includes an IFTTT SEO network. Okay? It's not that IFTTT SEO is not going to help you, it just depends on what is it that you prefer … What would you rather do?

Would you rather drive leads, generate leads by spending money and having it done quickly and it's very scalable that way? Do you have more time or more money? If you have more time and less money, then you might want to go with something like SEO for generating leads. If you have more money and less time, you might want to go with AdWords for generating leads, right? It really just depends on your own personal preference, where you are and what resources do you have available? Okay?

Hernan: Sorry Bradly, but if I can add to what you were saying. The main point and the main goal of Semantic Mastery, we as a group is that you get profitable and you get results. SEO IFTTT v2, works extremely well so does AdWords, so does Facebook advertising, we have been talking a little bit about that on last mastermind, there's potential to make a course about that so the idea is not to be either or but rather use every tool at your disposal to grow your assets and-

Bradley: Absolutely.

Hernan: Your company. We would be doing you a disservice if we would say, “Just do SEO,” because that's not how it works. The idea is that you get results and one of the best way to do that is combine traffic sources, because that will give you more independence and that will give you more freedom and all of those things. I just wanted to say that, that Semantic Mastery is focused on giving you results. Doesn't really matter what you do, of course SEO works. Even if you do 100% paid advertising, we will still tell you, “Okay, do some SEO, because that's a long term, mid term traffic source and relationship within the 2,” you know what I mean?

Bradley: Yeah, yup. That's a good point, because for example, with AdWords, let's say that your cost per acquisitions for a lead is 35$. It depends on what kind of service you're in, but for me and my business the tree service industry, that's actually a good price for acquiring a lead, right? Let's say 35 dollars is my cost per acquisition because all I'm doing is AdWords. However, what if I can also rank in both Maps and potentially organic listings as well and let's say that I start getting 30-40% of my leads coming through Maps, right? Then now, I've actually decreased my cost per acquisition considerably because I'm generating leads through Maps that aren't costing me on a per click basis.

There's still a cost to it, guys. Everybody says free SEO traffic, bullshit. There's no such thing as free traffic. You have to put work and effort in. It's either time, work or effort or all of the above. There is no such thing as free traffic, you still have to put work into it, so again, it just really depends on what you're saying. What your resources are and what Hernan just said is absolutely true. Do as many traffic sources as possible, because that way you have a much more diversified traffic source, you don't have to rely on just one.

If you just rely on SEO and something happens, Google changes it's algorithm tomorrow and you lose that site, you've just lost a stream of revenue. That's why I think supplementing even with AdWords now is critical for any sort of local lead gen business because there is so much volatility in SEO that we never know what's going to happen, it's becoming increasingly complex. In my opinion, why not go ahead and scoop up traffic from all sources that we can. I stick specifically with YouTube and Google and Maps, right? One of the things eventually I'd like to get into is learning how to generate local leads using a Facebook Ads if I ever decide to start doing Facebook Ads, I have a Hernan though.

He does all that stuff for us, in fact, we may end up doing a training course about that at some point down the road. In which case, I'm anxious to take it, so. All right so, for the rest of that question. I know there will be a lot of hard work put in my myself to rank websites and study for formula, but will it be as effective as initially wise? Yes, it still is. What kind of results have your students been getting in terms of renumeration for ranking websites?

I know we've got a lot of really good testimonials in the IFTTT SEO group, so. Our students are getting … Anybody that implements that and they do it, usually gets results, so.

Adam: Yeah, I was going to say, you can go to the IFTTTSEO.com the sales page for IFTTTT SEO Academy and check it out. Those are real, the stuff we put up there, people having results. We've got some examples right there.

This Stuff Works

Bradley: How profitable can I get? I can't tell you that Dave, wish I could but it just depends on how you're running … What are your expenses, how are you monetizing your leads, who are you selling them to, what are you selling them for? There's way too many variables, but a good lead gen site, it really just depends. My lead gen sites, my average on my tree service sites that are SEO based only. I don't have an average for my AdWords funnels yet because it's still too new for me. I don't have enough data for me to be able to determine what my averages are on those.

For my SEO sites that are mainly ranked in Maps for the tree service stuff, I have an average of about 400 per month per location. That's because it varies widely. For example, I've got some that I might only get 2 or 3 jobs out an entire month, so those lead gen properties aren't making but a couple 100 dollars a month, if that. Sometimes not even that, but I also have other properties that generate 12, 15,000 dollars a month. The average comes out to be across all the different sites that I have roughly about 400 dollars per site per location.

