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By April

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Adam: Hey, we are live now. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 270. Today is the 15th of January. We're over what halfway through the month. So halfway through the first month of the year, and we are rocking on with Hump Day Hangouts. And wouldn't you know it my mom is calling me right as I get started? Alright, and this is where I'm going to put it face down over there. So we're going to keep rolling with this instead of hopping on a phone call with mom. But let's instead of speaking to her say hi to everybody and see what's going on. So, Bradley, you're up top on my screen. How are you doing today?

Bradley: I'm well, man.

Adam: Use three adjectives to describe how you're doing today.

Bradley: Well, things are good. I've got several things popping in my real estate business right now, which is kind of exciting. And we got 2xyouragency or double your agency coming up next week starting that and that's been fun kind of preparing for that. So I got a lot of cool things to share.

Adam: Good deal. All right. Hernan? How about you? You're jumping up and down. So hopefully things are going well.

Hernan: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah. doing real good. It's good to be here. Dude, your mom doesn't know that we do have the Hangout every Wednesday at 3pm Eastern?

Adam: you know, she could have been calling to be like Adam, you know, have a great Hump Day Hangout. You're going to be great. You're all right.

Hernan: We've been doing this for the past five years to come on. Now. I really, I'm really excited about what's coming. I'm really excited about the launch of 2xyouragency, this is going to be awesome. We have some really good stuff planned for everyone that wants to learn how to increase their revenue, get more agency clients. So if you own a digital agency, stay tuned, because this is going to be awesome. As usual, we will try to disrupt the industry. So we're going to so this is not going to be any different. So it's going to be awesome. Stay tuned. It's launching soon.

Adam: Yeah, you know, I think something to that. Someone of the POFU Live attendees said to us, or rather, he wrote it I believe is on Hump Day Hangouts. But I like this one. I'm going to run with it. He said We're the unicorns of Internet Marketing. So there you go. That's that needs to be plastered all over me.

Hernan: Give me a little unicorn put at the top of Hump Day hangouts at the camel to the unicorn.

Adam: The camel corn. So, okay, before we go totally off the deep end, Marco, how are you doing today? What's up, man?

Marco: I'm doing good. If I can just take some dissolute a little bit of time, and I gotta pull that up. Because I got to share this with people. The charity is doing really well by the donation drive. But what we've come up with is just a way for people to benefit from donating to the charity. And lo and behold, I can't find it. But I mean, we have a whole list of things that we're giving away. As a matter of fact ,you and Hernan each donated up to half-hour slots right? For one person and I'm not going to share my screen but I know Bradley donated an hour I donated two hours of my time so what two people are going to get an hour with me then Rob donated an hour, not only that, we're going to tack teach someone for an hour.

Rob and I get them going in in the right direction as far as their online presence and everything that they're doing is concerned. Jeffrey Smith donated an hour. Steven Kang from the Facebook group the SEO signals lab he donated, he's going to take you through whether the potential ROI for whatever it is that whatever market you're in. So he says nobody else has what he does. So whatever that is, Kang is a beast. And we have that.

We're giving away drive stacks, we're giving away SEO shield, Syndication Academy. And so if you haven't donated, right, for whatever reason, now would be a perfect time to donate. So you can catch the next webinar, which is the giveaway webinar. And I keep talking to people. Oh, before I forget Jeremy from Press Advantage donated, three done for you press releases, so three people are each going to get a done for you press release. So you can see what this is all about, in case you're curious. Or if you use them, whatever. And this is, this is randomized, we already have it, where it's going to be randomized. Once you win a prize, you're no longer available for any other prize. So that as many people as possible can benefit from all this. And I'm leaving a whole lot. I mean, we have a list and I wasn't able to find the page. But just so everyone knows. I mean it's just a whole bunch of just great information. A whole bunch of things that I'm sharing that I wouldn't share otherwise and since people have donated to my favorite charity it's my way of giving back and then on top of it, as if that weren't enough as if giving your life like the key the keys to the kingdom but for me we were putting a cherry on top by giving you even more so there. I just want to get that in guys. Go donate I'll drop the donation page if that's good enough to get you going. I don't know what it is.

Adam: that's awesome. Yeah, I know is a great result over the holidays you can leading up to it and as Marco said, I'm not gonna go on and on about this but you're definitely helping out a good cause. And hey, at the same time you get to help yourself so it's win-win. Chris How you doing man?

Chris: Doing good. Just packing stuff. leaving tomorrow alone. So super excited.

Adam: Where are you going?

Chris: To the very number one to the tallest mountain of Austria and on that and on the backside. So no internet, no nothing. And yeah, I'm super happy about it. I'm part-time that I take some time off digital detox, how they call it. So yeah, super happy.

Adam: Alright, well sounds good. We just got a few things we need to run through before we get into questions here. And speaking of questions, if you're just joining us for the first time, thank you so much for being here. This is the place to be every Wednesday at 4pm. Eastern, you can ask your questions. I do have to say if you're asking questions, we try to keep them pretty short and succinct. If you ask a really tough question or a lot of questions in a series, we can't get to them. We might have to skip it if we have time. Maybe we can come back but we always tell people to limit it to one question and then if you're attending live you know you can come back and ask more you know, after that, we just want to make sure that everyone gets a chance. I know today we had at least one really in-depth kind of multi-part question come up. So wanted to say you know that we're going to be able to answer what we can but some of that stuff goes into way more detail than we would even have the time to answer here. So make sure you guys keep it as short as you can. But we do appreciate all the questions.

And like Hernan said, I want to touch base on this again, because next week, we're going to be doing something a little bit differently next Wednesday just for the intro. Next week 2xagency is going to be kicking off. So as Bradley said, Hernan said we're excited about it. But we're going to be talking a little bit more about that again, explaining you know, exactly what you can expect from that. And then there's definitely definitely a very special chance for people who are subscribers who attend Hump Day Hangouts at finding out more about that, but Hernan you mentioned it real quick, but do you want to tell people a bit more, you know, just kind of who this is for and what we're intending to go with this?

Hernan: Yeah. 100% So, um, so we're really excited about it. And the reason why is because, for the past couple of years, most of our audience has been mostly digital agency owners in one capacity or another. Maybe you have a couple of clients, maybe you have two to three clients, and you want to take it to five to 10 clients. Or maybe you're dealing with a whole team, you're going, you know, you're going out hard and have like 20 clients and the team of VAs and whatnot. And whatever that is right now, in order for you to take it to the next level, you need to learn new skill sets, maybe it is to prospect a little bit better that is to always have your pipeline full of new leads that want to talk to you that want to hire you. Or maybe it is delegating a little bit better, right? You cannot do it all on your own. So just imagine if you were from five clients to 15 clients in a week, there's a high chance that you will potentially go crazy. So how do you solve that? Right?

So basically, we sat down and we asked the audience, what they wanted. And one of the main things was I need more clients, I want to get more clients, I want to get more productive, I want to double my revenue. So that's where Double Your Agency Come come to play. So it's going to be a really in-depth program where we're going to take people that have a couple of clients again and want to, you know, get those 5-10 clients that they want, or maybe they want to completely revamp their business. I'm going to be showing you how to do it through paid advertising, SEO, PPC on Google, Facebook ads and whatnot. We're going to be teaching you stuff that you can deploy for your current clients and you can charge more money. Last but not least, how could how to actually build your team, delegate and set up processes and whatnot. Remember guys that we have like 20 plus VA right now working for MGYB. So we kind of know our stuff when it comes to generating process. Hiring those VA is where hot VA is working with us for the past five years, growing your personal brand so it's all going to be there. It's gonna be pretty awesome. And yeah, really excited to get that going.

Adam: Sounds good. Definitely. We will have more coming out on that. If you haven't and you're watching live you can sign up, put the link down below to get an early notification that that will definitely pay off. I highly suggest you do that. And also wanted to mention that if you have not gotten MGYB emails, you should head over to MGYB sign up, we got some really cool things that you can get for free if you're not quite ready to take advantage of all the great done for you services over there. But right now there is a sale going on only for MGYB subscribers 25% off all link building and embeds, which is awesome. I think we've already had, I don't know, 10 or 15 people already taking advantage of that today. So you get 25% off a little bit of flash sale celebrating the beginning of the year helping people out with their projects. So I'll pop that info onto the page here. And you can go and grab that stuff. So with that said, Did we get anything else before we get into questions, guys?

Marco: Yeah, well, one more anyone donating will have access to all of the past webinars and last year's webinar. So even if you think about that, you're only going to catch the last webinar that's not so you're going to catch all of them for just a simple donation. And as I said before, I'm not asking for any amount said before your heart is going to dictate whether you donate and your wallet is, of course, going to say how much you can donate. So I don't want to put anyone out. Just do what you can.

Adam: Sounds good. Alright guys, let's do it.

Bradley: Sweet. Alright, let me figure out where I'm supposed to be here. Okay, I think you're seeing my screen correct?

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Adam: Yep.

Do You Allow Pingbacks From IFTTT Network Sites To Your Money Site?

All right. Uh, looks like we're going to start with that's Keith Goodwin under that super spawn article. Do you recommend What's up? Keith has been a long time and he says do you recommend to allow pingbacks from IFTTT network sites on main sites? What is your take on pingbacks in general, I think that's like 2008 technology. I don't know that those have been benefited. So in any way, shape or form for many years, so I've always disabled that stuff. I've always blocked up, you know, just that's just standard operating procedure when a site is deployed, I just disable comments altogether. So that includes pingbacks, and all that trackbacks and all that crap, too. Does anybody have any reason why they would suggest ever using any of those?

Marco: I have nothing recent for that, man. I stopped doing that. So here's the thing. I'm not saying that they don't work or that they do work. They did have their place. But we moved on to something else, right? It could be that people coming in and interacting with the website, and getting all of that activity will have a signal for Google a positive signal. But since that's something that I've tested, I would only have been able to theorize about it. The other stuff that we do just worked so well, that we haven't needed to go in and check whether pingbacks still have their place in SEO.

Bradley: Yeah. I think you a long time ago, I'm sure there was some SEO benefit to it but I haven't used them since God I want to say probably 2010 or 12 or probably 2012 somewhere around there is when I just always started disabled and all that stuff so and I have never looked back. I don't think they're helpful at all Keith but you know, maybe somebody someway has found a way to manipulate them. There's such an old kind of feature with WordPress that you know, I'm sure if there was some sort of super cool hack it would have been exploited to the point where it was terminated anyway, you know, so

Hernan: Yeah, it's been there forever. Like since the beginning of WordPress, I would say. Mostly because if you would leave a comment or if you would, leave a link on that will ping back the post if it was for press and whatnot. So and then you will have a lot of pingback spam as well. I remember like going through and deleting a bunch of them. So yeah, I haven't used them,

Bradley: which is part of the reason I eliminated them entirely was because of that I got tired after to go in and clean out pingbacks and trackbacks spam, you know, and that kind of stuff. So

How Do You Display 5-Star Reviews In Google Search Engine Results Page?

wraps up, he says, Hey, gang, how do you get the five stars that show up in some Google searches? That seems to be random. I've never been able to accomplish this. It's with structured data that would be what they call review, review schema. And so you can do that by marking up like product reviews, it could be customer reviews, you know, so basically, like user reviews, that kind of stuff. But that's all accomplished through structured data that has to be added to the web page correctly and invalidated before Google and it does. There's no guarantee that Google will pick it up and display them. But it's that's how you put it your site in a position to have the reviews stars show Marco. Are there any secret tips for that?

Marco: I really don't have anything. It's in the schema. Right? And sometimes they appear, sometimes they don't. Google came out not too long ago, advising against because they see this as just being self-promotional. And that's not the intent, not to say that it does or doesn't work and sometimes, what Google says not to do works really well so you keep on doing it. So this is just totally the structured data on the website. There's a way for you to get the stars in there. It's not something that I bother with.

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Bradley: Yeah, agreed. I mean, I bother with structured data. Don't get me wrong, but I don't you know, there are some plugins and things like that some third-party services that you can use that will import like, for example, I can't remember the name of the plugin suite now but they have a Yelp plugin, a Google My Business plugin and a Facebook plugin. So it's essentially a plugin for WordPress sites that will import it connects via API to Google Maps, Facebook and Yelp. And so what happens is, it will pull in for that particular business location, the different reviews that are published on each one of those sites. And so you can buy each plugin individually or buy them all together as a suite. And what happens is that that actually imports the code. It's like an iframe, I guess iframes in the code from those review sites so that it's essentially not you pasting your own structured data into the site, which will show reviews, which is what Marco was talking about because Google thinks, you know, Google knows people can spam that, but it's actually pulling in publicly posted reviews on other reviews sites and that's a good way to do it. And I've actually been able to accomplish that using the Google My Business one for what I've got a roofing client that we weren't able to ever get reviews stars to show for his site, yet, he had hundreds and hundreds of Google reviews. And I mean, across all the different platforms, he had hundreds of reviews on each platform, but we could never get the review stars to show and then I added the plugin, as you know, as a premium plugin, but I added the plugin to put in the Google My Business reviews. And we just put embed the widget in the sidebar of this site so that it was constantly being updated with new reviews. And that actually triggered the review stars to start showing for the site. So there I know there are other ways to do it besides just adding your own structured data. But you know, typically that's how you would do it. It just adds structured data.

What Are The Reasons Why Google Remove Multiple GMB Sites With Legit Home Addresses Of People Working In The Company?

Okay. Another one is from Ralph says one of my clients had six of his GMB sites removed by Google they were his were home addresses of people that worked at his company. Why would Google do that and when PO boxes without using PO Box and the address be the best thing to get ranked in eight other suburbs?

Uh, that's a good question that I mean it's I'm curious Ralph is to we're all six suspended at the exact same time or they suspended at different times there's a ton of questions I have for you regarding that because for example if they were if I'm assuming it's the service area business right because wouldn't you wouldn't have other GMB you know other GMB profiles for storefront businesses, right because that wouldn't make sense then that would be like six separate locations and that's not the way that you know it wouldn't work. So I'm assuming as a service area business and that you hid, or didn't pop chose not to publish the actual physical location of the business because it's a service area business. And if that's the case, then I can't imagine how it would have been suspended unless it was something that you know, you were editing the GMB after it had been verified. I don't know that that's still an issue. But I know, many months ago, there was this kind of a threshold that no one really knows what that threshold was. But, uh, you know, once you cross that threshold with a number of edits of your GMB profile that it could trigger an automatic suspension. I know because I experienced it with one of my clients. It's 100% valid business and has been been a valid location for many years and it got suspended.

And again, it was an automatic suspension just from making a change to the GMB listing and all I did was publish the GMB website, believe it or not, for some reason he had a GMB website. It wasn't published. I click the Publish button and it suspended it. So my point is, there's a number of things that may have triggered that. My question is like I said, we're all six suspended at the exact same time because if so then there had to be some identifiable footprint that connected those sites together other than through the brand, but that also triggered them as being identified as spam. And also, again, I don't know if that was an algorithmic or it was a manual suspension. They don't give you that much information so it's kind of hard to determine. Marco, do you have any comments on that?

Marco: I would just have to guess I had one suspended. And in fact, if it's the land solutions network, companion, GMB really, and nothing Yeah, I mean that you know, the entity was tight. The entity was really good. And we did nothing to it. That is that that's the whole thing we had not gone in there in about a month. And then all of a sudden, while I can't remember how long exactly but all of a sudden it gets hit and gets suspended.

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So that's definitely algorithmic, if you're not in the triggering anything, then it was just a random ID or I don't like this for whatever reason in the code, and it got hit. Yeah. I'm curious to know, what was being done to them. In those eight GMBs that they would get off, they would all get hit at the same time or did they not get hit at the same time, but separately, and since this is all in people's homes, what I would suggest is that each one of these people, you get them to call Google and get them to try to get that suspension lifted, go through the process of getting lifted because in a home business is a legitimate way to get a GMB.

Bradley: Yeah, the only thing would be difficult to I mean, unless you know, because sometimes depending on you can contact Google My Business support and try to request reinstatement. It depends on sometimes they're going to require you to jump through a bunch of hoops sometimes. So for example, let me make an example here. The one that I was talking about was for an outdoor Pest Control client of mine.

One main GMB that's been in he's a valid location. He's been in business for many years, never had any issues whatsoever and then it got suspended. And again, all I did was click the Publish button on his GMB website because for whatever reason, it was never published and I don't know why. But anyway, uh, so I submitted as a manager to the GMB right so my account is attached as a manager to the GMB and so I submitted the GMB reinstatement request and it was a two to three-week backlog at the time and it ended up taking like four weeks before I got the rejection email saying that they had rejected it because it didn't meet quality guidelines, which was total bullshit. So and that was it that was the vague rejection response that I got so I emailed to that I mean, you know, replied to that rejection email with like, Can you give me some explanation as to why?

Doesn't mean quality guidelines this has been a valid business has been serving local customers for you know set the past seven years or however long they've been in business or whatever it was that I said. And you know anyways long story short, it just was ignored that went into oblivion somewhere that that request for more information as to why it was suspended or didn't meet quality guidelines. So anyway, I ended up contacting the owner who was listed his primary Gmail account was listed as the owner, the primary owner for the GMB. So I contacted him and told him like I was ready to say Okay, look, we're just going to have to start another GMB from scratch which would have sucked because this was his main location I put a lot of work into over the years. But he said was there anything that I can do and I said, Well if you want to attempt I'll give you a quick tutorial video showing you where to go and how to do it and what to say but if you want to attempt as the primary owner account to request reinstatement do so you know like I'm let's give that a shot before I try starting with a brand new GMB all over again. And he agreed. So within about I think, I think it was less than 10 days. He had the next day he submitted the request based upon my instructions. And I think it was less than 10 days and we got the notification. Well, he forwarded it to me saying that it had been reinstated. So the reason I tell you all of that is because if you have different GMBs, it depends on how you have them all together. Do you have one owner? like, are they all under one GMB account? Are they all under separate GMB accounts? How are they connected? Do you have a common manager through all of them? If they have individual separate primary owners, then the primary owner I guess could go in and potentially try to request a reinstatement.

You know, that would be difficult to do if each location like if it's all part of one brand, you just got to be really careful. There are a couple of things that you could try to try to get reinstated as well. Before starting all over. My point, because if their home addresses as Marco said, you know, you could potentially verify it, even if they required you to do like, you know, take photos of the office space and things like that, because you're allowed to have a home office, right, you're allowed to run a business from home. Even if it's a service area business and you're hiding your physical address, you just have to prove that there's like a business being operated at that location. But again, it would be a lot of the times they want to see like, you know, corporate logos, and they want to see, you know, mail being sent, that I've had to do that in the past with another client, Mario's cab service where we had to have a utility bill that had the company name on it with the new address on it because we were changing locations in order to re-verify a listing. So I mean, there's just a number of things that they could require you to do. I would try to go that route before starting new ones if possible.

But you know, as a last resort, if they were suspended, you could always try it again. PO boxes are a good alternative. If somebody's house is hands down the best way to go first if you have access to somebody that will receive a postcard for you at the residence that is hands down the best way to go in my opinion. But if you can't do that then my opinion the next best is the PO Box method. Remember you do not put PO box in the address field when you're trying to register it will automatically reject it you have to use the street address option which means you go down to the post office you rent the PO box and you tell them you want to use the street address option and they have to fill out a separate form it doesn't cost anything additionally, but then you get to use the street address of the post office itself and then you get a box number so it but if you don't put box you just put the number sign and then whatever the box number is so like 123 Main Street number 212 right.

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Any town whatever that would be the address that you use, and that still works. It's not doesn't work 100% of the time but I would say probably you know 80% greater it does. So those are good questions. All right.

Should You Create A New Website For Keywords That Have A Large Potential Audience Or Would You Rather Include To An Existing Brand?

CJ, I guess is what I'm going to call you. He's got a lot of setups here for a question. I'm not going to read through all this, guys, anybody watching this can read through the questions if you'd like, I'm just going to get cut right to the chase, which is how would you approach making this decision? What matters and what doesn't? What are the pros and cons of each approach? And so essentially, he's asking, he's got a brand site, that he wants to utilize some of the other content and, you know, content assets that he has out there and he was considering creating separate, like satellite feeder sites to use to kind of push traffic from those sites into his main entity, but they're all tied together. So I'm going to give you a very brief answer and then let Marco expand on this a lot more because he's our entity guru. But I would say no, keep all of those feeder sites essentially within the same brand, so either if you want separate websites for each one of them, because you want a different design, you know, and that kind of stuff, different functionality for each one of those sites, that's perfectly fine. I would use subdomains of the primary asset, the primary entity, the primary website, I would use sub-domains if you want separate websites. But that way, they're all still tied to the brand. They're physically connected to the brand through the domain, right. And then I would still make sure that you brand consistently brand all of those so that you're not in big, ambiguous aging the entity, that's number one, but if you're not worried about different design options and functionality for each one of those types of sites, then you could you should and I, Marco mentioned this prior to starting the webinar, but I totally agree you should keep them as inner pages, you will get more benefit. By building out even you could even build silo structures for those types of content types with the site and use it that way, you get more SEO benefit using inner pages than you do from subdomains, but subdomains will give you some additional options that you wouldn't be able to use with inner pages. So either one of those is going to be the better approach than trying to build separate websites. And Marco can talk more about how you utilize MGYB to help, you know, help with a lot of this fulfillment and to get the most results that you can from this sort of structure.

Marco: Yeah, what I'm thinking about is, we clone the money site, right. And so if he's got these different parts of the company sections of the company, however, it is that it's going to be structured, I definitely go with inner pages with companion inner pages on the Gsite and drives tech targeting those keyword sets. So he wants more SERP real estate, right? But I would argue that what you actually want to go further up for your top-level keyword, right, the market level keyword because what we have seen from that approach is that when you start targeting that market-level keyword is it brings everything else up. So you'll be ranking for a whole lot of keywords that you didn't even think about just because you targeted that top-level category. And then when you see that there are keywords that are sticking maybe the second page, maybe towards the bottom 9-10 you can isolate those I mean, we have the webinars at MGYB, that shows how to add power to your drive second, push that power over to the website. So I would say to you focus on that so that your website, your main brand, your entity produces as much power as possible and brings up as many keywords as possible and you add those inner pages.

The only way that I would go to a subdomain or to a separate website is if it were just a completely different part of the business that would break up the semantic relevance if it were included on the money site. Now, if it's if everything is totally related, then you put that on an inner page. And what you do is an individual schema for each one of those inner pages that relate those pages to the main brand. Look at what all of these different companies don't look at what Google does. Google definitely takes advantage of subdomains, right they go the subdomain route.

Another way you know, Apple has it all on the main domain. Amazon has a lot of this stuff on their main domain. What I would say is you get a whole lot more power, and you'll be ranking for a whole lot more keywords a lot quicker. If you add the power to the G site and competitive drive stack and push it over to the money site. Because of then everything benefits, right? Everything that that on that route those all of those inner pages when you pushing all of that power, the entire website is going to benefit, from all of your efforts. That's how I would approach this.

Bradley: Yeah, the only thing and I agree. But like, for example, the glossary site is one of the examples that he's talking about, I think that would be better suited on a subdomain like glossary dot whatever your domain is only because I think that's kind of I mean, again, you could do it on an inner page or even a separate category within the site. I think that's kind of more of a reference type thing could be on a subdomain. But as Marco said, is, if you can, if you can work with it in the existing, like layout, you know, the design that kind of stuff of the existing site, then you can, you can accomplish that with inner page stuff. But the second-best option would be subdomains In my opinion, but not separate websites all together because you want to make sure that you're continuing to tie all of those together. Structured Data could do all of that together.

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Well, you have proper structured data across all of them, you're going to be tying entities together or the entity together through all those different assets anyways. So I was a good question. Very long setup,

Should You Link And Embed Links One At A Time Into The Google Site?

fences up, he says, What's up, Vince? He says, When embedding links into a Google site, is it better to iframe the sheet with the links into the Google site? Or is it better to iframe each link and embed them one at a time into the Google site? I don't know how you iframe each link unless you're talking about each individual file. So I'm not sure I understand the question fits. embedding is a good period. Like that might be the easiest answer. Margo was What do you say? I don't think I can understand uncomprehending the question fully.

Yeah, I'm fits. I don't know why you'd be looking to embed individual links, Gsite. That's what you get the spreadsheet for. And that's exactly what we do we embed the spreadsheet if you need to go to another page with the spreadsheet, then by all means and link below to everything. So that the entire again, yeah, you have to think of this as a whole. You can't break this up into little pieces and think that one is better than the other unless there's a purpose for that individual link embed Unless Unless you're pushing power from an inner page over to a money site, inner page. And that's what you're trying to accomplish with either that iframe or that link. Otherwise, there's no reason to think about it. We, I mean, literally have thousands of links on that spreadsheet, right when when when we turn it into one of our clients. And if we were to embed each one of those links instead of two

Bill taking between six and eight hours, it would take between six and eight days. So that there's no reason for that we get tons of power, the way that we do it. And the only other reason to do one, not all of them, but one will be when you're trying to isolate keyword and I saw the power so that you can push from that drive stack to the G site inner page to the companion money site, inner page.

Bradley: Very cool. Okay, uh, Jim says he missed donating last month, you can donate at any time correct Marco.

Marco: You can donate at any time before after all of the replays will be available. We have a webinar coming up on Monday. So you're still in time to be at the next live webinar. And I might do another one after because it depends on how confused people are. And I see that from the questions and from the comments and everything during the webinar, whether it needs another one, so that might be another one we already this one will be the sixth one, the one that we'll be doing Monday. So there's a lot of information. There are just so many things that we need to go into. Because of the way that we approach it is just as basic principles. But just because it's basic principle doesn't mean that it that it's simple. And it doesn't mean that it's simple to explain. And it doesn't mean that people will grasp all of these concepts during the first go around.

Yeah. That's cool. That's a lot. That's a lot of content for an all it's requested as a donation, no matter the amount, which Yes, people want to see the information like, what's actually being given away. I posted the link in there.

Back to Yeah, you mean for the prize list and that kind of charity information so they can go and take a look? Right there.

Look at it. Look at that. And we keep adding to it.

Wow. Very cool. All right, moving on.

Will A Website's Existing Schema Help Keep Rankings While Changes Are Made To Its Content And Images?

Next one looks like from Joey. He says, Hey guys, I have a client who's ranked on page one for a few keywords, but his bounce rate is high. So now he wants to change the layout and content up on these pages. As he says rankings don't matter if everyone just bounces will try and optimize the site for conversions by changing the images and unstructured data like so the content of the site basically, or the content of the page. Would that confuse Google and hurt our rankings? Well, yeah, I mean, it can't. I don't know that it will confuse Google and hurt your rankings. It will cause dancing, though. Structured Data is not enough to hold the ranking. I mean, I can't say that for sure. But it's very likely that it will start the dance if you significantly change the content or the layout the structure of a page, it's going to typically dance almost 90, you know, almost 100% of the time, it's going to dance that if all you've done is in, if you haven't changed the theme of the page much, you know that it will probably it was still likely going to dance, but it will probably end up settling in the same location.

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Maybe give or take, you know, plus or minus a couple of positions. But it will likely end up in the same as long as the theme of you know, of the actual page hasn't changed much. But that's hard to tell and who can determine what you know how much how can you determine if it's changed that much, right. So the thing is, if you made an improvement, it's going to dance but then it should come back to the same location. if not better, like when it finally settles from the dance, it will likely end up settling even better if you've improved the content if whatever you've done is decreased the ranking score, so to speak, which is also possible, then it could end up settling lower than where it had originally been. So it's likely that you're going to see some changes and all that kind of stuff. But I agree that you should, you know, conversion optimization should be a focus, you know, keeping people on the site. But I do have a question before we get some other opinions in here on this. And that is, how do you know that the bounce rate is exactly is truly people landing on the page and bouncing back. And the reason I say that is because I know now it's been a while since I've done I haven't built a new website, except for my own, which is alpha land Realty. I haven't built a new website in quite some time. So I know there used to be a known bug with Google Analytics that you would add just a snippet of code to the analytics, Universal Analytics tracking code that would change what they called, what was the event, event timing or something like that. It was a way to prevent people that landed on the page.

And click the back button within a certain amount of time from being counted as a back or a bounce because they they've stayed on the page for, you know, two seconds or something like that. I can't remember exactly what it was, if I went back into my files, I could find the specific code and the parameters for what, of what it changed. But I know that there were some known bugs in that they'd like that may have very well been fixed because it's been probably a year and a half, two years since I've had to actually install that. But I know that there had been some known issues from that. So, you know, I would just question first of all, are you validated that that is indeed true bounce traffic number one. And number two, if that is the case, then you know, I do agree that you should be working on trying to keep people on the site and there's a lot of little things that you can do to make them dwell on the page or even scroll a bit, you know, those all of those things will actually prevent a bounce from triggering, right dwell time scroll depth, like those, are taking some sort of engagement, like a link click, or something like that. Those all will prevent from registering is about. Marco, do you have any comments for him or anybody else for that matter?

Marco: Yeah, the one thing here also is, is are you in a niche that naturally has a high bounce rate? I mean, your client, in essence, is right, what good is ranking if the people coming are bouncing, but that would be if you have 100% bounce rate the people that he is getting and it depends on what each person what each lead is worth. And what each close client is, is worth to this person. All of that needs to be taken into account before you make changes to a page that ranking number one for keywords. So there has to be a heat map on that website so that you can know what people are doing on your website and why they're exiting. So it before you even think about making changes right for conversion rate optimization. You have to see what people are doing on your website. The only way that you can do that is through a heat map Yeah. Now the Analytics gives you entry and exit pages and you get some superficial information. But the only way is through those heat maps so that you know where it is that you need to place your CTA is maybe your phone number, maybe your form, maybe you need a form on the sidebar, there's a whole bunch of things that are involved here this is this isn't just a simple I'm going to chase it around and see what happens now because then once you do make the changes you could even increase the boss rate if you're not sure what it is that people are doing on your website, so I'd be very careful.

Bradley: I think they would call it event tracking code or something like that I can't remember. Anyways, for Analytics, it was a known bug but

Marco: yes, I still have it but there's also a plugin reduce bounce rate.

Bradley: Well plugin that will do something exactly what automatically injects that code snippet, which supposed to fix that. But yeah, that's right. Reduce the bounce rate is a plugin. They even have a premium version of it, I believe. Let's see what schema see. Yeah, okay. Anyways, I was just trying to see if there's something else.

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Can You Use The Same Syndication Network And RYS Stack For A Domain?

john says, Can you use the same syndication network and RYS stack for a subdomain? Sure, you can. I mean, think about if you have a, just assume that you're going to put WordPress on a subdomain, it's going to have its own RSS feed. Right? So you can use that I mean, again, you want to, if it's going to be the same brand and everything, there's no reason to have a separate syndication network, if it's the same brand, you know, what I've talked about in the past is, for example, let's say you've got a multi-location, local business that you're working with. Then what I like to do for multi-location businesses is have the root domain. So the, you know, company name.com, for example, would be the root domain and that's basically like generic info about the company their products and services, you know about them, that kind of stuff. But if they have multiple locations, then each location will get its own subdomain WordPress installation. And then each one of their individual sub domains, you know, or locations, which has its own subdomain site, you know, has its own RSS feed and all that kind of stuff. But we would I like to blog from the root domain or might, you know, have my my team blog from the root domain, and set up what we I always talked about having, you know, we talked about theme marrying, but you mirror the category structure to match the location. So in other words, you would create a category for each location. And then you can actually publish blog posts from the root domain that syndicate out to the syndication network, and you just make sure that they're placed within the proper location based category that makes sense so that you can do all of your link building to your sub domain through the content that's published to your root domain blog. That's one way to do it.

You have all these different locations, but you're feeding content from one source, which would be a root domain. However, you could do it the other way around where you have one syndication, branded syndication network, and you have each individual subdomain publishing content from their specific locations but into the brand, the branded syndication network. The reason why we do that is that there's no reason to have multiple branded syndication networks out there that could actually get you in trouble for being a footprint unless you made them like location-specific, or you know, in this case, could be a topical specific subdomain, syndication networks. But all of that becomes more complicated and it's unnecessary try to get results with the least amount of effort is always what we say. Right? So having one brand new syndication network that you syndicate all the content from that brand to is that is, in my opinion, the best route to go and then you would only add additional syndication networks, if needed. And as long as you know how to structure that properly to where you're not going to cause any problems. So the short answer is yes, you can and you should be using the same if it's for the same brand.

How Is The First Layer Of Breadcrumbs Determined On Google?

