How Does The Twitter Syndication Aspect Of Your Drive Stack Service (Serp Space) Work?

By April

In episode 156 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked how the Twitter syndication aspect of the team’s drive stack service in Serp Space works.

The exact question was:

I am working towards adding serp space to our list of production centers for your drive stack service however I am still not fully understanding the twitter aspect.

If I purchase with the twitter addon does this simply require a twitter feed or do I have to already have a syndication network setup?

If so, does it have to be an IFTTT based syndication network or will something like Onlywire suffice? My agency doesn't do much with IFTTT but we do use Hootsuite and Onlywire.

Basically how does the twitter side of things work and does it have to be twitter or will another feed work as well?

Thanks again for all of the training.

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