The trick there is to build many, many, many of them, right? I love that guys, because every single one of those is an additional stream of revenue, so that if some of them get hit by … Slapped by Google or whatever, I still have a whole bunch of others that are generating revenue, right? It's diversification.

Adam: Something else real quick I realized too, that I don't think that is on the sales page, it will be updating soon then. Is that you did the monetization webinar, so inside of the training there's actually at least 1 webinar if not 2, I forget. That speak directly towards how you can monetize these.

Bradley: Yeah, it wasn't a webinar, it was just a training video. Monetization models, I actually just added that yesterday. We'll be talking more about that again in some of the update webinars, or are you talking about inside of IFTTTSEO Academy, I'm sorry.

Adam: Yes, sorry, you've done at least 1 dedicated to it, and there might have been it's a couple of other players.

Linking IFTTT With GSA, Scrapebox, Fiverr Gigs

Bradley: Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about Local Kingpin, because I just added monetization models training to that yesterday, so. Okay Ashley says: Hi you are great. I want to go back thanks to my IFTTT Network, is that possible to use Black Hat tricks like GSA, Scrapebox, Fiverr Gig or just PBN, yes, absolutely. What we recommend is that your first tier of links, so your first layer of links to your IFTTT network properties, you keep them clean. In other words, don't use kitchen sink spam, you want to do contextual links from usually properties with some higher metrics, themed if possible. From there, you can throw kitchen spam at that first layer of links, that first tier.

You don't want to burn your IFTTT properties, because you want to treat those … They are like an SEO Firewall guys, that's in part why we use them, but at the same time they are extensions of your brand so you don't want to just spam them to death. The way that we do it, is we build a what is it, it's between like 75 to 125 contextual links to the IFTTT properties, and then we throw spam behind that.

Hernan: Yeah, that's the case. You don't want to burn them, so do not throw a couple 100,000 directly to the IFTTT networks but … Because we have had greater results in terms of metrics, in terms of rankings by adding a layer of contextuals in between. That's exactly what we are doing on our IFTTT link building service. That's the structure of it. You get a handful of links per IFTTT property backed with spam, so.

SEO Services With Little To No Resources

Bradley: Yeah, and again, you can use any of those tools that you just mentioned, that's fine. Okay, Ben says: A client getting questions, starting with little to no resources. If you had to have an SEO client by next week, what would you do to make it happen? Me? Video email, so what I call Vmail. That was how I first started off getting clients, when I first branched out from just doing lead gen and started landing clients as innate client consulting work. I did it with video email.

This Stuff Works

I literally built my business with my client based business from video email. It was the most effective way to contact and to prospect for clients was video email, okay?

Hernan: Nice.

Bradley: If I pause the screen for a minute, I can get you a link to-

Hernan: I remember that guy, that was pretty good that guy that you made the video prospecting.

Bradley: Yeah. I've got a link to an opt in form that you can opt in to get free training on how to do video email if you'd like. I'm going to have to pause the screen to get it, maybe what I'll do is when the webinar is over. Here, let me make a note of it and I'll tag you Ben so that you get notified. Just a minute, I'm writing a note. Vmail opt in. You opt in, you get the free training on how to do video email, and then obviously since you've opted in I'm going to spam you to death. Just be aware that you're going to be spammed, no, I'm kidding.

I'll paste that link on the page once the webinars over Ben.

Marco: If he's just starting out and he has just absolutely nothing, there's nothing that he can turn to or go on. Man, the best thing that he can do is network other … In other words, just get out to his local business owners and let them … Let me get this right. Find out who they are, find out what they need, you know what they need, they need more money. You need to figure out how to let them know that you can make them more money without being … Without really hammering them over …

Because, they've heard the pitch before. I mean, that's a thing, get out there, get yourself known. Make up some business cards, fake it till you make it. You can put on them, SEO expert or however it is that you want to brand yourself, but you have to make people aware that your brand exists, what it is that you do and how it is that you can help them. Get out there, hit the pavement, let them know, you get your business cards out there, get known and I think that gets some positive results.

It's worked for me, I've used Craigslist, I've used just about everything there is. When I needed a client, I've gone to Craigslist for gigs and I've bid on jobs that have been posted. Up work, I've done it all when I needed a client or when I wanted a client to test something.