Okay. Now, Blake, I think you've asked this question for multiple weeks, and we've never gotten to it just because that always comes in as a late question. So he's asking, how do you how does Google determine the breadcrumbs, the first layer of breadcrumbs? And as far as I know, that should be from the domain. In this case, it looks like I mean, yeah, I'm seeing as on a mobile level, and I'm used to looking at the desktop but I'm pretty sure that the first layer of breadcrumbs is determined by the domain name itself. And the association that the domain has, like in this case, that's just showing what do they call it? The favicon image right? So it's pulling the name brand from the name the entities name of the website, right? So the name, but it's usually coming from the domain anyways, and then also that's pulling in the fabric on but again, I'm not 100% sure that's how I assume that it works market, or anybody. Does anybody have any other data for that? Yeah, I can tell him definitively that it's according to the website heart hierarchy. But you can play a little bit with schema. Now don't let Google catch you fucking with the schema that is outside the parameters allowed for structured data. But there is if you go to schema.org/breadcrumb list one word, then you'll see how you can start or give the bot an indication of what your schema should be. And if you scroll down, you'll have them the markup and microdata RDFa. And JSON LD you said was bread crumbs schema.

Its bread crumb list is there in life. Yeah, forward slash schema.org/breadcrumblist one word. Okay. schema.org/breadcrumblist. Why is this not working for me? I have no idea. Let me drop it in the chat in Slack. Oh, it because it's capitalization sensitive capital B and a capital L. okay.

That's like one of those Bitly links. You know what I mean? Yeah. Okay, cool. So there you go. You can read through this and see if there's anything that you can manipulate. I don't, I don't usually do it. But see, look at this right there is JSON-LD for breadcrumb. Yeah. Look at the use of @ type and @ID and that sets up your breadcrumbs you telling the but what your breadcrumb list is, and then what that breadcrumb is referencing, that's the ID page. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So that's kind of cool. I've never looked at that before.

I've been diving deep into all this shit, man. I've never looked at that before. Something else you could probably do. I don't know if this is what you're going after. But let's see favicon generator this one I believe it is. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is it. One of these does a really good job. I'm pretty sure it's that one. It's the only purple link here right? I think so. Yeah. So this is the only one I think that I visited just recently. Maybe this.

Anyways, there's one of these will do. It's not this one. I think it's this one anyways, one of these, you know, if you, even if you've already got a favicon on your site, I would take the same file that you use and upload it here. And then what happens is once it generates of avocado, it creates an HTML, a list of HTML commands that you put into the header of your site that will have the fabric on display on different systems like iOS, you know, and the Android or the you know, the Google Play Store, you know, all that different kind of stuff. And so it's just a snippet of code that tells different it created, it takes your image and creates a whole bunch of different from formats or versions of it, you upload that zip file and then extract it into the root folder of your domain. And then there's the HTML directives that will tell the browser which to go to which version of the fabric on image in the root folder of your domain to go to and to display and that might actually you might be able to do something like that to get it to show up in to show something specific if that's what you're trying to do. And I don't know that that is but like these images over here, I don't know if that was what you're asking either, but I know that there's something that you probably do there too.

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So, all right, I think that's it, guys. Do we have anything else because I don't see any other questions? Does anybody want to cover anything else? No, just be aware. Go to 2xyouragency.com, sign up there because it's gonna be awesome.

Yeah, I cannot say more coming next week.

Okay, cool. Well, let's wrap it up than guys. Thanks, everybody. Oops. Let's try that again.

Donate to the charity. Get caught up on what's working right now and what will be working for the next three, four or five years. It's what's been working for the last, I don't know, 15 years only. So get caught up.

I do have something we could talk about very briefly. About, I know that there's apparently like another update has occurred. Do you have any insights on that yet, because I hadn't even noticed until, as always, somebody posted in one of the groups? Has anybody noticed any dancing or jumping or bouncing? I have I'm seeing an upward trend. And because we're working it, I'm calling an entity based, worry less SEO.

Because we work on the entity we present it right with them at the unstructured data level. We make sure that the entity is also represented Well, in the unstructured data so that when the bucket and then we just spam the shit out of the bot with all of the information, tracing our entity so that it has no choice but to say, this is the best entity on earth. And then lo and behold, here we go, and it just starts giving you love left and right. So all of these people saying that Yeah, they've had the negative results they did it trapped in the tank thing, whatever. Come on over to the dark side. Come on over and take some of this medicine, because we got the cure for its ailing you. I'm telling you.

I'm looking at all of our stuff and all of our stuff that has an entity, a well, well-defined entity, an ambiguous entity, it's just moving up, I mean that the traffic that it gets us is just crazy and the way that it's reacting. It's crazy what but it may be a little bit too early to tell you right? It might settle because Google, do a hard push. This is supposed to be a big update. And then just when they start affecting some of the big sites, they start rolling it back, right. And they collect all of the data from all over the web to see what happened with it with the update. That's usually with every Google update, but ever since we came out with RYS Academy syndication Academy, we package it all up. And you know, I call it the SEO shield. Of course, we have the SEO shield packages at MGYB to ever since we started doing that, dude, I don't worry, like, all of these people are in there, they're freaking out and they're losing traffic and, and they're losing their lives. And it's like, oh, my God, the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

I'm not seeing it. I'm sorry. Now, if I were to go and test and see Yep, I could probably put something out that would get penalized. But why do that? If I don't have to if I can just shield myself from everything that's happening. And you know, my clients and whatever it is that we're working on, keep getting low. That's how I see it.

Cool. All right. Thanks, everybody, for being here. We will see you guys next week. Thanks, guys.

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How Often Should You Post To The Syndication Networks?

By April

In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 265, one viewer asked how often should one post to the syndication networks.

The exact question was:

Thanks for all the value you guys offer! My question: For syndication networks how many articles do you guys have ready to go so that the network is primed with content right out of the chute? Next, how often do you regularly post articles to go to the syndication network?

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Do You Need To Login To Each Site In The DFY Syndication Network To Bind Your IP?

By April

In the 265th episode of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if one needs to login into each site in DFY syndication network to bind one's IP.

The exact question was:

I'm a bit confused on binding my IP. I ordered three DFY syndication networks. Do I need to login into each site in the network to bind my IP to it? And, since I ordered three different networks for three different money sites, can I use the same computer to “”bind my ip”” for all three networks?

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Weekly Digital Marketing QA – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 266

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 266 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Adam: Hey complaining about AWeber. If you're using a Weber I suggest you go look at Active Campaign or something. But anyways, that said, welcome to Hump Day Hangouts number 266. We got the pre-holiday special Hump Day Hangouts going here. I almost put on like my reindeer ears. But I withheld. I'll be back next week. And I think the guys are going to have some, maybe some outfits or we'll see it. Hernan is giving me a vigorous yes. Yeah, I think he's going to dress up as Santa Claus. Man. That is awesome.

Hernan: Hey man. Thank you for doing that. Hey, man. It's like 1000 degrees right now.

Adam: That's right. You're in the upside-down, aren't you?

Hernan: Yeah.

Adam: Well, Hey, everybody. Before we get into it, we're gonna say hi to everyone real quick. And then we got a few quick announcements, some really good stuff going on, especially with the holidays. And then we will get into it. We got a lot of questions today. So, Bradley, how are you doing today, man? How's Virginia treating you?

Bradley: Good. I was almost late because I was talking to a prospect that was looking for SEO services that found me through my SEO Virginia horrible drive stack g G Site that I built when back in 2015 so I just making a comment just kind of giggling with Marco about it because that was from way back in 2015 and I still ranked number one I still get leads from it so pretty interesting.

Adam: That's awesome. Good day, man. Yeah, that well, you know, it doesn't work but I guess you're gonna have to take the lead anyways.

Bradley: I don't think Google's gonna shut it down any minute now.

Adam: Hernan, how you doing man down there in the other hemisphere?

Hernan: I'm good, man. All's good. Everything's good. Getting ready to spend some time with the family. Diving into some new ways of marketing and communication with potential prospects. So that's going to be good. We're going to be talking a little bit more about that in upcoming episodes. So, all good, man! I'm excited to be here.

Adam: Outstanding. Chris, how about you? Are you home in Austria?

Chris: Yeah, I'm home in Austria and I guess I prepared a little bit early because last year it was always Hernan. And this year I put up the Christmas tree as well just for the help the Hangouts. But yeah, like we'll see what's happening next week then.

Adam: Outstanding. And Marco, how about yourself. How you doing, man?

Marco: I am doing really good, man. Two charity webinars already in the can. The next one scheduled for next Monday and it will give a lot of great information for people who donate. So that's the only thing you have to do is go and donate. But this year, like we have a whole bunch of awesome prizes that we're going to give to people who have donated. For example, a couple of hours of my time, two people at each one will get an hour syndicated they'll be drive stack, syndication networks, there's going to be Dadea donated five embed gigs and five-link building gigs. So that's one that's five people who will win the embed, plus link building game, right? Which is, which is awesome. You aim that at anything that set up right? And that juices just gonna flow in and push it up. So I'm excited the charity is doing well. We're collecting money people have been awesome donating, but we do not. We always need more. We always need more. Poor kids.

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Adam: So I know a lot of people know about this, but can you tell everyone because we get new viewers all the time what the charity is or who had benefits.

Marco: So the idea is to take children who are at risk. And by at risk, it's either they come with us or they it's drugs, it's abusive, it's violence, it's prostitution. Child prostitution is rampant. That's how it is in the third world. You got a lot of pervs who come over and take advantage of that poverty. So what we want to do is we take these kids and we give them an option. You come with us, we'll give you everything you need to go to school shoes, uniforms, books, we tutor them on Saturday. We take them through mentorship programs, because we also want to create community leaders so that other children have someone else to look up to. There's another hero, right? It is that just the drug dealer with the fancy car because he right now, he's the hero we want. We want to show them another aspect of reality, of life that there are other heroes that they can emulate rather than following the drug dealer to a slow death.

I talked about Fernando one of our biggest success story he started out with with eight or nine of his friends, right? Running around sometimes coming to a charity and sometimes it's not. He's the one who stuck it out, the other ones who didn't are dead. And so that's the choice that these children are making. They come and they get an education, tutoring tech school, and then we place them with with big companies because we train them for the right jobs, for the jobs that are in demand in Costa Rica. So it's either that or you die. So that's the fucking option, guys. It's incredible. You have no idea poverty in the third world and Hernan knows, for the patchy what is the onset? Gotta say is another place to do. So that that's my passion. I did that my magnificent obsession. My magnificent obsession is doing everything I can to help people make money.

Google so that I can make money. But my passion doesn't feed me, right? My passion is something, it feeds my soul. But I need to make money in order to go and really work at my passion or good which is what I do. And so thank you guys I know Hernan, I'd like to thank him personally. Because he's awesome. He donates every year. So thanks a ton and you guys will always make this up this possible. Thank you.

Adam: Yeah. How much does it cost it to take care of a kid get him in classes get them in all this for a year?

Marco: 200 bucks per child and that includes everything and includes the tutor includes the mentorship. We do these weekend getaways. We make ourselves available. The family sometimes needs food. They have a tin roof, cardboard walls and nothing and on the fucking windows. That's the conditions that they're living in the shack.It's horrible. They have open sewage, you name it. It's there and it's worse than you imagine the worst that you can possibly imagine. And it's worse than that.

Adam: Gotcha now well and I want to say to to everyone like I know we've had some large donations in years past. I'm sure you've already gotten some this year but it's one of those where truly every little bit helps and Marco I know you're not restricting you know, access to the webinars based it's any donation amount, right?

Marco: Absolutely not. It's your heart is going to tell you what of course you want. Your heart dictates to donate. And your wallet dictates how much you got a big wallet. Open that motherfucker man. People need it. Yeah, people need it. And I'm this year I'm matching every all the donations I will tell you that I'm matching $1 for dollar

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Adam: Yep. that's awesome. Well, we're going to be throwing some more on top of that. We got some awesome holiday specials coming up, you guys, and anyone who donates is going to get some special stuff there. So, you know, you could donate $1 you can donate $100 and donate $1,000 again, whatever you can like, what's your heart your wallet tells you so you can this has been a really good thing. Marco is it's been like three or four years now.

Marco: We started doing our own little thing, and then it's just picked up. So this is what the third or fourth year. But I've been helping them for like 9 or 10 years. Nice from from way back when my wife and I started helping them so it's been a while.

Adam: Good deal. Well, you know, I mentioned some special stuff coming up with the holidays. So we're going to have more coming out about that and then wanted to let everyone know to. Next week we've got a really special Hump Day Hangouts. We're not gonna have time for questions. If you've got them up there, you know, maybe we can try to take them into the Facebook group. We'll do what we can but we will wanted to sit down and say, hey, what could we do at the end of the year that would, that would help everyone going into 2020. And we're going to cover a lot of various we're going to keep it into short segments, and we're bringing on some guests as well, we're going to have Rob Feel. Of course your motive him co creator of RYS Reloaded, helping, I'm going to call him the Chief Operating Officer at MGYB, the guy who gets shit done and, you know, gave me some great advice, some insights, POFU Live.

And then as well, we're gonna have Jeffrey Smith, the on page master SEO bootcamp, SEO ultimate plugin, he's going to come in and be laying down some good stuff as well. So you do not want to miss that. We're going to go a little bit longer, but we'll start at the same time next week and we're going to cover a lot of ground. And after that, we are going to have some holiday specials going on. But after that, there won't be a Hump Day Hangout until 2020. It turns out that it does fall on Christmas Day. And I think we all want to be spending time with our friends and family doing that. And we realized that probably not a lot of people are going to be maybe attending. So we're going to go ahead and push it back to I believe it's January 2nd, because then the first Wednesday in 2020 falls on New Year's Day. So that's a holiday as well. So we're just pushing it back to one day. So we're going to go next week, be there, we're going to have some good stuff going on some great guests, some good knowledge, as well as some awesome holiday specials. And then the next Hump Day hangout will be on January 2, 2020. As well, too, man, we've had a lot of stuff going on Bradley and the mastermind is getting what they're getting a webinar a couple days before Christmas, aren't they? You move that up? So you could squeeze one in before Christmas?

Bradley: Yeah, we're going to do that on Monday, the 23rd as opposed to Christmas Day, or the day after Christmas is when it would have been Thursday. So yeah, we're going to do that on Monday, the 23rd

Adam: awesome, and then you just got done. Correct me if I'm wrong about Monday with the second half of the branding training is that

Bradley: yes, that's been all edited now and chopped up should be in the membership area soon by the end by the end of this week. And then I've still got to add all the notes and individual lessons. But in case anybody missed that the YouTube training was already been split up, there was I think 15 videos for the first part that were created out of that almost three hour webinar. And I think there was 14 for the GDN Ad, the Display Network portion of the training. So that was almost another I was almost three hours also. So it was like out of six hours of content. I think we ended up with almost almost 30 videos and everything's been split up now and it's got all the notes and everything so it's a really good course in fact, I don't think we I think we took down all the specials for that one if we haven't we need to.

Adam: Yeah, but there might be something in the holidays but regardless, yeah, that is a great course. I'll put the link in there. Really. Bradley went above and beyond on this and cranking this out before the holidays. Bradley I'll let you add on to this but I call it kind of the massive branding course you know if you want to build a brand for yourself which you should be doing. I think Hernan can chime in on that but or for your clients and charge them for this service, right? This is you know, another one of those no brainers Just do it. But what you guys want to add on to that?

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, I did. I actually was playing around today with some ad campaigns that I'm running for some of my own projects. And I discovered or kind of figured out a way to even build out the custom intent audiences even more thoroughly. It's a more efficient way to build out these audiences to make sure that you really getting targeted. Your ads are only being shown to people that are really targeted. So I'm going to probably record a supplemental video and add it to the training specifically about that. But yeah, I agree. I mean, I hit this over. I repeated this throughout the training. Every everything that I talked about in the branding training should be applied to you as the consultant or the agency owner should be applied to your brand first.

Before you set this up for any clients, you should do it for yourself. And you should just plan on constantly running branding campaigns so that you can start to fill that pipeline full of prospects. That's the number one thing holding people back, we get it through all of our surveys over and over and over again. We hear people say, their number one biggest problem is getting clients. Well, what are you doing to continually keep your pipeline full of clients or prospects? If you're not doing something, then it's your fault that you don't have a continuous steady stream of new clients coming in the door. It's because if you keep doing what you've always done, your results aren't going to get any different. So, the branding training was essentially for you to learn how to do that on your own, for your own agency first, your own business first. But then it's also something that you can offer to clients and it's a way that you can generate revenue. I showed in the YouTube training how to actually find prospects that are currently trying to use YouTube for leads that are failing miserably. So anyways, it's a good course. I would recommend everybody check it out. By the way, if you're in the mastermind you get that for free.

Marco: Something like that out something real quick before you go on to. There's a question whether you should brand whether if you've read the patent, if you've read BERT, and if you read about neural matching, which is trying to do away with EMDs and spamming of titles, especially in local searches, the map results. And you think that branding is optional. You're nuts. You're nuts. Branding is no longer optional Semantic Web brand plus location plus keyword association is what wins the game. I just gave you the keys to the kingdom. It doesn't doesn't seem that way because oh, it's just Marco talking shit. I just gave you the keys to the kingdom. Apply it, use our shit and see how you do?

Hernan: Yeah. I'm just going to add something real quick. I don't remember who said this, is that the number one is the most dangerous number for any business. Like, if you haven't one conversation, if you're sending one email, if you're talking to one prospect, if you're doing like, if you build like one back end, you know, like it all of that stuff is like the most dangerous thing that you could do for your business. So with branding, what we basically do is we sold that completely, right? You will never have to worry about the influx of leads again, think about that the POFU that you gain by just being in that position where you know, people are just coming your way, right? How much more you can charge people. And because you're not going you're not going either out call and say hey, I want to work with you. People are coming to you're saying hey, yeah, you're the Scott. You're that person. I saw you there, I saw you here. So I think and that that multiplying effect also applies for your client. So it's a really good tool to have in your toolbox for yourself as a consultant as the breadwinner as the marketing head, or the the guy before behind your agency, it doesn't matter if you have like two or three clients, if you have like, 30, right, you're still the guy behind all of it. And not only that, but that multiplying effect will trickle down to your business to your clients, and they will see the effect as well. So that will, you know, put you in a much more powerful position, my opinion, so it's really good for you. Good.

This Stuff Works
Adam: All right. Well, before we get into questions here, just want to wrap this up and say, Hey, if you're watching this for the first time, thanks for watching, make sure especially to attend next week and check out the holiday special Hump Day hangout webinar. And then in the meantime, head over to battle plan dot Semantic Mastery calm grab the battle plan. It's our step by step process for getting results with everything from new websites age domains, YouTube channels, just check it out. There's a ton of value in there, we threw in some crazy bonuses. It's amazing. We love it. Well actually, I've got to look up the numbers but I don't know over a couple thousand people have also loved it. And if you're wanting to grow your digital marketing business, then you're the type of person we'd like to have in the mastermind you've heard us talking about a little bit here. But if you want to join the experienced community, that's the place to be and you can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com and to everyone whether or not you're in the mastermind, or you're doing things on your own. We highly advise saving time and money, head over to mgyb.co and get done for you services. We got press releases, link building, the SEO shield that is newly released. And I think it's actually available on its own right now. Not just through the Black Friday deal. We had just tons more stuff and a lot more coming. And of course, I just put the link on there. If you guys haven't yet. Please go subscribe to us on YouTube. I know we're really close to 7000 and I know that makes Bradley's day. So maybe we can hit 7000 during Hump Day Hangouts and let them know about it. So with that said, let's get into it.

Bradley: Yeah, now you've got me curious. I just gotta check 6,990 or 10 away.

Hernan: Oh, wow. Yeah, go subscribe.

Bradley: 10 from 7000 I mean, that's not like that's just a nice round number. It's not a milestone we got to get to 10,000 before we really have accomplished much, but these are all organic views. I mean, other than I had a subscribe campaign running with YouTube ads for some time but anyways. Alright, let me grab the screen. I kind of pre-answered one of these questions. Here we go. Okay, somebody confirms you got my screen.

Adam: Good. Got it. Yep. Okay.

What Is Semantic Web Algorithm?

Bradley: Stevens up first, Stephen I put a reply below where I talked both Marco and I in the last week or two, I think two weeks now have been interviewed by Matt Versteeg of the low on for the local SEO podcast, local SEO show podcast and great conversation. It's always fun to be interviewed by somebody else in the industry to have a conversation about, you know, SEO or a lot of the other podcast interviews that I've been on, have to kind of dumb it down or water it down a bit because we're talking to a broader audience, but it's kind of nice to talk to somebody that understands our industry. So we can talk shop a little bit more so by the way, Marco's. I think it just got published today. And I listened to it was a great interview with Marco. And so I had an interview with Matt about two weeks ago and I spoke about he asked a question very similar to what your question is, which is what is the Semantic Web? And so I gave him a much more thorough answer there. So I linked to that it's in our free group guys. Here's the if you go to our SEO and marketing by Semantic Mastery group. It's also in the chat now on the Hump Day Hangouts page, but it's this post from Matt Versteeg about the, you know, interview with me that he had is about 45 minutes long. But in the beginning, I talked about the Semantic Web. So just as a very quick definition, I'd like to get Marco's input on this too. But the Semantic Web is the change the move from the algorithm knowing just determining how relevant things were through search strings, right. So queries have been stringing certain words together or phrases to create to answer a query, which is what the algorithm had been for so long to now things so from strings to things, because all of it's not just about the internet or web pages anymore, right? It's about everything in our world now is connected to the web. And so that devices and entity all these things have to be given an identity some that the machines the bots can understand so that they can start to understand relationships between these things, whether it's web pages or a device, a mobile device of person, brand, it could be any number of, you know, your appliance for godsakes. Your refrigerators and light switches at home are now online. So it's a way to create entities out of things, in a way for it to understand the relationships between them, the associations between them. And so the Semantic Web was something that we kind of fight, we saw it coming, which is why our name is Semantic Mastery. Way back 2011-12 timeframe. We saw that the cement, you know, it was coming, right. So Google had already been applying for patents that were showing that the Semantic Web was coming that they were shifting over to Semantic Web and so that's kind of why we named our company. That was because we were going to optimize or learn how to optimize for the Semantic Web. And it took a lot longer for it to catch on, then we thought it took several years as we're just starting to see within the last few months again, Marco will talk much more about this.

This Stuff Works
But some of the the more advanced algorithm updates for the Semantic Web, such as Bert, or the neuro mapping or neural networking algorithm, which is I think, just came out about two weeks ago. Those are specifically Semantic Web type updates, just like Hummingbird was one of them was one of the earlier versions of that. So it's something that we're seeing more and more like we're moving faster into it now than we have been it's been a kind of long, slow progress to get to this point. But, you know, I think that's why the stuff that Marco especially has developed over the last several years because we saw it coming. We're several years ahead. And so that's what Marco was just talking about, with you know, branding and all that. It's about the entity, right? You want to create a strong entity on the web. And there's a number of ways to do that the SEO shield being our preferred method, which works incredibly well. So Marco would say you about it.

Marco: I'm always talking into a muted mic. Well, the Semantic Web, just the Semantic Web. The idea is for web pages to have structured data in the tag, and constructed in a way that a bot can more easily interact with the page. Because the bots were having so much trouble with the unstructured data meaning they these sets of words that the bot had no clue how to interpret. So again, that the idea of the Semantic Web is just simply being able that the people who are either building the website, designing it, coding it to be able to go in and structure the data. But yes, it involves entities and it involves a whole bunch of things that I'm, in fact I'm speaking on in the charity webinars, you really want to know what this is about, catch that podcast and catch my charity webinars. That's one. And I think that the question also says, or he's asking about the that you mentioned, Bradley, the Semantic Web algorithm.

There is no Semantic Web algorithm. The algorithms are a set or different code sets that draw different data. And it's all put together on under one in a huge relational database. All of its code guys, it's just simply zeros and ones and there are sequences. And you know, for example, Semantic Mastery has a word sequence. It has a bunch of set, a number sequence and it has a bunch of other number sequences related to it, which are, you know, things, it's words that are related to it. But at the bundle, I don't want to get too deep for you guys, because I don't want to confuse you. This is not the forum for it. But the bot has to go in, grab the words, turn them into zeros and ones, right bits, bytes, and number sequences to be able to interpret it. And it has to gather all of this information from all over the web, everything that's related to whatever it is that a person is looking for, if they're looking for Semantic Mastery, to give them the best result for the query. So we have several, not that not just one algorithm at play, but it all ends up in what Google is calling a ranking score, which of course they're not making public. Then we don't know-how in a route world it accrues exponentially, of course, but we don't know exactly what a cruise ranking score but we do have a great idea for example, from Bert, from the PageRank algorithm, from the ranking score algorithm, and from the distance graph algorithm, right? We've talked about seat sites and seat set. So there is no one Semantic Web algorithm that doesn't exist. What does exist is a whole bunch of different algorithms, compiling information. And they can be either really positive, which is what we work on. We work on triggering all of these positive aspects of the different algorithms that are going to get us a whole bunch of Google love. And we tried to avoid all of the negative ones that can come and really hurt what you're doing.

This Stuff Works
If you're doing client work. You can get your client's website de-indexed if you're not doing everything correctly, and I hope that answers the question. If not go to the free Facebook group, and ask the question so that we can ask for maybe a little bit more. Better yet. Join our mastermind and ask the question. And we can and I can really go into it with you. And again, I would invite you to listen to the podcast and to listen to the charity webinars, not only the ones that I've already done, but the ones that are coming and the ones from last year where I went through all of this, and you can hear me how it's going to be all about entities and all of a sudden, Google comes out. And I said it's all about brands and entity, keyword associations. And Google finally comes out and admits just last month, this is what it's all about. As Bradley said, we're way ahead and I'm already working on next-gen, meaning I want to catch Google again in three or four years. So we're always ahead of the curve. That's why we're Semantic Mastery guy. That's why our shit works the way it does. Unmovable for years and years and years and years. That's how we do the do we do.

Have You Tried Blasing GSA Links to GMB CID And Short URL?

Bradley: Thank you for that. So Danny's up next. Danny's got several calls. Questions about link building that I'm not a spam link builder. That's why we have Dadea. So I'm going to kind of run through these very, very quickly with very short answers. But Danny, I would recommend that if you want our master link builder to actually, you know, provide some insight as to what type of links to use and that kind of stuff. I would post this question again in the Facebook group, and Dadea, our link building manager, he'll he's usually really helpful. He'll come in and answer some questions for you. He's, I'm not the spammer. I just hand it over to him and let him handle that stuff for me. But I have a basic conceptual knowledge of this. So I'll run through these very quickly. The first question was: ever tried sending GSA blast to a GMB short URL? Well, yeah, you can. But first of all your remember your short URL is a redirect. So that's not the best URL to send links to anyways. Because it's a 302 redirect. In fact, it's multiple redirects, but what you want to do is you use the GMB cid URL, right? So that's the www.google.com/maps?=cid=. Right? So that's that version of the URL is the best to send links to, yes, a send links that build links directly to that. Because we include that in the SEO shield. And that's what we throw over to do all the time. It's just all of the URLs and our SEO shield, which includes the map URL, Google Drive stack, Google Drive, folders and files, you know, all of the GMB website URL all of those, so I don't usually just use that as one target URL because I usually send a list of target URLs that all get links thrown at them, were built to them I should say. But yes, you can. You can build links to that directly.

What Is The Ideal Number Of Links To Build To A GMB?

Number two is any ideal number of links to build for a GMB? I don't have an answer for that. I tried to do as small as a package as needed to get results. And then you know, just repeated every couple of months or every three months or whatever it is trying to do link building in cycles. So I don't know what the actual number is because it's going to depend on the competition. There are too many variables there for me to give you a rule of thumb for that.

Marco: Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. It's as many as it takes. It might take just one tear, right? contextual or two that are contextual. And you'll see it when. Sometimes it doesn't take any links. We talked about that. But it's as many as it takes to get the job done. And it could take your cycling through all of your URLs hitting different aspects of that GMB, because there are a whole lot of targets that you can hit to get results. How many? As Bradley said, there are just too many variables to be able to answer that.

Do You Prefer A Direct GSA Blast To The RYS Stack?

Bradley: Yeah. For your RYS stack, would you prefer a direct GSA blast or do you build contextual tier ones and twos and then GSA blast the tier twos? Again, that's a question to post to Dadea. But I can tell you definitive 100% for sure that contextual as your first tier is the best way to go. Web 2.0 to contextual. In fact, we know Dadea recommends that you do two tiers of contextual is that if you're going to use GSA use that as a third tier. Any comment on that?

Marco: No, no, that's exactly what it says. And as a matter of fact, two tiers of web 2.0 contextual, the way that things are behaving right now should be good enough. GSA has its place when you really need to power something up. But it's sometimes, that's used as a last resort. I don't really like using GSA I prefer to just continue tearing the web two dot o contextual.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah. Okay, so again, if you want further clarification on any of those, go check out our packages and MGYB, our link building packages, you'll see what's recommended for the different types of competition levels, and so you can kind of and those words specifically developed for that reason, because we, you know, our link building manager Dadea has been doing these types of link building pack campaigns for us for years. For me, for at least I think six maybe even seven years now. So everything that he does has been developed specifically for our methods. And so you can get an idea of what works best by just taking a look at the link building packages and the different levels of competition level packages at MGYB. Okay, and you can always ask questions in the free Facebook group and he'll jump in and answer them

Should You Create A New One Drive Page If The Existing Account Is Blocked Due To Spam?

next question is hey guys report regarding the done for you syndication network. I noticed my One Drive page was taken down and account blocked due to spam. Well, that's unfortunate. It's odd. That usually doesn't happen. So my guess is it was some sort of an anomaly. He says, Is my syndication network fine without it or should I try to build another One Drive page link to it from all of the other syndication properties? Thanks for the help as always, you know that's up to you. I can tell you right now I don't really sweat it depends on the property but something like one drive if it goes down or the syndication stops working because IFTTT hiccups or something like that, I typically don't go in and repair those things, or I'll have a VA do it if I do it. But, you know, there's a limited number of properties that we syndicate to anyways. So it is somewhat important. If, if it got to remember, sometimes these accounts can get blocked or terminated and it's algorithmic and it's something that, you know, really wasn't triggered because of spam. It just got caught up in some sort of filter. So, you know, my short answer is if you only have one project or a couple of projects, then yes, I would go ahead and take the time to build another. I think you have to build a whole nother Outlook or Live account. Microsoft account in order to, you know, attach or set up another One Drive account and then attach it to IFTTT. So I would recommend that you do that if you've got a ton of projects, and this is just one of many, then I would just, I wouldn't worry about it, I maybe do that when you've got some spare time.

Marco: Semantic Mastery always says you don't do anything yourself, you should have a VA that goes in and takes care of these things as they pop up.

Bradley: Yeah, yeah. And so just keep that in mind. And something else is, you know, if you're gonna, if you're going to have a VA do that, then make sure that you're either providing them with, you know, they're going to have to log into the account or create an account, which means that you're going to want to have that bound to their IP. Otherwise, if you try to switch between, like if you have a VA in the Philippines, just as an example. And you're in the US and you try to create the account, or and then you send it over to them and they try to log in it could lock the account because of you know, the change in IP. I would recommend that you set up some sort of thing like a BrowSEO or Ghost Browser or something like that where you can log into that account from the same even if it's your own IP, it's fine. But you want to keep the browsing session intact for that particular profile so that it doesn't trigger any IP locks. Okay.

What Semantic Mastery Services Should You Use To Defend Your Brand From Competitor's Attack?

Okay, so the next one is, my competitor is hitting my brand. What service could I ordered or technique to defend or make my brand strong and from getting hit with negative SEO from a competitor? The SEO shield is about the only thing I could I could tell you to do. Marco, what do you say?

Marco: That's exactly what I was thinking the SEO shield. There's no way that you can stop a competitor from negative SEO. It's unethical. I don't do it. I don't do it because you're, you're messing with a person's livelihood, no matter how much of an asshole person might be. They have kids, they have family and that's what I think about. I'm going to try to negative SEO them. Which I never have, by the way, in nearly 16 years that I've been online. I've never done it and I don't plan to do it. I know exactly how and it works really well. But just use the SEO shield to turn everything negative that's throwing at you, into positive.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, yeah, and I agree I've never done negative SEO either because I think karma is a bitch and it will come back to bite you. So I just I've never done it. I've been tempted to in the past, but I've never done it. So I would recommend and I'm not saying you are either. I'm just saying that you know, as far as anything you can try to do is dilute it, right? You're not gonna be able to stop it. And so how do you dilute it you the best way to dilute it that we're going to tell you how is with using the SEO shield because then you're creating this shield around. Somebody could still hit your direct money site with bad links. But if you've got all this relevancy and you really solidified your entity, you've created this strong presence online that you know, then the next type of that type of an attack won't have nearly as much effect if if any at all. Okay.

Can You 301 Redirect A Relevant Domain To A GMB Listing?

All right. The next one is can I? Can I throw one a relevant domain directly to my GMB listing? Or should I point to a GMB website? I build instead of the GMB listing? If so, should I make contact details private just in case Google tries to see who the owner of the domain is? Okay, a couple of things there. Number one, Google is a red domain registrar. So even though you might have domain privacy enabled because Google is a domain registrar, they know exactly who is behind that. That's just to keep you know the general public from knowing who owns the domain. Domain registrars can always see who the domain is registered to. So even if you have privacy enabled. I don't recommend redirecting or doing a 301 from a domain directly to a GMB listing or a GMB website for that matter.

