Should You Make A Separate Silo For County And Connect It To The Main Silo?

By April


In the 301st episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if one should make a separate silo for each county and connect it to the main silo.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys! I'm still confused with correct structure for city pages/posts. Question 1) For now top of silo on my money site is broad category without local modifiers. If I need to cover two or more counties I need to make each county like a separate silo or county can go after broad topic and link back to main silo/topic? example 1) 2) Based on this question, how posting should look like? For aech county It should be same topic/keyword but content should be rewritten including local modifiers?

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Should You Direct The Links Of Your Money Site Blog Post To One Silo?

By April


In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 298, one viewer asked if you should direct the links of your money site blog post to one silo.

The exact question was:

2) When I'm doing a blog post on money site the links from the post should be directed to 1 silo?

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Is It Okay To Publish A Post On Two Different Silos?

By April


In episode 285 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked if it is okay to publish a post on two different silos.

The exact question was:

Hi guys: 1) Can a post be on two different silos?

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Silo Structure & Internal Linking Questions

By April


In the 277th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked some questions on silo structure and internal linking of a website.

The exact question was:

Hi guys: First thing want to say that there are bugs in signing in and signup of the hump day hang outs. I get redirected to a page that has logo of ActiveCampaign after signup and there it stops. Nothing happens. When I go back to the mail there is confirmation and still the same. It occurs for returning users mostly. when I go to different browser and incognito than it redirects me to this page. I saved the url on the side so I could login again without the signup process. opened a ticket already. Now for the questions:

1) Should I include the author in each post I publish? 2) Which page in the silo structure should get the most backlinks (I ask for simple & complex version) 3) What do you think of this dummy silo for niche site: 1000 posts (for example) in the site all under the main domain (which is also the home page) (no categories & no tags & no subfolders). And the home page links to all of the posts (up to the last 1000 post). Is it a good silo?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 280

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 280 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

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Hernan: Oh man, we're laughing I never no one will ever know. What's up, everybody? Welcome to Hump Day hangout Episode 280 for the 25th of March 2020 Welcome everybody that you guys are having an amazing day. And before we go into what we have in store for you guys today. I want to say hello to everyone and I want to go in order so Adam. What's up, man?

Adam: Hey, not much. Thanks for Hernan's taking over and doing the heavy lifting here to get us started while I tried to take over for Bradley. It's actually more complicated than you think to get this stuff going. So it's like oh my god, there are three screens. This is all gonna fall apart but it looks like we're live. We're working. So anyway, I can't complain. Things are going pretty well here for me in the Bay Area. I was about to say going well, but you know, with everything that's going on. I know there are some people around here who are having a tough time and you know, it's interesting. I feel like I've actually been busier over the last couple of weeks than over like the last three months. So anyway, just a little personal insight but overall. I can't complain, man things are good. Thanks for asking.

Hernan: Awesome and you know, Bradley does it with one screen. You know, he does it with one monitor. What's up Marco? How are you doing, man?

Marco: You can see what's going on. You can see how I'm doing right? It doesn't change. It doesn't. It's Groundhog Day. It's bright. It's sunny. It's beautiful in Costa Rica. Yes, we're inside, but I can still take a step outside. And it's sunny and it's more beautiful. And I can go and play with the kids like, everything's good, man. Everything's good.

By the way, 280 trivia the US had had a cannon in the 50s that shoot like, like 20 miles. It had an effect on rain. It was a 280-millimeter cannon called the atomic cannon atomic. And by the way, just I don't know why 280 just brought that up some of the stuff that we learned in the friggin military. It sticks with you.

Hernan: That's awesome. That's it.. What's up, Chris?

Chris: yo groundhogs are back in the cave, unfortunately here. We are back at freezing temperatures, but I'm fine and it's sunny outside, usually during the day. And yeah, I'm still praying for a better internet connection. Like, everybody's fucking watching Netflix here apparently. How are you doing?

Hernan: I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Actually, that's global. You know, I have a couple of friends that they work in a couple of mainframes around the world and you know, managing connections switches and all that stuff. And you know, the servers are definitely you know, overloaded around the world. So it's not, you know, it's like everywhere. So anyway, I'm doing great, we're healthy, we're good. We're inside but you know, doing to do and try to help people with the Hangout, which by the way, if you're new to Hump Day Hangout, welcome. If you've been around for a while, welcome as well the main point of this forum this space is to help you guys as many questions as possible when it comes to a digital agency and growing your digital agency SEO, pretty much whatever you need to grow your digital agency if you really want to take it to the next level we have a program for that. It's called 2xyouragency or double your agency. The promise of that program is that we will help you get more clients and getting more free time so go

If you want a step by step methodology to rank your website, whether it's a new website or a niche website or a YouTube video, why not you need to get a copy of the Battle Plan it's really inexpensive right now. So go to We also have a slew of done for you services in case that you're a business owner that needs more free time so that you can focus on building your agency and not trying to do everything yourself. So go to to actually get that fulfill. And last but not least, if you want to come to hang out on a really high-level mastermind of people, digital agency owners that are trying to make it better. And we'll try to help them as much as possible. You know, you should consider joining the mastermind by going to So did I do it right?

Marco: Following up on that my ask Marco anything webinar is tomorrow afternoon at the usual time 330 Eastern. So if you're not in the mastermind, you should come to ask me anything I'll answer whatever I can if I can't answer that, if one of my other partners can ask for it. They each have their own webinars that they do. So we're offering five times the value because you get a webinar from each one of us now, instead of just one every other week. One, two, if you are in the mastermind, go to the Facebook group. On the event page, you're going to see everyone's mastermind webinar listed in there. Just follow the instructions for whoever's doing the webinar. I'm doing it differently than my other partners. I always like to be different tests, different stuff. So with that, see you all tomorrow and let's get to questions.

Sounds good. Go. What's driving? Who's sharing the screen?

Yeah, I didn't even think about it, man. We're totally lost without Bradley. Just kidding. Yeah, let's do this. I'll share my screen. All right,

Marco: I'm gonna stop my video because as you know, too much sun is bad for you guys. There we go.

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How Would You Rebrand A GMB Page With The Same Address And Phone Number As The Old One?

Adam: Let's see, it looks like the first question for today was Fitz. So let's say my clients switched real estate brands. Should they kill the old GMB or ask Google to change the name? They created another GMB for the new brand name. They are still at the same address, same phone number. The other GMB was not optimized. Okay, so, switch brands. Still at the same address and created a new GMB. So I'll let you guys handle this one man, GMB is outside of my area of expertise.

Marco: That's an entity fuckup in the making. Plain and simple, plain and simple. You have two different brands at the same address, right? The same address. Probably sharing the same entity information. He's saying the same address and same phone number. So two out of the three data points are the same. Definitely entities. Just kill one or the other or just, you know, call, you can call the Google rep and have them help you on this. This is legitimate. There's an orphan system in the same place. They just changed the name. Because when you start messing with stuff as I know, Bradley has had some success, changing stuff. I just tried to do something the other day, very simple, and it got suspended. Fortunately, we have a suspension reversal service in, which works really well because I was the original person who tried it out.

So at any rate, just so you avoid all of those issues, you can just call Google and have the Google rep help you through. Some of this is what I did. I'm an idiot, that's your client, of course. I mean, idiot, I was trying to see if I could change the name and I just didn't know what to do.  Act really ignorant. I didn't know what to do. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Flogged me with 10 wet noodles, but please help me out. And that usually gets you a lot of assistance. Because you know, business, especially now, right with, with all of the stuff that's going on. I think they're going to go out of their way to be really helpful, except that with GMB, like, they're really cutting back on the stuff that they're allowing. They're really cutting back on it. That could be one of the reasons why I got an algorithmic suspension, the other day gamma, I'm almost 100% positive that it's algorithmic, they don't have enough people to keep up with the GMB demand.

So I mean, that's what I would recommend, totally. If you want to try eliminating one and optimizing the other. Please remember that any changes that you make can get your suspension right now. And as a matter of fact, we were just talking in chat with Rob with the guy who does the suspension lifting. And they're on hold, even though they aren't lifted in the GMB sits on pending, until they'll come back full strength and we don't know when that's going to be guys. This is a really touchy moment to be fucking around with things that are really really important to the business. But what you have right now Fits that that that is totally totally entity ambiguity. And I can't tell you how bad that is and how difficult it is to then go and get rid of the ambiguity because I've had to do it.

Does YouTube Count A View If Someone Is Watching An Embedded Video On A Website?

Cool. All right. Well, good stuff. Next question. I'm going to go if it looks like Mike. So Mike Hello, superstars. Thanks, Mike. I want to embed a video from my youtube channel on my website. Okay, sounds good so far. Does every time someone watching the video on my site, YouTube countered that view, even if I set it to autoplay inside my website, and if you can please share a few tips about the website embedded general. Thanks a lot.

So yeah, I mean, you can see this. I mean, I'll start this off and let you guys chime in. But Mike, you can see this in your Analytics, right? If you go into YouTube, you see that they even break it down by you know, YouTube views. I forget the exact terminology, but I think they even have an embed view. Don't they? Or am I mixing that up?

Hernan: Yeah, embedded views. Yep.

Adam: Yep. So yeah, every time someone's watching from your site that's going to show up or if it's embedded in other places, you know, that which Yeah, actually more. If you want to talk a little bit about embeds, I mean, I can tie this directly back to MGYB services, but there may be something else here we want to, we want to tell them about.

Marco: Yeah, I mean, we have an embed service right in MGYB where you can get your video. And what it does and how we compare it is that you become a publisher for YouTube instead of just being a consumer or a user. And then you go out and you publish a video via video into the networks. So it really helps now the other part of this. Can you share tips about the website embed in general that I mean, there are no tips you take the iframe code, and you iframe it into your website, that's what an embedded and there are tons of YouTube tutorials on how to do that. I mean, do you just go into how to embed a YouTube video on a website and hundreds if not thousands are going to pop up. So that's the simplest thing. But it does count as a view. I agree totally.

Adam: cool. All right. Anybody else wants to chime in?

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Hernan: I do something similar to Facebook video as well. I know that whenever you embed a video on a page, you will also get those views counted toward that video. So I think that they're operating under the same logic. And the benefits of that is that then if you create, let's say, an audience of people that view your video, because you want to run ads to them, they also count towards and it will be put in those audiences as well, whether on Facebook or YouTube, so I think that counts towards that.

Marco: Well, it's the code right, what you're doing through an iframe is that you're displaying the YouTube page, where that video sits on your page. That's all it is. So what you're doing is, it's de facto YouTube on your page. So anything that happens on that page, of course, it gets counted in YouTube because it's part of YouTube to stop party will have your website that's why it's iframe on your website. The same thing with with with Facebook, it's iframe code and so it works on the same principle.

How Do You Best Utilize SEO Power Shields?

Adam: all right well next question dark biz I kind of want to say that's like a Darth business like something out of Star Wars But anyways, maybe it's something else. Question is I recently had a few SEO power shields from MGYB delivered and hopefully we'll need to order another four to five in the coming weeks great. Is there some material that shows me how to best utilize all of this is a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure how to make this work like you guys do. Many of my clients are local, so naturally, they want to rank in multiple cities would be great to know how to use the shield to accomplish this. I can think of a lot of the training that's available at If you go there and check out the webinars that are available for free. But Marco, what else do you think?

We should be pointing to when he said he recently had it just updated Sorry, I lost it. He recently had a few SEO power shield delivered. And so how to best utilize it? Well, we tell you what did your link building with that because that's what you're going to need. If that's not enough to push your client where you want your client to be, then the next step is you order press releases you do a press release back that that's in a press release. Local PR Pro, excuse me how to stack press releases. And if that's not enough, then you link build into your press release stacks, and you continue your link building shouldn't stop it should be part of your monthly maintenance. It should be something that you build your client for. I call it the link building cycle. So you order the stack or the SEO shield with link building, and then Dadea knows exactly what to do. Then you start. Okay, so where do I go now? Well, you're gonna have to start looking at your Analytics and at your Search Console, start looking at where the traffic is coming from the start looking at where other opportunities are to do these juicy keywords that you might be ranking for a second, third page. You might need to expand the drive stack right with inner politics that that's part of my charity webinar series that we've discussed it. I mean, often so. Our YouTube channel is, use the channel search function. Bradley showed how to use it last week or the week before and you search for everything there. You start using the free resources. The Battle Plan is also a great place to get ideas on what to do, as you said, the webinars in and we've just done tons of public webinars. But if you want the real deal, I mean, it's the mastermind. The mastermind is the place where you can take you and guide you step by step on what you should be doing and how and why. Because there is a method to the badness that there is a reason why this all gets done, that there's something that we're trying to accomplish and all of this, and that's building the best entity in the niche because that's what's winning the fight right now. That's what winning the SEO fight is whoever has the best entity and the best entity and keyword relationship.

Adam: All right, with the follow up with that, Marco, is there something we can tell him he's saying to you know, his clients are local, and they want to rank in multiple cities would be great to know how to use a shield to accomplish this. I'm not sure how.

Marco: Again, you'd go by it by expanding the website into location. Now, it's not going to rank in the three-pack. This is Local, so there's probably a three-pack involved. You're not going to reckon in the three-pack. Because then what you're going to have to do is you need a three-pack in these multiple, it'd be a GMB in these multiple locations, or you're going to have to push so much power from that one GMB that you associate the new location with what's called the business central, simply meaning where that business sits geographically, and then where Google displays it in a radius. Right? So you're gonna need to extend that radius somehow and how you create that association with all of these different locations. I mean, it's not something that that you just do. It's something simple that you need to do it is as a matter of fact as part of Local GMB Pro. Another one of our courses, which you get a great discount if you join our mastermind. I mean, I can't emphasize enough then when you get to this point.

When you have clients, multiple, multiple clients, and you're gonna need multiple power shield. So you need, you need to know how to put all of this together, you need to be in the mastermind because that's where you can ask us questions. That's where you can talk to me directly and say, Okay, now what do I do? And we take you, we take you through a webinar, and you come and ask the question in my ask Marco anything webinar tomorrow, and I'm going to guide you right through it. And I'm gonna tell you exactly what it is that you need to do, and why. We can't do it in a free forum like this. I mean, this is a very complicated question. That seems simple, but it's very complicated. And yes, it seems overwhelming. But that's why we tell you to come with us so that we can guide you through the process. So that we can take you through we will hold you by the hand that we have to and carry you all the way through.

How Long Will The SEO Shield Get You Out Of The Sandbox On A New Domain?

Good stuff. All right, the next question, this one is going to get complicated and all I got to comment on at first but let's dive in. So first of all, appreciate this. Hi, guys just want to tell you that you are the go-to for making sense of the SEO expletive say shit. Oh, yeah, sorry, let me go ahead and reshare it. I'm trying to split it up. So we're not just focused on the questions. All right, so question first, how long will the shield I assume means that SEO shield gets you out of the sandbox for general? global national, local on an entirely new domain? I'm not sure I understand the question. I feel like the intent here is how quickly would the shield get you out of the sandbox to which I guess mine would be I wouldn't. I wouldn't know particularly and be something that I don't think you could say it would just be the normal amount of time Marco. Is there something I'm missing there?