Bradley: Yeah, you know, personally I didn't find a whole lot of good results with going to business networking meetings, like MeetUp meetings and stuff. I ended up spending more damn time just driving back and forth to the meetings and having to buy bullshit breakfast at IHOP or whatever that resulted in such little client work. Although, it just got me out of my comfort zone and talking about my business. Again, everyone's going to have different results, I'm just saying personally from my experience, the best results I've got was from video emails, and that's selecting potential clients or whatever is particularly in a niche that you want to work in, and then just crafting a video where you're analyzing their property and not criticising it but explain how it could be improved upon, that kind of stuff.

Then sending those personalized emails to the owners or to the business, preferably owners if possible. A hybrid model of the 2 worked, whereas I would go to the networking meetings and collect business cards and then follow up with those people using video emails. Now that was a 1, 2 punch and that worked well too.

Hernan: Nice.

This Stuff Works

Chris: Now, I'm going to hop in here and I may got slaughtered on this one by you guys, but I don't care I'm going to say it anyways. Do 2 things at once, do what they're saying and then, while you're looking for that, find somebody, hopefully you know somebody who's got a business, just do some work for them to get some results. Get a testimonial from them, put yourself out there and do something good for them. It doesn't happen to be ranking their website on page 1, just, can you help them with their social media? Can you help them with their content? Can you a do a site audit, do something and get a testimonial from them.

Because nobody's going to want to hire you if you don't have anybody that can refer you, and that's where the real work's going to start coming in, when people start referring you.

Hernan: Yeah. I love this and if I may add a couple of things that have helped me tremendously are to leverage communities. Have discussion forums and Facebook groups for example, and as Bradley was saying, you can really pick what kind of Facebook groups or what kind of communities you're joining. For example, let's say you want to work with realtors, join a realtor group and do not try to teach them real estate. Try to help them with digital marketing or SEOing your case. It's amazing if you add value over there, it's amazing the amount of work that you can get. Because those people are usually trying to get …

You will not try to sell them anything but just be helpful. As Adam was saying, try to do something for them and it's amazing the amount of content you can get, because those people are actually … They're really engaged with their topic and most of the cases they're really desperate about finding somebody that they can trust. The reality is that you can build that trust by actually helping people in those forms and those Facebook groups that will you get a ton of recommendations and private messages, et cetera.

It has happened to me just for the sake of being helpful on discussion forums that are around a niche that you want to go after and Facebook groups as well. Posting a really good piece of content over there Ben, that's related to the problems that they are getting that they are getting as Marco was saying, they're not getting enough leads, they're not getting enough sales. That will easily position yourself as the authority figure and for example SEO for realtors, and you will get a ton of private messages et cetera, and then off you go.

It's just about being helpful and do not try to pitch them, because again, they have heard it. You are actually showing them that you can help them in the future but by helping them right now. That has been really valuable for me and that's a tip that I hope you use because it's super, super … It's amazing the amount of feedback that you can get by just being helpful and dedicating 1 or 2 hours a day, just spending time on those forums and communities and being helpful.

Chris: If I could just add, being helpful works.

Marco: We're going on our 104th episode trying to be helpful, and the whole semantic mastery brand has practically been built on being helpful, so.

Bradley: That's true, we've been at it for 2 years now, next week it will be 2 years on Hump Day hangout so, and last thing I want to mention about that Ben is I've always used video SEO as a foot in the door too. As far as video email for prospective but video SEO as a foot in the door typically. Video SEO is not my primary method of making money, I love to use video SEO but specifically as a foot in the door because it's something that although I know it's way more difficult than it was even a year ago or 2 years ago, to rank for local terms. You can take a long tailed keyword that's not competitive at all, even before you initiate the contact with a prospect and rank something for them with their branding on it, so that when you send them a video prospecting email, you can show them the property that you ranked.

This Stuff Works

Show them a video, and it doesn't have to be anything spectacular, it's just to show them that you know what you're doing. Because, how will they know? For the vast majority of prospects aren't going to know whether it was a difficult keyword to rank for. For example, you could rank for your keyword plus zip code, right? Your key word plus city plus zip code, because it's very rare that people search by zip code. They do but it's rare. You could rank a video for that fairly easily, most likely, and then you could just point that out in your video prospecting email that you send to that specific prospect. Say, “Look, I did this just to show you I know what I'm talking about. Would you be interested in some additional marketing help that can drive more leads in your business and help you to make more money, blah blah blah.”

