What Are The Must Have WP Plugins?

By Semantic Mastery


During Episode 46 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts a viewer had a question that comes up frequently – what are our favorite WordPress plugins that tend to be installed across many sites and for many situations?

The exact question was:

You mention that you have a template site that has specific plug ins that you always use. Question- What are the must have plug ins for your any word-press site? (not the security plugins)

We compiled a quick list of free and paid plugins that we tend to use widely, while mentioning that there is no “single list” of plugins that you want to use on every site! This is due to various reasons, but the most important being that not all sites share the same intent or purpose and your plugin and design is therefore going to differ. That said, here is the list of plugins that we consider must have's for nearly any site!

These plugins can perform many of the tasks or setup options that might be required of a base setup – after that it's up to you to customize!

Although the viewer mentioned non-security plugins, we felt we HAD to mention Wordfence Security so that as many people as possible at least take into account the security of their site and hopefully protect it as well as possible.