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Yeah, he wants to know how long it takes to get out of the sandbox. He wants to know general, global, national, local each one on. It's all we don't know. I mean, Google is Google. They're the ones who know. What we do know is that once we start doing everything that we do, which includes running ads, right, ads for branding, which is again, another course that we have available, like I'm gonna have to say it again, available in our mastermind, to our mastermind members, right? So ads for the brand, this all comes together so that when Google sees this all they come crawling, and yes, you usually get 10 bucks. But if you do it right, the way that we tell you from the start, your onpage is tight. Your entity is right when you start pushing through the SEO shield, doing your press releases, running your ads, doing everything the way that we say do. It all comes together so that there is no sandbox, so to speak. When that happens, we can't tell you. I've seen it happened in a matter of a week 10 days. I've also seen it happen in a matter of six weeks. Land Solutions that work as a matter of fact was never sandboxed. Woods one of our cases that it was never sample, I started ranking for different terms almost right away. So that there's really no rhyme or reason to what Google does. Other than they're the ones who know. We know how to force things through and how long it takes. It's going to depend on how much you do to force it through and to force Google to recognize your entity as the best entity in the space.

Adam: Make sense. All right, let's hop into the second part. So he's asking next.

How Would You Use Three More Tier Rings To An Existing YouTube Syndication Network?

So let's say that you have a YouTube syndication so I assume starting with a YouTube channel with a single branded tier one syndication network, and then you have three rings and tier two to attach to that, so multi-tier syndication network. And let's say you were given the ability to add three more rings to where would you prefer adding these? Would you put another three rings on tier two, so that instead of having three rings and a tier two, you'd have six? Or would you put another three rings on tier three or another three rings on tier three syndicated from each single? Okay, I can condense this now. So would you just add them as additional tier twos? Would you attach one to one to tier two? Or would you stack them all on one, tier two and keep building that way? I guess is their preferred way of doing this. I personally haven't built out anything to be beyond tier two. I'm just using a multi-tier syndication network. So does anyone else have an input on this?

Marco: Daisy chain the tier twos. A very simple answer that I mean, there's no need to go into anything out No. All of the other things. I'd have to speculate on how and why. And you know, I don't like to do that I hate theory. I only know things that I've tried and the way that we've tried it, and the way that we've had success, and I know it's the way that Bradley's done it also is you just daisy chain a whole bunch of tier twos with the different syndication points right WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. I call them fanboys. Right at tier two, they're all fanboys of the brand. The brand stays the brand. It's a single brand, you wouldn't want to daisy chain anything on that branded network unless it's another property, another tier one property. Once you're a tier two, you just daisy chain them and you can do as many as you want, especially for YouTube, where as far as we know, and Bradley says there's a lot there are no footprint issues.

Sounds good. All right.

How Would You Silo A Business With one Primary Service & 5 Sub-services?

Let's go into the next one. Next one's from Marty. Marty says, Hey, I'm a local small business owner right on. I'm currently doing my own SEO because I'm tired of spending thousands of dollars and not seeing any results. And for now, I'm enjoying the challenge that is Seo cool. My website is currently structured with a service silo and a location silo. I offer one primary service and five sub-services. Should I be building out pages on my location pages for each sub-service? Or can I link them back to the sub-service page in the service silo? I'm not concerned about the amount of work to build out the pages but curious if the amount of work would be equal to the benefit I could potentially see in rankings. And then we got a good follow up question here for you after that, Marco.

Marco: Ah, yes, I see it. Good stuff, man. This is like riding in Bradley's wheelhouse because I'm not really a local guy. Yeah, unless it's GMB, right? I bet you're setting up your one primary service and five sub-services related to that service. Building locator pages for each sub-service? But wouldn't you be offering the primary service and then the sub-services in each location? Why would you split that up? Either I'm not understanding the question, or I don't see the logic.

Adam: Yeah, you can clear that up. Yeah. Marty, if you're listening, if you're live, if you can offer us a little because I was thinking the same thing. It sounds like you know, are you going to basically duplicate but just kind of doing it two different ways. But if we're misunderstanding that, by all means, give us clarification and we can pass this along to Bradley when he gets back so we can see what he would have to say about this as well.

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Marco: as far as my drink of choice. If we're talking about alcohol, I love rum. But it has to be really good rum. I have a bottle of 30-year-old age rum. It's Costa Rican. As a matter of fact, it's in Costa Rica maker. But there's another one in Nicaragua. That makes some just some excellent rum. Now it gets pricey when you start drinking that good stuff. And it's not meant to you don't throw that back. that's meant to be sipped. And you don't mix that with Coca Cola, or any other couple you guys do it. Coffee, which is my next favorite drink right? You guys should have coffee with garbage and it tastes like nothing like coffee tastes like. Coffee is delicious. You just black you need to add a little bit sugar, add a little bit of sugar and enjoy it, man. It's nothing like a good cup of coffee. But as far as does drink, man, rum. I'll drink a half an ounce and a half every five or six months. I'm not a drinker, but when I do, that's it. The 30-year-old rum.

Adam: Nice. Solid. All right, well. Let's uh, we're got this a reminder to get your questions and we got it just a couple of more, but I'm going to expand this. Let's go around real quick. I know. You don't drink much, but what's your favorite drink?

Hernan: I do like rum. I do run on Coke though. But, but so that's that. And then we have another thing called for men here in Argentina, which is like bitter type stuff. But that's basically what I have when it happens like once a year or something like that. So I gotcha. I'm not a drinker.

Adam: All right, Chris, how about you? Are you drinking these days in Austria and if so, what's your favorite?

Chris: No not drinking. Favorite drink is probably water or likes some nice tea. I know boring but it is what it is. But unlike me, my brother actually started home brewing. He's like cranking out like some good stuff from what I hear.

Adam: Cool. Yeah, my go-to would probably still be an IPA. So a really good IPA or double IPA. So, alright, now that we got the important information out of the way, we'll get back to the questions here. So Jordan says, Hey, everybody, keep your chin up. You got this keep throwing punches. Remember rocky Bell bow look like he was in trouble and see what happened there. Yeah, good. Good reminder, Jordan.

Should We Be Worried If Google Picks Up With IFTTT Syndication And RYS?

All right, so BB says should we be afraid if Google picks up to pick up with the IFTTT syndications and RYS? What about big competitors like Yelp or other big ones? What are the consequences of that timeframe? I'm not 100% sure what the exact question is here guys, do you? Do you know?

Chris: He probably hasn't understood like, the concept of syndication networks and RYS.

Marco: Exactly. That's exactly what I was going to go we practice entity-based, worry less SEO. If we were afraid of Google picking up any of our stuff, we wouldn't call it worry-less SEO. Dude, the last time I worried about a Google update was like when the first Panda came out when the first Penguin and all that. And not that I was afraid and just I saw it just messing with everybody and as SEO is over until it wasn't until we figured out what it was that we needed to do with that. Around the time when Brandi developed his IFTTT strategy and it started working really well. We developed other strategies, we started working with subdomains, those things who are worried about Google killing us with all that stuff, but the way we do things now, man, the whole point behind this, and then why we're calling it the SEO shield. And why we're calling it entity-based, worry less SEO is because we talk and code directly to the bot. And we fill the bot with so many variables regarding up our entity now.

I wish Robert here so that he gives you this, this explanation much better than I can. But Google is nothing but a relational database. And what it's doing is it's going out and collecting information first of all about the different niches. Let's call it a plumber, and I will go with the example of the DC plumber, and plumber in DC. Google goes out and finds all of the information it can first of all about plumbers, then if it's local, DC is, of course, a city. It's not just the capital of the US, lots of people there, lots of competition. And what it does, then it relates to information that it has about a plumber with the entities that are created, brands, right the brands and how well you've created the entity and how well you've structured your data in a way that it can compare with all of the other entities that it has in its database so that it can serve real business, real-time so that you can serve real-time that query.

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So if you're looking for an emergency plumber in DC, they don't want you turning up someone who is 100 miles away. They want you to if there's someone around the corner, they want to turn that up for you. Because that's the guy that you want to come to your house, the guy who can help you at the time when you need it most. So that so what we try to do is we try to fill Google with the var and we do it in a loop so that it gets it over and over and over and over again. In the structured data, where there are no penalties for structured data. Not that we know how you can spam your JSON-LD on your website, but the way that we've structured it, it's just looping the bot so that whenever it comes across our entity information anywhere else, it just it goes to another place and another place and it's all our entity information. And so we become the entity for that space. This is why DC plumbers working the way it was the way it is. This is why the Land Solutions network is working the way it is. This is why everything that we work in and I wish I could show you guys some results like a personal injury attorney in New York City, personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, California. I wish I could show you some of that stuff tell you the lawyer. I'll tell you the niche. I wish I could tell you the lawyer and like the calls are ridiculous. As a matter of fact, you have some of those images for some of the clients and the ridiculous numbers that you can produce, working the way that we weren't. But again, it's all entity-based, worry less SEO, so that you go and you claim your footprint, of course through your structured data through your sameAs through branding, all of your different profiles, so that it's all part of the brand returning Google here I am. This is all for me. This is how I and I do it better than anybody else when I do it like this.

And then when you do that, it becomes, again, entity-based, worry less SEO. I can't tell you when the last time I worried about a penalty, I just don't worry about I just go and do what I'm supposed to do. Everything that we give people, right and MGYB all of the parts and services, they're the same ones that I use. As a matter of fact, I just used it yesterday to send out a press release. I linked up with Dadea use it.

The syndication that will mean the power shield is in the land solutions network. I mean, if it were not there if I were telling you guys, okay, you have to go this and you have to go do that. And you go look at the land solutions, a case study, and you don't find any of it and then you know that I'm for the shit and I'm feeding you just a line of crap. But you'll go and you find it and you can. You can go ahead and reverse engineer the Google site and the drive stack and the press releases. As a matter of fact, if you go and take a look at sell and fast, and you click on the new step, you'll probably find the first two results in Google News are my two press releases. And so one from yesterday and another press release service that I'm trying out. Our shit worked on me, and I don't know what else to tell you. Our shit work. And it works because we test and we test it ourselves. We test on everything that we do before we decide to give it to you. We test it ourselves, our clients, our projects, and then we go and give it to you. So there you go. I don't know if you guys have anything to add to that, but no, as far as I know, and as of right now, and for the last five years, absolutely no consequences except making a whole lot of money for myself and for my clients.

Adam: Nice. Does anybody want to add to that?

Hernan: No, I think Marco sums it up beautifully. The main point is that you are you're building a business right? If you're worried about an algorithmic penalty or whatever, then your business is shaking so you know the stuff it's like long term. You know, our approach has always been long term so that's actually helping me helping a lot of business owners of the past couple of years. So we'll keep on doing that.

Adam: Cool. All right. Well, it's not a question but Jordan apparently likes to use coffee to warm the creamer which is not my jam. I'm on Marco's side on that.

Marco: Oh, dude. Oh, kill coffee. Ever.

Adam: You're never asked you to send coffee from Costa Rica. Just send it to me. Don't waste it on.

Marco: Yeah, I was just about to say don't ever ask me to send you Costa Rican coffee. Because I'd hate to see it wasted on creamer.

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Does Google Look At Referral Sites And URLs to Determine Backlinks?

All right. Well, let's get into this one. BBs got another question he was gonna save. But since we got the time we can get to this. It says Google look at referral or referring sites and URLs to determine if there is a link there once visited the link, just Google look at referring sites and URLs to determine if there is a link. Once visited the link to anyone else, like does it follow links is how I'm reading it, which would be yeah, I would imagine that's right.

Marco: Alright, so this goes with the distance graph algorithm. Google will go and look at a link on a referral site. It'll look at everything that the referral site is linking to. Also, and then on your website, since that website is linking to yours, it will not only look at your website, it will go out and look at all of the websites that your site is linking to, in an effort to determine whether your website deserves to be a seat site or a seed set or to see how far you are from a seed site or a seed set. And that simply referring to trusted and authoritative websites in the niche, not trust and authority like the third party, like these custom metrics, right? These vanity metrics, and Majestic and Moz, and whatever. Not that kind of trust, not that type of authority. What Google deems is trusted and authoritative in the niche. And once you get in there, which is, again, one of the things that we really go hard at making our project, a seat site, and everything attached to it part of a seat set. So yes, it looks but it looks at everything. And it looks both ways, both at the link source, at the link destination and everything that's attached to the link source and the link destination and everything that's happening to those. So when Google says we're getting away from links, links don't count or any other SEO that saying backlinks don't matter. They're full of shit.

Does Creating Backlink To A Citation Page Push SEO Value?

Adam: I'm not gonna follow up on that. I think he says all. All right, Marco. So second part with this though he says What does a backlink to a page with a citation do? Does it help push SEO value?

To what does a backlink to a page with a citation? Yes, it has SEO value. It's your citation. It's your name, address, and phone number. It doesn't matter in this case, it doesn't matter if it's nofollow or dofollow this is what citations are. This is places where your business your brand is named with the address and the phone number and enough of these. If you're local, especially in hyperlocal citation site, I mean they are magic. These are these are these are fabulous. So yes, they help with SEO value. But without getting too much into the weeds. It depends on what you mean by SEO value because there's a lot of ways to push SEO value.

Can You Promote Apps On The Google SERP Using Semantic Mastery Methods?

Gotcha. All right. And then as follow up, and this kind of an interesting question is can you promote apps on the Google results with our methods? And then how would you actually promote? Or rather, can you promote or get SEO results from the app stores themselves? So it sounds like you're just asking like if he has an app, could you use some of these methods to get results and maybe rank an app organically?

Marco: If there are people looking for your app organically? The Yes, absolutely. You can get results that our methods are it works with anything, we've tried it on anything and everything and they work and we have people it's not just us it's not just the Semantic Mastery team, right? We have everyone in Semantic Mastery in the mastermind and in our free Facebook group and in Syndication Academy.

Jordan is a member of syndication was a member. That's where he started. Then he came into our Semantic Mastery mastermind. He's also a member of my mini mastermind. But I mean that that's one of the things. That's why he started out. Right. And he's getting fantastic results. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to as far as the App Store itself. Like, I don't do apps. I should because they're in high demand right now. I just don't so I have no idea how the app stores themselves work. Other than that, I go to Google Play, and I look for the app that I eat, and I download it. So I have no idea or if anyone cares to chime in. If you know, I mean, please do but this is just way out of anything that I've ever done.

Adam: Yeah, well, I think it's an interesting question. And I'm willing to say hey, we're now past the point of where our Chris and Hernan chime in if they have the experience. I have no experience actually doing this. So we're saying we have not done this. But could you do something like using us to shield us in our white stack or do something else that you think would provide some results and point at basically at the app store? At sorry, at an app on the app store?

Hernan: Mmm, that's such a good question. I think that if you start to like the path as to how the clients are coming your way. It's kind of clear to everyone because your app is solving an issue, right? Your app is solving a problem. It's like going after a specific demographic. And all of that are keywords that you can run for, you know, and even if it's like that you cannot directly influence the app ranking on Google or the app store because it's a little bit of a different algorithm. You can play by the same rules.

This Stuff Works

In terms of Hey, put together a WordPress blog, start blogging, do the SEO sheld. Do everything and the call to action on all of your pages will be just to download the app. And that will definitely help the on the App Store. Because the App Store is basically based off of downloads and reviews and comments and all of that. So the SEO aspect of things, if you think about like, for instance, apps like headspace, or apps like Spotify, they're, they're going after every possible source of traffic, including SEO. So if you're looking about if you're searching, you know, like different meditation techniques and all of that, then there's a high chance that you will come across a article, and they're running in an app, so you can download the app from the App Store. So that's the approach that I would take not necessarily to get the app rank on Google. I don't know if that's possible, but we know that articles rank so you can actually get that route so that you can get traffic downloading the app. And then you know retargeting to download the app and all of that.