If that makes sense? That way you can do something for free for them to prove that you know what you're doing, but I agree with what Adam said and that's just finding some people that you can be helpful … Hernan as well, find people that you could be helpful with and then maybe offer up some free services in exchange for referrals, that's another good tactic. Say look, “I'll help you optimize your Maps listing and maybe perhaps rank a YouTube video for you or whatever and then all I ask for in return is that you give me 3 business referrals. 3 other people that you know that are in business that could potentially use help with marketing.”

Adam: I just want to say real quick to everybody's who's requesting access, we're going to include that link in the Friday email. If you're not signed up to it, go to semanticmastery.com and get signed up and that'll be on the Friday email. Also, if you're watching this in the future from some other point in time since we get a lot of people watching the replays, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll get you the link for the video prospecting.

Google Maps Setup For Additional Services

Bradley: Yeah and guys, I'm going to drop it on this events page as soon as we get done, okay? I'll just post it in about 15 minutes, okay? You guys are going to be right here on the event page. All right, so Ivan's next he says: Hi guys, looking forward to the 104th. Yes we are too. Question about Google Maps. I created a personalized Google Map, so he's talking about Google My Maps for my residential computer repair company, now I want to offer 3 more related services. My question is, what do you think will be better? 1, adding 3 new layers or pins targeting services like service 1, 2 and 3 on my existing map or 2, create 3 new Maps. Naming them, service 1, service 2, service 3?

Linking 3 Maps somewhere in the description. By the way I watch the 4 videos of RYS Academy. Awesome information, now I'm playing around with Google sites creation. That's another link that we can drop Adam, for the free RYS webinar series?

Adam: Yeah, let me grab that really quick.

Bradley: Since that was mentioned. Ivan, I haven't tested the difference between those 2 methods. The way that I've always done it, which I haven't built a whole lot myself, is adding additional layers to the same map, but I haven't tested that. Maybe Marco could speak on this one a little bit.

Marco: We've tried both and the thing is that everything just flows throughout the folder. Everything depends on the niche, man. Everything depends on what you're going after, everything depends on the keywords, competition. There's so many variables that what I would tell him is do both. There's no reason why you can't do both because they're My Maps.

Bradley: Right.

This Stuff Works

Marco: Go do both and see which one works better. It might just turnout that they all work and-

Bradley: I've always just done option 1 on the same map, just add new layers but yeah, I haven't tried the other method. It would almost be worth setting that up on 2 different properties, to see if one has a better … If you do both at the same time for the same property, I don't know if you'd know which one had the better results. Because you just threw both at it at the same time. That would be worth setting up a test for though, honestly. Yeah, just do both, why not?

Sistrix Tool

Sky's up, he says: If you have time, can you briefly go over how you would use https://www.sistrix.com and what additional info you would add to improve SEO, are you talking about for video object?

Yeah, apparently that's what he's talking about. The Sistrix tool for videos is the only time I've ever used it is for video objects. Let's see what they got. Is it thinking, what the hell is it doing? Okay. Let's see, anyways, there's the video tool on here somewhere and that's the only one that I've ever used. The only problem that I find with it is it kind of screws up the formatting of your post if you try to include this in a WordPress post. It gives it some strange formatting and I guess it has to do with CSS conflict or something, from the Microdata. I don't know, I'm not a coder, does that sound right Marco.

Marco: Yeah, that's probably it. Even if you play with it, if you CSS it on the website and make it look good, when it gets syndicated out, there's nothing that guarantees it won't be stripped out.

Bradley: It's probably going to look like shit too, yeah.

Marco: You can't control the CSS or whatever template you're using on free websites anyways, so, yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, I actually avoid using that when possible. I'll use the video WordPress SEO video. That WordPress SEO plugin from [inaudible 00:42:53], there's a video SEO Add on, it's expensive, but I like to use that if I'm doing a lot of heavy video stuff on sites. Just to finish the question, would you finish the meta item prop interaction count, as this would obviously go up over time. I don't like to inflate anything in structured data, unless there's real data to back it up somewhere. Personally, I don't because you can get structured data spam, manual action taken against your site.

I stopped spamming structured data, probably over 2 years ago now. Because I've gotten in the past those structured data spam messages inside … Manual spam messages inside of search console from that and so I stopped doing it. That was like adding review stars and shit when there weren't really reviews, that kind of stuff. I don't know if would inflate the interaction count. I would just use whatever the data is at the time, and if you need to update it later on then you could but I don't know how that updates real time anyways.