What I would recommend that you do is create, do a 301 redirect to like an HTML page, especially hosted on S3, Amazon S3, like our ID pages, for example, or ID pages are perfect for redirecting a three to one domain too because now you've got a super high authority domain Amazon, right that you've got just a static HTML three or HTML page on that you can create as an entity, an ID page, which was like an entity validator essentially. And you can do iframe stacking and everything else there, which means you can push whatever, inbound link equities coming from that domain that you're redirecting to iframes which act, kind of like it's not the same but kind of like a do-follow link. And so what I would recommend is doing something like that it redirects directly to a money site or to a GMB listing, in my opinion, is not the best way to go. You should create some sort of buffer between them where you can inject more relevancy and more entity information, which is why I think an Amazon S3 hosted HTML page is the perfect place for something like that. What do you think, Marco?

Marco: Unless he has that website that has those magical metrics, those metrics that are above, I would say above 16 in Majestic. That's when I start looking at majestic when it hits at 60 both trust flow, citation flow. When it's around there or higher that's going to be a really expensive website. But when it's around then, it's when it's around there. It's so powerful that that one link can really make a difference. Now, the thing is, that's going to be really expensive. And it's going to take you a whole lot of time and effort to find it. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's almost impossible. So what I did is I stopped doing it. I stopped trying to find expired domains. And I just work from the GMB facility from the drive stack, G Site and just expand it and isolate keyword sets and just go through that. I mean whatever it is that we do, or whatever it is that we offer you in our done for you services because we use it to use because our methods work what we make available to you guys. If it didn't work,  I mean, we just wouldn't make it available to you. We try to be again as ethical as possible. And in everything that we do we know that our shit works without all of these other things that you used to have to do or that you could do to help yourself along because you're borrowing from the ultimate, trusted and authoritative entity on the web as far as Google is concerned, which is Google.

This Stuff Works

What Hosting Providers Do You Recommend To Rank Your Website Better?

Okay, I'm sorry, I was pre-reading another question. Gordon's up next he says, Hey guys, hope you're having a great day. And thank you very much for help. As usual. You're welcome, Gordon, thank you for your questions. As always, I believe you have mentioned previously that popular shared web hosting providers like Hostgator impede your SEO and ranking efforts. Can you briefly recap Why? Yeah, because there's a number of reasons. Number one is they're super inexpensive hosts their budget hosts, which means they overload their IP blocks. They overload their servers with too many sites. Remember guys, when you go to sign up for a shared hosting plan, or you know, budget hosting plan, they tell you, unlimited sites and unlimited bandwidth and all that, but that's not really true. And number one, but number two also, what happens is they overload those IP blocks with too many sites. And what happens is you end up with a lot of shitty cheap SEO type sites. So affiliate spammers and other SEOs and people that are just creating these stupid, ugly, sloppy sites that aren't putting, you know, so there ends up too many sites on the IP, to begin with, but then you end up being with, it's being kind of a guilty by association, you can get mixed into what's called it like a bad neighborhood, right.

In other words, there are 500 other sites on the shared hosting alongside your site on that same IP. And then there's going to be a percentage of them that are just really shitty sites that could be de-index, they could behave manual penalties, they could have a number of things that are there so that basically can guilty by association, your website can get caught up. But not just that. It's also because when you have that many sites sharing an IP if anyone of them or any number of them are receiving a spike in traffic or a DDoS attack or something like that, it ends up killing the amount of bandwidth available for all of the other sites on that same IP. Does that make sense? So what I found is if you were using a cheap budget host, I would recommend doing something like putting an uptime robot on it or some sort of uptime monitor that will allow you to notify you via email. And you can even set them up for text messages, which I don't recommend, except for really important sites. But it can email you or notify you when your site's go down. And what you'll see is if you put an uptime monitor on a shared hosting a site that's on a shared hosting account. You will see how often the site goes down. And it's incredible how often those sites are unreachable, right. And it's because of other sites on that same IP, receiving too much traffic and basically monopolizing all the bandwidth available bandwidth and there's this you'll see and once you see that, you'll realize how shitty shared hosts are.

So as far as can I recommend any? Yeah, on our semanticmastery.com/resources page, there's the two that I would still recommend: Liquid Web. By the way, you guys are just seeing strike throughs because I've got a plugin that shows nofollow links, but Liquid Web is our go-to choice for hosting. You know, I would recommend that you get because you can, you can actually sell hosting the clients. That's what I always recommend doing. So you know, get a good hosting provider, get a good plan, and then you can turn around and sell charge your customers, your clients. For monthly hosting, what I do is I offer them a yearly monthly hosting or a yearly rate and then a monthly rate. So what I'll do is I'll charge a customer a client, basically like $180 for a year or $20 a month, so it makes sense. So it's up to them. They either paid $20 a month or $180 for the year and I just do a PayPal subscription so they get to rebuild. That way, I'm actually making money on hosting too. And I just do that through my own hosting account. On Liquid Web, I also have WPS hosting, which is Terry Kyle's, that's also very, very good. And that's very fast. And the support is amazing in both of those. By the way, that's the last part of that, that I would recommend. Another reason why not to use a budget host is that any issues you have, you're gonna have to deal with support. Sometimes support will only be via email and not be a live chat or phone. Sometimes they're on completely different time schedules because they could be an India for all we know. And so every time you submit a support request, it takes 12 hours before they reply back. So support requests can get drawn out. What I found is I've got some other hosts that I still use because I have sites that I never wanted to move, and I hate them because every time I got a problem, I've got to deal with that. But Liquid Web and WP x are both I mean they're instant fast like you submit a ticket within minutes, you've got a reply somebody working on your issue. It's incredibly fast. Marco, do you have any comments on that?

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, man, what I found is a budget hosting. Actually, you lose money because of all the time that you have to spend with that shitty host. Sometimes the PHP version is often outdated because they're not going to update, it's not worth it to them. You're paying four bucks a month. And so by doing that, you actually lose money. But with all the time that you have to spend the support, or going into your cPanel and seeing what the hell is going on. If somebody is hogging up resources on that shared hosting, then your website is going to be super slow. You're not going to know why. And it's because some idiot is doing something that they're not supposed to be doing which is going to harm the reputation of the server. And as Bradley said, that's known as a bad neighborhood. In the long run, it ends up costing you money so stop with the shitty hosting. Go get a Liquid Web VPS and you can host your domains on there. You can host your clients on it. You can put several clients on that you could charge them for it 50 bucks a month. You have five clients as 10 bucks per client and the VPS is free for you to use because your clients are paying for it and you have the most fabulous support that you can think of. They'll migrate stuff for you if you. They will take care of it for you. When do you want us to do it? What time you don't even want it when the website isn't busy? Yeah. I mean to disguises. It's just fantastic. And it's the peace of mind of knowing that if something happens if you get an attack God forbid. If you get hacked, then Liquid Web is is right there to help you with whatever it is that you need with others. You have to sit in that fucking queue eternally sometimes. I've been through that. And it's not worth it.

Bradley: Yeah, I think a good host is worth their weight in gold. And like I said, it can become a profit center in your business too. You know, pay $1,000 a year for a good host. And but you're charging and you got 10 clients and you're charging them, you know, $180 per year, that's 1800 dollars, right? Or if you're charging a monthly because some clients will just rather pay monthly then that's, you know, $2,000, $20 per month, so $240 per year, times 10 would be 20 $400. So my point is it becomes a profit center. Okay.

Marco: Great revenue stream. Yep.

Can You Effectively Use Embeds As A Substitute For Links From Seed Sites You Can't Obtain?

Bradley: Alright, so next one is there are six questions here. I'm going to try to roll through these quick guys. Remember, we asked you guys to just post one or two questions. Max per post because it makes it too hard to get to anybody else's questions. So I'll roll through a couple of these rather quickly. And then we're going to move on and if we have any other time left, which doesn't look like we will, we'll come back. Okay. Thanks for the opportunity to ask these questions. Number one, can you effectively use embeds as a substitute for links from seed sites you cannot obtain? Marco, that's a question for you.

Marco: Okay, can you effectively use embeds as a substitute for links? Yeah, I mean, yes. Don't get your head twisted on this because it's not exactly a link. And it's not exactly a substitute. It'll act a little bit different. We don't know whether it accrues the paycheck and rankings for that we need. We just know that it pushes massive ranking power. So yes, iframing and then link building into that iframe, you have the protection of the source. I mean, that's the whole concept behind the iframe that the source should be so powerful. It protects you. And you can just do all kinds of nasty stuff to wherever the embeds are to, to wherever the iframe is embedded to help your SEO. It should not substitute your link building, especially into the iframes. works really well. But yeah, I mean, it's a solid way, it's a solid strategy.

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I read through the rest of these questions. m semes. whatever your name is, my question to you is why the hell with these types of questions? Are you not in our mastermind, where we could dig into this stuff for you? I mean, this is some pretty advanced questions, which means you probably know what you're doing, which means you should be on a damn mastermind. Sorry, you know, this is these aren't beginner type questions, which is what the hump day hangouts really is. We can't give away the farm on for free here. That's what behind closed doors is for.

Is There A Limit On The Number Of Embeds On A Page?

So the next one was, is there a limit on the number of embeds on a page i.e. is there are there diminishing returns? I don't think there's a limit to the number that you can put on-page, but you can break a browser, you can break, you can lock your computer up. If you have too many iframes on a page, how do I know? Because some of my @ID pages are ridiculous. And if I open it up in a browser window, it will lock it will eat up all the memory on my computer. So, Marco, is there an actual limit to it?

Marco: I haven't found it because I mean, it's just code. And so the code, you can just add. What happens is that the page as you said it breaks, it's super slow. You're going to have to do some coding so that it doesn't load to take forever to render. But there's no need for that you just find four or five really powerful, right iframes you put them on lazy load, and away you go.

Bradley: Yeah, not only that but if you stack the iframes on one property, then you reframe that on another property, you end up with that mirror and mirror type. So you don't need a super high number. You just need a few very quality ones to achieve results, which is what we've kind of built out with our SEO shield.

Marco: Three iframes will create the loop. And we can loop the bot endlessly depending on how much information that is that we're feeding it. So iframes are the shit. You guys are sleeping on iframes if you're not using them.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree. And there are some other really good questions there. But we're going to have to move on because we've only got about seven minutes left and we still got other questions to get to. However, I really liked those questions. I would love to answer them. So come join the damn mastermind, man. Come join us.

Would You Push More Juice To The City Pages To Improve The Page's Ranking?

Anyways, the next one is Hey guys, I have a question about all of your strategies being used for the same site but different cities. So I have a client that I'm ranking on page one in 17 of the 24 cities they have in their county. I'm not able to get them in maps in as many cities, however, they only have one location and I'd like to start pushing them up in maps and more cities. Would you just push more juice to the city pages? Yeah, that's one thing you could do. Remember the maps algorithm, the proximity filter or whatever you want to call it is even narrower now than it was two months ago. One of the more recent updates, which I think is occurred within the last few months, actually narrowed that the proximity filter for Google Maps listings.

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So in order for your map listing to show up or a GMB to show up in the maps three pack now, it's very closely tied to proximity to from where the searcher is in relationship to the actual physical location of the business when they perform the search. So it's even harder now than it was even just six months ago to get a map GMB to rank in maps outside of its immediate area. So it's not that it can't be done. That's what local GMB pro methods for which are for us to help you to learn how to expand that centroid as Marco calls it, but expand the map's presence into, you know, further and further out to kind of overcome that proximity issue. But that said there, yes, some of the things that you can do would be to create like, geo posts on your money site. You can even create location-based silos. And if you again, if you're in our mastermind, we talked about how to set up proper silo structure, and also how to create structure, location-based silos within topical silos. And there's a way that you can do that using tags for example. It's very, very powerful and when you mix those in with the SEO shield stuff, the G site, the RYS drive stack and you theme mirror everything together, which means you mirror the site, your website structure on to these other assets, the G site, the RYS drive stack and such, then you can start to really get your organic rankings to push up in those additional areas and a couple of that with local GMB pro methods. It's very likely that you could get your maps listing to start appearing in those cities within the county, outside of your immediate area where you're physically located. It takes effort and in order to get the maps thing, the maps listing to rank in the three-pack, it does require consistent effort. But it can be done. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, there has to be a relationship between the centroid and the place where you're trying to get into the map pack. If you cannot establish that relationship, then it's really difficult to try to get your listening to appear because there are other businesses that are closer by when that searcher is conducting that query right when the person is looking for, I don't know how plumber, emergency plumber, they're going to get those who are closest to them, then I get someone that's an hour and a half away to overcome that. That's when you have to relate that centroid and we teach that in local GMB Pro. We've talked about that in the mastermind extending the spokes think of it thinking of it like a wheel, right with spokes and just trying to extend the spoke. How do you do that? Well, it's part of the secret sauce sorry.

Bradley: Yeah. And I was trying to look for that article that Brian Kato published. I posted it in here but he did a really good job was showing how to build out relationships with using local entities, you know, in content to get the local page to rank or local site to rank. So that's something that if I could find it, I'll post the link but we're running out of time. So I'll try to come back and post that it was a really good write up that he did on that, so I'll try to share that with you. Once we're done. We only got a few minutes left guys, we're going to try to roll through a couple more.

Should You Be Concerned If You See Competitors On The GMB Maps Listing Page Source Code?

Fitz says, good agents. Thanks for this great forum. You're welcome fits. He says I recently checked the page source of my GMB maps listing and saw a few of my competitor names mentioned in the code should I be concerned? No, you know, I mean there's nothing you can do about it but for example, you know, if if I was to search I don't know let me just look for plumber Culpepper, for example. Let's just click on Culpepper Home Services actually do. What I'm trying to share here is you're going to see that shit. It's not what I wanted to do. Shake this one. Alright, so you'll notice that. Sorry. Try this again. What you're seeing is this person also search for. That's what you're seeing. Right? So there's nothing you can do about that. So I'm pretty sure that that's what you're seeing when you're looking at the code. You're seeing these this part right here. It's right in the knowledge panel, right. The knowledge panel even shows competitors, and I don't think there's any way that you can stop that. Right? It's a good question though.

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What's The Best URL To Link Back To A Money Site?

Joseph says, Hey, guys, I just ordered a drive stack in a G site. What's the best URL to provide your team to link back to my money site is a supporting page or the money page for that keyword? Thanks. I guess it depends on what you're having a stack built out for. If it's for the brand itself, just the homepage, if you're just doing the initial brand, drive stack, which is basically to validate solidify the entity right and your product keyword whatever that may be, should be associated with the brand and that's how we recommend building that out. But if it's for a very specific product or page or content silo with on your site then that's different. So Marco, what would you recommend for him on that?

Marco: The brand. What's the homepage URL and the brand? The main stack, the very first one, drive stack G site should be brand plus keyword or brand plus location plus keyword. That's how it is. We relate every keyword under that top-level category that you give us. Go as broad as possible. Even if you're into renting hotel rooms in, let's say in a province in Costa Rica. Then what you want is a hotel rental or anything related to that room, just whatever it is the broader that you can go, the better it is for us. Because we'll get you everything under the sun, then as you broaden the drive stack, and that's as you add depth to it, that's when you start focusing in and honing in on your silos, and you're supporting keywords LSI and everything else that's related to that.

Bradley: Awesome. My apologies I didn't know about the two question rule No, and you didn't expect it You wouldn't know that man. But honestly, we, it's just respectful of other people that so but yeah, definitely consider joining the mastermind I would recommend that you do, because it sounds like you know, your ship to a degree. So it'd be those types of questions that we get really far in-depth in the mastermind. All right, I know we're after 5pm but I just got I'm gonna I want to answer one more question really quickly, so but I can't without answering it. Austin Don's first he says what's the best way to share an infographic I'm not sure what you mean by that. As far as different places to publish it or just to share. I'm not sure what you mean. So if you can clarify that maybe we can go back and answer that one.

Can You Do YouTube Branding For Syndication Networks

But the one that I wanted to answer was can we do the YouTube branding before syndication networks? I'm not sure what you're asking about their BBB. Can we do YouTube branding for syndication networks? Remember syndication networks are part of should be part of every project right every website project every brand, every client even your own brand you should have syndication network, right? It's like that should be step number one. So I don't know what you mean by Can you do YouTube branding before that? What what I recommend with the Google Ads branding course it's not just about YouTube, it's about using display network to is that what I was trying to convey with that is how you can set up branding campaigns to create brand awareness and also to drive inexpensive, very relevant targeted traffic into your digital presence, whether that's through videos or through the Display Network.

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My point of teaching it was, I think all of us, all of you guys listening now that are marketing consultants, or agency owners, you should all have branding campaigns set up for your own agency. I am 100%, guilty of running my own marketing agency for almost 10 years now, and not making my own brand a priority. I've always worked on other clients, businesses, building their brands, but I didn't work so hard on building my own if that makes sense. So my point is, you should be building your own brand so that people start to seek you out and you don't have to do outbound prospecting all the time. Each time you want another client, you're going to have people coming to you seeking you out because they see you everywhere. You can also sell this as a service to your clients, right. If you understand how to set up these types of campaigns, then you can set up branding campaigns and create another stream of revenue from that service, very inexpensive or very easy to manage.

And so like I said, it's a great profit center, another source of revenue. If you've already got existing clients, you can go what I call to shake the bushes and that's going to contact your existing clients and tell them that you want to set up some branding campaigns for them. So my point is, would you want to do before syndication networks? No, not that I mean, I'm not sure where your timeline is. But for me, syndication networks are like step one for every project that I do. And then the branding traffic using Google Ads is something that you would do to start pushing traffic into the brand creating brand awareness, brand recognition, and inbound traffic from relevant sources. That makes sense and that will actually help to kind of activate or trigger all of the SEO work that we're doing because that's exactly what ART as Marco always says, ART – activity, relevance, trust, and authority that kind of triggers all three of those as sending traffic in from a known relevant audience that you're buying from Google, into your SEO as your assets, your digital assets kind of helps to trigger or it kind of ignite all of the SEO efforts. Okay.

All right. We're several minutes. Yeah, in a comment on that?

Bradley: Yeah, just one second. If you do it backward, it'll, it'll be more difficult if you don't get your entity in place if you don't set it up if you don't create it. And if you don't verify, and start validating, if you skip those steps, then it's going to be that much harder to come back and try to work on the entity. So why not set up the entity that we teach it the right way, so that when you do start out with those posts and the length of the press releases, and everything else that you're going to do, it's going to have maximum effect. Why would you do anything that's not going to have maximum effect? Drag the strategy for branding is a great strategy. But if the brand isn't in place, if the entity isn't in place, then it's not going to have the effect that it has to have or that it needs to have. And right now, right now, and guys go just go please watch the charity webinars, it's what it's what's a whole lot more than anything that you can possibly give the information that I'm giving away. Just go watch it so that you know why there's a reason why you need to do this. It's called Bert and it's called neural matching.

Amen. Alright, thanks, everybody for being here. We'll see mastermind members tomorrow. Otherwise, we'll see you guys next week. Whoo. See everyone.

Good one later.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 265

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 265 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

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Adam: Alright everybody, welcome to Hump Day hangout episode of 265. Today is the fourth of December 2019. We have got some good stuff to go over. But real quick I want to say hello to everybody who got all the guys here. So, Bradley, how are you doing today?

Bradley: I'm good. Happy to be here excited about it being December. I can't believe Christmas is upon us already. At the end of the year, it seems like it flew by in the blink of an eye but happy to be here.

Adam: Fair enough. So Hernan, how about yourself?

Hernan: I'm doing good actually. Yeah, same thing. I couldn't believe we're nearly the last month of the decade, actually. So yeah, we're trying to make it count here that you make an account to be here.

Adam: Awesome. Marco. How are you doing, man?

Marco: I'm good, man. I'm excited. I mean, these are good. Good times. Google is trying to go neural in local search. And I mean, we've been planning for this for years. It seems like right? Because we've been telling people to brand keyword, brand plus keyword association entity. I mean, we've been hammering this point home over and over and over again. And guess what? The two recent updates October, right, BERT, Big BERT, everyone was all running around like a chicken without a head because they got hit. It's impossible if you're only affecting 10% of the searches for every SEO in the world to be hit. It's impossible anyway. And then we had the one in November right and so it's the entity. It's all about the brand it's all about the keywords associated with your brand according to the entities that and their relationships and their relevance. And guess who's been teaching brand and keyword relationships and relevance and trust and authority and activity.

Does anybody know? Could anybody please give me a fucking answer? Who's been sharing this for about four or five fucking years? Good times. Good times, man. I'm killing it. I'm killing like, like, like the attorney niche. I'm killing it. I'm murdering it man. And you know what? It's the easiest thing in the world when it's math against math. And that's all it comes down to when you know what you don't. I'll leave it at that.

Adam: Fair enough. This is a it just made me think of you Marco slightly off-topic, but I just saw that Amazon AWS is bringing on their own quantum computing service. So something you might be interested in if you haven't seen it already.

Marco: I'm already in quantum Don't tell anyone.

Adam: Sounds good. Hey Chris, how you doing?

Chris: Doing good. Happy to be here. It's a bit cold here but that's the way I like it. Because cold means I'm 10 times more productive.

Adam: Fair enough. Yeah, I'm going to get a domain today after this But anyways, I want to say to real quick if this is your first time joining us thanks for coming, you're in the right place you can always come here go to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions to ask your SEO digital marketing questions. You know, we will do our best to give you the answers you need. And if we can't, we will certainly point you in the right direction. In the meantime, what you can do is subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Also, if you're wondering where to get started with Semantic Mastery, this is the right place show up every week ask your questions get answers, but also at the same time go grab the Battle Plan all right battleplan.semanticmastery.com, not going to read it to you go check it out. It's a hell of a deal. We've got some kick-ass bonuses that we bundled with that so pick that up. And then if you're ready to start growing your digital marketing agency that comes join us in the mastermind, then you're the type of person if you're coming to Hump Day Hangouts, if you've read the Battle Plan and that's where you want to go then we definitely want to have you in the mastermind and find out more at mastermind.semanticmastery.com.

And like many of you guys did, you know purchase done for you services as you're growing your agency or as you're doing consulting at mgyb.co, whether it's syndication networks are we as drive stacks, press releases, link building embed, with a lot more coming in, of course, the SEO shield, which we've recently talked about, and Bradley has got a little bit more to share on that today. But again, head over to mgyb.co. And there's some more great stuff coming for the Christmas holidays. Not only just deals at MGYB on done for you services, but along with some guest speakers, including Rob from MGYB are going to be doing an awesome holiday special Hump Day Hangout. So set your calendar, set your reminders for the 18th of December, and we're going to have some great stuff there. Some more details, but just make sure you show up for that it's going to be a good one. So with that said, Bradley, do you want to talk some more about the SEO Shield.

Bradley: Yeah, absolutely. Let me grab the screen I've got a little presentation just with some slides to kind of explain what this is. There was a question. I posted it in the chatbox area of the Hump Day Hangout page. It was a question on one of our YouTube videos on our YouTube channel about the SEO shield and the different components and they were it was the question, In fact, let me just grab the screen and I'll even read the question and then we'll get into a brief presentation where we can just talk about this on a high-level guys, we're not going into this in-depth, there's really no need to be on the scope of the training today. But let me click through here. Oh shit, I don't want to get. Yeah.

Yeah, that's not what I wanted to do. So let me close that. Okay, so, Rob did an intro video on the SEO shield and there was a question uh, this one by cleaner Joe cleaner. Jos Hello, this is fascinating. I purchased the SEO shield, do I get a course or some type of training that explains what all the different components are in your video? If not where I can, where can I get it? So that's really where this little presentation that I put together today was for was just kind of a high-level overview as to what the different components are, why they're important. That's it. So we're going to kind of keep this kind of quick. We're not going to go into real depth far into depth. If you guys have any questions about it, you can certainly post them on the page. I know Rob is going to be doing something more in-depth that will go through each component in a lot more detail. So you know, I don't want to step on his toes. But I did want to get some of this information out there because I know that there's going to be additional questions that come our way about this. So the SEO shield explained the MGYB store is where you can buy it. That's what Marco has really Marco and Rob coined that term for, though, what we've developed over the last several years using, you know, Google properties and tear one branded entity assets. In other words, to create kind of a shield, a firewall around our main money site, right, which would be our primary asset, it's a way to solidify and validate the entity.

So the main components of this, we're going to talk about the money site just briefly, and how MGYB has some services that can help you at ground zero, right, which would be the money site, your it's the epicenter or your golden frame, that's where everything should begin. If you're using a money site for your project, Google My Business profile, we're not going to talk much about that because we don't offer any services in MGYB for that at the moment, but again, that's something that would be part of it, if you're doing it if you're doing local syndication network. RYS Reloaded stack and G site, the ID page, which is very, very important, very powerful as well. Press Advantage organization page, we've made that an integral part of our SEO shield and in citations, once again, that's for local projects. So we're not really going to talk about that here.

This Stuff Works

The main site, keyword research, if you go to MGYB.co to our store and take a look at our keyword research packages, you'll see that we can build out provide you with a keyword research package, especially the deep keyword research, which is a complete list of all the relevant terms for your niche, your topic. It's an all-inclusive list of keywords, right, and it's compiled and organized in a very specific way that clustered into categories, suggested silo structures, and provides all the keywords that you're going to need for your website for content marketing and blogging. For your site build itself again will have suggested silo structures in there, RYS Reloaded stack when you order in RYS reloaded stack, you know, one of the things we request when you order it is a list of keywords. And some people don't really have a really big list of keywords, at least not the relevant ones. And so this would give you all the keywords that you need for that as well as for link building. So, Marco before I move to the next slide, you want to comment on that? you're muted.

Marco: Sorry, I was talking into intermedia But no, that's fine. Okay,

Bradley: So again, keyword research is from MGYB is one of the first steps like again, even if you've already got your site structure in place, I guarantee you that you will learn a lot from the keyword research report. It will give you new ideas that will help you with your content marketing will also help you with your link building and RYS campaigns because you'll have all the keywords from the market level. I mean, it's crazy because it'll separate the keywords into commercial intent informational queries, all that kind of stuff. It's really really powerful. It's huge it takes the worker that does the produces them a couple of days to produce the keyword report. So it's it's totally worth it for the cost. I don't know what your time is worth. But I'm not going to spend two days doing keyword research I can work on higher-level stuff and so I'd rather just hire it out so there's that.

Marco: We're actually investing What is it 24-48 man-hours for our VA to do it. They're the ones who do it they do a fantastic job of setting is setting everything up and we keep adding to it we just added something, some really neat tabs in there. And we do need to create a video on on on the entire process that we do. This is just fantastic. The way that they come up with everything under the sun and everything imaginable that that's related to the main keyword.

Bradley: Yeah, and I wanted to pull this up to if I have if I can find it really quickly. The mind map here we go. This is a PDF that Rob created, talk showing all the different components within the SEO shield. And obviously, there's a lot of additional, you know, points that you could go take a look at in here. But well, that's why I said I just wanted to keep it on a high level. These are all the different pieces that can be applied to what we call the SEO shield. And it's very, very powerful. And that's like, that's what we do. We just keep repeating that process over and over and over again for our projects. And they work over and over and over again, time and again. So the syndication network, that's always our first again, this is talked about in the battle plan, guys, most of these things are talked about in the battle plan. The syndication network is always the first thing that we do that helps to solidify the brand or the entity, right it expands the semantic footprint. footprints are not a bad thing and the Semantic Web, you want to increase your brand's footprint, the entity footprint by validating it across other sites. So again, that's why we do these syndication networks. Even if you're not going to syndicate content to the network, you should have a syndication network, okay. Honestly, I've seen in the last year or so, over and over again was creating a new project, setting up a website or even a single page landing page and then just connecting a syndication network to it that's been branded everything interlinked and linking back to the primary asset. And all of a sudden it'll rank for its branded term, where it might have been on page three or four beyond what's happened with my real estate business, we've had it happen with several of our members as well. So again, having a syndication network, even if you're not going to be syndicating content, right content to it right away is absolutely critical.

So we've been building syndication networks for years. And, you know, you can get them at MGYB. And again, these are built the way that we have developed them and for a very specific person purpose, and it works incredibly well. They're built manually too. So it expands the semantic footprint. And it also can be used for content amplification. So once again, you publish content to your blog, or your money site, or excuse me, your YouTube channel, and it will automatically syndicate out across those branded profiles. So you get expanded reach, right, so that's coming Content amplification. You can add the profiles the branded profiles to the same as structured data for the following types, organization markup Corporation markup local business markup. So it's basically the structured data where you're telling the search bots, right it's the data that is the language specifically designed for the search bots and for the Semantic Web algorithm. And you're telling it, hey, this is us. This is us on all these other locations, go check, you'll see. And that's what the sameAs attributes are for and that kind of ID page can do that as well. You want all of those combined. And it also becomes the syndication network, the profiles in there become a link building target. Beyond just the profiles if you have particular content that you're trying to rank or products or services that you're trying to get more exposure for. If you're syndicating content from your blog to your syndication network, you can actually take the syndication network, published URLs for that particular post, and do separate link building campaigns to those with very specific types of anchor texts within the Link Building campaigns. And now you can actually start to push specific products and or services. So protect specific pages or even entire silos. If you understand how to structure your site properly and do inter silo structure correctly and interlinking correctly, it creates buoyancy throughout the entire silo. So again, you can get very specific with how you build links to your syndication network doesn't just have to be the profile URLs, it can be the specific content targets as well. So very, very powerful. Marco, any comment on that for move on?

Marco: Well, go ahead, go. Alright.

Bradley: Alright, RYS Reloaded stacks. This is one of the most powerful things you can possibly do. But again, it's an additional component, RYS stacks plus a G site minimum. There's also the option with a Twitter account, which you can you know, I recommend that as well. But at the very minimum, you want to do an RYS stack and a G site validates and solidifies the brand using Google's own domains. It produces theme relevancy, as primarily a special If you structure your drive stack, we're going to send it to you delivered based around your primary keyword in your entity, right? We're going to start to create that relationship through the association between your primary keyword and your brand. But then once you have it, you can go in and actually clone the internal folders and files and start to mirror the theme or the structure of your main money site, which is called theme mirroring. It's very, very powerful. That's what we recommend, not only in your drive stack but also in your G site. So again, you go in and you create pages that correspond with pages on your website. And then now you have your drive stack folders and we talked about this in the MGYB webinars if you go look, go to MGYB store, click on the webinars button at the top you can you can actually go back and watch best practices for RYS stacks and you'll get a lot more information about what we're talking about when it comes to theme mirroring. So produces topical relevancy, or theme relevancy, excuse me both for topical relevance and geographical location relevancy if it's for local project, okay? But remember, these can be used locals relative, as Marco always says. So it doesn't have to just be for a local project. It also siphons authority directly from Google. And once again becomes a primary link building target guys, you can throw kitchen sink spam at drive stacks and G sites, and it will help it to rank. It will automatically filter the content back through, like negative any negative link juice, it doesn't matter. Okay. We've had test after test after test on that.

TheID page or what we call an iframe loop. It's very, very powerful. It's not just for local originally, that's what you know, we kind of developed that out for but it is not just for local, it's for a way to reference the entity itself. It's basically telling Google and the Semantic Web and saying, Hey, this is a point of reference for our entity for this particular entity, Corporation organization, local business go and this is where data can be found about this entity to help validate it. Okay, so very, very powerful swipe, called a semantic hub validates and solidifies the brand or the entity provides a primary URL for the ID location, entity info for the machine learning search bots. Okay? embedded iframes act as bi-directional dofollow links. So that's why we do the iframe stalking within the actual ID page, as well as the G site. Because it's so very, very powerful guys, you can just again, you can pass so much page rank, nobody talks about that anymore, but through to your primary asset your money site without causing any sort of harm. Through all these iframes. Incredibly powerful you create a mirror in mirror type of effect. It also becomes a great the ID page is a great embed target for doing an embed, run and then link building target as well. And also remember you can do embeds and then have link building done to the embeds. So that's all we provide those services on MGYB as well. All of the link building in bed services were developed specifically for our SEO shield method. So again, I mean, you can do this on your own outside, but we've got a lot of experience our master link builder, Dadea, he's been doing this for us for years. He's been working on with Semantic Mastery methods. And he's just got a lot of power built out. Go ahead, Marco.

Marco: Yeah, on iframes, there are a whole lot more than despite the bi-directional do-follow links. There are a whole lot more especially the way that they're stacked on that on ID page. Because what happens was to become incrementally stronger. So until they become exponential, and that's what happened. And they're passing power away. We can't really go in there and see what it is that they're passing. We don't know if if PageRank accrue, if ranking score accrues and both accrue, what we do know is that the power that they pass is such that they act like do-follow links and just push all that power to wherever it is that you're accruing, that patron and that you're getting all of that balance. Back and forth back and forth between the iPhones and between the stacks, is what actually helps the endpoint to accrue all of the paycheck and ranking score which is which is how you see that the G site ranking, which is how you see when you deliver the power into a GMB for example, if it pops it up in in the three-pack when you deliver it to the money side, this starts it starts ranking for crazy keyword terms. But that's also because the homepage on the money site needs to be right. Yeah.