Marco: Well, now this brings up something really interesting because like, how do you find an app? Aren't you usually on your mobile device and you're visiting something, and maybe you're looking at the mobile site, but they say, hey, download the app. And so it's a lot simpler to have the app than it is to keep going to the website or just whatever because you just have the app. Netflix and all of these different things, they've come up with them with an app, but how did they promote it in the first place? Well, they had it on their website for their visitors. They made it convenient for their visitors to say, if your mobile, here's something lighter, that will give you a lot of value. And so with that in mind, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to go into the mobile algorithm like mobile-first and totally rank it all for the app on your website. Have a link over to Playstore (android) and over to iOS store. So other than that, I think that's what you would do what you would need to do, right? The website with a mention of your app, whatever the app is because there has to be a niche for that thing, whatever that thing is, whatever that app is going to do it. First of all, it has to deal with a problem. It has to solve a problem. It can't just be because. If I'm bored, I might download a game but I'm gonna look for the game first. I don't generally go to the App Store to look for a game many people do, or if I want something, I just whatever, I'm gonna go to my phone look for it. And if there's an app, and then I'm going to go and download the app. I probably trust the website that I'm in. So that's how I'm seeing it. Although I'm gonna tell you again, what you're getting from me, which I don't generally do is just theory, because it's not something that I've tested. It's not something that I try. And it's not something that I have any kind of expert knowledge on. So don't take it as if I'm giving you this really cool expert advice because I'm not.

Chris: All right. Let me chime in on the whole thing because I actually have experience with those things.

This Stuff Works
Cool. So question number one, can you promote apps on the Google SERPs with your methods? Yes, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both have desktop links that you can pretty much rank and you can: number one, link them, link to them from your homepage or like to a website that you create. And number two, you can create, even like a drive stack, etc. and link to those things and use all kinds of other methods like press releases, etc. and use those things.

Personally, I would do the route that I create a dedicated website, we're actually showcasing the app and actually, maybe even do an info product or something like that as well. Obviously, it depends on what kind of app it is exactly. And promote my website and then move it over from that website to the Play Store or Apple App Store. That's throughout what I would go because like there are always changes in the App Store, etc. and you never know like one day they might change the URL and stuff. So yeah, good to be able to change those apps.

Number two: how to promote an app on the app store's themselves, number one, their advertisements. And number two, like you, can run Facebook advertisements, Google ads, etc. Those are all available also display advertisements, etc. Number two, the app stores themselves, how do you rank? so if you're a developer, number one, you have a tirely of description, you have keywords that you can put in there and the vehicles similar to how they work on a website. Basically optimized keywords like your titles and descriptions, etc. with your keywords.

Number two, the main ranking factor will be how often it's going to be viewed and actually even higher than that, how often it's downloaded. And they also track if you if a user downloads it and immediately uninstalls etc. So this the good old methods that we used to fake the App Store ranking that history.

Yeah, one more thing if you're going to promote the apps in the app stores and stuff themselves the methods any good coder can integrate the Facebook pixel or YouTube pixel, etc and also Analytics they recommended actually that you do that and you also get like the conversions and you can promote them with the purchase pixel for example in Facebook's and with YouTube, etc. I highly recommend going that route. I hope that helps.

Marco: You could just outline the course on how to promote apps and how to how to get them ranked. What are you waiting for? Go record it and sell it.

Chris: Yeah, well if there's more demand in our audience, um, let us know.

Adam: Sounds good guys. All right. Aaron's got he's just asking for MGYB sports a little bit behind them respond to. As far as we know, everything's up to speed. But I would say make sure you give at least 24 hours. If you submit, you know, help desk ticket to, you know, we can't guarantee that we're going to turn it around in an hour or two. And sometimes we get emails from people, you know, saying why you never responded. And it turns out, they submitted a question 30 minutes ago, so I'm not saying that to you. But please give us at least 24 hours if it hasn't been that by all means, you know, you can post something in the group and say, Hey, I need some help, you know, and we'll certainly respond. You know, occasionally, mistakes happen, although we try to minimize them. So just let us know if we can help you.

Other than that, we'll, it looks like that's the last question. I'm not seeing anything else. We did have one question for you guys, for everyone watching right now, as well as people watching down the line. If you can tell us what your single biggest issue is, for those of you who either haven't started an agency or who are looking now and saying, hey, I want to either start an agency or wants to start consulting want to start doing this, either, you know, some form digital marketing. What's your single biggest issue to getting started, or to start to grow, if you can just let us know, pop it on the page here, if you're watching the replay, put it on the YouTube comments. We'd really love to know, appreciate the feedback, and it helps us you know, develop better training as well as answering questions via Hump Day Hangouts and other avenues. So I think on our end, that will do it for days.

Marco: Hang on. Yeah, he's saying four days. No way. Yeah, I'm gonna say, if he can, what's the best way for him to get a hold of us? I was gonna support it at And I don't know if he's using his regular email. If he's using another email. Ah, but I should go look at the ticket. Just write to [email protected] and you should get a response.

Adam: Karen's got the direct line. So how about we'll hop into that right after this and make sure that it's not in the meantime, Karen if you can send in another ticket. Just say, Hey, it's me from Hump Day Hangouts, something like that so we can see make sure it's coming in. Yes, I can go look in the quality group and see what's going on. Awesome. All right, everybody. Well, thanks, guys for being here, and we'll see everybody next week. See ya. Cheers.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 276

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 277 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at




Welcome to Hump Day Hangouts, Episode 277, where we talk about maybe some we have a drink. It's almost five o'clock here. So now, we'll maybe do that on one coming up. But Welcome, everybody. We're going to say hi, real quick, we got a couple of short announcements, and then we're going to get into it. We've got a long list of questions. And just for those of us joining us for the first time, I want to let you know too, we really appreciate your questions. If you can keep it to one question, we understand some are multi-part. But today we have like, somebody put in like six long questions. We're not going to be able to get to all of those, but we will try to answer what we can we just want to make sure we give everyone a chance. So we'll touch on that again. But again, we appreciate your questions. Please come and ask but you know, just be respectful of everyone else and make sure to make room for them. So with that said, Bradley, how are you doing today?

Bradley: I'm good, man. If we wouldn't have been talking about the beer I wouldn't be so thirsty right now.

Adam: Yeah, this is good. I'll share it with everyone since it's topical. We were talking about it you know everything on everyone's minds coronavirus, and then hearing the news reports that Corona, you know, the beer is taking a sales hit, you know, it's just kind of one of those like mind-blowing things that are actually a result of this.

Bradley: So, yeah, how stupid can people be there? They're concerned about drinking Corona beer. They've associated it with the coronavirus and poor Corona.

Adam: Oh, let's see next on here Hernan. How are you doing man? It's what comes up in wintertime for you. I guess it's fall now.

Hernan: Yeah, it's actually fall. We're getting to fall. But today's like still in the past. It is been hot as hell outside. So it's been good, man. And everything is good and excited to be here.

Adam: Nice. Nice. Marco, how about you? How's the weather?

Marco: Groundhog Day you see it? I ain't got to tell you about it. You see it. This is what it's like, every daym every morning, 365. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't. But it's always warm in Costa Rica. So stay away. I want you here. I don't want your Corona. Only Corona I want is in my fridge and I actually do have a couple of Corona in the fridge

Bradley: careful now

Marco: Yeah, no it's antibodies I'm building up yeah.

Bradley: there you go I just clean or get drunk so that's what you call an ambiguous to Corona entity, man.

Adam: Chris, how are you doing man?

Chris: yeah then good still like cold here I mean like it's not freezing but like you still need to pull over. Yeah actually like it colder weather is like really hot summers always giving me brain fog and I'm really unproductive so not sure what to say to the others here

Adam: for good you're where you should be then so man I do get the same way when it gets hot just like yeah man that is not my jam. Guys real quick before we get into it just wanted to say if you're joining us here for the first time, that's awesome. We really do appreciate it. Please ask your questions, you can always catch the replay on YouTube, which you can go head over and subscribe. You can find the link down below or just go to YouTube, or and subscribe. Stay up to date. Because we understand sometimes you can't make it live. But all of these are recording go up on our YouTube channel. Also, if you're an agency owner or a consultant, like us, and you want to get more clients, you want to grow your revenue and you'd like to scale your team then you should be are already into x your agency or Double Your Agency, you can go over and check that out at two extra And we know a lot of people find us and they're looking for and getting great advice for SEO. But if you want the step by step, Battle Plan, then guess where you should go it's step by step processes for everything from new websites, eighth websites, YouTube channels, so much more. So head over, grab that and you can find the links off to the right if you're joining us live.

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And real quick for anyone who is live. If you guys can do some typing for me, I saw that somebody on there said that there are some issues with redirects and using the chat on the hump day hangouts page, you guys can let me know if it's working okay for you or not. We'd love some more feedback. So I want to make sure that that's working smoothly for free one chat box is not working again or something. I just had some issues somebody was saying they were having issues with redirects, but it's working in incognito. So I just want to see if it's one person or many.

And then last but not least, we've got some information coming out about some really cool updates with Where you can get done for you services for syndication networks, RYS stacks, and of course SEO shield, which we had a killer deal going on last week. A lot of people took advantage of that, but there's some new great stuff coming out with that and I believe Marco even with the link shortener, there are some potential updates coming right.

Marco: Yeah, what we're trying to because someone mentioned it last week. Having a custom domain, although people use Bitly people to use rebranding people use all kinds of a on Twitter, they use all kinds of shorteners. And it doesn't really matter. And in fact, because of the strength of our shortener, it actually enhances everything that you're doing to the point that the shortened link, right, whatever it short with, it can rank for that keyword and take up more real estate in SERPs, which is actually what you're looking for. You want people as much as to cover as much of the real estate as possible so that you have a greater chance of people clicking on whatever project it is that you're doing.

And before we get to questions, I'd like to make a quick announcement because anyone who donated to the charity, got access to all of the webinars and everything. If you haven't, then please send an email. Right, you got you guys. I'll post it all on the page. And I'll be doing an update webinar probably in May because I promise one because I showed the land solutions that work and how it's going and all of a sudden they just blew up and started appearing on the first page like everywhere.

Yeah, getting national attention. We're getting form fills from all over the US. So it's pretty interesting what's happening. And without really all of the power that I thought it would be necessary to get this to where it is right now. We're on the next push. I'm expecting it to land the top three in for the top-level category, which is the top market level that everyone wants. I'll tell every one. Sell and fast and then state Bradley just show me this morning where it's appearing in Virginia.

Bradley: Yeah, you son of a bitch. It's out of touch.

Marco: I can't control the monster man. Once it's gone, guys. I can't help it.

Bradley: Yeah, well, I got the knowledge panel now which is pretty impressive considering I really haven't done a lot of SEO work that has been just through exactly what we've been teaching which is that entity like guys I haven't even been doing link building to the alpha land realty project I did one link building package when I first got the drive stack delivered month you know I'll shit damn near a year ago now, well at least nine months ago and I did one link building package that's it. Other than that I've just published in press releases for properties that I have for sale haven't done any other sort of SEO work whatsoever and I've got the knowledge panel now for sale down pat fast Virginia which means you know, my brand has been fully associated with that keyword which is super powerful. And again guys that's doing nothing other than what we teach about solidifying, validating the entity period.

Marco: Entity-based worry less SEO is what this is all about. That's what my update in May or June. I don't know when because I want to do press release stack and then I want to do a link building. I'll put do an embed stack and a link building run and see what happened. What kind of madness that gets us into. So it's coming, guys, if you donated, you'll have all of the replays are available and you will have access to the upcoming webinar. And if you haven't donated it, there's always a good time, right? This is no better time like now to go and donate and get access to everything and including the upcoming update webinar. So there you go.

Adam: Awesome. Awesome. Two more quick things. I'm gonna have Bradley, I got a question for you. And then from there, we can go to questions, but I want to remind everybody, we still got early access pricing for POFU Live tickets, I believe we have 19 spots, maybe 20 remainings, but the prices are going to go up before too long. So grab those if you want to come if you want to find out more about that you can find out at But it's basically finding out about all of this stuff. But doing it over two to three days. I highly recommend you grab the VIP ticket we've priced it to make it easily accessible from the main ticket. It's not a big bump in price. We just want to cover the costs get you together with everyone else a day early.

We have a lot of fun last year we went go-karting that was blast had a beer, some food and just get together and you know, in a kind of relaxed environment, have some fun you can get to know everyone and then go into the event. You know, and it's a small group you already kind of know each other. You're familiar with each other and go in there and really get the most out of that. So like I said, check it out at POFU Live if you'd like to join us can be last weekend in Boston or last weekend in September in Boston. We'll have a bunch more details coming but go grab that And then Bradley, you just updated the Double Your Agency training right if I know we're going long here, can you in like 60 seconds just real quick tell people what the training was about?

Bradley: Yeah, well, this week it was about embeds and link building, which is how to power up the entity, the Semantic Mastery way, which is beautiful. And so what's really important here is that we like I just mentioned how all I'm doing all I've done for Alpha Land Realty. lt is entity-based SEO and I haven't even been doing the external stuff because I drive the most traffic to it via direct mail, and Google ads and also organic rankings now. So because I'm doing well, I haven't really done a lot of SEO to it. But it's ranking. And what I discovered today was we're in the 2xyour results section of the Double Your Agency training. So there are three total parts – 2xyourr pipeline, 2xyour results, which that's the section we're in now. And then it's 2xyour business which is what we're going to be going to in two weeks.

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And so the first three topics covered in this module, which is the 2xyour results was number one, the SEO shield. That was week one, which is the foundation of everything we do guys it's absolutely the foundation now and that's how you solidify the entity right? Number two is content marketing. It's just how you start to build relevancy, both topical and or location, relevancy if it's for a local project. So content marketing is how you start to fuel up the entity like the power it up with content and build the relevancy and now three as external link building and embeds, like what we do to the SEO shield to power it up. And I'm telling you guys, it's a three-step process. There's a lot of components to those three steps, but it's a three-step process. And the fourth step being pushing relevant traffic into the entity which kind of is like throwing jet fuel on the fire. And we're going to talk about that next week. My whole point is I've got several projects I'm working on right now that all I'm doing it's paint by numbers guys exactly what we're teaching and to 2xyouragency for the 2xyourresults part of it. SEO shield, content marketing, power up the entity, run relevant traffic into it, you'll get results period and the story. It's painted by numbers. There's not there is no competition out there that you cannot overcome with this method, period. End of story. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Dude, I don't even take into account the competition. I don't look at it. I don't bother. I don't care if we can go up against Amazo. We can go up against anyone. And so I just don't bother anybody I do. I let them worry about me because this guy is the top guy in nationwide for this is in trouble and he doesn't even know it. Because it's coming into it's going to hit. You're already seeing it with really that last power push that we usually do to get it in there. It hasn't even been done. So it's just gonna be mad simple and simple doesn't mean easy, right? We try to make it simple so that people can follow everything and get there and get the same results that we get. It's not easy. It's a lot of work. There's a lot of things involved. We have a whole team that works behind all this to accomplish all of the different steps. But once it's done, it's just keeping it up and doing your link building cycles the way that you're supposed to your press releases, and it's done. It's a done deal. It's crazy how simple this is, and how people despite the proof that we can provide because I'm sharing results in our group. Despite that, there's still sell it. That doesn't work. Yeah. Don't leave your lying eyes because it's an optical illusion, the results that you're seeing in SERPs that's not true either, right? So I will just leave it at that. Let's go to the questions, guys. It doesn't work. If you want to see how it doesn't work, come and get our stuff and

Bradley: anything else guys, or can we get any question?  Let's do it. All right, there we go. Tell me when you see my screen. Got it? Okay. We can see it. Yeah. So that's what I was talking about. If you look at selling and fast, Virginia, it's popping knowledge panel now number one position. And you can see my brand is associated with that search term. It's even showing up and suggesting related searches. Guys, that's what you want, you know, powerful that is when somebody a prospect starts typing a generic keyword into search and a brand appears how powerful that is. So it's incredible how much traffic I get from that. It's insane. And guys, I haven't done anything other than what we teach. I have an SEO shield. I did one batch of link building to it and ever since then, all I've done is run relevant traffic into the entity. And it just took time is just a matter of time and I'm already popping for knowledge panel now push this competitor out who had been number one for months. So it's um, it's impressive, guys. I can't thank Marco and my team enough for making it so easy to repeat and get results. It's just not fair. It's just not fair.

