Does Using Duplicate Content For Subdomains For Each Different City For Lead Gen Site Still Applies Today?

By April


In episode 232 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if using duplicate content for subdomains for each different city for lead gen site still applies today.

The exact question was:

Thanks a LOT for your previous answer (smile) . . . . Which brought up this question (smile) . . . . It used to be OK to use duplicate content for different sites targeting a local niche in different cities, just changing the location info, one site for each city, but . . . . . . . (1) Is that still true? . . . . . (2) If so, will that also apply to using duplicate content for sub-domains for each different city?

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Managing Subdomains for Multiple Locations and Assigning Blogs

By April


In Episode 59 of Hump Day Hangout (Christmas edition), one question asked was about creating multiple subdomains for each location. The participant also pointed out if blogs should be assigned in each subdomain.

The exact question was:

Hey guys, hope you're well. I have some questions for you.

Sorry if these ones have been answered but I've been going through your webinars like a maniac palying catch up so a lot of information to digest there from the Semantic SEO banquet!

1. When you're using the sub domain method, do you use the same blog to link to each sub domain if there just different locations or does each sub domain get its own blog?

2. If you do just use the same blog do you put the blog on a sub domain?

3. is there a limit to how many sub domains you use per money site, would you only do a small geographic location or is country wide ok? I would like to do an england wide site, or would you advise to go by city and sub domain the suburbs?

4. what advice do you have for turning the main site copy into unique for each sub domain, sounds like a lot of work to keep the copy good if you have even a few clients?

Thank you for what you guys do I and I imagine everyone else genuinelly appreciates it…Long Live Semantic Mastery!

Multiple Subdomains for Multiple Cities

By April


At Episode 56 of Hump Day Hangout, one question was about creating multiple subdomains to integrate multiple keywords that also target cities and neighborhoods.


The exact question was:


Hope everyone had a great turkey day! I also hope I'm not drifting too deep into the weeds here. So here it is: If I am creating 50+ sub-domain local niche sites, each focused in different geographic locations for rank and rent, and all of which originate from one “parent” domain, do I treat each sub-domain as a complete, separate web site apart from the “parent” domain with its own “money site” curated content (Curation Mastery) and IFTTT Network, OR,  can I use the same “money site” curated content source and IFTTT Network used for the “parent” domain, and treat the sub-domains more like pages? I'm doing local niche + city + neighborhoods. There are 55 neighborhoods in this city, and each neighborhood is a sub-domain. I'm confused about how best to approach this.

Then there is PLAN B. Scrap all the above, and just rank and rent ONE website for the ENTIRE city! Not as much profit potential, but boat loads less time consuming and hassles. Ha!