Bradley: Yeah, and so Pro Trees is also part of that Pro Trees is just it's a site that's free that you can go create an account on it's very powerful because it's part of the ID page built. It provides another powerful iframe to the loop. It's also a semantic hub. You can import entire ROI stack with damn near a click of a button, it's incredibly powerful, becomes once again an embed and a link building target. So again, that's kind of built into the ID page stack is what we call it. Okay. So, lastly, Press Advantage organization page. You know, we've worked very closely with Jeremy, one of the co-founders, co-owners of Press Advantage. And so he's actually built a lot of features into the Press Advantage, which has got very powerful press releases, a great network of sites and also the organization page, which is on the Press Advantage domain becomes very powerful because it once again is an iframe hub, and validates the brand page accepts company schema, right? So whether that's organization or local business schema markup, or you know, corporation, it could be as well, you can actually add the structured data to the organization page, but also the press releases themselves that you can publish can accept additional schema, article or news article. Now you have to have your own account to do that. But you can set up a brand page through our through the press release order service through MGYB that's we use Press Advantages, the distribution network, and you'll get an organization page if you order press releases from us, okay.

So PR provides a good source of backlinks, a lot of them too. And theme mirror PR silo cape silos are capable. In other words, I've done some training on that you can go back through to the MGYB store, go take a look at the webinar button again, and you'll see where I talk about PR silos, PR stacking, and the PR silos, press release silos. And that's how you can actually daisy chain those together just like you would within supporting articles within a silo on your website. So again, it's about theme mirroring. And this time, you're just using press releases to do it. So very, very powerful. And once again, the Press Advantage organization page, as well as the individual press releases, become embed targets and link building targets. Okay, so very, very powerful. So that's what the SEO shield once again if we go back and take a look at this, there's a lot to this. There's a lot more to it, but I wanted to kind of give a high-level overview of what is available and why we provide those services in MGYB and what it is that they're actually doing. Very powerful when, and remember, guys, it's about putting the whole thing together, right? The sum is greater than how is that saying go? The sum is greater than the sum of the parts, right?

Marco: The whole is greater than the sum it was greater than the sum of the parts.

Bradley: Right? And that's, that's what I was trying to say. And it's true because if you just do one part or the other part you're not, it's likely you may see some, some movement, some benefit. But in order to get the benefit that we're able to repeat reliably over and over and over again, you have to put all of the components together. Right? And that's very important. And on site, on page structure is very important. That's it starts with that. But then you put all the other things together, and it would just, I mean, it's just incredible what you can do with it. All right, any other comments on that before we move on?

Marco: No we've got quite a few questions. So let's move on to that. Let's move on.

How To Negotiate With The Owner To Place A Remarketing Pixel On His Website?

Alright, so the first question is from Matt see says, Hey guys, I have a following question, is it possible to negotiate with a website owner to place a remarketing pixel in his or her site so I can announce to his visitors, many of the companies that visit the site, which is a niche news site, often hire my services. And this way I can target similar businesses via display or Facebook, all around the web. These websites are not giant. So perhaps we could arrange a monthly fee that provides an additional revenue for them as well as each extra client in this niche as well worth the effort. Thanks. Yeah, I mean, you could ask, I mean, I've never done that. But maybe somebody here has, but you can certainly reach out to the owners of the site. And certainly start a dialogue and find out like propose that to them, you know, anybody have any experience with that?

Hernan: No, I think I think that the actual video lead gen system approach would work really well for this. Because you start with you start delivering value right off the bat. So I think it'll work. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it will.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, that's a good point, Hernan. You could create a short video that you would then send to, you know various people within the within the company to try to basically pitch or explain what it is that you're trying to do and how it could benefit them remember always frame it and how it would benefit them you know make that the primary framing of the actual pitch or the message and that's something that you could do is send them some videos via email is and there's there's other things that you can do now to get their attention. We talked about that and holistic marketing and in the mastermind, but you could certainly do that as a way to kind of get your message in front of them in a nonconfrontational way and hope that they reach back or you know, reach back out or reply. So, it's a good idea.

What Is The Best Keyword Research Method For Optimizing Video Titles?

Greg Pippin says what is the best method to do keyword research for video titles, and tips on choosing and combining those keywords into a video title? Is it possible to video title while the schedule? okay well, there's a couple of things obviously go to MGYB order keyword research that's one way to do it. Another way is to go get Power Suggest Pro one of our favorite keyword tools of all time. In fact, we were just talking about this in another post inside the Facebook group but Power Suggest Pro which is loading right now desktop if you buy it through our link semanticmastery.com/powersuggest. It's $57 it's a one time fee for lifetime access to it. It's incredibly powerful.

Also if you take a look there's all these different auto-suggest or suggest scrapers over here YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and Bing. So if you're looking for video stuff specifically, then you can obviously just scrape YouTube suggest and it will do it very very quickly and then you can spit out and what's great about this is depending on whether you have recursive on and which level of suffix you use, like it can create these really really like pullback these really long tail suggested search phrases. And it's incredible some of the stuff that you can pull back, which means that if it's being suggested there has been enough manual searches for that, that it's being suggested, if that makes sense, which means there's traffic there. And a lot of people won't target some of these real long tail things because I think they look at it and say, well, there's no way that somebody is typing in that query. Well, for came back from suggest, yes, somebody has typed it in, it's enough so that Google would auto suggested that makes sense. So it gives you a great point to kind of drill down into creating all types of longtail queries that then you can target so that's what I would recommend.

This Stuff Works

What is the best method to do keyword research for video titles and tips on choosing Yeah, I mean that's pretty much it. There's another really good tool if you're doing advertising, it's Justin Sardi's Tube Sift semanticmastery.com/tubesiftmonthly as our link to it, but that's really cool too, because he You can actually use it will not only do it's built by By the way, it was developed by Ted Chen, the same developer of Power Suggest Pro. So it was like an online version of Power Suggest Pro built into it. But it also will allow you to scrape relate videos, actual video youtube videos for keywords or channels. And then you can even do scraping by related so like in other words, you can put a video URL in and it will automatically scrape all the URLs of the video that show up on the right sidebar that show related titles or related videos. So that would be another really good tool that you could use potentially for YouTube stuff. Okay, I use it all the time. I really love that tool.

Is it possible to change your video title when it while it is scheduled as a live event? Or is that bad practice? Well, you can here's the problem. If you change just the video title in YouTube, it will sometimes take a little while to update in Google itself. Okay, not in YouTube. It'll update immediately but in Google It will take some time because it's usually cached. And the results have to refresh before it'll show. But if you've done any syndication of that scheduled live stream, right? You know, if it's public and it's scheduled, then will actually, you know, syndicate out across networks. If you change the title, it's not going to change the title and all the places that has been published. Does that make sense? It will in the embed code, but the actual post on all of the places that it's been syndicated to the titles will not change. That makes sense. So what I would recommend is that you, you know, figure all that out before you actually schedule the public live stream. Okay.

Do You Need To Login Into Each Site In The DFY Syndication Network To Bind Your IP?

Tmac says I'm a bit confused on binding my IP. I order three done for you syndication networks, do I need to log in to each site and the network to bind them IP? No, just the Google account. It's just primarily the Google account. You don't have to log in, you can if you want, but it's probably it's just the Google account is the one that you Want to bind to your IP so that if you have to log into it at some point to do any updates or anything like that, it's not going to lock you out. And you know, because it doesn't recognize your computer or your IP, excuse me. Okay. He says since I ordered three different networks for three different money sites, can I use the same computer to buy my IP for all three networks? Yes, you can. Yes, you can.

Okay, what I recommend doing is using a clean browser, like use Firefox and clean it before logging into each one. It's fine if it's the same IP but you're better off if you're going to be doing SEO work Tmac, I recommend that you use something like ghost browser or BrowSEO and there's others out there too. Those are just the two that I'm the most familiar with. But that's where you can actually have separate profiles that retain their browsing history. So essentially, it's a browsing session that stays live at all times, like in other words, you don't have to The old way would be to go to Firefox and like clear cache and cookies, and then log in to a new account again, but that looks odd because who does that anymore except for SEOs. So you're better off using something like Ghosts Browser or BrowSEO to where you can set up separate sessions one for each profile and login to each one of them and then it remains logged into for that particular session. So that each time you go to you need to go access that account again, you already be logged in or even if it prompts you to log in again it will recognize the IP and it retains your browsing history and all that it starts to build a real looking profiles what I'm saying okay, it's much more natural-looking and that's what people are, you know, the Google especially that's what they're expecting now.

What Are The Benefits Of @ID Page For A National Site?

So this is a good one for Marco. Marco I'm wondering about the benefits of @ID page for national site, non local. I will be ordering and all is plus Gsite. I already have a Pro Trees in my syndication network and already have a Press Advantage organization page. What additional benefits for ordering an ID page package from MGYB add for us. Thank you.

Marco: Alright, so @ID is just schema markup. That's all it is JSON LD structured data. What that page that we create actually is an entity stack. It's an entity iframe stack, so stack iframe. And if you've ever heard me talk about a iframes, you know what the power is, and I think, and when you stack the iframes, and link building to the iframes, then you can imagine how much power you're pushing through. Not only that, since it contains all of your company information, and authoritative and trusted places where your entity information lives, then what you're doing is you're validating and you're solidifying your entity for BERT, which is it's awesome how that's working right now. And for the newest update.

Bradley: There you go. And yeah, as mentioned in the SEO shield presentation that I did, you know, for 15 minutes at the beginning of this webinar, ID pages are not just for local. Originally when I started developing cut out what, you know, it was that's that was my take on it originally, but it's not ID page is about, it's again, it's about pointing, it's telling the semantic bots right to go look at this location for entity information. So it applies to any sort of brand, in my opinion, would be ID page. And so what we do with it is what Marco just said, which is create kind of a an iframe stack, right? We call it an iframe loop. Very, very powerful. You can add structured data to your ID page, all of that. So it's very important. Remember, even if you're not a local business, you can still have a corporation organization markup for it. It's very powerful to do so. And that's what I recommend you do. You're trying to validate that entity.

What Is A Good Narrowed Down Niche For Home Remodeling?

Dan says what is what in European In may be a good niche for home remodeling for high-end jobs that I could narrow my demographic down for paid ads instead of just Kitchen and bath renovations. I'm wanting to find a niche within this big niche to focus my paid ads on a much more targeted niche. Any ideas of niches within this big niche would be greatly appreciated as I know, Bradley has this experience. Yeah, um, I do. There are a couple others that I would recommend like deck building, for example, is one. The thing is there's not a ton of traffic in any of those there. They are very niche, right. They're very specific. And their highs, they're still high end. So deck building is one of them. Another one would be man caves, man cave building. Believe it or not, that's really big. That I'm not trying to be funny either she sheds, like are actually becoming more and more of a thing. So those types of things that you know, you could do some keyword research around those types. What I found though, is that they're not there's not a lot of traffic in those keywords. So you have to target kind of a broader area you don't really want to go very, like narrow in your geographic targeting if you're doing that for especially for ads, you want to keep it more on a general level as far as like not adding location modifiers to the search queries for you know, that would trigger your ads. But you can set your geographic targeting to where only people within a certain area see your ad but I would leave it as a broader keyword if that makes sense. But yeah, I mean, those are just two examples within the remodeling niche I know what you mean bathroom. What I found is bathrooms and kitchens are get the most traffic but it is very broad. know like I said from from from that deck building, home additions kind of, again, there's not a lot of traffic in that but you could look at that. That's also you know, high dollar but yeah, home additions, man caves and what did I say deck building. Those are those some smaller, more specific niches within remodeling niche.

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Should You Wait If The GSite Is Sandboxed Before Sending Links To Push Them?

I'm building a few ranking right Google Sites without GMBs verification is something I don't want to deal with since there is no real business until the site is rented. When the G sites go live, typically they debut from page two to six without much more than on page and YouTube embeds. Should I wait to see if the site sandbox before sending links to push them? Not with G sites. And I mean, Marco can comment on this too, but in my opinion, no big and I've not seen a G site sandbox. What I've seen G sites do a lot is they'll sometimes take a while to index or once they index they might kind of drop out of the index briefly. But if you're adding them to search console it they should come back or not sure, they will come back and they typically come back even if you don't do anything else. I just did a brief update video in the mastermind just yesterday, actually, about my real estate business. I started a blog for that which was really just to kind of use originally to as a teaching point for our mastermind members on how to build location silos using tags. And I'm not going to get into that here. But I was using that as kind of a demonstration this blog that I set up for my real estate business. And all I've done was two posts that were optimized and interlinked correctly. And then I mirrored that onto a G site. And then just embedded the post or the tag archive page into the G site page that was mirrored right, theme mirroring as we continue to talk about, and I've done no link building to the G site, no link building, or anything to the blog itself. And I'm already ranked number one and number two, position number one for the blog post itself on my blog, and number two for the G site page that has nothing but an embedded blog post. That makes sense. So it's incredibly powerful. And that was it took about, I don't know four weeks before that happened and I haven't done any sort of external work to it. It just took four weeks, but within four weeks, it jumped. And it's now ranking number one and number two. And the second blog post is number one, the blog post that there was two of them. The second one is actually ranked number one organic for the blog post itself. And now the G site is in the number three position for that corresponding page. So it's crazy, but I've seen the G sites, whether it'll take a while to index but then when they do, as you said, it'll come from page two to six somewhere, then sometimes they'll drop for a while and then even if you do nothing else, they'll come back. But what I would recommend doing is go ahead and hit with links. Marco what do you say?

Marco: well, you know, you know me, I hit it with a couple a couple of million links. I don't care. Yeah, it's gonna rank because I tell it to rank No, it's just the pop. It's your SEO shield, man. Why wouldn't you hit it if we know that it's going to transfer whatever you do to it to good thing. We ran that million link GSA test where we threw porn at it. I think Robbie got Fiverr gigs for it. Press releases and link building is just link building after link building. It just kept getting hammered and hammered. It'll down settle down like crazy. But unlike your money site, if you were to hit it that way, which will sandbox and it will sandbox permanently, G sites, for some reason, and Google love is is my theory that we've shown a time and again, that Google loves itself. But it's still we can't say for sure, because we're not Google. And Google won't tell us. But it's that relationship has been in that Google ecosystem and having Google protection that allows us to do this. Now. I'm not saying go hire a 10 million Fiverr link gig and hit it. Because if you get the tiered link building package, so the way that Dadea does it through web 2.0 contextual it's going to work that much better than just a links that aren't relevant and and and then not forget and authoritative sources. Dadea has an awesome link link network that he's been taking care of for years and it's building into the millions and they're all you know their niche specific, their theme, their aged and then when you when you get his his indexing gig since he uses multiple indexing services it'll all index over time not all of it but a 50%-60% of your links will index and that's going to help index what your G site your whatever is inside the drive stack and everything else that's connected to your to your drive stack and G site will benefit from that and if you want to make your G site the money site, that's perfectly fine because that's all we did for that a million link test.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, kitchen sink spam. That's what I'm saying with the SEO shield guys. It's incredible on a G site will take that shit now. And when I say kitchen sink spam, though, you know, as Marco just said, I can't we're going to recommend Dadea link building from from from MGYB store because all of the link building packages that he's built and the embed packages have been specifically designed to work with our methods. And it has been for years that he's been working with me since I think 2012 or 13. So we're talking about six years that he's been working with me at least and, and so he's developed all these things to work with our methods. So it's incredibly powerful.

Marco: Dadea is in all our groups, he's RYS Academy, he's in the mastermind. He's like he's intimately involved with all of our stuff. He's very knowledgeable with all of our stuff. He follows our training and applies it to his own clients and to his own project. And so with him being so hands on with everything that we do, I would not rely on anybody else for the link building because they don't know our stuff, the way that Dadea knows that and the way that I've asked him to set up link building right and the process that's involved in in his link building. It's specifically designed for this SEO shield and to launder link juice and to push it through to your destination or to keep it within the that drives stack plus G site ecosystem

Bradley: yeah second question while adding a custom domain to a G site do anything…

Hernan: Sorry, Bradley but also who else would named himself spammer on a go kart? Go Kart feel like think about that? Right? You guys really takes it seriously.

Bradley: So right. We're at our live event he did. He named his racer name was spammer. That was awesome.

Does Adding A Custom Domain To A G Site Help In Terms Of Ranking?

So he's second question, will adding a custom domain to a G site do anything for the site ranking wise? I don't know. Marco might be able to answer that. I know you. I don't really bother with that anymore. I have mutered that in the past and it's called Because both URLs will index, both the G site URL as well as the custom domain, it's the same site. But in the end, the G site will actually be canonicalized, when you custom map a domain to it, that the G site will have a canonical tag, and that points to the custom domain. But they'll both index which is probably because it's a Google site. So they'll both you can actually have both of them appear in search for the brand. It's crazy, but I don't know if it does anything specifically for SEO because I stopped doing it because I felt it was unnecessary. Marco, what do you say?

This Stuff Works

Marco: what happens is that that the G site becomes the content management system. That's why they won't kill the URL. It stays live so that you can go in and make your changes and edit and do anything else that you need to do but it's all pointed at the custom domain. Whether it has any benefit will has the benefit of you being able to use a custom domain while maintaining Google's protection. I just don't go that extra step because I mean, I don't have the G sites, you can make them look really, really good now and they will convert. They will get your phone calls, they will get you need Bradley still get leads from that ugly Virginia G site?

Bradley: I do. I do. There's no question. Alright, last question is what one thing would you add to my SEO plan that would help the site's move up the SEO shield, and all of the components that we just talked about? Go back and watch the beginning of the webinar. Again, we'll probably cut that out, make that a separate video so that people will have that available. Again, Mark. Rob is going to be doing some more in depth training about the SEO shield and the the components that go into much more detail than I did. I wanted to keep it high level and short. But again, that there's no question whatsoever. I don't care what it is that you're doing. you implement all those, you know, build all those components out or put all of those pieces together. You don't have to build it out. We could do it for you, you know what I mean? And then use link building and embeds all of that, press releases, you're going to get results period.

Marco: Yeah, I'm going to point to the case study that's ongoing in our in our Semantic Mastery Mastermind, done by Dadea. Where he took on Amazon just you name it in the ecommerce space, and it's ranking number one, not number one, but its ranking on first page for the top market level keyword. Now imagine all of these companies spending millions of dollars in marketing and hundreds of thousands for this specific niche. Because you know what the niche is Bradley, it's highly competitive, highly lucrative, and for it what it would cost you retail is somewhere between 10-12 hundred bucks. Imagine being able to own the top market level keyword in your niche for that Kind of money and to be able to compete against the the top brands, the very top doesn't matter. You say it's medium competition, it's a done deal, I can guarantee that it's a done deal. If you follow everything that we've laid out, step by step, don't skip corners. It's hard work. There are no magic pills. I mentioned this during my charity webinar this past Monday. There are no magic pills. This thing is hard work. But what you need to do while you're doing all of these things is to start building your process. Right? You start to systematize everything so that you know the next client that comes on you so one, the first one will be practice or your first, whatever it is that you're trying to do, even if it's your own ecommerce store or whatever, that's practice, but it helps you build your systems and it helps. It helps you to systematize everything so that when you go to the next one, it'll be in place and you know exactly what to do the battle plan. is already laid out as part of that system. You can incorporate that into whatever it is that you do edit so that it fits whatever it is that you're trying to do. But please, when we talk about this SEO shield you cannot skip. I'm not going to do link building well fuck it You just ruined everything. Well you know I'm not gonna get a syndication that were you just ruin the entity. Well I'm not gonna get @ID page well you just failed to validate and solidify the entity so everything that we do work and and and, and we give it to you the way we give it to you, because that's the way that it's supposed to be done.

What Services Do You Use When Creating New GMBs?

Good. Nathan says what service do you guys use to create new GMBs? Excuse me? We don't we have it for quite for several months now because of it. It's become so much harder and not only that, but GMBs have been getting terminated or suspended, especially if there's you know, if they're spammed listings, so we stopped selling them and I stopped pursuing that method after you know Several after the Google rap, the GMB suspension rampage that they've been on, so, I mean, I've only only lost a handful of GMB assets. Fortunately, literally, I lost I could count them on two hands how many I lost, but I stopped going after building new ones. That said, I know that we were having a discussion today about there's a possibility that we may be able to open that GMB verification service up with some disclaimers.

That's under the debate, isn't it? Because we were saying it's being debated because i know i. So you know, don't, don't count on don't hold your breath, but there may be an opportunity within MGYB, for a brief period of time to get some spam, GMB listings, but here's here's my suggestion. Don't do it right. If you can avoid getting spammed listings avoid it. What I mean by that is if you if you want to create a fake GMB listing or for it for lead gen site, as I mean, then I would recommend either using your home address which I know you asked in your, your your question there, or even using PO Boxes still, it still is better because you can actually receive mail there, which is a PO boxes, you can actually enter the PO box, you got to use the street address option. I've talked about that many, many, many, many times. So just if you haven't heard about it, just go to our Semantic Mastery YouTube channel, use the search channel function and ask you know, type in PO Boxes for GMBs or something like that. And it'll show you all the videos where I've talked about that. But you can use the street address option and that still works doesn't mean that they can't be suspended. But it still works for the most part. I know because I've got many of them out there. I did lose a couple of them over the last several months but I still have most of them. So you can you can do that. But somewhere where I would recommend that you can actually receive mail as opposed to getting a spam listing because those are tend to get suspended with like a blink of an now if you're doing anything to optimize the actual profile once it's been verified, so I recommend just kind of not doing that.

So what's the alternative? Well, organic stuff or if you if you have the ability to create or you know, create a listing where you can actually verify it by US mail by postcard essentially, then you try to expand that as much as you can using like our local GMB pro method, which is how you can get better results from a specific GMB then trying to get a bunch of new GMBs if that makes, you know, if if you know that what we were talking about for a period of time there when we were probably a good year we were able to just go get GMB is pretty much anywhere we wanted. And so that was the strategy was to go out and create as many GMBs as we could in a specific service area, for example. But again, that's not the recommended practice anymore. So Marco, do you have any comments for that?

Marco: Yeah, I would say risk versus reward. If you're willing to take the risk and the reward is there, then by all means get a spam listing. It's going to be it's pretty simple, right? You just purchase it from us. Well, the problem that I'm having is that I can't guarantee anything past 30 days. We used to be able to guarantee 90 days if anything happened, we'd replace it. But after 30 days, that's it. We're done. We can, we can't guarantee anything past that. So you're on your own. So if on day 31 your listing gets suspended. It's not it. We can't be held responsible for we won't we're going to have that disclaimer all over if we decide to offer risk versus reward. I mean, if you decide to get 1000 of them 500 get suspended, but 500 make you money, then it's totally worth you decide what it is that you want to do. Yeah,

Bradley: yeah, I just hate rework. I hate putting work into something and then it gets suspended and you lose all that work. And so I've seen Stop doing any lead gen like spam sites, spam GMB listings for months now because of that. So what Marco said is true, risk versus reward.

Does Crowdsearch Still Works In Increasing CTR And Rankings?

Okay, so the next one so do you think Crowd Search still works to increase click through rate CTR and rankings know don't use it don't use any of them stupid CTR bots or programs guys go buy traffic from Google. Nathan I'm not trying to jump on you but just stop it. Stop trying to spam that shit when you can go buy cheap, targeted relevant traffic from a known Google audience, right? You can buy it by you can buy using display ads or using YouTube ads and I've covered this multiple times on the on Hump Day Hangouts as well as this is why I actually pulled this open. We just had a YouTube or excuse me a Google Ads branding course that can be applied to exactly what it is that you're talking about. This is the YouTube training, which was recorded last Monday, not this Monday this week, but last Monday, and the Google Display Network training is next Monday, December 9th. So again, you can apply there. I've talked about it on Hump Day hangouts many times, we talked about at the mastermind, there's been a lot of training about it in the mastermind. You can buy targeted traffic from Google, from a known audience that's in market for products and services that you're trying to promote. And you can specify where those clicks are coming from those IP clicks, using geo targeting, right, geographic targeting location targeting, and so you can buy it and buy real traffic that actually has a chance to convert instead of using spam traffic spoof traffic that Google is going to ignore anyways, because there's no relevant search history and there's profiles that are clicking through to the website. It used to work like gangbusters years ago, guys, I used Crowd Search like crazy. I mean, I had 50,000 credit A month in Crowd Search, and I used every one of them every month because it was worked so well. Then Google learned how to prevent that how to fight that, that click through spam is what I was called it CT spam. And so it's just it's basically useless now.

You can set up referral traffic campaigns, it's a little bit harder to do and you can send traffic through other sites like Facebook posts or tweets, for example, and that has some effect still, but you're much better off buying targeted traffic. And I'm not talking about using search ads where you're paying, you know, $10, $15 $20 per click, I'm talking about using Display Network ads, which you can get for dirt cheap clicks, you know, anywhere between 25 cents to $1 50 per click, depending on it is what your niche is, or YouTube clicks, right? It's mostly YouTube views, but you can actually get clicks from it. And once again, that's very targeted, heavily weighted traffic, which means you only need a fraction of the amount of click-throughs from heavily weighted, targeted relevant traffic to get the result to have the SEO push that a bunch of spam clicks would provide. If that makes, if that makes sense. There's a lot of, you know, activity, relevance, trust and authority – ART. Margot talks about that all the time. And when you're buying traffic from Google, from a known audience, it's relevant. And from specific geographic locations, you're actually activating all three of those components of activity, relevance, trust and authority.

Marco: Yeah, think about what that does for your proximity when someone close by clicking on that ad, and you know, that might be right around the corner. So yeah, I totally agree. Until we can come up with a bot that will emulate human behavior as closely as possible. Nothing else matters because I mean, why would you do that? If you can't get that that spam, but to convert and even if you could get that spam up to convert on your page, you just be sending a great signal to Google, but it wouldn't be worth anything to you. So you could have spent all that time, effort and money that you're spending on the CTR bot in Google and YouTube ads, and you're going to get real traffic, you're gonna get a person. And if you get just get a few people to convert, you're going to make your money back plus, and then some. Yeah, I mean, it pays for itself over time. If you follow the training the way the way that it's taught,

Bradley: yeah, and then set up remarketing lists to because you're buying traffic relevant traffic that's likely to convert but even if it doesn't, you can build that remarketing list, which then you can remarket to so that when they're ready to make that purchasing decision for your product or service that you're promoting, they're going to you know be followed around the web by your ads anyway, so again, it's just,in my in my opinion, stop with the CT bot stuff or you know the click-through spam it just as it's pointless now, you can buy cheap traffic directly from Google. Okay. Battle Plan shows MGYB. We're going to wrap it up in a couple of minutes guys. Shut the Battle Plan shows and MGYB offers a done for your GMB service. However, the links don't work anymore. Yeah, cuz we had to shut that down

Marco: It's shut down. Yeah. Let's just leave it at that.

How Often Should You Post To The Syndication Networks?

Yep. Jeff says thanks for all the value you guys offer. You're welcome, Jeff. He says my question for syndication networks, how many articles do you guys have ready to go. So the network is primed with content right out of the chute? Well, typically for a project for me, I will have three to five posts, I always say three to five, it just depends on the particular niche. Usually three to five posts. It also depends on the solid structure of the site. If I've got three silos, I might only need three posts, one for each silo, something like that. But my rule of thumb is three to five posts. However, keep in mind, you don't want to when you get a new syndication network, you don't want to, within the first week, publish or syndicate multiple posts to your network, you want to kind of dripped those out slowly to start the season. That network that syndication network is the web to Dotto properties. If you start syndicating content too quickly to it like too frequently, then you can possibly some of them like WordPress or Tumblr may actually suspend the account for spam. Even if it's not spam, even if the posts are valid, you know, genuinely what well written or well curated posts, which is what we recommend. It's about how quickly you start syndicating or republishing content to it. So I would recommend, like, for example, I always talked about and I think this mentioned that battle plan, I would do three to five posts, and I would drip those out probably one post per week, over the course of the first month. So the first three to five weeks, really, I would do one posts per week. And then after that, I might increase it to two posts per week. And then whatever my final frequency of publishing schedule is going to be I've got a lot of clients out there where we publish, you know, three posts per week, and they just syndicate out over and over and over again. And some of those networks have been live and active for for many years. So I would just recommend that you kind of you know, get some content that's going to help to support supporting articles that were going to support the silo structure on your site, and then drip them out slowly over the first month or so. And then you can start to increase your frequency.

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How often do you regularly post articles to go to the syndication network? It depends. For almost every single client that I have. It's a minimum of one post per week, because we also use that to post to GMB. We also will publish a press release that promotes the blog post and the GMB post that makes sense. So we kind of interlinked everything all together, like the silo structure that I talked about PR site, go again, go to MGYB.co, go click on the webinar button and look at the PR silo. The press release stack in the PR silo webinar that I did with Marco, and you'll see what I'm talking about but from there is a minimum of one per week. Some clients will do as many as three, three posts per week.

Would You Use The Category “Professional Service” As Schema Type For A Client Who Is Not A Realtor But Buys Houses?

Alright, last question, and then we're going to wrap it up. Austin says hey, for schema for a We Buy Houses investor type site, what would would you use professional service the client isn't a realtor says that schema doesn't apply. Yeah, I've got my site you can look at alphaland.realty you can take a look at the schema markup on that. If we go to view page source, it's the same because this is a we buy land and it is professional service at type right there. And by the way, if case you guys ever want to know if you go to this, I'm going to drop this link on the page. This is as far as I know, it's still the most current. This is a schema list that shows all the different types of businesses and what the proper schema.org the business type should be. And so if you scroll down to I know he's not your your site is not a realtor. But if you have real estate consultant, which is the one that I use for my we buy land, the business right and so that would be the same for we buy houses we buy real estate type type of business would be a schema.org slash professional service because I consider that that's the the GMB category that I have is also real estate consultant. Okay. So here I'll drop this link on the page. That was the wrong page. So that was who asked that. Austin dawn.

Okay, guys, we need to wrap it up. It's five o'clock. We appreciate everybody being here. Sorry. But if we didn't get to all the questions, but we got to most of them. And we will see you guys next week. Thanks, everybody. Bye, everyone.

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Will An Existing (Non-Semantic Mastery) GSite And Drive Stack Interfere With The Ones Being Built By MGYB?

By April

In episode 258 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one viewer asked if an existing (non-Semantic Mastery) GSite and drive stack interfere with the ones being built by MGYB.

The exact question was:

hi guys i was talking to a dentist about his seo. he told me his son was doing it but was getting nowhere. I spoke to the son and he told me he bought some gigs on fiver for google sites and drive files. i told the dentist you get what you pay for and that I may be able to help do it properly. Can I go to MGYB and buy a gsite+drive stack for this or is it too late? will the current gsites or “”drive stack”” his son setup interfere with one mgyb would build? I dont think the son will let me delete all the work he had done. thanks

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How Do You Fix Duplicate Branded Syndication Networks That Were Purchased Via Fiverr?

By April

In episode 257 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery, one viewer asked how to fix duplicate branded syndication networks that were purchased via Fiverr.

The exact question was:

Good day Gents thanks for this forum to ask real questions and get actionable answers. I have a client who went to fivver bought a syndication network then worked with another marketer and bought a different network. Many duplicates all branded. What should I do to fix that?

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 261

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 261 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Adam: Alright, and we are live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts Episode 261. I was just live in our Facebook group if you didn't catch that. So this is we're starting our fifth year and I keep doing this, I need to just do five, I can count to five, there we go. So starting off with Episode 261, as we roll towards 2020. This is really cool. If you missed out last week, that's fine. Just keep doing what you need to do show up here every week, ask us to questions. And we will keep answering or at least point you in the right direction. So first off, I want to say if you're new to this, that's awesome. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for watching it. You can come here every single week https://www.semanticmastery.com/HDquestions URL stays the same. And we update everything so that you can just come back here you can ask your questions. And even if you're not able to make it live, although we highly encourage that so we can get clarification or do a better job of answering your questions. We understand that some people have time conflicts or whatnot. You can always check out the replays on YouTube, ask your question ahead of time and then check that out by subscribing to our YouTube channel. So before we get too far into it, let's go around and say hello looks like we got everybody here. I'm going to mix it up and start down at the bottom. So Hernan how's it going, man?

Hernan: Good man I was having some issues joining Zoom so that's why I jumped in like a minute late but I'm happy to be here super happy to be here so as usual

Adam: cool cool. Marco How about yourself?

Marco: I'm good man. Birds keeping busy

Bradley: birds or BERT?

Marco: BERT

so yeah, but it's fun

Adam: good deal well Chris, how about you man?

Chris: doing excellent here today?

Adam: Gotcha where you were doing that in the world are you back home in Austria?

Chris: Yeah and it's snowing and I can't wait man I'm super excited like finally, it's getting cold here. Like everybody else always likes the heat and stuff I really enjoy renderers cool air helps to sink clear and stuff. So that's perfect.

Adam: Outstanding, looking forward to a little bit of that when I go traveling because otherwise, it's going to be like 65 or 70 for the next four months. So anyways, Bradley, how about you, man? How are you doing?