Alright, so let's get into the question.

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How To Make A Domain Mapping In Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Dustin. Hey, guys, how do you? Yeah, okay, that's it. Hey, guys, how do you make a domain mapping with AWS Amazon cloud so my websites get hosted on Amazon, just go to YouTube. You can do it with Cloudflare. Probably the easiest way to do it is through Cloudflare. But just go to YouTube and search not directly on our channel, because I don't think we have any public training about that. And the training that I did on that was probably three years old now. And it's likely that it may, I don't know, it might not have changed, but just go to YouTube and search domain mapping cloud, Amazon HTML site or something like that, right. And just playing around, you'll find somebody that's good with a tutorial for that. It's, it's fairly simple. I use CloudFlare to do that. But you can also use Amazon route 53, which is their DNS service inside of AWS console. You can do it with Amazon route 53. And what's interesting about Amazon route 53, by the way, is when you set it up that way, it gives you what's called a dynamic IP, the IP for your site will change. Well, if you're hosting in Amazon, but if you're just pointing how do you make a domain mapping so my website gets hosted on Amazon.

Yeah, if you're using Amazon to host, then it's a dynamic IP, which is it's interesting because the IP changes, years ago, we had talked about building a PBNs, well, kind of like PBNs but essentially buffer sites using Amazon HTML pages hosted in s3 buckets, but using Amazon route 53, to set up subdomains for a particular domain, and you have just multiple, like, essentially, we create a bunch of pages and subdomains, but they would each have dynamic IPs. So it would, it wouldn't look like all of them coming from like links from the same domain would be coming from different IPs, if that makes sense because they were different subdomains. And you'd go check them in an IP checker. And if you refresh the screen, it wouldn't always be a new IP, but often when you would refresh the screen, it would be a whole new IP. And it was a great way when we were still using a lot of PBN stuff to get IP diversity into your link building. But again, I don't do that anymore. We don't need to, the SEO shield is all we need to do. And that is link building, and it works. But yeah, just go check YouTube, you'll find somebody to teach you how to do that. It's not that difficult.

Why Do You SEO For Local And Not Focus On Ads Where You Have More Control Over Keywords?

jp says I don't understand. Okay, this is a good question. I don't understand the use of ranking websites for local. I run Google Ads with GMB location extension activated and Google ads for local plumbing clients, I ranked multiple websites organically number one and GMBs organically number one, I would guess that about 5% of traffic comes from my number one organically ranked websites and about 15 from organic GMB organic rankings and the rest come from ads and GMB linked to the ads. You can target so many more keywords with ads and organic you will never show in the three-pack for the variety of keywords you can target in Google ads. Well, that's not necessarily true you can depend on how much work you put into it. You can write for a variety of keywords and you can also rank for outside of your immediate area like you can with ads. I know what you mean when you run a location extension with the GMB. That's how you can get beat that proximity filter right away. Right? There's no question. If you have the top quality score, or a high-quality score that Trumps your competitors, then that's how you will typically get in the number one position in the ads, you know, the number one ads position in the maps three-pack or in the expanded maps.

And there's no question that that's a great way to expand your service area very quickly and overcome that proximity issue. However, we do know a way of overcoming that proximity issue organically, which is the local GMB pro method. So it's not that you can't do it. It's just it does require a lot more work than just paying Google to get placed there. That said, you say that you would guess that about 5% of your traffic comes from organic rankings and 15% from organic or maps rankings. But you said that you would guess you know, I would recommend you know, looking at your analytics deep diving in that to see if that is the case. And it may be for your particular industry, plumbing, I don't do plumbing, SEO. I mean, it happened to pass. But I, you know, most of the industries that I work in I've proven time and again, that maps rankings produce the most leads for most of the services that I, you know, provide most of the industries that I provide services to. And organic rankings have recently for whatever reason started to produce more than they have in the past.

And I don't know why that is because they're pushed even further down on the page now than ever. But for some reason or another, I'm getting more traffic through organic rankings that I have in recent years. And I'm not sure exactly why that is, except for maybe the fact that the maps filter have you know, the proximity issue has reduced the maps footprint and your organic rankings are taking are kind of filling in where the maps used to produce results. Now, it's organic, so maybe that's why but I think it varies by any industry, you know because there are a lot of statistics out there that state. And again, I'm sure it's going to vary by industry. But there are a lot of statistics out there that state that organic rankings get organic listings, period maps or organic, get so much more click-throughs than paid. And so just and I'm going to ask Marco and other others to comment on this in a minute, but I just pulled this up for organic first-page search statistics on higher-visibility calm, and this is stats for 2020. And it talks about right here 70. And this doesn't mention local specifically, but it says 70 to 80% of all searches, searchers ignore paid ads and focus only on organic results. So again, I'm not disputing what you say is the result of your marketing campaigns. But what I'm telling you is by it probably varies by industry, and through my own projects. I've proven over and over and over again through data that we generate far many more leads for the like tree service industry.

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For example, at far less cost than we do use, we generate far more leads at using SEO and maps SEO, that at far less cost than we do use Google ads. So again, you know, I'm, I'm not trying to dispute what you're saying. I'm just saying that I think there it's going to vary depending on industry and project. Comments, guys. I absolutely agree that it's going to depend entirely, not only on the industry, and how people are used to seeing whatever it is or the results that they're seeing. It also depends on how much effort you put into your SEO and your maps versus how much effort you put into ads. So if you think that s that SEO and ads aren't going to bring you the results, because you're guessing that 20% is coming from that and all of your efforts actually know that 8020 rule 80% of your effort goes into ads, then that's going to show in that present. I've seen it differently also. And we have them especially in the plumbing niche, we had the DC plumber example, where once we trigger that map pack, the phone went, what they went nuts is map pack and it's also organic he gets organic traffic, you have to remember the press releases also bring traffic to one will branded will also bring some traffic, right your social media and how much effort goes in there. So the idea here is that you don't focus all of your energies on one source of traffic is one change can bring that 80% to half and then what do you do, but if you focus as you mentioned in other Hump Day Hangouts and holistic marketing when you take an overall approach to what this is a gang, you're actually driving several traffic funnels, not concentrating all your efforts in one.

I think you're going to see much better results. I'm also seeing it in the morning, by the way, I'm working California and in New York with an attorney in those two places and it's man, the map pack in those and it's whatever we target, right because we could target in the GMB. Any keywords that we want or any keyword set or any we can silo it, it's what we do. And it's how we link it together. It's how we get that those keywords to pop up. And you know, you get into the thousands of keywords that way and not only in GMB Insights, but it starts showing up in Search Console on what you're getting impressions for, and the average position where you're getting impressions where if you improve the average position, you start seeing crazy CTR and so all of these factors combined our matter.

He is seeing his numbers from his efforts, which is fine, that's the way you want to do it. If you think that you can get the most bang for your buck out of it. And then by all means me I'd rather not go up against for example Amazon and pay for ads against Amazon I'd rather hit them organically and do my damage there because I'm seeing crazy results from that case study also seeing results from the land solutions network, right the cell and fast case study. So all of these things that we do, what we give you is is is it's like you're giving us data from what your efforts are from what you're getting. So we give you data from what we see and not to say the one or the other is wrong it's just different approaches to the different niches that we're after.

Yeah, I just one more comment on that. Like for example, why I like SEO better than ads and I run ads guys for a lot of stuff. My alpha land Realty, for example, generates a ton of traffic through ads, and I do it for clients too. But my point is kind of like what Marco said like, let's say you've got $1,000 a month budget period for any type of marketing, whether it's Google ads or SEO or whatever. If you're running $1,000 a month in Google ads and Google Ads only, that's, that's great. You can target you know, whatever your keywords are and your locations. But if you want to expand into new areas and target new keywords, you still only have that thousand dollars a month budget. So you've got to rob Peter to pay Paul. In other words, you've got to pull money from existing campaigns, or ad groups, whatever you've got running, to push into different areas, if that's what you're limited to is, let's just say that that's, you know, again, hypothetically, you're limited to that, that thousand dollars a month, whereas with SEO, the thousand dollars a month can go towards content marketing, and link building and such and target, different keywords, different locations. And once the content is there, and it's producing, it's your ranking and you're producing leads from that content. You can redirect those funds to the next location, the next set of keywords because that's already producing. And it's just a matter of maintaining it then with through our methods, you can maintain organic rankings through just link building and such to the SEO shield and the entity. So my point is, you can take that same thousand dollars and continue to expand keywords and locations area, right. So the service area and continually grow with that same thousand dollars per month. Whereas with Google ads, if you're at full capacity for your budget, you can't grow into other areas without spending more money or taking money from an already producing campaign to redirect to those areas. That makes sense. So that's what I like, you know, when you stop paying Google, you stop generating leads. That's the problem with Google Ads there. I mean, again, I guys, I love Google ads. I love them. But I don't you know, I still always recommend to clients, that we start an SEO campaign and that we only use Google ads to supplement until the SEO is producing the results that we desire.

Okay. Anyways, good question. Or good? Great question.

This is a very long, like, it looks like it's only six questions, but if you get into it, there's like, eight questions in this one alone. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through the first number three numbers here, and then the rest of them will have to be, you know, come join the mastermind, if you want a consultation, that's what it's for. Like, you know, you can ask these kinds of questions and mastermind but this is a lot of damn questions. We're not going to have time for all of these unless we get through everything else and then we'll come back. We appreciate you coming and asking questions, though. I do appreciate that. So should I include the author and each post I publish? You can, it's not necessary. My blogger, I tend to have her do it because she's a prolific blogger who's been blogging for years for me now. So she's got quite the author's status. But you know, that's not necessary. It's just a matter of preference.

Which page in the silo structure should get the most backlinks? Well, if you understand silo structure doesn't matter which page because if you have your interlinking done correctly, your internal linking throughout the silo, anywhere you point links to within that silo is going to benefit the entire silo. Right? That's if you understand silo structure and how to interlink correctly properly within a silo, then there's no one page that should get any more links than any other because it doesn't matter. You could take the last post in the silo and inject all your links there and it's going to flow up through every post in the silo and up to the top-level page. So, you know, it really doesn't, it's not important as to which page gets the most links. If you've got your silo structure and internal linking done properly. I can tell him which page gets the most length. None of the pages on your website should get linked. None. Absolutely not. You should not be link building to your money site. That's what your SEO shield is for.

Now through your SEO shield, you can push into each one of your market level categories. Or you can push into the supporting post for your categories, which whichever way you decide to do it, and you can cycle that what I call a link building cycle, which will you change it up, sometimes you go into the pole sometimes into the category, maybe you'll go somewhere else where you know, tier one, and push through there. But everything should take place through that dry stack and G site and maybe even tier one branded because they can handle it. But if you get caught building to your website, a lot of bad things can happen. That guy we stay away from the top-level domain for that reason because we don't want to trigger any of those nasty little things that can pop up and get you in and kill everything that you've been trying to do so know the answer to that is none on your website. Learn how to how to cycle your link building through the SEO shield how to add depth and breadth to that drive second Gsite and you're going to get much better results with protection to be correct.

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So the next question was, what do you think about it? What do you think of this dummy silo for a niche site? 1000 posts, for example, in the site all under the main domain, which is also the homepage, no categories, no tags, no subfolders, and the homepage links to all of the posts up to the last 1000 posts. Is this good for a silo? Now, for a couple of reasons.

The number one is, well, if you were linking From the homepage, to all 1000 posts, first of all, that would be one hell of a menu or one hell of a linked list. It would be kind of ugly for like user experience and everything. And number two is if any one of those individual posts link back to the homepage, which is really what you'd want to do anyway, that would be the reciprocal link, it would kill the value of that silo. So my point is, I wouldn't do that. If I were going to do it, first of all, you know, having a one category website is fine, that's perfectly fine. But you don't want to link to all of the posts on the homepage. That would be ridiculous in my opinion. And I think it would be hard for users to navigate and I don't think it would be any good for SEO. So I think you're better off adding some sort of structure to the site navigation structure. If you were going to do something like that. That would be logical, but you would also want to make sure again, you understand how to properly interlink within a silo, which we cover in the mastermind will also be covered in heavy hitters club I'm sure or heavy hitter club excuse me, when that's available, which will be soon but we can't share our exact silos linking technique here on a free Hump Day hangout apologize.

Do you want to comment on that? Anybody before I move on? I thought I think that was fine. Okay.

Yeah, there are good ways to do that. If you're going to you can have a site all-around one particular topic, but typically are one category. But typically, even with that one category, you're talking about 1000 posts.

You're you can probably segment those posts into subcategories right to make it a more easier to navigate and a more logical setup than to have 1000 posts all in one very, you know, I don't know how, I'm sure it can be done, but I'm just saying I think you'd be better off even having, you know, subcategories and such to make it more logical. I think you'd be better off that way. We'll come back to some of these other ones if we have time.

How Long Should You Wait After The New WordPress Page Is Published?

Yeah, okay. Hi, everyone. I'm using RSS syndication on my website. But my WordPress page has been disabled twice. So I think this is because my posting frequency is higher than normal blogs that can happen. So my question is, how long should I wait after the new WordPress page is published?

Well, it's, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you publish relevant content to the WordPress site. site when you get it in. Let that sit for a week or two. And the way that we build it at our, you know, our builders build them at the store is we, we, we find relevant content on another blog and post that we republish that with attribution. So we link over to the original source because now that's an internal link for WordPress. com. Does that make sense? That's why we do that. And we and it's a relevant article relevant to whatever the theme of that blog is now, right. And then we always recommend that you wait and give it like, you know, seven days, five to seven days, roughly before you start automating posts through RSS syndication. But then if you're going to when you start syndicating posts if it's a high volume, frequency of publishing, then we always recommend that you start slow and you ramp up, which means like, you know, if you publish, let's say you publish, you know, five blog posts per day. I don't know what your frequency is, but we'll just use that as an example. You don't want to come out of the gate, publishing five blog posts a day to a day new WordPress site, even if it's been, you know, kind of season for a week or so, what you want to do is maybe start doing one post per day for a week or two, and then maybe you can increase it to two posts per day and then three and then four. And you do that slowly you build up so that WordPress, kind of, you know,, or whatever other blog sites kind of gain an understanding of the business and a lot of the site excuse me, and allows it to, it tends to get terminated a lot less. You know, we've had, we've had projects that are I've had projects that I've worked on that had a high volume of publishing, but as long as you gradually increase to whatever your normal posting frequency is, it typically will remain. But that said, it also depends on the type of posts that you're publishing. If the posts are spammy, if they contain a shit ton of outbound links, things like that, then you're you it's likely that they're going to get terminated anyways. So you just got to be careful. It's got be decent content, while my VA is for the projects I work on like we just use curated content because it's very nicely done content. We're linking to multiple sources, not just our own. So so for example, not all links on the blog, just come back to the money site. We use curated content. So every post has links to relevant third party content sources. And I think that makes a big difference too, which is why I have such a low suspension rate or termination rate for syndication network properties. So it's a matter of quality of content, the number of outbound links where those outbound links are pointing to and also the frequency of publishing, you can gradually build it up over time. Okay, it's a good question, though.

