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How Do You Manage Keywords When Selling A Video Ranking Service To Clients?

In episode 135 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts, one participant asked for tips on how to manage or deal with keywords when selling video ranking services to clients. The exact question was: When you sell a video ranking service and you give them 3 keywords for the first month do you give them new additional keywords the second and following months or are you just supporting the original 3 keywords for all the months that follow? If they get new or additional keywords how often does that happen? What is your process for sharing your results with the client?

How To Charge For Video Ranking Services

    During Episode 37 of our weekly Hump Day Hangout weekly SEO Q&A webinar, we had a question from a viewer about how to appropriately charge for video ranking services – especially how to approach potential clients and video production companies when you may not be able to guarantee a top ranking immediately. This is a common issue and the answer is surprisingly simple! The original question from the viewer is: I want to charge {niche} to add videos to my IFTTT network that you guys are building on my behalf. I own a video production company and charge ... Read more