Bradley: Good, excited to be here? A lot going on. I know you're going to talk about some of it. But just as kind of an update, we've got a local kingpin update webinar coming up for anybody that's in that where I'm just going to kind of have a webinar and talk about some of the updates and Google Ads platform using it for lead generation and also answer questions for anybody that's a member of that program that's coming up on November 18, I believe Monday, November 18, at 3pm. Eastern, so you should be getting a notification about that if you're a member of local kingpin. And also I know the other one that we're going to talk about is the there are a Facebook posts in the free group that has where I'm going to be doing some training about you YouTube and display network ads so Google Ads but how to do it specifically for branding for lead generation as well as driving traffic, targeted relevant traffic into your SEO assets, right your entity assets that you build, if you've been building entity assets the way that we've been talking about, it's just a great way to fire it up and get that activity and relevancy from a trusted and authoritative source. Right. And so it's it kind of tickles all three of the activity, relevance, trust and authority signals that we've been talking about now for years for specifically Marco. So we're going to be doing I'm going to be doing some training on that.

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And we're doing kind of a pre-launch thing on that for people that want to come. Watch the training or go through the training as I record it live, it'll be two different sessions, and then it'll be for a discount, about one third of the cost is once it's been recorded, we're going to package it up, put it into a membership site, split up all the videos and all that kind of stuff. And it'll be a, you know, roughly a $300 course. So if you haven't already seen that post in the free group, go take a look at it, if you're interested in that training, I would highly suggest that you get in on the pre-recording the pre-sale and pick it up that way. Otherwise, you'll have to wait till it gets packaged up pretty and has a nice sales page and all that stuff. And it'll be $300. But I've been just crushing it with Google ads for the specific reasons I mentioned over the last few months actually. And I think it's something that everybody should be using in their business for their own business as well as something that they can add to their services for clients. So I want to go over that very specifically with you guys. And Adam, I didn't mean to steal your thunder but I just figured out chat about it. Well, I had

Adam: no no that's good. I mean, you're the one that's going to be doing the training and I'm hoping my screens actually sharing. This is the post you guys want to get to go to the group I put the link in. But if you're not joining live, you can go into that sexy, sexy person that posted it there but yeah, look at who is that Oh, join the group of spiders don't believe a word and just follow the steps right here. It's pretty simple. If you're interested in this and you want to get it for a third of the price because the reading part of the reason to we want to make sure that there's enough interest that Bradley's going to put the time into this with the holidays coming up. We got Thanksgiving we got Christmas coming up. now's a good time to do this but we don't want to put the time in and people aren't interested so far though, day that it looks like people are pretty interested Bradley. So this is my favorite so far. Shout out to Brian. I think he made his phone gift. Yep, it looks like good interest. So if you want to get in early head over there and let us know.

Bradley: You got too many chats going on in your Facebook. I saw the bottom.

Adam: been busy busy. So real quick wanted to get back to these guys before we dive into some more stuff. One last one to a lot of people has already gotten access to the POFU Live 2019 recordings for the live event in Denver in October. But if you still want to you can get access. I'm going to post the link down there, but you can get that at 2019access.pofulive.com and head over there and you can get access to those. I'll put that link up there. And then a few more just to answer the questions and get this out of the way from people. We normally here. If you're here, you're in the right place, and we appreciate you being here. But the next thing people always asked us is, well, what should I do next? You should definitely start with the battle plan, right? If you want step by step processes for getting results with everything from new websites, age domains, YouTube channels, whatever it is, go grab the Battle Plan. I'm not going to read you the sales page, you can check it out and grab it yourself battleplan.semanticmastery.com. It's a definite no brainer, we pack some cool bonuses in there as well. So pick that up. And if you're ready to grow your digital marketing business, you've already got some clients, you want to join an experienced community not only for the network but also for the advanced training, then the mastermind is where we want you to be all right. To find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com And last but not least, if you are in done for your services have to go to MGYB.co. And if you're not into done for you services, ask yourself why you're not in the done free services now, just kidding. But we recommend it to everyone and it's born out of the stuff that we used and we created processes for because you do get to that point where you're realizing you if you want to grow, you can't be doing all of this stuff yourself. So syndication networks are RYS drive stacks, press releases, link building embeds, all sorts of good stuff is available over there. Whoo. All right. So with that stuff out of the way, we got any last-minute announcements you guys are we ready to roll?

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Bradley: I think we're ready to roll not anybody else.

Adam: Kidding. I did. I forgot one shame on me. I wanted to let everyone know ahead of time. We're getting started earlier this year. We are working up towards you know Black Friday. Everyone's got some cool sales going on. What doesn't matter what industry you're in? I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of cool tools available out there and we wanted to get a jump start off. This we are going to be offering some kick-ass training, some stuff that's never been released before, outside of the mastermind as well as some new stuff that's never been seen. And we're going to be giving that to you guys completely for free. You won't even have to opt-in, but we're going to kick it off with that, you know, this is part of coming off perfectly live and being, you know, seeing the power of learning, but understanding also that there are two more things that come with that you can learn. But if all you do is learn, it's really no good. You've got to then take some action, and then you're going to get the results you want. But we want to help you out by taking that first step, give you some good stuff that you can learn and then you can take it and start acting on it and get results. So stay tuned for some more on that.

Bradley: Sweet, so we're good. Let's do it. All right, let me grab the screen. First, let me get my windows all situated. All right, here we go. Only a few questions so far. So you guys better get the posting. Usually, it's usually pretty good though. We had a great hump day last week, guys for our five year anniversary. So appreciate that.

How Far Out Should You Schedule A Live Event Using OBS?

All right, uh, let's go into the first one I see was from Greg Pippin. He says, Hi, I plan to use OBS. to broadcast a pre-recorded video as a live event. How far out should a live event be scheduled to be most effective? Can it be just a couple of days rather than a week also is scheduling a live event for ranking purposes rather than just uploading a video is still as effective as it was a few years ago? He says I've watched your OBS usage video from three years ago. Thanks for that one is very clear and helpful. Yeah, it is still more effective to live stream.

It's very similar to the difference in Facebook, right? If you up to upload a video to Facebook, it still gets more engagement than a text-based post or even an image-based post it gets more exposure. But it was preferred specifically if you don't have an external link in it right but also if you do a live stream that tends to get even more exposure. And I think it's the exact same way with YouTube. If you upload a video, even if you live, I mean, you can remember you can, you can schedule a live event with YouTube and then upload the video as a live event like so pre-record, you can stream a pre-recorded video as a live event. So you can still do that without it actually having to be a real live like a live recording, like video recording as your as you're doing, if that makes sense. But it does, it gets more, it gets a better push. Think about this if you if you're subscribed to the Semantic Mastery channel, which by the way you should be and if you do not make sure you hit the subscribe button. You get a notification via Gmail when it's going live, right and so it's the same thing, you'll get some traffic that will come through to it. And remember engagement signals are one of the primary ranking factors for YouTube videos, both in YouTube as well as Google.

And so getting You know, if there's anybody subscribe to the channel, they're going to get notified, and maybe a few clicks will come through for people to actually engage with the video. Now, if it's for like a, you know, a lead generation video or something like that, where there's not really any real subscribers, then you probably won't get any engagement from that. But it still gets it still triggers something in the algorithm, right that it gets a little bit more push, it's treated, it's weighted heavier if that makes sense by both YouTube and Google. So yes, live streaming is still more powerful than just uploading. And I don't think that's going to change. That said, if, the sooner that you schedule a live event, the better and what I mean by that is the further out that you have it scheduled, the better, especially if you're using stuff like syndication networks, which once again, you should be because it gives the posts where that embed code is syndicated to or published to, it gives those posts more time to get crawled by Google. That makes sense. So you know, the Earlier, the better the sooner that you can schedule it, the further out from when you actually live stream at the better.

This Stuff Works

Also, one of the things that you can do is build links to the places where the embeds are. That's, that's a very, very powerful strategy to help give it even more power and help it to rank better when you do live streaming. Because putting links at the pages that it's embedded on is a great way to get additional like to push extra juice into it. And it's almost like building anticipation like SEO anticipation for that so that when it goes live, it will rank a lot better a lot faster. So I would recommend that you get it scheduled as soon as possible push it through syndication networks that you have connected to your channel, you can always buy an embed package from MGYB. And take that embed code that you get when you schedule the live stream and submit that and have it pushed out across an embed network. Also, you could do link building to your syndication network properties and also link building from MGYB to the embeds. If you buy an embed gig, you can order link building to the embeds. And that's a very, very powerful way. Now, remember, those are all specifically SEO signals.

So the last thing I would recommend is if you're really trying to rank it, remember, I talked about this all the time, and we're going to be covering this, in part in the Google Ads training that I was talking about doing. The beginning of this webinar is to set up some Google ads from YouTube ads specifically to that video, and you can schedule your ad campaign, right. So in other words, you can go in and actually set up an ad campaign to start pointing or buying views directly from Google, right through the Google Ads platform to your video when it goes live. So when it's actually published. And that's something that I would recommend that you do and by the way with YouTube now you can set up campaigns with either a daily budget or an overall campaign budget, which means you could take $20 and add create a campaign with just 20 bucks for ample, that will start the campaign start day and time will be at the day and time that you plan on streaming your video, right? And what happens is that video, you know, it'll, it'll the when the ad will start running. And it'll just run until those $20 is spent. And that way you don't have to go in and edit your, you know, edit the campaign or turn it off after a certain amount of time if that's something you want to do.

If you do that between the SEO tactics we just talked about, which is syndicating the embed code, doing an additional embed blast doing link building to the embeds. And then also buy some initial traffic so that when it does stream, it gets real live, valid engagement, right views from people from Google users, because you're buying views directly from Google. Those are all real views, not spam views. It's not spambots. It's not fake, you know, share groups and any of that shit. It's real people that you're buying from Google You should rank it's not I mean, it's a very, very powerful strategy. So that's what I would recommend you do anybody gonna wants to comment on that?

Marco: I mean, the last time we tried it was when we were doing what did we go after I forget, but it was somebody was doing a release of some software and press releases worked really well if you set those up. And, you know, you get them like tours when it's supposed to happen because it's newsworthy, right? What a press release is for, it's for something that's newsworthy. So if you announce that, that it's going to happen, that it's coming soon and that it's happening so so you have three press releases, and you silo them and you set them up the way that we teach PR stacking, then that's going to create a major push. By the time that the third one comes up, it's going to push everything forward. We had great success. When was the last time we did that? I don't see why it would be any different now. It could be even Better says they're working so much better.

Bradley: Yeah. And that's a really good point, Marco, I appreciate you mentioning that because I wasn't even thinking about that. Because, for example, if you order a press release through MGYB, which gets pushed out across the press advantage network, you can, if you take the URL of the live stream, you know, this the YouTube URL, and you put it on its own line in the press release, or if you order it from us, like if you have your own subscription, you can do it yourself or if you order it from us just put it in the instructions when you order. And we can add the video URL on its own mind which will become an embed on many of the places that it gets published on not all of them, but many of them. So that will become another embed that's in a press release. And you can schedule the press release to be published around that time. And like Marco said, you can even do a pre you know, not like an announcement type press release that announced that the video is going to go live at this time. You know, this day and time, then you can do one that actually publishes go Like publishes around the time that it actually goes live, which is very, very powerful. And then you can always do a follow up one afterward. And again, you can silo those together. And that's that actually kind of takes kills two birds with one stone, because you get backlinks. And you get embeds on a, you know, high domain authority type in, you know, authoritative type. I don't care about domain authority, but authoritative type media sites, you get a lot of embeds, because it goes across a pretty big publishing network or press wired network. And then you also get, you know, a lot of these press releases actually get real traffic. And I know that because if I look at analytics, I use a lot of press releases. And if I look at analytics, I see that I get a lot of referral traffic and referral traffic even from the press advantage website itself, which is really, really good. So that kind of kills me and you plus backlinks as well, because in some cases where it won't actually embed, it will still show the URL which will count as a backlink.

This Stuff Works

So again, very, very powerful strategy. So thank you for that. Marco But yeah that's that's a really good strategy guys you can still crush it with YouTube SEO if you do it properly I think engagement signals are super powerful for that though and you can anything you do with SEO you can kind of amplify that right multiply it by just buying some engagement signals like I said even $20 is enough to usually significantly move the needle.

How Do You Sell Your Domain To A Prospect?

Matt's up? He says, Hey guys, I have the following question. I only com domain that I purchased three years ago for marketing for a marketing agency project and then got postponed because I focused on other projects despite I would like to keep the name the website has little work done SEO wise and I've recently found a European agency with the same name and branding, but a.ie extension the company seems already quite established and was created after I got the.com domain. Considering all these I would like to contact them and offer my domain for sale any ideas or tips on how to approach them and propose an initial number. I know that to them per se is not that valuable. But given the situation, I may squeeze some money of this Thanks in advance. Yeah, you know, Matt, for the first money I ever made online was actually selling domains. And that's really what got me hooked. I was still learning SEO at the time, but I had saw some course that was, you know, WSO or I don't even think JVZ was around at that time. But it was a course that I bought about domain like being a domain owner, right. So learning how to squat domains and then contact people and sell them and the first one I sold was Austin Windows or Windows Austin or Houston windows or it was it was somewhere in Texas and one of the big cities and it was a basically a Windows for a company that sells windows and replacement windows and it was just an exact match domain. And all I did was I put a HTML page up on the domain that was just a for sale page.

So basically like a for sale sign with contact information, and I contacted replacement window companies, and that particular city, I just would go email them or use the contact form on their website and say, hey, I've got this domain that would work really well for and by the way, on the for sale page, the HTML page, I put screenshots of the Google Keyword Planner that showed the exact match keyword like Houston Windows, or Windows Houston or whatever, and showed how many searches per month it got. And so I said, You know, I kind of created like a little sales page for it, that was just an HTML page. And then I would contact the low of the companies in that city and say, Look, you could buy just buying this domain and redirecting it to your existing domain, you could capitalize on some of this traffic that showing and it was like, you know, I don't know if it's 400 and some searches per month in. So anyway, uh, you know, a few people would respond back and they said, Well, how do we know you really own it? And I would say, well give me you know, I'll put your company name on the sales page, and shoot you an email when it's ready and you can go back and take a look at it. And then they would go look, and it would have their name at the bottom left, say like, do you want this domain? Whatever the company name was question mark, and then they would reply back and say, Okay, and so I ended up selling some domains that way and I would sell I would buy them, you know, for 10 bucks registered for 10 bucks, and I turn around and sell them for anywhere between $150 to $250. And, you know, that wasn't much money, but it was pretty cool. And that's how I first started making money online and I only did it for a couple of months and then I got started really doing lead generation and SEO stuff. So with that said, that's what I would do is maybe contact them and you know, let them know that you have it, have the domain and that you want to offer it for sale. I don't know about off, you know, you can come up with your own number. I get a lot of emails from people that have domains that are similar to something that I've recently registered, and they offer to sell it to me and sometimes their numbers are like ridiculously high other times the reasonable but I never buy him anyways, but I guess it really depends on the how big you think the company is and all that I don't know how to value that. There's probably some sites out there that can give you some ballpark estimates as to what the value of a domain would be, especially if there's a brand out there that has some brand equity. But you know, I certainly think it's a strategy worth attempting Anyways, what do you guys think?

Marco: Yeah, that's totally going to depend on how badly this other company wants the domain, if they wanted at all right, because like you said, you get offered domains, you don't care. You don't really want it. So it's worth nothing to you. That this is like this is exactly that situation. How much is it worth to that company? Could be nothing, could be a couple of hundred dollars. It's not going to be thousands because there's nothing on that website. Right? He says, there's really nothing there. So what drives the value of a website is whether it has traffic, what that traffic does it on the website, right? Is it producing money? Now we're talking bigger numbers, but if it's just dot com with a company name. Tell a look, I got this.com it's your company name you want it? Yeah. Well, what's it worth to you? It's really that simple.

Bradley: Yeah. Yeah, that's what I would do. I mean, you could come you could throw a number out. But if it's ridiculously high, they're gonna, you know, or they think you're way, way off, then if the proper you'll probably lose it as a possibility. So you may be better off just asking them, what's it worth to them, and if it's something that's, you know, ridiculously low for, you just disregard it. Do you know what I mean? However, that said, one of my clients, he's a roofer. He bought his domain. It's a great domain, and he bought it, he paid $20,000 for it, because somebody else had it, and he wanted that name. So he bought it, and it's a very short succinct name for roofers. And he really, really wanted it so he paid 20 k for it. So some people will spend a lot of money on the domain. And that was like, shit that was 10 years ago, that he bought that domain for 20 grand believe Or not.

Is There An SEO Ranking Advantage To Host A Local Business Site On Amazon S3 Compared To A Regular Hosting Provider?

Okay, next one is Gord. What's up, Gordon says, Hey, guys hope that you're healthy and wealthy. I recently heard that there is an SEO ranking advantage to hosting a local business site on Amazon s3 instead of a domain on a regular hosting provider. Is there any truth to that? Or is there no real difference? And does Google have a similar platform like Amazon s3? Yes, Google Cloud? And if so, what is it called? And when hosting the site, they're providing the SEO ranking advantage over a regular hosting provider? Thank you. Very much, as usual, for your help is greatly appreciated. Okay. Yeah, we'll see. The problem is when you say regular hosting provider depends on you know, hosting providers are all across the spectrum of whether they're qualified or not. What I mean by that is if you go with some cheap budget, host like Hostgator for God's sakes, or, or what's the other one, GoDaddy, something like that. There's a, you know, they're a dime a dozen budget hosts out there. And if you host a site on a budget host, it's very likely that you're going to be placed in better neighborhoods so to speak. In other words, you'll be stuck on an IP with a bunch of shitty other websites out there that in there typically overcrowded in that, if anyone domain or handful of domains gets too much takes up too much bandwidth, it'll slow your site down. There's just there's a number of reasons why you should use a quality host. As far as a ranking advantage goes. Yeah, there there can be using like, like, that's part of the reason we use Amazon S3 buckets to host HTML pages for what we call the ID pages or the entity pages, right? Because you kind of siphon some authority from the Amazon domain. So it's very, very powerful. And Google has Google Cloud, I think it's called that has something similar. I've never set one up on there. But I think you can do something similar to that. But if you want to do like a WordPress site or CMS, essentially a content management system, you need to have database and all that and you can do that there's through what is it? I think it's Amazon elastic cloud. You can actually see posting that way. But I'm not sure I haven't done any testing on that. Maybe Marco can talk about that it probably would be better. But I don't know for sure. Marco, what do you think?

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Marco: You could do WordPress on elastic cloud, right? You could do he can we can do whatever you want. You can do it, whatever you can do on any other host. As far as cloud hosting, Google has the right cloud that Google com. They have, they have web hosting. So it's just like any other hosts. And as a matter of fact, you can use that and use happy g sites are awesome. You do your own. map your own domain over to the map the G site to your own domain, use Google for hosting, and now you're piggybacking or stacking on Google. I mean, I'm all about stacking on Google. And we got a lot of great things coming out 2020 a lot of testing that's going to be on we have some awesome things that are going to be coming on and some of these are just Just these things that we're seeing, like stacking, but that's what I would look at, go and look into it and see if there is any benefit that might not be. But since you're going into places that aren't regularly sorted or normally spammed or not spammed like others, then it stands to reason that you're less likely to be in a bad neighborhood, it's likely to be faster. It's like, it's likely to be a better server. The latest version of PHP is likely to be remembered. There's a lot of things that really matter when it comes to all this. But this on either one of those.

Bradley: This is Terry Kyle's cloudboss.pro, he did this. He created this as a solution for SEO hosting that actually uses all these type of cloud hosting platforms, very authoritative platforms as a way to create pbn networks using cloud hosting, as opposed to the typical budget, you know, SEO hosts and that kind of shit. So this uses Amazon S3 to Elastic Cloud. And then there's Amazon light sale. I'm not even sure what that is joint lemnos, vulture Digital Ocean Rackspace, those are all cloud hosting environment like you can set up hosting WordPress sites and such on there. So this is something you might want to check out to if you're going to be doing this for more than one it's rather inexpensive. You know, when I used to build PBNs, I actually had transferred a lot of my sites over to here. So I mean, I don't run PBNs anymore at all, but when I did I actually use Cloud boss pro for the last probably, maybe a year, year and a half that I was running PBNs was on this service here. So check it out. Terry Kyle. All right.

What is The Most Effective Way To Consistently Attract Business And Keep Local Clients Ranked In 3 Pack?

Matt says for local SEO, what do you see is the most effective way to consistently attract businesses that need SEO specialize? That's Matt, I would say specialize in his particular vertical and create all of your messaging and your marketing collateral. for that type of a business, that particular business vertical or industry, so that and then also you know, if you don't if I'm assuming I know Matt because you by you're quite active and and some of the groups that I know that you, you do a lot of SEO, you know, you probably have a lot of clients but if you specialize in a specific vertical, that's where I found the best traction with getting clients is to become an expert for specific business, vertical or industry. Because, again, you get you to get to know that industry very well. It's much easier to scale your business because you don't have to constantly come up with new, do new keyword research, new market research, new marketing, creatives and all that kind of stuff for each new industry. You get very, very good at being able to speak with business owners in a particular business type because you know them are there, how most of them are for that matter. But also you know that you know, their customer base, right so you understand their industry and the needs of their customers or clients. So it makes it much easier to be able to sell to them as an expert and a particular type of, you know, as a marketing expert for a particular type of business. So that would be number one also to make sure that you have case studies that you can share. And that's why I love lead generation sites because I can create lead generation assets in a particular vertical, and then use those to show so that I'm not showing competitors. And remember when you're like if you're pitching to somebody in one city, and you can show maybe clients that you've put in the same business vertical that you've gotten results for in another city where they're not really competitors, then that's okay to do as well. But what I liked about lead generation sites is I it doesn't I could create a lead generation site in the same city of a of a location that I was pitching services to to say look in your own city, I've already been able to get results for and generate leads for people that are looking for your products and your services in your city and That's part of the reason I like starting with the lead generation and then backing into a client, if that makes sense. But you can still use any number of existing clients that you have as well as a lead generation if you have any lead generation assets in that particular vertical and create case studies, right, and share that with them. Video emails work really, really good.

Something else which I talked about at POFU Live as part of my holistic marketing presentation was whoever you're marketing to your prospecting to hit them from multiple angles. So don't just contact them via email, right? You want to send emails, direct mail, remarketing, make sure that if they've engaged with any of your digital assets that now they're being remarketing to them, the Google Display Network, Facebook, YouTube, if you got you have to have 1000 people or more on a remarketing list in YouTube, but you can also set up we're going to be talking about this very specifically in the Google Ads training that I'm going to be doing if we get enough interest in it. That we talked about at the beginning of this webinar, it's in the free Facebook group that the post about it, but how to set up prospecting campaigns using branding ads on YouTube as well as the Google Display Network because you can get very specific targeting, and use what's called in-market audiences for people. And Matt, we talked about this in the mastermind just on the last webinar specifically, but how you can go in and select for YouTube in the display network in-market audiences for people that are looking for Business Services, advertising, and SEO, advertising and marketing services. And you can actually select that as an audience type. And then you can set geographic targeting, you can do what's called layering and all this other stuff to where you're constantly in your brand, right as a specialist for their industry. And you're you get in front of them so that your brand gets seen by them over and over and over again in multiple formats. And when they see that they're going to think well, this guy's and if I'm seeing him on websites, banner ads on websites, if I'm seeing them in search I'm seeing them in YouTube, Facebook, getting direct mail from them got emails from them, ringless voicemails are coming through, that's something else you can do like slide broadcast and these other kinds of like voicemail injection services, you're constantly hitting them. Imagine what they're thinking about when they, when they're thinking about marketing. They're going to think, well, man, if this guy's everywhere, this is what he could do for me, right? Or this, you know, this agency is everywhere. This is what they could do for me. So that's what I would recommend that you do hit people from multiple angles, it's I think it's much better and more effective that way than just trying to hit somebody from the same old method that everybody else is using, which is typically email, which is not it's not nearly as effective as it used to be in my opinion. Does anybody want to comment on that? I know Hernan's probably got something to say about that.

Hernan: Yeah. Yeah. And I totally agree with what you're saying. Bradley, I think at this point, the more touchpoints you have with a person from different angles, the better you can, you know, reach to them, and you create that half halo effect. We're discussing A little bit under the event, right? The halo effect that you create and you generate when you're everywhere. And we get that a lot, right? When we get a lot of Semantic Mastery, the fact that you know, people will jump in on a call with us, or let's engage with a, with an ad. And they'll start saying, Well, now I see you guys everywhere. And that's exactly what we're trying to achieve. So yeah, totally agree with you go above and beyond, you know, what you're doing right now and you will reap the rewards. And you will keep on learning and stuff, which is pretty cool, too.

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Marco: You know, from the feedback that I'm getting in, in the mini mastermind. I have mostly agency owners and in our mini mastermind, I have Jordan is on their Ed and a couple of other people. And the message is that they did start young, the little, the little fish in a small pond, they became the big fish in that small pond specializing but what happens is that you get so good word gets out because you know, these people, business owners, they'll they'll be Whatever meeting they're in whatever owners meeting they're in, and they'll be talking about what who's doing what for you, and what gets out. And what these guys are finding is that the more successful they are, with the clients that they have, the more that the word gets out that I'm Jordan can probably chime in on this. And if he's listening to our Hump Day hang out, in that it really helps, you know, to get this up, and maybe not clients and one specific thing in other areas and you'll begin expanding into other niches. And that's when you have to get really good or hire people who are really good. So that you can concentrate on just scaling the business. So you don't have to be in their day to day trying to do the getting into that day to day thing that keeps you from scaling. So so you hired great people. So this is how you do it. You may start that way. You become well known the guy who produces results, no matter what and Needs, you can't help but scale once that happens?

Bradley: Yeah, because people will start to seek you out. That's the whole point, your agency, that's the whole point. word gets out, and then you start getting referrals. And those are the easiest to close is also like the easiest type of prospect to closes a referral because they've already remembered if somebody's seeking you out there, they've already made the decision that they want to work with you or your agency if that makes sense. So it's just a matter of coming to an agreement of terms, which is why As I said, I think, you know, Marco is correct. I mean, for example, with my own agency, I got referrals from all different types of businesses and that's primary contractors but different industries within the home service contracting field, right. So I you know, I've had to do a lot of that and that's fine. But if you get really good at one particular business vertical, then what happens is like people in that industry will start to seek you out specifically, even if not through referrals, but it's because you can make a name for yourself, for example, you can even advertise and market within industry publications for example, you can get ads put on like through placements, digital ads on industry publication websites, but you can also do print ads and things like that. And if you have a reputation in that particular industry, then people will gain will start to seek you out. And it's really, really good because it's much easier to sell your services and close a client when you have somebody that has sought you out. It changes the psychology 100%. So anyway, the next part of that was in the best ways to keep local clients ranked in the three-pack. Well, there's a number of things for that Matt, and I'm sure you're aware of that. Press releases, content marketing, GMB posts, traffic and getting real traffic to the GMB and engagement through that which you can also you know, you can get organically but you can also do that by purchasing traffic, which is what I've been talking about using Google Display Network and YouTube. Even search ads for that matter if you're using location extension.

You can get you to know by clicks from Google that way which will help to keep it ranked. There's you know, just so many different things that you can do for that. That to keep local clients ranked if you have real bonafide address citations still work for that. Using drive stacks obviously and I know you know that link embeds and link building the entity loop all of that stuff can help to keep a client ranked in the three-pack. Any other comments on that for move on?

How Many Tiers Are Set Up In A Multi-Tier Syndication Network Package?

Okay, Mike's up he says your multi-tier syndication network package how many tears are set up support responded to melt? responded to me multi-tier networks come with two tiers. The first tier is a branded network, the second tier f3 persona-based networks, but that was confusing. What does this mean for total tears? Yes, that's exactly what that means. As the sport response says, One branded network, three to set two-tier persona-based networks which is a total of four networks, four rings, right? So for syndication rings, the branded tier plus three persona based networks and that is correct. And you'll also get the best practices video that comes with it if that's what you want. You can also go to support.semanticmastery.com, click into our knowledge base and look up multi-tiered. Sending syndication networks, you can also find that same video where I talked about best practices for that on our YouTube channel. If you go to youtube.com/SemanticMastery, use the search channel function and type in multi-tiered syndication networks. And you'll find the videos where I talk about best practices for how to use that if you're doing it for blogs syndication, but essentially, very quickly, the best thing to do is if you're doing multi-tiered syndication networks for blog syndication, that you make sure that you have related content feeds RSS feeds, that are also acting as triggers at this for the second tier networks, right.

So because you want to mix content on the persona based networks, so that is not always Justin You're content being published your branded networks perfectly fine. That's what you want. You only want your content to be published on your branded network. But on the second tier networks, you want to have other related content feeds, publishing content to those in an automated fashion, so that you're kind of mixing your content up with others on those persona-based networks. And again, all of this is covered in the best practice video that you'll get whenever you order the network and it's delivered. You can also find it on our knowledge base at support dot Semantic Mastery calm as well as on our YouTube channel. So go check it out and it will make much more sense to you. I've even got some very nicely drawn snag it diagrams, where I explained exactly where to add additional triggers and all of that stuff. It's, it's very, I've done a lot of training on that and it's all available to you.

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Is It Okay To Post Articles As It Is And Rework It Eventually Or Should You Publish Only Finalized Material?

Vitaliy says Hello, guys. I hope everyone is doing well. I look. I took a lot of action since the last Hangout. Thanks for the motivation. I'm getting a few articles delivered from my writer and they need a little bit of editing personal touch plus multimedia. Is it okay to post articles as-is and rework it eventually or publish only finalized material? Best regards, you guys are awesome. Well, it depends. I mean, it's, it's really better to get the content the way that you want it before publishing it. And for a couple of reasons. You could do it both ways, but for a couple of reasons. Number one, if you're using a branded syndication network, which you should be, then once you publish it, even if you go in and edit the post on the blog after it's been published, it's not going to edit where it's been syndicated to write. It gets syndicated one time and that's it unless you do something like republish old posts, which is a plugin you can use for WordPress, which will automatically republish it to the RSS feed, which means it will syndicate again, or you could even go in and like unpublished the post in your blog, and then republish it again. And that'll inject it back into the feed, there are a few things that you can do for that, but then you cannot end up technically with almost duplicate posts on your syndication network. So for that said, For that reason, excuse me, I would suggest that you wait until the content is ready to publish it. Um, you know, I've done both. So I'm, in fact, with my real estate business right now, I was doing some training for our mastermind members on a silo structure. And I published a bunch of posts, which were just titles and like it had you know, in the title was just added as the text within the post to I didn't have any content, it was just to show kind of a particular silo architecture that I use. And so, you know, there were several posts and saw, like with siloed posts or whatever, that didn't have any content, they were just titles, and they got published to my syndication network. And so I can't really go back and edit those unless I want to go back and manually do all that. Since then I've started actually filling out and completing some of those posts. And it takes a little bit of time for Google to come back and crawl it, it took a little bit over a week, but you know, it will come back and crawl it eventually. Or you can, you know, try to ping it through, you know, by sending backlinks to it or traffic to it or something like that to get it crawled. But it's much better, in my opinion, to just kind of get everything set up first before actually hitting the publish button. Does anybody want to comment on that?

Marco: Yeah, I totally agree. What do you want people to see? What do you want people to see on your website? You want them to see something that's halfway finished? Do you want to publish something to your to one that's halfway done, and then go through all the trouble of having to correct it? Or do you want to just go out once so it looks good for people so that it makes people want to click wherever they find your content makes people want to click on it? Come into your and get in your sales funnel, right. Get in the door. How do you want to do it? And I would totally say yeah, make it as good as possible.

I'm not sure I'm going to have time to look at that one. I'm just trying to read ahead, but we might have to answer that question next week if I get a chance to look at it.

Any Tips On How To Push Glassdoor Pages Down On SERPs?

But the next question was from Jonathan. He says when searching for my client's brand name to serve positions are taken by Glassdoor which reviews what it's like to work there. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of bad reviews of what it's like to work there from a few bad employees, any tips on pushing those Glassdoor pages down? Yeah, that's, you know, that's like standard or classic reputation management. Um, there's a number of things you can do publish press releases, where you're using the brand name in the press release title, right? So that you're optimizing the press release and the title for the brand that works really well especially again, you can order press releases through MGYB. And, and several, if you like, again, my real estate business that I recently started had had, if you do a brand, search for it, there There's like three or four press releases that are on page one for my brand, right. So again, it's something very, very powerful. You can do press releases optimized for your brand, make sure that that's in the title. drive stacks. The Google site from a drive stack almost always ranks on page one for a brand search if it's done right, and which means if you get it from us, or if you build it based upon our training, then you can end up getting ranking the drive stack or the G site, excuse me for the brand search. Make sure that all that you know obviously you have all your top-level social media profiles that are completely optimized, right, so completely filled out profiles completed as much as possible, send backlinks to them. Remember, those are types of social media profiles that you can just hammer with links, and we've got link building packages at MGYB which are perfect for that. Right because you can just throw the kitchen sink at them to get them to rank. If you have stuff like Yelp if it's for a local business, you know a business that has a physical location. It's got a GMB and things like that right? You'll have citations. yelp is one of the ones that typically rank so you could always push a shit ton of links at a Yelp page. Again, make sure it's fully optimized and filled out with images and all that other kind of stuff so that you can push Glassdoor off the front page. It's just, that's classic reputation management stuff. Anybody else wants to comment on that?