How long does it take to attain maturity? I can't tell you that because I don't know it. As I said, if you just gradually increase, you should be okay. But your content does matter. Content matters, guys. You know, it does

Should You Use Similar Content In The GStacks As On The GSIte And The Money Site?

loft says a question about duplicate content, do I use the same content and the Gsite is in the G site as on the money site? So if I find the money site onto the G site, the content appears twice. And there is no problem with that. My question? Well, first of all, I'd love to get Marco's opinion on this. I don't, here's the thing on the G site, why even put content on the pages if you're going to embed the money site page, it will read the content of the embed, and that will become the content of the page. It'll even show up in the meta description in search. So for my projects, I don't put content on the pages.

Guys have to excuse me, I've got a call coming in. I don't know how to silence that right now.

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Okay, so yeah, so I don't actually run, put content on the page as well. Sometimes I do. It just depends on the page. But for the most part, if I'm embedding pages, it's going to be embedded pages. And that's it. The content is produced through the embed. You want to comment on that, Marco? Yeah, I don't understand that the iframe question. If you understand iframe, then what you're doing through the iframe is you're displaying your homepage on the G site. That's all that is, so it's not a copy. And let's get away from duplicate content. There's no such thing as a duplicate content. It's bullshit. It's a myth. It doesn't happen if it if there were such a thing as duplicate content, we set a time and again press releases would be they'd be out of work. They wouldn't work it's it just doesn't make sense to say that there is duplicate content that could be a duplicate content penalty and all these other things that people say, which we have shown time and again, are not true. We showed it in the mastermind, as a matter of fact, I asked Marco.

Marco: anything webinar, we showed it, there is no such thing as a duplicate content. And so with that in mind, you can do whatever you want on on that G site. This is going to be relevant. It's relevant to whatever it is that you're doing. We use other people's content. Sometimes we use our own content, sometimes. It's just it just depends on what it is that we're trying to do.

Yeah. Okay, he says also, because the G site takes the schema from the iframe site, and now has the featured image of the iframe site in mobile search, even though that image does not appear anywhere on the G site, I thought you might like to know that and if you already do, maybe know a way to undo this. I, I don't know why you would want to undo it. Look, I don't care what you know if something like that appeared happens, because my point is the search results are just more of my entity. Does that make sense? So like, and I've had, you know, people say, Well, you know, I don't my client doesn't like the G site appearing in the search results for you know, their keyword or for their brand name? Why would you rather a competitor's website be ranked there and you know, we make them look really good, they'll convert, I mean, you know, so anyway, my point is, as long as I'm taking up real estate on the first page with my entity assets, I don't care, you know, because it's pushing a competitor off the page period, end of story and if every one of those open those links open up to a branded entity asset that's going to lead back to my company with a company that I'm promoting for the project then I really don't care if something like that happens or which properties appear in search, for example, which is one of the network properties in our syndication networks that for whatever reason is ranking super well right now for like brand searches. And when you click on it, you know, if you've got your RSS feeding into you know, newspaperly, a newspaper or whatever they call it, then you know, it's branded content on the paper profile. So like, it's not something I would typically push intentionally to the first page, but on a lot of projects I have right now, for whatever reason, is ranking for the brand search, so I'm not going to go disable it or delete it because my client doesn't want paper at least showing up for their brand search. I just tell them, hey, look, that could have been your competitor, you know what I mean? So my point is, I don't know why that's an issue. I appreciate you bringing that to my attention. But honestly, it doesn't. It doesn't bother me to have that happen. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Marco: No, no, no. I mean, it did. It doesn't make sense not to want as much to not want to take up as much real estate as possible. Take it up, take it to take up as much as you can, if you're doing it through iframes. I mean, that's fine. It'll go to the client eventually. And if not, then it's reinforcing the entity and he clicks on that image just reinforces the entity. Yeah.

That's right. Its activity into the entity. That's correct. All right. Lauren says I want to order an SEO shield? Can you explain how it works? I'm having a hard time understanding how it protects my website.

Yeah, we did the SEO, she would explain just go to our YouTube channel. In fact, I'll walk you through it. Let's go to slash Semantic Mastery. Okay, go to our YouTube channel. See that search icon that's the search this channel feature. So we're going to click that there and we're going to type in SEO shield and right here is the holiday special Hump Day hangout Episode 267 where we went into the SEO shield right there. So just go use our channel search feature.

As I just showed you search for SEO shield holiday special Hump Day hangout SEO shield right there, 14 minutes 36 seconds long, all about specifically what the SEO shield is and how it works. Okay. Good question though, Thank you.

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Baby says the chat works but if you don't save the page link and bookmarks, it's hard to find the chat page. Okay, guys, the chat page has been the same redirect URL since we started which is was an over five years ago for stands for Hump Day questions. bookmarklet. Remember it committed to memory, It's been the same URL for many many years. it redirects to this page right here but just remember HD questions, Hump Day questions, period. . It will always take you to this page right here. Okay. You don't have to sign up for an opt-in every time. If you are not then I'm sorry because that sucks.

Alright, next Are there any up sales on your to extra agency course I plan I plan to buy all the upsells but I wanted to know if there are any before I buy. Yes, there are upsells there are one time offers and that kind of stuff. We wouldn't be good we wouldn't be worth our weight.

We wouldn't be worth anything if we didn't have upsells man, this is internet marketing guys. So anyway, all right, we do have some time left so we can go back to some of those other questions. Anybody have anything they want to comment on before we do?

Adam: Oh, yeah, I just wrote the comment on there but basically what you said I was like yeah, there's some awesome deals I was like that, you know, truly are one time offers we you know, want to make something cool. It's like Bradley said, you know, we're wouldn't be worth our weight if we didn't put in a good offer and funny but these are really really really really good ones. Anyways, that's awesome.

Bradley: Yeah, because a lot of the stuff that's offered throughout the sales funnel essentially is also you know, we talk a lot about the in the 2xyouragency course guys because they're all, you know, here's the thing and throughout the 2X Your Agency course we point you to its a conceptual training. In other words, it's a high level of training, to point you in the right direction to do these things. If you want to learn more about the specific methods of how they work, go buy this training course points you to the correct training course. But the whole point of Double Your Agency guys is not to encumber you or bog you down with more training in more shit you have to learn and then either do yourself, God forbid or hire somebody out and train them to do it for you, which is a better option. But if you want to Double Your Agency, it's done for you services that are already set, the team is in place, the met the training, the management, the quality control, all of that is in place and then you just mark it up and sell right and manage projects for your clients. That's how you Double Your Agency, not by getting bogged down and training. And I'm not telling you don't go through our training. That would be stupid. But I'm saying that if you really want to grow your agency, I would focus and I recommend focusing on using third party fulfillment providers like MGYB to do the work, and you need to focus on prospecting and sales and learning how to manage camp projects, essentially, project management, because then that's how you can scale your agency without getting bogged down in the day to the daily grind and having to do all the work. And that's so so that's what we do.

And 2xyourgency we talk about concepts at a high level, there's a lot of actionable plans. But we tell you if you want to learn more about the specific tactic or method, go by the training course. But the better option is just to go buy it done for you at MGYB, and move on to the next module so that you can grow your business does that make sense? Any comments on that guys? Yeah, man, cuz. Right. So it's, it's what we do. If you guys want to know how I got results for the land solutions, network case study, I went and I got the prospects from MGYB, and they were built out the tier one branded the @ID, the drive second g site, you can go in and starts and start breaking it down and you can see it all there. I worked on the entity just like I recommend everything is that we guys, we don't do anything different than what we give you. This is why it's ridiculous. If you guys want and go and try other things, you want to change it up and you don't want this to happen. You don't want that to happen. You want to see results. This is how we do it. Exactly how we're showing you the SEO power shield, which seems like it's something new it isn't. It's simply bringing all of these different things that these pieces that we've been mentioned the syndication network, which I would never do anything without the @ID now the and the drive seconds, guys, it's my training by August of 2015. It was released, it's working better today than it was when it was released. And so why wouldn't I use my own training my own methods, methods that I use them to train VA that are now in MGYB working for us. Why wouldn't I do it? Why would I go and try something else? I do tests right to see whether what other people say is true, whether it's working, how it works. And I just find that my stuff did the way that I do it works and works like crazy. It works.

I mean, I can't say how well it works. You see, you're seeing Bradley get results, you see mega results, Rob talks about the results that he gets. And if you're in our mastermind, you know what results our mastermind members are getting. And so I don't know what else to tell you, other than this thing that we call the SEO shield is what we use not only to protect ourselves from Google but also to enhance our entity and to enhance our footprint. So Google, look, this is me, this is who I am. And all of these things are also extensions of my brand. And what's happening right now in search engines is that brands are getting rewarded. Yes. If you do not do if you're not doing entity SEO, you're already in trouble. So you even before you start, you're in trouble. I agree with that. And I just want to show like, for example, this is, you know, I, because of the 2xyouragency training, I actually wasn't doing a lot of marketing for prospecting for Tree Service clients for my own agency. Because I've been really focused a lot on the last several months on my real estate business. However, some of the marketing that I had put, you know, content that I produced two years ago, for whatever reason is producing a lot of inbound leads for my agency. So Tree Service contractors contacting me and over the last couple of months, asking me to quote them, you know, for service, SEO services, and lead generation and such. And so, as part of the two extra agency training, I said, you know, it's silly for me to be doing this training and not also adding to my own agency marketing and stuff to bring clients in which I

Again, I wasn't originally planning on growing my agency but I didn't feel hypocritical not actively trying to grow my agency throughout the two extra agency training. So why not I'm going to grow my agency. So just a couple little things that I've been doing recently to get better results and so for example, Tree Service SEO, I haven't even done any SEO to this except for one, press release one press release. And I had a page on my site right here that for the last two or three years or however long it might show what the publishing date was. Okay, so for the last year it was when I published this page this posting guys looked at so awful, I haven't my websites, a one page website. And anyway, I haven't added any images to this. haven't done any outbound linking or any internal link. It's a one-page website. There's nothing to link to but the homepage, but all I did was I had an article written I didn't write this I had it written and I there was this post was nothing other than this infographic for the last year until last week.

When I had this article written, and I just went in and published this article, it's about 1500 words about SEO. And that's for Tree Search. It's optimized for Tree Service SEO. And that was it. And I haven't done anything to this page. There's no theme mirroring. This has not been built into, by the way, I don't even have a theme mirrored drive stack and G site because there is no content. There's no silo structure for my agency website. It's a single page other than this post. It's literally a single-page website. There's no content, there are no silos. There's none of that. The drive stack that has been ranking since August or May of 2015. So going on five years, the SEO Virginia, Virginia SEO, SEO agency Virginia, it's producing number one maps ranking for local IPS, number one Google Site ranking. And if I open that up, it's interesting but when taking a look at my drive stack because I built this from scratch when I was first turned on to the RYS Academy methods by Marco and I built I only built one set of files. That's it like I was just in the account, the Google account where the owner accounts for this drive stack that I built, which was under different Gmail account for whatever reason, I was just in there over the weekend. And all I've got guys are the files that are embedded right here. That's it. There is nothing else to this drive stack. And it's got me ranked number one for SEO, Virginia, Virginia, SEO, SEO agency, Virginia, blah, blah, blah, for five years, over and above all the other SEO agencies in the state of Virginia. And it's just a matter of like six drive stack files. That's it.

There are no folders, there's no silo structure. My point in telling you all of this is because imagine and again, this page, this one page here, which was nothing other than an infographic for the last year, all I did was add content to it, which hasn't even been optimized like I haven't gone through and finished optimizing the content, adding images and all tags, all of that stuff.

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Look at these guys, out of all the Tree Service SEO agencies out there who are paying for ads and everything else. on page one, what position seven with no SEO or just one, press release. So you can imagine if I go in and feed mirror that page onto this G site, build some drive stack files, a folder around Tree Service, SEO, and files that are all pointing to that page, run a few links to it, guys. There's no question I should be able to pop to the number one position for that keyword. Right? So anyway, I'm just showing work. You know, we don't just tell you to do things because we tell you to do it. We practice what we preach and it works. So okay, any comments on that before I try to answer a few more of these? Does anybody know?

Norian says It can't be that easy with all the different SEO tactics out there. Okay. You're right. It doesn't work. Laurens. Right. Yeah, we're showing you it works, but you're right. It doesn't work. It can't be that easy. Okay. Well, I like I mean, if you want to make overcomplicate it, that's fine. You know, continue over complicated. But, uh, you know, It is that easy. It's just a matter of how much you push into the entity. That's, that's how you overcome competition right now. All right, so I understand it. No. I see you, Lawrence. And I hear you know, it's not easy. It's simple. We keep it so right. Yeah, we keep it simple. We've developed a method that has withstood the test of time and every single update that has been thrown at the SEO world for the past five-plus years. So no, it can't be that easy. It isn't easy. It doesn't involve effort or work. It's just easy. Simple is different because we focus on web principles that everyone has to follow, including Google. So focusing on those and focusing on the map is what allows us to simplify our tactics to the point where we can get results this way.

So easy as and simple are different in this case. So one thing and I've got I know we can answer this number for right here. So I just want to say one more thing about this. So in the mastermind, guys, I have a couple of projects that I'm starting. We got a mastermind webinar tomorrow, my mat, the format has changed. We don't talk about that enough at the beginning of Hump Day Hangouts, guys, we need to do that coming week. We recently changed the format to where each one of us now is producing our own mastermind webinar. So if you're in the mastermind, that's an enormous amount of value because before it was mainly Marco and I doing the webinars every two weeks we would do a mastermind webinar, which would often go to two and a half, sometimes even three hours. But it was heavily SEO based and it was mostly Marco and I are doing the training and answering questions. But we've changed it since the 2xyouragency juicy stuff. Now all of us have different skills, Semantic Mastery Mmastermind, partners, right? My partners, we all have different sets of skills, they all overlap for sure, we all have different sets of skills, we want to be able to provide you guys with as much actionable information as possible. So each one of us now is hosting our own separate webinars. So you can come and plug into the ones that are the most relevant to you and your business at what at any given time, or plug into all of them if you want. So one of the things that I'm going to be covering and I'm gonna announce this tomorrow, kind of like reveal the plan and everything is I've got a new a whole new tree service project that I'm starting. And part of the agreement I made with the contractor just this week, in fact, was that I could use his project as a case study within my teaching with as a training opportunity. And he agreed and I'm giving him you know, a substantial discount on my normal fees for a Tree Service contractor to be able to use this. So I'm going to be taking this exact thing that we're talking about, right so, create the entity build the SEO shield, start the content marketing link building and embeds through MGYB driving relevant traffic into the entity using Google ads, very inexpensive display and or YouTube ads. That's it. That's the process. That's it. And we're going to take that project. And I'm going to make it a case study that I'm going to be sharing in the mastermind over the next month or a couple of months while I'm building it out. For service area business with a wide surface area to show how we can absolutely get results, no questions asked, by just doing exactly what we talked about. And 2xyouragency here and everywhere that you guys can hear us, right, which is that that simple. It's not easy. There's a lot of work involved. But the easiest way to make it. The way to make it easy is don't do the damn work. Just buy the components, manage the project, buy the components, stack them or put them in you know, build them in the order that we tell you to do. And then just power them up and that and produce good content. That's a big part of it. That's it. You do that and then no question you will get results.

So, all right, we got about three minutes. I'm gonna roll through these last couple real quick.

What Is The Use Of The Multiple Tier 1 Rings?

