Should You Use The Blog In Shopify Or Should You Build A WordPress Blog On A Subdomain?

By April

In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 250, one viewer asked if one should use the blog in Shopify or build a WordPress blog on a subdomain.

The exact question was:

You are best seo gurus i ever found and i feel so blessed?? I have 2 quick question please help me masters. Question 1- Actually i am trying to rank a shopify store and for the syndication network i have 2 options which i guess- A-either host a wordpress blog on my subdomain and use it as the syndication source B-or just post blogs on shopify and as they have a rss feed so i can use that as a source. So i am confused about which way to go that provides more link juice and authority to my the main ecom site. Also if i have a normal woocomerce store then should i use a blog subdomain or not.

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