Marco: No, I was perfect. Okay.

We're not gonna be able to look at this. I'll take a look at this. Maybe we can comment on this next week. But we don't have enough time to actually scroll through all that right now. So Jordan says Woohoo, the POFU recordings are totally worth it. been listening through some great stuff in there. Thanks, Jordan. We appreciate that.

Bradley: Adam, you want to comment on that really quickly, because I don't know if you mentioned that at the beginning of the webinar or not.

Adam: No, I did. I put the link in there. People can still go grab them. Definitely want to do that. And it's, yeah, unrestricted. We got the full recordings in there along with some Kick-Ass bonuses so like Jordan said totally worth it. I suggest you grab it.

Bradley: Very cool, thank you

What Are Your Thoughts On The BERT Update?

okay, Will's up he says Hey guys, what are your thoughts about the BERT update and what things should we be focusing on for SEO the Semantic Mastery way?. Entities, right? What we've been teaching for two years is entity validating the entity and building that entity up creating the entity loop right all of that Marco go ahead and run with this because I know you feel very strongly about it.

Marco: Fuck Bert. No seriously. My charity webinars are coming up. I must. I'm gonna do a series of charity webinars. I'm going to be talking about BERT entities, Ai, all of these things that everybody does so much confusion. So many people trying to take advantage of people and just know people naturally fear all of these updates. OY, you know what, what do I do now? And it's all it's just a smokescreen guy. So it's Coming up here, I'll announce it a couple of weeks before I start that there'll be four webinars, just like last year, and I'm going to take you all the way through the things that everyone is is refusing to tell you are the things that people just they just don't know. Because they don't bother testing. They just go by what Google says, or by what their opinion is or what they think we actually test all of. It is tested, I'm not going to give you theory, I'm not going to give you what I think I'm gonna give you what I've tested, I'm gonna give you what I know. So there you go. And as far as what you can do for but don't do anything, because it's it doesn't really matter right now. Doesn't really matter, it will matter. And, you know, tune into the charity webinars, and I'm going to tell you how you can go ahead and start planning for now, they will tell you that you cannot optimize for BERT of a rank brain or for anything else. But damn, what have we been doing for the past four years? I must be doing something wrong. It's right

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What Are Some Ways On How To Promote A Podcast Aside From A Press Advantage PR?

Austin Don says had a client do a podcast on the podcast network I did a PR about it through my press advantage subscription any other things I could use this podcast for it, Yeah, you know upload it to YouTube right? create a video out of it. You could even just you know do a screenshot of something and then uploaded as a video right with is just with just an image and add it to YouTube as well. You can also syndicate podcasts like upload to SoundCloud. SoundCloud is very very powerful for SEO stuff also. So you could create a SoundCloud account for that company, upload it to that and then use the embed code from that and do audio posts across your syndication network and that kind of stuff. There's a ton of stuff that you can do with to Multi-Purpose an audio file or a video right you can do the same thing with the videos rip the audio as long as it's not dependent like the audio would still make sense without the video portion of it right the visual part of it. You can do the same thing with video is rip the audio out of it and create podcasts out of it SoundCloud stuff You know and all of that so that that's that's, by the way that was something else I talked about a Pokemon live was a part of holistic marketing as podcasts are great way to generate brand awareness as well as generate a lot of traffic, which are great signals for SEO when you get real, you know, a lot of traffic coming in. And, you know, we've done a number of podcasts this year. I've been on a number of podcasts this year promoting Semantic Mastery, and it's we've seen significant effects from that. And then also some of my clients have suggested doing it. And they've, they've been able to start seeing the benefits of that as well. So I would suggest looking at other places that you can also podcast for your client if that makes sense. Like, get them interviewed for on other podcasts with relevant audiences. It's a great way to build brand awareness and to get more traffic and more clients and that kind of stuff. So anybody wants to comment on that?

Adam: Nope, I think that's you covered it. That's not just the low hanging fruit. Yeah, it started immediately with SoundCloud and YouTube. And yeah, they also use it for a bunch of social stuff.

Bradley: Yeah, and remember, you could, you could create clips out of it like you could extract certain sections of the podcast and cut them into. So edit them into different clips and create blog posts out of that. So like for example, as you could just take a, you know, a, I don't know what the podcast is about or anything but I'm saying you could take a specific section out of the podcast and then create a blog post out of it, have it transcribed, right. So just take send it to a transcription service. Very, very inexpensive, have them transcribe it. And you can go back through and edit it, or send it to a copy editor and have them edited to format it correctly and have breaks and pull, you know, block quotes out and that kind of stuff and create really nice blog posts out of it, which can also double as social media posts and GMB posts and so on and so forth. So there's just a ton of stuff that you can do to multipurpose audio and or video is great because you can turn it into so many other things that make sense.

Jordan fallers got something for $1 million. If anybody's interested in Craig, what's up to Greg?

Would The Main Keyword “Commerical Real Estate” Perfect For A Company That Helps Businesses Find Office And Retail Space?

Nathan says I just placed an order for an RYS stack and have a few questions about the order form regarding MAIN KEYWORD well we can try to answer this year but you can always contact support if you have any questions too. That's what it's for. support at MGYB dot CEO. He says four main keywords you want the top-level keyword for the homepage correct? Yes, your brand and your top-level keyword. Based on my company description below. I'm assuming mine would be commercial real estate. I have a commercial real estate company that helps businesses find office warehouse and retail space for lease in Austin, Texas. Yeah, I mean, I can't tell you what your top-level keyword is whatever your clients business or if it's your business, you have a commercial real estate company that helps businesses find office warehouse and retail space for lease. Whatever your customers are searching for to find. You, right? That's what you want is your top-level keyword plus the brand Association. That's very, very important for the drive stack. Marco, you want to comment on that?

Marco: Whatever keyword is the best to relate to the brand so that all of the money keywords will come up behind that one. When you start targeting that top-level category, it is your top market level keyword, you have to know what that is because it's your industry. So what's that I thought I'd love to have this key what she got to think of this, I looked at this keyword because it has all of these other keywords that can make me a boatload of money. That's how you have to look at it. You submit that plus any other keywords related to it or you give us the broad keyword and tell us to do the keyword research. And we'll go ahead and do it for you.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: That's right. And that's the keyword research packages. They work they go really really well for Especially when you're buying drive stacks or link building packages because you get all the keywords and they're all depending on what package keyword research package you buy if you buy one of the top-level packages will have everything already siloed out for you in set groups keyword theme groups if that makes sense. So it's very very powerful.

Can You Use Generic Keywords For The 50 Minimum Keywords Required When Ordering An RYS Drive Stack?

Nathan says also for so this is the same guy also for the 50 minimum keywords Do you want those to be generic meaning to not include the city modifier well they're industry-related keywords but not with the city modifier? That's correct. You want more of the top the more market-level keywords then having like long tails with because the location Association can be made with the built within the builder if you provide the location with where the city's at or the business serves, then that's going to be all accomplished within the build. We don't want those in the actual keywords Am I correct and telling him that Marco yeah What we want.

Marco: Now this is going back this is location-based what we want is the brand, location, top market level keyword, right. And then related keywords that they don't have to include the location because everything will be location-based within the drive stack. I will do that the folder will be the location that some of the files will be located, the keywords will some of the keywords will include location. But when we're initially doing the keyword research, what we want is everything that's related to real estate. Because we're, this is a mega relevant, I mean, call it my spam folder, whatever you want, it's mega relevance that we want inside that drive sense what's your brand, location, and then top market level keyword and then we'll include every keyword that's related to that top market level keyword along with, you know, the brand and location since that's part of what you're trying to rank for. So my are the two different things that that the only difference when we're doing this when we're building drives that are whether there is a location? Or if not, then it's just brand plus keyword relevance that we go after. If there's a location involved in its brand, location, and keyword. Yeah.

So Jordan says, Yeah, people say you don't know my industry. So these are prospects, my prospects say you don't know my industry. My answer is I know, Google, you'd rather have an SEO who knows Google and can learn your industry versus someone who knows your industry but doesn't know Google. That tends to alleviate that hurdle quickly. Yeah, yeah, that's a good reply. Jordan, thank you for that.

Nathan's got another question. On the home page, I target the keywords with sitting. So I guess on the homepage, I target the keywords with city name, commercial real estate, commercial property, commercial space, etc. Then I have a landing page that targets office space keywords, one that targets retail space keywords and one that targets warehouse space keywords. Yeah, look, I get that all that you can include all All of those keywords in specifically, you know, went for the stack, but for your primary, you know, the folder name and G site and everything should be optimized for one, not three keywords, right? Even if they're closely related, you should select the best keyword in my opinion for your top-level keyword for the brand Association. And then once you get the drive stack, remember you can always go in and this is what we talked about when you create silos if you have essentially different service categories on your site, right? So different landing pages targeting different keyword themes. They're all they may all very, very closely be related. But there are still separate keyword themes. And it sounds like you've got your site already segregated that way, right segmented that way, which is exactly how you'd want to do it within a drive stack, right? So you'd have your primary which is primarily your brand, plus your top-level market keyword. But then once its silo or excuse me, the drive stack is built, then you can go in and create interior folders and there's cloning. There are ways to do that where you can clone the existing folder, the primary folder, and then create siloed categories within the drive stack, then you mirror that on the G site, that's something that you have to do after you get the initial size.

So drive stack and G site built by us, right, if you order from MGYB, then you just go in and essentially you can make copies of the folders, and then go in and edit them to swap out the keywords so that you have very specific keyword themed folders and files that support that particular service on your site. Right, and then you go match that by creating another page on the G site and embed it just the way now soon. Marco was talking about this earlier this week. It's very soon we're going to be able to provide that as a service in MGYB, where we can go back in and customize and do theme mirroring for G sites and go and drive stats. But right now we can't do that. You have to, we can give you the initial drive stack and G site built around your brand and top-level Key word and all of the keywords for your market and then you can go in and create the silo structure within it. But soon we're going to be able to provide that in MGYB. Marco, you want to talk about that any more? We gotta go anyways,

This Stuff Works
Marco: Not Not Not Not until we're ready for it.

Okay. He says I've tried contacting support, they told me to ask on Hump Day. Yeah, I guess if you were trying to get an understanding of and that makes sense it you know it. So that's, that's what this is for so that we can educate you more, as far as about, you know, the Best Types of keywords and everything. So hopefully this was helpful for you. Typically, if it's just a question as to like, I don't know what to enter here. If it's an SEO related question, which is kind of what you asked, because you didn't know how to segment your keywords correctly for that type of order then yes, this is the best form for that. So they were correct and telling you to ask here, so hopefully, that was helpful.

Yeah, I give me but support is specifically instructed not to answer SEO related questions. That because they're not trained in SEO, that's not their job. Their job is simply to take the order and build out the order according to what we've taught them to do. We mean, if you want to put it that way, the SEOs, we've instructed them on what to do so they don't really know what the concept is all they know is I build this and it works. We know why. And so you come here, and yeah, okay, so what should I do? But yes, guys, if you ever asked support an SEO related question, or you're going to get as go to the free group and in Facebook or go to Hump Day Hangout and ask your question there because I'm not allowed Marco will not allow me to answer SEO related questions.

Alright guys, thanks for being here. We will see everybody next week. Thanks, guys.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 260

By April

Click on the video above to watch Episode 260 of the Semantic Mastery Hump Day Hangouts.

Full timestamps with topics and times can be found at the link above.

The latest upcoming free SEO Q&A Hump Day Hangout can be found at https://semanticmastery.com/humpday.



Adam: Alright, we are live happy day. You know, I was gonna get all smart and be like, what episode is it? But I'm not. It's freaking Episode 260 that is five years of Hump Day Hangout. So I mean, I'm pumped, I put cake on the paged. I mean, it doesn't get much better than this. But I'm going to go around and say hi to everybody and see what they got to say first. So, on my screen over here is Bradley. So what's up, man? How you doing?

Bradley: I'm good, man. Happy to be here, Episode 260. That's quite a feat. I think we've had as far as I know, we've only had one scheduled Hump Day Hangout off in five years and it was scheduled to be off

Adam: so we've been traveling with like, I need Christmas off and yeah, right like fine, whatever.

Bradley: So we've had 260 consecutive weeks except for one scheduled week off I think that's pretty damn consistent. You know, not to toot our own horns, but I'm pretty proud of that. So and again, I've said, I said this in the Facebook group, but I, you know, I come, I've really come to look forward to these. It's a lot of fun. And so you know, this, this business has been good to us. And it's our, our way to give back. And just to kind of chat with our audience on a weekly basis. So once again, we appreciate you all being here. And those of you that are regulars that come some of you don't even comment or ask questions, you just come and watch. And that's perfectly cool. We're cool with that. Occasionally, somebody will pipe in and say, I've been following you guys for three years. And this is my first question. And I think that's kind of cool, too. But those of you that participate regularly, we appreciate you also.

Adam: Yeah, and I will say real quick today, you should definitely ask a question because maybe the good best questions are going to get some sort of a prize. I don't know. That's the rumor. So quite a bit and or comments. There we go. So yeah, we'll accept gifts as well. So best thing on the paged, keep it less than x rated. We'll be doing some good giveaway. So but anyway, back to the guys. Marco, how you doing, man? Are you pumped for Episode 260?

Marco: Man, I'm good. Yeah, I'm happy. I'm psyched. Like I can't believe that we actually put together five years worth of this that just answering people's questions, right? We decided we're going to give back we wanted to see how we could give back. And this was the way that we found to give back. And here we are, and it's become a kind of like an also a bully pulpit, right? Where people can come they can come and find the truth. Because we're never going to hide the truth. Now, we may not be able to go as deep as we want with you because there are people who pay us for the truth, right? But we will go as deep as we can without infringing on people who pay us but that's just the way that I've seen so much shit right now. So much crap, expert feeding you are loaded shit. And it's just funny. Just come here and ask and I'll be more than happy to let you know what's going on.

Adam: I got nothing to add to that. That's awesome. Yeah, just at a loss for words I quit. I'm not gonna go after Marco. So, Chris, I'll put you on the spot man. What do you get to say about Episode 260?

Chris: Oh man it's I still can't believe that running the show for that long over time. But yeah, like it's super exciting so good. One of my favorite shows all over the internet so happy to be here.

Adam: Outstanding! agreed and last but certainly not least, Hernan. How about you man?

Hernan: Hey, guys, Can you see me? Oh, look at that. Got to suit it up. All right, yeah, man, this is serious business to 260 this is serious business. What's up, everybody? Hey, super happy to be here in sunny Florida, as you can see, and I'm just really fun. I'm really grateful to be part of this community. really grateful to be part of this amazing team of people. And really grateful for having met some of you guys on POFU Live 2019 2018 that really, really, you know, signal that we're on the right path right here. So thank you guys for the support thank you guys for being you know the amazing community that you guys are used to, you know another to 60 episodes.

Bradley: Hey, why are you gonna go stand in front of your Lambo now?

Hernan: Oh no no no yeah well that's not me but that's a pretty badass car you could have lied and said it was because that's what this is started totally me to my garage.

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Chris: Yeah, you know getting my garage that's where the books, right?

Adam: Is that Tai Lopez Who is that? No, that's not that's right. There we go. Just kidding man. Hey guys, you know Hernan mentioned POFU Live I wanted to say real quick if you haven't heard about it yet then you've either been under a rock or you've been staying away from emails and Facebook but we've got POFU Live 2019 the recordings are ready, got inside access. We didn't hold back got access to the Q&A sessions we've been thrown in some bonuses in there. And for anyone who gets access put the link down below. We've also got a special offer for people who purchase that to get a great deal. a hell of a deal on POFU Live 2020 VIP tickets. Alright, so this last year we had Well, last year two weeks ago, I guess. We had a lot of fun. We went out and we got to meet up with people getting the VIP tickets. We had guest speakers there, and we went out and race go-karts. And I'm not gonna say who beat Bradley and Hernan and Chris but you know, I and Johnny did all right. We held our own. So well. That's what I got for you, buddy.

Bradley: But I got four Yeah, we did. What did we do? We did was it to heat races and in one light championship race. Yeah. And I got fourth place in every damn race. It was ridiculous. But it was funny because Jenny and I were battling that's Adam'ss wife and because we had to race three times and we were like, literally like passing each other like, it was back and forth, back and forth. She always ended up getting the best of me. Damn it, but it was a lot of fun.

Adam: It is and after that, you know we got to sit around we had some beers, we had some food and just hanging out and getting to talk shop as well as swapping go card stories but we really do encourage people to come to that we try to make the prices reflect that we want you to be there you know just cover the costs so that we can get people in there and you build you know a little bit of camaraderie get to know people so you know, you don't show up and start off on, you know, cold introduction, you show up the next day ready to go, you already met people, you already had some fun. So highly encouraged people to grab that VIP ticket if they're also grabbing the recording. So it's kind of a no brainer.

So yeah, that's it. I'm gonna run through things real quick for anyone who's joining us and hasn't been here before. Thanks for joining us. This isn't normally the way things go. Although we do have a good introduction. We go over some notes but you're in the right place. If you want to get your digital marketing questions, your SEO questions answered. You always come to semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, of course being live habits has its privileges but also if you know you got a question you can put it on the paged. Whatever you got a client called your work, you just can't make it you can always check out the replay on our YouTube channel, hit subscribe to the YouTube channel and stay up to date with things that way. And then following that the next question we generally get from people is like, well, what's the first step? What should I do? Where should I go head over to battleplan.semanticmastery.com pick up the battle plan and that is going to be the best place for you to get started. Beyond that, if you have clients if you're wanting to grow your agency if you want to have peers that are doing the same thing, head over to mastermind.semanticmastery.com and join us there. And last but certainly not least, if you want to use done for you services as we do, head over to mgyb.co or we've got RYS drive stack, syndication networks, press releases, link building embeds, all that sort of good stuff. And speaking of embeds and link packages, I just saw Daddea. Leaving a note on here so lots of respect and love to the entire Semantic Mastery team. You guys are rock stars. Daddea, you're a freakin rock star guy came over traveled, you know, I gotta mess this up. I'm going to call it 15,000 miles to Denver to show up and be part of POFU Live and hang out. That was just amazing.

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Bradley: I agree. And he's a rock star for sure with us been with Daddea has been with me for God. Six years at least I think so. And now he's the infamous daddy. So and I mentioned that in the and then the video from yesterday, but it was awesome to see him again. He's come two years in a row now and I expect we'll see him every year thereafter as well.

Adam: Definitely, well, real quick one to say again, if you guys want to grab the POFU Live 2019 recording, I put the link on the page please go do that. Now. As soon as Hump Day hangouts are over. The price is going up we wanted to offer people today was the original day was supposed to launch so we wanted to let people know a little bit ahead of time. Save some bucks and grab that. So if you do want to get those I highly highly recommend it. Grab that and save yourself some money so besides those guys, is there anything else we need to cover before we dive into questions and start may be giving away some goodies.

Bradley: I got one thing I just want to mention one of our POFU Live attendees so who attended our live event is Brian Kato and he published a fantastic article on link Asst. I'm going to grab the link and drop it into the comments here when I grabbed the screen in a moment, guys, but he published a great article about how he was able to rank a local site using basically entity SEO, which is something that we Marco has been preaching for, you know, years now. And the big there's, you know, there's we've had a ton of questions about the Burke update that just occurred and people were talking about, well, now we can't optimize for keywords like we used to, and blah, blah, blah.

Guys, it's all about entities. That's the Semantic Web. And that's what we've been teaching for years now. And, and now it's funny because the rest of the internet is starting to catch up. And we're not, you know, I'm not saying that because, you know, we're trying to be arrogant or anything like that. But our name is Semantic Mastery. Think about that, right? We named our company that way back in 2013 because we knew that it was going that in this direction. So we've been trying to teach that for years now is about entities, it's all about the entity. And if you connect entities correctly, and you expand your footprint properly online, you can get results. And that's and now the algorithm is actually catching up to that. And that's what we're seeing and that's what the bird update is in part about. And so I just want to give a shout out to Brian and Brian, I'm going to drop the link to your article because it was a great article, and he was one of the few attendees you know our live event attendees and we really appreciate him putting

You know, putting the work in and doing what he's learned from here as well as maybe other places, but getting results and then sharing those kinds of results in an article like that it's really good to hear. So, Marco, do you want to comment on that for a grab the screen?

Marco: Yeah. Fuck Bart. Nuff said.

Adam: I see if from Wayne in the near future

Bradley: Anybody else? Or should I just go ahead and get started? Alright, let's do it. You guys should be seeing my whole screen if somebody can confirm good yo. Alright, so this is the article from Brian. So again, Brian shouts out. I'm going to copy this URL and paste it in a chat box for you guys to go view visit. Read it, bookmark it, comment on it. Give Brian a shout out in our group. Excuse me, let me go to the right tab. Here we go. So this is Brian Kato's article. Go check it out. Oops, I spelled that wrong. Sorry, Brian. I didn't mean to butcher your name. Okay, very cool. So go check it out. Alright, with that said, let's get right into questions.

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Is It Okay To Have Duplicate Content For Money Site And Google GMB Site For A Local Service Company?

Okay, Mike's up first, he says hi, beautiful people. Thanks for the answers when building a website for a local service company. Can I have duplicate content on both the money site and the Google GMB site? What about using the same photos and videos? Can you please share some tips about the relationship between the money site and Google site? Thanks, I don't do anything different. Like honestly, all I do is copy content directly from my money site or, you know, the money site to the GMB. Just so that I mean, I haven't had any issues with it. Usually, it depends on how the money site is set up. You know, sometimes the homepage is don't really have much content. It depends on the type of site. But what I'll do is I'll grab, for example, let's say it's a site that's got service. You know, we're talking about GMB. So it's likely going to be local. Let's say it has service categories. Well, what we'll do is I'll go in and grab the main top-level silo pages, right? So the service pages that were the service landing page essentially and just grab a section of content off of each and then create sections within the GMB website. So it's almost like you can't add H tags and stuff that you can bold things. So I'll just flesh out the content which is just copied and paste from content from the money site, but add you know, bolted sections. So with you know, keyword-optimized heading sections for each one of those, even though again, you can't specify H tags, but you can bold them, so that it's very clear you know, the delineation between the different sections on the site. And then also remember, you can link back you can create textual and contextual links within the GMB website. Back to those corresponding
on the money site, which is what I recommend that you do. So that's what I do. And I don't usually develop any new content, there might be a little bit of some, you know, new content at the very top or at the very bottom where the call to action might be slightly different. But other than that, it's just primarily copied and pasted. Anybody else has any differing opinion on that?

Marco: No, not not a different opinion, just to expand a little bit on it, because the question is, is it really simple. Can I have duplicate content on both the money side and Google GMB site? No, you can't. Because there's no such thing as a duplicate content. There's only original content and copy zero. If there were a problem with the content being copied over and over again, then, you know, our Syndication Academy would be useless. Press Releases would be useless and most of what we do would be useless. They do say it doesn't work, though, right? They do say our stuff doesn't work even though people are making tons of money with it. However, no such thing so yes, by all means. You can take your content from your website as a matter of fact. Sri pads tool, the GMB Auto poster does a really good job of taking your RSS feed and pushing it into your GMB and then taking an RSS out of your GMB and republishing the content is just reusing your content as long as you have proper attribution, which simply means giving credit to the author, or if you can canonicalization your content so that it points to the original copy of the document. That's what you're supposed to do anyway. If you're writing any type of literary work, any type of paper, any type of thesis, if you're writing a book, and you're taking excerpts from other books, other people's ideas, comments, just whatever you're supposed to give those people credit where credit is due, which I'm always talking about giving people credit. There's nothing wrong with giving people credit if you do it properly. There is no such thing as a duplicate content.

Now if you want to talk about plagiarism and all the sudden stuff. That's a whole different story. Yes, you can get in trouble for plagiarizing things and a whole lot of other things. But at this basic level where you're just reproducing your own content, there's absolutely no problem. With photos, I do have a problem, because we've seen time and again, that new photos, different photos, photos with lots of data, especially local data work really well. And if you're using the same photos over and over again, well, they're already in the database. And when the algorithm feeds off of data, and if you're giving it the same data, if there's absolutely no difference, we've seen that it makes an absolute difference. As far as Google My Business is concerned, the more that you can make it unique, the better that your posts are going to perform. There are also things that you can do with the post that will make them perform better.

Now, as far as tips between the money site and your Google site. Your Google site is tier one. It's one your tier one property and it'll become one of the strongest tier one properties as you start working it in that I don't know if you have local GMB Pro, but you should be working at the local GMB pro method. Once you develop those methods out, it can become one of your strongest tier one properties. And they can drive a lot of traffic, it can produce a lot of calls, visits to the website, and a whole lot of data other activity relevance trust and authority, which is what Google is looking for. Forget every other acronym that Google is going to throw at you. Forget what other people are saying. If you want to really focus on what it is that you need to do activity, relevance, trust, and authority, feed the bot lots of data, feed the bought lots of new data, all it has to be or everything has to be about your entity and in relationship to your entity and you're going to be rewarded. So great question. Good Mike enterprise maybe?

What GMB Setting Do You Recommend A Business That Has Reps In Multiple Countries?

Next question or comment first is Hi, Bradley. Marco. Semantic Mastery congrats on your five years Hump Day Hangouts. Thank you. We appreciate that. Then his question is, what do you recommend on Google My Business setting up for a business that has reps in other countries, for example, one in the US other in Canada and Indonesia. We set up a separate GMB account based on the country. So there will be three GMB accounts or is one GMB sufficient. This visitor as well, I mean, if you have like an office location or call center location or whatever, and each of those three countries, I would set up a separate GMB for each, right? I'm assuming as long as you don't have overlap, or the same data NAP data while your physical address would obviously be different. The name might be the same, which is okay. But you should have and in fact, you could even put a modifier in the name right? So it could be, for example, you know your company names us or USA or America or something like that your company names Canada if you wanted to put that sort of a modifier and you could do that. But if even if it just has the exact same name, that's perfectly okay, as long as your physical address is set unique for each location, a phone number should be unique as well, which I'm assuming it would be because they're going to be a different type of country codes, right? So different types of phone numbers and then preferably, you also have a different landing paged like it could be a different domain altogether, or could be on the same domain but a separate, you know, location paged for the website URL for each one of the GMBs. Other than that there's no reason why you can't and I would recommend that you would actually have a set up a separate GMB for each location provided that your NAP data is unique for each location except for perhaps the name itself. So any other comment?

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Marco: Yeah, I would say get the adult diapers out because this is a depends question. It depends. What you need to do first is go and see whether your keyword set triggers a three-pack. Are you targeting local? Is your local smaller than the US, the country or Canada, because you can target like US and Canada, you can target Indonesia without needing to target through a GMB. GMBs should be used when you're trying to hit local or when you're trying to form a corporate entity. And that's if you're going to be in other cities in Canada, the US or Indonesia. Because if not, then there's really no reason. Go look at the terms of service for Google My Business listing and for a verified map. What reason would there be for you to get a GMB if your keyword set doesn't trigger a three-pack? It makes absolutely no sense. You'd be better off going after. And this is triggering a knowledge panel so that you become the entity for the keyword right. So that your brand becomes so closely related to the keyword so that it actually becomes part of the keyword set. That's what I'd go after rather than worrying about getting a Google My Business system,

Bradley: except that it's another entity asset.

Marco: It could be, but it can also be produced through the knowledge panel, right, triggering a knowledge panel.

What Is The Best Google Property To Hit With Links First?

Thank you. All right, so this question is going to be for Marco. And then the next one, which is funny, both from Mike crest, who was also at our live event, he says, What is the best Google properties to hit with links? First, I would say all of the above, right, all of them. But is it best to build out folders with keywords and hit folders with links or G site inner pages? So what he's asking about is, within a drive stack, is it better to build out folders with files that are optimized for keywords and then hit the folders and all the files contained within those folders with links or Google Site inner pages? Well, you should be building both really right. So you should have inner site Google Site inner pages that are mirrored after the silo structure that you build within the folders, and those would be embedded in the Google Site inner pages, right and so you can hit either one or both or all of the above and it's going to all flow through the same entities anyways if they're all set up correctly, he says I asked this for after you already have all pages set up and have had some links built to the main stack but Marco, you're the expert on this what would say you know,

Marco: Yeah, everything, I mean, folders with keywords. But if you hit a folder with keywords, that folder should also be built out with all of the other files that are that are relevant that it should have a mind map that are targeted to that keyword, and it should have the spreadsheet and it should have the Google Docs and it should have everything so that you can get the most part you cannot have it did. I don't ever look at a folder and a file as separate the folders and files and everything into it. Everything goes together and everything's tied together, especially when you're going after a keyword set with that folder and those files because then it's going to be relevant to the link building that you're doing to that is going to be your whatever keyword research you did for the top market level keyword. And that's how Daddea is going to do your link building into that which is going to be linked to you to your G site inner paged or embedded in your G side inner paged which is going to be connected to your website right your money sites inner paged that's built the same way in siloed the same way that's how you have to look at it I don't look at which should I hit for the folder and files get built out to get all gets connected and it gets hit. That's how it happens.

Bradley: Very good. The next is really common from like, well it's a question but he says also question another question. Is Marco a real person or just CGI like Max Headroom if you guys remember that. He says I have never actually I've never met anyone that actually met him. So I suspect maybe he is AI.

Hernan: We didn't match. We didn't match. I met with him earlier in the day when he was back in Argentina. In fact, he was the first one to reach out to me. And he told me Hey, dude, you need to meet this guy, Bradley. And that's, you know, the rest is history. And then we met him in Panama. So I can attest that the guy is a real entity. I'm not sure if he's a human being but you know, really looks like what you got.

Marco: You guys been a hologram. You didn't actually meet me. I wasn't there. There is no spoon, there is no Marco.

Bradley: That's right. That's right. If that's a that's great there is no spoon just like there are no hats, right? No white or black hats. All right. Gordon's up next. He says, By the way, Mike, thanks for that. That was funny.

Will A 301 Redirected Aged Domain Bypass Google's New Domain Sandbox And Pass On An SEO Juice?

Gordon, who comes here and asks questions almost every single week, which is awesome. He says hi guys. Thank you very much as usual for Hump Day help. Just a quick question. I know that you are not a fan of using aged domains for SEO purposes for several reasons like you want to control branding, finding a niche related aged domain with a clean, niche related backlink profile is very rare, etc. But if I wanted to use one and I had a three one redirected to a new domain for a local business site, will that bypassed Google's new domain sandbox and make them treat the new domain as if it had been around for a while as well as past the SEO juice from the aged domain? I don't know because I haven't. Marco may be able to answer this or somebody else. I don't know. Because I don't I don't think that has any effect on the kind of new domain sandbox issue that can occur. It will still pass the juice, there's no question but if it's a newly registered domain, in my opinion, and again, this is just an opinion because I don't do this kind of stuff anymore. Years ago I used to, but I don't do it anymore because we use our methods which don't require that. The SEO juice will pass, there's no question about that. But if it's a newly registered domain, I don't know that pointing or redirecting an aged domain to it would eliminate the potential sandbox of a new domain. So I don't know the answer to that. Does anybody else know I think that makes sense where you should separately? I don't have the answer.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah. Yeah, I was I was thinking about we bypass it through sheer brute force, right. When we throw everything through the drive stack with Gsite, we call it the SEO. And that's, that's our SEO battle plan is so that we don't have to go through all of these filters, right? We don't get into all of this sandboxes and all this quicksand. And all these pigeons and penguins, and pandas and birds and Elmo, and all this garbaged. We just don't bother with it. We just go we do our thing and we rank it and it makes money and we go on to the next thing. Why would we go and buy aged domains that we can just pop up a Gsite and drive stack, hammer it and get results? The whole point of this. And I'm not saying that you can't go get a domain redirect, hammer that redirect. And if something happens, you cut it off Terry Kyle right switch box SEO. Not saying that doesn't work. What Bradley just said and what I say is just you don't have to do all that work, you don't have to, it has to be and they're really expensive. But it has to be a domain with so much power, that it's really worth the time, effort and money that is going to take to acquire it and make sure that it's relevant. It has to be relevant, the link profile has to be relevant. It has to have a really if it has only one powerful link, that's giving it all the juice you could if you lose that link, then you just defeated the whole purpose of getting this in the first place. So why not use something that you have the most control over all the nothing on the web? Do you have 100% control of it? But it's just how do you get the most benefit what we see and how we get the most benefit is doing things as they're set out in the battle plan and as we tell you guys here over and over and over again. Money site drive stack right send it syndication network, drive stack, G site press releases link build and your home

Bradley: Adam I just pinged you in slack.