He says what is the use of the multiple tier-one rings? We don't recommend multiple tier-one rings except and only four YouTube channels. Okay. And I've said that a million times. I can't assume that you've been now all of them. But yeah, I don't one tier one ring for blog syndication only branded tier one right? That's it. Now you can use multiple tiers, right? So you can use two-tier networks or three-tier networks whatever we'll we will build two-tier networks for you at MGYB. But as we've said, and again, you can go to our YouTube channel and find this you can go to and look at our knowledge base under Syndication Academy and there are several frequently asked questions there where I specifically go into depth into detail as to why if you're going to use two-tier or multi-tier networks for blog syndication how to set it up correctly, which is to inject third relevant related RSS feeds into the second tier. Okay. And again just go to Syndication Academy knowledge base articles and there are several lessons in there about that. But um, so yeah, so only one branded syndication ring, tier-one syndication ring for blogs if you want to use multi-tier networks you can, but you have to be aware of how to set that up correctly, which again, I just pointed you to the resources for that.

Also, if there could be more tier-one rings, what should they be personas? No, they wouldn't be tier-one rings for blog syndication if you want to use multiple rings again, they should be second or second tier and beyond. And they should be persona-based or topical based like theme based but not branded. Does that make sense? also, should you do multiple tier one on YouTube channel only or is it allowed websites? No, no. For YouTube channels, you can stack as many tier one networks as you want. They could be branded. Well, you should only have one branded ring period. But the rest of them can be persona-based, theme-based. You know, whatever you want, it's fine for YouTube. It's no issue. It's only for the blog, blog syndication.

I think we're about done. How much money will be needed for a complete project like that? How much do you charge? I'm not sure what you're asking who you're asking about charging. But for a complete project. Again, you guys can just go to MGYB and price it out. Right? So like an SEO power shield, go look at the pricing. That's component number one, right then component number two would be you know, content marketing and such which vanish to do that, but component number three would be the link building and embed gigs and determine what size link building or embed package you need is going to depend on the competition. Competition is going to dictate the volume of links needed and the frequency with which you need to do that build them. Does that make sense?

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So you can kind of go through and just kind of price it out that way. And, you know, I recommend 100% markup at the minimum for charging clients. So if you go to MGYB and kind of just map out what your costs are going to be, and then mark it up 100% minimum, that's what you should charge your clients for setup. And if like, for example, for monthly ongoing monthly link building gigs, if you know, a medium competition package is going to be what you need for your particular industry might not be what I found for a lot of my projects is, I go heavy upfront when I start the project with link building and embeds once I achieve the desired results that I typically cycle through the low competition, link building and embed gig packages, but they repeat like in other words, they recur on monthly basis and that's just to maintain but it may be different for your niche. I can't, I can't tell you what to how to develop out your plan. You need to do that depending on your project, your market keywords competition level, that kind of thing. Okay.

All right. Does anybody want to comment on that? I'm about to wrap it up.

No, it just is it's all set up. It ends up being Everything is their SEO shield is there. That's what you need to get started. That's it. Go join 2x Your Agency go through the 2xyour results training. We're in week three of four for that next week will be the last week of that and we're going to get into two extra business which is going to be about how to scale your operations and grow. So we'll see some of you and mastermind tomorrow. Bye, everybody. Thanks. Bye, everyone.

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What Is The Point Of Siloing The Category If It Is Redirected To The Main Target Page?

By April


In episode 271 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked about the point of siloing the category if it is being redirected to the main target page.

The exact question was:

Hi guys, support told me to ask this question in here, thanks: I was going over the battleplan training and am confused on the categories. It was said we should do this: “”Permalink structure /%category%/%postname%/ Create main location pages to silo. Create category with same slug as page Setup 301 redirect to send the category page to the main target page.”” What's the point of creating the category if we are just 301'ing it to the page?

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Is It A Good Practice To Do Internal Link Exchange Between Blog Posts And Pages?

By April

In episode 269 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if it is a good practice to do internal link exchange between blog posts and pages.

The exact question was:

Hello SEO Experts, I want to ask that is it good practice to do internally link exchange between two blog post or pages. Thanks for your reply in Advance.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 268

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 268 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at



All right! Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 268. And today is the second of January 2020. This is the first Hump Day hangout to 2020. We shifted it a day. So if you're watching this and wondering why we're doing on Thursdays, we figured that just like us, a lot of people are probably gonna be taking the first off. And so we're here on the second day of January and going to kick things off. So if you're watching one, thank you for watching, to go ahead and type your questions in we knew we weren't going to get a lot of questions because we shifted it by a day. But we just got a handful of questions. And we've got some from the Facebook group that we're going to answer. And then we wrap things up. So if you do have a question like said, just go ahead and get it on there. So before we dive into stuff, we got some announcements. I want to say hi to the guys. The first time we've, I guess, talked in 2020. So Bradley, how are you doing in the new year and decade?

Bradley: Oh, man, happy to be here. It's, I'm excited about this year. I think it's gonna be a good year. So, you know, everybody tries to have new year's resolutions. I try not to really set new year's resolutions. I'd set more targets or goals, you know, and I've got a lot of goals that I'm trying to hit over the next couple of months with my real estate business especially. I'm really looking forward to the holiday season and being over now and I can get back to work.

Adam: Nice. Hernan, how about yourself?

Hernan: Good, man. All good. I have fun with family during the New Year's etc. for this year, for this decade, actually, last year was amazing. It was really, really good. So I'm expecting 2020 to be even better and keep on helping a lot of people that we are used to doing every week and every day pretty much and Semantic Mastery. So sad to be here.

Adam: Awesome. All right, Chris. How about you man? How was New Year for you and how you doing?

Chris: Yeah, super good here. Weather is getting colder and it's actually getting foggy and stuff. So yeah, other than that's 2020 like I already kicked it off like pretty crazy. I'm getting flooded with new leads and I barely can keep up I guess everybody wants to get rid of the tax bills and lower them for 2020 but yeah, a good problem to have. So how about you?

Adam: I'm doing pretty good. I was traveling visiting some friends for Christmas and so we flew back on New Year's Eve and so took a real easy had just a relaxed time and then now just getting back in the swing of things and like you guys starting to get back in and getting the routine back and going so for me that's been good especially after I don't know about you guys, man, my friends and family just go crazy with like baking and making food and I don't have a hard time putting down the cookies and all that stuff. So I'm looking forward to getting back into not only a work routine but just get back. I already been running and hitting the gym and it's going to take a little while to cut the pounds and put off here that. Marco, how about you, man? How are you doing?

Marco: I'm doing good man. The holidays are crazy when you have three little kids. Mine is, you know, my daughter's the youngest one is 14 months. And I have a seven-year-old son and an eight-year-old son, an 11-year-old daughter. So they keep you feeling free and busy during the holidays because it's this and that. And let's do this. And let's do that and to keep you just running around. So even though I worked less, I was busier than I usually work and they will drive you crazy. So anyway, it's just I'm like Bradley, I'm glad to be able to get back to work. Yeah.

Adam: Fair enough. Well, speaking of the holidays, Marco, all of us, yourself, other people as well. We're hoping for your charity. How did things go with that?

Marco: We're doing really well. That's ongoing. Actually, it's not it doesn't end, what we do is we do an end of the year and in January, a big drive to try to get as many kids into school as possible. We try to give them opportunities, right, a chance to go to school with everything. Paid everything that they need it we also we talked to the families try to help the families, we tutor, we just do a whole lot to try to keep this kids these kids in school and when in fact, if they make it through the school program, which is, of course, a great school and a junior high in high school, or then we get them into technical training, and they do have a job waiting for them. Once that's all done so it says it's not as if they're just going and getting an education for just for the sake of getting an education which isn't a bad thing. Right going studying learning about the world about things is not bad in and of itself. But it this has a purpose and that there are companies in Costa Rica that are that where these jobs aren't high demand, and we're meeting that high demand with what we do. So it's really interesting. It's really good that the charity has done well. It can never be enough. Yeah. Right. This because of the more money that we have available, the more that we give away, of course. But yeah, we're doing really good. I still have two more charity webinars that are that I am going to do. So they're not finished. And I might do a third one. Because I think that it's needed people I want people to clearly understand what it is that's going on. What we've been preaching literally for four or five years about entities where this is headed because where it where it's going, and how Google is going to do away with it. Yes, I'm going out and saying Google will get rid of links. And the way that they're doing is through quantum computing. I went once they go quantum the they can get chips communicate with it linking to each other. I mean, that's already taking place, I'm not saying is going to happen tomorrow or in five years, although I do expect that within the next five years. For that to be able to happen, they will have to retweet their algorithm so that they can now ignore the link spamming and we can start some new fun type of spamming because you can always spam whatever they do.

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Were there and we're going to totally manipulate whatever it is that they do. We have the math, they can avoid it. But I mean, it's coming. And just like we told you, way back when we started high was all about entities, the Semantic Web. We talked about it a whole lot. It was moving from web 2.0. It's not as if with the web 2.0. And now the Semantic Web is that the Semantic Web didn't do away with everything else. We still have pillars upon which everything is founded. And in order to change the way that it's founded the way that Google sees the thing, they have to do go and change their algorithm. And so that's the next big thing and the one that I'm planning for and what we're working towards is it's meeting them at the again at the past when that happens just like we did a few months ago when they finally came clean with what we're doing with with Bert, and neural matching. And it's all about entities, it's all about branding. We've been telling you forever. It's about branding. And it's about making your brand associated with the keywords in your niche so that you become the keyword for the niche. That's it. Now not everybody can do it. It's impossible. But if you're not working towards that, if whatever it is that you're doing is not working towards that. Then you're down a dead-end road, it stops you're going to hit a wall, and that's it. The brand plus keyword association is where it is right now. No I'm not I just said I'm out forth. And I know and it's really hard to get these complex ideas in place. But that's what we do in the webinars. That's what we try to teach people about the principles of the web, what's involved, and how it is that you can approach all these things. With, you know what I'm calling now worry less SEO, we have the SEO shield in place. We don't worry about Google, we let Google worry about us.

Adam: So I know you said you've got a couple more webinars, Marco. And if people aren't aware of this, how can they get in on these webinars? Because these aren't going to be publicly broadcast?

Marco: No, they will not. I'll post the donation page in the event and they can go and donate. And I don't ask for any amount. You know how I say it. Your heart will tell you whether you want to donate and your wallet is going to dictate how much you donate how much is up to you. Your heart is going to tell you whether you're going to donate or not. And that's it. And if you want to post the link, go donate and then send. I'll post the email in there too. You send proof of donation and we will invite you to the webinars that simple.

Adam: Awesome. Good stuff. Yeah. And for everyone who took advantage of that over the holidays, that was awesome had a lot of people do that at or, a lot of great deals. People took advantage of that. And you know, it's a win-win people gave to charity, and then they also got a discount on product services as well as training. So we really appreciate everyone participating in that and getting some great deals as well.

Real quick before we hop into the questions, I just want to say, Hernan, you know, we're finishing up some things that you've been talking about for a month or two, and we're getting ready to do that and the people who took advantage of the Semantic Mastery holiday bundle are going to get access to I'm going to call it too excited keep things short. But for those who didn't get into it with the bundle because they're going to get it for free as part of the bundle. Can you tell people a little bit about what's coming up here later in January?

Hernan: Yes. 100% Thank you, Adam. So um, so the idea is we ask a couple of questions to most of our audience, right people that are watching how many hangouts people that are subscribed to YouTube, people are on our list or on our different Facebook groups, and the number one thing that came up was like the question was, what is your challenge right for 2020? What is your challenge when it comes to growing as a digital marketing or digital marketer or digital marketing agency owner and whatnot, and the number one thing that came up was getting new clients, right? Getting new clients and charging those clients more money. So what we decided to do on this was while POFU Live 2019 was happening, we decided to launch a new program called double your agency, so 2xyouragency, or short and on that, on that program.

We're going to be doing is to show you how we are not only getting more clients for our agencies, you know, respectively. Each of us has our own clients, our own clientele that we serve and whatnot, how we are getting those clients, but also how we are charging those clients more money, right? The main, the motto behind double your agencies that you can double the revenue that you're generating, with your agency with your digital marketing agency, whether you have like a small team, whether your own like your own, like team, your own one-man-band, or you have like 30 VAs working doesn't really matter. You can double your revenue by working with this program for the next 90 days. So over the next 90 days, we're going to be working with Bradley hand to hand on how we prospect how we generate results for clients and how we scale meaning the processes that we're putting together to actually get help that we need so you can make more money while working less so that's the whole motto behind 2xyouragency. We're trying to cater to, I would say a broader community of digital marketing agency owners. So that's going to be local SEO. It's also going to entice local PPC, Facebook ads, branding, you know, and all of the stuff that you need to actually leverage your image to actually reach your revenue goals in 2020. So that's basically what's coming. It's going to be pretty awesome.

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Adam: Well, there we go. I'm learning how to unmute myself. Again, we don't do Hump Day hangouts for a couple of weeks, I can't talk. So I just wanted to say to everyone, I'm putting the link on the page, but you can go to, so to the letter x, and then your agency calm, and you'll be notified and get early access, we'll definitely have a special deal for people to take advantage of signing up early. So with that said, You guys don't want to keep going too long. Let's hop into the questions. And then it looks like we've got a few more on the page. So yeah, let's do this. Let's start rolling.

Bradley: Okay, cool. I'll grab the screen. Alright, you guys should be seeing my screen, correct?

Adam: Correct.

Should You Use The Excerpt Or The Long-Form Content Of A Blog Post When Syndicating Through RSS Feed?

Bradley: Okay. Yep. the First question is, what is the best way? What is the best to syndicate blog posts through RSS feed? Let's see a short excerpt, blog posts content or the entire long-form content. Okay, that's a good question. I recommend using the long-form like so the full post. So that's an RSS setting. I think that's in the reading settings. What was the WordPress settings general or WordPress settings? Reading I think is where you can edit that to display either the full-text post or just an excerpt.

I always like to use the full post because when you're syndicating content to the blog properties in the syndication network, which would be at least the three default blog properties are blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr and out of those, I think it looks a lot better if you're syndicating a whole post, as opposed to just an excerpt because then that's it kind of truncates the post on the syndicated properties. In other words, it's just a summary with a link back to the post URL, as opposed to the full body of it. So I prefer to have the full text or the full post displayed. But it really is up to you. And it also depends on what it is that you're trying to accomplish. Because here's the thing, if you're going to be hammering exact match keywords, as anchor text in your blog posts to link back up to your internal pages on your site, which is what we teach in syndication Academy, right, which is, use your blog from your money site to publish posts that have a contextual link that links up to the pages on the site that you're trying to rank, especially if you've got proper silo structure. So what happens is if you are syndicating the entire post. But you're constantly hammering away with the same anchor text over and over and over again to a particular inner page, then you may want to select summary so that you're not actually syndicating that internal link. In other words, if it's not the full body of the post that's being published on the syndication network properties, and it's just a summary, then the link is going to point back to the post URL. Does that make sense? As opposed to having all of the links within the page, the post itself actually being republished also? But if you're following our advice, and using one branded syndication network, so tier one branded syndication network for blog syndication, and as long as you're varying your anchor text for your internal links, you shouldn't have any problems whatsoever. So again, I prefer doing the full-text post. But it really is up to you. And it also depends on what it is that you're, you're doing, like how your blog and that kind of thing. was a good question. Does anybody else have any comments on that?

Marco: No, just totally agree. Okay.

Is There A Way To Find MREID In Google Knowledge Panel?

