How Do You Achieve Work-Life Balance As An SEO Entrepreneur?

By April


In Semantic Mastery's weekly Hump Day Hangouts episode 208, one viewer asked how one can achieve a work-life balance as an entrepreneur.

The exact question was:

This may not be a typical hump day hangout question but I would like to ask how do you guys balance having a relationship/wife with a significant other and still be able to crank out 12-16 hour days without your significant other being upset that you don't spend enough time with them? I have the drive and passion to work on this stuff all night and wake up early jumping out of bed to get back into it but then I get complaints that I am not there enough. My fear is that I don't want my drive and passion to dry up with time, I'm 25 and I feel like this is my time to go all in. Any help guys? Thanks as always for humpday hangouts!

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