How Would You Silo A Tour Website That Is Categorized By Location, Activities And Type?

By April

In episode 182 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how one should silo a tour website that is categorized by location, activities, and type.

The exact question was:

Hello guys, Question about silo site structure: Our website provides tours in various location so we have the following navigational categories:
Tours by location > continent > country
Tours by type (group tours, self-driving tours etc)
Tours by activities (climbing, trekking etc)

We also have a category called Highlights with subcategories such as
Nationalparks (Top Nationalparks in location X)
Beaches (Top beaches in location X)

URL structure is (generic page) (specific page)

When siloing the website would it be best to have each location as main silos and within each silo location create further silos for tour type, activities and “”highlights””? Or should I have as main silos all locations, tour types and tour activities?

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