Moving on, is there a way to find the MREID (machine readable entity ID) in Google knowledge panel as I can't seem to find it? And I sure, and I'm sure I could before or has Google change? Yeah, I believe there has been a change. So I was actually looking at this because I have the way that there was one way that I know of that used to be this, this, I don't know if you guys can see it in my browser up here, but it says to get the MREID, this was a bookmarklet that you could drag up to your bookmarks bar here. And it used to work where if you click that it would right here where it would say, MREID, it would show you the MREID for the entity if it had one. But now it's showing is undefined. And so if you just do a quick search for how to find the MREID and Google you'll see that this was the bookmark that was talking about right here, you would drag that up to the, your bookmark bar. And then you would just click on it when you have a Google search that displays an entity in the Knowledge Graph. However, that's not working for some reason. And so and I even just replaced it by a moment ago while Adam was talking, and it's still not working. So there must have been some sort of change. However, let me point out a couple of other things from that same Google search for how to find MREID. If you click the and There are some pretty good articles here about MREID. So if you guys want to find out more about it, that kind of stuff, you can just click through and read these two articles. Also, there is the, the Knowledge Graph reference rest vi API. So in other words that the Knowledge Graph Search API, it's inside the developers console and Google. If you go over there and type in if you type, you go over there too, or excuse me into in here and under the query section on the right-hand side, you just type in the entity name, right? Then you'll see over here it's going to pull in, this is the result. So let me just refresh and we'll start this over so you can see what I'm talking about.

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Alright, so over here where it says query, you type your string and so I'm going to use mine that I was just using, so big bamboo marketing, okay, and then hit execute. And you'll see if you scroll down on the side, I know it's probably small on your end, guys, but that if you're a brand if the company or whatever it is that you're searching for is an actual validated entity in the Semantic Web. It should show a Knowledge Graph ID which is as far as I know, and I may be wrong on this is the same as the MREID but it has to have one. In other words, it has to be a recognized entity in order for it to have a knowledge graph ID, which I think again, and again, it could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's the same as the MREID. And if you scroll down, you'll see it. It's right here. It's where it says add ID, but it says kg; and then if I'm going to put this on a notepad file, so you can you guys can see it a little bit bigger. This is what it's showing is the kgID right there. Okay, so that's the Knowledge Graph ID, which again, I believe is the exact same thing as an MREID. Alright, so this is the actual format of how you would add that right there. So all you would do is make this part of the URL, Copy that. And you're going to add your kgID to the end of that, and it right there, and then that'll give you the actual format of the URL for your MREID right. So just so you can see what I'm talking about if I come over here to Firefox and I searched for Big Bamboo Marketing, you'll see that my knowledge panel, the typical knowledge panel shows up here. But if you scroll down, because I am a wreck or big bamboo marketing is a recognized entity. Because a long time ago, I years ago, I was actually able to add the big bamboo marketing as an entity to Freebase before Freebase got shut down to the public. And that was a semantic database that you could actually enter entity information. And so I was able to do that. And that's why big bamboo marketing has it. So if I click on this, this will actually take me to the entity graph view. In other words, this is not showing that what we call the knowledge graph, but this is showing the entity graph, which is showing that this is an actual entity inside of the Semantic Web and Google semantic database. And if you take a look, excuse me, let me click out of this, you can see up in them, let's see, let me grab the share URL, or copy that will go view that separately.

Once again, you'll see the kgmID is right there. So this is right there before the ampersand if I copy that it's the same as what you're seeing right here. That it's the same URL. So if we were to just close this down and go one more time with that, just that URL. And I don't know why I didn't actually pull it all the way through. Marco, do you know how to get the URL to appear as the Knowledge Graph from the kgmID? Or the kgID?

Marco: Yeah, if I go and look at my notes, I have somewhere how to get it. Okay. I'm not gonna go right now. You just did a great job of explaining how to do it. I'd be careful. I just tell people be careful that that's your machine reasonable entity ID. You're fucking wrong with your entity when you when you're using that. Be careful what you do with your entity, the way that things are being looked at right now and seen right now and the way that that the algorithm is looking at your entity. So if you do anything to ambiguate your entity, you're in trouble. That's all I had to say was just a word of warning for all you guys that are, you know, you heard about this machine readable ID hack and this thing, and what you can all of these different things that you can do, just make sure that you know exactly what it is that you're doing with that machine readable entity ID. That's your entity on the web as far as Google is concerned.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah. So this is what I was talking about. I was able to enter in the Freebase back before they had shut it down to have public editing. I was actually able to add it not showing the MREID is the same as what I was just showing here. So you can see that that's what I've got right there. Yeah, right. So anyway, hopefully, that was helpful. I don't know what you're going to do with it. But there you go. Alright, next question.

Are The New GSites Sandboxed?

Happy New Year or the new GSites also sandboxed. What constitutes doing anything doesn't include a G drive assets and embedding them into the G site. Thank you. That's a good question for you, Marco.

Marco: I've never run into a G site being a sandbox. What constitutes anything doesn't include that in G drive assets. Yes, Brandon, you showed that you add them to the G site not only that but syndicating them through a syndication network. Right. It did that. And it still ranking for SEO Virginia today, after all the updates Well, during the last four sites almost five years, right. This coming May. Yeah. And so yes, it's still going strong. So yes, by all means, and not but not only do you embed is where Dadea, our master link builder, master spammer, master and better that's where he hangs out just go and get a gig from him because he knows exactly what to do with with the embed URLs. And with the iframe, actually and then how to link build to it so yeah, by all means, have at it.

Bradley: I think what he's asking is like with you know, when when it comes to a money site, if you make changes and it starts doing the Google dance when we're not supposed to touch it really for like three weeks while it's doing the dance, I think that's kind of what he's asking about. Are the new g sites also sandbox meaning when they are doing the Google dance should we not make any changes to them?

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Marco: I've never taken a look I've never bothered all rules are off. You see a G site get permanently sandbox, please let me know.

Bradley: Yeah, and I don't think I've never been. I don't know about the sandbox being the proper term. But I know that g g sites from the drive stacks typically, at least in my experience, they, for the first several weeks, they end up they go in and out of the index, or though they may remain index, but they won't be in the top 10 pages and then it pops in and then it pops back out and pops in and pops back out. And it does that dance that significant dance for the first several weeks, at least for most of the projects that I've I work on, I've noticed that.

And so I don't know if that's technically the sandbox, or if that's just the dance, I think that's more that's

Marco: that's a dance a sandbox is when it'll hit a position, whatever it is, a lot of times second or third page, and you start hitting just hitting it with everything, you know because you're trying to get it the first page and it won't move. It's simply no matter what you do. It will not move that that's a sandbox that's or it just won't wrap that's different than seeing the ranking and then it goes off, and then it comes back and then all of a sudden it's on the first page, then it'll be on page 10, then it'll again, it'll look like it's been deindexed. And then it finally settles in whatever place is going to settle so that you can do whatever you want with it. We usually know once we've done hitting it with everything, we let it go for a while, so so that I don't know. So I had simmered and cooks up really good. And then you have other URLs that you can target, that you can use for link building while that's going on, is that necessary to continue hitting that g site over and over again, although I can't say from just from experience, they can hit it with literally anything and it'll take it like a champ.

Bradley: Yeah. Please, sir, my apps more. So, all right, that was a good question.

Does Long Form Content Perform Better Than Shorter Forms?

The next one is uh, let's see. Happy New Year. Hump Day Hangouts. Awesome. He says in a recent Hump Day Hangout, you spoke briefly on long-form content is now performed a preferred over shorter form, content can you guys speak to that. And what you see with that moving forward, cheers. Okay. Yeah. So I think what you're talking about is years ago, the way that silo structure we used to the best way that silo structure, or when we would build silos out on a website, the best way to do it years ago was to separate each individual keyword out that you wanted to, you know, optimize for, and try to rank a separate page or post for each keyword. So each, each post or page would be optimized primarily for one keyword, right? And so you might have let's say that in you know, I don't know we'll just use the tree removal as an example that could be a potential silo right. And so there might be you know, five different versions or variations of tree removal Service, emergency tree removal, pine tree removal, dead tree removal, right.

Those could each be individual versions or variations of the tree removal keyword. So what we used to do is we would have, you know, Tree Removal would be the primary, you know, the top of the silo. So that would be the most the broadest of keywords. So we would put that at the top of the silo. And then for each and every one of those supporting keywords that I was just talking about long-tail versions of it, we would have a separate post for each one of those optimize specifically for that, that phrase, and all of those would obviously link back to the top of the silo. So the silo landing page, which would be tree removal. However, what happened is a lot because those keyword themes are so closely related. It kind of created redundancy within the silo, right? A lot of times the same things would be set over and over and over again. And it's you know, because it was the same theme, right, the same topic, and they were so closely related that it just did.

It used to work really well. But what I found was after, I don't know, one of the panda updates, I think it was around the 2015 timeframe. That longer-form content seemed to work better. In other words, instead of creating separate pages or posts for each and every keyword that you want to rank for, you would put all of your closely related keywords within a particular theme onto one long-form page, which would be the top of the silo. So in this case, tree removal, the page, which would be the top of the silo would include all of those other keywords in there. And so the content itself could be a lot longer it could be you know, we used to do 800 to 1000 words on for the top of the silo, and now it could be 2,500 words for the top, top of silo page. And then what happens is, what I recommend is having sections so header headings sections, within the content where you have, you know, you're optimizing for each one of those variations. So now you've got one really like a three rotative piece of content that includes your, your primary keyword, as well as all of the supporting keywords, then if you need any additional push for any of your, for that page in particular or for anyone of the supporting keywords, then you can always do a post within that, that silo within that category that's optimized for whatever keyword it is that you need the additional push for. But my point is, instead of having, you know, five or six articles, top of silo with four or five supporting articles that are all basically saying the same thing anyway, you put it all into one long-form copy, or one long-form page that mentions all of those other keywords, you break it out into logical sections. You can even put a table of content or jump links at the top of it. If it's really long, right, those work really well too so that somebody could click on it and it would jump them down to that section on the page. Then what happens is you rank that or you know, publish that page, give it some time. So where that settles in, if you need an additional push for any of the keywords that you're trying to rank for on that page, then that's when you can publish blog posts, within that silo to link back to that page. And remember, if you put a table of contents in with jump links to each one of the sections, the headings sections on that long-form page, if you're doing a blog post to push one of those keywords from, you know, one of those supporting keywords, you can link back directly to that jump link to so now you're getting you to know, links built to the jump link through that keyword onto that primary page, if that makes sense. So, you know, once that kind of shift occurred, and it went from doing everything where all pages were singularly optimized for one keyword to the longer form stuff. I've had a lot of, you know, over the years I've seen I even took sites that started to perform like didn't perform as good as they used to, and consolidated content into one place.

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And actually seen ranking boost from that. So that's what I was saying about going forward. I think Google doesn't like thin content pages. You guys should all know that. And so when you optimize these little these pages or posts for one singular keyword, and it's kind of thin on content, you're better off developing a much more thorough piece of content that connects all of those dots together if that makes sense. Any comment on that?

Marco: No. Okay. I'm good.

Bradley: I didn't know if anybody else wanted to comment on that. Alright,

How Would You Deal With A Person Who Believes That Blog Post Should Not Be Shared On Social Media?

so Austin Zot Don is up. He says, one of my clients just recently brought on a social media person. Today that person tells me that he doesn't want me to post blog posts, videos or anything else to any of the social media platforms. He says blog posts should stay on the blog. What's the best way for me to respond to this ridiculous demand?

Adam: Yeah, that's Jordan, if you scroll down real quick or check it out, you can check out Jordan's response. I think that's pretty good. But yeah,

Bradley: I agree. I read that earlier, Jordan says to go one level higher than him or her and tell their boss why it's vital if the social media person won't listen, why would you write content? He wouldn't amplify. And I agree with that. I would say the same thing. As far as what Jordan says, I would go above them. I mean, you remember that whoever hired you for doing SEO hired you to do SEO? They didn't hire the social media person to do SEO, they hired you to do SEO. And social media plays a part in SEO. So but, you know, SEO doesn't typically play a part in social media. In other words, you have to you should be using social media to amplify to promote the content that you produce, because it helps with SEO. But, you know, the social media person doesn't have to really do anything for SEO. I agree with what Jordan said is go back to the person that hired you. And say that to them. So you know, you hired me to do SEO, this helps with SEO, I understand your social media person wants to control all the social media, that's fine. But I, I would have the content get sent to them and make sure that they're publishing it, then at least if nothing else, but again, I would remind the owner, the business owner, that the reason why they hired you is for your expertise and what kind of results you can achieve.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, I agree. I totally, totally agree with what the guys have said here. I would say that there, there are a couple of things that will impact the reach on for, for instance, Facebook posts. So there are a couple of things that you can do or that social media person could do to actually still get content to the page and still get you the SEO benefits. For instance, if you're posting a link on Facebook, you know how the Open Graph Well, you know, Facebook will go in and crawl the Open Graph. So we'll bring the image the title on the description of the page, right. And if you have like a little bit of body copy, and then you have the link and whatnot, that gets, let's say, X amount of reach. But if instead of doing that you upload an image to Facebook, and you keep everything else the same, you still put the link in there, it won't be a link post, it will be an image post, and that will boost the reach that those publications have, you still have that link going to that page from a social media post, but without interfering with their reach. So they're like a little bit of common ground. And at the end of the day, if you're talking about promotion, and you're talking about branding, you want to work hand in hand with this person, you know, because at the end of the day, that person is trying to get buyers, leads, sellers, on social media while you're trying to get them on Google and at the end of day, you know, you need to be working to get them intense.

Marco: I think I would actually be a little more radical. Surprise. Surprise! But that to me, this POFU, Austin. If you're getting results and you've steadily been getting results through whatever it is that you do, and then comes to social media person brand new, telling you what to do, then do the Jordan but not only that, you go to the person that's above that or the person who you signed the contract with, the person who you deal with, but I'm getting the results. You want me to continue getting results to get this person out of my way, figure out another way to get this person and as Hernan said, Baby, you can cooperate but never with this person telling you what to do as Bradley said, social media person does not know SEO, they think that they do and they think that they're God's gift to the SEO world but they're not. They know how to be social. Your job is to get results not to really be social though. It is part of the job and you should have someone. For that, to me, yes, it's going a step above or to whoever it is that you need to go to. If you want me to keep getting results, I need this person out of my way. And if you don't, then I just walk away because I can't work like this. Yeah, this is not how I work this. This is not when you and I talked, this was not part of the deal part of the day, and if this is going to include me having to go with this person that teaches person SEO, that I'm gonna have to charge a whole lot more money for a consultation because that's not in the work description. I'm sorry.

Bradley: Yeah, yeah, I agree. I mean, I would say if the social media person doesn't want your posts being automatically published to the social media channels, that's fine. You know, there can be a compromise. The compromise should be in that case that the content still gets published to social media channels, but it gets done manually so the social media person can dress it up, pretty it up, do whatever they want to do to it, but it should still be posted is the point, right. So I agree with what Marco said, you know, you'd have to say, look, this wasn't part of the arrangement when we set the terms of our agreement. And now you've thrown this into the mix. So we're going to have to, you know, either rework the agreement, or we're going to have to bring it back to what was originally agreed to. I agree with what Marco says.

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Is There A List Of Deliverables That You Need To Provide For Your VA To Build Out The SEO Shield?

Okay, so the next question is, I signed up for the SEO shield or for a new project that will be going live in a couple of weeks. Is there a list of deliverables that I need to provide for your VA to build it out? whatever's in the order sheet. I mean, you place the order, but then when you go to the place, submit the details for the order, it's whatever's in there, do we have a pre-populated list of deliver of the list of requirements for these things, guys?

Adam: Yeah, the best way is what you said Bradley, maybe we're working on getting a little bit better information for you. So you see that before but yeah, the process there is to just make it streamlines your order. And then once you go to your dashboard at, you can go in and it'll have everything listed out that you need to provide. So I did see who or who asked that. But yeah, that's the process if you then have questions, you know, feel free to reach out to support and you know, point in the right direction.