I think it's something you'd have to manually do. For example, I've got a client that's got reviews now showing on his site. He emails me about once a month asking me if I can update the review count on his structured data, which I did for the first couple of months, and now I told him, no. I sent him a video and said, “You do it.” Here's how you do it, you know, because it's kind of a pain in the ass. I don't know how you can update that stuff in real time without doing it manually.

This Stuff Works

Would you use an H3 rather than the default H2. I don't know Sky, I haven't tested if one is more effective than the other. I typically would just whatever the output is. For example, the Systris output. I stopped using it though, like I said. Microdata doesn't work nearly as well guys as JSON-LD. JSON-LD is the preferred method, even Google says so now. That's what Google prefers over Microdata. Microdata was the start of structured data guys because it was way to mark up objects without having on a page … Because Microdata is like HTML markup, okay? It's structured data markup but is uses like HTML elements to do it.

JSON-LD is a smarter way to do it, and by the way did you know that you can add JSON-LD script inside posts for the most part? WordPress editor might strip it out, but you should be able to add it anywhere, that type of script, anywhere on the page. Doesn't have to be in the header is my point, so. Anybody else want to comment on that?

Hernan: No I would use JSON-LD as well, so.

Bradley: Yeah. There's plenty of those JSON-LD creator tools online now, lots of them, and you can check that. By the way, if you want to insert JSON-LD into a particular page and WordPress is stripping it out, it depends on the theme I think. Because some themes will strip it out and some won't, but there is a couple different plugins that you could use to install that. One is I think raw HTML, I think you can add JSON-LD script with that, I can't remember 100% off the top of my head, but there's another one which was … Shit, what's it called. H-O code inserter, or something like that.

You guys remember that one? HO Code starter plugin or something like that. Let's go see if we can find it real quick. I'll have to try to find that, dammit, I've got notes that I'm taking for follow up. O-H-

Adam: Got more work to do after you're done working.

Bradley: Yeah right. O-H. Ad scripts, there it is. OH Ad Script, 10 OH Ad Script, 2 pages, that's the one I'm talking about right there. I don't see the plugin but that's what I'm looking for. Let's see. Maybe the link's actually on this page, it probably. Hold on, one more second guys. There it is. Right there, this one. O Ad Script to individual pages, header, footer. This is so you can add JSON-LD markup to specific pages or posts. This is the plugin you can use for that. For example, I'm not sure how you would markup a video with JSON-LD, I just haven't done that myself but I'm sure you can do it.

That's how you would add it to WordPress if your theme strips it out. All right? All right next, Ganti says: Oh wait I'm sorry is there a lot of scheme that can be potentially be added according to scheme of video. Any tips as the keywords, same as and a few other look pretty interesting. What are your thoughts on that Marco, I'll let you handle that one.

Marco: No, I mean … I do just the standard, I don't like to spam it. A lot of people tell you and I've seen it said that more is better, especially if you go to schema.org, they'll tell you that more schema is better. There's a point and I think you're one of the people that found out, that Google says, “No, you're spamming your structured data and screw that.” Why? There's really no reason to inflate the interaction count. There's really no reason to add any of that other stuff, keywords and all of that, because you're taking care of that through your content, silos and everything else anyway.

This Stuff Works

The video, if you're getting the transcription, then you have plenty of content. I don't know why you would want to do keywords, same as maybe, spam My Map instead of a video. Add schema the way that we do it in Maps powerhouse. Add schema that way if you want to spam, where at least you're protected a little bit.

Facebook Instant Article

Bradley: Next is Ganti says that, if you still find time, we'd like to know more about using Facebook's new instant articles feature to get traffic to the blog and also use IA with IFTTT, I can't speak on it at all Ganti, it's Facebook and I just don't do anything with Facebook. I guess I'll defer to Hernan.

Hernan: Hmm. That's a good question Ganti, I haven't used it yet, instant article Facebook's unfortunately.

Bradley: I know there was a launch of some product this week that had to do with that stuff.

Hernan: Oh yeah. No, Ganti I'm sorry, I haven't used that. I'm still getting used to messenger ads, those ads that you click on them and you get a message on Facebook messenger. Those are pretty cool, I'm starting to experiment a little bit with that, but I'm sorry Ganti, I haven't got the time to go through it. I'll try to investigate a bit with it and maybe if you can trigger a Facebook page, you can IFTTT Facebook, IFTTT Native Facebook channel to trigger the automation, you know what I mean? That will link back to Facebook, I don't think that's the best use of your IFTTT network, unless you want to publish content early which will be fine.

We will need to dive into that a little bit more.