Adam: Cool site while we're going to take a little break and we got some we like we said we got some goodies to give out. You know, Hernan was looking through the questions and he wants to… Sorry, are not gonna give away Yeah.

Hernan: What am I get? What am I giving away? Oh, I've got a plan. Ok. Cool. So prepared, visit in consultation with her. Free a free phone number. Unlimited consultation calls. Um, let's see. So we have one from James right here.

What Is All Involved With Getting Your Clients Into Google Guaranteed 3 Pack Spots?

Jay, and he was saying something like longtime listener first-time question on fo. Mosley, he was the question because of that statement, longtime listener? What is all involved with getting your clients into Google guaranteed? three packs pots? Well, you know, I don't think there's anything guaranteed 3 packs spot. But I think that the fact that he's been listening for a long time, you know, he deserved better plans. What do you guys think? Yeah, okay, I can answer the question. But James, what is the prize for James before we answer that,

Adam: the battle plan along with the normal order bump, so he's going to get the local video ads training as well as monetization methods.

Bradley: So James, does he need to reach out to support?

Adam: a note for all of these if we announce you as a winner, I'm going to direct message you. So you will get a little message here if you're on the paged for Hump Day Hangouts. And I'll tell you what to put in the subject line. So we know it's really you. Gotcha.

Bradley: So as far as the Google guarantee, it's not necessarily three packings, right? The Google guarantee is usually the carousel ads at least I haven't seen it in a three-pack. I've seen it only as carousel ads above the three-pack. And the Google guarantee program requires the business. It's typically service area type businesses, like contractors, for example, to go through is a process which Google kind of vets them, they have to, like apply to it. And they have to provide a bunch of documentation. There's, it's, it's a process and then what happens is you pay for leads. As far as I understand it, I've never actually set it up for any of my clients, because any of my clients that have asked about it, I've said, go to this link, because you're going to have to do all of the work to get it set up. It's not something that I want to get involved in because it's going to be them after to provide corporate documents and you know, all that kind of stuff. So I don't get involved in that. But as far as I know, I've had some of my clients look into it. None of them have actually taken them up me up or have actually followed through with completing it, because of you know, it can be expensive. And I mean, it may, it may work really, really well. But none of my clients have actually gone through it. But as far as I understand it, the way to get into the Google Guarantee is the company should apply. So just go do a Google search, Google guarantee program, how-to, you know how to how to get accepted, or how to apply something like that. And I guarantee I can guarantee that you will find plenty of help files directly from Google on what it takes to get it. Okay. Anybody else?

Adam: Outstanding! I was gonna announce one more since it looks like we lost Chris. I'm going to pick a winner for Chris. So Mike, Mike PR. I can't recall if we know who that is. Exactly. But hey, for being the first person posting on this week's Hump Day hangout being first has its benefits. So I'll message you want to give you hook you up with free access to the 2019 POFU Live recordings. So that feels good. Awesome. So yeah, I'll ping you. And we'll do that. So let's keep rolling in the meantime, and maybe we'll see if we got some more stuff to give away.

What Resources Can You Recommend To Keep Yourself Motivated?

Very well. Next one is vitally, I think, sorry if I pronounced that wrong hope every one of you is doing well. My life goes in circles, I need money. So I pick up a few projects, optimize and enjoy the benefits and stop working. I just chill, enjoy life, spend all the time with family, then some shit hits the fan, usually keyword drop because of competition. And it is all over. I want to have consistency. Can you recommend good literature or a method that will change my mindset and keep me motivated even during good times? Thanks, guys. You are awesome. Yeah, there are several that I would recommend. First and foremost, one of my favorites. A classic is I think it's Jeff Olson. It's called the Slight Edge. It's a fantastic book. It's a short read. It's an easy read. I'm sure you can get it on audiobook as well. It's called The Slight Edge. And another one is by Darren Hardy. It's similar in its content, but it's a little bit it's not as quiet as an easy read. But it's a book by Darren Hardy called The Compound Effect. Those are two that I find that I really, really enjoyed because it teaches you about just building good habits, right? One of the things about the Slight Edge is, you either build your habits or your habits build you, right? So does that make sense? We are always we're habitual creatures like humans. We are always developing. So I'm sorry, you either develop your habits or your habits develop You were always doing things habitually, right, we develop routines. And we either do it consciously and build productive routines or we do it unconsciously, which often leads to unproductive routines or bad habits that can cause us to you know, cause problems in our lives and in various forms, not just in business or you know, making money or whatever the case may

This Stuff Works
It could be, it could be bad health decisions, bad relationship decisions, you know, all that kind of stuff. And it's. So if you consciously develop your habits, then you can overcome a lot of these right and you can replace bad habits with good habits. It doesn't. I'm not saying that's going to be easy, but it's a simple process, right? So doesn't mean it's going to be easy, but it's a simple process, which just means developing better habits, better work ethic, and that kind of stuff, setting goals and sticking to that is a great way to do it. For example, here's an example that I know a lot of you can relate to. And I talked about this at our live event. So if you get the POFU Live recordings, you'll hear me talk about this in my presentation, which was even for my own agency, I spent a lot of time not developing a consistent pipeline of leads, right. So for example, I would need some new clients and I know a lot of you can relate to this. I would need some new clients some new work some new revenue, and I would go set up some prospecting campaigns.

And I put a lot of effort and time into developing prospecting campaigns. And I would go out and do that. And I would get leads that would come in. And then I would process I would stop prospecting while I processed those leads, right. So as I worked those leads and did follow up and nurture those leads through phone calls, follow up emails, video emails, which has always been my preferred method. I would work those leads until I got clients whether it was one or two or three or however many clients I got from that one set of prospecting, you know that, that that effort of prospecting that I put into prospecting, but I would always stop. And so it was always peaks and valleys, right, I would go through periods of time where I would have leads, I would work the leads, but then I would get the clients and then I would start working on developing the campaigns for the clients right, getting them results. So I didn't have any other leads coming in. And then I once I got the client set up into a point where they were generating good results, then I would go back to process acting again.

And so I think a lot of you guys could probably relate to that. And what I would recommend that you do is develop consistency to your business. So that you are always you always have a pipeline full of leads, even if it's not a lot of leads. The idea is if you always have leads coming in, it gives you first of all security, right? Second of all, it allows you to start cherry-picking the clients that you want to work with when you go through peaks and valleys, like what I just talked about, I know I get it, I would, you know, get several leads that would come in and eventually I'd get to like close some of them into clients and but because I only had a handful to select from, I would usually try to close everybody and over the years I've learned to not just take business on for revenue sake. I've learned to trust my gut and if somebody is going to if somebody is kind of a pain in the ass and I feel some sort of resistance and communication with them during the prospecting and closing process, then I know it's probably not going to work out as long term client. So I've learned to just let those types of clients or prospects go now. But during over during the years and in growing my agency and everything else that's, I would, I would, you know, I would take anybody and oftentimes it would bite me in the ass it would cause a lot more stress than it was worth. So those are just two recommendations to easy once again, the slight edge I think it's Jeff Olson it's a fantastic book, I really I read that probably I used to read it once a year. I probably read it about once every two years now or listen to it on audio. Another one, like I said, the compound effect by Darren Hardy, both really good books to help you to start developing processes and habits right developing habits just taking small incremental steps towards a particular goal. Every single day compounded daily, you'll yield massive results. It's much better than this whole start and stops the process. Because everything creates momentum, right? Like everything has inertia that's what I mean. So if you're going standard, starting from a standstill. It's harder to get up and running. And then when you stop, then it's always harder to get up and running again than it is to just maintain. And that's, that's my advice. Does anybody want to comment on that? That's a great question. By the way.

This Stuff Works
Marco: Yeah, I would recommend that she needs to listen to not only 2019, POFU Live 2019 but 2018. Because it's exactly what I went into. The two things that I did or exactly this on this mindset. It's avoiding mediocrity. So it's what I call getting stuck in the middle of doing nothing. Looking like you're doing a whole lot of something but not actually doing anything. That's being mediocre. It's neither here nor there. And when you get stuck on when you get stuck like that, I mean, it's horrible. You're just spinning your wheels and that the people look, look, look at everything he's doing and you're not doing a damn thing. That's one, listen to the recordings and two, join the mastermind. In order for you to get out of that rut out of that mindset. You need to people you need to get with people who are similarly inclined, who have the same type of mentality, people who are driven people who want to be successful people who want to get on this, what I call the, what we call the path to POFU, the path to the position of Fuck you. Now what you're doing is you're behaving as if you're POFU but you're not because you're still reliant on that. But that has to come in that day. Or else you have to go and scramble to see how you get back to where you were. But again, you're spinning your wheels. And that's not where you want to be. where you want to be, is where at the end of the day, you're not looking at the bank account, to make sure at the end of the month, to make sure that you can pay your bills. What you're doing is you're looking at it grow, and from wherever it is that you are with your family, relaxing, whatever it is that you're doing, you don't care, because you're in a position where you don't really care about that money when you don't have to worry about money is when you know you're a POFU. When you're constantly worrying about it. You're not there.

Bradley: Yes. Agreed. Anybody else?

Adam: Yeah, just say this is a big topic. And I think you guys, you know, hit the nail on the head Bradley, I think about the pipeline stuff really, really does it, the only thing I would add is like focus on your goals. If you want something to change, then you already know you've got it, you've got to change something. So you know, getting there is it becomes what you have to do. And if you like that up-down life as some people enjoy it, some people don't like being steady, you know, and realizing that makes the laziness work for you. You know, it doesn't have to be laziness. But you know, that could be a great trait to have where you and you invent and you create and put these systems and processes in place. So that when you feel like pumping the brakes, you can but you build that momentum and you have a system that keeps working for you. So yeah,

Bradley: I was a great question, guys. I know I'm not giving anything away because I'm busy, but that's a good one. So all right, I'm gonna keep it

How Do You Deal With A Prospect Who Thinks That Following Free Online SEO Checker's Audit Will Get Him Massive Traffic?

The next one is from Muhammad Muhammad's first as a comment. He says, Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying your anniversary, the SM crew has gotten me through Mini. or excuse me through more than my fair share of scraps between Hump Day Hangouts and MGYB. I have unmatched power on my side. I know it's just a matter of time before seeing you guys at the next tofu live event. Thank you, Muhammad, we certainly appreciate you and you know that buddy, so we appreciate you coming and asking questions. So his question is a client of mine just found one of those SEO checkers online that do basic products of basic audits of sites. Yeah, doesn't that suck? It says suddenly he thinks it's just a matter of following that checker. And he gets massive traffic. I explained to him that those are very basic and only cover a few things, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I don't feel right having the agenda dictated like that. The obvious solution is POFU, right? But I'm not there yet. Should I just deal with it? Until I can drop him?

Yeah, I mean sometimes you just have to, you know, be a little bit more assertive when it comes to. He's paying you for your expertise. It's just like going to a doctor and a doctor gives you his diagnosis, right? prognosis, whatever you want to call it. And you turn around and tell the doctor and argue with the doctors to know why that's not correct. And why your opinion of what's wrong is the correct is that the right version, right? That doesn't make any sense or, or and again, use uses an example like that. You don't take your car to an auto mechanic and tell him there's a problem and the auto mechanic tells you what the problem is, and then you argue with the auto mechanic and tell him why he's wrong. Like I know, do this instead because I know like, so. It's the same thing, right? You don't go to McDonald's and tell somebody how to flip a hamburger. You know, put it in those kinds of terms. That's how I've had to do in the past. I've had clients.

This Stuff Works
In fact, recently one of my clients who's been a longtime client of mine, set for forwarded me an email from a cold prospecting SEO, you know their diamond doesn't it send an email with something similar it was just one of those lead generation SEO checker reports, right, so an SEO audit report, but it's just, it's just a lead generation tactic, right that they use and explain that to them. It's just for lead generation that they do that they you know when you submit your details to one of those, you usually have to punch in an email address or something like that. And that's so they can put you on an email list that they can solicit you for their SEO services, and you hired me to do a job. I'm doing the job for you. And I'm doing a lot better for you than what this stupid tool tells you how to do. If you'd rather go with something like that, then you're free to do so. I mean, and honestly, I know you said that you're not in a position where you can let them go. But be a bit more assertive about your position. Have confidence in your abilities.

And if you do so and you speak with an air of confidence, right? I didn't say arrogance, I said confidence, then you ought to be able to check that sort of thing very quickly. But again, you have to speak confidently about that. You have to believe in your own abilities, which I know you, you're getting there, Mohammed, you've come a long way. But make sure that you, you know, you, you air that you, convey that excuse me to that client very clearly. Because otherwise, and it looked and I know, sometimes it sucks man to have to potentially lose a client that you need because you needed the rent, you need the revenue, but when one door closes, another door opens. And that's the way I look at it, right? Otherwise, you're going to have this stress hanging over your head and you're going to have dreaded every time you catch, get an email or a phone call from this client of yours. Because you know, it's likely going to be him telling you how to do your job again. And honestly, money isn't everything. I know it's important, but I can tell you right now. That type of stress isn't worth any amount of money in my opinion. Any other comments on that before I move on?

Marco: Yeah, Muhammad, if this guy needed a dentist or a doctor, or any other type of if he was in legal problems, would he go and read a fucking book on how to do it and then go and try to do it himself what he what he going represent and represent himself in court or try to extract the truth or fill it or remove a kidney or what of his kid was in trouble? God forbid and the kidney operation would he go read a book? Or would he go find a professional? Well, that's what he did. He went and found you. And now he wants to read a book on on on how it's done. It's fine if he wants it to be informational something that he can digest. But that by no means is an indicator of what you should do you already know what to do. You have proven what it is that you can do it no tell him Look, you're more than welcome to try this. Set it aside. Try this for 90 days. See how it works for you. Get back to me and raise your prices you put that way.

Very cool.

Adam: Nice real quick. I think Marco, you picked your favorite question of today right in that person's going to get the POFU Live recordings as well. So do you want to tell everyone who that was? That's my lazy guy trying to get out of the rut question. Yeah, good one. Let me look I missed the name. Was it the fatality? I think yes. Okay, cool. So yeah, just sent you a messaged. So yeah, respond to that. And we will get you hooked up. And as Marco said, I think there are some good videos there that you should definitely watch.

Very cool. I think that was a good choice. All right.

Do You Have Plans In Having An OnSite SEO Service For MGYB, Silos, Title Tags, Etc.?

Muhammad also says is there also this is a long shot, but do you ever plan on to have something like an onsite SEO service for MGIYB silos, title tags, etc. Um, maybe I don't. I know we've got a lot of stuff that on the books for potential products and services inside MGYB but, you know, we're working through some major things first. So that might be something that we do, but remember the keyword research the in-depth keyword research that we do, really, is that right? Because it creates silos and key themes, categories, all of that kind of stuff. So, um, as far as like on-site audits and that kind of stuff, I don't know, that might be something down the road, but we've got some other pretty major overhauls that we're attempting to do. They're currently in development now. So it's going to continue to get better we promise you that. Okay.

Are There Any Updates For The 3-Year-Old Local Kingpin Course That We Need To Consider?

Next is Jonathan. He says hello all. For me, Semantic Mastery ranks up there with oxygen. That's awesome. So don't ever go anywhere in this journey. I'm looking to purchase Local Kingpin which happens to be about two or maybe three years old now. I'm sure the course materials just irrelevant today. But is there anything new to take into account. May the universe shower you with more than you could ever need or one? Yeah, okay. So Jonathan, yes, the method still works the same in that for search ads and that's what the Local Kingpin is all about, listen, the dashboard has changed the Google Ads platform, the dashboard has changed significantly. But the concept is still the same. As far as I still set up all of my search ad campaigns the exact same way that I taught and Local Kingpin, there are some slight differences. And maybe all I need to do is do a couple of videos or even a webinar that we could add to the very beginning of the training to show what the differences are. And because there's a lot has changed in Google ads that again, the concept of methods of the alpha-beta campaign structure and setting up what I call, you know, the beta campaign is keyword discovery campaign. And then you have the alpha campaign, which is your top-level or called what I call the bullseye keywords that you create alpha campaign groups around and you get really high-quality scores, lower cost per clicks, and you almost it's just it works really, really well. So exact the same way that I do search ads now. The difference is now that there are a lot of automated bidding strategies that you can use. Once you have some data in the account, you can start to apply some of Google's recommendations for automated bidding strategies. And then you can get some really good results with that at the time that I recorded out of the Local Kingpin training. I never recommended I always recommended doing manual bidding strategies. In other words, you control it all the bidding, all the ad rotations, that kind of stuff, because the AI the artificial intelligence at that time wasn't very good. And every time I had ever tried to use any of Google's automated programs back then I would lose money as my results would go down.

This Stuff Works
But now I as I said, I run a lot of I do more AdWords now than I ever have because I think it should be an overall strategy for marketing, online marketing. ads should be included in SEO in my opinion. So I run a lot of ads campaigns now and I still use that same type of structure but once we set everything up the manual cost per click manual bidding strategies when I first start, but once I have enough data in the account, then I allow Google to do just go to the recommendations tab. And it will tell you like Target impression, share or maximize conversions or maximize clicks, that kind of stuff. And I will select one of their automated bidding strategies, and then monitor my results over the course of depending on how much volume I'm getting through that particular campaign, I'll monitor it over two weeks or a month to you know, so 15 to 30 days. And if my results have declined, then I'll go back to the manual bidding until another recommendation comes up, if that makes sense. Um, other than that, uh, there are a few other slight changes in that back in the time when Local Kingpin was created. If you had an exact match keyword, he would only in an alpha group, then those were the only keywords that would trigger an ad. Now Google will show close variants. So in other words, somebody that types in a very closely related search query, but it's not that exact search query. Google will still share serve your ad unless you put it in specifically as a negative so there are some slight changes but the concept is still the same and it's the exact same strategy that I still use to this day for setting up my search campaigns so if you don't mind Adam make a note somewhere in our even if it's in our next corporate meeting notes for me since I'm in the middle of this right now but to plan on actually send it putting an update in the training about that because I think that's all that it needs. Okay, that was a great question though too.

Okay, next, we're going to keep moving because we're almost out of time guys. And we've got a lot of stuff we didn't get to and I apologize guys, but we only have an hour so. Greg says congrats Greg's long, long time span and Mastery member he says congrats on five years of blood sweat and tears putting it all out there and helping so many people become more successful. I really appreciate you all so very much. Here's to another five years and two more years of POFU. Thank you, Greg. We certainly appreciate you, man. And I don't think we let say that enough to you. So thanks, Greg. We definitely do.

Tom says congrats on five-year guys. Glad to be here as always, yes, Tom, you're one of the ones that I was talking about earlier. That had been kind of hiding in the shadows for a long, long time, but only every now and then comes out and post a comment or question. So, Tom, we appreciate you as well. Thank you.

How To Get More Traction For A 3K Scholarship Program Apart From Having A Landing Paged, Email Blast, Press Release, And 5 College Links?

Austin Don says, for one of my clients, we created a $3,000 scholarship program. I made the landing page, had someone scrape University emails and then we reached out to them announcing our program with hopes of getting placed onto their sites. I did a PR through press advantaged as well. We had about five clicks come to it from the colleges but had hoped for more. Is there anything we can do to get better traction? Um, that's a good question. Somebody wants to comment, Adam.

Adam: Yeah, I've got one because I drew out a little diagram of my favorite one of my favorite things I share I think at every talk, this comes up and let's see if people can see this. Hopefully, it focuses. So what you've got there is your points of contact on the X-axis and your Y axis is your percent chance of hearing back from them. So one time, let's say you send an email, you make one phone call, you're about a 30% chance of getting a reply. If you go out to about six, you're reaching 90%, I can tell you which end I want to be on. So that said, if you haven't reached out to them multiple times over a period of time do that. You know, it's like anyone else I tell the story because it's true. But I get annoyed when I get like one email about a project or a service. It's like, I'm busy, I'm a normal human being, like, reach out to me again, follow up at least one more time, or in this case, multiple times. So if you don't have that, do it you can automate it and you'll really increase the number of responses you get.

Bradley: Yeah, I would say and not only just reach out via email, multiple times, follow up, but if you know who they're the emails are like where they're at. To send direct mail to send a postcard to send a letter, touch them from different media types. In other words, send a video email. If you don't know what that just creates a video where you know it could be a talking head where you're talking into a camera and introducing yourself and like what the what the scholarship is and then you know, upload it to YouTube, create a screenshot from that from that video right and then embed that screenshot into the email that is hyperlink to the video right so it looks like a video. There's also video email programs like bond George is one of them and other ones called Bom Bom. There are several different email programs that will help you to set up video emails that will put an insert a gift that when clicked opens up the video. Those are all things that you can do like send, send direct mail pieces, a letter and or a postcard. If you have a phone number column, you know I mean that's something else you can do if you touching them hitting them from multiple different media type, you're going to get much better results and that's part of what I was teaching that hopefully live this year. So

This Stuff Works
Marco: Bradley that go ahead, sorry, I have two things right, you have to find out who's in charge of scholarship grants and scholarships because that's the person that you want to talk to. That's the person that's going to get you added if they're going to add it. Another thing that I would also do is if you really want to get under people's skin, contact the school's newspaper, get because that's run by students usually very left-leaning student, very militant, right, or the right-wingers to dig, but they're really militant, and tell them hey, look, I'm trying to offer $3,000 a scholarship, but your university is doing in a university doing nothing about can you find out why, and I guarantee you will get action back. That's awesome. I love it.

Bradley: Do we have anything else we need to give away?

Adam: Yeah, I was gonna say, Bradley, I'm going to put this one on you but I tell you what we're going to do you got to make a snap decision. But we're going to give away the person who wins get to choose between perfectly live 2019 recording access or a Semantic Mastery T-shirt. But Bradley, the person who's going to win, you have to pick the best GIF from today. Well, the only one I've seen so far as from Wayne, which by the way, Wayne, thanks for being here, man, we always appreciate you. I also see Greg, but let me answer this real quick. And then I'll scroll through the guests because we still have about four minutes.

Why Should You Continue SEO Once I've Gotten Good Rankings?

But Greg's got a great question here that says, or a comment he says your typical client with questions like this, how do you best answer this? Why should I continue SEO once I've got good rankings, good rankings? Well, why would you continue doing exercise after you've gotten to shape? Because if you don't what happens? Right that's, that's the only answer you need really is, is if you were to get into shape, would you quit exercising, if you did, what would happen? Well, I'd fall out of shape. Okay, well, it's the same thing with SEO. You know, it's like, once you take the foot off your gas, you start to lose momentum and eventually you're going to stop which means eventually you're going to lose your ability to generate for your business, that's that whole peaks and valleys things that we were just talking about earlier. So and I know you know that Greg, that was a planet question. And I appreciate that.

As far as favorite GIF comments. By the way, Wayne, if there's not a GIF out there or a meme for a happy fucking birthday, then you're the man the Create ones.

Adam: Well, Bradley's looking through I'll say thank you to last the name I think it was Jessica said she signed up for chat just for the fifth anniversary. Love you guys. That's awesome. Thank you.

Bradley: Yeah, and I would say, you know what, why don't we give it to her because I don't see a lot of GIFs other than from Wayne and Wayne will be happy to send you another t-shirt, buddy.

Adam: Right now me, Jessica. I will send you a messaged right now. Flow. Very cool things up here. Very cool.

This Stuff Works
Bradley: That's cool. Here's another one from Daniel Hartnett, by the way, what's up Daniel hasn't heard from you in a minute, man. And I see Brian p, which I believe is Brian Prinze. We've got to wrap it up, guys.

Should You Build Another Similar @ID Paged on Google Cloud Bucket, Target Different Keywords, And Embed Different Files Similar To Amazon S3?

But Daniel says I see the Google Cloud has a similar bucket ID paged, similar to the Amazon s3 paged, should I build another similar @ID paged on the Google Cloud bucket? And just target different keywords and embed different files? I've not done anything with Google Cloud. I know Marco has. I would say yeah if you can do it, but Marco, can you specifically give an answer to that?

Marco: Yeah, I'm not I do not team that question. For some reason. It's Daniel's heart net right here. Not Google Cloud has a similar bucket, like an @ID paged similar to the Amazon. Yeah, well, look, here's the thing loaded up, loaded up anywhere that you can get an HTML document that you can get it into the problem is the resources that you're going to be filling in with that Id paged. We're never showing it to anyone. So it doesn't really matter we're not expecting to interact with us, it's specifically designed for the entity and to keep feeding the bot the entity information longer we keep it in there, the better it is, as far as we're concerned, and what from what we've seen and the results that we get.

And so yes, by all means, if you can get it in there, get it in there, there are plenty of other places, make sure that it has a right activity, relevance, trust, and authority, or anyone of the three pillars wherever it is that you're putting it into, but especially trusted and authoritative and I'm not talking about vanity metrics. When I when I say trusted and authoritative it has to be trusted and authoritative and Google trusted so what more can you say? Yeah, and the last thing because it's five o'clock and we got to wrap it up, guys.

How Important Is Schema To A Website?

Brian's indices should be Brian Prinze. So what's up Brian? He says, Can you please explain how important you believe schema is to any sites. Today, it's absolutely critical. In my opinion, if you're not using schema, you're out of your mind. It's that specific code that speaks directly to the bot. And that's, I mean, you can feed information through schema directly to Google. And it's absolutely critical. In my opinion, we have seen over and over again, especially in recent weeks or months, that like setting up because for example, I've got the land flipping business that I just started, and I experienced it with my own. But I'm also coaching a very small group or hosting, I should say, a very small group of other people that came out of our Semantic Mastery Mastermind that is also developing their own land flipping business. And several of them experienced the exact same thing that I experienced when setting up a brand new brand, a brand new business, new brand name, new web assets, right so new digital assets. And once they did a couple of things we talked about syndication network with not even syndicating post just creating syndication network which helps to solidify the entity, and then adding schema to their page, their webpages which most of n, as far as I know, every one of my members in my land Mastery group is it's called, I've just has a landing paged. We don't have siloed websites or anything else. It's just a landing paged. But you add schema to it, and then boom, I mean, in a matter of days, it jumps to paged one number one position for the brand search. And I know it's just a brand search. But the schema has a significant effect on that. And that's just one example. I mean, that's just one type of example. I think schema is absolutely critical.

Marco: And I'd like to answer this and I'm willing to stay on a little bit more because this is so fucking important, man. You're hitting the nail right on the head, Brian because there are two things going on. You have structured and unstructured data. If you don't have structured data, meaning if you don't have the code for the buck that Google wants in order to specify what your entity is all about, and that's what you're doing. You develop everything. You can tell them about your web paged. You can tell it about your website, you can tell about tell it about that.

Videos and people who work in your company, what the company is about what the products are about the prices, I mean, just everything so that the bot goes in and it gets the structured data from you, whatever it is that you want it to have otherwise, and this is where that fucking bird comes into place, the body is going to come up to your content, and it's going to decide on its own what your website is about. And if you saw the salad that comes up when you run unstructured data through a natural language processor, it's scary how Google is reading this awesome natural languaged processing that people talk about this great Bert that's going to make SEO obsolete will kiss my ass? No, it's not. No, it's not because if we're in the structured data area, if we're in the schema, we're feeding the bot whatever we want. The bot is sent out to learn. It means that we can teach the body and we can force-feed it whatever we want. We don't have to rely on this great beautiful 2000 word content for the bot to get what it is that we want it to get.

This Stuff Works
Very good. The last thing I just got, there was a great question. Somebody said to speak a little bit more about self-talk. And guys, I can tell you hands down. This is the best book I've ever read, or audiobook if you want to listen to it. In fact, I'm actually right now listening to this in my car whenever I'm driving around as well as reading it again at night. I've read this book several times Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Malts, hands down the best book, in my opinion, the period about how to improve your self imaged and how to get like just set goals and just get so much better at everything that you do. I think this is fantastic. So I highly recommend that. All right, any other prizes to give away before I wrap it up, guys. I know we're a little bit over.

Sorry, I was at Amazon checking out the book. So I'm gonna pick that up. I've never read it before. So now I think that's it for now. I just wanted to reiterate, if you want to grab the POFU Live 2019 the incentive recordings, I highly suggest you do that. Hopefully, based on what you heard today, it sounds like a good deal. You couldn't be there live, that's okay. We get it. You know, it's a small group, not everyone's able to show up on the dates or make the travel. But today is still a steal. But as soon as Hump Day hangouts are over, literally, the price is going up. So I put the link on the page, go over, grab it. And trust me, that's going to be the best hundred 97 bucks you spend this year. Right on. Thanks, everybody for being here. We certainly appreciate it

to another five years, we hope if you can put up with us.

So thanks, everybody, for being here. We'll see a mastermind member for the mastermind webinar tomorrow. Tomorrow. Cool, guys. Thanks for watching, everybody. Bye, everyone.

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Weekly Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 258

By April

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Bradley: So that means we're live now actually. We're going live here. Okay, so Hey guys, this is Bradley Benner with Semantic Mastery. So let's see what we're trying to get a live Hump Day hangouts going here.

Hernan: So get your camera.

Bradley: Activate the camera. Yeah. Sweet. And then looking at you. So bear with us. We're trying to see the pin, I think.

Adam: Okay, yeah. So we're going to try this, everybody. Welcome to the episode at 258 Semantic Mastery is in Denver. Hey, I just wanted to say hello. Now that we've actually got this up and going and we're going to do our usual thing real quick. If you're joining us for the first time, I might be a little confused because clearly we are we're still trying to figure out how to work computers. We didn't get Marco and you can join on hard work on the technical side, back in. But while he's doing that, I'm gonna go down and say hello to everybody real quick starting on my right here with Chris. How are you doing?

Chris: I'm doing good.

Adam: And normally I would ask you what the weather's like. Stupid so it nice. Yeah, it's about 70-75 pretty nice. I'm Adam. And next to me, of course, is Bradley Benner.

Bradley: Hi. And last but not least went on over there who's being goofy

Hernan: Hey everybody

Adam: Oh, man looks like Marco is coming on so as soon as he unmutes himself Marco if you want to say hi and you're in here say hello to everybody

Marco: I don't want to say hello in any thinking body man. I'm just playing What's up everybody? Good to be here. It's good to be here. Hump Day Hangout. I'm going to join you guys. Oh, yeah. My ready.

Bradley: Alright, cool. So do we have any announcements or like are we going to do normal announcements are we gonna go through it?

Adam: You know, we just for those of you who know or don't know, obviously we just got done with POFU Live event here in Denver. Get to meet up with returning people as well as some new people which is amazing. Sharing stuff in small groups there's a lot of fun just had a blast and then of course carrying that on meeting up outside whether it's for lunch whether we did some evening events that were a lot of fun and you know we wanted to give people cuz we were hearing from people you know I missed it this year, you know, I couldn't make it things got mixed up, that's fine. But we want to give you a special offer to get in now and I'll put that on the page. If you want to grab a VIP ticket, you can grab that now it's going to be up for a limited period of time and you can save a bundle on that and come join us next year so if you you know you're one of those people are saying hey, I will be there next year I want to be then this is the time to do that.

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Nice you guys got the figured out over here. Yeah, I don't think so. So no worries and other than that, I want to say for the people watching today maybe for the first time you are in the right place for watching us you can check out the replays of course on YouTube on Semantic Mastery channel just hit subscribe stay up to date with those. If you ever have any digital marketing questions just come semanticmastery.com/hdquestions, ask us. Of course if you're live you can get a little bit more out of it by clarifying or giving us some feedback. But you know, we understand you can always make it live so you can just ask your questions, check out the replay. And then the next step for you would be the Battle Plan if you want repeatable processes for your SEO and digital marketing, and check it out at battleplan.semanticmastery.com and for everyone else, who wants to take things up a few notches, you know, you want to be around the people who are doing what you're doing, which is trying to either grow your agency grow your business, then you need to be in the mastermind. And you can find out more about that at mastermind.semanticmastery.com. Right on cool. And last but not least, because we got several questions about it this week, but if you need done for you services, which should be everyone whether you're doing it for yourself, or you're doing it for client projects, go to MGYB.co. All right stuff syndication networks are West drive, stacks, press releases, links, embeds, and a lot more coming. So head over there and get that stuff done. And as far as announcements on my end, that's about it. Marco Are you guys we got anything else we need to touch base on

Good no good. Yeah, we got a lot of questions so let's go into that standby cuz I gotta try to find it.

Okay, so it looks like the first one is from Mike he says thanks for the great information I want to try to get back to you by mentioned that you have a good intro video but it has very high volume compared the video volume level hope it's okay to say it. Thanks. That's a good thing. Can you make a note of that too? Yeah, view that is you're gonna try to edit our processes if that's the case. So thank you for that, Mike. We do appreciate that.

URL Structure For Siloed Website

Next is a question. He says. What about strip the category base from category slug so it looks like a page site.com. Katie's asking obviously about the URL structure for a siloed website. Because I'm Yeah, yes, he's asking if he can use the restricted category slash post name out of the permalink structure for silo and absolutely you can just using post name premier link structure, it's fine. It's called a virtual silo works just as well as a regular siloed would Sorry, just bug does it in the face.

