How Would You Quickly And Cheaply Rank A Video As A Foot-In-The-Door Strategy?

By April

In episode 178 of Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if there's a specific strategy to quickly and cheaply rank a video as a foot-in-the-door strategy for a prospective local client.

The exact question was:

Good Day Gents,

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Question? Of Course…
1. What would be the specific strategy to quickly and cheaply rank a video as “”foot in the door strategy”” for a prospective local client? HVAC as an example.

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Is It Okay To Upload 100 Videos To One Channel Or Should You Divide Them Between Three Different Channels?

By April

In episode 178 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked whether uploading 100 videos into one channel would be okay or if it would be better to create different channels and divide them between the channels.

The exact question was:

Hi guys.
I want to say you awesome.
I have a question please about YouTube videos local strategy.
I want to promote a business/service in an area.
And with all the keywords and all the small cities that relevant it can be almost 100 different videos.
It will be a good idea to have all those videos on one channel, or it is better to make 3 different channels with 30 videos each and maybe do a collaboration with those channels?
Hope I explain it good enough.
Thanks in advance.

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Podcast Episode 60 – How To Get More Clients Using Video Marketing

By April

On this episode we talk about how to use videos to get more clients and more sales for your local business.

Resources mentioned on the episode:

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Podcast Episode 50 – How To Use Videos To Increase Your Reach And Sell More

By April

On this episode we talk about how you can you can use video marketing to further enhance your marketing, increase your reach and sell more. Signup for OBS Free webinar over

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Should You Separate Prospect Videos and Client Videos In An IFTTT Network?

By April


In episode 84 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked if you should separate prospect videos and client videos in an IFTTT network.

The exact question was:

Hi Guys,

For IFTTT Youtube syndication, my partner and I were wanting to do prospecting videos and client videos. My question is, for best practice should they be on separate networks or can a channel be safely mixed? If so, how should it be structured for maximum effect so the two purposes are best served??

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Hump Day Hangouts – Crowd Search Me Training – Episode 25

By April

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0:00 intro – going to go over first and then Q&A

Terms and Setup

2:00 Getting started with presentation: Powering up your networks and improve your SEO

What is CTR and why is this important?

How to manipulate CTR (CT spam)

Types of CTs

Supercharging PBN and web 2.0 networks

Crowd Search Me Setup


Manipulating CTR

4:00 CTR and how to manipulate

Ranking Factors


Examples of why this is a ranking factor

8:00 Ways to manipulate CTR

– Bots (not very effective)
– Microtask workers (,,
– Crowdsearch!

Types of CTs

11:00 Types of CTs

– Direct CTs (KW's, YT videos, Brand terms, navigational, can “overdo” it)
– Referral CTs (KWs + brand terms, titles, YT videos, PBNs, web 2.0's)


19:00 Crowdsearch feature – kw's that have more than a certain amount (500 or 1000) will automatically adjust based on your current ranking (“smartrank”)

Best Practices

20:00 Best practices for

Supercharging Networks

23:00 Supercharging Networks

Inactive Links?
– Depreciated by Google
– Lower Trust 🙁

Boost your network links with TRAFFIC (PBNs, IFTTT Networks, etc)

– creates referral traffic
– safer for money sites
– increase link weight
– improves trust flow
– will help BOTH money site AND network sites

Campaign Setup

26:00 Campaign Setup – overview and over-the-shoulder set up of campaigns in

YouTube Campaign

36:00 Youtube Campaign Setup in

Referral Campaign

41:00 Referral Campaign setup in (KW + brand, Titles)


Tumblr Posting

51:00 When buying high metric Tumbler accounts do you just start posting to them and you get the same link juice? Should there be some kind of data in them if they are still high metric accounts? Upcoming Features

51:40 Announcements by Dan Anton on upcoming features to

Maximizing IFTTT SEO Academy for Video Marketing

53:00 How would you maximize IFTTT SEO academy as an affiliate marketer using video marketing?

Dashboard Issues

57:00 1) on some projects I see the web property ranking and it says so in my rank checker but the dash board says that it isn't. What Gives?

Multiple Projects with One Property for Different Keywords

2) Is it ok to create several projects for one property which is on page 2 for several different keywords?


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