Ranking Videos

Bradley: All right, we're at the 5 minute warning, so I'm going to have to roll through the next couple. Jay asks: When negotiating value of lead gen videos to potential client, our lead gen videos that don't rank on the first page are long tail keyword in Google, but do ranking video listings to tough a sale for the effort, yeah Jay, in my opinion, because very rarely do people click the vertical search. It's not really all that valuable. I would actually position that not as in the vertical search, the video search of Google. What I would do is suggest, like if I was going to try to talk it up, I would say it's rank number 1 in YouTube.

Because typically, a lot of the times you'll be able to rank in YouTube number 1, but even if it won't rank in Google. There is a lot of traffic in YouTube, it's not usually the type of traffic that's looking for local intent stuff, but that's how I would frame it. Yeah, that's kind of a tough sell. If it's not ranking in Google, it's only ranking in the video search then to me, it's not really valuable. I'll target other keywords. That's what I'll do is I'll … I've mentioned this many times before, if I can't rank the keyword, I don't even let clients tell me the keyword that they want to rank for anymore.

I ask them, what would you like to rank for? Then I do keyword research, and then I come back to them and say, okay, here's what I can rank you for. These are the different keyword search phrases that I can rank you for. Are any of these acceptable? Maybe, what I'll do is do a poking job, right? I'll be able to determine which keywords I can rank for with little to no work, then I'll go back and say, “Look, I'll give you a 3 for 1 special. I can't rank you for this keyword but I can rank you for these other 3, and I'll give it to you for the same price.”

Why? Because I just found out through poking that I can rank without any additional work, right? Why not give them 3 for one and still capture that revenue, if that makes sense? Now, I don't just rank them for spamming keywords that don't generate any traffic. There has to be some traffic potential or else it's not worth it and I'm not just going to take somebody's money, unless they just want to see their videos so they can puff out their chest and say they're awesome, because their video is ranked on page 1, and which case there are clients out there that that's all they want. It's just an ego thing. I'll be happy to take their money to do that for them.

Few Websites For 1 Persona

All right, we got 2 more minutes. Scott says hi, are we able to create a few websites under our own name instead of an alias, is there an issue if a person has several websites? No Scott, I just always talk about reducing potential risk, but yeah you can have as many websites as far as I know under your own name as you want. As far as search console, I don't know if there's a limit to how many you can put in search console. I've got several dozen and I haven't hit a limit yet, so. I also don't put everything under one account, I have persona accounts that actually own in air quotes the account and then I just add myself as a manager. We've talked about that many, many times on Humpday Hangouts.

This Stuff Works

He says, I also notice Google is so sensitive, probably Facebook and other passwords as well. If you don't log in from the same IP the they are asking for phone verification immediately. That's true. Using fake alias with burner numbers could be an issue, if the number doesn't work when needing to reverify for whatever reason a couple of months down the road, things happen. That's true, but that's why if you create the accounts under a proxy, another IP, then you can always log in to those accounts through your own IP when the accounts are still new and they typically won't trigger reverification, and even if they do, you should still have the burner number available if you created the account yourself to begin with.

If you bind it to your IP then you shouldn't have any additional login issues going forward. That said, you can also, as we mentioned throughout the training, if you create these sites underneath persona accounts and then add yourself as a page manager, then you can access through your own IP because you're a manager. You're authorized to access those accounts, so it won't trigger reverification because you're accessing from your own account. Again, all of that is covered in the training. If you want to put everything underneath your own profile, you can, just be aware if anything ever happens to your profile, you're going to lose all your assets. It's up to you as to how much risk you're willing to handle.

All right, we got to go guys. I really wish that we got to the rest of the questions, I'm sorry we didn't. I'm going to go find that link and drop it here for the video prospecting, the vmail course guys. It's free, it was something I put together like 4 years ago I think it was before I was in a partnership with 2 ladies. We were going real estate branding, so, just it doesn't have semantic mastery and all of that, but the training is still valid. That's all that matters, and I'll drop the link here and then we'll see IFTTT SEO Academy members in about 5 minutes for the update webinar. Got some pretty cool things to show study and then we'll see everybody else next week.

Adam: I was going to say to you real quick before we hop off, we also got the podcast guys. Check it out on the website, me and Hernan will crawl through here and Bradley's been known to come back every once in a while and answer a couple of questions. If you revisit the page, you might see some stuff. Yeah, be sure to check out the podcast and we'll see you guys later.

Bradley: Okay, bye everyone. Bye.

Adam: Bye Hernan.

This Stuff Works