Where Or How Exactly Do You Tell Google To Use Only The Http Version Of A Site?

By April

In episode 107 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if there's a way to tell Google to only use the HTTP version of one's site.

The exact question was:

Happy Thanksgiving! I really need your help in finalizing my website preferred format in search console – I am a bit desperate and confused. If you would be so kind, I could use some specific steps you would do to get this done. Here are the things confusing me.

As you suggested, I now have both http and https versions of my site verified in search console.

1) Where or How exactly do I tell Google to use only the http version? I have read all the Google info to “canonical it over in the headers of the pages”, etc, but am confused. Do I need to add a rel=canonical on every page on my site? If so, where and how.

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