What Are Your Thoughts On Having A Syndicated Branded Network Using High Quality Spun Articles?

The next is vitality says hello Hope everyone is doing great. What are your thoughts on syndication network versus syndication network on the branding network using high quality spun articles readable that can this bring more SEO benefit? I mean, I know you don't need to I would on your primary tier one branded network, you're just going to be republishing content from your blog anyways, if that's what you mean publishing spun articles to your blog, I would recommend now and recommend that instead, you would use curated content, it's better content and creates co citation. And you don't have to be a subject matter expert. You can just find other good content out there that you can grab snippets from and share we've got a product called content kingpin, which shows you exactly how to do that. That's what I recommend is just going to read better it's going to be more valuable. Produce more benefit than spun crappy articles would be if yes, what you mean. Marco, do you want to comment on that?

This Stuff Works
Marco: That's exactly what I told him in the Facebook group, I just wanted him to come here. So that we could get go a little bit more in depth. And just to make sure that we hammered that home right that you're doing, you're way better off with curated content, citing sources and all of that versus just a crappy spun article that nobody knows what the hell is saying. One of the things that's important here is that as your tier one brand, and you want it to look good, and if someone happens to come along to your tier one brand and you want that person possibly converting or getting into your funnel so that they end up on the website, and they end up in your sales funnel. And so what do you want that person to see in your tier one branded? Which is your brand amplified? Do you want them to see a crappy spun article that makes absolutely no sense or do you want to curate something that convert that person into a website visitor and perhaps a client or a customer. That's the question that you need to ask.

What Are The Best Techniques To Let Google Recognize Entities?

Right on. So the next one is from Steve. He says, Hey SM team, what are the best techniques for getting Google to recognize entities? For those doing GMB or Google My Business? Google readily creates knowledge panels or me, or excuse me, MREIDs. But what about those working with the web properties? People products, etc? What can we do beyond schema and Id pages and the G stack? Getting a Wikipedia entry clearly works, but it's very difficult for most gyms, taxis probably wouldn't married a Wikipedia page, but it does, but gets in MREID through GMB. So, how do we level up the field for non GMB entities? Well, that sounds like a perfect question for Marco, I quickly would say that, you know, creating all of the syndication network and drive stack and all of that SEO shield including the ID page, all of it together is going to help having the structured data using sameas attributes is going to help. But there are other things that you can do, for example, have a paid account of some sort that helps to validate the entity as well. Meaning like pay Google for something AdWords campaigns, or, you know, Google Ads campaigns or for extra drive storage, all of the above, a G Suite account, something like that. But Marco, what else can you add to that?

Marco: Now, you just went over exactly what he supposed to do. If you can't go in and get a verified GMB, which has a completed was not the complete entity in Google, because you can add social media and all these other things. Then what you need to do is you go in and you verify it another way and the best way that I know is getting that credit card on file, whether it's a company credit card, a personal credit card, where you're directly related to the company. What that's going to do is it turns you into into Google's customer, right other than a mage, and elite, and someone who is just abusing services, rather than payment, it gets that credit card on file. And what happens is, you know, yeah, you can have fake credit cards or whatever. But but that belongs to someone, it's a thing. Then, on the web, it's it's in their database. It belongs to a person, but it belongs to a company. So you just went a long way towards validating the fact that you're real. You're not just another mooch, another leech, then you do everything else that we recommend. Absolutely. The schema, the @ID amplify it through the drive stack plus Gsite, press releases, I mean, companies do that on a regular basis, they announced their news, and then link building to all of those to just help to solidify everything. That's what's going to get you when you can't get a GMB and Google understands that then there's other way, getting into all of the different data aggregates.

Bradley: crunchbase would also be a good one.

Marco: crunchbase is perfect, but I was going to also say wiki data because Google is drawing directly from wiki data, you say that Wikipedia isn't feasible, or sometimes it would merit. But your company wouldn't merit a Wikipedia entry, a Wikipedia page, about the company and about everything that it does. So you pay someone to get you on Wikipedia, you pay someone to get your Wiki data. I just as interesting as I just posted to my partners this morning, about getting into Wikipedia, wiki data, for Semantic Mastery, because I know a guy that does it and his prices are really, really good. So that's absolutely you get everywhere. That RankBrain goes to aggregate data about your entity about your thing, and make sure that it's consistent throughout citations. I can't remember if you mentioned citations, but that's a perfect way. citations are a really good way. It doesn't have to be just for local. It can just be your company. Right?

Can You Share Some Basic Guidelines For Link Building?

Right on next one is Mike. Mike says hello everyone. Can you please share some basic guidelines about backlinks specifically about the text when doing backlinks? When to use exact match keywords for anchor text link or my brand anchor text when writing a small post or short reply on forums, what information you suggest to include in the text and what links? Okay, there's a lot of questions squeezed into this one, Mike.

So on a kind of a broad level. Personally, I don't really sweat backlink ratios as far as anchor text ratio is like I used two years ago because I mainly just do everything through naked URLs and like any other any real backlinks that are going to be built are going to be built by my team and MGYB by Dadea. And he knows what to do. You just provide them with your seat set of keywords and he creates all the ratios to where I don't really bother with it because I don't really build my links outside of what we have him do.

But really, I use mainly when I'm doing like press releases, for example, because I do publish a lot of press releases, it's almost 90%, just naked URLs, do brand anchors, and very rarely actually use any keyword anchor text, because it's not really now off page, I mean, on page, that's a different story. So, you know, you want to have, if you have content silos on page, you want to make sure that you're linking through the content, you know, to daisy chain things together using variations of keywords that belong in that specific silo, but not always the same page because or, excuse me, the same keyword anchor. But as far as, you know, link building or blogging even in by the way, when you do that, if you're syndicating content to a network, it's going to make sure that you're not always hammering and getting External links from even your syndication network, your branded network, always pointing back with the same anchor text. That's why you want to do that.

This Stuff Works
But once again, you also have all those keywords that we add the same type of keywords that we would add to a drive stack build would be the ones that we would add to the link building campaign. And it's a way to just continue to push relevancy in at different tiers. There's different sets of rules as to what you can do as far as anchor text ratios, right. So again, I just hand that over to Dadea and he handles all of it. You want to add to that? Anybody?

Adam: Not to that, but to the next part, so

Marco: Okay, yeah, yeah, that first part generic naked, and brand anchors, right? Yeah. Because what we want to do is what we want to create link diversity. Once you have that, then it's a lot more powerful when you hit it with that with that with whatever anchor text it is that the broad right and then you can go really eating hone in on the exact match, because your your link diversity is going to withstand some exact match anchors. If you don't do that, though, if you don't get those generic naked brand anchors and whatever you can in there, then what's going to happen is you're going to get it totally unnatural over optimization problems. And if you if you raise enough red flags that way, it could cause a manual which is when you get into all kinds of problems.

Bradley: Yeah, you're gonna do it,

Adam: the tech you were writing a small post or a short reply in the forums, what information do you suggest including the text and what links? For me, I mean, I start out by saying that, you know, it's, it's too vague, but if you're just doing this, I look at this as you probably want to look at it more from Hey, what information makes sense and if you're doing this for an actual strategy, that you're putting information out there, that increases the likelihood that your post is going to get traffic which I understand sounds kind of goofy, but for a forum that it's it's well received, right? And basically, I'm saying quality you know, don't just say I've got to include x y&z you know, if you're going in here and doing this for a long term strategy, I would say make sure you're putting out quality information.

Bradley: Not only that, but if you really want to know how to test what type of a text and link to use as your best link for a forum signature tested in AdWords like search, you know what I'm saying? Because if you can get your headline, and you know your brief description and and the link and the offer to convert on through AdWords, and that's what you put in your forum signature, and you'll probably have a lot more likelihood of it doing well. I mean, it's, it's because you could test it quicker as my point other than trying to have some signature line that really isn't very compelling, it doesn't convert very well. And you have to wait for weeks or months to get any results to determine that, right? Because you've done a lot of posts, you can really kind of hone that in very quickly using AdWords or Google ads, and then add those to your forum signatures, if that makes sense.

Okay, anything else? Is it better to link to most of the times the homepage or a specific service product page? hope it's not too complex of a question was a lot of questions you squeeze in there. I think it depends on what your call to action is within the content that you're using for the link building. Right. I think it makes sense to link to the homepage at times, but also to more specific.

You also, you know, more specific product and or service pages. However, you also got to keep in mind, like, what is the purpose of the content that you're doing and the overall strategy for that campaign? Because if you're trying to push, you know, specific, a specific keyword like for particular siloed, for example, you can hit any one of the pieces of content within that silo, which you would call a deep link, because it's not going to matter if you have the dawn page structured correct, which is what we talked about a lot in the mastermind, then anywhere that you're going to hit that particular silo with, you know, inbound link, equity, it's going to benefit the entire siloed. Right, so you wouldn't want to comment on that anybody good or no? I would just say, Well, no, sorry. No, as a general strategy, he should be probably looking at distributing backlinks through his inner period.

Adam: But yeah, beyond that, like Bradley said, it just depends on again, what you're, what you're referencing, or what exactly you're doing, but you definitely want to distribution

This Stuff Works
Bradley: Yeah, yeah, I mean, in other words, you don't want to just always hammer one or the other. Does that make sense? You want you do want to split it up and spread it out. Crazy be we can have it.

Marco: Well, what matters here is how the website is set up, right? Right setting up the whole the homepage to convert, or are you setting up a category right pages as categories or categories as pages where you're looking to push your silo through your supporting poles, and then that top market level category is going to be what you're trying to rank because that's where you want people to convert, actually, you want people to convert all along the way. But just to be sure on the question, if your link building to an inner page, right, then you make sure that you have it set up so that you're pushing that top market level category up, because that's what's going to bring all of the other keywords with it. It doesn't make sense to only link build to the homepage, if what you're trying to rank results somewhere on an inner page in the category or in a post, or maybe it's a lander, within the website, it all has to do with how everything is set up, how your website is set up. Should be how you direct your link building.

Bradley: Awesome. Thanks, man.

Adam: Sorry, real quick. I've got to bring this up now. So Wayne has a question for you. It's the most recent one. But says Bradley, Your voice sounds very different today. Is this part of the new makeover for Hump Day hangouts to make it more sexy? Okay, thanks, Wayne. I'm not really sure how to answer that one. Yeah, let's take a compliment. Yeah, just couldn't we have to read that? Alright,

How Long Before You Can See The Results Of Battle Plan 3.0?

so next one is I have been following the Battle Plan 3.0 for a GMB asset. It's been about two weeks since I followed steps one and two of the plan. How long before I find out the results? I don't know if I'm facing stiff competition or middle of the road competition. How long do I have to wait before I hit it again? I did. I didn't want to read set the G algorithm Thanks. Okay, um, put all the pieces together. You know, that's what we talked about, if you use the Battle Plan, it's not a, if you just do 25% of the work, you won't get 25% of the results, if that makes sense, because you put all the pieces together and it has a more like a, an exponential effect, if you will. So it will work a lot better if you put all of the components together to create that entity loop or that SEO shield, whatever you want to call it. So if one and two if you put one in two pieces together or completed steps one and two, and you know, you know, complete the next steps to and I wouldn't stop until all that entire asset creation. You know that SEO shield is really put together. So we're going to be talking a lot more about that in the coming weeks for some of the stuff that we've got coming up. But Marco, do you want to add to that? I think he's muted.

Marco: Sorry. I do want to talk about this a little bit? Because something about this really stands out to me. And I don't want to pick on him, because I see that he's just beginning. It's following the Battle Plan. He's in step two. But dude, how can you not know your competition? If you're just starting out? Like sometimes when you get to the point where you know how much power you can push, when you know exactly what you're doing, then the competition doesn't matter. It's just a matter of what you're going to do to take the competition down. You're at the start so you have to do thorough competition analysis to know exactly how much power it is that you're going to need to push. Because a lot of this, you might do too much, and it might not be necessary, or you may be doing too little and more might be necessary. So I mean, you have to know what are people paying for AdWords in this niche? Google ads, how much are they paying? are they paying for Facebook ads, YouTube ads, other ads? How many competing pages does it have? Is it in the 2000s? Is it in the millions but singles is it in the 10s of millions is that in the hundreds of millions? Once you have all of that together, you'll know exactly how tough and how stiff the competition is and then you'll know exactly what to do. But the plan is still the same right syndication network, drive stack plus Gsite, press releases link building, and then embed runs and link building. And then you you do all of that before you start analyzing the data and seeing where your project has landed in rank. Because you'll see that different keywords rank differently, different niches rank differently. So you have to know whether you need to isolate one of your market level keywords one of your top keywords that may be stuck second, third page, you may have to isolate that and hit that individually. Once you've done everything.

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So without completing everything part one of the plan, as Bradley said, finish everything first. Once you do that link building one which it which is which is the final piece, you let it sit 21 days, four weeks, and then you come back and analyze the data and see what it is that you have to do. But guys starting out, when you're starting in this, it's a must for you to be able to analyze the competition and understand what it is that you're up against. Because whether it's you investing your money, or whether you're investing your clients' money you have what you're going to spend your money on, and how much of it.

Adam: Yeah, and I'm not going to be able to get the quote right, Marco, maybe you can help me but this reminds me of what you said, might have been during your talk of POFU Live, but basically like Sun Tzu and the art of war and saying you want to come to the battle knowing you're already going to win and you can't do that. If you don't know what your competition is.

Marco: You have to know that you're going to win the war before you fight the first battle. I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember the exact quote of him but but it's along those lines. How can you know whether you going into you know, you can't go blind into battle I might a bow and arrow and I'm going up against how it's all right. I'm going up against a nuclear missile that well I'm not going to do very very well. So once once you lay it all out, and you're absolutely right, it is war. And you understand your enemy your competition is your enemy always. And you know exactly what it is that you have to do to take down your enemy Well, you you win the war and you haven't done and think about it all you've done is study the enemy. It was I love Sun Tzu and thank you. That's awesome.

Is It Possible To Target National Keywords By Using Verified GMBs?

Alright, so the next one says Is it possible to target national keywords by using verified GMBs? So are gonna hand that one over to you because I know you talked about different strategies for that kind of stuff. He's got an example a follow up question next. So again, is it possible to target national keywords by using verified GMB? For example, a long tail keyword like how to lose weight?

Marco: This isn't totally an independent, it depends question. Yeah, what is it that you're that you're trying to do because one thing is local. And what you're targeting is the proximity factor and then overriding the proximity factor so that you can get into outlying areas and target those. You can totally do that. You can totally extend the centroid and somebody was just somebody who guys who was in our local GMB Pro just came out with extending the centroid in in his own training his own original train, and I'm not going there. I'm just saying what the fuck man? But yes, you can extend the century and there are different ways that we can for extending the century, so you can totally do it, you're going to need a whole lot of GMBs.

Because in a place like like New York City, Chicago, LA, you're going to need to push a lot of power inside inside just I'm going to get one GMB do a whole bunch of pose, and then that's going to get me where I need to go. It Again, it depends on the competition. Now, if it's a national keyword, like cosmetic manufacturer, and there's no location, like you don't need to use location, there's nothing location based. Why would you target it with a GMB? Other than to create like a national headquarters for the brand, but that would be branding. That wouldn't be so so this is this question is kind of confusing. Yes. I don't know about you guys. Because because they were talking about two different things here. And maybe what what you what you're trying but what you're thinking is you want to become the knowledge panel for the keywords. Well, that's brand plus keyword association. And I think Fabian is in RYS Academy Reloaded and we teach that all day long we we should we show how to do that? I mean, we've been doing it for a while will be going in five years and mates and says Bradley ranked is Virginia SEO, SEO Virginia? So yes, it can be done. It depends on what you're trying to do.

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All right, but I'll take you to the next question lockout Marco, you guys. It's like back and forth. Is it? Yeah, so I totally said what I meant if or is maybe hosting original content on the money site, but on the branding network, instead of syndicating content, hosting high quality spun versions of posts from money site. Best regards? No, I mean, there's no reason to. That's what I'm saying. Like if it's your branding, network, your branded network, then there's no reason that you would need do post spunversions of your money site post because I've just republished the money site posts again, I don't recommend using spun content as any on page or any first tier link building stuff, because it's just not a good idea to do that now it's even if it's high quality spun stuff, which I guess you can still get away with that if it's done very, very well. Okay, cool.

Will An Existing (Non-Semantic Mastery) GSite And Drive Stack Interfere With The Ones Being Built By MGYB?

Next one, Katie says Hey guys, I was talking to a dentist about his SEO he told me his son was doing it but he was getting nowhere I spoke to the son and he told me he bought some gigs on Fiverr for Google sites and drive files I told the dentist you get what you pay for. And then I may be able to help do it properly. Can I go to MGYB and by G site and drive stack for this one or is it too late? Well, the current g sites are drive stack his son setup interfere with the one MGYB would build. I don't think the sun will let me delete all of the work he has done. Thanks.

Well, I'll let Marco also answer on this one but I would absolutely get a new drive stack and G site that is built correctly. Which will likely the other one because the other one was not put together properly. So it's not really pushing any relevancy or entity validation, if that makes sense. So once it's done right, that would be the one that would come be associated with your entity because it will be done correctly. But Marco, what would you say was is it critical that the other one would be removed or deleted?

Marco: No it won't matter and as a matter of fact what what you could do is add those satellites to push into the new drive stack was decide that we're going to create for for you which is done right, then you can link building to all of those which is only going to help I mean, it's not gonna hurt. Absolutely not. But you what you do need is that is that friend that drive stack empty site created my way, not somebody else's way. Because they always skip corners. They never do the work that they're supposed to think about. And I've said this before, it takes between six and eight hours for a train building. Jessen, by the way that the original RYS to do one and do it properly. Someone was going to charge you, maybe, I don't know, 50 bucks. And they're going to spend six hours, maybe eight hours building and drive stack? No, no, it's not gonna happen. The money just isn't there, right for five bucks. 10 bucks, 15 bucks. We charge what we charge for a reason. You and you're absolutely right that and when I saw this, I couldn't believe it you do get what you pay for. And if you go to Fiverr sometimes you've got some really good gigs in there that do a specific thing. But when you're talking about pushing power, the Rank Your Shit Academy Reloaded me. There's only one way to do it. You go with the original.

I agree. Yeah, this one I would probably be careful if I was in this position, because now I'm thinking okay, there's someone else in there. So this to me goes back to managing client expectations and saying, Well, now there's a son who's got, you know, backend access to everything. So you might want to be managing to him. The son's involved and he's screwing around with stuff on that I don't know about then, you know, I can't be held responsible for some of this stuff. Yeah. working against our goals, so I'd be careful with it.

Okay, moving on the next one. See, I'm trying to find a guy stand by me. I think Jordan had a good one. He said mastermind plus sub mastermind group equals the cat's meow. I totally agree with that. It's not a question but I like it.

Do You Work With Third Party Syndication Networks And Stacks That Are Not Setup Correctly?

Okay, so the next question I see is I have questions about your done for you service syndication and stacks. I've had other vendors create those before but don't think they were set up correctly. I see a theme here any any any problem with having you do them again? No, actually, that's the best thing to do is just come on, come get it done correctly. And then you can analyze the ones that we've built for you versus the ones that you got from other vendors and, you know, figure out what was done wrong and apply it to the old ones. Yeah, yeah.

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That idea. So yeah, that's what I would do, because that's what a lot of people, I mean, see that I go by RYS Academy. And that way you can go through the training and then you can understand what was done and then go fix the ones but again, your time is best spent on just purchasing them and letting somebody else do all that manual work, right.

Do You Create One Google Stack For Each Service Offering URL?

So the next one is Nathan says, when you build these stacks for people I know you ask them for the main keyword However, what if they offer multiple services? Do you create one g stack for each URL? For example, the company that offered HVAC and plumbing services do you create a stack for each URL or service offering a company slash and he went through several examples now, I mean, you can but another way to do it is to have a brand stack created, which is what we do. We recommend for whatever your primary keyword is or keywords, top level keywords, and then from there, once you get it back, and at some point, we're going to provide this as an additional service, but once you get the branded drive stack back, you can go in and clone the folders that are contained in the the primary drive stack folder, and then re optimize that it does require some manual work, but for each one of your silos or product services or categories on your site, so that way, you're mirroring your internal files from the drive stack inside of a branded and overall branded Drive folder. So again, you're just building that relevancy, you're going to mirror the same type of site structure that you have on your website into your drive stack. It does require some manual work. But the most important thing is to have that branded drive stack with the top-level keywords associated with that brand. So that makes sense. And Marco, do you want to come in on that?

Marco: No, that's what I would have said. No, we're not going to create both. If you submit HVAC, and if you submit plumbing, and you, you asked us to do keyword research, we're going to give you everything that's related to that. If nothing you have to do your own keyword research and submit the keywords that you want related to your brand which as Bradley said, we asked for about 50 and go for top keywords. Don't go for the long tails, the long tails you're going to get as you build it out as you build your supporting post and as you build your inner pages and you mirror your G site is up your money site on on the G site. But Bradley just so you guys know and I just got the news yesterday we're testing the drive stack and G site as we speak. It's coming right it's gonna make it a lot easier. And right now like if he wants to make it easier on himself and clone, the drive stacks, then what he can do is he can make a donation to my charity and then right to Christie for the webinars right through charity webinars for last year and the scripts, and I'll put the link to the donation. That's awesome. Thank you.

And I'm not seeing any other questions you guys see any more? No will give people a minute here and I know that there's a little bit of a delay here. There's not much delay through zoom though.

So um, I did see a question in YouTube here. I said we're in Colorado, we're still in Denver, Colorado. Yeah, we're a very short period. So what is the URL if people want to get the early bird discount for next year POFU Live go to pofulive.com/2022. I'm pulling up to make sure I'm not lying, pofulive.com/2020 and make sure you use the coupon code 2020 or 2020 action taker. Yeah. That's going to be the lowest price ever. Oh, yeah. It definitely was a good event. I thought it was really good. Well, actually, let's touch on that.

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Real quick we got a few minutes we can wait for some questions here I want to share with people so we had Kathryn Jones. So if you haven't seen her you can probably get search for CF design school Semantic Mastery, check out a webinar we had with her, she dropped some good knowledge for everybody. Especially a lot of the people, they're growing their agencies growing their consulting and you know, she taught them and us about funnel design but not just you know, hey, me do this to make your funnel look pretty. But you know, it's about converting, not being pretty. And then how you can do this and how in a short period of time, you can create these things that you know, you can really crush it in terms of selling to clients or adding it onto your agency. So that was pretty cool. I don't guys have anything else to say about Katherine's presentation I was gonna get and then Adam Benjamin was another one of our guest speakers. That was great guys got a ton of sales experience. This was really cool talking to him getting some insights about basically kind of brand positioning, which tied in really well with what her non talked about about just one second.

Part of an audience presentation was about personal branding. And then how you can help yourself basically by growing yourself as an authority and it's not some, you know, 25 step crazy, you know, diagram you got to follow to do this it was it was pretty simple, but combining that with what I think Adam said would be really powerful, so cool

What Was The Biggest Takeaway That You Can Share From POFU 2019?

Wayne says what was the biggest takeaway that you can share from POFU Live 2019? Uh, did you should go to pofulive.com/2020 and Wayne because what we want to see you there, and to you know, I'm not dodging the question, I'll let these guys answer it. But like we've told people and like all of the testimonial say when we just ask people, hey, what do you want to share about Cooper life? You know, hey, content was great. It took something away immediately that paid for it. But on top of that, it's you know, interacting with people, and that's what you get out of a small group. So whether it's us whether it's a guest speakers, or whether it's each other and saying, Oh, you know what, I have not been doing this one little thing or, you know, you open my eyes to a whole new area. I could either be doing for myself doing for clients stuff like that. But that's consistently what we've heard. Yeah.

Hernan: Yeah, I think so too. If I can add real quick, I think that as digital marketing, or digital agency owners, most of the people that come to POFU Live there, they spend most of their time alone, right? They might have a couple of VAs, they might have small team, but most of them are remote, right? So come in here and being in a room for three days with people that have kind of the same ideas that you have. And some of them might be, you know, even ahead than you and some of them you might help to get to the point where you are right now, I think that that's one of the best things that can possibly happen to an entrepreneur or digital agency owner. So yeah, yeah.

Bradley: And on a purely SEO basis, I want to say that it was awesome to hear how just putting the SEO shield together, the way that we teach works across the board, and you know, here in that for some several hours remembers that POFU Live to talk about how it's like the cheat code. so it's awesome because it's validation beyond. I mean, we all knew it worked anyways. But it's really good to hear when members actually take our advice and put it together the way that we teach. And then they get the same kind of results. And so that to me, was a very great takeaway to know that we've got something that's been working for us for years that continues to work beyond updates to or through or despite of updates, you know what I mean? So it's just very encouraging to see that. Yeah.

Adam: So Wayne, that popped into answer your question for myself, I think, you know, the biggest takeaway looking for something like either tactical or real world was Rob got up. Rob gave a great, great presentation and then he hopped on the whiteboard. And right and that's where the magic happens. And so went through stuff, but he's going to be sharing that with people in Bradley already mentioned SEO shield, and exactly what people can do. And basically taking the Battle Plan, combining it with what's been done already and what will come in MGYB, and saying you now here's what you got to do. So again, not to use it, but it's on its way out. And I will share it with everybody as soon as we have something.
Marco: I'd like to answer Wayne's question because my biggest takeaway, not only this year, but also last year, is that the people who come to us, the action takers, they generally have already have everything as SEO wise that they need to get results. Because we've been proving it since since we started that when you implement what we give you, you get results. Now, what I often see and in my mini mastermind and in doing this for so long, is that people simply get stuck. I mean, it's a joke, right? Don't get stuck in the middle, but are you getting the middle of the big fat fuck you.

But it's true guys. Do you want to finger prodding you in the middle? When you're not doing anything? Is that what you're really looking for? Or are you constantly going to go taking action and doing the things that you need to do to get to where you want to be. Because it's not being where you have to be. That sucks. It sucks having to be somewhere and having to do something. But when you want to do it, and you like to do it, even if it's something that you know you have to do, to continue on that path to POFU, it's fulfilling. And you don't get all of these different things joining and pulling you away. Because you're hyper focus, you know that you can get results. We give them to you, we give you everything. You can come and reach out to us personally and we'll answer your questions. We'll do everything we can to help you make money, but we still have people stuck in the middle even mastermind members, we have people stuck in the middle, because they won't do the shit that they're supposed to do to be successful.

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And so one of the things that you need to do to be successful is get with like minded people, and the only way you're going to do that is by attending these events. And I don't I don't mean the bullshit events where you're going to have hundreds of people. And you know you, you do that for networking. More than anything you do that to see how you're going to make money and when and where do it do that. But when you really want to get with like minded people who are hyper focus on making money, that's what you need to be in one of these events, the real ones, the ones where you get the gritty living by the ones where you get down to business, down with brass tacks and you get what you're supposed to get so that you can continue making money.

Adam: definitely, hey, real quick got some questions on YouTube. I want to answer before we hop to the next question, which I love and click SEO. But first of all, Brian Kato says what's up guys? Hey, good to meet you, man.

Do You Do Stacks For Dating Sites?

And then also another Brian was asking do you guys do stacks for dating sites. We don't believe we have any restrictions. I mean, I don't have I don't think that crosses any lines for us building stacks, right?

Yeah, yeah. Because a lot of those can have things like male enhancement, and it depends on the affiliate that you're running. We're not going to do any of that, but I'm not gonna have my people don't do any Yeah, we just don't do it. So we don't get them. Brian and you're watching this just email [email protected] To tell them what your actual like what your keywords are, and they'll write Marco they'll be able to tell them from that whether or not they can build it, right. So no doubt No, no pharma, gambling. I don't know. It's epic. Guys. It has to be in English. Don't ask us to do Hungarian because that's the one and the money that we have to target to do a one of is not feasible.

Can You Build An Agency Just By Outsourcing To Whitelabels?

Yeah. I so click SEO as the next one, he says or she says can you build an agency just outsourcing to white labels? Yeah, you certainly can. I like good. Jordan Fowler followed up. He's one of our mastermind members and very successful but agency owner. And so and I agree very much with what he said, and that is that you can but you have to understand what it is that you're talking about for when you do get questions, or at least be honest and say that you'll get the answer if you don't have it, you know, whatever the case may be, you want to make sure that you're not talking at a on with ignorance to a potential customer or client with, you know, without being able to answer the questions, and it's something that you can learn as you go, depending on what all your service offerings are, you know, we were going to be talking a lot about that in the coming weeks or coming months for for, you know, different things that you can do to build an agency without you have to do all of the work. And so I think it's important to understand the concepts, the foundation of it, then then from there, you can you know, you can learn how to best manage questions and such for each one of the services depending on what kind of also confidence level you have in your done for you service providers. Does that make sense? Yeah. So anybody want to comment on now I think we're understanding just the basic Six at least I mean, at a minimum, but you know, I, this may not be a great analogy. I'm doing this on the fly, but I was like, can you own? Maybe a few automotive repair shops and not be a mechanic? Sure. Is it going to benefit you greatly to understand the business you're in? Yeah, you know, better. So I'll leave it at that. But I know Markco has got some more to say, well, we make it simple, right? We not only provide the services that you need them for you to, to get everything that you need to do for the client. But if you join the mastermind, then you get access to us so that if you run into tough questions, you can just come back, excuse me, come ask us. How do I answer this question? client asked me this. I need an answer what I say and we'll give you an answer. And we've simplified every we boil it down to make it so simple. That I I think that people think that our simplicity means that it doesn't work. And it's just the other way around as people make it so complex, that they need to confuse you because it confuse, they can keep making money from. We want it we want to boil all that shit away all that garbage. All we want is that pure rock we want. We want that good.

Guys, that's what because when we have that when we when we simplify it, that's what really works. And that's why this is this is so good in the way that we've set it all up for you to come and take advantage of it. It just rocks and all you have to do is join the mastermind. I mean, it's so simple. I don't know why more people don't don't do it. Maybe I don't I don't know doubters doubting Thomases, whatever it is, get past it, because you need to make so much money.

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Cool. Thank you. Alright, so we're almost Well, we still got about 10 minutes. Well, I think we're gonna have to end it a couple minutes early, right? Yeah, cuz I know we're streaming through yours. Oh, no.

What Else Can You Do To Improve The Rank Of A Website Aside From Having GMB Drive Stack, 3 Press Releases, And Aged Site?

Fitz says I have a site that is showing 27 Google console page three on main keyword manual search number one main keyword on GMB, drive stack, three press releases, aged site, what can I do to improve? I don't know, because that was kind of a word salad at the end there. I'm not really sure what you were saying. But as far as if you've got a page three, excuse me keywords on page three in Search Console, it means that they're closed with some proper maybe on page or maybe some supporting articles that through the same silo that would link to those that page specifically syndicated across your network, for example, that's going to help to kind of reinforce the theme for that particular post. Again, this is all provided that you have proper on page if your structures poor on page, then it's going to be difficult to push, but it will respond to so much better to these cut type of tactics if you have good good structure, good internal linking. So doing that syndicating to their you know, maybe adding some additional Drive files within a particular, you know, siloed Drive folder that would do the same thing link back to those posts, the supporting posts that were linking to, to kind of boost that the posts on that are showing up with the keywords, the pages that are showing up on page three, that kind of stuff. Those are all things that you can do. also getting traffic to them, either through organic means or through buying way to traffic to those new posts that have been created is going to help to kind of activate all of that stuff. So, I mean, obviously, you know, just all the stuff we talked about mirror that same sort of paid page or post on a G site. Once again, you can even iframe it in there. That's all the stuff we get into in RYS Academy. Marco, do you have any comments on that?

Marco: Yeah, GMB post silos.

Bradley: Okay. Yeah, you gotta GMB. It says your, your, your question their Fitz. So yeah, you can silo those together as well. Use press releases press release silo stalking. We talked about that recently, too. It's on our YouTube channel. So once again, you just got a mirror all that stuff through all the different assets that you have available. Okay, then link link below to all that. And once that's done, you take it, you take you take all that and you run an embed gig and you link build to all that and then see where it see where it sits after that.

Hernan: nice.

Adam: You know, I just thought back to something where Wayne was asking us and you know, I realized I don't think we mentioned that. Everyone here, you know, that asked about link building and embeds, you've got to talk to dead. Yeah. And for the people who know who that is, or has heard the him mentioned, he was at POFU Live two years in a row from India, flew over and pay for his ticket came over and joined us and today this time he's dropping some bombs did a case study was helping people out? That was really cool. It was just really good to see. Yeah, yeah, it was awesome. People appreciate it. So Wayne, that was another one that was cool because I know you know who he is. And for other people who who may think you know, he's just somebody exists out in the internet like real deal came to down and joined us the second year in a row was all sounds awesome. That's great. Well, listen, I don't see any other questions. So I think it's time we can wrap it up a few minutes early guys. So we want to say hi again from Dubai from Denver, Semantic Mastery from Denver except for Marco but we piped him in as usual. So we'll see you guys next week. See you guys

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