Bradley: Yeah, I'm thinking we should maybe at some point, put on the sales page, like a link to a PDF that shows what's needed or something, you know what I mean?

Adam: Um, yeah, it's in the works it's probably going to be in the next 30-60 days, we're going to be video so they can be updated because you know, things go along, you know, maybe we change something the way something's done, but yeah, we'll have that setup.

Bradley: Okay, cool.

Marco: They can just write to support at, since this is what support is for, right, these questions. This doesn't involve SEO or any SEO advice. It's okay. So how does the order work? How does the ordering process work? What do I need to provide? That's perfect because Rishel is awesome answering those types of questions, and if she has questions that she'll come to either Rob or me and ask us for input on how she should answer. So by all means, right to support, Rishel is great. She's doing a fantastic job and I just wanted to make it public that are and as a matter of fact, let me give a shout out the new year to Chris Greenhow, who has been with Semantic Mastery support for like, seems like forever. And we don't ever run into support issues because he can usually just deal with everything and he knows how to contact us and get everything done. I think we have a really smooth system and we have some great people with great people skills. So shout out to our support board, both at Semantic Mastery and MGYB.

Bradley: Yeah, God bless Chris for being that guy because of the support guy. I've attempted to do it like once or twice in my career, and I don't know how anybody can be a support person. So he's worth his weight in gold.

How Many GMB Posts Do You Need For A Silo?

Alright, the next question is from Nathan. He says when siloing GMB posts, how many do you typically use for each silo? As many as it takes? Nathan? Do you try to limit silence to five to 10 posts? Now? I mean it there's, there's no reason to limit it.

There's no, there's no reason to limit the number of posts within a silo that I'm aware of. Okay. So there's no, no, like, hard limit as to a number of posts. It's just as many as you need, really. And that would be the same for the next question when siloing website posts or pages do you try to limit those to a certain number of pages or posts? Or do you continue siling until you run out of content related to the top-level keyword? Well, I mean, yeah, there's no limit to that either. And here's the thing, you know, again, I always do what it's necessary to get results. Sometimes you'll be able to get results with just a couple of, you know, maybe two or sometimes you don't need any supporting posts at all.

But within a proper silo, it would have supporting posts. And sometimes I'll get results with two or three posts. And other times it might take 20. You know, it just depends. And it's not, you know, you could run out of keywords. But that doesn't mean that you couldn't publish additional blog posts with the same keywords, right? Just you say things in a different way. That's why I like curated content so well because you're not curating content, you're using other people's content to create a to publish a post, right? Where you're highlighting, or you're highlighting other people's opinions or content about a particular topic or subject. And so that's why I like curating because if, like, let's say that you've got six keywords in a silo, right? Then if you had a blog post published for each one of those keywords, so your top-level keyword in five supporting posts, and then you run out of content, you wouldn't you know, if you just did one piece of content per keyword, then you'd be out after but if you didn't get the results that you needed, you should continue publishing posts within that silo. So that's why, you know, again, curated content works so well, because each time you're publishing a post, you're pulling in other people's content. So you don't really have to come up with original content is my point. All you got to do is come up with an idea for a post and then go find content to support or too, either to support your opinion or to object to the opinion that you're in sometimes those make really good posts to like, argumentative posts, right, where you show a differing opinion, right? So you show both sides of it, but that's what I like about that because with a good VA. A good VA doesn't even doesn't have to be a subject matter expert. All they have to do is be able to locate good content about a particular topic. And then, you know, put it together in a blog post with some commentary injected in between each piece of curated content and that's all that's needed.

Alright, so you can produce content very quickly. It's much better because it's usually you're citing right you're citing other subject matter experts instead of trying to be a subject matter expert all you're doing is locating content written or developed by subject matter experts and it using that in a post where you're injecting some commentary and that's about it. Okay, so again, it's not a number of is not any certain number of it. I always like to do as many as it takes to get results. Period. All right.

Wayne Social Buzz me that's what he says so, so true. What's up the lane, Happy New Year, by the way, he says social media people do not know how to get traffic. If you believe that then you believe everyone on Instagram is rich, skinny and pretty. And social. Wayne also says plumbers cannot do the work of a contractor social media people are the plumbers. They can get your ship moving, but they can't build a rebuild. Okay.

All right. I think we had a couple of other questions that Adam pointed out from the Facebook group earlier. So let's go ahead and slack if you want to open them or I can I've got them here. All right, I've got them here.

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What Should You Look For When Assessing A Niche For Lead Gen?

Alright, so the first one was Patrick Smith. He says I was brought up in SEO hearing that citations of backlinks were the best ways to assess how competitive niches since that was all you had to do besides a solid site to rank since that is obviously not true. What exactly should I look for when assessing a niche for something like lead gen?

That's a good question. You know, obviously, backlinks and citations play a role. But when you're talking about local stuff to especially when you're talking about GMB stuff Now, remember, proximity is a big issue which is specifically what local lease pro was all about. was finding a way to await a kind of a way to get GMB assets verified for exact locations that you wanted to get leads from the right so that we were basically playing with the proximity issue as opposed to fighting it right, by just getting more GM bees. But that's not really I mean, although I do understand that it's apparently the Google wrath may be over when it comes to suspending GM bees. At least that's what I'm hearing. I don't I'm not going to confirm that. But that's what I'm hearing. So it may be that we're going to be able to start doing that again soon. But yeah, there's a lot of things I think Marco would be better just explaining this, which is what he started to do in the thread anyways, but there's a lot of things that you can look at, I don't look at third party metrics that much anymore, they can certainly play a role. But you know, looking at the number of citations or the number of backlinks or the quality of backlinks isn't necessarily going to mean that you're going to determine your competitive level because if you have your entity, correct, which is what we've been teaching, right? And Marco can talk more about this, but if you have your entity correct, and you're on page type, you can outrank many different competitors that might have a shit ton of backlinks, but they don't have their entity right or they have an ambiguous rated entity. In other words, there's some sort of vagueness about the entity so you can come in with a fraction of any off-page work and outrank it and again, like Marco points out in his thread, if you look at what Jeffrey Smith has been able to do with strictly on-page and developing the entities correctly, he can outrank massive authority sites with no backlinks and it's all because he's he knows how to do that. So Marco, what would you say about that?

Marco: I would say exactly that and like okay, so we could add semantic mastery teach and on-page SEO course, and siloing and interlinking, and everything else but Jeffrey Smith, and I like I hate reinventing the wheel. And what I would do is go and try to copy what he did because of him to me, he's the master at this. Why would I go and try to outdo the master unless I could, in which case, I'd go and tell him Hey Jeffrey, which we often to try this and see how that does with whatever it is that you're doing and then get back to, or just whatever we can think of. But in these terms, it's, you know, the Whelan's already invented and nobody has come up with anything better. There's nothing better than SEO Ultimate Boot Camp as far as doing your market research. You're right the top-level categories I had to determine top-level categories, how to find them, and then the supporting and then everything else that you need to do in order to do what it is that Jeffrey does, which is as you said, outrank others with just the way that he sets up his websites. Of course, the training of it, it is a lesson intensive and you know, there is a learning curve. And you know, he goes into some terms that you really have to think about. But having said that, dude, nothing beats what Jeffrey has done I wouldn't even try. I don't care to try because most of the stuff that I do is off-page anyway. So this is a perfect complement to what we do off-page.

Bradley: Yeah, I would agree that what Jeffrey has been able to or his course on-page, SEO Bootcamp it's fabulous guys, it's incredible. You know, that's why we didn't end up ever creating an on-page course because there was no reason to try to compete with what Jeffrey put together it's fabulous. So we just from promoting his ever since we saw it. So I would highly recommend you do that because again, you know if you have your on-page right and your entity information correct you can now rank with a fraction of the off-page stuff. You can outrank, you know, even fierce competitors. And so that's the important thing. And then if you're using the, you know, the entity, the SEO shield, which is like your entity loop, right, so all of that stuff, surround, you create this entity and you have all of your tier one branded entity assets, and you use those as your SEO shield, then you can just hammer that stuff with our link building packages from MGYB. And even though your money site won't show backlinks like your competitors do because you're not building directly to your money site, you'll still outrank them. Does that make sense? And that's why looking at those third-party tools for a number of citations and for backlinks, backlink analysis doesn't necessarily mean anything, because you can end up outranking them without with only, you know, a mere fraction of what those numbers are showing, because you're doing all of your external SEO, to your SEO shield as opposed directly to your money site.

Marco: I talked about what Dadia shared in the mastermind. And in RYS Academy, I think he shared it there to where he's doing a case study on ecommerce, I can't say the niche, right, you know how people are. And this is a client of his. But I mean, we do up for a fraction of the money that these big players in the industry are paying for marketing. He's able to go in there and just take clients so we take money away from these people who are spending hundreds of thousands a month maybe millions a month for this niche. So you were talking about the Amazon, Lowe's, Walmart, you name it, they're in the space and he's in there, fighting it out and eventually he'll be able to practically own the niche which is incredible for 1200 bucks when you can do it for 1200 bucks, go in there and compete. For top-level category, I don't know anything else that you could do to match that add to that the entity that like the branding course that branded did but what you do a paid ads and you send traffic targeted traffic that's a niche-specific and hyper-targeted to whatever it is that you're doing, whether it's local, or whether it's for your brand, and that's money. It's money in the bank you're in. I think Patrick is in the mastermind, isn't he? No, no, he said he planted city, but you should be in the mastermind because all of these things are available in the mastermind, how it's done the How is in the mastermind?

Bradley: Yeah. Okay, we're almost out of time.

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Local Lease Pro No Longer Offered As A Standalone Course

This one is from Patrick, he says heard that Local Lease Pro is no longer offered as a standalone course in part due to the way Google's GMB policies have changed recently and I was directed to local GMB Pro is the replacement question is about why local lease pro method is no longer recommended. And that's precisely why Patrick is what I was just talking about earlier was the fact that because what we're doing is getting spammed GMB listings like in other words, GMB listings, that didn't actually exist. There wasn't enough physical location for that business essentially in. The problem was that when it started, it became a lot harder to get them and also, or once you would get them they would get suspended easily. And that was because Google has been on a rampage for several months about just cracking down on GMB spam. So we got away from doing that because it was getting too hard. Like we don't want to teach people how to do stuff that is going to, you know, like rework, right?

Go out and build GMBs or buy GMBs, and then you start building them out and they get suspended. Now you've wasted time and you've wasted money, right? We don't like to teach stuff that it's going to require, like churn and burn strategy, that's nothing. It's not anything I've ever liked to do. I don't like to build my business on stuff that potentially I could lose you know what I mean? I like to do work once and have it pay me over and over and over again. So that's part of the reason we got away from suggesting it was because of it was getting too hard to get spam GMBs or if you were able to get them they were too easily suspended. Right. So we kind of switch back to going to what we had originally been teaching which was the local GMB pro method which is how to get the best results from a GMB and even overcome the proximity issue. Although that is a lot stricter now than it was when we first developed it. I know you can still get over the proximity issue.

There's no doubt you can overpower that but it does require more than it used to to to overcome that because the proximity is you know, the proximity filter for GMB is a lot tighter now than it used to be. It's a lot stricter. Okay.

He says if I got the local GMB pro would I still be able to accomplish the same kind of business model which is quick map ranking without sight and simple flat fee rental using the local GMB process. I really like to be able to outsource almost all of the GMB ranking process to MGYB and follow a repeatable process to stack success. Thank you. Yeah, of course, MGYB would excuse me out local GMB pro would still teach you how to rank any GMB that you get. So it would be up to you to get the GMAT whether you're doing that in a legit manner which means you're getting an actual address somewhere where you can verify you know, get a postcard set to so you can verify or if you can buy GMBsthat you know if you can buy GMBs that get verified from somewhere like you used to be able to from us and you want to and you want to get the best results from those GMBslocal GMB pros absolutely teach you how to do that. A lot of the stuff that you're going to we're going to tell you to do to rank GMB is going to be stuff that we sell in Mgi be anyways, right, which is the SEO shield, essentially your entity loop. All of that should be done. You know, our ys drive stats, all of those things can all help to rank a GMB. Whether it has a self-hosted website or not. It doesn't matter. Right, we can get results with just a GMB on the GMB website, but it still kind of includes all the other stuff that we were talking about. You know, our SEO shield stuff. That makes sense. Do you want to comment on that Marco?

Marco: No, it was fine. Okay.

Bradley: So yeah, as far as our you know, outsourcing all that stuff. I mean, again, local GMB Pro was just it was a lot more in-depth. It was more for more competitive GMBs. So in other words, if you like local lease pro was all about trying to find and identify the really easy map ranking opportunities. And then so you go out and say, you know, you register 20 GMB across a metropolitan area, and out of those, you know, eight out of those 20 might rank overnight with little to no work at all because of the proximity issue and you were able to just hit all, you know, check all the boxes to rank really well because you found low competition not very many other businesses registered in the same zip code, you know, all that kind of stuff, but with the local GMB pro method, it's about whatever GMB is that you have to get the most the best results even in very, very competitive areas. It's how to get results from those GMBs. That makes sense.

Okay. All right. I think we're about wrapped up.

How To Create Location-Based Silos Using Tags

The last one, I would say, Daniel, I see that you've just recently joined the mastermind. This is a question he has about some locations, some siloing for a service area business with both service silos and location silos. And Daniel, I recently had been talking in the mastermind about how to create site location-based silos using tags. And it's not the traditional silo method. It's a bit different than what you're you would be used to. And I've talked about that in multiple mastermind webinars. And in fact, there's a post where I, that I replied to one of the other members in the mastermind recently, I think it's Mandy, where I pointed out the lesson URLs where I talked about location siloing using tags. So just go do a search inside the Semantic Mastery Mastermind Facebook group, and you'll find it Okay. And then just go watch those and you'll see that my opinion is the that's how I've been doing all of my service area business websites when that whenever I've lived patient-based silos. I've been using this the tag method for I don't know about a year and a half now. So go take a look at those and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Marco: We have AI, Bert working inside the Semantic Mastery, video archives, or mastermind video archives, so he could just go use the search function and look for whatever it is that that he's interested in siloing just whatever it is type it in. It's one of the modules, it says search 119, I think it is 120 whatever it is, it's in there. Just go into type the keyword that you're looking for, and you're going to get everything associated with that keyword. So use it.

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Bradley: Yeah.

Can You Rank A Google Site And GMB While Waiting To Book A Client?

Alright, the last question and we're gonna wrap it up because it's five o'clock is. He says, Can you rank a Google site without a GMB rank and rent without a client until the site is rendered? Sure you can. I mean, you can rank up a Google site. If you're talking about sites, Google com. Yes. You can also rank a GMB right. If you go out and create a, you know, a fake GMB listing with a generic company name or whatever, you can rank that, again, you can rank I mean, you don't have to have a client to do that. That's how I got started in this business. So I would rank stuff, including maps listings, and then I would once they would rank and start generating leads then I would call who you know what the type of business that it was for and then try to find somebody that was willing to at the time I just did flat fee rentals, least on a monthly basis before I switched into pay per lead or equity share.

Or revenue share, I should say. So anyway, yeah, you can absolutely do that. That's it. You just can't rank in the three-pack right? Without a GMB, right? Do you need a map? Yeah, you need having you need that. You need that GMB listing. That's correct.

So, all right, everybody. Well, thanks for being here. Happy New Year to you all. We will see you guys next week. See everyone. Bye, everyone.

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How Many Posts Do We Need To Display In The Sidebar?

By April

In episode 259 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked how many posts do we need to display in the sidebar.

The exact question was:

When using the sidebar and listing the posts in the category, how many posts do we display? If there are 100 posts in the category, what would be the max to display?

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